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HP Prime Pro app received 19 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about hp prime pro?

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HP Prime Pro for Positive User Reviews

HP Prime ProHey !!! They fixed the bug that had it crashing for two years. Back to a five star calculator..Version: 2.1.14346

Perfect engineering companionPerfect 'replica' and functionality is spot on! Handy, can perform any calculations whenever, wherever at the palm of my hands. Engineering that amazes! Keep on 're-inventing' HP!.Version: 1.1

Great Replica of the CalculatorOver all I love the representation of the calculator, but that makes it rather annoying to attempt to program on the calculator without the external keyboard. That was one of the biggest drawbacks to the actual calculator. If HP would simply use the native keyboard or alternative keyboard it would be more useful..Version: 2.1.14346

Almost great! Bug in arg() in CASIn CAS, regardless of angle settings, arg() returns randomly the answer in rads or in dregs. Example: arg(3+4i) retorna radians, but arg(-1) returns degrees..Version: 2.1.14346

Great app just like the calculator!I also own a G2 prime and it’s an amazing machine! This app emulates it 100%. Yes I’d love it to be possible to past in text say to the programming editor from iOS itself - but i am guessing Apple May restrict such functionality on an emulator with programming not sure.. It would be great if there was a way to do it!! My second gripe is the screen doesn’t make best use of the iPhone 11 Max sized screens... Hoping a future update optimises this! Other than that and the occasional object not found error when launching the function app and trying to graph something, it’s pretty amazing! Love the prime and this is a great companion for when it’s not available at my side!.Version: 2.1.14346

Great first releaseI purchased a Prime and then noticed this app which was released on Dec 15 and purchased it while waiting for mine to arrive. I have a 6S Plus on which it is easy to use. It works quite well at matching the calculator's functionality - especially for a first release. Since my phone is always around this app will be a nice addition to the fantastic i41CX+ that I've used almost daily for the last two years. Great work all around HP!.Version: 1.0

Product Improvement14Oct17 Very Happy HP - Keep up the great work nice to see u still value your calculators. Note to HP Marketing - if you want to sell more Primes you need to get these high school teachers onboard with your product. They are all teaching TI’s. High school teacher education program and discount for the teachers may go a long way. I’m an engineer, not teacher so no conflict of interest here. Review Both sons now using HP Prime Calculator in high school (iphone version as backup). Im using to iphone version to help teach them and for work. I have one product improvement recommendation for the iphone version. Can you add an independant “click volume control” to the calculator app. The one thing i don’t like about the touch screen is the lack of feedback without physical keys. The screen “click” works really well but i have to raise the ringer volume to max to hear it. Inevitably I forget to lower the volume after using the calculator and my phone goes off in a meeting and i have to scramble to adjust the volume control or it is way too loud when I answer a call. Hey Apple...product improvement for you, a more mutifunctional volume control center would help other apps as well. Different volume control levels for ringer, voice, alarms, etc. would be a big improvement. May want to consider app level control as mentioned above. Thx *************** Old Review Below- bugs below havebeen fixed. Iphone 6 Plus IOS 10.2 30 year HP15C Fan Luv RPN Purchased Prime calculator for 15 yr old son and App for myself so i could help my son learn RPN and the calculator. Having the following issues but not all the time: 1). Tap on icon and app opens in background. Have to scroll thru open apps to find calculator. 2). Changes to the HOME SETTINGS do not hold after shutting down the App and restarting. Changed NUMBER FORMAT to FIXED-4 and reverts to STANDARD-8. Change ENTRY to RPN and it reverts to TEXTBOOK. Same thing for FONT SIZE. Does not do it every time. Have not been able to correlate with changes to shutdown sequence associated with closing App, clearing hostory or full power down of phone. Appears random in nature. Older ipad running IOS 9.3.5 does not exhibit same issue so far. Confident HP will fix issue. Happy so far with Prime and layout of calculator. Fix these issues and would consider giving 5-star. NOTE: Review made with just a few days of use..Version: 1.3.7

Best Calculator on App StoreThis calculator can do everything and even has reverse Polish notation (RPN) mode for fans of the older HP calculators. However, the textbook and algebraic entry modes work so well they make RPN feel old fashioned and I have just switched to using these entry modes. It’s a great replacement to my old HP48SX..Version: 2.1.14346

Better nowThe new version has many bugs fixed..Version: 2.1.14346

Accurate replication of HP PrimeHP Prime is the best calculator out there and runs circles around anything from TI if you know how to use it. This updates reflects the 5/5/2021 firmware update of the real calculator. This app faithfully replicates the calculator’s functionality. The only missing feature is the ability to synchronize programs with the real calculator or the pc emulator that is probably related to iOS sandboxing restrictions..Version: 2.1.14584

Update fixed cas issueIt works fine in cas mode with the update..Version: 2.1.14346

Finally 3D graphing supportSome bugs have finally been resolved and I’m really liking the new 3D graphing app!.Version: 1.4.0

Nice to have the app working againGreat app, when it works.Version: 2.1.14346

How do you load . hpprgm files into the app prime pro ?How do you load . hpprgm files into the app prime pro?.Version: 2.1.14346

Great calculatorGreat fully featured graphing calculator app. Works well on iPad. Useful since iPad comes with no calculator app. Much better than many other ad ridden calc apps out there. Only feature it is lacking is split screen/ pull over support, which would be very useful..Version: 2.1.14584

Wow this is what I'm looking forI have the actual one and it is amazing. I've just seen the app for it and with out thinking I've downloaded it, It's a great app. Thx HP.Version: 1.1

Please update!I just want to easily connect this to my connectivity kit and move over my backup from my actual calculator..Version: 2.1.14584

Brushed aluminum texture needs update.My iPad has 128GB of memory. I don’t think it will matter if HP adds an HD aluminum texture behind the keyboard. It’s the little things....Version: 1.3.7

Need help with prime proJust downloaded pro version. App is stuck in the language mode, shifting between the various languages. What do I do?????.Version: 2.1.14346

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