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Fun and engagingI have played this game for a long time and it’s been fun. Made heaps of friends and fought many battles. It’s not as pushy on the payments and in game real money costs as several other games which is good and should continue to be like that. The game mechanics such as real time combined battles and accurate timing on marches make it really fun as you try and pull off perfect mass attacks to wipe out the defending forces and cause a serious hurting. Nothing in this game requires you to spend real money as you can do most things with pure effort. Even when you are against pure spenders. A good size time attack can undo all their spending work as it combined Attacks nerf the power difference of spenders. I would highly encourage anyone to play this game. Just don’t get mad if you get zeroed ;). One thing that I would probably ask camel to change is add an additional cost to SOS attacks. It is fairly one sided if you become the target of an SOS and some people have left realms when SOS attacks became pretty common..Version: 1.1.11

Lost accessLove the game and have been playing for some time now, but recently lost access to my castle ? Have tried to speak to Devs but not getting a response.....Version: 1.2.17

I thought this was a great game, until...... well, until I found Infinity Kingdom. I played War and Order for months and I was very happy playing it. There must be a 1,000 of these game, but War and Order seemed to have that little bit extra. Compared to Infinity Kingdom, however, this game seems a 100 years old. Infinity Kingdom has full narration, animated battles, in readable graphics and, well, go see for yourself. No, I’m not affiliated with the any game makers. Just helping my fellow gamers find the best option within the millions of games out there. Happy gaming!.Version: 1.5.34

Great game!So easy to get the hang of. Got nothing bad to say! 10/10 recommend..Version: 1.0.18

More co-operative featuresLook. I LOVE the game but game has nothing co-operative between alliances like nothing for friendly? Heck, even unions don’t do anything exept no taxes and no attacking. Can you replace that with like help or reinforce. Atleast do something and you could do that to friendly as well. This happens in MANY games and I don’t want this one to be like the others..Version: 1.2.66

(Revised rating) +3 Stars3 years ago this was a 5 star positive report. Great game.. Not anymore! (Update): Good news is I got both my “lost” accounts back this morning. I did everything they asked and nothing worked. I did the help support from my working main and again provided responses to their requests (proof of payment) I’d numbers of lost accounts.. this morning I’m found them all bound (4) to My Apple Game Center. A cumbersome support system that seems staffed only on Asia /pacific time zone. This week I lost access to 2 accounts bound to my Apple ID. I have followed Camel's recommended process to restore and nothing. I have written to Camel vis their online game help and via direct email... nothing. There are hundreds and thousands of us in the same situation... read the reviews! See the decline in their IT quality and support. I have 3 other accounts that I can still use, but my investments in the other accounts in down the drain. Do NoT down-load this game until,this issue is resolved. You will be throwing money down the toilet!.Version: 1.5.6

🤙🏼 goodGood.Version: 2.0.31

Best game you can playI have been playing this game since the first world servers dropped.. Best game on the App Store by far. Lots to learn and game is very strategy based. Great community and team playing. One thing to note is you can play F2P but you have to make sure your part of a good team and you will need to wait a while until you cna be competitive. But like most games like this you have your big spenders usually they are spread out between the top 2/3 alliances. Game is heavily favoured for spenders. That you will never catch up to..Version: 2.0.55

Fun, addictive, expensiveThis is one of the most fun games, it is dynamic, it has a lot of variety, and allows for real connections between people from all over the world. One of the most fun aspects is the ability to kill the people you dislike. One of the most frustrating aspects is the possibility that you lose months of work in a second of carelessness. And, while there are many options to advance without cash, everybody gets sucked in to spend. Why 4 and not 5 stars ? The customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. The minimum reply time is 3 days, maximum is infinity. If you lose anything because of a game bug, they fix the bug, but don't return your loss. The fact that millions of people play, on multiple servers, for years (despite the horrid customer service) is proof that this is a very good game. And new features are constantly being added..Version: 1.0.63

Great gameEngaging game that rivals clash of clans. Very good graphics. Controlling your army in the battles would be more fun though.Version: 1.0.37

FunFun game so far.Version: 1.5.27

Top quality gameGems are cheap and worth while, hastle free from buying gems of course, can play for free anytime but its quicker when buying gems ect, obv,, also game battles are great compared to many world map battles ect. Its got actual footage video of battles when games dont. if u join now, youd be placed in the new servers with new people... buy gems and you’ll accelrate very quickly. Im castle 15 in server 568: so this shows how old the first server was at server #1 and there stil very popular. The game is full of sport and members wanting to log in for a few minutes to hours and raid castles, do events and chit chat in the team about succeeds. The game also gets more rewarding the further you progress, literally. No stress about evolving castles or being left behind but guilds prefer growth, neither castle wants to be stuck with new guys however they are extremely helpful in my experience in realms 568; we have 8000 players in this realm alone, theres newer realms such as realm 588 but this one is a few days old. Perhaps new people will chose freely where to move to, so goodluck 😇😇😇 AOD Barachiel_Beans c15 power-500k :).Version: 1.0.66

War and OrderVery brilliant game, it is so jam packed with things to do.. I am just disappointed in how hard it is to teleport somewhere and how much stuff needed before alliance can do anything. But apart from that I am thoroughly enjoying it.Version: 1.0.63

Very good gameVery good game.Version: 1.0.37

DecentDefinitely pay to win. Anyway after the last update I can not longer kill lvl 28 unbuffed. Nothing changed other the game reloading this morning..Version: 1.5.50

Lots of funThis is a game you can enjoy without spending a ton of money. Or without spending any if that’s how you want. Meet people from all over the world, and start some friendships. Give it a try.Version: 2.0.28

BestBest game I've played on my phone.Version: 1.0.44

War and orderGood game plenty going on.Version: 1.3.23

CoolCool.Version: 2.0.9

Highly addictive, biased to ChinaI have played this daily for over 2 years now and am totally addicted. The game has evolved over the years and is slick (despite the numerous bugs that come and go). A couple of things to be aware of before you start this game as a new player. You cannot really compete and get full enjoyment without buying packs daily and developing your castle through spending. The top players spend £100-£300 A DAY (if you live in the west). However, if you happen to live in China (the company is Chinese) then the packs cost a fraction of that. This means if you come across Chinese players and Alliances you have no chance because they are unfairly advantaged. Despite this, it is highly enjoyable..Version: 1.3.32

Spenders and game playThere are a few issues with this game. I understand there are always going to be some spenders, but this game is geared towards getting all of the spenders together and kill the rest of the world quickly. Seems to happen a lot. I’ve been in 3 realms and they all were pretty dead after a short time. They also have zero control over content of the game. If you have kids, don’t let them play. There are predators here and reporting them does no good. If you spend money, camel is willing to let everything slip by. I enjoyed some of the game for sure but there are a lot of flaws still that really make it hard to enjoy it in the end..Version: 1.0.71

Looks good, but slow to upgradeBattles play out with moving units attacking and you can watch, pretty cool Seems slow to level your beast and buildings though.Version: 1.0.59

I dig itCool game, similar to dark fate and a few others where development stopped and had a ton of us move to this.. another pack pay yo win of course but you can still move along decently.. if you don’t want to get raped I recommend at least 3 to 5 farms because like about 90% of these platforms where. Resources are essential.. although many war games in the past had the capture the leader deal , this one is basically troop loss but that replenishes rather quickly.. we get to do more with our team alliances which make things much cooler.. I’m still wanting to see regardless of power but to have some sort of roll with the dice of some sort that could give that wild card in a fire fight an edge.. it’s worth giving this game a shot.. try it out ... thanks — Freakbox Detroit punk..😎👍.Version: 1.5.35

Love this game one thingI absolutely cannot stop playing this game one thing I would love to move my bigger level castle to a different realm with out losing all my progress because I’m getting bored of my old realm because everyone wants to kill one another and I’m starting to hate it so I have an idea where we have realm teleports but we can only get 1-3 in between those numbers per castle please they allow us to move to different realms Well keeping our progress but here’s the thing is we can only use them once a year in a I real life year it would bring people back and more people to play.Version: 1.5.10

A buggy delightThis game is extremely fun and I recommend it to all but if you play long enough you will encounter many bugs. Most are not game breaking so it’s not an issue. My greatest word of warning is to no longer use Facebook for farm accounts, they get deactivated and the support team appears to be unhelpful in their recovery. The game could be better with more support to farms. It’s impossible to play realistically without them and yet it’s quite difficult to have many and manage them. Definitely an area that needs to be improved..Version: 1.2.38

Stole moneyI don’t normally spend on these games but I decided to get ahead and bought a package. The money left my account but the package never arrived. I complained numerous times and they kept telling me it will arrive...after three weeks I lost the will to live and gave up. They should be reported as scammers.Version: 1.2.49

Great GameExcellent game to play can put down and comeback when you are ready..Version: 1.2.51

War and orderBest mobile game out going 4 years strong, and I’ve re-downloaded it on every phone I’ve had. Love it!.Version: 1.3.24

Completely obsessedI started playing this all because a co-worker of mine was playing and I thought I’d check it out. I have never played a war game so I wasn’t sure if I would stick to it but 3 months later I’m still obsessed! I play every single day, multiple hours a day. This is unlike a lot of war games seeing as tho you can do everything in the game without playing any real money. But heck, even if you do spend some of your own money you can get a lot for a little. I have built a lot of friendships and enjoy playing with all the different people you meet. The different events that start at any given time (and happen often) are a lot of fun to participate in. It keeps the game fresh and fun. The only thing I wish was different was how long some buildings take to upgrade. I’m about to start castle 18 and castle 17 took 3 days. I’m sure c18 will be twice as long. That’s the hardest part of the game. Waiting. But if waiting is my only complaint then I think things are going alright. If you want a game that you’ll get hooked to, check it out. I promise you it will not disappoint!! -Aeronwen’sRage Realm#629.Version: 1.0.74

SinnerGreat game with lots of interesting things to do..Version: 1.0.51

WAO reviewI’m new to these kind of games; but I do have to say this one shows incredible promise. After coming from Game of War: Fireage that used to be a fun game, but has ended up a dismal mess, mostly in part to Machine Zone’s greedy tactics and the constant daily changes to the game. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen here. The graphics here are wonderful. The layout seems similar to GoW, but thankfully less of a mess with endless things you have to do in that game. I hope here it will always be simpler and easier too maneuver. I like the concept of this game better all round. Though I wish when your army is out after attacking monsters you’d be able to keep sending them to attack other monsters instead of waiting to have to go back to your city first :-(. My main concern is that this company hopefully will listen to their customers and not just race through going ahead and changing the game too quickly. More value in the packs are needed .... the prices are ok but you DON’T get much in the pack 👎🏻. All of my teammates here in this game are all from GoW and they have been sickened by MZs lack of listening. So far War and Order is a very cool game . Worth checking out , (RBU) Twanggg / realm 517.Version: 1.0.66

Addictive.Addictive. Your alliance mates can end up meaning more to you than the rl people around you. And sleep. And your job. Be warned. Although you don’t need to spend money once you get past the entry levels where things start to slow down you will soon see the benefits of the player packs available to buy. Also once you see the top players rampaging at will in the cities they have bought you will either get discouraged and give up or double down and start spending..Version: 1.1.5

So much more than you thinkThis is not the sort of game I would normally play - I’m not into battles and strategy, or world domination. But although this game has those features, you don’t have to play that way. There are plenty of players and groups that are in it for the community and joy of playing, without having to be bloodthirsty. I’ve become completely addicted, and look forward to playing every day!.Version: 1.2.17

Cool gameI enjoy playing this game and joining an alliance. Looking foreard to the new game releases. Lord name: zBulabula.Version: 1.0.52

Good gameLove it.Version: 1.0.52

Really pulled me in... the beginningMaybe it’s my fault I got swept up in all of the “click here’s” and boom before I knew it I was at level 5 within the first hour of playing. Into the second day, after all of the welcome prizes go away, there is time to wait while items are building or being researched. You have to join an alliance pretty early on, but can’t communicate until level 8 in chat. I worked all the way to level 11 in those 2 days, but had only forged one item. Could not get any other supplies until castle level 10 - but after level 9, it’s open for battle. Maybe I did something wrong. Instructions not the most clear or maybe I clicked away from those in the beginning - either way, felt pretty limited and lost so I deleted the app. My alliance was communicating, but I didn’t understand a single thing they said. Take it slow in the beginning if you download. Still a fun game..Version: 1.1.5

War & OrderThis game is a game of Alliances & some $$$ - depends on how fast you wanna grow. I played Game of War for almost 3 Years & got tired of the game developer not caring about its gaming community (GOW gives you worthless items that are irrelevant & useless). I went looking for a New Game & different developer. War & Order is the opposite of this & that is a plus to a new player searching for a good game. Who doesn’t mind spending a little to be competitive. The items in this game are used & don’t sit around being stockpiled & useless like (GOW). It’s a World based game. Players from all over the planet. Friends made & battles won. I’ll give it 4.5 Stars. Would’ve given 5 but Elite teleports aren’t cheap enough IMHO. There’d be more Alliance wars if the Elite ports were more affordable. That’s my only complaint. Other than that I’m playing it cause I can. Thanx & Rock On, JackylMeOff Realm 647.Version: 1.0.74

Good gameBeen playing for a few months now, only problem I have is only being able to have 2 castles in the same realm linked to game centre.Version: 1.0.63

5 stars, should do 4.I love this game, I’ve been playing it for almost two years now, maybe one and half. Everything about this game is epic. It is hard to grow without an alliance but it’s easy to find one. People get zeroed and get very angry, it’s fine, keep building and learn from your mistakes. Pay to win is not a thing in here, it does help speed it up but doesn’t make you any better, just faster at being better. The reason it should be a 4 is the alert system is not great. I have had a shield drop, get hit 1-5 times and not get notified a single time until I long in and realize my troops are gone. If the notification got fixed it would be a perfect 5. Thanks..Version: 1.2.43

Great gameIncredible game. Great fighting mechanics, events and truly a way to have fun. Perfectly possible to progress as a f2p, although farms do become a nigh requirement past ~c25. Also 2nd azurite mine? Aside from that, please allow us to use another 3rd party for binding accounts. I’ve lost many accounts to Facebook. Thanks again for the great game 👍.Version: 1.3.19

The game is really good but ...This is an amazing game to play and very intriguing. The real problems lay in the alliances, where paying members expect to have all power over players who pay little or no money to play. By the time the Realm Wars start, the majority of players left are big spenders. Enjoy the game, as it is a truly good one..Version: 1.2.32

The Little GuyWar and Order is one of the best games out there but could use some improvements. It is geared toward the high spenders which can ruin the whole experience. This is the biggest complaint I hear after playing over a year in different realms. I know for Camel they want to make money but if you make the game more team oriented where one big spender cant dominate the realm then most people quit Camel is missing out on all the small spenders who would spend more and play longer and more people could enjoy the game for long periods of time. I would suggest either make a new game similar but is team oriented or change existing game so attacking would need more than one big player to cause damages also I would tier the defensive losses . Right now on defense you don’t lose anything below your hospital level. Make where defense can lose up to say 25 or 30 % after multiple attacks For instance on second attack you lose 10% 3rd attack 15% up to 25% I believe this would encourage more attacking but after 25% you don’t lose more so not all troops can be destroyed.Version: 1.0.74

Please read! I love this gameOk so it is going to sound like a rant but I hope I can provide some unique point of views...first off I love WAO! Really love the changes since blizzard took over I’m coming up on my 10th month and second realm (previous played 832 now in 1004) but I have a few things that nobody really talks about...the bullying is quite disgusting and there is NO repercussions at all for disrespectful players I think if that was better monitored instead of rss selling people would quit far less! And would really fall in love with WAO Second! Spending: I think there should be something of a spending limit...not horrible but for example in week one of my realm there was already a C 24 Castle and that’s not really fair and quite discouraging for non-spenders or puts unreasonable standards on others now one player has a 26 and is going to end up smashing the rest of the realm 😓 Third I’m not even going to start on the translation issues that’s a letter in itself lol😅 I really hope somebody reads this and hopefully provided some decent insight regards: 1004 (ITV) Diosa😘.Version: 1.2.58

JimI love the 3d ish game graphics take a short time to get used to but definitely different from the norm makes game more interesting to watch & enjoy👍😎.Version: 1.2.45

Great Game!As most good games, it’s very addicting, but for something you play in your phone, the graphics are good and the levels within levels keep you interested. Once you get you’re feet wet and understand what’s going on, there are countless others you can work and fight with (or against)..Version: 1.2.32

Excellent Fun and Hard To Put DownI’ve downloaded countless mobile games, and none can compare to this one. There’s so much depth to it, and no matter how much I want to quit and uninstall the game, I always come back to it. One of my favorite aspects of this game, is that it runs in the background. You don’t even need to be connected to the internet but your buildings will continue to build, your troops will keep recruiting, etc. you don’t even have to have the app open. Overall great fun and awesome multiplayer experience. Would recommend to anyone interested in strategy, MMO, and action..Version: 1.0.73

Kill events are ruining the gameThis has been the first mobile MMO me and my best friend of more than 10 years have enjoyed. It’s got a great progression and it can be played without spending any money! The biggest annoyance about it is the persistent kill events... they spoil the fun because the top alliances in the realm dominate and their is no chance to build up what you lose before the next kill event!.Version: 1.2.33

👍Awesome game addictive too.Version: 1.0.74

Takes while to get head around …But then it’s really enticing.Version: 2.0.54

Great gameRefreshing from the pay to win as you can pay and the packs are cheap but you don’t need to as there’s lots to do and you can actually obtain what you need through the game.Version: 1.1.3

War and orderGood game.Version: 1.0.60

Cheers camelTo the creators of this game cheers for nothing for the past 3 years I’ve played and spend tuns of money it was fun but since I’ve moved to realm 1324 I had my Facebook hacked and camel support will not help me get my castles back..Version: 2.0.11

FeedbackGreat game, a lot of fun, spent many hours playing. Lordnz Realm #171.Version: 1.0.46

Please readThis game is trash . They had to take videos from another game in there advertisement to make it look good . They stole from a you tuber known as LAZARBEAM and this is out of order don’t download this game it’s not worth your time.Version: 1.2.1

War and orderAwesome game.Version: 1.5.21

Strongest Lord EventsSo great game!! But you hold the strongest lord event every 7day turn around etc. but it is very one-sided. Only the strongest from each realm will win. Maybe having castle level groups for the points would be a good way to go so a lvl 15-20 can compete to get rewards. Currently they don't have the level to hit monsters recruit troops etc that give the top points. This way they can win or get rewards for their bracket of lvl. Making them want more, in turn spending more $ so it's a win for everyone. Could also start some inter-realm fighting would be wicked!.Version: 1.0.46

Burn castles and get rich rewards beware of late night revenge attacks.Very addictive game , very similar to game of war and new final fantasy game, has better graphics and animations but a little less intricacies on strategy and game dynamics. Overall a definite replay able game. Game slows down when you hit the higher levels but will keep you on your toes with cross realm battles and weekly events with your alliance friends. Recommend game designers add marketplace for every player to trade for hard to achieve items/loot. Also would like ability to let players change realms at any progression you are in game, and see more consolidation of low activity realms into one so players have many opponents to face instead dyiny realms with few active players.Version: 1.2.20

Gameplay and satisfactionBeen playing just over a month. This game has enough to keep you wanting more. You start out , then grow. You join an alliance. You grow. You go to war(or not). No fiddley gameplay. A nice easy layout. A few bugbears tho. It would be nice to have a resource button that empties all crates in one go. But other than a few petty issues I’m loving it. 😎.Version: 1.0.66

Trop longLes temps d’attente pour les constructios sont trop long. Les constructions prennent 20 à 50heures voir plus juste pour jouer c’est abusé, faut vraiment accélérer le temps de construction pour que le jeu soit plus fun.Version: 2.0.5

(DAB)Boomeranga #523The game itself is good but the cost of playing is going to go beyond the reach of a lot of players. War and Order is one of the better games as far as costs go so far but I can see the price escalate as you progress. Keep the cost of playing down and focus on rewards, you will find that players will stick around..Version: 1.0.66

Rip offThis is a great game, but you can spend a lot of money on this game. The big problem is, the official help are not interested in helping you unless you are Chinese (fact!). I have known many people to loose accounts and resources or been accused of cheating ( when they have not, fact!). But if your Chinese you have no problem. Be warned stay away. If you are any good War and order reduce your account. Purely looks after Chinese alliances..Version: 1.0.63

Early ratingEarly in the game, just took out a level 7 monster. Loving the graphics, a bit intense on the battery, but worth it. I couldn't see anything about building the Alliance castle, I hope we are on the right track! Happy hunting!!.Version: 1.0.37

Way better than clash of clansGreat game.Version: 1.0.20

Lost accountFour days now no answer on my lost accounts.Version: 1.5.3

Pretty ADDICTED RNI reckon it’s got the same concept as clash of clans but better. There’s more complexity when building your castle. I started yesterday and I can pull myself away from my phone.Version: 1.0.74

Sos sucksRemove sos attacks then would be more fair for everyone.Version: 1.5.35

Awesome gameThis is a great game, it has enough variety and range of game play that you don't get bored doing the same things over and over, the multiplayer is fun!.Version: 1.0.46

Amazing GameAwesome game! I have a few suggestions to make it better though. 1) add the ability to gift alliance members and friends gems, speed ups, resources etc. And 2) add the ability to add friends so you can easily message them rather than having to be in the same alliance or sending them mail. The game is almost perfect, but these small things would complete it for me..Version: 1.2.7

Pretty goodYeah pretty good.Version: 1.0.37

Looks greatI’ve only just bought this game and haven’t played it yet but it looks great, looking forward to seeing what it has to offer..Version: 1.2.7

BrilliantGreat game - pure and simple !.Version: 1.0.54

Awesome all roundThis game has had me hooked for well over a year now, the people/players I have met are second to none. The game has so many different levels from alliance events to realm events to personal goals and tasks. All I can say is if your married then think long and hard about downloading the game because trust me! The amount of toilet time you’ll be doing will have her worried 😂 an EW/EA lasts about 45mins depending on how good your alliance is so that toilet trip can take 5 to 45mins haha best mobile game out there! Sod the wife get it downloaded!.Version: 1.0.63

Good balance on an older concept of gameBetter than other games like this that I have played in the past. The balance of worlds etc seems a lot better. Not always dragging out upgrades waiting for RSS either..Version: 1.0.74

ReasonSome problems but more or less pretty good, wish the vip was easier to get.Version: 1.0.33

😁Great so far.Version: 1.0.60

Early daysSo a new player at present to this game, have played many similar to this, liked a few but get bored easy. So far it looks good and has me hooked. Both alliance and world chat friendly and easy to use. Have not met money players yet but will cross paths eventually but is this not the same for all games ! Only downside is store has no speed ups. As said early days let’s see.Version: 1.2.7

Superbly good looking and funGood graphics. Not as good colours as the preview screenshots. Beautiful design, user experience interface etc Win without paying is absolutely possible if you are patient and pick your battles Cool features Fun looking battles Very thought out alliance system technology and buildings for alliances.Version: 1.0.66

GamerWell what can I say. So far it's been fairly decent the packs are expensive but I guess that's ok because it takes more money for those that buy there way to the top. For the grinders of the game it makes it a lot more equal and fair to play because you still stand a chance. Chur chur.Version: 1.0.47

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Kema..385I've played a lot of strategy games but none as good as war and order the only down fall is the cost to upgrade with gems and the price of the gem packs apart from that it is an awsome game and almost a year later I'm still playing.Version: 1.0.66

ExcellenceWaO is the best thing I've found to play since Candy Crush 😉.Version: 1.0.60

Great gameI find this to be a great game but a lot of the mini side games are rigged so that you spend money..Version: 1.5.48

The best game I never looked for!🥰😉😁I wasn’t even looking for a game, but this game popped up and on nothing but chance, I downloaded the game just to check it out! That was a month ago, and I haven’t put it down yet! I don’t usually play games like this one, but I can’t seem to stop playing, even when there’s nothing for me to do in the game because I’m waiting for things to get done, I’m still checking every few minutes just to check! I don’t know what it is, but this game is definitely one of a kind! I know because I have played games like this before and I never cared for them. Which is why I never expected this game to measure up! Boy was I wrong! If anyone should find this game, DEFINITELY give it a chance.I’m really glad that I gave it a chance! 😻🤩.Version: 1.2.14

GreatnessBest game out of them all! Trust me I've played them all!!!.Version: 1.0.54

AspenOmg good game get plz.Version: 1.0.63

A pleasant changeHaving played other games of this type it is a refreshing change to find one where you can actually progress without having to spend at all if you want but certainly for £20 a month and progress well. Battles are good as are the events. Chat platform is not the best but the lack of in game issues more than makes up for it.Version: 1.0.66

Howdy! So I have one update I’d like to see occurObviously the game wants to be ease of user experience, hence the shaking of the phone to collect all the production stocks that are currently available to be collected, so this is kinda in that realm of ease. It would be beneficial if there was a “collect all” button in the Packs-Resources tab. It’s getting to the point there is a lot to “collect”, so a button to collect all of the packs in the resources section would be great. But I’ve Been playing this game for a long while now, and it has been more than fun!! The attention to detail and artistic talent gives it 5 stars alone, and this idea doesn’t diminish my rating of 5 stars, it would just be an idea. Thanks!.Version: 2.0.51

Can’t stop playingI played once before and then gave it up but have come back. Realm 531 is good fun more then just 2-3 alliances at least 6-8 good ones. Would like to see times reduced a little and bigger rewards for the smaller guys bcoz some castle are at 24-26 so quick and get T8-9. Would like to see other realms to battle like before..Version: 1.0.66

EntertainingI'm finding this game to be even better than the advert in the invitation to download I received! I was looking about for a new challenge and am glad I chose this game. The graphics are beautiful and detailed, the basic gameplay is easy to understand and get going with and the depth of the game is huge! It's going to keep me captured for a while! As with any game, progress can start to slow down unless cash is spent but a little patience is all that is needed to keep getting stronger in the game..Version: 1.2.9

Great Game!Game is good and tops all other games in the genre, You can actually play without paying!!!.Version: 1.0.18

Amazing gameAfter seeing an sponsored video I was like oh another one of these games so I downloaded it for the fun of it and I've been hooked ever since and it surprisingly works on my iPhone 4s it lags but at least it runs and doesn't crash.Version: 1.0.66

Liking itPretty large game and absorbing..Version: 1.0.49

Best gameIn all of my years of playing games that involves building and army or rising a kingdom, This one is the best by far.Version: 2.0.33

MONEY GAME.Do not download this game if you can not spend enough to compete with others. money game . all about buying gems pack. it is very interesting game i liked it. but disappointed (money game) put money in and will be able to compete.Version: 1.0.74

Great loving it so farNeed to have heaps of free time.Version: 1.3.16

Great gameSo far I have been impressed excellent graphics,good people playing I have played other games like this,but never I have I found one that takes action against the cheaters stealers and those who harass fellow players congratulations War and Order for a great gaming experience .Realm 271 Dagswardogs ,thumbs up camel great game,I spend way to much time playing this game.Version: 1.0.63

YepOverall a good game, but loses a lot for me when construction pace slows down. Also I wish a game would come out like this without in app purchases.Version: 1.2.64

Feedback and reviewThis is a very enjoyable game which you can play solo or in an alliance with real people online. It becomes addictive instantly! Features that would improve the game is when you are scanning around the map it is hard to go back to your own castle - a “home” button that took your u straight back to your castle would be very helpful. Also it would be better if you could zoom out more when scanning the realm. From player: SprinkleDust realm 668.Version: 1.0.74

4 Year experienceI have played this game for 4 years. Off and on. I will say this game is probably the best strategy war games on the mobile phone. Communication and tactics is very important but patience is the true key. Reason I give 4 stars because spenders is real and within the first few weeks you will have a dude with full T8-t10. Maybe t8 if lucky. Now there a new era of sellers in the game. When you first start the world chat would be filled with sellers the game is dying but still fun and still has a chance unless WAO become strict of sellers. Spenders will always be there just find a good crew and stay active..Version: 1.5.28

GreatThe game is great, interactive! Can't put it down. Only issue is it can be one sided.Version: 1.0.63

Quick to Get IntoGood game, starting with free 6min Rush makes the game fun quickly.. Also safe till level 9 so you get time to practice.Version: 1.0.32

A must playExcellent game much better than COK.Version: 1.0.20

Game reviewIn my opinion very fun and entertaining game.Version: 1.5.30

This is a awesome GameLord Name: XM3N Realm: 136 All the other Games I've played like Game of War, Clash of Kings and War of Thrones. War and Order is way better never get bored with this game. So thumbs up developers keep up the awesome work guys so I give you's 5 stars +.Version: 1.0.46

New kingdom platformI have only played for a few weeks but I find the fluid control and vivid graphics very enjoyable.Version: 1.2.9

Amazing gameThis game is a very addictive game and very fun and if you have some time on your hands maybe tryout War and Order, and one word to the creators keep making great games.Version: 1.5.32

Love itThis game has fake ads but it’s actually quite good I’ve been playing for about 3 months.Version: 2.0.27

Awesome funFantastic graphics. Game very similar to others but wins with graphic content, keep it up. By LordJacko.Version: 1.0.52

Great gameReally enjoying game and especially like that you can put troops in the Fort and not get zeroed in one hit like other similar games. If costs stay down then will be a long term player. Thx to developers and the war and order team. Hope the bosses buy you guys a beer or 2..Version: 1.0.63

RecommendedGreat game, plenty of rewards, enjoying it..Version: 1.0.33

Awesome 😊The game has great graphics affordable in game packs and awesome I'm loving the way this game is so far! Yay 😁.Version: 1.0.60

It's fun, do it! Fun for couples!Neat little game..Version: 1.0.41

DucksinarowI have been playing this game for over 18 months, spent hours of enjoyment, it has it’s good points as well as it’s bad points. If you want to grow quickly you spend money , if you want to enjoy the game for the game sake then you can spend little or as much as you want, worth playing. My grumble is now that the game will not open, but just get the war and order logo and music with a black screen with fast dots shooting around? What is that all about?.Version: 1.2.3

Good funWorks well.Version: 1.0.26

AwesomeLove this game, friendly community..Version: 1.5.17

Good I like yeaGood game, not many Chinese yet which is nice.Version: 1.0.44

AddictiveAwesome addictive game 5 *****.Version: 1.0.52

Very Fun but Unstable gameThere are thousands of games like this but I have to admit War and Order did something special. I really enjoyed this game more than I ever thought I would, and would daily pop in for a game and chat. The community is great, I was part of a amazing alliance full of friendly people from all over the world. I even became a deputy before retiring. It was great, the game drew me in but the community kept me backing back. Sadly the game is really unstable, crashing at random and often up to 3 times an hour during events, as such fighting monster or lingering too long on the world map. One day after nearly a year of playing, it crashed and I’ve never been able to reopen it. I deleted it and started again but that didn’t work ether, it might be something on my end but a lot of players pointed out its frequent crashes. I miss my Alliance and I never got to tell them peace out before I left. I wonder if my old account is still there somewhere. I’ve tried multiple different things to get to working but I’m unable to even open the game let alone access my old file. It’s just all gone Ps To Boss, Bella, Navar, and all the gang. It’s me MaddieMadness. Ni Ni Ni to you all and while I doubt you’ll see this, I hope Wal continues to conquer. Peace out. your friendly friend Maddie. I miss you all.Version: 1.5.46

Really good gameI’ve spent many hours on this game and I love it. There’s no bugs or crashes. You don’t have to spend any money if you don’t want to, it only helps to speed things up. My alliance is amazing, always helpful. I would recommend, beautiful game..Version: 1.2.20

Best fighting game!Best game ever. Great graphics and stunning fights. I like how you have to level up to become stronger, and even you castle becomes grander. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves fighting. Thx devs for a great game.Version: 1.2.68

Best game on mobileThis is honestly the best phone game I’ve played, and by far the most addicting game I’ve ever played period. It seems simple but there are many tips and tricks to be a top class player and I’ve made some good friends on this game, would highly recommend..Version: 1.5.42

Well paced gameIt's not often you find an entertaining and interactive game like this that is equally affordable and engaging..Version: 1.0.60

War and orderPersonally I think this game is absolutely amazing I would recommend it to anyone who's up for adventure I think the best feature in the game is the fact that you're able to do what ever you want whenever you want all in all I thing it's a brilliant game I recommend it to anyone and everyone five stars.Version: 1.2.61

Insanely better than I was expectingI have previously played IOS games of this type, and they usually fizz out because of inflation, and I’ve been playing War and order for a few months and I’m not gonna lie, it’s awesome. I love the way the game visually looks, and I love the sense of comradeship that you get while hitting enemies and growing. I haven’t spent much, just a little in the beginning since I had it, and a few bucks here and there for the developers who seem like they’re trying hard, thanks guys, but even though I haven’t spent much I’ve been super active and I’m pretty good in my realm 535. I really enjoy this game, and if I were to change one thing, it would be the number of elite tiles that pop up, in a crowded realm there’s a lot of resource hungry people, not saying it’s impossible to get resources, but it would be a tad bit easier if there was some more floating around! -(TRA) SantaScent (Realm 535).Version: 1.0.66

Good so far, except..The chat feature is really clunky. It’s hard to write anything. Good otherwise though 👍.Version: 1.2.16

PersonsThis game has its perks but I ain’t no hater. Its wicked 💯🎮🦾✅.Version: 1.5.35

RediculousAfter 40 days in a new realm the people with unlimited money absolutely dominate and there’s nothing you can do. The majority of the castle in the realm is 16-19 but there is one player who must of invested thousands and thousand of real money into his account as he is a level 33 and all he does is smashes everyone to pieces until they leave, he has absolutely ruined the entire realm and openly says he’s not going to stop killing everybody until the realm is dead. I understand camel wants to make money from this game but allowing people to be untouchable through money isn’t right, there should be a cap in place for how much you can spend.Version: 1.5.21

Definitely worth a download!!Have been playing this game for years now across a few different realms and I can’t recommend it enough! There’s plenty to do to keep you occupied while not taking up too much of your time during the day! My only request would be to make it possible that you’re able to use gmail account logins available on iPhone as currently you’re restricted to using gamecentre, iPhone email or Facebook. With only being allowed two castles bound per email login, it makes it a challenge to juggle accounts as you have to constantly change Facebook accounts to log in, so having the option to also have gmail as a login option would be greatly appreciated!.Version: 1.3.37

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