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Game freeze!Game Constantly freeze when switching from accounts had to delete n reload again how it gets fixed soon :(.Version: 2.40

Great game...but remember it’s P2WIt’s was actually one one my good friends who got me into this game. It’s fairly simple and pretty addicting if you are in to RPG and RTS...that being said from the start you are giving just enough to keep your castle scratching the surface. In order to really compete, monster hunt, attack and defend your castle you are going to have to spend between $60-$99. I’ve been playing about a week or so and purchased a “starter kit” I think it was $9. But honestly, trying to build fast before your free shield drops is...useless. You are more than likely being scouted by the serious P2W players. So find a guild ASAP. Because the serious P2W players clearly run the show. Its nearly...no wait its impossible to defend your castle, guild or kingdom against most/all of them. We can’t really blame the developers though. It’s a cool game and they should be paid for their efforts and upkeep of the game and servers. They do an excellent job in that department. But maybe there should be a threshold or a limit you can spend daily, weekly, monthly or even a break limit that would separate us casual players who may spend a few $’s here and there from the the serious P2W players who are spending a ton more. This game would be a lot more balanced and fun if I was being attacked and could only attack another player grinding like myself..Version: 1.74

KvK ruined by changesOur guild are finding the changes made to KvK a step in the wrong direction. By no longer getting points for gathering means it’s frustratingly difficult to get points when your facing a dead kingdom. And don’t get me started on “Lords ball”, such a waste of time and effort - I don’t know anyone that likes this. One guy just now made a good point saying “if I want to play football, I’ll play Fifa!” Please put back KvK as it was or at least bring back points for gathering and leave out points for monster hunting. Quite a few in the guild I’m in are talking of quitting if this is the new permanent KvK :(.Version: 1.81

Amazing game worth millionsThis game is the best and most addicting mobile game I’ve ever played but sadly this game was made around P2W which really does break my heart I maybe put in around 60$ into the game to speed up some buildings and stuff but of course the more you play the more you see how it’s P2W like the best hero items for war you have to spend 100$ to get a bundle that comes with a couple of chest to hope the RNG gods will give you the right items and even if you were to get the best RNG you have to still buy like 10 more since you have to upgrade the item like 4 times and each time it takes more items to do it so if you want a chill 75 day game this one will win you over but after those 75 days are over your kingdom becomes unprotected and you have all the P2W players joining your fresh new kingdom to try and rule it and it becomes game over for people who haven’t spent around 1k$ in bundles like i said I spent around 60$ and played for more then 75 days and I’m only at 14mil might you have people who are in the billions in might which I’m telling you is impossible unless you spend around 5k$ especially seeing the items the billions and some millions got it’s mind blowing that they make all this money but yet still can’t make a monster that drops the items at like a 1% chance to at least be able to obtain the items for free instead of putting a message saying that these items can only be obtained in the shop bundles just mind blowing logic.Version: 1.58

UghhhhhhhhhhhI AM OUTRAGED, I DO LIKE THIS GAME BUT MY LEVEL 20 CASTLE IS SLOWLY DYING BY EACH DAY. My guild gets attacked like 10 times a day by overpowered level 25 castles all the time and I've kept it in thinker maybe the devs might do something because I'm sure this isn't just me but they are not so I keep taking the anger inside and now I feel like exploadingi should have 49k traps but I only have 20k due to the reason I get atacked everyday I shelter but there isn't enough room for all my troops or some days I am really busy and forget I don't have enough reasorces to retrain all the traps and even when I do they get atacked again so there is no point me trying anymore people if you do get this game there is a lot of time and effort my level 20 castle took months and months to build all those hours and now they are going to waste each day but I know I will just get a answer that says " blah blah blah" just write this for people awareness thanks for reading my bible.Version: 1.58

For Titan Whales onlyI am quitting my 290M might account this week after 680 days of play. While new players may enjoy the early stages of building and research and hero development, they will quickly be smashed by all the (mostly East Asian) titans. A lot of them have 1B night accounts and wear Gold level champion gear which requires $160k US roughly. The gold gear more than offsets skill and numbers which we discovered when our full fort was destroyed by a half filled rally led by a gold champ gear titan. The latest mechanism - Familiars - allows p2p players to rush familiars that can attack through shields. The whole familiar system itself is miserably expensive in RSS and time for tiny little bonuses and its usability is crap. Everything new in the game - especially the new heroes that require $99 per pack - is aimed at sucking money from rich players. In short, if you like pouring money into a black hole of greedy micro-transactions to kill weaker players, his game is for you! For everyone else who like the genre, I recommend finding a newer game where you have a chance of developing enough strength to survive the big spenders and then to quit once the game has too many titans to be fun..Version: 1.60

Can’t get the updateI can’t get the update which means I can’t join the event.Version: 1.52

Great game but...Today is a sad day I learned about Worthy Prince leaving the game over a bug from Lords Mobile and IGG would not own up to their own bugs and try to force payment out of a player. I understand the bug in the diamond store in IGG. Instead of 999 TRY the system showed 99 TRY. IGG should have accepted the bug. Instead they are looking to cover up by pressurizing Worthy to pay up for their ERROR. It seems players will loose trust in the Diamond Store & IGG as a whole. As a Lords Mobile player, I will also announce that I will no longer make anymore purchases within the game. This is truly sad and I will pass on words about this to all platform. Players can decide what to do for themselves..Version: 2.10

SpamIls just a spam in my my game fraudulent publicity taking me to the app store.Version: 2.40

WorthlessHow the heck do you expect anyone to get anywhere when all you can do in this game is wait for your buildings to be upgraded. One is pathetic enough, but you have to upgrade several others before you can even get to the one you are working at. I wouldn't play this game unless I had absolutely no life whatsoever..Version: 1.52

Must read Before downloading!!!I've been playing this game for awhile now everything game wise is alright down side it's a money grabber but that's normal for mobile games but what the real downfall of this app is the players they are very toxic they harass you send a lot of vulgar messages to you and just outright bully you and their friends do it too the game loses its fun when others players do stuff like that to you and always attacking your base to the point you always have to have shields up 24/7 this game isn't worth the time and headache of putting up with toxic players and the support team for this app just makes the matter worse for you when you report them by just giving the toxic players a little warning basically poking the bee hive and then the toxic players all gang up on you attacking your base left and right till you have nothing left and they still attack you just for the heck of it so it seems the support team for this mobile game cares more about bullies than the actual victim and not think about what their little warnings do in the end so honestly if I can I would give this game zero stars and support team for this game is bad so I highly recommend you to not download this game and waste your time with it there are better mobile games to play.Version: 1.77

No support, false promisesFirst, the game went offline for 'maintenance'. Fine, that happens sometimes. There as a message saying sorry and a promise of 900 gems. I tried again a couple of hours later. Still maintenance with a message promising 1800 gems. I tried again 6 hours later and the game was working again. But no gems! I used the handy, in-game live support button. I waited for the queue of 12 to whittle down to 0, then... nothing. No reply or support or anything. I tried again, this time waiting for the queue of 42 to drop to zero. Again nothing. No support, false promises and losing customers. As for the game itself, it's a suped up version of half-a-dozen games already out, just with pay-to-win features added. Alright, but nothing special..Version: 1.52

Put the interface back to normalHow the interface dissappears if u look around is really annoying and doesnt help in any way. Please change it back to how it was please.Version: 1.52

Always on the playersNo matter what the issue igg insist on screenshots. Lagging issues, logging in issues etc etc. Every time I have dealt with the customer service team they have been less than helpful. I love playing the game my partner plays also! We understand that things happen but when you report an issue it’s an instant send us a screen shot as evidence, it’s not first nature to screenshot if I can’t login I restart the game etc close the app. I don’t screen shot the error message. All in all a great game just a shame when there are real issues they dealt in a manner where you have to do the investigation for them providing full photographic evidence. The game itself is fun and can be intense the theory that the Chinese have the upper hand seem to go un-noticed however maintenance and server problems rarely affect them yet the whole of Europe goes down. Myself I would say take the game with a pinch of salt they want you to pay loads for bits as I have I advise not to. Free to play is the way to go maybe then the game will become less bias.Version: 1.80

Pay to WinI’ve played daily for over two months. The game is literally designed for you to fail unless you put money in- which isn’t that terrible except the amount is very unbalanced. Gems are basically needed but unless you spend $99, it’s only a few thousand that quickly run out. The events are rigged and you’re punished for playing in them. The Dragon Arena was fun for about 30 seconds and then you’re incapacitated for the rest of the game. And what’s worst? You’re randomly placed in your kingdom, so you better hope you saved one locator. Most of events are impossible to win unless you fork over significant money and even then, more than likely, someone spent more than you so you still lose. And this doesn’t talk about the attacks from other players. It’s a war game, doesn’t bother me that I sometimes get attacked. It does bother me that it takes THREE days to rebuild my shield (and the more powerful you are the longer it takes) and how long it takes to recoup. And if your leader is taken? Just give up for a few days. The player that attacked recently was 558 million might. That’s more than most guilds combined. But the developers don’t care about the unbalanced of those who pay and pay and pay, and those who would like to play and have fun. And let’s be honest, if you want a war game and don’t mind paying, you can find much better developed games..Version: 2.24.1

2year playerBeen playing this game for over 2years and counting, this game is heavy on pay2win, if they added a kingdom for only low end pay players and free2play players it would be decent. But thats not happening. Besides its heavy pay2win the support dev system they don't do a good job at fixing it . They will just say come back if u still have the same problem which i did (4times with screenshots and recorded video) then they will send you a email saying that they did not find any issue then tell you maybe its your internet provider/log in/out basically they tell you to un install/install turn your phone on/off until the problem is fixed. And it dosnt help so if you have problems in this game u might aswel give up in trying to resolve your issue..Version: 2.10

EhBeen playing this game for awhile now..a cpl years...it’s a very fun game..the only bad part is no matter how much you build your troops it’s all a waste if your shield goes down....there’s always always ALWAYS a gadzillion million might dude lurking around just waiting to come burn you...there really should be a cap level to hitting people..percentage base...I still enjoy the game but I just don’t care about the troops anymore...I don’t even shield or hide them anymore....I just leave them in the infirmary....I’ve been playing so long that I have plenty of RSS stacked up to just do researches and build and merge pacts....I come to realize that the troops are what seems to take all the RSS healing and training...I’ve been saving sooooo many gems now that I don’t shield....I rarely get hit because it’s just a total waste of time now for anyone...RSS stays low and no troops...leader is usually dead or captured but it doesn’t matter anymore...as soon as I want to get in the full swing of the game again I will...it’s too much of a money grab for me at the present state...it’s very redundant as well...give the lil guys a chance...P2W most def...so I’m just going to stack my gems hit the coliseum and just research and build...that’s it...don’t waste your money on this game at all not worth it at all.....Version: 1.93

Full of bullies with endless pockets.I have played for almost 2 years and unless you have an endless pocket it is impossible to play and get anywhere. The kingdoms are ruled by those in countries where upgrades are cheap and by who can spend thousands of dollars because it’s cheaper for them. The amount of bullying that goes in this game is ridiculous. IGG should be ashamed... but I guess while they are making money, they don’t care. In my opinion IGG are also extremely unhelpful with rectifying any issues - the answers come down to ‘we found no issue with the server’ - so in other words, they do not care about loyal players who have spent a lot of money. Do yourself a favour and scroll on, don’t download. IGG = inventors got greedy..Version: 2.12

Terrible customer support, impossible to advance if you don’t invest moneyI’ve played Lords Mobile for over three years. I am still a 150k might player up against 500k and even 1b might players. You CAN technically play as a free player, but you will always be crushed by players who invest tons of money into their accounts. On top of that they have terrible customer service. They strategically place in-app purchase buttons in places that make it easy to accidentally click. If you accidentally purchase something and contact support they will tell you that they can’t retrieve the in-app items you purchased and thus can’t refund your purchase even though the items themselves are if little value. If you challenge the charges on your credit card they will threaten to suspend your account, even if the accidental purchase was only $4.99. This is criminal in my opinion. It is not the customer’s fault that the developers did not program a retrieval mechanism for items purchased. It’s an addictive game that preys on human psychology and makes it impossible to succeed without spending significantly and then offers inexcusably poor customer support. Don’t waste your time or your money..Version: 2.37

Deceptive ads and racismI have been playing lords mobile for well over a year now. And the game is fine as long as you have friends, are willing to play for awhile with long building research times, or pay a lot to overcome them. As well as playing in a hostile community of players of course no matter your ethnicity there are racial barriers of course but that can also be followed by heavy racism and xenophobia against others. But recently the ads I have been seeing on other games advertising lords mobile have been downright deceptive. They show gameplay which is a far cry from what you get in the game. Making it look like an RPG, or a RTS or even show things that are in the game differently to how they are I haven't seen an honest as about the game in a long time. But to be fair the video they have on the App Store is a correct showing of how castle battles are. This all makes me very disappointed in IGG as a company that it has decided to follow this advertising practice. Disgraceful. Cmd.Version: 1.51

Whales, Bullies and Billing IssuesThis is one of the worst game experiences I’ve had. Too many players who spend a lot of money to beat up anyone weaker, causing huge losses which take a long time to accumulate. Huge pay to win guilds that make the game miserable for everyone else. But the worst part was I was double charged for a pack and couldn’t get a refund. If you are prepared to spend a LOT of money, if you don’t mind billing mistakes and dealing with bad game support and want to buy virtual power in a mobile game to get your daily dopamine rush, then this game is for you..Version: 2.26

A way simplified version of others in this genreIt’s very easy to get the basics sorted and if you have free cash to blow on entertainment can get competitive quite easily. Due to the simplicity there is not much to do if you don’t pay to win. Just grow and expand and participate in guild v guild events like the Guild Showdown or build out all the heroes. Best played with a group else you’ll be bored. Join a decent guild and enjoy. If want more of a challenge where cash doesn’t play such a massive part of the game check out the others..Version: 2.27

Prepare to payI played this game for a few months, pretty consistently. I didn't spend any money in all that time although I could have thrown the developers a few bucks since I did get a lot of entertainment out of it. There's a lot here to do, but you really are going to be a nobody in this game unless you spend a ton of money, which is one reason why I never spent anything, it wasn't really going to do anything to spend a little bit of money when everyone else is spending thousands. If you do want to spend that kind of money, just buy yourself a PS4 or a PC. Like most games, it gets repetitive after a while and there really is no end to the research and building, although after a year or so you might be able to max out all of your buildings. The big issue in this game is the conflict is almost always one sided, with the really powerful players just going after weak players. Getting attacked isn't so bad, but it does get annoying. It'd be more fun if the kingdoms we're organized in a way that players of a similar might were together but that would probably discourage spending money so it's unlikely that'll ever happen. So if you want to spend thousands of dollars on a game for your phone, this is probably a good investment, otherwise, save yourself some time and find a different game..Version: 1.59

HiMoron.Version: 2.44

WHAT THE HELL!!!😡I just downloaded the game on my IPAD, but when I opened the game, BUT IT SAID I HAD SWITCHED ACCOUNTS, and told me to close the game, I had JUST downloaded it and that happened!, please fix..Version: 1.50

Expensive but good gameOk this is a good game however it is expensive packs get expensive and as u get higher it’s more expensive to stay high with repairs after being hit. To upgrade timings are stupid and very long over a month up to a few months again leaving you wanting or needed to buy gems or speed ups to progress, is it worth it there is many game similar that are cheaper to progress Think about it before u download. Although the developer said you can play this without buying that is true but you are looking at many months to get even a min amount of might with out shields you’ll struggle being hit by other players, you’ll see when the days start going to over 200 days for a single upgrade are u willing to wait that long.Version: 1.64

Good game but becomes a choreI enjoyed this game a lot for a while but it’s just too time consuming and it’s become a chore to the point I don’t want to play anymore. I can maximum have a 12 hour break of the game or risk being attacked losing all my troops and getting my leader captured, it should definitely provide a 24 hour shelter because I could find time to log on at some point in the day but every 12 hours is so hard and unreasonable imo. I did keep up with keeping them sheltered for a while but It was getting to the point I was getting stressed over it and that’s when I started to lose interest and I started to forget which is a shame because I do enjoy the game when I’m casually playing but considering just deleting as it’s too much of a time commitment. Another thing that left me a bit disenchanted was when I got my first familiar to elder and then realised I still couldn’t use them in battle because I need talent orbs with no clear way of earning them (I could be mistaken).Version: 2.40

A scam eating cash like crazyVery dangerous for kids! it eat cash frequently by small amount. Typical addictive Unless you bring 10 000$ and at least 300$ You won’t be able to really get fun cash is key to win. No matters your skill. Cash is too much an accelerator. without a lot $ you need a century of hard work to reach decent size. See on the web about that, all horror story is true..Version: 2.39

Really?I used ALL my x1 and x2 travel speed ups for the Lords Cup, and someone else made it exactly the same time as mine, and you gave it to them! There should be a limit on how many times a player can hit it, because the same person was spamming it so nobody else could hit it! I had so many speed ups saved up, I used all of my training speed ups for troops for the Lords Cup, and I could’ve used those speed boosts for better things! This was the first time I was able to participate in the Lords Cup, and now I have no interest of ever participating again. Now I have no training speed ups, no travel boosts, and way too many t1! I put up 8 hour shields and it deactivates after 7 hours. Not 7 hours and 59 minutes, exactly 7 hours. When I’m asleep. The research times are ridiculous. 30, 40 days?! It’s impossible for F2P to grow with all the huge, 1 billion might P2P players burning you all the time! And the shop, jeez! $100 for a bunch of crap? What happened to the .99 cent packages? It’s all 1.99 now! What’s the point of notifications? I didn’t even get a notification that I was scouted, and I only got a notification that I was being attacked when the attacker reached my turf! Notifications are useless! I put on a 24 hr shield at 6 pm, it’s supposed to go to 6 pm the next day. Nope! It ended at 1 pm! It’s been 13 hours since I put it up. It says it had 7 hours left, when instead it should be at 11 hours! You need some maintenance to do!.Version: 2.10

Slow goingI have been playing this game for four years. It’s perfect for addictive personalities. You have to throw THOUSANDS of dollars into the game to be average. I am a partial pay to play. And in 4 years I am barely 500million might. Once you finally get somewhere they add a new essential part to the game so the elite have something else to buy. This keeps you well behind. They have a ton of kingdoms that should be repurposed. Why keep adding and spreading out active players so every kingdom you migrate to has one giant guild and 100 tiny farm guilds. There should be kingdoms with caps on might for the not so mighty ppl to enjoy solo burning. Right now with the new t5 there is a surge of all t4 500million -1bill might players being rallied. Also there is essentially no solo burning left anymore, you have to rally to get kills and if you can’t get in a massive guild, too bad for you. If you are new and don’t have thousands of dollars to dump into this game a month. It is only a chat room where you get burned for resources and leader. Despite all that. This game has a great interface and awesome graphics. Also people make many friends through the chat if that’s your thing. It’s addictive for sure. Best of luck..Version: 2.24.1

$1.50 increase? Come on?!You just put the price of packs up $1.50?! Jesus guys, 20%?! I think everyone could wear 50c. What a way to test your loyal customers :(.Version: 1.84

Not Free to Play or Casual Spender FriendlyBeen playing Lords Mobile for over 2 years now, I wouldn’t say I’m a heavy spender, especially comparing myself to the 12 billion or more players within the game, but I have spent a decent amount over the years now, and got to a good might of 400 million. I always new Lords Mobile, and IGG (the makers of the game) favouritised the heavy pay to play players, but with the recent update of the attack familiars, and how heavily overpowered they are I feel as though it’s time for me to put the game down. For those who are unaware of the issue myself, and many others have with the update is how the attack familiars attack boosts can be stacked when attacking, they start off with a base attack boost of 100%, and when destroying 10% of someone else’s troops, another 100% is added on top of the attack boost. I watched Sugar, a very well known player within the game, solo someone with over 30 million troops, I believe, sending 300,000 troops into him with 3 of the attack familiars; he killed over 1 million troops and had around 20,000 troops walk back. You can have a max of 5 attack familiars, which can also be put into rallies. This game is now, clearly, catered to those several billion mighters of the game, it’s sad to see, but I believe this will be the end of Lords Mobile. It was fun while it lasted but of course, as I’m sure people familiar with the game and the creators of it, IGG have gotten far too money hungry..Version: 2.1

Fun at first but then reality hitsI have played this game for a year and finally decided to write a review as I am on the fence about deleting it. It’s clear based on other reviews and personal game experience that it’s not a level playing field. I am ok with small costs as they have to make money but these people have ridiculous amounts of power and lets say F2P you may die in real life before you actually get there if you ever do. It’s a fun game when starting out and leveling but then you hit that wall of spending a lot of money or getting hammered all day. Even with all that, if there was a cool down period after getting attacked it would help to recover but there isn’t. Also there is no level blocks on who can attack who so these players with crazy power destroy you vs having any sort of chance. Shields are ok but don’t think you will always have them and it’s over as soon as it goes down. You can shelter but only 12 hours at a time so if you have a job or sleep good luck because you have 11:59 of freedom before attacked. It’s honestly because of these few things that this game has become a job not a game. To the developer, don’t reply with your generic statement like you always do since it’s just a dumb tactic to not address anything..Version: 2.27

ConfusedAs soon as the update was completed, I went online and was happy to see what was new. I was attacked by a rally and was unable to view any details until it was over. Unable to shield and protect myself. I lost most everything. Normally I would not be upset, however in this case the lag was not acceptable. I can accept loss through my own fault be I am not happy with update. If this continues I don’t think it’s worth the time or money..Version: 1.80

They really mean Pay to playThe game content is as one would think from reading other reviews or from reading its page. The game itself is fine, constantly updating to provide the best service for its users. The kingdoms are now open for migration from one to another which halts a lot of players, especially those who do not pay any money, from gaining anything. This is almost always: person with 25 billion might vs someone with max 50 million might. Remember it is a game about war! But it defeats the point if you can never get away from them, they’re everywhere, and they always win. It’s not a war anymore. But if you spend money you can get your castle to 25 billion might in a jiffy, just might be poor as a cause. Other than that misfortune there are some minor things that bother me. Every human character is white based. The game has people from the world playing but only white characters. The title lord is again a tile that can be vague or specific to the male sex. But a lord as the latter has a powerful position. So “Lords and ladies” is just the powerful men and then those females who also play. But overall it’s alright :3 would recommend a personal sound for notifications..Version: 1.86

Hero map is good, but many rush start of the game .Before I start ranting, there are some good things. The hero’s map is great fun, once you have passed the level you may speed it up which is good when you are finding the trophies needed for levelling up your hero, the challenges have good enough rewards for you to do so get worth wile rewards as well as levelling something up. The speed up option is a great thing you have to admit when you start the game, although when you start to run out and can’t press the speed up option to finish you build,upgrade etc. every single time, you realise you sped the start of the game up too much, not taking as much in so you can so you can end up confused over things that the game did tell you but you were to focused on carrying on upgrading your town. Training troops your army is a good aspect but when you get around 13,000 for each kind of troop you don’t appreciate when you sign in and say that you’ve lost 12,900 that you have been training and keeping safe for weeks for the next overpowered baddy you need to defeat to carry on the game. It feels like you have been put back to square 1. There are a few other aspects that convinced me to delete the game but this review is so long I doubt anyone is reading. I hope you found my review helpful.Version: 1.77

Thousands of dollars down the drainThe gmail to my 1.2 billion might account was hacked but I still had access through Facebook. I contacted IGG and explained what happened. They said they would help me and return the items the the hacker stole after I provided information. I sent the information. Then they said they would email me. They emailed me asking for more information. I sent the information then they responded asking me to give them the city and country of every place I have used the account in. I travel for work all around the world and pass through a lot of cities that I don’t even pay attention to I just play the game while I am in transit. I even play on the airplanes and and have no clue what area I am over but now IGG is not going to help me. I have even sent proof of the hacker trying to get money from me to return the email account to me but IGG did not care they still refuse to remove the email. I have 5 pay to play accounts and they just blew me off. I am in the process of recovering my money through my financial institutions and filing a complaint against them through the BBB as well as looking into other complaints since they are a publicly traded company. Everyone warned me about IGG customer support being a waste of time and it is true. Game is okay until a problem comes up but there will eventually be an issue and you will be left to deal with it yourself...Version: 1.93

Scam! Scam! Scam!Wish there was a zero star option for scammers who steal your money!!! I was really enjoying this game as it was a good distraction while getting my walking/treadmill time in. It was very interactive and made the miles go by much faster. I was going to leave a good review to that end... HOWEVER, I decided to make an in-app purchase for a game package in order to play more while I waited on upgrades that take progressively longer (DAYS - which is also ridiculous!) I made the purchase, yet never received the game items. I followed up with their customer support and provided a screen shot with proof of the purchase showing on my Apple account and that still wasn’t enough to either credit the items to my account or cancel my purchase. After going round and round,(about a stupid in-app purchase) I was told repeatedly that it was not their problem, that I would have to chase the Apple store down about it. So now, my money is tied up somewhere in cyberspace, but the app that accepted my money has no clue where it is and no access to the order? Yet IT WAS PURCHASED THROUGH THEIR APP!!! Still no resolution as of this time, but entirely too much trouble for something so small. But I don’t like getting ripped off and my money taken for something I don’t receive. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!!!.Version: 1.60

Newbie bashing like prosFirst off, game is heavily pay2win. Money will get you crystals in this game which buys everything. The game itself has some good graphics and play style. I like the ability to unlock basic heroes by completing little story missions. Other than that, game is boring and not newbie friendly. The build times and research times is horrendous. For a tier 3 troop it take 7 days to research, and that’s after you’ve spend around 4 months leveling your town up all the way up to lvl 17. Have fun there. Now for the newbie problems. Resources are easy to get, it’s keeping them that’s hard. Because everyone and their uncles and their dogs will attack you no matter your level. There is no protection out side your starter shield. Yeh, you can pay for more shields, but they are costly and don’t stack. There is no protection other than that. Oh you got 100k might? Be a shame if someone with 60mil might attacked you because they were bored. Devs, please, for the love of god, put a limit on there. Make it like if they are 2mil stronger than you then they can’t attack. This is the main reason why so many people leave your game. After a while of being farmed by these cowardly imbeciles the game isn’t fun anymore. You want more money? Put a god dam way to protect weaker people and more people will start playing. I for one, am done with this game till something like this is implemented..Version: 1.87

Has potentialI think this game has a potential, but right now it just feels boring after a few minutes. It’s just the same thing over and over again. Train troops watch a battle you can barely control and do it again. And it’s false advertising. I saw this as a great game when I saw the ad. It was place down some towers and hope it beats the wave of enemies. Then put another few towers and hope. But no it’s this terrible game that I played a little bit but ditched..Version: 2.13

Do not play this game.I would give this game no stars if that was possible. The recent update, sigils, puts the bias of combat completely in the favour of the wealthiest players. If ‘pay to win’ was in the dictionary, this game would be the definition. Generally every update they do has nothing to do with ‘improving gameplay’, only ways to further maximise IGG’s profits, which must be huge anyway. Greed has surpassed any sense of desire to make the game ‘fun’ for the vast majority of players. There are millionaires who play this game, and they pay tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars simply to become unbeatable, and this game perfectly facilitates that. Play at your own risk, it’s addictive, and could be a REALLY good game, IF the company who has made it weren’t ALL about making money. In short....AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. There are thousands of games out there more deserving of your time than this one. And this is coming from someone who, stupidly, has probably spent a couple of thousand dollars myself playing it. And even after that, I’m still ‘small-fry’..Version: 1.74

You have to spend money to get by 👎There is absolutely no way of getting ahead in the game unless you spend $$$. Bigger players constantly attack the smaller ones which leaves little opportunity to heal troops or build etc before another players attacking you again..Version: 2.12

Guild problemsI created my first guild a few weeks ago. Then it got disbanded. I didn’t know better so I made another one, and that got disbanded. Then I created my third guild with a really cool partner. It was me and that person sending resources to eachother and attacking other castles together. It was really good until I got a message saying that my guild will be disbanded if I don’t get 11 members in the next two days. That was the moment when I needed to write this review. Why does my guild have to be disbanded if it is too weak, is there a problem? Are you little crap heads Lords mobile, HUH? I don’t see why you would disband my guild, Why do I need more members? Utterly ridiculous. Never play Lords Mobile..Version: 2.30

OmgYour reaction adds are trash and fake and your game is even is even worse.Version: 1.51

Don't waste my net here, free to play is best.Lords Mobile is a good game however, it is ruined by an entity that is unethical and unprofessional. Everything is all about money and no customer service, when things go wrong don't expect to be assisted because they only care about big spenders, expect the usual ”we didn't find any abnormalities in the game” response every time. Drop rates in events and packs you buy in game is horrendous most are 0.01% to 0.10% so to get anywhere you must dig deep in your pockets and spend a lot of money..Version: 2.26

Paid to win, but pay and you’ll still lose everythingYou could spend years and thousands of money on this game and it’ll all be for nothing when you cannot log into your account while others can, and then they zero everything you’ve worked on purely because you can’t get in while they can. You’d think they’d close the servers till they’re fixed but nope, they just keep them open for you to lose everything. Terrible, absolutely terrible support. DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THIS GAME..Version: 2.26

A very enjoyable game, but has some big problemsThis is a complex fun to play game, it has taken up a lot of my time and for the most part it is enjoyable if you set your expectations early. The game experience seems to massively set by the amount of money you are willing to spend. There are very large differences between pay 2 play & free to play. There are people using bots or cheating the game that get reported but the games developers seem unable or unwilling to do anything about it. I still play this game not for it but for the people I have meet because of it. This could be a 5 star game and to the massive spending it could well be 5 stars. But I suggest if your not wanting to spend lots of money on in app purchases then be prepared to get frustrated with this game..Version: 2.30

Game is a lieI have never played a game that differs so much from the advertisements. You expect a certain amount of embellishment in the ads but this the game advertised is completely different. If you download this expecting to be able to strategically place troops to stop incoming waves of attacks etc you will be disappointed. This is a base building game with mostly automatic battles that you have no direct control over other than to increase might and train better troops etc. Not the worst example tbh, would have been 3 stars if they weren’t playing with peoples emotions. They should have made the game shown in the ads tho that game looks awesome..Version: 2.24.1

It used to be good...IGG has basically abandoned their true players to the bots and cheaters. They say they will crackdown on them & yet they are impotent & ineffectual when it comes to following through. It’s not the big spenders ruining Lords Mobile now, it’s the cheaters running bots and maxing out their accounts while the f2p players and even the legitimate p2p players can’t compete. Lords Mobile has been hacked to oblivion and I’m not sure if IGG can save it nor do they have the will to even try at this point. Such a sad thing to see what used to be a great game ruined by IGG’s incompetence when it comes to control over their own game. AMENDED: What’s really hilarious is you see IGG responding to this review by saying I should contact them to let them know what is going wrong. What they fail to tell you is I contact them twice a day every day with screen shots showing the cheating players and they just say they will investigate & don’t actually do anything about the hackers & cheaters that have ruined their game. AMENDED 2: Their reply yet again neglects to acknowledge this sentence in the first amended part... “What they fail to tell you is I contact them twice a day every day with screen shots...” so, clearly they have rote answers that they post to these reviews but they clearly don’t take the actions they claim to be taking as they aren’t even reading what the reviews are saying..Version: 2.27

Fake adsAll the ads are fake the and the game crashes when you open it.Version: 1.98.1

FunIt’s pretty fun a bit slow though.Version: 2.40

The Game is okay... for a whileThis is a very good game not only does it allow people of different languages and culture to get together and help each other grow and there are many game modes besides from the typical mechanic of attacking people and gathering resources. The problem is you can only do this for so long until you realize it’s pay to win. There isn’t one strong player in the game who hasn’t bought at least one premium hero or pack to help “strengthen” their kingdom and in the game outwardly throws these “deals” at you almost every time you log into the game and continues afterwards. People spend up to hundreds of dollars to enhance ONE premium hero to a legendary or even epic state. In my own personal experience in the game I’ve seen a person with 1 million soldiers go to 0 and they spent 50 dollars training them just for another person who spent even MORE to kill them. If you are a person reading this who doesn’t trust them self not to spend money to get ahead, don’t waste your money on this game it’s not a good idea. The only reason I gave this two stars is because, for a while, I enjoyed playing this game but I saw too many people with a lost sense of what a good game is. The answer to that by the way is equal chances to get ahead..Version: 1.78

Have to play smartThe game involves a lot of strategy. Initial play is fun but the grind with little money is awful. Features keep being added or changed to promote p2p so people unable to spend just end up leaving yet they are often the smarter part of the community. Also developers I have contacted support to say the screen needs a solution to the new iPhone X/Xs screen. Part of it goes when typing and nothing has changed. Unable to send messages clearly it’s very frustrating. Don’t get WeGamers as a support app it is buggy as hell very few people use it in the game. Igg start bringing out more f2p features to keep the game interesting for us grind players.Version: 1.81

It’s okIt’s an ok game, but the lords mobile ads literally make me loose brain cells. I don’t want to sound too mean, but the ads are the most cringe ads that I have ever seen in my life..Version: 1.76

Good game, needs work in places.I have just re-downloaded the game after not playing for 5-8 months and I cannot open the game. The only reason I could open and play the game was when the game centre login was required, which I skipped and now I can’t open the game. Please fix in a future update (hopefully soon)..Version: 1.87

Money DrainThe game itself is perfectly fine, all the functionality is good, but please don’t expect to an able to compete with the big players unless you have hundreds of thousands in your bank that you don’t mind gambling away on loot boxes (masked as gem packs with bonus items and heroes that you cannot get any other way) Personally I’m already into the game for over £3000.....in just over 15months. And I still live in fear of the big boys and girls who are willing/able to spend a fortune gambling on packs to get an edge. Also being British puts you at a disadvantage too, as we pay £5 for a $5 pack. I don’t know the difference for Chinese/Asian currencies, but you’ll quickly find you’re brought into a ‘them versus us’ war with Chinese players who have spent the equivalent of £150k on gear and heroes.... just let that sink in... they could have bought a house.... and a car...and a holiday.... Edit - customer service is a joke, trying to get them to fix a problem takes far too long Sub-edit - for the pay-to-play comments, it’s a loot-box gambling game, worse than pay to play, you could (and I have) spend £100 and get nothing useable from it, the drop-rates are terrible..Version: 1.79

Great game but flawedThis is a very well developed game, however if you can’t invest money into it, it becomes extremely challenging and not in a good way. The other issue that really needs to be addressed is that issue of huge mega guilds being able to attack guilds with less than a quarter of the might of them. It’s unfair and makes it impossible to grow, especially when that massive guild comes and attacks you 4,5,6 times daily. It makes the game not fun anymore and has made many player quit playing. This issue really needs to be addressed/resolved and quickly before they lose even more players. They should implement a safeguard so guilds can only attack other guilds if they are within a certain percentage of the might that guild had. For example a guild that had billions of combined might should NOT be able to attack a guild that only had a few million combined might, and a player who had hundreds of million of might on their own shouldn’t be able to attack a player who only had a few million might on their own. If this issue is not address and corrected in the very near future, I myself will most likely stop investing money into and playing the game..Version: 1.91

Great game, but........It is a great game. Lots of game play, lots of quests to keep you entertained. But, I feel I have to mention that it is very heavily weighted towards the money player or players who have been playing for years. The relentless attacks by members of a might well above your own is demoralising. By might I mean, new players will be attacked by players with a might well into the 100 million, while they are trying to survive on less that 20 million. The only way to counteract this is to shield every day, which costs gems which cost money. There are wats to get gems for free, but nowhere near enoug to battle to BIG boys. It is also clear that the game can be hacked, again making it almost impossible to progress..Version: 2.19

Pay-to-play playgroundThere is no way to be competitive in this game without spending literally thousands of dollars. Overpowered guilds will regularly destroy your troops and steal your resources. It’s a completely unfair system of play that seeks to optimize cash flow for the developer and doesn’t take into consideration the average customer. Additionally, even if you’re willing to invest large amounts of money in the game, the developers do nothing to support you as a player. As a former guild leader in game managing one of the more powerful guilds, I spent over $7,000 on this game, all without receiving anything but a “thanks” from the developer. And even after spending that amount of money building up my troops and defenses, I was destroyed by someone with millions more might than me, which implies that that individual must have spent well over $20,000 on this game. In short, unless you’re a millionaire who likes giving away tens of thousands of dollars, do NOT download this game. Edit: Also, after reading through other users’ comments, it’s funny to see how little IGG cares; they can’t even take the time to answer and acknowledge our complaints, but only use a cookie-cutter response that tries to get you to email them directly so they don’t have to air their dirty laundry. I have emailed IGG, twice, and they do not respond. Companies like this are ruining the mobile gaming marketplace..Version: 1.56

Game repairs , poor servers , and poor customer serviceGame repairs and server crashes during ke events. During the last month I have required help twice on the same issue. Both times the issue was sent for further consideration by IGG main help which states 1-3 days for response. On both occasions no follow up was done. But they will gladly take your cash if you become a serious player. I really enjoyed the game until I notice who repetitive the repairs and maintenance and the lack of support from support. Better more established game on the market..Version: 2.40

Don’t waste your time with this gameThis game is nothing more than a waste of time, designed only for in game purchases. Slow moving with very little reward. No defence or protection from high ranking players who just destroy everything you’ve achieved in one fowl swoop... players are purchasing profiles from websites and you have no chance of making it through the stages without starting all over again and again. Don’t waste you time with Lords mobile..Version: 1.96

Game has potential to be great, but it’s pay to win.This game is great. The farming and leveling up aspects of the game are enjoyable and in depth. But this game critically needs some type of skill/strategy added to it so that it’s not just ‘the big guy wins’ each time. I’ve been playing for over a month now and have gotten on each day. Now that I am a regular player I am able to take down smaller enemies etc. But to dominate this game is simple: spend the most money or have the oldest account. This needs to be revised. There needs to be more interactive defense and attack mechanics so that defending and attacking players can still have a fighting chance to save some resources/damage/troops when invasions occur. There should also be more interactive alliances — making it so that established alliances between guilds are accepted and broken by only the rank 4’s and rank 5’s in a guild. When an alliance is active, no one in the guild can attack the opposing guild without a rank 4 or 5 player deactivating the alliance first. When an alliance is ended, the other guild should be warned by the system that it has been canceled and that enemy troops are approaching etc. (just a thought). But there needs to be more player involvement integrated into the game. (Allied guilds should also be able to rally troops together and take on monsters and dark-nests together.) All in all, I rate this game 3 stars. It’s got great potential, but for now it is still missing the mark..Version: 2.27

Money pitIf you like wasting your hard earned money in this world on a complete waste of time aka this video game. Feel free to dump thousands in this game to be medium decent. The people who have maxed accounts have stated they have spent $500,000 USD to be the best. No customer support they just string you along. This game is awful..Version: 2.40

Addictive, but sadly loosing interest.I enjoyed playing this game, even investing a small amount of cash into it to get additional hero’s and gems. That isn’t the issue, as mentioned before, by other users it’s pay to win. Your don’t have much of a choice in the matter of the game. Your thrown into a mix of high level players that do nothing more but attack your kingdom over and over, with no chance to recover. To top it off, you can’t make your own guild unless you have ATLEAST 11 other friends to join you. What’s the point, really? Join up with people who have nothing better to do, but beat up the little guy, or spend Uber amounts of cash just to stay alive. Different kingdoms with different levels of players would be something to seriously think about. I am tired of getting attacked, leaders captured and spend days rebuilding my kingdom, because there doesn’t seem to be a separation between the Uber powerful (who apparently have no life and an unlimited bank account) and the people that just wanting to play for fun. Conform or be destroyed. Sadly, I’ll cut my losses and delete this game from my devices. It’s too bad, it was fun, but not very well thought out for the people that actually have a real life, and real bills to pay..Version: 1.91

Used to be fun but now its PAY TOO MUCH 2 WIN gameBeen playing for 3years It was fun and balanced game before, now everything has changed, all Dev want is more money out from you, back then premium hero $8.99 USD for 10 medals, yes average people middle income can afford that and will happily spend some of their hard earnings to it, but now they want more money out from you, $159 USD for lousy 3 medals you looking at $15,000 USD to make it gold , isnt that taking way too far? Well i stopped spending my money and only the millionaires can enjoy this game now.Version: 1.52

Terrible Customer Service!Terrible is still a nice word to describe their customer service. I have been playing this game for 2 years. Spending money to get stronger then unfortunately My account got hacked and i was asked to send the purchase history. However the last receipt they asked was dated after my account got hacked so i can’t provide it to them. Then they said they need to have all those receipt or they can’t help me. After 8 months of trying to explain that how can i provide that receipt if it was made after my account got hacked. They just keep replying the same message without understanding what i’m explaining. All those times and money spent wasted because of their worst customer service..Version: 2.24.1

Entertaining but expensive.I love this game, it's a blast to play, although I am rating 2 starts in protest of an issue that is going to destroy this game if not fixed. This game is way to expensive, I have spent about 70$ as that doesn't seem much but it's worth a full AA game on the computer or Xbox and I still am overshadowed by players who pay THOUSANDS of dollars and it becomes a war between p2p and f2p just become farms for the high might players. The greed of this game will cause many players to quit which will = less income and less players and if there's no f2p players then there's no game, many people are probably okay with paying a few hundred or maybe even a thousand or 2 but it seems as there's a line that has been long crossed, for example it will take thousands and hundred of dollars to even train a hero to gold-legendary grade, thousands of dollars into building and researching T4 troops, I myself am a 5mil might player, although have heard many experiences like this and would hope that this issue is fixed. I will continue to play but I am warning you that if you want to be good in this game you need to be rich..Version: 1.55

Greediest game i have ever playedI played a lot of games from pc, ps4 nintendo and mobile. i am not a fan of mobile games but i need one to play at work. I enjoyed this game at first then I realised, this game is really greedy. You have to spend a lot of money to be relevant to this game. Even one person who spends a lot of money can wipe out a whole guild. I played a lot of mmorpg on pc i never seen one individual who can’t be killed by a whole guild. Money really talks on this game how ridiculous. If you have time to play, play a better game this game is money game..Version: 2.36

Initial Idea is brilliant, the implementation not so muchIs a great game to play, it’s fun enjoyable you can make new friends battle it out, but unless you are planning to spend a lot (and I mean like thousands) you’re not going to get anywhere. I feel I’ve wasted a lot of money on this game because everytime you pay to get yourself to a certain level you miss even twenty minutes of your shield and you’ve been attacked 20 times and lost everything you’ve paid for/built. The time zone also screws you a bit, make sure you’re playing in the same as everyone in the kingdom or at least majority It’s a shame really because it is a great game.Version: 1.93

Poor customer service and constant bugsI have experienced bugs in game that have caused me to lose time and real money invested in this game. The customer service is horrible, they make excuses anddon’t make any attempt to reimburse for losses caused by the game. I like the game play and concept but it is heavily pay to play and has massive disadvantages if you plan on just free 2 play. A real shame they cant make regular events playable, as the game keeps crashing. For the amount of money spent in this game it is an absolute joke how they treat their mistakes. I do not recommend this game to anyone planning on playing long term..Version: 1.72

False Advertisement and PTWThe amount of fake advertising makes me actively warn people away from this. It's apparently a tower defence game, a soccer game, a first person fighter and a dating app... if it's so ashamed of advertising its actual content, it's not worth your time. Which is sad because there's plenty of great stuff it COULD advertise; It's large ever growing research trees, a decent translation system, great guilds, competitions, constant updates introducing new and exciting things. But it rather deceive potential 'buyers' with dumb soccer ads. Game is Pay to Win and terribly unbalanced. Maintenance is ALWAYS during big events and most of the kingdoms are overpopulated with high powered Chinese guilds who get cheaper prices due to the company being Chinese. Most of the game is kingdom jumping to temporarily English populated kingdoms to avoid the overwhelming amount of overpowered Chinese players. If you like not knowing what game your playing cuz it can never decide, like spending $10,000 to get anywhere, and love getting attacked repeatedly by the same 5 guilds, then sure. This is the game for you. But I strongly suggest literally anything else. It has so much to show but chooses not to, and is grossly favouring ptw players..Version: 1.91

Your serversHi there, I’m a lords mobile player that loves the game but during kvk it gets really laggy and today that proved true, I was sitting in the wonder 3.2m troops in my base when someone sets a rally on me so I ported out of the wonder and “TRY” to shield but the game lags (the game some how knows the best time to make you lag) and I got 0’d all because your servers are full and lagging, it is very annoying and unfortunate please work towards fixing this or at lease making the game not as laggy during kvk.Version: 2.17

I waited 3 weeks before writing a review...This game is very addictive! However, the more and more I’ve played these past weeks and crunched numbers, I’m started to believe you have to be a millionaire to play and win. But now... with each update... you’ve got to have an bottomless money pit. My husband and I both play this game. And if any of the developers are listening... please please really listen. In my guild there are several kids. Teenage kids from developing countries who have no business spending their money on this game. However, just a chance to escape reality and a way to just be a kid, they’ve latched onto this game. I continue to pay and play this game in order to protect these kids from big bad cyber bully billionaires who have nothing better to do than destroy the financial investment (fortune to these kids... hell, fortune to me too) these kids have made. However, when our kingdom opens up... I have no idea what I can do any longer. I have children myself. And I would never ever let them play this game or anything similar. It’s such an amazing game and I was very impressed with the translation tool. It breaks many many language barriers. It allows people from all over the world who are all different nationalities to play together as a team with no racism. This game has the potential to be something super positive in the world. And it’s a shame that it’s pushed further and further into an cyber casino..Version: 1.75

Fun at firstJust like everyone says this is a pay to win game. I was fine with that and had a lot of fun even though I’ve only spent 3$ US. Its one thing to know there are a few monster guilds on your server destroying everything in there path, but as soon as the kingdom opens you might as well enjoy being a farm for others who have spent THOUSANDS. If the developers are listening, its the people who spend little and farm a lot that get killed by those who spend a lot. Once the server opens It is demoralizing when we can no longer even gather resources because people want to get every last kill. If we cant get resources we cant grow. Which is why you have so many dead servers. Give us an 8 hour window every day in which we can gather resources with out fear of our troops Perishing and you will retain more lower spenders in order to support the bigger payers. Our hive has been attacked more then 30 times in the 3 days since server opened and people are already starting to quit. Even if its just weekends give us some time to gather or we stagnate. Im sure someone else has suggested this before but it will help you to retain more daily players which is good for everyone..Version: 1.100

Constantly crashesSince the new iOS 12 update the game has become unplayable. The game crashes constantly at the loading screen. I have tried a number of ways to fix this issue and am unable, I’ve talked to the support and nothing they said helped. This isn’t just an isolated problem this problem has happened to many of my friends that also plays the game on iOS. After a year playing and thousands of dollars paid to improve my castle I find myself getting more and more frustrating to the point where I am contemplating leaving the game for good. IGG needs to fix this as it is an issue that has been going on for weeks and frankly I am at the end of the rope in terms of my patience..Version: 1.81

If you want enjoyment- this isn’t for youAfter playing for a week it’s safe to say I enjoyed the first three days until my shield went down and I was being attacked by people with 3-6mil might and having to re-build 3 times. It’s not fun and the building them selfs take way to much time to complete. But the attacking is part of the game, and it oils be fun if you didn’t lose all troops and all resources to the point you can’t come back from an attack hence why I have decided to delete this game. If you can put in a way for people who are over 10x stronger not to be able to attack you then sure I’ll give the app another go, but until then you have really disappointed me..Version: 1.61

Really poor customer serviceThe customer service from IGG is terrible. The game goes into service mode all the time and locks you out. You can not log in to protect your stuff and you get wiped out. IGG do nothing to assist or replace what you have lost. They take ages to get back to you, the staff just start every message saying how sorry they are yet they do nothing to help. I had one account hacked and IGG did nothing to help and after 50+ emails over 6 weeks I gave up. During one maintenance update I tried to buy a gem pack and was charged 4 times for it. Another 30+ emails and nothing done to help refund me. Hundreds of players same they have same problems. IGG have no problem taking your money but do nothing to help when there is a problem. Game is dominated by large Chinese players who use bots to farm resources and see them cheap to each other so anyone new to the game stands no chance. Do not waste any money on this game as you will regret it in the long run. New players go to protected kingdoms but as soon as protection ends, you get wiped out by players who have cheated. Please do not waste money on this game like I have..Version: 1.61

CrapThis is a joke it’s nothing like the add .. take these stupid pay to play games that are totally misleading!!!!.Version: 2.40

'Was' a fun game, until the crashes made it a buggy messThe game in itself is great, I enjoy the strategic gameplay and most about this game, some parts can be frustrating but most of the time it's guild problems and nothing gameplay, however in the past 3+ months I've slowly began dropping in gameplay, I can only keep the game open for less than 10 minutes before it crashes and I have to wait through the lasting loading screen then a screen for in-app purchases every time. I can't even open the news section all I get is a white screen and silence until I back out. I enjoy this game and don't want to delete it (haven't backed it up also) but I now feel like I'm wasting my time on it, most of the gameplay I experience is now offers and stuff locked behind virtual currency that i cannot obtain easily because of this issue ( I put gems into bank and get interest but most of the time I cannot claim it as it crashes when I click the bank to get up the menu). its not fun. I'm also not willing to pay I've been free to play since installation and I've got quite far. I'm unsure whether this is a issue on my end or other people are experiencing, I just hope it'll be fixed soon..Version: 2.10

Blatant scammers this should be removed from AppStoreThe game creator give zero care to player enjoyment and engagement. The balance of power is mediocre at best (people can literally get 50x times stronger than you in the first day of a new kingdom not because they played as much or know the game they just spent a lot of money. Even if you try to spend little amounts here and there the game ultimately puts YOU at a disadvantage if you don’t commit to buying out the store every day. Every update there’s more expensive toys for those who spend heavy amounts of money. But that’s not all, recently a severe miscalculation in currency caused people to get deals off packs very easily. Instead of owning up to this mistake they banned people telling everyone playing that they were cheating when it was totally IGG’s fault that it happened with their incompetence. To make this worse for everyone who still spent money on these deals they were forced to pay the non advertised increased price or have their account held to ransom. To be clear this is ILLEGAL you can’t force people to pay a non advertised increase price in anywhere but because IGG is placed in Singapore they don’t have to follow laws that apply ANYWHERE ELSE. This basic apathy for players shows just how little big companies care once they are on top for the consumers who put them there. If you’re looking for a game to play just don’t play a mobile cash cow like this..Version: 2.10

Fun, yet P2WSo, I started a couple of days ago and left Fortnite behind(I needed a break from the sweaty kids endlessly no-scoping me)and find a game for my phone. I was actually interested in this because of that one ad where it’s 3D animated. I fell in love with it as soon as I started. Then I noticed that there were a bunch of bundles which where actually pretty cheap. I saved up my allowance for some of the bundles, and that’s when I noticed the P2W everyone talks about. I decided to join a guild, to do some extra quests and help out people and join rallies etc. And about almost half the people in my guild had the Rose Knight, and a heck ton of might. These people were so overpowered that one of them could easily crush me in a millisecond. And then the other P2W people from the other side of the map moved over to our side to attack on us “poor” players. Personally I wanted revenge so I started a couple of rallies on them. I did end up winning but never got to spend my 20$ I saved up for the bundles. So I spent them on another game. But overall this is a pretty good game, although I agree with people that P2W players should have a separate section so that they can’t attack the casual players like me..Version: 1.96

AddSo the add that I get for lords mobile when I play my games, lords mobile looks fun but when I actually play lords mobile it’s not at all the same as the add shows.Version: 1.100

The worst system on appleIf U play this game u will enjoy it initially but later you will get frustrated especially that the system is not working to any player benefit. The game made only to create income for igg and player are the looser. . U build like 20milion troops by spending money and time and for sone reason your internet don’t work or igg server have problem and you wake up loosing all what u build. All your money spent gone and IGG tell u that need to watch ur game 24hour. Very stupid system. I suggest u if u want to spend money spend it on better game and don’t waste ur time. Let igg reply to this post by saying I m wrong and give better explanation. Igg replies me here saying sorry for inconvenience and to email them to solve it. I have the case checked with many mags her and they said it is my problem I didn’t have network and nothing they can do. What a pity.Version: 1.95

Addictive, costly, horrible customer supportThis game is fun, it’s a community where you can build personal relationships and all. It’s so addictive though that after a certain point, it becomes impossible to not spend money. And once you start spending a lot they have an algorithm that gives you less reward for your money spent. Personally, I spent thousands on my account. The reason for the 1 star is because after showing the Lords Mobil support over 15 proof of purchase receipts they still will not give me my account back (my account was stolen). 500 mil might account. Put so much effort to just have emails from them saying they simply cannot help, probably because of the greed they have, maybe they want me to make another account and spend all this money again. In the United States, customer service like this would get shut down by the better business bureau. Unreal. Anyways, be very wary with spending money and don’t sign into guest WiFi if your phone isn’t protected. If your like me you will have money stolen from your bank, your multiple thousand dollar account stolen, and the lords mobil team won’t even help to get it back..Version: 1.98.1

Well rounded, some flawsEverything is polished well and on the face of things, doesn't appear to be a pay2win style game. EDIT: I was wrong, once your kingdom opens it is very much a pay2win game The mail system is lacking some common functionality you would expect, such as: 1. Copying text from other mail 2. Sending out mail to multiple recipients 3. Being able to forward messages onto other players. I believe that the mail system is the least usable aspect of the this game and could do with some UX improvements.Version: 1.74

App crashing and no solutions have worked.I’ve been playing this game for a while without any issues up until about a month ago. The app began crashing frequently when its open and at this point it literally crashes 4-7 times whenever i try to open it before it actually loads and starts working but for a maximum of 5 minutes and then it crashes again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my phone, it’s fairly new and i had it checked a few days ago so its the app. Ive tried just about everything to get it to stop crashing but without any luck. At this point I’m no longer interested in the game even though I’ve spent a large sum of money buying packs, so I’ve decided to delete the app and stop playing the game all together. Contact centre was not helpful as the company doesn’t even provide a page online where you can contact customer support so overall a waste of time and money..Version: 1.84

Terrible technical support and glitchesI’ve played this game for 563 days. Spent hundreds of pounds. There was a glitch on my 3 day shield, it failed, I didn’t attack anyone..:. contacted IGG. Waited 4 days for an email response from technical support that had the exact same information as the first online live support assistant from my initial enquiry. It is a great game but don’t spend money on it. IGG won’t help you if there are glitches or problems on their side. Payments to IGG go through in a flash! Thank you for your reply! I’ve been trying to resolve this issue for over a week now. Different messages from IGG every time! First, I attacked someone, then I was going to attack someone and withdrew when I asked for evidence. Now it’s just an email to say that sometimes customers don’t like our decisions but that’s it..Version: 1.55

False advertisingNothing like the ads. Just another clone of build em ups like KoA. Pay to win. Don’t waste your time here folks.Version: 2.40

Bad support at timesI photoed tech support after long conversations over a brief maybe under 3 hour glitch where all items I acquired via colosseum I was try complete a Hell event were not counted expect for 1/3 out of 3 listed items when showed photos of incitement devs asked me for more prove it because they could find anything so I videoed the next labby run and boom the items ere not counted so n total I lost 700 k gems trying to prove to igg their system glitches but that wasn’t all shields al2ays need to be double checked other it you runs of server informing you set a 72 hour shield however not logging it which will result in a cumulative total of your career in the if you’re not p2p don’t have chance in hell to be anything but a support player you’ll spend months grinding out troops only to be glitched into oblivion spend a thousand dollars + and the developers will pay you a lip service but deny anything over that’s problematic for them and not support eventually just take your $ no run - pathetic what great concept of game thrown into the trash to repair the game they’d have to erase the history of the game to refund players for the their time and devotion which they won’t do nothing when confronted with video to back it up. Again I would not have sunk a single cent much less thousand of dollars at dev behest.Version: 1.95

Please read the negative reviews...Please read the negative reviews, they tell an important story for this game. The positive reviews are correct in that the game is fun and addictive, you meet great people from all over the world, the translator is excellent so language is not a barrier for the most part. But... the developers are lax in their management of the game. THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY UNSCHEDULED MAINTENANCE PERIODS. If you are caught needing to sleep or work or just do real life stuff when one of these hits, you can lose everything through no fault of your own... They do have an unscheduled maintenance protection measure, however it is only used at their descretion. Seeking compensation for weeks and sometimes months of work that igg is responsible for having destroyed, involves a rediculous amount of followup by you. Thats when they show their true motivation, and fall down in customer service. Ohh, and be prepared for the proprietary asianism of extensive profuse apology and no action if you are in this situation..Version: 1.91

Shelter bug admin refuses to acknowledgeI am a avid gamer, but this time this game is not worth it to play. I have been at this game for months now but no longer due to a bug that admin and GM refuse to fix or acknowledge exists. When you put troops into shelter for 12hr increments they should be safe but NO after a couple hrs of shelter get hit by players and all troops are gone and so is your shelter time. Also apparently GM keep track of all shelter and shield times on players igg accounts but when told about the issue happening they go by the report instead of actual time stamped pics of entering shelter mode for 12 hrs to being attack 2-3 hrs later and lose everything within the shelter like it doesn’t exist. You lose rss besides a leader and troops every time. To me that’s a waste of time and effort to not only lose rss but to have to use up what’s left of rss that didn’t get taken to heal troops that should have been protected in The first place. Let alone money if you use cc to pay for more rss to do it. I say again I advise new players to not get this game or coming back players to hold off from getting the app until this issue is resolved..Version: 1.73

DevelopersThe game is great I’ve been playing two years and recently changed my phone that’s when the developers showed their serious lack of interest for what ever reason my new phone wouldn’t refresh my game from Facebook despite giving igg all information on account they could do nothing without invoices for money I’d spent on game which are in my ex wife’s account ok I started again contacted my guild after a week to be told by igg I had to have a migration scroll to move kingdom and guess what it isn’t available I’ve spent money on new app to try build their answer START AGAIN most unhelpful company I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with play the game but my advice don’t spend money on it cos you will lose it.Version: 1.85

Pay to winGreat game, it really is. But if you want to be anything other than cannon fodder for the big players, then you'll need to spend a LOT of money 100's to 1000's. If you don't want to spend money then you'll need to accept that you're at the mercy of those who pay and also be prepared to have yo wait weeks and months for some tasks to complete. My biggest complaint tbough are the fake discounts in the shop. You'll see things like 33% off or one time only packs, but this is false as the packs always cost the same and there are never one time only packs. False advertising is what it is..Version: 2.15

It’s okI lost my account three times 😡.Version: 2.44

Pay to win And people who played early to winThis is a game where losers pay to win. It’s a timer based simulation. You just keep clicking upgrade. No strategy. Also if you don’t log in every 4-8hr you get attacked and die etc. Poorly executed as far as having any kind of strategy when you play. But hey- lots of people like it so.....Version: 2.44

Honest TruthI have played this game for 4 years. As of Saturday I have officially quit playing the game. For new players I do not suggest downloading it. Not worth it unless you are willing to spend thousands on the game to be remotely competitive. They keep releasing heavily p2p updates each time while doing nothing for the f2p. It becomes so taxing to even remotely keep up. Which as a result over the past year a large portion of its f2p and several major p2p have quit playing. It’s a endless money pit. Not a bad idea, it is a business but this type of thinking just makes the game lose what fun it used to have. For example the player level cap of 60 is annoying. I know for a fact I am not the only player that has countless XP sitting around that goes nowhere. By now I could of easily been 100+...T4 take forever to get...T5 are a factor I’ll never get. Can’t finish or get close to finishing any of the p2p trees requiring archaic tomes...just a reminder that your f2p player base is what turns p2p. But when you crush the fun by making the game “which one of us is willing to dump the most money into a MOBILE GAME” it’s just poisoning itself. Only thing that keeps most people playing are the friends they’ve made..Version: 2.21

Two stars if your a moderate spender or F2PUnless you plan on dropping thousands of dollars quickly, plan on waiting to get any real fun out of the game. When I say waiting, I mean waiting for years. Yes plural. Even than because of the p2w system, there is always a bigger fish. You may think, hey I’ll move to a new kingdom get a fresh start, well let me save you the trouble. Within a day or two of you getting to the new kingdom, the big fish guilds will move in. That being said plan on remaining shielded and playing FarmVille for a year. That is if you can earn enough gems to shield every day. Also if you forget to shield or shelter your troops/leader, within an hour someone will get you. IGG is making a lot of money, so don’t plan on any system being put in place to help the moderate spenders much less the F2P players. However if you can hold out a couple years and earn substantial amount of t4s or you make a trap city early on you can have some fun. If not for the ridiculous expensive items and hero’s, would be almost a 5 star game. Gameplay is fun and the events keep it interesting..Version: 1.98

P2W became P2PI have 1.5B might and I am at the point of the game where to be able to continue playing, I have to invest additional money. Not to have an advantage, but to research things. “Pay to Win” became “Pay to Play”. It is a shame!!!.Version: 1.80

Pay To Win...I can sum this game up real quick for you. The concept and mechanics of the game are decent. The falloff starts with the money problem. They call this game a “strategy” game. It’s about as far from that as possible. In fact there really is no strategy. It’s whoever has the bigger army wins. Usually this means whoever has paid more money because advancing is painful and slow. To make matters worse, advancing becomes almost impossible due to the “pay to win” players raiding your village as much as 4 times a day sucking every resource till it’s dry. Meanwhile you can do nothing but watch your village be sucked dry of everything because unlike most games with a ranking system. A level 60 in this game with thousands of dollars invested can attack a level 10 player and still earn just as much off the attack as any other player. They DO NOT care about the non pay to win players nor those just starting the game. Prime example of game Devs only caring about money. There is ZERO strategy. I am attacked daily by people 30 levels higher with as much as 100 times the troops. Not only do they have more troops but they are higher level. I sometimes kill as little as 50 of their 200K troops because the game is so unbalanced. So if you want your money to go into a greed app go for it. But know there is no such thing as care or empathy to new and average players. Just don’t even bother, this game isn’t even worth burning the occasion 2 min of free time you have..Version: 2.30

I know it’s a war gameI have played this game for several years and went through all the challenges and been burned so many times due to inexperience, but now you look at every kingdom and find players that have nothing better to do but put ridiculous amounts of money into there accounts they then become the lord and master of that kingdom and constantly pick on smaller players for fun rather than challenge someone as strong to see who the best is, like my title said I know this is a war game but it’s also ment to be fun at the same time for everyone. I know this has turned out to more than a moan than a proper review but this may highlight to you why so many people are quitting the game.Version: 2.40

Good game but totally p2wThis game is seriously addictive and satisfying to play in the beginning . I recommend you find a well sized active guild who speaks your language to make the most of the game. Warning - i got seriously turned off by the extreme p2w elements. You will never be a competitive player unless you want to fork out big $$$. If you are lucky enough to start in a fresh Kingdom with protection the game is fun. Moment protection drops, all the scabs will move in looking for easy kills. There are people who have spent many $1000s on this game. If you want to be f2p and take on big players you can only trap which means you hide behind your walls all the time and need to be in a decent guild who can reinforce you anyway. You need to ride your shield and never get fury or you are dead. Google it to understand this, i tried playing this way and it was funny for a few months but is the most boring thing ever as you wont be able to participate in half the game. The hilarious thing is the toxic attitude of the some really big players, who in reality are complete suckers for spending $1000s on a mobile game, of all things!!.Version: 2.37

TryLove the concept but not enough battlefield fights and AI is adsent..Version: 1.49

So pay to winSpent more than 8 months just to get to 25m Might lmao while people spent $ and got to hundreds of millions in one day.Version: 1.98.1

No regards for customersAfter playing for three hundred days plus straight, I will never touch another IGG game. They have emergency maintenance every 12-15 days, bugs that they point the finger at their consumer. These bugs result in the loss of real time, and money. I have never been so disgusted by a developer than this. After multiple tries to fix an issue that was only provable by my side if I was recording they will not even discuss the idea the issue was their fault. In working with them to resolve the issue they had me taking screen shoots, explaining what had happened multiple times. Not knowing who they were talking to at least once and a complete lack of empathy for their consumers, even helping them do “their job” investigating the issue, they failed to have a resolution to the issue. This game is a waste of time. Unless you like it when your money goes into a black hole and the IGG team is unwilling to even consider the issue was their doing. This game should not be on the App Store. Their response, to have you do their job by providing screen shots and explaining to them again why their product is broke..Version: 2.10

SCAM ADSThis game is a joke! Dont download it.Version: 1.79

Only for big spenders nowThis game was really fun when my husband and I started playing a year ago. There was always something to construct, research, forge, and train. As we got higher, wait times got longer. Which isn’t that big of a deal if you’re even a little bit social because of the amazing people you meet on the game. There’s days that the only reason you log on is because of them as you have 100+ days left before your research finishes. A few months ago, however, the developers began to get greedy. They decided offering buyable heroes that takes $11,000 to max is a good idea. It went downhill fast from there. They are slowly edging out the free to play and moderate pay to play spenders (like myself) in favor of only having the ones that can spend more than a house costs. This is evidenced by their latest update coming in a few hours. The shields that protect our troops when we’re not able to be online (you know when we’re working for the money to spend on the game, or sleeping cause we aren’t bots), will no longer be effective against attacks. They have received countless complaints about this, but it seems they no longer care to listen to even the ones that do pay. I will lose so many of my guild mates if they implement this, which will cause me to quit as well. So they will successful in only wanting to have $$$ spenders. So if you can spend upwards of $50,000, then this game is for you!.Version: 1.52

ProblemsThis month alone there has been 6 maintenances in 18 days, there is major latency many simple tasks are met with a spinning wheel. Which leads me to my major problem. I was protected or so I thought. I payed for a 3 day shield applied it and it never took, so when I was attacked I lost a bunch of time and speed ups in troop building. People pay to play like myself and if they do they should be aware that there accounts are not protected from computer errors. I contacted customer support the first person was fine said they would look into the issue and within a day I got a response, there was “no anomaly” and they would not be helping me. I replied to that message and have yet to get a response. As many issues as they are having this month I highly doubt they know what an anomaly is anymore. If you think your accounts are safe when you turtle to build do not fool yourself if there systems make a mistake they will not take responsibility for your losses of time and money. It makes sense from a business perspective you make a mistake and consumers will pay more, well not this one till they fix the problems or take responsibility..Version: 2.9

Game itself, great! Customer service, awful!I’ve been playing this game for a few months and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have 2 accounts and have spent a small amount of money to progress. Recently I’ve had the issue of not being able to access my main account on my iPad, only on my phone. I’ve gone through all of the trouble shooting before referring to customer services. I have provided customer services with all of the receipts and confirmations from purchases, but because 2 of my purchases were on the same invoice I’ve been told I can’t verify my account. Very frustrating and have been told it’ll take a day to be investigated! Just want to log into my account what’s so hard about that!.Version: 1.62

5 Star game with 0 customer supportMake sure you remember to write down when you started to play the game for each account you have running, also make sure you are linking the right account to the right game server (Facebook, Game Centre, Google Play etc) If you are buying bundles for different accounts, use different ways to do it and keep a record of your purchases. At any stage of the game if you require IGG support, you will need those information or you get the same automated message saying that they cannot help you because you fail their security checks It does not matter how much money you are throwing at the game from your personal debit and iTunes cards or if your accounts are in the same email address you had for years or if they are linked to your real Facebook......IGG support is not interested unless you answer their security checks. They fail to distinguish the genuine customer from the fake..... scaremongering there are hackers in the game is just to cover up their customer support flaws.Version: 2.20

Good game but could use some workStarting off here, I think this game has some potential. It's really easy so probably not for hard gamers, but it's a great way to pass some time, and when I first got it, I thought to myself, "eh, when I get tired of it in a couple hours I'll just delete it." Well now I've been playing for a few days. I also love the idea that people that are in the same guild as you can help speed up your building time. I also like the idea of getting free builds by attacking (I think at least haha). Now, like most other games, this one could use some extra work. The screen looks very cluttered and messy, and is very confusing. There is just so much going on that it's a bit hard on the eyes. You can build an army that can last a long time and can choose who attacks and who defends, but I feel like I need more control over battles. For example, attacking other kingdoms, you can choose how many and who attacks, but other than that you can really only just watch the battle. I hope the devs read this, and if they are thanks! Also for those who are thinking about getting the game, it's not quite perfect yet, I personally think it deserves a try!.Version: 1.51

Not even sure now..The game was better 2 years ago when I started playing. Would you guys ever merge kingdoms because the lower amount of kingdoms the less amount of work needed to attend on each kingdom. This allows the player base to be closer since we all are spreading out way too much. This also makes the game a WAR game again and not a passive game where people just farm and wait for people to hit them. The game was enjoyable when people could go out see a hive and burn them and we only had 100 some kingdoms! KvK wasn’t a dead event after the first hour you always had people to hit. Now it’s just horrid can’t even find a target that isn’t shielded and all the kingdoms below 450 are pretty much dead if not already dead. Edit: 3 stars because they have started to allow free to players at better hero’s and mild spenders to have a better chance for good gear. This game still revolves around pay to play but it is finally allowing the free to play people a better chance at getting army hero’s that have benefits..Version: 2.13

1 year later & I hate itSo I’ve been playing for a year now. Was totally into it and loving it and spending more money than I ever wanted. I even made multiple accounts so I could have hyper farms to support my first account. But my God, all of the recent updates have been just awful. Every day more and more people who have been playing the game for years are quitting. The Lord’s ball event is probably the stupidest thing anyone has ever created and that person should probably be fired. I don’t know if you guys monitor guild chat at all but if you do you’ll probably see a common theme: Everyone hates Lord’s ball. And now you’ve gone and added it to KVK. Now you have ruined my favorite event in this entire game. The event I look forward to and plan for weeks in advance. Myself and most people in my guilds have all pretty much been saying that this KVK is terrible and they’re not even interested in it because of the recent changes. Just FYI... the final straw for most people will be if you guys decide to add T5 troops... So for the love of God please don’t. Honestly I don’t even know if I’m going to be playing much longer, I’ve completely lost interest..Version: 1.81

Jeux très longC’est très plaisant mais drôlement long!.Version: 2.40

A financial drainI played for over a year and spent somewhere around $1,000. I was logging on 6-7 times a day and it consumed all of my day. I quit a few months ago because it just became too much. Guild demands are so high and you have to be online at all times! If you don’t protect your troops at all times you will lose everything. People spend insane amounts on money on this game and prey on low level bases when you’re offline. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgot to shield my base and troops when I went to work and how much money I lost. Even when I swore that I shielded, I’d wake up or get out of work to see my base leveled and be out $20 in Troops that I just got the day before with boosts. I can’t tell you how many times my shield went down for 5 minutes tops and I was destroyed in that TINY window of time. Different guilds talk and time your shields out to know the SECOND it drops! It’s such an addictive game and I just couldn't afford to spend more money to have rich people with no lives steal it when I’m working or sleeping. It was such a waste of my life! The only reason I gave it two stars was because I made a few good friends from the game who I still talk to. Great way to meet good people but it’s financially, mentally and time consuming....Version: 1.87

Pay to win1) It is pay to win, without a doubt. 2) Now and then they shut down for maintenance. That's normal. But if you're in a country where you're asleep when the servers come back online, then your castle will be completely unprotected while you're asleep, and YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING! Seriously, only people in awake time zones can be online to put on shields. While you're asleep, everyone else will demolish your castle. If the game was any good, every castle would be shielded after such shutdowns, until people wake up and log in. But they won't do that. 3) Very slow to transition between screens..Version: 2.26

Greed and Self DestructionI have been playing this game for six months, and spent a lot of money (upwards of 8k). The design of the game is very much to get you to spend, that’s fine, there is an entertainment value there that I can justify. It’s overpriced for sure, but I can choose not to spend. This new update though... allowing familiars to attack through shields. This will completely destroy the game. I don’t know what this developer is thinking, but my guess is they must believe it will lead to more sales by churning troops for even those that sit shielded daily. The reality of it may be that they have just hit the self destruct button. I like to lose my troops the old fashion way, by sending them into battle. Now while I sleep shielded (or even through my busy work day) I’m at risk of losing what I have invested, time and money. This is a terrible decision, and if not reversed before it costs me my army will mean quitting for me. I don’t have the time to play 24/7, and even if I did, what defense do I have against a player with this? I mean, even randoming around the maps they can still find me. Good job IGG for ruining what was fun, albeit greedy, but fun game! Poor management (or inmates are running the asylum).Version: 1.54

Waste of timeThis game is great if you have lots of money and are a bully. Basically the larger groups go round and destroy the small guys to build them selfs up so they have take on the massive castles. If you can’t afford spending money on this you will constantly be building up your own castle because it gets destroyed daily. If you join a guild it helps for a bit but if your guild isn’t strong you will still get distorted..Version: 2.17

If you don’t pay up you no point in playingSo yes I agree with most other people commenting here you have to pay big to have a shot at being a heavy contender in this game. To give you a reference point I’ve invested 200$ and approximately 2 hours per day for 2 months of my time and I have a level 24 castle and decent tier 3 troops. I’d say with the investment I’ve made I’m probably in the top 20 % of players if I had to guess based on what I see. I think to get to a level 25 castle and have decent tier 4 troops your talking either another 3 to 4 months of playing or paying another 50$ plus 1 more month of playing if I had to guess. To put things into perspective my “ might “ which is a strength system this game goes off of is 11 million. This “ might “ level represents the culmination of all your armies, building levels, resource gathering capabilities etc..combined to spit out a might number. I run into people regularly with over 100 million might that could literally kill me with the flick of a finger and I’m pretty strong. So I guess what I’m getting at is yes the game is fun but if you want to be at a competitive level and actually have fun playing... you’re looking at spending at least 250$ to 300$ and a few months to get to that level. I’d say if I spent zero money it would of took me 2 years to get where I’m at now.. at least 2 years. So either be prepared to spend money or be prepared for the long haul just know what your getting your self into..Version: 1.81

Don’t Do It*****WARNING*****. I’ve played Lords for years. Unfortunately, I’m still playing because I have made some really good friends along the way. I’m the leader of a Titan Guild, and while we have a lot of fun, there is no way to have a chance at this game without spending lots of money. The best people in this game are the richest. IGG only cares about the money you spend. When you do have an issue, and mail them...they respond like robots. They don’t help you, they just give you a generic answer (that they are probably copying and pasting) I have a titan account, as well as 2 alts. One of my alts was zeroed during a scheduled maintenance. I couldn’t get into game, because IGG found something wrong in game, and set a maintenance the second they found an issue. I got locked out of my alt account, during this time and was zeroed. IGG paid me what they thought was fair, which wasn’t even close to being fair. I didn’t get all my troops back, only a portion. This was their failure, not mine. If you play, I suggest playing for a month or 2 in a new kingdom, before it opens up, and then quit and make a new account. Don’t spend money. Also, IGG Keeps making new kingdoms. They do this, so everyone keeps having to migrate to actually play against other people. Migration costs us a lot of money. This game is a money pit. Do not play if you have addictions to gambling..Version: 2.20

Warned you!!!Honestly this game will rob you blind i started to play and without spending money i barely got anywhere and anyone could basicaly attack me or rob i couldn’t do anything as people with money have bigger army and lot of shields. I then spent over a £100 just to start and still didn’t reach anywhere because to get anywhere in this game and be as even close to someone really powerful you will at least have to spend in thousands no joke. I reliased that even after spending so much money there will be many people in the game or in your kindom that will always have power over you and could destroy you if they wanted to im talking about those over 400mill mights that act like gods in the game. What i’m saying is where does it end after spending thousands and thousands till what end till this game cuts you off from reality. I hope this changes some of the peoples thoughts about this game and think the second time if you really want to download it. I thought i be fine if i spend a little money at first but the hunger and addiction catches up quick so i quickly deleted this..Version: 1.64

Why should I report an issue with Lords Mobile: Tower Defense?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Lords Mobile: Tower Defense to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Lords Mobile: Tower Defense customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Lords Mobile: Tower Defense.

Is Lords Mobile: Tower Defense not working?

Lords Mobile: Tower Defense works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Lords Mobile: Tower Defense.

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