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Streaming doesn’t work.Pay for service. Download video to app on my phone. It does not play :(, stuck on black load screen for x minutes. Reset app, does not work. Reset phone, does not work. Try another video, it works. Go back to original video series to flag the video, the player only gives me option to go back or wait endlessly. I hope it gets fixed, to not be able to play a downloaded video is weird..Version: 1.8.6

Ad free ad?I pay for a yearly subscription and it keeps popping up with a stupid ad offering me to subscribe for an ad free monthly subscription. My yearly subscription is current so I shouldn’t be getting this stupid ad..Version: 1.7.5

I don’t like dubsDecent range though nothing to brag about (C’Roll is better) but the killer that had me cancel my subscription after a few months trying was the fact that I can’t watch shows in Japanese (other than 3 that I did find). Now, if you prefer to watch your anime with dubs (seriously, you are missing out on so much if you do though) but, you may like this then however I hate most dubs and these are just plain ordinary. I think they used the same few voice actors over and over because it didn’t matter what I watched, they all sounded the same like. Blah, Crunchyroll and AnimeLab are way easier to use (Funimation guys, check out your Apple TV app, it’s rubbish) those both have as good or better shows and I don’t have to put up with every show I watch sounding like a dubbed up episode of Pokémon..Version: 1.5.1

It’s ok.Why is one piece not available in my country? Just make it available everywhere. And also can’t seem to chromecast this app. Otherwise it’s ok I guess.Version: 1.7.9

Menu issues and UI problems are a deal-breaker for many I’m sure.So, you launch app, drill down a few episodes (say, down to the synopsis cuz it sounds interesting), then you decide “nah,” wanting to simply return one menu back... but rather than jumping up the browsing history, one menu at a time, the app disregards and ejects you to the first screen— the very top menu item— the landing page. And you have to start the process all over again. It is irritating. And it’s every single time. For over a year now. Surely, not a glitch. Funimation (and devs) had plenty of time to fix. Rather, a year later they decided make the *big decision* to drop the word “Now” from their title? Wow, thanks. But that hardly makes up for hiring devs who couldn’t create the most basic computer functionality: a library database, a UI, and a video player. (Make zero mistake: these are deal-breaker types of issues, considering the avalanche of content out there. Making it easy to navigate isn’t just helpful to the user but necessary. Better video apps have failed and this one will struggle to survive. I suspect one day soon I’ll look at the app, realize I haven’t opened in a long time... and I will delete and and cancel subscription.).Version: 1.8.4

It needs some more workOkay so I’ll start off with the fact that when I got the app just to watch the dub versions of one piece the app said it had both English and Japanese for audio but when I went to watch it at like season 3 the English option was gone even though it said it was available and before you ask yes I was on the premium so the fact that I pay for the app and I can’t watch the dub of the anime’s that day they have dub available is really annoying. It’s not like I hate sub or anything it’s just that when you have heard the characters in dub the sub sounds really wired or just awkward to me I just don’t like how they make the characters sound in sub if you don’t believe me go and watch a dub of your fav anime and the Watch the sub something is just off about it but back to the app, idk what the problem is but I deleted the app and reinstalled it and I’m still having the same problem and my preferred audio is set to English and I am really not enjoying this it’s also with other shows too like fairy tail and I’d understand if these were new shows waiting to get the dub but the seasons I’m on have been out for years now so I’d really like it if someone would fix this problem please and thank you..Version: 1.8.12

IPhone X complaintsFirst off, I really enjoy the app. Haven’t used it in a long while, then I redone loaded and noticed that they’re using the ad type model now and got back in, and now I’m using the free trial and will likely use the paid version, however... I’m finding that the thin line that has effectively replaced the home button on this model of iPhone is always on when watching from this app, so I’ve got the bar on the screen over the videos that are playing. Other apps have the bar fade away when the screen isn’t touched. It’s rather annoying. The other complaint would be that I got to episode 10 of High School DxD and it just will not for whatever reason play the next episode. I’ve had startup issues on some before but they usually play. It’s like I’m not allowed to watch further, and just gives an error message. I tried other devices and it doesn’t work there either, so it’s obviously the service in general. Outside of that, I enjoy the selection of anime that’s provided, but like many that are posting reviews here, the service itself and the way it’s presented needs a lot of fine tuning. I want to love it, I really do. P.S.- a screen rotation option would be nice guys, k thx. That being said, thanks for the awesome app..Version: 1.6.3

Good ig.I like the variety of subbed and dubbed anime here, but there is some fixing to do. For example, when I click the “next episode” button, it doesn’t work, it just plays a random episode instead of the next one. The biggest problem is that I want to watch an episode of(for example) BNHA. I click it like usual, but when it loads the episode, it doesn’t let me pause it, see the options on the top, fast forward,etc. It just has a “loading” wheel in the middle and the button to go back to the menu. This is also a problem because when I try to reload the episode and it doesn’t work, I close the app. Then, I go to the episode and it plays from the beginning making it extremely difficult to do other activities mid-watching anime, so I have to finish the episode before doing anything else, or just sit there watching what I already watched for the next 15minutes. Another problem that ties in with this is that sometimes while watching an episode, it crashes, so I have to watch the entire thing again. If you would fix this bug, I’d greatly appreciate it. I understand that there might be delays because of the whole quarantine thing going on, but if please try to fix this. Thank you!.Version: 1.8.6

Bad appHalf the time videos are “unable to load” or when I try to download them it just doesn’t work. Shows are hard to find, everything is slow and overall it’s just not user friendly especially comparing it to the crunchy roll app. If you don’t mind subs, just stick to a crunchy roll subscription.Version: 1.8.14

It’s okay but a little issueI find this app really good. I like how it has all anime choices. But one major thing I have found is that when I watched free iwatobi swim club (which I have watched 3 times in Japanese with subtitles) when I was watching ep 1 and 2 it was in English yes. But once I got to ep 3 I when on to the audio or whatever and it only said Japanese it didn’t say English which made me really sad because I couldn’t watch it in English and I tried everything and it still didn’t work. So if you can fix how it does that please do it soon because I want to watch it in English dub. But other than that I think it’s pretty good. Thank you..Version: 1.7

Kinda annoyedRecently I’ve been watching Black Butler. At first it was fine, but after a few episodes, the episodes were only available in Japanese. I wanted to watch the English dub of Black Butler and at the bottom of the episode it said “English, Japanese” but when I clicked on the episode, there was no English dub option. I decided “oh well, its fine I guess.” So I continued watching but then I discovered that you had to subscribe to watch some of the episodes. But this “subscribe to watch” status jumped around from episode to episode, so it moved to a different episode within an hour or two, so it was fine. BUT THEN, (this is the one I’m really annoyed about) I finished season 1 and wanted to move on to season 2. When I tried to watch season 2, all of the episodes from that season required that I subscribe to watch them. So then I checked other places like Crunchyroll and found that Black Butler wasn’t available on any other platform. I did a quick google search and read that Black Butler was licensed to Funimation, so places like Crunchyroll and Netflix weren’t allowed to have them. So not only can I not watch season 2 of Black Butler on Funimation, but I also can’t watch it on any other platform. What the heck?.Version: 1.8.6

Horrible iOS 14 compatibilityThe app won’t even open on my iPhone XR on iOS 14 terrible app developer. There hasn’t been an update to fix this yet. What the hell are you guys doing with the money wet pay as Premium member subscribers..Version: 1.8.9

Terrible AppThis app is terrible. I enjoy the shows on here and I appreciate their availability, don’t get me wrong but, the bugs on this are numerous. I cannot chose how I wish to view shows and am stuck holding my iPad “upside down” for lack of a better term. The episode lists of many shows often glitch and are made invisible. I have to close out the app and log back in to be able to navigate semi normally through it. The graphical lag from navigating through the show list causes the app to crash, when selecting a show to add to queue the list shuffles and I have to figure out where I am in the list to see if my selection stuck. Often, a different episode plays when I’ve selected what I wish to watch and what I want isn’t available because the wrong show will still play after closing out the app. The app crashes at least 3 to 5 times during an hour span of usage. Honestly taking the shows off Crunchyroll was a huge mistake and such a shame because now many of us are forced to endure the lack of usability in a scheme for money. I sadly do not have the time I’d like to have, to sit at my computer and watch, I’m constantly on the move. I want to pay for the availability of these shows, please do not misunderstand. Just give me an app that works..Version: 1.7.4

It’s good and all but...Way too many ads!!! Please just go easy on us!! And it’s a bit laggy too. Help..Version: 1.7.4

So many ads.When I first got this there wasn’t many ads until a few days later the ads started showering in. At first I’d get 9-11 each episode, which is extremely annoying since you’d get separated every break, but it was fine until they REALLY started showering in. Ads would come in at moments that I would really hate such as in the middle of an opening, in the middle of a battle and much more and sometimes they’d overlap each so that you could get a thousand advertisements at one time sounding like two people saying it at the same time. Even after the ad finished you could still here it going in the background while being unable to rewind because sometime it would bug out and give you the loading screen you could still see the anime but you can’t rewind it to see what was horribly interrupted by you advertisements. And why did you advertise you trial on your preview page? If you weren’t then what’s with the flood of ads when it says “watch ad free” when you’re clearly not watching it ad free. Furthermore, Funimation takes out episodes that have a massive role in the anime and just leaves it for the people with the trial. Overall this is riddled with advertisements and puts massive holes into anime’s just because they want people with the trial to see it. If you are reading this and didn’t get it yet, just go to Crunchy Roll..Version: 1.8.6

Not a full libraryOne of the largest and all time popular anime shows “One Piece” isn’t in the list of shows to watch! There are a few others yet to be added as well. The SimulDub for premium users is a nice touch but those who can wait a week or so can watch it with ads. There are a few annoyances such as not being able to flip the screen 180 degrees, when scrolling through shows it can take a while then jump down the list, tapping on a show takes ages to load the season/episode selection, you might tap something without realizing while scrolling only to be yanked to the shows episode list up to 10 seconds later. If these bugs were addressed then I’d give 4 stars and if both the bugs and show list was largely added to then I think we would have a winner at 5 stars!.Version: 1.7

Episode Malfunction/My Search Doesn’t Work{•Episode Malfunction•} Hello! As you see I’m having a problem, soon when I start a episode it doesn’t work. The episodes are usually the first or second episode. It doesn’t send me any type of alert to know why or what is happening. This is my first time writing a review so this been happening for a while maybe like a a month or two? >~My Search Doesn’t Work~< !Hai! So now I’m going to talk about my second problem. It’s about when I search. For starters let’s get straight to the point, when I type in a title of a anime it doesn’t work. Well I made sure that the anime I search is on this app. I also did some research if it is on the app. That alone I can confirm that it’s a bug in the app that you need to some-what fix. It also annoys me a lot because when I find a anime I love I want to search it up but, since the search is ‘broken’ I can’t. Yes yes you may say ‘oh then you can the anime to your queue.’ That’s a good point but, for people who forget (like me) to add the anime to their queue it’s disappointing. This malfunction might be just for me but, even so I do not like this malfunction. If you can fix or help me fix it that would be wonderful! ^Side note^ -To the people seeing this review if you know how to fix/help me please tell me Thanks!-.Version: 1.8.12

QnA?I dislike this app It is not useful at all... Why? You ask. Please read this little QnA, Q:What do I use instead,more useful then funimation? A: Crunchyroll. Well first of all it has much more low adds then funimation since every episode I watch I get like 2-3 ads which is good. But in Funimation I get about 15-20 ads per episode which is very annoying. Q:Why do you hate funimation? A: •amount of ads •crashing •bugs •freezing screens •slow •LAGGY Q: Why do you prefer crunchyroll? A: I prefer Crunchyroll because... •less laggy •no crashes •if I watch in my TV no ads at all ✨ •subtitles in every animie I know 💕 (Tysm!) •english dubs Q: What happens on funimation for you or anyone you know? A: Omg... •Funimation literally makes me lag •Dubs don’t work for me •subs don’t work for a lot of animies •app crashes •app freezes •to much ads •premium still gave my friend ads.,. Q: Are you bragging/complaining? A: No I am just trying to give advice to the people who want to watch animie. And I am not complaining I am telling the truth 😄 I don’t want to hate on the app (funimation) But In my opinion it is horrible. Thank you for taking your time to read this! Hope everyone is okay 😋 Wish everyone a good morning/night/evening/day/afternoon ⭐️ Goodbye. 🙂.Version: 1.8.13

The App is not at the same level as other streaming servicesWhile I do not experience the problem with adds due to being a premium user (only became one due to Attack on Titan) the app feels like a page from a website that hasn’t been optimised for use on a smart phone(I Phone 12 Pro Max) 1) The logos and buttons are sometimes visibly pixilated and often glitch out of place. For me, the time, cellular connection and battery level are all partly covered by badly placed buttons on Funimation App when on the main page. 2) The video player is badly optimised and doesn’t include common features like skipping the credits. Whenever you try to skip it yourself, the video freezes for 5-10 seconds and you have to manually pause/unpause a few times to get it working. 3) The front end and functionality of the app feels like a mixture of Gumtree adds and first generation Smart TV. Very unnatural compared to other streaming apps. 4) The suggestions and categories you see on the main page feel completely random and interesting titles are hard to find..Version: 1.8.12

ClunkyIf the show you are trying to watch is available on any other app, use that. This is the slowest, least reliable streaming app I have ever used. Episodes randomly kick back to the menu, the ui is tiny on iPad and the download button dosn’t do anything once every 4 times. Needs work.Version: 1.8.7

Ask Crunchy Roll...You guys need to ask crunchy roll and/or Netflix on how to design an app that works correctly and doesn’t discourage client from paying a subscription..Version: 1.6.5

Amazing, but...This app is amazing for people such as myself who enjoy dubbed anime. There is a large selection of anime that isn’t too bad, and most of it is dubbed. However, my main complaints are with the layout and mechanics of the app. For example, there is no “skip intro” button on the anime. Not everyone wants to sit through rover a minute of intro scenes, and it would be great to simply have the option to skip it. Additionally, there is no “next episode” button. If you want to go to the next episode, you will have to either go to the episode catalog or wait for the outdo to end and then only click the option. When the next episode button does appear, it is rarely the next episode. There have been times where clicking that button has taken me to the next season of the show. It would be great if it had these buttons like Netflix does. Apart from that, the layout of the app is extremely inconvenient. It’s unorganized and messy. Also, the app is often slow and glitchy. Overall, I enjoy the program and will continue using it. However, I hope ether devs fix a few of these issues that I’m sure will make my and other user’s experiences better and more enjoyable..Version: 1.8.1

Fix you unsubscribe featureLet us unsubscribe pls you are basically stealing our money.Version: 1.7.8

Why did the language change? And what’s wrong with the captionsSo I was just watching some my hero academia on season four the episode is boy meets and then the language just changed I tried to put on the captions but they don’t work then I tried restarting my iPad but the caption didn’t work neither did the language change so I want you to change that but everything else is 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 1.8.4

Almost greatI really like the variety of anime that is here compared to other streaming services but there is just a few things that need to be improved. 1. While casting to the tv there is no way to go to the next episode after the one you were watching is finished so you have to go in the “continue watching” and choose the next episode from there. It would be nice if there was a “play next episode” that shows up when the episode the current one is done. Also sometimes the app will crash and I will have to restart to continue to cast. 2. When you go to the “recently watched” it will start playing the same episode instead of taking you to the episode list to choose the next one. It can get kinda annoying especially when it doesn’t even show the right episode. 3. Sometimes when I hit the “play next” while watching on my iPad or phone it will take me to an episode that is in the next season instead of playing the correct episode. 4. The menu bar icons are really small to close together and hard to press the right one. I honestly thing they are smaller on my iPad then my phone. Other then that I love the variety and amount of dubbed anime on this app. I hope y’all can fix these issues I really enjoy the content and don’t want to go somewhere else to watch anime I don’t think I’ll find as much in one place..Version: 1.8.4

Great content, broken platformThe content on funimation is great, exactly what I was looking for... but the app is so bloody awful and broken it crashes at least once PER episode. I regret buying a year subscription and would rather just pirate shows. Do not use it on mobile until they fix their awful app..Version: 1.8.14

Service is good but apps lackingFUNimation as a service is good, I find it has a lot of good popular shows like my hero and aot although there are still a lot of times where I hear about at show and it is not on there but mostly it is easy to find something decent to watch. The issue is with the app, it’s pretty bad. The app feels messy and slow with the overall layout of the app making discovering new shows and generally browsing a lot more difficult than it should be. This coupled with the fact that as far as I can tell there is not a night mode makes for a pretty sloppy experience during the time your not watching a show. The video player is passable but again can be somewhat slow and laggy. Overall if you don’t have a preference of sub or dub Crunchyroll is a much better option as it’s library and app are much better. Seeing as I am a lesser human however and prefer dubs, I’m forced to stay with FUNimation. *edit: I got over my fear of subbed shows and am now using Crunchyroll instead, can confirm it is much better*.Version: 1.8.4

Funimation, please listen to this!Lemme be honest here; Funimation is a mediocre app, maybe even less-than-good when compared to other anime streaming apps. Honestly, I only still have it cos it’s the only app with decent subbed anime; HOWEVER, there are quite a lot of problems. The first thing is that I really do want Funimation to do is to have bring in a wider range of dubbed anime’s available to the free users. There’s no point in only being able to watch the first 2 episodes of an anime, only to find that the rest is subscribers only. I honestly don’t mind having to watch more ads if it can mean I can be up to date with dr. stone, or if I can watch the latest episode of BNHA in English. Lots of us don’t have the money to get premium, and it would be appreciated if free users could have a wider range of dubbed anime, even if it means more ads. Thank you..Version: 1.7.9

Great service, horrible iOS appI just wanna start off by saying that the content and level of quality of the shows available by Funimation are great. It’s worth the subscription without a doubt. However, my main issues are with the truly bad iOS app. Here is a list of issues I have with the application: bad UI and bad UI user experience, menu layout is too complex, no PIP on iPad, no auto play when watching series, no auto skip of a show’s intro/outro, resolution of Funimation logo is very low– lacking in professional premium look and feel, no touch screen hot spots for 10 second forward/backward. (Currently its just very small icons in the middle of the screen), episodes randomly skip and throw you out of a series sequence. On its most basic level the app functions well. It plays content without issue and that’s what it needs to do. However, I think it’s lacking in standard features that have been established by other streaming platforms. Overall this app truly lacks a polished/premium feeling. I understand that development on these features will take time to implement, or perhaps it just isn’t top of mind for the team based on other projects or budgets. Even HBO Max has a lackluster app and they’re loaded with cash. However, upleveling the app will do Funimation very well. It has such an expansive library of content and it’s really being hindered by such a base level application. Even just adding auto play for series would be amazing..Version: 1.8.9

This is good (if you are in the States)Hello funimation! Iam pritty familluar with this app and have no problem with the app in general. BUT THERE IS ONE PROBLEM! I live in Australia and iam limited when it comes to shows i can watch. It is sad because i want to watch majour shows like Naruto, Demon Slayer and the promised neverland:( but i cant! Its says that they are not available:( the only reason i like funimation is because it has dub. And i only watch in dub because i have vision problems you see. If not for that i wouldve used crunchyroll or something. I understand they may be reasons for these shows to be blocked from Australia but come on its like eating cake without frosting:( Iam a mainstream weeb and iam VERY disapointed in the lack of shows i can watch:( please do something about this! Let us aussies have fun aye?.Version: 1.8.13

Adds..I know this is probably how this app makes money but stop stacking adds together. I don’t mind the odd ad or two but I watched a 23 minute videos and it had 9 ads in total. I know some people pay so that ads don’t pop up but I’m poor :*( and have to watch the same ads over and over ago..Version: 1.6.5

Flawed app with potential. WAY TOO MANY ADS.The app itself runs great, if you premium. The dubs are as good as the original, that is if the episode actually has a dub when it says it does. The app could use a little more streamlining, but that’s just me. The $5.99/month premium is 100% worth it. However, it’s also 100% necessary, and this I have a problem with. Ad breaks during episodes, if you don’t get a premium plan, are way too frequent, being every 5 minutes or so, and can contain as many as 7 ads, so you spend more time watching ads than the actual anime; and a lot of these ads are self promotion. Promoting CDs, vinyls or other merch on their store. 2-3 ads every now and then would be okay, but seeing the same ads over and over again, you’re pretty much forced to upgrade to premium, which is wrong. Sone people can’t afford $5.99/month, they shouldn’t be punished for it. In addition, limited access as well? I have to pay to watch some of the stuff I enjoy? As if it’s not annoying enough to be spammed with ads to the point that the app starts glitching out, or even ROTATE? Do you guys care about your customers at all, or is the point of this app to be a giant anime themed cash grab?.Version: 1.7.9

Won't cast on chromecastCan this be fixed. I'm paying monthly and i hope this could be fixed. It would be nicer to watch it on a bigger screen than just the phone.Version: 1.8.9

Needs a LOT of workDespite having a well priced service with lots of quality content, this app needs some serious attention from the developers. It surprises me that such a popular streaming app can still be so buggy and inconvenient when competitors have been doing the same thing better for years. I really want to like this app, but the issues bundled with it push me closer to finding other options. Why can’t a show with Japanese audio have English subtitles on by default, and why must I manually turn them on for every single show? Seems like common sense for the English version of an app to include that as the default option. The video player is filled with other inconveniences like buttons that are far too small for a tablet and an options bar that can only be closed by pressing the tiny x in the corner. Half the time videos will load terribly slow despite having good enough WiFi for other streaming services. If even a few of these problems were fixed I would be fine ditching competitors like VRV, but their ship is so tightly run in comparison that I go to them first for any non Funimation exclusive shows. Once the few timed exclusives I’m watching end, I plan on cancelling my subscription unless something noticeable is fixed..Version: 1.8.7

AdsI enjoy the site just the amount of adds and repetitiveness of them is quite annoying.Version: 1.8.14

Too many addsThere are so many adds. I started watching a show and two minutes in I get four adds in a row. The adds aren’t even short. It does have the shows I want though. But pls do fix the add problem..Version: 1.8.14

Went to change for cheaper subscriptionI’m currently using AnimeLab. Went to change to Funimation but it took me awhile to get a password because of the stupid special character rule. Then when I went scrolling through shows it kept bugging out and starting back at the start. I don’t think I will change now because Funimation seems broken while I’ve not had a single problem with AnimeLab.Version: 1.6.5

Can’t even watch animeI paid for the subscription, I had full faith in funimation. I can’t even watch anything. I just get a blank screen. If you want to watch anime, go someplace else.Version: 1.7

Repeated ads!Can you fix the repeating ad thing please!!!! I’ve been trying to watch “My Hero Academia” and then an ad shows up and keeps on playing it over and over again, it’s getting really annoying and hard to enjoy the anime..Version: 1.7.3

GreatSo this is a cool app and since I have geared of deku and bakugo/kacchan I have been watching the episode but the one thing is that is they have a subscribed one what you have to pay for and I find it annoying bc I asked my mum if I can buy it but she has not told me yet and it is just not right bc it’s just kinda waisting the money but I give it a 3 star because it’s amazing and I like the bakudeku bc I find them cute together (but I think everyone thinks that but yh it’s cool but I think they should get ride of the subscribe one bc I thought you had to subscribe but no you don’t so I just thought of saying this to recommend to get ride of the subscribe bc ppl might not know how to do it so yeah a 3 star it is 😊.Version: 1.8.13

Can you please fix your bugs1 there’s a bug for genres where if I pick a genre to look at nothing comes up 2 consistent loading lag with main select screen 3 some shows are “not available” for days.Version: 1.7.4

UpgradeWhy isn’t there a link at bottom of page for the desk top site? My son saw an ad but wasn’t sure he understood it right. He thought/thinks it was an ad about a page on your site just for English dub. When I tried to look at your app further I kept seeing upgrade from my $5.99 plan. Upon inspection it seemed to me there’s no need for us to upgrade. He will never need five screens as he’s the only one that watches. Off line watching: I’m not sure what it is, unless it’s down load to watch later like say a flight to the U.K.. Exclusive members only events: if I could see what was last years events I might consider. The final three were all about shopping the Funimation store. We’ll probably never shop there. I looked the page over because my son has autism and some of the sites on line request yes or no answers I told . When making sites like yours please take into account that parents, disabled adults and children watch anime and it’s dubbed. My son has learned to read in large part by his use of PlayStation, TV and apps. But seriously make the narvigation bu I ttons easier. Add more English anime. My son wants more English shows! I don’t blame him. Netflixes isn’t all in English anymore either. So please try harder. Thank you.Version: 1.8.6

App not properly developedJust download animelab. Atleast that actually works with chromecast and airplay..Version: 1.7.9

Funimation please explainI’ve downloaded funimation more the once, when I open the app it tells me to enter my email and password and when I do it says that it’s invalid so I go to crest a account an it tells me to subscribe to animelab please explain it very frustrating. I have tried to do so by making a account and I’ve changed my password to do so and it still doesn’t work, I’ve tried animelab but I got no sound just subtitles don’t understand why that was happening and when I tried to fix it animelab wanted me to pay more to get sound and English dub don’t get it, funimation hasn’t worked for me at all I don’t mind adds that’s fine but I would like to watch my anime without having to waste my data on logins that get me nowhere I’ve tried online but that’s for paid customers only and I couldn’t finish my season of MHA or other anime’s please explain. Kind regards thank you.Version: 1.8.7

Wth is this!?I’m so disappointed... I had great hope for this app, the only app that would let me watch series upon series of anime for FREE. But nope never mind, I was so sad when I found out I could only watch like 13 episodes of fairy tale (I’m new into getting into anime) then I had to pay to get the rest of the episodes. Like I don’t care about the ads, it doesn’t really do anything but when this app literally forces you to pay for the rest of the episodes, that’s annoying..Version: 1.7.9

OkayGood selection of anime. But UI/UX is a bit jarring, and not as smooth as nice as Netflix and Crunchyroll..Version: 1.8.14

Can’t log onI’m in NZ, but I can’t log in? Why???.Version: 1.8.14

ProblemsI ain’t spending $6.50 every month just to watch anime plus if I did I would still not make a account because in the ads which you get 3 per segment it says that you can make a account with a email and password and its free but nope, $6.50 every month plus you have to give them your credit card number and all that which I ain’t doing because I ain’t wasting my money, so all this means I want FunimationNow to be completely free with no ads or at least the proper amount of ads each segment.Version: 1.6.5

Good selection of anime, the app itself is buggyThis happened while I was watching Tokyo Ghoul as well as just now with Steins;gate. And mind you I’m somewhat new to watching anime so out of the 5 shows I’ve watched on funimation this has happened twice now. Sometimes when you are watching a season of a show, the next episode it’ll tell you to watch will be the correct episode number but from the next season, and since the season isnt specified when it moves to the next episode... sometimes u won’t realize until it’s too late and this can spoil aspects of the show for people especially if this were to happen towards the end of a season and you jump to the end of the next season by accident. Luckily with Tokyo Ghoul, I caught on somewhat quick and exited out and put the correct episode on cuz it was clear there was something wrong. But with steins;gate given that the show already is meant to be confusing until things piece together, I watched nearly the whole episode before I realized things were getting spoiled. With that said part of the show got ruined for me when it pushed me too Steins;gate 0, which kinda pisses me off and is a huge problem that should be fixed. Just don’t have an autoplay feature at the end of episodes if it’s going to be bugged out that bad with the chance to ruin certain parts of shows for viewers....Version: 1.8.7

MehThe concept is good but the execution was flawed. The app does contain a lot of content and it does vary. Most shows update weekly, it may take a few weeks for the dubs to be put up but once they are it also updates weekly. Now the reason I give the app 2 stars is that the app contains an extreme amount of glitches. The most common one I have encountered is the “Alert something went wrong and can’t play this video” message, I’ve reset everything I could and even tried it on both my laptop and tablet and the videos will not play. While it is an inconvenience, and incredibly annoying, as long as I could switch and watch a different video I would be okay, but once you get this message for any video you get it for all videos you try and watch. And as I said I tried resetting everything I could and switching devices and it did nothing, sometimes whatever the problem was is corrected within a few minutes but I’ve also experience the problem lasting for a few days. Honestly I’ve gotten the message on some other media apps but those instances are about once every 6 months whereas Funimation gives me that message at least once a week. If it wasn’t for this issue I would highly recommend the app as I personally haven’t experienced any other problems..Version: 1.8.10

It’s okI really don’t mind the ads in the app but I don’t like how I have to pay premium to watch the rest of my hero academia. When I downloaded the app everything was going normal I was in the middle of season 2 my hero academia and suddenly I have to pay premium to finish the show. I will say that it has quite a large selection to choose from and it’s a great app and all but I just don’t understand why I have to pay premium membership to finish my show..Version: 1.8.9

Funamation more like fundonationOkay well to start off with it I mean that app has so much ads that it just becomes really annoying to just watch. So I’ve been watching MHA on there website and it had English. The speaking was delayed but it’s better than SUBTITLES witch is true then it said I had to get the subscription so I was like lemme down load that app and see what happens then bam I thought I was a genius because I could watch my hero without the subscription but then I realised there were SUBTITLES and who wants to read them plus you actually get caught up in reading them and you don’t bother to watch the show because you have to constantly keep up with the SUBTITLES. And the app could be laid out Better so all and all if you can read the SUBTITLES and don’t mind the crazy amount of ads then this is the anime app for you..Version: 1.8.6

More dubs pleaseI LOVE this app it has an amazing roster of anime and a lot of good dubs but for those of us who can’t get into the story’s and nuance of anime that are only in Japanese and that there are some amazing new anime coming out this year it feels isolating when we have people talking about them and we can’t follow along with it just because we don’t understand it all that and no offense to Japanese people but to me the Japanese voices just don’t seem to match the caricatures their trying to portray..Version: 1.8.1

Not a good streaming serviceI don’t usually write reviews for anything but honestly people need to know before potentially buying. I’m gonna preface this by saying I prefer subbed anime in Japanese. With the split between Funimation and Crunchyroll to stream certain shows subbed legitimately is a real pain as not only are the subtitles horrible to read in the default settings to change it to be remotely bearable takes far to long and is no where near intuitive. Even after this the quality is terrible and it is a huge turn off to anyone wanting to watch these shows being localised by Funimation legitimately when every other service does the same thing better. This wouldn’t be a problem but the only place to watch these shows legitimately is on this service forcing you to suffer through the terrible user interface and quality of the subs. On top of this it is incredibly hard to navigate to find new shows every season as to navigate and find stuff is incredibly hard and counter intuitive. Honestly if I didn’t care so much about supporting the companies over in japan that make the shows I’d recommend people torrent over this but honestly Funimation fix your broken service if you want to go it on your own..Version: 1.7.9

Can’t cancel subscriptionI have seen multiple complaints on not being able to cancel subscription as well. I recommend joining something else unless Funimation fixes this. When I joined you were able to cancel subscription anytime but I’m not able to cancel it and we r stuck paying. It’s a huge scam and we don’t have the money for it. Don’t join the free trial either u will end up not being able to cancel it or atleast in time.Version: 1.7.9

Since the update subtitle don’t workSubtitles are either too fast. Or they don’t show up at all..Version: 1.8.14

Ok but could improveSo a few weeks I got into anime after seeing videos of Nekopara and getting spammed by funimation advert on Facebook a lot and when I first got it I was confused, I soon got around to it but now don’t get me wrong app is good but what’s disappointing is like some shows like K-On or some other anime are subscriptions only and I understand you do that to help the company grow but it’s not really easy to find out which ones are subscription based and which ones aren’t until you click on the episode and it will tell you, you need premium and another thing is one anime called Nekopara you don’t have the movie and extra movie in and you’ve cut off season 2 in another anime show and it’s like not as good as you said it is..Version: 1.8.12

Poor streaming app that feels years behind the rest.While it is nice to have a dedicated streaming location that is legal there is little to make it worth it, especially for a price. This is more than a little expensive for the content when compared to every other streaming site, especially when you consider these shows are coming to us second and the only real costs are dubbing and hosting which only make up a small portion of overall costs. The app is slow, unintuitive, and buggy. When you launch is silences any music or podcasts you have on, loads, shows you and unskippable animation, and then loads the main page. Videos are extremely slow to start and constantly need to buffer more than any other app I have used. I have been unable to watch in portrait mode any videos. If you skip ahead with buttons or by dragging the location indicator it will stop and need to be restarted meaning you can only reliably watch a show from start to finish. If you close the app or stop playing a video you will almost often find it restarting from the beginning, again with no way to select location. You also have to log back in everytime you close the app. The genre list and search functionality is bare bones and poor to use. Certain settings like maturity filtering can't be changed in the app. All in all a poor experience I will not be paying for..Version: 1.3.8

Good butI love watching anime on this and I was watching mha season 2 episode 15 until that was finished so I went to go watch the next episode until I saw that it was premium only like come on some people can’t even afford £49! I am out raged. Also every like 1 minute there is 4 ads like come on what if people don’t want to watch ads so at least tone it down to at least 2 or make them shorter/ show different ones because I see the same magic girls ad and a Funimation ad to get premium like honestly I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT BEFORE I WATCHED IT AND WHY SHOW AN AD WHEN WE ARE ON FUNIMATION AND CAN WATCH THE DAM ANIME honestly do better and the ads are what people are complaining about the most this is worse than crunchy roll. Up your game do better 🙄 ALSO Don’t EVEN GET ME STARTED ABOUT SEASON 2 ON MHA EVERYTHING IS “SUBSCRIBERS ONLY” HONESTLY WORST APP EVER AT LEAST THE ANIME MAKES UP FOT IT!.Version: 1.8.14

AdsGood range of anime and and all videos are of a high quality but.... Ads were very repetitive they are often littered in the video like other services (Crunchyroll) but the difference is is that these are ads for funimation itself and while they only last a few seconds when they pop up at the start, end and are littered through the video in groups of 1-3 (as in it will play an ad after an ad) it gets kind of annoying and ruins the flow of the show. They need to make money and that’s understandable but there has to be a less intrusive way of doing so. but are you really making money by advertising yourself on your own platform? YOU DON’T NEED TO CONVINCE ME TO USE YOUR PLATFORM WHEN IM ALREADY USING IT !!..Version: 1.8.1

ScamI have paid for a subscription but am not able to unsubscribe. This is basically a scam. I go into plans but all that is there is premium and then it says ‘you can change your plan anytime’ when I can’t. I wouldn’t have this issue of unsubscribing if Funimation could actually get anime’s out when other services are I decided to switch to watch Dr Stone on Crunchyroll instead but can’t even discontinue my subscription. I highly recommended trying to find a better service before you buy premium on Funimation.Version: 1.7.8

Ads... PLEASEListen, I love myself some good anime and you got a good range, but the ads are way too long. I understand you need to make revenue somehow but each ad lasts for 30 seconds. Added with the fact that I get up to 5 ADS at a time that’s another 2 and a half minutes of ads! Plus, there’s at least 4 of these ‘ad breaks’ in an episode! That means there can be up to 10 MINUTES OF ADS! Come on Funimation! God, at least have different ads. Their always the same ads over and over again! It’s always just promoting funimation, it gets reeeaaally boring and it takes all the fun out of binging a show! The only reason I use funimation instead of crunchy roll is that it’s shows can also be in English. But honestly, I’d rather read subtitles than deal with the bs of funimation. Please fix something, it’s been said so many times yet you never do anything! Despite all the ads, you do have a good range and I’m happy that the shows are in English. (Plus you have bnha).Version: 1.7.9

Nice but some problemsSo far I have not seen one person talk about this so it my just be me but I have been having a little trouble. I have been trying to watch my hero academia but it keeps being so laggy to the point where I have to start up the whole app again now it’s not the actual video that’s the problem no that runs amazing but that is if I can even get into one! My screen just stops at random times when I’m trying to get the the episode I’m on and there’s some more problems like this which I can not express or explain it gets me I little riled up at times cause it may take me a hour to get in a episode that’s 20 mins long! I love the app but this really angers me at times and I’m not a person which gets angry like the famous bakugo I’m more like iida a calm and collected person and the fact that a app! Is making me angry is ridiculous I’m sorry if I’m sounding harsh but this is just my experience Thank for your time.Version: 1.8.10

Fix it and check ur databaseWon’t load episodes on my iPhone 5s.Version: 1.7.4

Can’t sign upI’m giving this a one star because I saw it installed it hoping I could sign up and watch the anime turns out they don’t have that only login..Version: 1.8.13

Good but too many adsThis app is really great for finding anime’s I can’t find anywhere else, but you have way too many ads, one minute I’m watching and having fun, the next I’m bombarded by constant ads, it lasts a good couple of minutes and always gets on my nerves, I’d be happier if you could reduce the amount, like to maybe 2 or 3 instead of an army of ads, it’s overall annoying and a waste of my time.Version: 1.8.14

One piecePlz add the missing episode of the 14th season of one piece.Version: 1.8.14

I’m paying so please just workDon’t use it his app . Even though I’m a subscriber it keeps giving me adds and I can’t watch rest of the anime . Every time it said you need to subscribe “” WTF “ really!.Version: 1.6.2

Needs major improvementI’ve been giving Funimation a shot and have been okay but now it’s so bad it’s overwhelming and I can’t enjoy a show. Sometimes when scrolling down to the bottom of the page, then from left to right it glitches and jumps back to the top of the page as if I just opened the app, forcing me to go back down and scroll slowly to prevent it from doing it again. Then when I’m watching a show it restarts the whole episode, if not it goes back an entire episode and if I’m unlucky it skips a whole entire episode to the next one. When I exit the app it sometimes continues to play the episode in the background, which I can tell because the audio is still playing outside of the app. FMA isn’t even a playable show which still confuses me because it has a result for it but no episodes. For the price there shouldn’t be so many bugs and I haven’t seen an attempt to fix them. Update: since then Funimation hasn’t made any improvements. In fact it’s gotten worse. I didn’t pay for one months subscription on time, which I understand I’ll be watching ads, but shortly after I paid it, got charged and I’m still watching ads. I tried to restore my purchases but it says there’s an error. It’s in my subtractions as well as Netflix so I’m positive it’s paid. Seriously this app needs to be improved or I’m not using it anymore..Version: 1.7.3

Stuffed with glitches and subs don’t workThe app is kind of pathetic. I uninstalled because each time I wanted to try to fix stuff, I had to watch 2 minutes of publicity..Version: 1.7.3

Funimation needs to be fixed!First of all some anime episodes will not load especially bungo stray dogs I have submitted the I forgot my password link and will not get an email at all! I have logged in and when I go to the login in the Funimation website the password is wrong! Even though I created it just minutes ago and remembered it clearly, still! It didn’t work..Version: 1.7.8

Only one thing...So far, the experience I’ve had with this app has been pretty good, but there’s just one thing that I’ve found wrong: whenever I try to cast to the tv from my phone, it glitches and continues to simply play on my phone and disconnects from the tv. While this isn’t really a huge problem, good shows are better when it is watched in the company of other people, which becomes very difficult if I can only play it on my phone. Please fix this 🙏.Version: 1.8.7

To many adsThere’s to many ads.Version: 1.7.8

Useless SubscriptionIf your subscription works consider yourself lucky, unfortunately I’m not my account constantly says “premium plus subscription” yet I have zero access to their exclusive content. Honestly if you really want an anime subscription I’d strongly recommend Crunchyroll over this as they actually give you working premium account..Version: 1.7.5

Too much adsAt least put the ads at the end of an episode so the viewer could enjoy while watching the anime. Not putting ad’s every 1 minute. 😃.Version: 1.8.13

Ugh app sucksWhy so many ads? Seriously like it’s annoying. The amount of ads I get after watching 2 minutes of a show is just excruciating. Pls fix this I will give it a five if I wanted too but it’s annoying. To anyone that wants better quality download Crunchyroll they fixed the ad problem so no need to worry about it anymore. Horrible app do not download!.Version: 1.8.4

BufferingGetting a few seconds of video then buffering but don’t worry every ad play with zero buffering....Version: 1.8.8

Generally needs fixedApart from the fact you CAN watch SOME anime’s for free, by watching about 6-8 ads per video. The Genre section doesn’t work as there are no anime’s in them, for me anyway. I get kicked off the app 2 or 3 times in 3hrs of on the app, randomly. Which is REALLY irritating because when I’m at the end of a video I have to rewatch all the ads, just to get to watch the finish that is only a few mins long. Other than that, the Developers don’t care about the amount of ads we watch so if I complain that watching 7 ads for a 23min video won’t matter... If u want to watch anime it’s a fine app, but if ur doing it for free, expect 3-4 mins of your time just watching 2 different advertisements that are repeated..Version: 1.7.4

Alright..but some minor issues.......Okay so the start of when I used this to watch anime it was absolutely amazing!.. but I go on it like today and other days and it would show the My hero academia advert which was great I didn’t mind it at all because I was thinking of watching it later on but anyways back to the point. When that advert came on sometimes it would mix in with the anime talking because somehow the ad doesn’t stop talking even though it has came to where it’s suppose to stop because the anime is on and it does go away some times..... but it gets annoying and irritating, another problem is that when I’m watching anime there’s a loading button right in the middle so it doesn’t let me pause or skip and I want to skip because I watched t exact episode as before..... :/ Please Fix these minor issues they get so irritating So add some improvements and updates please I need these to go otherwise I won’t be able to go on the next episode. Thank You if you read this kind regards..Version: 1.8.6

Hi, I’m having trouble.I’ve just opened the app, and there’s no option for creating a account? Only signing in.. can’t sign in if I don’t have a account?.Version: 1.8.2

FunamtionI quite like this app it lets you watch a lot of anime’s on English dub, it also is quite tidy so people could find the wanted anime's they so desire to watch. But there are some let downs to this app in fact I have a few that I can point out. One would be that most famous anime’s that a lot of people are wanting to watch they would not be able to watch it for the reason being that it might not be on there. Another let down to this website is that people would be having to turn on subtitles every single episode and for some odd reason the auto titles would not work for me. But the main reason that I am not sure about carrying on with Funimation is there lack of well made, famous anime’s that is the let down of this app. I hope that in the future the creators of this app could fix this problem by adding anime’s that the majority of anime lovers actually are willing to pay £5 monthly for this app. I really hope that my review/message has gotten through to the creators and to other people..Version: 1.8.1

Just whyThis app has soooo many ads!! I would get 6-7 ads every 5-10 minutes. And it’s the same ones too which makes it more annoying! Even when I’m gone for like 2 minutes and my phone turns off, when I get back on the app to resume the show I was watching, I have to watch like 3 more ads before actually getting back to my show! Another problem that occurred to me is that sometimes when I start a new episode, the fast forward buttons, pause button, and the time scroll thing on the bottom are gone and it would just have the loading symbol. Sometimes I don’t mind the loading symbol being there because it still plays the episode, but sometimes I want to skip the intro to the show and just get to the actual plot of the episode. When I want to do that I have to exit the episode and refresh the page and sometimes my phone to get the buttons and scroll thing back. If that doesn’t work, then I just have to delete the app and reinstall it and sign in to my account to continue watching. Other than those two problems, the app is pretty good, they have most of the animes that I like. BUT PLEASE FIX THOSE PROBLEMS!! THEY’RE VERY ANNOYING!!!.Version: 1.8.6

Subscription won’t validateI bought the subscription a couple days and it still giving me the standard free plan. I went to FAQ to restore purchase but the link wasn’t there so instead I went to the website and it says to go to ITunes. I go to check, nothing about restoring purchases and now I can’t my money back or use the ACTUAL SUBSCRIPTION.Version: 1.8.14

Where are the shows?Half the shows you have in you service don’t come up in the browse screen when looking at all shows or at genres? I had to use the search function to find shows that didn’t appear in any of the listings, such as Assassination Classroom, Snow White With the Red Hair and Fairytale. All shows should have a tile in the browse menus or no one will know half the shows available..Version: 1.7.5

They don’t even care so why am i even leaving this reviewThis app is absolute trash. If there wasn’t so many exclusives on here that i couldn’t find on other streaming services then i would have never gotten this app in the first place. Constant issues with loading into videos, and the Lackluster UI for browsing the list of shows that i have in queue is pathetic. Half of the time i try to pick up where a show left off it throws me half way into the season on the episode I’m not even ready to see yet. Thanks for the surprise spoilers. Whoever thought the “my queue” feature was adequate enough to be released as it is needs to be somewhere else. Not being able to search through the list is aggravating. It is obvious that that the only thing they care about is the money they get from you and not a single lick of the experience that you are receiving. At this point i rather waste my time watching these shows on a adult ad infested website before i waste another single penny toward this company; at least the people trying to run these websites have compassion for what they do to a extent. 6 months later and I’m done with this. Can’t wait for the generic “I’m sorry to hear your experience was bad, please contact our customer support so we can talk about it” Basic bs message reply on this review. Please don’t bother its an insult.Version: 1.8.7

The mature content settingsI have downloaded Funimation, the app should add a sign up button instead of relying on the online website. Plus the website is very bad. I still haven’t been able to access content that is 13+ due to the mature content settings. When I go on the app settings it says to go to their website. But the huge problem about that is I’m unable to find the website to go to my profile and confirm my age. Please help or reply the link leading to the tab where you can customise the the mature content settings. Thank you if anyone does. I really want to start using this app more properly. :).Version: 1.8.7

Love it but...I love how it works and have been reading one piece and wanted to watch it on my phone but when i click on one piece it doesnt load and when it does it is very slow why is this?.Version: 1.8.1

Good app but...It’s a good app with plenty of variety however, when you turn on the auto play to play one episode after another automatically it doesn’t work you have to press on every episode. Also on a lot of show that are English dubbed it only has some of the episodes in English e.g. episode one English,Japanese. Episode 2 japanese. Episode 3 English, japanese. So it’s random not just waiting for newer dubs to be uploaded. If these things were fixed I’d definitely give it five stars but these things really need to be fixed..Version: 1.8.1

Nice catalogue but let down by a flakey app.I try and enjoy my subscription but the app lets me down too much. Even after downloading an episode to local storage it acts like is is slow streaming with regular periods of pixelation and stalling. The regular “player error” messages are tedious and revert the episode to the start so the player loses it’s place in the episode. The app itself is cumbersome, slow to boot and load so that it’s hard to select a video from the home page as the app constantly jumps rows as it loads up for up to a minute. A really rather good library let down by an app that seems to be in the beta stage of its development..Version: 1.7.3

SubscriptionI am actually getting really frustrated with this app. I keep trying to upgrade my subscription to premium but it won’t let me subscribe to monthly payments yet the option is there. I then tested to see if the yearly payment would work and without issue the payment options became available. This is so stupid! Why put the option to do monthly if they’re not gonna allow to pay monthly. I’m so close to cancelling but I love anime so much I’m trying to make it work..Version: 1.7.5

I can’t watch my animeI can’t watch my anime because of a setting I tried to change that but it told me to go to the website when I went there it said you must have premium to change that it’s trash.Version: 1.8.4

Terrible serviceI got hooked on my hero academia and then it tells me that I have to pay for premium.Version: 1.7.8

Can be fricking annoyingOk so I love this app and all cause it was great at first. Not a single problem. Until one day I was on the last few episodes of my hero academia in season four and... IT FRICKING SWITCHES TO JAPANESE INSTEAD OF ENGLISH. I look up everything I could and I tried to figure it out but I found nothing. I wasn’t gonna give up though cause I knew that there was a way. However I tried to watch it again and you know what it said! Uh no! You have run out of streams. LIKE WHAT THE HECK! I’m sry for getting mad but I spent hours trying to fix it but now I can’t even watch it in general! I love it so much my hero academia is my new favorite show but I can’t watch it! I’m gonna try to switch to Crunchyroll cause maybe they have it in English. Idk I’ll find out. Hopefully it works cause I didn’t come this far just to ((SPOILER ALERT)) see night eye die and the LOV still out there with the bullets that take your quirk away. This is still a cool app and I suggest that people get it but I don’t like the subscriptions. I know it’s how you make money and stuff and I understand why you have them, but I mean it kinda all got ruined for me. Idk if there is a different way or something to the solution of this and I’m just stupid but I would really like a response to this for some help. I don’t wanna switch to Crunchyroll cause I love Funimation. Ty for reading!.Version: 1.8.7

Worst of the worst👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿.Version: 1.8.10

Glitched ads, Way too buggy.I personally would not recommend using this app if you’re trying to find an app to watch anime on, First the app bugs out a lot and there’s way too many ads, I was like 1-2 minutes into the show and got an ad, I waited patiently for it to go away but then came another so as I said, I patiently waited for it to go away, After a few minutes getting into the show, 2 ads popped up, Not like 2 ads in a row, I mean they were both playing at the same time so I just waited for them to go away, As I saw the first ad leave I noticed my show was playing but there were 2 voices talking over each-other so I paused what I was watching and realized another ad was still playing, I thought that maybe just resetting the app would’ve fixed it, It happened again so I waited for the ads to go away but I realized the 2nd ad just kept on playing and I sat there waiting for it to stop but it never did, I tried resetting the app twice but still, The same thing happened again, It’s like they’re trying to make you buy their free trail crap, I’m going to try to re-install this app and see if it turns out better but for now I’m giving this app a one star. If you want to watch anime somewhere I recommend using crunchyroll, I know there’s still ads but I promise you it’s way better and less buggy on there. Oh btw i’ll be waiting for their same-old same-old response as always..Version: 1.8.10

Good app but...Ok so I like funimation a lot, I used to use crunchyroll a lot more until I found this app and I decided to give it a try. I usually watch on my Roku tv and while I was watching there was a bunch of ads like 6+ ads which I’m ok with but crunchyroll has less, the reason why I decided to use this app was to watch dragon ball s which isn’t available on crunchyroll. So I decided to rewatch the whole anime so I went to the regular dragon ball and I watched around 5 episodes and it said I have to be a premium member to watch the rest, I don’t have the money to pay for premium so I’m like fr cuz crunchyroll gives less ads and I can watch with ads but funimation u can only watch a few episodes, it has more variety, and there’s more ads which i feel like it should be where u get more ads but your allowed to watch which is more fair, this app/ website has potential but it’s not good for people who can’t or refuse to buy it, that’s why I feel like more people go to crunchyroll then funimation. This is just a suggestion cuz now I gtg back to crunchyroll wit no dragon ball and watch one piece instead when I really wanted to rewatch dragon ball for Christmas break. I hope u read this and decide what to add.Version: 1.8.11

This badThis is the worst anime app ever To watch a video you have to pay Like WTF.Version: 1.8.13

ClunkyThis app is just really hard to navigate. The search function is slightly smaller text, and can be difficult to find on the right. Some sort of bolder, more identifiable delineation between menu options would be great. Further, the “play next” feature is difficult. I’ll be 4-8 episodes past what I started on, and it will still take me to the first episode I started watching. Example- start episode 20, get to 26. Come back to the app a day later, and it wants me to start back on episode 20. Which brings me to another optimization request. Please allow users to access show information from the main menu continue playing (through a long press or single tap menu) including selecting different episodes. The current setup nearly forced users to search for the show they can see from the main menu. Lastly, please implement auto play and auto skip features. It’s be nice (especially in shows where intro outro are fixed) to the markers where the show actually starts and stops, and has the ability to take you to the next episode without having to click through. Overall, the app has massive room for improvement, but is one I appreciate for the content I’m getting..Version: 1.8.12

It’s a good app but needs to have bugs fixedIt’s a good app, but I have a few problems with it. First, some of the dubs in English have been promised for FIVE months now, and they still aren’t there. The ads aren’t that bad, but are boring and repetitive, they are the exact same ad, again and again, and sometimes it will play it twice, so you will hear both of them and the app will crash. It won’t let me do auto play so I have to refresh the app every time I want to go to a new episode. It will do the little loading circle for the entire episode unless you figure out a hack in the apps. I’d reccommenc Crunchyroll over this, it has more ads but better quality..Version: 1.8.6

Severe issuesThis app has been very inconsistent. When it does work it works well with no cutting out of audio and clear video. However that’s only when it works. I have found that most of the time the app has frequent issues with loading videos where they will often freeze or go to a black screen and require the episode to be reopened and reloaded to continue watching. The app itself has crashed or frozen on multiple occasions causing me to have to restart the app in order to use it. Due to these issues episodes can take up to 50% longer to watch and become very frustrating very quickly. I don’t know if my review will be removed for saying this but piracy would be a less stressful and far easier experience..Version: 1.7.3

I used to like it it’s trashSeriously I was trying to watch an episode of my hero academia and it’s literally telling me to pay to watch certain episodes. This sucks and they make you pay for it. There’s way to many repeated adds and of course YOU HAVE TO PAY. I’m really tired of this and I’m deleting the app. The adds would be fine to me if I could watch all the episodes for free..Version: 1.8.11

Great app but not the bestThere are many things about the app that are amazing like it’s wide variety of anime and how it has less adds than other apps. There are still a few problems with this app though. Once you are done watching an episode, it doesn’t automatically go to the next episode, so you have to do it manually every time. You have to go to the next episode through the setting bar, and more than half the time it sends you to the first episode of the next season and not the episode you originally wanted. I have also been having a problem to where there is a loading symbol in the middle of my screen when the episode is playing perfectly, and it doesn’t go away unless you exit the episode. I have been entering and exiting the same episodes over and over again so I can watch it without the loading symbol, and after I finish every episode that I successfully watch I have to hope that it doesn’t skip to the next season so I don’t have to get out of the episode I want to watch over and over again. Other than that, I have no complaints because it is still a pretty good app. Thank you for reading this, and I hope that review can help improve the app and other people’s experiences with this app..Version: 1.8.5

Several little things effect the app in a big waySeveral bugs with their iPhone X support. Scrolling is a real pain as it drags puts you back where you started after a couple seconds. The inability to change quality while streaming through a Chromecast is annoying as well, as I have to buffer the video every 30 seconds because of slow internet. With issues resolved I’d be happy to give my rating another star or two..Version: 1.5.1

Subscription problemsIf you subscribe via the app it sets it up as using an iTunes subscription. When your next month rolls around they can confirm you have paid you subscription but the app acts like you haven’t. They basically say there is nothing they can do about the fact that their app doesn’t recognise that you have paid your subscription and you will have to get a refund from apple and then resubscribe via their website. It is clearly an issue with their app that they no about but they take no responsibility for it..Version: 1.6.2

Angry!This app has managed to make my blood boil that I’ve had to write a review so hopefully the apps makers can fix the massive issues I’ve been having. I’ve been recently watching the first season of Attack On Titan with English voice actors on Netflix. No problem and have fallen in love with the show, but had to use this app since the rest of the seasons are not available on Netflix. Firstly I’ve had so many issues making an account and so many times it forcefully signed me out. Secondly I had to use a pc to sign in and change the adult filter because the app wouldn’t let me. The videos I did manage to watch were amazing and great quality, but I could hardly watch them because of the STUPID amount of ads. Also if your gonna put ads on can you at least use a selection and not just the same one repeated. And finally now I’m on season 3 and the app refuses to give me the English voice acted version. It’s streaming services like this that make me thankful that Netflix exists. Horrible experience and a shame because I think a lot of the shows on this app are really good..Version: 1.8.6

Funimation samsung tv app last update 2018I love funimation but am really starting to hate there apps especially there samsung smart tv and xbox series x app. They never work properly and when they do only 10 shows come up. Home and simuldub won’t load at all and having to search for a series if i wanna watch it. As for the new anime i don’t know what new anime has come out in the last two months. I have paid for a funimation membership for over 3 years but now am coming to a point that an getting so annoyed and frustrated with the tv app that am thinking of moving to crunchyroll they may not have a tv app but there xbox series x app runs perfect. I have tried to report this but guess what there is no option to report bugs and problems. Getting there attention on social media too they don’t respond and ignore there customers. Sort it out funimation because i give it another month, 2 at the most and am canceling and moving to crunchyroll which i dont wanna do but why pay £4,99 a month for something that doesn’t work when you can pay a little extra for something that does work!.Version: 1.8.12

Major redesign neededHi, 1) on my ipad it’s ridiculous. The lag opening and loading each titles page is just tiresome. Why not preload 90% of content and simply check to see if the page needs updating otherwise rely upon the cached Ver already on my devices hard drive/app. But this lag is incredibly annoying and so off putting. Half the time the pages errors and fails to load and I have to try again. It’s not good enough. Not at w. Major reason I’ve canceled my subscription. 2) get rid of the two level menu. It’s redundant and very Annoying. Just have every icon showing. Next, make the flipping play and fwd buttons finger sized and spaced out properly. Currently it’s almost impossible to hit the correct button if your a guy. 3) half the time the CC feature doesn’t work. The ratings feature never works. 4) anime that’s not currently pt of ur collection appears in search results? Why? 5) you really need to offer a larger amount of anime for ur Australian audience. And offer the full series not starting from s3 if u hope to attract more customers. 6) Overall, your offering needs a lot of work. It’s a shame as I was really excited to hear you entered Australian market. If u fix your app and improve collection I’d happily purchase a subscription again. Thx..Version: 1.7.3

Apple TV is unusableReview is mostly in response to the lack of update or polish on the Apple TV. Last time the Apple TV app was updated was August 24, 2020 as of writing this review. Most currently airing shows are unwatchable due to errors, but no error shows the episode just shows a black screen and no logging out or reinstalling seems to fix it. Add in they seem to keep screwing up the timing on subtitles on the currently airing shows meaning you need to wait who knows how long for them to fix it. As a long time sub I’m starting to really consider whether they deserve my money when they clearly seem indifferent to the issues on their apps..Version: 1.8.14

Not bad but could do with a bit of tweakingI think this app is not a bad alternative to Crunchyroll and I initially downloaded to watch anime that may not be available on Crunchyroll and yes the ad for this says no ads but but hey I can deal with ads although as much as it is good I do have some criticism such how it deals with premium restrictions and I wish I didn’t need to compare but I feel as if Crunchyroll does its restricted content a bit better unlike fun crunch only restricts new releases but fun restricts lots of episodes for series which does reduce watch time I would prefer that maybe in exchange for those try adding something that would still make buying the premium worth it, like access to a specific service or maybe allow for more dubs in other languages or maybe something that restricts the show without reducing episodes or watch time but overall the service is great and I’m happy to use but the episode restriction thing is a bit pushing it.Version: 1.8.6

A few issues..Alright, let me start with a little information about the app and the first impression I had. When I loaded onto Funimation , I looked at all the anime’s in awe. It was outstanding. I mainly downloaded Funimation to watch Assasination Classroom, and My Hero Academia. I started with My Hero Academia, it was amazing! I enjoyed it so much, until up to the 4th season. When I got to the 4th season, I was able to watch a couple of episodes in English, then it stopped. I tried looking at the settings, it didn’t have an other option, I was so disappointed. That’s when I realised Funimation had really let me down this time. I now don’t know what happened after ERI just got rescued, and I’m really mad/sad. I hope you can try get more episodes in English, if you can’t, I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll be downloading Funimation again. Thank you for reading this review, and I hope everyone who watches anime and is planning to download this app, this is a little information. Thanks, and goodbye..Version: 1.8.8

Good but.....So get this in season two part two of the hero trial I press on the video and it tells me I have to subscribe which is really unfair really on fair why do we have to have a stupid subscription to be able to carry on watching something that we've been sucked into and also a complaint about the ads ads are so annoying and basically I watch one episode and I get three loads of adverts and they're the same stupid have you heard there is a magical girls advert and it's super annoying I like one load of advert is literally the same advert in the same advert twice as the same advert twice it's basically the same advert thing and it's super super super super annoying I don't want it to carry on can you make it so that I don't have to be subscribed to be able to watch my hero Academy because it's really mean that you've made it that way..Version: 1.8.10

Don’t Download!!Worse Anime App ever, purchased premium still have to watch ads after it says ‘purchase successful’ proceeds to say ‘something went wrong.’ No help from contacting them either, basically throwing money away with this app.Version: 1.7.3

HiIs it just me or the subtitles don’t work because there is no subtitles on any one of them.Version: 1.8.4

Could be much betterI love Funimation’s list of shows. I’ve been using crunchyroll premium from quite some time but the lack of movies made me decide to pick up a subscription for Funimation as well. I was really looking forward using it but the mobile app needs so many things. First of all, the bugs. Is it just me or when you’re browsing through the list of shows, there is a weird upward shift of the screen. Also, the video player sometimes turns dark on me? It’s like a crash except only for the audio/video output. I’d like to add that it is a bit annoying that when changing languages, the video restarts from the beginning? I don’t want to sound like a jerk but Netflix does the transition pretty well so as a customer, I don’t think it’s weird to ask that you try to match your competitors. Finally, I find it a little hard to navigate through shows. For example, the genre categories seems limited. Overall, I think Crunchyroll’s user interface is much nicer. I hope Funimation’s development team brings us nicer upgrades in the future.Version: 1.6.5

To many ads.I used to love this app, but now the amount of ads being played has put me off. It’s way to much, and it’s the same ads every single time. There’s no variety, and it’s incredibly repetitive. There’s times where I’ll skip to a point in an episode I want to rewatch, and I’ll get 6 of the exact same ad. This app has good anime, which is great. But the ads are way way to much and take all the fun out of using the app. Fix the amount of ads you show, because it’s ridiculous..Version: 1.8.11

AdsI I hope u read this but I would like to inform you on the ads You see I haven’t logged in to an account yet I wanted to say that there are to many ads and they go for too long I think you should only do one ad on a episode and don’t make it so long otherwise I get very annoyed because I don’t get to watch the rest of the episode until another 2 minutes and then I would go back onto another ad within only 12 or less minutes and it would other people who don’t have the patience like me I hope you read this it would help and mean a lot Thank you.Version: 1.7.4

PremiumExtremely frustrated and disappointed with how iv paid $5.99 for premium over 24 hours ago and still haven’t been registered as a premium member so I can’t even watch any series I actually want to watch yet. Until I have received the service I PAID FOR my rating will stay at 1 star, you can’t expect people to pay to use your app if your not able to start watching the series you PAY FOR straight away...very disappointing..Version: 1.7.9

I don’t like your buttons on iPad and menu buttonI’ve asked this before and haven’t seen any sign of you taking notice. Your app on iPad have far to small buttons to press. Many times your menu button disappears after I touch it and find I have to press multiple times just to press next episode button. Look at Netflix and animelab. Both have decent buttons no extra menu to advance to next episode. Also can you fix the delays in loading episodes very annoying. Freezing to load and advance causing glitches with sound. Seems whilst reading other comments you have no interest in listening to your customers feedback or improving the app. I like your app due to abundance of English dub, but upon watching almost daily plz could you update your shows with new ones more often? Funny thing is if you combine crunchy roll animelab and Funimation we would have a perfect app to watch anime..Version: 1.6.2

Lazy and ObnoxiousTo start with the app is lazily designed for I-pad users, the fact that orientation isnt even a feature in this app be it horizontal only is downright ****ing disgraceful for any app, especially when it’s only direction is opposing the majority of available stand cases. And that’s only the lazy part, the ad’s are obnoxious and while the 2-3 ad markers a video would be acceptable if they only required viewing once, any rewinding to rewatch/review or because for instance someone started talking to you and you missed a section well too bad. Enjoy more ads. Let me praise the content though, it is high quality dubbed anime but if the service is worse than a piracy website who hamfist banner ads and pop ups down your throat then who in their right mind is gonna bother using this..Version: 1.6.3

Barely functionalApp is glitchy as hell. Graphics don’t line up, stuff doesn’t load properly. Chromecast streams randomly crash all the time..Version: 1.8.14

Funimation is a good idea but badly executedDon’t get me wrong, i love funimation and j love being able to watch anime especially since i’ve just started to get into anime but it’s hard finding apps that allow you to watch it. Funimation has quite a few good anime’s that i’ve enjoyed watching but the sad part about it is if you use the free trial you are spammed with 3-6 adds per episode. It was frustrating but understandable since i knew they had to make a profit somehow and making me watch adds wasn’t that bad when i was busy watching my hero academy. Another bad thing about funimation is the fact that you have a limited amount of videos you can watch before you have to pay for premium, i found this very disappointing but once again understandable since again, i know they need to make a profit somehow, but all in all the app is incredible, i was able to watch so many kinds of anime’s that i’ve seen floating around but wasn’t able to get access to. I enjoyed the app a lot can’t wait to see what the app has in store next since it’s still in development. so i’ll rate it 3 stars. I hope my comment helped others and i hope you enjoy the app as much as i did 😁.Version: 1.8.7

Download? Hold my beer.In the time it takes the app to download an episode to my phone I can download the entire three seasons of Hero Aca from elsewhere, upload to Dropbox and load them locally there, watch it all and come back to find it barely half way through downloading the one episode. Not much of a premium feature if it doesn’t work..Version: 1.7.9

Good selection horrible appSelection is everything I’m looking for but due to laggy and clunky app by the time the app gets around to loading I’ve already moved on. Unfortunately due to this I am canceling my subscription and going back to Crunchyroll. Also the apps downloading is very lacklustre. You have a 25/75 chance off your video properly downloading or the app crashing. And to make it worse they cap the download limit. If I’m paying premium I would like to download as many videos as I would like. Periodt..Version: 1.7.8

Abysmal and risibleWhy doesn’t this app work most of the time? I’ve just recently paid for a yearly subscription and I already want out. Where do I begin?! The onscreen controls are far too small and too close together, the app closes randomly (& very often), the picture quality nowhere near as good as Crunchyroll either. Every time I play a show, I have to remember to change the language even though on my general settings I’ve already put it as Japanese. Autoplay rarely, if ever works, when I click to play an episode it takes FOREVER to load but mostly just doesn’t load at all or shows an error sign saying playback doesn’t work and I should try again later. Plus, the selection of anime is limited at best and a poor recycling of what I have seen on other apps. I have never been so appalled with an app in my life. Dire! Funimation should just delete the whole thing and start from scratch or just give up and allow other companies to do a better job. Also, this thing deserves no stars but it won’t allow me to do that so I will give it an undeserving 1 star..Version: 1.8.7

Streaming and appLook I love the shows but please fix your glitches on your app and the issues with steaming to Chromecast I always have to scroll episodes to pick the next one and sometimes I’m the app will randomly shut down or the streaming to Crome cast won’t work please fix 🗿.Version: 1.8.14

Good but small problemLook all in all I love the concept it’s not bad in the slightest. A few things I don’t like is that a few of the series I want to watch aren’t dubbed on a website primarily for dubbed content but whatever I’ll wait. My main problem is that after having it for a few months it won’t let me load the genre section so I can’t have a look at all the options to choose from for my anime binge session..Version: 1.7.4

Aaaaahhh!!!Fix your app it’s on 1080p in settings but it never does 1080p. With my wifi, All my other streaming apps can do 1080p without loading, but not FunimationNow..Version: 1.6.3

Would recommend membership but the app still needs workOverall the amount and variety of shows and their quality is very good. I would recommend membership however.....The app does still need some work as it does do some odd things and crash randomly. When it does this for some reason it forgets where you were up to and It can be a pain going back through trying to find where you were. Also it could really do with a schedule of the shows your watching so you don’t have to keep checking back or trying to remember what days shows are out. A function like this exists on the standard website so I don’t see why they can’t put this on the app.Version: 1.8.1

FIX THIS APP!It sucks so hard. The content is great, but getting it to work is IMPOSSIBLE. It will crash when you switch to subtitles, it’ll crash when you try to download episodes, it’ll crash WHEN YOU TRY TO WATCH ANYTHING!! Fix the app! Please!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous that a streaming app has this many crash issues..Version: 1.8.14

I am so annoyedThe app looks really good and I looked at someone else’s review it seems a little bit frustrating but I thought you’ll be absolutely fine the bad things about it is that you have to basically pay I think quite a lot and that you have to like log into something and I didn’t actually even get to use the app because I’m like I don’t wanna log into anything I don’t wanna pay for anything I just wanna like make a cool animation like they do movies but it just doesn’t work which is why I gave it to start I want to give it I well the point is I only gave it two stars because I thought One star is a little harsh and it did look like a really good animation app which is why I gave it two stars hope that my review helped you 👋🏻.Version: 1.8.12

Pretty Good overall, but lately has not been optimal, can’t download episodes offlineI usually have no problems with the mobile app, granted it is a little buggy but it does it’s job as a streaming service. So overall good in mobile, but lately I have been struggling to download some episodes offline on my device before a roadtrip, I have an IPhone X, so I phone isn’t that old, and I got it replaced fairly recently so I know it’s not the phone. The problem came from an anime that I forgot to delete after I watched it, and it expired, so when I found out about it I deleted it, now for the episodes I didn’t get to watch, I attempted to re-download them, but they just keep buffering and give me that clock icon that says it’s preparing to download. It’s had been like that for hours, and my internet isn’t bad, so I deleted it and downloaded the episodes multiple times, with no luck just the clock, and now it’s happening with other anime I tried to watch too. I eventually gave up, but I wanted to report this bug to see if I’m the only one who’s been having trouble with this, I’m also a premium plus member so I have the ability to download them offline without many limits. Funimation pls help.Version: 1.8.12

Good when it worksFunimation is a great anime streaming service with a good amount of dubs available and when it works you can watch and download many shows which is great however the service can be so broken sometimes with random crashes halfway through the shows every episode has at least one crash sometimes. not im a patient person and I can look past this and if you download these shows you don’t get those crashed however this morning it took 20 minutes to download 2 episodes of attack on titan and thats not due to slow internet it took 20 minutes to try to start 2 downloads thats a joke and the worst part I only got one downloaded after all that the second refused to download. what a broken service.Version: 1.8.13

Great but one thingI love the app and it’s all works really well. The only issue I have is it won’t stream on chrome cast for me which drives me nuts..Version: 1.6.3

Why I rate thisAds where to long I could watch a 25 min anime but then it turns in to an hour because the ads are so so so long.Version: 1.8.14

Literally one of the most garbage apps, needs a lot if work to be improved upon, simple errorsSo it seems for an anime streaming app, it automatically gives you dub every episode. You are forced to watch and ad before the episode, but when you just change the language setting to Japanese and turn on subtitles, it forces you to watch another ad because it automatically resets. In fact while watching it, whenever an ad appears, afterwards the video and subtitle quality diminishes. Whatever subtitle was left before the ad is permanently stuck when the ad finishes. That means that now I have white text over white text, none of which I can even read. Even while trying to turn off subtitles, that one frozen text was still there. Not to mention that every time I tried to fix the settings it would often reset the video again and force me to watch the same exact ad again. At one point I had watched the same 35 second ad 7 times in a row, and all I can say is your promotional tactics did not work for that ad, the hatred I have from how garbage this streaming service has ensures that i will never purchase anything recommended. In fact everyone, I recommend you use some random website with low quality that streams it because honestly you'll have a better experience..Version: 1.8.3

Way to many adsCant even watch the shows because there are so many and it messes it all up.Version: 1.8.13

Only good for computersThis app is hard to use on a phone because of the ads, but other than that there’s no problems I’ve come across yet. Examples: the ads pop up mostly every five or three minutes depending on how far into the episode you’re on which isn’t that much of a problem but sometimes I accidentally end up clicking on them and it’s confusing to get out of. If I get an ad and exit the app because I got a notification and go back into the app I have to rewatch the ads which I find very annoying. Ads usually pop up right after you click on the show which again, isn’t a problem but then it plays the show intro that most people skip because they’ve already seen, and it plays an ad after the intro so technically there’s ads right on top of each other. So basically the app would be nice if you paid to get rid of ads. Computer experience is different from the phone experience because it’s not as confusing unless you close the tab and have to go onto the website all over again which like I said before it makes you re watch the ads. But other than that it’s better to use the app/website on a computer rather than using your phone. Sorry if I wasn’t helpful, I tried to explain it as much as I could..Version: 1.8.12

Not the bestIt was the best at the beginning but then when I got to season 4 of hero Academy it turned the language to Japanese and I can’t change it back.Version: 1.8.4

Plz see this .-.So I recently got Funimation on my Xbox . And I’m on the first episode of my hero Academia, it’s gets to certain parts and just stops. So I come out of it and go back in but it just continues to do that. Also can you make the add that’s plays different. I do watch it on my phone sometimes and that’s fine :D I’d give this a 5/5 if this Problem on the Xbox could be fixed? Another problem is that I am trying to watch the last 3 or 4 episodes of my hero Academia, it says that I have to subscribe which is super annoying:( cause I’ll have to watch it on crunchy roll and they don’t have English dub like you do. Overall it’s an amazing place to watch anime that you can’t watch on Netflix:>.Version: 1.8.10

Formation please fix your app or change itI love your app but he keeps on crashing all the video doesn’t work.Version: 1.8.14

MORE ANIMEAdd naruto how could you forget about NARUTO less adds too ;-; props for the dub.Version: 1.7.9

Unable to loginAs the title says I am unable to Log or Sign in. It’s very frustrating..Version: 1.8.7

Needs workThis app claims to not give you adds other and other again the same one that’s really annoying it goes on for 5 seconds and will play around 4 times before going back to the episode you are watching , says it gives you all episodes in subbed and dubbed so you can pick which one you want , but that’s not the case for me and probably other people, you have to pay for the app £5 a month yeah that’s not that bad but there’s a twist , I’m currently on my 14 day free trial , episodes keep disappearing on the anime I’m watching then appear a hour later , some episodes are not even on the app, some anime’s start half way though like episode 26 no one wants to watch that far in a anime , there episodes are not all subbed and dubbed , I have gotten 3 ads with my 14 days free even though it claims I will have no adds with the trial I’m not that happy about that , I would like these problems fixed , or change what you claim your app does . Thank you.Version: 1.8.3

Hilariously bad1. 8 ads for a 20 minute episode? A few ads are acceptable but not so many that it practically doubles the length of the entire episode. 2. The auto-play feature doesn’t work. I have to manually switch it which is really irritating. 3. Every time I try to start the 14-day trial, it says ‘purchase cannot be completed now try again later’ and then it never does. I’ve tried everyday for the past 3 days and I’ve googled everything YET IM STILL BEING CHARGED WITH HAVING STARTED THE SUBSCRIPTION WHEN IT ISNT WORKING 4. Now I can’t watch anything because whenever I play an episode and try to change the audio language, it says ‘this video cannot be played at this time’. I’ve tried shutting down the app, turning my phone off and on, deleting and reinstalling the app, even switching to mobile data and nothing is working. 5. And in the past when this feature did work - even though I have my audio preference changed to Japanese, all my shows automatically are in English and I have to manually change it, resulting in 2 more ads. THATS 10 ADS FOR A 20 MINUTE EPISODE. 6. The app is generally very slow and laggy. Listen to the reviews please. This app is lazily designed...fix it..Version: 1.6.5

Same problem I read a user had a yr ago!Subscription not paid, spoke to apple and not much they can do. I don’t half wonder if this is a way to try to move to in house billing maybe? Have to think that when another IOS user posted the same issue a yr ago! Plenty of money in my account to pay but Funimation not recognising payment. A whole yr same issue? Really ?.Version: 1.7.9

App’s not working with ios 14The app just shuts down, can we get an update? Maybe with a widget for the home screen? Don’t get me wrong, I will continue go pay the yearly plan, The app is great, but it just doesn’t work right now. Also the download feature is a little choppy, works sometimes, I watch everything on my iPhone. Please help..Version: 1.8.9

Worst app with great contentThis is probably the most poorly designed app I have ever had the displeasure to use. First off sliding from the left brings up the setting menu where I'd expect it to go back to the previous page ( not a terrible issue I just forget that's what it does everytime) second it takes forever for videos to start playing (could be my internet but no other streaming service takes very long to play) the "autoplay" feature if you can call it that rarely if ever works 9 times out of 10 it will get to the end of the episode then count down, try to play, then skip to the next episode. Sometimes it doesn't even try and kicks you out to the selection screen. If you try to skip an episode it's a gamble if it'll play or not and, more often than not it'll sit there and spin, which mean you have to back out of the app close it and reopen it again to play. To even get to the skip screen you have to hit the 3 dots then click the skip button, why have it designed that way? Why not just have a skip button on the next to the skip ahead 10 seconds button? All of that being said funimation has a great selection of great anime, it's just sad that they try to show it to you on such a terrible app. If you are going to use funimation stick to the web platform as much as you can..Version: 1.8.3

ErrorsThis is the first place I check because it works better for me as I have a premium but lately I’ve been getting ads on some of the series’s that I have watched previously and as I said I have premium so I don’t know why I’m getting ads at all, just have a look into it it’s not much but it’s one half of why I bought it.Version: 1.7.9

Not that many of my favourite showsFunimation is good place to watch anime but the only thing that bugs me is the ads but I get you have to make money but where is dragon ball Z One piece And Naruto how come they’re not there .So the only that I watched on there was My Hero Academia,a little bit of it I like all in all it’s a good anime app but they just need to add more shows to it..Version: 1.8.13

Good content, terrible functionalityMain things devs need to fix: App will not load new video if buffering last selected video. Have to close app and re-open and even then some videos won’t play. Intuitiveness - it’s difficult to navigate episodes. If you’ve accidentally played one episode before the one you intended, you can’t scroll back to select the one you want without having to reopen the whole season. Load times are appalling even with internet connection of 100+mb/s NO NEXT EPISODE AUTO PLAY?! What. The. Hell? No skip on open or close credits?! It’s 2019, please modernise. Overall the content is great, however if animelab offered the same catalog I would DEFINITELY still be using that. Note to Devs: use animelab for a month, take notes. Then do the same. For a paid service this is kinda trash hence the 1 star..Version: 1.7.8

App Constantly CrashesThe design layout they have it not bad from any means. However the actually functionally of the app is complete trash. The will constantly crash 80% of the time I use it. If you click on one thing, but quickly try to select something else, the app will crash. If you also click on something and the app takes a little to long to load it crashes. Their offline player is complete trash compared to other anime streaming services like VRV. You can only download 13 episodes which isn’t bad, but it’s honestly not that great. Plus the shows only last for 1-2 weeks on your phone before expiring. VRV will let you download as many as you want without ever expiring. There are a lot of issues with the offline player for Funimation. A one issue is after you finish a episode and attempt to hit the back button to the list of shows you have downloaded the app will crash. If the app takes too long to download a show you have downloaded it crashes. Even after their latest update to “improve the offline watching” the app is still complete crap. Also I know it’s not my phone since I have an iPhone 10 that is completely update with all its patches. The app has always been this crap from the start no matter what device you use..Version: 1.8.0

Love it more than life, hate it more than racistsThis app is so frustrating and no i don’t hate it more than racists, nothing tops them i just wanted your attention. the app is amazing bc there’s subs and dubs for everything i didn’t know i need. but. the. ads. kill. me. literally. there’s five sections of ads in a 24 minute show and each ad section is from 1-4 minutes (yeah. once i had a minute long ad play four times. not good) i watch attack on titan and you get an ad when you open the show so there’s two minutes and then the first few minutes of the show is recap, which i don’t need so if i skip to where the show starts, it makes me watch another ad. every. single. time. and that’s assuming it doesn’t glitch (which it does often) and then force me to redo it also there’s this one ad where there’s like an ipad that has open a news article on a wooden table and the ad ALWAYS freezes like i can’t even tell you what they’re advertising bc it always freezes and then that means you have to close the app and re open which then starts the ad cycle all over again. if i could find aot dubs somewhere else for free, i would’ve a long time ago(i have to use dubs bc my eyesight is wack and i cant always use subs and read them). i swear it takes me twice the time to watch the show.Version: 1.8.12

Okay but needs a lot of improvementThis is good I like dubbed anime but there’s no good anime and some times it doesn’t tell you if the episode is for premium and half way of the anime the episodes are for premium and the adds are so long that’s why it takes so long and like I said theres no good anime manly high school anime (witch I don’t mind) but my taste of anime is fighting adventure and sports so I just go to AnimeLab and Crunchyroll but I want this to be a good app for anime.Version: 1.7.9

False AdvertisingThe app states if you subscribe, which involves adding your credit card, you would be subject to less ads. This is false. I started my free trail and paid my first month and i still have just as many ads. The concept of the app is great but the false promise of less ads is the reason i will be using other apps instead of this one..Version: 1.7.3

Fix streamingI love the app but I hate how I can’t stream it on chrome cast.Version: 1.6.5

Sort This Out. I’ll be Deleting if it doesn’t.This app is great if you love anime. They have pretty much all the episodes of probably everything! I love how there are barely any adverts when you watch. I would rate this a five star but there is something that is really really bugging me and other people. I don’t know if this is happening on every anime but as I finished my hero academia episode 17 it said I needed to PAY to watch the rest. I find this incredibly unfair. For some users it has said the exact same thing when they have only finished three episodes. I thoroughly enjoy watching this anime but why do you have to pay to watch the rest!? You were my only hope, Funimation, on watching this anime in the English version. I hope to hear back from you.. Please sort this out if you can :(.Version: 1.8.12

Disappointing User ExperienceI don’t normally write reviews but I’m doing this in the hope that Funimation read these and implement changes. The app is very poor. No notifications when you follow a show. So you don’t know when a new episode is released or when a new season is about to start. Searching by genre is just a token gesture. Anime has much more diversity than the options you have. The interface is generally poor to navigate and not really intuitive. Personally I feel the whole app experience is just disappointing. Compare this to Crunchyroll and they’re leagues apart. So much so that I will watch an anime on Crunchyroll even if it’s on Funimation. The catalog is also not as good as Crunchyroll with gaps in some seasons availability. A small selection of shoes still have adverts when you’ve paid for premium and it just saps the enjoyment out of watching the show..Version: 1.8.4

Meh its okayLemme day that this app is worth a while but the downfall from that is complications on Funimation. When you have the membership let’s say the basic deal 7.99 m/ it’s pretty neet an everything you wanted no ads or anything else with it you can stream on two devices separately which worked! But sadly after my subscription ended: though a week later I went to the store bought a subscription for the App Store an went to my settings on my IOS an added another month, I was so excited that I couldn’t wait! But suddenly...it took my money an never given me my subscription because I had to pay last month!? Even though I already did! So I try to contact Funimation and everything an it didn’t help at all! Do not get me wrong anyone would be mad but I’m just generally upset! That I got my money taken away from a snap! So I had to pay twice and make another account but then I can’t get the subscription at all! Because apparently it took my money AGAIN!? If this reaches out to anyone who has this problem as I do from buying a subscription an then later on buying another subscription again but knowing being charged twice! Then please help me I’m just trying to watch my favorite old shows!.Version: 1.7.8

GlitchingI love this app despite the glitch when scrolling. I would love if they could fix that, when you’re scrolling is glitches and it scrolls down a bit..Version: 1.8.14

Intolerable amounts of AdsWatch 10 minutes of content, then be stuck with 5 minutes of the same 3 ads on repeat, without even the courtesy of a proper progress bar to show you when it might be finished. Funny how Funimation posted almost all of Initial D on YouTube in Japanese, but you have to watch on their site/app for English. I’d rather watch in Japanese with an ad I can skip every now and then than the TV-worthy ad breaks in the app..Version: 1.6.5

It an okay appThis app is difficult to work with. You can’t change the maturity setting on the app itself. It want to go to it website and do it but there’s no setting and it’s difficult to find( which I haven’t found it yet). The app refuses to let me change it on the app which is frustrating. The alp also has 4 spots for ads on each episode. It wouldn’t be to much of a big deal but each spot for ads has 1 to 5 ads on each one. They can be long annoying ads you’ve seen multiple times or they can be Funimation ads about other anime’s. The ads have one right when u get into the episode showing 1 to 5 ads then 3 to 4 mins after that ad another happens. Then around half point you get another round of ads. Oh dont forgot the one that is at the ending of the show. Some things the ads stop the show in the middle of a climax of the episode. Them they is the spinning wheel of death. It won’t let u do anything that you want to. It won’t let u pause or skip to any point. The only thing u can do is back out and try again. Which it gives you another ad to watch. Oh yeah even though u have the wheel of death the ads don’t stop. This app is more than frustrating specially when you’ve only had the app for a few days and this is what happens every single time.Version: 1.8.6

DisappointedI’m honestly disappointed in this app. This is a great app that I enjoy watching anime on. It has great shows and the ads aren’t too bad considering that it’s free, but I’ve signed up for a subscription and they have made it extremely difficult to cancel. I have been trying to cancel it for days because I accidentally bought a subscription to AnimeLab as well as funimation. Which I recently discovered has the same shows and is now joined. I still can’t cancel it and it’s very infuriating..Version: 1.8.12

Issues before even startingI was debating whether I wanted to get the Crunchyroll or funimation premium and saw they both had free trials so I thought might as well give them both a try and decide which to keep. Crunchyroll worked amazing and gave me no issues and I was already prepared to decide on that but I figured might as well try funimation before. Upon making my account and doing everything I needed to do I was set. I downloaded the app on my tv and when I try to log in it keeps telling me the info I put in is invalid. I try it a couple more times to no avail. I download the mobile app to see if there’s a difference and the same issue. At this point I think I may have mistakenly put a different password so being already logged into the service on browser I attempt to change my password. Turns out the password I’ve been putting has been correct because to change your password you need to know your current password. Since I know what I’m putting is correct I try it again but nope still says invalid. I saw the bad reviews on the functionality of the app but I decided to still give it a try but if I’m already having issues with logging in I could imagine how bad it must be when you’re already in considering the reviews I’ve seen. I’m not interested in dealing with customer support or anything of the such. This easily made my decision on which app to subscribe to..Version: 1.8.1

To much addsThere’s no haikyu and to much adds why do we have to upgrade our account it’s annoying and I can’t watch the episodes in the anime’s I want to watch 👎🏻.Version: 1.8.4

It’s not the best appFirst off, really like the app! I get to watch all the anime’s I like such as Dongorampa and My Hero Academia! Second of all, it’s the adds. I get that you wanna make money! But, I just hate how I get like 4 adds when it’s supposed to have 1 add. I don’t really care if it has 2 short adds but, 2-4 long adds!? It annoys the crap out of me! Maybe make it where there’s only one add per the add things, or maybe make it where there are no adds, but there’s a donation page where you can donate if you want to! It would be cool, because then we would have more time to watch Anime and not be interrupted and annoyed if we don’t wanna waste our money on a show or app. If your reading this thankyou if you make us wanna not waste our money and do what I ask of you. If your not reading this then please read this. And 3rd of all, just wanted to say other than those other things, this is a great app where I can sit and watch so I’m not bored! I hope you reply (Or fix the add thing I complained about) bc I just wanna know if you’re gonna fix it or not! But thankyou for your time and have a good day! Also I’d like to make another complaint, can we please have our videos in English (at least half of the series I like is Japeneese so I can’t finish it) Please fix this, so I can watch my Anime, I’d really like you to, because I am really angry with this..Version: 1.8.2

A few problems + it’s decentI’ve had a problem where I’m watching an episode which isn’t the newest one but I still need to upgrade to watch something not even the newest ?? ok but like, no thanks! I’m not sure if it’s a bug or something but just really? Trying to watch an episode which is not even the newest. Also subs could be included you know for someone without the upgrade..Version: 1.7.8

In general okay but is unusable on my phonePersonally I generally only use the phone app to add things to my list and look up what I want to watch next so I can’t speak on its streaming performance past the occasional couple minutes to see the opener on a show that I was unsure of based on description but I got a new phone around thanksgiving (an iPhone 12 mini. My previous was a 6s if that matters to anybody) but since I switched the app is almost unusable. I don’t know if it’s the iOS update that changed the layout of the time and such at the top of the screen or if it’s a feature of the newer phone (I’m horrible about keeping my iOS up to date and did not have 12 on my previous phone is why I’m unsure) but because of the shift of the status bar without the app reconfiguring for it (and there was just an app update not long ago that really should have addressed this or at least mentioned they were working on how to fix it) but now I can’t interact with the “three line” button, the search button, and one or two others that I can’t name off the top of my head and it has been that way the entire time I’ve had this phone/iOS (again I’m unsure of which one wrought the major change that brought the issue about).Version: 1.8.12

Echonangel12I’ve been having trouble with videos loading. I’m mostly always connected to some type of wi-fi network at home and at work and when I’m trying to go to the next episode and I click the Next Episode button it takes forever and a half to load and after a while it just kicks me out of the episode I’m on. And if I’m not paying attention to the episode I have to go into the queue and find my episode and place again, because it’ll restart the episode too. The loading issue happens as well when I’m trying to switch the audio from English to Japanese, it will load forever and then close out me again. And even when I switch the audio preference in settings on the app it will still be in the english when the video plays. I will even manually exit out and I’ll return to the same video again and again and again it will still have the same issue of taking forever to load and still be in the wrong audio setting. But over all I’ve been enjoying the vast variety of anime given to me. Currently watching D. Gray-man again and happy to be able to watch it on your app without adds. But it really kills the hype I have when I can’t even watch the episodes because it takes forever to load and play..Version: 1.8.6

It’s so annoying when they want you to pay for premium to watch episodesFunimation is a great app but it’s so frustrating when they say an episode is premium and you either have to skip that episode or pay for premium it would make more sense if there wasn’t premium episodes during series but have series that are premium and besides a lot more people would download Funimation if there wasn’t premium because they would be more satisfied with this app because premium is just making more effort when this app is where you get to relax and watch anime that you can’t watch on a tv. But at least make sure that premium is for certain series and not random episodes.Version: 1.8.7

Why should I report an issue with Funimation?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Funimation to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Funimation customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Funimation.

Is Funimation not working?

Funimation works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Funimation.

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