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Some people are extremely stupidI’ve recently downloaded Funimation to watch Anime and have discovered that it is in fact actually quite good. All these people saying there are 8 or more ads are obviously idiots or do not pay attention, as to test it I have went into random anime episodes and there were only 4 Ad intervals all 10 second long and only 1 as plays. So please stop rating this app low or it will never grow and maybe you should upgrade your plan and stop complaining to get this app less popular. Also it has Anime that Crunchyroll and Netflix do not, which is extremely helpful. -An actual honest Review.Version: 1.7.9

Amazing app!!!!!!I love this app so much!!! Now I can watch anime in English because I don’t understand Japanese!!!.Version: 1.8.12

AmazingI love this app I have a glitch that lets me skip ads but I’m not even subscribed I just can’t watch premium stuff.Version: 1.8.12

I have some problemsI love Funimation and I’ve been watching it throughout lockdown but I’m having a couple problems. First on my phone the same “Have you heard about Magica girls” add repeats twice at every add break but on my tablet there are so many adds and they don’t play all the way (starting to look like Crunchyroll) and also I have a problem with playing videos as I’d watch a couple then try the next on but it’ll say “this video is not available in your region” or “ video cannot be played at this time” But when the videos are working and I’m not being spammed by adds I love it!!! Also could you add a notification system so I get notified when shows come out that I’ve followed?.Version: 1.8.10

Load next episodeHi can you please fix my account because I am having problem of getting to the end episode I really don’t want to go to the show and click on the episode please fix ASAP thanks ps can you change the auto play at the start of the credits not the end thanks again and one more thing the app won’t let me pause or play if you can fix it that will be great.Version: 1.7.9

StrugglingI’ve been taking a break from Funimation for a month since I really only watch My Hero Academia. Though I’ve came back now and I wanted to watch one of the episodes, then it asked me to PAY to subscribe and watch the episode. I preferred the old Funimation before the updates came!! :(.Version: 1.7.5

Not a botI like Funimation because of the variate of anime on a variate of platforms. But their are some flaws that I can see why others would consider other platforms 1 of them being that it’s so hard to delete and account I want to do this but was unable so I just end up using a second account. another thing is you can’t make profiles on the same account this is annoying for a big family like mine. Another is you can’t Delete your history this has never really bothered me but I can see how it could bug some other people. And one last thing on the app of Funimation is that I will turn on captions or subtitles for an episode and immediately the next episode the subtitles are gone meaning I have to turn on subtitles every time I choose a new episode. It is easy to turn on subtitles but me having to do it over and over again is what is annoying. Now I’m not hating on the app but giving suggestions on how to fix it. I really enjoy the app because it has a lot of series I wasn’t able to watch before and in Dub too. I think signing up for the premium is needed though because it gives you access to so much for so little. Thank you..Version: 1.8.1

Just use the free versionI downloaded this after a friend recommended it to me for watching anime on, and when she said, “oh you have to pay for it” my heart sunk. But when I actually made an account you could get an option of whether you had a two week trial of paid or just stick with the free version (which includes ads). Tbh I don’t think you need to pay for it as i asked for my friends permission to log in to her account to say what the difference was (she has the paid plan) apart from not having advertisements. And if ur paying a fiver a month to just remove ads then it’s not worth it really. Overall I would recommend this app if you just want to watch anime for free..Version: 1.8.5

Email address or password is valid pleas read importantHey i was wondering if you could allow people to use there google account cause it’s saying that my password or email account is valid and I know it’s not because I used it on many stuff like Crunchyroll and it worked so please can you add google accounts I WANT TO WATCH SERVAMP PLEASE FROM SHAKIRA BROADBY.Version: 1.8.10

Getting betterAt first there wasn’t much anime. There still isn’t. BUT you’re improving. I would like to see more of the old school anime. If you add more of the old school anime, you might just be better then Crunchyroll..... but atm, you guys need a little more work. Hopefully you take this as good feed back ! Still enjoy the content provided !.Version: 1.7.8

Don’t see why it should be rated so lowFunimation is a great app, a lot of anime to watch and good quality as well. I understand and have also been through the pain of having ads but that’s what i’ve signed up for. I, for one, are quite patient and can put up with ads however if you’re not happy with how many ads there are either upgrade or get lost. I don’t see why you should rate this app one star and only put ‘too many ads’ it’s ludicrous. The only thing i can really say about the ads is that it gets boring watching the same one over and over again how about mixing it up a little? However for me, this app allows me to watch anime that i can’t on crunchyroll since it has such a limited amount. You also don’t need to pay from my experience so far plus it’s cheaper. -another honest review.Version: 1.7.9

Funimation is a great app! Overall especially from some one who actually uses it.I love anime, I will begin with that small portion first, secondly this app when I first got introduced to it a couple months ago, I though wow, it seems to have ads popping up....but I realized, that how else are they able to create a profit if they can’t show ads? I did some more research on Funimation and asked around with my buddies at college, and they said that it is amazing and to pay monthly for the subscription....it’s is worth it! So then I said okay, fine, I will try it out....And so far I love it and will always pay to use it monthly! I watch anime all the time, I never have any issues loading any anime unless....I’m at work of course haha......but it truly is the the best working app to watch anime! They also have greatttttttt....series like High School DxD😍😍😍.....or Suzuka, and another one is C3 Anime, and much more....I personally watch High School DxD....it has about 50 episodes, and I watch them through all the time. Also A series called Yu-No a girl who chants love, is a great series....I personally recommend it. It is worth the price every month, I honestly only pay 7.99 for premium....and it works beautifully. Great price for great content! Especially anime!!!!!! :p Thanks Funimation!!.Version: 1.7.9

Amazing App but Still has a few bugs here and thereI personally love this app, I have not been using it for long, but I will not say I regret downloading it. I normally use a computer to watch and I have not experienced extreme bugs yet. The first thing I would like to say there is a extreme amount of ads. I understand you need ads to help you, but I personally think there are way too many. When a 25-30 minute episode turns into a 50-55 minute episode it gets quite annoying. I’m not too busy so I could wait but, I feel especially bad for the people that only have a hour or two and the quickly want to finish a few episodes. In conclusion I am not too bothered by the ads, but people probably are going to get pretty upset about it. Second thing, the auto play, it sometimes cuts off. I haven’t found a better solution than to just reload the page. There is nothing extremely wrong with it I just think it gets annoying sometimes. Again I find this app great, if you are willing to spend money on it, it will probably be a million times better. At least to get rid on the ads. My final rating is 4 stars!.Version: 1.8.10

ATTENTION!!!Ok, so the ads have gotten much better now, or at least I think, as I'm only getting one 15-30 second ad in all of the ad breaks. So if the reason you decide not to get Funimation is the ads, get the app first to see if you get too many ads. Maybe it's just me? Maybe the ads have gotten better? I'm not sure, but the amount of ads im getting is really reasonable and so I think this app is amazing..Version: 1.8.9

Too much hentai on this appUh~ ✨🌴 woah~ ✨🌴 let's ✨🌴 keep ✨🌴 the ✨🌴 feelings~ ✨🌴.Version: 1.8.14

I LOVE THISIf u like watching animes like bunny girl senpai,mha,high school dxd, etc. Just get this app but u do have to pay but I think the price is reasonable! But doesn’t have all the anime u could imagine but the app is still great! And I love how u could follow and like keep an anime if u would like really love this tho and would really recommend hopes this helps u!.Version: 1.8.14

EnjoyI enjoy Funimation. Found that I have a Premium Plus membership for a year through iTunes and it shows on the app that I have a Premium Plus monthly membership. Kind of stupid. Also found it strange that iTunes offers the Premium Plus Ultra to people in Australia which is only valid for residents of Canada/US. Needs to be fixed up..Version: 1.7.9

If you need it, get it, if not, don’tI got the app cause my father already had an account, and I needed to watch the second season of fire force and Black clover, but, through the short time I’ve been on this app, it’s made me very mad, for one, there is no way to my knowledge to looks at all the episodes a certain anime without serving it up, for example, I’ve just finished an episode of black clover, then, I need to go get a cup of water, I turn off my phone and leave. When I come back I’m at the home screen. I don’t want to skip though the after credits, so I try to find the rest, but, to no avail. So now I have to search it up, Tao the anime, find the next episode, then continue watching. Also, many times, I have lost full control of the app to the point of where none of my inputs go through, and the only way I can pause it is through Apple’s notification bar. I’ve had this happen 5 times and I’ve only had the app for 2 days. And to answer, inputs worked fine throughout the rest of my phone. If there’s an anime you need to watch that’s on here, or a family member or a freind already has an account, I suggest looking somewhere else for a better mobile app. Edit:This app deserves more credit, it has plenty of quality of life features that help, and I feel like the developers do try to make the app better, along with that they update the anime’s as fast as they can. 1 more star for me.Version: 1.8.8

HELP!Now I love this app but there’s one thing that I NEED! Help with it’s the maturity thing I can’t watch attack on titan and all that stuff because it won’t let me change the maturity on there website when it said to go there to fix it on the app. If you can help please do so buy telling me what to do if there is nothing I can do to fix it then FIX YOUR APP!.Version: 1.7.9

I spoke too soonI will admit, before my previous review I should have gotten help first before complaining, given the app has been around for a while and should at least have its subscriptions sorted out but regardless, I spoke too soon. I asked for help about a week ago and they got back to me within the time they said they would. I told them what was wrong and they got back to me again in the next couple of days with some advice as to what to do and how to fix what was wrong, and my problem was solved the same day they got back to me. The customer service was amazing and they were really polite and kind to me. If something is wrong, please contact them and I assure you, they’ll solve it somehow..Version: 1.8.6

Great way to watch animeFunimation is great in my opinion, it fully for-fills its role as an anime streaming service with a wide selection of anime’s in sub and dub. I will admit that the amount of ads is annoying, the fact that some videos aren’t available in my area and that sometimes you have to have funimation plus (the paid premium subscription) to be able to watch some episodes in dubbed which is a shame when you just get used to the dub. HOWEVER, the subscription is extremely affordable for only about £5/ 5$ a month and there are regular deals to get it for cheaper which I appreciate. But I know that not everyone can afford it. Overall funimation is good with a wide category of anime to choose from and the paid subscription is also very good and in my opinion is 100% worth it..Version: 1.8.10

I love it! But..Ok so I commented the same thing on my laptop on Funimation, but I LOVE my Hero Academia and I started season 4 and when I tried to watch the 3rd episode it said I had to subscribe and I cried for LITERALLY 20 minutes straight just cause I couldn’t watch the one anime I loved and I got so far and I had to stop cause my parents don’t pay for stuff that could waste money especially cause of the COVID-19. And another thing is that I looked it up and season 5 is out so your not letting us watch season 4 while season 5 is out and you haven’t added it to Funimation. I get that you need to make the money to make sure your website is up and running but you give us like 4 ad’s every couple minutes but I don’t care about that, anyways also a lot of people have jobs to pay so their fine but still a lot of people have preminum or more so I think you might have some money at least please try to add season 5 and let us watch season 4 I prefer your app over others like crunchyroll so the least you can do is make your veiwers happy. Oh and I’d like if you respond too. 😅💞.Version: 1.8.4

Why won’t it let me watch age restricted shows?It says I need to become a member but that means I need to get premium. So you basically want to charge me just to watch age restricted shows. The app says it’s 17+ so people know that the shows on this app aren’t kid friendly, well not all of them are. So why? Now I’m going to have to watch the show illegally, so really it’s your loss. But please change this it’s unnecessary and stupid.Version: 1.7.4

I love it but I need more and warnings...Personally I really like that but I do think that we need more anime as it is in anime only app there is A bunch of unpopular shows in the popular ones either aren’t finished or some just aren’t there it has a bunch of the popular ones but there’s more unpopular ones than popular and I do wanna see those really popular shows but I can’t because they’re not there like my hero academia they don’t have the other seasons but I’m glad that app is trustworthy and I do feel safer even if I can’t watch all the anime there it’s pretty nice so what I’m trying to say here please please add a bit more anime if you can. And I have one more thing in Netflix they have an option to see what are the warnings and stuff so if you guys can add that would be really helpful so I don’t have to search Google for 24 hours to see if it’s really inappropriate thank you(I don’t like inappropriate anime they make my stomach turn) and I’m sure you can’t control this last one but if you can pls fix it, ok so the last problem is I like to play games while I watch but I don’t want to use my tablet and phone and some other things you can watch and play at the same time so if you make it so I can watch at the same time please try(not like split screen but like the show is small and I can resize it to be bigger and smaller while you play) so again if you can fix all of these things please try I would really appreciate it. Thank you!.Version: 1.8.14

Pretty good anime streaming appThis is a good anime app in my opinion, although like anything in the world, it’s not perfect. I have some grievances about it. For starters, there’s no dark mode. I kinda like watching anime without getting blinded every time I finish an episode. Another thing I’m not a fan of is, with One Piece anyway, there’s no full screen. There’s no excuse as to why it can’t be in full screen, since it was like that on Netflix. Also, they should automatically put subs on the video, since that would be more convenient. Also, there’s a lot of ads. I understand you need money, but less ads would make your app more enjoyable by we the people of the weeb nation that can’t afford premium. Like maybe two per episode, which can still add up to a decent amount of money. A thing I also think should be added is the ability to watch it in picture mode. I like to watch anime while also texting a friend or talking to someone on the phone etc. Besides these things though, it’s a good app and I’ll definitely keep using it. I’ll give it four stars for now, but for a solid five you’ll need to do the things I mentioned..Version: 1.8.12

It’s not badThe app isn’t bad and it doesn’t have as many ads as CrunchyRoll does but I’ve been having issues lately for some unknown reason. Every time I try to watch episode 13 of Black Clover, it keeps on showing me a message “Black Clover - Episode 13 is not available in English Simulcast. Would you like to watch in English Simulcast instead?” Doesn’t even make sense, it tells me that it’s not available on Simulcast but then it says if I want to watch it on Simulcast instead. As if Simulcast and Simulcast are different sources. This will need to be fixed and if it does, I’ll bring my rating to a possible 5 star.Version: 1.8.1

It’s goodListen in my personal opinion I think the app is pretty good except for a few things for example there’s a lot of anime on it I know but there a couple that are quite popular and Funimation would benefit from having on it like one punch man, death note, jojo’s bizzare adventure and demon slayer and i normally have to wait a really long time for the English dub to come out. But other then that I think it is an awsome app and I give it 4 out of 5 stars 🙂🙂🙂.Version: 1.8.7

AdsI really like this app and I don’t mind that it’s all (mostly) in English dubs. The only problem I have is that there are too many ads per video and I end up getting annoyed cause I usually get around 8 ads per vid and it’s just annoying, I understand that’s where the app gets money but maybe adding less ads but making them a little longer may help. Also I continuously get the same three ads (Tokyo goul game and 2 advertising the app) if you get a larger variate of ads I may not care how many ads there are as I’m always interested to see what other anime is on the app..Version: 1.7.5

Paying to watch moreWell the app is good and all and I know to get money they added the premium, but sometimes it does get annoying, as without premium then you’re going to get the same advert over and over again, that is one reason I stopped watching on Funimation. Another is that there are some anime’s on there that aren’t on most other apps for anime, and that some of those cost you money to watch, now I’m not trying to sound like Funimation should just stop making money, I’m not saying that. I’m trying to say that it would be nice to have some anime’s that aren’t on other apps be more available, as I personally don’t want to spend any money on watching anime. Apart from that this app is really good, I do recommend it, as it is very useful..Version: 1.8.12

Didn’t expect thisI downloaded this app awhile ago and it was so broken that I ended my subscription Fast forward to today and the app is amazing videos work perfectly no crashes quick ads if you’re not paying for the app really happy with this app I never leave reviews but I felt like I had to they have stepped up there game so much 10/10.Version: 1.6.3

A little more ads and I expected but goodThis still gives me all the anime I was promised just a few more ads. And some bugs that could be fixed. But overall great place to watch your anime!.Version: 1.8.14

Consider itIt’s wayyy better than crunchy roll because it has less ads.Version: 1.8.3

Pretty good but could be betterSomehow the app streams better for me than the Funimation site does? Hence I love using the app, BUT one thing that really annoys me about the app is that I can't use auto rotate (or rotate in general) it's not that hard to implement either. Add that one feature and then I'd be able to charge my device and use the app at the same time. Please don't make me choose between the two.Version: 1.3.8

Usually greatUpdate: I went to the feedback page that Funimation suggested in their response - (I went on my iPad because at the moment I don't have a computer) - and it showed me a basically blank webpage at Funimation . com. Please fix your feedback page/website so that people on an iPad can actually leave the feedback you're asking for. Anyway, here was my review: This app is usually great. I have used it for about a year and I have not experienced any of the menu/UI/glitch problems that other people have reported. I only have 2 complaints. 1) I have to turn on subtitles at the beginning of every episode - no matter what I've chosen in settings. This isn't a huge deal to me since there's always the 10-second funimation intro where I have time to change it. But I shouldn't have to change it in the first place. The other complaint is 2) sometimes, their servers are WAYYY too slow and take wayyy too long to load the video. This happens sometimes when I can watch videos on other websites just fine - so it's not my internet. Doesn't happen that often, but on the occasion that it does happen, it's clear that their servers could be better..Version: 1.8.6

Need a big change with addsHey I hope you can get back to me on this and I am having a good time with your house as I love anime and you have made all my fav anime in to English but on some of the anime I am watching there is adds even tho I have paid o know it said that some adds will not go but plz can you make them go because I am watching the 3 season of one of my favourite anime because just done with the second one and now there are adds plz can you get rid of them because it is a hard and bad time watching it and it’s sad because I want to watch it so much even if you just add a skip button and today some of my anime has not been working really needs an update please Reed this because I’m not hating but annoyed that I am giving you money for some thing that does not work.Version: 1.8.10

It’s Not Bad, They Are Only Ads!The app has its downsides,sure, but there not as bad as other streaming apps. There are only 3 or 4 ads per episode and they are fairly short (couple of seconds each). I can see where the ads are played and it’s not randomly disturbing my episodes. There is usually one at the start, one before and after the intro, and one before the credits. I am shown the same ad though. I have had the app for a month and have had the exact same add in all episodes I watched. I can also project what I’m watching onto my TV, which is great as I have bad eye-sight. If you can block out a repetitive ad, then this is for you. Netflix who? I’m still in high school so not having to pay for anime is like a dream really! GET THIS APP! NOW!.Version: 1.8.6

Love it! but I have a problem!Hi Funimation! First of all love the app I just recently got into anime and this is my first app that's dedicated to anime! So I decided to go premium plus! However ads still come up even though in the description of premium plus it's said no ads and I really wish to be able to get what I was promised anyways that's all I have to say.Version: 1.7.9

Great!I think a lot of people are being slightly unreasonable with their ratings. Funimation is great for dubbed AND subbed anime. I personally don’t really enjoy subbed anime as much so this is the perfect app for me. The reason they have ads is to make money, otherwise the company would in SO MUCH debt, and you can stop ads for if you watch anime regularly for a monthly subscription (and it’s not too expensive). And a lot of people don’t realise that it can be really hard to dub anime, which is why they don’t have all the anime’s in the world on there. First you have to get the rights to dub it, which is hard in itself, then you have to hire good voice actors and have them speak to the animation of JAPANESE. Then they have to do this for many, many episodes and many other anime’s. And they also do a really good job on the dubbing too! And they try their best to do as many anime’s as they can. Yes, there are some cons like the app can be buggy sometimes. But overall I think it’s a great app, great dubs and great greatness. 😁👏👏 Edit: From other bad reviews I can tell you, you DO NOT get ads once you pay, the reason you sometimes can’t watch it in English is because they are still in the process of dubbing that episode or series (especially in quarantine it would be really hard to dub on time), and you can listen in Japanese, just search it up on true internet how to do that. 🙂.Version: 1.8.7

AlrightA year ago I used the app with the intention of watching the dragon maid dub. I used my free trial period to watch it and it was great, I then continued to watch some other animes. I found that they didn’t have the widest selection of anime or some quality selections but I decided to check out some obscure ones and I wasn’t too disappointed. I didn’t run into any errors that didn’t let me watch episodes like I found on apps like crunchy roll and I didn’t come across any subscription issues either. After coming back to the platform I decided to watch dragon maid a second time without a subscription. When checking out the first two episodes, I only got one ad at the start of each one before getting to the third episode where I would get about 5. I would normally be fine with this but each time an ad was supposed to play it would play 2 or more ads and every ad was one of two ads for the service itself. If you want to use this service you definitely need to purchase a subscription to enjoy it. It would also help if you have a specific set of animes in mind before committing or just have an open mind when it comes to trying new shows..Version: 1.7.9

This app is amazing, but there are only a couple problemsI have no idea why the reviews are so low. Most of them are complaining about the ads, which is funny because there are only 4 ad breaks. They are around 10 seconds each. You get 1 ad at the start, 2 adds after the intro, 2 in the middle, and 2 before the outro. Keep in mind they are short. And they are the same add. One thing that upset me is that I had to ‘subscribe’ to watch the rest of the episodes. But it is only £5 which is affordable for most people. I have also realised that you have to switch modes to get all the episodes of the anime. For example, for mha, there were only 63 episodes on total. That make me a bit confused. I went to check Crunchyroll to see how many episodes that have on there. It seemed to have 91. I quickly figured you have to switch it to get a lot more of the episodes. But in total theee are only 90. They might just be trying to get more, but I’d rather they keep up to date. Anyway this is a great app and o recommend using it regards of the bad reviews. They are just angry and impatient people that have nothing else to do but make this amazing app look bad..Version: 1.8.10

Dubbed not dubbed (but only the odd episode)Yes I love having all these anime at my fingertips. And for ease of access this app is amazing, however I have noticed a few issues. Namely the ads (ofc) though I don’t mind paying as I would for Netflix or some such, and the more frustrating one: SOME OF THE DUBBED EPISODES AREN’T DUBBED. By this I mean that I am rewatching Naruto from the very beginning on here and, even though I am only on season 2, I have come across two separate episodes now that have played in Japanese rather than the dubbed English. I try go into language settings and swapping between the two, restarting the episode, restarting the app, going back to the previous episode and trying again, all sorts. I’m paying for this now and I don’t expect to have to go find the odd episode elsewhere!! I know these episodes exist dubbed so what is the issue getting them running on here??.Version: 1.8.12

HelpHi, I have a anime lab account but I can’t login or create a account in Funimation what am I supposed to do.Version: 1.8.4

Please patchLove the service but recently when I press the next episode button it tells me to upgrade my account to premium despite my already being subscribed..Version: 1.7.5

A bit confusingI like the app, it has more animes than apps I’ve been using like Crunchyroll and VRV, what triggers me is that some animes are incomplete and missing episodes even though the last release was a year or more ago. It also is a bit buggy sometimes being so bright the whole screen is almost white, and that sometimes instead of playing the next episode, will instead skip a season forward. I also dislike the way dub and sub works, I’m a pure sub watcher and occasionally even though I set it to sub, it becomes English dub without me setting it as that so I have to turn it back to Japanese and turn on subtitles again. I don’t know if it’s a bug and I don’t mean when the pop up saying “English Uncut” because that’s a fine fix when there is warning so I can put it back, but it’s just weird where suddenly it’s in English without me doing anything. Anyway, it’s a good app and I like it, I hope there can be some bug fixes on the lighting problem and the sub/dub changes. I also hope that it could do an auto episode update where when it airs in Japan, maybe an hour or so after, the episode is also on the app. I also hope that it can be more up to date on episodes. Anyway that’s the feedback, thanks for a good anime streaming app and please try to make it better..Version: 1.8.4

Straight forward app!Heh, lets talk about this wonderful app! No, I’m not a bot. I don’t seem to understand the reviews like, cmon it can’t be that bad? So, when I discovered anime I loved it! I wanted to see My Hero Academia cause all the hype it got. I searched it up on Netflix and couldn’t see it so I was in the App Store scrolling through games I could buy and saw some “FUNIMATION” and I was thinking it was a editing app but when I saw “anime” in the bio and saw MHA I was super excited! I downloaded it immediately the second I saw it! So I searched up “My hero academia” I pressed on it and started watching it! Although at first the ads made me annoyed at first but I got used to it. I also watched more anime’s on the app too! Now Let’s talk about how cool the app is! It’s really good and Weeb/anime fan this app is so wonderful but although add a few more anime’s like Killing Stalking cause I wanna see that one! If not it’s okay! This app is pretty overall great! Nothing really bad about this app! 1-4 ads on each episode but at the start of each episode is a short 1 ad! I got used to the ads which is okay!.Version: 1.8.9

Great!....but...Personally this app is honestly really great! I love that your can watch on all devices and watch anime’s in English and such but I do have a few issues. Some people ( like me) either don’t have the money to subscribe or are to young to subscribe and when certain episodes or certain shows are only for people who subscribed I just feel that it isn’t really fair to the people who can’t afford it. This is my biggest issue. I know there are a few more things that you only get if you subscribe and I understand that but to have episodes only for subscribed people or certain shows is really unfair. And another issue I have which isn’t honestly a big one is the fact that some popular anime’s and shows aren’t on here like sailor moon or shaman king. And I only write reviews when I either really love an app or have issues with it and in this case it both. I also understand that you have to make money but it’s hard for some people. I really hope that something changes about this but I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. But other than that this app is really amazing!!❤️❤️ great job!.Version: 1.7.8

Can get unlimited free trials, so not too badThe free version is horrendous, but premium is good. After your first free trial, just make a new account and get another one. There isn’t really any drawbacks to making a new account anyway..Version: 1.8.14

Great app!I think Funimation is a really good app to watch anime on, I even premium on it! Though I would really appreciate them adding is a “skip intro” and “next episode” button cause it gets annoying having to skip the intro manually and clicking off the video just to load one back up again. Basically the features that Netflix have. One last thing is on some of the shows it has the show but no episodes, once I went to watch Re:Zero something and I was really excited when I saw it but then none of the episodes were there and it kinda made me a bit mad. Overall I highly recommend you get Funimation! I do have premium but you don’t need premium to have a good experience on it, I can tell I really liked it because after about 1 day maybe 2 days I got premium. That’s all I have to say ^^.Version: 1.8.10

Clear historyI think that this is a great app except for the fact that you can’t clear your history or hide shows like you can for almost every other streaming service. You watch one episode decide the show isn’t for you and you’re stuck with that show until you finish the series. Other than this great app and user interface, good show selection it’s really only the clearing history problem..Version: 1.8.14

Fix the addsOk so when I didn’t have Premium it really got Annoying with the adds yeah it mostly the point that there’s so many adds to make people buy Premium but you guys should work on that. Seriously I think people would Rather go on a Different app then watch so many adds. Some people are like really poor and can’t afford premium and sometimes anime can make people feel better when days become hard for them and having to many adds can Annoy people and make it even harder just Reminding them that they can’t Afford that. But that’s just my opinion😁.Version: 1.8.14

Missing EpisodesI’ve been watching My Hero Academia and 13 episodes were missing. There was only up to episode 50 when there is supposed to be 63 (I think)..Version: 1.7.8

I forgotI forgot how to redo my subscription.Version: 1.8.10

Very Buggy and will not work with not hold settingsI got this app to watch a different spectrum of anime vs crunchyroll, and the selection of shows is great and the computer web browser is good, but this app, has bugs and issues galore, every time I see an update, they don't go away, they seem to get worse. I try to watch shows in simulcast and it keeps going to uncut even after you select simulcast, If you select closed captions in settings, every single video you still have to select it anyway, which on the computer you don't. The stability as well has issues, I will close the app, and it will still play audio even if the phone is locked, up to about 30-45 seconds. If I hard close the app, not just click out of it, audio will still play for 10 or so seconds. It also seems like the closed captions get desynchronized every few videos if you watch a few in a row and have to restart the player to rid yourself of the issue. I really hope they fix these problems because the layout itself it pretty good and the shows are great. UPDATE: Funimation did an update and fixed most of the problems I have talked about, great job developers! There is one bug that started recently where you cant always watch new episodes of shows because it says you have to subscribe, but it doesn't bug me all that much so I am updating my rating from two to four, five if that last bug is fixed..Version: 1.8.5

Just a reviewThis app is amazing even tho i'm not on premium, it works soo well on my ipads, phone and laptop, its great that there aren't any ads cause all the other apps have loads of them.Version: 1.8.4

My heroIs there a reason why there isn’t the my hero movies on Funimation because I just really want to watch my hero academia: hero’s rising but my mum won’t buy it in amazing she won’t buy it full stop and I don’t know where else I can watch it and for free so if u can could u be able to add them to Funimation I’m sure a lot of other people would be pleased. But if not then😭😭😭😭😭😭 it’s ok. Anyway other then that Funimation is a really good app to watch anime especially if u want it dubbed I mean yeah sure Crunchyroll has a lot more anime but Funimation has a lot of anime that is dubbed so over all Funimation is a really good anime app if u want quite a selection of dubbed anime💚💚.Version: 1.8.13

✨Amazing✨ Luv it!!Stop with the low ratings! Ads r for money like the member ship and if ur that annoyed by it just Chet the membership but the ads r short and I don’t get many! Well I now have the membership and This app is amazing! Loads of anime shows and they release fast! Any other app u sue to watch ur Dub anime is by Funimation! They do the work it just won’t show but it dose on Apple TV and it’s shows like MHA (My Hero Academia), demon slayer etc... shot shut up with the bull sh** it’s the best anime app ever and I am glued to it! It’s perfect! I recommend! 5/5 for me u couldn’t ask for much better! And also everything has adds like TY but no one complains and the adds r getting worse u can’t skip sometimes and stuff and u the membership is more expensive so be thankful and I can scream shot credits to translate unlike Netflix! Just be nice and grow up!!.Version: 1.8.12

Why you bully meWhy isn’t anime like one piece db series and Tokyo ghoul in my app.Version: 1.7.8

I don’t know my email addressI don’t know my email address or my phone number please help please please help me13.Version: 1.8.14

Please unlock one piece in AustraliaThis is a great app but I’m really sad that one piece isn’t in Australia but I don’t have a reason why it’s isn’t I’m really in to the show but I have been watching it on Netflix but know I finished on netflix I can’t get dub but I find out about funimation having free dub but the I find out it’s blocked in my country please unblock it. It would make the app so much better.Version: 1.8.8

It works fine what’s all of the complaints about?Pretty self explanatory here, it works amazing. I have read the reviews and don’t agree with most of them. Most of the complaints are just angry because their favourite anime isn’t on there. If that’s the case, go find it somewhere else! I couldn’t find Danganronpa and other animes on Crunchyroll so I downloaded this app! You don’t need to make a massive fuss about it. Another reason is because of the ads. If you don’t want ads, just pay to get them removed. You don’t need to make a big deal about it! It actually makes me laugh to see the reviews. This app is definitely underrated, and there’s obviously a bunch of angry children here..Version: 1.8.1

I like it but...Don’t get me wrong I love Funimation but I have a cracked screen and have to turn my screen around multiple times and on this app it won’t allow me to rotate my screen I wanna watch my hero academia so badly and I cannot get onto it, you may say hey(Name here)how about fixing your screen!well guess what I’m broke af rn soooo please fix this!!!.Version: 1.7.9

Good, but I have a few issuesTo start this off, I love the app a lot! I’m glad it has the dub versions of anime’s or shows considering the fact that I love the English Dub version of anime, and I love the quality and the way the episodes are played as well! My issues to the app however, are probably the ads, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the fact that there are ads! But, sometimes when the ads are playing, one would start, and then a second one would start at the same time, which makes it so I can hear either two different ads playing, or the same ad play at two different times, which is honestly annoying. My other issue, is how after both ads have finished playing, I’d go to the episode to watch it, but the audio for more ads are playing in the process, which means I can’t hear the episode I’m watching because the ads are playing over it. Honestly, when I find myself in situations like this, I try and find glitches to fix it myself so I don’t have anymore troubles, but the amount of times it has happened over the past 3 days, and the fact that I can’t find any solutions around it really gets under my skin. This may sound weird, but I’d honestly watch all the ads go by than have to deal with me not being able to watch the episode I’m trying to watch, because I can’t even hear anything. Thank you for reading, and I’m sorry if this review wasted your time at all..Version: 1.8.11

Such a low rating but so good!The app is amazing but for some reason it has such a low rating for nothing. It has many animes to choose from although sometimes the anime am looking for isn’t on there example of Death Note, Haikyuu and Charlotte. I don’t blame the app since it is hard to have every anime you want on it. I’ve seen some people are angry about it not being dubbed I think you guys should know it takes a long time to dub every anime. They’re doing their best to dub them so don’t be angry at them for to not have the anime dubbed the anime. After all, they have cc. Overall, it’s a great app 100% recommended and it had nearly all I’ve wanted to watch so far :).Version: 1.8.13

It’s really good!Try it!.Version: 1.7.9

Good but a super annoying issueFunimation is really good. I don’t get adds, and there are a bunch of shows. I’d say one of the biggest issues, however, would be that it tells me that an episode is available in English and Japanese, when in reality, it is only available in Japanese. This is really annoying since I am trying to watch attack on titan (I am watching season 4. I watched the other seasons on a different streaming app) It says all the episodes are available in English, but in reality only half of them are. Even when going on an episode, it says the episode is available in English and Japanese, but then the episode is in Japanese, and there isn’t an option to watch it in English. I really wish they could fix this, as it is super annoying Other than that, I’d say that funimation is really good.Version: 1.8.4

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