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Vocabulary - Learn words daily app received 112 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about vocabulary - learn words daily?

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MANNN SO GOOD but one thingSo the thing is that this is like the best vocabulary app EVER but there is a problem. Its that premium is literally everything u should make some things free it WOULD BE WAYYY BETTER if u did it.Version: 4.39.2

Best app I’ve ever hadI have fallen completely in love with this app. It is exactly what I need, and have wanted for years. The team who built it should be proud of their work. Use it every day..Version: 4.22.1

Well doneThis is about as simple as an app can get. I know 80% of the words but rarely use them in conversation. It’s difficulty factor is perfect for most of us. It’s a good refresher. Occasionally I can pick up a new word or the definition of a word I know, but definition I don’t or an alternate definition. In my case I choose to look at three words a day. It’s not overwhelming or bothersome so I keep using it. I’d make one small change. I only look a the Notification. I would leave the definition off the Notification. If I need the definition I can open the app from the Notification. It would keep me honest..Version: 2.20

Really good butReally good but the pronunciations don’t work- they only play about half.Version: 3.84

Awesome appGreat app and love the look & feel of the platform. Would however add a function to help learn / memorize the words.Version: 4.1

Great app, one suggestionI really enjoy this app, it has a lot of great words that I’ve never seen before and the definitions and examples are clear and helpful. That said, rather than having multiple reminders every day of different words, I would greatly appreciate (presumably other people too) if there was functionality where it reminded you of the same word various times throughout the day to really imprint it in your brain. I would much prefer learning one word really well per day versus getting lots of reminders on different words throughout the day. I find myself paying less attention to the app for this reason..Version: 3.84

BeginnersI took the very beginning stage and thought it would be easy to find out that my intellectual wasn’t as great as I thought..Version: 4.9

Great App!I actually have no lack of motivation to go on this app and learn new words. I like the simple GUI and how convenient it is. This is noting against the app but if you’re a native English speaker some of the words are ones that you’ve definitely already known. For example, I just got the words adhere and pathogen today but I do know that not everyone with this app has English as their first language and there are only a limited amount of words that are simple and useful..Version: 4.51

Wow! Amazing AppI absolutely love everything Monkey Taps published. This app is immaculate! The words are interesting and geared towards challenging the user’s vocabulary. The themes are beautiful and there’s one for every aesthetic! Also, there are so many categories and making your own “mix” is really fun. Finally, the widget system is so helpful and really makes my home screen look a lot better! You can customize widgets by changing the theme, size, categories, and times changed in the widget. Amazing app, would highly recommend!.Version: 4.0

Could be more advanced.I like the frequency and consistency of the app and the words it delivers, however, that being said I have been quite the loquacious individual since a young age, and have a significantly more diverse vocabulary than most. But the “Thesaurus” seems to have gone the way of the other “sauruses”, extinct. Diction as well as understanding and ability to communicate the information obtained, seem to be skills that are going away also. So keep it up, just up the content ..Version: 4.1

Needs PhoneticsDecent app for learning new words, though fairly limited if you’re only using the free version. But for the widgets on the home screen, please consider adding phonetics beneath the word!! If I’m on my home screen, I don’t always want to launch the app just to hear how the word is pronounced. Particularly as it’s pronounced with an American accent, which isn’t how true English is spoken.. (sorry my American pals!) So please add phonetics because I am DESPERATE des-per-ate Thanks!.Version: 3.84

It’s goodI like it, it does show me words that I don’t know and would like to use. I used to try and google definitions to find different words to help me expand my vocabulary but it always showed me ones I already knew. The only thing I wish this app had, especially since there is a price to keep it. Is some type of exercises for the words. Just reading the words alone and the definitions won’t be enough for me to remember it. I’m saving words I’d like to remember but it’s hard when there’s so many. And honestly who knows when I will go into the ones I’ve saved and drill over them until I remember them..Version: 4.5

Download now!When I first got the app, I was a little disappointed. I’d get the same few words every other day and grew bored of the app. I never got around to deleting it, though. However, since the recent update, it’s been great. I have it as a widget and it’s a lot sleeker now than it was before. A lot more words, and new ones at that! I don't usually leave reviews but ive been thoroughly satisfied so i just had to..Version: 4.39.2

What’s not to like?You lean new words free without bother by choosing how many notifications you get! What’s wrong with that?.Version: 4.55

It is free..You can get past the free trail screen btw its just a faint x u have to click, i actually rlly enjoy this app, but i keep having words ive already seen come up is there anyway to refresh the words? <3.Version: 4.57

BEST APP!!!!!This app has helped me incredibly in building on my vocabulary. I never knew an app like this existed out there, and I am so glad to have stumbled across it!! I’m already seeming more confident in speaking and writing! Everything I wanted and needed! Love it!! Never write reviews, but had to write this one. Props to the founder👏🏼 P.S : Please never put a charge on this app and the main features ever🥲.Version: 4.7.1

LinaSuch a useful app I feel enlightened you should make a French version! 💗.Version: 4.8

The one thing I would change about the appThe app does a lot of things right. But I can’t understand why the word search are so limited! I want to use the app as my word bank but having to add the definitions myself makes it stressful. As most words I want to add are not found in the limited dictionary. Is there a way to integrate a larger dictionary to the app so that users can always find the words they are looking for without having to input it themselves. This will mean I can just add all the words I want to include in vocabulary to my daily notification reserves. That’s the one thing that is stopping me from getting the most of the app..Version: 5.11

Download this app now. Better your life.I believe that knowledge should be free. I absolutely love this app! I love learning new things especially when they’re completely free and help me better myself as a person. I do believe knowledge is power and being an entrepreneur myself I am very limited on where I spend my money. I absolutely love this app and appreciate the creators for giving other people the opportunity to better themselves and teach themselves. Thank you so much! I highly recommend this app..Version: 4.9

Would recommend!This is one of my kind of app. I love all your applications! Thanks.Version: 4.10

Great app for English learnersBeen using it for a month and got no complaints.Version: 4.9

Good app, needs quizzesTo justify the price, I think interactive learning tools such as quizzes should be added..Version: 4.36.6

Best app for writersI just started using this app and it’s amazing! I especially like that you can organize the words that you like and there’s an endless amount of words to scroll through! Most of the other apps I downloaded similar to this one all required subscriptions but this app is top-notch for free. The widget setting is also very convenient and you can tell that the developers of the app actually designed the app to help others learn new words!.Version: 4.51

Love it, and killer customer service!I got this app about a week ago and loved it. It will give me random new words throughout the day that give me guidance and inspire me to write. They will have the word, with part of speech (noun, adj. etc), pronunciation and a sentence example. I made a mistake on my end where the sentences were no longer coming up. I reached out and in under an hour it was all taken care of. I never really cared about vocabulary but I’m actually really loving it. There are some cool words out there you can add to favorites and make different folders for alike words as well. Like I said, great app and even better customer service. Don’t hesitate to download and pay the 19$ a year..Version: 3.8

VocabularyIt is always useful for school to read and learn like whatever’s school work and things.Version: 4.1

Love it!I remember a very long, long time ago when I was in 7-8 grade, our two language arts teachers would make us study twelve new words out of the dictionary each week. We needed to know how to spell it and what its definition was by that Friday afternoon's written spelling test with just the definitions given to us verbally. I remember some of these words because of these two teachers caring to advance our vocabulary! I love this app!.Version: 2.3.1

RequestCan you guys add a quiz mode where the definition and context is covered and you have to guess the definition? I don’t think it would be too difficult, as you would just need to cover the text under the word current word and reveal it with a tap. Thanks..Version: 4.10

Great app. No complaints except…This is an excellent app (or should I say venerable?) I love it because of its simplicity - easy to use - and amazing content. However, there is something I noticed. Recently I’ve been learning Italian and wanted to change my language on the app to Italian. In order to do this, I have to change my overall language - which was kind of upsetting. $20 a year doesn’t seem too bad for membership, but it’s honestly annoying how many features are blocked. I won’t take off a star for this issue because I know you need to make money somehow, but it can get frustrating to see so many things encouraging membership. That’s all! This is a terrific app but there’s a few things I noticed that are annoying..Version: 4.33

I love this app but....I love this app because I've been wanting to expand my vocabulary and for the first time EVER I was so glad that an ad popped up because that is how I found the vocabulary app. However when I installed it in my iPad it doesn't let me change the app icon like it does on my phone and I wouldn't want to have to uninstall it from my iPad and then reinstall and have to lose all the words I already have saved. Is there any way where I can still change my app icon on my iPad without having to uninstall and lose all my words?.Version: 4.51.2

N.DavisonThis app is amazing. I recommend to anyone who wants to expand their vocabulary 👍🏻.Version: 4.21.1

Great tool to improve your vocabulary.In a world where you need to learn to choose your words wisely, it will be prudent to polish your vocabulary. I began to study a book on how to have good, productive conversation that people would want to hear what you have to say, I came across a section that taught how to polish your conversations by using the right words. The author advice to write words that one is not used to using. So I bagan to look for an app that would help me to learn in a simple practical manner. Since I spend most of the time on the phone communicating through texting I also got used to doing everything in it. Like reading and especially writing. So looking for apps I found this one and it has help me because it works like study cards. I memorize words that are commonly used by many people especially at the job, doing business in conversations except me. Awesome app..Version: 4.3

Way Beyond ExpectationsThis app makes it easy to learn new words. It has all sorts of additional helpful tools to do that, like a direct link to Google (though I do wish it was connected to Miriam-Webster because that dictionary offers comprehensive definition of the word, including its origins), so you can get a bigger definition. This is really important for me because I easily learn words if I know their origins. You can choose level of difficulty, which is perfect for me because I wanted advanced and other apps don’t have advanced. You can also add your own words. You can mark words as favorite so you can go over them again and again as a way to learn. The display is nice and clean — no clutter — so you can focus on the word. Anyway, I can go on and on about all I love about this app. This is what I’ve been looking for. I love learning words and this app has made me completely happy. Yes, happy..Version: 4.8

Simple & Efficient, but…It constantly disconnects from my Bluetooth Headphones. To ask $20-$40 a year, I would expect a standard feature to function properly..Version: 4.1

Great app- is there a Web version?Love the app but having to go through your phone when typing an email to look for the 'right' word is tedious and breaks ones flow. Is there a Web app?.Version: 4.1

Nice appI like the layout and features in this app. I’m using the free version and it has helped me build a few extras words into my regular vocabulary. It would be nice to see an increase in words with positive meanings..Version: 4.19

Great concept; bad updateLove the idea of the app but it has recently changed in an update (new interface and colours) and the definitions are very poor. They’re no longer dictionary sounding, but like an amateur has done it — like today’s: air sac (n): a tiny sac What’s a sac for people that don’t know??? Get whoever was doing it beforehand back or get someone better..Version: 4.47

Would Recommend if You’re a Knowledge Hungry Gryffin-Claw (Griffindor and Ravenclaw)Honestly I’m sure any type of person would enjoy this app. Kids, teens, and adults alike (It lets you pick your level of vocabulary to improve your experience). And it actually (mostly) gives words that you (again mostly) don’t know. But I would say it’s a bit annoying that it continues to ask me to get premium. Which is dumb because it’s really not worth your money. Which is why it’s stupid that someone would keep these features from you. What is even the point of preventing people from having the best experience with this app and improving their lives (at least al little) when know one’s gon’ waist their money in it anyways. It’s POINTLESS!!! Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this app as I have..Version: 4.0.3

Great app, easy to useIt’s a fantastic app and I love how you can customise your experience. One suggestion if I may add - I have set up 5 new words a day from a mix of Noun, Verbs and Adjectives category. It would be great if I can get another customer feature where I can set my calendar for categories for example Mon for Nouns, Tue for Verbs, Wed for adjectives and I also get a reminder before I start getting the new words notification that ‘Today you will be learning Nouns’. That’s it. Thank you!.Version: 4.8

Update Notification LayoutAfter upgrading to iOS 15, I’m having trouble reading the words from notifications. The app name is now in bold letters, which takes away the focus from the actual word. Please update it asap. Regarding your response: A lot of social media apps don’t show the app name in notifications. You could also scrap the title “Vocabulary” from your notifications and highlight the actual word..Version: 4.1

Very good tool!This app helps me learn more new words, fabulous!.Version: 2.20

Omg amazingThis app is AWSOME and I love it I only just got and you can already see my vocabulary improving. Honestly if I didn’t download it I don’t know how I would mange. I love this awesome app and never going to delete it..Version: 4.5

I love itYou should buy this app if you’re doing something writing related.Version: 3.1

So good!Really enjoying this app so far! Interface is beautiful, its a pleasure to navigate the app and always come back for more. Love daily word notifications, and love the words themselves because they seem to be useful words which i dont know - unlike other apps that give you words that are too fancy and useless. Will be buying premium once i have the money :))).Version: 4.40

Could be betterWould be great if you could write your comments next to the word (eg translation in your own language).Version: 4.57

A few suggestionsHello, first I've got to say this is a great app and at least in Canadian dollars, it is not expensive -only $1.66/month. My suggestions are adding an example sentence at the end of a description and pronunciation in IPA. So, the users for academic reasons wouldn't have to play the recording in public and learners could get used to it. Lastly, can we get a mix of academic and general words together because we can't change from the settings and have to reset everything which I don't know how to. Also, editing widget doesn't work for me. Thank you..Version: 4.48

Could use a higher levelThis is a really nice app. I’ve just used it for a few days. I very much approve of the words. They are all very useful words that are well worth knowing. I use them all the time. Which is the only problem. I have it set to Advanced, but so far, I already know all these words. I did learn a nuance or two that I wasn’t aware of, but it would be more useful to be learning new words. And it is not as though I am an English professor. I have read many books that sent me to a dictionary at least once on every page..Version: 4.47.1

DecentGood app. Layout is nice however, some improvements could be made: - ‘Add to collection’ button on main screen as it’s used a lot - More options button to be on the right of the row because that’s a bit more normal - More topics would be nice - Background button to be under settings rather than on main page, unnecessary cluttering - Share button to be under more options rather than main page, again unnecessary cluttering I am nit-picking though, the app overall is decent..Version: 4.0.1

So far so good!!Today is my first day using the app so I cannot rate it a five just yet. One thing I noticed right from the start is that if I have it set to 10 reminders per day, it would notify me with 10 NEW words. Like another review, I agree that there should be a function that would allow me to set reminders of the same words at various times throughout the day. Also would be great if I can create flash cards with my saved words to quiz myself..Version: 4.19

Good and BadI really love this app, and I’m learning so much. This app is super helpful because I’m going into middle school and I’m sure there gonna have words I don’t understand. So all these vocabulary words are, again helpful, but I do wish I could learn other words without having to pay. My parents won’t pay and I don’t have the money to pay. But you have a solution I’m sure, you did create the app right. So could you help my family out and get rid of the money part..Version: 3.7

Simple and fit for use.Lovely app..Version: 4.1

No regrets!! Been needing thisOkay, so I love interesting words and high-end vocabulary which this app is perfect for! I’m always struggling to find good words for lyric making and book making- especially since I hate repeating the same thing over and over again. Including the fact you can save the words into sections plus the words popping back up so you’ll remember it- along with the description, pronunciation and examples make this even more useful. I really would like if you can have a main section that leads into multiple other sections like: Science- human body, animal body Ect, as I don't want to scroll for ages to find what I need to save it to. Thanks for this app! I payed for the subscription and for once I have 0 regrets!.Version: 5.11

Good app and widgets for free, wish there were more unique wordsI love the layout of this app and all the widgets, plus the fact theres a free version, but i know a lot of the words it gives me. it would be nice if there was a “not interested” button or a category based on how common the words are (an “intermediate” section or something) as theres a lot of words i hear used every day, though theres also many i find that are new and interesting mixed among them so clearly theres a pretty large dictionary. definitely going to keep using it though!.Version: 4.45

Missing pronouncistionIt is better to have word pronounced in different slang to improve fluent.Version: 3.4

New to the app but it’s fantasticEverything about it from the simplicity to my person favorite aspect, the widgets (really cool btw) makes this app an absolute 5-star in my opinion. Also, something that could add even more is a way to customize the time in between words on the widgets so they can stay longer to get a better grasp, but overall great work!.Version: 4.0.3

VocabularyI like learning the meaning of new words. Thank-you..Version: 5.10

BrilliantFantastic App, you can request number of new words you could receive. Favourite words can also be saved. A must have App to learn new words..Version: 2.8

Very Good Vocabulary, BUT…I downloaded this vocabulary app back in 2020. You used to be able to access the different backgrounds without having a subscription. Why do I need to pay $19 a year just to access backgrounds that are photographs that look like Public Domain photos or Shuttershock photos? Now they’ve changed it where you can watch a thirty second ad, and then upload your own photo to use as background wallpaper for your words. I love the vocabulary words though..Version: 4.37

If it's what you wantIf it's what you want, it's good. I want something similar to what I had as a student in the 90's with unusual words we were unlikely to encounter or even use in conversation but sometimes knowing a word is enough to give context to an experience. Two come to mind because they've entered my lexicon to at least a small degree: Flews- dog lips. I see them as the ones on the sides with uneven edges Fire-fanged- overheating something in a microwave. I think we all agree it's different than overheating something any other way. Devs, oh talented devs- anyone can make a word a day app. It takes a special kind of developer to release a truly unique Word of the Day App. You can be that developer..Version: 2.8

My Favourite AppAbsolutely amazing, just as the other apps like motivation and fact. Sorry for this, but the improvement would be to have the option to change the app icon. It is just similar to the others..Version: 3.7

GREAT but ......It overall an amazing app and has really expanded my vocabulary range but in my opinion you should add a sound button so you can hear the pronunciation as I don't want to sound like an idiot when I try to use big words 😂 thanks :).Version: 3.5

Love itOne thing I really like is that the vocab could be used for daily conversation. Some apps provides vocabs that are hard to use every day..Version: 3.1

Love this app!A great tool for learning new words. It’s very customizable :).Version: 4.32

So Far So GoodSo far this app is really good! I love that you can flip through and see all different kinds of words. This app definitely has five stars from me. I really liked that you could choose what kind of vocabulary level you were at so you didn’t get words that were too hard to understand. I also liked that you could allow notifications to send you a new word every day! This app is very good. I recommend it for anyone that is trying to learn new words or want to widen your vocabulary..Version: 4.2.1

More examples pleaseGreat app, but some words are missing examples. Other than this, it is a great app indeed..Version: 4.10

I love this app! It has words that I have never heard before.I have two other apps created by Monkey Taps. I downloaded this one from a suggestion on their Motivation app and I am so glad I did! I just started reading the words randomly and because of the wide variety of vocabulary it offers, I now choose one word out of five that is typical by definition, but that is not used regularly. I memorize the word and the context in which it is intended to keep in my memory for future use. I’m impressed with the apps that Monkey Taps has created. They are people centered, growth oriented and are easy to use. I purchased the yearly subscription to all 3 due to the functionality and the benefits that they provide to me. 👏👏👏 Thanks everyone at Monkey Taps!.Version: 4.51

I wish I could add my own word more easilyEverything is simple and intuitive but adding a new word myself takes so much process.Version: 4.40

Great appI’ve only had this for maybe a month. I don’t know how it works but they come up with the same few words in the widget icon which I love because it’s hard to remember the words so I love seeing the same words a few days later to refresh my memory. I love that it’s free and educates me. The only thing that I would suggest to improve is to add a function to practise memorising the word :).Version: 3.85

Great app!!!!!!This app has taught me every word on the earth and has been pertinaciously teaching me and guiding me through all the great Vocab I will need for the 11+!!!!!!!.Version: 4.19

In Love with this OneOk I normally never take the time and write reviews here but this one I felt like should be praised. It’s not just showing you the new vocabulary as you open the app it’s fully interactive with your entire day. It sends you notifications and such. The best thing I find about it is that it has a custom widget you can put on your main screen tab and be exposed to the word the app tries teach you. Because 10 reminders is not enough to do so. 😜 We can learn up to 7-8 new vocabulary if it’s presented and worked on them correctly. This app lets you achieve that goal. I recommend to everyone who are beginners in ESL or advanced learners and natives who would like to expand their vocabulary in English..Version: 4.5

AmazingO my god these apps are insane.Version: 4.1

Detailed reviewIt is a really good app with useful terminology. However, I wished it wasn’t a premium feature to make a collection to save the words we don’t know. However, a really good app if u want to learn a couple of new words a day- just remember to take note of it if you don’t want to get premium :).Version: 3.5

PronunciationGreat app, tells me tons of cool words but I just want ONE addition, ADD HOW TO PRONOUNCE IT!!! Then I would rate it 5 1/2 stars!.Version: 4.12

GreatGreat but no phonetics under the words like in the images here? Seeing the phonetics would benefit me significantly so I am hoping there is a setting to enable this?!.Version: 4.53

Good BUTApp is good and I want to keep it but the sound feature is no working for sometime now. Might uninstall later if the bug persists..Version: 4.4.1

CoolI like the app but the name isn’t good. Like if I said “vocabulary is so good” no one would think I was talking abt an app.Version: 5.17.1

Learn Something New Everyday.Though I’m no fan of the subscription model...I understand it and accept it as a former small business owner. That’s my gripe. My praise is a nice, functional app that does what it claims. Everyday (or multiple times a day), I have the opportunity to expand my vocabulary with words I may have heard in passing or read at one time...but now understand their meaning. I love to write articles for my blog...it’s critical to maintain a diverse vocabulary in order to keep my postings fresh and engaging. Thanks!.Version: 3.84

At first I thought there was a payment neededSo initially the ads didn’t make it seem like there was a fee until I signed up and it implied there might be one. I left the app alone and come to find out it was free. Maybe it’s just me but, when I press the microphone button so it could say the word aloud, it was audible. Only when I have my AirPods in is when I can’t hear the word and it stops and start before it’s over..Version: 4.4

Replaces TikTokI love this app! It makes my commutes valuable rather than just watching TV mindlessly all the time. Only thing I’d like to see in future updates is the ability to play music at the same time :).Version: 4.40

Something I’d like to see added…One thing I’d find both interesting and helpful, for those of us who find this sort of thing helpful, would be to have a little blurb about the root words/origin of the word added. I’ve always found leaning the “parts” of a word helpful in recollection and general interest..Version: 4.1

PaleoVery Useful App to strengthen our vocabulary . It is very interesting to wake up to an advanced word or phrases everyday . Undoubtedly an energy booster and confidence enhancing pill in terms of impeccable communication ❤️ Loved it. Recommending it whole heartedly..Version: 5.11

So coolI love the words.Version: 4.0.3

🙌Just absolutely brilliant..Version: 4.47.1

InterestingInteresting words..Version: 2.8


My review is :This always helps me to understand complex and fascinating new words , not that I have anything to do with them . - though I can speak them 🖤.Version: 4.48

Exuding expectations so farSo far, so good. Proposing vocabulary from every domain, which I expected..Version: 4.9

Phonetic SpellingLove the app. Can you add the phonetic spelling as well?.Version: 4.34.2

Absolutely Amazing AppThis app has completely grown my brain.I was falling back in my vocabulary grades and my parents started to notice,I didn’t want to fail them so I was looking at apps to improve my vocabulary because that’s were I needed the most improvement. I tried all sorts of apps but this is the only one that works for me ,I absolutely love the fact that I can study words that apply to my learning and the time that I receive them , not forgetting that I can also listen to the words because they are a little lengthy. My vocabulary grades went from the 70s to the 90s and I am so happy to make my family proud again .I would definitely recommend this app to anyone struggling in any area of school work. Thank you to the creators for making such a wonderful and helpful app..Version: 3.2

Great appExcellent way to improve vocabulary, lot of options and frequency selection..Version: 4.0.2

(Pls read this honorable developers of this app) AMAZING but there is one problemThis app is helping me so much with improving my vocabulary. -provides so many new words that I have never heard before which is great. -they have meaning of the word and sentence examples which helps me to understand better in what situation I should use the words in. However, there is one little problem. The words literally change every few minutes so it’s hard for me to really memorize them and practice them in literally few minutes before the words passes and move on (you can see the past appeared words, expect they show only few of them and in order to see the rest you have to pay and get the premium) because of this I have to add the word I want to memorize that day to my favorite and go inside the app every-time to look at it. I would love to just ONE WORD on my widget per day. I want to memorize and focus on one word per day not like hundreds every minute and all the other words just disappear. I wish the developers add where u can choose the amount of words appearing in ur widget. (1-whatever) That will make everything much more easier! SO PLZ ADD THIS.Version: 4.0.3

I love it!I love getting words each day - some I know, some are new to me. Would definitely recommend for widening your vocabulary..Version: 5.10

New update is GAME CHANGERFirst time I’ve ever been compelled to write a review- I had this app for the past year, i enjoyed it but the words got relatively boring and really basic level stuff after not too long it seemed. The whole reason I got the app was to get notifications and widget to passively be shown high level words- with the new update there are tons of very interesting words many of which I have never heard. Love it.Version: 4.44.2

Not sure what word to use to describe this appGreat idea for an app. However, I believe the descriptions used for the words are not entirely accurate which reduces the need for me to use this app. So canceled my subscription. Update: was contacted by the developer which was cool. I would also like to add that perhaps the team could look to do less words per day though with richer, super realistic, contextual dialog used to describe the word. For example people might like something along the lines of: “Today’s word of the day is X. You can use this word instead of Y to be more descriptive and concise. Here is an example dialog to help understand…”.Version: 4.0.2

Spelling mistakeAt the beginning of the screen it says enjot instead of enjoy when you register for the first time. Haven’t tried the app so rating does not reflect app use..Version: 5.10

Perfect as it is!Please don’t change the design to a busier format, you’ll reduce the effectiveness of the whole app as a learning tool!.Version: 4.18

GoodThis app is easy to use, and it is very useful..Version: 4.4

Very good appIt would be helpful if the app had an example of the word used in a sentence. Otherwise, it’s pretty useful. I look at it everyday and try to use the word at least once in my day..Version: 2.7

OhmygodIt has been YEARS since i have written a review. and oh my god, this is literally the PERFECT app, what??? its so cute and simple (in a good way) i love it so much. there’s not too many ads which i am undoubtedly happy about (and pretty sure like 90% of people here) PLUS the way you put the advertisements where you scrolled was actually so nice; it’s different from most apps that randomly have an ad pop out from no where OMFGKWGSKQBW RHANK YOU FOR MAKIJG THIS i.Version: 4.16.1

Great AppThis app has been my consolation after the divorce. It has been the only thing separating me from a bridge, if you know what I mean. The words, they give me hope. They inspire me to live. Ever since I stopped living at my house (to avoid the memories) and moved into the library, I knew I could just read books, but the words on the phone make my head hurt less. I am becoming evicted from my house, but it doesn’t matter to me. If I go to jail for living in a public library, so be it. I need the words. They are an addiction to me, not as bad as my terrible weed addiction, but still harmful. I need the words, I need the words, I NEED THE WORDS..Version: 4.40

EhhhLet me start out by saying this is not meant to sound pretentious in the slightest, although it may seem that way. Opening the app I chose the most advanced vocabulary it would let me, as I am an avid reader and user of large vocabulary words. I’ve gotten some good ones, I’d say about 1/3 of the words I have never heard before. However, that leaves 2/3 of the words that I feel are pretty common and not in the slightest bit “advanced” such as “counteract”, “demure”, “deft”, “despondent”, and “acute” to name a few. That being said, I have gotten some nice words to add to my vocabulary from this app. Their definition of “advanced” is very subjective. Maybe at the beginning they could institute a vocabulary test that would more accurately gauge a users vocabulary..Version: 4.57

ExpandingI have been looking for an app to expand my vocabulary and learn new words. After many attempts to find what I was looking for and not a translation app, I found this one. Exactly what I was looking for and my goal is to learn a new word every day. I like the fact that you can listen to the word to be able to say it properly..Version: 4.34

So cute!!!I love this app so freaking much man!! i would have never knew these words existed without this app, but not just that, they’re not any words, they’re like unique and you wouldn’t find them if u searched up synonym for some word similar and that’s what i love is that their different and words that most people don’t use in their everyday lives. i’m just so happy i found this app and i’ve been telling my friends about it because OMG. i just love it🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼.Version: 4.40

GoodLOVE how you can change the icon! Awesome but you need to make the stuff less expensive… if so I would love the basic stuff in the app even more!.Version: 4.57

UmmNot to sure to be honest.Version: 4.38

I Love Vocabulary ❤️I love how better the words get and I can use these words and build up my ideas and make stories because of this! On my birthday I’m definitely going to try and subscribe! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for reading this, Your sincerely, Marie.Version: 4.48

Vocabulary enhancingExcellent app for those wanting to improve their vocabulary. Few adverts but not a bother still a great app..Version: 4.12

Soothingly SatisfiedThis app gives you lots of great alternatives for everyday words. You can choose soothing backgrounds for FREE, great app.Version: 4.4

ADHD friendlyThe app is amazing. Very much compatible with my ADHD brain, thus it is the only app I’ve been using everyday, unlike others which I would download and forget about for eternity. Although there is one disappointing matter that is about the voices. The voices are so mechanical that it affects the pronunciations. If you could use real people for the matter, personally, I would recommend this app instead of saying hello to others!.Version: 4.40

Good but should have a translation tool!!!To show the words in different languages as translation options Because a lot of non native English speakers using this app, so it will be a plus benefit for those people to learn.. Aldo that’s how they learn English: to translate to their mother younger Language first (in many occasions, especially difficult words), to understand that word better..Version: 4.50

Multi-language translationIt’s be much better if I can add my native language as part of the translation.Version: 4.39.2

Liking it a lot so far!! 👍👍Great way to learn through the day and expand your vocabulary!! 😄.Version: 5.13.0

Great AppI’m learning new words I’ve never seen everyday. It’s a fantastic app. Is there a dictionary on this app?.Version: 4.40

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