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Experian® app received 22 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Experian®? Can you share your negative thoughts about experian®?

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No value addedConnected my bank accounts. Every day thereafter I received several notifications a day that my accounts were disconnected. Troubleshooting only offered the “tip” that my bank credentials were incorrect. The bank I've had for years has incorrect credentials for me, and not the app I downloaded last week. Numerous alerts that’s repeated even after turning them off manually, which was a hassle by itself. No option for me to change to 4-digit of face unlocking with this version, no ability to update. I had to type in full logon information each time and with 25+ erroneous notifications per day I had to logon a lot. No product offerings or value added service whatsoever. It gave me my credit score and was the most work I’ve ever gone through to obtain in. All in all this was an utterly useless app. Update: Contacting me after the fact to offer “support” while offering no support when it was needed does nothing for anyone. Not changing my review, the service was simply garbage..Version: 2.10.5

Dispute Issues / Transfer of data through automated callI joined Experian today and noticed an unapproved hard inquiry. The app would not let me dispute and relayed me to the online account, the online account would not allow me to dispute and said I needed to call. There is not a dispute option on the automated call options so I choose the fraud option. I’m on hold now and will update accordingly. The app navigation could be better but the pertinent information is there. UPDATE: still on hold, 15 minutes... someone picked up and said they would transfer me to the fraud dept. although that was the choice I made at the beginning of the automated call. Also, i entered my SS# at the beginning of the automated call and was still asked to give it aloud which is not very secure in an office environment. The fraud personnel were very concise and thorough during the call though and quickly resolved the issue and provided me with all information I requested..Version: 2.6.0

Score isn’t accurate?At first I was very pleased to be using The app. Over time the score gradually increased and things were looking good. I waited to apply for certain things until I thought my score would help considerably. In my experience almost all major things I apply for pull from Experian so I thought it was a smart move. Once I applied for something I waited for a response. A couple weeks later I got a letter in the mail saying I was denied. The credit score on the paper I was sent said they did pull from Experian and the score they showed was 40-50 points BELOW what the app showed. I checked my history in the app and it never dropped that low during the time I used the app. I tried contacting support and my response back was regarding how the creditor may not use a FICO score or Experian. The paper did not say FICO anywhere but if that is the case it would be nice to have more than just a FICO score in the app so you could see the majority of the type of scores lenders and creditors would use..Version: 2.10.7

Good could be betterI like some of the initial interface. The score right away. It is the best for the money in my opinion. But For the money, it should have current, not old, transunion and equifax scores. Also, it’s very difficult to get full score info, i.e. current report info to see what exactly is going on, lender by mender. This should include which balances are changing. Also, there should be a way to contact experian real time to have interaction about issues. Also know how often updates will happen. In this time of global financial stress, the credit agencies should be a bit more lax about lowering people’s scores for balance increases. Of course our balances are going up. Even I, as an essential (food) business owner, am intelligently availing myself and the business of deferral opportunities, which are essential to our survival in this environment. But on the whole this is a better app than credit karma, transunion, or equifax..Version: 2.9.2

App is buggy. Customer service is terrible.Downloaded this app to help improve my credit score. I locked my credit then unlocked it to try to apply for another credit card. Got a notification that the CC company couldn’t run a credit report because my Experian report was locked. It was not locked, I made sure of that. Had to search around for the number to talk to an actual person because the number they provide only gives you automated options. Finally got in the queue to talk to someone, waited 15 minutes and explained to the lady (who was clearly not from the US) and explained the situation to her. She answers with “there’s no lock on your credit,” so had to explain the situation AGAIN to her, which she then proceeds to check if there are any locks on my credit (SERIOUSLY?). As I’m trying to explain AGAIN the situation, the call drops. I get no call back from anyone and waited in line again for 10 minutes (and I’m at work this whole time) and decide to just hang up. PLEASE get better customer service. I don’t care if you outsource but if they can’t understand what I’m trying to explain, there’s a huge disconnect and it only make your customers even more frustrated..Version: 2.5.2

Overpriced ScamImagine my surprise when, after years paying a $21 monthly fee for the “top tier” of this Experian service, I apply for a mortgage and learn that this app was reporting a FICO score that was 20 points higher than what the bank saw when they pulled my credit report. Experian plays to your vanity and ignorance to get you to pay for higher tier services you don’t need. I never needed “24/7 Access” to my credit report, but I had to dig through two or three layers of menus to learn of the $5 and free levels providing weekly or monthly access respectively. On top of all that, this app doesn’t update your credit report in real time. It’s been a month since I refinanced my mortgage and purchased a new automobile. Four weeks and neither transaction has shown up in the so called “real time credit reporting” boasted by this app. If you download this app, by all means stick with the free basic level of service. It’s the only level where you’ll get what you pay for..Version: 2.10.7

Experian, facilitator of ID theftExperian is the absolute WORST credit reporting agency and a _facilitator_ to fraud. Bunch of shills posting positive reviews, be aware. I’m a recent ID theft victim and I’m going through the aftermath of freezing and monitoring my credit. If the 3 companies, this is the only one that I cannot reach a human to resolve my registration issue. This app throws an error and advises you to call a number, which routes you to automated machines that tend to disconnect on you before you can speak to anyone. As others have faced, I’m still not able to register so that I can monitor my credit activities. Now back to the facilitator to fraud assertion, shortly after I noticed fraudulent accounts and credit applications were opened under my name, I ran credit report checks on all 3 reporting services. Of the 3, only Experian shows soft and hard queries were performed on my account, additionally the queries were performed by Experian or Experian-affiliated businesses. I truly believe there’s still backdoors in Experian’s network infrastructure that they have not patched since their last security breach. My advice is for you to find any and all ways to freeze/lock your experian reporting to prevent being an ID theft victim yourself..Version: 2.1.4

Extortion and racismHmmm.... Let’s get this right? I join and give you money, or I choose credit cards that you recommend; from banks that pay you money. Then my credit score is boosted? Otherwise, I will pay higher interest rates and fees, including simple things that have nothing to do with my credit worthiness (ie auto insurance) over my lifetime. Sounds like extortion, usury, and probably a small amount of racism seeing whom credit scores have the most negative impact on, (BLM or do they Experian?). My score did improve and immediately “the boost” dropped back to what it started as soon as I quit the service. This all happened as my on time payments, debt to available credit, and credit history improved over a year. All the other credit agencies show it improved? I thought there was loyalty and communication among thieves? You guys are just a gear in the corrupt machine, but still part of the machine. Look at all your security breeches, inaccuracies, and consumers turning to Congress for your industry’s unwillingness to fix them. If this review doesn’t somehow disappear, stay away from this SCAM..Version: 2.9.8

Experian is the worstExperian will lower my credit score for no reason. All my payments are made on time, credit usage will be low, not one thing will be done differently and yet they will lower my score.I will check my score with the other two majors and it will be up but yet experian sees fit to lower it. And they are always recommending that I get a new credit card from one of their partners. But their partners charge an annual fee and interest on all purchases. And their “boost” is a joke the other two majors have my score at a higher level without having a “boost”. They constantly tell me that another credit card may help my score but when I got another card they lowered my score. They more than likely lowered it because the card I got was not from one of their “partners “. One day after emailing them to point out their BS they dropped my score 6 points and deleted my boosted account. This is an update; one day after writing the above review, experian dropped my score by 14 points! Another update; the first time I was critical of experian they dropped my score by 6 points and deleted my boosted account. This occurred the day after sending them a criticizing email..Version: 2.9.18

Keeps me up to date, almost. But .....Let’s me know in latent real time what’s going on with my credit. But offers very little real help in combatting incorrect information or recently helping to dispute a late payment with my mortgage which my bank has already written a letter to and they ignored. If Experian were to be really on the consumer side they would over ride the false late reporting, supported by Chase Bank. I haven’t missed a payment on anything in 4 years. Stay away from Sunwest Mortgage; not consumer friendly, they do not do digital notifications or secure email unless it suits them. They also keep you on hold for hours, constantly transferring you, never really helping to see all data or see the big picture. Had they properly communicated a transaction that “hung”, I wouldn’t have to waste my time correcting a mistake which could have been easily resolved with modern communication. So when Experian can be objective, I would improve my rating; now they are just complacent in this issue..Version: 2.8.8

Boost doesn’t workSo this app is great to monitor/dispute and see what is on your reports. However, the balances are never correct, the Boost option does NOT work. I have had the same bank account for 5 years...paid all my utility/phone/cable bills through it and the boost kept saying there was no bills that qualify. Huh? Comcast doesn’t qualify? My monthly cell phone payment doesn’t qualify? My electric company doesn’t qualify? Smh So I submitted all the payments I’ve made through the “feedback” section and nothing. No change and it still says nothing qualifies. Also my other bank account pops up to sync it....but says there’s a connection issue or that bank isn’t recognized. Submitted again through the feedback section...nothing. So mom and pop credit unions aren’t recognized. Only the larger-well known banks. Aside from that the app is great for what accounts are on your CR. Needs to be updated quite a bit considering you don’t exist without a credit score..Version: 2.9.3

Unavailable to do a credit boost I’ve never a credit cardExperian has my banking account information so I can pay for the service and every time I try to boost my credit score I am being told that my bank isn’t on the list of banks I’m with a railroad FCU and don’t understand why my bank isn’t on their list but they’re able to get a payment from my bank account for there service. All my utilities have always been paid on time no question. I will not let my kids go without heat/ AC, or a home. I’m completely disabled due to secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and I still have 2 children at home All I have is student loans and I’m working to have them completely wiped off but I’m unable to fill out the paperwork because my handwriting is completely unreadable because the Multiple Sclerosis affects my right side of my body and left side of my brain. I have lost my registered nursing degree because I’m completely disabled after having MS for 23 years. I have lost both my parents so I have no help anymore or support. I’m happily divorced from a narcissist who was emotionally and verbally abusive and wanting me to pay him for the 50/50 custody of which I have my children 90% of the time . I’m looking for a break please..Version: 2.9.18

Fair, helpful, on-time, and make me feel good about my progress(Fair) Most of credit agency look at all of us as machines and forget about our feeling and are not sensitive. (Helpful and on-time) if you have any complaint Experian act immediately on my behave to correct the problem and update your record immediately and other agencies to from a month to three months to update your credit report. (Make me feel good) Experian e-mail me warnings and assist me to take care of my financial affaires specially during the tough time I am going through divorce & start of a new business. Thank you Experian and I am planning to sign up as a member this month. By the way, I travel a lot and I would like to have access during my travel to overseas.i want to write a lot more but maybe some other time .., I urge you to continue doing what you are doing .. I love it and thank you very much.. Cheers.Version: 2.8.0

Paywall for Credit Lock; FailExperian charging for credit lock effectively defeats the awesomeness of TransUnion and Equifax giving it for free, since you really have to manage all three bureaus if you’re going to manage any of them - especially for a credit lock, which, ironically, more or less alleviates the need for the benefit Experian would like you to feel like you’re paying for: credit monitoring. If I can lock all my credit reports, then by definition I have no need to monitor my credit reports for nefarious activity. The app performs really well, totally smooth... unfortunately it just lacks the only button that Equifax and TransUnion both fill most of their app home screens with - the lock. For $10 a month, you too can assure that Experian is the only company that can dupe you out of $120 a year. And just to be clear, while Experian responds with a statement about a credit ‘freeze’ still being free, educated consumers know that’s NOT the same as a credit ‘lock’. If you’d like to know the difference, google it..Version: 2.7.0

Take a note from credit karmaExperian is very subpar. My credit score that is displayed when I first open the app is never accurate; I even have alerts in the app that say my supposed current score(cause it’s always different from my other two scores) yet the score displayed is still old by over three months once. Also, this score fluctuates A LOT for no reason. Compared to my Transunion and equifax scores that I monitor on credit karma, that is always reflected accurately and quickly after any changes, this score drops all the time for no reason, and there is no reason stated and I haven’t done anything risky besides pay my bills, and there is no way to find out. Whereas, in credit karma it tells you exactly what changed, when something actually does change in my life like I’m reducing balances paying bills or applying for cards etc., and why it changed and it is very easy to find. Also boost so far is misleading. I added a phone bill and it boosted my score 6 points, then just as quickly dropped my score 6 points because I added a new credit account to my profile..Version: 2.10.0

Terrible customer serviceI have used the app for 3 years because I had my personal information stolen. If i didn’t need this company for monitoring I wouldn’t recommend. App won’t update. Have tried repeatedly to update. Deleted app and tried to reinstall from App Store and it still will not work. Tried to contact company during business hours and it said all chat agents were assisting other customers. Tried to call multiple numbers and had to enter my social security number, wasn’t given option of using my membership number. Once I entered social given same menu on 3 different phone numbers. No email to reach out to. They will email you about alerts that have nothing to do with your account. I have received the alert multiple times that “a sex offender has moved into my neighborhood”. I check my account and I can’t find any information about it. Wouldn’t recommend this app. Please recommend better monitoring service..Version: 2.9.2

Would give 0 stars if allowed😡🤬I have just recently started using this app. Highly disappointed and would not recommend this app to anyone!! My issue with them is for the fact my bank is supported by this app and I used the boost. The boost found 2 bills and had it documented but I notice it was an error because I have 10 bills in all for my phone. When I reported the issue to Experian, they basically lied and telling me garbage: Saying my bank isn't supported by them and that I need to have qualifying bills. For one: My bills qualify because if they didn't, 2 of the 10 wouldn't had popped up listed! For two: My bank is supported by this because if it wasn't a message would've popped up saying it is not supported!! After I reported the issue of my missing bills, they removed the 2 bills that was found! How are y'all trying to help someone build credit if y'all app not finding all bills and deciding to delete the ones found off when members start reporting missing bills?!.Version: 2.9.15

Sleazy Business PracticesAfter having a freeze on my reports for years I had to temporary lift it to apply for a credit card for my new business. The free trial sounded great, so I signed up and noted in my calendar when the trial would end and monthly billing would start. I did pay $5 to temporarily unlock my report for my bank to view, but then attempted to stop the $9.95 subscription. No one at the company answered my emails and I sat on the phone for over an hour despite the recording saying the wait would be 7–10 minutes. The app is so easy to use, yet one is NOT able to cancel the subscription on it. This behavior is too blatant and Experian is obviously trying to prevent me from cancelling a $9.95 monthly charge for a product I do not need! I never asked them to compile my data, so why do I now have to pay them to not release this same data? THIS DATA SHOULD BR FREE TO ME SINCE IT IS MINE, fine if you want to charge the retailers and banks wanting these reports but to charge me and other consumers is greed..Version: 2.0.5

Horrible, I can’t even get inSo I downloaded this app thinking it was my first time using it, but according to them it’s not, so I had to get my login info, which wasn’t hard. But everytime I sign in, it tells me to complete my registration info, which I do, but then once I finish that, it takes me back to the screen for me to sign in again, and then I just complete the same process over and over again. Tried contacting the customer service number on the app, but of course you can’t get through to ANYONE and instead you have to listen to a audio recording telling you the exact same thing that already isn’t working. When I tried to change my password again on the customer service line, they were supposed to email me a link to do so, which I have yet to receive. I’m like 95% sure that I’ve never even used this service before (I don’t have ANY emails from them, not even from the past when I search through my old emails) so the fact that I’m even going through this is baffling and the horrible customer service isn’t helping at all. It’s like it’s letting me sign in, but it’s not at the same time and just has me going in circles. Just stupid..Version: 2.8.3

It’s alrightThere are some goods to this app. If you play the monthly fee; They’ll show you all of the registered sex offenders in your area, they will provide some information about your social and so forth and they're really help you with some dispute. On the bad side; not sure who’s more accurate between them and credit karma,. My score on credit karma right now is 697 and 693 but on experian,. The main score shows 653 but the highest they’ve shown is 666. I signed up for the $9 a month plan or $19. One of which, I’m suppose to get daily updates but it shows that I’ve used 30% of my credit card when in fact on a $2500 credit card i only owe $109 and that has been nearly a week now, so what every happens to the daily updates? I can totally understand if my highest score on credit karma being 697 and you guys show me 687 but from being shown 697 on the other side to 653 on your side is a huge gap..Version: 2.9.12

So far no goodThe old app magically stopped working. Come to find out, it’s no longer available, and I have to create a new account, even though I’m still — and have been — paying $25/mo for my subscription. Now, when I go to the new app or the website, someone else’s credit card is on there, my name is incorrect, and my year of birth is incorrect. None of this happened until I switched to the new app and account tonight. My Credit Karma app is still all correct, so I’m not worried that I have been the victim of fraud. I’m just passed off that I’ve now got the unpleasant task of calling Experian customer service, explaining that THEY have screwed up and that I’m actually who I say I am, and that I don’t have $43,000 worth of credit, but more like $15,000. And that now until it’s fixed, I can’t go apply for the AMEX I was going to apply for before I created a new account with Experian who apparently effed up MY credit report. Way to go. And you can bet that I’ll be cancelling my subscription, as well..Version: 2.3.0

Canceled my account with them ! Warning Read thisI used to paid five dollars a month because Experian bought the company that used to monitor my credit with ... all of a sudden they started charging me 25 dollars out of the blue ... Me being a procrastinator ended up not doing anything about it . For a while I was ok with this but up until now enough is enough ! This blood sucking leeches sent me an e-mail saying that my credit score had dropped 25 points out of nowhere , not only I haven’t done nothing incorrectly to affect my score like this on the contrary I was just over 800 when this all happend so I decided to download the app get my user and password and suuuuurprise ! It says “ In-app purchases in it “ They are selling a score booster and when do you wanna boost your score ? Right ! , so it turns out that the app is telling me I took a hit and when I check my bank my bank still shows above 800 . I haven’t canceled my account yet but first thing tomorrow . Pho-king scum bags !.Version: 2.8.1

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