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Experian®: The Credit Experts app received 21 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about experian®: the credit experts?

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Great AppI absolutely love Experian app. I use to dread looking at my credit score because I didn’t understand it or how credit works. This app has made it so easy to understand and it’s very friendly to navigate and I feel safe and secure with it. I love the offers it gives and suggestions for boosting your scores or even checking the other scores from the other bureaus. I haven’t experienced any bugs or things needing repair in this app it truly is efficient. I love checking my credit score now and it has become part of my regular things to do. I’ve watched my credit score go from a 518 to now a 622 in 6-7 months and within this process I’ve use this app to watch my Credit score grow as I continue to repair and rebuild my credit. Way to go Experian I’m looking forward to my credit growing even farther with you..Version: 3.4.9

Experience the BestA lot of the times your credit rating moves as slow as a snail. You try your best to be a good consumer and be consistent with your financial situation. Being a senior on a fixed income which dwindling faster than you can keep up with all involved. Experian has been fair and makes me feel that my efforts handling my finances makes me feel I still matter and at least doing fair when others of the triad rate me poor or less. I am not behind in any of my accounts and I have a car note that is more than 50% paid off on a fixed income on disability as well as paid off almost all my accounts except 3. Experian allows me to keep track of this mess and make sense of it and keeps me from throwing in the towel like a lot of folks have had to do in my situation. I have had to make slot of sacrifices to keep my credit profile where it is. Thanks for the help!!.Version: 2.7.0

Credit score increase of 80 pointsSince downloading the Experian app and being able to explore all of my account balances, installment accounts & balances, & collections on my credit report, I’ve paid all collections off and have been closely monitoring my report. Since I first downloaded the app, about 3 months ago now, by being very proactive and dumping a bunch of money into my accounts and erasing collections my score has shot up 80 points over the three months and continues to rise every time a new score update is available. This is all because now I am working towards having optimal credit so I can refinance my car and maybe even purchase a house. Having good credit definitely makes your life much easier, so if you care about your credit score, this will help you monitor it and put your money somewhere it should go so that it will be beneficial to you later. Thank you for reading..Version: 2.7.3

Experian is nothing but a fraud!!!Experience still has me down 109 points while Trans Union and Equifax has me at 109 points they seem to not be reporting the correct information when I try to dispute they tell me they cannot dispute. They Luer me into applying for credit cards they said I would be a perfect match for an order to have open trade lines to increase my credit score then upon getting denied because of experience low credit score which Trans Union and Equifax have me 109 points on my credit score, I was promised that those credit card applications would not be hard inquiries but again that was a lie and they continue to show them as hard inquiries on my Experian credit report which brought my credit score down five points which I am trying to dispute and they have a number it says you can dispute hard inquiries but upon calling they had me on hold for over 30 minutes while they were investigating it then transfer me to someone new who didn’t know anything about why I was on hold and told me that they cannot dispute hard inquiries I have to call the creditor which is a load of crap!!! Shame on you Experian!!!!!!.Version: 3.1.4

The best Credit Monitoring App I’ve used!Love The Experian app! I have been using the this app for about 4 months. What I love about the Experian app is that it shows accurate information using the FICO score 8 model which is what lenders use. Other monitoring apps use a Vantage score model which lenders do not use. For people that have negative reviews about this app is solely because they do not have a clear understanding of how credit reporting works and are uneducated in this, the 3 credit bureaus may have different scores because lenders don’t report to all 3 bureaus and are not required to so each bureaus make up a score based on information given to them by lenders or creditors. I did the Experian boost and immediately was able to check a refreshed credit card offers, I previously did not see any offers for credit cards that I wanted, but only saw offers for cards not really known or newer such as credit one and revvi and I was not interested in these cards. Using Experian boost I finally got a credit card recommendation for a discover card which is one I’ve been wanting for awhile! I immediately applied for a discover card and was approved!! Thank you Experian!.Version: 3.5.13

Take a note from credit karmaExperian is very subpar. My credit score that is displayed when I first open the app is never accurate; I even have alerts in the app that say my supposed current score(cause it’s always different from my other two scores) yet the score displayed is still old by over three months once. Also, this score fluctuates A LOT for no reason. Compared to my Transunion and equifax scores that I monitor on credit karma, that is always reflected accurately and quickly after any changes, this score drops all the time for no reason, and there is no reason stated and I haven’t done anything risky besides pay my bills, and there is no way to find out. Whereas, in credit karma it tells you exactly what changed, when something actually does change in my life like I’m reducing balances paying bills or applying for cards etc., and why it changed and it is very easy to find. Also boost so far is misleading. I added a phone bill and it boosted my score 6 points, then just as quickly dropped my score 6 points because I added a new credit account to my profile..Version: 2.10.0

NAME OF ACCOUNT’SI like when you can check your credit anytime and see what’s going on I froze my credit do you to Social Security card and other important documents got lost with all my information only thing would be really great as win you tell them that this account has increased and you might have the name of the bank well it would help more if you would give the name of the card or what the account is from Mike’s at Home Depot Home Depot alone from Hawaii when I said things go OK what Did I open because you don’t pay attention and then even though they have the name of the bank you have to go look at my cards or the bank statement for the statement from credit cards but it would be nice like Home Depot and you know the name or the billing from and then whether increase decrease crystal girl I fishy thank you very much.Version: 3.2.3

40 points difference from the truth!I got my credit checked today. I was thinking that all was good and all but when I found out that the Experian app was lying to me - I decided to write a report when the app ask me if I enjoyed the Experian app I hit the button that said no. The next prompt was would you like to give feedback, so I hit yes I started my speak with manners of course. I started my lecture the same I was thinking that my credit was good because that is what the app was portraying or reflecting -that I had a good rating. Well in fact it was 40 points lower! Bummer right! So I hade been believing a lie all this time! I almost got threw with that sentence and the app kicks me out and I have to sign in again!! So I sign in again and to see if it saved my heart breaking story. No it’s not there and there is not a button to give a survey that I can find! So I call for the help line and am greeted by a computer animation voice and choices (I want to speak to someone about my credit, is what I say) it gives me 5 options and then tells me to call back a a convenient time! I fell like Someone was reading my text and didn’t want me to finish telling the truth about this app telling sweet little lies! Be careful for they speak out both sides of their mouth! Liers.Version: 3.4.0

Awesome Credit AppPrior to using Experian’s credit app, I used Credit Wise from Capital One. In rebuilding my credit I wanted to monitor my credit accordingly and make the right moves to increase my score. Maybe, there is a glitch with CreditWise but my score always sucked no matter what I did. Paying on time, minimizing my utilization my score was horrible. I switched to Experian and my score was decent. Experian gave an accurate reflection of all my hard work and financial discipline. I love Experian Boost, which basically rewards you for things that you always pay such as rent and my celular bill. I also, like the credit card recommendations they send you as your Credit improves. With this feature I can know what cards I am more likely to be approved for. Finally they also make it super easy to check for any erroneous information on my report and have it disputed within 30 days. Experian is by far the best credit app on the market today..Version: 2.8.2

Automatic auto payI cannot stand how every time you sign up with an account with an Experian representative or on the app it automatically signed you up to make a 2499 purchase and other I’ve seen five and $10 purchases without your consent or knowledge of consent and then they outsource your information to foreign countries, They use individuals who work from home from India Pakistan and other places that actually sell your information on the black market or the dark web. So while allowing their employees to sell your information they’re also billing you without your consent and not allowing you to utilize the free, free credit report app like you have stated in your contracts. I have fully reviewed your contract and then nowhere does it say you have to call in and cancel out the free subscription before the charges are automatic. Therefore they’ll steal your money let you look at your credit and then sell your information on the dark web by way of their employees that they hire outside of the country which causes the data breach in the first place. You guys need to fix your entire system.Version: 3.4.0

Experian BoostAlthough I like the Experian app, I am definitely disappointed in the boost part of it. I have been trying for weeks to get the boost part to work with every attempt telling me to speak with my bank. It then says it cannot find any qualified bills. What? I’ve been paying bills for quite some time now. After many phones calls and being put on hold only to be disconnected, I learn that bcuz my account is a business account it doesn’t work. I have No employees. I make money. It goes into my account and then disburse it accordingly. Pay bills. So I need to open another account and transfer money from the business account to the personal account. I’ve read everything I can find and I didn’t find this being said at all. Had I known this, I wouldn’t have been putting in so much time and effort into this boost. I’m still confused as to why it wouldn’t work being I am paying MY bills with MY name on the accounts. The business account is in my name as well. I can’t believe I’m the only person that has only a business account and not a separate personal account as well. In any event, how about leading with this information Experian? “Just link your bank account…UNLESS IT IS A BUSINESS ACCOUNT! WE CANNOT HELP.” Is this a good program? I have no idea. Apparently, don’t pay your bills out of your business account, they can’t help….Version: ECW 3.5.16

Overall good to haveI am a bit obsessive about keeping my credit score in good shape, so I appreciate having this service. I do recommend it overall, as it has helped me over the years to see if something suspect is going on and to know where my credit and debt stands. Yes, it’s a worthwhile tool I use weekly and I will continue to use this service. This is more for corporate.... the new app isn’t as great or user friendly as the old version. I was forced to sign up for the new version, when the old version stopped working. I was looking forward to some noticeable upgrades, only to find a big credit card sign up suggestion section taking up most of the page. It’s more annoying than helpful. I hope you guys make some improvements, as I see I’m not the only customer feeling this way..Version: 2.3.1

Keeps me up to date, almost. But .....Let’s me know in latent real time what’s going on with my credit. But offers very little real help in combatting incorrect information or recently helping to dispute a late payment with my mortgage which my bank has already written a letter to and they ignored. If Experian were to be really on the consumer side they would over ride the false late reporting, supported by Chase Bank. I haven’t missed a payment on anything in 4 years. Stay away from Sunwest Mortgage; not consumer friendly, they do not do digital notifications or secure email unless it suits them. They also keep you on hold for hours, constantly transferring you, never really helping to see all data or see the big picture. Had they properly communicated a transaction that “hung”, I wouldn’t have to waste my time correcting a mistake which could have been easily resolved with modern communication. So when Experian can be objective, I would improve my rating; now they are just complacent in this issue..Version: 2.8.8

Little to no customer serviceI was really enjoying this app! I recently purchased a new phone and I have been unable to log back in to the Experian app since. I have contacted the customer service number multiple times. It loops you to where you never get a live person. The automated messages continually tell me to log in for assistance, but I can’t log in! I even tried email prompts and changing my password. Not sure what else to do! I am still getting email alerts about “changes to my credit” but I can’t log in to see them. Such a bummer. Prior to this issue, I was a fan of the app and the conveniences it offered in keeping me on track with my credit monitoring. I felt secure knowing that if there was ever an issue, I’d be alerted right away. I have been pretty frustrated with my attempts to make contact with someone who can assist me in gaining access to my account again!.Version: 2.7.0

Gets the Job Done as a Simple Non-Premium UserI downloaded the app wanting one simple job: to check my credit score and to know if any accounts have been fraudulently opened in my name. So far, it’s been a smooth experience. Yes, sometimes the scores will differ from other credit cards or companies, but it’s really dependent on the type of scoring model they use. A lot of car dealerships and mortgages like to use Fico 8, which Experian also uses. I’ve found they tend to be more conservative than my credit cards, which is a great problem, as it means Experian shows my “worst case” credit score which is oftentimes lower than what many companies have pulled from me. They also have a lot of useful information for people new to credit cards, and it’s been an incredibly valuable resource to me. The app’s 4.8/5 rating is well deserved.Version: 3.2.7

LockedI tried to update one of my old cards through the bank that purchased the company cardholders info. I went through the company’s application process, passed that, then was told that I had to contact Experian to unfreeze my account. Went Experian’s question process, got all the questions answered correctly. I then called company back with the pin, to be told that the file was still frozen. The credit was not able to use the pin because that is not the way they do it. Had to go and do a temporary unfreeze, that worked, got denied the card from the bank, after answering all the questions correctly from Experian. I have very good credit. This was for a purchase I wanted to make before the price increased. All I needed to do was update my old card. I now had to leave my credit file unfrozen for a day. I was able through the App to lock my file back. There is no way to speak to anyone to get problems like this resolved. Extremely disappointed..Version: ECW 3.1.3

Does the job, Annoying NotificationsOk so obviously the Experian app does everything you expect it to, and the UI is great. Freezing and unfreezing/thawing credit is easy. It’s a great app. BUT HOLY COW the notifications are annoying and even lie sometimes, just to get you to look at the app. “Sign in to see your new better credit score!” means nothing when my score hasn’t changed in two weeks, and “you get the rocket badge for signing in for three days in a row!” is just childish, like this isn’t a language app where having some kudos is a good motivator. If I have notifications on to get notified when a shady credit item comes up, what’s the point of me signing in every day and getting a badge? I dunno, it’s just way too many, to the point where I just ignore the Experian notifications now. If a shady credit item came up I wouldn’t even notice. So get the app, it’s good, but just shut off notifications and check once a week or something cuz I’m telling you, there are a LOT of them..Version: 3.5.0

Excited AND AmazedAfter learning of Experian Boost I did a ton of research and was both excited and ready to give it a try. I haven’t had the best track record as it pertains to managing my credit and ensuring I am in a good and healthy financial position but decided I wanted that to change. In the hour that I have been with the program I have boosted my score 78 points, utilized simulations available via the app to see decisions I CAN make to continually increase the health of my credit, learned the unhealthy decisions I have made which have affected me negatively,been matched with lenders to “thicken” my “thin” file, and enrolled in credit lock/monitoring. The research I did on this product betrayed the ACTUALITY of how great and much needed this product REALLY is! I, with the utmost sincerity, highly recommend EVERYONE, regardless of your credit health, to enroll in Experian Boost. You are doing yourself a great disservice in NOT researching and joking for yourself!!!.Version: 2.9.10

Credit Score vs Aging PopulationCredit Scores are a necessary evil but they are biased against the older population. My wife and I have $195K in retirement income, $2.5M in 401s, $2M in savings $1M in stocks, $2M in Tax-Free Bonds, and houses/property. So we don’t borrow money and pay off our debt at the end of the month. Historically, we had several organizational credit cards: Sears, JCP, Dillard, Shell, Belk, Lowe’s, etc but decades of bankruptcies and corporate failures have reduced these cards to only one card. Added to this is the financial organizations belief that older customers are a higher risk than younger customers and credit limits are reduced even if you have an excellent credit history. Recently, we were going to buy kitchen appliances and we were offered a discount if we used a company credit card. We applied and were granted a card with a $1K credit limit! The appliances were back ordered so I charged them on another credit card with a 12 month “No Interest” option. Our credit ultilization increased even though the appliances were back ordered and we did not have to pay for the purchase for 12 months. I do not need a car loan, a mortgage, or a personal loan but I get offers for these services daily. Perhaps, it would be better for companies that to target their advertising toward the population that needs these services..Version: ECW 3.5.18

Experian is great, simple as that.This app is awesome. It’s so easy to use my 4 year old could navigate around it. It gives you tips on how to boost your credit score that actually help, it allows you to link small easy to keep up with bills to your credit, it puts you in contact with lenders that will give you a credit card with good rates and it provides you with update info on your credit score regularly. Experian is the perfect app to use if you’re young and trying to build your credit up like me. I’ve been using the Experian app for about a year now, my credit was in the high 500’s when I started. After 1 year of using it I’m in the mid 700’s. I literally couldn’t even get a $500 payday loan a year ago, now I have a mortgage with an amazing rate. If you’re not using Experian to get ahead in your life you’re a flat out simp. Good luck chumps..Version: 2.10.3

A Very Useful AppKnowledge is potential power. One big problem I had in trying to become a better steward of my finances was to know my current credit score. Seeing that a good score provides ready access to securing any big purchases, I realized that I needed a reliable app to know, at least, where I stand credit-wise. The Experian app provides me this opportunity. It’s very useful. The app allows me to see all three credit scores. Moreover, it shows what financial activities are helping and hurting my credit score. Finally, the Experian app gives me alerts as to what is happening with my credit information in real time. This useful information helps me rethink my purchases and it’s potential impact on my credit rating. As a result of this knowledge, my credit score increased from the low 500’s to the mid 700’s in about three years. I recommend this app to anyone who is serious about obtaining a better credit score..Version: 2.9.8

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