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Thanks Experian!For a long time, I have been trying to improve my credit score and thanks to Experian I have been able to achieve my goal. When I started working on improving my credit score I spoke to a representative from Experian and they helped me negotiate with the lenders on how to pay my debts. Secondly, the representative advised me to use less than 20% of my credit limit. Third, thanks to Experian application I am able to monitor my credit daily, having said this, I was conscious of my spending and responsibility to pay my bills on time. Fourth, I learned to review my credit weekly, which helped me to be discipline and successful on monitoring my spending, debts, how to dispute items that have aged and needed to be removed from my credit. I continue to work on my credit because my final goal is for it to be 850..Version: 2.10.2

Little to no customer serviceI was really enjoying this app! I recently purchased a new phone and I have been unable to log back in to the Experian app since. I have contacted the customer service number multiple times. It loops you to where you never get a live person. The automated messages continually tell me to log in for assistance, but I can’t log in! I even tried email prompts and changing my password. Not sure what else to do! I am still getting email alerts about “changes to my credit” but I can’t log in to see them. Such a bummer. Prior to this issue, I was a fan of the app and the conveniences it offered in keeping me on track with my credit monitoring. I felt secure knowing that if there was ever an issue, I’d be alerted right away. I have been pretty frustrated with my attempts to make contact with someone who can assist me in gaining access to my account again!.Version: 2.7.0

Excited AND AmazedAfter learning of Experian Boost I did a ton of research and was both excited and ready to give it a try. I haven’t had the best track record as it pertains to managing my credit and ensuring I am in a good and healthy financial position but decided I wanted that to change. In the hour that I have been with the program I have boosted my score 78 points, utilized simulations available via the app to see decisions I CAN make to continually increase the health of my credit, learned the unhealthy decisions I have made which have affected me negatively,been matched with lenders to “thicken” my “thin” file, and enrolled in credit lock/monitoring. The research I did on this product betrayed the ACTUALITY of how great and much needed this product REALLY is! I, with the utmost sincerity, highly recommend EVERYONE, regardless of your credit health, to enroll in Experian Boost. You are doing yourself a great disservice in NOT researching and joking for yourself!!!.Version: 2.9.10

FANTASTIC!I don’t understand the one star ratings people have here. This past year I started working on my credit and Experian has been absolutely wonderful with that! It has helped me so much and I even pay for the monthly premium membership . I utilize all the tools and tips that Experian provides . I’ve learned so much and my credit scores have gone up DRASTICALLY! If you use the tools and tips they provide you can really improve your scores and learn things . I use this along with two other credit monitoring apps . I’m combination they have all helped me a ton ! And Experian is the only things that has the boost! That boost is so awesome ! I tell people about Experian all the time when they ask me how I’ve been raising my score ! Keep up the good work guys !.Version: 2.7.9

Simple as 123Experian is giving you everything upfront that creditors are looking at as well, I love it because when I want to see my score right away it’s there and it’s easy to use it’s informing me on all of my revolving credit how my open accounts are being effected by my payment history helpful hints on how to raise my credit score and the history of it, credit card offers and the likelihood of being approved and just more great tools to help build your credit. I remember when Companies would charge you to look at your credit and they wouldn’t give you all the information upfront so you’d have to keep buying more and more parts of the app just to get to your full credit report, with this app it’s 100% FREE! It’s all there! Thank you Experian great great app 👍🏽.Version: 2.7.3

Overall good to haveI am a bit obsessive about keeping my credit score in good shape, so I appreciate having this service. I do recommend it overall, as it has helped me over the years to see if something suspect is going on and to know where my credit and debt stands. Yes, it’s a worthwhile tool I use weekly and I will continue to use this service. This is more for corporate.... the new app isn’t as great or user friendly as the old version. I was forced to sign up for the new version, when the old version stopped working. I was looking forward to some noticeable upgrades, only to find a big credit card sign up suggestion section taking up most of the page. It’s more annoying than helpful. I hope you guys make some improvements, as I see I’m not the only customer feeling this way..Version: 2.3.1

Amazing! App love love love it!When I was 16 someone stole my Identity. Experian was the only company (not credit karma etc) that showed me exactly what I had on my credit report and was able to separate the other person. I’ve been looking to experian since! With the app I always lock my information which deff works because I went to run my credit and finance a new bedset and the store tried twice running my background and couldn’t. Until I was like “oh wait!”; I unlocked it waited a few minutes and it worked. Awesome app and will continue to use this. Very on point and updated continuously with recent activity on credit report. And the tips given to help in different ways to help and what you did that would could make it worse. To me, $10 and change a month is worth a peace of mind..Version: 2.6.2

Protecting your credit is protecting your futureI totally enjoy having my credit monitor safely, so far my FICO is being protected and monitored. I enjoy the education on how to advance my credit, I also enjoy all the fact of improving. Although I never dream closing an account would harm your FICO score. Think twice about closing credit cards, if you do talk to Experian first, therefore your credit score will be protected. I recent received a late payment notice from Premier credit card after opening the card I reviewed a phone call, saying I had late payment, i notified Experian therefor my credit score was not reflected. Also medical bills can be duplicated and hurt your credit. Monitor your credit is epic in every way. Value your credit as it is your future..Version: 2.7.1

Greatest App everThis is one of the best apps that I use on a monthly basis to monitor my credit. I wish it would provide the next update date that you see when you’re online. However I love the fact that it has all three credit bureau‘s. The only flaw is the other two Credit bureaus (TransUnion and Equifax), does not show the most current information. It is still showing a credit score from one year ago. Other than that, I will continue to use the Experian app as it grants the user direct access to their credit profile (including Fico score for free) which eliminates any fraudulent activity because you receive a notification each time someone pulls your credit or any changes to your credit profile (whether authorized or not)..Version: 2.7.0

I’m actually loving this appI had some serious issues with my credit and I failed to address them for the longest time but one day I guess I decided to fix things and take total responsibility for my poor attention to my scores and my history dealing with credit. Experian is helping me understand my issues and has been useful with helping me settle accounts that are paid or charged off and items that are disputed mostly due to my neglect mind you bc if I had been paying attention Experian and the other two c Credit bureau’s wouldn’t have these bad marks on my credit history, but alas I’m a work in progress. I also would like to say Experian is easy to use once you get the sign in process. Thank you..Version: 2.8.1

A Huge helping guide💸💸Me and my husband have been trying to buy a house for some number of years now to find out they run FICO 𝐒𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐞 not trans/equifax. I couldn’t find a way to keep track of my fico for free without ruining my credit. So one day we were listening to the radio. Wcgci 107.5 Chicago and a credit helped was talking on the air about this app. I quickly googled it and downloaded it and to my surprise it was FICO not equifax and transunion like Credit Karma *i have both apps* I was super excited and now I’ve been monitoring my FICO score and it helped me to open a new credit card to boost my score and I also linked my bank account and got my FICO score BOOSTED with Experian Boost. If I could I would definitely give this app a 10/5 ratings! Thank you to the creator and inventor of Experian you are truly amazing and a thoughtful person!.Version: 2.7.7

Experian is great, simple as that.This app is awesome. It’s so easy to use my 4 year old could navigate around it. It gives you tips on how to boost your credit score that actually help, it allows you to link small easy to keep up with bills to your credit, it puts you in contact with lenders that will give you a credit card with good rates and it provides you with update info on your credit score regularly. Experian is the perfect app to use if you’re young and trying to build your credit up like me. I’ve been using the Experian app for about a year now, my credit was in the high 500’s when I started. After 1 year of using it I’m in the mid 700’s. I literally couldn’t even get a $500 payday loan a year ago, now I have a mortgage with an amazing rate. If you’re not using Experian to get ahead in your life you’re a flat out simp. Good luck chumps..Version: 2.10.3

Definitely worth itMy credit was extremely low. Pretty embarrassingly so. I began using the app to see where I stood and clean my report up. The simulator was a useful feature in this effort. I continue to use it even now that my credit is better both for ease of locking and unlocking my report as well as making sure there are never any surprises. The only thing I wish is that it updated more frequently for the money I pay. I know they get reports once a month from everywhere but those come at different times and it would be nice to see how each effects the score. Bottom line is that if you’re looking to repair your credit or maintain it, I recommend using this app..Version: 2.10.3

HelpfulExperian has been fantastic. I was reluctant to purchase the subscription but was pretty desperate to figure out some issues on my credit report. After having this app for four months I don’t regret it! I have been able to dispute two negative reports on my credit. Stimulate my credit (i.e, what would my credit be if I paid off full debt, or went bankrupt, etc). It also locks your credit which is AWESOME. One time I forgot to lock my credit and applied for a credit card, instantly denied and Experian sent me a text and email stating “someone” had tried to access my credit (even though it was me). It’s a sound of mind and one less inquiry I would have to wait for 2 years to be taken off!.Version: 2.0.5

One of the most helpful tools taking charge of your creditWe had a run of bad luck medical bills and that and it was inevitable that our credit rating would fall to pour one we couldn’t pay our debt and we defaulted on some agreements getting the Experian app has really allowed us to take charge our credit to know what’s going on month-to-month to see who we have to contact and where to pay off some of those older Dess I have changed hands and overall has help us increase our credit rating from the 450 to 581 and although 581 is only fair I know that Lindsey Experian app and the tools it’s given us I will be able to get my credit rating back to goodSoon and even excellent in the next year.Version: 2.6.2

Excellent service!Had finally decided to clean my credit and got the free report without needing to sign up or jump through hoops to identify myself. Found I had fraudulent activity was able to talk on the phone with a rep who was fantastic, so understanding and helped me find the best way to set up alert to my file so I don’t need to worry about further fraud. I have been able to get my score up by 33 points since starting my Experian account. Been recommending their services to all my friends and family and others have also seen an increase in their own scores. Was offered a free credit score about a month after setting up so that was great too!! Love being able to keep track of everything without fear!.Version: 2.2.0

Getting my credit score back on track!After many years of struggling to get to having a credit score of “Good”, it has finally happened, thanks to Experian and understanding every piece of what it takes to understanding credit scores! I’m 44, and struggled with credit since the age of 18, and after years of recovering from financial issues, coming out of bankruptcy and foreclosures, having the Experian app to dispute issues that were resolved and showing me ways to increase my credit score have been tremendously helpful! It feels good to be in control knowing that I can have a good credit score and reep the rewards that come with that in life! I was able to buy my daughter her 1st car! Knowing that I can help show her the importance of good credit scores in life made me so proud to finally be in this place in life!.Version: 2.7.1

Experian Apps and MonitoringAs an Experian Credit Monitoring Customer for over 10 years, I’ve used both apps. I kinda liked the other one better but this one is great too! It is loaded with helpful info. Also, went to the bank to change my name after getting married And wound up stuck sitting at the bank for awhile because BOA is always short staffed. In any event, while I was sitting there waiting, my Experian app pushed out a notification that a change was being made to my BOA checking and savings accounts. Another time, when trading my car in and sitting at the dealership waiting for paperwork, I received an alert that my credit was being run by the finance company. I’ve never felt more secure with my information security. I will probably never leave Experian. ❤️.Version: 2.7.7

Credit score increase of 80 pointsSince downloading the Experian app and being able to explore all of my account balances, installment accounts & balances, & collections on my credit report, I’ve paid all collections off and have been closely monitoring my report. Since I first downloaded the app, about 3 months ago now, by being very proactive and dumping a bunch of money into my accounts and erasing collections my score has shot up 80 points over the three months and continues to rise every time a new score update is available. This is all because now I am working towards having optimal credit so I can refinance my car and maybe even purchase a house. Having good credit definitely makes your life much easier, so if you care about your credit score, this will help you monitor it and put your money somewhere it should go so that it will be beneficial to you later. Thank you for reading..Version: 2.7.3

Experience the BestA lot of the times your credit rating moves as slow as a snail. You try your best to be a good consumer and be consistent with your financial situation. Being a senior on a fixed income which dwindling faster than you can keep up with all involved. Experian has been fair and makes me feel that my efforts handling my finances makes me feel I still matter and at least doing fair when others of the triad rate me poor or less. I am not behind in any of my accounts and I have a car note that is more than 50% paid off on a fixed income on disability as well as paid off almost all my accounts except 3. Experian allows me to keep track of this mess and make sense of it and keeps me from throwing in the towel like a lot of folks have had to do in my situation. I have had to make slot of sacrifices to keep my credit profile where it is. Thanks for the help!!.Version: 2.7.0

Credit EnhancementI’ve been focusing on learning exactly what’s needed to grow my credit scores. Everyday I check on the website and take steps needed to work on increasing my positively rewarded activities and remove incorrect items. I am concentrating on paying every account on time and growing my credit with credit card companies and other lender types so that no account will be using more than 30% of the credit line. I’ve discovered vendors that allow home improvement loans that allow for short term interest-free loans so that I can pay them off and find additional properties that meet my criteria to remodel and grow my cash flow. The Experian app helps me to watch over my overall financial situation and hire a professional to deter any credit theft. I’m really appreciative that Chase offered the Experian app as a customer..Version: 2.8.2

Real Time Alerts & FeedbacksExperian provides real time alerts regarding changes to my credit file. I’m immediately able to check any updates to stay on top of my file. This recently helped me make the decision to change a long-time insurer. I questioned the lack of change in rate based on tenure and other factors. The insurer claimed to have performed a “comprehensive” review including credit review. This did not appear on my Experian file, which the insurer claimed to have utilized. Based on my inability to substantiate the insurer’s claim, I moved on to another insurer and lowered my rate by 25+% while increasing my coverage. I find Experian user friendly (it helped me to review the tips). Most importantly, it’s an effective tool in allowing me to model my credit scenario and steadily strengthen my credit score. It’s been a worthwhile investment for the 1 Starbucks/per week I decided to give up!!.Version: 2.3.1

A Very Useful AppKnowledge is potential power. One big problem I had in trying to become a better steward of my finances was to know my current credit score. Seeing that a good score provides ready access to securing any big purchases, I realized that I needed a reliable app to know, at least, where I stand credit-wise. The Experian app provides me this opportunity. It’s very useful. The app allows me to see all three credit scores. Moreover, it shows what financial activities are helping and hurting my credit score. Finally, the Experian app gives me alerts as to what is happening with my credit information in real time. This useful information helps me rethink my purchases and it’s potential impact on my credit rating. As a result of this knowledge, my credit score increased from the low 500’s to the mid 700’s in about three years. I recommend this app to anyone who is serious about obtaining a better credit score..Version: 2.9.8

Big part of us buying a house again after losing one in the recessionDuring the recession my wife and I both lost our jobs ...not qualifying for the “save your home “ programs we found ourselves starting over with 4 young children in toe .after about 5 years I read that you could qualify for FHA after a certain amount of time and a certain credit score .I closely monitored our credit and baught Experian it was an excellent way to keep on top of your credit alerting me of every movement it also was an excellent way to decipher rogue collectors and legitimate things that needed to be addressed .Now were are back in a house of our own and past a very rough time and Experian was a huge part in being able to do that..Version: 2.7.2

I love this App and ExperianI read some of the negative comments but I say if you are having fraud issues you should purchase LifeLock as well. I have both, I love them both I monitor my credit on one and monitor for fraud on the other and it doesn’t cost that much. I am a real person and I have experienced fraud before so it is well worth it to get alerts every time my credit is ran so I can catch it right from the beginning and LifeLock has $1,000,000 insurance that protects you if anyone does something in your name if they didn’t catch it in time. But on this app I love this new feature credit booster, it boosts your credit just for paying bills that you always pay all the time. I always wanted to get a credit boost for things I already pay all the time monthly..Version: 2.7.7

Can’t live without this app!Wow, has my credit increased since signing up with Experian! I like that they give you updates as soon as something hits your credit report. They also give you tips on how to improve your credit based on your individual report. Not just tips like other apps, but real world advice on what actions you should take to improve your score. I had the free version for a while before upgrading, but even the free version is worthwhile. I also use MyFICO and its a very close call. Experian seems to update more often. However, I do wish they would update all 3 bureau scores instead of waiting a month for Equifax and TU. Experian, this is where MyFICO has the advantage over you. I still love you guys though. A military discount would also be nice. Thanks for the great service!.Version: 2.7.2

Identity stolenI am a 33 year old woman who had her credit identity stolen 2 years ago. I never thought in my wildest dreams that it would happen to me. I had of course heard of it happening, but always thought no one would want my credit. Thanks to getting Experian I can lock my credit and unlock if I need to. If another Bureau pulls my credit Experian lets me know almost immediately. I can honestly say I don’t know what I would’ve done within these 2 years without you alls help. Yes, scammers still try every year to get cards in my name, but I am able to stop them because of Experian relating the information to me. Yes, there is a fee and I have to tell you at first I was skeptical about paying it, but honestly it’s worth every penny that they have saved me!.Version: 2.5.2

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