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Golf Clash for Positive User Reviews

One on one funLove the mix of people and countries playing. Good fun and getting it right is just elusive enough to be as close to real golf as I have experienced. Good one game makers.. A Kiwi fan..Version: 2.2.0

FrustratingFirstly a couple of practice holes wouldn’t be a bad idea especially if you are just starting out or even after a break to get your timing right. Secondly being fair, when your opponent has what I would have thought would be a bad shot and go in the rough but stays on the fairway and I do the same shot and go in the rough. Thirdly when a newbie comes along with the original clubs given and beats you and you played decent shots you have to question the games fairness. Fourthly why are upgrades so pricey when you don’t earn a lot of money or gems, it says to me to make them pay for it if they want it, where’s the fun... I could go on but that will do for now......Version: 2.2.3

GC reviewDespite it having a few easily avoidable flaws, I do love this game. It has a problem with frequent crashing and the only way you can start playing again is by turning your phone off and on again. However, the biggest flaw it has in my opinion is the way it forfeits the match for you when your connection screws up and it results in you losing your ENTIRE entry fee. I just lost 3K because of this. On the upside, this game never gets boring, it’s very feel-good and there’s no end point to it, you can you have a career as a golfer for as long as you want with this game. I really wish it would clear up the flaws I mentioned though, because they can really make me lose my patience with it sometimes and I don’t want to have to stop playing it in the future. What they should do when one of the players loses connection, is end the game automatically and refund BOTH players. And then if a player genuinely wants to forfeit a game, they have a forfeit button anyway so the player can just press that. All in all, if you live an area where you often lose internet connection, then I wouldn’t recommend getting this game. But if you want a game that’s fun and entertaining, and you like career-based games, I would definitely recommend. I hope you take my advice about how to improve the game golf clash and please sort out crashes as well! Happy golfing ⛳️.Version: 2.3

Better Than Its Rivals!!!This is the second golf game I have downloaded recently, and easily the best of the two! Unlike the other one, in which you only become successful by spunking all your money on in app purchases (I have downloaded and deleted it 5 times, and every time the game screws you over!!), this one is based on skill and accuracy. The wind is similar for each player, your opponents are better matched to your ability, and the whole play-off idea when you draw a hole is much fairer - even the player who goes second can win the game!! Of course, if you have the money to spend on improving your equipment then go for it! But I prefer a game where you progress through skill and ability, rather than how much cash you’re prepared to part with. The game is FREE after all...! All in all, a great game providing hours of fun and frustration in equal measure!!.Version: 2.2.3

GolfAddictive, the only game I play on my phone. And that’s fine I’m fully entertained.Version: 2.37.3

PuttingSo I really enjoy this game but when you putt the arrow goes on a curve and it can quite annoying but everything else is awesome another thing would be cool if u could type to the other person to say like I don't have enough coins to play again and things like that but awesome game.Version: 2.2.0

Best golf game in the whole worldThis game is awesome because when I played it I was really excited to try this one I was very impressed with the graphics I have done it is awesome and it makes me feel good and it doesn’t even have to be the best I have ever seen in the past few weeks but I have don’t have to pay for it and that is all the end of my review.Version: 2.34.3

Bring back village life pleaseI’m sure this is a great game but is there any chance you can bring back playdemic’s other game village life? I used to play it a lot before it got shut down and absolutely loved it. I’ve looked for years but haven’t managed to find a game quite like it. I would be willing to throw all my money at it and know it still has a lot of loyal supporters that feel the same way..Version: 2.48.6

Brilliant game!I’m not going to ligh I don’t get why some people complain about this game! Some are saying the matchmaking isn’t great but it will become more fair as the game gets more popular. I love this game so much and the practise game mode is brilliant! Please please PLEASE keep adding more updates so that this matchmaking will become more fair and the game won’t even get boring! I barley see any flaws in the game. One thing I think would be cool is having more putters. Firstly make the beginner putters stats worse, and add in more. I say this because putting is way too easy! Most of the time when I’m on the green I think I’m safe. All I’m saying is make putting harder, if possible. Eg the putting line is so long and makes it almost a free shot. I’ve got 300 trophies and I think I’ve only missed a couple putts....Version: 2.39.1

Patience is the keyI don’t usually write reviews for any game, but I see a lot of complaints here so I thought i would put my two cents in. First off I will point out DO NOT ADVANCE TOO FAST! Take your time and play the first few tours for a while to rank up your clubs and increase your bankroll. There are good enough clubs in the first 4 tours to be able to compete once you get them leveled up. The game certainly has some issues as does any free to play game. Some of the purchases do cost a lot of money, but they are not necessary to play and enjoy the game. If you want to rise to the top of the ranks then paying is definitely a benefit, but if you are a casual player you can have plenty of fun without having to spend money. I am currently playing anywhere from tour 6 to tour 8 without spending money on special balls or anything like that. I admit I have spent a few dollars on the golden shots from time to time but that’s it. Once you advance a little in levels and join a clan, the amount of gems you collect in chests is usually more than enough to purchase decent balls to compete within lower to mid tours. If you want to get past tour 8 or 9 then the competition is tougher and you do need better balls to get the distance and reduce the wind levels, but there is plenty of fun to be had with this game..Version: 2.37.1

Golf ClashFantastic game! Although it would be nice for gems to be cheaper. Clubs need an extra level adding to them or some new clubs altogether as there are a lot of maxed faccounts around..Version: 2.48.6

Great but slow transitionsGreat game overall, but either some of the hit areas on the dashboard controls are too small, or they’re just near non-responsive. Bottom menu is a nightmare to change between options..Version: 2.1.4

Lots of moneyLots and lots of money - I mean loads have been lavished on this game. It looks great the game play is superb the physics are good and the opportunity to increase your skill as you play is definitely there. It’s great fun, it massages your ego as you shoot up the early ranks. eagle! But and it’s a big but - even more money has been lavished on tweaking it so you eventually have to pay. Just a little initially - almost stayed up in your league? Nearly got promoted. Fear of being demoted. Happily a very clever little algorithm will offer you AMAZING DEALS just when you’re most tempted. £5 here £5 there - hey! You’re having fun. Why shouldn’t you pay a few quid. Then check your purchases (which only goes back a few months). You’ve spent hundreds. This is a pay to win gambling game so cleverly set up you actually make excuses for shelling out real cash for virtual nonsense. Oh and you can’t leave - you have to play in the weekly league EVERY week to stay up. Otherwise all your hard work and effort is lost. I’m giving it 5 stars so people will read this and also to ‘the guy’... Somewhere a guy is sitting on a huge yacht smoking a fat cigar due to that cute little gold game you ‘found’ (you didn’t find it - you have a history of handing over cash on real racing or clash of clans) basically you’re a mark. Very clever stuff.Version: 2.37.2

Fun, played a lot and then tried some others before coming back.Q.Version: 2.37.3

Free coin’sHiya Love the game and the whole concept of it but it would be great if there was an easier way to earn coins as it is very difficult to be on the game all the time when you are say twelve years of age because you live with your parents and they won’t allow you to purchase coins or gems for the game and they don’t let you play it all day. You see if you run out of gems or coins or even both you have to wait until you unlock all of your prize boxes to get back on your feet so you can play some more games and win more coins. It would be really nice if you guys could put in some options to watch ads or videos to earn coins or gems. And your golden shot being a limited time event is also a downside as it is too short and will probably benefit everyone a lot more if you make it more of a permanent mini game and have it so you can play it once a day. Thanks for reading my review and I hope that one day you might update the game and include these things in it. Cheers Cpjsomer.Version: 2.37.3

I need helpHi developers I love the game but when I was doing the golden shot medium mode it glitched and shot when I wasn’t even close to letting go so I would like another golden shot please or a reward thanks.Version: 2.44.2

Using auto text.Ok game this time of the year and I still haven't been released to this season game today but I have got no worries about the game and I still haven't played this season yet but I'm not gonna play games with the kids today after the last game I was going on the bench in the game day after the last week of school holidays but I'm not going there tomorrow if anyone wants me to play with my friends I don't know what about the other players who play this game so they might get a better score than I have got the best players on Facebook game today and they will probably be better off with this app than Facebook.Version: 2.1.6

Great game but I want moreI’ve been playing this game for a while now. I put it down for a bit and recently picked it back up and was disappointed to find that not really all that much has changed besides the seasonally themed tournaments and balls that are available as rewards. I still love this game probably more than any other on my phone right now but I want more. More courses. MORE CLUBS with interesting stats or abilities. I’m tired of playing with the same old clubs I had months ago. I think it would be cool to add a whole new tier of clubs above the top tier of clubs available at present. Maybe they could have a single ability or something that makes them unique from the other clubs in the game. They could be rare, maybe earned from difficult achievements, tournament wins, etc. I think you could retain even more players by adding this small level of depth that keeps players grinding for these unique items. It’s something that I feel is missing from this game. Something to grind for above the normal clubs. It would go along with the arcade-y, quirky, fun style of golf clash and add more depth to the game. Other than that, keep doing what you’re doing! I love this game!.Version: 2.1.8

Support team won’t respond to my concernsGolf Clash has adopted the trash concept of Season Passes in an effort to generate revenue similarly to what Fortnite and Call of Duty Modern Warfare did. The difference is that those two did not put notification numbers on items that weren’t available to us, they just showed us the image. Playdemic purposely puts season pass challenge notifications in the same area where the free account weekly and daily challenges are located to keep your attention focused on what paid perks are available IF YOU PAY UP LOLS and to generate a psychological response that forces someone to intentionally feel the “fear of missing out”/FOMO and force our brains to make decisions because we are susceptible to the dopamine-reward response pathway in our brains. This is not okay and playdemic should provide an option to allow these side by side notifications to be turned off that keep prompting us to look at free account challenges next to the paid-for season pass challenges. UPDATE: Playdemic finally responded and said they will use ,y feedback in future updates. Therefore I have changed my rating to reflect that. It will not get a 5 star rating yet however, because it took longer than it probably should have to respond. However, if Playdemic actually adds in a feature to remove said golf pass notifications I’ll amend my rating further upward to a 5 star rating..Version: 2.39.3

Fun and addictiveBeen playing this for a few days now. Saw it as a advertisement on another app and never thought how much fun it would be to play. Even more fun with friends. I even found out it’s the one game I’m better than my boyfriend at hahah.Version: 2.1.6

Fun, Quirky, sometimes glitchyYes it’s Freemium but so far I’ve managed to play a few days and have yet to find the “need” to buy anything. The skill level matchups are relatively fair. I’ve had a few moments where the ball freaked out... a sudden change in trajectory as if it hit a surface in the air, and a few times where the ball floated over the hole (not bounced, as in it continued to roll over the hole like it would on the green). Overall, still has merit. Worth a try..Version: v2.1.9

Good game. Wish more people play onlineGood game. Easy to learn. But sometimes couldn’t find player due to not enough player..Version: 2.2.7

I like thisI'm only a few games deep but I quite enjoy it as well as friends I have brought onto the game. Extra features where you can sell items would be good, other than that. I love the mechanics, matchmaking is good. Good job.Version: 2.36.0

Happy enoughControls are nice, seems accurate and no ads!.Version: 2.37.2

Really EnjoyabeThis game is top notch, would recommend to all. Easy to use and well thought out controls.Version: v2.1.9

One of the best gamesWhen this game started it was great, but lately it has had a lot of connection and crash issues, when playing if you click the chat screen the game will generally crash, heading into shootout holes mostly. First time, and pretty much every Time I first open game it instantly crashes and I have to reopen game, when game is matching opponents it will get stuck and just keep rolling, so you have to close and open game again. Sometimes if you open I. Game chat, it is almost guaranteed it’s going to crash when you go to shootout hole. Fix these small bugs and this is the #1 game on the App Store..Version: 2.33.0

The fact that my dad was a little more told he isMy brother just came the same name for the last year of all that and all he does for a boy that he was the only boy that would have made me happy and he would never let go on me I would never let go that way before you get out the house to get to see me in your.Version: 2.1.6

Fun so farI'm enjoying the game so far.Version: 2.1.0

Good game to play against friends.This game is fun to play with friends. It gets very competitive. It could have better instructions though..Version: 2.2.3

Fun!!So addicting!.Version: 2.1.0

StrategyThe opponent should not be able to see the other player strategy. Then...this game will be best. Now, it is not fair if you ‘go first’. If the approach not right, then the other opponent will use other approach..Version: 2.1.6

Simple funI have only just started, so it’s fairly easy but I can see the challenge increasing soon. It’s as much a game against yourself as it is against others.Version: 2.2.2

Super fun but not easyI like it alot because it can always be a challenge. One game is not the same as the other. Never underestimate your opponent..Version: 2.39.6

Good easy gameQuick and easy to pick up, sets all clubs etc for you, that is good and bad. If you want to customise more maybe not the game for you but you can choose most other things, set you shots, upgrade clubs etc and lots of different playing options.Version: 2.48.6

Excellent golfing funThis is a very well designed game and supported daily by the developers with new content and tournaments. It’s clever too - you’re only ever committed to play a hole at a time - meaning a game only takes about five minutes. You play another player online with roughly the same ‘rating’ as yourself. Very quickly, you start to master your shots, make adjustments for the wind, and spin and curl your shots to the pin, spending your winnings on upgrading a range of clubs which become available over time. It’s ad-free from the outset too which is a nice bonus. Over time you’ll probably need to spend a bit of cash to keep you going and why not? The game wasn’t free to make nor is cheap to maintain. Eventually though, you’ll most likely run out of credit; you’ll find yourself playing opponents with far superior clubs - and since you climb the ratings faster than you fall - you’ll realise only further investment can perpetuate your success. It’s great fun until you reach that point though..Version: 2.39.3

NewbieRating for coins thus far, only played 10-15 games yet, constant disconnection is a little annoying. As it's not my side dropping out. Will update rating when played a little longer 😊✌🏼️ Okay didn't get any coins and offer popped up again lol so now I've been playing for a little longer. I like it :) still not a pro but enjoy a few games between study and what not..Version: 2.2.3

4.5/5A very well thought process and game, although can be improved. Please consider adding: Offline mode: 3-6 new course with each one having 3 modes ranging from easy-hard.(easy 1-3mph, medium 4-7mph, hard 8++mph). The offline mode should also support a 2 player mode, either where the device is passed between players or connect through network only. Practise mode: Using already existing courses that costs 1/4 of the price, but adding course challenges to earn the entree fee back. You should also be able to play this in offline mode. Both of these new additions should have new achievement added with it. Daily awards/achievements: Setting new daily challenges, so players can have another way of making some coins and/or gems daily... going by other reviews, many players end up losing all there coins, which will result them having to wait for other players to either send them a gift, or having to wait for chest timer to finish. If a player seems that the game is against them, and they have no other way to make any coins, they will end up getting annoying, and just finding a different game to play.. which can result in a player deleting the app completely.. Or you could add a Free coins countdown every 20 mins for 300 for players who have less then 2500, Anyways this is just my 2pence Have a good day.Version: 2.1.4

RelaxingAwesome game to switch off for few minutes a day.Version: 2.39.14

Good gameGood game and like the set up, have just been trying to contact the app support however because I can't actually open the app at the moment I can't send through a notification as I don't have my player number which can only be accessed once the app is open, just wanting to let them know that I can't open the app and have done everything possible. Hopefully they read this!!.Version: v2.1.2

Such a good game 😊What a good game to play when your feeling a bit bored or even when you get home after long day at work! 🥳.Version: 2.37.3

BuzzyfellaCool little game real easy to understand and operate. Can see this app getting very addictive for me. Have already got some of my golf buddies on it. Thanks for hours of fun I’m going to have..Version: 2.1.8

Golf clash.I am a reasonably seasoned Golf Clash player who had gained approx. 1400 cups, but unfortunately deleted my account accidentally. I am now starting off at Zero with all the “new “ comers & my advise is that this game can be frustrating, but it is as fair as any game can be. As you progress you will earn the benefits that some have paid for & although they may have an advantage in the short term , it is negligible & the fun is to improve your game so as to compete with the best. You cannot compare are another players shot with yours as there are too many variables & their shot will not be exactly the same as yours. If you hit in the rough, then sorry, it was your poor shot that put it there. To those who think it’s biased in any way, get over it & stop being a pain. Just learn how to play ..... it’s worth it......Version: 2.39.3

Ignore the negative reviews!I have been playing this game for a year now and it is great. I find the negative reviews claiming really interesting. There seem to be various claims - the game starts off easy and then gets more difficult, people are hitting impossible shots and getting an albatross etc, there must be bots, people who have only played a few hundred trophies are beating me and playing impossible shots. Moan moan moan! As someone who has worked my way up by practising, I can say 100 per cent there are no fixed games. Those impossible shots may seem impossible when you start out but with practice, I can now do them. Play the game and get good at it before complaining and putting in negative reviews. Oh, and those players who have only a few hundred trophies and playing really great stuff - a lot of people on here have two accounts so their main one will be 4,000 odd trophies and their second one may be 500 trophies.. that is why they seem better, they aren’t beginners on the traditional sense! Man up if you get beat and try and learn from what the opponent did rather than complaining..Version: 2.2.6

Great gameYou know a games good when you have to uninstall once a week because you lost a match and can't take it any more ....Version: 2.1.0

Cool game.It’s a good game but I would like some single player whole courses to play. Also you need to make it so that where ever you land on the green your putter will make it to the whole as it’s really annoying when you make a crazy shot to hit the green and make it there only to have to make 2 putts because the putter has no strength where in reality a putter is a putter and it’ll go as far as it needs too. Other than that and a few other niggles it really is a great game and is pretty much all I’ve been playing since I downloaded it way over a month ago now. 😘 Also I’ve been playing tour 7 games for weeks now and you rarely get any tour seven club cards this needs to be sorted or what’s the point of having clubs in certain tours it’s ridiculous please please make it so that the tour you’re playing is the club cards that you receive in the chests..Version: 2.2.0

Great first impressions!So far so good with Good Clash! However, One thing I noticed Straight away that I would like to see is the player being able to choose between an iron OR the putter when trying to take shots from “the fringe” on the edge of the green? And also to be able to see where you are on the course in relation to other players shots as they take them? Would be good to see how your shots compare to your opponent at the time. Find the game good otherwise!.Version: 2.40.3

Excellent game with skill involved.This golf game requires you to really take the same conditions into consideration that a real game of golf would, wind conditions, where you hit your ball, how hard or soft you hit, just because you get a perfect hit does not mean you will score well unless you take the conditions into account. But the game is a lot of fun and I’m enjoying the learning curve it’s not to hard but I still have fun but I have both wins and losses, and because of the realistic conditions anyone with prior skill in golf should do even better. I really hope you enjoy the game as much as I do..Version: 2.34.3

GameThis game is actually quite realistic it is very fun like real golf but online. The thing I don’t like is when you putt your have to move the curve like it’s so annoying. So can you plz change that..Version: 2.39.11

1 little issue 🤗✨I really like this game because you can challenge your skills in competition. You have a chat section full of sentences like: good luck, well done, close, oops! And thanks. Which is good because it makes It less competitive and gives you an option to have good sportsmanship. My dad also enjoys this game and has actually been playing it for about 2 years and he really likes it. It is very frustrating sometimes, but that’s not the games fault it’s just because there’s very good players who basically beat you in everything. Also, another issue is it keeps on putting me against players who have a very high amount of trophies and I made a new account 2 days ago and I only have 12 trophies where as, it’s putting me against people who are in the 70s trophies and tbh I find that a bit unfair so please fix that ✨ overall I really like this game and keep working hard on developing it into an even better game! ☀️🤗 thank you for reading.Version: 2.34.0

Great game - excellent graphics, very realistic and challenging.Just like the real game! Takes a bit of learning to control the ball and handle the wind effect and the impact on distance when in the rough or bunkers. A chance to practice one hole maybe a limited number of times would be helpful to help newbies get more competitive when they start playing and encourage them to stick with it when they have a few wins under their belt (or in their golf bag!).Version: 2.2.3

Connection issue forfeitsGreat game but nothing is more frustrating than forfeiting a match due to poor connection issues - the game developers need to realise that it isn’t always the fault of the players - coins for forfeited matches should be refunded and rank/stats recuperated. If you quit the app - fair enough the match should be forfeited but if a connection issue prevents you from rejoining the coins recuperated..Version: 2.34.3

YupAddictive but the chests take way too long. After the new update where have the friends list gone? No online friends when they’re on.Version: 2.1.7

Addictive & recommendAddictive game, easy to get in to and quite rewarding. It’s not without its faults so bear this in mind. I’ve lost a few games by some glitches. On several occasions my opponents ball managed to bounce back off a patch of rough, rather than rolling on to it, it seemed to hit an invisible wall and bounce back onto the fairway. This has cost me around 5 or 6 high stake games. Not too bad as I would never spend actual physical money but frustrating when you play games to build up your “cash” to play the higher challenges and higher entrance fees. Recently I’ve noticed opponents have been logging off, then back on again, just as you take your shot. You get a big “joining and 5 second count down” display during your shot. However, your timer continues and your view is completely blocked so you have less time to aim and swing. They can do this a couple of times, only giving you a few seconds for your go. Good to play with friends just needs the little tweaks to keep it tip top..Version: 2.1.7

👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼If I could write 1 million stars I would I absolutely love it for those who say at the frustrating a bad game I don’t think that’s the right thing to say it I think it is a an amazing app and I would totally recommend it it’s not frustrating you just need to...Figure it out and take time to understand it and it’s not a bad game either I think it’s just amazing I love it 1 million and I just can’t stop saying it because it’s the best game ever other people might not think so but I think it is so yeah justAll the details that you got in there is amazing I just love it so much sorry I can’t stop I love it because I do I do I so much do you’re probably gonna be reading this all day and night if I don’t stop now so yeah it’s a really great game and that’s all I’ve got to say thanks for reading.Version: 2.38.1

Good game but.......This game could be so much better. I really enjoy the tournaments but they are a little bit drawn out for me, it takes too long to complete and why do you need to play against someone else??? It would be great if you could introduce different formats like there is in WGT Golf or if you could practice without having to play against another player. Also what exactly is the benefit of having numerous club bags that you get from the clans. It would be better if you could choose from the different bags during a game to make it more of a benefit. Lastly please please sort out the issue when someone hits it out of bounds or in the water. You should drop a shot not just play it as the next shot. It’s not much of a penalty. I’ve stopped playing this for now in the hope that some major extras are added as it has become a bit tedious..Version: 2.2.7

I love the game but one bad thingI think this is a fun game and I love that you can play with friends and family and is good to play in lockdown when you are bored but there is one bad thing this has happened 13 times to me it is when other players internet shuts down I lose all my coins and it is really annoying and unfair because it is when I have got it in the hole and it is his or hers tern and then the internet goes of so apart from that I love the game and the second not so good thing is when you are close to the hole like not even a centimetre away it does not go in but in real life the wind would have pushed it.Version: 2.39.13

Bad game playI have played this game for a couple of months now and I have had to contact customer service several times ! That does nothing in regards to the game issue ! There are times where a player and I are using the same ball but yet that player call not only shoot the ball way further or the other player using the same ball can add backspin and I cant or can add topspin and I cant but we are using the same ball and this does not make since! The ball accuracy is way off and customer service want to say it is in app wind ! But yet you do a aerial shot and do a shot track before you take a shot to see where the ball should travel but yet the ball does not travel as you seen on the preshot settings! Once I reached a certain level in tour 6 I feel they just ripped me off because all I did was loose not matter what ! I know you wont always win but there is no way a person should go for 24 hours of non stop loosing each time they try and get on the game! I feel they have ripped me off! Think twice before getting this app because you are not going to enjoy the app in anyway ! And customer service does not do anything when you have a issue with the game besides put the blame on you !.Version: 2.33.0

HmmI play this game a lot I really like it it’s really easy to use and difficult at the same time. Awesome game. But I’ve won a few games and I haven’t received any trophy’s for it only coins it’s starting to get annoying because I need the trophy’s to get further.Version: 2.2.3

Lost purchase!!!I just bought 2500 gems I have been charged for it but it has come up lost purchase and I havnt received my gems if this can be resolved that would be great!.Version: 2.33.2

DON’T DOWNLOAD!!!!!!If your a competitive player then this game will only frustrate and stress you out with the lack of sportsmanship by playdemic when they match you up to players with clubs that far exceed yours . Doesn’t matter how much you throw into your account YOU will regret spending a single penny on this poor game and its many many glitches with connectivity issues and just when your about to take a shot the game will buffer running down your clock and losing you the match. Iv played for about 6 months and am starting to physically feel sick after the horrendous losing streak with 2 steps forward and 10 steps back. You might think with a career purse of almost 2B in coins I would have more than 20m in my actual pocket , that’s how bad it is at actually making any head way on this poor excuse for a game . Definitely not happy with the game and so have downloaded Golf Rivals instead, just to get the fun back in playing golf 🏌️‍♂️.Version: 2.31.0

Fun and AddictiveIt’s really a great game - lots of creativity with the names of the clubs often tied to animals. I have a love / hate relationship with this game. Half the time I love it and have fun. The other half I get extremely frustrated. The biggest improvement that could be made is to introduce a practice mode where you can practice shots without having to spend game coins and compete. I play for free, but I also WISH they would charge a small, reasonable amount (say $5-$10) for unlimited play which I would probably buy. What often happens to me when I hate the game is I get on these horrible losing streaks where I lose a large percentage of coins, then can’t play except for the cheap beginner holes which are boring after you gain some experience. They do have some options where you can buy game coins, but I think the prices are unreasonable where you would probably have to spend over $100 to get unlimited play of any course you’ve unlocked. I think the game developers’ strategy is to get people hooked on it, then have those people spend money to play, if they play a lot. I’m semi-addicted, and as I said would pay $5-$10 for unlimited play without having to earn coins or wait fir the free coins..Version: 2.33.2

Epic club upgradesI have been playing Golf Clash for nearly 2 years every day and open at least 4 game play chests and 4 timed chests every day plus a prism chest every day for at least a year and have worked out it will take many more years to max out my Epic clubs. I get it, it should be hard but there should be a light at the end of the tunnel also. It is taking far to long..Version: 2.39.6

Junglist calms down and plays golfI was in streatham last night mcing to some proper rollers dirty basslines the lot. All those sub below frequencies released a lot of calming endorphins and made me remember how much I like to play this golf game here. So mid rave I put down the mic went to my zen place and played some of my favourite game. It was a lovely end to the night and the reactions to my reaction from my fellow mc bubbly squid (top tier budda buda byeeee on this lad) was like no other. So he downloaded the app and also went into a zen like state whilst playing this calming but challenging mobile game. After this we both went to our err-hmm respective homes and carried on the quest to be the best at golf no jest. So if you take the invest do it with your chest and you can be the buda-buda- best!.Version: 2.43.0

GOLF CRASH!Last couple of days your app keeps crashing, have to delete and reload. Fix plez.Version: 2.2.3

A few glitchesGreat game but I Think it needs to work on a few issues. 1. A water hazard doesn’t count a a shot there’s no penalty for that unlike the real game. 2. The tournament level from $800 jumps straight to $3000 you could’ve put a $1500 level in there ??? 3. Is it possible to create a driving range or Even a practice round once you have unlocked those tournaments??? Still a great game spend lots of hours playing could spend lots more if these few issues would be implemented.Version: 2.2.2

BSPlayed a shot into the rough just off the green and the game told me I was out of bounds. Went on to lose that game I would’ve easily won. This is just one of many incidents where the game is clearly rigged for you to lose in order to push you to buy coins etc. BS game.Version: 2.38.1

Golf clashVery enjoyable game but the games go for a little bit to long but overall really love it, it’s a fun way to play with friends and earn coins in competitions and other events, I think there should also be ads you can watch to earn money, because sometimes you have to wait ages to play a game again.Version: 2.38.1

DrawI think the one who goes first on draw had disadvantages because opponents can see their measurements and go according so it’s quite un fair.Version: 2.34.0

Golf ClashExcellent and addictive game. Unfortunately, putting is far too easy to sink putts with light streaming from the hole- too easy to release the putt in the direction given. This means that on a par 5 for instance, he can still get on the green for 3 (if he’s bunkered) and therefore easily force a draw with his opponent who’s had great drive, second and a chip to the green. The arrow to show the path of the putt should therefore go faster according to distance from the hole. The further the putt, the faster the arrow moves. Another nice addition would be to show the distance to the hole after each shot(except putts). John Edelsten.Version: 2.1.6

Good game, few things poorThe overall playing of the game is solid, until the wind conditions change from shot to shot, meaning unfair advantage to either player is random and annoying. also the way you get new clubs and upgrade them is horrible. that needs to change and if it does I'll be playing the game none stop. the way you fix is by allowing players to simple buy the clubs with either the in game chips or gems. good game just fix some things..Version: 2.1.0

ThieveryLove the game and been playing for a while but knocking off a star because of the timer on the golden shot. If you pay a dollar to take a shot and win a prize, you should at least have an extended clock not the same one as live play, WHICH YOU DONT PAY FOR. I do not understand this logic - the company isn’t losing anything by extending the clock (or turning it off!). Not to mention the rewards aren’t even good - it’s more about “beating” the shot (so yea, it’s dumb to buy this shot...thats not the point). It’s like if you ordered take out and didn’t pick it up exactly when you were told it would be ready (uh, except, the restaurant making the food would actually lose something if you never showed up or paid). This is seriously outright theft to be honest. I guess I’m the stupid one who pays a dollar for this dumb shot. This should really be changed makes no sense and isn’t fair. Have some ethical standards aye? You get the freaking dollar whether it’s 5 seconds or unlimited clock. WHY DO YOU CARE it doesn’t make it more difficult, it just makes you look bad. (“You” being whoever is ignoring this review at whatever company that develops this game and decides on these unethical and illogical rules.). Alright. Whatever though. Game’s cool..Version: 2.34.1

Golf clashDefinitely is a good good amazing game and I love it it is a great game and I love it it is a great game and I love it it is a great game and I love it it is a great app and you will be happy with your app for a few weeks or maybe the next day and will you be a little better and a one you will see in your garden or something to do something to be sure as soon with the next week it it was the best game I've seen and the game was just the best app ever app that I've tried it it does nothing much better then a good game and then I got a game and then nothing happens for the first app I will be the game app to play and then ill be fine for it it too is the best time of app app for all ages I know that it was not a bad game app and then nothing much I had nothing but the best time of my life and it was not bad for the game and.Version: 2.2.3

Only one frustrationI really enjoy this game, but I end up with a heap of extra golf clubs that I’ll never spend money on upgrading. Would be great if there was a trade-in feature so you could swap unused clubs for the ones you use all the time. Something like 10 common clubs gets you 1 epic club as a trade.Version: 2.34.1

DisappointedThis game is generally speaking very great. When first stumbling on this game through a friend I quickly found myself playing all the time. It is fun to level up clubs and play all the different tours and courses. It can be frustrating when you lose multiple in a row or lose all your money and start from scratch but that is the users fault obviously (don’t bet money you’re not willing to lose) anyways, the reason I am giving it 4 stars and not 5 is because the bugs have been driving me crazy. I have lost games before due to glitches, connection errors stuff like that and I never expected the game to be perfect but at some point it should stop. A connection error that came out of no where when my WiFi was perfectly fine cost me a tournament. I was shooting and it said reconnecting right as I was about to release my shot I held my finger there with the hopes it would let me reconnect and shoot. It did not only not let me shoot but by the time my screen fixed the glitch the other person had already taken his next shot and I was about to run out of time again. Frustrating to say the least. I would love to see the glitches fixed so I could give it 5 stars and golf clash make it up to the users who’ve lost out on things due to glitches and bugs..Version: 2.1.8

Great game with a few glitchesGC is a really fun game, and I enjoy playing with people all over the world. Lately the game has been having technical problems that can be infuriating. For example, it is difficult to find an opponent. GC claims that problem is with FB, but I don’t log in through FB and still have problem. Even worse is the game “lose connection” in the middle of the game causing you to forfeit the match and the coins you spent to play that match. I have never “lost connection” with any other game played on my phone. This happens even I am using a super stable connect at my university. GC just released an update, and finding opponents is definitely faster. I haven’t had a match disconnect yet either, but I haven’t given it much of test so far. I hope they get this fixed. It’s my favorite game, but if the problems don’t get fixed soon, they lose a lot of players. One other aspect I wish they fix is the algorithm for matching opponents. Playing matches with players who are rated 3x my rating and have better clubs is not really fair. I just lose coins and can’t advance. They to limit the difference in rankings to a small range to make matches more competitive. Still my favorite, and I hope they fix the bugs soon. It’s addictive when it is working well! Go West Mid Ballers clan!.Version: 2.33.2

ProblemI have enjoyed playing this game for a while now but I have just updated the game and now it won’t open, tried to contact them but I must have my user ID and as I’m using my phone to play the game they tell me I must use THE IN GAME SETTINGS MENU, and without my user ID I cannot proceed any further, this is a VERY major problem for anyone who can’t get back on their game to report a problem.Version: 2.37.1

Great, tournaments too long and needs a practise/offline modeI’ve been playing for at least 2 years and overall I really enjoy the game. You have ups and downs wins and losses, sometimes that’s frustrating but it’s a game, so somehow I’ll survive. I really think that the game would benefit from having an offline or practise option, so you can improve there. I’d like to play the tournaments more than I do, but they are so time consuming, especially the 18 hole version. It’s hard to actually finish the course in the time frame allotted and I seldom have. I think you should get rid of the shoot out option for drawn holes in the tournaments, this would make them shorter, a lot of the holes are drawn in my experience. I know that they are the decider to see who wins the cash, but the cash stakes could just go back to the players and the next hole played. As the shoot outs don’t effect your tournament score I think this would be a good way of helping people complete tournaments and progressing their game. Overall I’m a big fan and greatly enjoy the game. Thanks.Version: 2.38.0

THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC!!!!Me and my 5 year old brother love this game we actually bond and that makes our parents happy I love this game because it’s good quality and it is easy to play. My favourite bit is that we get closer and closer with my brother! Keep on going! From Mila and Quinn.Version: 2.41.2

Great gameGreat game nothing wrong with this golf game I have gone better on life and in game now thx from the makers for making game love it easy 5 star.Version: 2.37.1

IFacebook log inHow come we can not connect our facebook accounts anymore? Can we fix this please?.Version: 2.48.2

Always back to stayAlways loved this game and had to come back to this app... Have lost a few devices as to why I lose my accounts but this time ... Again, I'm here to stay.Version: 2.31.0

What an appI’ve been with Golf Clash since the early days and can honestly say it’s by far the best app I have had. The quality of the graphics always blow me away. The detail in the grass, the trees, the sky, the water - it’s pleasureable to play and especially when you level up ans can play more courses. Tournaments are always fun ans since the most recent big update, they’ve improved so many small experience bits like, there is now 3 tiers in tournaments so when you play a new level you’re not playing ridiculously good people, there is a customisable comments, reactions and emojis, you can buy cool hole animations and tees. Occassionally there has been some teething issues like slight glitching after the big update but they constantly improve and do maintanance to stablise it. I just love Golf Clash!.Version: 2.39.3

Golf clash reviewGolf is one of my favourite sports in real life and I’ve wanted a game that you could play golf in and I think golf clash is the best golf game. It’s really challenging and enjoyable to go up against other opponents and I like how there are different courses and not just 1. Although I do think the new battle pass’ are pointless because coins and chest is all you need to unlock new clubs and coins. So overall this game gets 4 stars it’s a great game but I could be better.Version: 2.48.6

Golf ClashThis is very addictive and fun game. Can be frustrating at times when though when it does not run correctly..Version: v2.1.2

UnhappyThe only thing is getting through the levels without paying for stuff is not possible.Version: 2.38.1

Golf Clash 👍I have only been playing this game for a week now, however i am in love with all the detail and aspects within the game. however to improve the quality of the game, i believe more course maps should be created in order to make some difference when playing. Overall, everyone should download this game, i am already obsessed ❤️❤️.Version: 2.45.0

Golf clash!Fun fun fun!.Version: 2.37.2

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