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Yuka - Food & Cosmetic Scanner Positive Reviews

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Yuka - Food & Cosmetic scanner App User Positive Comments 2023

Yuka - Food & Cosmetic scanner app received 167 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about yuka - food & cosmetic scanner?

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Yuka - Food & Cosmetic scanner for Positive User Reviews

Ma première utilisationYuka va désormais m’aider à faire des choix santé et judicieux lors de mes emplettes. Merci! 👍.Version: 4.27

AmazingI have recently been using Yuka and I just can’t believe how great it is. There is a free or premium version, with the free version you can scan any object (food or cosmetics, etc) and it tells you all the ingredients in it, whether they’re harmful or good, if it’s bad then it gives you recommendations on what else you could buy that is good and it also tells you about each chemical & ingredients that is used in the product and how it can affect you. You can see your history of what you’ve scanned and a pie chart of the things you’ve scanned and how much of it is good, bad, poor etc. all that for free!! And with premium, it’s the exact same apart from the fact that you can search up things that you may not own. If ur using the free version then u can only scan things that u have with u, whereas w premium u can just search up anything and see what is good and bad. I would definitely recommend this app, it’s perfect if your looking for smthn to download if ur bored and trust me whrn I first got it I was scanning everything I had!! 100% top notch app thankyou very much to the developers:).Version: 4.21

Good appIt’s very good for risky additives that are harmful to humans and animals. It also recommends better versions of the food you scanned. 10/10 great app..Version: 4.27

Life saverI got recommended to try this app by a friend I got diagnosed with very high cholesterol and high sugars in my blood verging on type two diabetic So this app has helped me find alternative foods that I love Will be recommending it to others.Version: 4.25

Best Food Scanner App Out There!I’ve been using this app for I think nearly a year and it’s so much easier to know what you are eating then just looking it up online I had used previous food scanner apps before but none compare to Yuka. It’s the future of the world we will be living in especially with how many food products have additives in them the only downside I’d say is I cannot support them because I’m from Australia..Version: 4.21

Great for most things but doesn’t have everythingGreat for finding out what’s actually in the food we eat, although it’s not always complete and doesn’t seem to be suggesting any alternatives for anything I add.Version: 4.17

Yuka appFantastic app, really helps to make much more healthier choices on food product as it offers alternatives to products which are bad. Love the fact that it works on beauty products, my family suffer every year from side effects of sun creams, skin is more reactive and eyes burn, this app really helped to find one that protects with NO side effects. I also have super sensitive skin and have tried SO many big brand products that cause reactions, this app truly is amazing, I’ve cleaned out my bathroom cabinet and replaced with brands that are rated excellent and are much cheaper. Everyone in my household now uses this app, I recommend it to everyone😊.Version: 4.28

Big fan!As a pharmacist and a constant health seeker, I love Yuka. I recommend it to literally everyone that I come across and no I don’t work for the company or get anything back except the pleasure of helping others becoming healthier and happier, which was and is my mission in life and why I chose the career path that I did. On that note thank you Yuka a fantastic idea that would lead to a healthier earth, well done on your mission..Version: 4.31

Great AppInstalled this app after buying another Health & Fitness app and well the one that I bought is now gone and this one has stayed. Has everything you need and if it doesnt you can just fill it in like I did yesterday and got a response straight away with the product uploaded within a day. Great app and great customer service Thankyou Bianca from yuka 👍🏽.Version: 4.22

Helpful but problematicI really like this app! Especially for beauty and body products. However, I don’t love how some foods are rated “bad” just because they are caloric, fatty, or sugary. Most foods can be part of a healthy and well rounded diet, even if they are fatty or sugary. It’s ok to have a treat sometimes as long as it’s not your main source of sustenance. Instead of learning Yuma’s value judgement on the item, I just want to check to make sure there are no additives and chemicals in these products. It told me that an organic dark chocolate bar that had 4 simple ingredients, 3 of which were organic besides the salt, was bad and recommended a non-organic dark chocolate bar with far more ingredients that I couldn’t even pronounce or recognize. I’m sorry but in this case, the more wholesome and organic product is going to win out. Sometimes you just want some dark chocolate, and I don’t need Yuka telling me that it’s bad! I just want it to tell me that the ingredients are healthy and that there are no additives or hazardous materials in it. It also seems like it could be triggering for those dealing with eating disorders or orthorexia..Version: 4.26

ExcellentI am not saying this app can’t be improved because it doesn’t have every product, but they have 90% of the products rated so far which I scanned but on the other hand they could rate the rest of the products, maybe it’s not that simple but still it would be an improvement for the app. I do trust the app, nowadays I use this every-time when I buy a new product because it’s helps with deciding what to get and which product is the best for the price. Thank you for the service..Version: 4.26

Life changingWith the news about sucralose being potentially harmful, I wondered what else was in our food and cosmetics that could actually be causing us harm. I was shocked to find with this app that most of what I was eating was potentially toxic! It has helped me make better choices for sure. The scanning facility is great, and the rating system seems fair/accurate. Game changer..Version: 4.28

Fantastic app!This is a magic app ranking subjectively all products you put in your mouth and on your skin. It holds into account multi-million dollar companies and should be protected at all costs! The interface is quite smooth, and puts the information clearly and simply in front of the user. The only improvement I would recommend is to time-stamp the last time the information about a substance was updated so people are more aware..Version: 4.27

Eye-openingMy parents have always expressed their concerns surrounding the amount of harmful additives, high sugar contents, and other areas in the foods that I ate around the house. I was aware that the food I was eating was bad, but never this bad. It was only after I got this app that I started realising how much garbage food I had been eating. I am eating healthier foods and feel much better. The only downside to doing this is that you end up scanning and looking up every product before buying them. I was in Tesco the other day scanning so many items until I could find edible products that I could safely consume that were in the meal deal. I wish this app showed what was inside fast food products and the offline mode should detect when the user is encountering internet problems and automatically switch to offline mode if content isn’t loading. Those are my only two criticisms. Phenomenal app..Version: 4.18

Easy Answer to What’s Healthier?This app answers the question that I have over and over again standing in the grocery store of “What’s healthier?” It’s a true necessity for me now whenever I shop. I’ve often been so surprised of what foods are actually worse for me since they try to trick you on the label. I’m trying out new foods thanks to the recommendations on the app. The only addition that I wish the app had was a “Comments” type section on each product where users can leave reviews of the food. Yes something may be healthier for you, but is it good? Once I find a good recommendation I often have to leave the app to search elsewhere for reviews of the product before purchasing. It would be nice to have this all on one place on the app. Other than that, thank you for this amazing tool!.Version: 4.19

Australian Premium Membership?Love the app and would like to become a premium member (to search items without scanning barcode) but feature isn’t available here. We’d (Aussies) love access - and then the app would rate 5 stars..Version: 4.24

My new bibleI check everything before I buy. What I care the most about are the additives. I will choose better or if not possible I won’t buy again. This application has given me so much good information to eat healthier. It’s the best. So glad I found this. Sad that I didn’t know about it sooner..Version: 4.27

Life changerThis app has changed the way I shop for the better, I scan literally everything I buy and if it isn’t “Yuka approved” I don’t bother with it ! Life changer!.Version: 4.28

Helpful App!Love that it shows potentially harmful additives so I can make the best choices on products that I am using on/giving to my kids. Only thing that is disappointing is that I have to pay to access the search feature. Maybe if your customers make so many contributions to your database they are offered the premium perks at a discount or free :).Version: 4.28

An amazing AppI thought that buying quality brands meant better products with safer ingredients. I was so wrong. After scanning sunscreen, deodorants, toothpaste, cereals, and a lot of basic pantry items I was shocked. I paid for the premium to support future development and look at everything now. Recommended to a group of ladies I golf with and my family. Hoping the app will soon include protein powders/bars, cleaning products, pet food etc. Love the safer recommendations. Thank you development team 🙏.Version: 4.27

Awesome!I just discovered this app. Went through my cosmetics cabinet and after scanning my products i realised how much poison I have been putting on my skin all these years! 95% of my ‘natural’ expensive products didn’t rate well! Thank you Yuka for exposing the lies cosmetic companies feed us. Just signed up for the Premium membership and telling everyone about you..Version: 4.9

Amazing App!My husband and I love this app! My husband uses it all the time in the supermarket and we keep telling about it to our friends; The only thing is that we wanted to support them by subscribing to the premium membership but because of our location (Australia) we couldn’t and we don’t get the alternatives options for products neither. Beside that, it must be the most used App on our phones 🤩😍.Version: 4.21

Game changer!Picked up what was described to me as healthy biscuits and chips, decided to use the scanner and found out it was the exact opposite, using this on every shop now! Love it! Thank you!.Version: 4.22

BrilliantI began using the app in-store today and was really impressed how easy it was to get the information so quickly. It definitely helped me make better choices. Give it a go, Recommend!.Version: 4.27

Everyone needs this app!A GREAT app to detoxify your world. Easy to use. A must in these days of ultra processed foods causing so much chronic illness. If everyone had this app & used it to make the best choices, the food and personal care companies putting so many toxic chemicals in our food and cosmetics would be forced to clean up their act. Although the free version is great, please do go premium. It’s great to be able to search without needing the barcode in front of you and it’ll support the YUKA team to keep going. Win win win!.Version: 4.31

AmazingWhat an amazing app! Especially in the world we live in today. So much bad stuff are put into products & we don’t know any better either. This app is great - thanks so much for developing this!.Version: 4.21

Amazing app!I love this app it’s the best although I live in Australia and I want to join and become a member but it says it isn’t available in my region :( still the best app!.Version: 4.24

Yuka reviewThis is such a great and helpful app!.Version: 4.27

A game changer for meI almost never write reviews, but I had to write a review about this program because it is so good. First, I’ve been on a diet for about nine months. I’ve been focused solely on calories and knew that I was consuming some foods that were probably not nutritious or good for me. Getting the Yuka app serves all of my purposes. Since it takes calories into account — along with many, many other important factors — I can simply buy highly rated foods from the Yuka app and know that I am getting both nutritious and calorie reasonable meals. It has completely altered the way that I buy food. Second, the app is much easier to use than many other apps. I’m sure you know what it’s like to have a very powerful app that is also very difficult to use. Yuka provides tremendous information in a very easy to use and understand format. Third, and finally — and most certainly not least — is the fact that I have contacted customer care on a couple of occasions and their responses have been fantastic! They get back to you within 48 hours (usually much faster) and they are extremely responsive and helpful. I just cannot speak highly enough of their customer care. I cannot recommend this this program highly enough. Very much worth the money and more..Version: 4.18

It’s time to make a changeLife changing! Eye opening. Love how it is non bias & gives you the facts. Great that the app offers healthy alternatives. Kudos to the developers. Tks!.Version: 4.28

Yuka helps you choose the right food and cosmetic products for your healthIn 2022, I experienced an epiphany on the importance of a good diet and how eating well can improve my life. The autonomic nervous system is a miracle. We should treat it with the utmost respect. Food has a massive bearing on our wellbeing. It influences both the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems and thus, our vagus nerve. These aspects influence a range of factors, and of course our health and how we feel. If you want to feel better — eat better. If you want to live better — eat better. Pick your food wisely if you want to reduce your risk of disease. Use the Yuka app to be aware of how healthy products are. The Yuka app features an extensive database of both food and cosmetic products. Scan the product and Yuka rates the product, using a traffic light system. Yuka’s food and cosmetics database points out the positives aspects of a product and the nasties that companies squeeze in like additives. Scary stuff! The small Yuka team, three at the time of this review, is a momentous team in terms of world impact. They help a huge number of people get their power back as a consumer, by helping others to make informed choices. Armed with Yuka, it will empower you to make not only good choices, but great choices! Don't delay, download today..Version: 4.20

Wow merci!! Juste Wow !Mais c est un peu décourageant .. effrayant même!!.Version: 4.27

Love this app - 1 missing pieceI’ve been using this app for a little while and I do enjoy it. It definitely brings knowledge to what health conscious ppl should avoid and why. The recommendations are very helpful as well. I think as long as the app updates and improves overtime it will be vital. One thing I did notice is that the app doesn’t notify for industrial seed oils. So I look for them in the ingredients on my own. But would be helpful to integrate this. The seed oils are in nearly everything packaged and one of the biggest reasons for built up inflammation in the body. Would like the app to consider adding a flag or notification for canola, corn, soybean oils etc. With that in mind, it’s going to be very difficult to remove entirely, especially in families with kids that have junk at school or grandma’s. It’s going to come down to more awareness from people to push back on these things to force companies to do better. All that said I do recommend this app. It’s a great tool in the fight against the terribly addictive & bad foods..Version: 4.27

Amazing!Definitely recommending to everyone it’s really appreciated that the app gets to the point there are no adds and it tells you better alternatives to what you’ve scanned! I don’t normally review apps but I just had to with this one it’s not often you get an app that dose what’s on the tin without charging an insane monthly fee.Version: 4.21

My New Best Shopping Companion!I stumbled across Yuka but I am ecstatic I have. This app provides me with education beyond google. It’s easy to read & understand the descriptions. I have already changed the way I shop & it’s provided me with confidence of my choices. It’s a transparent app that provides recommendations for options, this has definitely taken the hard work out of making the right choice. My children use it as it’s fun & easy for them to access & understand. Looking forward to more household items to be added to the app. Please keep up the amazing work!.Version: 4.22

Merveilleux!Vraiment, c’est un outil tellement précieux pour faire des meilleurs choix alimentaires et cosmétiques conscients! Hâte d’avoir la version Premium au Canada!.Version: 3.22

IncroyableYuka a changé ma vie. Maintenant je scan tout ce qui bouge , même ma femme! LOL Je mange tout ce qui est bon maintenant et je me sens déjà mieux juste après 3 jours d utilisation! Félicitations à celui qui a inventé ça car ça fonctionne vraiment bien..Version: 4.27

Just the startI have to say i really enjoy this app. I'm a licensed cosmetologist/esthetician and of course like to be mindful of the products that I'm using on my self but not only that but also on my clients. This app makes it so easy to break down whats in a product so easily. ive shown everyone i know and even paid for the premium version. (this app is consumer funded. company's do not pay them to say their product is this or that) me being superstitious compared what the app said to what the label of ingredients said and its always right. i know the app is still fairly new and the interface and features it offers outside of just listing ingredients and letting you know if there bad then offering recommendations it doesn't do a whole lot more. I like that it keeps of history of barcode scans, i wish it had a feature to incorporate online shopping. Me personally i dont shop alot in stores and without a physical barcode it makes buying things online still risky. so that could be a cool feature. As well as creating like brands and like ranking them by a collective of what their product scores are. I love this idea of putting the power back in the consumers hands though. knowledge is power, and it starts with our daily habits to really see change. THANK YOU!.Version: 4.24

Excellent appScary when first using the app as your realise how many harmful chemicals you have been putting in your skin for years. I spent hours scanning all my household products and replaced them all with safer alternatives Although I don’t agree with some of the food ratings that seed oils are good and saturated fat is bad, but people can’t agree on everything. This app is excellent and have recommended it to all my friends and family..Version: 4.21

Amazing app I use almost daily!I am in love with this life changing app. I’ve used this on so many skincare and beauty products and I think this app will be the reason why my skincare journey will be the best it can be. I was so shocked to find many beauty/skincare companies that claim to have good ingredients but should really be avoided at all costs. I have recommended it to all my friends. Absolutely love this app..Version: 4.17

BEST APP EVER MADEI have since replaced my deodorant, toothpaste body wash using this. I only buy products it says that are good AT THE LEAST!!! It’s an independent app. There’s no outside push by corporations. It seems and is like the best app ever made because it’s saving us from harmful chemicals, like parabens, sulfates, artificial sweeteners, texturizers, food dyes and soooo much more that is harmful to ingest. When I shop at the local wholefoods, I find MANY products within that store harmful and not everything is perfectly clean there to buy. I share it with people in the store as I’m shopping and with the cashiers. It blows their mind! But then, I see them go straight to their phone and look for it to get it. I usually show people how it works on the spot. These are just strangers and I am telling everybody about it. When I’m at work, and people are eating microwave foods, and what not, scanning those products is all bad and hazardous to eat. Finding typical products that seem to be good for you, actually most name brand products are hazardous for you! I hope everybody gets this app and this doesn’t get shut down. It’s truly a blessing that this exists.🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽 I’m so thankful! 💪🏽❤️🤙🏽.Version: 4.26

AmazingI am changing everything I buy now Thank you for making it more simple to decide what is unhealthy while I am shopping. Lee.Version: 4.27

Can’t live withoutIt’s an amazing app, I used to choose products based on reviews and brands which claimed to use the best Ingredients and were healthy and natural, which is actually a lie, sometimes the cheaper products that you think won’t do much for you are the best, I have discovered Yuka a while ago when I saw a lady using on a pharmacy and asked about it, already recommended to all my friends..Version: 4.17

Love itI love love love this app. Am obsessed. Use it 24/7. It has changed my lifestyle in just a few days. Knowledge is power, and most of us don’t know what goes into our food and cosmetics. This app changes that and gives consumers the power we need to make decisions on products and improve our long term health. I also joined premium very quickly. I never normally feel this way about an app, and this is my first app review, but you guys are doing amazing and I wanted to support you however I can. Thank you so much for this! One suggestion is if there was an option to add products without barcodes as the company, LUSH, for example - lots of their products are without barcodes..Version: 4.17

Rating is incorrectIn Australia we have health food rating. When I scanned 4-5 start (which is good as it is classified a healthy by a FAZANZ company) when I scan these items it gives me a bad and low rating although it’s a 5 star food. So I don’t know which on to trust..Version: 4.27

This app is amazing and everyone needs to know about it!I tell as many people as I can about how this app has changed the way I look at the food I buy. I wish I could wear clothing with this app’s information on it so I can tell everyone! It’s truly amazing and I so appreciate this app!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 4.27

The foods I eat have improved so much because of this appI wish I could say something short and simple where you would try this app. Maybe you’re like me and try to eat healthy but not entirely sure of what you’re putting into your body. Maybe like me you’ve tried some food nutrition apps but find them to be confusing or just out to spam you. Maybe you too think that because the packaging looks healthy, the food is healthy. NOT SO!! I have learned a lot about that from Yuka. This app has really improved my life. Even though I could use it for free, I am so grateful that I donated to them anyway. I want this app to be around for my kids and grandkids so that they can have a better life. I try to tell everyone about Yuka and even demonstrate it to random people in the grocery store. The app and its developers are giving millions of people, tons of easy to understand food data and a chance to really improve quality of life FOR FREE. The app is very fast, easy to use, works just like they describe, and it helps with food choices. Honestly, you won’t regret getting it but your body will regret if you don’t use it..Version: 4.24

Very useful app, just one thing..This is a very helpful app and I use it a lot when I go shopping. I love how it tells you why they have rated the product as such and give you the health risks. However I think they could include offline mode on the free version because I can’t use it in urgent situations if I’m not connected to the internet, and I really don’t want to get premium just for this matter .. I would love to support the app but It’s unfair that you have to pay for allergy advice and offline mode..Version: 4.3

This is the App that silently changing people’s health!This app is invaluable. In an industry rife with corruption and no regulations - we as humans are continually being exposed to known poisons and toxicants. This app - most importantly- takes no funding from anywhere! Meaning it is unable to coerced into carefully avoiding the many many years of studies showing the dangers of chemicals in our food and our cosmetic and health products. Don’t believe the dose makes the poison argument either. As continual gradual exposure of radiation will kill you so why it is not the case that a toxic chemical at low levels will have no impact. I gladly pay to support this independent team and app and it is something I use before purchasing any product - even if purchase it regularly as ingredients change. Support is also excellent. Absolutely recommend..Version: 4.24

Amazing life changing appThis app is essential in helping you to have a healthy diet and provides in-depth knowledge on the food and beauty products you use on a day to day basis. I have recommended it to all my family and loved ones to ensure they are given the tools to improve their health. Yuka is one of the most useful health apps ever and should be installed on everyone’s phone. ❤️‍🔥.Version: 4.24

Would be 5 stars if……first week of scanning, the app gave reasons WHY the products were bad. It broke down the ingredient list by name and what part of the body it affects like endocrine inhibitor or affected fertility, liver, hormones etc Now it just says if it’s bad or good and percentage of bad or good. No breakdowns on what the bad ingredients are or why they’re bad. Plus, I can’t even become and member because the app isn’t supported in my country?? I live in Australia and the app successfully scans Australian made products so I’m a little confused why I can’t become a member. Would be an app I’d use every single day if it actually worked consistently and I could give you my money… but you don’t want it apparently.Version: 4.23

Amazing app!I just love it! I can't believe most of my products were a bad stuff and now I can choose the good stuff!.Version: 4.27

About timeFinally a way to easily tell what products are harmful. My only complaint is that Australians can’t access the service where you can look up products instead of having to scan them. I would happily pay the $22 per year for that.Version: 4.25

Everyone needs this app. So importantI’m absolutely obsessed with this app. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now and have managed to scan all of the foods i usually eat. It so scary how many common household foods have dangerous additives. Lots of food in the USA is banned in other countries cause of how dangerous it is. At first it felt a little discouraging when everything I scanned got a bad rating. But the recommendations helped me realize that there are a lot of healthy none expensive alternatives that taste just as great if not better. I’ve convinced my whole family to download the app so they can see what they are putting in their bodies. It’s crazy how even products that are marketed as healthy have a ridiculous amount of hazardous additives. It is SO important the we understand what we are putting in our bodies. We all want to live long healthy lives and this app definitely helps. This app makes it so easy to know and understand what the ingredients mean and how they effect our bodies. I’m so grateful to have found this app. Thank you YUKA for caring about our health!!!.Version: 4.19

YUKAAbsolutely love this app. I use it when shopping to make decisions on healthier products. It is incredibly informative and user friendly. Thank you for a great app..Version: 4.27

Life Changing, AMAZING!!!!Could honestly not live without this app! So good to know the products I thought we’re “amazing” are actually so bad!!! And with food as well! Me and my mother have been spreading the word. This is the NEW APP🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 so sad to see it’s not widely recognised like it deserves!!.Version: 4.19

Wow it’s PerfectWith so many apps failing to meet expectations it was a pleasant surprise to find one that actually exceeds them. No more searching for glasses to magnify the small print. Just point your phone and you have everything you need to make a smart decision..Version: 4.27

Amazing!Very good app to help make good choices and be aware if what you are eating. Baby food and beauty products as well. We love Yuka!.Version: 4.27

Awesome!Oh wow, wow,wow! This app is awesome! I wish I had found it earlier. I was petrified to see how the chocolate powder that I use a lot and is sold as healthy, is actually full is nasty chemicals! Thank you so much for the wonderful initiative. Hats off to you guys! As a suggestion, can you please consider expanding the app to other parts of the world? Brazil??? That would be wonderful! Many thanks once more for helping me and my family to lead a healthier and more conscious life! ❤️😃.Version: 4.21

4 Star - RecommendationsI really like this app and I think it’s a wonderful tool for people like myself, who are trying to be more cognizant about products that we are putting in and on our body. My recommendations to make this app even better is to add “Fragrance” into scoring, as we know that there could be many different chemicals under the label “fragrance”. I think this app could be a lot more informative too by being able to click on all the ingredients and not just some. Although they may not be harmful, it would still be nice to know what they are. I also have found many products that I was unable to search or scan. Maybe make it so you can request a score for a product that isn’t listed? Like I said above, I thoroughly like this app and really like how it gives recommendations and alternatives..Version: 4.20

The best app ever!I love the app and it helps me while I am shopping.Version: 4.28

I Am AddictedMy Sister-in-Law introduced me to this App, it took me 1 hour to sign up for the years subscription, and now I scan everything! It’s very addictive to scan the barcodes, I’ve already made lots of different product choices by using the search option (only available with membership - but it’s only £9 for 12 months!). I like being informed on what I use, and it’s very surprising to see how many E numbers are in products, but given different names. Highly recommend this App!.Version: 4.9

Would recommendI think this is great for food not so sure about skincare though. Although it does reccomend some skin care products I think it tends to rate the cleanest skincare brands. And a lot of what has been reccomend Ed to me and probably many others either trough other sites has a low rating. That’s doesn’t mean the apps bad at all. super quick and easy to use and accessible with voiceover !.Version: 4.21

Great appIt has really opening my eyes about what’s harmful in common skin care and food items! Love how this app describes everything for me a gives alternate recommendations. Only issue is that I can’t become a member in Australia! I would love to be able to search up items before purchasing..Version: 4.28

A perfect appThe developers really put together an intuitive informative app. Went as far as to provide alternatives to poor rated and or toxic based products. One of the best apps out there!.Version: 4.28

Amazing!!I’m soooo happy I downloaded this app! It made it so easy to find out what products I would no longer be buying! Had a few people asking me about it while grocery shopping, I was VERY surprised on some of the ratings… packaging sells lol.Version: 4.28

Brilliant AppUnlike most apps I try then forget this one has been so useful and eye opening. I’ve already swapped some foods for better rated ones with no effort. It’s super handy while shopping too! I haven’t used the beauty side as I only use natural and organic products anyway. I’d love for there to be a daily part where you add what you are that day to get an overall rating, perhaps a companion app as you’d need to add in fruit, home cooked and unscannable foods. I only wish I’d found it earlier! I’ve seen some errors that I can’t amend as I don’t have the item to photo, eg a recommended mayo isn’t actually vegan so not helpful but that’s a small niggle. I’ve upgraded so I can search but the basic app is excellent..Version: 4.28

Love it!A coworker told me about Yuka and I immediately downloaded it to my phone. It just so happened that I was making a grocery store run later in the day. I used the app to help me make some better choices in products. I went home and checked out my shampoos and lotions, oh my! I appreciate the recommendations that are provided when products rate poorly. And it was fun to discover that I have made some very good product choices. I think I will find this app even more helpful when I want to try a new product but am unsure if it is really as good as they make it out to be. Also, it keeps a history of the items you have scanned so you can go back and reference them at anytime. If you are wondering if the products you are buying are as good as they claim, this app is for you!.Version: 4.19

My favorite appI use this app daily. I don’t buy anything anymore without scanning it on Yuka first. I have switched almost every product I use on a daily basis: deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, face lotion, hand soap, chapstick, eye liner, toothpaste, etc. I’ve made numerous alternative food choices from scanning products on Yuka first. My wife and I enjoy walking throughout our grocery store and scanning products for fun just to see what’s good and what’s not. My only complaint is that Yuka doesn’t rate certain products like laundry detergent or dishwashing detergent, etc. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t add this being that they’re already rating hand soaps. I wish Yuka would expand to being able to scan all products. I’m working towards eliminating toxic products in my life, but there’s still many things that Yuka doesn’t evaluate. Lots of opportunity still there!.Version: 4.27

Still 5 stars, but…I have pretty much relied on Yuka to help me clean up most of my food and beauty products. Honestly if I didn’t have Yuka, I probably wouldn’t have lasted as long as I have on bettering my health and my weight loss journey. I love it so much that I payed for the upgrade. It taught me what nitrates and sulfates were and the effects that they have. Before Yuka, I would never think twice about petroleum and parabens. I have read so many warnings, that I feel like if I didn’t have the app, I would be ok because I can pick out the really “bad” additives. Well, it looks like I might have to, because I just did the update and all the additive warnings are gone and it only has the ingredients now?! I sure hope there’s a fix in the works, because I am gonna miss this app!.Version: 4.23

This is amazing 🫠🫠This is an amazing app 🥳! So great it can keep you healthy 🥗it has history scanning and suggestions for other products too plus it has scientific 🧐research and Is scientifically proven. Although it is great it has some downsides like it will say it is bad But it might just be that it has calories so just before you think I spent a lot of money 💶on that look at the info first. But there is one more thing they can improve it is just that if you are not in America you can not by things on it 🫤 well anyway it is great!!!!🙃🙂.Version: 4.27

AMAZING!!Usually I don’t write reviews on apps but I feel it is necessary for this. THIS IS AMAZING! First off they don’t make you pay for anything which makes you relise that they just want you to be educated and what’s good and bad. I paid to be a member and I’m so glad because I have learnt that I have loads of really bad, and unhealthy products. I wanted to make sure this app is real and not just saying it for attention so searched up the ingredients up on Google and it was right!! This app speaks facts and will save lots of people from using hazardous products. Thank you Yuko, 5 stars ✨.Version: 4.25

Best App For Healthful Living!I was introduced to this App by my daughter-in-law; we both were working on becoming more “organic” in our choices. This App is so easy to use, yet so revealing that we filled a garbage can with food and cosmetics that were filled with hazardous ingredients. It is very revealing to find the number of hazardous elements that are allowed in, not only our cosmetics, but in our food! I was appalled. But Yuka gives us quite a variety of healthy and safe alternatives to replace the items that we threw away. Now we are familiar with the healthy brands and can build a relationship with them. I never would have know that certain additives were harmful, even banned by other countries, that are allowed in the products we use in the U.S. So you will not regret downloading this App. All you have to do is scan the barcode on makeup, soap, and foods of every kind to find out if they score Bad-Poor-Good or Excellent. On a humorous note, my son scanned my bottle of Jack Daniels whisky and Yuka’s response was, “We do not rate alcohol. But you know what you’re doing.” We laughed about that for an hour! I highly recommend Yuka. It will rate your product, give you recommendations and explain what is good or bad about the one rated. Spread the word!.Version: 4.25

The best app ever!!!I never write reviews or rate apps, but I had to for this one! This app is so convenient & helpful, I use it every time I go shopping, I LOVE IT!! I like how it simply says if a product is rated “excellent, good, poor, or bad”… which is very helpful in being able to chose the right products, makes everything so much easier. I also like how it lists the sources where the information can be confirmed, about the ingredients, how they react to our body & what health problems they can cause. I especially love how it also lists recommendations for other better product choices if a product is rated either “poor or bad”… it’s so VERY convenient & helpful! I literally cannot live without this app, it’s the best! Thank you sooo very much for this amazing app, I use it everyday!!! :).Version: 4.11

OBSESSEDI have no idea how a majority of the people I know, including myself have not heard of this app sooner. I had no idea half the things I was using such as hair products, deodorant, and even beauty products were harmful for me. And I am not going to lie, there still are some things I will continue to buy that I am aware are not the healthiest choice for me, such as snacks or beauty products. However , if I can tweak and exchange some things out for healthier products I will and have done so in order to take care of myself better. Because girl I am still gonna eat hot Cheetos 😂😭 but I love and am so OBSESSED with this app. Every time I go to the store I use it to scan to make sure at least the majority of things I get are good for me to use. And what I love is knowing this app is not promoting or trying to bash Brands. It is a genuine app that is just trying to show in detail what each ingredient is..Version: 4.20

Super Helpful!I really enjoy utilizing this app when i’m at the grocery store and picking out the best option for myself. This app is very helpful in telling you why they rate an item negatively and positively and it’s so simple and straight to the point that I can use that rating to my own discretion. Whether I say no all together on that specific item and look through the app’s recommendations of a similar more positively rated item or want to read through and accept that “yeah maybe it is too sweet but oh well, as long as there aren’t any seed oils and additives… i’ll accept it,” it depends on my mood or the item i’m looking at entirely. I really appreciate this app and how simple and easy it is to use and choose where it matters most. I also love that there is a scanned history for all the old items you’ve scanned before that you can refer back too! I really am enjoying this app, excited for any beneficial updates. I haven’t used the app for that long yet for any suggestions at the moment..Version: 4.27

Id give this infinite stars if i couldI’ve always been extremely cautious about what I put into an on my body I tried looking up certain words I see ingredients that I know aren’t natural and I would have to figure out if it is safe one by one. this app put everything right in front of your eyes it explains every single ingredient in detail and also let you know in a clear and simple way how much of a risk it is for your health (good, low risk, moderate risk) and also says out of 100 how healthy it is for your body. i’ve been wanting to write in a journal every ingredient I can find and if they are bad for you but now I can just pull it up on my phone whenever I need to know! this app is amazing and I truly do hope that they get more subscribers. I will definitely be promoting it on my social media‘s more people need to be aware of the benefits from this app🤍.Version: 4.5

Love this app! Almost perfect but…This is what Ive been looking for! Incredible, detailed information about ingredients in foods. However, I really wish that “good” and “excellent” foods still recommended alternatives like the poor foods do. I try to avoid emulsifiers and they’re so difficult to avoid in bread. I’ve found only one bread so far without them (M&S super soft wholemeal - rated excellent) and would love recommendations of bread in other shops that have a similar score!.Version: 4.28

Shopping with YUKAI love this App. Am shocked how many products I was recommended via cosmetic podcasts by ‘experts’ that are poor in rating. How can YUKA guarantee, they are not getting a kickback from certain companies for favourable ratings. ?.Version: 4.26

Très bonne application !Super apps qui permet d’ouvrir les yeux sur pas mal de produit ! Je l’ai faite découvrir à des ami(e)s qui ont pu découvrir que la quasi totalité de leurs produits cosmétiques sont dangereux. Je recommande ! PS: l’option « Membre » est actuellement indisponible pour le Canada : « Région non supportée »..Version: 3.17

So helpful , buu definitely need to update !I absolutely love this app , learning about all the different risks in cosmetics! I would’ve never knew .. buu sometimes it be weird like I scanned a product and then recommend a product that was excellent! then I bought that product scanned it to see what it would say then it said bad ? how you gonna recommend that “excellent “product then say it’s bad ? this app definitely need to review and update and maybe should put all the information of products it’s self ! definitely needs to gain control of the app. And another thing is you scan something n it’s like the totally opposite product, like I scanned facial toner and then it recommended got2 be hairspray ? Definitely needs to get ahold of the problems and maybe add why certain ingredients are poor or bad or risky ? Like okay this is poor buu why ? What don’t that poor ingredient do ? . BUT I MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS APP!.Version: 4.27

Truly Unbiased and UnfilteredWhile I don’t agree with absolutely everything said in the app (I mean, who 100% agrees with anyone one everything), I absolutely love that they CITE THEIR SOURCES! Most articles I find don’t source information or source possibly 2 other studies/articles, but 90% of the original articleis just personal opinion or experience. Sometimes, items will say they contain harmful materials, but READ THE DESCRIPTION! I have found, with my own scans, sometimes the harmful ingredient is only harmful in certain situations, and the product I scanned DOES NOT fall in that category. So the descriptions of these ingredients is, in a sense, a copy/paste, but not in a bad way. This actually means they research and review ingredients, not products. Also, as a personal side note, it is NOT an American website/app, which gives it more credibility, to me. I can’t trust these processed-loving Americans…. If the developers are reading this, I would hope that descriptions for healthy/well-rated ingredients will be introduced as well. I know that comes with more liability, but knowing what GOOD is contained is just as important as knowing what BAD is contained. I think so, at least..Version: 4.26

Best app to come out!This app is so useful a must have for everyone. This app has helped me improve my health by giving me alternatives to foods that contain harmful additives. I use to eat just about anything that is until I downloaded this app. It is crazy how many companies don’t care about the consumers health and will add just about any harmful additive, food dyes, and oils. Now every time I go grocery shopping I scan and know what brands to avoid and which to get. After downloading this app and sticking with my diet of healthy/ organic foods I have to say that I feel younger than my age! I am full of energy and best of all I’m taking care of my health being ! I highly encourage everyone to download this app and see the great benefits of eating healthy yourself. I also encourage those to support the creators and buy premium as they worked very hard and decided to give us this amazing application for free! Thank you Yuka.Version: 4.19

Amazing!Love this app! Make me choose better options for me and my son!.Version: 4.28

Allergies alimentairesJ’aime beaucoup cette application, très pratique et facile d’utilisation.Version: 4.27

Excellent Usability, Imperfect AccuracyThe app itself is absolutely fantastic - lightning fast, intuitive, easy to navigate, and everything else that a great app should be. Really really well-developed. The accuracy side, however, is not perfect. Some items don’t always have the right nutrition facts or additives, so it’s always important to double check the label before making any changes. That being said, the process for submitting a correction is super easy and (I assume) has verification built in. And while the specifics about each product aren’t always right, every harmful additive has sources cited for why it’s bad that are linked in the app. Overall, I couldn’t be much happier with the app, it’s just important to remember that the ingredient lists and nutrition facts aren’t guaranteed to be accurate and should always be checked with the label of the actual product before making a decision about anything..Version: 4.26

So usefulThe best new app I've come across in many years. I keep scanning everything at home. Already cleared out few things from my bathroom and put back on shelf few products in my yesterday's shopping and also made alternatives choices. The only suggestion would be an option not to lock the screen when shopping, as I had to unlock my phone when it looked quite a few times. But great idea and thank you so much for creating it..Version: 4.3

AccurateLove this app and I’ve made +30 people to download it.i just hope they stay like this and don’t ruin the app by getting greedy..Version: 4.27

Take my moneyLiterally one of the best apps I’ve ever used. It’s seriously help me learn about the crap they put in food..Version: 4.28

Clever, useful & informative appYuka was recommended by a friend and I am obsessed! It is easy to use and I love being able to make informed decisions on the products I buy. The simple rating system of the app provides quick results to see if there are any hidden nasties or to confirm it is a great choice. It makes it so much easier to choose between products. Love it! Please bring premium to Australia..Version: 4.27

Changed my lifeThis app has made me way more aware of my health and has helped me to continually find higher quality and safer items..Version: 4.24

Fantastic app!!!For years I have wished for something, somewhere, to help me sort out the good from the bad AND give me a better alternative! Even if you are able to read the fine print on products, it is difficult to know what these chemicals actually do. It is all here in a very user friendly app that keeps track of the products you scan and breaks down the ingredients with an explanation for it all. Thank you Yuka!!!.Version: 4.27

Fabuleux!!! Fabulous!!!Thank you, Merci!!! my sister told me about this app the other day so I instantly downloaded it and now I’m a barcode monster! I have gone around my house and gotten rid of so many beauty products that are probably the source of all of my allergies! I feel so grateful for the work that you have done and also overjoyed that you are not being led by big companies! Please stay real for the people! I did a little research and realized that you are French and even though I was born in America and live back here now, I spent 15 years in France and that is where a part of my soul resides! Your work is truly appreciated and NEEDED today! I am telling everyone about your app and spreading it on social media. Thank you again for creating this! Everything we do can make this world a better place if what we do is for the good of ourselves and for the good all! It’s so important to bring awareness! Bless you!!.Version: 4.22

Review 101 familyThis app is perfect for me and my family since we always considered ourselves healthy and we bought lots of organic foods and drink but this app helped us to realise that even though you may consider an item healthy for you, this app showed us that they can also be bad for you and it goes into detail about the product, if it is too caloric, too saturated etc..Version: 4.9

This app is the best!!!I have had this app for about 6 months now and I love it. I use it to scan all beauty products and foods. I can’t believe I have found so many bad products that I have used for so many years!!!! Terrible!! I suffer from migraines and some other health issues and I believe this app will help me recognize some bad and dangerous ingredients that can negatively affect the kidneys, hormones, fertility and cardiovascular disease. My fiancé thought I was crazy to start using better products because they are more expensive even though they don’t have all the bad ingredients that disrupt your body, but he had me scan his products he uses and he immediately threw them all out when I showed him. I even scanned most of Sephora’s “clean beauty” products and I was so surprised to find that most if not all of their clean beauty products are poor or very bad for you. CRAZY!!!! Thank you for creating this amazing app at such a fair price!!!! It’s literally the best!!!!!.Version: 4.25

LOVE IT🩷❤️💜Awesome to find out products that are healthier and ones that are bad for you and making you sick ☹️❣️.Version: 4.28

By far the best appIf you want to educate yourself of all the bad stuff in the food we eat, this is the app! Not only that but no ads no pop ups nothing! Great app plus it’s completely free.Version: 4.28

One SuggestionThe app is great for what it can do, but the problem is it can’t read other languages. I’m trying to upload the nutrition table, but it’s in other language so it says can’t find the table. If there was an option to upload the translated image that would’ve been nice..Version: 4.27

J’adore!!!Bien hâte d’avoir accès à la version premium pour le Canada. Très pratique pour les produits transformés et les cosmétiques..Version: 3.20

Clearing outSince receiving this app, I’ve learned a lot about the foods and beauty products I’ve been using. Cleared out a lot of products that I thought were good from the fridge and pantry. Then I went to the bathroom and did the same thing there. Best I’ve used in a very long time. One problem I have, most is in French which I am not. I’ll have to figure that out..Version: 4.27

ExcellentI love this app!! You can scan a food or a beauty product and it’ll show if it had good or bad ingredients. If you have something with bad ingredients it’ll give you recommendations. For example if you have a bad shampoo it will show other shampoos with better ingredients. But one thing I don’t like is that it sometimes can’t recognise the things you scan. Overall, its a very useful app.Version: 4.21

Literally, a life saverFirst time ever I write a review for an app. This app is easy and intuitive to use for everyone who wants to have a clean/organic/natural/healthy life style. The only little problem is I want to become a premium member but the app doesn’t accept my payment from Australia. Hopefully, they will fix this soon 🫶🏻..Version: 4.25

Saving peoples lives one scan at a timeFinding out what is making me sick and others alike for this app. Once you clear just about everything in your home that’s effecting you, your on a new road to better health. Scanning at stores you start meeting people wanting to know what your doing. People are out there with real problems and no answers, me included. Knowledge is key to good health and if we have to scan everything we will do it. Exposing how bad the products we buy now explains the unnecessary suffering. Praying the this app, the people that create this and maintain the information never stray or sell out to the corrupt. Please stay on course and save these suffering people one scan at a time. Thank you for making a difference one scan at a time. I have met so many people, heard their stories and truly understand how important this app has become. Thank you!.Version: 4.24

Truly transformationalThis app is extraordinary. Let’s start by giving huge props to the developers for offering a really comprehensive free version, with no ads whatsoever. In this day and age that is generous, and much appreciated. I am happy to upgrade just to support the work they do. The app has transformed the way I shop and has saved me so much time not having to read labels to try to figure out where the nasties lurk. I can simply scan my shopping and make truly informed choices to keep me and my family healthy. My Sister was rather surprised to find her favourite body moisturiser she had been using for years returned a score of 0/100! Now she understands why, she is grateful for the insight. Keep up the good work!.Version: 4.19

Fantastic appReally helpful & quick app for identifying which food & cosmetics we need to switch out in our house. Would love to become a member - please expand to Australia!.Version: 4.24

Amazing! But…I think everyone should have this app. It makes it so much easier to read between the lines of all ingredients. Especially beauty products. I am a scientist and half the time I don’t even know what some of these ingredients are. When it comes to food, I think it is very eye opening to see that just because something is labeled as organic, non gmo, blah, blah… it doesn’t always have the best ingredients. Now to my complain. I don’t buy anything with corn syrup or added sugars. This i already know by heart after going for clean only foods about 10 years ago. However, for someone who is just starting to navigate this confusing world of food, it may be misleading to read that ice cream is rated as poor. Now, hear me out. This was my husband’s thinking when we scanned an ice cream brand at Sprouts. The rating was poor. It said it had high fat and high sugar. According to my husband, ice cream should be fatty and sugary. Can’t argue with that if we are talking about a standard ice cream recipe. In his eyes, there was nothing wrong with the ice cream. The app fails to indicate that the brand contains corn syrup. I think it should be broken down better. The rating is poor because it has high sugar content, but not just any sugar. It has corn syrup. I feel the developers should work more into explaining why a high sugar rating deems a product poor. Not everyone is well versed with the dangers of sugars, real or fake..Version: 4.20

Love this appOk so I just downloaded this app, and fell in love with it. A very close relative of mine has been trying to eat healthy for the past year or so now and feels like nothing was working. I showed her this app, and that many products she thought were healthy were actually contributing to gaining weight, migranes, and even more conditions. She was ecstatic about this app, and next time she goes to the store this app will be with her. I personally love how you get recommendations on similar products that are healthier alternatives. Not only that but I feel much better knowing that what I am going to eat In the future is healthy, and tasty. Some ideas I have for this app are ones that will make it easier to purchase items, for example… let’s say a cereal brand you have been buying products from is not healthy, and you tap on a similar, but healthier alternative, it would make it very convenient if you could tap it and add it to a personalized in app grocery list, for when you go to the store. That way you have a picture of this unfamiliar product along with the name of it. I am very excited to use this app, and hope it will make my future healthier! Thanks a million!.Version: 4.19

Absolutely brilliantI was in Costco trying to read a very small label to see if product contained seed oils when another customer told me about this app and scanned the product for me. So impressed so went home and downloaded the app. Started scanning my pantry and then my bathroom cabinet. How shocked was I as the bathroom cabinet contents. Worse offenders are the so called natural products and sunscreens especially those targeted at kids. I am now on a mission to share this app with all my friends and family as well as complete strangers I see trying to read labels. So far I have approached 3 strangers trying to read the small print and they have been so grateful that some of them downloaded the app in the store. Thank you for a wonderful app that is so easy to use and really life changing..Version: 4.21

CleanHas helped me identify pure and clean ingredients for my skin.Version: 4.28

Love this app!This app is amazing. It’s super scary what ingredients everyday products I use have in them and I have chucked out a lot of items in my household these last few days. I wish the paid version was available in Australia to be able to search products that don’t have a barcode. Really hope this function becomes available in Australia soon so can also support the business by paying! Have recommended it to a few friends and they love it too!.Version: 4.24

ExcellentPlease keep this going very beneficial I bought something yesterday I scanned it Today and realised what I bought was harmful to my health I try to be careful what I buy but you end up confused. The item I bought could have major impact to me I get ulcers and the product affects stomach and bowel 😳 not something you would expect so yep worth the money thanks for helping me to avoid something that might of made me lose time health and money.Version: 4.31

This app has possibly changed my lifeDidn’t realise how many products I was using that had hazardous ingredients since using this app I’ve thrown them away and been able to replace them with products that are pure and don’t have toxic ingredients in them and my skin and hair feels much better for it. Now I can’t go shopping without scanning everything first 😆.Version: 4.23

Complement alimentaireIl serait bien d’ajouter à la liste les compléments alimentaires.Version: 4.27

If you don’t have this app, what are you waiting for?Honestly wow… what a life changing app. I can’t live without it!.Version: 4.27

Love it!Love using this app. It’s helped me get rid of nasty foods and bathroom/beauty products that could potentially be bad for my health. I also love that it gives you a variety of alternatives. I just wish it also rated cleaning products as well. But overall a great app!.Version: 4.27

Love this app!After using this app for a few days, I was so pleased with it that I decided to go premium for the additional benefits. I have scanned almost all of my face and body products and many of my food products. If it is a known product you get a rating based on ingredients, along with a list of ingredients and information regarding known hazards and possible allergies etc…. If the product isn’t known, you can easily submit information by filling in product name, brand, and submitting a few photos of label and ingredients. Also, you get a list of alternatives with better ratings. I don’t know how they do it, but it is quick- like an hour or two. I have been surprised that some of the higher price products I have purchased have some very poor ratings, while their less expensive counterparts have high ratings. If you’re picky about what you put on and in your body (and your kids), I highly recommend this app..Version: 4.17

Brilliant App 10/10I have never written a review on an App as we take them for granted these days but hats off to these guys as this app is brilliant!!! I decided to subscribe for the annual membership which was very low cost and then I can search products off line at home before going shopping. It’s so simple to use it’s child’s play and the information is beautifully presented and with more detail if you need. I have already checked the regular products we use and each one is good/excellent which is so pleasing, particularly these days with so much processed products and hidden detail. Let’s be real who really has time to read the small print in the stores. Well not anymore this App is truly amazing 10/10. I don’t write about apps ever but this lock down has made me very conscious about the foods we eat. I would like them to add one for Trans Fat as this has been banned in the US, and the same should happen here as it’s scientifically proven to cause heart conditions and obesity. Thanks guys very impressed and I don’t get impressed easily..Version: 3.36

Great app but….Just upgraded to premium membership of this App, but I misunderstood what this permitted. I read that you could add dietary preferences e.g. vegetarian, vegan to set up alerts if products contained incompatible ingredients. As veganism extends beyond the diet, I’d assumed that alerts would apply to beauty products, but it doesn’t! I’m really disappointed with this as I wouldn’t have upgraded if I’d have known. Also, I think this would be a very easy feature to add and the App producers should know that “vegan” does not just apply to food. In the same way, I wanted to know if my beauty products contained palm oil, not just my food!.Version: 4.14

Love this appI’ve never cared enough about an app to take the time to rate it. I love this app. It’s a fantastic tool to have in my pocket. A friend told me about it and I downloaded it as soon as I got home. I scanned so many things that I use and was absolutely shocked on some. I now check product barcodes at the store so I know if it’s a good buy or not. I had been questioning my bargain shampoo lately because my hair was coming out like crazy. Yea.. it rated terribly. I love the suggestions because it recommends products I may have never even thought of before. Thank you so much for this app. I know I will have a healthier life because of it. Yuka takes the guesswork &/or research out completely and gives you exactly what you need to know in less than a second..Version: 4.21

Great appI’ve used lots of food apps and this one is one worth keeping. In fact it’s so good that it’s the only app I’ve paid some money for. My son is intolerant to gluten and dairy, the thing I find most useful is that it highlights all the “bad stuff” in the highly processed substitute foods that he eats - but it offers alternatives which is really useful. A good concept, executed very well..Version: 4.19

Love this app!I saw people using this app on social medias and since im trying to be more conscious about what i pit on and in my body this app has been my best friend when im out shopping and has encouraged me to read the labels more often and on my own! I highly recommend this app for multiple reasons, it could lower the chances of harsher chemicals being used in our everyday products if there sales go down and hopefully help companies stop cutting so many corners. In order to have good works you need healthy workers! So be more consious of your body and take care of it❤️ It will thank you in the long run. Also not only products but making your own diy products made of natural ingredients will cut down costs and skin issues and intestinal issues. Reading lables of healthier products will give you a good example of what ingredients to buy!.Version: 4.28

It’s very usefulMy friend told me about this app so I tested it with some of my skincare products when I scanned my skincares barcode it had the list of ingredients and the risks so I too a look at the risks and it actually had proof that the ingredients do have a risk, also when you are shopping you can scan the barcode or search the product so you can also use this app so save money I highly recommend this app.Version: 4.27

Totally Amazing!!I absolutely love how fast and easy I can make informed decision on products and food without needing to know all the unknown ingredients’ names used on packaging! This app should be promoted in schools, GPs and hospital and more. People needs to know how easy it is to make informed decisions without relying on companies’ advertising tricks to lure you believe something is healthy when is totally NOT! 😡 GO YUKA 🙌🏻.Version: 4.28

A life changing app for anyone who is concerned about what they eatI have been looking for an app like this for so long as reading the ingredients on the back of packaging in small prints takes so long especially when you have limited time to shop . This app allows me to scan the product quickly and make decisions accordingly. It was so surprising the everyday products I used to buy were on the poor rating (Oatly barista) and now I have switched to a healthier version with less additives. It’s crazy to know everything that comes in a packaging has lots of additives that we don’t need and what we perceive as healthy it’s actually not (ie low sugar or low fat branding). Thank you for helping me to lead a more healthier life and make more conscious decisions..Version: 4.28

Absolutely LOVE this app.This app is a game changer. I love that you can scan foods or cosmetics/beauty products and it will give you healthier options. I found out the majority of my high end cosmetics & hair and beauty products were actually awful and the healthier options are quite a bit cheaper. I love that you can search items as well instead of just having to scan if you get the membership. The membership fee is super affordable. You can personalize gluten/vegan/dairy options. It’s just an all around great app & definitely helps you make better choices. The only thing I wish it included were supplements. It’s honestly a relief feeling like you have a better understanding of what is actually in the things yourself as well as your children are consuming and they explain the chemical and what it does etc. I can’t love this app enough..Version: 4.21

Indispensable à ma vie!Je ne peux plus m’en passer!.Version: 4.27

Needs a minor fixI love this app. It has helped me tremendously in making good choices about what I buy, especially being plant-based. My only complaint is when I need to add a product. The app wants me to take a picture of the nutrition label as well as the ingredients. Not all boxes and labels look the same and when I go to take a picture the app creates a little square where you are supposed to fit the labels in. The bad part is sometimes the square doesn’t recognize the actual size of the list of ingredients or the nutrition label. You can’t change the square or adjust the photo so 9 times out of 10 I can’t get an accurate picture. It’s just a portion of the actual label. Super frustrating when trying to add new products. Outside of that, I love the app. Hopefully that makes sense and somehow can be fixed in the future..Version: 4.21

Morenita 77THANK YOU Yuka!! 😍The best app so far I have! Easy to use and help you to understand the ingredients. Also make me question about food and cosmetic industry... U will realise how the publicity brainwash you properly in order to buy their products. All they care about is MONEY. They never talk about ingredients! They treat as like poppets. But now with this knowledge is an eye opening. I think everybody should have the right to know this knowledge! And then u decide if you get the product or not. I am telling everybody about Yuka .🥕🧡 We only have one body to live in this life. We need to look after it with love and being conscious with what you eat and apply on our bodies.🧡🧡🧡.Version: 4.26

Amazing - an app everybody needs!This app is amazing! You can learn so much from this app about the items on shop shelves and all of the hidden products/chemicals/toxins that are harmful to human health! The app breaks down lengthy scientific words and tells you what harmful things are used in simpler form! I would like to thank the owners for making such a genuine app for positive health growth! I have thrown out so many products that I never would have even dreamed about being harmful, such as big, popular, expensive brands. Must have!!!!!.Version: 4.24

Great app!This app is awesome! The rating system is very informative, the scan procedure has been flawless, the search works well, and so far I’ve found 99% of what I’ve looked for. Probably my favorite part is the recommendations. So far they seem to be things I can easily find in my local grocery store and things I probably would enjoy just as much as my original. The only flaw I’ve found is this review section. It is very slow to come up on my iPhone and if I make a mistake and use the spacebar to get to it, the keyboard disappears. The only way I’ve found for it to come back is to minimize the window then go back in. Keyboard pops right up. I like this app so much, I paid for the Premium version right away. Thanks for a great eating lifestyle fixing app!.Version: 4.25

Changed my lifeI do my best to be conscious of what i eat and the products i use on my body with the wage i make, but i was absolutely astounded to see how terrible a lot of it still was. we really have no idea what is going into our carts and even if they label ingredients no one is going to spend hours typing in names they can’t pronounce let alone researching the effects they have on us. this app has indefinitely changed my life and my perspective on food and skin care to a whole new level. i’m sharing it with everyone i know because everyone has a right to make educated choices for themselves so that one day companies can change how they make their products. the people behind this app are making a huge difference in the world one item at a time and my partner and i could not be more grateful for their tireless work. thank you a thousand times over. this app means more than you know..Version: 4.21

Most useful app in a long whileHave never written a review before without being asked by the app, just because I like it as much - but this is an exception. Super super useful and basically gives a brief, yet if you want you can go for a detailed, overview of all the ingredients, additives and their potential dangers in packaged food, drinks & cosmetics - with sources. Exactly what I’ve wanted for a long while, helping you to make informed choices :).Version: 3.37

Yuka reviewI just started using this app last week. I found it on Tik tok and ever since I’ve been scanning stuff around my kitchen to see if healthy stuff I had like granola bars were healthy and they weren’t. I wasn’t surprised that most of the stuff I had was rated poor or bad from the app since there is a lot of sugary stuff in my kitchen but now that I’m aware of it I want to prevent myself from buying more unhealthy food so when I go to the grocery store I scanned products to see if it was worth buying and it’s really convenient since it tells you why it’s rated excellent food bad or poor. I love this app!!! And it also prevents me from buying stuff that is marked as “healthy” when it isn’t. There are so many good things about this app I love it so much it’s the best app to exist!!!❤️.Version: 4.20

Game changer for our little family LOVE LOVE LOVEI absolutely LOVE this app! I use it all the time since having my babies and it has taught me so much!! I feel really good about the food and product choices we make now and it’s easier to decide the level of risk I’m willing to take on. It’s been a game changer for us - so grateful.Version: 4.28

Makes reading labels easySuper easy to use and understand information given. Also provides links to back up claims and sometimes better alternatives. Highly recommend for people beginning the non toxic journey..Version: 4.27

I’m in love with this app!I only downloaded this a couple days ago and I have to say I have scanned nearly all the beauty products in my house! This app is amazing because it’s a free app that tells you about your cosmetics, skincare, or even food. This app really helped me throw out some bad skincare, and i’m glad that I didn’t leave it because who knows what could happen! I also had to send an email on an inquiry I had, and the staff sending me the email back was so kind and I felt so looked after! I’ll defiantly be recommending this app to all my friends. Thank you so much Yuka! You have really helped me, and so many others find what products are good, and which you should second guess. Thanks again! Lily.Version: 4.17

Love this appThis app is wonderful. It really opened my eyes to all the food ingredients that are not good for you. It makes it so much easier to compare food products and make healthier choices. Great work Yuca team!!.Version: 4.27

AMAZING saves me stress, time, and money.So I’ve had this app for four years now but I never paid for the subscription; it was still doing its justice. I recently pay for the subscription and I love it even more. Now I can just search up any product when I need to. I have contact dermatitis I don’t have to try new products and hope my skin doesn’t flake up, I can literally just search up hair gels and see which products have dermatitis causing ingredients. I am so thankful for this app, it’s honestly made a difference in my life. Also sidenote for the developers, it would be so cool if yuka had a feature where you could filter out certain ingredients from your search. For example if I need a product that doesn’t have Phenoxyethanol I can just filter it out and have the list of products there. Thank you so much for this amazing app❤️❤️❤️.Version: 4.26

YUCA appBrilliant app, been scanning everything I can this morning since I downloaded the app. Some quite surprising results, especially the apparently “good” products!!! The nasties are horrifying….purple shampoo! (Mostly bathroom products) Great breakdown of the individual compounds and their effects on people’s skin also information on their breakdown in the environment 😳. Would be great to have an additional ‘green leaf’ tag alongside the numerical score to highlight the environmental impact and to help buying decisions! GREAT APP 😊😊.Version: 4.26

Trop bienAllô cette application a changer ma vie ma peau est plus belle même pour la nourriture ses la meilleure application.Version: 4.27

Retour à la santéCette application est merveilleuse plus besoin de chercher plus loin,le descriptif est complet et vous explique en détail tout les ingrédients bon et mauvais en même temps d avoir l’apport calorique,bravo et merci.Version: 4.27

Lost weight yahoo and great for cosmeticsI enjoy this app alot. Use it nearly every other day. One can see by how low down on the list of ingredients, in australia that is, how much the harmful ingredients is (as advised by the app sources) ie risky ingredients very low on the list has least impact so thats how i can decide if i want to take that risk as i may not be exposed to that ingredient in any other of my products. And since ive used it on grocery items i have lost 1.8kg by changing to similar products but safer for me. I havent done anything else in my life to lose the weight. This app is the only thing ive applied to my choices in products. Go for it. It can only benefit your life. Online products like gemma vendetta work well too. Great app.Version: 4.19

It’s great but…I have the premium version and the offline mode is very useful! The app design is great and is super quick! That said, please bring a dark mode - the app will be even better..Version: 4.28

A beginnerBut I must say so far I have been excited about the influence this app has had on my eating habits..Version: 4.28

Thank youThank you for opening my eyes. I am so glad to now have this info easily (and freely) accessible in order to make informed decisions of what chemicals/distributors/irritants/carcinogens and etc go onto my skin or into my mouth..Version: 4.21

WowThis is the best app on my whole phone. Holy, what a life saver. The ingredients are accurate, anything with a barcode it scans and finds flawlessly. One time it meses up and offered me deodorant recommendations for my facial scrub but other than that it was perfect. You’ll come to realise that most of the products you thought were good for you are actually horrendous ! I assume the information is accurate also, it references studies. One thing I would like for them to change is to add the scores of the products next to them all, rather than having yo click on each one individually to see what their score is and how it compares to the other recommendations. Other than that, perfect ! Thank you.Version: 4.21

Brilliant app✨Where has this app been all my life absolutely love. It tells you what food is excellent, good or bad. I love the fact that you can add your own foods as well as I use a particular porridge and found out it was excellent for me to eat which was a bonus. I’m going to use this when I go shopping, going to recommend this to my family and friends Thank you for this app 10 out of 10.❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4.31

FinallyThis app changed my life of how I buy cosmetics. I’m so happy that the team from Yuka had the courage to take this mission of clean products. For years, the cosmetic industry feed us with dreams and harmful chemicals. All my life, I have been working in the chemical industry and it felt painful and unfair that the consumer had no idea of how hazardous some of the products that we put on our faces. This is a God sent app because as a consumer now we can choose our products and the brands will have to behave. We vote with our money which brands are worth to fame. I’m so happy that I found you Yuka!!!.Version: 4.27

Loving this App I am addictedHave recommended this app to all my family friends who have downloaded it and use it for all products educating them and me to buy healthier products. Thanks.Version: 4.24

Great App to see how good or bad your food is!Was sent the link to download the app. Have since been zapping away and am quite surprised/shocked at various ratings. Will be using this everytime I shop from now on. There really is no reason to eat BAD foods with alternatives available to each food item. Would be great to add the supermarkets where the better foods are stocked! Great app! Thank you.Version: 4.29

Lige changingBecame addicted to scanning - first because it is easy to do, but mostly because what you discover everytime is just incredible (in good or bad). You won’t see some brands the same way as before ... I also want to emphasize that the fact that they quote report where analysis of chemicals is extracted from makes it very interesting. You can go and have a deeper look, but also it shows how the information is known but not spread ... Thanks to the great team !!!.Version: 3.18

Great creation,Great App & concept! Allows people to know what they’re consuming or using. It should and will be standard but for now YUKA is helping to lead the way for the better. Bad ingredients should never be allowed in food products by a Universal Law anyway. It’s disturbing to know some Companies did and have been able to for many years. Everyone is more conscious & becoming more knowledgeable. Companies are realising profit before people affects everyone, always most definitely themselves and the people close to home sooner than later! I’d like to see an even more diverse & equal team at YUKA! Hope the team continues to put people first! I hope they never sell out and always refer to how simplistic yet perfect it is now. Thanks..Version: 4.19

Thank you!In eating plant based foods and fish, I thought I was doing pretty decent. Until I got this app. Yuka is a life saver!! I’ve been scanning everything in my house and I’m shocked! You cannot trust these companies to do right by you. I’ve been throwing stuff away left and right!! I had just gotten a heath scan and my gastrointestinal system is severely off balanced. No wonder!! A family member suggested Yuka the same day. I couldn’t be more grateful for this app. It was right on time. What I love about this app is it tells you why foods are bad and what harmful ingredients do to your body. That is overly appreciated! It also gives you recommendations for better products! I can only imagine the time it took to put all of this together. This here is your best defense against big name companies who care more about a dollar than your health. We are exposed to toxins more than ever now. I was so paranoid about buying food and Yuka has eased a lot of those fears and will assist me in getting my gut health back balanced! It’s definitely worth buying the app and for all the goodies, it’s super inexpensive. Thank you for putting this together! The greatest app yet!!.Version: 4.25

In loveAbsolutely love this app. I’ve never in my life been bothered to write a review but this app is life changing. Thanks so much to the team. I hope soon they manage to extend and make it available to my home country Greece and also make premium available in Australia..Version: 4.19

Best & Most Important AppNot being much of an app user, this app needs to be on everyone’s “must” list. Why? Because if you care about the foods you ingest or the products you use on your body, not to mention what you give your children and family, this is where to begin saying goodbye to items you thought were fine but learn they are anything but. How our government and food companies can promote products as appearing to be fine, only to learn they contain carcinogenic compounds, chemicals that impact estrogen and liver function, and well beyond is nothing short of alarming. This issue must be brought to the fore via national media and beyond. This team has done far more than develop an app; they are helping consumers to be educated and realize just why we have the health and medical issues we have. Kudos to this incredible team..Version: 4.22

Very usefulAmazing app to make better shopping choices, especially for free! Hundreds of thousands of products in the database, and if your product isn’t there you can add it manually so the database should grow very quickly (I noticed they don’t have many Aldi products for example). Only issue is there still is some untranslated French when performing certain actions - nothing that makes the app unusable. I’m sure the developers are working on fixing this..Version: 3.6

Good appAmazing app it would be really cool if we could see the effects of the good chemicals in the products as well and also take a pic of the ingredient list or something to search what it means when there’s nothing for it yet.Version: 4.22

Amazing!This is such a game changer! Not only does it help me make better health choices but also better cosmetic choices! I would definitely recommend this app, I’ve become a member to help this project grow because I whole heartedly believe in it, and if you can as well, I would say to do so as well! <3.Version: 4.9

My best friend at the grocery storesYuka makes it so much easier for me to shop for healthy food. The grading system over 100 and the simplified rationale behind the assigned grade makes it easy to understand. Also, the grades classify the products into for categories (excellent, good, poor or bad) simplifying my decision making process to purchase a product or not. The most appreciated feature is the suggestion of better similar products that Yuka makes in the event the product scanned would not be a good choice. I must mention that I appreciate the highlight of hazardous additives. Most of us know very little to noting about the numerous chemicals that we’re being bombarded with by the food industry. Thank you Yuka for calling out loud these harmful substances and educating the user about their eventual effects on our health. I have been telling everyone about Yuka and so far all my friends and family have downloaded this app and have been so excited to tell me about their findings of better food options..Version: 4.17

Yay for Yuka!Some apps are fun, many are useful, and a very few are life-changing. Yuka is one of the latter. I initially used it to scan my previously purchased foods and hygiene/cosmetic products, and now I use it every time I shop. I even became a Premium member in order to look up products I can’t scan (like when I’m shopping online). I have very sensitive skin and have often dealt with contact dermatitis, burning, itching, and other adverse reactions. Being able to find and switch to products that don’t contain potential allergens or harmful chemicals has given me peace of mind and much happier skin. I also like to eat as cleanly as I can, and Yuka facilitates that. It’s a lot easier to simply not buy a food at the store when it’s rated poor or bad, and, if I decide to buy it anyway, it’s a no-brainer to eat it sparingly. It’s amazing and disheartening how many processed foods that claim to be super healthy actually aren’t healthy at all. Needless to say, Yuka has saved me from being deceived and wasting money. In a world full of vendors whose bottom line is financial gain rather than creating and selling safe, effective products, Yuka is an enormous blessing. Thank you, Yuka developers, for putting people’s health above profit!.Version: 4.23

Great app, super helpful.This app is really great. I’ve been suffering with skin problems from using the wrong products. I literally started scanning everything and was so shocked at what I was putting on my skin. Since I’ve used the app my skin has got considerably better thanks to the help and also recommend products from bad products. I’ve recommended this to my friends. Great idea, great app..Version: 4.18

From AustraliaI wanted to become a member but I couldn’t because I live in Australia!!! can you please add this feature to us so we can search without the need to scan..Version: 4.26

Love this appI absolutely love this app and have recommended it to family members and work colleagues. I would like to upgrade to the premium version to support the app and give something back but when I try to upgrade a message pops up telling me the upgrade isn’t supported in my region. If you can tell me how to overcome this I’ll happily upgrade..Version: 4.27

Fantastic!I honestly wish I came up with this app! As a health coach, this is a great tool to help my clients choose better options. Super straight forward - open app, scan the bar code of item, see if it’s red, orange or green, which either means good, moderate or poor. Additionally, it tells you why it’s a good or bad ingredients. I recommend!.Version: 4.28

Great app for checking “healthy” productsThis app is brilliant and I have been using it every time I go shopping. A quick scan and usually it has the info on the products which has made me question some of the things I am buying for my family- especially some I thought were healthy!! Really quick and easy to add products which aren’t on there too..Version: 4.28

Awesome!!!I will be checking everything in my house and at the store before I purchase. Thank you!.Version: 4.28

LaurenceMay I just say of all the Apps I have downloaded since I’ve had an iPhone 20 years or so, this is BY FAR the single most important app I’ve ever used to help live a healthier more conscious and informed life. It’s very easy to use and a fantastic must have tool for any caring family or individual in the 21st century. Thank you so much do this and it’s bloody free! Well done 👍🏽.Version: 4.27

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