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Incredibox App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Incredibox app received 18 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Incredibox? Can you share your negative thoughts about incredibox?

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Incredibox for Negative User Reviews

A bugHi my incredibox is not working because when ever I go into it and i drag a box on to the person they do the mouth action but no sound it started happening yesterday hopefully this gets fixed.Version: 5.3

Overheating and lagSuch a fun game. But it makes my phone overheat and lag like mad. It’s not my phone. A few others have had this issue. I’m an iPhone XS. But. It’s so laggy. And overheating. Could u answer with a response to see how I can fix this :( EDIT: This is the same person about the heat and lag. My storage is fine no apps open it just lags and makes my whole phone glitch then after I close the app completely it’s fine. So i don’t really know why. And I’m typing here. Because I don’t really like emails. So yeah iPhone XS. Hope for a fix update soon 👍.Version: 5.2

I love this but...I truly do love this app. I played it when it was still a website and I was obsessed, it’s easy it’s fun and it’s high quality, it’s truly amazing. The only issue I have is that quite a few of the animations and culturally insensitive and stereotypes, for instance V3 the “Native American” man. If these and others were changed to even slightly different animations that weren’t portraying certain stereotypes this app would be absolutely perfect. I know it’s something that’s a lot of time and effort but I personally think it’s worth it :).Version: 4.7

One problemI have no idea if this is the app’s vault or my phone storage is just that bad, but I’ve been getting some odd glitches. I just redownloaded the app after deleting it in the past due to storage issues, and strange stuff has been happening after I unlocked the two bonuses for alpha. Every time I play the bonus “satisfied” and it ends, it doesn’t exit out. It just stays, and trying to reset or go to home just shows me a black screen. And when I try to do the other bonuses, it doesn’t work because one of the guys just doesn’t show up. I can’t solo or mute it, nor can I remove. Exiting and going back doesn’t work. Is there a way I can fix this nonsense? Before you say anything, no, shutting off and turning back on my phone doesn’t work..Version: 4.7

It’s GoodI gave it 3 stars, don’t get me wrong it’s not the price that marked it down. I think that for an independent developer this is a fair price to pay for their time and labour. I would like to see more sounds libraries available, it would also be nice if you could blend sounds and make new ones as well as record your own. I like the dystopian sound board. Need more of this tbh, I find it a bit limiting and feel that it could do with more choir elements, and less beat boxing sounds. A few 808 elements would also be much welcomed in the beat and percussion department. New sound boards needed to feel like I would buy again from this studio..Version: 1.2.6

Unfortunately I can’t give a MINUS 5 starsMaybe I sing from a different hymn book, but I have no audio whatsoever!!! On Mac works like a charm, on my iPad Pro I cannot get it work. I checked all the suggestion on the developer’s website, all useless. I wrote to the support weeks ago, and I didn’t even get an acknowledgment, let’s forget a reply! UPDATE: They replied saying it is a known issue. Well ONE YEAR from the last updated and no sign of ongoing bug fixes. Changing my rate to 1/2 star!.Version: 5.3

Progression done but wont show the peopleI finished the special task and once the video was done it wouldnt show me where to put the other speakers.Version: 1.2.9

A good app but 1 problemI really liked this app its fun and the versions r very good. But alot of times I “dedicated” my songs to ppl meaning people but then a couple months later. My DJ name was Bob so nothing rude or anything. I was very annoyed as they were rlly good too. That’s my only problem with the app otherwise I would’ve given 5 stars. Is it possible to somehow get my songs back???.Version: 5.3

Money….Hey, it’s a great game and all but I think you should NOT charge 7 bucks Js for some Beat boxing and plus we don’t get that much, so that annoys me I’m already bored bc I’ve used all of it already! But besides that I love it! Merry late Xmas have a great day/night.Version: 1.2.9

BugsCool app but the sound is muted after a while so i have to reboot my iphone to make it work again… also my mixes don’t get saved..Version: 5.3

Good game howeverI bought this game and I really enjoy it the content is fun and diverse however seeing as it is a paid game it lacks update and new content. Maybe some more tracks could be added or just something new as after a while it gets boring. ( this is an updated part to my review) since the original post of this review there’s still no new content it’s disappointing seeing as it’s a large paid game..Version: 5.3

Amazing app, one major glitch.Before I state the glitch, it’s overall amazing. But when we get to the glitchy part, well... Not so much. Incredibox is an app where you express your musicality. Since 2009 it was rated app of the day. The devs worked very hard on this. (Except the ones that were models of Paul REALLY scared me) It’s a great app for children and adults alike. Used for projects and much, much more you can do anything to music backdrops to wallpapers. Okay, enough of me rambling on, to the glitch! So Dystopia (V8), the one everybody favors is Incredibox’s new release. When I was recording, (my DJ name is Unpopular) I was doing really good, after I used the (only) bonus, Riviera. After the bonus ended, the screen turned white for a moment, then it turned me to the title of Dystopia. It scared me! And it had deleted the recording! Please fix this. Thank you, SO FAR SO GOOD!.Version: 5.0

The Best App on the Planet is BrokenThis is easily the best app in the App Store. As far as music remixing and song structure teaching goes, but just overall the most fun you’ll have making jams on the iPad or iPhone, however it is currently broken. Launching the app brings up the screen of the app but with no Incredimen. Exporting a song that’s been recorded exports with all the information but when you go to play it it’s no music just the naked Incredimen. It doesn’t matter if I quit all other apps, or if I restart my device which is an iPad Pro 12.9 inch running iOS 14. This is all rather unfortunate because Incredibox is our favorite app amongst all in our entire household. We’ve bought things from your store, we cannot wait for V8 to come out but it’s difficult for us to not be able to play versions one through seven because this is something we do all day every day my three-year-old son cannot stop with Incredibox and it makes him very upset when it’s broken. I believe he is going through withdrawals, perhaps not physically, but definitely spiritually. You simply must help. Thanks in advance..Version: 4.8

Really want to give it 5 butI keep having to force close/reopen when swapping pallets (music types) as the samples no longer work. (Silent) Also when in a sample menu (where you can view others tracks or press the play button) you can hear a psstt noise every 2 seconds 😬 once you select the play button or load a track from another it stops. Also sometimes it pauses for a second or two when adding samples. Not sure why 🤷‍♂️ but it can break the flow when it keeps the timing but judders..Version: 5.3

Buggy15 odd years ago I played this at school wasting time on the pc’s and absolutely loved this. At first I thought this was one of the best apps I ever bought. After while the bugs became blatant. On the iPhone 14 Pro Max with my Air Pod Pro 2’s sound can just disappear switching between the versions. I continuously get copy and paste pop up on the screen when trying to swap out the track loops. Can’t seem to connect to the server well. Made a song and it didn’t even save took me so long to perfect it too. Waste of money. Also shocked it hasn’t been updated in while, shame really, would of got 5 stars otherwise..Version: 5.3

Extremely unique and creative use of music and soundsI have gone through and completed all the cutscenes and videos, tried out every person to hear out their beat and enjoyed every moment of it! Truly an amazing game to play and to mess around with, but the reason I gave it only 3 stars is because I finished the whole thing in 15 minutes of a Wednesday afternoon. As another someone said, a custom mode where you could record your voice onto specific people, maybe customise their T-shirt logo. So every sound you made was different because I’ve had to give up on a whole month of Pokémon cards (cuz I’m a child) for a game that I finished on the first day of buying it, I mean it’s your choice 🤷.Version: 5.3

Fun for a minute.Can i get a refund? This app was fun for literally a whole minute. Theres simply not enough sounds. You have what 6-8 sounds i can choose from? Dude i breezed this i deleted it already this app is fun no doubt but the content is so minimal it honestly sucks. Alot..Version: 5.0

BEST MUSIC GAMER EVER!Since i didn’t know what to play and i wanted to make my own song i found this app it was only for 99p so i got it when i got it i didn’t know what i was doing but when i placed one guy down I KNEW it was great,its a fun easy game as well as the audio and the animations are the BEST with the bonus’s (I don’t know what i am even write-ing cuz i love this game THE 99p was worth it just its a fun easy, make-ing your own music with these guys and if you find the bonus it’s fun listening to it...just...just IT’S A GOOD GAME!).Version: 4.1

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