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EnjoyableOne thing I will always love about this app is how detailed each audio as well as the artistic design of each one. I can imagine the developers who made Incredibox doing a live action concert or collaboration with talented beatboxes or singers and working on a masterpiece of musical passion 👍.Version: 5.1

I like the game and have 11 ideas1: you should comment on others songs and design a profile Incredibox guy to look like you do the comments the parents could banned it if they don’t feel ok 2: they should take after some mods on there song ideas because most mods have good music and art styles 3: they could add rotation holiday levels and it only stays there that one week of the holiday 4: you could import your voices to make the people sound like your music but it needs to sound like that character so you don’t need more animations 5: maybe there could be a thing when if you pay 1 dollar you get a draw a costume thing over the characters 7: there could be a leaderboard and it says who was in the top 3 the longest or maybe oldest song in the game 8: what if they had a new sound color type how about instrumental 9: each level has 5 bonuses 10: change the color of each of the sounds to fit your likening because how the blue people are blue and if you switch it to pink then the those blue people change to pink 11: you could switch back to version 1 to see how it changed.Version: 1.2.6

AmazingWhen I first ever started playing (which was when my teacher for samba ever introduced me to this game) I just had vibes, Dystopia is one of my favourites, the storyline is just incredible, I also like the new Wekiddy mode came out, it just made me feel gamer vibes, the £5 was worth it!.Version: 1.2.6

Best game everBEST GAME EVER. (Full stop) this game is so good incorporate cultural music with NewGeneration music and high-tech bait and high-tech sound personally my top five favourites are alpha sunrise the love alive and dystopia they are so good and they have such good characters and they are amazing this game deserves better than word has been rated..Version: 5.3

Cool muzixk gameVery nice and cool and little scense videos.Version: 5.3

Story mode campaign version nine mod packsHey add version nine to the game how long have you been working on it well you should get back to it I really want to see it t.Version: 5.3

WW game w beats.Version: 5.3

Good gameThis game is extremely fun. It’s a great experience. I recommend it to my sisters they loved it I loved it . I want to got it along time ago but it was too expensive.😘😊.Version: 5.3

Download itIt is so fun to play and make music 🤩🤩🤩🤩😃😃😃😃.Version: 5.3

Greatest app ever 🤩Incredibox is incredible as told from the name. The ostinate (I think that’s how it’s spelled) are loops of very impressive patterns. There are videos in each category from alpha to dystopia. Every single part of this app is amazing. There are a few minor glitches like how if you exit the game and come back, it will say “are you still there?”. Then when I say yes it will freeze. Also, the game will say “undo typing” A LOT. If this is annoying readers, then this app is probably not worth it. Lastly, lots of my friends are wondering if the makers could make more types of music to play. I’m tired of playing the same thing. Either way, Incredibox is a good game or as they say, “so far so good .” I heart this game and is played in my entire household. I hope you could add to it and fix those glitches but in a mean time...take your time. Thank you for making this game! 😊🥳.Version: 5.3

IncrediboxYour really good with knowing what kinds of games that children Love so it’s like their parents have to install the games that your factory of games you make. There’s a question i would like to ask you, what other games did you make without in app purchases or money in the apps and games you have made..Version: 1.2.6

Finally v8I been waiting for it now it’s here! I like this cause it’s like a lot of music and stuff.Version: 5.0

AmazingThat was so cool and I’m keeping this. I like this app so much and it is so worth spending your money or if it’s free in this app By Mickey.Version: 4.5

Waiting for V9V8 it’s okay but I wonder what V9 i’m so excited.Version: 5.0

I never rated something before. Just putting this as a thanks to the creatorsThank you for making this game. Its one of my favorite apps on app store. You drag and drop little icons onto the character, which make them sing. Depending on the icon he either sings, makes backround music, beatboxes, bass, or sings a couple lines. All random icons sound good and i wouldnt mind listening to any of them. Thousands of different possible beats. You could play for months and still find new and entertaining music. Perfect app, music, seemless transitions of music, 8 different styles, and if you put the right beat you get a bonus movie clip. Great art, music, and story. 3 bonus movies each. And 8 different categories of music..Version: 5.3

Its amazing!Me and my dad always plays it! My kindergartener music teacher sometime plays it!.Version: 5.2

💯This app is so fun and amazing! I totally suggest this to anyone who is hesitant on buying the app..Version: 5.3

Amazing gameI’ve had this game from the start of lockdown and I absolutely loved it and at that time I was following the combinations to get the videos but after I started making my own. There are hundreds of combinations to choose from so it is basically endless boredom! It would be great if some more music selections were added to introduce a completely different style of music. I also like that every thing goes together but a con to that is that there isn’t much skill involved so maybe a little bit of independence to get something that sounds great. Otherwise the game is probably the best Mobile game I have ever played!!.Version: 5.3

Need a little moreThis is such a good game I play it all of the time like every day for music but I have some things to say that could make it better for the website version you could let people share and on both types you could get more song types like strings, wind ensemble, guitar and keyboard and also why do you name them better please but other wise the app is spotless.Version: 4.7

Educational gameGreat way to teach kids how music works. Gives someone a understanding how tracks are overlapped to make one piece of music. Other variations of this could be further utilized as a musical educational games. If the numbers were to pop up on the screen stating 32nds,16th, 8ths, 1/4, one measure equaling 4 quarters and so on repeating. This also makes a person understand mathematics of measurement that can be visually broken down on a tape measure. 32nd of a inch, 16th of a inch, 1/8th of a inch, 1/4 quarter of a inch, 4 together equal 1 inch. A Awesome game our daughter loves it the way it is. I wish I could help make games like this to bring them in to school systems as a new way of musical mathematics..Version: 2.2

Reddit GoldThis application is even better than big chungus in the forest.😳😳😳😳🥶🥶🥶🗿👍.Version: 5.3

Worth six dollarsI bought this because a previous reviewer said they’d buy it for $3 but not $6. Sure not everyone has unlimited money, but neither do app developers, and we shouldn’t feel entitled to their labour for any less than they ask. This is easily worth paying $3 twice, as a fun way to pass time and as a musical tool. Would buy again..Version: 3.7

Worth every centThis app has kept my kids entertained for hours. They got a taste of it at school in their music class and asked to do it again in the holidays. Love the creativity and how they can record their creations..Version: 5.3

You Can Make Real Music With It….and it’s funny. There are MUCH worse ways to waste time with your phone..Version: 5.3

Great game but there is a bugThis game is sick and I love it. I remember playing it many years ago. The only problem I have is when I switch between versions it’ll glitch and my sound just stops. I have to restart the app and even sometimes it’ll glitch again and have no volume. Other than that I love it..Version: 5.3

Best gameThis game is amazing and would recommend to buy it and believe me your gonna want headphones because it sounds so much better.Version: 5.3

AMAZINGThe sounds are funny and goofy and I’ve made a couple good songs this is one of my favourite apps by far.Version: 5.3

The best app anyone could every getThis app is amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing.Version: 5.2

Amazing, amazing, amazing!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩Incredibox is totally worth it! It’s so fun to make music by using the outfit things. While I was checking my songs, I noticed that one of my songs got on the 50th leader board! I was literally soo shocked and surprised. It got 25th place!!! (It’s called Zim if wondering.) 2 people liked and 3 people saw my song! Yayayayyayaay this app is the BEST! 🤩.Version: 4.7

TheBroMaiaMate this game is great fun. I used to play this back when I was around 10, one day decided to look it up on the App Store some ten years later and what do you know! Still as fun as I remember, if you’re bored and want to be on some great vibes this is definitely the game to play.Version: 4.5

Very Good AppIt’s just a very good music app. Maybe the best music app.Version: 5.0

So great but some glitchesSoo I’ve been playing this game since maybe 2018 and it’s been really fun since all of the new versions and more sic to make and especially the new one that just came out! Love this game! Request... pls make a version that is based on natural stuff like flowers ok thanks bye.Version: 5.0

More pleaseI love this game. I wish there were more song releases or updated animations..Version: 5.3

Amazing!I found out about this app after my French teacher played a few tunes from this app. I quickly went home and realised it costed, but it didn’t cost too much at all, so I bought it. Now I have access to many tunes I can combine to make beautiful and original pieces of music. 5 out of 5 stars for me. Thanks for making this game!.Version: 4.6

Keep up the workWhen I heard this game I knew that it was music game. When I watched more videos I was mind-blowed. The designs were creative. The noises were incredible and the versions were awsome. The only things I didn’t like was there was glitches everywhere and it cost money. But otherwise it’s good..Version: 5.2

I love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love it I think you should add a v9 I would love that😍.Version: 5.3

App of the yearI first tried the Webb version of incredibox whilst at school and loved it! So I went home and downloaded it in my iPhone. I would say it works best on IPhones because on every other device it can be quit laggy. Even if you don’t have headphones it still works great! There are 8 levels and basically you have to drag and drop little icons onto the seven characters and each different icon makes a different sound (eg: singers or beatboxers). You can record and share songs to get likes and try to reach the top 50 charts! My only issue is: I don’t think that it’s entirely worth £3.99! Though it is a great game and doesn’t require an internet connection! It should be awarded app of the year! Great app X👍🏽📱💻.Version: 5.3

This game is full of imagination and big collection of different tunes with bonus rounds!This game is awesome!.Version: 5.2

Best music mobile game out thereBeen a while since I posted my last review, and still nothing but a 5 star, absolutely perfect, these are the type of mobile games we need, not all those other budget kid games, one that teaches children in a positive and fun way like this, and it isn’t even limited to children, this game has been going on for more then 10 years now and it’s still more active then ever, hope to see more from you guys, absolutely astonishing game 11/10.Version: 5.0

Should have a big awardI am so happy to play this app anytime and anywhere. Dont need internet to play, very good music app. I love the dystopia and little miss ones 😄 the character designs are so original and funky! This game is unique in its own way and totally fun to play. Im hoping V9 comes soon!.Version: 5.3

AwesomeThis app is so cool thanks.Version: 4.6

This is the best game I ever seenI love beatbox is incrediblebox is the best I love it.Version: 5.3

MastahpieceIncredibox is where men in strange costumes beatbox. Just for that reason i’m giving this game 5 stars. But in all seriousness, this game is great, especially if you’re passionate about music, and some of the mixes you can make with this app sound sick. With 8 different versions and more to come, you’re definitely getting your 7 dollars’ worth..Version: 5.0

CustomizationWe should be able to add our own voices :).Version: 5.3

FantasticI just so good, at first it seems complicated but after two minutes you get the hang of it. you can create layered and unique songs that you can title and upload it’s just made really and the art style is good, I can’t say enough good about it..Version: 2.2

Ignite the Incredible IncrediboxOh, my... such funky tunes... love how they beatbox... and sing words or sounds... better that My Singing Monsters... it's where you drag many outfits over to a naked septet of humans and they'll squeeze a rhythm from their gullets to create a round of four catchy calls... five Beats (beatboxing or their own percussive voices)... five Effects (basses, melodies, rhythms, or vocals)... five Melodies (basses, melodies, or vocals)... and five Voices (almost all of these skills are sung)... there are seven versions... a lovely hip-hop version... a tribal calm house version... a seasidey dance version... a Brazilian samba version... a Japanese impact version... an Indian Bollywood version... and a remaster of the original version, since 2009... man, oh man, I really, really love Incredibox.Version: 4.4

Wish it had more slotsSounds are really interesting and fun to play with, but a big problem you run into is that the slots they give you (the “guys who make sounds”) are too few. I want to layer even more , but it limits that and forces you to get rid of a sound to switch it out for another. The cutscenes are interesting and cool , especially the Jeevan ones. That set had my favorite sounds. Really want some more sets on there. Thought there were gonna be more. Hopefully if additional sets do come out they’ll include as part of your original purchase. I usually avoid spending ANY money on apps but I gave this one a try. Little disappointed because of the aforementioned reasons. It’s cool, but cool enough to keep on my phone? Cool enough to have any replay ability? Idk..Version: 5.3

Such a good gameI like to listen to the auto on loop when I’m playing horizon forbidden west. Horizon forbidden west is an incredible game. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is silky smooth, I recommend this game to any ‘open world game’ gamer! 😀.Version: 1.2.6

This is amazingThis is great I Love it 5 STARS!!!!!!.Version: 5.3

Worth it.Definitely worth the money, super fun and easy to use, keep adding more packs!.Version: 4.5

How to get the blinding lights oneI could not get the blinding lights one cause I just found this one until blinding lights one is discovered. Its now out favorite song then we came up with funny names ugly lights! 😹😹😹did this fo a lyrics prank! I wondr if its comming in update blinding lights and I love this game SO FAR SO GOOD.Version: 5.2

This isGenius..Version: 2.2

Awesome AppI think this app in particular is one of the best music creation apps available in the App Store. It’s user interface is very simple and unique, it’s also very user friendly. You don’t really need a tutorial on how to use this app because of its simplicity, and the sounds that come with this app are outstanding. I definitely recommend this app for the type of person who just wants to have fun making different style of beats. This app also contains a sharing feature where you can share the beats you make with a whole community of people on the app. Although you can only record a little bit of your mix at a time, I think that’s enough time for someone to really enjoy the incredible beat you just made. In conclusion I definitely recommend this app for the casual music creator who’s looking for a way to make simple but amazing beats. If you are looking for a complex music production app I’d say look elsewhere, but for those who just want to have fun with it I strongly recommend this app..Version: 4.5

Amazing!Thank you for this great app! I love it. Hours of fun and relaxation!.Version: 2.0

Is it incredibleI love incredibox ever I remember when I in year 8 between 9 in my school and I used computer in incredibox is website that I remember on I was check app was not there in incredibox before now have i so glad thank you very much. I really enjoy to play and listen music ❤️❤️.Version: 1.1.2

BEST MUSIC APP EVER!!!!!!!Soooo easy to make a song but not just a song a really good song. I loved how you can see others song and to have the challenge to try and get likes and views, another thing I really loved about this app is that you can make different styles of music too. Whoever‘s reading this WHAT ARE YOU DOING IF YOU LIKE MUSIC GET THE GAME!!!!.Version: 5.3

U goodU good.Version: 5.3

Awesome but needs a few additionsI really enjoy using the app but there’s a few things that would make it better. I noticed that when you save songs to your mixes it empties your mixes every 2 minutes. So the only way to make sure your mixes are really saved is by saving it to your email, which isn’t great because when you play it in your email you can’t watch the video. Another thing that would be nice would be if you could edit your mixes and change whether they’re private or not. The last thing that I think would just be cool would be if you could mix different music groups together (ex: little miss and dystopia). Aside from that I love the app and it’s totally worth getting..Version: 5.2

The BEST game you could buyI am very much so against paying for mobile games; but incredibox is so worth the price, mixing your own songs, the pre-made choruses, different versions and recording options make the game so great! such an original concept and executed really well. 5/5 worth the price by far!.Version: 5.3

Great but so expensiveLove it but why $6 I would buy it if it was $3 or something the thing is I accidentally downloaded this app I was looking at it then I tapped buy to see if it was actually 6 dollars as I did that I had to go get my coffee but when I got back I thought it turned off so I but my thumb on the home button and turns out my brightness was just really low and then I brought out of my iTunes card I just got and it started downloading I’m like whoops but it’s a great app just lower the price a little.Version: 3.7

Great appThis app is charming, intuitive and superfun. After playing with it for like 5 minutes I thought of two people I knew would be into it — my friend’s 5 year old and my 36 year old boyfriend. It hits that sweet spot of being simple but not boring because there are a ton of combinations to mess around with, you can try to figure out the structure behind the outfits/colors, and most importantly you cannot make a bad-sounding combination. You can make things that sound meh at worst, but the loops themselves, and the way they work together, make it easy to put something together that sounds cool. I’ve only had it a few days but I can see it being useful for putting together music I actually listen to for studying or running, when you want something kind of repetitive but not too repetitive..Version: 3.2

Absolutely Great.I have been using this for a short time and have had so much fun, it has enlarged my passion for music further and given me the opportunities to explore a whole new world of music. Its a great game, i really recommended downloading it (:.Version: 5.3

Incredibox is gonna be 10 years old!Incredibox is amazingly fun. This game helps me keep my boredom away, and is less hard than making actual music. And you can make your own beats, which can be catchy. But this game started out on a website taking back to 2009, known with the sounds being Alpha (Until later they remastered Alpha). And the app was released on 2012. But I’m only focusing on the website’s date, not the app date. Now, the game is gonna be 10 years old, so I’d like a (V7) name be called,”Ten” And with more sounds than the other versions. I’m not sure how you guys are gonna come up with the theme will sound like, but you guys have the trick to make a music game, but also make it fun. I’m really looking forward to see what V7 will look like, and cya..Version: 3.7

Amazing!!!When I first saw this game The thumbnail was amazing and I was rushing to my parents room to ask my father if I can please get this. After 132 tries I finally got it! And when I first trying it out it was like taking out the first chip out of a fresh chip bag, It was amazing. Really amazing the game is and I'm ready to some new content! Moms who are checking the reviews, if you think it's to expensive and a waste of time, I'm telling you this could be the best experience your child has had! And if you want to try it out for yourself, go for it! This is an amazing app and I already inspired 2 of my friends to buy it! Amazing right? Thanks a lot incredibox you just made my life INCREDIBLE!!!!!.Version: 4.7

This app is amazing and so good!I see why this app costs money at first. There is a wide selection of different songs and tunes to listen and create! I love making my own songs and vibing to it, and I love how there are different culture’s songs in it as well. This app is such a good one and people should make more of it. Thank you!.Version: 1.2.6

Love this and always willI love this app I started playing it when I was like 2 years old and I’m 10 now and still love this app I have made lots of songs with this app and shared it with my friend it is the best I am a huge Incredibox fan I’ll always love it and pass it on to my family for ever I really like what you have done..Version: 5.0

Keyboard keysWhen you finish recording a music piece you get to name it, write the creators name and who it is dedicated to. What I really want to happen is to be able to type in symbols like this: #, (, ), \, /. This could really help typing hashtags, love hearts (<3) ect. Thanks for taking your time to read this idea! Looking forward for version 6!.Version: 2.2

Best music game ever!Dude I cant stop playing this game!I kept seeing it on videos so I decided to download it and it’s so good! By the way, I kept seeing videos about the evadare stuff, but don’t see it in game? Can one of the developers help me or is it just a mod?.Version: 5.3

This game is awesomeThis game is awesome. I was introduced to this game during school one day, and pretty much INSTANTLY, fell in love with this game. The feature were you can share your music, is amazing! I want to one day become a YouTuber, and for me, this feels like the first step. Over all, I LOVE THIS GAME!! There are also multiple genres to choose from..Version: 5.3

On its own levelPlayed the demo for a bit before deciding to buy it, probably one of the best apps I’ve spent money on. It’s addictive and with its multiple sounds per version lets you create a different combination every time you open it again..Version: 5.3

Amazing, but…I wish there was a sequencer for this.Version: 5.3

SO ADDICTINGWhen I was in a different class yesterday the teacher told us this app so I went on it at home an bought it.Version: 5.2

Must buyThis game is so much fun and is so stimulating I love it. I play it all the time and having headphones on makes it sound 100x better. I do wish there were more game modes though.Version: 5.3

Absolutely amazing!I love the app and I think it’s better then any app I have installed! Best app ever! 10,00000/10.Version: 5.3

Excellent Boredom CrusherThis app has been a mental life saver for my young son. With the heatwave here in the States, finding something fun and creative to do has been a chore. I don’t buy many apps, but when he showed this one to me I looked it over and played with it for a few hours. It was an easy decision to buy it. The many different sounds and mixes give him something to do that actually engages his mind instead of numbing it with hours of YT videos. This app is very easy to use, fun to experiment with for anyone of any age. But especially for those young ones that need a creative outlet. Thank you So Far So Good for bringing this app to the App Store and keeping it affordable. If I could give it more stars, I would..Version: 5.3

NiceFun games.Version: 5.3

I love the game :)I loved making lots of songs it was amazing:o when I first got the app on 2019 or 2020 it felt amazing When I played incredibox in know v8 is coming I always check to see if it is here I saw trailer the first thing I saw was someone saying ,reaching the stars reaching the stars reaching reaching reaching reaching then went crazy I keep on watching the trailer because I was excited and amazed to seeing it I would like to see at august..Version: 4.7

100% Worth Paying ForSo fun and addicting. If you’re a professional or amateur DJ or music lover you’re going to love this app. Super fun way to pass the time while commuting home from work. Brilliant with headphones in. Suitable for all members of the family. It’s been developed with lots of love and attention in the name of all music, genres and creativity. Hats off to everyone involved in his project!.Version: 1.2.6

AmazingI love it keep up the good work!.Version: 1.2.6

Amazing, but has noticeable bug...Let me just say first that Incredibox is absolutely incredible. I give my heart out to the developers for working hard to create something truly special. The music is good across the board, even the older ones still hold up, and it’s so fun to mess around in. However, there is one bug with the app itself that I think needs addressing. Whenever I play the app for a certain period of time, the sound on my phone or in my headphones becomes incredibly distorted, to the point where the app becomes virtually unplayable. It’s rather disappointing, because I really love this app, and want it to perform the best it can. I hope the bug gets resolved at some point so it doesn’t get in the way of a truly great experience..Version: 5.0

AmazingThis game is amazing. It has the best beats out there. My only complaint is that whenever you record a song, sometimes it will change what happened in the song. For example I would put two Melodies down for the recording and they would play at the same time during the recording. After the recording, I would go watch it and it would only show one singing and the other one not. Other than that this game pretty much has nothing wrong with it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to make music for fun..Version: 5.3

NeatSo This is the story of when I learned about Incredibox. So let me set the sene ok so there I was bored out of my mind when my friend pulled out his phone and showed me Incredibox after I made a couple of beats I had some fun with Incredibox I love the story and pretty much everything it’s well made and I love the way that the sounds are made at first glance it looks like another music maker game but after playing with it for a while and solving the game’s story I learned that it’s not just a another game it looks like a passion project and it also looks like the creators just got together and had some fun. So yea good game.Version: 5.2

It’s really amazingI really love this app.Version: 5.3

Great game but I have a new ideaYou should do a jazz mode words like swing beats and all that cool stuff like beat boxing and maybe try to add instruments. Thanks..Version: 3.7

Fun gameThis game is fun and I think it is 100% worth it to get this game.Version: 5.3

BEST APP EVERIt’s totally recommended to play, I love the quality of the animations and the bonus, I played this when it was still on google! Man can’t believe this all started in 2009, but what I might say is what could be in the game would be ALL THE VERSION TOGETHER! Just asking if any developers can see me..Version: 4.8

Best. Music. GameThis app is great, i loved it how you can make your own music in a simple like fashion, plus it does get some kids ideas to learn some beats here and there, the bugs, i don't mind at all about it, but the bonus clips do need a fix, 2/3 of the clips don't work(mostly the 2nd and 3rd), i wish for you to fix that as you get V7 done, but take your time on it, no rush also, it would be cool if you can have a duration on making music like customizable from 2-7 minutes of the duration of music and a bit more of clips to make the fun never stop, no need to do those, it's all up to you, but their ideas, i wish you well♥️.Version: 3.8

Incredible App! Just a few bugs🙃This app is absolutely incredible! I totally recommend it but...there is some bugs😕 The first bug is that when I close the app for a second my screen just freezes and deletes the song I was making, and then I have to make a new beat even though I worked so hard on making the beat the app just deleted. The second bug is that I like to record good beats that I make and then when I stop the video my screen freezes again and the people don’t sing and one of the people is on solo mode and they don’t sing and all the other people are blacked out. And that’s all the bugs that are in the game. Please try to fix these bugs! I would very much appreciate it! ☺️ Thank you for reading this! Love the app! Keep it up! ❤️ Sincerely, Your number one fan! ❤️.Version: 4.6

Amazing but just laggyI love this game it’s really fun to use in my free time but the only problems I have with it is that when I do a bonus or go to the main menu it always freezes and randomly when I load a different version I hear clicks.Version: 5.3

Heaps of funI haven’t played something this good for so long. Intuitive game play. Enough variation to keep it interesting. I love the ability to record, share and see other people efforts. I’d recommend it. Also a big fan of the lack of in-game advertising..Version: 3.5

ReviewGood.Version: 1.2.6

LEGIT AMAZING BUY THISHi! This game is SO good and worth the money, i’d like to see the unreleased songs get put in game💿. The sounds and animation is really high quality and like the review next to this its totally worth the money! Who cares about low prices, and you think $7 is a high price!? i’ve seen a lot of apps with higher prices than this. But, It is true what the other reviews say this game is so worth the money. The effort put into this really payed off. Thanking all of the producers and people involved in the making of incredibox. Personally im pretty sure this is better than garage band and plus its good for underaged kids because its so easy to make music and so much fun! Summary: Amazing game Get it now, Producers i would love to see the unreleased album added in game. :).Version: 5.3

Great GameVery fun to listen too.Version: 5.3

Really good.I enjoy this but I have a suggestion. This might be hard but I want a version creator. So there would be a section where you could animate the bonuses and record characters. Anyway this is a fun and easy to use game..Version: 5.1

Incredible 🤩I originally learned about incredibox in school. We used the web version to make music and all my classmates loved incredibox. So after i found out to access all the versions you have to download the app. I did. And i dont think £4.50 is worth it for this but still its a really good app in quality..Version: 5.3

Love it!This game is incredible. I bought it for my daughter - now the whole family are completely addicted to it. I love how you can earn badges by finding sounds that work together..Version: 5.2

Fun to use and awesome storyI bought the Incredibox app for my kids after giving the demo a try. Their school music teacher had it on a list of game suggestions for kids. The game (music mixer?) is simple - drag and drop each character into a spot and they add their voice/sound to a song. There are rhythm and percussion (think beatbox) sections, and characters singing a little phrase. It’s really well done and everything synchs pretty seamlessly with many song combos becoming something I wouldn’t mind as background music. It would probably rate 5 stars there alone, but the developer goes a step further - when you build a song with certain characters, it’ll unlock a short animated movie. The movies don’t have a dialogue, but they don’t need one. They’re artistic and each tells a story from whatever time period/reality the story particular music mix comes from. Each type of music selection - for example Sunrise or Dystopia - has three short movies to unlock that progress a particular story. So there’s eight different types of movies with three progressive installments each..Version: 5.2

It’s not badDoes get a little boring after time but there are some pretty good beats and I would totally sample some of the noises and also I would like to see more music styles added.Version: 5.3

Best game out there!Throwback to 2014 when my media teacher introduced me to this game, it was only the demo version which made me even more curious to find out what the rest of the other versions were like. It’s worth it, Brazil - V5 will always be my favourite as well as Little Miss - V2, because of the sentimental vibe, especially the last song is very dramatic & it's been one of my favourites since day 1. The new versions are pretty cool but can never beat the og. Very great game, you can creat so many sounds & each & every one of them sync so well together, there’s no such thing as off beat 😄.Version: 5.3

AmazingI got this game for my seven year old son. A few kids on his online classes were planning it. I can’t stop playing it even my two year old son loves it..Version: 5.3

Best music game E V E RYoooo this be BUSTIN my sisters and I were LIGIT vibing to the song keep up the good work! :).Version: 5.3

V9!I've been waiting for this for YEARS and we finally got it! Even know it took a bit of time to get V9 on mobile, I was very patient. It is (in my opinion) the best version! Mainly just because its new, but even if it was old I would definitely like it. When bonus 2?.Version: 1.2.6

Worth itOkay so first off the game is a very good game to cure all Boredem, like almost every out of town trip this game is pretty much my only offline game, second thing you have 8 options of beatboxing, and what’s even better is that I’ve always wanted to be a professional beatboxer..Version: 5.3

Funny GameIt’s a nice game but it gets boring very quickly and it’s £4.50 for the full 8 stages which is nice but costs a lot for just that you can have fun, show your friends but it’s hard to unlock things right off the bat. Nice game, but needs improvements.Version: 5.3

Never gets oldThis game is amazing! There are so many options t make music with so you can spend hours mixing and matching to make a tune just for you! There are plenty of themes to choose from too so there are always more and more things to explore with this app!.Version: 3.7

IT IS SO GOODYou have 8 different themes to choose and there all so good. I like the small little story line in each theme, my favourite is Dystopia..Version: 5.3

Fantastic and educationalGreat sounds and interface allow for easy creation of electronic music you actually enjoy listening to. Many sonic options to choose from, but alas, not an infinite amount. Highly recommended for anyone, especially teachers!.Version: 2.0

AWSOMEThis game is really cool even my school music teacher suggested it and overall it’s really fun to play I love how you can share your music it’s so so cool also if anyone reads this I’m just gunna say their is no lag it’s free and it will blow your mind this is what homework should be like nowadays 😂.Version: 3.7

Brilliant!It’s like a synth/sequencer but it’s not. The only suggestions that I could make on the improvement of Incredibox would be; I want to use it as an Audio Unit. If you could make the musical parts a bit more generic it could be used as a tool for others to compose their own songs. Not just remixes. Don’t be offended please. I love the app and the songs as is. But being a musician myself I see potential here. If you had the ability to sub-manage each beatboxer such as with a piano roll editor perhaps... That would be sweet. Just spitballing some ideas. Thank you! I do love the app. Best wishes and keep updates coming please..Version: 5.1

DopeUse it to teach my kids about rhythm, beats and keys. Also use it to drop beats in the office at work :D.Version: 4.5

A bugThe game is amazing, so fun you can create your own music and their are different icons but there’s one problem, when you go to switch to different icons there’s this bug when you do it there’s this low pitch sound that’s not so loud and when I try to play the music it doesn’t make sounds it just keeps making the low pitch sound. Pls fix this bug.Version: 5.3

AmazingNothing could be better Best game of all time.Version: 5.2

V7, V8, AND V9 ARE BOPHonestly this game is the best thing in mankind created. when i tried out the first six versions, i was like "ehh could be better." maybe you can make a different game with the same style of those six versions, but sooo much more bussin. anyway, i loved this game so much especially the last three versions. you guys improved a lot on those, a great idea for my smooth brain. but V9 was the one that changed me forever, it gave me the inspiration. i even wrote a song for my girlfriend on there. the only reason i give it four stars is for V1-V6. and you know you can't just stop there. we're not waiting a decade for a change. im ready to pump it up! ٩(ᐛ)و.Version: 1.2.6

Highly Worth It!It may not look like much at first, but this is AWESOME. It’s easy to use, but it gets in your head super easily. I can completely understand how this game got as many awards as it did. It’s easy to use, and a creative idea. There is one suggestion I have for the developers, though; before making a seventh version of incredibox, add more content to the first 6. I can make at least 5 unique mixes in each version of incredibox, but after hearing one version for long enough, it grows somewhat stale since you’ve heard the same sounds over and over again, just arranged differently. This isn’t that big a problem, and it does have an easy solution (just add even more different costumes to register even more sounds), but it’s worth mentioning. Outside of this, this app is highly worth buying..Version: 3.7

One Of The Best Music Making Apps Ever!!If you’re a producer who needs inspiration, or just a guy who loves listening to and making sick beats, this app will definitely work for you!! It currently has 9 different versions, and each one is a different style of music. You just drag the icons up, and you can mix different beats, effects, melodies, and voices to make something really cool sounding. There’s even an auto mode, which is super fun to just leave on and chill with! All of the versions have amazing sounds that work so well together, and fit their theme perfectly, you’ve gotta see! You’ll be making music 24/7, there’s no limit to how many mixes you can make!.Version: 1.2.6

IncrediboxIncredibox is what ya love love even you can feellit.Version: 1.9

Absolutely LOVE this game! Small problem though.This game (and it’s mods) have been head boppers ever since I found it in 2021! There is a slight problem though. I used to play this game on my phone and I’m now using an IPad. For whatever reason, I keep getting error messages when I try to load a version and even when I get into one, it always never plays any sound and it normally breaks entirely (the characters stop singing, the loop stops…looping, etc). It’s especially annoying since the new v9 should be coming to mobile (I’d assume within a day or so). For information, my IPad is updated to the latest (if not one of the latest) IOS updates and there is nothing wrong with the IPad aswell. If you could, please help with this major bug..Version: 1.1.2

The best game EVER!!!This one of the best game I’ve had in my ENTIRE life! Thank you guys so much!keep up the good work!.Version: 5.2

HelpDownloaded this and after we pick a face it cuts out when loading the version please help us out with this my son used this at school and liked it so much wants to be able to use at home not sure why it won't work.Version: 2.0

Best combo makerU can make really good combos to the point where it sounds like a real song. And u can forget about the drops. There’s so many sounds that can be turned into like over 100 songs! Worth the purchase..Version: 5.3

I hate the game because of how good it isOh my gosh, this is such a rigged (in a good way) game! I love it so much and it makes me feel cool 😎it’s really good and it’s worth the $9.00.Version: 5.3

Insanely good and worth the moneyThis app can help you make really good music by yourself! If you don't want to pay you can use the website but if you do you will miss out on 4 versions 10/10 recommend.Version: 5.3

Weird, unique, importantThis review is for those people out there who don’t like spending money on apps and games, who think it is all a rip off and most apps are just a cheap money grab. This is one of those rare apps that is more Art than commerce, more feelings then science. If we want true creativity on our phones then we have to support those very few special apps when they do come along. Incredibox can be a simple fun time waster or a really intuitive piece of music composing software. It all depends on how much time you want to put into it. Either way you’ll have a blast..Version: 5.3

Fun!Heaps of fun, easy to use. Amazing what variation you can get..Version: 4.1

A few gripesIt’s a great app, and I love the music that you can make with it. The only gripes that I have about the app are that you can’t mix the genres together to record different sounds. Also, with the in app recording, there is a time limit that varies with each genre, and I wish that the songs we make could be longer. I still think there should be a time limit, but it should be the same for all the genres, and at least 6 minutes. Other than that, fantastic app. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get it, but there are some limitations that I’m sure will be updated in the future, but you should most definitely get the app..Version: 5.1

Addictive and creative funIncredibox makes you feel like a skilled dj for just 4 dollars. It’s truly a phenomenal experience and I wish the community was larger. It deserves more recognition than it gets. The only issue is on iOS when you try to swipe a sound from the bottom of the screen up, my iPhone will sometimes open the control panel and cause me to screw up my recording. This isn’t really anything the developers could fix, it’s more of a flaw on apple’s end. Regardless, it’s an amazing experience even if you’re not into music that much. 10/10 would recommend..Version: 5.2

QualityA fun game with no ads can play of line anywhere just load it up and make a track. I’ve recommended this game to many and will continue to. Definitely worth it.Version: 1.2.6

Holy gosh this is amazingAt first doing the demo you think “heh this ain’t worth it” THINK again it has way more to it you can make your own playlist with your own sounds and people can see it and like it and you can unlock these pre-videos with a certain amount of characters. Also the character costumes are amazing such creativity,and don’t get me started on that animation it’s so cool..Version: 5.3

Great game, lots of fun, all beats sound fantastic.Awesome game, lots of fun, all beats sound outstanding..Version: 1.2.6

Brilliant, but where is the pro version?The new Wekiddy addition is tremendous. For adults or children, this is a brilliant music based game. Addictive, fun and highly musical. It is frustrating that developers have no interest in releasing a pro version with access to sound packs/ sample import, AU3 and commercial use, etc. They could make a lot more money doing that..Version: 1.2.6

Best Vibe gameIf you’ve had a rough day or just feel a bit bored, whip out Incredibox and you will instantly have a mood change. The simple drag and drop, and every person working with the other, it really is the best. Would be better if different version got made more frequently though..Version: 5.3

Extremely underratedBy far the best music game i own, maybe the best app on my iPad, i would definitely recommend downloading this, I’m not joking when i say that i think this app should cost more, for what its worth, its so much fun!.Version: 5.2

Really good 👍😁🤩I love this app, the music is amazing, there are so many different types of music that u can do. AND NO ADDS which is amazing. The only thing is it gets a bit repetitive and after a while I got a bit bored But overall it’s is really good fun and a great app to get!👍.Version: 1.2.6

(❍ᴥ❍ʋ)Incredibox is so so so flippin epic, with all these beats that when played together makes a beautiful melody!?! I love it so so much! It’s a must get this game people....Version: 5.0

FANTASTIC and so coolMy 9 year old grandson showed me this app and im blown away by it! Put on your headphones or earbuds and enjoy! I love love love it!.Version: 5.3

Amazing game!Incredibox, like it's name, is quite incredible. It allows you to create sick beats in minutes, seconds, sometimes even hours! There's so much experimentation here! "Oh, what if I use this one? Hmm... Not right. How about this one? Oh that's nice!". Sometimes you just have to litsen to an individual beatboxer to know if it fits. "What noise does this one make? Hmm... Actually.. If I change beatboxer A for beatboxer C, then maybe beatboxer B will fit!" All of the styles even have special cutscene but you have to find the right combination. This game is well worth the price without being able to post and litsen to songs and like them! 5/5 Ps. My favorite style is "the love".Version: 4.1

Better than I expectedI expected it to be a normal music app where you would have to pay for different packs but you don’t and well I have nothing bad to say about this game/music app.Version: 5.3

The Best App So Far!This is easily the best app I’ve ever had on my device! Keep up the good work!.Version: 4.4

THIS GAME IS AMAZINGTo start off I’d like to say that I absolutely love this game. Recently I’ve been on edge and irritated but when I bought this I feel much better. Some of the sounds are so soothing I could listen to it forever, I love it’s style, it’s very smooth. I like how there’s different kinds of cultural inspired music in it as well however I wish there was a way to have more slots and one big selection section to mix all of them together to create some astounding mixes. I hope that this app gets more groups, cultures In it to keep this wonderful taste of music skyrocketing. Please bring us more sounds!.Version: 5.3

NiceIt’s such good music and kinda relaxing.Version: 5.3

Best online music game from my childhoodI remember finding this on the internet when I was about 12 years old, around when it first launched and I absolutely loved it. I spent years trying to find it again, and about a year ago I found it on my recommended apps and everything just came flooding back. 10 years have gone by from when I first discovered this, and every time I have a mess around with the original version I just remember all the times I came home from school and showed my mum what cool new music I’d made. On another note, the new additions are just as amazing. Top work guys, and thanks for the memories..Version: 4.6

AmazingI mean, I don’t really have much to say this game is just the best game I’ve ever played in my life. I know the first bought this game. I wanna wasn’t thinking much of it, but I continue playing. I soon realized that my life is changing thank God bro thank God for that making his game and the beat his game Lehigh thing I mean, then I will that be all right for the better my crush who I’ve been wanting to date for so long finally asked me out I was able to hit a new PR today a 500 pounds and at work I found $500 in a suitcase. Yes you heard me $500 in a suitcase that is actually crazy I just I just want to thank the developers of this game so much bro, they changed my life in Waze. They can never even think of. They help me with my family issues my relationship issues my school issues, my life..Version: 1.1.2

Just good gameIt’s just a musical mess cause you can almost do everything and I love it.Version: 5.3

FantasticEasy to use, sounds great and a good couple hours of fun. You can upload your songs and send them to people, or have anyone see it! All of the versions sound great.Version: 5.3

Pocket Beats to while away the hours...My 8 year old son introduced me to Incredibox. He had been using it at school and was excited to show me. We downloaded the app onto his phone and he’s been making music ever since and is now showing a lot of interest in music production - a big passion of mine. I had a go on the app today and before I knew it I had spent about an hour playing and had flattened his battery. With an angry child stomping off to charge his phone, I had no choice but to download it myself. I’ve been sat here playing for about two hours. It’s an addictive little app and an amazing gateway for kids and adults to start making music. I’ve been teaching my son about beats and measures and he’s really getting the hang of it..Version: 5.0

AmazingThis is the best music game I have ever played for these reasons: Unlimited combinations Smooth and pretty animations Great music. And many more I only got this the other day and I am really enjoying myself as soon as I got home I was practicing new beats and uploading them. Ps my dj name is DjAkBiscuit. I also like the fact that there is sense of accomplishment when someone likes your mix. This is great for people who love making music but don’t have the time to make a full scale song, but you can make a really decent song in minuets. I love this keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see more modes (if you are gonna make any more)..Version: 4.5

Best app everSo i finally found myself a job and was browsing the app store for something musical because i love music and then i found this wasnt sure but bought it. I dont regret it one bit this amazing!!!!.Version: 5.2

Had my doubtsSaw that dude ‘speed’ or whatever his name is playing this on TikTok and though yea ok I’ll check it out. Next minute I’m playing this for the past 2 hours lol. It’s good fun and a great way to relax and make some tunes..Version: 5.3

I love this game but it has a few solvable issuesI play this game on phone 11 and it thinks my phone is on silent mode so it won’t play sound, i think this issue has arisen because of ios16 maybe changing how silent mode was coded therefore the game thinks silent mode is on when its not, along with that I’ve noticed that while cut out the other characters i put up don't play anymore animations (and i can only assume sound but the previous silent mode issue means i don't know) and the loading bar at the bottom of the character buffers out at full. These problems are very fixable and probably already being addressed but here are my two cents thank you for a wonderful game..Version: 5.3

Love it!Amazing music. Fun to play..Version: 3.8

Great gameI like cats.Version: 5.3

GoodI have seen my friend play the Incredibox demo on your website on the computer. I saw the app in the AppStore today and thought no way. Amazing app, lots of creativity and super fun!!.Version: 5.0

This game is a masterpieceI love this game full stop..Version: 5.1

Just awesomeFan since it was only a webbased site… now as an app, just endless musical fun.Version: 1.2.6

AmazingI absolutely love the game.Version: 5.3

Just one thing, pleaseI mean, I do love the game but I just need you to change something. It’s the choruses in “Alpha”. The verses are absolutely amazing. The choruses are very annoying. The reason is is because it’s not like the other choruses (which are amazing), and the beat is SO inconsistent, so I would like it if you changed the screen AND music to the choruses. Other than that it’s a very good app, and I would like it if you added more versions..Version: 5.3

Great App except for the bugsI love the concept, the style, everything about this app. But even after detailed instructions from other phone owners with similar issues (which is equally worrying) my app still crashes when I try to change packs, and I have only been able to share music one time, the rest it says the link doesn’t work. Now if this were a free app, that’d be okay, but it’s a paid app. So it’s a bit disconcerting having so many issues with it when many free apps of much more complexity run just fine. That said, totally worth the price even with the glitches, it’s just frustrating and ruins my vibe. Buy it anyway!.Version: 5.3

It’s good 89/100It’s great. Worth it? Maybe, it’s fun when your really bored and no matter who you choose it still will sound good. Underrated asf.Version: 1.2.6

Amazing but is it worth?Even though this game in every aspect is fun and addictive to begin with with a decent range of options and a simple interface Their are 2 problems first is that the interface even though simple to use can be a bit annoying with having to put like 3 - 7 fingers on the screen at once if you want to make a cool build up or when you try to replace one of the sound you either by accident pause it or make it do a solo especially if you have big fingers. Second after about a month this gets boring fast with only 8 options of sound types. Please their has to be more updated done regularly and not abandoning it for a year.Version: 5.3

AmazingMy music teacher shown this to my class and I went home and got the app. The game is very chill and relaxing. The price I paid for it is worth it and i recommend buying this. Thank you for the phenomenal experience!😀🍿popcorn.Version: 5.3

Incredibly fun!Honestly Incredibox is so much fun and really let’s your creativity go wild! Playing this amazing game you wouldn’t even notice the hours just zoom by, and helps to really improve your symphonic superpowers And create your ultimate masterpieces! Thank you for this fun and different game concept! 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4.2

Far out this game’s satisfying.This game is ‘incredible’ and I can’t stop playing it. I don’t think any of the versions are bad besides the first two, and if you’re seriously considering buying this than get it. Also if you don’t want to spend any money than there is a computer version with the first 4 versions for free without download. There are certain things you can’t access, like My Mix and versions 5-7 but you can still record and share your mixes. 5 STARS!.Version: 4.5

Great gameIt’s a very great game, the sound is perfect and the game is really interesting. However the one problem is that it makes my phone feel like a stove. I don’t know if it’s just my phone or the game, but this game takes up very little space and isn’t a high quality game. In fact games like Call of Duty don’t make my phone heat up so much but this game lags really hard and makes my phone cook. My phone is an IPhone XS Max and only about a year old so I don’t see the reason why it would do this. It also is not even close to full storage. I can’t even be in the game for 5 minutes until it crashes. However overall it’s a great game except for that one problem. If you could fix it in any way I would appreciate it. Thanks you..Version: 5.2

Good but…Undeniably this is quite a good game, but it has its drawbacks. First off is the pricing. You access the first 4 versions for free on the web version, so you are paying 6 USD for 4 more versions, which is incredibly overpriced in my opinion. It feels like So Far So Good are stretching how much this app really is worth paying, especially since you can access half of it for free. One thing that is even more annoying is on a computer you can download the app for free and have access to all 8 versions. Seems like mobile users are being scammed. The second drawback is the playability. Now this is definitely a replayable game, but it lacks customisability. For example, you cannot individually change each characters volume or bass. It feels limiting. Conclusion? If this game was closer to 2-3 dollars i would definitely give it 5 stars and recommend it to everyone. It is more up to your person opinion on how much a game is worth paying for..Version: 5.3

READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASINGI just got this app because I thought it would be a fun time killer and I LOVE IT. You can record your music and post it to the internet! I love that you can record it up to 3 minutes because its a perfect amount of time to record my music! I also love that it has different music genres that you can pick from and you don’t have make in app purchases for them! You can listen to other peoples music and get inspirations! The A cappella is OUTSTANDING! You don’t need WiFi to use this either so if you’re on a road trip somewhere that has no WiFi, you can still use it! You can name your music, have a DJ name, and make dedications to people! There’s nothing I don’t like about this so I 100% recommend getting if your debating whether to download this!.Version: 5.0

BEST APP EVERIncredibox is an amazing app especially if you are into music. I mean… it may not have all music types but it has the best types. And I adore fact that if you put the right beat on those humans you can open up a clip that is just like a song but even BETTER. Love this app!.Version: 5.1

I love itIt’s really fun I have done more then one bop for a song.Version: 5.2

Love itWouldn’t change a thing but would love to have more than 7 singers at a time.Version: 1.2.6

Love itI had this game for 5 years now and it is still incredibly awesome! And I hope you add V9 To Incredibox,But hey... thanks for making this. I don’t know if this is possible but can you make the 2 next combos on V8 faster (I’m not trying to be rude)? Whoever got the idea of making this tell So Far So Good that they are the best people who made the best game in the best world! Thank you!.Version: 5.0

NostalgiaI swear this was the only thing I ever played like 5 or 6 years ago, and I completely forgot. Now I’m back and jamming with more colourful tunes, and i feel like a kid again. Genuinely, so well made, so well designed, so perfect and fun and entertaining that it’s hard to believe it exists but it DOES and it’s RIGHT HERE.Version: 2.2

Such a good app!Probably my favourite app, and has been for a while. Always gets me in a good mood and I find myself tapping along to the rhythm. Great for kids too. I just hope they bring out more themes..Version: 5.3

MUST BUY!!This is an amazing app I love it! You must buy this!.Version: 5.2

Creativity boostThis game is an exceptional way for people to get creative. If you enjoy music, creating, and designing, this game is for you. My brother introduced me to it, and I immediately loved it. It is such an open app, and you have so many choices that help make your song just right..Version: 2.0

10/10Definitely one of the best, if not the best, music game you can get on your phone. You can not make a bad song with this app because all the songs are perfect. Would recommend to anyone..Version: 1.2.6

Phenomenal appThis app brings music making to the fingertips of younger generations, as well as older generations. No matter what you do, you can never make a bad mix, and that’s one out of many things that make this app incredible. I appreciate the hard work and dedication the team brings to the community, and they aren’t afraid to take criticism and make this game better than it already is. This game inspired me to start beatboxing and music making, and although I’m not the best, this game has showed me techniques that I could use in my beatboxing. Thank you, Polo, and the rest of the Incredibox team for making such an amazing app..Version: 5.0

BEST GAME EVERThis is my favourite Game EVER and, TRUST me I’ve played a lot of games! PLUS on the website you can only play 3 types of music. On the app, WELL u can play MORE. it’s not to hard to explain and it’s not to hard to play but YOU WILL GET ADDICTED! Sorry I keep using capital I just really love this game and want to see more music. In Incredibox if you make a REALLY good song and LOTS of people like it they put it I score board! I could go on for AGES saying what a great game this is BUT, I’m writing this at 6:25 am So I’m really tired so I’m gonna wake with some... INCREDIBOX🎶🎵.Version: 4.8

Super Fun!If you need to create music I recommend Incredibox! There are different genres (favourite is little miss) and can make mixes using AWESOME pre recorded song..Version: 4.5

BEST GAME EVERThis is the best game ever but if u could add a button that lets u tune the sounds this will be the best song making game anyways I love this game keep up the good work❤️❤️.Version: 5.3

No matter the price, GET THE APPI recently just installed this on my New iPhone, as I’ve been playing this game ever since it came out. GET THE GAME. It is absolutely a masterpiece. I did hesitate getting the app years ago in Pre-Alpha, but I am glad; SO GLAD that I installed this game. It should be so much more than $4.99, it’s the most entertaining app I’ve ever installed in my life. It is FOR SURE worth the price. It’s amazing. I have no words to explain. So Far So Good, YOU are the one who made this masterpiece for all of us. I don’t know how you do this, but I can seriously play this all day. One day, I settled down from work at home, and I started playing this game at around 6:00 PM. Wait till you hear this; I ENDED UP PLAYING TILL 1:00. Yes. One-O’Clock. THIS GAME IS LEGENDARY. INSTALL IT. I don’t care what you think, but install it. Period. I’m being a little aggressive, but I’m being true. It’s a fact. Install. Now..Version: 5.3

Love this gameI love this game 1 thing is why is there a top 50 chart I was wondering why the whole time since I got this but other than that I love this so I love music and where you start as well not dressed then you drag the clothes to the person and they start to like make weird sounds that I love ❤️ I love this game I think that this game could be helpful with sounds for four years and over I think it will help the four years to learn different and wonderful sounds and ways you can create music. 🐲😘.Version: 5.3

Perfect game. But just one thingI have been playing incredibox for a while now and I am amazed by it. But I feel like there should be an update to add a new preset. I have played every single preset and unlocked all the cutscenes over and over again and am starting to get bored. I'm just suggesting to add another one.Version: 4.9

This game is so goodThis game allows non musical and musical people to enjoy making music it is great fun to play around with the different characters and to listen to other peoples songs. The price isn’t that expensive and really u are paying for more than just the Brazil, alive, jeevan and dystopia ( which are great by the way) you are also paying for being able to share your recordings and listening to other. The developers of this app have done a great job making an easy composing app Thanks!.Version: 5.3

Such an amazing music creation game… could use moreThis game is so fun and as someone who taught myself guitar, piano, love to make and play music, this app is music creation heaven. I don’t see why this app can’t use so much more. I get that it’s supposed to be creating music “over-simplified” and not overwhelm the user with so many buttons. But just simple things like having character preset buttons(to save a certain set of sounds/characters) or even an auto song generator(just press a button and AI would automatically add, take away, and switch sounds so you could just listen). I could see there being a button in the game settings that says “activate advanced mode” or something and you have the ability to change echo, complexity, volume, etc. Incredibox as a game that simplifies making music I rate an 11/10. I just personally see it having potential to be much more than what it is now..Version: 5.3

Absolutely amazingAmazing.Version: 5.3

Non stop bangers!Incredibox is not only a vibrant and amazingly animated game, but also an effective creative tool for understanding song composition. Also Jeevan did not need to go that hard let’s be real 😩it stayed in my head for so long.Version: 1.2.6

This is an amazing appAs I’ve recently stated that this is an amazing app, it’s very fun. I hope you guys keep adding versions to the game however very recently audio isn’t working and I have sent you an email and I’ll wait to hear back from you. keep up all the work and keep developing an amazing app..Version: 5.3

Very niceDeez Nutz ha gotee.Version: 5.3

Love this gameThis app is amazing personally I love beat boxing and this app/game is showing me new notes in beat boxing.Version: 5.3

Great game.Love this game. Runs well and looks really good especially for its minimalistic style. Love the beats you can make, and the videos you can unlock look amazing. My favourite is the first video of the Dystopia set >w< Worth every dollar I paid.Version: 5.2

WowThis is really good, my cousin has been using it more than me! 🤣I totally think you should get this app for your self and you can even kind of make your own songs! I’ve had this app for two years (a long time) and I’ve been making music for my cousin all the time 🙂🙂 but there isn’t any new Versions which makes it kind of boring but still awesome!!👍🏻🍪.Version: 4.7

Loved this from the start!Honestly I have loved this app since I bought it and it is 110% worth its money! It's unique and fun with enough content to keep you satisfied. With new updates and music being added still even after all this time that it has been created it is definitely a great app!.Version: 2.0

AMAZINGThis is really good game and you can make awesome music and it’s cool how like you can unlock videos and there are different music styles! I would recommend but they should add instruments.Version: 5.3

Really good gameThis is a really good game. I only have one problem and that’s why I have 4 stars. I want there to be a custom mode. Because I have never seen a game on iOS that actually has beat boxing in this context and I would love to be able to make my own music. I know it’s hard trying to figure out how you would be able to implement it. I mean you could just have the characters head replaced with a radio and make its mouth move when sound comes out but it’s not up to me.Version: 3.7

So much funIf you’re into music games then you’ll be into this. Lots of varieties, different theme ☺️.Version: 4.2

Grew up with IncrediboxI remember when vsauce recommended incredibox as the web page of the week back in 2011 or something, back then I was still using it as a flash game and v1 n 2 was only out after years of using I decided to buy the app, by far one of the best purchases in a while, the music in this app has probably shaped the music I listen to now and the type of music I make myself. The creators deserve every award that comes to them as this is one of if not the greatest musical experience EVER! 10/10 worth every penny..Version: 5.0

Very cool, a few minor UX issues.This app is great, I recommend you try it, it's worth the price. That being said, there are some UX issues that should probably be improved. Because it's presumably a web port, the app is not adapted perfectly for phones. The buttons are very small and hard to press on an iPhone XR, and I can only imagine this is worse on an SE. So I think there should be some better UI scaling on small screens. I've also tested the app on iPad though, and I've found that the UI is perfectly sized for an eleven inch iPad. The other problem that I've noticed, that is probably more minor for most users but will bother the occasional person, myself included: Very little / bad trackpad support. The cursor can click some buttons and they'll even light up but won't do anything. Other buttons are simply not pressable whatsoever. You can't drag characters onto the stand with the trackpad either. I think this is something that might be a worthwhile feature in this kind of app. My personal opinion is that better UI scaling on phones is a bigger priority though. One other thing— I think this app would be 10x more useful as a music app if it could just run the tunes you've made in the background like other music apps. I'm unsure if that is actually possible since it's generating the music on the fly, but I would use this app much more if I could just exit the app and keep playing the tune I've made in the background..Version: 5.2

Amazing incredibleThis game is incredible, I love it so much but m only problem with it is that it only shows you the songs you have done for that music and not just all the songs you have made, so please can you add a spot where you can just see all of your song?! Other than that I love this game it is incredible!.Version: 5.2

Good for the priceThis game is very entertaining and the fact that people say this game is expensive literally I’ve seen overpriced games that people buy and play so how is this game overpriced it’s at a good price definitely worth it and fun to make your own music..Version: 5.3

EntertainingSo fun to play around with, came across on TikTok, instant hit created a few tracks could spend hours on here, in time will need updates new sound samples but for now it’s perfect.Version: 5.2

Good I supposeThis game is good but I I have a few ideas to make it better this game is fun to play when you just feel chill and mellow. The set out of the game is good but you could have like a profile and have all your songs to look at so you become better and show your friends and not have to look through a big list The second and last thing I have to say is that why are they dudes you could add some girls to the game it would make it more fun..Version: 4.2

Decent but glitchesIt’s quite a good concept but when I go into the game and start playing it sometimes freezes and when I want to record something it sometimes just stops all together and freezes. I just hope the developers can fix this and the freezing of the game so I can enjoy it thoroughly….Version: 5.2

Amazing !!I would definitely recommend this if you love music because it really brings out your musical talent also i think it should be 9 + because it is a bit confusing at the beginning. but not gonna Lie, it’s amazing 🤩.Version: 1.2.6

Incredibox RocksIncredibox is an amazingly cool game. Not only can you make music in five different styles, but you also have animations and art to enjoy as well. The part I like the most is probably how there are storylines going with each version. V2: Little Miss shows a 1940s-style street gang looking for love, and V6: Alive features a world overtaken by technology. V6: Alive is the most impressive version yet, in both visual and audio quality. However, I agree with the others that V1 should come to the app. It may not be as flashy or cool as the other versions, but maybe you could change that by remaking it, especially with the bonuses. Just something to consider. Thanks!.Version: 3.5

Love this butThe app itself is amazing and I use a lot of my free time creating sick recording on this app. My only problem really is that I will be on one version and playing around with the sounds, then when I switch over to another version, the sound never come through even though it was working fine with the version I just used. I have to keep closing the app and waiting a for bit each time I want to change the version and it gets annoying at times. I checked the site and it said that it could be the interference of switching from different apps but I never switch when I’m on this app. So I have no clue what could be the problem. Otherwise it’s a really great app, this problem just discourages me from using it all the time.Version: 5.3

How to make a game (or anything for that matter) the right wayToo many game developers forget the most fundamental key to creating perfection. Some people may disagree and say this isn't a game but the none the less the lesson that this app teaches still holds true. Simplicity and knowing the goal is everything in making something perfect. There are no perfect modern video games because they set out to do far too much. This app does one thing, it lets you make music. In keeping the goal of the app simple and straight forward they were able to nail exactly what they had wanted to do and in doing so created the closest thing a person can perceive as perfection. Other devs should look at this as a lesson to think simple and to try not to be the “next-gen thing” but rather the best of just one thing..Version: 5.1

So Far So GoodI absolutely adore this game, my favourite is dystopia, I love the style of it and the hidden lore. Mainly the music is what I like, I’m hopping they do more versions like dystopias music. Everything else is fantastic as well, the bonuses and art style just fit with the theme. 10 out of 10 love it, keep up the good work.Version: 5.3

THIS IS SO GOODEver since I found Incredibox, I wanted it so badly. I got it, started making music and it is SUCH A GOOD APP. If any adult is getting it I recommend you getting it for your children so they can start to make music too. It is a fun app because you have a lot of sounds, and you can check out other peoples music too. If you don't want to share it with other people, you can switch it to private and just listen to it yourself. But if you want to put it on public you get likes, and some of them get really popular. Anyway thank you for reading this I hope you buy it because it is completely family friendly. Bye..Version: 5.2

IncrediboxWow. I’m really impressed how well they made this game i really like the fact how there’s so many options to choose from to make your beat/song. All though, not all the sounds are the sounds you might want in a song. Other than that i really like the game.😃.Version: 5.3

It's great!My son and I love it, really sounds awesome and the tracks are all incredible. Keep up the great work!.Version: 2.0

You can’t make it sound bad.Literally the best music making app that is also fun and has a community feature. If you can’t buy the game for the love of god check out the demo on your PC. The best of paid apps..Version: 5.0

My Incredibox v8 reviewOh boy. This version. THIS. VERSION. In my opinion, this is the best Incredibox version so far. Love the sounds, the looks are great, and the bonuses. OH MAAAAN. LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM. I love that there is an actual story, I love the length(it’s just right for the story), and most of all, I love the “is what he did at the end good or bad?” philosophical thingy. Watch the last bonus and you’ll see what I mean. As I said before, I think this is the best Incredibox version so far. 10/5. So far so good, so far, you’re going great..Version: 5.2

A suggestion for a future week!Hello Incredibox Crew I really love your game and I have a suggestion for a future week and here it is: for week 10 think your crew should base it off Mexican culture and music as in mariachi since you based jevan on Indian culture and music and Brazil on Brazilian culture and music and I was thinking you can make week 10 on Mexican culture and music like the others I will be absolutely satisfied and would appreciate it a lot I’ve been waiting for a Mexican week or mariachi one ever since week 6 please add it it will make me very happy and satisfied thank you. -Fidel To:Incredibox crew.Version: 1.2.6

Best music making app i’ve ever playedSince my music teacher showed us this app me and my my griends got addicted to it. I’ve made more than 50 songs in only a month and over that month i’ve learnt new techniques on how to make my songs better! Plus its so easy i taught my 2 year old sister how to play it. I made a song just before making this review. Not to brag but if you want to check me out my dj name is yeahj. I think there should be a way of changing the speed of your song while making it and while your recording. But other than that, a big fat 10/10.Version: 4.1

Best App on the AppStoreThis is definitely the best app I have ever downloaded. If this app got removed from my phone and got a new price of ten dollars, I would buy it back without a doubt. This is not only good music, I genuinely believe that this is the best sounding music i have ever heard. All of these songs are now some of my actual favorite songs. Furthermore, the way the mouth moves actually is the actual mouth movement you would make to make that sound. The attention to detail is exquisite and the the animations are truly perfect. Especially in the new song dystopia. Also, I did not listen to this app on headphones for the first few times I played it after I got it on my phone, and I still thought that it was the best app. Then I listened to it on headphones and now I get literal chills every time I play. Amazing..Version: 5.0

Cool Music GameSick beats, Hoping for more versions in the future..Version: 5.2

Love itI love this app, it’s so fun and I can make so many songs with it. The only thing that I would recommend for the game is that we have some more songs and maybe some custom modes that we can try other things. But it is honestly so amazing great game.Version: 5.3

Bad reviews turned goodWhoever says lower the prices, who cares about prices, this game is amazing and worth the money and also that guy who said he accidentally bought it... don’t be stupid... you knew you wanted it ;) anyways. The other guy who said that he wants to make custom music... you literally can so yeah, I also rate this 5 stars because of how high quality the sound and animations are and it’s very easy to control, I only got this recently and I got a question... when do you release new songs?? Is it usually every year?? And I hope you don’t quit.Version: 4.4

Awesome Game But...Incredibox is an awesome game. I’ve had the app for a couple months now and I enjoy the time and the little bit of money spent on Incredibox. I love the V8, it has very cool and unique sounds for music that’s not normally heard before but...It has some flaws that are not usually common in most music creating apps and websites. One Flaw that could be fixed only if you (developers) wanted to fix you don’t really need to, I like V8 the way it is, the flaw is some of the characters can be scary and weird for younger users(primarily kids 4-8 years old) so if you changed that a little I think a lot of younger kids will fully appreciate it more and tell their parents and friends all about. One quick note about it is that it would be nice to add more “extra clips” to V8. Overall the App is Awesome and I would recommend this to all my friends and family (which I already did). EVERYONE OUT THERE GET INCREDIBOX! From an excited user....Version: 5.0

It’s ok but something is happeningEvery time I make a new mix it’s not on there after about 6 hours overall pretty good.Version: 5.3

This game is AwesomeHi I’m Kaison if the devs are reading this I found the demo this was shared with my music teacher at first I thought this was boring but oh h and e with to hockey sticks no I wasn’t expecting for me to fall in love with this game the moment I dragged an icon on one of the people I saved my money up for the full version of this game and I do not feel scammed Thea is awesome but there is some problems, first problem: if you quit while doing a bonus the game freezes and you have to shut off your phone or IPad to get it working. And problem number 2: if you leave your game on everything freezes and you have to delete your game then install it to get it working. Anyway this game is awesome fun and INCREDIBLE..Version: 5.1

Download now so goodThough it may cost money it is a child musicians dream or even a beginners dream I should say. I have had the app for over a year and “so far so good”.i’ve made some hits and the app really brings me joy during the dark times especially now during lockdown..Version: 4.6

AwesomeThis game is amazing!.Version: 5.3

Amazing but creators please readOverall I think this an amazing game to show off to friends family and even a dog.(because why not). But in my opinion I myself after having this game for around four months I have started to not play it as much but then the update came and now I am showing everyone again. But I feel like it could be more unique. For some versions all the songs people wrote were all the same. So to fix it (this is just constructive criticism) you could possibly have a button to lower the sounds of certain characters and up the sounds of others. Or if you want to just a suggestion you could let people make their own sounds and add sound effects to them like the echo. But idk so. That is just some things to make some songs more unique. Or if you run out of ideas. Thx for reading.Version: 5.2

This app u need to buyThis app is amazing and unique also can you make a v9 version.Version: 5.3

Great gameIncredibox is the best game I’ve ever played and dystopia is soooo good! I think Incredibox is better than any game I’ve ever played! I think it’s the best mobile game🙂but I also think so far so good should make other apps and keep up the good work with this one! Incredibox has many options for your beatboxer with sooo many different sounds and cool clothes, and sick bonuses! And 8 different versions( I wonder what 9’th version will be) but I think dystopia is the best version and it just came out! The only thing is there are a few glitches that rarely happen but still Incredibox is incredible! Edit: how did I forget to mention there are no ads!.Version: 5.1

My childhood just got upgraded.Have been playing the web version since 2014, and now finally having the full game is very satisfying. With good beats and a way to show your skills to others, there isn’t anyway you could go wrong with this app. Maybe just a bit too expensive, but I know there will be more cool beats to come!.Version: 5.3

No regrets, I can now pass on happilyThis apps pretty cool, although I’ve zero musical talent the cool audio in this game can never be mixed wrong, and just listening to the creative horrors I make are just too much fun.Version: 4.7

Brilliant random musicI'll get the worst out of the way; I’m not a fan of EVERY one of the eight packs. The earlier packs are disorganised and some of the later ones have central themes I don’t have enough experience with to appreciate the complexity as thoroughly as need be. With that out of the way, the Incredibox soundtrack is incredible. My decide specifically struggles with the sound when I’m not using headphones, but this is one app I eagerly look forward to plugging in, switching the random on and switching my mind off. The latest pack (at time of writing), Dystopia, is particularly inspiring. I’m setting up a tabletop campaign inspired by it!.Version: 5.3

MeMy music teacher loves this app because it is really cool also my music teacher thinks that this is grate for kids.Version: 5.3

Incredibox is incredibleThis game is amazing! it was so many cool features you can play around with and you will never get bored. all the themes and beats are beautiful and theres so many things you can do with them. it is totally worth the money and you need to get it! just a suggestion which might sound stupid but maybe (developers) you can make a option where you can just scroll and see peoples recordings and just get a whole bunch if public audios and put them in there so everyones can be more well known, instead of searching up the name of the user or title etc. thats just a little suggestion but this game is still incredible!.Version: 5.3

I LOVE THIS APPI genuinely love this app. It’s great. It’s so original, plus the sounds are amazing. Two things I hope for though: one is a free mode, where you have all options from every mode, so you can mix and match. Second is that I hope to see something that lets you listen to the beats you make whilst you’re out of the app, or have your phone turned off. Apart from that, this app is absolutely worth it, and I love it. Buy it if you can.Version: 3.5

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