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Pokémon GO App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Pokémon GO app received 145 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pokémon GO? Can you share your negative thoughts about pokémon go?

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Pokémon GO for Negative User Reviews

Some areas been having trouble with Newtown parkHi there, There’s two zones at Newtown Rose Garden park where myself and my partner could not get the prizes for Roses Artwork Seat. The other one is the West Toowoomba Croquet Club. It keeps telling us both to walk closer to interact with this pokestop. We’ve been extremely close and under the sign for the West Toowoomba Croquet Club. The Roses Artwork Seat we have sat on it to try to get it to work and that one tells us to walk closer to interact with this pokestop. It could of been the graffiti on the Roses Artwork Seat. The West Toowoomba Croquet Club sign could be because there was no shrubs on the ground underneath the mailbox. Otherwise we haven’t had any problems with it so far. Since we joined the Pokémon GO. We are enjoying it so far. But if you could check this out please and have it fix for us and everyone else who plays it. Please and thank you. We will let you know in future if there are anymore that aren’t working. Thank you for your time and helping us to try and get this fix and other players who play the game. MAYBE DO UPDATES ON THE POKESTOP TOO MAKE SURE ALL POKESTOPS ARE ALL WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.117.1

Features Inaccessible, Unsafe or Only Available to Level 45+The major issue with the game are the parts inaccessible to those below level 45 and who are playing without a bunch of friends they can meet up with for the 3 plus Raids to get top battle ‘Mon and gym take downs/then holding it long enough to earn coin. And living post in this post Covid world 1. Accessibility without close contact with others should be essential. No one past high school is running about in a group and for many of us it’s just not safe. The remote raid fix for this is a farce - you’re limited to line of site gyms, can’t send an invite to others to join you in the raid or gym take down and your mon do way less damage. Ive never been joined by others through the games mechanism. Plus I’m level 30 and still don’t have a wide enough variety of mon to be very successful PvP. Now they’ve taken away the 1500CP and less PvP to replace it with only mon caught this season Niantic is clearly trying to punish those who don’t have high CP Pokémon and it’s pointless doing much more than swinging discs and catching everything you see if you’re under level 40. Which REALLY slows down level gaining kinda locking you in catch 22. Not beginner or middle friendly at all. Some lower level leagues need introducing and Niantic needs to concede to the need for increased remote features for Raids and Gyms.m.Version: 0.205.2

Used to be great…So there are a lot of these going around now, but I figure I’ll add to it just in case it can help change anything since it seems like the only thing Niantic hears is press or money. I played the beta. I played day 1. I left and came back a few times. I played during the pandemic. I have seen this game evolve over time. Some changes were good, some were bad. The game went from being able to play for fun, to having a pressure to spend money to play, to being required to spend money to play to get things in the game (like shiny mew??). All of this progressed over time until we get here, a point where the game is unplayable unless you pay money or actively avoid 90% of the features that were added and not removed. This game has gone from one that I would happily put money into due to the enjoyment, connectivity, and socialization I got out of it, but now? Now I don’t plan on playing it until a lot of these issues get fixed. It costs then nothing to keep Covid protections in game. It costs them nothing to allow for remote raiding, especially for remote players. It costs them nothing to make the game better in ways that truly matter and have already been done. Instead, they add stickers. Instead, they remove the ability to get legendaries unless you live in an area with a decently sized player base. Instead, they push people out while trying to claim inclusitivity because it doesn’t match their finances..Version: 0.265.0

Greedy CompanyZero connection with their player base, absolute scum company.Version: 0.265.0

Niantic don’t care about disabled or remote playersRaising prices on remote raid passes while not providing a proper alternative for collecting legendaries. Niantic has been ignoring the feedback of their users for years and steadily making the game worse instead of better..Version: 0.265.0

Micro transaction driven gameToo difficult to obtain coins without purchasing them. Now that they have decided to increase the costs of items, it is unrealistic for me to continue playing... Please consider implementing more ways to earn coins, or lower the prices of items in the shop..Version: 0.265.0

Not so friendly for spontaneous use when on the GOI haven’t used Pokémon GO since 2016. Any time I was actually on the go away from home WiFi it was forcing me to update and I wasn’t prepared to dedicate mobile data for that not to mention the time required to update the app. App developers need to keep in mind that user experience matters if they want end users to continue using the app and potentially putting money into it either directly or indirectly. Since then the app has added heaps of new content which is fine but BEFORE that happened I dropped out of using the app because the constant need to update meant I always had to plan to use it ahead of time rather than use it spontaneously and I find that antithetical to how it should be. If I have to be constantly updating the app at home just in case I might wanna use it while on the go then you’ve lost me..Version: 0.247.1

Catch em all? As if..Far too difficult to catch higher ranking Pokémon unless you know at least a dozen other players. Raids above level 3 are un-soloable so if you mostly play on your own or even with one other trainer then forget about ever getting the better Pokémon. Eggs hatched give you basic Pokémon. Why? Give a chance to hatch rare ones please! 10km eggs are as rare as Mew in this game. Takes forever to rank up Pokémon to any useful level. Played since the start. The game needs easier access to stardust and sinnoh stones. Once you collect over 250 candy for a Pokémon you should be able to trade excess candy above that for stardust. I’d suggest one candy for 1000 stardust. This would give you more incentive to keep catching the useless Pokémon that are the majority. Sinnoh stones are far too hard to acquire for all the Pokémon that need it to evolve. It’s ridiculous. Once you catch a certain amount of one Pokémon they should then be very, very easy to catch. Like 1 ball catch every time. Game is currently 9 parts frustration to 1 part rewarding in my opinion..Version: 1.151.3

Fun but massive time sinkI have been playing since day 1 and I sometimes wish I never picked this game up. Sure it’s fun, there are challenges and community, but so much of the game is about interacting with your phone on a massive scale. This wouldn’t be so bad if there were shortcuts to the many animations and cut-scenes or mindlessly repetitive actions but there are very few ways of cutting down screen time. For instance, evolving Pokémon which is required to progress through levels takes way too long. First few times it is interesting but when you have already been through it thousands of times it is painful to sit through the same pointless animation. Overall there are many QoL improvements that should be made. If you haven’t downloaded it, I wouldn’t recommend it.Version: 0.305.1

CrystalThey removed remote raid passes. Massive mistake on their end. They’re forgetting we all have jobs and school and stuff.Version: 0.267.1

Good game; terrible companyThis game was great. It had a variety of ways to play, was responsible for reigniting many peoples interest in Pokémon and drawing new players to the franchise - unfortunately, as time goes by they have done more and more to hamper the experience for those still playing. The changes to remote raiding are the last straw in this regard. Instead of listening to their player base, they instead opt to punish those still playing by drastically increasing the prices on remote raid passes, as well as limiting the amount people can do per day. Rather than buffing in person raids to make them preferable to remote raiding, they instead ruin remote raiding in a shallow attempt to make in person raiding more desirable. What they fail to realise is the landscape of the game has changed. It is no longer 2016 - roving packs of players aren’t playing Pokémon go, traipsing from one gym to the next. The pandemic changed everything (and the popularity of the game was declining anyway). Now instead they opt to force people outside in a bid to secure user data (which is the real end game here). Hopefully it is worth the loss of a large amount of the playerbase, because which company decides to screw over one of its core sources of revenue. In a carrot and stick approach, they chose the stick - and whilst the game might survive, I personally will no longer play it. I doubt I’m the only one..Version: 0.265.0

Not gonna lieI’m not even going to lie, I’m 27 and absolutely love this game. I grew up with Pokémon and this is by far the best Pokémon game. I stopped playing for a year or so because I reached the top level and got bored with it; about 6 months ago my husband convinced me to redownload it because of the numerous new features and two more generations of Pokémon that had been added to the game. Unfortunately as of lately I’ve been having nothing but problems with getting it to load. This is now the third time in a week that I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the game and unfortunately this time it doesn’t appear to even be reinstalling. And yes the app and phone software are all up to date and everything like that. On top of that, on my other phone, if/when the game loads it no longer loads all of the way. It’s genuinely one of the most frustrating things I’ve been dealing with because playing this game keeps me out of trouble and out of my own head. It’s definitely become my biggest hobby and biggest outlet, so when I’m stressed out to the max and it doesn’t want to load - which seems to be every single time I’m excessively stressed lately- it just makes everything worse. I was praying that these last batch of updates they did would have fixed that but I haven’t even been able to get the game to load since it updated! That is literally the only downside to it and unfortunately it’s a major one..Version: 1.85.5

While looking at Pokemon ....When you transfer or evolve Pokemon that aren't the first few it is so bloody annoying taking you back to Bulbasaur. This is a new "bug fix" in the last update? Come on. What a waste of time. When you have nearly 1000 Pokemon this is such a pain. Fix this now..Version: 1.57.5

Shame!The developer - Niantic is a total shame. Every time they release an update, this update contains huge number of bags, even if they fixed something they definitely add new bags or take back old ones. What they have done with the friends list - outrageous. When you send a gift you go back to the top of the list. Why they can’t hire efficient professionals, who can manage the application. I’m sure that everything is as cheap as possible, except the donation policy and how they make you buy incubators and hatch rubbish. I hope one day a descent company will buy you, Niantic, and will manage the game in a proper way..Version: 1.97.1

Remote Raid costsThese went up and what a lot of people don’t realize is that sucks because people with disabilities are now penalized cause they up the cost of these and make it harder for people to do the raids who aren’t mobile enough too. Not to mention people who live in smaller towns and villages who don’t have any options or very minimal options for raids. These people would use remote raid passes so they could participate. So people who are disabled or live in a small non-Pokémon Go community pay the price. Awful.Version: 0.265.0

Le kilométrage!!!!J’ai courut six kilomètres avec l’app ouvert tout le long avec mon LTE 200m calculer en tout j’aurais plusieurs œufs éclos au final aucun de éclos ☹️☹️☹️ très déçu du calcul de distance..Version: 1.105.2

Go battle leaguesI started playing Pokémon go a good few years now after being a Pokémon fan throughout my childhood. I’ve really enjoyed the game and it’s different ways to play. However since the raid passes were increased I’ve started to lose enjoyment of the game and I haven’t been so eager to play. The main problem I am finding at the moment is when playing in the battle go league, if I try use a charge move, a lot of the time I could be pressing the charge move 5+ times and the opponent could press it freely and use it straight away. This has really gotten on my nerves because this has cost me countless games now. When trying to use my charge moves my Pokémon has not been in a fast attack, so I am. It getting any hits on the opponent’s Pokémon, and it seems like the opponent has used 2-3 fast attacks before they decide to use their charged move. This is then followed up with me not wanting to use my charge move as the opponent is using there’s so I can farm down the opponents health bar, but then the game automatically using my charge move, as if I pressed it after the cutscenes.Version: 0.277.3

One star review on PokémonSo I was trying to connect backed up to my account but it says route require update but it doesn’t work at all so I give us a one star rating.Version: 0.207.1

Crashes before I can even open itAs soon as I press the app and the Niantic logo comes up, the games crashes back to the home screen, I’ve deleted and downloaded the app countless times and nothing seems to work..Version: 1.143.1

Not happy with the remote passes changesI don’t have a community to play with other than an online group we created with people from France and French Canadian. We organized raids on a daily basis. With the price increase it will cost too much to even do 5 remote raids a day and it will go back to precovid where it will be nearly impossible to do a 5* raids. This is not an inclusive game anymore..Version: 0.265.0

Withcraft, satans trapI absolutely loved this game for a very long time, was level 36, had some of the best pokemon in the game. But there is a really big problem which many people dont realise when enjoying themselves and playing. Once you start really making progress it becomes an addiction, a bad addiction. When you think about it, it looks really stupid and bad to walk around the world with your phone out catching virtual pokemon on your phone screen. Overtime, your life starts decaying and once you go outside you will instantly think of playing pokemon go and checking for a shiny pokemon. I have seen reviews about peoples lives being ruined but for me the biggest problem was that this in my eyes is considered withcraft. You play this game walking around the real world and catching mythical beings with some kind of mythical powers which some of are actually considered gods which is extremely offensive as a Christian. Little kids are falling into satans trap playing this game, and ruining their lives. I was affected by this but was saved by a priest, who prayed for me and helped me. If you are a mother or father reading this, please DO NOT let your kids play this game..Version: 0.207.0

Battery drained in the backgroundNot sure when this started happening but I’ve noticed that my phone would be fully charged at night and when I woke up in the morning it would be at 50%! I checked my battery usage in settings and found that Pokémon go was running in the background. Not sure why it’s drained so much in the background though, especially between midnight and 7am...... would be great if you guys could look into it and see why that’s happened.Version: 1.139.0

Money grabSeems like the devs only care about money :// no significant change to the game yet they charge more for items like remote raid passes. This completely disregards users like those with disabilities. Will not be playing the game anymore..Version: 0.265.0

Won’t finish loading at startup. Please fix ASAP.I haven’t tried to open this app for months, but am on an iphone 11 and just updated to iOS 14.8. It keeps prompting me to log into my Google account then gets frozen halfway through the startup bar. When I’ve had this issue in the past I had to enable cookies and JavaScript, clear myself website history and cookies and restart my phone. I’ve done that and more…repeatedly, and it keeps getting “stuck” but without an error. And yes, I have all of the other settings required on. Please fix this ASAP. I’ve spend 5 years and literally well over $1,000 on the app and should be able to access it. Now for a quick review beyond this glitch (this part would be 4 1/2 stars). I’m a perpetual weight fluctuater, and since my friend practically forced me to “try” playing one night, I got hooked and it pushed me to lose 30 pounds. It also helped me lose a significant amount of weight two other times, while walking for hours with friends, motivated me to get out when I didn’t want to, and is just a great game. And for the negative reviews about not getting enough free coins, etc…that’s how they make their money. And this app has helped a lot of people in the way it has helped me, so I don’t blame them for wanting, and deserving to make a ton of money off of it..Version: 1.185.1

Always crashing, now.With everything being added the more this game keeps crashing. Crashes and closes the app going into trades, crashes and closes going into the buddy screen, crashes and closes when there is a lot of pokémon in one area. Just making the game really unplayable and frustrating to have the app always closing. At times for multiple hours of trying to get into trading especially..Version: 1.145.2

Great! But I keep crashing :’)Hello Niantic, long time player since launch! I very much have enjoyed the game since then, and has been playable until recently. At the moment, unfortunately the game would consistently freeze and crash, causing me to reboot the game multiple times in a span of 5 minutes. The cause of the freeze/crash would be doing menial tasks like pressing on a gym, or feeding my Pokémon berries and such. I haven’t been able to play the game fluidly which has decreased my play time. I’ve checked to see if I was short on storage, or if I needed to update to the latest patch. It seems like I have sufficient storage, and am updated, so I have no clue what is causing these freezes. I hope it can be fixed so that I can go back to literally catching Pokémon, since upon impact of the ball to the Pokémon it freezes too 🙃 thanks for looking into this!.Version: 0.261.0

Introduce trading? But can’t trade items?As much as I love this game and want to love it more I can’t seem to. This is the only app I would spend money on and yet with every update you fall short every time. Why can’t you trade or sell items that you have excess of? Why can you only trade Pokémon? If you are introducing Pokecentres, that’s good and all but what’s the point of me having 3 dragon scales after I’ve evolved my Seadra? There isn’t much. What’s the point of my girlfriend having 4 Kings Rock after she’s evolved Slowbro and Poliwhirl? Not a lot really. Waste of a reward system for 7 day streaks and just seems like the system isn’t as well thought out as it could be. I get that it’s hard to make a game as good as this but you guys fall short every time. It’s just lucky that the Pokémon Community is as big and loving as it is. And what sort of company doesn’t have an email where you can’t have some sort of free form text where you can actually explain a personal issue with the game. Your consumers have a right to voice there opinion to listen and it’s your job to listen. You say you are very supportive of the community but it feels like you guys don’t care about us and limit what we can tell you so you can hear what you want to hear..Version: 1.79.2

Don’t bother if you live remote or disabled. Niantic doesn’t care about it’s users.Seriously don’t get into this app. They will only let you down. Fan base likes the inclusivity and ease of remote raids? Make them more expensive and stop selling one a week for 1 coin. Fans like the incense so they’re able to catch Pokémon when they’re unable to walk/move/go out at that time? Makes incense only effective when you’re walking. Seriously it makes no sense. I use to use incense all the time during work breaks or when it’s raining and now I have no use for them because if I’m on a walk, there are Pokémon around and there’s no need. If you live remotely don’t even bother. Incense use to help a little with that but now you just sit staring at your screen for 5-10 min for ONE Pokémon. When will Niantic learn that making your customers happy will actually make you more money. When will niantic learn that if they want their fan base to act differently or do something new to INCENTIVIZE instead of punish..Version: 0.203.0

Gotta crash 'em allIf this app works well for you, awesome. I can't play for 2 minutes without it crashing (then having to wait ages for it to start back up again). I've given up on battling since I can't get through a single one without the app crashing. I feel stupid writing this because I'm still using it, but boy do I wish I could play it properly. :( Using an iPhone 5S and no other app demands so much battery with such a high crash rate..Version: 1.125.2

Great Game BUT........This is a wonderful game, great to get people out and moving I definitely recommend it for people who live in populated areas and towns BUT if you live in the rural areas and the country sides of this country where service is spotty and where they placed most all the stops and gyms there is NO SERVICE then playing this game is almost worthless. As a player moving from the city to the country it almost leaves me no choice but to quit or almost forget about the game, sad because I’m a paying player. I read how Niantic was working hard at trying to come up with a resolution for RURAL players but every update and addition to the game benefits populated players. Even trying to contact help support and Niantic is a waste of time, all you will get is a return email where someone will just copy and paste the same answers over and over again, if you cared to do something about this critical issue then maybe taking a moment and conversing with the rural players may help. I hate to have to leave this game but Niantic does not seem to care if they lose their rural players and that is so sad as if you maybe took the time to work with rural players the issue could be resolved, I say to the populated players get out and have an awesome time playing this game and don’t complain about adding a couple bucks to the game it is a lot cheaper then a night out to the movies and a lot more fun with the family! Signed The forgotten rural players!.Version: 1.79.2

Rural efficacyLiving so far out of town doesn’t help with the game compatibility, needing to be in those locations, and crushes my love for the play. I can understand the point is to be interactive virtually in the physical spectrum, but as one of countless people who don’t live in the big cities, or in the city at all, the need for a travel less game is more acceptable. As for the game in of itself, the coin prices for items is also high considering gym activity is limited to needing to get near one. That leads to people feeling less involved and tired of playing due to spending real cash on game coins, which could also be solved by changing regulations on the coins themselves. A max cap of fifty coins daily is too low considering the prices for items is almost double or triple. If the cap was per Pokémon, then maybe players could have a chance at surviving the need to ration coins. Leading to another infuriation, the need for incubators, since only one infinite is given to the players it would seem more likely there could be a max of three given at different levels reached. Not being able to hatch the eggs leads to breaking down to save coins for incubators or struggling to reach the walking parameters enough with whatever eggs they can hatch at that time. All in all, the game-play has been smooth but frustrating, considering the possible improvements it has a long way to go before it is truly a masterpiece..Version: 1.187.0

Research missionsI miss the legendary Pokémons from the 7 days research mission box so much. I didn’t understand how the people didn’t want legendary Pokémon but they were just ungrateful people, can u make the legendary Pokémons returns to the 7days mission please?As now only junkies Pokémons are given from this mission, which lower my motivation to doing it. It’s so hard to get legendary Pokémons even from distance raids because there are not always people can fight with u. And please release more 10km eggs, I have not gotten any for ages. It’s disappointing when only 10km eggs are the only thing that I want..Version: 1.151.3

Could be great if they let people play as they wantedI started playing Pokémon go when it first came out, played for a year and then stopped. Last year I got back into it and Niantic had added lots of great content and mechanics. But since they then keep on making changes which restrict how people can play the game. The most recent change to almost double the cost of a remote raid and to limit the number of remote raids a day seriously affects those who used remote raids to be able to catch some the legendary Pokémon. As a parent of 2 toddlers who works from home all day I can’t get out and play much during the day, and certainly don’t have time to make friends with other players in the areas and meet up regularly (the elite raids are hard enough and we have plenty of warning on them). By the time I finish getting the kids to sleep the raids have pretty much finished in my area so I have been using remote raids to be able to raid with players in other time zones. Due to this I have spent quite a bit of money over the last year, at least £50, with this recent change it has become a lot more expensive to remote raid and it just doesn’t feel worth it any more. If this price increase doesn’t get reverted I don’t see me playing this game any more..Version: 0.265.0

This new coin scheme is a scamThe daily limit of fifty coins was always frustrating, and now limiting the way they can be earned doesn't help. I understand not everyone can easily reach a gym to leave their Pokemon at to earn for them, but restricting everyone else to only being able to earn thirty from gyms while randomising arbitrary daily activities to earn the other twenty is even worse. Leave the gym earnings capped at fifty if you must, but make the activity earnings a completely separate source of income. What's another twenty coins a day really going to affect "business-wise" for the app in the virtual shop, anyway? A real $1 NZD for a hundred coins that you'd otherwise have to work five days for?.Version: 1.149.0

Fun Yet Incredibly InaccessibleI have played on and off since its release. I love Pokemon, and I love playing this with family and friends. However, it's very inaccessible. I am legally blind, so while I have some vision, I can see very little, and heavily rely on my iPhone's zoom feature. But Pokemon GO doesn't work well with the zoom feature. Basically, if I zoom in to see something, buttons end up pressing, menus get closed, etc. So I can't accurately select Pokemon for a battle, or transfer specific Pokemon, or even adjust my settings. And VoiceOver (which reads text out loud to me) doesn't work either. If I activate it and try to select something for it to read, it's treated like a regular tap. So if I, for example, tap on the name of a Pokemon, instead of VoiceOver reading it, the Pokemon info is actually opened. So while I still enjoy Pokemon GO, I can't get anywhere near as into it as family and friends. I have to select random Pokemon for battles, rely on friends to choose what I'll trade and hope I'm not getting totally cheated, and basically go down the row and transfer Pokemon rather than strategically transferring only certain ones. And I end up totally lost in many of the discussions with family and friends because they're discussing aspects of the game that are inaccessible. I would play it a whole lot more, and would actually recommend it to friends (I don't right now) if it was more accessible..Version: 0.277.3

Why coin limitThere shouldn’t a limit on how many coins I can get in a day it basically punishes the player for playing the game there is no real or justified reason for this please make bigger wallet.Version: 1.159.3

Game is losing its appeal. At a lightning fast pace.So many bugs and glitches lately. So many game mechanics not working. So many promises by Niantic to make up for non-working events that cost players money and sometimes a great deal of time. But then Niantic just ignores their own promises. I might check back in a few months to see how it’s going. But I’m pretty sure I will have something better to do by then..Version: 0.265.0

Waste of time, not fun anymoreThis game has literally just become a gate way to market other games such as Pokémon let’s go . Spawns are at an all time low with little to no variety in the wild Pokémon, legendarys are rendered quite useless, PvP still not out on iOS, continuous crashes on the game, no new releases of Sinnoh Pokémon in over 3 weeks and will probably be walking Meltan for the next year or two to evolve it because I can’t afford to buy a nitendo switch. I honestly used to love this game so much because it brought back memories of childhood and was a way to actually get out of the house and have fun. Now days there is no point..Version: 1.99.1

MONEY HUNGRY NIANTIC!! 🤬I only wish I could give them ZERO stars. The way Niantic treat their players/customers is beyond APPALLING!! They don’t mind taking our money but when it comes to the HEALTH & SAFETY of their players they couldn’t care less. We are in a Global Pandemic with a deadly virus and they want us gathered in groups, with people we don’t know, catching goodness knows what illness from them to play a game!! In 2020 they altered the game due to the Pandemic and for our health and safety but they have now removed that feature making the game impossible now to play for some people. We are still in this Global Pandemic with the Delta strain now, which is more deadly than the original strain. The USA are getting 100K++ new cases every day, countries are going in & out of Lockdown, and NOW is when Niantic decide to remove the features that allowed us to play at a SAFE distance from people we don’t know. I can tell you right now I won’t be spending any more of my money in this game!! I think we should all hit Niantic where it hurts. No more $$ from us until they make Pokémon Go SAFE TO PLAY AGAIN!!.Version: 1.181.0

TerribleTerrible changes they’re making to the game.Version: 0.265.0

Fix the login bug already!!!UPDATE June 2022: So I logged in a few days ago and had nearly 200,000 stardust. Logged in today and it’s down to less than 50,000!?!? WTH, Niantic?! Is our stardust nice expiring after a while or something? Is this some new, stupid feature you’ve added? UPDATE: So thanks to the ongoing login issues, I totally missed out on this month’s community day. I was finally able to login for about 10 minutes... two hours AFTER the event ended. It would be nice if you would do something for those of us who have been cheated out of our bonuses and events due to the problems caused by the recent update. Maybe have a special event or increase the number of items we get at pokestops. Granted that would have to be AFTER YOU FIX THE PROBLEMS. Otherwise it would be pointless. Your troubleshooting guide does nothing to fix the problem. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled seven times in the last week. Your last update totally screwed things up and now I’ve missed out on three days in a row of bonuses because when I do get logged in it kicks me out right when I spin a pokestop! You know it’s a problem, and now I see the obvious FAKE POSITIVE REVIEWS that you’re flooding the App Store with to try and bury the negative ones. I’m losing all respect for Niantic because of this. It’s been a week. FIX IT! Admit that there is a problem with the last update and stop trying to tell people to refer to the troubleshooting guide..Version: 0.205.2

Remote changes ruined itThe recent changes to the remote raid pass system limiting amount of raids a day and increasing cost ruined it. i already struggled to get passes at all cause i dont have many gyms near me and now it tales forever to even earn one pass. i was only able to do raids at all by joining people remotely in organised facebook groups because even if i make my way out to a location with lots of gyms to raid at i can't defeat on my own and have no friends and rarely run into strangers who could help. its punishing people for not having friends , claiming its supposed to be to encourage people to go out but it only makes me feel more isolated because going out to play it just doesnt work out for some people like myself. only havent uninstalled cause i have a paid research thing i need to finish..Version: 0.267.1

RankingIf I could rate a “0” I would… spending so much time and effort only to lose. I really do enjoy the game but the ranking system needs to go. It has become no fun to play anymore….Version: 0.265.0

Limits are making the game less enjoyableSince the newest update, players are hereby only limited to 5 remote raids, which i think is bogus, i understand they want you to go out and things in person and its how it started but since covid hit its changed a-lot, prices have gone up, challenges have gotten a bit harder, i don't have big community to meet up with and raid, when it comes to those 5 star raids not everyone can solo or will happen to run into chance to meet other players at the same time. Everyone has other responsibilities, so having an open world community where those who aren’t with you being able to remotely raid makes the whole raid daunting, i can no longer go ahead shiny hunt those legendaries because I'm being restricted, the game bases it off luck for shiny’s yet its very discouraging now to keep playing with these limitations i don't see a lot of shinies unless its an event like go fest or com day. Please reconsider the limitation of remote raids. Some of us rely on that to increase our chances of being a collector of mons. I know i am! My open world raid community is no longer full of life or fun its depressed and so quiet these days its sad that communities like these are dying out..Version: 0.269.2

Strange glitches but i love it!Okay so i have played this for a while but for the past week i have noticed a few bugs/glitches/unnecesary changes in the game. First glitch is when you flee sometimes the battle music can still be heard. Another glitch is that the pokemon sound (when you encounter it) also doesent play (not sure if this is a glitch but if it isnt please change it back to how it was) im also not sure what you were thinking making the screen flash everytime you flee/encounter a pokemon. It is really annoying, slow, laggy and it didnt even need changing in the first place! It was fine how it is..! You also made fleeing way slower and its annoying to shiny check pokemon! Please fix all these they are really annoying to deal with. I also have some ideas to make the app better. If you could have another way to get incubators (without spending pokecoins) it would be really nice. If you could also add a way to get your pokemon off of gyms would also be really nice! I had a pokemon stuck in a gym for over 7 days. Another feature is more ways to get pokecoins other than gyms. And also a way to exceed the 50 coins a day cap would be nice. Please fix the bugs though... seriously...Version: 1.177.2

ShortsightedNiantic has consistently produced shoddy, glitchy, bugged content. They barely keep the game afloat, and with recent changes with remote raiding costs and restrictions, I’m sadly forced to leave a negative review. Your content is nakedly designed to generate as much usage and metadata as possible for you to sell. I was willing to deal with it until you decided that you didn’t like the way I enjoyed your game and decided not to allow it anymore. So I’m done until you learn to listen to actual players. That, or you lose the Pokémon licence you’ve been mishandling. Do better Niantic..Version: 0.265.0

I wish, I wishI enjoy the game but I wish the battles were changed to selecting a attack like in Pokémon red or sword and shield more modern, but how you have a list of different attacks you can use. Instead of swiping all over your screen for same boring battle graphics. I also want to capture wild Pokémon by battling them with my Pokémon. By battling you make them weaker for the possibility of capturing them. I also don’t like how the level up your Pokémon are done I would prefer it to be like the games I enjoyed growing up where your Pokémon gain levels every time you fight wild or trainers Pokémon and win. Some people in society don’t have a bunch of friends or family that are willing to put their personal time into the same game you enjoy. My point is it’s near impossible literally to capture or defeat Pokémon that are CP 10,000 or 28,000 when you have no one else to play with and it takes literally forever to power up your Pokémon to take on these monsters power houses. I’ve been playing for a year and probably coming close to my 2nd year and still cannot take on one of these by myself and actually win. In the almost 2 years now that I’ve been playing my strongest Pokémon is CP 2569. An I’m especially not going to waste my hard earned money to buy upgrade powder for my Pokémon. It’s hard enough to afford rent or a home these days to be spending anything on this game..Version: 0.291.2

The Rocket Radar glitchI love this game, however the Team Rocket missions that involve the Rocket Radar are awful. Getting the pieces glitch and I couldn’t get anymore than 3, leaving me to waste my Poké-coins to buy the radar, which are 200 mins you. After buying one, I could only use it one time before it’s glitched out of my inventory, leaving me the options to buy another one and waste another 200, or just hope the thing isn’t glitched and I’m able to get the pieces to make the radar. But that’s if I actually enjoy doing the Team Rocket missions. The team reuses the mission so much. I don’t know how many times exactly, but it gets worse each time. Repeating the same things and changing nothing to make it exciting, and the glitches make it even worse. It makes the whole Team Rocket stuff a terrier, something that makes me not want to play the game. What’s the point of doing the same thing over again and have it get more annoying the more you do it? Please fix it or get rid of it.Version: 0.277.3

Raising the Price of Remote raidsThis game used to be a way for kids and adults alike to get outside. Maybe even go places in you’re town that you haven't before. But now they just care about money… they said in this new update it'd bring balance to the game long term. How, all you have done is literally double the price of remote raids. Maybe to make certain pokemon harder to catch. However It doesn’t matter to this company, if money is involved then they care. Anyways to sum it up fun game great way to get out, but terrible money grubbing company..Version: 0.265.0

No running eggs :(The speed limit on hatching eggs needs to be increased to 15 km/hr to accumulate egg hatch distance while running. 10.5 is too slow. This is the biggest downfall IMO..Version: 1.67.2

Pokecoins not added and not refundedAfter playing for over three years I recently had a very negative experience with Niantic/apple. Due to the upcoming community day, I wanted to add funds to my pogo account. The procedure went normal and I had to press the button that if I don’t reclaim within 2 weeks, purchase cannot be refunded. Despite purchase went though and I received the confirmation mail by apple some moments later, there was an error message within the app after the purchase. I ended up without coins in my account but a receipt of 100£. Due to apple policies I cannot get a refund. Niantic cannot confirm the purchase as it is not in their system due to the error message. Therefore, I had very poor customer support as Apple just recommended to contact the app developer and Niantic suggested to reach out to Apple for a refund. Both companies refused to reach out to the other company and to solve the problem despite I could provide both companies with proof of payment on my credit card. Therefore, I am very angry and disappointed from both companies - currently thinking of stopping to play! Hope there will still be a solution..Version: 1.127.1

Bad game that cannot stand on its ownSince the release of raids, this game had completely relied on other services and apps to make it playable. It’s been many years and there is still no internal communication system so you can communicate with friends or groups about doing raids. You are somehow expected to just show up to any given raid, and find 5 other players who have also happened to show up at that same time to have enough players to do a raid. The only way to get enough players for a raid is by using external communications such as Facebook groups or discord servers. The Facebook group in the town I’m in eventually died and there was no way to do high tier raids. Then along came the remote raid pass. While this still relies heavily on using external communications to add friends or communicate with existing friends to join their raids, it made raids at least possible again. It disappointed me that apps like poke genie has to be used to join remote raids, when this is something that should definitely be an internal function of the game. After maybe 6 years, they are finally attempting, with these new “campfires” to signal people to raids, but is still a very poor mechanism that requires 5 people to be very close by to all see the fire. Niantic’s own internal communion for raids is still years behind other methods. To make things worse, they are now trying to phase out the remote raids, the only thing making raids useable in an otherwise useless game..Version: 0.267.1

Unplayable. Zero stars.My game just crashed 12 times in the last hour (I have time-stamped screen shots to prove it). I have an iPhone 6+. No other app I’ve ever used has been like this. This game has been consistently glitchy since it launched 3+ years ago, and there have been times when it was basically unplayable for me. But I’ve been a lifelong pokémon lover, so I didn’t give up back then. I am seriously considering it now. Literally the only thing tying me to this game is Nintendo’s franchise. Niantic is terrible, and if any other company were to put out a pokémon game, I would dump this game in a heartbeat. Even though I love Harry Potter just as much (if not more) than I love pokémon, I can’t actually bring myself to play WizardingWorld because I can barely tolerate ONE Niantic game. Two would be impossible. Niantic needs to completely overhaul its entire programming department, because as it is it seems like they’re incapable of producing a halfway decent game. They might make a bunch of money, but it’s all through gimmicks. If they actually had a game that most other developers would consider worthy of making available to the public, they’d be making billions more than they are now. Update 6/6/20: Still terrible. My game just crashed 3 times in 2 minutes, costing me a raid pass and a lost opportunity to get roughly 1500 stardust. I’m really not sure what the recent server updates are supposed to have done. I see no changes. Still worst app ever..Version: 1.143.0

Great features, bad serversEverything from the battle system, to the ease for new players to join and learn in this game is great. Except the servers. They’re almost non-functional. Every time there’s a worldwide event, raids struggle to work. Battle league freezes, and by the time it unfreezes, the enemy has already brought you down to your last Pokémon. This needs to be fixed, it just makes it off-putting to play..Version: 1.185.1

Raids in generalI love this game, but I’ve been experiencing a lot of lag with the raid passes. For example, there have been multiple time where I spent a way-too-much amount of coins on a remote raid that didn’t even enter my inventory. And that’s not it. On the off chance that I get to use that raid pass, as soon as the raid starts, I get kicked out if I’m not within range, even if I’m using a REMOTE raid pass. I would like to get a refund on the passes that I have lost. Also, please make it easier for us free-to-play gamers that don’t feel like spending $5 to get poke coins. Maybe you can get them by completing research or winning in the GO battle league. If you guys don’t want to make it easier, at least make the raid passes cheaper. Or delete the maximum amount of Pokémon that can be in a gym. Or do SOMETHING to make it easier to get pokecoins for the kids who are broke playing this game. I’ve been saving for at least 3 months only to have 300 or so coins, and the. When I buy something I don’t get to use it. Also, for me, I get no research tasks that give me incubators. I NEED MORE. How am I supposed to hatch eggs? “You can buy incubators blah blah blah. Yeah, I know. For ONE HUNDRED to TWO HUNDRED coins. I feel like I’m more recent years Niantic has gotten more greedy and making things more expensive so that people have to spend money to buy coins. Here is my account info so that you can please maybe refund me for the countless coins I have lost randomly..Version: 0.283.0

What are they doing?The bass game is good. I have enjoyed playing with friends and family for the last several years. However, over the past two years, the team behind the game has put more roadblocks in place to prevent players from enjoying their experience, taking away aspects of the game, the community enjoyed, as well as reverting unintended positives that the entire community was excited to see happen. This now even includes their own peripheral auto catcher that they have put out an sold for 50+ USD. Before release, the community was told that this would be an automatic catcher with the ability to also use Great and Ultraboss, which are normally not accessible to any of the catchers, and must be used by hand in game. Many people purchased this with that understand. However, when this was possible at lunch, Niantic decided to break the system, and not allow their own peripheral to perform its base task of auto catching, using even normal Poke Balls in an attempt to prevent this feature, that so many people had purchased as a result of believing it was the intended focus. Reducing use a Bility of your own game in ways that the player base is excited about is not in the way to continue developing a game into the feature. Especially one that provides so much of the companies total income without this game company would be trash which it is more and more frequently flaunting as it destroys the game that this community has grown to love so much..Version: 0.277.1

Update features of niantic kids pleaseGreat game, love it, BUT Can you please make it so niantic kids can add friends and trade, my 11 year old son would love to trade with me, otherwise people are just gonna lie and make adult accounts for their kids (which a lot of people do) Why is it that kids can’t trade? Also, why do my Pokecoin purchases come out weeks after I make the purchases , and all at once. That is really annoying.Version: 1.119.0

New pricing and limits, All fun has been removed.ACTUALLY A ONE STAR REVIEW. To start, The games core mechanics are just plain boring. The Pokémon rosters seem to rotate about once a month so you end up seeing the same 5-6 mons for days on end. It was cheaper to buy coins 100 at a time rather than the bulk amounts. There is a 50 coin limit able to be earned from gyms however next to impossible in certain environments (Living rurally for one) In my town there is an issue with people somehow botting Pokémon in gyms feeding them Razzberrys whenever there is an attempt to take the gym over. The only redeeming factor was that the raids were fun and remote raids allowed us to take on stronger than usual Pokémon. Now the raid passes are double the cost and as far as I am aware there is also a limit on remote raiding? Why this has been implemented is beyond my understanding. I now no longer have any want to continue playing and I know I am far from the only one. Good job niantic, You killed your game..Version: 0.265.0

Fun game, needs to be polishedLove the game. With the newer updates there’s a lot more to do in a more organized way. Most of the objectives of the game work flawlessly. The inner economy of items and Pokémon’s creates a wonderful system that makes you want to come back and play more. But, there are a lot of issues to still work out. One of which is the coins and gyms system. Right now, you can only get 50 coins per day. And a pokemon earns a single coin per 10 minutes in a gym. You would reach the max limit for coins in about 8 hours. This creates an issue, in which, if you have 4 pokemon in different gyms that have been in there for all over a day. Well over the limit. Meaning you could make 200 coins total, if they get defeated on different days. However, if they are all defeated on a single day then you only receive 50 coins for all 4, missing out on the 150. Currently, there is no work around this issue. You can’t recall your pokemon early, and if one gets stuck in a gym you are sitting there praying for it to be beaten. Another issue is with the combat leagues. When I first started the game with my most powerful pokemon at about 1000cp to try out the feature, the opponents were vastly unbalanced. I had to fight a 3000cp mewtwo on my 4th or so fight. It just seems that some of the features weren’t given enough time as opposed to other features of the game, and that lackluster approach clearly shows..Version: 1.137.3

Fun but ridiculously unbalancedFlee rate of some pokemon is stupidly high. Imagine finding a 0.3% chance to find a pokemon, not even to know what it is until you search it up and find it’s articuno. Since when is someone going to get the chance again if it’s flee rate is 90%. That doesn’t make the game fun. It makes the game unfair. Also the game keeps notifying for me to turn on location settings to always every single time i enter the game. Respect my privacy please and stop clogging my screen. Game’s fun but some things put me off. Rarer pokemon should have a lower flee rate, not a high one… it makes the game more fun for players when they feel like they actually get a chance to catch something they find. Also please give a skip animation or cutscenes option..Version: 0.305.1

Disappointing, all about the $$$ and discriminationAs a disabled person who also lives in a very remote area the recent changes to your game are so incredibly disappointing. I’ve played from day one, however I had to stop playing a few years ago as living so remotely made it impossible to join raids or even send gifts as there’s no pokestops or gyms. I am not an able bodied person and even if I was it’s a 12km walk to the closet gym. Since the remote raids have been available I’ve be able to join and build friendships within the game, now you’ve taken them out of the $1 box and bumped the price of the 3 passes in the shop. You’ve also disabled the incense to walking only, which I am unable to do, you’ve taken away my ability to feel included in community days. This is NOT an inclusive environment anymore, your biases for able bodied people and people living in the city is absolutely disgusting. You’ve taken away the joy of feeling included, the joy of every single disabled player, the joy from every single remote living player. Start listening to your users Niantic, do better, stop the discrimination.Version: 0.203.0

The WORST customer serviceI recently contacted customer service to report candy going missing and they completely denied my experience of this and said they couldn’t reimburse without screenshots. As if I would have known candy would disappear before I evolved my Pokémon. I’ve had this game for years and spent money buying items throughout, this was the first time I’d ever contacted them and nothing. Apparently they can check to see if I have spent it, which I hadn’t, but can’t see how much I had and won’t replace missing candy because the game was designed for this not to go missing. Well, I am telling you, it had. Any player knows the struggle of saving candy to evolve, we’re all acutely aware of when we only have a couple left to go. Honestly, it was so disappointing the back and first it’s left me wanting to delete the game. No more money or data from me, bye..Version: 0.267.1

Depression simulatorSame glitches every single day, constant disconnections in raids and the battle league, every new update is broken somehow, uninteresting gameplay PvM wise as it’s all just a dps check, most things are paywalled or require absurd, boring grinds to achieve and the advertisement for the game is completely fake. I could get more from throwing money at the game than walking could ever get me, interacting with other players is impossible unless you are willing to go out and meet complete strangers and approach them about the game, anyone you connect with internationally is essentially pointless. All the events are copies of one another with new Mon’s thrown in, nothing inventive or new, app is unstable and they just want your money, bad game. Just spent 6 months doing a research for a Celebi that is bad for everything in the game, can’t train it like you would in regular Pokémon, you just have to deal with it on your account forever, game is genuinely trash. Same review has been at the top of the list for years now, Apple clearly trying to do GO favours.Version: 0.279.3

#HearUsNianticListen to your players. What you’re doing April 6th and still choosing to ignore all of your trainers is low. I’ve enjoyed this game thoroughly for its run but after this I’ve chosen to delete the app until some sort of change occurs..Version: 0.265.0

Always fails to deliverHad a long break from the game and picked it up again while I was travelling Japan in March 2023. Haven’t played again since. Likely would have attended the London event being based not too far away, however Niantic picked a venue half way between Brixton & Croydon, two areas of London I don’t ever go to due to the high poverty and crime rate. Then, I got a notification telling me of tripple XP for catching axew, login, place a lore, use an incense and then the game stops working, then while trying to login it fails. This people, is one of the reasons Niantic have failed. 1) quality has always been very poor, 2) became pay to ‘collect’ rather than the original premise of the game of some Pokémon being rare, that genuinely made the game fun having to chase down nearby Pokémon, as soon as you could buy them, or tickets to events where you’d get Pokémon, or they were released in waves of easy to obtain events, the game died. 3) every live event and global event have been unmitigated disasters. Pokémon go, could have been great. When it launched everyone was playing, it was only though niantics incompetence that Pokémon go has got to the point it is in today and why, the game will ultimately fail, and be one of the few Pokémon related games to do so..Version: 0.273.1

Amazing and terrible at the same timeNeeds urgent quality of life changes. Needs the cost of in app purchases lowered 5 quid to catch a Pokémon? No thanks. Take the limits off of daily battles and free in person raids. Raids in particular are basically dead content at the moment. The pvp battles are riddled with frustration that need not be there. There is no information about there game inside there own game. You need to download a third party app to understand anything. There is no official guide and a lot of old/misinformation. The game could have a breath of life blown into it and be released as Pokémon go 2 without much cost to them but it looks like they’re happy milking a few die hard fans. Atleast update the information about specific Pokémon in the game, there attacks, speeds, damages and what these things actually mean and how they operate within the game itself as Pvm and pvp. The games a joke to be honest. It’s lowered the brand image of Pokémon but they don’t seem to care because only die hard fans are left on it..Version: 0.265.0

VERY big problems recentlyAlright so when the regidraco elite raids happened, most people who were actually able to participate in them had a terrible experience due to the servers being all messed up or something. They’re jacking up the prices of remote raid passes and increasing rewards for in person raids so that people will get out more ONLY so that they can get more money from the location data they get from you. Now they’re making the regilikie elite raids happen happen on Easter Sunday of all days. Money hungry devs, terrible events, and just overall is being completely destroyed by niantic. 8/10 when I actually enjoyed it, 3.5/10 right now..Version: 0.265.0

Harder to prove your identity to than a bankWhen you get hacked and locked out they ask you 20 questions you have to answer all correctly otherwise you lose your account forever. Too bad if you can’t remember the exact number of poke coins you have or simply don’t know because you had Pokémon in gyms before losing access. Doesn’t matter if you have heaps of proof like receipts, access to your campfire, list of devices previously logged in. Nope, it’s not enough. Not even enough to have a back up sign in option incase you lose access to one which is exactly why they tell you to link serveral accounts. My Facebook was hacked and disabled meaning I could no longer log in with it but that’s okay because I had it linked to my Apple ID! Nope because it didn’t work. The account apparently didn’t exist. Have to answer all questions correctly which is pretty discriminatory for those of us with bad attention span and bad memory! I reckon it’s a scam because they know no one will remember the answers to all questions and so we lose all our progress and money spent over the years. Absolute rip off. I’ll be spreading the news. Don’t tell me it’s for security reasons. Proof of identity and Apple ID receipts should have been enough. Imagine if the bank asked me to remember the exact amount of money in my accounts, when I opened the account, if I’d ever changed accounts and on what date etc. You are not more secure then a bank so don’t tell those lies. Not even the option to complain 👎🏽.Version: 0.291.2

Great game but...Great game but you need data or wifi to play and some people only have limited access to data and can’t spin Pokestops from home. Also, there should be Poké Centers like in the main series games or at least make it more common to find potions and revives cause I love battling but it’s hard to do so when you only have Pokémon that are super low in cp still alive. Also I should mention that I found a shiny Roselia and had no poke balls so I think they should give you Poké balls when you find a shiny and don’t have poke balls or at least give you a way to keep the shiny where it is so you can catch it later. A Nd my freind code is 4505 6927 4190 so invite me to a raid sometime.Version: 1.153.2

Ridiculous Catch rates and terrible RNG for raid star level pokemon.I have been grinding the primal kyogre and groudon this week and have done 30+ in person, some include in person and some remote raids. I often do raids with my friend and every single raid we have done they have gotten 3 star legendaries and I have gotten 2 star Pokémon. My account is clearly glitched because it’s honestly becoming a bit of a joke. What’s the point of paying for micro transactions for remote raids when you know you will only get 2 star legendaries ? The game has also frozen multiple times when raiding and I just end up looking my raid pass. The company has become too money focused and stopped caring about the community and making it fun for everyone. Please fix ! And also revert back to previous catch rates. Why make it harder to catch Pokémon ? What benefit is that to anyone but yourselves for micro transactions ? When catching these legendaries I have hit over 12 excellent throws in a row and still not caught the Pokémon. Why make it so hard to catch something that we have paid money to remotes catch ? Seems like you are wanting to scam people. Would appreciate a follow up..Version: 0.279.3

Increased prices ruined the gameThe game designers ruined the game by increasing prices for remote passes. I don’t have access to raids before of my location and work scheduling. I only have access to raids with raid passes and can now lo longer afford to participate in this part of the game. Many people in my community are upset with this change and many will be deleting their game with this isn’t resolved..Version: 0.265.0

Going DownhillHad I rated this game 6 months ago I would have easily given it 5 stars. But the game has done nothing but fine downhill since. They continue to raise prices on remote raid passes, which for people who don’t have 5 friends they can easily meet up with, is the only way to road successfully for legendaries. They attempted to add the Campfire App (also a Niantic company) however it only leads to a download link and once you download it, you receive a message that says you have to be invited to the app, talk about useless. There’s no way to contact other players which continues to boggle my mind as this a community centric game, the game would benefit greatly from being able to ay least message friends and nearby players. Also, the region specific events are so demoralizing, if you want to take part in special events and obtain special pokemon, you have to be fortunate enough to live near the selected city, or spend money to go to Vegas? I don’t think so. Living near Baltimore I pretty much anticipate never having an opportunity to take place in such an event. Lastly, the game lives to log me out randomly for no reason. Overall the game is good, runs fairly smoothly and they continue to add more Pokémon, I just wish the prices for raid passes was fair and for more community based events that everyone can participate in..Version: 0.265.0

So disappointedI really loved this game as I found many great friends while playing. It helped a lot during the pandemic (being stuck inside). Now you are crippling the remote raiding and because I live in a remote location it’s hell trying to play now. Be happy with my money because you’re not getting any more..Version: 0.265.0

Boycott the remote raid price hike:)I’ve played this game since the second day it came out. It was always a great way that my friends and I would hang out, we’d raid, do community days, etc. For years, in high school and even through college! And Niantic made remote play so easy to do when Covid hit. But it is slowly turning into a pay-to-play game and much less remote-friendly. It feels like every other week they hike up the prices in the shop and nerf the remote aspects of the game. I know the initial purpose of the game was for everybody to get out and play, and it really did build a sense of community, and when we were in school, that was a great thing for us to do after school and on the weekends. Now we work, have moved away, etc, and the only way we can really play together at all is remotely (doing raids, sending gifts). But if you open any gifts, you get 7k eggs you can’t delete (and more than likely do not want) and if you want to raid remotely, you’ll soon have to pay more than $1 per raid and soon there will be a limit on how many you can join per day? RIP anybody who works during an event/can’t get their friends together/ doesn’t live near their pogo community. If you’re a rural player? Don’t bother. And a lot of research tasks and rewards are being put behind paywalls now. Wanna play at home? Too bad, incense doesn’t work if you aren’t moving “fast enough.” This game was my favorite thing for a long time- years- but it’s driving away a lot of people like me..Version: 0.265.0

#hearusnianticI already go outside and raid in person to use my free pass. Why not have more incentives to get more people to raid in person instead of crippling remote raids. The only time I raid more than 1-2 times is when a new shiny legendary comes out or there’s a raid event. Once again niantic’s data is skewed because the last few raid bosses are repeats. They won’t make it easier to find people raiding. They think everything is the same like in 2017, people have split into their own little groups and are multiaccounting and spoofing, splitting the community. Niantic thinks these people would want to help me raid. Petrol is more expensive now. People have seen how working from home is so much better than commuting to work. Raids are the same. I don’t have to drop whatever I’m doing just to drive 10 minutes away to wait for enough people to show up. I like inviting people from other timezones to raid when there aren’t many people raiding, like in the morning or when most people are at work. I thought elite raids is a way to meet the community and now Niantic want this done most of the time because we got too many legendaries? Who’s gonna benefit from this? Multiaccounters, spoofers and whales. Is niantic gonna do anything about the spoofers?.Version: 0.265.0

It’s okThe game play is fun when it actually works. However I’ve found that almost every time I’ve tried any of the interactive features like any battle, trade, or opening gifts the app shuts down. I can win a battle then right before it says you win it kicks me out of the app and It counts it as a loss and that’s if I can even get to that point presuming it doesn’t kick me out half in a battle (but it doesn’t end the battle).Also I live in a rural area so the closest poke stop is 5.4 km away and the closest gym is like 15 km away..Version: 1.151.0

Niantic doesn’t care about you!This used to be a great game. But now the game is super glitchy and Niantic nerfed remote raiding and nearly doubled the cost if the passes. I guess that they want people to get out and read in person again but they forget that a lot of people don’t have that option because they lack gyms, or other trainers or they have other limitations that prevent them from getting out. That’s really too bad..Version: 0.265.0

Ignorant & punishing playersNiantic do not listen to the community about how they play or interact with the game. Instead of incentives, they’ve nerfed lots of features and basically punished and made it exceedingly clear that rural, disabled players or players unable to play with other people are NOT WELCOME. And that if you do stay you will be charged DOUBLE and get LESS rewards. Despite many outcries and dozens of false promises to improve they have lied and spat in the face of players. They have no respect for the community and won’t listen to feedback about their countless terrible decisions. Basically if you don’t live in the heart of a busy big city and are not able bodied and don’t work specific hours where you won’t see you family NIANTIC DONT WANT YOU PLAYING and will go out of their way to make it as hard and awkward as possible whilst rinsing you for money. More and more decisions lately have also been very obviously “CHARGE THE PLAYERS MORE GIVE THEM FAR LESS” and it’s been incredibly obvious, they treat the community like idiots. Like we haven’t played for over 6years. This last year and a half Niantic have become increasingly hostile towards the community as if they are a dictatorship. But they’re so out of touch with the community and realising people play this game for Pokémon NOT them. AVOID until they backtrack on disgusting ableist and community changes.Version: 0.265.0

Prioritizing profit over playersThe effects of inflation affects everyone, but this does not justify a 1.5x to 2x price increase to access the game’s premier feature of raids. RIP remote play..Version: 0.265.0

Love the game, not the bugs.I absolutely love this game and really appreciate the developers putting in all the hard work to make the game more accommodating during self-isolation. Unfortunately there seems to be a couple of bugs that are quite annoying. The first is my friends list automatically scrolls back up after sending someone a gift. You have to keep manually scrolling down after closing each friend to get to the next one. The other bug I’m running into is when I open a mystery box alongside incense, rather than tell me I can’t run both at the same time it just opens another incense and stacks the time on top of what was already remaining from the initial incense. Finally, I’m not keen on the proposed lower rate of coins earned per minute at the gym. You end up having to take over 3 gyms to earn coins at the same rate currently. Not exactly conducive to self isolating if you have to go to additional gyms. I hope this just isn’t a potential money grab by the developers to have people buy more coins than rather earn them in these difficult times..Version: 1.141.0

Inconsistent and unequalAt first I would have given a 4* rating, however now I begrudgingly rate it a 1*. Disproportionately to my spend on for example egg hatches; my total of 4244 vs partners 1640, have not yielded many quality or shiny Pokémon. When it comes to catch or special events counts it’s much the same. So out of frustration and a feeling of falling behind you spend some more....and some more... without results. Then there’s the unsporting cheaters that spoof and/or have multiple accounts... reporting them doesn’t seem to bring results, not only do they do better, they do better on their multiple accounts. There’s also been some really inappropriate individuals miss using the game as a bullying platform, who seem to do so for many months before they’re either stopped or move on to targeting someone else. Which makes both the game and enjoyment inconsistent. Furthermore, if you own the newer iPhone the PogoPlus doesn’t work, and if like myself (an invested level 40 player) you where forced to upgrade to a newer phone as Niantic no longer supported the old phones software, you may be forgiven for feeling cheated!.Version: 1.73.5

Pokémon’s downfall1 why on a earth would u up the prices on remote raid passes 2 only 300 Pokémon allowed and it costs 200 coins to have only 50 more spots I can’t afford that if I have to save up 195 coins for raid passes Now the game is only fun for the first few weeks u play and then it’s add because of these new changes Be better niantic.Version: 0.265.0

This game has seen better daysThe new updates to raiding is making it harder for regional players, from remote raid passes becoming more expensive and a cap on how many can be used per day all the way to some raids simply not accepting them. It feels like they will remove them at some point which will see a lot of players drop the game including myself, Covid would have peaked this games in-game purchases and now they would be plummeting. If you live in a city you may be able to still raid and “catch ‘em all” but if you live in a country town and can’t name 5-6 people who still play the game then good luck with Shadow Mewtwo. You would have better odds of someone at Niantic reading these reviews and changing things (which I’ve heard is pretty low odds) I think it’s pretty sad this is the way this game will die out, not because the players get sick of the game but because the games developer’s force regular players out. If you’re a die hard player reading this thinking I’ll never leave this game, think about what events will be scrapped after the game stops making as much money as it used to.Version: 0.273.3

Not Inclusive for the DisabledI have a lot of issues with PoGo. Rewards of every kind aren't as good as they used to be. Niantic gets greedier and stingier. Things are more expensive yet less quality. The time to play for community days has been drastically reduced, which makes it hard for anyone who has to work to get a chance to play. But my biggest issue with Niantic is there unfriendly attitude toward those who have limitations. They had made some great changes during COVID. Changes that not only helped everyone keep playing despite the pandemic but that also made the game more inclusive of those who struggle with mobility or are house bound. But over time, Niantic is removing those changes. They insist it's for the good of the game or their vision or other nonsense. But what it really boils down to is making the game very difficult to play for a whole demographic of the world's population. Incense is next to useless now. Remote raids are more expensive (and that really stings at a time of economic recession, which hits the vulnerable even harder) and you are punished for using them by getting less rewards than those who go in person. And other changes. They use all sorts of carefully worded language to try to make it sound like they're thinking of the good or whatever other excuse they use. But the truth is, that despite being made aware of how the changes effect some of our most vulnerable: They. Do. Not. Care..Version: 0.265.0

Go Battle LeagueThe delays and glitches that happen in the battle league are completely unbearable. I play this game a lot and really focus on the PVP side of things. Catching Pokémon that are useful for this, investing TONSSSS of stardust, and useful items such as elite charged TMs. This method is truly the only way to maintain some type of competitive nature against other top battlers out there. No issues with this algorithm, my issue comes in where you do all of this investing and preparing for a battle mode just to get subpar performance. I typically am a high ranked player so of course I go against other high ranking performers. One simple lag, one wrong move against these opponents are all it takes to lose a match even with a lead or switch advantage. Today alone I’ve lagged in 4 battles out of 20 sets and I’m connected to my wifi which is getting full strength and when I disconnect I have 3/4 bars of service. It’s not a service issue it’s a server issue and it’s needs to be addressed. I speak for all PVP battlers when I say I just want more balance games have glitches and I think we all get that, but it happens way to frequently and in a ranked system that your limited in the amount of battles played a day and one lost could be the difference in 3/4 wins which are the prizes most shoot for. You have released notes that this season fixes were to be prioritized but I have yet to see them. Let’s get the consumer taken care of and prioritize this issue!.Version: 0.197.1

Lag lag crash crash crash....Game is incredibly laggy and constantly crashes. Every time I open friends list CRASH, just looking through my Pokémon CRASH, try to submit support tickets CRASH, trying to trade CRASH about 10 times before can actually trade and game crashes during the trade. Devs seem to not care about fixing issues that have been in the game for years, if they do fix something they end up breaking it again in a future update. Game itself used to be about promoting health and fitness, now it seems to just be about nurturing unhealthy addiction through fear of missing out and locking content behind paywalls. There are so many other issues with this game and some of the decisions they make show that they very know very little about Pokémon in general. It’s an amazing idea for a Pokémon game, it could’ve been something incredible if the devs were semi competent or even just actually listened to feedback.Version: 1.141.1

:(Really disappointed by the changes that were made to remote raids..Version: 0.265.0

Very Frustrating.The distance reader is horrible, WALKED 20km today and it only counted 4.6km, seemed like my distance counter just froze. Should be Pokemon in more places other than just in Towns or Cities..Version: 1.113.1

DONT GET FRUSTRATED FIX YOUR GAME, NIANTICLook, if you’ve not started to play this, just save yourself the heartache. There is literally nothing more frustrating than the amount of times it crashes - and when. You spend coins on a star piece to get more dust when you finish a set of PvP battles - the game starts to crash repeatedly! The star piece lasts just 30 minutes and having to spend about 10 of those reloading this increasingly less and less stable game is an insult. Couple that with the gaslighting of being shown a “weak connection” warning while you are on high speed 5G connection is salt in the wound. They want access to ALL your data, geolocation and even you sleep patterns! And for what? The promise of the XL candy you need to be even remotely successful in the game - only to repeatedly have your walking distance lost into the ether every time there is a forced update. Oh? I did I mention that they increase the cost of the most popular items with no warning, coupled with a sudden, unannounced 60% price rise for coins, and you have the recipe for a game that will push you so close to smashing your phone that you’ll immediately sign up for Apple Care. Niantic steal your data, don’t improve the game, refuse to consider simple fixes such as regional servers for PvP, and even when they are caught making a mistake, give the most scant of all consolation gift. Genuinely, just play the real game and leave this monster alone..Version: 0.287.0

Save your moneyNiantic makes a TON of money off this game and yet the app has so many issues that they won’t or can’t fix. Would you buy a new car knowing the brakes would fail daily or the engine quits all the time? If you put money into this app then maybe you would. This is what Niantic is selling, a lemon of an app. Stop wasting your money on Pokémon GO and buy yourself something frilly..Version: 1.141.1

Fraud & Theft!! Horrible customer service!!I bought some pokecoins for my son and after the purchase went through they did not show up in the account. I called customer service and according to them I received them so they refused to add the coins to the account or to reimburse me for the purchase. I had to call my credit card company and report them for fraud and was reimbursed through them. This company is now being investigated by the Better Business Bureau and MBNA..Version: 1.139.0

Frequent Issues and P2P PressuresI’ve been playing this for years, and there have been consistent issues with things like the probability of catching a Pokémon frequently not actually improving with the use of berries or excellent cure balls. In fact, it’s more frequent to catch a Pokémon when NOT having an excellent, which is not how it’s advertised. There has been a growing push to get folks to pay to play (P2P), and some of the events, including the most recent PoGo Fest, really haven’t been worth what they’re charging. For $15, I expected way better than a quest line and rewards comparable to the $3 community day events. More transparency on what you get for your money would be fantastic, especially with the quests that offer different rewards for different paths. Overall, the game is fun to play, as long as you’re able to travel to spots where other people are playing and where there are gyms and pokestops. Allowing remote raids has given some opportunity for expanded gameplay, but remote raid passes frequently turn into another thing you need to P2P for. And, well, the ongoing refusal to remove the ban on being able to spin stops while moving (like we used to be able to do while riding the bus) is perpetually disappointing. I plan to continue playing, but it would be nice to see some of the long-standing issues fixed, and to stop feeling like every other weekend is a new money grab..Version: 0.205.1

Pokémon remote raid pass too expensiveI can no longer involve myself or my daughter can as you’ve raised the prices of remote raid pass. Why would you do that? As a game it isn’t costing you more as it’s an App/game… So why whack the price up of the one thing needed to involve any of us in the raids with friends or random people all over the world? I lost my husband and cannot afford any extras to afford remote raid passes. So straight away you’ve now stopped me and my daughter from playing this game together. Something we’ve done to take our mind off of losing my husband/her father. I live off £900 month inc of bills. I don’t get enough coins to be able to play PG like others as it is. Now the greed of your company has made it virtually impossible? We were going to come to Pokemon go live in London in April. We will end up getting raid invites all over the place probably. What is the point. Thanks for getting greedy and spoiling it for people that don’t get much to spend. Will probably end up wasting 5 years plus of playing this for what point exactly???.Version: 0.265.0

Needs more for long term playersGood and bad. People look forward to such good rewards and you give us “mewtwo” after all the hard work we went through to do ex raid battles. Back in the day when it was so hard to find a chansey, they’re just spawning everywhere. There is no challenge because we know what to expect. Make it more interesting and unpredictable because I know it’s not just me who is sick of all your rewards. 7 day pokestop rewards too. How about rare candy and not “upgrades”. Kudos on community days but what, aren’t you ever going to now have one for a swanky because they’re already out as a shiny?? Or growlithe? Or magicarp? I’m not even going to bother getting deoxys because yep, sure, there WILL be a way somehow. For people who started in 2016, what good are events like the frequent spawn of the manor region, other than few extra candies to add to my collection. Overall it’s fun, but people want more..Version: 1.89.2

It is not exactly a Pokemon gameI appreciate your creativity that turn people into a Pokemon world through smart phone. However this is not the Pokemon world that people know about Firstly, Pokemon fight with wild Pokemon or others people’s Pokemon to be more powerful, and evolve. Not by using Candy Secondary, Pokemon fight by choosing skill, not tap tap tap and tap Its all my personal suggestion. I still play but if this game change like the Pokemon world that people know about, I will be the loyal player of the game. Thank for listening.Version: 1.75.0

Account IssuesFirst off, I’m a huge Pokémon fan! Have been all my life. I got super far in my original account but then it wasn’t letting me buy stuff in the shop with my coins I had. So I figured I’d log out and go back in. Now it’s saying my password isn’t correct which I know it is. But then I requested an email to change it. They said it was sent but I never got it. I tried retrying and it said the link is active for 48 hours. Does that mean I’ll get the email within 48 hours or I have 48 hours? I tried using a made up email just to see what would happen and they said there’s no account on there with that email. Just wanted to be sure the email wasn’t a problem. So why is it not allowing me to change my password by sending me an email?? Also I made a second one just for the meantime but on this one it won’t allow me progress with egg hatching and/or buddy Pokémon getting candies. I turned all settings on for allowing my location and all that. My battery saving mode isn’t on either. Aside from that, I can’t add friends. It said that it won’t load and to try again later. All I’m saying is that on my original account, everything was okay. I was even playing earlier this morning. Is there anything that can be done? I can’t even really get the full experience because the events have to do with my buddy getting candies and also hatching eggs. What can be done?? I’m just upset because I put so much time and effort into this all for this to happen....Version: 1.141.0

I can’t keep supporting this companyWhere do I even start? This game was once one of my favourite games to play on my phone. Now it’s so riddled with microtransactions that are SO pricey it makes your jaw drop. The player base keeps dropping and they for some reason keep marking prices up to the point where some cases cost $20-$40!!! For 30 pokeballs and a couple raid passes! Unacceptable. And now they just raised the remote raid passes to $2 for a single pass! I live in an area where nobody plays it so I’m forced to use remote raid passes. They used to be free every day or week then you had to pay a dollar. Now you have to pay $2. It’s ridiculously expensive to get into it now and it’s very anti consumer. I really liked this game but with the loss in players and rising prices it’s just not really worth it anymore. It’s still fun but you have to pay up to really enjoy this game. I can’t recommend this game to anyone in its current state. It’s clear they want to completely get rid of the player base but this isn’t the way. They ruined this game. Now that being said I can’t give it a 1 out of 5 because it’s still playable and fun, but with incense being nerfed so hard last year then this it’s so hard to play for rural players.Version: 0.265.0

It’s really good butIt says like I’ve made my character and everything and then it says are you done with finishing your character so I like yes but then it just says location not found so open up settings so I open up the settings and I turn location on so then I go back into Pokémon GO and then just says that the location can’t be found and I’m like yes I put everything on your Settings and allowed it but its not working so what should I do because I don’t know how to get into the game it’s just really hard because I keep on allowing it for my location but it was like you know haven’t found location and everything but I deleted the app well the first time I got on it arm it said do you want the location to be found and I was like no but then I realise that I had to so I deleted the app and got back in but then it like I made my account and everything is on Google and everything but I went back in and it said that the location was around and open it up and told you all of that but it just doesn’t work and says the location hasn’t been found so please help me with the app 🙁🙁😞😞😞.Version: 1.171.0

Logging into the gamePokemon Go, has taken over my life since 2018, and I love it, so why the one star? Three words, logging in continuously! Every time I’m playing Pokemon go, I get logged out the day after because of WiFi, and it’s annoyingly hard to get back on the game, especially with the new update where it’s Pokemon trainer club and niantic kids! I just wished that they would make it so that you don’t have to take a super long time trying to log in again but get rejected every single time, and I wish you didn’t have to use WiFi to be able to play, because that would just log you out instantly and it won’t work when you restart either, So NiANTIC, for the people who love your game Pokemon go even me, please fix it so that you can log into the app and play without using Pokemon trainer club or niantic kids, and don’t keep it so that the game will reject you when you try to log in, but aside from all those problems the game is great and it’s animated in an amazing way! But seriously Niantic can you please fix the problems I just said, listen to the other reviews here and make Pokemon go a game for everyone else and me as well, and if not welp I’m deleting unless you fix these problems I have with the game..Version: 1.159.0

Getting worse and worse.My first rating was 4*. My second went down to 3* with a few suggestions. My last and final is 1* cos the game is now unplayable. It keeps crashing. Every time I take a gym then tap it to go back in and leave one of my Pokemon there it crashes. It happens randomly too sometimes when I catch a Pokémon it’ll crash with the poke ball sitting in the middle of my screen. And today I was wondering if it would work and it crashed in the middle of loading up! So I’m going to take it that this is the universe telling me to stop wasting my precious time on attention demanding apps and games that do nothing for me. Good bye forever Pokemon you are the first to fall to my techno-purge..Version: 1.61.2

ALL THOSE WHO WANT TO MAKE THE BATTLES FUNNERWe’ll Pokémon go has made GYM BATTLES? well really are they cool battles do they take Skill no , they take skill those gym battles. Any ways what I want in the gym battle S to get ... A BETTER VERSION LIKE INSTEAD OF TAPING THE SCREEN AND DOING NOTHING ELS BUT TAP ... IT SHOULD BE LIKE this ... you can have a strong Pokémon but the other player could have a lot more skill at battles like you could tell your Pokémon to jump in the air to dodge the enemy and also shot fire at the enemy Pokémon and like pikachu use IRON TAIL and PIKACHU DODGE , PIKACHU JUMP , PIKACHU DO SOME THING THAT MAKE ME NOT HAVE TO KEEP TAPING THE SCREEN AND NOT THINK ABOUT HAVING TO LOSE COZ MY POKÉMON IS STRONGER. and thank you for listening. Tell me when you have added it in the game then I’ll play Pokémon GO.Version: 1.65.3

Fun game bad companyI love Pokémon and playing Pokémon go but the lack of communication from Niantic is extremely upsetting. The recent changes to the game have stolen all of my motivation to play the game. Very disappointed..Version: 0.265.0

I love the game but customer support is limited and I’m having some serious progression issuesAll in all I love Pokémon go. I started playing when the game first came out and played for about a year. After that I stopped playing for a while and only played on occasion. I have recently reinstalled the game and have having a lot of fun again! All the new additions they have made since the launch of the app complement each other nicely to make it a very fun and enjoyable gameplay experience. The only issues I am having is with the egg hatching and buddy Pokémon candy collection. No matter how much I walk my eggs are stuck in 0km meaning I am unable to hatch any of my eggs. This is the same for my buddy Pokémon. I have done all of the troubleshooting steps that are recommended. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice now to no avail. I have spoken with customer support after a full 24hours of waiting and they unfortunately were not able to help me. This is quite a major progression issue as eggs are a vital part of collecting new Pokémon and candy’s and I find them to be one of the more fun parts of the game. Other than that I really love this game..Version: 1.161.0

Frustrating Customer ServiceCurrently customer service does not provide adequate support. During and shortly after go-fest, I was invited to multiple mobile raids but got flat kicked out after all my Pokémon fainted. I couldn’t get back in. If the timer hadn’t expired and I was able to get back in, it burned a second pass. This glitch cost me at least 6 mobile raid passes which I had purchased with money (not coins from raiding.) I bought more because I wanted to have fun with my friends and not let it ruin my time. Later when I contacted customer service I got reimbursed for 1 pass. One. That’s it. They blamed it on a “visual glitch” saying the pass was still there, but it wasn’t. My inventory never got reset, the passes just disappeared. Even after closing and logging out. They know the system is buggy and people are getting gypped out of things they purchased but don’t seem to care. Everyone I play with experienced the same issues and only half of us have received any sort of refund. Also: (yea I know it’s petty) character customization. There’s lacking color variants for even the basic items, you can’t choose between long or short hair. Every male/female looks the same but with a different skin tone. We’re 4 years into this game and you can have blue, yellow, green, white, purple or 3 different shades of brown hair ... but no RED. (Give me my stupid red hair!!!).Version: 1.149.0

Bugs......Do you test your updates before publishing them? I think not because the game has more and more bugs. the pokemon go plus no longer react under ios 11 and the application crash very often..Version: 1.45.0

PokéBall doesn’t connectThe game itself is great and I love all the updates since I last played about a year or so ago. However I was given a PokéBall Plus and it worked perfectly fine the first two days but now it fails to connect to the app every single time I try. It recognises it in the “Paired Devices” part in Settings, just not when you attempt to connect it via the map screen (using the PokéBall icon in the top right corner).Version: 1.123.0

Make Pokémon go great again.Been playing since 2019 started off amazing but has just rapidly gone down hill since then, Pokémon make enough money from the game as it is but constantly trying to make more and give less rewards. I’m not surprised that the player base has dropped so dramatically. Plus the system doesn’t even work now for example I hatch normally five, 5km eggs a week but won’t get the 25km bonus? Or I’ll make excellent throws and it not work? Frustrating when you make challenges to do excellent throws and still doesn’t even work. You have to grind a lot as it is with the game and just feels like it’s getting even harder but no incentive for it! It’s sales strategy at its worst! Hence why they introduced “tiny” and “huge” Pokémon now! It’s just to fill up your storage so you have to buy more! Such a shame that a great franchise with a great following only cares about the money..Version: 0.281.2

Horrible raid boss catch rateI have done so many raids where I get a majority of excellent throws and the raid boss still couldn’t get caught. Terrible rng.Version: 1.159.2

Sad day for the remote communityVery unimpressed with the recent remote raid price hikes and nerfs.Version: 0.265.0

New update disappointingIn the previous versions transferring and evolving Pokémon was easy and quick to do. I'm annoyed with the new update, when you transfer a Pokemon, you are automatically scrolled to the top of the Pokemon in your bag, rather than remaining in place. Before the update I could transfer a Pokémon and the app would leave me on the same pokemon number in my bag. Now you have to constantly scroll back..Version: 1.57.5

Adventure sync popups make the game unplayableEvery time I try to log in I get multiple pop ups that cannot be closed and require me to exit the app in order to close anything. The pop-ups are saying that I have to sign up for adventure sync but I cannot afford do to this because my phone is old and letting the GPS run in the background drains the battery within a couple hours but I’m out all day and need my phone in case of emergency. The requirements that I either have to let Pokémon go track me anywhere and everywhere I go at all times OR anytime I open the app I have to go through the process of following the prompt to “setup” adventure sync off app, then leaving the new window back to pokemon, then getting redirected again, then closing the redirect link, then finally getting into the game only to have to deal with more popups quite frankly makes the game not fun and displeasing to open which discourages me to play. I have scoured every setting in the app and there is no way to deactivate this in my phone settings, app settings, in app settings, account settings, advanced settings, or any other options I can find. I’ve reached out to support to no avail and it’s getting to the point where I’m closed to uninstalling and simply stopping playing but wanted to give everyone else the heads up first, if you have an old device or cannot afford a new phone and/or extra battery packs please know this game isn’t for you..Version: 0.293.1

Remote raid changes were the deal breakerI’ve been playing with my partner almost every single day since launch in July 2016. The improvements that happened during the pandemic made it so much more enjoyable to play. This also unexpectedly strengthened our connections with friends, especially those who moved out of state. I’ve stayed even with price hikes and niantic walking back some of the improvements. But the more recent changes have been a deal breaker. The bizarrely coupled price hike and cap on remote raids is so offensive on both a personal and community level. I can no longer coordinate remote raids, I don’t have the personal time to stop work at the drop of a hat to raid in person, and it’s unrealistic to expect the numbers needed for in person raids now a days. (Seriously, what pipe dream is Niantic mgmt having here?) More importantly, this has such a drastic impact on players with disabilities and/or who live in rural areas, who are more reliant on the remote raid system. I get the original mission of this game was to get people out and exercising, but missions are meant to grow as the needs of the community change and/or are better identified. This most recent experience has left such a bitter taste in my mouth that I’ve quit the game and I don’t think I can ever return to the game. I’m primarily talking about my experience here to make it clear why I uninstalled my app and support my fellow trainers who want to return..Version: 0.265.0

Meh can be WAY BETTERI am very fond of pokemon go like i still love it now its a really fun and enjoyable game to play with your friends. It encourages u to go outside and have fresh air which I think is good for a kid who loves gaming but doesn’t go outside nearly as much as doing so, so thats a good job but the reason i gave this a 1 star isn't because of the game its self but the company. The company has now lost Most of there player base because of the remote raiding feature. It was such a fun way to use your coins to get remote raid passes and get pokemon in raids u cant get in your exact location the remote raid passes used to cost 100 pokecoins which is the same as 2 days if u have pokemon in gyms which get knocked out after a day. They now increased it too like 180 which is 4 days of trying to get a Pokémon in your teams gym and wait each day to get a Pokémon knocked out of it. BUT thats not the only thing the company reduced the amount of raid passes a day to 5 a day which makes it 99% percent harder to get a shiny because shiny odds are 1 in 20 in legendary Pokémon raids so u have to get extremely lucky. My thoughts are the game is good the company can be 100% better and actually listen to their community.Version: 0.283.0

Buggy appFor the most part you better have good connectivity with your mobile device or you will experience the most frustrating lag at times when you are battling other trainers thru the new go battle league schematic. I have lost tons of battles due to not my skill level but the servers not being able to connect my Pokémon fighting the other trainers Pokémon. There are times where the Pokémon disappears or takes time for the servers to load the Pokémon on the map which delays the time frame of events like community days etc. if you carry an iPhone I don’t think this game will be any fun due to the lag and any other issues that come across over time. Even Samsung has trouble on occasion with the 5g connectivity in certain areas. The antennae’s on the iPhone are awful and are better used for taking pictures and just calls. But for games stuck with a Samsung note or the galaxy series to get a better experience. This game after four years in the making struggles to allow any fun for the user about 60% of the time. Playable only when poke stops are near by and if you are out and about. Absolutely unappealing due to the laggy servers and lousy deals from in app purchases. One star automatically until this issue is fixed which will never happen. There will always be crashes and laggy gameplay for more than half of the time playing. Also make sure you have the unlimited data plan so you can at least load the game..Version: 1.137.1

Pokémon GoThe game is very good it’s self, inspiring people to walk around and catch Pokémon. The thing that’s really letting it down is the battling feature. Essentially, there are two types of attacks: the fast attacks that you tap, and the charged attacks, which you can use after using a certain amount of fast attack. The problem with it is that different charged attacks take more or less fast attacks to use. The difference doesn’t sound like much but in battle it is very OP. I’ve fought some Pokémon that can release a charged attack after around 5 fast attacks. To put this into perspective, most Pokémon take around 15 fast attacks to make a charged attack. This means that it releases a powerful attach 3 times faster, and it can also run through your protect shields. If all Pokémon attacked at the same speed and the charged attacks took the same amount of fast attacks, then that would be much more equal. To make some Pokémon better, you could instead change the power of their attacks. If this was put into effect I would leave a 5-star review. Other than the battling the game is pretty much perfect, except from the fact that it takes quite a bit of battery life, which isn’t great considering it encourages you to walk around outside, without a charger, and using your (or someone else’s) mobile data..Version: 1.167.1

Decent game, but unless you spend real money you miss out on most thingsEven with max friend gifts daily, random free daily store gift you are veryyyyyy limited on what you can do playing this game for free. It is a fun game dont get me wrong but the battle system is very flawed and lazy, you could easily have every pokemon capable of 4 different moves AT ONCE like the Older but better pokemon games. Depending where you live you might not be able to see a poke center or gym or any buildings icons at ALL on your map while home so again certain people constantly have a advantage. Many glitches and modders on the game who can force you out of a battle and count 50 wins against you in 1 battle . Pokemon spawning system should be improved as well, and team rocket ballons are veryyyyy scarce . I hope they keep improving this game but really it just seems like most other phone games where its all about the money and very little actual quality and time put into making a good game, just a okay game that was super rushed and underdevoleped in EVERY aspect, not like any other pokemon game for evolving too? Whats up with getting rid of stones or having a inventory that is SOOoo limited you cant even hold 1 of every pokemon... suppppppper lazy. Please fix, i dony care if a game has to be 50 gigs or more, it should be quality, not rich kids auto advantage and free players play 10 times as long just to keep up..Version: 1.171.0

Pokémon go is OKI like Pokémon GO it’s very simple now very hard to use and it takes you out of all of the house and help his people to walk about and explore but the one thing I have problems with is that when I logged on for the first time I was at level one and then also I had a glitch and also I became level six on the red team even though I never chose that team the problem with this Pokémon go is that the team that develop the And the support system there is terrible because when I tell him about my issue they won’t even respond to my problem I was trying to tell him that I did not pick my team and they were saying that we can’t do anything about it once you pick your team there’s nothing that you can do I also try to reset my account with my new email and I didn’t do any good like I had really had issue with the login is your for Pokémon go and the support staff on that game was terrible they need to learn to have some Consideration about their customers if there’s a problem they should take the time and look into issues instead of just sitting on the automated discussions about what we need to know stuff like that the support system was really terrible in my case I mean the game is fine not gonna lie but the support system is terrible though tech-support for their game is terrible I even went to the website and didn’t do anything about it.Version: 1.99.2

Hear Us Niantic and The Pokémon CompanyI’m not sure who is responsible for the decision of limiting and increasing the price of the Remote Raid Raid passes on the Pokémon Go App. Whether it’s Niantic or The Pokémon Company who made the decision, it doesn’t matter to me! What matters to me is the fact that you thought it was humane to completely ignore the community when we spoke. We are the very ones that keep the future of “Pokémon” alive. Oh, did you think it was you who holds the future? If everyone stops play your game(s) what happens then? Yes I’m calling you out “The Pokémon Company” because I’ve owned and played every single Pokémon game since Pokémon Gold on Gameboy and then Nintendo DS and now the Switch, and have been a fan ever since. It’s loyal followers like us you are affecting and ignoring. You should be ashamed of yourselves, you should be ashamed to represent the dream that you’ve been thriving to create when the first Pokémon games came out back in 96! Are we not the most important resource to you? Don’t companies cater the products and services according to what their customers want or need? Why are you letting your own insecurities blind you? Keep it up, and see what happens to the future of this app and also possible endeavours which you seek so very much 🙄😒.Version: 0.265.0

Somehow niantic ruined a “fool proof” conceptPreys on addictive habits of its fans while raising prices, tracking and selling user data without listening to its fans and users. Niantic really messing up a golden goose..Version: 0.265.0

Niantic getting greedy1) you made incense impractical 2) you ruined community DAYS 3) lowered rare candies from raids 4) changed 3 remote raid passes from 250 coins to 300 5)removed remote raid pass from 1 coin bundle I’ll be taking a break until you solve these issues..Version: 0.203.0

Terrible game.The item storage is awful, and needs constantly upgrading, just to carry more, not only that, but it barely even upgrades by much. Having to upgrade your Pokemon storage to?. Even cosmetics for your character cost, and a lot to. Trading with players, ends up costing you the EXP required to level your Pokemon, what kind of joke is that? Catching Pokemon. can be more frustrating then it is worth, especially when they go up in CP. Upgrading Pokemon in this game, is really, really bad. It is literally a nightmare, just upgrading one Pokemon, even a Weedle, can end up costing a fortune. Leveling up your character is awful, it can take days, just to go up 1 level, even more later. This game does not have to cost you money, but it will definitely make your life much, much harder, if you do not. For a Pokemon game, it is far too frustrating to play. I would not recommend this game, especially to children. I would like to also note, the combat in the game, is also incredibly bad, with the A.I. being able to respond much quicker. To make things worse, when the game recommends a team, I normally ended up getting recommended to use weaker Pokemon, that would just end up losing. Just buy the cards, or play the offical games, because this is not worth it, especially in the long run..Version: 177.3

Standards have fallenThe in-game purchases are getting too expensive and you get less from them. It’s like the developers are trying to squeeze all the fun out of the game. The remote passes were the only thing that made it possible for me to raid at all, but now they are too expensive, so I can’t do that anymore. Recently, every event comes with a hefty amount of glitches too - I haven’t been able to battle, whether in the go battle league, the gyms, or against go rockets, for days. Events are badly written, with subpar rewards and uninteresting stories. I used to love this game. I play it when I go for walks, and it motivates me to keep moving. It practically kept me sane over lockdown. But right now, with the way it has been tracking, I would not recommend this game to anyone. The developers are not listening to their user base and are therefore causing players to become disillusioned and unengaged..Version: 0.267.1

Changes1) bring the incense back to how it was during the first few years of the pandemic. 2) the price for the bundle of 3 remote raid passes has increased to 300 coins. While, a single still costs a 100. I have also read that they are possibly getting rid of the single remote raid passes in the shop. 3) bring back the 1 coin pack that had a remote raid pass. No one has the money to keep forking over money to buy remote raid passes..Version: 0.203.0

2019 and the game is buggy plus cheaters ignoredAs a new player who just started playing in 2019 and with high hope of becoming a loyal customer / supporting financially, i am devastatingly disappointed with my experience. Just a few days into the game ive came across a very very obvious cheater using multiple level 40 accounts to attack / defend all gyms in the surrounding local area. first its unfair to the opposition teams, second HIS own teammates wouldnt be able to get a spot thanks to his selfishness. I tried and reported this a few times to Niantic only ended up getting ignored, not even a single acknowledgement email saying the matter is being investigated. And today my character suddenly stopped moving completely and i have submitted a support ticket and not yet answered as well. I am very pessimistic with the integrity of Niantic’’s T&Cs as it seems they dont care about their own policy and the customers either. And i checked this with a few pokemon go communities in social media and they said dont bother, thousands of people have tried but Niantic doesnt do anything about it. So yeah my suggestion, if you want to play this game casually for free, then go for it. but dont get your hope up and dont even think to support niantic because they dont even care about you. I wonder if this review will get deleted by them also..Version: 1.125.2

Horrible developersThis game will keep bugs in the game (such as being unable to see team go rocket stops at a distance) and WHILE not fixing active bugs they will go ahead and instead nerf other aspects of the game that the entire community loved. They don’t care about the community at large, don’t download this waste of time.Version: 0.265.0

Things need changing…I’ve been playing Pokémon since 2018. I’m not too fond of the campfire app allowing people to chat; there is no privacy anymore, it’s now too easy for predators to get to women and children and see their locations and it’s now too easy for people to cheat on one another. Too easy for people to be bullied and singled out. It’s no longer just about Pokémon anymore. It’s now more about people “connecting” in not just a positive way but also a negative way then it is just playing a game quietly to ourselves. I don’t particularly appreciate how we can’t change our usernames however many times we would like; I wouldn’t say I like how we can only change hair colours and we cannot change the hairstyles. I have been gifting with my partner daily for 3 years and we have not yet gone lucky friends, yet he goes lucky friends with other people he rarely sends/receives gifts from constantly. Can you please make some changes, like letting us change our usernames whenever we feel like it to keep us safe when we are then bullied or stalked by someone so we can at least protect ourselves a little bit. Can there be some kind of family team set up in the friends list so families can have better luck trading and becoming lucky friends with each other? Can’t this at least be a little bit fair to some people?..Version: 0.277.3

Annoying as HELLThis game was perfectly fine back in like 2020, but now y’all messed up. everything is becoming so expensive. inflation doesn’t apply to digital in-game currency niantic. can’t even catch most of the cool legendaries now because they are only available in in-person raids and the only people i know around here who play aren’t enough to beat those strong pokémon. it’s like they’re doing this just to spite us i swear..Version: 0.265.0

They don’t listenThe community would like communication between producer of game and player of game, sad to see that it doesn’t happen.Version: 0.265.0

Needs fixesI enjoy playing daily but the game still needs fixes. The raid system is pretty bad, its very difficult to coordinate with people via remote passes without some kind of in game communication system. Yes there are chats outside of the game you can do but its not fun having to flip back and forth to ensure people are communicating or else a raid pass is wasted. Even in person you still need to back out and rejoin a couple times just so everyone can get in. The battle system is just not fun either and i feel forced to play it due to the massive amount of rewards it offers. I try to enjoy it but it gets frustrating especially with the occasional lag that can lose you games. The gym defender system also needs work as its a difficult way to build up coins. Even if you enter one pokemon in a gym per day its unlikely you will always get your daily 50 coins because the maximum of 50 coins and the possibility of getting kicked out is much too high, or the possibility of never getting kicked out and receiving your coins several days latee, possibly on a day where you were already getting your coins that day anyways. Edited this review years later and the exact same problems still exist. They've been raising prices of items and removed the free weekly pass. The store has been offering poorly valued boxes these days.Version: 0.249.2

Excellent game concept, poorly deliveredPokémon is always a success, but this game is what happens when disaster capitalism meets a brilliant franchise. In three and a half years playing I have never felt the developer (Niantic) cares about anything other than money. Updates are frequent and untested, often leading to disastrous results negatively affecting gameplay. The support team are as useful as a ham sandwich is to a vegan 30,000 miles away. The Pokémon brand is what keeps this game going, were it not for the nostalgia many thirty-somethings have for their childhood this would’ve never been a success. Niantic’s other (failed) projects demonstrate their overall capability at delivering enjoyable games. .. thank God The Pokémon Company has had some say over this one or it would’ve been an even bigger disaster. Aside from the financial benefit I imagine TPC wish they’d never got involved with this **** show. 1 star because this game could be so much better and Niantic have zero interest in legitimate feedback. If Hanke spent as much time concentrating on quality gameplay instead of fantasising over AR functionality (that everyone immediately disabled) this game could easily generate twice as much revenue and prove far more sustainable. Instead we’re stuck with a square peg constantly attempting to be shoved into a round hole..Version: 0.291.2

Frustrating glitchesI would rate game higher if it wasn’t for the constant glitches, like walking down the road and it comes up with you are moving to fast, or worse same message while sitting on park bench and you can see your avitar running around lost on screen. Often has network error when in full mobile service, the worst is just win a hard battle and network error loose the progress but still have to heal/revive the Pokémon ive used.Version: 1.127.1

TrappedHello! How has your day been, whoever is reading this? So, Pocket Monsters G.O was built for walking around the Earth, right? Well, that’s what makes Quarantines the worst possible situation for any player. You can still hatch Eggs, but A slow rocking in your chair won’t do much. Another pet peve I have is that if you are of the age where your parents don’t let you leave the house on your own (Thanks, Mum and Dad, for caring about my safety!), then getting Pokecoins and spinning stops is impossible. A little nugget of information: You can only earn Pokecoins by selecting A Pocket Monster to defend A gym. Something that is not possible when you can’t get close (Unless A certain miracle happens where A satellite misreads your device’s location and gets your Avatar right next to A Gym.). The problem with this game is that it was made for A specific group of people, and doesn’t really allow for AtHome Gameplay. But, hey, that’s not A reason to not install this game! If you find A Friend online, then you can get Gifts from them, each day! Just don’t play the game if you are restricted to your home, wherever that may be. Have A good day, reader! Oh, and one more thing: I hope there’ll be a sell items option in the future that gives A varying amount of Pokecoins depending on the item sold, and how many items sold. Seeing as A lot of items are just 100 Pokecoins, maybe make it 0.1 Pokecoins per Pokeball, or something. Toodles!.Version: 0.253.1

Good game but bug filled *updatedStill filled with bugs and customer support is a flat out joke. Mostly automated even when it claims to be a person. They don’t try to fix the issue just send some text to you with some basic fix that fixes most issues. If you have a real issue then good luck with a fix. I have been playing Pokémon since blue and red. I have been playing Pokémon go on and off since launch. The game is obviously fun cause it’s Pokémon in real life. Not a huge fan of the simplified Pokémon of Pokémon go but I am used to it by now. The app is buggy and the developers don’t list all the bugs the community knows they have. That is my biggest issue. And instead of fixing problems they just try and give you a raid pass or some item and say they are working on it. The biggest problem is their customer service. This is my opinion but if you have a concern you get to talk to a bot. There is no customer service department. Niatic makes way too much money not to offer some real customer support. If you are a Pokémon fan or a fan of collecting you will enjoy this game. But you will eventually be so frustrated by the bugs that you will quit. If it wasn’t Pokémon and if it wasn’t integrated with the main games I would have stopped a long time ago. I am only here because it’s Pokémon. Niatic is a smart business and makes a lot of money off of us. The least they could do is listen to the community better and offer true customer service..Version: 0.205.1

ReviewOk so I would have rated it 5 stars if t weren’t for one thing that happened to me. Before a certain update (I don’t know which one) the game was perfectly playable and fun, but now I can’t even play properly as when I try play it just freezes, goes black and closes itself. In the description it says that it is compatible with IPhone 6, but that’s not the case for me..Version: 1.165.0

Getting better, but...What happened with this latest update?? When delete, change a mon's name, or evolve, it brings you back to the top of list... Every time!! This version is not usable to do anything w the mons you've caught already. Please fix asap!!.Version: 1.57.5

Niantic deleted my original 1* review**I’m taking the effort to re-write this review because Niantic deleted my original 1* review. If only the my spent as much time fixing the issues in the game as they did being petty the game would not be in the mess it is now** It pains me to have to give a poor review to a game I have played since launch, and loved but it has been ruined by a clueless, tone-deaf developer who have only succeeded because the game has the Pokémon franchise attached to it. Niantic continues to release new bugs, ironic that these are the only new things they seem capable of releasing, never addresses the issues, and rarely apologies for the poor experience it causes. The recent changes to remote raids have severely affected rural players and suburban players who cannot do in person raids even if they wanted to. Niantic is determined to move back to 2019, when the world has clearly moved on. I wish they would be honest and state the reason for this is that they want to collect user movement data instead of this smokescreen or “communities playing together” - if they really believe this, why don’t they add features to encourage it???.Version: 0.265.0

Good game but many fixes.OK so first of all I would like to say is a great game plus there’s many problems with it. My first problem is that you have to pay for everything in the shop instead of earning points but I have played for about three months now and I haven’t a single coin and it is really annoying to have to pay money to be able to get more poke balls and revives. Another problem is that a lot of times when I go to a PokéStop and spin it, it won’t let me collect anything, and will tell me to please try again later even though I already tried but it didn’t give me anything. One of my last two problems is that I hate how you run out of poke balls so quickly because then the only way to get more is to buy with money, or go to a poke stop for only 3 poke balls, which gets really annoying at times. One of my last problems with this game is, I don’t like having battles that all you can do is tap the screen I wish it was like that you could actually choose your move I could use and you can dodge other moves like a real Pokémon battle and I think that would improve the game much better. Just being able to tap the screen taking in every single shot is really annoying. Also the blocks don’t really seem very Pokémon, since in actual Pokémon battles you don’t really have a big screen in front of you blocking so I think it would be better if you guys let us be able to dodge instead of blocking..Version: 1.161.1

Worst game by an even worse developerOnce the nostalgia wears off you'll realize this is a bad game. Boring and repetitive. After catching 3000 pidgeys you finally find a rare pokemon but oh, after 27 pokeballs it runs away. Thanks. If Niantic didn't spend 6 months trying to stop people "cheating" *read - actually track pokemon in games because the developer thinks that being able to see where a nearby pokemon is, is cheating. And they're too focused on making money to actually produce an in game tracker that works. So you wander around aimlessly until you happen upon something by chance and it runs away. The worst. I would happily pay to win if a different company was developing it but Niantic have ruined the game beyond fixing..Version: 1.91.2

Crashinngggggg againOh my god...this game has started crashing every other time when i am in a raid battle..Version: 1.141.1

Pokemon go a no noThis game was great. It had a variety of ways to play, was responsible for reigniting many peoples interest in Pokémon and drawing new players to the franchise - unfortunately, as time goes by they have done more and more to hamper the experience for those still playing. The changes to remote raiding are the last straw in this regard. Instead of listening to their player base, they instead opt to punish those still playing by drastically increasing the prices on remote raid passes, as well as limiting the amount people can do per day. Rather than buffing in person raids to make them preferable to remote raiding, they instead ruin remote raiding in a shallow attempt to make in person raiding more desirable, What they fail to realise is the landscape of the game has changed. It’s no longer 2016 - packs of players aren't playing Pokémon go, moving from one gym to the next, raiding as they go along , The pandemic changed everything (and the popularity of the game was declining anyway). Now instead they opt to force people outside in a bid to secure user data (which is the real end game here). Hopefully it’s worth the loss of a large amount of the playerbase, because which company decides to screw over one of its core sources of revenue. In a carrot and stick approach, they chose the stick - and whilst the game might survive lots of players have moved on , I personally no longer play it and I KNOW I'm the only one . Powerslave1969.Version: 0.271.2

Needs work!Match making is still terrible can’t put you against higher odds which are completely against you to lose!! 😡 skill isn’t required to play it. all its takes is to have 2 Pokémon super effective against two of yours and your done for I’ve lost 10 in a row due to bad match ups. When you press charged attack and spam the hell out of it the opponent gets it much quicker even though his attacks are slower lol plenty of times where I’ve done 1500 battles and I lose due to bad connection resulting me losing a match. I’ve had countless games where I’ve had charged attack sitting there pressed it first then the opponent used his two times in a row when I was pressing it every time makes sense doesn’t it lol. It lags every day without fail! Continuously pressing the screen to catch a Pokémon gets laggy doesn’t process to catching it, I have to refresh the game quadruple times a day. The raids are just ridiculous when you try getting shadow legendaries it’s near enough impossible to get an excellent due to them moving so much resulting you losing it and paying more to get another pass, you can get 10 excellent throws in a row miss two and it runs away it’s a complete joke. The amount of the same Pokémon’s they bring out half of them are the same as last times it’s gets boring and Tedious! The Concept of the game is different not like other games out there it motivates you to go outside and catch them.Version: 0.293.0

Lags. Lags. More lags.We walk to a gym, start battling in a raid, use all the best and brightest Pokémons we have. The game freezes about 60 seconds in and then it runs the timer down. You spend a whole bunch of time and turns out when the app “refreshes” again, the raid is over and we get nothing - no Pokémon, no rewards - nothing. Then off course you have to spend your resources trying to revive your pokemons. Worst thing is that there is no way to contact the help support or anyone to ask to at least give us the rewards of the raid that we were well on course to win or to at least not cost us our resources like raid pass or revives if we couldn’t battle the raid cause the stupid app froze!.Version: 1.141.0

Changes are making this game unplayablePokémon used to be a super fun game but I’ve had to change my once 5* rating to 1* and thinking about quitting. I used to spend about $30/month but won’t be spending another dime. Some of the they’ve made recently: - Gotten rid of 1 coin bundles which include a free remote raid pass - Reduced community day hours from 6 to 3, so many people will be unable to play during this short timeframe (Why? How does this cost them Money?) - Increased the price of remote raid passes - Decreased the frequency Pokémon spawn with incense (Again why? No one wants to buy them anymore now which loses them money) - Lowered legendary rates from GO Battle League - Lowered rare candy rates instead of increasing as promised At this rate many people have opted out of playing. Why bother?.Version: 0.203.0

Started off great BUT…Playing this game started off fun and great but after the latest update my Pokémon is bugged. Suddenly my candy numbers have dropped without me evolving them, my stardust seems to have gone missing too. Fighting team rocket is buggy because it tells me to choose Pokémon that aren’t great against them. Also the tasks making us do all this work and then rewarding us with a pikachu with balloons. I’m sick and tired of seeing that yellow mouse..Version: 0.203.0

Horrible gameI used to love this but since they raised the price of the remote raid passes I lost all respect for the game. Now the game is not friendly to play for everyone, it’s a pay to win game🙄.Version: 0.265.0

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