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WonderfulAble to keep up to date with vehicle charging and many other features. Can check if properly charging. Can see stats of charging..Version: 4.27.1

UpdatesEvery time I open the app it always makes me update it, then when I open the App Store it says it’s already updates Please fix !!.Version: 4.27.1

ReviewGreat app 10/10 But if I had to be really picky I would love to control heater settings on it also - future update ??🔥😎.Version: 4.25.0

My UteMy base model Ranger has everything that I need plus more. Bad side is there are exposed wiring harnesses that could have been hidden.Version: 4.27.1

Nice but could be betterI really appreciate this app. Two things I would like to see improved is 1. the time it takes to see the location of my car is too long. 2. See the lock status of my doors. But overall it’s a good app. The “no key” feature is awesome. Wish this could be enabled on more than one phone though..Version: 4.27.1

Enhancements RequestOverall I like the app, it’s really cool to have an app for this in general and I like a lot of the features it has such as locking doors, starting vehicle, tire pressure and mileage. Please enhance in the following way: -entering vehicle details should be by swiping, I don’t want to swipe to add a new vehicle, people generally do that once -I want to be able to swipe down to refresh my vehicle details, app wise that is pretty standard and much more user friendly than trying to push that little button that you can never tell if it took your touch -also would be nice to see a status of door locks outside of when you lock them from the app -would be nice to have a notification if the doors were unlocked when the fab is not next to the vehicle, like if you bumped the unlock button on the fab in your pocket without knowing -is there anything on the app that will notify you if your alarm is going off or anything relating to security? Thanks much!!.Version: 4.22.1

Ford App easy to useI’m finding the Ford app easy to use and the remote start feature more practical than I expected..Version: 4.27.0

Excellent AppFirst time having the ability to use such an App and it is great. I am still waiting for my EV wall charger, so can’t comment too much on that. But it looks like it will be very useful. The only thing I would ask to be changed, is a clearer indication if the car is locked or not. Could the locked symbol turn green when locked and the unlocked symbol turn red when unlocked?.Version: 4.32.1

Remote lock/unlockTeam the app is great. Not sure if it’s possible would be great if there was a way when you are on the main screen on the ford app that shows lock/start/unlock if the car was locked that icon would be eliminated to show that it’s locked. Understand this might not be possible but other then that I love the app thank you. Regards Lenny.Version: 4.27.1

ReviewThe app is very poor, for a company like Ford, when I bought the marquee, I was promised bells and whistles. Unfortunately, these have not materialised The app is very basic for a car in this price range is very poor. Thank you for your response however it does not change the fact you have taken away features. Not added them again a very poor app for a car built with technology.Version: 4.27.1

Very good, would be nice if..This app is very good at what it does, works most of the time and probably more connection issues rather than app issues. Would be nice if provided the trip computers, or distance over last 24 hours maybe. Otherwise, great app.Version: 4.32.0

Sign in problemAfter the recent update I’ve had to sign in every time I’ve wanted to use the app. Almost like a one time password, I’d put in a password it would let me in for that time then wouldn’t let me in without renewing my password next time. Great app will still give 5 stars because I think you’ll fix this soon. Cheers Gunnie.Version: 4.31.2

Love the app but need more featuresI love the ford pass app but I feel there are some more features that could make it even better: - you can remote start the car but you still need the keys to drive. Would be great to use the phone as the key to drive - start up controls: it would be great to be able to when starting the car set things like, heated windscreen on/off, heated seats/steeringwheel on/off, set temperature, set destination from the phone which transfers to the car..Version: 4.32.1

Bells and whistlesWe are very happy with our 2022 Ford Everest EXCEPT for the annoying driver’s door chimes and the horn tooting when you walk away from the car with the keys. Is there any way to disable these?.Version: 4.28.0

Fantastic appLove this app and the ability to wake up my car before I get out for the day. Highly recommended 😊.Version: 4.25.0

Love my PumaI have received excellent and informative help on both occasions I have called. Many thanks. Heidi.Version: 4.32.1

Absolutely Incredible!Who would have thought we are able to stay in touch with current Oil & Fuel levels by opening your phone! Having the engine warmed prior to driving and climate adjusted, wow, what a game changer!.Version: 4.25.0

DarrenThe system has proved useful. More than I thought it would . I’d prefer the car’s location to update a lot more quickly. The two our lag seems a little long. Autocar start is really useful in the winter. As is the car horn device. Wife lost the car in the Airport car park. I didn’t find this out until a few weeks ago. The range remaining caused a body shop problems ,the mileage didn’t increase but it used half a tank of fuel. That led to someone refilling my tank for the fuel they “borrowed “. This is the most recent Ford I’ve owned , have to say I love it. AWD Kuga is an amazing car.Version: 4.27.1

A work in progressI’m writing this as constructive criticism, not a complaint. I feel like this is still in beta testing, especially the watch app which tells me that I need to connect to my phone even though it’s in my pocket and connected. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and feel like it shouldn’t take as long to start the app as it does. It usually takes anywhere from 10-15 seconds to completely open and be ready for use. Might sound petty but when I’m trying to start the truck while doing something else before I leave it’s seems like a long time. I’m sure it will evolve over time but it does need a fair amount of work to bring it closer to a “version 1.0” in my opinion. 2.10 update — app acts like it’s opening but then returns to home screen. It stays open in the background but when selected it does the same thing again. Closing the app nor restarting the phone did anything. 2.20 update — app works much better now. Snappier and more streamline. Will there be any support for Siri for the app itself? Such as “How much gas does (car name) have?”, “how much oil life does (car name) have?”, “Start (car name)”, “set start schedule for (car name) for...”.Version: 2.20.0

Zone lighting not working after updateAs above. Should never have been put out to public if not working correctly, old app worked fine Edit. With update it is now working like it should, let’s hope it stays that way!.Version: 4.26.0

App doesn’t work properlyEvery time I go to use my app which is every day I need to install it > takes me to App Store > open app > then load to us it. Fix it..Version: 4.29.1

Stop Charging Button Does Not Work2023 Ford-150 Lightning with extended battery and Ford Pass app. When using Level 1 charging, the “Stop Charging” button on the app Does Not stop the charging. Pressing the button on the app will turn gray as if it is trying to something but never stops the active charge cycle. After several minutes, the button will return to Blue again but vehicle is still charging. All other functions of the app work as expected. Update: although I had tried to stop charging several times when charging at home on Level 1 charging, it appears that the stop charging button has started working now. I contribute this to the most recent update automatically updated to the F-150. The stop charging button works and even presents a resume charging button as well as expected..Version: 4.26.0

Auto window up on lock would be greatAuto window up on lock would be great.Version: 4.26.1

Useless updateSince upgrading from the previous version I can no longer access the zone lighting or the trailer light check on my 2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Please fix this problem or reinstate the previous version.Version: 4.25.0

Add this pleaseWish this app would tell you the status of your vehicles doors, locked/unlocked… you can always send a lock command but it would be nice to be able to check..Version: 4.27.1

Ford PassWhat a great app keeps you so up to date with how your car is performing and security is so good Love the remote start up especially this time of year So pleased with my Ford amazing car 5 Star service and support 👍.Version: 4.31.0

App reviewSimple app Still has glitches Has range issues to remote start Would be good if you could upload your own picture.Version: 4.32.1

GreatSo easy to use and saves me time every morning.Version: 4.29.1

Rarely start carIt’s rarely start car and sometimes with version updates it never starts car….Version: 4.29.1

Handy AppPretty handy app, but since the last update I don’t seem to get miles added when charging, not a major issue as everything else seems to work but would be nice to get that back again..Version: 4.30.2

Good First Generation AppI use this app with a 2022 Ford Lightning. It works well for its intended purpose. I rarely give 5* on apps as there is always room for improvement and this is a first generation app. While the Ford charging network works well for the most part with Electrify America and sometimes ChargePoint with out use of the app, as a practical matter, there are different apps for the various charging providers, eg Electrify America, ChargePoint, EVGO, Shell Recharge, etc. and it would be a home run if the Ford Pass App could act as a universal app for all charging station providers so that Apple Pay or the equivalent could work with every provider with one app (in circumstances where the provider did not automatically synch via the Ford charging network), and so that communications with the charging provider (outages, charger down, connection difficulties) could be facilitated through the app. It is doable but nonetheless a pain to have to use a different app with a different interface for each charging network if you are on a long trip..Version: 4.26.1

Love my New Mustang Mach EI have owned my car just over a week now and I am really getting to know it, many of the features are new to me but we are getting along fine. It is very responsive, comfortable and easy to drive . The Ford Pass app on my phone is very useful, I use it a few times a each day, I even used it to check I had locked the door..Version: 4.29.1

Love my Ford PassI happened to be waiting to get the oil changed on my 2012 F150, when I read on the window about earning points towards various things. I downloaded the app & received points for the service done. Then a chain of events happened that I ended up purchasing my grandson a 2021 F150 4x4. The young salesman Ryan was great, but at my age I know that most employees that are good, stems from the boss. But the one who actually made the sale was the manager Lee. My grandson had also downloaded the Ford Pass & got points for his truck. But as fate has it & returned to Pollard Ford 8 months later & purchased a 2021 Escape SE from Ryan/Lee & then I actually got the points for that purchase! LOL I believe there is NO other car dealerships other than Ford that has such a wonderful opportunity to earn services/things through a point system, thank you Ford! By the way, both my grandson & myself LOVE OUR FORDS!!.Version: 3.35.0

Battery Drain on IPhoneUPDATE! Fixed so far. Go into settings on your vehicle’s Sync and choose Apps. Turn off Mobile Apps Wireless and USB. This stopped Ford Pass from draining my battery. I remember turning this on when Sync updated and that is when the problems started. App is very convenient and I really like having it so Please Fix before Apple permanently blocks your app for ruining everyone’s IPhone. I will pickup my IPhone 11 and instantly know Ford Pass is draining my battery because it’s so hot. My phone will be almost dead and sometimes won’t even charge because Ford Pass has been running for hours in background. I have turned off Background Refresh for all apps since Ford Pass in not listed. I can force the app closed and it still keeps going. I can reboot the phone to stop it but as soon as I use the App or connect to my Truck there it goes again. I have deleted the App and reinstalled but still same problem. Rebooting my phone every time I use the app or drive my truck is STUPID. I am using IOS 14.1 on IPhone 11 with the lastest Ford Pass app..Version: 3.12.0

When it worksWhen it works ya can’t beat it Working a lot better now after all the years of being worked on and updates.Version: 4.30.0

HelpfulThe app works. It does what its' meant to do. It provides info on what's left in the tank, lock and unlock, you can start it like a remote and information not only on mileage but its location too. Prep service calls, maps for charge stations - not many but it's informative. Quite useful..Version: 4.29.1

Helpful informationLike the all the details provided about vehicle, but last update under "Vehicle" now no longer provides Tire Pressure. Tire Pressure was an important element to monitor your tires. Please put Tire Pressure back under "Vehicle". My old Ford vehicle traded in last year at the same Ford Dealership for vehicle I have now has a Recall showing for it. The App has no way for me to delete the recall notice for the car traded in. Please add a way to delete a recall notice on previous car. Other than that, a great App to monitor your car. A day after leaving my review, the Tire Pressure is now back under "Vehicle" information. As I just received feedback from Ford, stating they will look into why Tire Pressure no longer shows it maybe was a glitch. But all good now. Ford also provided information on how to address Recall notice on car no longer have. Fords timely response indicates, Ford wants this app to be useful to Ford owners..Version: 3.21.0

Awesome featureI am a tradie , very helpful to lock Ute remotely :-).Version: 4.33.0

App reviewThe App keeps saying I need an update however when I follow the prompts no update is available. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it..Version: 4.29.1

Missing notificationsI purchased my transit sport about 3 years ago and found the notifications when a door opens I was notified but when I upgraded to the new App I no longer get the notifications Can this be looked into !! Thanks for getting back to let me know that the above feature is no longer available disappointed but will not stop me staying with Ford Allan Moncrieff.Version: 4.29.1

Forever FordAs always with Ford , this app is in your face,inovative and very user friendly.Thanks again and keep up the good work 👍.Version: 4.29.1

App overall good but remote start is hot and coldApp is great but the remote start needs work can be hot and cold when it’s working/not working. Like to see what the USA get with points system to buy merchandise etc would be nice. Keep it up Ford.Version: 4.25.0

Fabulous addition with new van purchasesVery informative Ford data and status for my new van . With mobile phone alerts for vehicle issues from low fuel and liquid levels to tyre pressures ,oil conditions and general vehicle health status. Thankyou Ford ..Version: 4.32.1

2019 F150 XLT Regular Cab 4x4Just bought a new F150 after 13+yrs driving a 350. The technology in vehicles today is astounding, and the FordPass app was a bonus I was unaware of at time of factory ordering my F150. I opted out of remote start option, and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered with the FordSync I can remotely start my F150 anyways. This app has many more functions that are going to be helpful as the app will monitor tire pressure, mileage, and recommended maintenance services. A few more perks will be the ease finding fuel stations, parking, and many other traveling destination needs. I’m old enough to not like all the technology required these days, but I must admit, installing and navigating the FordPass app wasn’t difficult and I’m glad for this feature with Ford. BTW, thanks Ford for still making a regular cab long bed! All the other manufacturers are switching their lines over to the full cab short beds, which look nice, but are totally useless in home construction!.Version: 2.8.3

Former salesmanI sold Ford many years ago when an XL had nothing. I am so impressed with the features on my XL Maverick, it’s been unbelievable. Remote start, on an XL, are you kidding me? All the features I was too cheap to pay for, like power windows and locks, cruise, fancy radio, Well I have them anyway. Thank you Ford. I really can’t imagine my Maverick without the features. I love them all. I recently took it on it’s first long distance journey from Alabama to Miami Florida. It was 11 hours at faster than is allowed and my Maverick averaged 27 mpg. I really think if I’d used eco mode and stayed on cruise in the slow lane, It may have gotten over 30. I may have been passed by a dozen cars in 11 hours each way. If it continues to perform as it has so far, I’ll continue to love it and enjoy driving it. Thanks again Ford, you really hit the target with this truck!.Version: 4.34.0

App stopped workingApp is unable to update and stopped working. So disappointed that I can’t start the truck with this app. I’ve restarted the phone so many times to no avail..Version: 4.25.0

Good appThe app works well for me , specially starting the Ute on those cold morning. Lacks features but for now it’s good enough as it could be lot better with more info and more features. Thanks.Version: 4.25.0

Works well but needs a redesignThe FordPass app is by far the most reliable vehicle app I have used other than Tesla’s, and it functions as intended and expected. The reason I left 4 stars is because this app has looked the same and has almost the exact same number of features for what seems like forever. I own an F-150 Lightning and Tesla’s app makes this app seem lacking. I’d love to see air conditioning controls, a way to control my windows, sunroof and shade, seat heating/cooling, control charge limits, send navigation, and start the vehicle for another driver. FordPass also looks dated and should get a new ui. BMW, Volvo, and Tesla have apps with great ui, with sharp graphics and clean yet simple user experiences. I’d love to see these improvements to the FordPass app with an overhaul. It’s a great app but it really needs a redesign. I hope this review helps make Ford deliver even better products and experiences in the future..Version: 4.27.0

Ford with AlexaVery disappointed to find that the FordPass app doesn’t work with the Amazon Echo/Alexa in Canada yet. When you pay that much money for a new F-150 truck you expect little things like this to work. Maybe the problem is on Amazons end but I’m pretty sure if Ford asked that they make it happen they would. I’m very happy with the app otherwise and would probably have gave it 5 stars if it wasn’t for this small issue. I was looking forward to adding my truck to my smart home devices before I even decided to buy a new truck only to find out that I can’t..Version: 2.5.0

Great Ute very pleasedHaving a little trouble with the location of the vehicle it can take a couple of hours before I can find the vehicle but overall very pleased with the vehicle thanks Robert.Version: 4.31.2

Ford pass appWe want more update.Version: 4.29.1

Worst Roadside Assistance I’ve Ever receivedA woman stuck in the dark of a parking lot called in for roadside assistance or rather I did it online and was told in the message back who the roadside assistance tow company would be; given the wrong phone number and was told that they would be there seven hours later at 2:55 AM when I called it in at 7:00 PM. When I try to call the phone number that they gave me for the tow company, you got a recording saying it was not a valid phone number. I had to look online and find the phone number to the tow company who verified they had my ticket and would be there within an hour. However they told me that the Ford dealership it was being towed to did not have overnight drop off service.I then called Ford pass and ask them to switch the towing from going to the car dealership to my house which was only 5 miles away. They told me that would not be covered by the insurance. My sister had to come and get me and I left my car in the parking lot. One of the worst service as I have ever received from a 24 hour roadside assistance company.Version: 3.35.0

WildtrakGreat app, just takes a little too long to start or unlock car..Version: 4.29.1

Still ask for an update even though the new app has been updated!Updated as requested about a week or two back but I always get asked every time I open the app to download the update before I can do anything. Cheers, John.Version: 4.25.0

Ford EverestOwned ford rangers and two Everests this latest one v6 is the ultimate tow vehicle tows a3000kg van with ease absolute love it.Version: 4.29.1

“Just like the weather” …… 😕Good for a week, then ‘no connection’ for a week. Remote Start is my lifeline with no garage and minus 10-degree mornings. Ughhhh! C’mon Ford aren’t ya a little better than this? This is my 9th Ford purchase going way back to my college days. I asked for a remote start added to my key-FOB when I purchased but the salesman re-assured me that the “Ford Pass was free and it would save me money by not adding a remote start to the key-FOB”. I’ve called customer service on Ford Pass, but both times the rep seemed to be aware of the issue but seemed to talk about the ongoing issue but really had NO SOLUTIONS. I’m certainly not the most “tech-savvy” 62 year old on the planet but wouldn’t you think someone at Ford could tap one of these lazy millennial tech nerds on the shoulder and demand some solutions to your Ford Pass dilemma? This whole process has been VERY AGGRAVATING!☹️HELP!!.Version: 4.24.0

Works Great (Could be Improved)The app works great to remote start your vehicle, lock/unlock doors, check mileage, oil life, tire pressure, and distance to empty. You can even schedule your vehicle to start at a certain time. The app provides easy access to Ford dealers and can even help summon road side service. Some possible improvements: There is a lot of information available through the app, but it’s mostly generic. You have to sort through it to find what you need. In todays world, it would be so much better if the app would parse and tailor the information to your particular vehicle and its current mileage. Such as a list of services required at your next oil change, based on your mileage - not just what’s required for every vehicle at every mileage point. In addition, there is no way to check to see if your doors are locked. You must actually send a lock command each time you want to know if the doors are locked. Also, a panic button that sets off the horn and flashes the lights during an emergency. The app could also allow you access to a vehicle specific owners manual, giving you easy access to specifications like fluid types and levels, light bulb requirements, etc..Version: 4.15.1

Pre-cool car on hot daysHot days preset auto temp in the car before going to the gym, after workout & shower start car from change rooms & by the time you get to the car its nice @ cool rather than an oven..Version: 4.32.1

Great battery tester-on your phoneThis app has decimated my battery life if I mistakenly open it and gee, actually use the app. Once I close the app and move on with my life, the app keeps running away in the background like a hamster on an exercise wheel, using the charge in my new iPhone and killing the battery in a few short hours. Just last night, my charge was at 100% when I woke up at 5:30. When I got to work at 7 my phone was already down to 73%. And the phone was warm to the touch. If left to it’s own devices, this app will drain my phone to nothing before lunch. And I checked the battery app in my settings. This FordPass app was active for over 6 hours as of 7am! And I never opened it up today! As for the app itself, it works well and starts my car remotely. It allows me to make sure my doors are locked when I step away. It’s like the OnStar offered by GM, except you have to sacrifice the use of your phone if you want to use it. I’d wait to see if they ever fix this. They know there is a problem since they sent me a message in the app asking if I was experiencing poor battery life since I installed the app. To answer your question Ford, YES! As of Thanksgiving week in the US in 2020 this app is still broken. I would not recommend using it until the app is repaired. Good luck!.Version: 3.12.0

Draining battery on IPhoneUpdate: 1/8/21 Received an email and the app updates claim it has fixed the battery draining issue with iPhones. The update does not work and is continuing the drain my battery. It’s disappointing that a company the size of Ford cannot fix this issue which has been going on for almost 4 months now. This is now my second review since the release of IOS 14. Can the developer please explain why this is taking so long to fix this issue that is draining the battery on IPhones. You have had a couple of updates over the past few weeks and none seem to work. I delete the app off my phone and then see that a new update has come out. I then reinstall the app hoping the update fixed the issue and then so disappointed it still continues to drain the battery. Please make this a priority on your next update..Version: 3.14.0

Remote featuresDisabled/sleep mode too many times makes this basically useless The remote starts faster Not really sure what benefit this app is. Slow to delete messages Lots of useless messages.Version: 4.27.1

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