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FTX: Buy & Sell Crypto Negative Reviews

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FTX: Buy & Sell Crypto App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

FTX: Buy & Sell Crypto app received 86 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using FTX: Buy & Sell Crypto? Can you share your negative thoughts about ftx: buy & sell crypto?

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FTX: Buy & Sell Crypto for Negative User Reviews

Still a few things missing also terrible down timeAs a trader it is hard to work out exactly what your current portfolio stands at. Also when you need to access your portfolio as a matter of urgency and the servers are down (which seems to be a regular thing) this ap is ridiculously frustrating It's important to have your coin purchases removed from your BTC holding AND Have a section where transaction fees can be deducted . Maybe a final sale and final buy price so fees are taken into account. It is also imporant to be able to re add to BTC balance when selling a coin automatically. I'm. Surprised they aren't already features. - EDIT - since the review ability to add and remove from BTC holding has been added. The other issues are still a problem..Version: 1.1.4

FRAUDULENT! They steal your money when you try to withdrawDo NOT download this app or try to use blockfolio. It is going on ONE MONTH now that I have been out of my $5,000 and over 20 interactions with their “customer support” and still they have not resolved the issue even though they admitted to being aware that they took an extra $5,000 from me. When attempting to withdraw your funds this company did an EXTRA debit from my blockfolio account and my bank account and then never put the money back into either account. Their customer service is horrible and I will be suing and reporting this as fraud to my bank. I have tried to resolve this numerous times with their team who are unfortunately a bunch of idiots asking me to repeat myself and submit the SAME information over and over again from my bank. They take full days to weeks to respond and when they do, they don’t even resolve the situation. I’ll be sharing my screenshots of the threads on reddit, twitter, and instagram. BEWARE!.Version: 3.0.21

Save button no longer worksSince the update I can no long manually add transactions.... great. Also this app is sooo slow..Version: 3.0.2

Always an updateThey update that app each time I open it. The sole purpose of that app is to watch crypto price so for me that app is too much....Version: 3.0.24

Stupid updateApp was alright, since the update have to keep logging out when I want to use the app. Pretty annoying.Version: 4.2.5

New DesignI hate the new design. I have no desire to invest with this app or to connect my exchanges and bank info. Plus the decimal and comma in wrong order makes me crazy. We should at least have the option to use the old design. If not fixed I will move on to another tracking app maybe Delta. It’s a shame the other design was great this just sucks..Version: 3.0.1

New version is crashing / not working at all.Just updated by clicking yes to installed new version . After installation, app stoped working.it is crashing as soon my iPhone try to load it. Not opening at all..Version: 3.0.28

Terrible app. Download HODLSent in a feedback request to address the coins not updating regularly. They made every excuse under the book, I.e coin volume, the exchanges I use... however, there's an app called HODL with real time updates, with a portfolio option. This app is terrible. The customer service behind it is atrocious. I'm honestly disgusted this guy was making so many excuses and trying to make it seem like it was my problem this app is garbage. Go download HODL. It actually works, and you don't have to deal with useless customer service reps who don't know how to take feedback, and say "thanks we will look into that". The gentleman's direct response to me asking why my coins don't update regularly, but HODL has neither of these issues. "Yobit added Cloudflare to their API to protect them from attacks but it has also let to problems with pulling data from them. Neither of these coins has a lot of volume traded either - Tobin".Version: 1.1.7

Error messages and display issuesThe new design is terrible the alt coin btc price is on two lines. Slow syncing with exchanges. App displaying error cannot sync etc etc. The people in charge of this app are determined to destroy it bit by bit..Version: 3.0.8

Mise à jour ratéDepuis des années j’utilise cette application sans problèmes, mais avec la nouvelle mise à jour de la fin janvier 2021 les boutons ne marchent pas, je suis incapable de faire des ajouts à mon portafolio, elle bogue, et se fige souvent. Je dois rallumer mon cell, bref, trop compliqué...Version: 3.0.3

Good app, but better if support team replied to support requestsGood app, but better if support team replied to support requests! So often I receive no reply, disappointing..Version: 4.1.5

What happened w/the latest app update?What was once a sleek, impressive interface with great features has been transformed into an aesthetic, dysfunctional mess. With the exception of the passcode prompt spacing issue (which was resolved), everything has been poorly and unnecessarily altered: New font sizes are both unattractive and randomly sized, made mostly too small with no option to change them so as to see the numbers more clearly; spacing between assets has been clumsily enlarged, making it difficult to capture the same amount of data at a glance; there’s an enormous PLUS sign in the lower right corner (instead of the lower tool bar like before) to add assets, which very clearly hides an account balance and whose size or location cannot be changed, either; lastly, my portfolio graphs also don’t work, which makes charting historical data impossible. In sum, it’s a horrible, massively overwrought, and ultimately failed attempt to update an app that didn’t need much of a facelift and, as professional trader, I can confidently say it was already close to perfect..Version: 3.0.11

A mixed bagFirst of all, UI is great. It shows me exactly what I want. I have used tons of other portfolio apps and they are all cluttered mess. So 10/10 on UI execution. But that’s where all the good things about this app ends. If you want to link exchanges via API, get ready for incredibly slow syncing. I use Binance and for a trade to reflect in blockfolio, it can take half hour on a good day to a few hours on a bad day. Worst part is, it shows it’s all synced up but it isn’t really. Prices shown on blockfolio also lag quite a bit behind the actual prices. I’d say it shows 30 second old prices. And if you are anyone like me who likes to price watch, this can be incredibly frustrating. I’d have moved to a different app but their UI is the only saving grace. If any other app can offer a better UI I’d switch in a heartbeat. But until then I’m stuck with blockfolio for better or worse..Version: 3.0.27

AVOID!!!Asked me a few months ago and I would have said Blockfolio was a good app, but recently they had a security incident which was primarily due to poor design and oversight. Now they force an update that deletes all your portfolios! They will say contact support we can help but they are only able to perform manual recoveries and only if you can provide them information you are very unlikely to have, so good luck with getting your portfolio back. Can imagine this error has just lost Blockfolio a massive share of its user base. Lots of alternatives out there now, so you cant get away with crap like this anymore. People will simple ditch your app and I am certainly now one those people. Good by Blockfolio....RIP!.Version: 3.0.26

Poor customer service.The company / site is good but good luck getting any support. They do not return emails. If you get locked out of your account chances are slim to none of ever getting back in because nobody responds to you..Version: 3.0.12

UnusableThe SMS verification is the only way to open a trading and investing account, if that doesn’t work then you can’t open an account at all. It doesn’t work so this app is unusable..Version: 3.1.6

GUI IssuesThe new GUI in the update I sclean and slick but there a far glaring issues. Coins that have a btc value with many decimal points end up displaying as two lines of numbers. Visually it’s not a good look. The decimal has also been replaced by a comma. I know that different countries have different standards for displaying decimals, but at least give the choice in settings. This update, while visually cleaner, has me looking at Delta and other options for tracking my crypto..Version: 3.0.1

Seriously?I’ve been using blockfolio for years. Ever since the FTX purchase it’s been getting worse and worse. I’ve not lost my ENTIRE portfolio information in the app. A random update forced a ‘relog’ (that I didn’t want to ask for) and now all my local data was reset. With all the brains behind this you guys can’t figure out how to cleanly migrate your data after a reset? I didn’t have an account nor did I want one and now I’ve lost all my data..Version: 4.3.0

Needs transaction historyGreat app overall. But for me, seems crazy that there is no way to see a history of your transactions, only current balances. At the very least there should be a quick way to request an email with your transactions built into the app. However, a section of the app dedicated would be better..Version: 4.0.1

Gets worse every update.This used to be a great app for tracking live prices and managing your portfolio, nowadays it barely does the job that it was created for. The prices are almost always wrong and slow to update. App glitches and crashes, signs you out randomly. I have reported these issues many times in the Telegram support group, but they've never been fixed. They just say they will look into it. If you don't listen to feedback from your loyal users that have been using this app for years, you will fail. I know many people who have been flocking away from this app due to these issues. Don't even get me started on the trading experience, that was certainly an unnecessary addition and just a money grab by the team. We wanted a simple app to track prices, losses and profits and you couldn't even deliver that. It's a shame, i'm finally done with this app after looking past huge issues for months and will be looking for alternatives. The developers either do not care, or are incompetent..Version: 3.0.16

Alerts continue even after turned offSet an alert, the alert is triggered, then turn alert off, the alert notifications continue even though they were turned off..Version: 3.0.18

Buggy and frustratingI set a price alert, I get 2 notifications every time. I change the price alert from 5% to 10% I still get 5% alerts. When I turn off the price alert altogether I still get notifications (albeit finally only a single notification per alert). There seems to be a memory leak or something because the longer I use the app, the slower and choppier the UI gets. Idk what happens to the price tracking but the charts will show false changes kind of frequently, like a coin is suddenly up 80%, but when I compare it to other trackers that spike doesn’t exist. I really wanted to like this app, it has just about everything you want from a coin tracking/portfolio app. I do like the design, it has a clean interface, it’s ad-free, has tons of coins, news, and I like signal. Unfortunately for tracking my portfolio my experience has not been the greatest, but I will continue to try to use it and hope for updates that solve some of these problems..Version: 2.6.5

New update ruined the appThe new update stops me from tracking my totals. Like the older version did. The save button doesn’t work. The apps useless to me in this state..Version: 3.0.1

Missing fiat deposit! Nobody will help!I sent £1000 to my FTX mobile account from my Halifax account. I was told the transfer can take as long as 2 working days for the money to appear on the account. It never appeared even after a week… When I contact support I get told the same thing in a slightly different way, “ we will refer this to the banking team”, “the banking team are working on this”… It’s always the same and there really isn’t any support or protection for your money! Be warned!.Version: 4.3.1

WTAF are you constantly forcing re-logins?Good app when it actually lets you stay logged in. Constant demands to re-login with every update and a protracted 2fa using email make this almost unusable as a portfolio tracker..Version: 4.10.5

BugsWould rate this a lot higher if it wasnt for a bug that shows incorrect prices/values. Portfolio value jumps up and down between actual price and much lower/higher values then corrects itself again. An app that works as a portfolio value viewer should at its core function always show correct values. Its very misleading and can cause unnecesarry stress/excitement.Version: 2.3.1

ShadyWhy I think this app is shady: Fees - The app doesn’t tell you how much in fees it’s taking out at the time you buy or sell, which makes tracking difficult. I end up having to lose money at buy and sell at a higher price than I thought. Transaction & Profit/Loss - It doesn’t track my transactions when I buy them. So I have to buy them, plug the numbers in, and guess the fee I paid so that I can try to make up for that loss. Profit & Loss is high dependent on the interaction. Price Lag - the prices on the app are different than other app or sites. Why is there no real-time data? No limit orders - again, makes buying really tough because you can’t guarantee the price before you buy it. If you’re trading crypto, well, limit orders are kind of a necessary. Charts - I would like for the investment tab to show me how much money I have gained or lost over a user defined period of time. Sometimes I don’t care about the last 24 hrs. Maybe I need to default to a few hours or a few months. It helps when trying to not lose money. So this app has much to improve on with fees and clarity. It does excel in one area, which is the UI. At least there’s that going for this app..Version: 3.0.5

New updateDid the new update and can confirm it’s a mistake. The old version was so much better. I can’t tell if you got a new UX designer but unnecessary new features, change of layouts, new font that looks strange and even buttons don’t look right..Version: 3.0.12

BREACHED SECURITYSo I actually really enjoy the functions of this app & have been using it for about a week to track my crypto portfolio...THANKFULLY I DID NOT PURCHASE ANY TOKENS THROUGH HERE....I got a notification at 3am that had the n-word all over it DIRECTLY FROM THE APP! And the titles for my ETH & XRP were both replaced with the n-word!?!!! It was soooo strange! Not only insanely inappropriate but my balances on the coins were 0!!! Could you imagine if i were actually holding tokens on this!!!! I understand that hacks can happen but with something as sensitive as crypto...they better be minimal and this was MOST DEFINITELY NOT.I hope that their support reaches out to me because I have all of the screenshots to prove it...this is nuts! I’m sure more people have had this happen too!.Version: 3.0.8

Adding buys and sellsNew update. Doesn’t allow you to save transactions.Version: 3.0.5

Not showing correct dataI have two portfolios set up and it has the price of Trx at different prices in each portfolio..Version: 3.0.13

New update is terribleThe update has a few bugs. Decimals/commas mixed up on values which is mildly infuriating. Save button doesn’t work which makes it impossible to save or update transactions, basically making the app useless. Surprised they launched the update in this state. Seems like they were just over eager to add the new trading function while all the chaos was happening in traditional markets.Version: 3.0.2

Can’t not see my profit and lossesI can’t see any profit and losses for all my coins. Have no idea how much money I made or lost..Version: 3.0.13

Complicated, hard to read and decider gains and losses.The new version is total garbage. They completely ruined a good app and design with the new update. Now it’s hard to look and decipher simple information because of superfluous design. They’ve changed the value types from BTC value to percentages and removed a lot of options that used to be on the older versions. As soon as I get time I’m migrating over to Delta..Version: 2.0.2

Do you have QA issues Blockfolio team?This is by far the best portfolio tracking app compare to the others and probably the wealthiest in terms of team size. However, every updates seems to bring in more glitches and bugs like improper commas and decimals placements or that we can’t save transactions at all without playing around with other settings. Are you running low on funds to hire the right QA person or something? If you’re getting your act together from all these negative reviews then please give users in app ability to backup/recover our portfolio versus having to email support and waiting for days to get this done!!!😡.Version: 3.0.2

Don’t update! Please fix glitch. Cannot save new transactions!!!Guys please fix this, literally cannot keep track of coins like RSR, CREAM, etc.Version: 3.0.2

THINK TWICEI was happily using this app for 2 years, then all of a sudden my account got deleted for no reason. Contacted support and just receive generic emails back with a 72 hour delay. Clearly I should not have trusted FTX with my crypto data. I would consider using someone who can actually help when there’s a problem, especially in the crypto space where reputation and reliability is everything. Best avoided unless you enjoy the anxiety of having your funds in the proverbial cloud and no way of tracking them. Support do not help you. VERY disappointed and best AVOIDED..Version: 4.1.2

Please Support BePro soonNeed more token support..Version: 3.0.18

HackedJust within the last couple minutes someone has hacked the app and the news feed is now filled with racist remarks and that they were terminating all business with black people and n*****, and that all funds must be immediately withdrawn. And as I type this I got a notification from the app saying click this link for the best child p***. I wouldn’t trust them with any of my money after this security breach. I was lucky enough that I haven’t given them any yet..Version: 3.0.8

Issues after updateI can’t get into the app after the recent update..Version: 3.0.6

Never properly updates or imports.My portfolio will go from & $-12,000 to up 12 million $, down to $12,000, down to $600, down to $-54 and just hanging out in the negative. It’s said it’s synced and imported I’ve deleted the app, reconnected the API at least ten times deleting old API keys. I’ve literally reconnected and deleted and reinstalled at least 25 times in two days. It’s not a good app if you have a portfolio worth any value. This app will not properly track trades. It will never be up to date with your recent trades you’ve made in the last 6 hours. Steer clear they also have 3rd party cookies in their app sending your portfolio info to any buyer with enough money. Bad app I have no clue how it has so many positive reviews. Beyond dismal..Version: 3.0.12

Exchange connection errorLately it stopped being in synch with my exchange using the API. When I removed the exchange connection i still get a loading spinner “establishing exchange connection” even though I removed it. Almost lost all my transactions because of this whilst trying to keep my portfolios up to date..Version: 3.0.31

Frustrating and brain dead designBlockfolio recently added a trading experience, they’ve split the app into a “Trading” experience and a “Tracking” experience. You would think one of the most BASIC features should be that the two experiences talk to each other and you can track what you trade on the same app BUT YOU JUST CAN’T. You have to grab a pen and paper, write down how much bitcoin you bought and the cost and manually enter the amount to trade it. On top of that, the “history” section of your trades don’t list how much the bitcoin was worth when you bought it.. So other users might be right that they engage in shady practices by buying it for higher than you wanted and pocketed the difference. Not sure. All I know is that they should’ve spent more time on this trading experience before release. very frustrating.Version: 3.0.7

Recent update made it much less usefulThe recent update that added ETH tracking, while great to have the added view, came at the cost of all the charts being much less detailed. Now each month only shows two points plotted on graphs, which makes it almost useless with crypto being so volatile over a month. Will be switching to Delta..Version: 1.1.12

New to AppI’m from Canada but the app won’t except my identity photos after several attempts. I’m very disappointed! Don’t waist your time!.Version: 3.0.26

New Update is UnusableAfter updating the app 2 days ago, I have been unable to save any of the transactions I try to manually add. It’s infuriating and completely defeats the purpose of the app. Simply cannot accurately track any portfolios. This needs fixing YESTERDAY!.Version: 3.0.1

It keeps losing my settingsIt is now the second time that I’ve lost all my transactions setup! It is very disappointing! I’ve contacted support and they told me this can happen when they release an update... ???? this is unacceptable! How hard is it to store my settings server side based on an account?!?! I can’t be setting up my transactions all over again every time! Disappointing I’ll be happy to pay for a stable version!!!.Version: 1.2.1

Great app. Except it's not.This app used to run smoothly. The functions were nice and it's user friendly. Unfortunately it has recently been leaked that this app tracks your portfolio and sends you data back to home(steemit). This is upsetting news. On top of that it has been having problems updating. Prices and 24 hour changes are way off from real time. In the crypto world you need real time updates fast. Not to mention privacy. This app is just not functioning properly anymore and no longer safe from prying eyes. I will be looking for a new crypto portfolio app. Very disheartening to find this out. I really enjoyed this app before this recent issue with updating and before this new of the app spying on me..Version: 1.1.4

Great app, wishing for features..Great app but wish it had a widget for quick checking current rates of my top investments. Also an alert mode to give alerts every X interval of my choosing would be good. Charts are not interactive! And transaction logging is wierd.. If I sell ETHBTC for example, it reduces my ETH balance but doesn't increase my BTC balance so I always have to make a second fake transaction.. Lastly, handling of holdings is strange, the main list shows by pair instead of by held currency when you bought a single currency from 2 others. This doesn't make any sense to me. Oh and it never remembers my last selected exchange. I only use 1 and yet I have to set it all the time...Version: 1.0.11

Graphs are inaccurate, untrustworthy.Blockfolio used to be okay, but as of a year or so ago hasn’t figured out how to display charts. The 3 month chart shows you the wrong 3 month window by 40+ days. I’m not kidding. On top of that, all charts for my portfolio are wrong by 15%-24% on every single pixel of every chart. Other apps calculate everything without issue, so why can’t this app plot a line? Instead, the only updates in a year have been ways they can make money off your trades or data. Zero quality assurance. Zero listening to users. Their support desk told me via email that they never heard of this problem which tells you all you need to know about how much they care when their users tell them about obvious bugs they missed, or know about and don’t fix..Version: 3.0.25

Updated app and seem to have lost access to trading accountI was an old blockfolio user since a few years ago. I opened an FTX account in June or July this year. I went to login to my FTX account just now, it prompted me to update the app. I did. It then sent me in a loop of password resetting (as my FTX password didn’t work for some reason - and I am meticulous about storing these in a password manager). After about an hour of this I seem to be locked out of my FTX trading account. What it seems to have done now is delete my FTX user account and merge it with my old Blockfolio account. So I have a bunch of old inaccurate portfolio information and no access to my trading account or crypto. This is very worrying..Version: 4.2.2

Not for day trading, hodl it’s ok.It’s a little slow, was thinking I could use this for quickly tracking unrealized P/L on kucoin and Binance. I added l both exchanges at about 9am. Binance hasn’t shown my ETH balance yet, and Kucoin ive already made like 4 trades that haven’t appeared. I still have to manually write down entry prices and add up p/l because I’m unable to quickly check P/L with this app. Basically I just want a WeBull for Crypto. Unlock the app and bam I can see that I’m up $100 on $ABC. With Blockfolio I can see my account balance go up but is it because my XRP is up 1% today or because WIN is rocketing? I have to go through a series of taps to find entry price and the amount I bought. So it’s really added no more functionality but it’s pretty to look at so that’s something. All that being said app would be great for tracking HODL coins just not for an active trader..Version: 3.0.26

Some old flaws, and new onesThis app has been working for me very well for the last couple months the only flaw that has been in the app the whole time that I've noticed is that the stock price alerts are very delayed or go off for no reason which makes them unreliable. Problem that I am having as of recently is that the servers are very slow and often appear as unavailable. Maybe due to an increase of users? Lastly I think it would be nice to have a live newsfeed of the crypto currencies, and depth charts. Overall it is a good app to keep track of your portfolio without having to sign up for anything hands-down the best free app even though I'm giving it three stars it's just because it's been very inconvenient to use recently..Version: 1.1.4

Flawed systemThey say they accept visa and MasterCard, but nothing loads properly. They then asked for a bank that showed my date of birth, address and date. No bank statements show your age..Version: 4.1.0

Can’t get past verification pageJust signed up to FTX but can’t get past the identity verification page which just throws up the error message “something went wrong” when i click on the OK button the page displayed is government ID and just hangs on that page. I’ve restarted the app, deleted and reinstalled the app, it’s the latest version, could the developers fix this please!.Version: 4.0.7

DisappointingBeen using for few months, but it logged out all of a sudden and removed my profile , trying to log in but say password is incorrect which isnt true.need to reconnect to Binance but not sure if I use this app anymore..Version: 4.1.0

Update messed up transaction “save” buttonSince the new update to Blockfolio, the save button when adding a transaction hasn’t worked. I have tried everything and has not worked. Please update this.Version: 3.0.2

DO NOT PUT MONEY IN APP!!I transferred USDT into my wallet from Binance, it’s accepts cash no problem but won’t let you move anything around. I now have XRP and USDT stuck with “read only”functions on a fully verified account. The support team has done nothing this far but tell you the obvious (restart app, reinstall, log out etc.) I highly advise against placing any money into this app! It’s full or error codes and security breaches..Version: 3.0.15

Good, but there are issuesLike the app, but it only allows me to view how it’s doing over a 24h period. The “My Portfolio” section is blank so I can’t see the overall portfolio is performing. Quite frustrating. Second post: “My portfolio” section is still a massive issue. It only allows me to see how the portfolio has performed over last 24h, despite trying to view it over different time frames. This really isn’t helpful when clearly users want to see how their portfolio is performing since all assets were purchased. Please fix!.Version: 1.1.4

Profit and loss doesn’t calculate properlyNot sure why the description of profit and loss says market value + sum of proceeds - sum of all purchases... cuz it doesn’t do that! Profit/loss is the main thing I needed.. I.e how much money have I made on my initial investments. The profit loss just tells you how much everything is worth so you still have to go back and figure out how much you put in the first place...Version: 3.0.12

The price is so wrong that it’s hard to believe.I use this to buy and sell crypto and at the same time have 3 monitors with 2 watching prices, many times will I look at the screens and see the same price but a significant difference on Blockfolio. Dogecoin right now was at .0584 on 3 sites on my Comp but blockfolio is telling me that it’s at .0564. That’s a couple hundred dollar difference for me and very frustrating that I can’t sell for the price I should be able to. Another thing that is happening is that I can see my price going up to the amount that I know it should be in the main screen but not in the doge bar or doge screen which is where you buy and sell ,since it’s only doge right now I know that the 2 prices should be the same, but they’re not, not even close. The price in the doge bar is staying at the same low number as it does when I click on it, but the number on the main screen continues to rise. This is a big problem since it defeats the whole purpose of the app and that this will be the second time since I got it 2 weeks ago that I lost a lot of money.. Please fix this..Version: 3.0.12

NOT AS RELIABLE AS IT USED TO BEWhenever I attempt to open the application I message appears stating that something went wrong please try again. The percentage increases or decreases on each asset often doesn’t change although I know for a fact that the asset has Ivette increased or decreased in value. I have tried so many things to attempt to get rid of this annoying message about something going wrong but every think I’ve tried has so far failed. Even after I updated the app to the latest version I am extremely disappointed as for the first few months the app worked wonderful.Version: 3.0.8

Fix FTX API with portfolioThe transaction are getting repeated for each partial fill.Version: 3.0.12

No support for NZIts nearly impossible to add transactions from NZD to XRP or ETH. Trying to find another app which can..Version: 1.1.4

NotificationsHey, guys, I like the application but I hate to say that notifications is just doesn’t work, as I suppose you didn’t implement it yet, but I would love to have such feature because it’s very important for me to track current prices. And please add more integrations with exchanges like FCoin and else. I know that it’s possible to add a wallet tracker too. Everything else seems fine, it has some bugs still with loading exchanges and showing the latest prices, sometimes it’s totally wrong. I hope that with the next updates everything will be fixed and I’ll write a better review :).Version: 2.2.1

Good, but could be better...Lots of lag with prices. Doesn’t show % profit on the main screen. You have to click twice to see this on each coin, which takes a lot of time when you have a big portfolio..Version: 3.0.13

Can’t save transactions!!!!Since the new updates, cannot save transactions to track my coins!! Blockfolio please fix!.Version: 3.0.3

Complicated Withdrawal MethodDecent app don't get me wrong, however I wanted to start investing in ADA (Cardano), hence why the withdrawal but it's just a complicated process compared to Coinbase and such. Unlucky for me my withdrawal process failed for "insufficient funds" even though I had more than enough to withdrawal but it wasn't allowing me to get my money back. Currently on a support ticket awaiting for this situation to be solved but it's wasting time and for those traders/investors, if you plan to switch you should do it asap if you want to avoid choppy transitions..Version: 4.10.1

Rubbish customer serviceTrying to verify my account, took clear pictures of my ID, you won’t verify, tried to speak to you through the customer service CHAT, it’s been weeks and you guys won’t even reply, I don’t understand why you have such a good platform to invest and store crypto but NONE OF U GUYS ARE BOTHERED TO REPLY. I don’t wanna hear “we’re sorry for this” because you’re constantly pushing updates on the app saying you’ve bought tokens so clearly you’re team is all over the APP but nobody wants to sort though this. Poor service, it’s literally 50/50 chance to buy and sell on here unless the owners are too lazy to help.Version: 4.2.1

No customer service or help and 0 support from Ftx team!!I am quite disappointed with Ftx. I’m a new customer to ftx and have had some issues with the details of my account and have been waiting for a reply for over 2 weeks now sending various tickets through to the support team without no reply. This is really a big let down for such a big exchange I didn’t expect the service to be so poor. I wonder what it takes for them to help assist me with my account issue??.Version: 4.2.2

Too much updatesToo much updates.Version: 3.0.26

Love this app when it worksBrilliant app but fails to update when I complete trades on Binance meaning my portfolio is out of sync most of the time :( Only way I can find to re-sync is to delete the exchange connection and reconnect which takes a while. Not matter how many times I hit the sync exchange button or restart the app, it stays out of sync. This is quite frustrating to say the least. It sometimes resolves itself overnight. Seems to have started happening in the last few months since upgrading to The latest iPhone OS. I even tried removing the blockfolio widget to see if that was the cause but no luck. The app alerts for price changes work most of the time but have missed a few crucial changes. I also get a lot of false alerts for certain coins but that might be the data source rather than the app..Version: 2.6.7

Where is the customer service?This app is awful and the customer service capability is worse. This app is buggy, problematic and has lost me good trading opportunities simply because it is thrown together. There is no easy way to contact customer services. You wait for days to get a response that makes very little sense and doesn't help. There are constant problems which stop you from trading but do not display any explanations of reasons why, only "there's a problem". No error solutions offered. Awful. I managed to make one trade before the account was stopped for no reason. The only message I received was that they had emailed me, which they hadn't. The owner might be a billionaire, but his app is sh.Version: 4.0.6

Update frakked transaction trackingI can’t save Transactions anymore, Save button doesn’t do anything..Version: 3.0.0

Good app until.....Been using this app for a while and yes it had its limitations the most annoying being only one purchase/trade pairing per coin but the biggest problem came when for no apparent reason the app lost all my transactions and seemingly reset with no warning. I am now in a situation where the last 6 months of transactions are lost and the only way I see it is to manually enter them again!!! Note to the developer, please add a setting to backup this transaction data..Version: 1.2.1

Buggy chartsThe charts for 3m, 6m, 1y, 2y are all broken. They just don't contain the last few months. It’s been like this since the end of 2020 and despite daily app updates, the issue isn't fixed still. Deleting and reinstalling app doesn't fix it. Forced to use other portfolio tracking apps because of this..Version: 3.0.24

It used to be okayIt is getting worse. Now not only I got automatically logged out but I cant even login any more. No message nothing! A waste of time....Version: 3.0.12

Great app but quickly drains battery.I’ve been using this app for several years now and is the best I’ve tried for tracking my overall portfolio. But recently (past few months or so, if not longer) my phone battery gets hot and drains very quickly when using the app, especially when opening the ‘News’ section of the app. I can lose up to 10% battery life in 5 minutes of browsing news stories! I’ve checked this with no other apps open as well, so it’s definitely the FTX app. Please fix it. Otherwise great app, thanks..Version: 4.3.3

Some Issues with Slow Startup, Random Notification popups, and No Withdrawal functionalityThe app works great providing news about, tracking of, and purchasing crypto, but I have to open and close the app a few times because of really slow startup speed. I enabled the use of notifications but I get notified that my money is ready to be traded... but I never deposited money to be traded. Everything is fine when I check my bank and the app itself so I believe it’s an error notification on their end. The last caveat is the lack of withdrawing money from my Cash Wallet in the app. I know they’re working on implementing this feature, but it is quite inconvenient that I can’t transfer my money from selling my crypto back into my bank account. Until these issues are fixed it can be a frustrating app, by overall not a bad one by any means. I do hope they’re fixed sooner rather than later If you download and sign up, keep these issues in mind..Version: 3.0.6

New update trashed the functionalityJust awful. Decimals inthe wrong spots, unable to save transactions, completely useless. Unreal. Went from best to worst overnight.Version: 3.0.5

“Commission free” ad is misleadingI enjoy the app because it gives me the opportunity to invest into a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, and I was drawn to this app due to the advertisement of commission free trading. While technically true, there isn’t a line item fee for a trade. However, whenever you buy/sell a crypto, they never ever use the current pricing. If selling, they use a price lower than current price and vice versa. It ends up being roughly the same cost if using something like Coinbase, but they make me do math to figure out how much I got charged for the trade. What I also don’t like about it is that in your trade history, they do not list what prices you bought your crypto for. They simply list the date and how much crypto you bought, but not how much it cost you. This could be better simply due to the variety of currencies you can buy, I just wish they were more honest and/or transparent..Version: 3.0.17

Cant sync to binanceCant sync to binance. Its been going for hours... third time i have tried. Binance support say not their issue and blockfolio support via email is teadiously slow and get nowhere.Version: 3.1.0

FrustratingI am dumbfounded this is one of the best apps to use for crypto. Today all of my transactions are now displaying like “1.987,78” the , and . are reversed. Changing Currency must be an advanced setting because I cannot find it at all. Websites are no help.Version: 3.0.1

Hidden fees and impossible to withdrawI like this app. It is simple and clean, easy to understand and very beginner friendly. But it has some issues. They claim “zero fees” but I don’t believe this is true. Every time I go to sell my crypto, the price is slightly lower than the current price and every time I go to buy crypto, the price is slightly higher. It’s only a fraction of a penny so far that I’ve noticed but in a sale of $2.88k USD worth of crypto, it cost me around $80. The transaction history is also very limited and doesn’t give you much detail. Much room for improvement, hopefully it happens sooner than later..Version: 3.0.7

3Month or great view uselessThe charts are so ridiculously buggy..Version: 3.0.27

Does not import Coinbase transsctionsApp itself looks good. But I cannot comment on functionality as I cannot import my Coinbase transactions. Can easily create a new portfolio and establish a connection to Coinbase. But, despite trying this several times, no transactions are brought across and the portfolio remains empty. I have, of course, contacted Blockfolio but, like all support these days, they keep pushing the problem back onto me. And yet, I've followed their instructions to the letter and provided them with heaps of information and screenshots. And yet, they just keep on pushing it back on me. Shame really because, as I say, it looks a nice little app otherwise..Version: 2.5.10

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