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Wordle! for Positive User Reviews

SoundI can’t bear the sounds that come with this game. How can you get rid of them? I turned the sound on the tablet off but the game still makes noises. Bad!.Version: 1.2

Not happyI love the game and the fact you can keep playing but I paid to remove ads and I still have ads. It won’t let me enter less than 5 stars for my review. How do I get a refund. I have been had..Version: 1.14.3

BEST GAMETruly, this game will make you think and I’ve never had so much fun stimulating parts of my brain I’m sure have been asleep for years. It’s has to be good for you as well as being enjoyable. After all the mind numbing apps out there, this is genius. Only thing I’d like is a - put on the keyboard to assist in writing out the words as you go, using the gap for the letters yet to be worked out. That would be helpful. ATM I just put in the X. Thank you Wordle. Awesome. Jennifer. 😎.Version: 1.11.0

TournamentsI find it very irritating when I join a tournament and start climbing then the tournament disappears and the screen is grey. I get a message that there’s no tournament available. I have failed to go up a league because of this. Other than that I like the game but would prefer a British English dictionary, it can’t be that difficult to do. I paid to go ad free but will still watch ads if I’m trying to get more coins..Version: 1.29.5

Wordle da bestWordle improves my brain 🧠 It helps me to have a more wise time with things I might not know about with spelling. Even though my parents and brothers play it on Safari, Safari is NOT safe so this app is WAY better than an ordinary app. The app only has a small amount of adds witch people hate (just like gas prices am I right?) and try to ignore but there is such a minimum amount of ads I would play this all day long. It improves my mind and can improve yours too. So do click GET at the top of the list. Wordle is Improving peoples confidence,heath, and brain 🧠 so download Wordle TODAY and start improving your brain 🧠 🤪🥳🤩😃😄😆😎😝👍🏽✌🏽.Version: 1.12.1

Great gameEnjoy trying to guess the daily word and also play the classic words and usually guess about 5 when I do it but I wish my iPhone and iPad would sync so both the same. I didn’t realise that the game I had been playing for quite awhile on my ipad would not be the same on my iPhone so when I went to play on the phone I was starting from scratch..Version: 1.20.0

GameMakes one think..Version: 1.10.0

WordleToo many ads and ads too long..Version: 1.25.1

Chat boxGame is great but would be a lot better with a chat box when challenging a friend.Version: 1.35.6

Great, but it is super slow to openI purchased this app in Feb to get rid of the ads, but lately when trying to open it takes anywhere up to a couple of minutes. Other than that, it’s addictive, easy to use and keeps the brain active. Thank you..Version: 1.15.1

Class actThis guy is using his fame to do good in the world, we need more Stevens..Version: 1.2

Answered puzzle disappears into thin air!I really do enjoy doing the daily puzzle, but my only complaint is that as soon as you get the right answer, an ad comes up and you cannot go back to the puzzle to see your guesses. My daughter and I do The NY Times Wordle every day and then later like to show each other how we did…we see what guesses we made and how many turns it took us, etc. You are able to access the completed daily puzzle all day. It’s just kind of a bummer that there is no way (I don’t think?) on this app to ever again see the puzzle you just did. (And if there is, I apologize for my complaining!) (And maybe you can tell me where to find it?) Thank you! :-).Version: 1.22.0

Good gameI just got it a week ago and I loved it , but then yesterday I went to play it again and for some reason , when I went on the classic part , the letters wouldn’t work. Like when I typed them they wouldn’t show up . The daily thing and the others worked perfectly fine but just not the classic one . I tried resetting my phone , nothing worked , I played on wifi and data , nothing worked and still doesn’t work whatever I do. Hopefully it can get fixed !.Version: 1.14.2

Good gameI really like this Wordle game and having both the 5 & 6 letter daily game is great. The only thing I wish I could do is go back in and see the actual guesses rather than just the final word. I do this game with other people and although we can share the result it doesn’t show the actual guessed letters..Version: 1.24.3

TOO MANY ADDSreadOh my gosh, this game was really fun at first but I feel like as soon as you get more into the game and as soon as you have played it longer the ads start coming more and more. I would be playing the game and then after playing for a second and I’m not exaggerating, I mean a second, an add pops up, and after every one singular question wrong, there’s an add, DO U KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES TO GET A QUSTION WRONG? Only about five seconds, so not very pleasant but the game is fun and there are daily versions classic versions, and there are a few other versions. The game provides a lot so I do recommend it if you can get over the ads:).Version: 1.25.4

Good but still has ads after you pay for itI play this everyday but I find the amount it ads very unnecessary especially after choosing to pay for the app you still have to watch adds to get more points. Can you please remove the ads for the people who pay for the app? Otherwise what is the point of purchasing.Version: 1.25.1

Good game but…Great game but too much annoying and repeating ads..Version: 1.11.0

Not enough ways to earn coins without having to buy them.Fun game but requiring coins to go back and play previous days is discouraging play. There are ways to earn coins with tournaments and a daily prize. Bit, it’s not enough if you like to play the game a lot. Every hint requires 125 or 150 coins. Those go fast when you only earn a possible 100 coins a day. I played for hours in one tournament and placed first only to win 250 coins. I’ve made one purchase for coins and one purchase to eliminate ads (which I only do after I’ve used any app for a while to make sure I like it). Sure thought placing first in a tournament would earn me more than a measly 250 coins. I’m willing to watch ads to earn coins even though I purchased a no ad app. That’s the way a lot of apps do it. But, I’ll just not play that often if I have to buy coins regularly to play..Version: 1.25.2

QuestionLove the game but keep getting a pop up to purchase for a special price of $2.99 but when going to purchase it comes up at $4.99. 😕.Version: 1.11.2

Chat boxThe game is fun and all when challenging a friend online, but they should put a chat box on the game.Version: 1.35.6

Great game but……the green and the yellow are too close in colour for colourblind people. Please make them more different!.Version: 1.11.2

Why use ‘words’ that don’t exist?!As others have reported, Wordle insists on occasionally using ‘words’ that don’t seem to exist, which is beyond irritating. If Wordle’s own dictionary can’t provide a definition, they why does it use those ‘words’ ? I don’t mind losing to a word that actually exists, but I failed to guess, but to lose because of an apparently non-existent word…😠 Another niggle, being British, is the fact that the dictionary Wordle uses is clearly American. The amount of money the developers must be making, how difficult would it be to provide an English dictionary for British English speakers? I have also, like many others, paid to get rid of the adverts. The game is so much better without them. Despite these annoyances, I’m still giving it four stars as I find I play it quite a lot..Version: 1.24.3

Very good gameI’m a bit confused about the daily challenge bit, so at the end of the month it’ll ask you if you want to spend money, but it’s a bit vague on what your spending the money on, if your spending money to go back to do all the other months wordle plus without having to spend in game money, I’d probably do that, because there’s a few months of the wordle plus I missed because of the update to Wordle plus, so, if I could go back to those months I missed because of the impossibility to get those done, that would be great. For example, if you want to play the March April and June “wordle plus” was impossible to get because it didn’t exist, so now you have to pay 150 in game coins for each day that you missed, which is 3 months worth because it didn’t exist for 3 months, so, I’d pay real money for maybe an entire day to try and finish those off, I think a day is plenty of time to get those 3 months worth done..Version: 1.24.0

Ads ruin itGreat game with a few different ways to play. But multiple ads during a timed game is so stupid and very annoying. I wouldn’t mind optional ads to get past levels etc but when they pop up every 30 seconds during a game it’s just obnoxious..Version: 1.27.0

WORDLELove to play Every day Stretch my brain Again and again Love it..Version: 1.9.1

Best gameThis game is great cause with the New York Times wordle it is only once a day, but with this app you can do how many you want per day. Also if you get heaps of ads turn off your wifi..Version: 1.11.0

Advert overkillI understand the app has ads as most games do but this was ridiculous, I was getting ads every 2 puzzles and some adds caused me to run out of time doing the puzzle and then if I wanted to continue to play I had to sit through ANOTHER ad! Advertising in games is one thing but the number of adverts in this game make it virtually unplayable for more than a few seconds. Uninstalled it after 5 minutes..Version: 1.8.0

Love this gameOk, I know some people don’t like not be able to guess the words, but isn’t that the point? If you got it every time there would be no sense of achievement. If being 100% correct us your thing then be prepared to pay for hints or try another game. The ads are a pain, so I paid for the free version. I play this about 15 mins a day so good value in opinion. My advice, try it and if you get hooked pay for the free version but not the hints. Essentially you are playing against yourself so why cheat? If you don’t like it then delete it. Ads are a fact of life, developers need to earn a living. Enjoy x.Version: 1.24.3

BodgerBrilliant. It’s addictive, of course. Relaxing. Keeps your brain active. The ads are annoying, some stupid beyond belief, and the vocab is sloppy and American. Sometimes you need a clue, which cost points. They like to sell you these, or else you earn them by winning the league games. To do that, you have to keep playing. Hence the addiction. I bet the developers are having a lovely time, lounging by their swimming pools in the sunshine, while we cower from the cold rain, playing Wordle!.Version: 1.25.4

Really Fun But 1 IssueI am an inspector of apps and I’ve seen that this app has been inspected many times, so I wanted to check out what was happening with this game. I’ve read all of the reviews and they don’t sound good. However, I realized that these reviews have been made earlier this year or in November last year. Some people said that this game will never make changes and stop with uncontrollable ads. So I bought the app and decided to see what the issue was. The first thing that popped up was a thing for privacy policy and the only option was to agree, there was no I don’t want to this option, just agree. Many apps do this and it’s ok, but it’s not the best option. I went to check the privacy policy and apparently the app wants to collect every piece of information about you. Your address, name, and email. But when I joined it was different, there were 0 adds per game and there were only 2-3 ads when you finished. I think people were overreacting about ads. And for the privacy policy part, when I joined it DID NOT collect any information about me at all. I think this game is great except for the ads and I recommend it. The only reason the other reviews were so bad, is because that was from a long time ago..Version: 1.28.0

What I think about WordleIt’s not a very good game but I still like it I play it once in a while sometimes the words get hard At some pointBut I do play it it’s nice but literally like there’s so many ads in the game it’s a nice game I play it but I have to say like there are so many other games that are better than this like a word search games like that but I play I think it’s a great game but I can’t not give it five stars.Version: 1.24.2

Umm ..Far to many ads there is so many ads every single second ! But other wise it’s a fun game to play and gives ur brain a real challenge..Version: 1.27.0

Great!Wordle is great! There are not as much ads as the other reviews say and even if you don’t get the word you still get a coin. You get to play more than one time a day, though there is still the daily challenge puzzle. I am addicted. If you don’t know how to play, you type a word into the 5 boxes (a five letter word) and if it is gray, the final word doesn’t have that letter. If it is yellow, it is in the final word, but not in the right place. If it is green, it is in the right place for the final word. There is also instructions in the app. Back to the ads. There are almost no ads. I get an ad every 5-8 games. You can spend coins on hints. This version of Wordle is the best!.Version: 1.12.1

Too many addsToo many adds.Version: 1.36.0

Great but too many adsThe game is awesome😍😍 but there are way to many ads😭 and also a bit glitchy😭The game is Awesome 🥰😍😘 cool new contents available 🥳.Version: 1.35.0

Daily PuzzleThere is any issue when you don’t get correct answer. It jumps to ads without letting you see correct answer. I don’t make me ads but it should bring you back to see what you missed. Maybe that comes with paid?.Version: 1.24.3

WordleLove this game but may give up on it as there are too many ads..Version: 1.10.0

Ad Free VersionEdit: I’m able to play the daily puzzle free, I just need to use coins to play the puzzle plus and the previous day’s puzzle. I still wish the option to watch ads for coins was still available. I paid for the ad free version because there are so many ads in this game that I spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. However, I now have to use coins to play the daily game with no option to watch an ad. Plus, I can no longer choose to watch an ad to earn coins. So, basically, I paid for the need to spend more money to buy coins. I really liked this game, but I probably won’t ever play it again. Waste of money..Version: 1.29.0

Boredom breakerTry this and you’ll never be bored again.Version: 1.18.0

Ad HeavySeems to have an issue where the scores freeze mid tournament. You play and solve the words but the score doesn’t increase for several hours, sometimes too late to complete the tournament. Games are good, but the adverts - too many and so very long, all for other games that you don’t want. Thirty seconds of Candy Crush style rubbish pushed at you between nearly every game. Why not just have an unobtrusive banner at the top that you can either ignore or follow up if you’re interested? Other games manage this way..Version: 1.25.2

It is a great gameIt is a fun and entertaining and for all those comments complaining about the ads just turn off wifi..Version: 1.36.0

I love it!!!Honestly, I’m not the type to play games of any kind. A lot of people I know play in this game, which usually keeps me from playing, but I liked the premise so I decided to download it. Now I'm hooked! I absolutely love this game!! It’s a real brain-teaser. It's simple, like any word scramble, but it’s also a game of probability. For example, if you know the second letter is b, you wouldn't think p would be the first letter. A simple example but proves my point well. I once got the daily puzzle on the second try!! Absolutely invigorating when you answer it correctly. I couldn't give a higher recommendation!.Version: 1.16.2

We need to be able to view our previous wordsMy mum and I play this game together daily and it’s always interesting for us to compare how we got to the right word because our previous words are always so different but we aren’t able to actually see which words we wrote after completing it so we often forget. It would be great if there was a ‘view’ option to view how we got to the end result and can compare with our friends and family.Version: 1.16.2

ReviewToo many ads.Version: 1.32.2

THIS GAME SUCH A BRAIN USER! SO FUN!!So so so satisfying I just love it I do it every day starting from today great game rate it 5 stars ✨Although please cut ads! Kind regards!.Version: 1.20.0

To many forThis game is very fun for people who want to test and challenge your brain with word games. I would play any game with that description. Except you can’t find many of those games without ads. This game was great at first. My friend and I downloaded it and we challenged each other on who could guess the word first. It was great until the ads came. I would be guessing the word when a 30 second ad would just pop up and then let me back in the game just so the game could let me watch another ad 2 minutes later. This game is very fun except when you have to deal with the consecutive ads over and over again. I would play for 30 minutes and have to watch 15 ads. All I think is that you just need to have a game without ads for once(thank you Supercell). It is a good game if you don’t get too aggravated by ads every time you guess a word. Thanks for reading.Version: 1.23.0

WordleWe really really love Wordle apart from it being vertical…… Could you please add a horizontal option because we play it on a bit IPad. Thanks a bunch. Chrissy.Version: 1.24.2

Brilliant game!This game is a lovely challenge for kids and adults. It helps with spelling and learning new words! The only thing I would change about it is constant ads when your doing it. It gets a bit annoying when you are in the middle of it or wherever you are at and it just comes up with an ad. But otherwise, a great game..Version: 1.15.1

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