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Road Trip Planner™ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Road Trip Planner™ app received 34 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Road Trip Planner™? Can you share your negative thoughts about road trip planner™?

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Road Trip Planner™ for Negative User Reviews

Not worth the moneyDifficult to use, does not help plan stops, streets and trips this not. So I put a start in TN, stop in WY, could not add way points, on the route, wants to place them on end. Lacks Forrest service roads until at such a close scale to be unusable..Version: 4.7.40

Not user friendlyI find this app extremely frustrating to use. Whenever I tried to add a new route pin it moved my previous route pin to the new location instead of adding a route pin. This app is not instinctive at all. Hate it..Version: 4.7.1

Love the app but...I have been using the heck out of this app but it frustrates me to no end! I use it in conjunction with several other apps to plot our course (we’re new full-timers), but each time I come back to RTP I have to reload the trip. This is a fine app that could be GREAT with a bit more work - please do that work developers..Version: 4.6.93

Kilometres ONLYHaving this App on iMac, mini iPod & iPhone, it's OK sur Le continent But if you are in the U.K., NI or USA or any other country that still measures distance in miles, yards, feet and inches look else where! The map show miles but the route are in kilometres. I have asked the app supplier who kindly pointed me in the direction of the "Group" in Google! Some help having shelled out and followed the instruction that they suggest in the help!! In the words of the prophet catch the bus!.Version: 4.4.1

Road closureI have been trying to plan my summer road trip with my kids. We bought the app and all gathered around to plan our huge Summer trip. After placing 6 pins of places we wanted to see we hit route. We got an error message saying one of the roads we are taking is closed do to weather. That’s great but I’m not going until August, we just want to see how many miles it is from each pin. I read the app instructions and they advise trying again in a few days. Well it’s been a week now and we are still unable to see our route. To say we are discounted is an understatement. Do not use this app it is useless if you are planing your trip during the winter.Version: 4.6.91

Frustrating!I just tried using this app, and have given up! Every time I add a new map point, it drops one of the other points I’ve already entered. I’ve updated after every addition, and it still drops my locations. Time to move on!.Version: 4.7.2

Cannot locate addressesI bought this app to plan my uk road trip! Put in suburbs and places we wished to visit and the app could not find the places! Went to the website to get some help and it's states that it uses apple they take no responsibility for these issues and we needed to complain to apple! I want a refund!!!!.Version: 4.6.5

Usability poorApp opens up and you are facing a map with symbols below. Symbols appear to mean plan, map out etc. but do not respond. No tutorial or directions easily accesible and I just paid 5 bucks for something I am likely to delete. Bummer..Version: 4.7.71

Poorly executed good ideaI’ve been a big fan of the Ultimate Campground app for years. I’ve had this app but haven’t tried any real world work before. The only useful thing it does is draw a pretty line on a map. How do I change the departure date? The itinerary should have a compressed view (location,travel time, miles) next pin, with the option for turn-by-turn display. Some instruction would be nice..Version: 4.7.81

Good app, but has some very annoying flawsIt used to be much better. Now it keeps adding random extra pins whenever I am using the app. I’ll be placing one pin and it creates another or I’ll be moving the map and it just creates another..Version: 4.7.71

Dodgy supportApp works good om mac mini. when waypoints are transferred to iphone it plots in in a diffferent country on the iphone. When i try to contact app support it loops you to their lousy FAC and a suppoirt forum which refuses you access to comment on Google I bought 2 on the mac the other on the iphone so i can plan my business travel daily and export it to my phone to use it. Pathetic and unprofessional developers approach to customer! I.Version: 4.7.81

Too convolutedEntering information requires using too many screens. It takes way too long to enter simple info - I find it easier and quicker just to use a calendar app. I don’t need all the other stuff - I’m not going to need fuel costs or a place to put photos, etc. I just want to plan a trip, no need to over think this..Version: 4.6.9

TravellerI have just started using this app but have been unable to complete a route due to an error with Apple maps. The app creators have been very unhelpful.Version: 4.6.9

A little hard to figure outGot the app to go on a road trip out west but was hard to figure out on a regular basis.Version: 4.7.84

Not user friendlyThis app is way to difficult for my simple mind. I want to put in where I am going and where I’m leaving from and then add waypoints along the way. I spent 2 hours trying and failing. I look for another.Version: 4.6.93

Search function doesn't workIt only searches addresses near my current location, which is useless for my planning of an upcoming road trip in Europe. For instance, my current location is LA and why I try to find Reykjavik in this app, the only result I get is "Reykjavik outpost", a clothing store near LA, and if I refine the search by entering "Reykjavik, Iceland", the app simply tells me "error, could not resolve location". If I have to collect the coordinates of every stop on my trip for this app to work, then what's the point of having a search bar?.Version: 4.6.6

Good stuffGood app.....but can’t be seamlessly used across Mac to iPad or iphone.Version: 4.7.82

Map is not accurate!!!The worst app!! Nothing on the app works and they can’t find places on the map even if I put the address in! Also found places where map is not accurate and is missing the whole lake!!! At this day and age you can’t even get the map right?! Or the trip planning app....Version: 4.7.2

Okay but need nap to be current. Would be wonderful if that was the case.Current map needed..Version: 4.6.3

Not user friendly at allJust bought this I am trying to create a route to bring a new R/V home to make sure it is RV friendly ... 45 minutes later still struggling (I am very IT literate).Version: 4.7.83

UselessWhat a useless app. Every time I try to set the route between two pins I get an error message. More frustrating than anything else! Zero stars. Should have tried the free version before purchasing the full app!.Version: 4.2.7

Not designed for Australian useUnable to calculate route following pins keeps using different highway. Travel times are not correct. Unable to contact support unless you have a google email account. Could be a great app if they could get there act together..Version: 4.7.84

GarbageI regret buying this app. It looks and feels like outdated app from previous generation. Not easy to use so it completely useless..Version: 4.7

Too complicatedBought this app to plan a big road trip. No real instructions given and I am not willing to keep trying things to see what they do. Others seem to have more patience than I. Also seems to be geared to those with RV’s. Should be simple..Version: 4.7.40

Waste of moneyThought this would show us cool places to stop on our road trip.... it doesn't. The app basically shows you a solid blue line of where you're going and that is literally it. Has to read the instructions 3 times just to get that part down. If apple offered a money back policy I'd be writing for one but they don't so enjoy my $6. Maybe you can invest it in making an app that has a purpose..Version: 4.6.6

No iCloud syncThe good: it’s pay-once. It uses Apple Maps data, which is actually decent and improving all the time. Trip plans are entirely private too. It will make a printable itinerary that might be useful. The distinction between POIs and waypoints is useful. Very helpfully it can export pins to Apple or Google Maps. The meh: POIs names should be automatically chosen with more smarts or be editable. Picking a POI of Arches national park shouldn’t say Moab, UT, for instance. You can annotate it in a small caption underneath. The bad: it’s impossible to collaborate on plans. This alone forces us to not use the app. It only supports exporting and importing a trip document file. While you can export it to iCloud and share from the Files app, the other people only get a copy of the file, and they don’t access the same file live as others may make changes. Furthermore it has bugs around reimporting an exported file, because it can’t handle files with the same name. The imported file doesn’t show up in its file list reliably. This is probably great for a one-person planned trip but there’s no ability to collaborate. Tossing a file back and forth would be very tedious and prone to errors..Version: 4.7.31

PinsIt doesn’t look like you can change the route pin order without redoing the whole route.Version: 4.7.71

Nothing but frustrationI can’t believe how frustrating this app is. If you look at the help section the problems are blamed on apple maps but it still makes this app useless. I get error messages when updating routes for no apparent reason. The program will plan a route out different ways in a matter of minutes. I put a pin at a ferry terminal on one side and the other side and it routes me to a completely different ferry by doing a bunch of back tracking. The program has so much potential but is just a huge unreliable frustration at this point. Save your money!.Version: 4.7.84

Way to complex.After pages of tutorial I can generate a route but still don’t know how to begin the turn by turn directions!.Version: 4.7.2

Doesn’t sync, poor UIThe UI is not intuitive. It’s fine once you get used to it but it takes more clicks than necessary. I built up a number of waypoints on my iPad and then went on my trip to find they weren’t sync’d to my iPhone and they weren’t there to be imported. So in the end I worked on the app but didn’t actually get any benefit out of it..Version: 4.7.31

Not what I was looking forSo you can’t add a starting point to your planner. You can’t edit an existing points address. You can’t adjust the sequence of waypoints, you have to delete and start again. It’s easy to mistakenly move a route pin, and you can’t retype the correct address or undo what you've done. I’ve wasted my money with is app..Version: 4.6.99

Not useful for RV route planning!The app is no more useful to an RV traveler than iOS “Maps” because it can’t screen the route to avoid roads that are unsuitable for an RV, such as a 7’0” underpass on a NJ expressway or a single lane mountain pass in CO. There are GPS maps that screen the route given the dimensions of your rig but this isn’t one of them..Version: 4.6.97

Lacks MAJOR FeaturesDon’t get me wrong, this is a great app, I love what it does and is my best travel companion, but I’m giving it only three stars for its two major flaws. 1.- The Apple maps version it uses is SOOOO outdated that there are roads and places that don’t even show, so you’ll have to guess their location with the help of Google maps. 2.- The inability to auto backup to iCloud, like so many other apps out there do, is frustrating If you want to have your route in several devices. I usually set up my route on my iPad, which has a larger screen and it’s easier to work on, and then just guide myself with my phone while on the road, but is kind of frustrating that every time I make a change I have to MANUALLY upload to iCloud or email myself the new route. So if for any reason I forget to send my updated map to the cloud, I’m screwed on the road the next day. If you add something last minute to your map, you’ll have to manually backup again or keep on emailing yourself..Version: 4.7.84

PATHETIC!!!!!Who the HECK in their RIGHT mind creates apps for iPad, iPhone and Mac that do NOT sync data between them??? It makes this and the developers other apps nothing but PAPERWEIGHTS. Not ONLY that but the developer REFUSES to give you a way to contact him. Talk about a fringing waste of my time and money. NOT happy at all!!!!!.Version: 4.7.84

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