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StinkyIt promised good quality video calling and all I got was disappointed. :(.Version: 24.0

Use a different program, this isn’t worth the hassleFirst off, this is a Google product no? The company that sold you a Chromebook on the virtue of google products. Except Google Duo doesn’t work in Chromebooks. Let that sink in. Second, on a desktop... ahem... a non-Chromebook desktop... you can’t video chat with more than one person. Why? No one knows. Third, if you’re using an iPhone to use this app (and suffering though poor video quality with every so tiny video boxes) you better be plugged in because this app drinks battery like your phone was powering a space heater. Finally, even if you have multiple devices, this app won’t let you sign in with all of them, like other programs. It requires you to use gmail and a distinct phone number (why?) eliminating the possibility of dedicating one device to one think and the other to the video chat. It’s the first product I’ve ever come across in google’s product line I’ve been wholeheartedly disappointed with. If it were 2005, this may get a few stars, but it’s 2020, there are a lot of competitors in this market, and it feels like Google is peddling VHS in the streaming age. Shop elsewhere..Version: 80.0

Battery drains so fast!The only thing good about this app was the video quality. Now with the latest update even that is gone. Gets blurry when the camera is moved. Battery drains really fast..Version: 1.0.2

Fix your App!!!At first this app was a very good alternative to FaceTime, but ever since its latest update or so it would have a hard time even connecting let alone call. When you call, the tone is different from the tone you hear when the device is connecting. (Connecting means that it hasn’t even started ringing on the other device.) Now sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. Other times I’d have to call then hang up because it would never stop connecting. I would have to do that multiples times and it still wouldn’t work. I look like idiot to the other person because even thought it’s never connected, it still shows as a call that was never answered. It looks like I’m obsessed with the other person especially since it shows like 6 misses calls..Version: 86.0

Pretty good app but many complaintsSo don’t get me wrong I do like the app bc my friend has a Samsung so she cant use facetime so that awesome but when me and her are on call the video freezes all the time second it drains all of my battery bc I will have full percent and then in less than 5 min I already have 10% and I know it is not my phone bc before I used this app my battery wouldn’t drain for hours and I even have low power mode on third the audio is horrible like horrible and this isn’t the last thing but this last complaint I am going to put in the review my phone in the like 4 years that I have had my phone it has never overheated but when I am on the phone with my friend on only this app and charging my phone it always overheats for both of us and I know it is only this app bc when I am on any other app even on the phone on a different app it never overheats.Version: 99.0

MediocreIt’s good but i wish I didn’t have to have a google account I have an iCloud email and it doesn’t work and I wish it had more Snapchat like filters other than that it’s a good app <3.Version: 99.0

Possibly the most annoying app I have downloadedThis app routinely prompts me to call random numbers out of my contacts list. Like I can’t decide who I want to have a video call with on my own. I had to delete it.Version: 39.0

Nah bro this app sucksss 🌚🌝Ok but... WHAT IS UP WITH THAT NAME BROOO!? 🤦🏼‍♀️ Google duo... REALLY!? Makes me think of Duolingo and Google like bruh that just STOOPID 🦉🦉🦉🦉get outta here with that REALLY dry name🙊 but like nah Get a load of this one ☝️ Like BRUUUUUUHHHH the design is soooo bad like SOOOOO cliché!!! Like y’all made it look like the face time app but literally got rid of the green 🟢❌ placed a sideways ↗️ water drop 💧 and the rest is just white ⚪️. Just by that only it makes me wanna jump in front of a moving train 🚂 LIKE WHERES THE CREATIVITY LIKE BRUUUUUHHHHH!!! Ugh and then we have the 🥵 V e R i F y y O u ‘ R e P h O n E n U m B e R 🔥 I CANT EVEN VERIFY IT!!!! LIKE BROOOO WTHHHHHH!?!?!? like I even deleted the app 2️⃣TWICEEEE2️⃣ literally restarted my 📱iPhone XR📱 MANY MANY MANNNNYYYYYY TIMES!!!! and don’t tell me “oh you probably didn’t write your phone number right” .... 👁👄👁 ... WOW SHERLOCK 🕵️‍♂️ DIDNT THINK OF THAT ONE BEFORE 😐 Nah but fr I can’t verify my phone... I can’t use the app bro....Version: 96.0

Back camera issueThe app is great, i use it a lot since I am in a military relationship. However for some reason the back camera doesn’t work, whenever I flip the camera it actually makes a buzzing noise and begins to shake making it impossible to use that camera and I have a newer phone (XS Max) and I don’t have this problem anywhere else or on any other video calling app. It’s a bit of an inconvenience but I manage. I’ve tried restarting my phone and the app and uninstalling and re downloading the app but nothing worked. So if that could be looked into that would be great. Other than that it’s a wonderful app and very easy to use and great for long distance calling..Version: 76.0

This app drives me INSANEMy video freezes when I walk away from WiFi. That’s not the problem though. It used to do that to me all the time on this app. But now when I’m still on DUO and I turn the WiFi off, the video stays frozen even after WiFi is off. I still can hear the person I’m talking to but their picture is frozen. Then when I go to hang up the phone so they can call back, DUO doesn’t let me answer. I hit the accept call button for the face to face call and the app shuts down and disappears on me. I have to open up my app drawer where all my previous apps that I haven’t closed out yet are, and it’s there. I push on it to open the app and screen back up and try to answer and yet again it disappears. I again have to search for it in my unclosed app drawer and try to hit accept video call. I do that a couple times, it disappears on me a few more times, then finally I close out the app because it won’t let me answer the call. After closing DUO and all the other apps I had open I try yet again to answer and it won’t let me. I literally have to wait a few minutes to even TRY AGAIN to answer video call on here. It’s driving me NUTS! Fix! So frustrating! If it’s not one thing it’s always another!.Version: 101.0

Okay.. but a couple little thing!So I just got duo a couple days ago because my friend can’t FaceTime on her phone so we tried this. When I first got in the app it was very very confusing! I had no idea what I was doing maybe it’s cause I just got it! But I thought it would be a little easier! Second when I finally got on a call with my friends the audio is awful! I could hear a thing and it kept on freezing and breaking up and sometimes we would have to leave the call then I can’t join back unless they ring me! And I would like where I can see my friends the whole time! Because on my phone (iPhone 11) you can’t go out of the app and see them! But on the other hand on my friends phone (some none apple)she can go out of the app and see us! Please take this to mind! I think if all these changed this could be the one of the best apps!.Version: 92.0

Có nhầm lẫn gì chăngỨng dụng không phân biệt được số điện thoại các nước. Tôi gọi cho một số ở Nhật +81 lại nhảy ra cho một người ở Việt Nam cùng dãy số đuôi nhưng đầu số +84.Version: 25.0

Multiple devicesThere should be an option to use multiple phone numbers.Version: 56.0

I wouldn’t even waste you’re timeThis app constantly Glitches, freezes , audio is crappy and is always lagging ,video is crappy needs a total update and app needs re looking into I wouldn’t recommend this but as I have family that lives far away and a niece that calls me on this app and some don’t have FaceTime so I have to use this but every time i use it ,it is a horrible app and start to call their phone Normally as you can actually have a conversation.Version: 50.0

No audio at all :(Need some more work, no outgoing and incoming audio on iPhone 5 with the latest software:(.Version: 1.0.2

Question?Can you call out of the country to other people? If so then this app is amazing!.Version: 130.0

Google Hangouts beats Google Duo hands downDuo uses phone numbers only for identifying which Duo apps to connect. Truth-be-told, ALL parties must be using a Duo app or the website. You certainly won’t be calling any and all phone numbers with this very limited app. Hangouts is also cross-platform, but in addition, it ALSO allows voice calls with ALL mobile and landline voice numbers (NO Hangouts app needed). Also, Hangouts supports texting between any phone numbers that allow texting (again, NO Hangouts app needed). The only time Hangouts requires using a Hangouts app or website, is when doing video calls. Yes, the quality of Duo video IS better than Hangouts video, but that alone does not make up for its major limitation of no connectivity of any kind, to most phone numbers..Version: 76.0

Please add static screens for group callsAs the name suggests, better for two to four max. Anymore than that and the screens jump around; super annoying and distracting. Would be good to be able to pin screens and also use the group function on the computer. Other than that; sound and screen quality are excellent..Version: 83.0

Battery darins fast and cellphone becoms hotBattery darins fast and cellphone becoms hot.Version: 47.1

Creepy app. Camera started up sitting idle on desk.App wasn’t even in the foreground. Email was and phone idle screen off on coffee table watching a movie. Phone lit up. Camera on, phone obviously looking right up so image of ceiling. Picked up and closed google duo. Weirded out. Uninstalled. Wants access to contacts. Wants too much access. But too creepy for my liking. Bring back google talk. You didn’t need to hand over to google everyone you know before being able to use it..Version: 92.0

Forces you change your photo selectionThis app is just plainly harassing. everytime you open it asks you change your photo select. every time i click “keep my current selection” but yet again the same pop up.Version: 130.0

The app opens every time someone callsI’m always I’m the middle of a game or something like that, then someone calls and then it opens the app, and then after the call ends it just stays on the google duo app, meaning I lose any progress I made in a game. Please fix this, I find this happens on my iPad, and just make the call like a normal call, when it ends it goes back to the previous app..Version: 95.0

Constant spam callsI installed the Google Duo Video app to talk to my parents who don’t have FaceTime. They mentioned they had both installed it because they wanted to video chat with me and my daughter. During the 3 months this app was on my phone I received about 20+ spam calls PER DAY. Sometimes less than 1 minute apart. I would block the numbers, but a new number would just show up a minute later. The same thing was happening to both of my parents. Once I uninstalled the Google Duo Video App, the spam calls completely stopped. My parents also uninstalled it and their spam calls stopped as well. This is the worst app I have ever put on my phone for that reason. This is completely unacceptable. I do not have this issue with FaceTime. I 100% do not recommend the app to anyone who says they are considering. There’s a huge privacy issue with this app..Version: 44.0

Unreliable using iPhone SE 2While it is working on my Sony Xperia 1 ii, I cannot use this service on my iPhone SE 2. I can make a call and receive one, but that is it because I cannot hear or be heard.. I cannot accept calls, only receive them. And the other party cannot accept my calls too, they only can receive them. It’s annoying because I cannot use it. I have removed the app and re install but ended with the same result..Version: 116.0

Good but not bestI think google has to work hard to compete to FaceTime. I have been using both but I prefer facetime quality over duo..Version: 58.0

Not GreatI've been using this app for about a year now. Just recently despite updating everything it's terrible making a video call. It's either freezing, choppy, audio disappears or generally conversations break up. I have an iPhone XR and husband has Note 10. Just not impressed that it's getting worse, hopefully things will improve soon..Version: 91.0

Overheated phone really quickOverheated my phone, couldn’t answer my call on partners pixel 4a until 3rd attempt, then couldn’t stop call on the pixel!! Scarey! Deleted app off both phones there are better options out there.Version: 116.0

What’s up betterWy.Version: 130.0

I am unable to make phone calls or do broadcasts but, my partner can.I cannot get duo to make phone calls from my iPhone. I have tried everything that google has suggested. It just keeps saying contacts are not in your contacts list. This is also the same for Broadcast. It will say it is broadcasting but my partner never receives the broadcast. However, my partner can make any calls through duo and also do broadcasts. So I have no idea what the problem is but, I am unable to use the device for calls and broadcasts. So, why does it let my partner use it and not me?.Version: 100.0

Not amazingI really like it because I get to face time my friend who lives in Cornwall and we both have different devices so this lets me chat with her but if I didn’t have to I wouldn’t use this app as it has really really bad quality. Often the picture is is super unclear and grainy and it freezes and stops. Also the sand is really bad and evoke so no... I wouldn’t recommend it at all unless you have no option.Version: 41.0

Good but.....This app/feature is very good and is very helpful but I have one problem! I don’t have a phone number so I can’t use the darn thing!!!! On a laptop/computer you can use it online by clicking on a link but I’m not carrying a computer with me to anywhere and everywhere I go! On my iPad (I don’t own a phone) I can’t use the app because it won’t let me sign in without a phone number!!! VERY IRRITATING!!!!! Especially because all I need this app for is to just call my brother so that he’s not lonely when he is walking home from school! 😡😡😡 Also,please could you make the filters available on an iPad as well?!. Thank you..Version: 116.0

Phone heats upIm using iphone 7plus with only 10-20 minutes of video call phone becomes hot like hell Video quality is awesome but please fix the issue.Version: 29.0

Audio cuts out oftenVideo calls work good but there are many audio dropouts..Version: 130.0

Doesn’t work at all!I can’t place or receive calls with notifications and contact permissions turned off. None of the buttons work..Version: 130.0

Google call AppGreat App, does what it’s supposed to do well. However, as far as I know it overheats on IOS and drains the battery like no App I’ve ever seen before. I only use it while charging, come to thing of I don’t know if that’s a good idea🤔 there are records of phones explosions in similar cases..Version: 49.0

Ends by itself when one of us or both of us lock our phonesI’m giving this 3 stars because every time me and my boyfriend would lock our phones and leave the call on , it would end within like 15-20 minutes , to keep the call on we have to leave our phones unlocked but then our phones get over heated and a lot of our battery goes down , please fix this as it’s so frustrating, over than that it’s an alright app , just please fix the issue with locking phones and the call ending within 20 mins of our phones being locked - the call ends by itself.Version: 52.0

Needs to be betterWe used Duo for the first time today for a family get together video chat. Other apps we tried failed to connect some participants, or the invite process was clunky. Duo was very simple and error free by comparison. The video quality was much better than other apps we tried, which is a huge plus for us. However we were disappointed that the participant windows 5-8 are smaller, it would be helpful if they were more consistent size. Flipping windows around the screen to highlight whoever is talking is disconcerting. It would be more useful if the ‘window’ showing ‘my’ camera view is always a small window in a corner. this app has huge potential but these things need to be fixed as other apps provide a better viewer experience. We will use Duo again, but I expect we might be looking for a better app..Version: 82.0

Back camera sucksMy back camera works fine on any other app but it shakes soo much when I use it on google duo.Version: 130.0

CrapThis game was not letting me place the assassin ninjas in the enamys bace.Version: 130.0

CameraHow do u turn of ur damn camera.Version: 130.0

No you cannot have access to my contactsThis app only works if you give access to your contacts and I’m sorry if I don’t want to see business contacts and trades persons in my duo contacts allowing them to feel it is okay to contact me using this app. There is no way to filter or sort so random people you hardly know can appear at the top just because that is the way the app sorts them and it only includes their name and not business association so they can be unfamiliar without that reference. It just feels wrong. Deleted..Version: 38.4

What an upgradeWould be an amazing app if the developers allowed apple user’s the same ability that Samsung user’s have and allow us to is the phone in the background while still watching and interacting in a call or even screen sharing. Like Jesus pick your game up google.Version: 111.0

I have no clue what the hype about this is......Really disappointed. I see all these ads saying that is the best video calling and to be 100 % honest its horrible! I can never stay on a video call without it either failing, the audio being horrible or the entire thing freezing in the middle of a conversation. Would rather make a phone call and describe what I’m doing or what I want to show to ther person then use duo..Version: 36.0

Why should I report an issue with Google Duo?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Google Duo to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Google Duo customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Google Duo.

Is Google Duo not working?

Google Duo works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Google Duo.

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