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Google Meet App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Google Meet app received 53 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google Meet? Can you share your negative thoughts about google meet?

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Google Meet for Negative User Reviews

No audio at all :(Need some more work, no outgoing and incoming audio on iPhone 5 with the latest software:(.Version: 1.0.2

Can’t use without phone numberI have been unable to use on my child’s phone to call me when I’m not home. Like a lot of parents, my wife gives her old phones to my child but no phone plan. Unlike FaceTime, you can’t login without a phone number. This is a poor oversight by google l, as I will never go back to apple myself. Now dropping hangouts as well, there is no google way of calling each other since I don’t pay for a plan for my 8 year old. It’s been years so I doubt they will wake up and make it possible to login with a google account instead of phone number.Version: 173.0.0

Good but not bestI think google has to work hard to compete to FaceTime. I have been using both but I prefer facetime quality over duo..Version: 58.0

Used to be pretty good but.I have used Google Duo over 1 year. It is pretty good app to call non-Apple user. It had been worked great until back camera image was reverted. This is weird experience and never fixed until v166.0. Other than that this is great app..Version: 166.0

Phone heats upIm using iphone 7plus with only 10-20 minutes of video call phone becomes hot like hell Video quality is awesome but please fix the issue.Version: 29.0

Low camera qualityI’d rather recommend Microsoft teams because of quality.Version: 160.0

No you cannot have access to my contactsThis app only works if you give access to your contacts and I’m sorry if I don’t want to see business contacts and trades persons in my duo contacts allowing them to feel it is okay to contact me using this app. There is no way to filter or sort so random people you hardly know can appear at the top just because that is the way the app sorts them and it only includes their name and not business association so they can be unfamiliar without that reference. It just feels wrong. Deleted..Version: 38.4

Poor instant messaging, need to be developedNeeds buge improvement for texting.Version: 176.0.0

FIX THE MIRRORED IMAGESHave loved using Google Duo to video call my fam members who are not on iPhone. It’s easy enough for my mom to use and she calls to see my kids daily. After the latest update, my rear-facing camera image is ALWAYS mirrored. There is no setting in iPhone or the Duo app to change this and it is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. Have you ever tried to point a camera at something and track it while the image is mirrored? It take a little extra brainpower under normal circumstances…as a sleep deprived mom it is a monumental task. I have two kids under two who want to run and jump and show Grandma all sorts of fun things and I can’t keep up with them on screen ever since this setting changed. CHANGE IT BACK! Or at the very least, give an option to change it to a preference. Also if you’re a person who wants a mirrored image when using an outward facing camera, you’re a monster. Lol.Version: 164.0

I have no clue what the hype about this is......Really disappointed. I see all these ads saying that is the best video calling and to be 100 % honest its horrible! I can never stay on a video call without it either failing, the audio being horrible or the entire thing freezing in the middle of a conversation. Would rather make a phone call and describe what I’m doing or what I want to show to ther person then use duo..Version: 36.0

Bring back duoI don’t like how google duo was upgraded to meet its just confusing i want google duo back. Duo was so much better and I could easily communicate with my friend but now I never use it. Its also just ruining the original meet which I love better!.Version: 176.0.0

This app drives me INSANEMy video freezes when I walk away from WiFi. That’s not the problem though. It used to do that to me all the time on this app. But now when I’m still on DUO and I turn the WiFi off, the video stays frozen even after WiFi is off. I still can hear the person I’m talking to but their picture is frozen. Then when I go to hang up the phone so they can call back, DUO doesn’t let me answer. I hit the accept call button for the face to face call and the app shuts down and disappears on me. I have to open up my app drawer where all my previous apps that I haven’t closed out yet are, and it’s there. I push on it to open the app and screen back up and try to answer and yet again it disappears. I again have to search for it in my unclosed app drawer and try to hit accept video call. I do that a couple times, it disappears on me a few more times, then finally I close out the app because it won’t let me answer the call. After closing DUO and all the other apps I had open I try yet again to answer and it won’t let me. I literally have to wait a few minutes to even TRY AGAIN to answer video call on here. It’s driving me NUTS! Fix! So frustrating! If it’s not one thing it’s always another!.Version: 101.0

I despise this app! Duo was great, and this one does not work!I have been trying without success for almost two months now to get this app to work! And it won’t! I continually delete the app, reload it and try again, with no success. I try to establish calling and it says unable too. I have followed multiple recommendations I have found on line and none have helped. I am extremely frustrated as Google Duo is how I FaceTime my children while on the road. I now have to use google meet and it’s crushing me not being able to see their cute little faces. Unfortunately, this is the app their mother uses and as a divorced family, I am at the mercy of her and what she uses. The kids on her end can’t get it to work either, they too are extremely frustrated and saddened. I do not know what to do at this point. Duo was perfect and I never had problems with it, no matter where I was in the country. Please fix this app. God bless and stay strong!.Version: 175.0.0

Picture in PicturePlease have this in your feature..Version: 174.1.0

Please add static screens for group callsAs the name suggests, better for two to four max. Anymore than that and the screens jump around; super annoying and distracting. Would be good to be able to pin screens and also use the group function on the computer. Other than that; sound and screen quality are excellent..Version: 83.0

Needs to be betterWe used Duo for the first time today for a family get together video chat. Other apps we tried failed to connect some participants, or the invite process was clunky. Duo was very simple and error free by comparison. The video quality was much better than other apps we tried, which is a huge plus for us. However we were disappointed that the participant windows 5-8 are smaller, it would be helpful if they were more consistent size. Flipping windows around the screen to highlight whoever is talking is disconcerting. It would be more useful if the ‘window’ showing ‘my’ camera view is always a small window in a corner. this app has huge potential but these things need to be fixed as other apps provide a better viewer experience. We will use Duo again, but I expect we might be looking for a better app..Version: 82.0

Would not TrustI downloaded this app today prior to having difficulties with Hangout video chat. My sister recommended I download this app. Everything in my phone was fine until I downloaded this app. My Gmail and everything else is not opening properly and is now being faulty and exiting out of apps I use. I honestly had no problems before downloading this app!.Version: 161.0

The app opens every time someone callsI’m always I’m the middle of a game or something like that, then someone calls and then it opens the app, and then after the call ends it just stays on the google duo app, meaning I lose any progress I made in a game. Please fix this, I find this happens on my iPad, and just make the call like a normal call, when it ends it goes back to the previous app..Version: 95.0

Do not disturbNot supported by apple do not disturb and it rings even when notifications are off completely. It often wakes me up while sleeping and no way to contact google about it..Version: 177.0

Battery darins fast and cellphone becoms hotBattery darins fast and cellphone becoms hot.Version: 47.1

Có nhầm lẫn gì chăngỨng dụng không phân biệt được số điện thoại các nước. Tôi gọi cho một số ở Nhật +81 lại nhảy ra cho một người ở Việt Nam cùng dãy số đuôi nhưng đầu số +84.Version: 25.0

Requires phone number, not suitable for tablets.2nd of April 2022, Already had duo on a old tablet and it worked well, however upgraded the tablet and reinstalled. The app won't allow me to sign in with the same google account anymore, it additionally requires a phone number. Typical google, trying to herd users into doing certain things. This is like Google+ all over again..Version: 162.0

Possibly the most annoying app I have downloadedThis app routinely prompts me to call random numbers out of my contacts list. Like I can’t decide who I want to have a video call with on my own. I had to delete it.Version: 39.0

Battery drains so fast!The only thing good about this app was the video quality. Now with the latest update even that is gone. Gets blurry when the camera is moved. Battery drains really fast..Version: 1.0.2

Calls moves to speaker if you receive another callWhy calls are transferred to speaker when you receive another call while you are on a duo call. I cannot believe a big company like google won’t fix this bug for years..Version: 170.0.0

Glitches on duoThe reason I give this a to is because sometimes you don’t have volume sometimes it glitches sometimes it just randomly hangs up there’s a lot of little issues that need to be fixed with Google Duo I mean once in a blue moon it’ll be working just fine and what’s the point of giving readings like how was your call good or bad and if I say bad it never fixes the glitches so I’m kinda like why would you ask me at the end of my conversation if it was good or bad because every time I rate the next calls never fixed or better like it glitches every single night I use this app to talk to my boyfriend my best friend my friend out of state and I have issues all the time just saying that you guys should fix the glitch it would make this app way better especially if I didn’t lose volume and I couldn’t hear or it didn’t glitch.Version: 162.0

MehMeh.Version: 174.0.0

No picture-in-pictureThe other app called “Meet (original)” offers Picture in Picture… why doesn’t this? I also hate how this new meet requires a phone number — the original meet allowed me to simply sign in with my google account, adding a phone number was OPTIONAL, which is how it should be..Version: 175.0.0

Not GreatI've been using this app for about a year now. Just recently despite updating everything it's terrible making a video call. It's either freezing, choppy, audio disappears or generally conversations break up. I have an iPhone XR and husband has Note 10. Just not impressed that it's getting worse, hopefully things will improve soon..Version: 91.0

Does not have speaker phone option when dialingHow stupid is that.Version: 150.1

The bestThis app is the worst it doesn’t work it charge you to pay and they lie about everything you have to pay money every single day to do one video with your family it’s too glitchy nothing work and you just bring money for nothing save your money people save your money and I read this title because I just want people to read it I just put the best because people don’t need batteries like I hate when this app didn’t work I paid money for nothing i’m going to sue this the people that made this app.Version: 172.0.0

Okay.. but a couple little thing!So I just got duo a couple days ago because my friend can’t FaceTime on her phone so we tried this. When I first got in the app it was very very confusing! I had no idea what I was doing maybe it’s cause I just got it! But I thought it would be a little easier! Second when I finally got on a call with my friends the audio is awful! I could hear a thing and it kept on freezing and breaking up and sometimes we would have to leave the call then I can’t join back unless they ring me! And I would like where I can see my friends the whole time! Because on my phone (iPhone 11) you can’t go out of the app and see them! But on the other hand on my friends phone (some none apple)she can go out of the app and see us! Please take this to mind! I think if all these changed this could be the one of the best apps!.Version: 92.0

Not amazingI really like it because I get to face time my friend who lives in Cornwall and we both have different devices so this lets me chat with her but if I didn’t have to I wouldn’t use this app as it has really really bad quality. Often the picture is is super unclear and grainy and it freezes and stops. Also the sand is really bad and evoke so no... I wouldn’t recommend it at all unless you have no option.Version: 41.0

No tablet app (iPad)No use for larger devices than a phone..Version: 22.0

Can’t use Google meets video and another window at the same time!I have no idea why Google would put this app out where it forces you to physically be on the app to allow video to work. I have an iPad Pro and an external screen and often do video calls with clients where I need to be on their website at the same time. However, everytime I try and use the browser or any other app, the video turns off. Please fix it..Version: 179.0

Good but.....This app/feature is very good and is very helpful but I have one problem! I don’t have a phone number so I can’t use the darn thing!!!! On a laptop/computer you can use it online by clicking on a link but I’m not carrying a computer with me to anywhere and everywhere I go! On my iPad (I don’t own a phone) I can’t use the app because it won’t let me sign in without a phone number!!! VERY IRRITATING!!!!! Especially because all I need this app for is to just call my brother so that he’s not lonely when he is walking home from school! 😡😡😡 Also,please could you make the filters available on an iPad as well?!. Thank you..Version: 116.0

It’s okGood but I’m not a big fan of how do you like you know click on the screen you can get big you but it’s gonna make the other person in on the call small and I want it to be real I have a big screen of me and a big screen of her it’s because I feel like it’s too small to see and I don’t like it and I know you can do that with calls chat thing but what if we doing something nasty and then someone joined but isn’t supposed to join most of my friends don’t have Apple phones but overall great quality and I like the filters and all that stuff it’s good I love it except for that one problem and I hate how sometimes also the voice will really speed up that gets annoying and please do stop asking for the rating it gets annoying.Version: 140.0

Pretty good app but many complaintsSo don’t get me wrong I do like the app bc my friend has a Samsung so she cant use facetime so that awesome but when me and her are on call the video freezes all the time second it drains all of my battery bc I will have full percent and then in less than 5 min I already have 10% and I know it is not my phone bc before I used this app my battery wouldn’t drain for hours and I even have low power mode on third the audio is horrible like horrible and this isn’t the last thing but this last complaint I am going to put in the review my phone in the like 4 years that I have had my phone it has never overheated but when I am on the phone with my friend on only this app and charging my phone it always overheats for both of us and I know it is only this app bc when I am on any other app even on the phone on a different app it never overheats.Version: 99.0

I am unable to make phone calls or do broadcasts but, my partner can.I cannot get duo to make phone calls from my iPhone. I have tried everything that google has suggested. It just keeps saying contacts are not in your contacts list. This is also the same for Broadcast. It will say it is broadcasting but my partner never receives the broadcast. However, my partner can make any calls through duo and also do broadcasts. So I have no idea what the problem is but, I am unable to use the device for calls and broadcasts. So, why does it let my partner use it and not me?.Version: 100.0

Creepy app. Camera started up sitting idle on desk.App wasn’t even in the foreground. Email was and phone idle screen off on coffee table watching a movie. Phone lit up. Camera on, phone obviously looking right up so image of ceiling. Picked up and closed google duo. Weirded out. Uninstalled. Wants access to contacts. Wants too much access. But too creepy for my liking. Bring back google talk. You didn’t need to hand over to google everyone you know before being able to use it..Version: 92.0

Les appelesOn ne peut pas appeler des adress imail on peut seulement appeler avec des num 😕🙁.Version: 43.0

Would not recommendSo I have been on this app for a while and calling my friends since that is the only way I can communicate with them and whenever I create an account it either kicks me off or doesn’t show ANY of my contacts when I log back on. And yet it still says all bugs fixed. Secondly, I don’t know if it is just iOS but I’m always seeing my friend sharing her screen on tablet but I don’t have that button so I think it is another one of the bugs. Back to the kicking me out section, I deleted it because it wouldn’t show my contacts TWO times already and re-downloaded it, it worked the first time but now it won’t let me download the app, I’ve tried to but I just can’t and I’ve tested other apps to see if it was just this one or not and they all worked so please fix these bugs..Version: 159.0

I wouldn’t even waste you’re timeThis app constantly Glitches, freezes , audio is crappy and is always lagging ,video is crappy needs a total update and app needs re looking into I wouldn’t recommend this but as I have family that lives far away and a niece that calls me on this app and some don’t have FaceTime so I have to use this but every time i use it ,it is a horrible app and start to call their phone Normally as you can actually have a conversation.Version: 50.0

Sound issuesOk so I use this app a lot, and I mean a lot to talk to people, mainly because I have friends who don’t have the same kind of phone as me and stuff like that. It works great most of the time but there have been times where I’m trying to call someone and it won’t go through for them and they try and it won’t go through for me, or if I/the other person try to call each other if I try and answer it won’t let me, and same with them. Also sometimes I can’t even call the person! It just sends me straight to making a little video message. And, now it is sound I have turned my phone on and off and same as the other person we have tried EVERYTHING...well mot deleting the app, but I seriously don’t want to feel like I have to resort to deleting and reinstalling it. Not that it’s much work it’s just I feel these issues need to be fixed, I hope someone sees this because it is beyond annoying..Version: 116.0

Screen goes blank when using Duo on Google Home MaxOur extended family bought three Google home maxes to keep connection with elderly parents. We bought it because of Duo. However the screen goes blank when using Duo randomly (audio still works). It is very frustrating and the recommended solution to use zoom or hang outs is not appropriate for the elderly because Duo you only need to hit the answer button. We are thinking of returning the Google Home Max for a refund. This apparently is a known problem with Duo. As of yet for the last three months there has been no solution provided by Google..Version: 168.0.0

Ends by itself when one of us or both of us lock our phonesI’m giving this 3 stars because every time me and my boyfriend would lock our phones and leave the call on , it would end within like 15-20 minutes , to keep the call on we have to leave our phones unlocked but then our phones get over heated and a lot of our battery goes down , please fix this as it’s so frustrating, over than that it’s an alright app , just please fix the issue with locking phones and the call ending within 20 mins of our phones being locked - the call ends by itself.Version: 52.0

Never through Bluetooth earphonesI am facing an issue with just google meet app whenever i call someone or I receive a call it just never go through my earphone ,always on speaker which is not a good experience..Version: 175.0.0

StinkyIt promised good quality video calling and all I got was disappointed. :(.Version: 24.0

Help pleaseUsing on i phone 11 I can’t get it to ring when someone calls. Any help would be appreciated!.Version: 175.0.0

Picture in Picture not supportedIPhone now has Picture in Picture, but Duo doesn’t support it.Version: 145.0

PUT NEW COLORS AND BRUSHSThough I like duo there’s one thing that I wish could be changed, in the doodles there’s barely any colors and there’s only one brush. For the colors there is barely any colors there’s just purple, blue, green, yellow, and red there is no skin colors for those people with great art skills there should be more stuff for them so they can show their friends and family there great art styles. And there also should be a way to zoom in on the drawing so the people can put more details on there work. For the brushes there should be more types of them and ways to size it, it will be helpful for artist but also for other people too like for writing notes or for other stuff. It’s great that there’s doodles but it would be more helpful to have more stuff on it!.Version: 144.0

CoolThis app is dog waters it’s for idiots.Version: 153.0

AdviceYou guys need to work on your video quality with only one bar of Wi-Fi on Facebook the video call is still great you have to have a full signal of Wi-Fi to even get a crappy video on Google DuoAnd it’s still blurry and has a lot of digital squares in it even with a full signal and I have a mazing Internet I have Cox communication I pay for high-speed data the best package they have and every app I use has amazing quality with your app is the only one that is not that way you guys are worth millions of dollars you can afford to fix the situation but you guys choose to just take everybody’s money and not spend money unless you have too The biggest problem with every company in this entire world even companies that aren’t Internet related is the fact that every small company puts their heart and soul into financing the best thing they can for a little company until they get big once the company gets big they provide less and less effort financially to fix things because they’re filthy rich already.Version: 142.0

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