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EvonyThis game appears to be similar to the original evony played by web browser, loved the game then and hopefully will this version. Update: was good but too many issues with it not working properly, lot of lag, red wifi, hardly any bosses even though there is meant to be more. A bit underrated now. Every time there is an update there are more issues and they don’t get fixed in a timely manner..Version: 3.7.1

The game is what’s wrong with gamesSo initially I thought it was a puzzle game as all the adds made it look that way but I was at first pleasantly surprised it had a bit more to offer. After a few hours in I noticed this game really only has three things to do. Farm, build your keep, and train troops etc. the attack system is completely focused on being the aggressor to the point that building anything but cavalry is pointless. It’s attack first, bubble, heal, repeat. The svs portion is pretty lame too. So why is this what’s wrong with gaming well there is no story whatsoever and it’s all based around you getting zeroed in hopes that you spend money by purchasing rss and other items from the CCP to either build up or rebuild your keep and troops. In short a pointless waste of time. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me here but I’ll take a single player game from 15 years ago over this and other games like it.Version: 3.87.5

Don’t waste your time or moneyI play for the friends I have met in my alliance... although in the last 6 months one player has systematically singled out and bullied player after player until they quit so our server has turned in to a ghost town. This player will find out about your family members and send personalised mails attacking you, for example wishing sudden infant death syndrome on a new parent. If you talk in world chat he will tile hit your alliance for months and swear and degrade you all the while. Customer services do nothing about this bully, who has no alliance because there isn’t a single person on the server he hasn’t verbally attacked. Tickets are deleted and probably not even read. Add this constant bullying from a deranged man to the bubble glitches and bugs (that customer services will in no way even consider compensating for), the constant goal post changes that require vast amounts of money to compete against and you’ve got yourself a very expensive waste of time and money. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.Version: 3.81.2

Dont waste your time , the game is made just for company to make moneyYou can not get things upgraded easy , it ask gems and etc and thats mean you have to spent money there is no ads on game which is good but as i said when there is no ads so company have to make money by selling gems and gears for upgrade !! Big waste of time and money you can not go further then 12 level easy afterwards if you want to go further all up to money that you will spent and buy gems to keep help you upgrade expensive taste of game !!!!!.Version: 3.86.12

SupportI enjoy the building and strategy but the game has a lot of bugs and issues that have persisted throughout the year and a half I’ve been playing. The support team is slow to respond and try to clear their tickets before any answers or resolutions are made. Every time there is an update my ticket gets cleared and I have to fight with support all over to get an answer. After this last update someone in support said they would find my ticket and then work with production for compensation, we are on day 16 of the event and still no resolution or compensation. I have to take a screenshot before upgrading or making anything to show I have the requirements because of a connection error that happens after hitting that ‘upgrade’ button and suddenly I no longer have the items or resources and the upgrade has not been completed. They have a battlefield event which is sometimes fun but it’s 2 hours long. You can’t leave or you do not get rewards. One bug made it so that we could join battlefield but the map wouldn’t load, no one could move, and we couldn’t leave so we had to sit frozen for 2 hours. No compensation..Version: 3.2.8

Customer Support - terribleI actually like this game, however, I am not happy with customer support. The other day my game became unlinked when I tried to get my brother to look after it due to work. I asked for support and it took 24 hours to get a response, then I followed every step that the support advised to relink the account, which was never followed up. After a number of months building the account I was not happy. I have made a number of attempts to communicate since and have been ignored. So in short, I like the game however the customer support does not exist and is terrible. That is my honest review..Version: 3.0.5

App support - Can’t login bc cc Info isMy app isn’t allowing me to get the update bc my credit info won’t be taken by the App Store. So now my shields will fail and I will loose all my progress, which takes about a month to go from one level to the next. Which means I’ve wasted about $400+ on this game. I’ve tried contacting technical support for both the app and tried submitting a request for assistance with the App Store as well. I’ve even tried to contact the alliance to see if someone could watch me, however.. idk anyone’s real name from my guild. And we just were forced to make our server and another combine into one server/alliance. It’s literally not easy to get help. Im still trying to get their website to work for me. I’m sure shield is gone already and I have no motivation to keep playing bc this is getting ridiculous. I am posting here because this is the only place that it will let me contact them. I’m sure this can easily be figured out, but if not then I no longer wish to play this game..Version: 3.2.1

Dual charges and 2 receiptsDual charges and received 2 charge emails for 1 purchase for sept 24, 2020 This happens again on 29 March 2021..Version: 3.87.6

Terrible gameThis game is terrible, it literally forces you to spend money if you want to get to a decent part of the game. If you don’t spend money, it’ll take you 6x as long to reach a half decent level. They are also scamming people. I played this game for an offer and they rejected me since I used a vpn. This is ridiculous considering they never stated anywhere in the description or legal terms that you must not use vpn. If they had, I wouldn’t have used a vpn. Shady game. Spent money and time just to get scammed off of it..Version: 3.87.4

Pay to play or go awayYou will find out soon that without paying a decent amount of money....you won’t be very relevant. I love the gameplay overall. Plenty to do and upgrade. It takes forever to get to a decent level....of course the more you money you spend the faster you get there. It’s like anything in real life....all they care about it money. Customer support is honestly about worthless. They won’t fix issues and could care less if you’ve spent $1 or $1000. It takes days to get a generic response. As others have stated....LAG. Some days it’s not horrible and you can cruise through with no problems. That will all be irrelevant when you face an enemy server in server wars! I can’t tell you how many times I’m trying to attack and lose connection only to come back with my city on fire. It makes all your hard work go down the drain. I know it’s a typical crybaby response...but it would also be cool if they had a lvl vs lvl attack system, as it stands now...a 500mil power player will farm a 1 mil power player all day. It’s hard to grow in this game if you don’t get in with the right group. Bottom line...if you plan on spending a lot of money..this is your game..if you just want to be a few dollars here and there...I suggest you go elsewhere. You can have fun but it’s very difficult..Version: 2.0

Great Game! If you have thousands to spend...This WAS an awesome game, that I have been playing for well over a year and a half. A couple of months ago there was an upgrade that allowed for players who were already at the top (thanks to spending thousands) had the opportunity to spend more money and become the best. Now they are again upgrading the growth, so those that were already playing catch up to get to the last upgrade will be trampled by those willing to spend money. Make no mistake...this game will cost you thousands to be able to compete and not be a farm for the larger players. Customer service sends out template messages when anyone complains about the new update, all they seem to care about is lining their pockets. I have resisted leaving and trying other war games, but this latest update has finally sent me to try other games. If you love strategy war games, and have infinite money to spend, this is a great game! But if you have a budget, STAY AWAY! There is no way to compete without throwing away thousands of dollars..Version: 3.2.8

Don’t do it!!!!Been playing daily for over a month. First off the game is NOT complete. Sure there mini puzzles to figure out at your free will but somewhere on the third island the puzzles tell you “coming soon” it’s a LIE, it’s not “coming soon” it’s been saying that for 6+ months. Secondly the game is indeed pay to win. By the time you get your castle to 21 and your going to 22 it will take you 35 real life days to complete the construction, unless you pay up to get it done faster. Thirdly, all new players are randomly placed on already established worlds, who some have been playing for months and months. There’s ZERO way to catch up and conquer that alliance because all his team members are also toxic and will love to keep attacking you over and over again. The devs don’t care... they allow it to keep happening because it’s common market practice to make noob players mad so they BUY power ups and membership. If you’re going to play this game I advise you to go to settings, make new charter and look at the worl server map and join any worl that says “new” and no king yet... now you might have a chance..Version: 3.83.2

Customer supportCs is 50/50 chance of being helpful. Sometimes I’ll get great help and in a timely manner. Here recently though My truce agreement purchase was unsuccessful yet I still lost my gems. I never got a mail regarding my truce activation nor did I receive a truce. But I lost 2,500 gems somehow. 💁🏼‍♂️Because of this I was hit and zeroed. 150million rss taken, almost lost a sub, and my general captured, and troops killed/wounded. 20 mil each rss to heal and 40k t10 cavalry killed. I said this to customer service and got a reply 2 days later Saying I activated a truce 15 minutes after my attack. (My second purchase of a truce because the first failed) then I got a reply 3 days later. Now I have asked for the ticket to be closed and have gotten no reply for 4 days. I’d like to talk to someone else about this issue and other issues. Someone who takes this seriously and replies to me and tries to work with me. But I can’t. 😒 please help me or at least close my ticket...Version: 3.2.8

Disappointing updateI have been playing Evony for several months and had really got into playing - lots of great strategy can be involved - however the recent update causes more frequent crashing on my iPad than previous version... it used to crash periodically but this latest version crashes every 5 minutes or so... very annoying! If there aren’t improvements soon I will have no option but to delete it. Shame..Version: 3.86.4

Don’t botherTo be fair I never even played this game. I literally downloaded it just so I could write this review, and I intend to delete it when I have. Here’s why, THE ADDS. The adds for this game are nonstop, and total crap. If whoever is advertising this isn’t confident enough to advertise the real game, I have zero confidence in it either. If you’re advertising this because you think it’s something the public will like, make THAT the game. If you’re advertising it because it will get downloads based on what people enjoy playing it means that’s what will get you downloads. Now if we aren’t totally annoyed that you’ve wasted our time by making us watch fake adds we might give your game a chance! Or better yet you could make what your advertising REAL. Actually do the “pull the right level to not die”, or whatever because we downloaded it to play THAT nothing else. I will never play this game so I don’t know if it’s even enjoyable. Safe to say not really. It might have been but you’ve ruined it for me with these fake adds and now that’s all I see. Please seriously consider what I’ve said because I’m sure many people have drawn the same conclusion as I have. Thank you for taking the time to read this. ps: How the hell is this rated 4.7 when all the reviews seem to be negative? I’m skeptic.Version: 3.83.2

Fack😠😤Just like Gardensapes the game it was not like the add. I think all of the games are doing this because everyone loves the adds.👎🏼.Version: 3.82.11

Same old, same oldIt’s an ok game it’s just more of the same thing. Build and collect and wait, and wait, and wait and then get destroyed by someone who loves spending tons of $$..Version: 3.82.11

Evony not a strategy gameThis was a really entertaining game for a short while. While it’s fun building up your city and joining an alliance, you will quickly find out that Evony is not a really a strategy game. This game is a numbers game that pretends to be about strategy. For example, if you’re city is a level 10 it can easily be over powered by another opponent as long as they are a higher level than you. Unless you spend real money to purchase truce agreements your city remains vulnerable without a shield 24/7. This proves extremely frustrating especially when you spend money on packages that contain city clues. If you’re working on collecting items like this, it’s not worth it. If you activate a key it alerts the entire server so an opponent that is a higher level can come in and take your city that you worked hard to obtain. Unless you spend real money to level past them, there’s absolutely no strategy you can come up wit to win your resources back. It’s similar to s pyramid scheme than anything else. If you have lots of money to continue purchasing truce agreements, you’ll continue to get raided by opponents with a higher level than you. Good luck!!.Version: 3.84.3

Customer supportListen game is cool, customer support is slow to non existent, if you lose something good luck getting it replaced , their standard saying is best regards after driving a knife through your rib cage telling you that your imagining things as your stuff did not disappear or mess up. Event packages..... good luck getting the items after you buy and you actually did not get them lol , EVONY Customer service is a joke however the game is cool but yes it does MESS up regardless what they say. Why would I give you my account for retaliation.... it’s not as if you couldn’t figure it out anyway... your latest response to me is a total joke , I send you a pic stating I did not receive 9.99 event pack I purchased on Dec 1 , you wait until I purchase another Last night Dec 5th to answer , then answer and say you received your items at 11:38 gmt time 😂 time... complete JOKE of a customer support .... and still never address missing troops .... Don’t waste your time on this game if you do , eventually you will need customer support and you will get told your fault best regards evony ... that’s after days of no answer and they investigate the wrong thing on the wrong day at the wrong time 😂 Furthermore I have played this game for years now and spent money on it daily ... to be treated the way I have over 20k troops and a ten dollar event pack is unacceptable when I have spent thousands on this game , but I assure you I will not be spending anymore .......Version: 3.2.8

Stuck in a disasterI’ve played this game for almost 2years now, since my last BoC I’d been in a bad customer service ticket with a one sided conversation because I wasn’t granted an autoheal once my alliance came out of the battlefield.. Yes I did stay to the end to grant an autoheal and I have sent ss proof in a customer support ticket that hasn’t been replied to in 3days. I wasn’t the only person who got stuck with this issue but I am one of the ones who hasn’t been responded to or helped, even fixed. Because of this I am beginning to think about giving up and quitting, I’ve been a fan for years and years but this is absolutely frustrating, and I’d like others to be aware and careful..Version: 3.0.3

Games great but.....***update: you have still failed to remove this person after sending me your attempt at placating email. This person is still continually harassing and giving out info on world chat and is now doing same to opponents in server chat. I will keep my review as is and will be asking other players in our server to leave reviews as well, until something is done about this person.*** Aside from allowing an employee to continually Harass players on our server, daily, giving out our Vip info, how many gems and various other things we have and calling us stupid, useless and using foul language, game is great and fun. Minor glitches here and there but what game doesn’t have those. Maybe take care of our issue and I’ll rate 5 stars. No point in anyone contacting customer care either about this person cause they then give out our complaint and IP when it’s done on our World chat. People pay you all a lot of money to play this game, we shouldn’t have to deal with employees harassing us..Version: 3.86.12

False adsFalse ads.Version: 3.82.8

This is all fake.The ads are fake and I have played the game for a long time and no where do I see anything close to what is happening in the ads. The developer will probably respond saying no but cmon we all know it’s using bits for good reviews. Also if the developer responds: he is a liar and should not continue making this horrible fake game..Version: 3.83.2

Support Doesnt Care for Non-Pay2Win PlayersA player was selling out the entire server to the enemy server during Server Vs Server event by telling the other server what the tactics and plans are and this is considered cheating based on game rules however because the player doing this is a Pay2Win player, support/game devs dont care that the game is ruined for the rest of the entire server!.Version: 3.87.3

WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVERI love the game and have been playing for around a year now. I’ve spent a few hundred dollars over that time to help grow my city and troops, a few weeks back I was locked out of my account and after 5 days of back and forth with customer support (it took them 4 days to reply) to get my account back I’ve lost over 55 million power, 100 million of each resource and of course the majority of my troops. Especially my t11’s, I’ve managed to grow back a little but I’m as weak as I was 6 months ago! I’ve asked to be reimbursed and sent them all my account details and screenshots of the attacks on my account whilst I was locked out as they asked. But nearly 2 weeks later and I’m still waiting to hear back from them, why I ask? They’ll take your money, but when it comes to compensation for their mistakes they don’t want to know you. It’s absolutely disgusting and I won’t be spending another cent on Evony, I hope most of you don’t either..Version: 3.86.12

DisappointingYou can’t just play the game without constantly getting slapped back down by other players If you do download this game DO NOT JOIN CAMELOT ALIANCE!!! Apparently it’s okay to cannibalise your own weaker players if you need resources, under the reasoning of preventing your enemies from doing it first, and then immediately booting them out of the alliance. If you want to be stabbed in the back by your own people then download this game.Version: 3.86.1

Terrible - False advertisingI kept getting ads for this game. TONS of ads. After seeing the same ads week after week, I decided to try it out, because the game looked fun. -That game, being what appears to be a man trying to get gold, while avoiding lava and animals, etc. Pulling levers to make sure he gets to the gold, and avoids the hazards. I downloaded the game from the ad, and couldn’t even find that part of the game anywhere. I thought it was maybe just a small part of the game, and tried to “play” to get there. After a while of not knowing what I was doing, trying to find a point to the game, I gave up. There is nothing else shown in the ads, and I previously assumed that what I was shown was the main game. But the game in the ads is something I couldn’t even figure out how to do after some searching. Everything is super complicated, and therefore really disappointing. If this game isn’t about trying to get gold while trying not to fall on spikes, get covered in lava, or attacked by a big cat, then why is that all the ads show? I was tricked into downloading this game, and I’m not happy about it. Make the ads show the real game, not something completely different. I know I’m not the only one who downloaded this game, assuming it would be the game in the ads. I’d give 0 stars if possible..Version: 3.84.3

Interesting so far...Hard to find instructions or clear information on how to go about accomplishing tasks or upgrading generals. Need to fake it and learn.Version: 3.87.4

Useless support and developersGame is garbage, full of glitches which the developers can't or won't fix. The customer service team and the developers will not respond for weeks. And it will cost 50 to 100 thousand dollars to be an elite player. I have tried contacting your support team they are absolutely pathetic. They don't answer for weeks and when they do it's a bot response. DO NOT PLAY.Version: 3.87.7

Terrible Customer SupportCustomer Support actually laugh at you and are rude, when they do eventually reply, sometimes after a month. Evony is dying, too little gold at too ,much stamina..Version: 1.6.0

Not worth your timeAt first I loved the game and I used it mainly for the puzzles which stopped and haven’t been updated (I’ve had the game for 8 months, plenty of time to make more puzzles). There’s too many server wars and not enough time to recover and if you don’t pay for things with real money, chances are you won’t get very far. It’s not worth the time and investment..Version: 3.86.3

Dazzles with puzzles but not a puzzle gameI was drawn to this app for the puzzles it seems to have on all its advertisements as well as the video preview in the App Store. However the puzzles in the preview video are no where in the game but yes the one in the screen capture still is. This game is primarily a game of gather resources to upgrade your city/civilisation. Has sort of a MS AOE type feel, another game i like, so I kept the app for now. No real strategy, just click bait satisfactions to numb your mind and kill some time. Nice looking main game though. The puzzle levels are child’s play and require you to unlock higher levels by upgrading your city or in other words the main game. Also the puzzles give out at level 17, 45 puzzles in total..Version: 3.84.10

Rip offI’ve played this game for many years, but since being an app it has got increasingly worse. You have to spend money to stand any chance of succeeding in the game, then when you do the game takes resources and gems and speed ups away from you because of a glitch. No matter what you report back to Customer Services they never ever refund or give you anything back. The only upside to this game is the people that you play with if I was you I would stay with well away from it..Version: 3.87.7

If bugs happen, go awayAt first, it´s a good game but with unpleasant lag and bug as the time go. Several dozen support ticket were issue. Many of my team players wasted time and money without any fix by a weak support team. If you’re lucky fun and no bug. If not: go away before it get worst.Version: 3.86.12

Bait and SwitchI’ll start off by saying that the ads for this App are incredibly misleading. It looks like a puzzle game App, but the puzzles shown represent a minuscule fraction of the game on the whole. Most of your time will be spent level grinding to build a kingdom. I suppose for a multiplayer game about building kingdoms and such, it’s decent enough. The graphics are pretty good and most of the gameplay is fairly easy to figure out. It has enough interesting events and challenges going on to keep a player well-occupied for a very long time. Those are the good things, but for me, they are outweighed by the negatives. For one, unless you are willing to spend money, you are going to be at a serious disadvantage. And in a PVP game, that is not going to go well for you. And the screen is constantly cluttered up by the in-app ads wanting you to spend money. Then there is the PVP aspect. This was my primary reason for uninstalling the game and quitting. The rules about how this works changes from server to server...and from king to king ruling a server at any given time (good luck if said king’s native language isn’t English and has to be translated, because that often leads to mass confusion). Players regularly target players who have no chance of fighting back or surviving. I would have liked to have been given an option to play on a server without this feature. Or to have more balanced PVP action..Version: 3.86.8

Pay to LOSE. No safeguardsThis is a textbook pay-to-win ripoff app. You don’t have to spend money, but if you want to advance and keep up eventually you will be spending real money on this. And it’s not like it is advertised in the app promotions. Build a city, upgrade buildings, build troops, and have someone ten (or more) levels higher stomp what you were working on into the mud. There needs to be some built in protection for lower level players. Not spending another dime on this app until they fix that. But being a free-to-play player isn’t working out so well, so I am quitting because this is not worth the time it has taken to try to be self sufficient in the game. I wish I could get my money refunded because this is not as advertised and the experience is not rewarding. Now with server wars you get absolutely eliminated by someone 100x stronger. No safeguards. No balance. No more money from this player. I have been through six server wars now, and like a fool I spent money again only to LOSE AGAIN. For a player with 64M power to attack a player with 6.4M power is one sided. When a 560M player attacks a 29M player, it’s an unfair competition. No protection, not even when you pay money for this abuse! Lose server war, and your armies march very slowly. For a game that makes money selling speed ups, it is unfair for them to slow you down for your server losing. No more of this bait and switch nonsense..Version: 3.84.0

CashYou better be rich if you want to play. When the game first came out you could play without paying. But with keep level 35 now and soon to be keep level 40. Upgrading costs billions in resources. 5 billion food, 5 billion stone, 5 billion wood, 5 billion iron. For keep 35. That doesn’t include all the other buildings that have to be upgraded with your keep. So bring your wallet. I’m not even going to address customer support since it doesn’t exist. I told them I didn’t buy one of there resource packs they charged me for there exact response was God must have bought it and deleted all are previous communications. There’s a reason that thousands of players quit and they are having to combine servers just to have enough paying players to keep the game going. Think about it do you really think you can farm 5 billion in food. When your troops eat it if it’s over your warehouse limit. No! you have to Pay thousands to play..Version: 3.81.5

Amazing game! Questionable support.Let me start off by saying I have been playing this game for a few months. I love the ideas and principles of the game! Keeps you entertained for weeks on end and constantly has new events so that the content does not get old. However, when a problem arises, don’t expect support to be any help. I have had a problem where my general Hun Xin can not Star any gear of any quality for whatever reason. Over a week ago I contacted support to try and get the bug cleared up, and have been trying to get them to believe me since. The first support technician was going to check the logs to see what was going on, and that was on day 1 of the ticket. I am not currently on day 8 of the ticket, have sent screenshots, have downloaded the game and uninstalled it twice to try and fix any bugs, and can not get a response now from support. I wish they would have just told me a week ago to uninstall and not waste my time trying to fix the problem. Until they are able to hire additional service employees( if workload is high) and/or get better in the service department, I am going to have to take a hiatus from the game. I hope that they make a turnaround as this is one of the better games on the App Store if they would just put everything that had into it..Version: 3.84.3

Customer service is a jokeBe prepared to have bugs happen to you that can take away weeks worth of work and for customer service to call you a liar even with pictures. Their buildings end game require an absurd amount of resources to build and if you get the “red fan of death” when starting the build kiss all the resources you just put into the building goodbye. It won’t matter if you have time stamped pictures showing you had millions of resources before and nothing after. Not to mention most times even getting in contact with customer service takes 4-5 days to even initiate a ticket. *update* more customer support woes... have an example of someone running many bots on our server 10+. All the information has been sent into CS via ticket and in game mail and they keep deleting what is being sent in. Basically the person running all these Bots is a mega coiner so I never to see any action taken against them because they are a cash cow for the game... extremely sad that if you spend enough you get to break the rules on top of all the other advantages..Version: 3.7.10

Decline of evonyI have been playing the test servers since they started, over the years evony have continued to move the goal posts in the game, changing the values of general stats, weapon stats and troop stats, reshuffling of the research was a massive FUBAR, there is no sense to the attack strategy, game errors have been there from day 1 and never fixed, errors that could cost dearly, the dreaded wifi signal when stamina is at 19 but it doesnt tell you and just resets you, wifi signal when trying to attack, they say its not them, well i find it hard to believe that people’s internet drops at just those moments in thousands of places, some serious time and effort needs to be injected into this game to make it properly playable, fix the errors instead of making it look pretty.Version: 3.78.0

Terribly disappointingFirst off I want to say the game and the people you Get to know within the game is great but that’s were it stops. All Evony is interested in is making more money and because of this they have some serious platform issues. They continually add additional servers to a system that can’t handle what they have. This produces serious lag issues which can cause you to loose what you have worked hard on developing due to not being able to respond quickly to an enemy attack. The algorithms inside game are not consistent and near impossible to figure out. Sometimes you can have 2 identical situations but have 2 very different results. I’m a spender in this game and am so disappointed I am as the events that they have can have you spending lots of money thinking you will get a return on investment. Guess what you don’t. It’s all 4 nothing. Customer service sucks and when you send in a issue all you get is a standard reply with no resolution to the issue just a bunch of typical big business words. Kinda like an insurance company not wanting to pay out a claim if you know what I mean. This review is to warn newcomers of the problems I have witnessed first hand. Please don’t waste your time downloading and if you do absolutely don’t give them your hard earned cash. Just enjoy the relationships you develop inside the game. Terribly disappointed..Version: 3.86.12

Do not waste your time or moneyHonestly this should be zero stars. Glitches upon glitches that the developers know about that cost you money, resources, and speeds, to which they fix absolutely nothing, I’ve had a ticket open for weeks which they tried to close by giving me data about a day that wasn’t even the correct one. Then thanked me for my info and still haven’t heard back from them, so nothing resolved. Incompetence at its finest. Customer support and developers are useless lying thieves, all they care about is you spending on the game, you’ve been warned, wish I had been too. PH Update: after developers “researched” the wrong day of the said issue/glitch and sent me data with the incorrect data customer service agent Maria Rodesa Guaves has kept sending useless updates for over a month and nothing has been resolved, and now the developers says there’s no issue although they sent no data because if they did it would show their error, it’s ridiculous that they refuse to make this right. Once again do not waste your time on this game..Version: 3.80.1

Not as same as in the ADJust make a good simple puzzle game. You will get so many users . We just need a simple puzzle game . That’s why we downloaded it. It is not what we see in the ad. . In our busy life we don’t have a time to play full game just to get to that puzzle game as I am 35 years old and need something simple that I can play in 2-3 minutes everyday. This could be a awesome puzzle game but you made it so complicated for everyday user. If we really need to play that big building empire game , we could have played it on pc. Not on mobile small screen. Your puzzle game looks awesome in the ad . I repeat “WE NEED ONLY THAT PART” I am sure most of the users also agree with me . Why don’t you make that one? You are losing millions of user because of that. Anyways Uninstalling this one . thanks..Version: 3.86.10

BLABeware before really getting into this game. In the beginning it all seems legit and easy to play but if you want to build and grown it takes a lot of time and resources. Farming for resources is one way to get the materials you need but at higher levels you may have to send all your military out to farm for you to have the resources needed to upgrade. This I know for a fact and it is true you needs hundreds of dollars to grow in this game unless you plan on waiting a year to upgrade your keep from even level 28 to level 29 you will need 272 actual days for it to level up and don’t forget the resources needed 340 million resources so yea if you have all the time in the world to wait then go for it. But wait if you have a lot of money to throw away they do sell packages so you can build your army but be ware if you do not have a bubble to keep you from attacked then all your efforts and building can be wiped out. Yes completely Annihilated (DEAD) so now you can either spend more money to revive them or spend it on rebuilding. I play the game and not the creator of the game so what I said here is honest and true. Just a heads up.Version: 3.82.15

4.8 stars is NOT an accurate rating! Only fun if you pay and can bear the lagEvony has some of the best mechanics in its category but is almost unplayable and is not really a “free” game to play. It has terrible lag at the worst times. It usually happens during battles and has lost me hundreds of thousands of troops because I could not maneuver them properly. The pay to play is very obvious once it takes over a year and a half to upgrade a single building or someone has T12 troops a couple weeks into the server making them untouchable for months to come. It’s a real shame since they would have an absolutely amazing game minus the lag and pay to play. Evony has and continues failing to take proper action on fixing the problems within their game and continues to open new servers. I would be the biggest fan of this game if they took their customers seriously and made the necessary fixes. I promise you the 4.8 star rating is not a legitimate or accurate rating based on the many complaints I’ve seen on their Facebook page, comments on their posts, groups and people in my realm. I ask you to check for yourself so you realize how big this problem is..Version: 3.82.11

Bad customer serviceDon’t play this game it lags yet they expect players to fight each other as well the lag then offer little support with any issues raised their terms and conditions are a joke too. Map doesn’t load random march freeze get stuck marching can’t bubble pointless war game too many glitches and customer service blames your phone or wifi over lag complete BS. All they want is your money and offer nothing in return to loyal customers..Version: 3.82.11

Check your credit card statements!I started playing evony in full Covid lockdown I have appreciated many aspects of the game. I heard horror stories from a friend of thousands of dollars being charged by the app and not getting her money back. I never thought it would happen to me because I am not a big purchaser. Until it did. Imagine going from a five dollar charge a month and seeing hundreds. I contacted Apple and they said because the app makes the purchases “in app” they cannot refund them. When I contacted the developers and they said contact Apple as they do not keep purchase records. Be careful fellow players. After asking around many people in my alliance have had this happen to them with no help from Evony. So my recommendation, if you are thinking of starting to play....just don’t!!! The people you meet in game will get you attached...and you more then likely will be miss charged and not able to get any of your money back! Beware this glitchy game EVONY.Version: 3.84.13

!!!DANGER!!! Do not purchaseThis app seriously messes up your phone. HUGE download when you first open it (very suspicious) Everything on my phone is slow ever since, even after deleting app..Version: 3.82.11

Don’t waste your timeIt’s a good game, but it’s major flaw, although there a quite a few, is that lower tier players can be attacked by those at the top, but it’s not limited to that, those top players keep the attacks coming over and over and over again, I have played other types of games where only those matched to your level of power and experience can attack, and once that attack is successful they can no longer see you, so repeat attacks don’t occur. The adverts don’t actually reflect the gameplay, it relies heavily on in game purchases, which are pointless when those senior players just ransack your base repeatedly. The level of abuse on the chat forums, I have witnessed is atrocious, racism is alive and kicking on this site. Misogyny is rife. I’ve decided to delete the game, as I doubt the makers care about any of the above, other than raking the money in..Version: 3.87.7

WowThe game is great, when you can get on! Three lots of maintenance downtime in a week, lousy compensation, continuous crashes, and laggy slow servers. The game itself isn’t too bad, but when you have an issue, customer service give you the run around, and you end up with no answers! I’m seriously thinking of giving the game away. There is no joy in trying to play and constantly getting booted, or things taking forever to load. Get your act together evony! Lots of people spend good money on this game, only to be disappointed day after day. Instead of fixing the lag issues, you just create more servers to say your greedy selves, you don’t care about the players. Never in all my years of gaming have I had crash and lag issues like I do with this game, and the more servers you make, the worse it gets! Shame on you 😡😡😡😡.Version: 3.82.15

The adds are wrongIt’s sucks what the hell.Version: 3.84.8

This is NOT a puzzle game!Not only does the picture for the app look stupid, it’s also deceptive. This is not a puzzle game, it’s a strategy game. Evony, if you want advertise the puzzles in the game then MAKE MORE PUZZLES!!!!! I’ve finished all of mine up to level 17 because you haven’t made any more. And seriously!? You call these puzzles? At least make them a little more difficult and the rewards more valuable. It’s pathetic! Please make up your mind what you’re going to decide to make this game and stick with it. Fixing the lag in the game would be nice too, but no one on the Evony team seems to understand what that means. When you figure these out, I’ll give you back those 2 stars. Otherwise, I suggest you start paying attention to what loyal players are asking of you and spend less time asking us to invite friends to play and spending more of our money. I HATE the pop-up ads! 😡 I’m just about done with this game. If it keeps going the direction it is now, I’m deleting it and moving on to spend my money elsewhere..Version: 3.84.15

Bullying harassment and job lossRecently a player got hold of another’s personal details including workplace name and told the whole server. There were a lot of complaints to developers to take action over this on the offending player, however only a 24 hour mute was given. Now there has been an email sent to that players manager as a result of those sensitive details being shared and this could result in them loosing their job. Evony developers refuse to take action over this harassment, as well as reports of cheating with others using bots on alt accounts. In both circumstances evony themselves have admitted that sharing others personal details without permission breaks their terms and agreements between the player, evony, Apple and google play, yet they did nothing to take action of this. Also that anyone cheating will be dealt with as they do not allow players to have alternative accounts or bots to cheat, and yet evony still haven’t enforced their own rules not those rules of agreement with Apple and google play. Are u developers scared to take action against these horrible players that bully harass and destroy people’s real lives?.Version: 3.80.1

I could feel my braincells die out.This game feels like it was made by an alien with no knowledge of human sociology, who was fed paper scraps of George R. R. Martin’s books and told to make a game. The first minute is a fever dream of the most uncomfortable sort. I heard the words “My Liege” until they drilled a hole in my skull and were no longer comprehensible. The game takes your hand by force, and as you kick and scream it shows you with a giant tacky yellow arrow exactly where to tap and you cannot tap anything else. The only gameplay in sight reeks of an amateur Unity project. I simply could not take this game anymore. I only downloaded it to experience the genre falsely advertised in nearly every other mobile game ad. To this game’s credit, clunky and uncomfortable as it may be to play, it does feature that type of puzzle. The only reason why games like these sell is with the creation of ads stupid enough to rot your brain and through the objectification of the only female characters in the game. Can we, as a society, be better than this?.Version: 3.84.13

Reviews are done by BotsBe Aware, review seems to be done by bots, alot of 5 star with generic name and empty word. this is a intense Pay to win game, period..Version: 3.82.6

My LiegeIf I have to hear “My liege” one more time.Version: 3.87.7

Customer serviceThey do not respond to issues at all, I have a ticket sitting open for over 2 months now without a reply..Version: 3.87.6

Okay game but glitchy and horrible customer serviceGame is buggy and it disconnects accounts connect to Facebook and Apple Game Center. I have lost two accounts already which I spent over $10k setting up. At this point I’m do with them. Customer service barely even responds. They give you canned responses and don’t do anything to help. A complete waste of time and I’ll be contacting Apple to complain. Update: I gave them a second chance and that is on me but the their customer support is still as disappointing as it was before if not worse. I have spend another 10k and then troops from my account just vanished without an clue during Server War. I tried and tried to get someone to help me but no response or only response was to ask me for “proof”. A proof which I had already provided, a screenshot of the troops being alive in a report and then nothing.... they are just gone. Server lags, login issues, no customer support, mysterious devs who just sit on the customer support requests. I can’t imagine how they have high of a rating as they do on iTunes. Fake reviews?.Version: 3.87.0

At first it started out great, but......When I first downloaded this game, I couldn’t put it down! I became addicted to the everything it has to offer. You get to choose your culture, your avatar, your alliance and grow from there to ultimately become a strong player. You’re playing with real people from all over the world. However, after months of playing it, I slowly became aggravated to fact that there is a major lag problem. It has become quite unbearable to play. I’ll soon be quitting the game. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of purchasing two packages where I never received my items due to this problem. On top of that, customer service is a hassle to deal with. You can definitely notice when they don’t care. It has been over a month in trying to fix this problem and get my money’s worth of items or a refund. If you do decide to play this game, be patient and try to refrain from purchasing anything or you are at the risk of loosing money/items and never getting it back. Overall, not worth it..Version: 3.82.15

Turns into a boring cash grab quicklyI got sucked in by the puzzles, but in order to play them you are required to make an endless series of upgrades to your city, which never visually changes. Outside the city, there are just an endless series of fetch quests and no real map to guide you so you just wander around endlessly looking for gem mines. Join an alliance, but there is no real forum to organize and no clear goals so you end up endlessly marching off to far away battles that you mostly miss. The game requires very little to no involvement. My city was attacked by another city and I didn’t even know about it until I checked in the next day and found out I had won the battle without any involvement whatsoever. So other than clicking on “upgrade” and then coming back an hour or a day or even a week later (it takes incredible long to upgrade your keep) there is very little to do except pay money. Oh yeah almost everything you click on gives you the “opportunity” to pay a dollar, or $10 or $20 etc. NOT WORTH PAYING ANYTHING!!!.Version: 3.84.4

Culture selectionNo Indian culture to select.Version: 3.82.10

Fraud -never installWorst game and its a paid game.dont install.Version: 3.82.11

Steals your moneyThis game literally steals your money. I get charged for things I don’t buy and when I ask about the charges I get ignored or told to “talk to Apple”. It’s totally fraudulent. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. If I could give it a negative star rating, I would..Version: 3.87.5

Worst customer support ever!Steer clear of this game. I’ve been a long time paying customer but not any longer. If you ever have an issue requiring customer support you basically won’t get any. I logged a ticket due to an unknown person gaining access to my account. So a fairly serious issue! On multiple times I had to chase CS for responses with a gap in communication of 7 or 8 days being experienced on at least one occasion. By the time they finally did something about it my linked Facebook account has been suspended due to associated unusual activity so I’m now locked out of my account. Had they done something quickly (even within a week) as asked none of that would have happened To regain access I apparently need to provide quite a bit of personal information which I won’t do for privacy reasons. I can show a long history of purchases through the App Store which should be enough. Seriously. The way customers are treated is an absolute joke!.Version: 3.1

ScamGame steals your money and hard work without any compensation. Game will break and you will lose everything eventually..Version: 3.87.6

Takes ages to loadWas stuck for a long time in the loading screen. It said it was checking for updates but it was taking way too long so I just deleted it..Version: 3.82.6

Great game but expensiveThis is actually one of most challenging player versus player games out there. It’s Ricky designed and has a lot of layers. It also has a lot of flaws, like the devs advertising it as a puzzle playing game. It’s not a puzzle game. It’s an intricate castle fighting game where you roll around on the map with your castle and try to kill other people’s troops and not get killed. Alternatively you can stay in a bubble and fight monsters and upgrade your keep but eventually you will forget to bubble and someone WILL kill all your troops. It’s brutal and also it’s very hard to level up if you’re a free player but it is possible. It takes a solid year to 2 years to build the top level keep, or at best estimates about $10,000 to do it quickly. Yes, really. This game will absorb any amount of money you throw at it. But you can still have lots of fun for free or only spending small amounts. Puzzle players beware!.Version: 3.84.6

Worst Customer ServiceI’ve had numerous complaints gone through to customer support ranging from locked accounts, to timing issues that require compensation of the game’s end for their bugs, account getting hacked and troops getting dismissed. All of which have had solid evidence for and have not been compensated for. If you read in their user agreement, they are not required to give you any compensation (in game or real compensation) for any losses you may incur so that gives them all the flexibility to get away with whatever they want. Whenever I’ve put in these complaints, the customer support staff never seem to actually understand my concern or what I’m actually talking about. It seems they don’t actually understand the game and/or have terrible communication skills and as a result give poor treatment to their customers. Not only that, the customer never gets compensation for any losses that fit into the above mentioned criteria. YOUR ACCOUNT AND PROGRESS IS NOT SECURE IN THIS GAME. In a game that is so pay to win heavy, I would expect better service but that is not the case with Evony unfortunately. I would highly suggest you turn away from this game immediately before you get sucked in to this money making scheme..Version: 3.86.11

What a waste of timeDon't play this game, you'll find the big alliances won't allow you to play, they will destroy your city every time to stop you growing, don't waste your money on such a game, the server I'm on is almost dead, the only activity is on world chat and it's not polite, well done Evony from not learning from the death of Evony Age I and II, this game suffering from the same problems, don't waste your time, find a better game to play, I will take a good guess they won't want this posted on the reviews as it's become such a bad game..Version: 1.8.6

Good game, but....I left this game to play another, however returned to it a few months later. Although it’s a little buggy here and there I enjoy it a lot. Unfortunately after level 25 it is almost impossible to level up without spending money... And I wish there was an option for migration from server to server to escape the bullies....Version: 3.87.5

Game ok, service notCustomer service is a nightmare. They take days and days to get back to you and in the mean things meantime, your destroyed and money you used is wasted. They ban accounts without any proof of breaking terms and conditions. I got accused of selling resources! What a waste of time, which was a lot, and money, which was a lot also, as you need to spend to be slightly competitive. The game updates make the game increasingly expensive..Version: 3.5.3

Love/Hate in equal measuresAs in the title I love it as much as I hate it, super addictive and loads to do, not hard to pick up either. Be prepared to be battered by players 2/3/4 times your strength (no chance of winning) and losing the majority of your resources... this happens regularly (multiple times a week) and it’s soul destroying to have to build everything back up again because it takes SO LONG!!... the main reason I’m quitting the game..Version: 3.86.5

Stealing moneyPaid for a speed up package... took my money, but never gave me the speed ups!!! That’s called theft... fraud... not okay... has ruined the whole experience of playing the game. Before this occurred, I would have given five stars, but this is not okay. Give me what I paid for!!! It’s been days and I’ve been given the run around by customer service. Update: got a response from developer, but it was useless... nothing being done and pretending they don’t know anything about me... bs... total rip off... this game steals money!!!!! They have everything to correct this and they refuse to refund me my money or give me what I’ve paid for... theft... fraud!!!! Update: what a joke! They are lying about giving me what I paid for. I’ve given them proof of my payment and I’ve asked them for proof of giving me what I paid for... It’s been 11 days and I have not seen anything yet of what I paid for... scam, fraud, theft! Don’t play this game... they’re lying, stealing fraudulent developers with no respect for the players. 😡.Version: 3.82.10

Getting worseI have played this game for 2 years. I have one of the best accounts on my server after spending 5k plus. But recently evony development has lost their minds. They are introducing new levels which is great and exciting. However the rate of inflation on resource and consumables is not matched on their paid content packs. You have to spend 2000% more for level 35 building as you did for level 25 building, however the event pack for resource in the same time has increased less than 100%. So you need to spend 20* more for the same thing. They are beginning to selectively ban accounts with little or no explanation. It’s completely random and you have zero means to complain to them. Customer support is non existent and don’t appear to understand the game or mechanics in any way shape or form. My advice is that the developers have had enough. They are bored and are now beginning to burn the game down. Any player who is new and starting on a new server will never achieve anything apart from a large spending bill with nothing to show for it. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lawsuit happened soon for their practices.Version: 3.5.3

Game great, support abismalGreat game, but if something goes wrong like a server failure, don’t expect support to recover from losses if you can’t logon in time. Bottom line, their failure but you pay for it. In terms of the reply suggesting I contact CS, I was reporting the issue for well over a month, CS were supportive but the developers wouldn’t refund more than about 5% of my losses. In addition the automated reporting system closes your issue ticket after 2 days with no comment, even if you are waiting for developers response. I had to re-raise the ticket 4 times. I still have all the screenshots of CS discussion..Version: 3.2.8

Game isn’t bad but...First, they get you in: I got attacked by the puzzle solving, but turn out it is again an other battle game, don’t be mistaken. Anyway, once hoo hooked in cause you’ve already spend enough that you feel you need to play long enough to make it worthwhile, you start appreciating and make alliance. But when you start getting really into it, is when the disappointment grow: So many glitch and problem... 😣 Worst being the translation in the chat, works only when it want, and translation is so bad it generate a lot of miss understanding. (I know it’s not a chat game, but chat is key during battle and alliance attack, unfortunately!) Sometimes you buy/get something from the wheel of fortune or elsewhere but it doesn’t appear in your stuff, so you paid but don’t get what you paid for. It may appear the next day, or not... Your troups gets stuck while marching, my favourite, as you have to restart the game. Very convenient when you are attacking! So as I said, game isn’t bad at all but very frustrating that with so much players and money made, they don’t sort it out. On the positive, after my message I was contacted by Customer services and although they haven’t fixed it yet, at least it is goos to know they are trying 🤗.Version: 3.86.10

Exceptionally poor customer serviceIt’s has been awful experience the past weekend with customer service. I play in server 264. The game glitches a lot especially during server war causing unexpected losses for no good reason. When we react out to CS for directions and support, “ ITS LIKE WE HAVE HIT A WALL”Hope I get an answer for the ticket from CS..Version: 3.86.12

Fun game but...The game is fun trying to solve all the puzzles and all, but there needs to be more puzzles. All this upgrading of buildings and such really slows the game play down. I downloaded the game to solve the puzzles NOT to spend ALL of my time upgrading buildings, defenses, attacks, and such. It takes to long to upgrade each building, there are too many requirements before you can upgrade, not enough puzzles per level, and you constantly have to level up just to get to the next puzzle. My game play has slowed down significantly because of this. It's a mobile app/game, it shouldn't be so time consuming. Most ppl that install mobile games typically just wanna kill time, not spend days waiting to make their next move. Will likely remove the game because of the slow play. It has potential, but not enough action to keep my interest. If I have to wait hours/days just for a building or attributes to be completed, I'll forget and just won't get back into the app to play again..Version: 3.86.4

Too many bugs and now ripped offThe previous review was spot on. There have been too many updates recently and these are causing more and more bugs to appear. The most recent and annoying is that in app purchases just don’t work! They take the money from your account but you don’t get the things you paid for. Waiting for 5 days for reply and so far nothing!! Initial reply was “we have informed our developers and since then not a thing”. Be wary!.Version: 3.82.4

It’s okGame design is good and mostly smooth however it does have the occasional networking problem should this effect your log in time your losses will not be compensated, game tech support is very slow and normally unhelpful. Game is ideal for the bigger spenders, the more you spend the stronger you get, if you are prepared to spend a lot of time online you can achieve and maxed out castle in about 12-24 months with little financial commitment however some financial input is a must . Truth be told unless you spend you cannot compete at the same level as the coiners....Version: 3.0.2

Fix it plzWhats happening with the general skill? When ever i put a 2nd skill for the general with 1 skill already, it replaces the 1st skill even tho its 0 percent to replace it? My first skills were orange and they keep being replace with purple or other orange i put even tho its 0 percent when putting the 2nd skill? Plz fix this. I love the game but if this keeps happening i dont what to say anymore.Version: 3.2.2

Loaders everywhereBusy game, could be fun but will never know... way too many severs open too quick, you get maybe 2 alliances a server and if one uses loaders it’s dead in a few weeks. For such an expensive game the lack of longevity and the devs complete lack of dealing with proven loaded accounts and many legitimate issues ruins it. On the other hand if you still want to play get a loader, they don’t seem to care so chances of being reprimanded are slim..Version: 3.86.3

PainfulHighly political and people at the top are just plain bully in such way they are dictating rules and regulation of your world. If they decide to wipe your alliance you and your team even if you did well on the svs, they willl still do it. Top rank alliance are there to feed on you, they are not there to help you grow or develop on their world. I guess if you are intrigued of this game, just stop early as there is no point trying to catch up with people at the top rank unless you pay your way out of it..Version: 3.84.14

The kingdoms of lagExtremely fun game. When it works. Constant issues with lag. Game cuts out. Chat gets stuck. Boss spawning is not consistent. Svs (competition) weekends it’s almost impossible to do anything due to the lag. Bubbles drop outside the time they are supposed to. Customer support is poor at best. Even if you are asking a general question about the game mechanics answers are sub par and always incomplete. If you don’t coin don’t expect a response. If you ask for compensation for lost troops due to lag issues, improper bubble drop timing or pack purchases caused by KNOWN and ADMITTED lag issues, good luck. In most cases you don’t get compensation. And if you do, it’s peanuts compared to what you’ve actually lost or spent. The immediate response from CS for everything is a script response that asks you to uninstall the game or restart. Or that they are sharing the information with the developers. It Takes days or weeks for anything other than the scripted responses. Really a shame, game is tons of fun. And the psychology behind it makes it addicting. To be successful in the game it’s extremely expensive in money or time. We are talking thousands of dollars or almost 24x7 commitment of play time. If you aren’t concerned about winning at the game and want the social aspect/interaction then you’ll enjoy it. It seems like Every server has its coiner mean guy. Get used to it. Bottom line - It’s a war game that’s pay to win..Version: 3.84.9

You can’t image how bad the game is until you spend time and tryI was attracted by the puzzle and downloaded the game.I read the well-rated reviews and criticizing reviews. I spent money and time on the game. In the end it proves that it is a very bad game. If you cannot be online for 24 hours and spend the most amount of money in the game, especially if you have job or are studying, then don’t play this game because your time and money will just feed other players, noting else. You spent thousand of dollars and 100 days for developing you city. The king of a server can just take it in a minute..Version: 3.83.2

AwfulThis game is developed to get you addicted and spend money. It is designed to make it near impossible to have a useable account without spending hundreds of dollars per year. Customer service also don’t care about issues within the game or their players so long as they’re still making money. Every time there is an update lag or glitches lead to people losing everything on their account and customer service always refuse to help past a few low grade rewards that don’t make a difference. Bullies are also everywhere on this game and the developers and customer service defend their actions and leave them to bully players off the game. Download any other war game and save yourself the trouble..Version: 3.86.11

Expensive pay to win gameI don’t mind paying to reward developers for their time and effort, but this is the most expensive game to play I’ve ever come across. However hard you try to beat the bullies, they always have deeper pockets. And the constant bombardment of ‘special offers’ is excruciating. The game itself is well designed, it is mainly a build to win but pay to accelerate game, with a few optional puzzles to get extra rewards. The puzzles are obviously tacked on as an afterthought though as they run out as you develop. Rather naughty to use the puzzles as a way to tempt people into downloading the game. There are many other similar games out there which are cheaper to play. So I’d you want to save your wallet, avoid..Version: 3.84.3

Revised review after over a year in game play.Still 1 star! Honestly would love to give it 0 stars. There is one simple reason this game deserves 0 stars, customer support. Over a years time I have had a few issues with the game. Every single time cs says to bad or my favorite there is no issue here to address. I sent in ss of a problem before and they told me that crap. How can you argue with photo. The most recent was a glitch in a battle we had. The game for some reason said we only had half the amount of troops then we actually had. This led to us losing a lot. When we addressed this with cs again to bad we are not going to help. This puts customers in a very bad position. On one hand you have a fun game with only minor issues. On the other hand when there is an issue cs is just horrible, I mean horrible. The best I can say is if you are looking for a well thought out and put together game. Filled with mostly nice people to have fun with and p2w is there but not awful then this is your game. Just be willing to either not coin or coin and know that cs is the worse and you will be upset at some point thinking “why did I support this game with real money!”.Version: 3.0.5

Customer service is a Joke. Only if you could rate it with Zero starsI’ve played this game for 2 years now and have only had minor issues that you could live with. About 3 months ago the game server had lots of lag and started kicking many people out of the game and you couldn’t get back on for hours. Some of us lost big, I’ve reached out to CS many times and SS all conversations in multiple tickets, yes multiple tickets because they will close them on you with NO resolution. CS says some crazy S***! I’ve asked to speak to supervisors and this latest ticket has been open for 2.5 weeks. Last comment on Dec 9th, it’s Dec 21st and nothing else!!!! Grace’s comment... My apologies if I haven't replied back immediately. I have checked your previous tickets and will reach out to the Devs regarding the issues you have raised before. Most especially the compensation you were asking regarding the loss of your troops. I’ve been told they have guidelines they follow for compensations ( what and where can we find them) to it’s not our issue you lost hundreds building. We can’t give you something for free, but we can certainly take your money and not provide any customer service. You should run from this game! Evony should hire new CS team and get ride of this current one if it is a team? Dev, I’m on server 52.... Chillerkiller.... want to talk? Maybe grace will talk to you, definitely not talking with me!.Version: 3.5.3

Game load timeThe time it takes to open the game has become quite ridiculous! It used to open almost instantly, it now takes at least 90 seconds to load which may not seem like too long, but we love in a technological age where we are now used to opening things instantly..Version: 1.8.2

Not fun if you want puzzles, or don’t like PvPThe ads promote the puzzles, and there are some to start but after about a week there are no more puzzles. The big downside of this game is that is really no way to not participate in the PvP aspects of the game. There are days where you must attack other players to gain points. If you are a minute late in renewing the truce agreement that prevents PvP then you will be attacked by other players. If you don’t like PvP this is not the game for you..Version: 3.83.2

Its not as advertised, requires full time monitoring & $I have deleted the game. I got in it on bait of puzzles. I like puzzles. But it is not a puzzel game. Huge misleading ads they place to bait you. Got to level 17. So spent time about $15 and a week. Read forums on Evony before even the free tease purchase. I read after trying to play the puzzles. The game is more of a medieval “Lord of the Flies” (the classic book) in game version not puzzles that you can walk away and come back. Problem unless you put serious time and never sleep or bathe etc, or serious money there just is not enough resources to keep you shielded enough when away sleeping, you will be constantly be killed back by top level vultures. The game constantly keeps churning you. So if you want a role playing game to take over your life, Evony for you. No family no girlfriend, no exercise. Maybe for those whose got a boring computer terminal job 16 hours a day 7 days a week it great to keep you awake. Otherwise stay away..Version: 3.84.3

Game is fun but it crashes too muchI’ve been playing and building my account for a year now and I was very happy with it. Though there have been way too many instances where I’ve nearly lost my account. I’ve pretty much lost my account now due to an issue. Tech support is difficult to contact and when things happen to crash the game, there isn’t much they can do. Fun gameplay but very irritating when things go wrong..Version: 3.7.10

Addictive but expensiveIt’s a great game but you pay to win, the service I am on is small and new so there’s only really 2 big alliances and there’s constant politics between the two. I hate how much you have to spend to get anywhere. The lagging is pretty ridiculous too. The few massive players on the server zero everyone as there’s no policing in what power/ level can attack another. There’s dead accounts everywhere too which is just a waste. I do enjoy the events but I think there needs to be more affordable options to play an make more generous gifts to keep people playing. A level 34 player should not be able to attack a level 24 player it took me months to get to my power of 41m and then 1 hit from one of the big placers and my power went down to 8.7 power - that was enough for me to quit the game..Version: 3.82.15

Rubbish lag lag lagIf u are looking for a game that lags everything is on a 5sec delay this is the game for u... continually they introduce new servers but they continue to not fix the latency issues. What do players need to do to be heard? Just a greedy group of developers who will never be able to implement a fair and enjoyable game. One unders one thing cash ... that’s all they want and they will rob and rip u off .... must avoid do not play ..Version: 3.82.12

This game is too much based around spending moneyThis game is hard to play if you don’t want to spend any money.Version: 3.83.2

Would be better if customer support actually did !RESPONSE TO THE DEVS: Thank you for your reasonably prompt response , it made a great change however the information you request has been submitted and you indeed responded stating it would be dealt with. Sadly that’s where it ended because it certainly was not. All you guys need to do is have moderators pop in to the servers randomly and see fir yourselves. APPLE - Your letting Devs get away with this makes you just as guilty. UPDATE - The developers of this game do NOT deal with issues but try to fob you off with “ we’re dealing with it “ Great game but let down with one of the worst support infrastructures. These servers desperately need moderators but they don’t seem to exist because the truth is they don’t care about racist or foul language. This is made worse my APP STORE not enforcing vendors abide by prerequisite rules. First let me start by saying the slides here that show puzzles is misleading. That’s not what this game is about. It’s actually a great addictive game. It requires a strategy and teamwork. The game is hampered by the customer support not fixing things or acting on some players who just join to use profanity in the common chat. This game really is great but could be better. Five stars for the game 1 for the service . Middle ground is 3 hence three stars Now one star because they don’t care.Version: 3.86.8

A long timeThis game takes a long time to load in the beginning and it’s about kings and knights and kings and knights are kinda boring.Version: 3.83.1

Nothing has changedI am still doing the same thing with this game over and over it would be a lot more fun if a player like didn’t have to pay a cent to improve the game because so far I have not paid a cent to improve the game and I don’t want too! So I shall delete it right now and I will stick to black ops zombies because I know I am very good at playing this game! It the only decent game I have downloaded onto my iPhone!.Version: 3.84.9

PuzzlesThey added puzzles to get people to download, however it would be nice if you actually got the rewards. Customer Service just sends you how-to articles and won’t fix the issue..Version: 3.86.1

Don’t Play This Bad GameThe program is buggy and is designed poorly. A recent city contest bug and many players got screwed by developers. Developers chose to NOT do the right thing to correct their mistake. Terrible customer service. Horrible translator interface. Greedy developers just want money. They will reply nicely to this review. It’s fake. They pretend to be nice because they know you read this. They don’t care. They want your money and if there’s a problem caused by them, too bad for you..Version: 3.83.2

Don’t botherThis game has a real problem with its basic set up. Mainly, anyone can attack anyone no matter what their power level difference. Today alone I was attacked 9 times by a group where just ONE of the members had power of 65million, while my power is just 400K. And there were 3 others attacking too. Since I’ve only been playing a couple weeks I'm a newbie, but I end up spending all my time, money and resources fixing my city and healing troops. This same type of attack happened a few days ago and I spent 2+ days healing my troops, then I finally get them going again and somebody else annihilates them ALL. What’s the point? I’m part of an alliance, but these MUCH bigger alliances just slaughter all the newbies. The weird part is that they don’t really even get much reward because we don’t have anything to steal. It’s like a pro boxer beating up a 5 year old and stealing his half eaten sucker. I guess if you hang in there long enough, you too could become a newbie killer. Aww...such a lofty goal!! Okay, I’ve ranted enough. If you’re the kind of person that loves to burn ants with a magnifying glass or pull the wings off butterflies, this game’s for you! For the rest of you, I’d look elsewhere..Version: 3.82.12

It’s a shame that customer services is useless.Fun, addictive game, with some wonderful people (allies and foe) playing. Just a huge pity that customer services are a useless bunch. When they don’t like what you have to say, they delete the conversation. When you ask why rss, gems or gold was taken (stolen) by them, they say you have to prove it. When you query why their rules where not more specific and updated rules have been sent out, they say “give me a 5 star rating and I will sort it out for you”. Reading what I have written, useless is too mild a term. Pity. This could be an awesome game.Version: 3.1.1

Luck of the drawIf you get on a good server and find a good crew you'll have lots of fun. There are so many games just like this one though and this one does allow server bullies who power up huge and just wreck everyone else endlessly. Ruins the fun and unless you're willing to pay big money, there's nothing you can do about it. I'm waiting for the 1000 and first game like this, that forces big money players to move up into a likewise server so the free players don't lose their will to keep investing time to be fodder for the rich..Version: 3.82.10

CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS TERRIBLEI have been playing this game for over a year, I enjoy it but customer support is terrible. A week ago they did an update which caused my game to crash unable to shield and everything got wiped. I spent over $100 on this game last week and all I requested was to be reimbursed the resources I lost and the resources and speed ups needed to heal my troops. They’ve done an update and fixed the issue but I have been contacting them for a week unable to participate in any events and they have done NOTHING! They take your money and don’t even fix things that are their fault to begin with it’s not right. Since writing this review they have closed my conversation as if I have never contacted them but I have screenshots. Absolutely disgusting.Version: 3.2.2

Greedy developersFirst and foremost the puzzles they advertise to get people playing are click bait. There are only a few levels before it becomes a completely different game which is Impossible to get anywhere without paying money to advance people I know have spent thousands but because they open a New server every few days the game is now unplayable. Especially during server wars where all your hard work and money will be wiped out when the server lags due to too many people on it. They also merge your server with one that’s been going six months longer which basically means the newer server becomes food for the older server. So do not waste time and money on a broken game.Version: 3.84.10

Borderline Scam ReallyAfter 19 months into the game, countless hours and a good deal of real money, one glitch in the game took nearly everything invested away in less than 7 minutes. Now, it is not the glitch which causes me to give a rating of zero stars, those things happen in software - but rather it is the customer support who failed to even address the issue. Many support tickets were simply deleted by Top Games absent a response, many were never responded to at all. If the company does not have your back to assist in recovery of major game glitches that put your valuable time and money at risk, then I simply would not recommend that you download this game at all. There are many more war game options to chose from out there from companies who do have your back and will honestly support you when their app does not perform. Game of War, King of Avalon, many others. Please do not waste your own 19 months here and especially not your money..Version: 3.82.11

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAMEDo not download this game. You get stuck on one server and can never leave. If you get a massive spender they will buy multiple accounts, zero everyone, scout your bubble shield time left and be waiting for the second that it pops and developers will ensure you can’t leave and will not respond to mails. Unless you want to play pot luck and hope you get reasonable humans then you are stuck on that one server FOREVER. Do not do it! Someone’s advice was be friends with big guy and he will protect you. Lol. He will not! He needs your resources to grow!.Version: 3.86.2

Evony stay awayThis game is horrible because the developers just want your money they do not care about the hackers in this game your account will be hacked your Facebook account will be hacked your info will not be safe......Version: 3.87.5

Ruined by narrow focusEvony is entertaining, though a bit monotonous as you’re learning gameplay, it gets quickly addictive. However, it was clearly geared towards teenaged boys, not adults and certainly not women. It was hard to ignore the near pornographic images of nearly every female depicted. Every woman had a pouty mouth and her chest half bared and thrust out. Most weren’t allowed to wear pants and all wore heels. It wasn’t sexy to me, just offensive and I didn’t want to play after a while. The men were not objectified like this—even characters known to have worn little more than a loin cloth were respectfully covered, though made attractive. The absence of African and South Asian civilizations also was jarring. As was the separation of Russia from Europe. Also why didn’t American civilizations feature Native American empires? It’s too bad. I think the developers are missing out on attracting a big audience by not spending a few more moments with an encyclopedia..Version: 3.86.7

CoinersIf your not a coiner you should join active alliance. There are no lone wolfs in this game unless you have billions of power. That may not save you either lol. The more active your alliance and you are as a member the easier bubbles are to buy from alliance shop. You don’t have to coin to get bubbles just have to be in good alliance. This is definitely a game you’ll have to put time in to level up. Game is made for players who pay but if you join them you can benefit from them. Join there rallies to kill monster it would take a non coiner years to kill. I’ll be honest chances of a non coiner making it to keep 32 is almost impossible. Lol it’s impossible unless you pay at least a little. Best way to get rss is to never open anything ever. Untill you are going to upgrade buildings or make troops, traps. The better your alliance the faster you’ll grow. Battlefields are unbalanced. So one week your alliance may win easily next week your alliance won’t stand a chance. Svs is worse because of coiners. You would think say sever 150 would dominate sever 230. Lol not how it works in a game that is pay to win. This game would be awesome if there was no paying at all. If everything could be earned by simply playing. If you have hope of reaching keep 35 without paying don’t bother never gonna happen. Your life would be evony and you still won’t make it to k35 without paying..Version: 3.84.7

Just creative theftEvony is a very creative way that a company came up with to legally steal people’s money. If you buy a new TV from a store and they break it while bringing it up to the cashier, they go get you another TV and eat the loss. Here is how Evony would handle that: You buy a new TV and they break it while bringing it up to the cashier. The devs will offer you $100 back (if the TV cost let’s say $5,000) and tell you that if you would like you can buy another one while proceeding to load up your broken TV that cost you $4,900 after the ‘compensation’ without even batting an eye. They also won’t be able to wrap their heads around why you don’t want the broken TV and $100 back and just want what you paid for before they screwed up lol!!!! This in a nutshell is what Evony does on a daily basis to 99% of its customers..Version: 3.83.0

Good game let down by big issuesTo be fair this is not a bad game although very expensive on the cost of packages in comparison to what you get. My issue is with the lag and bug issues which constantly happens causing you to lose items which you have purchased which you pay for and don’t get or when you do you use it the game lags out taking the items you used but not getting it I.e. you use a speed you press the speed up the game lags out only to come back with not only the speed up used but didn’t actually give you the speed up. I have had lag outs during battle causing me to get hit bad as there is nothing you can as you wait for the game to re-load meanwhile all troops have been wiped out costing you millions in resources and actual cash to replace. And customer services just fob you off with send us a picture then we will ignore you after that terrible service considering the amount of money people spend on this game..Version: 3.86.12

It’s fineIt’s an ok game just don’t come expecting challenging puzzles. You have like 4 boring pi$$ easy puzzles then you have to do a bunch of upgrading that takes hours and days even and if you want to fast forward you need speed ups that you get from doing puzzles and doing battles and other things. It’s a good army game or whatever but a terrible puzzle game.Version: 3.84.15

Programmers lackFINALLY maxed my keep...They've increased the buildings to 35 ....... So they can make more money. This, resulted in a lot of players quitting. They have made everything so steep for resources (when they don't really sell reserves in their packs) that it makes having farms a necessity to stay competitive. However, according to their rules, you can be banned if you have multiple accts (farm accts). One girl in our alliance, as soon as she heard (more then 3 months) they are gonna implement keep 35... Started farming and hoarding rss boxes so she could up her keep quickly. I think she went straight to k33. They suspended her and dropped her acct back to k30. She lost all get rss even tho she could prove she saved those rss abs hadn't used a third party to purchase then illegally. They don't care... Hasn't gotten her levels back yet.... Won't even talk to her. I was told, when I thought someone was purchasing rss via a third party...."do you know how much they spend in their evony acct?". That was cust svc rep in event..Version: 3.5.3

Good but glitchyI write this right now because I cannot get into the app. It crashed whilst I was using it! The map was very slow to update and there are a number of latency issues. I understand that developers are working on it but today might be the last time I get into the app and play. Shame because during lockdown there isn’t much else to do..Version: 3.82.12

Game is fun, until you actually enjoy itAt first glance, Evony looks like the war game you’ve been looking for. But the game is full of glaring issues. Constant lag that makes PvP more about luck than anything else because you never know when your game will crash and leave you unable to do anything while others take your stuff. As most app games. It is most definitely pay to win. However Evony likes to add a twist to that. Unlike all other “loot box” purchase games, Evony does not include any “odds” of acquiring certain items that you pay to have a “chance” to win. And just when you think that Customer Support will help resolve your issues caused by their game, they merely put you on hold for months at a time with automated messages that don’t even remotely resemble a solution to the problem you are having. And when you finally do get “compensation” it’s in the form of maybe 20% of the cost to restore what you lost due to nothing except errors on their end because despite the thousands of dollars they make daily off this game, they can’t figure out how to fix simple issues with their game that cause them in the first place. My advice would be find a different game, don’t waste your time like most of us have with Evony. Update. After numerous attempts to contact their Customer support service. They have actually put a block on myself and other players from opening tickets due to issues in game..Version: 3.86.0

Misleading and False InformationI bought two £5 packages today and I can say that I am more than disappointed. The weekend purchase deal and normal purchase deal didn’t give me the rewards they were suppose to. On top of that, the first time purchase event didn’t give me the rewards even though it said I had claimed them. I refreshed and nothing!! I then go back to check what I was supposed to of claimed and you had changed the gifts that you were suppose to receive. I am more than unhappy and I want this fixed ASAP! What a waste of money and shame on you for misleading people! I have pictures for proof and I will be refunded!.Version: 3.82.12

Lame, not as shown, etc, etc.I saw the ads for this game when playing a different game-didn’t we all? Anyhow, I figured that the game would most likely be entirely different from how it was shown and a borderline scam. But I like reviewing games (especially less-than-perfect ones), so I figured WHY NOT. The first thing I noticed was that while the puzzles shown in the ads are (sort of) part of the gameplay, the quality-even on the highest graphics setting-is waaay worse than shown. The puzzles are also either way too easy, or a pain in the backside. There are flash games that are better. 5/10 for graphics (Worse than the ads) The *actual* gameplay (upgrading stuff, fighting, etc, etc) has (IMO) way too many different mechanics and gets super confusing. The voices for the NPCs are really creepy ngl; they seem like they are tts bots. 4/10 for gameplay. (Boring, confusing) And don’t get me started on how dang infuriating it is that this game wouldn’t mute the freaking volume! When I mute my sound, I expect to hear nothing, so why was I hearing (seemingly full-volume) game sounds??? 2/10 for audio. (Wouldn’t mute with Bluetooth headset, derpy NPC voices) Okay, now, the (second) elephant in the room: bot reviews. Yeah, it’s really obvious. Next to nobody uses their real name in App Store reviews, but all the bots do AND it’s always a first and last name AND the names are always properly capitalized. Admittedly, whatever AI writes the fake reviews is pretty well done, so props to whoever wrote that code. 1/10 for coolness level. (But 8/10 for coding skillz) Also: scamminess level. (Idc that that’s not a word.) Medium-High. It wasn’t too crazy, but did try to trick me with sneaky wording sometimes. Be on your guard. Too long, didn’t read: 5/10, lame, don’t waste your time. EDIT: ok, nvm, the sound not muting isn’t a problem with the game, it’s something else. The NPCs still sound like evil robots, so my sound rating stays..Version: 3.86.1

Rules mean nothing to the admins of the game(Updated dec 2018) nothing has changed with the game being safe from death threats or personal verbal attacks the aggressors who are coiners are still playing. Money is put first before safety or the well being of players. (Updated post Sept 2018) They keep asking me to update my review since they responded back to my bad review. Yet it remains the same since the cheating players with multiple accounts are still playing and the threatening players are still threatening other people lives.(Original post June 2018) The rules mean nothing to the admins of this game. They don’t care about people personal safety, I have seen people’s lives and family’s threatened yet they do nothing with the proof provided. Don’t start a new account on this game other than to find one that is built for sale or being given away. They have been provided proof of that yet do nothing. Their way out of everything is saying “ they are not obligated to share punishments of future actions”.Version: 3.5.3

Customer Service is a joke.Wouldn’t recommend this game or the developers to my worst enemy. I have spent a considerable amount of both time and money on this game and when my account got unlinked due to a Facebook issue, trying to get customer service to even respond to my pleas was worse than getting teeth pulled. There were always constant glitches in the game, and always apologetic noises from the developers. Avoid the pain and find a better game.Version: 3.7.1

Poor poor. Did I mention poor Customer serviceThese people don’t know the meaning. You put dollars into this game and when they screw up and it happens far to often...glitches. They ignore you. Stay away. Do not put in money. Money Pit.Version: 3.87.8

Technical issuesThe game is really fun I have enjoyed playing it for a long time now and recently ran into some issues where my construction time would be stuck and any kind of upgrading would get stuck unless it was under one day I contacted top games I made a ticket actually quite a few I sent in the video of what was going on where my construction was stuck I sent in two or three videos and continue to have these problems after a week of issues with this and fearing that there would be no advancement for me in the game I sadly had to quit unfortunately they did absolutely nothing to reimburse me for my jams that were spent in all of my speed ups that were spent in wasted on construction that simply will not move it was not my fault that that happened and the fact that they stopped correspondence with me after I did everything they asked really upset me so now I’m trying to restart my whole game and if it happens again I will never ever play any top games again because it’s really frustrating and rude maybe I can get it to work the second time around..Version: 3.83.2

Lag, overpriced and generally rubbishI have given this game a fair go, spent some money and played for about 6 months. Every 2 weeks there is an update and every two weeks you are disappointed. There are significant lag issues in game play, the servers are consistently crashing, the price for growth packs is disgraceful and the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Still lagging! Still rubbish!.Version: 2.4.1

Good but $$ basedGreat game. But like most of comments. You can play for a year and someone who spends a lot of $$ will just be so far out of reach you will never be able to catch up without spending money. Would be so much better without the greed..Version: 3.87.4

DisappointedOld phone died after playing evony for 7 months, do not know what my old account 8 digit number is to provide to support to swap that account onto new phone. Old phone just will not boot up to get this information. Support been less than helpful. I have spent approximately $160 NZ per month on in game purchases and do not want to let my accumulated time and purchases go to waste. Not happy Sean +6421722793 Call to discuss.Version: 3.1.1

Customer support is shockingIf you are thinking of starting this game then please don’t, nearly on a weekly basis there are glitches with the server which causes problems. You would think that they would take responsibility for this but they don’t, recently due to their error multiple casualties were taken by players which they refuse to acknowledge. It’s all about the money for these greedy b******s. I have given 1 star as you cannot give none.Version: 3.2.7

Worst game ever madeThey advertise a puzzle game which end up being a boring build your city scam. I would rate this fraud 0 stars if I could..Version: 3.83.2

Not fair game for real playersYou have to spend good amount of money 💰 to keep up with upgrade. If you don’t want to spend do not download this game otherwise you just wasting your time and even you can’t enjoy as well. New upgrade kill lots of players because they don’t want to spend more money. New update and limits of transfer resources to alliance members and have to spend stamina on Royal Squad, not happy with Money game🤬..Version: 3.7.1

So much PotentialI hope we can generate a large wave of genuine bad reviews to make them listen. I do think it’ll make a difference until they can generate more of their fake positive reviews. I don’t want to walk away because the original game design is great, I just wish they’d run it better, make it smooth again by deleting some of the unnecessary “updates and upgrades” and employ customer service who are good at their jobs, and back them up with knowledge of the game and the ability to compensate for any game mistakes not caused by the user. It’s frustrating because the solutions are so simple and logical, for this version of Evony to be a world wide phenomenon of a game!.Version: 3.86.12

Game is ok, graphics are horrible on iPadPlease build a better iPad port of this game. Blurry stretched graphics simply does not do it..Version: 3.87.3

False advertising.In the add it shows that you pull pins to get treasure. But that’s not what it’s about. You need to fight and battle opponents. This is false advertising. People want to see what your game is about, not a lie. Would rate it 0 stars..Version: 3.83.2

Kind of a lifestyle...Had to uninstall. The price of packs are not horrendous, unlike some other games like this, so I give it that. It is laggy, and buggy. It is the funniest boring game there is. It is a psychology course for sure with the flirtatious whispers, which turn into an extended therapy session, lol. But this game requires TIME!!! I like a game I can pick up or put down at any time, without guildmates or “friends” being upset with my absence. This requires you to check in constantly to check your shields, start new construction, tech, etc. If you spend money, It is in the back of your mind CONSTANTLY!!! It becomes intrusive, like some players, lol. Which brings me back to the chat. If you have a teenager, or a spouse that craves attention that they do not get at home, have them uninstall ASAP and take them out more, lol. There is heavy flirting that goes on, and a demand for “pics.” There is no regard for age here, or rl relationship status, and if there is an exchange for personal info, could become dangerous. I have seen some “stalker types” on this game. Should be an 18+ only game, IMO..Version: 3.0.5

It’s a Con!The game seemed wonderful when I first came across it. But don’t be fooled, the server lag and screen locking forcing you to shut down the game to reload it cost you as a user a fortune. They expect you to pay for their issues when you are in a server war and can’t get back to safety because of their gaming platform instability. They will admit their errors but will not answer your support messages and do not even try to assist in getting what you lost back. If you bought something anywhere else and it didn’t work you could return it for a refund or vouchers due to it being “not fit for purpose” unfortunately Evony seems to think this rule does not apply to them. Why should we use money to purchase items to build troops when you do not take ownership of issues that are completely out of the gamers control. As of today I’m still waiting for a response to my ticket that I sent in regarding the server freezing. If you are going to play this game I advise you to NOT spend a penny on it, get yourself into a good alliance and build yourself up for free..Version: 3.82.12

OkGame is great. Will definitely fill the nostalgic hole from the original. But unless you have a new device and credit card with a big limit you will struggle. Also support is the worst I have ever experienced!!.Version: 3.0.4

Can’t trust this developerLike so many mobile games today, the ad shows something completely different to try to get you to download the game. In normal markets, this is called “bait and switch”, and it is illegal in many countries. If they lied in the ad, imagine what other unethical things they will do in the game to get you to pay. Evony has a long history of this. Their web ads for the web game pretended it was a sex game to get people to click. It was so nototrious that gaming press outlets ran stories about it..Version: 3.84.0

Brilliant game BUT horrible customer supportI have had a number of issues with this game, I also have paid a lot of money into the game, when you need help you have language barriers, the need of many screen shots, and then live in hope! Right now after yet another ‘update’ I have lost ALL vip statuses as well as all my time items I had accumulated and NO customer support. Don’t be a fool like me and pay in everyday.... it will be ‘lost’ and nothing will be done!.Version: 3.86.12

False representations:This game is absolutely rubbish. In my opinion the add for the game is very misleading and gives false representation of virtual gameplay. I am currently deciding wether to take the owners to court as you have quite frankly lied to not only my face but the face of the general public, wasting Everyone’s time. I think this game should be removed and that the game shown in the add should be taken to the drawing board and further explored because honestly this is just not right and I will not stand for this..Version: 3.82.9

Customer support only make excuses and not liable for refundsThe game play is good and addictive. however the bugs in this game does not reflect the payment you paid for the in game packages. I am considering to take this game to the local authorities to protect consumer rights. When you play this game, the in app purchases enables you to grow due the items you choose to pay for. When bugs in the game makes you lose all the items you paid for and/or paying for the in game packages and not receiving them in your item box. then you are not receiving the goods and services you are paying for which is a good case for the local authorities to take on a million dollar company. Customer services will not help you get back what you have paid for but just make excuses. Play this game for free but Beware you have been warned, once you start paying money for in game purchases you are then at a risk of not getting what you paid for due to the problems in the game bugs that resets the screen you are on..Version: 3.86.5

Support is slowThey are very slow to respond to reports of players using racist, inappropriate or adult/mature remarks, comments and chatting on their chat system. They claim to have a system to investigate but allow the offending player to continue violating the rules while they “investigate” as opposed to lock their account while investigating. Do not let your children use this app until they can improve this process. UPDATE: it has been over a week since I reported several players using very racist, mature, and inappropriate language in the chat as well as engaged and behaviour that goes against the terms of service of the game yet the developers refuse to take action. I guess profits are more important to this developer than ethical action. NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN.Version: 3.84.11

Worse customer service in any game I have ever playedVery poor customer service , only interested in money going their way , no interest in sorting out glitches or replacing losses due to game glitches , they make it so hard to prove what you have lost or when that it’s just not worth the trouble ..Version: 3.5

Fun but no supportIf you like growing your city and the thrill of war then this game is for you. However, plan to spend some money ($100s to $1,000s USD) if you want to actually compete otherwise expect to play for years and years or get crushed by much larger players. In addition, there are several frustrating glitches in the game that will cause you to lose a battle or wipe out your resources. Don’t expect customer service to reimburse you or even respond in any timely manner. In fact, don’t expect any customer service at all. To be transparent this is my main reason for the low rating. Timely manner definition to everyone is all relative and may vary. My example is 1 month and still no resolution to the server glitch that caused my problems. Customer service responded in a week and half after I wrote to them but only stated that the “developers” are looking into it, however no resolution or judgment for my situation has been addressed so far and I don’t expect in the near future for this to be resolved. Several members that I played with have quit this game in frustration due to Evony glitches and lack of support. Some members have spent in the range of thousands of dollars. Just know what you are getting into before investing time and money before you start playing. Happy hunting to all..Version: 3.86.12

GlitchyGames shields(Truce Agreements) are glitchy, they sometimes don’t activate or resets leaving you exposed so you get smashed by pay players. Support will pay you “lip service”, then ignore you completely. Just be advised, if you’re not a pay to play, you will get shafted. People complain about the “grind”, but that’s how these games work. I’ve played Clash for years. But there you don’t lose everything in an instant, if your shield goes down or as in my case, never saved or something. Support is just automated responses that don’t actually do anything. If I could rate less than 1 star, I would have..Version: 3.87.4

Glitchy game that steals from you VERY poor supportThe game is alot of fun and very addicting, however it glitches constantly! Timers change time causing in game loses, activities take your resources (all this you paid for with money). You go hours unable to log in. The list of issues and glitches go on and on and varies week to week but the theft of your purchased stuff is the biggest concern. Then there is customer service or rather the complete lack of such. They will drag on with questions they already have the answer to and canned bot responses until you give up.... if you get the game prepare to be frustrated beyond human capacity. Dont spend a dime you will have it taken by the game glitches!!! Update: You have my user id its on several of the thousands of cs request with screen shots and emails showing your game stole. Stop ignoring them, stop the lip service on a review and give the players stuff back. There should be a negative star rating just for this game! The developers have no honor..Version: 3.84.0

GreedyDon’t bother wasting your time on the game unless you plan on paying tens of thousands and yes I mean this literally as I have seen some bank transactions for the top players. I have played this game for about three years and originally I loved it. With each update the makers became more money spending based no matter what they say about rewards being “great”. Games a complete joke anymore and consistently loses old players who sell their accounts of give it away because the lame updates require you to spend if you want to truly compete on any server. People have left in such masses that they have had to combine severs just to keep a decent number of people on one server. Customer service is a joke you get a cookie cutter response for everything is in the game have pictures to prove the same general answers for many different situations and no actual resolution. If I were to make a suggestion to anyone I would say take your money else where and put it into a game that’s not already years ahead of you and just wants you for your money..Version: 3.6

Customer support will ruin it for youBeen playing this game since it was on PC years ago . And it’s addictive and fun when items you work and/or pay for, aren’t disappearing. Customer support for this game really ruins it. They are not in any way shape or form likely to fix or resolve any issue you have. They treat every issue as if you are trying to screw them. Even when you have screen shots of items you previously had that disappeared or if items you earned did not appear in your account , even with screen shots as proof , they blow you off and basically say too bad. Which if these items actually cost them something and I didn’t have proof, I could understand. But these are fictitious items that cost them Nothing to replace . They also love to do updates during large events such as server war, which usually screws everybody up. If customer service would get Their craniums out of their Southern most Hemisphere , this game would be awesome..Version: 2.1

In app purchasesI purchased the 5 package deal & didn’t receive the last package which costs $160. Put in a ticket & have been ignored. They really don’t want to keep their the paying customers. Customer service is non existent in this game,I’m not going to go into how much I’ve spent here but let’s just say it’s significant. Don’t get this game because they don’t care about you,just you’re money. I’ll start spending mine elsewhere..Version: 3.83.2

Rubbish gameBeen playing a week now. Every day all resources stollen by players that have been playing for months. Ridiculous as impossible for new players to progress..Version: 2.4.1

Very boringI’ve been playing this game for a few years now, Customer Support is horrible, when there are issues they will say okay we’re working to fix the issue, but fail to compensate the player at a loss and then they release a compensation package that isn’t even close to what you have lost... They do release updates regularly, but the advance the game way to fast, especially for the average player that can’t afford to spend $1000’s every month. Go into every server you see a handful of members at 500 million power and up and most under the 150 million power level... they used to advertise Evony says no to pay to win 😂 that’s all this game is. And i have seen many people I know get locked out of their accounts and told it’s still linked... those accounts just sit and rot on the server and the player forced to quit. I’m amazed apple hasn’t taken this app off of App Store yet as Top Games are scam artists, under the disguise of app developers. Don’t waste your time or money on this garbage.Version: 3.6

BehavioursThe behaviours, language and lack of filter is kinda nuts here, lol. Ive played many of these strategy games and by far this is the most P2P as even during in server events, you cant recover any amount of lost troops, yes its a war game and troop loss is to be expected. But at least in others like this they have things like kingdom hospital for recovering troops lost in in server events making them more worthwhile, this, you lose you start over. And sub cities need to be allowed to be moved by the player, they make it impossible to play without a shield, and it gets super boring after a couple of months..Version: 3.82.7

Evony newI like the game only started playing because of the puzzles That was the hook then you couldn’t progress unless you reached a certain lvl then after lvl17 Viking it just said coming And for the kicker you get a message saying you failed to finish in the allotted time bit of BS if you ask me To progress and not get killed you need to spend money or end up as someone’s fodder..Don’t get me started on the “Kings Rules” that appear to change and are only used so they can bully the server no wonder so many stop playing at about lvl7 on ave..Version: 3.86.5

Lost accountBe wary about spending too much as your account may never come back. My account was linked to my game centre but still it is gone. I have contacted support but they say there sending to there developers I have waited weeks and still nothing so a waste of $200. Ive sent all information including all my receipts it’s been months and still nothing has been done. I have deleted the game. Very disappointed with the whole process ID - 34378396 This was my Id.Version: 3.86.7

Another Bullying GameIt’s another disappointing game where you enjoy building your game and then get destroyed by bullies with bigger cities that destroy what you’ve taken time to build. Creators should institute limits where you can only attack a city within the same rank so there is a chance for each to survive. Deleted!.Version: 3.86.12

DO NOT PLAYI lost the link to my account because of there technical apartment I did not have access to my game for over 1month my general that i paid for was not it in my account. First they said I have not dismissed it second they said I have dismissed it when I did not have my account total con customer service is a waste of time stay miles away from this game I would have put 0 stars but that is not an option It’s a waste of time giving you my details I have been talking to you since I got my account back seen as I know my general was in a sub and you lost my link so I lost the sub and general.Version: 3.2.6

Worst game nowI used to enjoy the game and trying to be competitive. Now, I don't know how to describe it. Upgrading a building alone will cost you heaps. This game will no longer be fair and competitive, it's going to be a game for major players only and the rest just spectators waiting to be plundered and zeroed in.........another unhappy active player Really more upgrade! For a business point of view you will run out of players and people buying packages. There are still a lot of players struggling to reach full upgrade to level 30 and now your going to introduce higher levels. Who will play this game now, rich and other players who probably works under your payroll. Well good luck!.Version: 3.2.7

Systemic Racism in GamingThe game has no civilizations from Africa. I’m tired of this. Deleted immediately.Version: 3.82.15

FALSE ADVERTISING! Nothing like the adsWe have laws in Canada about false advertising. Reporting to on the store and the Federal Government for breaking “Truth in Advertising Laws” in Canada..Version: 3.83.2

Loading is not good at the moment, lots of issuesUsually love it, but so many issues.Version: 3.2.7

Great Game, terrible support.Terrible customer support and flimsy Facebook logging. Don’t spend money on this game, the Facebook login is flawed. If Facebook logs you out due to any security issue your account can become unlinked, from this point you’ll need to deal with customer support. This is probably the worst on any platform. The customer support is like a offshore call centre who have little reach to their developers. Usually the ticket goes around in circles and never resolved..Version: 3.78.2

It's getting ridiculousEntertaining game, but the glitches are becoming unbearable. It keeps freezing while you spend gems and resources, actions don't go through, but the charges do. They keep making new servers to make more money while their existing customers are getting more and more angry and frustrated. Sever war is meant to be the most exciting part of the game, but many people don't participate anymore because the lag is the worst during svs. Customer support is pretty useless too. I've wasted so much money on this game, but I've learned my lesson..Version: 3.86.1

Why should I report an issue with Evony?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Evony to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Evony customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Evony.

Is Evony not working?

Evony works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Evony.

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