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It’s a good gameThis is a good game and one that does reward vigilance. There is a lot of depth and things to join in on or not depending on your style of play. Yes, you can get attacked but you can prevent this with vigilance and staying on top of what is going on. If you expect to be able to put it down for a week then you can but it costs gems which you can get for free (slow) or for $7.99. The ads are a little deceiving in that they imply this is a puzzle game, it’s not really….yes they exist but it is really a war game or a farming game if you stay under a shield..Version: 4.0

CheatingAs you get further into the game I noticed that it started cheating me and I was like what? I really could not believe that a game could do that but yes it actually does! I know in my server it was the same winners every week! Like in the city development competition how can a level 38 possibly win that? That’s just common sense! Also in the treasure hunt event it cheats and when I started winning it sent someone to attack me every time! The game is fun but don’t plan on winning anything! Maybe if you pay lots of money you might win but who wants to do that? It seemed like the more power I gained in the game the more people started to not like me like in the world chat and the more it cheated to not let me win! I had like 5 or 6 people harassing me daily on the world chat and I never did anything to these people! I pointed out that it was cheating and the people in world chat jumped all over me! They must work for evony or something! Something definitely not right about the game! Then when I tried to restart my game I cannot log on now cause it asked me to give a good review of the game but I’m not going to lie just to play! I read another review before I started playing that warned me of cheating but I did not listen and I got burned so be careful!.Version: 4.36.2

Evony newI like the game only started playing because of the puzzles That was the hook then you couldn’t progress unless you reached a certain lvl then after lvl17 Viking it just said coming And for the kicker you get a message saying you failed to finish in the allotted time bit of BS if you ask me To progress and not get killed you need to spend money or end up as someone’s fodder..Don’t get me started on the “Kings Rules” that appear to change and are only used so they can bully the server no wonder so many stop playing at about lvl7 on ave..Version: 3.86.5

WoWGréât game !.Version: 3.82.8

EvonyI have been playing for a very long time and even though there have been glitches before I have stuck with it I grew and went up the ranks! I log in at least 6 times a day, early yesterday there was a notice that there was going to be an update and it would last a couple of hours so from 3pm local time I was not worried I was also protected but by 2am local I was still not able to contact and play yet this morning I went to log in only to find the app had disappeared! It is only a game however we meet other gamers online and it is enjoyable, IT IS ONLY A GAME BUT I WILL MISS IT! What have you done?.Version: 4.14.1

Great game!Fake advertising!!!!! Great game if you want to spend thousands! This game is not what advertised, the puzzles on their ads don’t even appear on the game. The game is all about making you spend money to grow just to get wiped out by someone that spends more money than you. They proclame they promote a fair game policy but allows big money spenders to cheat using bots while they go after the non spenders when they try to use a bot. It’s so bad that even some of their developers build bots to allow players get resources and sell their services to people in the game. Bottom line, it’s a game that is downloading your personal data on the background while you spend thousands of dollars trying to be competitive. The reason the game takes much space and has to update constantly to keep up with security updates from supporting platforms is because is stealing all your information. Supporting platforms like Google and Apple will not do anything about because they make money with the transactions. The game now move to computers to steal the information from your computer..Version: 4.71.3

Terrible customer serviceThe game itself is glitchy in different aspects but playable. Linking your account can become an issue. I tried to link my game and I lost it. Have been dealing with customer service for 8 days going in circles! I’ve lost so much on my account over those days. They didn’t even bubble it to keep it safe. Their replies to email is once a day, they rotate you through their staff. Absolutely the worst customer service experience ever! Can’t log on to the forum it says my email is invalid. So I have no hope of recovery wasting time and money! You can’t unlink accounts and start a different server it’s ridiculous..Version: 4.36.4

Great game. Only small issuesThe game is great. It’s fun and addictive. If you are proactive you can actually end up with a community of players that become a digital family. I have. Have an amazing time playing. It is very addictive but almost anything is if you like it enough. The only issues I warn about are these. If you reach out to the tech support team they may or may or respond to you. There are some glitches. The worst ones are the ones that cause you to get locked out of the game temporarily and then you get hit in a attack that causes you to lose everything. Especially if you actually buy upgrades and packages . So beware of what you spend and the fact that you might lose it and not have any control over how it’s gone. I lost a lot of my spending during server issues and when I reached out to tech support, they asked me for screen shots of the server issue and when I was attacked. I don’t know how you would predict that you would need to take a screen shot until after you have the issue, but either way, they didn’t help me at all. So be warned, support will just ignore your requests for help..Version: 4.38.3

Good game but….It’s a good game and challenging, there are 40 levels in total (called Keep levels in game) I got to Keep 25 inside of a week of playing and it took me another 9 months to get to Keep 30 where I am as of writing this. The company behind it are quite sneaky also as they will launch competitions that run for 11 days which is not enough time to get big prizes without spending cash to “help you get there” also if you don’t play for a 3 days (or 7 days if you have a fair chunk of in game cash) expect everything you worked for to be destroyed by other players. It also gets exponentially harder as you go on and certainly becomes more and more about how deep your pockets are. I’d say once you’re around the Keep 33/34 area then unless you’re prepared to spend increasingly higher and higher sums of money then forget it. That’s not to say plenty of people don’t spend sickening amounts of money in this game. When you’re in a relatively new server and see someone at Keep 35 then you know their credit card is taking a major hit. That also does make the game quite unfair as these people are essentially untouchable and because they have more resources their chances of winning competitions becomes higher making them even more powerful. But even with that said the game can be an enjoyable challenge as long as you know the glass ceiling is there..Version: 4.47.2

Great gameTakes a while to get started and learn all the things but fun once things start moving.Version: 3.82.4

👍Games going good the build times are perfect being able to teleport around the map is fun I don’t know if use have it already but could you make a notification sound when alliance send a mail please thanks Someone has hacked my account I’d name is clappa.Version: 4.24.2

It’s great but one change.I love the game I remember playing when I was a kid originally. The only change I’d like is the return chests it made life so much easier and more exciting..Version: 3.5.3

Evony is awesomeLove the game you won’t be disappointed 😊👍.Version: 3.82.1

Excellent, but glitchy!I’ve been enjoying this game for some time now. It’s important to have an alliance and participate! Every update seems to bring more glitches…from unable to connect for hours, to missing generals!? One big thing I would ask developers to think about changing….skill books! Why do you have it where you can’t put the ones you want on, without it saying 25% /50% / 75% chance it will replace another????? We work hard to collect these books…please change it so that you can simply put the ones you want on, and click on one that you want to change! 🙏🙏🙏 I love this game, awesome job other than that!!!!.Version: 4.36.3

Non Support from Customer Support TeamWhile I have enjoyed the companionship and content of the game they have real issues with Customer Support Services and some Programming errors that make the game glitch causing all sorts of distress to their inexperienced users … Customer Support loves to send you round and round in circles asking for a response to their unresolved issues until players just give up asking … seriously an audit of your Customer Support would show you many flaws and disregard to the actual questions that have been asked to this team … it makes us players feel disregarded, unheard and a source of income for your game without true regard for our ability to have adequate solutions to our game challenges … a solution to my current enquiry was even offered in every email … yet the team continues to say the information is where it actually is not … bad customer management and support in a great game 😳.Version: 4.49.1

EnjoyableStill a pleasure to play even without paying a single dollar.Version: 1.0.22

Game needs a few tweaksGreat game but for the people who spend thousands of dollars there should be more benefits. For example resource spots 15+ should only be accessed by k30+. By the time u reach k30 most construction upgrades cost 100million 200million 300 million + for each resource when upgrading buildings. It cost a pretty penny to get to k30 and above. The new updates are making it easier for people who don’t spend as much which is fine. But please cater to the big spenders as well because we k30 and above are mostly “middle” class as far as strength goes on the game. Most of us have spent thousands of dollars and are stuck in between being weak and strong. Simply because the game gets more expensive to increase power once you reach k30. Source of life also cost too much and are too hard to get. You spend 5k on the game then get beat in svs and can’t recover because you’re a rookie and don’t have strategy like bet players. Next thing u know 5k down the drain and nothing you can do but slowly build your troops back the slow way and get beat up every svs or be forced to bubble. That’s no fun especially when you’ve spent big money. Make some benefits and incentives for people who spent money especially those $99 packs! Thanks.Version: 4.0.2

War GamesThis game has many facets. Puzzles, Engineering, Kingdoms, Armies, Generals, Buffs, creating your kingdom from many parts and balancing their alliances, power and other players who war like you to become a hive of players to protect one another from other players who will try to plunder your resources and armies. It takes a certain amount of skill, intelligence and luck to succeed in this game. Customer Support is almost nonexistent but they appear to pass along information to the developers. You can spend a great deal of money on this game to grow quickly to a superior kingdom, but know this, if you do not have the skill sets to wield this kingdom you will become disappointed and quit. If you take your time to grow your kingdom, you will develop the skill sets needed to have a great deal of fun and meet many other great players who will share their knowledge of the game with you for free. This game is played over several years. If you do not want to pursue that type of involvement, do not play. I hope to see you someday on the battle field..Version: 4.0.1

Fun waist of time and free to play.I love the speed ups and the overall feel of the game. Beautiful graphics and lots of ways to level up. I’ve spent no money as of yet. However, if you want to, they offer some really good packages from $1 to $100 and each offers different items for how you play the game. Use your initial free time to upgrade your resources, defenses and attacks, then check in a few times a day and get rewarded for simple things to do. Mistakes will be made as you learn what to do. However, don’t let it stop you from trying new things out. PvP attacks will happen, just move along and put it behind you. Remember, one day you will be the aggressor, so take your licks and let it go. My best advice is to make sure that when you’re not playing, always have your builders building, your resources collected, troops being trained, and your research actively making you stronger and able to learn special abilities. Don’t forget to check your forge to, chances are you can create a new item to help your Generals fight harder AI Bosses or another player. There’s always something to do with each login..Version: 4.36.3

Losing focus on this game.It seems every update, it gets harder to grow the more you gain the more evony alters the game so you need more and more to grow. I have stopped spending on this game as its got to be all about buying packages. They don’t care either about new players many that i have seen leave the game because they get to lvl 30 and it becomes almost impossible to get any bigger without spending a years salary. Theres so many players who have used bots and off market buying to get billions in power getting matched against players with a few million power therefore server wars become unfair with certain players able to destroy everything on the server. Many of the events cannot be completed as they’re changed too quickly theres no time to finish them. Any time you report a glitch or problem like lag which has cost you millions in resources and troops they reply occasionally with a small gift thats practically useless. I’m afraid its a great game been ruined by evonys greed. I like many players don’t think it will change either..Version: 4.46.3

Elaborate gameI love this game. I used to play kings empire years ago and this has some similarities but is much cleverer..I didn’t spend any money at first But a couple months in, i get occasional packs for £4.99.. you don’t have to spend loads unless you want to compete with the big spenders which I am not prepared to do…a lot of growth can be obtained from being in a good alliance and by playing strategically within that alliance. It is what you make it… play at your own pace, don’t be pressured by others after all it’s a game and it is fun . The alliance I am in is full of parents and people of all ages, nationalities and all different walks of life , it’s really enjoyable and enlightening .. if there are bullies (and in power play games, There will always be some), leave that alliance and join a different alliance that suits your game play and stay off of world chat just use alliance chats and whisper chat. The mouthy ones are always all over world chat.. don’t interact with them...Version: 4.28.1

I don’t see what the add showsI love Evony and have been playing for almost 3 years .. However the puzzle stages are defiantly not like shown in the app store adds which is frustrating …. How do I get it like this Evony ? Help me.Version: 4.45.0

Pretty goodThis platform is similar to GOW. Progress is slow and steady. Server selection is key to fast growth as well as the alliance you choose to join. I hope players have a thick skin. What you need to remember is that it is a war game! You will be attacked and lose. It happens and you will lose all the effort you put in. Player who participate in kill events and server events get the best prizes and have the most fun. That is the purpose of the game. The puzzles in the game are challenging and get harder as you progress through the levels. They are fun and also rewarding for decent prizes and faster progression up the levels. But it is still a war game. You will get upset and be unhappy with other players. They do not owe you, and they do not know you. Choose your alliance wisely and read how to score points in the events. The Ebony team does a fair job of providing instructions and assists with issues if you have them. I just wish I didn’t have to uninstall and reinstall the game at times. It does take space. Updates with bug fixes make sure you contact support. They are fast and good with resolution and compensation if power or points are lost due to issues on their end. xAugustx.Version: 4.65.1

Overcharged multiple times, cash grab.Rating this five stars so that it doesn't go to the bottom. It is a one star review. I have played on several servers. One several of us were stalked by a player who was mentally sick. I reported him with the function in the world chat, sent tickets in but there was zero concern. Customer service keeps tickets open for weeks and then closes them immediately. This is a pattern for customer service. I have asked the same question now three times since mid October with no response. They just close the ticket, costing me lots of rewards. This is touted to be a f2p game. Sure. It can be. But you will NEVER be competitive in this game. Never. You can never gather enough, rally enough or get enough gems from the wheel of fortune to pay for the insane amount of refinements it takes to bring a general up to speed. It is a crapshoot on what you get in refinements, and it is so easy to blow through 200,000 gems in one sitting. Pfftt. Anyone that says this is not a rich man's game is lying. I'm embarrassed by the amount I have paid those rich buggers that own it. You would think they would at least provide us with decent tech support..Version: 4.61.1

EvonyNice gain, very involved.Version: 3.82.12

Hooked is an understatementVery easy to get hooked on this game. You start off with the puzzle element and then a whole new aspect emerges with battles and team play. Important to get in a good alliance very early, will help with growth. Make sure you put yourself in the newest server too otherwise you start light years behind the rest of the players in your game and will never catch up Only reasons I give 4 not 5 stars , firstly customer services takes a long time to deal with glitches in the game, they have always rectify eventually but don’t expect it to be done within a month of raising the problem. Secondly this game is heavily weighted to the players that have and spend money regularly (although, very accessible for free to play players - just pick your targets wisely).Version: 3.86.4

Play your own game.Lots of negative reviews here, I’ve been playing for years now and I don’t “pay to win”. It just takes more time and effort. Be careful, watch your shield doesn’t drop and build up ... if you do get attacked you need to remember it’s a war game, that’s the point!!! Don’t whinge, build up and get even!!! There are lag issues that are frustrating but it’s something they are working on fixing. The “bigs” problem is going to happen no matter what war game you play, my advice is be friends with the big guy and he will keep you safe, play smart !!! Overall a great way to pass time and chat with people all over the world..Version: 3.83.2

CritiqueOn s’amuse bien.Version: 4.20.2

😫😫😫This game 😎 helped me cope 🥶 with my crippling 😱 depression 🤓 induced by 😭 5 years 🫥 of getting 🤔 beat by my 😢 mother 🧍‍♀️and father 🧍‍♂️.Version: 4.26.2

Rubbish gamePoor game, no skills required but only money. Greedy developer..Version: 4.45.1

Disappointing gameI am addicted to it but get very frustrated because unless you are prepared to spend loads of cash you do not get anywhere. Why do my collections of grain, ore, stone etc keep disappearing overnight. I will never be able to upgrade Keep when all my hard worked for “stashes” disappear. Think I will delete soon. Contacted since by game but absolutely no help. Contact advisor takes me to adverts for the game, so basically you can not contact advisor. I am still playing but really getting fed up because stuck at level 20 and can not collect enough supplies to go to level 21. The only way it seems is to open the wallet and spend mega amounts of money to buy enough. Getting bored with game now.Version: 4.38.2

A good game which can be improved furtherIt isn’t a game I would have ‘picked’ at all but it is quite addictive. Although there are a few puzzles - mostly it is building a castle and training troops to fight monsters and fight other troops. There are daily tasks and various activities which change. Join an alliance to help you grow. If in doubt keep a bubble on your castle to stop your troops from being wiped out. If you do buy any packages take photos of your inventory before, after and throughout the process in case there is a glitch. I have had some variable experiences with customer services - but my last encounter was a more positive experience. Suggestions to the developer - (1) if people have all their troops killed they often leave the game. A special token could be sent to the inventory after e.g. 30 days. When activated by the player the token would recover 1/2 the lost troops plus add a ‘beginners bubble’ again. More people would stay in the game or come back.(2) In server war the Monarch position should be based upon the net points not the positive points. Some people ‘suicide’ on purpose to increase the positive points - but they make the server lose because they have a huge negative score. That is cheating. This really needs to be changed..Version: 4.48.1

Bug outSeriously, I updated the game this morning but the bug isn’t fixed relaying to the chat rooms both for world communications aswell as alliance ones.. I’m having problems and there’s nobody can make contact more than a couple of words if that, keeps throwing you out the game each time you try to message via public chat room..one repeated message just keeps coming up which is nonsense. Do something before we all leave the server.. and that wicked creepy bully is not a phantom.. she’s been at me for the past 3 days. And I hate this game now. The game developers don’t bribe a crap about how it affects just as badly when bullied via a game!!! Why doesn’t anybody do something about her ?.Version: 4.17.3

Not as advertisedIt isn’t just the puzzles like the ads say. I don’t want to build cities and troops just to solve a couple of puzzles. Once you complete a few puzzles, there is a time out. It was a 7 minutes countdown. 30 minutes later, it was still 5 minutes to go. I didn’t bother looking at it again until the next day. Update: I continued playing and trying to figure it out. Saturday I was attacked even though I had a truce agreement in place. I contacted customer service and have not received a response. I haven’t been in the game since Saturday. There is no way to accumulate resources needed to get to higher levels if you can be attacked while a truce is in place. You cannot get to new puzzles without achieving a higher level. Not to mention that it can take days/weeks to get to the next level and new puzzles. I am done with it. Back to searching for a game that actually works as advertised. UPDATE- after two weeks I heard back from customer service but they did not remediate the issue. I replied that I had provided proof but received nothing back. I deleted the game from my iPad. I can think of better ways to spend my time and money..Version: 4.46.3

Greatly ImprovedIt may have taken a while, but Evony TKR have stepped up their game :) CS have been responsive, and helpful, when I’ve launched tickets. The new game content is interesting and its great to have new content! If you’re someone who hates P2W, game grinders, or is faint of heart- don’t play. Wanna have fun in a strategic war game, incredibly competitive & make good friends? This is a good place to start 👍🏼 Keep up the great work Evony! I’m glad to finally be able to give you 5*.Version: 3.5.3

Would have been 5 StarsI got this game because of my boyfriend and spend the first week trying to figure out the game. I was unaware back then that I could move server and am now stuck (as I am keep level 19). I do think it’s quite silly that you can’t migrate server after a certain time. I don’t want to lose my progress because I’ve come quite far with it all but now seems like I’m stuck on a server on my own. We figured out how to switch the servers now and managed to get our friend on the same server as my boyfriend but again I now can’t join their alliance because I’m in a different server. I wonder if in any updates you would be able to give anyone above keep level 6 the opportunity to move over. All I need to do is move once and tbh being alone in my server is making the game a lot less enjoyable. Thanks.Version: 4.31.2

Extremely enjoyableI have been playing this game for over a year now. And although I downloaded it as thought is was a regular puzzle game, I very quickly began to enjoy the true game. It took a while to fully understand methods of play. But what I will say is you certainly don’t need to spend your money! If you join a good alliance, the team helps each other and you grow with the team. It is a patience game, unless of course you do have money to burn to speed everything up! If you do then good for you, if you don’t (like me) then you will still get a great deal of enjoyment out of the game. I have found a fantastic alliance who has helped me grow and to keep growing. Having an online family to chat with as well as enjoy the game is brilliant. Well done for designing such an engaging game 👍🏼.Version: 4.28.1

Long time playerI’ve been playing this game since Evony age 1. It’s not a puzzle game as advertised but a pvp war game. It still involves using your mind to work out how to grow and attack well. You can play without spending money. It takes longer to grow and you may never be as big as the biggest players but if you learn and put the effort in you can still be quite successful. Its quite addictive and like a lot of things in life the more effort you put in the better you get..Version: 4.43.0

Lagging issuesAt times I get frustrated with the game continuous lagging issues. Turns out that the problem may be due to the iPad that I am using. Different models behave in certain ways. The game freezes after about 10 seconds. Developers need to contact apple to ensure that they are providing the best performance settings to the game for all devices. Just like floppy disks, lagging issues in games should be a thing of the past..Version: 3.89.11

Good gameVery interesting once you start to play it hard to stop it.Version: 1.0.17

Evony all consumingThis game right from the offset, just makes you want to do more, it’s weirdly addictive and you build friendships with fellow players who are enemies but also fellow competitors who are in the same mindset. You will meet folks from global entities far and wide, the UK, Europeans, North and South American’s, Russian folks, Far Eastern nations such as China Japan and the Philippines, Malaysia, Korean people and literally almost anywhere in the planet, only people I do t feel I’ve come across are the Australian and Kiwi nations but it’s a good mix of people that are passionate about winning. Furious about being defeated and hooked on a game which gives you just about every emotion you can experience, bad days 2/10, good days 15/10 😀.Version: 3.89.16

Glitchy but goodThe game keeps glitching almost immediately after opening. All I get is a blank screen and nothing apart from reopening it helps. Then the same issue reoccurs. Any help?.Version: 4.38.3

Love the gameBesides the obvious coining thing. So you definitely need to spend money to get big fast but also you can get somewhere as long as you learn how to play. And always keep your protection bubble up otherwise you will be zeroed by others. Such a great game though I love it.Version: 4.41.0

Love itGreat.Version: 3.1.1

I’m still and still begging you guys to revive, restore and return my Evony war game….Oh, hey. It’s Brian again. I’m still waiting and waiting for my recently deleted Evony game to come back on my Home Screen, but it’s still not available and I’m getting impatient. What’s taking you guys so long? Put it back. I am waiting to play it again due to my brother accidentally deleted it by mistake…. As I even don’t see it anywhere on my iPad Pro Home Screen, but I would appreciate it if you guys can download it on my iPad Pro again, and why does this happen? It makes no sense whatsoever to me because I need my Evony war game back and I want to play it again…since my brother accidentally deleted it by mistake, so I was hoping if you guys could revive my war game for me, so please put it back on my Home Screen so I can know where it is every day along with my other games….I’m begging you guys, please revive, restore and return my Evony war game back to me as soon as possible….and I need it back immediately….please….🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🥺🥺🥺🥺. I’m absolutely positively still waiting for my accidentally deleted Evony war game to return on my Home Screen once again. Please bring my game back to me immediately. And I need it back immediately….please….🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🥺🥺🥺🥺..Version: 4.35.4

Fun addicting game but false advertisementThey make you think you’re downloading a puzzle game when it couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s a few puzzles but they are a very minor part of the game and I still haven’t seen anything close to the puzzles they’ve advertised. The game itself is an empire building strategy game which requires a lot of time and effort to ascend the ranks. It’s got a fun social aspect to it if you join an alliance. I like that it’s challenging and you can grow pretty quickly without spending a dime and compete against the people who are spending lots of money. My biggest gripe outside the false advertising is the lack of information on how to play the game. There are tons of things to learn and the game itself barely teaches you any of them. Most of it you have to pick up from the chat/alliance or searching the web. I think the developers do this on purpose so that you make bad decisions early and then as you learn you are more likely to spend money to fix your initial decisions and get caught up. They are very sneaky that way. But if the game adds a ton more info and tips then I will move my rating up to 5 stars..Version: 4.45.0

GreatGreat game Give it ago and join 83 Peace Nemo.Version: 3.1

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