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Good but has bugsI have been playing it for 3 weeks now evony and I think it a great game. But it has some bugs. the first 2 week it was a fine but then it was ever the update or I got to a certain keep level. But the puzzles that make the game even more fun stopped working. I would rate 5 stars apart from the tiny bug.Version: 3.84.0

Customer SupportI have a love hate relationship with this game. It’s addictive and a great game however the glitches and the resources you lose is very annoying. In addition to this, the time taken for an issue to be resolved is very frustrating. I have waited nearly two months to be compensated for my ice breaker challenge, over a few millions in resources when I have either upgraded or participated in challenges and a glitch has occurred resulting in the loss. I have lost time in having to repeat actions because of the glitch happening at that precise time and I cannot currently send pictures in alliance chat or whispers or communicate via tickets as the responses fail to load. And yet I still wait. Game play would be so much better without the continuous issues. I have played many games on my phone over the years and the customer service on this game has been by far the worst and this is only the second game I have spent money on and still experiences these issues..Version: 3.83.1

AWSOME DEVELOPERS READ THIS AND REPLY!So I downloaded this game and got attacked lots but after that I went afk for weeks and soon they found out that I had no troops and stopped attacking me so I then built my empire back and became quite good at the game (I still get attacked) so then I levelled up my barracks and got better troops and attacked the people’s empires who had attacked my base and then felt good about myself. Awsome game guys!.Version: 3.5.3

Great game!Downloaded this game on a whim through an advert, fell in love quickly!!!! Join an alliance who have quickly turned into a little family! Packs are great and you get much from then, even the low priced ones! Just needs 1 more thing..... MORE MYSTERIOUS PUZZLES!!!!!!! My keep is level 21 but my puzzles maxed out at level 17 :( please get us some more!!!.Version: 3.86.0

Short reviewHello So far I have found this a very pleasant game but a couple things that need to be looked at: 1. Mystery Treasure - I have been stuck on level 16 I think as it has not been developed further 2. Playing on iPad, Alliance Wars tab shows a red dot even after the monster has been killed. It forces me to go into the actual tab to check what monster is available for me to join 3. When donating to the Alliance or transporting goods to another Alliance member it would be useful to have a manual number input as with the slide one gets quantities like 600.3 rather than 600 for example 4. Very few historical female heroes. I would love to have a golden historical female hero. Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to get a free drop of Joan d’Arc, I think the only female in Europe. Keep up with the great work. Nina.Version: 3.84.3

Evony KingdomI have really enjoyed playing Evony and interacting with the other players and alliance colleagues in the Evony environment. I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking to developing their way of thinking in a war environment and strategising against ever changing scenarios. I hope to see you in the field. Regards, Phantom.Version: 3.83.2

EnjoyableStill a pleasure to play even without paying a single dollar.Version: 1.0.22

Evony supportI have been playing for over a year now and had the misfortune of my account being lost. Evony support could assist enough to get me up and playing again on my account. I really appreciate every thing they did. Every conversation was answered and the support back was excellent..Version: 3.2.8

Good funA good way to kill some time.Version: 3.87.6

OkOk.Version: 3.86.12

Fun war strategy gameThe castle and alliance members are cool. There are always something to accomplish and challenge. One of my favorites strategy games for sure. The 7 cultures are the coolest thing. I can switch them whenever I want without losing my game process. The only I want to suggest to the developer is you can really make us easier to locate those boss monsters. It took some time to find them on the big map. It would be a lot better if there’s a location tool or something. I really hope you can consider my alliance’s suggestion. Thanks for making us a cool game like this! Oh one more thing, the alliance is the key to survive and grow faster. So make sure you are in the right alliance when you start to play! Recommend it! :).Version: 3.7.10

App will not loadI’ve been play this game for 4 days and already spent a lot of my money on resources. No it will not load and I fear I’ve lost everything. It seems this has happened to others as well. I think it’s a tactic by the developers to get even more money out of people. If you get this game, don’t spend your hard earned money on it..Version: 3.83.2

Great gameDepending on the alliance you’re in. It’s a great game and a great community of friends!.Version: 3.87.5

GreatGreat game Give it ago and join 83 Peace Nemo.Version: 3.1

I like this gameIt seems that I can’t get rid of someone on my friends list. Every time I click on their account it says it doesn’t exist and therefore it doesn’t give me an option to remove said player from my friends list. Can you guys please help me?.Version: 3.84.6

Good gameGood game.Version: 1.4.0

EvonyEntertaining and lots of activities to explore. Be prepared to spend some money to get the most out of the game. You can still have a lot of participation if you don’t spend anything. Lots of levels of development and empire building as well as room for chats..Version: 3.86.7

Very engagingTh rewards keep coming. You have to login to claim them before they are lost. Good all rounder. Even when the server has an issue they turn it into an advantage being giving free resources afterwards like the lagging experienced by some the other day and that isn’t something that happens often.Version: 3.82.12

Good game.Great Game... Addictive!!!.Version: 3.82.4

AccountHi can you update your software so people can have more than one accounts 2 one person under google right now I am able to have just one account to my name I would like to have another account but I am only on google thanks you.Version: 3.82.14

Game is amazing 😁😁😁I love this game as I love challenging stuff I love how this game actually challenges me. At first i thought it was going to be a really bad game but when I played it the first time I fell in love with it you should download this game if u love challenging games also barely any ads I love it it is also free and if we did have to pay I’m sure it wouldn’t be that much whoever made this game your a geiunis and also the characters are nice and when you build your place it is really fun so PLEASE download this game it is amazing thank you whoever made this.Version: 3.82.11

Totally addictedI started just playing puzzles but this game is so much more that I’ve been playing nonstop for over a month and still learning. Totally addicted and love going to battle and getting bigger at my own pace without spending to much money..Version: 3.83.0

NicePretty good just ya normal builder tho nothing extraordinary.Version: 1.0.23

Vry nyc gameIt seems that I can’t get rid of someone on my friends list. Every time I click on their account it says it doesn’t exist and therefore it doesn’t give me an option to remove said player from my friends list. Can you guys please help me?.Version: 3.84.8

DisappointingAfter playing this game for a month or more you begin to realise that items that you have purchased have disappeared, after reporting this to the support desk and then them taking best part of two weeks to look at this they tell me that it was my fault as I never had the item or didn’t use the item? Why would I make this up? During this same time they have given items as the service hasn’t been that great with the server having problems and being extremely slow to respond. I would recommend looking at a different game one that works as advertised. Very disappointing!.Version: 3.82.15

Pay to playGreat idea but unless you are prepared to open up your wallet and pay for a ton of upgrades and bundles of items that you just can’t produce in game you are reduced to little more then a player to be plundered and not get far in the game.Version: 3.82.7

Love itGreat.Version: 3.1.1

Heavily weighed to players who spend cashThe game play is good and it’s certainly very addictive. There lots of different areas to work on order to improve your status. The issue lies with playing against players who spend lots of hard cash to increase there level, power, skill etc. Those that don’t will always be at a disadvantage and as I did will get turned off in the end. Great game if your prepared to pay. If your looking for a free role play game or one that doesn’t cost you the earth stay clear. Game glitches are also very annoying and are not rectified promptly.Version: 3.87.7

Fun gameFun game to play..Version: 3.82.4

Lord IbizaI would have given a 5 if there is no glitch in the system, when you are moving around everything is slow to appear and every few mins the system hungs up but enjoy the actual game and working with my alliance members..Version: 3.82.12

Very glitchyI have paid real $$ to buy packages yet the app freezes & kicks you out all the time. It glitched on me 3 times while trying to upgrade a building & when it unfroze, i had lost over $11m in ore resources + many other resources. Not good enough. Customer support doesn’t get back to you. How will i be compensated for the money i have spent & the game has just stolen??? A response would be great but im not holding my breath.Version: 3.84.3

Brilliant game.I can’t get enough of this game. Only been playing for 2 weeks & my monarch is level 19 already. Can’t wait to get to level 25 when I can use all of the game. There is a lot to learn but it is fun, my generals are getting stronger as I learn more. The graphics are superb. The game play is smooth, no cliches. Everyone one should try it..Version: 3.86.12

Really funFun to play and chat with others. Great for lazy days..Version: 3.82.4

Evony is awesomeLove the game you won’t be disappointed 😊👍.Version: 3.82.1

Unending upgradeThere was server upgrade notification today due to which an hour outage was advised. It’s now been for 6 hours. Every time I login the app shows another hour remaining for an upgrade !! My truce bubble runs out due to this and puts me at risk !! Can you please confirm how many more hours the outage will be for !.Version: 3.82.15

Poor Support, Unfathomable Gaming RulesI have enjoyed the strategic building and learning about this game. It’s fairly intuitive when starting but more complex as your city evolves. There is a LOT to manage in order to build and expand. The support team is disappointing. My first purchase was on Mother’s Day and guaranteed 200 gems + $1.5M in gold. The $1.5M was never realized and 3 different support people chimed in ON THE SAME EMAIL CHAIN asking the same questions for which I had already provided answers. It was finally escalated and over a week has passed with NO REPLY. As a last straw, I was attacked multiple times in one day by the same two players. I’ve also been attacked by players with 28M more power than me. Surely, no way anyone could sustain such an attack. I’m spending more time to rebuild the forces and city; back to where I was a few days before all these attacks, but questioning WHY? So I’ll buy more gem deals?!! Parting thoughts to the creators/coders: 1) Create a support team who actually manages and resolves issues in 1-2 email exchanges. 2) Prohibit multiple attacks in perpetuity by the same player. You attack Player X once and you are done. Move on. 3) Prohibit attacks by players where the attacker has more than 5M power over the player being attacked. 4) prohibit every player from being attacked in a single week to 3max times..Version: 3.82.14

Great gameTakes a while to get started and learn all the things but fun once things start moving.Version: 3.82.4

It’s great but one change.I love the game I remember playing when I was a kid originally. The only change I’d like is the return chests it made life so much easier and more exciting..Version: 3.5.3

My view of evony is goodAs with most similar online games there can be glitches,but evony strive to solve problems as soon as possible, you can spend a lot of money on the game, but I think that’s more a personal choice, you can play without spending and have an enjoyable game play,I have found customer support amazing everytime i have spoke with them, great game love playing it.Version: 3.5.3

Server down againThe server is down again. Get this fixed. And make sure bubbles don’t drop for 24 hours to give people around the world a chance to log on..Version: 3.82.15

Kingdom building gameI would first like to state that this game is underrated. I haven’t given any money to the game and I’ve found an alliance that don’t bully me and after a year I’ve progressed quite far. One thing I would LOVE to see would be more depth to trading. This might include: -Continuous trade routes with other players which would do automatic trading whilst the player is offline. -It might see players trading goods for money and other valuable items like gold and maybe even gems. -Finally it would obviously have to have trade requests to the other player. Now to make the devs want to implement this even more, they could make it so that there would be a restriction on the amount of trade lines you could have and maybe have to pay to have more. I think this would add so much more to the game and inspire others to join! So please, take this into consideration for any future update! Thank you very much in advance if you do..Version: 3.87.12

Great gameLove it. Very addicting. Really nothing but good stuff to say..Version: 3.87.8

Need more adviceStarted this game for the puzzles and they don’t work after level 16. Wanted so many resources and gold on rubbish things at the beginning. Get into an alliance as soon as you can and learn from the others playing. You can only really play the whole game once you get to level 25 and above. So work hard at it. Good game though..Version: 3.82.15

Good gameVery interesting once you start to play it hard to stop it.Version: 1.0.17

Play your own game.Lots of negative reviews here, I’ve been playing for years now and I don’t “pay to win”. It just takes more time and effort. Be careful, watch your shield doesn’t drop and build up ... if you do get attacked you need to remember it’s a war game, that’s the point!!! Don’t whinge, build up and get even!!! There are lag issues that are frustrating but it’s something they are working on fixing. The “bigs” problem is going to happen no matter what war game you play, my advice is be friends with the big guy and he will keep you safe, play smart !!! Overall a great way to pass time and chat with people all over the world..Version: 3.83.2

WoWGréât game !.Version: 3.82.8

Decent game, needs more balanceAfter learning the initial mechanics game became straightforward and very enjoyable, fair reward system to begin with and reminiscent for old age 1 players However it does need some balance, huge and blatantly obvious advantage for pay to play and terrible stamina for marching troops as an easy cash grab Fun game, same as always evony making a cash grab, play it for free maybe not so easy but still addictive an visually enjoyable.Version: 2.4

I am playingComplex at the beginning, we'll see later..Version: 3.82.2

Very fun,excellentI absolutely loved this game. I can never find fun mobile games, and I’ve been searching for months, yet when I played this, I found that I’d discovered the game. Again this game is amazing!!!.Version: 3.84.4

Hard to put it downTruly enjoying this game hard to put it down even though I lost my first account because I didn't know the copy all the information down I started with a new account and loving it even more.Version: 3.82.4

Au soldierKeeps you entertained so much to do to improve and grow. With the right alliance it makes it more enjoyable to know you have friends to support and help you along the way..Version: 3.84.13

Mystery puzzles stopped workingI like the game but it needs to fix some issues. Two months and still got problems with puzzles not working after level 17. Can someone poster answers.Version: 3.83.0

Better than othersThis game will keep you busy without having to pay!.Version: 3.84.6

Customer Service & PuzzlesBefore committing to this game, and it is a commitment, you need to understand the time required to play. This is a rewarding game for people who crave completely. It will take a well educated person months to figure out how to play correctly! With that said it is a great game. Very enjoyable and satisfying. But with good comes the bad! This game is a lot like life, it can be cold and unforgiving, or it can be warm and super fun! It is NOT AN INDIVIDUALIST GAME!!! Maybe for the first few levels but alliance up or you will be destroyed!! If you have a problem contact customer support! They do a good job fixing any glitches that result in loss of items or troops. But, you need to allow them to work in their own time. I wish they could be a bit faster in responding, but I have been satisfied with the outcome when they do get involved..Version: 3.84.13

Complete nerdsTo much politics between top alliances these idiots take the game too serious, their pay acting is a joke. Really it is only a game that is played by complete morons, and have ruined it for everyone..Version: 3.86.1

Highly additive‌ ​   This is a great strategy game to just pick up and play. There are many games where you just play for a day and drop it, bit this have has been a friend in my life.​      .Version: 3.84.0

EvonyNice gain, very involved.Version: 3.82.12

Greatly ImprovedIt may have taken a while, but Evony TKR have stepped up their game :) CS have been responsive, and helpful, when I’ve launched tickets. The new game content is interesting and its great to have new content! If you’re someone who hates P2W, game grinders, or is faint of heart- don’t play. Wanna have fun in a strategic war game, incredibly competitive & make good friends? This is a good place to start 👍🏼 Keep up the great work Evony! I’m glad to finally be able to give you 5*.Version: 3.5.3

AwesomeGreat game & nice mix of boss hunting & PvP so you can choose which way you want to player... boss hunter, fighter, or even both 😋. Upgrades are crazy but if you know how to rinse certain aspects then it’s achievable 🤪. There are a couple of things that aren’t achievable without having a top account 😒. Nice variety of packs to suit top spenders & the more casual ‘every now & then’ spender. But you will need to spend to be one of the top dogs 😪. Always drama, but that can be entertaining so have your popcorn at the ready. But choose your server wisely if you migrate as some are more active/advanced than others which will determine your growth speed. Get the right server & you’ll meet lots of people from all over the world 😊 Lag is unreal !!! But the translator can be hilarious 😂.Version: 3.6.1

Pls some event for small guysNice game would be nice to get shields from quests as it is a battle to build up for small guys.Version: 3.82.2

Very strategic gameAwesome game started playing for another game and never quit playing .... Now i have 2 accounts.Version: 3.82.4

Best Role Playing Game EvaIf you like fun, adventure and a challenge, then come check this game out. It is difficult to learn without a Mentor, so find one fast. Fortunately most GamePlayers are friendly and helpful. This game will challenge you to be the best!.Version: 3.84.15

Amazing strategic gameFantastic game which doesn’t require you to make in app purchases to play but the option is their should you have to funds to do so. You create your city and place it in a legion which become a little community.Version: 3.84.15

Hooked is an understatementVery easy to get hooked on this game. You start off with the puzzle element and then a whole new aspect emerges with battles and team play. Important to get in a good alliance very early, will help with growth. Make sure you put yourself in the newest server too otherwise you start light years behind the rest of the players in your game and will never catch up Only reasons I give 4 not 5 stars , firstly customer services takes a long time to deal with glitches in the game, they have always rectify eventually but don’t expect it to be done within a month of raising the problem. Secondly this game is heavily weighted to the players that have and spend money regularly (although, very accessible for free to play players - just pick your targets wisely).Version: 3.86.4

MergerI have been relatively happy with the game until the recent merger of our server with one 18 months older. Being dropped from #4 Archduke to Earl has most definitely spoiled my gaming experience with the loss of buffs from 50% to 20%, two less sub slots so they can never be replaced or upgraded and less general slots. My marches feel like they have lead feet. I worked hard for my rank of Archduke through donations, tributes and hitting bosses/monsters. What a waste of time! Developers should have thought about this to make it more equitable. In addition, the server is littered with dead accounts and their linked subs. These should have been removed to make hive placement easier. I cannot recommend the game at this time..Version: 3.5.3

YEEEEEESSSS I LOVE ITOk this game keeps me sooo occupied and it’s really fun. In the game there are little puzzles and you have a list of so do’s that keep you wanting more. You build your kingdom I guess and conquer others while keeping yours safe. You can upgrade buildings and train warriors. When you build and I know this with other games, it take HOURS for the build to finish. But with thus game most only take a couple minutes. Although if you want you can speed things up or instantly finish. You can chat with others and make alinences with others. There is soo much to do in this game and I greatly recomend it. There are tons of levels to keep busy and it’s super fun. You will regret not getting this game. It’s amazing I recomend putting notifications on so everything feels faster. I hope you get this game. And have a nice daaaaaay!!!.Version: 3.82.12

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