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Consistent ImprovementI adore this platform. They’re always always always upgrading and adding features. This app used to be bare bones now it’s top notch and I feel like there’s no stopping them! So glad I chose wix to build my business with!.Version: 2.6988.0

Thanks!There was a bit of a learning curve with the new update. I run a small business that operates by appointment. I love that I can now book and edit appointments without having to input all of my client’s information and easily move appointments to different time slots or different days. I’ve been patiently waiting for this update. I’ve been a fan of wix for three years now and love the simplicity. I am always getting clients who comment on how simple it is to book online. It has definitely allowed me to focus on my work, not on the nitty gritty details like scheduling. Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.5462.0

Decent, but a tad confusingThe app has come a long way and whilst it does have a lot of the features you want/need, accessing these features can be quite confusing and I feel as though navigating the app needs a massive overhaul.Version: 2.4020.0

Needs App improvementsGreat to use on PC but needs a lot of improvement on the app. Would be great if I could edit my site on the go via the app. Please let us be able to do this soon!!!.Version: 2.8903.0

MagieFormidable !!! bravo !.Version: 2.34826.0

PeachyJust peachy bud.Version: 2.32689.0

Unable to upload videosLove the app but can’t upload video clips I’ve made using iMovie, can anyone help with this problem TIA.Version: 2.19510.0

Easy and comprehensive!Could not recommend Wix more! Absolutely brilliant service that covers all bases and the platform is SO easy to use. Such an amazing way to enhance your online presence without spending thousands and everything is fully customisable to your brand. Website maintenance is at your own finger tips making any changes to the site quick and free! Love, love, LOVE Wix. ❤️.Version: 2.31142.0

Non functional.... lots of glitches for a SALONI am a Salon owner. Small salon. I love that this app is free with my website, but sometimes it doesn't work for my clients. Every week I get a message saying “it wont let me book” “it wont let me reschedule/cancel” Sometimes it tells people that I dont have any availability. And on my end as the owner, I cannot override anything in the wix app.... I have to go to my laptop to make changes. The other issue with this app is if I block or unblock time off from the app, it will not save my changes . Another issue is clients can only pick one service/session at a time. Instead of a haircut and color they have to go back in and make ANOTHER appointment. So now I am working on a menu of combination services. Also, you can only modify time when you want to make changes to an appointment/session you can't add a service or change your mind. It would also be cool if you could text your clients a reminder text for appointments. thanks I have reached out for help but even that is ignored by WIX. I guess because it comes with the website I should be happy. I love that I dont have to send my clients to another website and competitors.Version: 2.19510.0

PurchaseWhat amazing service. You are lucky to have a team member like Billy !.Version: 2.25863.0

Real time trackingI’m usually a little hesitant with some apps because they aren’t worth the time. However, I decided to go ahead with this app since I have all the other things connected under the premium account. I had just downloaded the app, logged in and on the computer side was doing some back end adjustments when a notification popped up that someone was on my site, what page, and for how long. OMGoodness. Blown away! I said to myself, “ain’t no way..” so me being me, published my background edits and went on the site live and BOOM! Notification pops up on que. Haven’t even explored the entire app yet but I’m excited for now and the improvements that will come for this app. Wix have continued to improve year after year. Keep it up!.Version: 2.16277.0

Inspiring but one big minusI started using Wix a month ago. Within a few days of playing with it I upgraded so I could have my own domain name and more features, and access to images, etc. Wix is very user friendly both on your computer and the app allows you to do a lot too while keeping an uncluttered look. (Perhaps most amazing is the AI assistant you use on your computer—after doing a short questionnaire about you needs and wants, it whips up a website for you. Frankly I was amazed at what it came up with for me, beautifully designed. You can then do a lot of customization. The more customization you do, the more learning curve. But I’ve been so inspired, I’ve been playing with it a lot. I downloaded the app; it too is to super easy to use with attractive design. Thanks for the blog manager!’s the thing: I went to use the app on my iPad Pro and, well, there is no app for the iPad Pro! I was stunned and disappointed. It’s not like the Pro came out yesterday. The Pro would make the perfect work space for Wix—more design features would be possible than with phone app. You could then have pretty full featured Wix app on the go. Please tell me an iPad Pro app will soon be available?!.Version: 2.8266.0

GreatThe navigation around the app is easy makes me happy that I started my own business and can’t wait love it all my problem is is that I have to add products on my website from a different device.Version: 2.20805.0

The best website builder!!I have been making, customizing and selling my product on Wix for over 4 years now. It’s simple, easy and great customer service.Thank you Wix :).Version: 2.30025.0

PallakI have been using Wix for a while now. I have three websites set up on this platform. I absolutely love using it as it is simple and easy to follow. Also the customer service is great. Thanks Wix.Version: 0.1328.13

InvoicingI really only have one complaint about the app!! I can’t send an invoice to my customer. Example- I post my product on social media with the instructions to comment their email address to be sent an invoice for products. Then I have to dry out my lap top go to the main site create an invoice and then on top of that it doesn’t take the products out of my inventory. So then I have to go into my inventory and edited it manually. It would be better if you could create an invoice from the app and be able to select the products that are being sold and have that take them out of my inventory!!! If you could add this function it would really be helpful. I am on my phone more than I am my laptop. Thank you.Version: 2.909.0

Wix AppThe wix app is very reliable you can stay connected on the go.Version: 2.36014.0

Easy for amateurs!I barely know what I’m doing and I find it super easy to navigate and build my site and shop. I’d definitely recommend to anyone looking to make a basic site or an online shop..Version: 2.33019.0

Love WixI have tried a few website builders- Weebly, Shopify, and they all have their merits, but Wix, in my opinion, is the most contemporary and well appointed. You get a lot of features, it’s easy to use once you’ve done a full tour of the navigations, and reasonably priced. 5 stars from me. Thanks Wix..Version: 2.30025.0

I like it but...I found it a bit confusing and quite limited until i went into editor which i thought at the time was a big thing as you’re encouraged not to. Also if a customer wants to collect theres no where to fulfill the order unless you enter a false tracking number. I dont want to offer a collection service as its my home address. Also, i had a problem when the whole thing changed to Chinese! That took half a day from me... done by accident and so very easily. I wouldn’t say it was my fault. I was clicking on a help section and the language drop down box suddenly sprang up and i chose Chinese instead of the help section that was in exactly the right place underneath it. It was lightening fast! This needs looking at (it might be dealt with already) so be careful. But to be fair i asked for help and they were on it straight away so top marks for that! That was also before i upgraded from basic aswell so im happy with the customer service. On the whole it looks amazing and once I got the hang of it, it’s easier. Im very happy at the moment. I would recommend highly!!!.Version: 2.26185.0

Really HappyThank you Wix for helping me start my own business, there’s only one thing that I need help with although I can only find it for the blog on my website but how do I create categories in the shop area as I am posting new items daily and it’s becoming a struggle to keep going through them all on a mobile phone especially when they’re all singled out from each other. So if help is available on how I can do that then I would be very appreciative..Version: 2.7731.0

Keyword ranking in all over the world|Apple Store Optimization for every app and game,[ Get in touch for free testing➤. Contact with us :➤ Whatsapp & Skype &Telegram &Wechat:♚=+8615282351612 Or Facebook:👽 aso880 Ⅴ,ღ Keyword ranking in worldwide.) Rich experience team on marketing.∞ 3 DAYS TRIAL for everyone.Version: 2.38882.0

Mostly greatI’m pretty new to building a website of any kind and found the wix app quick and easy to build a nice clean looking site. It looks great on mobile though there are a couple of odd things happening when it’s on a desktop. The main issue I have is that phone numbers are not clickable to be able to call from the mobile site. (The number I added is in the ‘contact’ frame under ‘phone’ so no reason to not auto link it). I have found I can do manually link it in the desktop editor but then I can’t make any fur her changes in the app. If I revert to ADI I can edit again but the numbers aren’t linked any more. Considering the app and the site are supposed to be optimised for mobile use this really needs to be fixed. Text colour changing in the app would be nice too but I can at least do this on the desktop site and still publish in ADI so it’s not really an issue. Keep up the good work and please add phone number linking to the app soon..Version: 2.28744.0

Great appIt is a great app, have been using it for over a year for my business, easy to follow and great for managing the business and the website. Thank you Amany.Version: 2.16277.0

Wix On-the-Go: About Time!Hello, Wix Team! Congrats on getting mobile! Finally I can manage my shop and blog posts on-the-go, or pretty much anywhere, with any position! You know, it can be pretty exhausting doing all the sitting to do the tedious work. It’s about time, really! And, please please please consider adding an Instagram-shoppable feature for the near future! Thank you..Version: 2.2250.0

Amazing and Always Innovative!I absolutely love Wix. I enjoy maneuvering though the site... The ability to edit easily, the options offered, as well as the fundamental straightforwardness the site offers. I ENJOY this compared to the many other sites out there. Now I have the functionality through my phone..?!?!?!! GREAT! This is the reason I ONLY prefer wix. Seriously, I have been able to create beautiful sites, editing has been easy and exciting... Wix is VERY INNOVATIVE! I enjoy all this site and the team behind this amazing site. You are always allowing us to grow with you by offering ways we can grow. I encourage all to use Wix bcz they are innovative and amazing. Always providing new ways for customers like me to improve the way we present ourselves..Version: 2.1141.0

Easy to use, but can still stand some improvement.I’ve been using Wix to build an online art portfolio, and it’s been pretty easy to use and has given me really nice results. I just wish there was a way for people to add comments to individual images, because the chat box is really for real time interaction and I don’t want to create a forum and make it so people have to make an account on my site just to leave a thought on something. I’ve also been experiencing a glitch in the Wix app that keeps me from being able to change my account name, the “private” one that for some reason is the name displayed on my website? Huh? So those fixes would be great to see but otherwise it’s a great service..Version: 2.32211.0

Such a great app!The best site to create a blog. For someone who has always wanted to create a blog, but has struggled with actually finding a place in which supplies me with everything I need. However, this changed once I discovered Wix!.Version: 1.11603.3

Good but confusingThis really needs a detailed getting started section when you first download. It seems to need a manual but doesn’t come with one. The ability to chat with users of your site and see comments is actually pretty cool. Developers are responsive though..Version: 2.20648.0

Following my tribe Natural Kaos Private GroupI’m only here forced because FB decided to take away our rights and now we are on this platform following our leader. Cannot review Wix in full, but everyone, Leave FB as they keep groups that spread hate yet a group that was a choice to all was forced out! Shame on FB! Joanne T.Version: 2.38882.0

HandyAMAZING! A great, handy app that allows you to connect to your wix website using WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G or E(edge). You can upload photos that you take on a day out and put them in a folder that you can add to your website on a laptop/computer. You can live chat on your site and respond to forms that have been filled in and contact the wix help and submit feedback easily. My favourite part is the views counter in the app and also the photo uploads. Every time I take a photo on my phone, I have to plug in my phone into the laptop and upload them from there, the wix app does that all for you and sends it to your desktop. Well done Wix! Keep improving though, you can always make more things come to the app..Version: 2.3441.0

Easy to useI love how easy it is to set up, so those who aren’t very tec savy can figure it out. I love the step by step configurations but also it then gives you the freedom to personalise to suit your own style. Highly recommend for those who are first timers..Version: 2.25579.0

Excellent foodThe food is outstanding You can tell some thought has gone into recipes I’m foodie from Calgary and this place makes a lot of are restaurants look bad. Well Done Isaac! Paul D.Version: 2.34653.0

Love WixStill hoping for an after pay feature for online stores!.Version: 2.18994.0

Set of sessions not available to be booked via the appWiz has done a good job getting the app going but missing a main component of my business which is being able to book a set of sessions!!! Makes it hard to promote if this isn’t available..Version: 2.7612.0

Love itSimple to use with so many fonctions !!.Version: 2.32901.0

Love it!It took me a little bit to figure it out, but now that I know what I’m doing it’s super easy! Love that I can do pretty much everything from my phone, and my site is getting great reviews and has only been live for two days!!.Version: 1.10518.2

Good and badSome options like invoicing on the mobile or iPad are so needed while running a mobile business, lap tops and pc are so out dated in today’s mobile world. You can view invoices good., so why not able to edit or create on the app. And still no notice when a chat message is received. The sound is made when someone is visiting your site, but no notice for a message left as a visitor. A subscriber message will go to email and I get an email notification or sound I’ve received an email. But not when a visitor sends a live chat message..Version: 1.10672.4

Great productWiz with Modalyst. Found it easy to use, intuitive, great products, and awesome customer support. Natural Earthsaver..Version: 2.29642.0

New CustomerHave loved using our wix app everything is so easy to use and at your fingertips.Version: 2.18722.0

The Cat/Dog Groomer TeriI ve been taking my cat to Teri for years .She is the cat whisper ;My cat Patch and I just love the professional lion shave .Thanks and purrfect from Patch ...Of course I can’t forget the full groom that she’s been doing for our Jack Russell Terrier Scruffy .He feels like a show dog over the 14 years Wuff We Wove you Teri.Version: 2.29642.0

NO IPAD APP!Please add ipad app.Version: 2.1230.0

5 star reviewsHi developer! If you all see this. Can we get a subscription plan installed into the app? it’d be so great honestly, for people who doesn’t have credit cards etc but only has iTunes gift card to use! I will honestly say that I would literally support you guys if there were a in-app purchase monthly/ yearly subscription system added. Thank you.Version: 2.38741.0

WIX app is easy to use . Very fast. I am getting more sales using the features.WIX app is easy to use . Very fast. I am getting more sales using the features. 2.30025.0

Very good.Very good..Version: 0.289.4

Fantastic app/website and value for moneyHave designed and build a website with Wix. Found it really easy to use and brilliant little features to help improve content. Bought a premium account which has been great value for money! Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of starting up a business. Thank you Wix!.Version: 2.24593.0

Nice!Now I can finally start my site Thank you so much!.Version: 2.33019.0

I love this AppI’m be been running 2 businesses through wix for nearly 5 years and love this app, find it so helpful and easy to use.Version: 2.25472.0

Generally Very GoodOverall, very good; has the vast majority of the information you want to see, easy to navigate, and functional. One thing does not work very well at all is the blog post editing on the app—definitely better to do blog posts on an actual computer. Weird glitches abound. The strangest autocorrects I’ve ever seen (it turns correctly spelled words into things that are not words at all if, say, you’ve typed an incorrect word and only change a couple letters to get your original intention). It often freezes or crashes when editing a post. It also does not allow scrolling very easily (if you want to scroll from the bottom to the top of a post you have to exit the post and go back in). The cursor doesn’t go where your finger goes. Uploading photos directly into posts doesn’t seem to work very well on this version, where on previous versions uploading from your phone was far easier..Version: 2.16050.0

I love wix for small businessIt is son hard to manage small business. Wix does definitely make it easier. You can edit quickly and get great apps without having to pay thousands of dollars. Love it ❤️.Version: 1.10360.3

Not showing my workshopThis is a great app, I’ve been using to manage my clients booking into my yoga classes. However I am unable to view booking for my yoga retreat day. Two clients have booked and when I click on their notification it tells me the session has been cancelled. My members are also unable to book the retreat via the app like they do classes. But have had to log onto the website instead.Version: 2.20805.0

Build and Manage Websites With EaseWix is my favourite websites builder for beginners, it’s a lot easier to use compared to Wordpress and godaddy and the customer service is great, if you need to build a website for your business but you’re not tech savvy, try wix you won’t be disappointed.Version: 1.11915.28

Excellent choice in websitesWhen I made a fully functioning website one rainy day, no one could believe that I’d done it all by myself. The only thing that drives me nuts is that when it shows the link ‘see reservation’ when someone makes a new reservation it does not take you there, it takes me to a completely irrelevant page. Can you guys not fix this? It is such a time waster... :( Otherwise, thank you for allowing me to make and have an otherwise fabulous website!.Version: 2.20540.0

Wix AppI love the Wix app, except for the MESSAGE feature. I can’t find where to turn it OFF on my mobile nor laptop on my website. I’ve called Wix to ask and was placed on hold for a ridiculous amount of time. When I have CHAT OFF, I don’t want messages to still go through my Wix app on my mobile (that defeats the purpose, to me). When I want messages to my mobile, I’d have the CHAT ON. My chat is turn off, when my schedule does not permit that “RIGHT NOW YOU ANSWER” urgency. The MESSAGE option still gives me that feeling and I can’t turn it off, like I can do the CHAT option. I have ample amount of other communication methods for my business. The MESSAGE feature is not needed for me, on my mobile app..Version: 2.14446.0

Great site and intuitive to use.I love wix. They seem to have thought of everything. Just when I think I have a question they no one has possible thought of, I can google it and wix already figured it out. I really can say enough great things. Wix on mobile is great and thoughtful too! They include everything you need to do on the go like scan barcodes to send shipping confirmation emails, add a product, upload and edit pictures from your phone, get a sale in person... they’ve thought of everything really! The only thing is I wish we were able to customize the subscriber login screen but that’s really the only thing..Version: 2.8903.0

So far so goodWix was relatively easy....but very time consuming. I was able to get my site up in just 2 days (about 4 hours the 1st day and maybe 6 hours the 2nd day) part of that time was spent creating the privacy policy and my first Facebook business page and 1st FB ad that people can click and be directed to my Wix page. I just want customer service to be here for me when I hit road I tried building a page with a different company, with Ipage years ago, then I had to buy a domain on godaddy, then I had to get a business email with Gmail.....sooo convoluted. Wix allows customers to send me emails, allows bookings, perfect for my business. Only one complaint, the hone page contact form doesn’t have a spot for a customer to input their phone number..Version: 2.4415.0

So simple and easy to useStepped outside my comfort zone during the pandemic and began to create an online store Wix templates and clear instructions have made it an easy process!.Version: 2.37230.0

I love this app so much! Dev note: Autocorrect not working thoughThank you so much devs for this incredible app - I use it multiple times a day and it has been invaluable in building and updating my site :) One note I have is that for some reason when writing blog posts via the app, adding a picture Will crash the app, and also the autocorrect doesn’t work when typing in the app. Odd :-/ Keep up the awesome work, and continuing to make this app the best version of itself ever :) - Albert from Australia.Version: 2.20352.0

Space by Wix🤩 Cette application dans l’Apple Store est géniale. 🤩.Version: 2.38685.0

Where is it?Yesterday when I went to dashboard it gave me an option to edit the mobile version of the website but now it’s gone! How can I get it back?.Version: 2.25863.0

AMAZINGI don’t even know where to begin. I made my business and I can’t believe how easy it was. This is the best website maker EVER!!! It has a lot of features and templates. Did I mention a lot of them are FREE!!!!!!!?? Definitely get this app if you have a business that you are starting and needs a website. I love all of the product options. I can put what sizes you can chose from when you are getting a product and you can put the colors of the product that you can chose from. It also comes with pictures to design your website with. Even though not all of the pictures are free, I still find it really cool. When I was making my website, it was really fun! I really want to pay for the Memberships, but I don’t have the money. This app I would recommend. 5/5 stars..Version: 2.7731.0

Booking page wont loadEvery time I click on my appointment calendar it won’t open . It’s just loading . I deleted the app and it’s still doing it.Version: 2.28744.0

Easy to us wix storeCustomer purchases are effortless, great way to do business.Version: 2.324840

New update lost all customer detailsGreat - easy to use Would like to see an option for multiple bookings added rather than adding one every time - clients wanting to book massage and facial for example would have to book two separate appointments wasting cross over time and, might not be available as they can’t see and wouldn’t understand how our diary’s work.. so always getting clients booking massage and asking if they can have a facial after - there could be a client booked after So no time. If the client could select multiple bookings before showing a the Callander availability (as this would chose the right amount of time to complete both treatments) it could show the client when’s available for the legnth of time needed. An important feature I’d say - as most clients want to get treatments done in one visit.Version: 2.25237.0

Bon site créateur personelMission c’est l’affichage et les lois respectées.Version: 2.324840

Anyone got a current review?Seems like reviews stopped a year ago does anyone want to do a current one.Version: 2.27953.0

App is excellent but TWO problemsThe app is excellent, sometimes there is some minor glitching with the chats but if you close the app and reopen it’s fine. The ONLY reason this is not 5 star, is because it doesn’t allow you to log into multiple accounts all at one. Which I’m sure isn’t an issue for everyone, but I have three e-commerce stores so I need to keep track of all of them. This is somewhat inconvenient. Everything else is almost perfect. Navigation is somewhat long winded. When you load the app, I need to be shown the import things. Straight away I want to see site traffic and sales. You should be able to customise the welcome screen to show what information is most relevant to you..Version: 2.11243.0

Please Add A Staff PanelI don’t always have time to go on my computer and accept new members so could you please add a panel where you can. Overall the app is amazing and is great to use..Version: 2.9643.0

New Version BuggyNew version is a bit glitchy. Not quite ready for release in my opinion. New UI looks sensational, much easier to follow however my notifications bade won’t clear... super annoying!.Version: 2.909.0

Really good appIt’s really easy to understand and navigate.Version: 2.34091.0

Generally Good I wish I could give 5*This app is generally very good. Some minor issues with uploading photos to a blog post but I find saving as draft and then going back in seems to fix this. For someone that likes to edit posts on the go my main issue it that you cannot add tags to your blog posts. I then can't do this via my phones internet and have to edit this function via my laptop which is the most annoying thing for me. When you want to edit and create on the go tags are vital to get your posts seen. The only other thing is creating pages. I've been so used to a competitors app allowing me to manage my entire site from inside the app that these are the things I miss. Otherwise I very much like this app and can do everything else that I need to at this stage..Version: 2.16680.0

Need more things accessible on iPhoneGreat I can do most things off my phone but I can’t seem to access quote off my phone or edit invoices on my phone. Would love this option.Version: 2.36116.0

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