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Radarbot: Speed Cameras & GPS App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Radarbot: Speed Cameras & GPS app received 47 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Radarbot: Speed Cameras & GPS? Can you share your negative thoughts about radarbot: speed cameras & gps?

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Radarbot: Speed Cameras & GPS for Negative User Reviews

Not reliableI was super excited when I started using this App. It does actually stop me speeding which is great. It also reminds you of cameras which pays for itself in no time. However…. I find the speed zones to be totally unreliable. It says 80 when it’s clearly 100km/hr, then visa versa, or tells me I’m in a 90 zone when it’s been 80 for 20km. If you’re relying on the App you’ll lose your license pretty fast. I have the paid version and can’t find anywhere to provide info on incorrect speeds. Also the app tends to beep way too much. I’ve played with settings and still can’t work out why it’s beeping half the time..Version: 8.1.5

Not updated enough. Pay once be asked to pay again.I live in NYC, this is not updated or current enough to be effective. What is worse is I submit (multiple times) new cameras on my commute. 6 months later are they in the database? NO! Here is the part that bothers me the absolute most! At the time I bought this there was a free version and a paid version. I bought the paid version. Guess what?! Now they have another paid version and I’m constantly asked to buy it. You know what you should NOT DO??!!! Have someone pay for your product and then ask them to pay for your product again!!! NO!!! DO. NOT. DO. THIS. EVER. Seriously, basic customer service 101. Two stars because if the camera is on file the app works as it should. Lastly, not the first less than favorable review I’ve left. They seem to be removing them….Version: 8.1.6

Was really good now just crashesI have used the free version for a few years no problem, 3 months ago upgraded to the $50 per year version now it just crashes and can not be used. Such a shame as my subscription is now wasted. I tried to reach out to support but unfortunately the support button just loops back to the iOS download page..Version: 8.7.1

Does alert for radarApp picks up red light camera ok. But doesn’t alert you if there is radar coming up. Does it only work if someone sends it in? If that’s the case, app is dependent on someone notifying the system of radar. With limited traffic is rural roads chances of getting picked up are good. Not worth the charge for the premium service..Version: 5.7

BanandraI personally find it difficult to know if working or not and when being a passenger so I can play with the settings I am told that I am disturbing the driver. I would like to be able to have the app start up when you start the car when driving. Thank you.Version: 8.1.6

AdsGet a alert click on it and up pops an ad I can’t get around..Version: 6.0

DisappointingI have stuck with Radarbot Gold for a while now but my faith & confidence is wearing thin . I am never alerted to traffic cop cars parked on side of road with their radar guns . I have asked a couple of times why this is but never received a reply. I am going to have to resign myself to save up for a proper speed detector:(.Version: 8.7.1

Useless for UK motorwaysI downloaded this hoping to replicate the great TomTom speed camera service that I used to have before I abandoned my TomTom and started using the Mercedes built in ones. Unfortunately it failed on a number of fronts... 1) The motorways around Birmingham (M6/M42) are covered in variable speed limit gantries which used to have gatso style one-per-lane cameras on (although they never flashed). They now have the newer yellow cameras at the side which cover four lanes at once, are much scarcer but do flash and issue fines. Driving through this area today produced alerts for maybe 90% of these BSL gantries despite the fact that only around 5% of them actually have cameras. With this level of over-reporting it becomes pointless as it’s constantly telling you there’s a camera ahead when there isn’t. 2) On a number of occasions it warned of cameras for the opposite direction of travel despite this option being deselected in settings. 3) Unless you force quit the app it then starts to tell you that there’s no GPS signal when you’re back indoors - again this is despite deselecting that option in Settings. 4) I passed at least three of the new yellow type fixed cameras on the M6/M42/M40 with no warning given despite the dozens of false warnings already mentioned. It continuously asks you to upgrade but with that level of inaccuracy why would you?.Version: 2.5

FiabilitésPas certain encore de son efficacité,pas beaucoup de signalement,même en présence de ….Version: 8.1.2

Great idea that needs to be executed better.Love the concept but persistent inaccuracy let’s this app down. Would never go pro because of this. Exploring other options that are accurate. Accuracy is critical to the objective so this app unfortunately falls short. Having said that it is the best fully featured app I have found in this space..Version: 2.5

Good but missing a lotA somewhat good app, BUT lacks many features and has many nagging bugs. It is being constantly updated which is good. It does work and does warn of cameras and other things ahead of time, which is also good. It does not allow u to zoom in the map, which is annoying. Does not follow the GPS location accurately! Keeps nagging u about Red light cameras when they are a mile away on another street. Nags u about police stations which is absolutely meaningless for the purpose of the app, and u cannot select what not to warn about! Keeps nagging u about lost GPS signal even when u deselect the option, and it does so when u r stationary! No support link at all, and I sent them a Messenger message more than 10 days ago, they have not even read it! I installed it, removed it and reinstalled it BUT I do not use it! Update: they responded to this review TWO years later! Would anyone be interested in such an app and such support!?.Version: 7.5.3

Needs More Work Done to This CAMERA-ALERT APPNeeds More Work Done to This Camera-Alert APP”, as I kept trying & trying of giving this “Camera-Alert APP” various trying Chances!, But just too many constant annoying issues!, As just too many Messages & in Needing of Updating etc etc, Plus many People would of given up on the first few goes!, And then to move onto of a more suitable Camera-Alert App, As I prefer of the two following APP’s of which are much more less problematic of >>> “RADARBOT” & “CAMERALERT” of with much more workable, user friendly etc, as such a shame as This problematic App Made is By (Sygic), So They need to sort out the various & constant issues!....Version: 2.1

It works at what it is designed to do.It does what it is supposed to do; however the interface could be improved. It is not at all clear to me after almost a year how to report errors in the database when you observe them. Ads pop up at inopportune times and seem to require manual intervention to clear ad. So unless your passenger is running the program you the driver must remove the advertisement from the screen. A no advertising option is available for a fee. Most of the time I use Waze instead because it does most of the things which this program does (Waze lacks a speedometer mode) and offers navigation including the ability to route you around backups which can reduce travel time..Version: 7.5.3

Stupid Ad Pop UsWhen trying to use this App (as a new User) it first starts loading its database - something other apps don’t do at start-up. Then a full-page Ad for Lyft pops up. You try to swipe off of it and end up - in Lyft - an app I already have and like. I totally get out of Radarbot and try again, clicking on a different place. Same thing. End up in Lyft. On the third try I get Radarbot. But I’ve run out of time & patience and head over to WAZE, which provides directions AND input regarding speed traps etc. Is it as effective as Radarbot? Not sure I have the patience now to do a comparison. I get Apps need to make $ from advertising, but don’t hold users hostage when doing so..Version: 5.3

Great at first now just crashesHad great hopes for this App- purchased the pro version and has worked really well for the first week, now it crashes everytime it alerts you to a camera - alerts you and beeps but as soon as it's passed the camera location the App crashes and you have to try and turn on again. I've deleted and reinstall the App but again suffered the same issue. Bit useless and feel it's a waste of money at the moment - sent a notification to support but no response!.Version: 7.2

RadorbotYes it’s good. And it works..Version: 8.7.1

Serves its purposeIts a descent app..Version: 8.1.0

Cannot detect mobile vanThis app in unable to detect mobile van that has been equipped with speed cameras. Have driven pass the mobile van and doesn’t alert driver. At some intersections speed cameras were used to be and has been removed but this app alerted when the cameras are no longer there. In addition the app cannot recognize the timezone meaning it is now 1.20pm but the greeting is still saying “good morning...”. Please fix..Version: 6.5

Failed Miserably in the UKI downloaded thsi to take advantage of the 30 day free trial. I only needed half an hour thanks. Epic Fail on all fronts. You already select the Country - so why does the display default to KMH instead of MPH? Couldn't find anywhere to change the speed units - spent ages looking and gave up. So the test ona trip out today with lots of variations in speed limits from 20, 30, 40, 50 & 60MPH on the same stretch of road - it did not warn me once of any speed limits at all! I passed 4 known mobile speed camera spots - not a sinble bleep, or message - except to tell me there was nothing there. Basically despite GPS enabled all the time, location services on, nothing! - Exelpt of course the adversts asking me if I was ready to upgrade yet! Really? So thanks for the trial, but this app is total pants, it did not geve me the correct speed limits on the roads - even with a passenger doing the KMH to MOH conversion - all completely wrong. I would not put my trust in this app for one minute, certainly not for the UK (oh and I should say that everything was setup and downloaded on wifi before leaving the house. Thanks for the trial, it saved me coughing up £5 for another naff app..Version: 2.3

Pathetic ServicrAfter over 12 months of trouble free service this ap kept switching itself off. Contacted Radarbot told to make sure the Always On Switch was toggled to ON. It was already in that mode but still kept switching off. ReSet but no difference. Removed ap and reinstalled. Still no difference. Contacted Radarbot via email but never got the courtesy of a reply. This is a SHONKY app. Don’t be fooled. Wish I had never seen it in the first place. This company are SCHISTERS’.Version: 8.1.5

Movable Speed CamerasI like Radarbot it picks up most of the speed cameras and I think it picks up all the red light cameras. But the movable speed cameras which they change most of the times they put them in different locations. Radarbot does not pick them all up and if they place a new speed camera in a different location you make it surprise because if that’s not pick it up. Those movable speed cameras I feel are the most important ones and I feel that those are the ones that we have to concentrate and be notified about. Radarbot should put an update to pick up those movable speed cameras immediately as soon as they put them in different locations..Version: 8.1.6

No map view disappeared after the introduction of Premium serviceWhat happened to the no map view? I purchased the App because I prefer a simple/ less distracting view compare to other Apps with live map, but disappointed to find out the no map view was removed after the auto update about a month ago..Version: 8.1

RadarbotWell set up, good options and works OK but notifications are what let’s it down Have been trialing for several days around multiple speed and red light cameras I know of and it is a little hit and miss with audible warnings Had difficulty when the phone is plugged into the cars Bluetooth system or when the app is working in the background. Also, warnings are not loud enough despite being set to full volume It does distinguish which direction you are going so will only alert you when you are heading in the direction you are likely to be caught if speeding and specifically not in the other direction.Version: 2.5

Looks good but poor performance NOT RELIABLEI was so very impressed upon first installing this app with its visual appearance and the ‘one off’ fee. I have PocketGPS CamerAlert which I have had for several years it’s not attractive and does not have all the features of RADAR, but the database appears to be better. I have repeatedly submitted mobile police cameravan locations near my home and several weeks later I am still not being warned of these potential active sites, the database appears to update every time I load the application, but still no warning. Another major issue is that the gps speedometer included in the app is next to useless, being approximately 10mph below the vehicles actual speed and its response times to changing speed is extremely slow compared to the CamerAlert. I have compared the two apps using the same iPhone X in the same vehicles. I hope the developers take note of these serious problems and find fixes. I would happily pay more if I thought the database was accurate and up to date and the other flaws were remedied..Version: 2.5

TrialNo free trial period.Version: 8.1.4

The new update is a disasterThere have been n improvements whatsoever. They actually made the very poor desktop worse. I have given up on this app. When the phone sits on the windshield it is difficult to see the tiny speedometer on the bottom right of the screen. If you hide the traffic and map (which are useless for the purpose of the app) you end up with a large empty grey screen and tiny speedometer in the right bottom corner which is hard to see the best of times. For a speed app a large speedometer screen is a must have and a no brainer. The voice options are creepy reminding me of Microsoft Joe. The app is ok to use and can be useful but needs rethinking badly..Version: 8.1.0

Doesn’t seem to work like it didBecause of the lockdown, I hadn’t used the app and it was working fine until that time. I’ve started using it and I’ve noticed now that when it is loaded on my iPhone, as soon as the screen goes blank, it stops working. Previously, when I loaded the app it kept on working in the background until the screen went blank. I like using the app and rely on it. I’m hoping that it can be fixed and that there’s a solution..Version: 8.1.2

Great but too many AD notifications!I do not intend to upgrade to gold and do not want to see ad notifications about it every day!.Version: 8.7.1

Don’t update fast enoughRadarbot is a very helpful when driving. It would help if more drivers would input camera locations Majority of city streets in New York is 25 mph your site has not changed that information yet you still have 30 mph which is incorrect Speed limit in New York City is 25 mph unless posted otherwise..Version: 8.1.0

Fair to okYea to fully experience it,but its rather confusing in someways. Shows your mile ometer when you're driving ,telling how fast you're going but doesn't give you the actual speed limits in the area,but seems good graphics,Adverts are a bit annoying and keep pestering you to upgrade they should ask you only a few times but its all the time!! plus its not Clear if it catches mobile speed cameras!!! as these are the ones that I'm most concerned about,great for fixed cameras etc hard to talk to anyone from the site..It says set up a mail account but it's not clear how to do it?doh so not overly impressed but technology clever etc.Version: 5.5

Accurate but dangerousThis app is fairly accurate with camera locations, however with all the pop up ads that appear when your setting off it’s extremely dangerous as the ads take up the whole screen and you have to manually close the ad which contravenes with handling mobile phones while driving. I can understand the ads are a revenue stream for the app but execution of these ads needs to be investigated..Version: 7.5.7

Subscription model needs a rethinkThis app needs a one time payment option if only to stop adds on opening (which are terribly done. And an ad about an ad blocker is amusing) and show it on CarPlay. The monthly prices/yearly are archaic in this day and age and not value for money. Most people who drive everyday do the same route everyday so a one off app purchase makes more sense and would make more money. As an app itself it’s decent and does the job it sets out to do..Version: 8.7.1

Not getting camSeems it’s not working even for fix cameras. During my last visit didn’t pick any cam.Version: 6.1

Love the warnings but navigation is offLove the warnings but the navigation is off. Last two attempts at using app gave me the wrong destination address by 10 minutes. Of limited use if you have to consult Google maps as well before setting off as the location is wrong..Version: 8.7.0

App with Gold Roadpro subscription no longer worksI have been using this app for 11 months and since yesterday the app continually crashes during launch. I have a Gold Roadpro subscription that is due for renewal in July and I am wondering if I should ditch the subscription if this issue is a sign of things to come and going to be a regular occurrence. I need reliability, considering what the cost of the subscription is $85/y. Before you ask, yes I have the latest version running on iOS 15.5. The accuracy of the reporting could be better and is not as good as Waze which is free. I expected better. What is going on?.Version: 8.7.1

Was working fine; now crashes.When it worked, it worked well. Latest version - loads an ad, you click close and the app crashes. Looking forward to this being resolved !.Version: 8.7.1

Doesn’t detect police cars/speed trapsI’m on a 2000+ mile return road trip. Using Waze as my navigator, I drove 500 miles today with Radarbot running the entire time. I was unimpressed by the radar alerts. Over 500 miles, Radarbot only alerted me to 3 stoplight cameras while driving…and all three were received while driving 80mph on an interstate hey (where there aren’t stoplights). Waze, on the other hand, warned me of at least 7 cop cars ahead. 4 of the warnings were accurate, 1 had already pulled someone over, and the other 2 were either gone or false alarms. Regardless of the accuracy, I at least received relevant warnings. I gave one star because it warned of the stoplights, even though I personally assume all stoplights have cameras. I have another 3-4 days of driving. I’ll add a star each day I receive a valid alert about speed traps/police cars, etc. I’m hoping it works better in the coming days. *update following trip: after the first day of driving (from Northern MI to western WA in USA), I didn’t receive any notifications from Radarbots. Based on other positive reviews and trusting they are credible, I can only assume that this app is more relevant outside the US..Version: 8.1.0

Crashes google mapsThis app used to work great having it on in the background along with google maps for directions, never any issues and a great app. I used to use it this way directly on my phone, however I now have a car with apple play and if they are both running together it crashes google maps randomly. I am guessing this is an issue with it running on apple play and not a software issue but for me it’s made it unusable unfortunately :(.Version: 8.1.6

It works!It does what it says it does and that's always a plus in my book. Living in a city like NYC where there are constant speed cameras (traps) every where at least there's a way to get a bit of a warning. The only reason I haven't given it 4 or 5 stars is because I believe the capacity of the app, in terms of location, is still growing. Great job so far!!!!.Version: 7.1

Annoying advertsToo much annoying adverts even the app is shutted down the adverts piping up with suggestions to buy something or get premium membership. The allerts cannot be set to avoid the cameras looking only on the opposite directions that alert me to slow down even this is not necessary. Imagine situation: you are going on your way and the app allerts you that there is speed camera limit 30 ahead, PERFECT and after overpas that camera you have sign 50 mph limit, but the opposite direction is limited 30 mph and the app allerts you to slow down to 30 mph and all the cars around you start honking their horns stressing you where you are wrong. FUNNY AND ANNOYING..Version: 8.7.1

Can no longer use due to ads covering screen.After trying to update maps recently the app failed to stay open and allow upgrade to remove ads, so I reinstalled the app and now it opens to a ad that does not disappear or allow to close and get into the app. Was average before but now I can no longer use it. Using iPhone 12 Pro. Suggest to try and fix it so I can try again in a few weeks..Version: 8.7.1

Needs updatingThis safety camera locator is a bit useless really as if you wish to add a safety camera location you have to be at the site in question, you cannot add it retrospect later on. Where I am there are loads of portable safety camera locations, which aren’t shown, which I’m guessing is due this fact. I often cannot stop to add a camera location as I’m a professional driver, with times to meet. I’m guessing lots of others out there in the same boat, let’s get this app running properly and it will be far more useful An observation Remember, Never drive faster than your angel can fly!.Version: 6.1

Pretty rubbishI wanted to try a speed camera app that would run in the background and alert when approaching a camera, and tried this one because it said it can integrate with any navigation app. Firstly it does not run in the background and secondly it does not work when running any of my navigation apps at the same time. When it does work it intrusively warns of any camera regardless of whether or not you are travelling on that road, and keeps warning of them even when stationary or parked. The only way to stop the warnings when parked is to close the app down, but the you have to remember to open it again when driving anywhere. Overall I feel this is a low quality and poorly coded application..Version: 8.1

SteveDoes anyone know how to change voice from male to female also no mobile sites given on this app just speed cameras some cameras are not listed on the app tried to contact Customer service to give me instructions on how to change from male to female voice instructions were unclear as I cannot find how to do it , On iPhone 11 I would rate the app on the free 3 star on that basis with no help from Customer service not sure what would it would cost to go gold or a one off payment.Version: 8.7.1

Pay up then pay more no thanksHad this app under the free version when it 1st started found it useful so decided to go full in & pay for the full version great all good But now upgrades later I'm now told to pay for Gold version or the other new version really unhappy having paid for the full app only now being told to pay for Gold etc. No thanks will not be renewing or upgrading this is disgraceful charging customers for the full app then charging cor options that are added later. Very annoyed customer of i paid the full app these upgraded should be included in my purchase..Version: 8.1.0

It’s ok but lacks contributors.I’ve had the free version for a few weeks on my work phone and thought I’d upgrade to the pro version on my personal phone. First issue is I can’t now run the pro version on my work phone and have to stick with the ads and stuff. One payment is one device or so it seems. When using with Waze it’s quite surprising how many real time alerts you would miss just using this app, which comes down to the lack of contributors sending reports. This is why I don’t feel like I can rely on this app alone to prevent me getting pinged. It’s a shame, it could be much better..Version: 7.5.7

App stopped workingThe app seemed fine and did as promised but, I think after the last update, the app just bombs whilst opening then aborts. During opening sometimes it launches ads. I have put have purchased the gold so I don’t have ads! I have deleted and reinstalled, still doesn’t work. I can’t get hold of the app developer, that link doesn’t work either. If someone can fix the app please do !! Happy to speak to the developers if I can find there contact info.Version: 8.7.1

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Radarbot: Speed Cameras & GPS works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Radarbot: Speed Cameras & GPS.

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