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Good app but chance to be greatThe app has been fantastic and I had given it 5 stars in the past but ever since the update a few months ago where the app allowed location check in via GPS at a station and no upload of receipt and they search for your card number in a transaction with that station it hasn’t worked in those instances and no money back is earned and have to weeks later submit the receipt to the support team. It still works flawlessly and quickly if you do it the old way of uploading a receipt. Only issue is when you check in at a station that does it that way you have to do it that way and no option to upload receipt is ever given. So for now I try to avoid stations that use the check in option but point is I shouldn’t have to avoid those and unfortunately those stations tend to be the higher cash back amounts. If the team fixes this issue or at least allow the user to choose the way they would like to do it (either check in or upload receipt) regardless if the station is a check in station, the app would be back to 5 stars. Otherwise stick with the non check in stations and you will be ok and the app will work good for you..Version: 4.46

Awesome customer service and app altogether!!I’ve been using this app since March 2019 and I must say that I’ve saved quite a bit on gas. I usually fill up every 2 weeks or so depending on how often I have to drive, but the savings are pretty good compared to either not saving at all or using those perks savings thing where you’re still spending more than you’re saving. So for this app to be FREE to use and sign up, it’s great! Also, when I went to actually redeem my rewards and I no longer had access to that email address, I was emailing Stephanie about what can be done. The response time was reasonable, especially seeing that this was during COVID-19. I got a response back within some hours each time and the service itself was courteous as well as efficient. She eventually helped me to solve the issue that I had. I’m appreciative of not only the app itself and it’s continuous progress, especially being an emerging company, but also the service!.Version: 4.54

Amazing app!Awesome app! It really works, no bull. You get cash back on gas, food, and groceries (groceries isn’t available in my area - Houston) you just get on the app and it acts like a google maps, you find gas stations on the map that participate, mainly I’ve seen shells and Exxon’s. You click the location you want and depending on location it tells you how much money you get back, Some places 1cent per gallon, more are 6-12 cents per gallon, and I’ve even seen 50-60 cents per gallon back. You just claim, then you have four hours from that moment to pay with card, pump (full price), and then get a receipt and upload and you receive your money 24-48 hours later but I usually receive the next day. That money can be cashed out through PayPal, by check but I think you need at least $15 and they charge $1 fee or through many select gift cards. (Chili’s, iTunes, amc, you name it and they got it for the most part. They have like 20-30 different ones. It’s also cool because I have a company gas card so that means I don’t pay for gas and I fill up always the company truck and am making money off them lol.Version: 4.28

LegitLove love Getupside app. At first I didn’t think it would be legit like how would you make money off of gas you are purchasing. It’s real and you get to cash out to whatever you want whether it’s gift cards or a check. Basically you check to see what gas stations are in the area and what cents per gallon GetUpside are offering. MY favorite part is that you get MORE money when you refer someone, PLUS every gallon they purchase. One of my favorite apps EVER. If you don’t have the Getupside app it you need to download it. You’re missing out. Don’t listen to the negative feedback they obviously aren’t doing something right, all it takes is reading don’t just assume just because your pumping gas anywhere that there will be offers, check first and then claim it. Once you upload your recipient you usually get your $$$ within that day UNLESS there’s an issue with the date, time, location & etc..Version: 4.44

Thank you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I can feel less guilty about grabbing a coffee on the road. All thanks to this little app. It puts a mini chunk of cash in the wallet, enough for a meal or refreshing drink. To think I could save on some of the common things I buy just from going here first is amazing. Thank you! My only wish is that it would work at more locations. There are places where I’ve fueled up where the location couldn’t be recognized. Say a Speedway gas station but for some reason goes under Honey. I’ve fueled up but never got any rewards from it because of these little quirks. Majority of the time, if I stick with the places I normally fuel up with it works just fine. One more wish, is that it were easier to switch the ⭐️ on type of gas we’re getting instead of going to my profile. I’m still a new user so there might be a way.. I just don’t know it yet! Anyways thanks for making this app very user friendly. 5 stars across the board..Version: 4.79

Awesome app and fantastic serviceLooks like these guys are just getting started, and already they’ve been able to save me a ton. Other gas discounts I’ve been able to get are 3-5 cents per gallon, but with this, I’ve been able to get as much as 13 cents per gallon - stations are limited, but there’s enough to make it pretty easy to find one. The only restaurant I’ve seen is Popeyes, so hopefully there will be more coming - but they give as much as 25% back, so that’s an extra meal when you’re feeding a family. All for taking a few seconds to upload your receipt. But what puts this over the top is the fantastic customer service. I had some issues with the receipts on a few purchases, and the customer service at Upside quickly and easily helped me get through them, helping me to claim money that I was certain I wasn’t going to be able to get. They seem to truly care about the customer experience..Version: 4.47

Always check Upside for the best gas prices & highest cash back offers! It’s a must have!I’m about 6 months Into using this app, I’ve paid myself at least 3 times and it’s always close to $20 so I’m a fan! The update has given us the freedom to check in once we get to the gas station we claimed! Once you check in you tell them which card you will be using from your list of uploaded cards in your profile. Then within days I receive a text message telling me how much I have saved since becoming a member! I highly recommend! The only time you don’t get cash back is if you pay cash or if you forget to claim / check in prior to your sale. We have multiple stations within a 5 mile radius of home and I always check to see who is giving the most cash back!!! Thank you Get upside I will continue to spread the word on how much I appreciate this app! You keep up the good work!!!.Version: 4.60

This delivery driver gives it two thumbs up!I’m a delivery driver, so you can imagine I go through quite a lot of gas, sometimes filling my tank from empty a couple times a week. With gas being so expensive, it’s awesome that I can earn a few bucks back here and there. Perfect for drivers who spend a lot on gas for high commutes and delivery drivers who don’t want to spend all their hard earned money on gas. I heard a commercial for this app on the radio one day while on a delivery and I downloaded and used it for every fill up after that. I ran into an issue where there was another gas station added on top of the gas station I was already frequently using and couldn’t figure out why it was rejecting my receipt, their customer service was top notch and they even gave me the money I had missed out on. I would love to continue to use their services but I’m moving to an area where the gas stations have not yet joined the GetUpside action, but when they do, I will be sure to use their services as loyalty as I have in the past..Version: 4.29

Easy money back with no catchI’m not quite sure what GetUpside’s business model is and how exactly they operate, but I’m not complaining! I’m getting money back on stuff i would have had to buy anyway. Participating gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants will give you cash back if you just upload your receipt from your purchase. If you refer a friend, you’ll get even more cash back. On average, I get about 10-12 cents back per gallon of gas. Restaurants tend to be 5-20% off the bill. I don’t see groceries on here as often, but it tends to be about 5-10% back. Given how often I get gas and groceries, it accumulates! So you “claim” the deal on the app, pay full price up front at the store, upload the receipt, and then get the rebate back to your account, which you can cash out as PayPal, a check, or a gift card to select stores. Easy savings that you actually see back in your pocket!.Version: 4.17

It really works!!!I’ve been using this app for a little over a month now and I wish I would have found it sooner! You literally open the app, search for participating gas stations around you, claim an offer, pump gas, and then upload your receipt. Usually within a few hours after you’ll begin to earn cash back! The most I’ve personally seen offered is 19¢ per gallon cash back which is really nice! There are two negatives I have about the app though which is there have been several instances where the system misread my receipt and I received the wrong amount of cash back. Every time this happened however, I contacted the customer service team and I was issued the correct amount back hassle free! (I always attach my receipt when reaching out just to verify) Also that the only gas stations i seem to see having offers are BP and Circle K. It would definitely be nice to see more of a variety! Although in my area (OH) I’m not able to redeem offers on restaurants, groceries, etc I do recommend this app for anyone who enjoys getting a little cash back here and there! Patience is key!.Version: 4.46

Used to love this app but not anymoreThis used to be an amazing app. I was saving so much money on gas and the process was flawless. However, they implemented the “check in” process whereby you skip taking a picture of your receipt and the cash back is supposed to be verified based on the credit card you have on file being used at the pump once you hit check in. Nope!!! It has never worked for me. EVERY single time I have to email the company because I don’t get the gas credit. This is also happening to my referrals. Which means I’m not getting my referral credits. This app needs to eliminate the “check in” process and go back to taking a picture of the receipt for verification. There was NEVER an issue with that method. I’m seriously considering deleting this app because I'm buying gas at stations which have higher prices, but will be lower with the credit, however if I’m not getting the credit then I’m better off getting my gas at stations with cheaper gas prices, no app needed!!!! Horrible customer service too! When I emailed them it took me a month of emailing back and forth to get the credit from just once transaction..Version: 4.52

Great Feedback StoryThis is a a great app and it really works every gas purchase offers cash back for your coins to add up. Remember Christmas is around the corner. Anywho... I used the app recently to find a near by gas station, not realizing I went to the wrong shell gas station which was only 1.0 mile from the one on the app. The addresses looked similar. Long story short, I got gas at the one that was not on the app by mistake. Since I noticed I never got paid out, I submitted a ticket for review. The agent Jofrance who replied back took her time to explain that I didn’t go to the gas station from the app. She even showed the attachment of my receipt showing the adresses in the app was different than the one I submitted. She also gave me tips on how to carefully make sure the gas station address much the address on the app. I’m glad that she took her time to throughly explain to me so that I would not be confused. I appreciate the feed back!.Version: 4.43

Very disappointing beyond beliefI was enjoying using this app until i did a recent update to it and when the update finished I noticed i had been signed out of my account so I signed back in and I noticed that everything was gone from my account my history was gone, 40 dollars to cash out was gone when I never touched it and it was acting like I started a new account so I contacted customer support and I never heard anything back from them I waited 5 days and there is no excuse for not responding the least the could of done is said we will look into your account issues and report back to you it may take a couple of days since we a running behind and i would have fine with that and would have been patient with that. This app was truly a huge waste of my time I recommend to anyone using this app to pull out your cash before it gets over 20 dollars so it doesn’t get lost like mine did..Version: 4.44

Not so greatDownloaded the app because my co-worker recommended since we drive the company vehicles. First time they give you an extra 15 cents so my cash back was 30 cents. After that it go back to the regular like from 1 cent to 15 cents, and the gas price at the gas stations are never the same as advertised on the app. No problems since we drive the company vehicles. Then the problem was they ask you to enter the first 6 and last 4 of your credit card on the app and then you don’t have to submit the receipt and when I checked in at the gas station it didn’t give me the option to scan in the receipt. So 10 days later ( the maximum time to process your claim) they emailed me said they can’t give me the cash back because they can’t find the transaction. After using this app for 6 months now. Wish the app would just let people upload their receipts instead because almost every gas station so far except for Marathon, would process 10 days and email you they can’t find the record. So you would have to email them the receipt. Make sure keep a record of your receipt..Version: 4.73

It was great until the added Check in.After all the successful cash back requests submitted, you can’t find the record of my purchase, and why is that? Because you had to get rid of the receipt submission. 😐 With the old receipt submission, I used to get my cash back in less than 24 hours most of the time. Now if I use check in, after waiting several days, I receive an email saying I won’t get anything, and want me to send the first 6 and last 4 digits of my credit card. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!!! At least let us choose if we want to use the receipt upload instead of check in, I actually enjoy taking the picture, is part of the experience. Also, I was used to upload the receipt after getting gas. Now if I don’t check in before I get gas, I don’t get anything. And just if you’re wondering, the email I received was for a transaction I processed according to your indicated steps. I’ll take only one star off since I still love the app.Version: 4.49

5 starsI have used this app for almost a year. I have nothing but great things to say about the app and the people who work in customer service. If there is a problem they will take care of it in your favor. Always in your favor. For an example someone had used this app for a year as well they saved up their money for a while, they cashed out and realized they had accidentally misspelled their email. They sent 150 dollars to another email address, the GetUpside customer service fixed the problem right away and sent the money to the correct email. Without any questions or problems they fixed it and made it right. Now that to me is great service. I highly recommend this app to everyone and enjoy the cash back they get. I rate them at higher then a 5 star. #GetUpside keep up the great work you all are doing a great thing for the hard working people who could use a little more cash back in hard times. Thank you...Version: 4.52

It’s a startup!So first, I travel a lot for work and my job pays for my gas. If I can get cash back while on the job, that’s great. When I first used the app it seemed confusing at first but then, over time, I became familiar with the setup. I have experienced a few set backs where I didn’t get money back. It was frustrating at first. BUT, every time I emailed the help center with my issues; they would then resolve them within that week! All you have to do is keep the gas station receipt and send them a copy. The biggest issue I have had was when I got a new phone. I got booted from my account and when I went back to login, somehow it created a new account with the same email. AGAIN, my issue was resolved that week after emailing the help center. My costumer rep was Ada. Ada was very nice, genuine, helpful, and caring! 10 out of 10 for their costumer service. Lastly, some of the bad reviews I have seen could have been mitigated by reviewing terms and policy as well as the small notations on the apps different pages..Version: 4.76.1

Unbelievably easyThis app is the best app I could have ever downloaded. You buy gas or diesel usually weekly, so why not make a few cents on the gallon. Especially now that gas prices are so low. I have personally cashed out over $325 in FREE MONEY. Sent straight to my PayPal, gift cards or they’ll mail you a check. You bring up the app and it shows stations around you. You can pick the one that has the highest cash back option or go to any of the ones that show up and you receive that much back per gallon of fuel. Can’t say it any clearer but to download it and try it for yourself. It’s totally free and the way you get paid is that the stores pay GetUpside so much to try and get you into their stores and buy your products there. It’s paid advertising at its finest and this app literally shares the wealth (socialists could learn a thing or two from here 😬😝) but seriously I 100% recommend this for you and all your family members. There’s absolutely no risks to worry about and you act and literally get paid to shop!!.Version: 4.52

Why I think this app is not 5 starOne is you do not get money back if you pay cash. But also just today I tried to get credit for gas at shell. And there was several shells I. The same road. And when I realized I clicked the wrong one I found the right robe before I even pumped gas or uploaded my receipt. The app would not let me get had because it said maximum claims in day met or something. But I had only check the wrong shell I I had not uploaded a receipt or pumped gas so I checked the locations I was at. And the gps knew I was there in my car because it notified me I was there but it would not let me claim or get credit. I have had of few situations like this trying to navigate the app. They need to update to cover situations like these. Ie; delete the sting offer first claimed and allow for option to change to the lii oh cation you are sitting at instead saying maximum offers claimed but no offers required diced today !.Version: 4.48

LegitI would recommend this app for one reason, It does work. Like any other app that deals with a actual money, your routine must be done precisely and does take effort. Make sure the picture is clear and as and must follow their procedure which can take some getting used to. Only problems I’ve had is when I switched to a new phone it took a little time to retrieve previous cash back to follow along but got it eventually. As well as sometimes things are not perfect as far being it does not always get verified from the gas station. But no app is perfect and especially when dealing with money. But being I use it I give this advice. Don’t go out of your way to get the gas by following most cash back. You have to use common sense and figure what really helps you pay the least. Also I highly recommend keeping all receipts until rewarded being you can’t go gas stations if you have an issue. I say this entirely from experience only. Follow these steps. Make sure you understand what saves most money. Keep receipts from both types of credibility. Be proactive with app support if you have an issue and make sure you follow all of app’s guidelines: Clear photo of that is how your doing. Make sure you don’t use cash because it doesn’t work as purchase. I don’t recall being advised this through app, but makes sense why wouldn’t work. Keep proof until rewarded. Use the correct type of gas you say you’re using and you can change this at all times. Be proactive if you have an issue..Version: 4.72

Easy money with little effort and a big smile on my faceI enjoy this app and even if the prices don’t match the offer I still use it. Cash back is cash back and you need to fill up your vehicle so in my opinion it’s a win win situation. Building my network via invite friends button in the app and shared it on Facebook today. Have earned 60 dollars in 3 weeks and for the most part it wasn’t just because of me filling up, a new part of my morning routine is check emails for that lovely money bag emoji 🤑💰💰💰! There is hardly a day go by where I don’t receive atleast 2 emails informing me I earned some cash back! Some days I get 5-6 emails! Anxiously waiting groceries tab to be active. Married and have 3 kids, cash back on my grocery bill would be amazing. Thanks for creating this awesome app and giving me a chance to earn free money back on weekly/reoccuring gas purchases! Get that grocery option wheels in motion I’m ready!.Version: 4.52

INSANE not to have. $250 in 6 months!!!!!Not sure how they are making this happen but I made, no lie, $250 in 6 mo!!! granted (30k mi in 6 mo). It is so simple to use!! Just download the app. Look at the map. Look for the best price in your area. Go there , click Claim Offer, Pump gas, take picture of the receipt. 1-3 days later $$$$ You will see the amount posted when you click “Claim”will be multiplied by the gallons purchased will be in the upper right corner (iPhone) phone. Just keep repeating.... it may ask you after “are you using the same card... after that you will not need pics of the receipt. And no. You do not put you card number in the app. The Last 4 digits from your previous receipts will be searched when check in is complete. So yes, it gets even easier!!! No pics. Honestly do not know why every single driver does not have it. Easy money. Im cashing in the $250 for Riot protection;). I just sent it to my Paypal. Or you can do gift cards check. All goid.Version: 4.56

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