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TeamReach – Your Team App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

TeamReach – Your Team App app received 18 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TeamReach – Your Team App? Can you share your negative thoughts about teamreach – your team app?

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TeamReach – Your Team App for Negative User Reviews

TeamReachKicked off within 2 minutes of using the app - also whilst on not that user friendly compared to some apps we were investigating for a new team app. So we will move on as there must be better leader/team apps that are easy to navigate and to make changes. Also didn’t like the aesthetic feel of the app..Version: 5.7

Needs a Few More OptionsWe just started using the app to help manage communication between a group of guys who play early morning rat hockey. The app has a solid base of functionality. What I’d like to see is the capability to message one on one with someone other than the team leader. I’d like to see a more information about a member other than their name. Please add phone and email contact info as well as the ability to upload and display a picture of the individual..Version: 3.8

Good, But Needs WorkIt’s simple and easy to use, however it could use some work. There is a serious lag or glitch that needs to be addressed firstly. It could unintentionally cause misclicks and you are more likely to sign up for the wrong dates because of it. This has caused many issues and frustration in the very large recreational group I’m in. Secondly, there needs to be a tab that shows everything you are signed up for. This would make it easy to see what is upcoming, and also a good way to check for accidental sign ups due to the lag. Thirdly, it would be great if there were alerts. I’m in a large group that includes a waitlist but when you move up from the waitlist to the “yes I’m going,” you are not alerted about your new change in status. This has also led to much frustration in our group and causes people to be no-shows when they don’t know they are moved up. The only way to know currently is to constantly check. Lastly, the messaging should be in a separate location from the main posts to avoid confusion. It is currently all mixed together and feels disorganized and confusing. I do appreciate that it is a simple app without excessive bells and whistles. Easy to sign up for stuff apart from the lag. And you can set limits to how many people can sign up and don’t have to invite people individually. I also like that there are not advertisements; that does count for a lot. With a few interface tweaks this app could be perfect..Version: 5.9

Times gone after updateAfter your update yesterday, all the times are gone from the calendar and even when I re-enter them, they don’t save. Tried to recreate the event and it’s the same thing. No times. Also can’t put in a location without turning on my phones location..Version: 4.5

SuspiciousWell I would like to write a review of this app, but I haven’t been able to use it yet. When I try to join my group I get to the “Get Started” screen. The app asks me to agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. When I click on the link to read these documents it shows a blank white screen with the little wheel going around in a circle endlessly. The documents never appear. Why don’t you want me to read these documents? And if you can’t make this work properly why should I believe the rest of the app will work any better?.Version: 5.9

Almost thereI’ve been coaching youth cheerleading for about 7 years now and I finally found an app that is totally free and my parents are willing to download. Not only is it totally free but it has amazing features as well. I can communicate to my team and my coaches effortlessly. BUT the main reason I chose the app is because of the calendar feature and it does not work. Whenever I try to add anything to the Calendar it crashes and restarts the app. I would easily give 5 stars if I could use the calendar..Version: 5.9

Won’t send notificationsNothing I do will get it to send notifications meaning I turn up when training is cancelled. It’s happened twice now because I check the app just before the message is sent and then don’t get a notification..Version: 4.3

Can not join a group after loginI could not join a group with code after login, I click the plus symbol, and then try to join a group, but it ,But nothing happens after clicking.Version: 5.7

FeedbackAs admin it would be helpful to be able to “see”who has read the admin messages. As some of the members don’t seem to get notifications it’s hard to know if the message are actually being received and read..Version: 5.9

Lack of NotificationsI belong to two groups under this app. Both groups experience the same issue. When a calendar event is set up, members do not receive notifications. However, if a direct message is sent out by checking each person’s name, members receive notice. It is a huge inconvenience and a nuisance to ask everyone to delete this app and set up another company team app. So, to ensure everyone is notified of an upcoming event, I have to check each member and send out a direct message. The calendar is ineffective. I'm glad that Team Reach doesn't charge for using their app. The app is a good concept but I won't rely on members to automatically open the calendar of their own accord. I do. But that's because I’m not busy and have the time to check the calendar several times each day to see if one of the leaders has set up an event..Version: 5.9.3

Possible areas for improvementI have been using this app for over a year now as a manager for a boys U15 travel soccer team. Conceptually the app is ok, but like everything else their is room for improvement. Firstly the notifications does not always come through. I’ve sent messages to the group and not everyone will get it. First I thought they didn’t have their notifications turned on, but that was not the case. Notifications are not consistent. I sent a group message and my wife who was sitting next to me on the couch did not get a notification that something was posted to the group. Secondly, I recommend their be a way to disable or remove the “maybe” from the RSVP options. When people answer maybe it makes it difficult to know if you will have enough players for events. Thirdly, I suggest you implement a read receipt for messages (like Heja) so the sender can see who have seen the messages especially when we already know the notifications are not reliable. This will let the sender know to contact players directly by other means (text) if an answer is needed immediately..Version: 5.9

Not bad but sometime sluggishIt’s not too bad an app and does the basics. Some parents have said they don’t always get notifications (yes it’s switched on) so we have to chase them if their kids are playing. Sometimes it’s a bit slow if have multiple teams it keeps swapping the order in the list to show recently updated first. Needs ability to select team from squad and pick positions and who is sub..Version: 4.2

What happened?This was our go to app for all things sports. I have four children playing multiple sports and all of them communicate via TeamReach. Also, our local schools use it to inform parents about day to day goings on. The past few months it won’t open. I delete it and reinstall it and it works once or twice and then I have to delete and reinstall again. It used to be very reliable, I’d give it 5 stars if this issue was fixed!.Version: 5.8

Adding photos extremely buggyCannot add photos from photo libraries despite it saying you can. Very annoying and frustrating..Version: 5.9.1

CrashesI can’t open this app as it just crashes immediately. Very frustrating when you are trying to work out where the team is playing etc!!!!.Version: 5.7

Lacking some featuresThe app is fine for sending communication out to the team and setting up a calendar but isn’t great for sharing pictures/videos and collaboration. One of the most frustrating things is app orders posts by most recently commented instead of most recently posted, resulting in people missing posts. You can’t tag people on the app, you can’t share videos, and the photos shared are terrible quality. I do like the “also known as” feature so parents can add their kids name, making it easier to associate people..Version: 5.9

CRASHINGApp keeps crashing when I open it, some days are good, some days are bad. Never had this problem last year, please fix this. I have a iPhone XS as well so can’t be my phone cos every other app works fine..Version: 5.2

Good App. Needs some additional featuresLove the app. Simplicity is key. Can do almost everything that’s need in it. What I would like to see is a quick add feature for leaders to add people to a room immediately without having to send a request. Also, posting pictures is a hassle as the app does not always recognize pics or albums. I’d also like to see better calendar integration option for leaders of several rooms. All in all it’s a great app to organize and get messages across..Version: 3.5

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