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Done: A Simple Habit Tracker app received 106 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about done: a simple habit tracker?

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Done: A Simple Habit Tracker for Positive User Reviews

Good but not greatI’ve been using the bundle of apps for a few days and I love the look and feel and functionality of them. What is annoying is how frequently it prompts you to try to get you to upgrade to the premium. I know I’m using the free version and I know what the premium offers so I don’t need reminders almost every time I use one of the apps about the benefits of premium. It’s almost enough to make me want to delete them all..Version: 1.16.2

Great app but not please stop ads on paid version!One of the reasons I got the paid subscription was to get rid of the annoying but understandable ‘get a sub’ ads…so I was quite disappointed to find out there is a next level bundle they keep advertising. Other than that it’s a great app, I tried a few free ones and this was the most intuitive and with the right functions to stop / build habits..Version: 2.7.0

Highly recommendIt’s a bit cheaper than most habit tracker apps and really easy to use , highly recommend it , helped me to stay motivated..Version: 1.15.3

Love it, could be more fully featuredLove this app because you get the satisfaction of seeing the bars rise every time you complete something. Also love that you can set a goal to quit something, which means that I don’t need a separate app to track how many drinks I’ve had in a day, like I needed with it’s competitor, “Productive”. This app also has a much more intuitive interface than Productive. Things I dislike are that you can’t separate tasks into “time of day” like you could with Productive. This could be accomplished very easily by separating the “today” pane into “anytime” “morning” “afternoon” “evening” and “night”, each of which would appear as long as there were habits/goals assigned to be completed at those times. Only after you swiped backwards past those panes would you be able to get to previous days. And then, after a certain amount of time the app would reset to the pane that matched the time of day it was being viewed, to show you the tasks that needed to be completed within that timeframe. At any rate this app only gets updated every few months, so I don’t think that’ll happen..Version: 1.13

Good app with a couple minor bugsThis is a great app that I would definitely recommend, one bug I have noticed is that the password comes after the growth bundle advertisement as well as the fact that the page loads before the password when you open the app.Version: 1.17.1

Great app, well done, done!I have only been using for just over a week now, but it has fast become an app that I use every day and will continue to use for years, I almost only have it 4 starts as it is a bit clunky to use, but I’m sure this will be addressed soon. Visually it looks great and the sound effects are great too..Version: 1.9

ONE MAJOR FLAWI would rate this 5 stars except for one thing: the upgrades. you can only do 3 habits without upgrading to premium, but it's 9$ for premium (one time) and I think 9$ is too expensive for just one app. then I saw that you can get the 6 app bundle premium for 19$. I got really excited about this cause all of the apps in the bundle look really useful. but then I realized that it was 19$ per year. it should be a one-time for like 25$ or something like that. I would totally be into these apps if that purchase was one time thing. besides that this app and the apps in the bundle look absolutely AWESOME. I am still considering getting the 19$ upgrade because I have a few iTunes gift cards so I could use them without paying for anything for about 3-4 years. thanks for reading this. I hope that this review helps..Version: 1.13

Great appI was trying to lose weight and this is perfect and Easy.Version: 1.16.2

Great App - Needs Home Screen WidgetsThis app is great and very easy to use. Following the latest ios 14 update, this app now needs to be able to be added on the widget Home Screen. It’s the main reason I downloaded this app, and it’s frustrating to now learn that it can’t be added..Version: 1.15.1

Overall, great app.I’ve only recently started using this app. i kept getting adverts for it on instagram and tiktok, and finally decided to download it. i have had similar apps like it, including the same company’s “reflectly” and a similar one, notion. i wanted to track the things i do every day and actually get motivation from doing it. i like that you can use numbers to help you, for example, when i drink 1 glass of water, it tells me i have 5 left. which for me personally, is very motivating! speaking of motivation, i really like that you can set up your own reminders and notifications for each task. really helpful to someone who never gets things done but eagerly wants to. the only reason i rated the app “DONE” as 4 starts instead of 5, is because i wish you wouldn’t have to pay for everything. you can only have 3 tasks, and then you have to pay $9.99 (monthly, if i remember correctly) to have unlimited tasks and any other things that come with the subscription to the app. but, overall, i think this is a great app for those who are looking for something to help them get things done, and ACTUALLY do them! (and this is coming from someone who never finishes things…until now!). - lily.Version: 1.19.2

Setting good habitsI downloaded the app as I need a visual aid and reminders to keep me accountable for my new good habits. So far I’ve found the app very user friendly, not over complicated and enjoyable to use..Version: 1.13

AMAZING for the ADHD brain!For a person with ADHD, basically every other productivity / habit tracking app out there overcomplicates the work of setting up your habits AND tracking them. I want good habits, I don’t need a million bells and whistles and charts. In fact, for most of us with ADHD those are the fastest ways to get hyper focused, distracted, and then bored / quit. This app is BEAUTIFUL and simple to use - from the lovely little icon on my Home Screen to the pretty and clean organization of my daily apps. It lets me add a motivation (the “value” behind the goal - which has been shown repeatedly to make the goal more likely to be completed when seen), it clears the items off of my screen when I’ve completed them for the day (that’s one of the view options), it allows me to log a note or entry with my count that is easy to retrieve and see all notes at a glance, and the best part, it allows me to set a reminder for a specific time that only goes off when the goal is unmet! This app is a lifesaver! My only suggestion, start small - pick 2-3 easily achievable daily goals (rather than weekly): floss your teeth, make your bed in the am, take your vitamins/meds, etc). Once you start feeling proud for checking things off, add no more than 1-2 new goals a week or 1 new weekly goal! GOOD LUCK with your new habits! I’m rooting for you!.Version: 1.18.2

AMAZINGLY HELPFUL!I can’t recommend this enough! This is so satisfying ticking off daily habits, it’s reminded me to stay consistent and truly works! I do however as you make the journal refreshed daily so you can journal your journey! 🔥🔥🔥.Version: 1.8.1

Fab app to keep on track!Love this app, it’s kept me on my targets (or at least helped me see where there’s room for improving!). It’s very satisfying and motivating watching the bars filling up, keeps you going! This was actually the only place I could find to contact the done people - I’m been stuck with the offer at the top of my targets for as long as I can remember. I wanted to add an 8th target, which apparently needs upgrading, which I’m happy to do on the offer, but when you click the offer it asks for full price?.Version: 2.5.1

I love it as a procrastinatorI love this app it feels very rewarding when you do the tasks you set for yourself. I struggle to get some specific things done like brushing my teeth everyday, exercising every day and reading something that isn't on my phone. Although, without premium you can only have 3 habits it still works for me. I have gotten a lot done with this app so thank you very much to the developers 🙌🫶.Version: 2.13.0

Hassled me for a review.I haven’t had much time with the app. I bought the paid version. After just a few hours of use, the app asked me for a review every single time I opened it. I shouldn’t be getting hassled after spending money..Version: 1.9.1

This App is 100% Worth The Long ReviewI’ve tried several different habit tracker apps to monitor and increase/decrease the frequency of several activities in my life, but none of them come close to Done. A lot of these apps can have too many features, which I find gets in the way of successfully altering a habit. Done is simple, attractive and easy to use, while still providing a more than detailed breakdown of your habit statistics. When I found that I wanted to track a few smaller aspects of a certain habit, I discovered the journal feature. The journal feature was one of my favorite parts because it allowed me to write down the information and details about a specific day. For instance, if I’m trying to reduce how often I go on Instagram, when updating my progress I can make a note of maybe how long I spent on insta each time that I opened it. This feature allowed me to add a more personal touch to my goals, which definitely made them easier to keep up with, and just a little more rewarding when I achieved them. On top of all that, the app is absolutely gorgeous. You can assign a color to each goal, all of which are vibrant and pleasing. The app has a sleek, minimal interface that’s attractive but not distracting or confusing. I would 100% recommend the Done app for any goals or habit tracking needs you have. I’ll definitely be buying the unlimited version very soon!.Version: 1.6

Love this appI absolutely love this app, between this and reading atomic habits by James clear, I’ve really been able to build some great habits. Not sure I’ll be able to afford it once the trial ends but the app is great.Version: 2.2.2

MarkSo simple and easy to use- watch your confidence and motivation grow.Version: 1.16.5

The perfect blend of simplicity and customizationI’ve used the free version of this app several times, but I ALWAYS end up subscribing. I’ve tried a million other reminder/habit tracking/wellness apps and I keep coming back to this one. It is the best app I’ve found that allows the perfect amount of customization without being overwhelming. The interface is super user friendly, you can set as many habits as you want, you can specify if you want to build or quit the habit (the ONLY app I’ve found that does that!), and even set multiple reminders for a habit. For example, I have reminders set to drink water every two hours on weekdays but none on weekends bc I don’t want them to wake me up. My only possible suggestion would be to include even more colors for the habits for people like me who have approximately 1,000,000 habits I need to be held accountable for!.Version: 1.15.1

Life-ChangingI consider myself an organized person. I write to-do lists in planners, in notebooks, on stickies, and on my phone. I am someone who is constantly looking for ways to improve, and I would frequently struggle to consolidate my ideas for habits to adopt. That is, until Done. I rarely leave reviews but this app is actually brilliant. Such a gorgeous and satisfyingly-minimalist format is just the motivation I need to keep with new habits. I actually want to open this app because of its beautiful interface and stunning color choices. I also love the many features you can use to automate your habit tracking on a recurrent basis, like (for example) having a tracked habit repeat every Tuesday and Thursday. There’s even a notification setting! I highly recommend this app to anymore looking to live an healthier and happier life with less hassle..Version: 1.9

Good app, but only if you want to payThis app has a really good, easy to use layout and I would definitely love it... if I could have more for free. As much as I want to build up habits, I am not willing to pay £38 a year (or however much it is!) for what is essentially a to do list. You can only make 3 habits on the free app, which is quite disappointing. I don’t need that many, but three is a bit stingy in my opinion. If you are willing to pay for premium, or only want to build/quit 1-3 habits, then I would 100% recommend! But, if you want more than that for free, I wouldn’t recommend..Version: 1.16.1

Awesome!It’s a great wee app, thanks!.Version: 1.12.1

Great app but display could be improvedI really wish I could see all my tracked habits in one overall table to quickly see what I’ve been keeping up to date. I also wish I could edit the habit to say that I’ve completed a task if I forgot to check it the day before..Version: 1.8.1

Good app but annoying offer reminderIt’s like the DFS adverts, constantly on sale, “offer ends in 2 day” yet On day 3 just starts again anyway, now I get why but it’s a full page pop up that comes up every time you open the app!! Close to being removed. However good simple app, intuitive to use, if you don’t mind paying for what is a pretty to- do list then I recommend..Version: 1.16.2

Good useful app butFab app to track habits and create order in my life. Loses a star because there isn’t a decent widget for it and I wish there was a way to set the timing for the trackers to start and end (the end of the day for me is a little past midnight which is when I’d prefer to end my tracking for the day)..Version: 2.9.1

Love itI really like this app, it’s simple and straightforward and seeing my colours fill in for the week is really motivating. I deleted several others that wanted me to pay a subscription, I find the one-time fee is more than fair for something I use daily. They do offer me the growth bundle at higher cost but the premium app is ad-free and the upsell is unobtrusively hidden in the menu. Well done!.Version: 2.12.0

App that changes your lifeThis has honestly changed my life. This was the last puzzle to achieve all my goals, so grateful for finding it, definitely worth the money! Works miracles! I mean - you do - but it helps you track it and be proud haha! Also extremely user friendly and aesthetically pleasing! Love it.Version: 1.9.1

Use this everydayHave used this app for years. Wonderful that there’s a widget now. But for weekly goals, the widget only works from Sunday as the start of the week, wish it could work with Monday as start of the week. Also none of the links to submit feedback / contact developers / join Beta program work. Apart from that, it’s great..Version: 1.19.2

Life changingYou know they say that the key to improving your life is to start with small steps. This elegant app is the tool I’ve needed to apply that simple advice. You can set goals of whatever size you like. Mine are quite modest but the satisfaction of checking them off is making me actively think about them, where before I was merely forgetting or not bothering. It’s so simple, but it’s helping me find the discipline to implement positive actions and I’m healthier for it..Version: 1.7

Goes goodSimple, but with as much customisation as you want. I stopped searching for daily goals apps now and landed on this one happily.Version: 2.3.0

I name it won’t let me get into the appSo basically when I download the app I saw it on TickTock on TickTock like I’m an app like a fun app and everywhere and I was like oh my God I need this app when I download it it it wasn’t working when I went on it it took me out immediately and I got mad about that so then I went to TikTok and I searched up apps time that will help you with your name and talk to your habits and then there’s like another one they barely the way way so basically when I download the app I saw it on TickTock on TickTock like I’m an app like a fun app and everywhere and I was like oh my God I need this app when I download it it it wasn’t working when I went on it it took me out immediately and I got mad about that so then I went to TikTok and I searched up apps time that will help you with your name and talk to your habits and then there’s like another one they barely the way work so if you kill me saying that as you’re not you’re such a good app for people but it won’t work for me and I get mad about it So I don’t know but is it just because my storage or it’s because my phone was something wrong with the app because I’m really getting mad.Version: 1.19.1

I’m almost convinced to use it, it just needs a couple more thingsI was a little disappointed to see that there is no lifetime purchase for the premium version of the app. Considering that the data is stored on my device locally, I would not expect there to be a large upkeep cost for these apps, so I don’t understand why I have to pay monthly/yearly. Furthermore, it’s a little meh to see that the “widgets” are still the old iOS 13 style, and not iOS 14 widgets, which is a shame as they are infinitely more useful, and we’re firmly 6 months in from the public release date of iOS 14. I hope to see some changes in future which could push me to use this app.Version: 1.16.3

An app I’ll actually useYou can make daily weekly and monthly checks. For example drink 4 bottles of water daily, there is a bar for each 4 taps, so If you only drink 3 the bar shows 75% there.Version: 1.15.1

So good!This is such an amazing app. From the notification sound, to the organization of it, it’s an awesome app. One thing is I thing the expanded version (more habits/reminders) should be a little cheaper because I would love more, I just don’t have the money. I love that there’s a free version close to the real thing though!!.Version: 2.13.0

First time reviewer - insanely good app!I’ve been looking for an app like this forever. It’s simple, it has a beautiful user experience and it helps me tick off goals over custom time periods. It’s literally everything I’ve ever wanted in a goal tracking app and MUCH MORE. Massive shoutout to the developer(s) involved - this app is a piece of art, and a joy to use. Can’t wait to see how it improves going forward!.Version: 1.13

Amazing appI really love this app, it didn’t take me long to pay for the full version (and I rarely spend money on apps!) It’s an awesome way to track how I’m doing with my goals and aims. The only improvement I can think of would be to possibly group goals by type to make viewing them together easier (eg wellbeing, fitness, financial) as once I’d added more than about 6 I found that psychologically, the goals at the bottom (off the page) felt less important, no matter how they’re ordered..Version: 1.7

I paid for full versionIf you don’t pay I feel it’s pretty useless but having paid I love the app. Keeps me motivated and on top of everything..Version: 1.7

Only one requestI absolutely love this app. It’s the only habit tracker I’ve returned to because of its simplicity and great up design. When trying to keep up with new habits, anything, over complicating it never works/sticks. I love this app for that reason alone. The ONLY reason I haven’t given it 5 stars (I’d give it a 4.5 if I could) is the lack of apple health integration where other competitor apps offer it. It’s convenient to be able to track things like water intake, steps, workouts, etc.) all in one app with the ability to import all of that data seamlessly. Otherwise, I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to start incorporating new habits into their daily life in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming!.Version: 2.7.0

Game not working...Every time I click on the app it gets out straight away so I haven’t at all got to even start the app I don’t know how to fix it I checked everything my wifi is good idk the rate would be 5 if I could use it 😂❤️.Version: 1.19.2

Would be nice if we could see all “todo’s” in one screenOrganizing the home screen’s checklist to be in Grid Mode would allow for more items seen on one screen and further motivate us to accomplish all tasks. Could add a toggle to switch between Grid and List mode. Additionally, it would be nice if we could sort by “Daily > Weekly > Monthly > Yearly” and “Last”. Currently using custom for the first part but I would like the accomplished Daily’s to go to the bottom of the Daily grouping. Could alternatively make Folder groups for each time category then unfold all tasks within to be checked off. Thanks for what you’ve made so far, I hope to see these improvements in the future!.Version: 2.0.8

LoveI love this app so much I have 3 diff reminders, if you want more I think you have to pay but I don’t so I love the app🫶🏼.Version: 2.13.0

Amazing for helping with my ADHD!A simple interface that was relatively easy to set up and use enabling me to keep on top of all the important daily tasks. With alarms and badge icons built it I was much more confident I wouldn’t miss anything important.Version: 2.2.2

Just what I was looking forI’m not an app guy I actually think using a habit tracker is dumb. But I kept failing at certain daily habits so I thought I should try it. I’ve tried Streaker...but didn’t like the one color theme. I tried Productive...but it was a little too complicated for my taste and had to pay upfront before testing. Then I tried Done...and it was perfect! They let you test the app by allowing 3 initial habits to be created. If you want unlimited habits just buy the Done bundle not Growth bundle. Super simple. Intuitive. Great color palette. And enough detailed customization to really allow the user to buy into this whole “habit tracking” idea. I’ve had the app for 1 day so idk if it’ll increase my productivity yet. But I definitely have committed to the idea and am looking forward to some results. Thanks guys!.Version: 1.13

“Done” is a staple in my daily routineI use this app every single day, multiple times a day. I literally use it to track pretty much everything from calories and water intake to how many hours of sleep I got the previous as well as blood sugar test (# of times and I add the actual reading as a note). Seriously, this is an app I’ve wanted for a long time. It really combines a lot of the other habit tracking app features into one app. Other habit apps are usually missing one or two features while this one has pretty much everything! You can create bad habits and enter in specific values which is a godsend. You can also adjust the settings to show you how much you have left until your goal as well the current count for the day. They have been updating the app a lot recently and the loading speed and response time have greatly increased which is a huge plus. I never leave reviews, but I feel as though I owe it to the developers of Done to write my personal experience after using this app because it has really helped me incorporate daily habits that better my health and well-being..Version: 2.0.5

Best app to build or quit a habit!I have been failing my resolutions for years and now that I have Done to support me, I am finally making some headway! 100% would recommend!.Version: 1.10.1

How Do Reset Saved Data?Brilliant app, one of the best investments I made towards aligning my self. I bought the full version which allowed me to make several items to tick off each day! I have reached a point where I would like to start fresh with my streaks and previous data, how do I do this?.Version: 1.16.2

Good app!I really like this app, the graphics are modern and clear, it’s user friendly, warm and inviting. The only thing I feel is missing is seeing all your habits together on one chart so you can see if there are patterns etc and to see a clear overview of all habits together. That would make the app 5* for me!.Version: 1.16.1

Great appFirst time I’ve written a review, as most apps I buy and forget about the day after but this ones great! I like the way you can stack habits, and remind yourself with gentle messages at multiple times through out the day. One suggestion, can you add run streaks to the front end especially on giving up a bad habit, for example if I don’t drink for 19 days and then I drink it rightfully goes back to zero but it’s a bit negative, I’d like to see my longest run streak or total days I haven’t drank over the term so let’s say i drank 3 times out of 365 days it shows how many days I haven’t drank as well as my current streak? If that makes sense!? There something about starting again on that might stop people from persevering with the goal when it’s just a blip! 👍 but otherwise it’s great..Version: 1.10.1

Great app, please get rid of the ads for your other bundlesThis app is perfect for me to use as a habit tracker. Super simple interface, no nonsense. The only thing I don’t like are the ads for the developers’ other products. I have paid for the subscription, the ads are really annoying. Get rid of the ads, 5 stars..Version: 1.20.0

Works again!Today’s update fixed my crashing issue, and I’ve copied over the data I’d been recording manually without trouble. It’s a huge relief to have the app working again, I find it very helpful for managing my mental health and making sure I’m taking care of myself..Version: 1.19.2

Great!Easy way to write my goals and indicates where my goal is next! Nice to be able to choose the colour choice, if you’re trying to create a habit or quit one, can set reminders etc. A couple of things I would love would be - being able to reorganise your list and when sending yourself reminders choose days instead of “weekdays, weekends, monthly” etc..Version: 1.9.1

It’s pretty solidOffers a good amount of features. Premium is a one time $7 purchase which is fair and 10x more reasonable than others and no subscription which is nice. The interface is colorful and not really modeled after a stark professional tool such as excel. I would like to see a little more of a to-do list feature added in. I used this to primarily track some new habit I’m trying to achieve and it’s great for that but if a habit has layers it’s hard to put in. For example: if working out is a goal but the workout consists of pushups, sit-ups, and squats, you can’t partially check off each one. It’s an all or nothing one item click. You could separate all three but that fills up your dashboard. I also am using it now for some recurring to-do list items and it’s good but each item has to be its own thing instead of parts of a whole. Worth buying for straight habit tracking..Version: 1.12.1

Simple with Huge PottentialDONE is a great and has the opportunity to grow into a powerful habit app. Personal Overview DONE is simple and intuitive. The app tracks your progress and uses streaks as a rewarding system. What I enjoy in DONE The simplicity and abstraction really grab me as well as that the app team does not beg you for money, does not frustrate you with ads, does not implement subscription fees and leaves you alone to choose whether you want to pay a one time fee to help them continue building this wonderful app! What could improve? The app rewarding system needs to trigger a craving on a subconcious level so the it can be really effective. One way this could be achieved is mental awards: Collecting points/medals, personal progress bar, unlocking hidden rewards. Why? Personal example: I have the habit to drink beer. 3-4 per day sometimes even more. That habit by itself could be 5 times stronger than the desire to do a simple streak. Mood changes throughout the day and its really easy to skip a streak..Version: 1.12.1

Just one improvementReally amazing app and has helped me greatly, but I really just wish the notes pop up wouldn’t get dismissed if I have written a lot of text in there and accidentally tap outside the pop up. It is really annoying as I use the notes / journal entry feature a lot. Otherwise the app has been a great experience so far. I would also love some bigger buttons around the app as tapping is a bit difficult at times..Version: 1.14.3

Tremendously effectiveSo you get 5 stars for Done. The bundle is pretty generic versions of better apps and decidedly redundant, but first year value is excellent. Would I pay $99/yr after that… um no. But you have a year to change my mind or lower the price. I do thoroughly enjoy companies that have a non-legal, plain explanation of privacy. Kudos to you for that. The actual privacy policies freak me out, as they all do. Not a big fan of other countries having different privacy laws and would appreciate a list of those countries and links to their privacy laws. Not that I would read them, but it’s like diving off a spring board and hoping each country has an actually minimum required water depth. Big fan of not landing on concrete. But again, 5 stars for Done. One suggestion, there has to be a workaround for zero goal. Not all goals are expressed as you numerically envision. Make it an option in settings please..Version: 1.19.2

Fantastic! But something else will bring it up a notch...With the new IOS 14 update, Apple users are begging for 3rd party widgets to add to Home Screen! And I think that if you added this feature, ‘Done’ would become the #1 in the App Store! But overall very very happy with this app 😄.Version: 1.15.1

One fix needed - otherwise love itHello! Love the app, however noticed a bug: The widget keeps the same default start of week of Sunday even though I have manually changed mine to Monday - relatively minor but please can these be made consistent? Makes it easier to track my weekly progress :).Version: 1.20.0

Good addictive app. UX has the potential to improve.I like this app, it’s highly addictive and has made a difference to my life. I’m the type of person who needs a bit of structure to my life so I can get things done instead of procrastinating. I’m finding ticking off my habits strangely rewarding. I’m now trying to make sure that I don’t go too overboard with it otherwise it will take over my life. It does, however, lose one star for the user experience. The quick/hold down select of habits does take a little getting used to. Even for someone like me, where my thumbs natural habitat is on a phone. I’m sure they would be happier if the habits were instead ‘swipeable’ - as they are familiar with in mail type apps. Usability overall isn’t perfect, but there’s defiantly lots of potential here. Good work guys - if things improve and develop - I’ll be sure to mark you up higher in the future..Version: 1.8.2

Simple but strangly completeBetter personnal growing app i think in premium version that can do job of 2 or 3 different apps for track and sumarize all the global picture.Version: 1.14.2

An actual life-changing appLike every other millennial recently diagnosed with ADHD, I’ve turned to technology to help manage my brain not working so great. And Done has been an incredible help in establishing a routine: making sure I take my meds, that I eat!, even brush my teeth twice a day, etc. That’s where I started and now I have a whole morning sequence that’s so satisfying to check off. It’s so easy to forget those little daily things that make a big difference in health and that I’m now doing it consistently with Done’s help is so huge. I work in software so I also appreciate that side: The app is beautifully designed, it’s SIMPLE, taps and swipes do what you expect them to do - and when they don’t, they do in the next update. It was absolutely the right choice to split productivity functions in the rest of the Growth bundle into separate apps instead of something all-in-one, and while I use and love Last too, Done is as critical as GCal to me at this point. Thank you dev team, seriously - I see the choices you’re making and they are GOOD. I will probably be a lifetime user!.Version: 2.0.7

What I was looking forPros Good for building and quitting habits Makes user input data daily Reminders Customizable Tracks data Free version shows enough to get a feel for the app User friendly Cons Has to be used daily ( which isn't really a con) Calender visuals for all habits would be helpful too I needed a habit tracker to hold myself accountable for building good habits and minimizing bad habits. The app gives lots of options like reminders and notifications. It doesn't allow me to go back and add data if I forgot to input it that day but that just aids in accountability. After trying out the features I upgraded to the paid version and it was well worth it. Gives more access and options. You can have more than three habits with the paid version, as well as set multiple reminders. There are charts to track activity. It shows week month and yearly data in a chart and calendar. The calendar visuals only shows one habit at a time. It would be nice to have a calendar visual on the main page where the charts are that allows users to see progress customized in a calendar. I really like this app..Version: 1.7

New Interface is unclearLove the app, but after the interface update, it’s now impossible to see on the calendar whether the day had a check mark or not. I have to really squint to see it. I wish I could bring the old interface back, should’ve never updated the app. Inability to see my streaks on the calendar kills it for me. Perhaps you could make those little circles and crosses colours to stand out more in the calendar? Thanks..Version: 2.5.0

Genuinely perfectI used to use Productive and i thought it was the best i could get! it was pretty great, to be fair. but when i recently lost my old apple id i also lost the premium membership i had purchased for something similar to the premium payment here. i downloaded it again via my new apple id, added three habits, went to add another one, and it said that was all i could add and that i could get premium for 30 bucks a year. that’s a far cry from a one time purchase under $10. i immediately deleted the app and went on the search for something similar. and that’s when i found Done! i downloaded it, added three habits, and purchased premium. i’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it’s perfect for me. it has the same sort of beautifully simple UI that Productive had, and a similar (but far improved) function. i love this app so much and the only complaint i could ever have is that i had to pay for premium, but even that is minuscule as it was only 7 bucks..Version: 1.11

Awesome, but app crashingI’ve used this app for a couple months now, had no issues and it was really helpful. But for some reason the app is crashing and not opening for me. I deleted and redownloaded it but still didn’t open. Please help?.Version: 1.19.1

Nice design, some small issuesThe app looks really great. HealthKit habits are a little inscrutable. They are hidden in suggestions, and only a small selection available? I’m looking to switch from Streaks, but wouldn’t until this is sorted. Unless I have overlooked something, I can’t track mindful minutes, for example. I would also like to see the link to your privacy policy fixed. The policy itself is good, but it’s currently buried. The link is to the T&Cs Definitely keeping an eye on this. Will update..Version: 1.13

Best App EverI've been focused on building better habits the past few months and have tried alot of apps in the process but this one is by far my favorite. The interface is simple and clean. Viewing your targets is easy as it gets but what I love most is the ability to set goals for the week and month as well. A lot of the apps I've tried before are very focused on the daily habits. Which is good and all. In theory it should lead to more productivity. But as I've read in a few books and experienced first hand, the scope is very limited and when you fail to meet your targets you start to feel bad about your progress instead of feeling more motivated to get back on track. This app is great because you can expand your view to monthly targets and not feel so bad if you slip up here and there because you can still see that you've made more progress than you think you have..Version: 1.12.1

Amazing but...The done app is amazing. And I never write reviews. You don’t need a paid subscription to access the main features (I have gone for a paid subscription) and the app is really simple to use. It is still 5 stars BUT it would be really helpful if it had a widget so I don’t have to click the app and it can stay on my Home Screen glaring at me with my tasks etc. I forget the app is even on my phone sometimes and accessing the app thru a widget would be so much help. I know it sounds petty but I’m sure some people understand. Still I 10/10 recommend using it. So helpful.Version: 1.16.5

Great User Display That Could Do With an Improved User SetI sought out and downloaded Done entirely for the way it displays the habits. I like the colorful list style display of habits. Easy to see completion of all items and streaks at a glance. While it is by no means the power user rival of Streaks, it does have some customization in terms of frequency of tasks regarding number of times per days, week, month, or year. You can also set multiple reminders and create custom units. No way to do timer based tasks though, you’ll have to track the time outside of the app or guesstimate how long you’ve spent. There is a dark mode, but no option to have it switch automatically. Seems like that would be a quality of life no brainer! There is some Apple Health integration, but only for 10 or so preset tasks. Water is strangely absent. Ultimately, I gave it one star higher than Streaks because while it lacks many of the features, I find it easier to scan and use for the most part! That said, for the rather high price of the subscription - $24 a year!!!! - compared to the fairly low flat price of Streaks, one would expect a bit more polish and integration. Like, for the level of where this app is, I would expect it to cost what Streaks does and Streaks to cost what this does!.Version: 1.15.1

Fantastic app!I started reading a book on how to improve various aspecting of your life and it had a number of habits you can incorporate in your daily life that would help deliver health benefits. I wanted to find an app to track these habits under different categories so I could track how well I incorporated new habits. This app is perfect for that! Very simple interface, easy to set up and use and provides all the information needed to track the adoption of new habits!! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a habit tracker..Version: 1.10.1

I LOVE This App- From a Mom.I use this a little differently than most probably do. I have lots of little kids and am frequently an overstimulated and overwhelmed mom. I realized that the only time I was intentionally touching my kids was when I hugged them at night, that I was nagging them all the time, and not spending individual time with them. I’ve read that for kids to emotionally thrive they have to be touched a certain amount of times per day. I set a goal for each of them to touch them, compliment them, and spend time with them every day. This has been so nice to see which kids need the attention because I can see who has been missed. It helps me to focus and remember through the day. And the amazing thing is, the more I focus on them, the happier and less overwhelmed I am. Funny how that works. 😉The only thing missing is a widget!.Version: 1.7

Helping me get life on trackIn a line: For me (someone with ADHD) this app is everything you could ever need to build useful routines, and quit less useful habits, personalised to your liking ❤️ would highly recommend this app! Longer answer: I’m an ADHD sufferer, and as a result it is hard to keep my brain on track or establish any kind of meaningful routine due to, among other things, an increased level of unconscious impulsivity. This app has been a complete game changer as it acts as a memory bank, allowing me to work towards building a routine day by day, week by week, month by month, setting goals that have a noticeable feeling of achievement when each task is completed. Being able to set morning/evening reminders is also great because it helps train my mind to check in and focus on the challenges ahead, whilst the customisation options help me categorise all my habits with absolute ease. Overall, a fantastic app that’s helping me so much, thanks folks ❤️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.9

Best Bang for Your BuckI looked at a number of habit making apps and Done seems to be the best. It looks good, has a great suite of features and is cost effective. Best in price range and as good as or better than more expensive apps. One thing I wish it had was the option for a visual chain for your streaks on the main page instead of a streak number. Apart from that, it’s everything I’m after..Version: 1.7

Great app!I am more than willing to pay a one time fee for an app and this one nails it. Was going to pay for “Productive” but they’re trying to charge $5/month??? Have they lost their minds??? A one time fee is all this kind of an app needs, not a constant subscription service. You nailed it and I love it!.Version: 1.5.1

Decent app, but not worthy of subscriptionI’ve used a few habit trackers, and this is a very nice one, but let’s be honest: this is a very simple app, so the notion that it might be worth £50 a year, or even £10 every year, is laughable. I just can’t justify an ongoing subscription for an app as basic as this. They should offer a one-off purchase at a sensible price, but obviously that’s not going to happen. Too bad..Version: 1.19.2

Life ChangingI NEVER write reviews (sorry) but Done and also Tally from the same developers are life changers for me! I have tried nearly EVERY decent goal/habit app and Done is simple, beautiful and makes it fun! The other apps are technical looking, more complicated than necessary and not fun at all. With Done, I figured out what my goals and habits I want to make are and find that keeping track of them in Done is almost like a game to me. I use Tally more for my business to see what my yearly sales are adding up to, what monthly sales are adding up to and so forth - it’s super motivating! They’re both definitely worth the premium versions (unlimited goals and tallies)!! I didn’t get the bundle they offer because I don’t particularly like the note app (Do) - if it had the same beautiful interface as Done and Tally, I’d get it. The mood and gratitude apps (I think they are?) aren’t something I would use. My only request is to have the option of making the goals/habits in Done to be either the rectangle that it is currently or to have the option of a circle that starts to fill up - I think it may be visually more appealing. Otherwise, I LOVE THESE APPS!!.Version: 1.13

Great appIntuitive, easy to use. Allows u to set a number of times a week for an activity without restricting yourself to fixed days for the activity. Love it..Version: 2.10.1

Small suggestion that would drastically helpI love this app so much. It has helped motivate me with so many daily and weekly goals. There is one update I hope the developers will one day work on. There is no way to easily track/view your stats on a WEEKLY goal basis. For instance: one of my weekly goals is to do 100 push-ups. When viewing the graph of this bar you can view by WEEK MONTH or YEAR. When viewing the WEEK stat it shows a breakdown of individual days rather than a single number. This should be a separate section labeled DAYS. The WEEK layout should simply show the TOTAL FOR THE WEEK rather than showing how much each day. For example, when I’m trying to see how Many push-ups I did this week vs last week it should just show one single number of the TOTAL of last week and the total of this week. Instead it shows a daily breakdown. That would be the one thing that would help users really track their weekly progress with ONE TOTAL number being shown rather than the entire weeks worth of individual daily stats..Version: 1.16.5

Referred by Archer NewtonHe refers this app, will have a try and adjust the rating accordingly..Version: 1.17.2

Great app (but having issues)Done is a great app that has changed my life for the better but I can’t figure out how to put monthly and yearly goals onto the app please help if anyone knows how to do it!!.Version: 2.13.0

Good App. HelpfulOnly thing to make it better is being able to sync across devices..Version: 1.17.1

A few suggestionsFirst off, I love this app! However I have a few suggestions. First in setting where you can sort you habits (last, first, manual etc) please add "group" so I can simply move things around by groups. I'm aware I can view by group at the top. Second allow change of the font/habits size. I have a lot of habits, I'd like not to scroll forever and viewing more at once is motivating. *Another idea/take on this. Perhaps also have a button or page called or with icon expressing "view all habits" this page would simply show all your habits in a much smaller font in their color. This provides an easy quick view of what habits we already have for of us in a visually helpful form. Similar to how they are shown when you go to manual ordering and then press set. Under the charts page please add a feature where you can view all your habits on one chart (let's say the bottom) with the amount of times you did them (on the left) and be able to change the time frame of the viewing (days, weeks etc) While I'm thinking on this one might add the problem is that this doesn't really display how man times you hit your goal just the amount of times you did it. Perhaps the ones where you hit your goal will be in their color while ones yet complete are in gray similar to the front screen. I'll add more as I think of it..Version: 1.8.1

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This app is really good and I totally recommend getting it, but there are some things I think you should know. If you haven’t upgraded to premium then you can only track 3 habits, which can get annoying. I have had to delete lots of the habits in order to add new ones, but overall this is a great app and you should get it.Version: 1.14.2

Love this app but could use a new feature!!Okay so i’ve been using this app for about 2 months now, i absolutely love it, it keeps me on track with goals i set. I always feel so accomplished when opening the app after the week is over and seeing all my goals being finished. The app is great and it’s definitely helped with motivation, but one thing i would definitely recommend is the goals being able to be edited. For example, i set a workout goal for an hour, i have changed my workout a lot over the past month it is now only 45 minutes. I wish i was able to change the name of my goal to “workout for 45 minutes” instead of “workout for an hour”. This is just something that bothers me. Other than that this app is amazing and i love it so so much!!.Version: 1.17.2

Done >>>> Other habit trackersI discovered this app 15 days ago. I know this because I have tracked my vitamin-taking habit since the day I got the app and have maintained the streak since then. After spending 10 minutes with this app and then trying out alternative habit trackers (Habit—Daily Tracker, Daily Planner-Productivity, & Productive), I concluded that this app was the best of them. All of the before mentioned apps match in terms of stunning design and pleasing color arrays. None of them, however, can compete with Done’s affordability and functionality. The app makes habit tracking easy and effortless. It requires a one time payment of $8.99 (plus tax) in comparison to the other apps that require monthly payments. Although $8.99 seems unreasonable for such a simple habit tracker, it is completely worth it. This app has done everything I’ve wanted and more. It not only motivates me to complete my daily goals but also to go beyond them and make life choices that have made me healthier and overall happier. I completely recommend buying this app..Version: 1.14.3

My skin is looking great!I’ve always struggled to keep up a solid skincare routine. In the days of skincare-crazed social media, I was feeling the pressure to be better to my skin. Plus, I’d seen my skin shine on the few consistent days I could keep up a good habit. I knew better days were right around the corner, but I needed incentive to make it happen. Here’s where Done comes in. Thanks to Done, I’m on a 15 day streak of healthy hygiene habits, and me and my skin are absolutely glowing. I’m halfway to building a healthy habit, but I don’t think I’ll quit Done once I’m washing my face twice a day every day for the rest of my life. There are plenty of other habits Done can help me build and I’m already setting more goals. I haven’t upgraded to the paid services because I don’t want to over-do it—two (three, actually) habits at a time seem like the perfect amount of responsibility. Thanks to Done, my goals seem a little more achievable. PS, my favorite feature? The ability to add habits completed after midnight to the day before. Don’t wanna break that streak just because I stayed up too late!.Version: 1.13

Love the appLove it, but the widget doesn’t work on the Home Screen, or else this is the best free habit tracker around..Version: 1.16.2

Good but the ads are annoyingIt’s a solid app, makes it easier for me to track my habits and so on. However, the least you can do after someone pays for your premium is to stop showing ads for your other apps..Version: 1.20.0

UI is different but once you get used to it, it’s GREAT!All the other daily habit trackers are good but they’re always sophisticated. Done is just plain and simple. Build habits or get rid of them. If you’re looking to declutter your calendar, this is the app. I used my calendar as my habit tracker for the longest time due to not having anything similar to this app. I highly suggest you give it a try and try the free version. After a week of use I guarantee you you'll buy it. I said what the heck I spend 6 dollars for a drink at a bar, why not buy myself something useful and something that's going to last me a lifetime. 👍🏼 You gotta really spend some time adjusting to the UI though. That's the only minor thing. It's not that bad of an issue that should take 1 star away from them. I appreciate the work this team out behind this app. Great work you guys. Hats off fellas and ladies..Version: 1.8.1

Love!! Changed my life.A great app, very aesthetically pleasing. Definitely worth the upgrade price! It has truly transformed my life, I find so much satisfaction in adding to my little progress bar like my life is a game. It’s such a good way to be able to track my progress on certain habits and also habits I’m trying to quit. Visually being able to track them has worked so much for me as I’m a visual person. Highly recommend, would recommend to anyone trying to actively add positive habits to their life..Version: 1.14.3

Fantastic appReally great app for building good habits and quitting bad ones. I looked at a number of different apps and this was the best one, and it doesn’t force you to pay a monthly subscription to use all features like many of the others (if you want the pro version it’s a one time purchase - super worth it).Version: 1.12.1

Mostly goodI really like this app. It works with my ADHD. I have been getting more done, and it lets me visualize which tasks I’m having trouble completing, which then lets me think about how to make them easier. The app generally works fine, and it’s nice to look at. Bright, streamlined, not cluttered, easy to interact with. This is all great. But, two weird things I don’t get. First, the color palette where I choose the background for my tasks changed today without warning. My old tasks still appear in the old colors, but I can’t make a new task in the old vivid yellow, only in a new, muted yellow. So being who I am (and someone who relies on color coding), I have to go through and change alllllllll the tasks so they match again. Sigh…okay. Also, the ability to make a monthly task seems to have vanished. I made a monthly task when I first got the app, so I know it was an option before. Went to make another today, and I’m given the options of daily or weekly tasks only. Why? I only need to do some chores twice a month! This is basic. These issues are pretty minor, I’m not going to stop using the app or anything. But they are annoying. It’s possible I’m just missing something, in which case consider the fifth star removed for confusing design. I looked everywhere for that monthly option!.Version: 2.12.0

Really Great! No subscription, worth the $$, one suggestion.I tried several apps to help me develop better habits and regiment, and this was the best. The colors and sounds are a nice effect (though there are two reddish colors that are almost exactly the same... :P Haha) Most calendar, productivity, to-do, or habit apps require a subscription after the trial. This app does not, which is a huge selling point. While I get the subscription business model, for those of us who don’t have money to spare but still need help being more productive, a one-time charge is preferable. And it’s not just about the money. With a subscription I’m continually paying for my ability to be productive, I’m getting “hooked on a drug” then being repeatedly charged for its use. A one-time charge is a lot less exploitative, and doesn’t come with the same guilt (which we don’t need when fixing our habits). *** My one caveat. Could the reminders have the same timing options as the habits themselves? I have a habit that I only do on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But I can’t set a reminder for those days. The closest thing is weekdays..Version: 1.8.2

Fantastic appWho knew that counting streaks could make such a difference?! Started using this a couple of months back to track various habits (eating, exercise and work related), and it’s made a huge difference. Flexible to use (you can track in lots of different ways), clear design - I love it. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made..Version: 1.7

Simple goal trackerI just wanted something that simply records goals that shows progress and this does just that. I’ve used it to make sure I drink enough water and cut down on fizzy drinks. Has kept me motivated knowing I’m recording it and shows how many days in a row I’ve achieved it to keep me going. However, not motivated me enough to start working out 😂 but that’s not the apps fault!.Version: 1.14

Great appGreat application, exactly what I need to keep track of all my habits. UI is clean and gorgeous, I just wish that they’d roll out updates and fixes more regularly as the user community is quite small..Version: 1.9.1

Amazing appIt has helped me a lot.Version: 2.13.0

Explaining why Done is the best appDone is the best app. Need a reminder for your needs? Done is there. Want to get into a routine? Done is there. Done always sends a notification for you to do your needs: eg. Brushing teeth, making your bed, drinking water, showering. I highly recommend this app, it’s useful and actually helps a lot ! Has to be one of my favourite apps I have on my phone :).Version: 2.13.0

Checklist should only apply to that dayIt defeats the purpose of having a daily checklist if all of my goals for every individual day of the week are always displayed. There should be an option to only display goals that apply to that specific day and not just an option for goals that are kept track of on a daily basis. Ex. If I have a goal for Tuesday and Thursday, on my Wednesday dashboard, that goal should not appear in the list my goals for Wednesday even though I can’t mark it as done it makes it less concise and clear what I need to do that day. Also, for perfection purposes my screen is never clear when I accomplish all of my goals bc there’s unnecessary goals greyed out on my screen. Overall good app though, this was just the one thing that really bothers me..Version: 1.20.0

Great app to complete daily tasksI really love the app - it’s helped me to stay focused and motivated to complete daily tasks, and I’ll continue to use it. Feature request: the red badge number on the app icon can represent the number of tasks across all habits, not just the number of habits. For example, I have a habit to work on my language studies twice a day. When I mark that I studied in the morning, the red badge number reduces by one because I’ve made progress on the habit, even though I still have another task associated with that habit later on that day. When I look at the red badge number, I want it to represent the number of tasks I have for the day, not the number of habits I have. Otherwise, it seems my only option is to create two separate habits to represent language learning when I want to do that twice per day, but that disrupts the great data visualization, at least in the way that I would like to view them. Perhaps there is a way to adjust the red badge number to represent tasks instead of habits, but if there is, it’s unclear how to do so in the app. Otherwise, thank you for a great app and I’m looking forward to continuing to build my habits..Version: 2.13.0

Simplicity is bestI was previously using a very snazzy app called “Productive” which, after the third time completely glitching / failing to open / updating into a UX hellscape, I decided to delete. I was getting seriously demotivated by being unable to track the very habits I was trying to build due to their poor design! That’s where Done comes in. I’ve NEVER had a problem with the functionality of this app. It literally just does it’s job and works. It’s simple, no frills or fluff, and has kept me on track for months. I have it color customized to be a rainbow, it’s easy to do everything I need it to. I love this app so much - yes I paid for premium - it was inexpensive and well worth it..Version: 1.16.2

Finally a practical, fun, easy to use productivity app!Thanks so much for saving me with this awesome app. I tried a bunch and almost gave up. Others were too heavy on looking good but lacking is usefulness for them to be helpful to me. Some were too complicated. Some ugly and time consuming. This does everything I need and want in a productivity app. Easy to use (very!!), easy on the eye, clean and modern UI (dark or light too), elegant, more than one daily prompt, streaks... thank you guys!!.Version: 1.8.1

Great app, wish you could set goal durationLove the app, but find it missing one key feature. Would love to be able to set end-dates for my goals, as not all of my goals are never-ending. Some of my goals have ‘hard’ end dates, such as 1 Jan, whereas others are for a certain duration like ‘10 weeks’ or ‘3 months’ for example. I am currently setting separate ‘goal complete’ reminders in my calendar, but would love to see this incorporated into the app. Thank you!.Version: 1.15.3

Its so nice to look at, that it makes you WANT to succeed in good habitsBeautiful Design, not so straight forward to use at first (as its not clear how to access certain menus) but after a few uses its exactly EVERYTHING I have been looking for in a habit tracking app. I’ve went through a dozen different ones and this one is it for me!.Version: 1.9.1

Daily HabitsThe first and last app I use each day. Great way to remind me of the habits that are important to me and how I am tracking against each. No brainer to me, as I know this app is keeping me happy, healthy and honest!.Version: 1.17.4

Worth it!I just using this app and it’s honestly just what I needed. There is a one off payment for the pro version which I did. A lot of other apps make you pay a huge sum of money annually or monthly but this app is a one off and I am so grateful for that!.Version: 1.11

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