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Best 80s arcade games App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Best 80s arcade games app received 105 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Best 80s arcade games? Can you share your negative thoughts about best 80s arcade games?

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LOL SCAM watch out!Was under the impression the games were user playable. Turns out the only thing that “plays” are videos of gameplay LOL. To be fair, the description of the app being a trivia game and having videos of gameplay ARE in the description. Save your $1.99.Version: 1.0

Utter rubbish the video section is faulty.A bit much for a question text based question and answer game. Should be updated for iPhone XR based phones..Version: 1.0

Biggest con going demand money backWhoever you are you are ripping off customers who think this is legitimate and value for money, it isn’t demanding a full refund on my apple account. If this game has a bug fix it.Version: 1.0

Absolute con THIS IS NOT A GAME THERE IS NO GAMEPLAYI can’t believe apple allow this store DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT IS NOT A GAME.Version: 1.0

Just don’t do it!Waste of money! All you can do is a few trivia and watch videos of the games and you can NOT play the games what so ever. Why is there a price on this piece of crap when it’s just stupid videos that can be found on the internet for free. No thanks. False description. Take your money for nothing. Only getting a 1 Star since you can’t leave zero!.Version: 1.0

TOTAL SCAM - DO NOT PURCHASEVery surprised that Apple would allow this on their store. There are two parts to this "collection of games". One is a stupid quiz about games and the other is made to look like vintage console games to play. When you hit play it's just a 3 min video of gameplay. I want my money back..Version: 1.0

Waste moneyI wish I would have read the reviews this is a total waste of money. You are not playing anything. You get to do some trivia questions and watch video play of the games. Apple needs to remove this scam.Version: 1.0

No gamesVery misleading, no games. Do not purchase.Version: 1.0

Don’t waste your timeI got screwed- I thought you could actually play the games not watch a video someone else is playing- totally deceiving- only thing you can play is trivia but the answers are so dark you’d need special eye sight to read them, so the trivia is useless too!!.Version: 1.0

DO NOT BUY!!!I want my money back! You cannot play any of the games on this app. Its all “gameplay” so you just watch videos of the game being played. False advertisement. Please report this app and developer. Don't let them take your hard earned money!.Version: 1.0

Do not buyWaste of money and misleading you don’t actually get to play any games.Version: 1.0

Total RubbishZero stars but I had to press 1. You deceived my 8 year old son into thinking this was a collection of games to play. Waste of money and boring. Do not buy..Version: 1.0

BrokenGames don’t load. Nothing on the screen. I want my $3 back please. Or fix it.Version: 1.0

80 Arcade games scamBought this app because I like the retro games and I can’t even play it!! Who expects people to pay for the viewing of the game? Sure as hell not me and when I hit app support, it says page not found. Stop cheating people out of money and actually give them the game! And I would like my money back too.Version: 1.0

RubbishNot even worth 1 star games do not work all you get is black screen with the game noises I want a refund.Version: 1.0

Horrible gameCan't only triva and vids.Version: 1.0

Rip offDon’t buy it It’s a scam no game at all.Version: 1.0

Arcade GamesDoes not load waste of money.Version: 1.0

Hahaha! I was punke'dAttention apple app store, can you kindly separate this app to another section of app please...many of us were confused that this app is playable I should have donated my dime to the charity. If you please....thank you! Is there a way that I can have my money back?.Version: 1.0

The appThis is a scam and a lie and it’s a horrible app they make you think it has the games and stuff but it doesn’t waste of money why would I wanna buy something just to watch and test about when I can search it up.Version: 1.0

DON’T BUYThis is a con - should be banned for misrepresenting itself..Version: 1.0

DO NOT BUY THISThis is NOT a game but it IS a con/rip-off. I paid £1.99 expecting to be able to play one of my childhood favourites, digdug but all you get is a blank screen ON EVERY GAME!!!!!! Contacting Apple..Version: 1.0

Don’t buyI couldn’t see anything on my iPhone . Just music to the game . I too got ripped off . I should of read the reviews first . Total scam.Version: 1.0

Fake Fake Fake FakeYou dirty filthy rip-off merchants..Version: 1.0

Trivia and viewable video only - not playableThis is an app (apparently) for those interested in nostalgic video and trivia. There is a section to play trivia and a section to watch video of what the classic games looked like when being played. However, one cannot actually play the game. Any of them. I am providing one star because I believed that I could play that games by purchasing the app. I believe that this should be a free app for what it provides..Version: 1.0

CRAP!!! In my opinionThe app says you can play the games listed. So I believe what the description says. I answer the trivia questions then try to play a game. However when I select a game to play a video pops up and doesn’t let me play. How FRUSTRATING.Version: 1.0

NOT AN ACTUAL GAME ITS A RIP OFFNot a game my son thought was a game as the title is easily led this is unfair to be sold like this.Version: 1.0

80's Arcade GameThis is a very misleading App. Do not purchased this, as you are not able to actually able to play these classic games..Version: 1.0

DONT GET THE APPThis app is complete garbage it’s just some dumb trivia and when you actually click on a game to play it plays the theme music BUT all you do is stare at a black screen! It’s pure garbage I wasted 2$ of my Apple Giftcard on SOME GARBAGE!! Just don’t get the garbage app. And if you did without knowing how terrible it is then I feel bad that’s what happened to me....Version: 1.0

Doesn’t workFix it.Version: 1.0

Just video not playThis is a watch video movie. You watch how it was played in 80s. You don't play them. You watch them and then hit the video stop button. Don't bother your time. Phoney. Farse. You'll be taken advantage of. Dishonest. Poor sportsmanship. Bad character. Low life's. Cheap humans. Sick minds. Radiated spines. Yellow backs. Insufficient brains. Lacking moral standing. Low communication skills. Anti-sexual. Nix balls. Bottom feeder. Blow fish..Version: 1.0

DishonestMisleading - not video games at all !!!.Version: 1.0

Not what it represents itself to be.DO NOT waste your money on this app. I’m amazed that Apple has allowed this to be on the store..Version: 1.0

RIP OFF. STAY AWAYWhy is this app on the App Store? It’s totally fake. There’s no classic games - just 20 second clips of these Atari games that you watch. How do I get my money back, App Store?.Version: 1.0

Don't BuyNot a game. Just video's of the games! I want my money back! Shame on App Store to allow this. Do not buy..Version: 1.0

Arcade gamesDo not download this app it does not work. And when you go on to the link for support it does not exists..Version: 1.0

Don’t buyDitto.. rip off. No games just audio noises.. not even pics.. shud have read reviews. Waste of £1.99.. do not buy. Misleading info......Version: 1.0

ShockingUtter rip off a full refund shall be requested.Version: 1.0

This App Is TerribleRead the reviews thoroughly. Of course I thought I could play these games. My mistake. Read carefully. This app is bologna and the reviews claiming you can play the games is probably planted by the app creators. If I can get my money back and have this app removed I will..Version: 1.0

ScamI looked at the first couple of reviews and believed them when they said you could play the games. I believed everyone else just couldn’t figure it out. Turns out it was a scam. YOU CAN NOT PLAY ANY OF THE GAMES SHOWN. It’s just a trivia game. The reviews saying you can play games are more than likely planted by the developer to bate idiots like myself into buying the app. Really mad I fell for it, do not make the same mistake..Version: 1.0

NoooooooooWouldn't recommend this app as you can't play just watch.Version: 1.0

Worst Game Ever!!!!!They took my money!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡 I thought you could PLAY the games!!!!! All you do is watch a stupid video of the game!!!! What a rip off!!!! Don’t buy this game!!!!! Awful! This is not a lie!!! I was so excited to get this game! Then it won’t let you play! Worst Game Ever!!!!!! DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!!! WARNING ⚠️ this game will take your money!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0

ScammersI won't a refound.Version: 1.0

Not workingNo games load.Version: 1.0

Fail!DONOT BUY THIS RUBBISH Well that was a waste of 3 good dollars perhaps this should be in the trivia books section Would like my money back please.Version: 1.0

The name and photos are miss leadingI’m disappointed 😞 with this because I love playing those games but I was hoping to play these and I couldn’t 🤬that’s rather upsetting and pisses me off because I would like to be able to play the games on my phone sorry but this was rather miss leading and rude LIKE THE WISH ADS take it from the people who actually buy from it and learn that way like I think that good are FAKE or payed to say that stuff.Version: 1.0


Trivia no gameTrivia no game. Like a scam. Freaking reject developer. Spend your time on better things..Version: 1.0

TrashThis is a rip off. Shame on you for doing this. People work hard for their money and you are stealing from them. I hope you get the Corona virus twice. It is people like you that make this world so awful.Version: 1.0

Con JobDo not buy this app. Not a game, only trivia. Should have read the reviews first. Stole my money.Would rate this lower if possible. Should get my money back..Version: 1.0

Rip off no gamesThanks.Version: 1.0

Not what I thought it was.I also purchased this game and not happy thought it was games to play. I will also be looking for a refund..Version: 1.0

SCAM!!!!!People have no morals anymore and will try to make a quick buck off anything. In this case, it is someone trying to make you believe that you can play some of these older games. Well you can “play” the videos of the games. But you cannot play the games. Deceitful, and I’m surprised Apple let this in the Apple store. I’m selling my Apple stock..Version: 1.0

Disappointed*Note to self: Always read the comments before buying.* I was so excited to see these classic games I impulsively hit the buy button. I was so disappointed in this purchase and the worse part of it is there’s no one to blame but myself for being a knucklehead. You can’t play these games, it’s basically videos of the games which by the way, the videos are not working for me. Talk about adding salt to a wound! 😂 DO NOT BUY!.Version: 1.0

Scam, can't play the gamesI want my money back. This is a scam. You can't play the games..Version: 1.0

Do Not Get It’s A ConIf could give this no stars I would. All you get is a quiz you do not get games like it makes it look like. At this the other one similar to this says trivia in title so you realise. This deliberately misleads you..Version: 1.0

This is not a gameVery very disappointed that I paid for Something that make you think it is a game and it’s NOT!!! Zero stars would be my vote I’m definitely going to Request money back under false advertising I was thinking I was getting to play games and it’s not even that.Version: 1.0

Doesn’t work!What a rip off, no games to be played here!.Version: 1.0

Ripped offLoved these old skool games just to be ripped off....DONT PURCHASE.Version: 1.0

No access to gamesComplete rip off no access to games just a blank screen.Version: 1.0

Nothing works don’t waste your money!!Pathetic and total waste of money!! Want money back!! Nothing works! Just a black screen with sounds! Not even worth a star rating it is that bad..Version: 1.0

It’s a rip off.I should’ve listen to the reviews do not waste your money it’s a rip off and they should be ashamed of their sales for ripping people off because it does not play games all you do is watch a video of the game.Version: 1.0

DO NOT BUY!!!! SCAMYou can’t play any games in this app. It’s only videos of the games to watch. Who would pay $1.99 to watch videos of the games? A sucker like me who doesn’t read reviews before they buy is who! They are counting on people like me to buy without reading the reviews first!!! 😩.Version: 1.0

Games won’t loadI want my money I’m not paying for a black screen.Version: 1.0

Game does not workHi this game does not work would like my money back.Version: 1.0

Not gamesJust videos of games nothing to play.Version: 1.0

Want my money back!!!Can't even play the games very misleading!.Version: 1.0

Scam, nothing but a wasteThe retro video games are not actually playable. You can only watch videos of gameplay of these games. The reviews saying otherwise are obviously baited here by someone who’s trying to make the game look better when in fact it’s a scam..Version: 1.0

This app should be removedThis app promises game play and all you get is video of someone playing Total waste Apple should ban this one.Version: 1.0

FraudulentThere are no games on this app. Just trivia questions about games. Deceptive and misleading and I want my money back.Version: 1.0

HeatherI don’t have anything but a blank screen no playing games or anything this is crazy I want a refund!! No since in paying for something that doesn’t work, I would advise everyone not to buy this app.Version: 1.0

DO NOT BUY!!!!You can not even play any of the games. It’s just a bunch on videos of someone else playing them. It got it to play dig dug and was very disappointed when I realized I could only watch and not play. I deleted the app 5 min after buying. :/.Version: 1.0

Rip offPaid £1.99 thought I could play the games apparently not you can just watch demos wish I saw other review before I got ripped off DON’T BUY.Version: 1.0

AvoidTotal scam there are no hands total waste of £1.99.Version: 1.0

Do not getDon't get this game it has no actual games to play rip off app!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0

Such a scam!Everything about the app makes it seem like you are buying an app to play the games unless you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the description where it then tells you that it is just a trivia game. Don’t be fooled please. Even if you go to the good reviews that are most likely planted by the developers, it says you can play the games. Which you definitely cannot. My app didn’t even play the supposed gameplay videos that it has. It just showed me a black screen with the video play bar at the bottom of the screen..Version: 1.0

SCAM- DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEYApple should refund every purchase of this scam app. There are no games to play. Any review that says otherwise is from the vendor who is trying to steal your money. Apple App Store should remove this garbage immediately from their offerings and refund the money wasted on this..Version: 1.0

Complete fraudThis is one star too many. Should of paid attention to the reviews. This game is not even a game, unless you consider trivia a game. You don’t get to play any of the games, but answer questions about arcade originals you wouldn’t know unless you were 60 years old. This is theft and I plan to get this app and it’s maker banned..Version: 1.0

Not actual gamesThis app is very misleading. I was going to play the games mentioned in this app because I thought the games were actually playable. Instead, it’s just videos of these classic games I used to enjoy playing.Version: 1.0

Rip offWish I would have read the review before purchase . I was looking for a donkey Kong game for my 5 year old to play . He was super excited when I downloaded it just to find out there is no game to play . It’s trivia . Don’t waste your money or time with this . They should offer a refund . Don’t believe the screen shots of the games ! You will not get to play it ..Version: 1.0

John westonDon’t waste your money or time, it is a complete ripoff.Version: 1.0

RIPRip off no games don't buy!!!!.Version: 1.0

Arcade games not even thereDownloaded the game and nothing there how can you let people download games when nothing is there and costing 1.79.Version: 1.0

ArcadeThis app is LITERAL Hot garbage, I just got bamboozled. You list it as The best of 80’s arcade games, however it’s just a trivia app with game play footage. It states the footage in the description way at the bottom, I will give them that. Who even reads the description?! It’s just like the terms and conditions, you just accept! Why would you ever think your garbage and lack of creativity is worth $1.99, I’d rather spend $2.99 on an app that makes farting noises, it’s more interactive!.Version: 1.0

RIP OFFThis is an absolute con! Don’t touch it! There are no games to play!.Version: 1.0

Bait and SwitchI was looking for some 80’s games and came across this game. From the description, it appeared to be what I was looking for so I spent $1.99 to buy this game. When it loaded, expecting actual 80’s games, it turns out to be just a trivia game. Buyer be ware. You should force better behavior for developers like this. If it is a trivia game, then it should say that and not hide behind false pretense. I lost my $1.99, hope you won’t lose yours..Version: 1.0

*******SCAM!!!!!!!******If I could have rated this with ZERO STARS, I would have!!!!! This is RIDICULOUS!! I want my money back!! My nephew wanted to play some arcade games and asked if he could download this one and when he said what it was and how much it cost I said sure go ahead, assuming it was the ACTUAL GAMES!!! Not TRIVIA and GAME PLAYS!!!! Don’t waste your money or time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, there are FAKE REVIEWS that rate 5 stars!! OBVIOUSLY FAKE!!! They even lie and say you can play the games when you actually can’t!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0

RubbishI should have read the previous review. You cannot play these, they seem to be demos.Version: 1.0

Totally Deceiving I want a refundThis is advertised as if you can play the 80s games. I was so excited when I saw Dig Dug I immediately purchased. It’s only video footage of the games, you can’t even play. Should have read the reviews. Apple App Store you should have the creator take this app down as it’s not accurately advertised..Version: 1.0

Not worth itNow I know why I read reviews first. This is so not worth $1.99 because you don't even get to play any games even though there is a play button. You just get to watch an arcade game. Too bad I can't get my money back..Version: 1.0

Total disappointmentI was excited to finally play some of my old favorites when, nothing..... no way to play the game, only videos of the game being played & that’s the biggest kick in the nuts. This developer is cunning with marketing, that’s it. Don’t buy it..Version: 1.0

This game is shockingFrom the moment I downloaded the game, I knew this wasn’t high quality. The images were extremely bad, and when you clicked on the game It took me to a blank screen. this is absolutely unacceptable. I shall be wanting my money back. spread the words..Version: 1.0

Do not buyDo not buy ! You can’t play the games.Version: 1.0

How is this app on the Apple store.I didn’t read the reviews but like the others I thought I’d be able to play the games on my phone. Only to be disappointed by watching another persons recording of the game. Don’t buy!!!!.Version: 1.0

Complete GarbageDespite the completely vague description on the App Store, this is in no way a game. It’s some b.s. gameplay videos and trivia. It should be removed from the App Store for misleading information. I only gave it one star because zero stars isn’t an option..Version: 1.0

Game don’t loadPaid $3 game don’t load got ripped off.Version: 1.0

Crap !!They make you think you’re getting video games from the 80’s but what you are really getting is a trivia game !!! Worst 1.99 I’ve ever spent!! They know exactly what they are doing by not putting trivia in the title!! These a holes are laughing all the way to the bank !!! DO NOT BUY !!!.Version: 1.0

Do NOT purchase!This app is horrible and needs to be taken out of the store. The dev is clearly trying to fool you to believe this has games on it when it’s just an empty stupid app. It’s a waste of your money and I’ll be returning it as soon as the purchase is no longer pending. Crook developer. How can apple allow people to do this? The dev has two other games and they both look like complete scams..Version: 1.0

SCAM!!!Wish I didn’t have to give a star.. you can’t play the games at all, it just plays a video when you pick a game and click play. The “5 star” ratings and good reviews are more than likely related to the creator of the game trying to scam people. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP..!!!.Version: 1.0

False advertisingTotal rip off! False advertising. You don’t get the games🤬🤬🤬🤬.Version: 1.0

Not what it looks likeI’m sitting in the hospital and wanted to play some of my fave arcade games...didn’t read all the way to the bottom of the description where it says it’s just trivia and videos of the original games being played...this is BS🤬 why the hell would this cost $2....I want my money back. Don’t waste your time or money on this stupid app!.Version: 1.0

SCAM!!!This is completely ridiculous that this game is being advertised as a game.....it’s nothing more than videos of the games I’m trying to find and play!...shame on these thieves....this was a total waste of my time and money! I need for them to not only refund my money but they owe me for the time and money I WASTED on downloading this garbage..Version: 1.0

It’s a conNo games to play.Version: 1.0

JunkThis app does not work! You will not get the games advertised!.Version: 1.0

80s gamesJust downloaded not one of them load ? Can you tell me what’s wrong?.Version: 1.0

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