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Gardenscapes App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Gardenscapes app received 157 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Gardenscapes? Can you share your negative thoughts about gardenscapes?

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Gardenscapes for Negative User Reviews

Do they know it’s 2022?The basic game is good, if you enjoy laughing at the ostentatious choices presented which force you to make possibly the most mental garden in the world. I also enjoy the gameplay which has no stressful timer element. Some of the intermittent storylines I think are questionable/ culturally dubious. Racial and gender stereotypes abound. I have just rolled my eyes to date and skipped over these bits, but the latest storyline has made my blood pressure rise. It’s one of those terrible misogynistic make-over tropes featuring a toxic relationship, where I’ve been asked to radically makeover a woman because her poor aesthetic choices have made her man leave her. Apparently if we redo her hair and make up he will love her again…I can’t tell you how nauseous this bilious outdated tripe makes me. Dear developers - I am assuming you are male (if not I’m going to be even more depressed), and either struggling with the modern world, or at least cynically targeting those who are. One day you may have daughters, and believe me this is not the sort of bilge you want to influence their developing brains with. Please try and do better..Version: 6.0.2

FeedbackHi, just wanted to give some feedback. When you’re given a reward of free boosters for a certain amount of time (such as an hour for example), it’s really frustrating when you’re not able to spend an hour playing the game at that time and so you lose out. It would be good if ‘the clock’ stops ticking when you’re not playing the game. So if you’re given a free booster for 1 hour example, I could play for 30 mins today then stop playing. Then tomorrow, when I open the game again, there’s still 30 mins left. It really is so frustrating and unfair when you lose out on free booster time because you don’t have time to play the game for that long at that time. Alternatively, it would be good if you’re able to select when you want the time to start. So if I suddenly get a reward of 1 hour free boosters and I know I’ll be busy in 10 minutes, I can choose to start the 1 hour time tomorrow instead for example, when I know I’m free..Version: 5.6.0

It’s a terrible gameThis gam is just terrible. The adds four the game are completely different from what the game is. And there are only 3 options. When your building your garden. When you compare the game to the add, the add shows av exciting game but when you download the game it’s all about bounding garden now nothing’s wrong about garden games but in the add it show almost nothing about a garden game and when it shows it’s a garden game it’s at the and they’re just pitchers. Ow and the game is not just a garden game it’s a candy crush game. And by the way there is a house Version of this game to and it’s got the same type game and the same type of adds I wish there was lower then one star. if you’re wondering what this game is all about this is pretty much it ,it’s terrible.Version: 4.0.0

Not like the addThe add was you we’re supposed to help the 2 people survive. But it’s just a stupid jewel game. If you like it good for you. But I wanted it to be like the add.Version: 3.4.0

Cool, it’s okayOkay so I’m not gonna lie here, I’m not going to go like “OMG THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER”, because it really isn’t hah. It’s really fun and good, and I could ALMOST play it all day. But the only problem is, is the levels. I’m not a big fan of candy crush, to be honest I hate it. But I really like the other levels with the mother and daughter (you know). But the thing I hate about this, is that with the candy crush it’s getting really tiring and hard. On level 29 it’s impossible to do, I actually don’t know how people pass it. It might just be my brain or something, but i couldn’t do it! I hate how you have to use only 14 goes for 6 glasses, it really bugs me. No for real, I’m not lying right now I have been trying for simply ages and I just can’t do it! At about 10 minutes I give up, then in an hour I try again. One time I spent 30 minutes trying 1 level! Overall, it’s a bit tiring. I don’t agree with the other reviews, because level 29 is SOOOOOOOOOOOO hard. But if you have a pretty smart brain, you would be good at it. So I would recommend getting this game!.Version: 6.9.0

READ THIS! FIX IT! DisappointedSo I started off amazed that I’d finally found a perfect game. Aesthetically pleasing, no ads, calming, fun to play, etc. Then at level 30 I realised every time you lose it takes a heart away, and it’s very difficult to earn enough coins to buy the hearts back. If you want to keep ANY players at all and stop everyone from deleting this game, I suggest you get rid of the losing hearts system. It makes the game unbeatable and ultimately frustrating to the point where it makes your blood boil. A lot of the time, completing a level depends on luck of where you can match the fruit. Sometimes, when you have limited moves, you know right from the start that you won’t make it just because all your matches are right at the top of the board. And then it takes a heart away! For being impossible!!! Honestly I hope you read these and you fix it pronto because I now have to wait ages for my hearts to fill back up and if it keeps happening I’ll have deleted the game by tomorrow. And it’s a real shame because it’s one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. You’re shooting yourselves in the foot here!.Version: 4.2.2

Not what’s advertisedI downloaded this game because of the ads. Turns out this game is nothing like the ads.. silly me for thinking you would advertise your actual product and not something fake!.Version: 3.5.0

Mixed feelings about this gameOn one hand, it’s wildly addictive. On the other, it’s overly frustrating to be stuck on a level that clearly shows the developers lacked some basic empathy/understanding of how the game works. I’m often stuck on levels that are not super hard, per their labeling. I have looked past the thanksgiving-riddled decor (mass genocide and stolen land? not something to celebrate) and the now Christmas-heavy theme, which is great for folks who celebrate Christmas. But I can’t look past the openly racist Asian-inspired area. Being Asian myself, I am so confused how this material made it past the quality check, let alone the initial copywriting phase. The story had to first be pitched and then approved by a manager of sorts. It is just bizarre. I skip most of it because it’s like a slap in the face every time I read it. It is most blatantly racist in the backwards, broken English they use for the Asian character, and the stereotypical “master” title is getting really old. (If they were going for the true stereotype, they could have at least consulted someone Asian and used the proper term “sensei” which would have made it less inaccurate, at least.) I know, it’s just a game, but someone should really be required to take some equity training. This is a very bad representation of Asian people and I’m disappointed it’s a large part of this game. If I were invested in this or advertising on this platform, I’d want to be more inclusive..Version: 4.9.0

CatsHey look, I think the game is really fun. But the fact that you thought you should buy a puppy really made me sad. Like sure, nothing wrong with that! But the fact that the lady had gave you a great deal for a cat and you declined it made me sad. I wanted a CAT! You know there are CRAZY cat lovers like me in the world? Some even play this game! Also, you made cats look bad. In Austin’s “thought” of the cat scratching a tree was WRONG! If a cat needed to a scratch a tree, this would be too sharpen their claws and that would protect you from even more trespassers!!! The cat would learn to grow and love you and you’d feel happy! But no? You make dogs better for a garden just because there active? They aren’t as active as you think! And also, cats are also very good at being active. People just think their lazy because they sleep. SLEEP? Sleep just makes a human/animal more active! I’m very disappointed you think of cats like a useless, unworthy creature. I haven’t got very far into the game, but I’m deleting it JUST BECAUSE OF THIS!.Version: 4.3.0

Sadly, I've lost interest after awhile.Hi, I downloaded this game in the morning and I’m stilling playing it since it’s super fun and enjoyable! I definitely recommend this at times when there’s really nothing to do and you want something to change that boredom to satisfaction! This is the perfect game for me and some other people, since some of us have nothing to do. I do wish that the task where you have to help the poor family pop up more often like in the ads, but overall, it’s fantastic! I do plan on adding more things to my review after maybe a month or so, but I don’t expect any bad changes! Great job game developers, see you next month! Plus, the graphics, animations are so pretty! I love it very much! After a little while, this game lost its touch. It's getting difficult and I just don't really feel like playing the game. You did do a great job, but this game isn't the best for me after awhile. I do hope your experience is way more better than mine, and please don't take this as hate! I love the game, it's just not for me. I love your work and I encourage you guys to keep on trying!.Version: 7.1.0

Good game but it has a few issuesI have been playing Gardenscapes for a few months, I’m on level 603, and I really like the game. I think that it’s really cool how there are always competitions going on. There are also some problems. First of all, I play this game on my iPad, and it keeps kicking me out every five minutes. It doesn’t take away my stars or anything, but it’s really annoying and makes me lose time, which drives me crazy because I don’t have much time to play. Also, most of the goals in the extra stuff are impossible. I mean, how are you supposed get like 1000 of those tokens in only 30 days?! It’s impossible, at least for me, I have never finished one of those seasons. And with the extra renovations, eg the trivia club, you also only have about ten days to get about 4000 tokens, and you only get about 40 tokens per level. It is more for harder levels but still. So please fix the glitches, particularly the kicking out. But overall good game..Version: 6.2.0

Stop These AdsThese ads for the mini games are depressing. I get that you’re trying to tell us they are so easy a monkey could get it right, but it won’t work on anyone really smart, and it’s depressing as hell. Definitely driving away my interest..Version: 6.8.0

Take a leafI don't mind this game but options are very limited. 1 level took me 50+ tried and 6 days to pass. I was over it. I'll still play it but when people ask about games I tell them not to bother with this one. Disney kingdoms is what I tell them to play. Levelling up characters gives gems that unlock things so the game makes it possible to progress. But this game. No options. You either get lucky in the daily spin or spend real money. After completing a hard level that rewards with 2 stars, the next few that follow get hard again. They are like ordinary levels but impossible to pass and of course you can't use the power ups cause u used all those trying to pass the super hard level just before. I get it shouldn't be easy. But this game shouldn't be about the puzzles. It should be about building the garden. 1 star because I think even the developers missed the point with this game. Fix it and I'll happily change my rating..Version: 2.0.0

It’s not that greatIt’s fake advertising and constant repetitiveness makes it annoying to see when I’m playing other games - I downloaded this game a little while back I didn’t enjoy it so I deleted it. However now when I’m playing other games it continues to pop up and advertise things that have never happened in the game before. It’s lying to people by saying there are things in the game that there aren’t. It’s not fun it’s honestly quite dull as well I understand if you have different opinions and I respect that. Maybe the game had gotten better and has actually put the things it advertises into the game and if so I am sorry but I refuse to download it again and fall for another fake advertisement. Also when I say it fake advertises I don’t mean just now- when I first downloaded it I fell for a fake advert of this game so I don’t believe the current advertising is true either especially considering that it is so extremely different from the original game and that it literally has “not all images represent actual gameplay” in one of its two most popular adverts.Version: 4.2.2

DisappointedThemed events like the Christmas one are impossible to complete when it takes 3 weeks just to complete one level and that level isn’t even labelled as hard. I have used power ups and extra turns - all to no avail. Very disappointed! Don’t tell me to read how to play either! If you select a power up at the beginning of a game we should be able to place it wherever and whenever we would like to use it not where it is randomly put. More often than not they are placed in a position where a move could make a power up so rendered useless. I do like how we can change our decorative choices so as change the gardens look from time to time. I am just very frustrated and disappointed that I can never complete the themed events. I play morning, noon and night but am now so disappointed I am ready to delete the game..Version: 3.0.0

Don’t listen to the ads!All right, It’s an ok game. I played it for a while, it was kind of fun, but the levels get too hard and i gave up. It takes aaaaages to get one new thing. But the main reason I made this review is because I just got an ad for this game. It said, “don’t you hate it when you see an ad, buy the game and it’s nothing like the ad? Well, Gardenscapes is excactly like the ads!” Umm, no… its not… I played this game for about two years, about half an hour every couple of days, and once, ONCE, I got a dream, which is where you get one of the things where you pull the thingies to save the characters, which is the only thing they show you in the ads. I haven’t played in a while, but from what I remember, the characters in the ads don’t even FEATURE in the game. It’s nothing about helping a poor girl and her, presumably, mum. It’s about renovating a garden. (All though you only get to do a quarter of a hedge after 10 almost impossible levels.) I feel bad for leaving a bad review, but I just feel lied to..Version: 7.8.5

Dubious...I love this game but it’s frustrating that on all but one occasions when I win free time of all power ups the game restarts and updates causing me to lose the free time power ups. This is frustrating as I do pay for some features of the game, but that is going to stop. Today I was playing the “prize in the box” game and again got free time in powerups and 30 mins free play. I collected my rewards and the game restarted again and when it reloaded all the free time power ups and other things i had won (like the gloves and so on) we’re gone. It gave me the chance to play again but gave me the jack in the box at the start. Where as previously I had much more. To get free time on all power ups has allows you to power through many levels in that space of time. I am definitely not going to pay for anything any more because I feel like I am being cheated. I will just play the free elements from now on because I don’t feel like it’s co incidence. The same thing happened last week and that’s what caused me to leave this review. It’s so infrequent that you get free time and all powerups together that it’s just not fair, developers need to sort it out. AND I have bought the golden ticket and often still only get 5 lives, I am in a very responsive team so don’t think the golden ticket lives function is always worth buying.Version: 5.0.2

Problems.Okay I’d like to say a few things.. with these type of apps, suggesting gardenscapes, homescapes, matchington mansion and other playful games, I’m getting of sick of the amount of ads that show during different social media sites and games. Like I get that you want advertisements and people to get your games for reviews, rates and money, but maybe just lower the amount of ads? Also, while we are talking about ads, I’m getting quite disturbed and triggered of how the ads show something completely irrelevant to what the game actually does. For example, I might be playing a different game and an ad will pop up in the middle of it, I could watch the ad and think that “Oh! This looks like a fun game! Let me get it!” And so I will go and download this game right? But when it’s finished downloading, I go into it and it’s a WHOLE DIFFERENT GAME!! I just wanted to say this. Hope you fix this and fix the ad problems. Thanks for listening and giving your time to read this..Version: 3.2.0

Creative team needs to ease up a little if you still want my moneyFirst and foremost: I love the game. Well used to love it. And I totally get that the developers are in there to make money. Now in he past I used to occasionally buy the my vault for £2.99 and the odd sale. All in all I would say I have spend about a £50-70 on it... but I enjoyed it as I levelled up etc and saw a progress. Three times now have I reached the last developed level and was kept on hold, but I found that the new levels that were developed are now so hard that you basically can’t achieve them at all anymore until you spend money. Sorry guys! That’s not how this works. If sworn myself I won’t pay a single penny anymore until your developers calm down and make those levels achievable again. And don’t make every second level a hard one guys. People still want to have fun. If you carry on like this, people won’t play anymore if they know that they have to spend hundreds of £ to get anywhere. Your choice, loose more and more clients because you keep making it harder and harder or keep a steady cash flow..Version: 2.7.0

Stopped Playing FrequentlyI am 300+ level and find the game repetitive and frustrating be cause I get stuck on levels far too long so I don't play very often now..Version: 1.8.0

Great Game, But...So, I’ve been playing this game for a while (and I mean a while...) like, close to the 7,000 level range and I’ve been having mixed feelings with this game. First of all I do enjoy playing it, but I have a few complaints for some levels. I’ve seen a response where the developers left a message saying all levels are beatable without power ups. While this may be true, the levels are very random. What I mean is this, if you replay a level, fruits or whatever is there don’t say in the same place. You will have to reset the level just to be able to make a huge blast power up to help clear levels. Some levels also have so few turns that it’s super hard to beat unless you get a perfect start. Sometimes you’re forced to you a power up or all 3 to just clear a stage. Especially in the later stages, you would need to keep as many power ups just for that purpose. I have played stages as well where easy stages would act as hard or expert levels, and have few amounts of turns. The same with certain hard levels where it instead should be an expert level. I do love the fact that there are these challenges where you can beat a level consecutively to earn extra power ups. Those definitely help, but you can easily lose them. So, while I do love the game, I have to give it a 3 out of 5 stars. Just because of the the way some of the levels are made..Version: 4.7.5

Used to be BETTERI’ve been playing this game for maybe 2 yrs now and it can be a lot of fun but increasingly it’s becoming tedious. You get stuck on levels for days unless you stump out actual cash to buy your way through buy buying extra lives or boosters - but it’s pointless because the creators have made it so hard now you will likely get stuck again in one or two levels and feel justifiably ripped off for bothering to spend money. I refuse to spend now and challenge myself to beat levels which I do. But as I said it used to be more fun, you could get on a winning streak and game creators rewarded good play more. Now they have become more stingy and taken away booster rewards! Recently on their 6th birthday they literally celebrated by giving players just an Avatar as a reward!! They coped so much flak that a couple days later they gave a couple boosters out…lame. Think twice before you play.Version: 6.5.1

Gets too hard - I have gone off this gameIt was fun at first, but now after reaching 1000, every level is difficult and even regular games are taking a few days at times to get through. Pretty obvious they’re relying on addiction to get people spending money to buy extra tools to help them through the rounds. You shouldn’t need boosters and have enough coins for additional turns every round but this is now what’s normally required. I’ve gone off this game, and am now bored by it because of this..Version: 4.8.0

Extremely unhappy loyal customer!I have been playing since the beginning and used to love this game. I have spent a lot of money on extra lives, event tickets and bonuses over the years too. I personally, loved the unlimited lives and bonuses for competing in tournaments like the ‘Orange Flower’ and ‘Dog training’ and for having leftover points etc. DEVS HAVE NOW RUINED THE PLAYING EXPERIENCE!! The rewards have been cut, for example now only getting 15 minutes for completing the Orange flower, rather than a full hour??! The cost of 1000 extra coins has increased from 99p to £1.99?? I have completed more than 12k levels and now get nothing for a reward. Some levels are now so hard that they take days to complete if you’re not willing to pay. Now you’ve added the tournament of tournaments like in Homescapes, it’s horrible and we don’t have a choice to play in it either. This is supposedly because new levels are coming… I was happy to pay before, but I won’t be doing anymore. It’s such a shame, you had a good thing going and people enjoyed it..Version: 7.0.1

Enjoyable game but…I have enjoyed this game and the challenges, I don’t really follow the storyline, I just enjoy the puzzles. But like so many other games these days, the puzzles have an automatic hint, which I find extremely annoying. I know these hints aren’t necessarily the best move and I rarely follow them, but they are really annoying when you are trying to plan a move and the hint is constantly flashing, breaking your concentration. I am a bit old school and don’t understand why people want to be given the answer straight away, where is the challenge? Can you not build in an option as many other games have, of turning off the hints? It would make the game much more enjoyable. So because of this, I can only give this game 3 stars and I will delete it for now. If the hint function is amended in the future I will definitely be back because I do enjoy it..Version: 5.5.4

Kinda over itI was obsessed with this game when I first started, I played everyday! It took up all my free time. But the more and more I played, I kept getting discouraged because it feels like they want you to lose? Is this a tactic to get you to pay actual dollars to buy coins? Because it doesn’t work. I’ve been stuck on a level for almost a week and I have no idea how I would be able to beat it. And I’m not about to spend my hard earned money on a game that is triggered to make you lose. They give you only a few playable pieces to begin with, more obstacles than you can clear, and only like 30 moves? At the MOST? IMPOSSIBLE. And whenever I used one of the few boosters I won to help, they gave me NO other option but to use them as soon as the game started. And they put them right where they would have no effect whatsoever. I wouldn’t even be able to move them lower to where the obstacles were! And when you won coins to actually do something with the garden, it was for stupid things like merely calling someone or setting up a tea meeting? I want to decorate a GARDEN, not entertain guests? I wasted SO much time on this game for nothing. I thought it’d be a fun easy game to play on my free time to relieve some stress, but honestly, it gave me more stress than I already had! I will be deleting! If you’re thinking about downloading this game, have fun being stuck on a level for 500 years and then getting no reward anyway!.Version: 1.9.0

Just another IOS game designed to force you to buy in game creditsThis game as well as its sister app Homescapes seem to offer the same gameplay and allow you to play up-to a certain level for free then the puzzles become so hard you can’t proceed without spending real money on in game upgrades to continue which is a real shame because up until that point I was enjoying both games. I understand developers need to get paid but I will not be bullied into paying. If I enjoy playing a game & it allows for unlimited functionable free play then I have spent hundreds of dollars buying in game upgrades. I feel that’s my duty as a customer who enjoys playing the game the developer has spent hours on hours developing and producing. But enough already on the multitude of iOS and other platforms games that try to force me into paying I refuse. If you want my money make a great that’s free to play forever and entice me into upgrades that enhance my enjoyment of the game..Version: 3.7.0

A never ending storyA very nicely produced game. I have played the obvious match 3 games in the past and in the end the continual ‘sameness of the game led me to delete them. The additional story of redesigning the garden was interesting but in the end you know that as the difficulty level progresses and the early wins fade into distant memory you’ll be on your last heart with 5 moves remaining and no chance of clearing the level for the 10th time. As I never use the in app purchases to progress in the game the coins that are won are pointless andI can see how the difficulty progression and coins lead a player to quickly buy the purchases. If you like match 3 games you’ll probably like this but you honestly know you’ll be spending money to buy stars to redesign your garden quicker. Whilst you can absolutely earn all the stars you’ll need to complete tasks in the garden, for the time it takes without In app purchases you could just go and do your own garden, if you can. It might be a bit quicker and a bit cheaper..Version: 4.9.0

Good but then Bad LaterI don’t normally write reviews but I feel this may help others if considering to play this game. When you start the game it is very manageable to progress and it’s enjoyable therefore you can spend a little to support the developers. Unfortunately for me after playing for a month or so, the game became very much pay to win. The thing is sometimes you can pay and still not win. The Puzzle RNG can break and you can unfortunately use a lot of hard earned help(Boosters and extra turns) and still not solve the level. Like other reviews has mentioned it can become very frustrating when suddenly a level can not be beaten with help and will stop your progression. There are indications on how hard the level is before starting it but you sometimes find what is meant to be easy can be very difficult. The other frustrating aspect is when you do use a booster for the level, it manages to find a way to actually be a disadvantage by placing them in the worst spot. I tested the level several times only to find the same placement each time because it wants you to use extra turns instead which costs gold(payment req most of the time). After playing for couple months, it’s reached a point where it’s not enjoyable and can only imagine how much money the other players much higher than me has spent to reach their level. I hope this helps players decide if this game is worth the playing..Version: 7.3.0

Addicting but has major flawsI started out LOVING this game. I’d always play whenever I needed something to do to pass the time. However, once you get into the upper levels (1000+), they barely give you enough moves to beat it without using power ups or buying more moves making it a pay to play game. You’ll be stuck at the same level for 1+ week trying to beat it. I noticed that if you quit and don’t play for awhile, they’ll give you power ups when you return and make that same level instantly beatable. I understand they need to make some levels more difficult but basically being locked out of the game for 1+ week is ridiculous. Another thing I dislike are those super hard levels (with 300 gold reward) are virtually impossible to beat and we have no option of skipping it. When I get to a level like that, I always lose my streak with power ups. But that’s probably their intention. One last flaw I’d like to point out is that we win unlimited lives a lot but there’s no way of deciding when to use them (ie you can win 2 hours unlimited lives but have to stay playing for 2 hours or else you’ll waste it). There were so many times when I only had 15-20 minutes to kill and I would get 2 hours unlimited and have to let that go to waste..Version: 6.1.0

Uncomfortable for the characterFeel annoying using women as poor image , bagging for money 🙄🙄🙄.Version: 7.1.0

This game sucks.I like the concept of the game but hate the fact that the game decides when you pass the levels. No point in even trying to be strategic. It’s frustrating to spend more two days on the same level..Version: 3.2.0

FALSE ADVERTISINGDownloaded this game after watching a ad and found it nothing like what was being depicted in said are frauds and should be sued for false advertising!!!! I am contacting the Canadian Ad Standard Counsel to have your misleading ads blocked on Canadian IPNs. SHAME ON YOU!!! PATHETIC!!!.Version: 3.5.0

Lies in adsI have played over 6000 levels in this game. It is a match 3 game not a whatever the type game they advertise. False advertising. So disappointed in them. For shame..Version: 6.9.0

Fake GameI’ve seen ads for this game just about everywhere. These ads have nothing to do with the game at all and are completely false. This game is not what it is being advertised to be..Version: 3.3.2

JarringI was on Duolingo and saw an advert featuring a mother & daughter - solve the puzzles & get prizes was the just of the advert, intrigued me so I downloaded to find out that you rarely see this feature in the game! To add to the infuriation you only get a certain amount of lives, & a certain amount of energy to solve the daily games/tasks which takes forever to reload if you aren’t paying(investing) real life money to do so! Even if you do ask your friends in the game to aid you, it limits you to do so with a timer. Effectively it’ll have you waiting most of the day to complete one level sometimes with about 4 tasks that need a certain amount of stars - or on the ‘seasonal challenges’ you’ll need over 26 energy bolts to move two paces which takes forever to reload & is used up in one or two strikes. I’m not sure how much patience I can have with this tbh. Seems better off if I just downloaded what I’d seen initially in the advert I.e this is false advertising- I thought I was downloading a puzzle solving game; or I’ll just go elsewhere where I can play enjoyably without having to pay to play. The other thing is that you actually can earn coins but sometimes you can accidentally press a pop up which will use them up in the anticipation of you trying to replay the level (very FRUSTRATING)! Would be a good game if it was a little more user friendly & less concerned with making us spend real money to play!.Version: 7.2.1

LIARSOk, so I was really excited when I downloaded this app, but was very disappointed. First of all, you need to play this stupid match three in game to do all most EVERYTHING! And you only have about twenty five moves to do it, and it’s almost impossible to do it with only twenty five moves. And I kept on getting stuck on the same level for ages! And what they show in the add is mostly COMPLETELY different to the actual game! I got this game because I want to renovate the garden! I have had this game for a few years, and I have finished TWO sections of the whole game. I DO NOT recommend getting this or getting it for a young child under eight. This was a waste of time, and got really boring real quick. It’s kind of fun, and every time I go into the game, it bombarded me with notifications about these other in games! I used to be obsessed with it but got very annoyed when I couldn’t even pass the same level. If you’re willing to spend a lot of time on this app, then great. This is the game for you. But if you only want to play it every once in a while, don’t waste your time with this silly app..Version: 4.0.0

GardenscapesWas enjoyable, but with latest update you can only play with wifi. Went from playing 3 or 4 times a day and now I can't be bothered..Version: 1.8.0

Fake adsYour ads are NOTHING like the game, mini games be damned. Time for another complaint to the Canadian authorities to get your game blocked in Canada for false misleading advertising.Version: 6.8.0

Losing it’s charmWhen I first downloaded the game, I thought it was good because it makes you think and win your levels. As I reached the thousand level it just became annoying not because you cannot a win a level but because they won’t let you win it unless you have exhausted your coins and power ups. The worst thing that has happened is they have added betting to encourage children into gambling. So I don’t think it deserves any stars at all. The one star is only because it was good in the first few hundred levels. Also it is a misleading advertisement to download the game. After downloading I realized that they are mini games that come only once in a blue moon for you to play. There’s also a lot of cheating in this game to make you buy more coins. It’s designed to not let you win. Looks like greed is taking over the developer. But it’s not worth it... you’ll get more negative reviews and lose your business. The 1304 level shows the creator of the app has gone all nuts giving only 9 moves to finish the level. Wonder if he himself could finish it off!.Version: 4.5.2

Very disappointingWho do you hire to make the ads? because they need to be fired immediately. this is NOT how you advertise a game that's a merging game and you have to get stars to do one task at a time. making a phone call will cost as much as 3 stars and it's so annoying. also you can't CHOOSE which mini game you want to play like how it says in the ridiculous ads. you can only choose whether or not you WANT to play the mini game otherwise you can skip it. stupid ads for a stupid game..Version: 7.6.0

Like it, but so expensive to play properlyIt’s one of those frustrating games where you can play for free, but to advance any, you have to be prepared to spend a small fortune. That’s it in a nutshell. I can say that as a player who is over level 400 and I’m quite clever at games, but even I needed to spend quite a lot to get here. It’s impossible otherwise. It likes to make you pay for those extra one or two moves you need to complete the current game and with stiff penalties if you just quit it to replay the level (which makes you lose much needed bonuses for completing first time). In summary, the whole game is designed to make you be forced to spend as much as possible with them. “What game doesn’t,” I hear you say... but as long as you know this before delving into it!!!! UPDATE: Having reached level 600 and spent a small fortune on this game, I’m ready to give up and put it away. One of the most annoying parts to a regular player is to have to stop playing because you run out of lives. When I’m on a good run, I’m spending money with the game every hour, but when I’m out of lives because of a difficult level, I’m not spending anything because the challenge is to beat the level without throwing money at it. Silly to disable players spending money with the game, developers haven’t done their homework!.Version: 3.4.0

Bad to boneWell I have to say I do love this game, BUT good lord I've worn my finger to the bone playing this game on the same level for days and it really sometimes isn't worth it in the end to receive 1 poxy star and I need 5 trillion to even get my garden looking decent! Then I've got old smug face clapping or winking at me rubbing it in my face when I fail miserably on another level yet again! For gods sake people put some pleasure into playing the game instead of constantly having to use 2/3 and 4 stars for sweet naff all results! Thank goodness I have my enjoyable other games to play during my quiet and relaxing moments. Not saying the game is rubbish it's not, I actually like it a lot but me and most other people are just not getting anywhere then it just becomes frustrating and takes away the enjoyment. I don't want easy but at least make it worthwhile and it would be a joy to see our gardens progress. I'm 54 by the time my gardens finished I'll look like this 💀.Version: 2.0.0

GrrrBeautifully designed artwork, very pretty and enjoyable to some degree..... But it is VERY frustrating to use stars (which are way too hard to earn!) for silly stuff like phone calls, or to use 20+ stars to complete a fountain or decorate the yard (it would be nice to have more choice on the work to be done or not, and that the star cost is less ). Maybe earn 2+ stars for hard levels and more coins for each completed level. It's clear you want your users to spend money, understandably, but making it more fun for us so we don't give up and uninstall the game is also to your advantage. Thanks.Version: 1.8.0

Game outcome manipulation getting worse.I like playing this game. However, I refuse to part with any of my hard earned cash to buy my way forward. Sadly the writers of this game are manipulating outcomes more than they ever did. They have stopped giving you the hope of easy points through watching adverts by deleting the option. Therefore the only way to make points is to succeed through the level3 games or to support team members when asking for lives. However, at a paltry 5 points each time you help, when you need 900 for an extra 5 goes, there is little hope in getting anywhere fast. You used to be able to communicate with a real person at the ‘help desk’, however this is no more and an automated response is all you get. Hopeless. So, here I am again, having wasted an hour of my life being manipulated into losing time and time again. I’m bored with this and the hopelessness of the game. So, until I get curious again, I am deleting the app and leaving Gardenscapes behind..Version: 5.2.2

Addictive but costlyThis is a very enjoyable game, although when you think about it, all your doing is lining up various objects to blow up! Not brain science, so why then can I not put the thing down??? Ok, so the hard levels are sometimes easy and the so called easy levels are next to impossible, unless of course, you spend money to buy power ups. I hate to say it, but I'm totally guilty of this, sometimes in a big way! I would love to know why it costs 900 coins for just a basic 5 extra lives and you only win about 60 at the end of a level. Very very tight on the side of the makers, or very clever, to get you to buy more power ups.... mmmm think we know the answer to that. So my advice is don't buy this, you'll love it, but spend money to play more and move on. What the prize at the end of it.... a slightly creepy man with a nice garden! Oh dear God, what have I done!! All this time and money playing this and buying extras, I must be crazy! But it IS a great game, the makers should just stop being so flaming greedy! Now put the iPad down and move away slowly! 1 star for the makers greed, 5 stars for the actual game!.Version: 2.1.0

Where is the Original? Mansion Find the hidden object Garden ScapesI originally downloaded the “Gardenscapes Mansion” App when it first came out - where the player would find the hidden object, I loved it !!! You find the hidden objects in the different rooms in the houses, this was the best find the hidden object game available at the time on the App Store and your attention to details and design excellent … the player would help Austin do the garden and renovate the interior of the mansion… there was no interruptions with annoying berry explosion matching games! These games you offer now are still good but I don’t want all the stupid berry and explosive matching games ! I updated my iPad and can not access this version anymore☹️ Is there a version of the original “Find the hidden object” and design your mansion decor ? Will you release another of these soon?.Version: 7.7.0

Too slow (unless you pay)I enjoyed this game at first. You play little games to earn stars to fix up things in the garden. But slowly you need more and more stars to complete tasks, the tasks are less and less related to fixing the garden and the little games get harder. I finally lost interest when I had to spend days trying to win enough stars so I could return a parcel to a neighbour. As usual, unless you’ve got money for the in-app purchases then this game gets slow and tedious..Version: 1.9.0

Thanks for saving me moneyHi. The levels in this game are way too hard, stupidly hard. I found myself buying stuff every few levels, almost unconsciously. The levels almost all require multiple boosters to pass or extra lives. The only way to get boosters is to win levels or decorate your garden. But that’s right you can’t decorate your garden without winning levels. Anyway for this reason I have disabled the ability to make in app purchases for all apps. I don’t mind paying for content but this game is ridiculous and is set up so that the only way to win is to spend. I have found it fun, up to the point it was frustrating and is now just boring. It’s a shame for you playrix because as I said I don’t mind spending some cash on games but your game design is just directed at making people spend. Well done you. Just wondering what level those who give positive feedback are on..Version: 5.5.4

Fun at first, impossible in advanced levelsIf you’re just starting out, this is a fun game. The longer you play, the more apparent the money grab aspect of the game becomes. Advanced levels (I’m on level 3234) are frustrating and often times nearly impossible to beat. I’ve been stuck on some levels for weeks. At first I figured that the levels were totally randomized and I just wasn’t getting boards that i could beat. But the interesting thing is, if you are stuck and stop playing for a while, the game will generate a message saying to come back and try the level you’re stuck on and suddenly, the board will generate what you need in order for it to be passable. Obviously, then, it’s not totally random. And since all of the in game events are limited time, advanced players with difficult levels don’t have a chance to complete these events in time. I have made the mistake of paying actual money for items in this game, but I encourage others to avoid doing so. I’ve contacted the developers when my progress has mysteriously disappeared, or when game aspects (like the colored rockets) appear to have a glitch. Nothing is ever fixed, progress is never recovered, and their “compensation” for their mistakes does not involve returning the money you wasted on their broken game. Save yourself frustration and time and play Township, which is a much better game from these same developers..Version: 4.4.2

Crashing is unfair - for the second time!!I really do think this game needs to fix the issue that it throws you out just as you are winning a level but the boosters you used are then not given back. If I had paid for the boosters instead of winning them, it could even be fraudulent to allow them to be taken from people in this way. It proves that it is not worth buying boosters as (a) the game crashes so often and (b) they frequently dont help you (around 50% of the time). So enjoy the game but dont pay for anything until they fix this issue. First post: This game crashes but then doesnt refund you the coins used during a game which has crashed. So far this cost me over 2000 coins and I am not prepared to spend money on replacing them. Either it should reboot from the start of that game or automatically move you forward a game. On a hard level which I had just won, it went back to the start of that level but without the coins to win it. Rubbish! Fix the crashing or be fair!.Version: 4.3.0

Changes for the worstI love this game. I find it completely addictive and enjoyable and the level of challenge used to match the level of reward. The recent changes have started to put me off however. I’m not anti-change at all but some of them are spoiling the game. Firstly, the rewards you get now are mostly either free time play or the green money things, neither of which are much reward, especially when the green money just sits there while the next areas are being developed. There used to be more bonus stars - the extra hard levels are still there but are now just being called hard so no extra stars are given. Lastly, the gas cylinders. Why I lose the level when I still have 20+ moves to go completely goes against the whole idea of the game - clear things in the amount of moves given. Please don’t leave me a link on how to defeat them below in a reply - I’ve read it. They turn an enjoyable puzzle game into a stressful defuse the bomb one and I play games to relax, not to have more stress!.Version: 3.0.0

Not bad until you buy a golden ticket- then it’s a bigger money grabI have been playing this game for well over a year. It has been my go to stress reliever. However, I began to notice certain things that I did not like but the game play was fun enough so I continued to play it. That is until I made the mistake of buying a golden ticket. At first I noticed that some levels were not labeled hard but were more difficult to pass than the hard ones. I was always asked to make a purchase. Which I did not and eventually would get through the level within a day or two. However, I purchased a golden ticket for the first time since I began playing this game and have been stuck on a hard level ever since! It’s been well over a week now and I can’t get through this level. It’s not even a super hard level. The game keeps asking me to purchase stuff. I refuse. I feel like I’ve been swindled. There are other problems I see with this game. 1. The daily bonus lands on the rainbow almost every day. 2, you have to choose the power ups before you even see the level. 3. Why are all the levels worth one star when you have three category levels? 4. The pace halts to a crawl. Unless you spend money on this game, you will not advance as quickly. I feel that this game has become less about the user having fun and more about getting the user to spend money. And even with a golden ticket, they want you to spend more. This game can be a lot of fun but I think that algorithm need to be fixed..Version: 4.9.0

MehThis is not the game they show you in the ads. When does that occur? The levels are pretty hard to beat and some improvements require a ridiculous amount of stars..Version: 3.4.0

Not a happy player 😔 Level 3131I have been playing this game forever now and usually one of the top 3 players on the leader board, I play it so much especially during the challenges. However like most of the players I am getting increasingly frustrated at how I enjoyable this game is becoming the levels are ridiculously hard to win some taking over 30+ attempts and powers to get through them just to earn one star then when all stars are earned I can’t even choose the design of the item that I am building which was the whole joy of the game originally 80% of the challenges are unpersonalised now and to top that off every task requires 3-4 stars and has to take two to three attempts so annoying. Another annoying thing is I am so up to date I always have to complete the chest challenges guys you need to be faster with the updates if you want to keep my interest. I yes to absolutely love this game now I often choose not to even open the app and stick to my favs like Disney Magic Kingdoms and Candy Crush to avoid disappointment!!.Version: 2.9.0

Not badIt’s okay no ads are good 👍 but I kinda want more mini games rather than 1 easy 1 after like 3 hard puzzles. It’s addictive but it doesn’t really hook me onto like “Forever must play” type of thing. And once you use all your hearts and coins, you are wasted and I am not patient and you have to understand because I am an 12 year old and I do not want to wait around saying “might as well waste my life away”. So add some extra mini games on or I will get bored to death ☠️ Thanks! P.s don’t take it personal it’s just my opinion.Version: 6.8.0

Is it really worth it?I’ve downloaded, deleted and re-downloaded this games more times than I can even remember. And every time I re-download it I remember why I deleted it in the first place. You’re constantly playing the levels in order to get stars, but the stars get used up on the stupidest things that don’t even involve the garden. (i.e. getting a dog, calling someone etc.) and then there are times where you’ll use a star, and then something will happen where a part of the garden you’ve already fixed gets ruined, and another star needs to be wasted to fix something you’ve already fixed before. It feel like the game hardly focuses on actually fixing up the garden, but instead on all of the other little features of the game. And then there’s the actual game play, puzzles can be ridiculous sometimes. Boosters will be placed in a position that ruins the possibility to make other bombs. They will also sometimes be placed right in the middle of the only useful fruits which usually results in losing moves and ultimately loosing the whole level. While the game can be good, it can also become incredibly tedious..Version: 4.3.0

Greedy game owners spoil the funThis game is beautiful, I love the thing, but it is so frustrating that, in order to play as often as I'd like I have to spend money, or wait ages for the lives to renew. I'm practically bedridden, so I find myself spending ridiculous amounts of money on extra lives in order to have something to do. The same happened with Angry Birds 2. I got rid of that, and I'm going to have to do the same with Gardenscapes, I'm sorry to say. It's not as if the player gets better the more he plays & so progresses smoothly through the game, gaining experience & skill along the way: the level difficulty is totally eccentric. From the easy Peasy you go to really, very difficult levels which can take days to clear, back to tough, but doable with practise, back to ridiculously easy, and so it goes. I shall be sad to see this game go, it's gorgeous graphics are a real pleasure to play in. Don't be so greedy, guys, make the game more easily accessible to the average, working class dude, they'll stick with you & you'll make the same money, just over a longer time. I'm so disappointed..Version: 2.1.0

😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🥶😭😱😱😱This I’ve No matter how many times I have to do the same Leave I don’t think I’m going back to sleep because I’m tired of being able too because I’m going back and forth and I’m just not sure how much of it to be with my family or friends or not just to be with my dad is my time for the next three years and I’m not sure what to say to him but he has a good job that he has done for him so he has a good job that I cannot was the way he did that he said I would like it if he could get me to do that I cannot is a way I could go back and do a job or not because he is a little more than I do but he has a good time at all but he has a good time at all so he is a little too busy so he doesn’t want me back in time for a long day and then he will get it to him I know he’s a little busy and he has to work at the same day and then he doesn’t have a lot to worry haha and he doesn’t like it because I cannot was like I was like that he doesn’t like it and I cannot is that I cannot is like a big yggbhh I cannot is a time for you and you guys and we will be together for dinner tonight so we will have a little time with him tomorrow and I can get him a check.Version: 4.3.0

Soon to be ex loyal playerI absolutely hate the recent update! I have played this game for a long time now. I'm up to level 2150 or something. I have spent money on this game & whilst I don't like doing it, I didn't mind in order to beat a tough level or advance. Ok so here goes.... the recent update and changes are terrible! I hate the introduction of the currency to add decorations at the cost of real coin prizes! Plus hard levels used to reward 2 stars, now it's just a sucky one star and the silly cash! It's are enough to get stars. Coin rewards have all but ceased! I see this as greed from the game developers to get customers to buy coins. The gas cylinders are a ridiculous idea too! Wasting a life so easily?! I used to think the company and game developers were fair & how good and refreshing it was. However the above factors I have mentioned have almost COMPLETELY put me off the same, I'm ready to quit. PLEASE address these concerns developers. Really unhappy player..Version: 2.6.0

Help....I have been playing this game for a while. I’m currently on level 968. It is a fun game that I feel is practical. It does have its challenges but it never gets to the point where I feel like a have to give up because I can’t beat a level or what not. And I love that they always have little mini promos. Which also come in handy if you feel stuck on a level. Like gaining power ups when you win games and the daily wheel and other things to get power ups and coins. Unfortunately I am having an issue with the renovation tickets. My ticket balance is 33. And when I beat a level, let’s say I win 10 tickets for the level I won, my balance will show that I only had 23 tickets and the ten tickets won are added to the balance keeping my ticket count at 33. I’ve even seen it give me a negative balance if I win more than 33 tickets on a level. I tried to write customer service but didn’t get a response. I have no update needed, so I’m not sure what to do. Now I don’t gain any tickets at all. The event just says “hurry up”. And I received a pop up on the game right before writing this about how you can get double the tickets for a limited time. But now I’m not showing that I am even given the option to win tickets. Outside of the tickets the game is amazing..Version: 5.2.2

I like it but my progress got deletedI like this app and have been working on it a lot and just so you know I did sign into Facebook so it would save my progress but then one day it showed the start of the game I didn’t think much of it because whenever my wifi is bad stuff like that happens so I usually turn my phone off fully and it would be normal and when it didn’t fix after that I just left it for the day but it’s still not back I have signed in and out multiple times and also deleted it and downloaded it. I WONT MY PROGRESS BACK!!!!!😡plss respond because I won’t my my level back I have played this for a long time now and so have my family and it hasn’t done this to anyone of us I do love this game but I don’t won’t to start from the scratch. 😢😭I could literally cry right now lol but still if it wasn’t for this it would be 5 stars from me.Version: 6.7.0

Not what it claims to beAll the ads say that there are mini games but, when you actually play, you only get to play those games like, once!!!! It’s really not worth it. Also, there are heaps of bugs and ads. Don’t even bother downloading unless you like lots of bugs and ads. >:( In the ads it says you get to help the sick mother and children and stuff but you really don’t. I’ve been playing for over 2 years and I’ve only got to play them once. Dumb and complete waste of space on your device. Just don’t download in the first place..Version: 6.7.0

False advertisingYou don’t get to do any of the cool puzzle things that are in the ads the game is boring it’s sucks. poop in a bucket.Version: 4.1.0

Costing a lot more nowI used to love this game, and obviously as you go through the levels the games become harder to complete, but now it’s nigh on impossible to complete the 3 or 5 star games without spending money. Recently I’ve noticed that every time you have to buy coins the price goes up, what used to be 99p a time is now £1.99 etc. also, there is less coins in the safe when you pay to empty it, and the same with mini games, you used to get given so many free energy tops ups in the store, now you don’t get any, and the prices have increased quite a bit too. Disappointing that going through the levels etc, has become so much more expensive. There’s not as much incentive to play now, as you know that once you reach a certain level, it’s going to cost you. I stopped playing another game because of that, because you couldn’t complete the rooms without paying a silly amount of money. You’re losing players because no one likes to feel like they’re being ripped off, just to play a game.Version: 7.7.0

Game can quickly become a money pitOnly gets 2 stars because this game is deliberately designed to quickly become a money pit. Decorating the garden should be fun, but this game is designed to frustrate the hell out of any player unwilling to spend real cash to buy coins which are required for everything from Austin’s (lazy butler) chores to answering the stupid phone and feeding the dog. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME! If you purchase coins, they won’t go far because the stupid match puzzle crap you’re required to play and beat will consume your coins in no time. Each puzzle level is designed to require more moves than a player is given to eliminate obstacles to: find gnomes (there are always too many), get rid of acorns, collect specified items (fruit, water drops, etc). Each level increases in difficulty, but the rewards DO NOT increase, nor do the boosters, etc. needed to play the higher, more difficult levels. If you have a physical or learning disability, this game is literally impossible to play and advance in because the stupid puzzles are too difficult to manage. Pity the developers didn’t make this game more user friendly for individuals with physical or learning challenges by providing advancement options to complete other than the stupidly difficult and unrewarding puzzles. ☹️ DELETING GAME...won’t waste money on it and refuse to waste time on stupid online forums plowing thru drivel looking for shortcuts and hints..Version: 2.2.0

Fun, but the game cheats to try to get your moneyI’ve been playing this for many months now, and while I enjoy the premise and the gameplay, I found that the game purposely tries to prevent me leveling up. I currently have 23 extra lives (probably the 5th or 6th time I’ve accumulated this amount) that I got from the daily spin. I purposely press the stop button on different parts of the wheel, and yet I STILL get extra lives every time. It’s totally fixed. I’ve found myself stuck on levels for weeks because what I really need is a power up to give me the edge to pass the level, but I’m buried alive in extra lives instead. Additionally, I’ve found that if I start blowing through levels too quickly, the game will purposely make my lose a level by refusing to drop the needed shape. I’ve had more than twelve moves left to me after gathering all the gnomes or the lemonade but one, and despite making matches right beneath where I need things to be rearranged, the game will just keep dropping useless shapes for all of my 12 moves and purposely prevent me from winning. I’ve noticed that the only way to combat this programmed cheating is to just stop playing. I won’t open the app for days and then suddenly the game provides everything I need to pass a level I’d been stuck on for 9 days. It’s very frustrating, and there have been several times I’ve considered just deleting it..Version: 2.5.0

FIX YOUR GLITCH …Extremely disappointed in your customer service, which consists of absolutely no humans or promised emails. Waiting 2 weeks for reply for you guys to fix your glitch. Never again will i spend another dime on your game..Version: 6.0.2

Frustrating impossible levelsNot all bad to play but some levels you got stuck for weeks and found out by google the level that you have 6 less moves soo annoying. Some hard levels you completed with boosters or money but it turn itself off so you lost what you used and you still at the same level so you stuck for days. Some levels you build up boosters by passing levels and it turn itself off so you lost everything and start again, if things aren't improving, goodbye gardenscapes.Version: 4.3.0

Enough with the clickbait ads.This company’s ads are totally fake and have nothing to do with the game. This practice is dishonest, unethical and should be illegal. I’ll voice my protest by keeping my money, instead of giving it to a sleazy, lying company like Playrix. Disgusting..Version: 3.9.0

Wonderful ads for gameI would really like to play the mini games shown in the ads. I already had the game when they started showing these ads, but when I go into the game I don’t get to play these mini games. Even though I’m at a high level I have probably only come across 4 or 5 that are nothing like the ads. Please try to incorporate more of this in the game as when you get stuck on challenging levels for periods of time, you don’t want to play anymore. The ads draw me back only to be disappointed that content isn’t available.Version: 6.6.2

Love but needs improvementsI would give 5 stars because I absolutely love this game. Can’t really fault much apart from when you are granted with boosters and they put them in the worse spots and you end up losing all your lives because of it. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE PINK CHALLENGE LEVELS!!! I’ll be on a roll and have all these boosters in my chest and without a doubt 9/10 will lose to these challenge levels and I think they’ve done it on purpose to make you purchase boosters because they’re almost impossible to pass!! I really wish they would remove them. If they did I’d probably give 5 stars. I wish we had the option on when we can use the selected boosters also, they always placed wherever at the start of a level. I wish we could select when we could use them, like if we have 5/20 moves left..Version: 6.1.5

Not the game they advertiseI finally downloaded this game after seeing the ads with the freezing woman and little girl because they looked fun (plus they look so cold and need help!). I didn’t look very closely at the app page and I should have because those puzzles are only a tiny portion of the whole game which is really about restoring a large garden and also, puzzlingly, somehow also being on some adventure in the Himalayas? Anyways, if you like matching puzzles and very occasional puzzles with freezing women and kids and are willing to drop real cash to get through the matching puzzles to renovate a garden then this is the game for you. If you’re just after freezing women and kid puzzles then don’t bother..Version: 7.1.0

Disappointed 😞😕It’s an overall average game. The concept of the game is pretty underwhelming. The reasons that I was disappointed is because 1. There are tons of ads 2. It’s nothing like the ads for this game suggest. By watching the ad, the reason why I got this game was because it looked fun and independent, so I thought it would be a lot more free than it actually was when I got the game. It pretty much tells you everything that you have to do. 3. You have to play these little games to get money. You use the money to buy things so you can decorate your garden (but again they tell you how to decorate it). It would help if we actually started with coins because we have to make lots of money otherwise. Overall the game was 3 stars from me because some people might think I’m being harsh but seriously I was very disappointed because I was getting excited about the game. I hope you consider looking at this and fixing all of these things. Thanks.Version: 3.5.0

False advertisingThe ads for your game say you’re doing one thing but the actual game play is completely different. I have reported this game to my provincial Consumers Affairs Office, the Better Business Bureau as well as Advertising Standards Canada. It is illegal to show these kinds of false advertisements in Canada, it would be in your best interest to stop showing these fake advertisements before you get investigated. The fines are not small, and they take this stuff seriously..Version: 6.8.0

BadIt’s nothing like the add and I feel very ripped off! The add said you got to fix stuff and try to chose the right stuff but that’s not at all what the game is like! I don’t like this game!.Version: 3.4.0

ConfusedThe ads show a guy trapped in some way that you must use logic to free. But when you get the app it’s a stupid match three game. Very not cool. 😖.Version: 4.1.0

Fake adsI’ve been playing this game for several years and I rarely see the gameplay that I’m now seeing in the ads that start out by saying “tired of fake ads”..Version: 7.0.1

Fun...but still too slow with rewards.I really like this game. I deleted FISHDOM as the levels were impossible. THis game, although difficult is Managegable. Wish you could earn stars faster. I would like the lives to reload faster and have the opportunities to win more than 50 or 100 coins. The reward rate is way too low. I would also like the value of booms to be less - expensive especially when you can't pass the level to earn more coins - Hate to think it's just all about the in-app purchases! New content on review: still too slow to get rewards sick of earning four stars to complete half a task, have come to the conclusion the daily spin, (80 days no jackpot) is a compete joke. It is all about the in-app purchases as the hard levels take days, yes days, to complete..Version: 1.8.0

TerribleThe levels are way too hard, you have to get an objective but the game makes it way too hard to get. You literally have to rely on luck instead of skill. As soon a you waste all of your lives trying to pass the same insanely difficult level you have to wait another 30 mins just to get another life, which you will then waste straight away trying to pass the same impossible level. And you are playing this to build a garden but they make you easy starts on things like finding a rake or finding a dog toy which makes you not see the point in playing because you will then be stuck on a insanely hard level when all you have to do is find a rake. This game needs some serious improvement quick smart..Version: 2.0.0

Buyer BewareYou can play this game without having to pay for lives or boosts, but you will almost certainly experience extremely slow progress and repeated close calls where you almost complete a level, while they dangle the promise of getting through the level as merely a purchase away. There is constant pressure to make the in-game purchases as they auto enroll you in tournament after tournament, where you will only do well as long as you continue to buy additional coins (credits) and lives. And all of that may be fine if you are willing to make those purchases, but be aware that there will be no loyalty to you as their customer. Purchased credits are rapidly depleted as suddenly levels become more difficult to complete, squeezing you to continue making additional purchases. If you happen to encounter a bug with any of the levels, and attempt to wind through the confusing labyrinth of customer service questions and screens (talking to a bot most of the way), you will experience long lag times between responses, and the human on the other side will frustrate you by asking for information you have already provided. They do not stand behind their product, and they have no sympathy for their paying customers who encounter technical issues with their product. Customer service is virtually nonexistent. For me, that was the dealbreaker..Version: 6.8.0

Good for wasting time, however………It is NOT the game you see in the ads. It is a match 3 game with some levels that you can be stuck on for days. There are special events which a lot of people seem not to like and they are specifically geared to encourage you to spend real world money. In a new low move, when your normal lives run out instead of offering the option to use the free lives sent to you the only option offered is to spend your game coins to buy lives. You can close this window and go get your free lives but it seems very cynical and money grabbing to me. I may even stop playing over the ethics of this move even though I am not a newbie and I’m not going to use real money to buy virtual money which I accidentally gave away..Version: 6.2.0

Improvements neededOverall I enjoy this game however the time it takes for lives to refill is a joke it should be 2mins max not 30mins per live. Lastly when you win a life reward the time should stop every time you exit the game. I have won 3 hour life boosters and haven’t been able to use all of it because I have to do something then I come back and it’s gone. These need to happen to keep customers engaged.Version: 4.3.0

Stole my moneyI have been playing for a while. I’m disabled and use it as a stress relief. But i bought a package and it randomly charged me for one that isn’t even on the screen, you have to go looking for it, but guess what its more expensive. I contacted them immediately, they wanted proof of the purchase so i sent a screenshot and told them it was not what i had selected. I also contacted apple. But the scam artists at Gardenscapes. Told apple it was all above board and refused to refund it and let me buy the correct package. I have spent thousands with them and they screw me over every time i save a game and when they have technical errors. In my whole history they can see I’ve never bought the package the charged me for. I cannot understand why they would not apologise, refund it and let me buy the right one. My advice, do not play this game, they dont respect their customers, I’m so distressed about having to constantly battle for them to pay me back or even reinstate my game. If I wasn’t disabled i would never play, ironically i use it to distract myself from ptsd but I’m so distresssed that they are so dark and scam worthy that they wont ever do the right thing. I want my money back..Version: 6.5.2

Worse than GamblingSo, I enjoyed playing this game. The graphics are good, and the game is enjoyable. The problem is the ratio of coin payouts to what you have to spend to stay in the game. There are different ways to earn coins without paying for them; the normal maximum payout for free coins is 500 (some challenges can go as high as 6000 coins), and that doesn’t happen very often. You have to spend coins to stay in a game after running out of moves—the first charge for five additional moves is 900 coins, the next one is about 2000, and the next one after that is about 3000 coins. As the levels become progressively more difficult, you will run into some levels that are almost impossible to beat, even with boosters. If you give up without paying for more moves, you lose your starting boosters, making it even more difficult to beat challenging levels. Buying coins can cost anywhere from .99 cents for a few coins to $99 for 110,000 coins and several boosters. But because payouts for free coins are so low in comparison to the large number of coins that you will need to stay in the game, you will always end up losing and even large numbers of coins will quickly disappear. It’s worse than gambling because with gambling, at least you have a chance to win big jackpots. I ended up spending over $400 before I quit. It’s addictive and it’ll end up costing you. Don’t do it. Also, the fact that this company markets this game to kids is pretty shady, imo..Version: 7.1.0

Not my favorite .(I say Home scapes is better )Don’t get me wrong I like the game invite but every time it won’t give me the right moves to play or you know how it is and then the stuff cost way too much on the game way way too much . I like the game to staff and I can , you can do the Guardian and all that kind of stuff but the game itself is really boring it’s like kind of want to those games where you have to do something but it what are you do it until it want you I like the game to staff and I can you can do the Guardian and all that kind of stuff but the game itself is really boring it’s like kind of want to those games where you have to do something but it won’t let you and that gets on my nerves a lot that I’m not trying to put everything down on this game I’m just trying to say that I am only play it when I have to this is my writing I gave it to because it was really that good to me I’ll be with him I did I don’t wanna but you down or then I like all your things that I get that but for me the game is just not what I expected to get one I saw the ad I was like oh this is going to be fine but guess what it’s not how do you like my interview and didn’t feel you know all about Lala blah that about it is I really like game is yes it has some things in it that I wish I could change I just want to tell people who made this thing that I need some changes or some updates..Version: 2.9.0

Can you read?I’ve just read through a heap of the reviews on this game, and have come to the conclusion that you can’t read or don’t give a toss about your players! Games are supposed to be fun and entertaining, with a bit of challenge but not frustrating or impossible! Lighten up with your control freakishness and let that wheel spin, and let us win more than one level a day, or we will all go play scrabble!.Version: 3.0.0

Expensive - challenging but not impossibleI would have given this game a 4 star if it wasn't for 1, the in app purchases are expensive and not worth it even on their "70% sales" 2, despite this I purchased a promotion item that gave you more lives - it seamed worth it- however it only lasted during the promotion -then the extra lives was removed. This was not clear at this time of purchased. Very disappointing. On the plus side, the levels are challenging but not impossible, the graphics is great. And you can play the game without purchasing anything at all, which is great..Version: 4.3.0

Where’s the real game?I seen an ad for this puzzle solving game but it’s not what I downloaded 🙄🙄🙄🙄.Version: 4.1.0

It’s good but has down falls.This game is great when I am bored but you don’t get enough stars to keep updating the garden and only 1 date per level is insane when you have to do so Many things that don’t involve gardening and takes way too long to do... the second fountain is on day 3 now and still not complete and I play on my iPad and iPhone. I’m getting to the point I don’t want to play anymore and on my iPhone I’m only level 92! It’s all becoming too slow and there’s things I just don’t want to do and you can’t skip them and HAVE to do them. I’m Starting to lose interest purely because it’s just taking too long to do anything and seems to be rigged to get people spending. I love this game but I’m tired of levels that take too long to do, a garden area that’s taking WAY too long to finish and levels that really should give extra stars to complete levels but don’t so when you’re out of lives and want to do things in the garden you can’t because there may not be any stars and all your lives are gone..Version: 3.9.0

Absolutely HATE, hate, HATE the timed levels!I like a nice relaxed game that takes skill and observation to figure out the best solution. Timed levels just raise blood pressure and one can't even assess the board properly to make moves. In addition, one can be stuck weeks on one level just because it's timed! I would rate this game a five without them. Also agree wholeheartedly with the reviewer that asked that we can use the unlimited lives when we choose..Version: 2.0.0

It’s not a logic game as advertisedNot as advertised. Don’t bother downloading If you got lured here thinking you have to pull pins to save lambs. It’s not this game. This franchise misleads you into thinking you’re getting a certain game. It’s misleading, false advertising whatever you want to call it. Waste of my time..Version: 4.1.0

It was going to be 2 starsI did use to like this game & still Play it. I decided that I might buy the little medallion things for the dragon season where you get rewards etc. bought the 200 & thought well this we’ll get me halfway. It didn’t… I had about 96 and only needed 20 to get to the next reward, the thought process was I might be able to get to 22 or at least 23. All I got after buying the 200 medallions for $9.99 was 20… I was at 96 and it only took me to 116 imagine my not surprised face when I saw that. So if you ever do think about buying it… don’t you will only get as far as the next level. Not sure what happened to the other games, the one where you had to figure out how to get the woman and her child fire etc. it’s just stopped. While I still see ads for this game… it’s amazing at how much the updates don’t benefit the game. There isn’t anything new besides the new season of rewards etc. Other than that, nothing about the game Has changed. Not even Austin, & he’s the face of the game..Version: 7.6.5

Was AddictedI have played this game from the beginning and it developed into a really interesting game with extra challenges which I have really enjoyed. The grow a tree gave the opportunity to win some boosters and some free play. This challenge has changed doubling the levels to 20, level 2 gets you 1 hr of free play, level 10 gets you 2 hrs of free play, I don’t know what you get at 20 as I don’t have the skills to reach that goal. There is no longer an incentive with this challenge and certainly not worth making a purchase for an hours free play. That has dulled my enthusiasm a bit. Tonight I have just been introduced to gas cylinders, what a nightmare these are, reminders of the butterflies, game over when one escaped but these cylinders are worse they count down every time you make a move and they pop up all over the place so I have spent time trying to explode them and not even touching on concentrating on the target of the game. When one reaches its countdown game over and this is game over for me too Really loved this game but it seems it is going backwards, shame. I like a challenge, not a hopeless struggle.Version: 2.5.0

Horrible AdsThe ads for this game are terrible, showing a mother and child on the brink of death. The game is nothing like the ads whatsoever, and I don’t understand why this company would want to advertise a game that might actually be fun with ads portraying such horrific scenes. Not only that, but ads that are not even relevant to the gameplay itself! The game follows the usual greedy, predatory pay to win scheme that’s just going to frustrate ftp players. It’s not worth your time. All I’m saying is, if we want the gaming industry to change, we can’t keep giving them money when they make bad games..Version: 6.6.2

Rip off, AVOID!!This game is addictive & expensive! Technical support is a joke! Freezing issues resulting in losing a game & bonuses which l might add are hard to get, then there response is wanting a screenshot? Beside the fact that it takes at least a day to get a reply you have to turn the game off to carry on so how can you send a screenshot? Team chests are hard to get & the prize is naff! Nothing on this game is easy! I have just deleted my game after 4 years & 100’s of pounds! I was the leader in a rated team called Honeys Bears. When we all reached 10,000 the game automatically removed over half my players, then l was removed! I waited for a space then got back into my own team! So many excellent players were gone. This was happening to all other teams. Response from support was a few bonuses, absolute joke. Final straw, one of my remaining long term players had freezing issues for over 2 weeks resulting in not being able to play at all, he tried all of supports suggestions & nothing worked so he wanted me to remove him, l contacted support & as usual no help whatsoever. All this game wants is your money & you get nothing for it, you have to spend to proceed & problems are never resolved. It’s a hard game aimed at your pocket. Would certainly not recommend!.Version: 6.4.4

Bait & Switch: A shameless money grabDon’t download this game... for so many reasons. Foremost - it is a standard match-3, decorate your garden/house game, but not only do NO ads for it show actual gameplay, they advertise completely different game types! This is not a “How to Loot” game, nor is it based on “Make a Choice to Save Their Lives”. However, that’s what all the ads would have you believe. That’s a deplorable business practice known as Bait and Switch. Deplorable, and in many places, illegal. if Playrix were a brick and mortar business, they’d be in trouble. To top things off, the actual game has level after level which - while technically possible to beat w/out using boosts/buying extra moves - rely on sheer luck to defeat. There are even levels which are constructed in such a manner as to immediately negate any boosts you *might* start with! Like I said in the title: Shameless. Lying. Money grab. Even if they used ads which depicted the same style of gameplay... the number of levels which force you to rely on luck - and luck alone - make this game an exercise in futility, and would be enough to only net the game a second star. Only took me 1400+ lvls to finally give up on this waste of time, money, and peace of mind. Sad thing is, I was looking forward to actually playing a “Make a Choice to Save Their Lives” game when I downloaded this! (For that matter, I’d love to play the imaginary “How to Loot”!).Version: 6.8.0

Fun but frustratingI got started because I enjoy getting away from every day stressful life. This game is extremely frustrating. They’ve dropped the amount of moves you make at each level, and it’s now more a “pay to play” game. Constantly promoting competitions, etc. but to achieve any kind of awards you need to pay for bonuses, lives, etc. to move forward. Yes, it’s your choice to pay or not...however when/if you don’t, you can be stuck on a level days or weeks! No exaggeration! And if you use bonuses to start with that you can win 1 each day spinning a wheel, they put the bonus (bomb, rainbow, etc) in a useless spot that you either have to use immediately to make your next move, nullifying the bonus or putting it somewhere where it’s stuck and you can’t use at all. It was fun to begin favorite part is decorating the garden...I really enjoy that and competing with my team for prizes. However to continually get stuck with no chance of winning before your time is up and then because you’re not advancing you can’t compete for prizes in competitions and get rewards, not fun. Unless and until they fix some issues (others complain about constant crashes, missing awards, etc) and reinstate the moves you took away a few months ago... I may be done. Sad when all a game thinks about is how much money they can take as well as enjoyment. And tech support is non-existent. Gamer beware.....Version: 4.2.2

Bait fraudI downloaded this because I saw an ad while playing another game. It looked interesting, but what I downloaded is definitely NOT the game I saw advertised. I will not be playing this game, I am feeling duped..Version: 3.5.0

You guys are doing it kinda wrongThis game has gorgeous graphics and building the garden is really fun. The events are very good, the special items for the garden are exceptional. BUT, it is just too hard. You lose too many players because they are stuck on levels. Take a look at supercell, they keep making the game more playable for entry level players, while increasing the challenge for those who have been hooked for years. And they make millions. This game got too hard after two days. I spent real money and still couldn’t complete the big top and get all the decorations. It shouldn’t be that hard two days in..Version: 4.2.2

Possibly illegalWithout even getting into the game itself I have to leave a one star review because of how hypocritical their ad is. The ad says that that games with fake ads are bad and then proceeds to show us a fake ad. Truly terrible..Version: 6.8.0

Why do you advertise your game with stupid adsWhy not just show actual game play? Ridiculous.Version: 6.9.0

Not at all like the adThe ad of being able to chose your outcome is no where in this game. It’s like a candy crush game. Very disappointed..Version: 4.1.0

Nothing like addAdd is for helping a guy escape water BUT the game is actually a jewel match game..Version: 4.1.0

Aimed at making you spend money!I've played many Playrix games and most of them are very enjoyable. This on the other hand seems to simply be a match-three game heavily biased towards getting you to spend money on in-app purchases. The fact that there are numerous in-app purchases costing up to £99 says it all! The levels quickly get so difficult that it's impossible to progress without buying extra time or power-ups in order to complete them. There's also a lack of variation in that practically all levels give you a limited number of moves to complete them, typically far fewer moves that you actually need; the timed levels are few and far between, but once you progress to about 25% through the game ‘hard’ and ‘super hard’ levels appear every 3 or 4 games, depleting you of any resources you’ve managed to accumulate. Also the progress in restoring the garden is constantly interrupted with tasks like washing the dog or collecting a stick. Many of the Playrix games I've got I have played for months on end, but this one will just get forgotten unless they make it into a playable game rather than trying to make a cash cow. The developers claim that the game is entirely playable without spending real money but this is somewhat disingenuous seeing as to do so will mean you spend weeks at a time trying to complete one game, and the nature of the in-app purchases makes this apparent..Version: 3.6.0

PatheticThe game has nothing to do with the ads plus the appreciation score has nothing to do with the reviews. EVERYBODY SHOULD READ ALL THE REVIEWS..Version: 4.1.0

Fix your ads, man 🥲This is… the most misleading game I have ever seen. I like puzzles like, well, probably anyone else who downloaded the game, but I personally do not like the matching puzzles. The ads consistently show only one minigame, the one with the keys. It’s the one where you have to get the money to the girl or the coal to the fire or the dog to the guy. It even advertises that you can pick the next level, when the minigame is randomly generated every time you enter it and one puzzle will repeat more than three times after playing 8 minigames or so. The false advertising does attract downloaders, but it also loses a lot of them immediately (for example, me). Users like to know what they are signing up for and the actual functions of the game. I remember that before downloading the game, I genuinely could not figure out why it was called “Gardenscapes” if all the puzzles shown in the ads have nothing to do with… well… gardens. That’s how bad the false advertising is. The game is mostly making a garden using points, dialogue, and the matching puzzles like Candy Crush x10 and appear much more often than the one with the keys, the one people actually download the game for. Thank you for reading my rant, and if you are a fan of the game, you probably think I am a mindless hater trying to sound mature. And if you haven’t downloaded the game, then now you know what to look out for. Have fun and have a good rest of your day :D.Version: 7.7.5

Misleading adsI am at level 2100 and have never played what you advertise. Very misleading..Version: 6.8.0

JunkThis game is STILL nothing like the ad says. 5 years later and its still utter nonsense. It never once shows a stupid jewel game in the ad. But thats the majority..Version: 7.1.0

Buggy and some impossible levelsI'm getting sick of the constant crashing lately. The game seems to be getting slower and is crashing frequently. The last crash occurred when I was 1 move away from finishing a level and decided to use coins to complete it. The game gladly accepted my coins, I finished the level and boom. When I started it again, I found my coins were gone but I hadn't completed the level. Not happy. The levels get harder and harder as you progress making completing things like the special renovation tasks etc impossible. They become a complete waste of time. It seems as though the developers have lost sight of what makes a level hard, even "normal" levels can take days to finally get lucky. Levels can be just annoyingly ridiculously impossible. The timer gas cylinders are a stupid idea, sometimes impossible to remove before the timers run out. Games should be fun and I don't know who that that would be! The Devs need to look at the difficulty of the later levels and adjust them. The Devs also need to look at their advertising for this game as it is nothing like the game..Version: 6.0.2

Fake gameAll advertisement videos are about making decisions and selecting the best object for that moment. However, the actual game is similar to candy crush with a few extra tasks on the side. Nothing like advertised!!!.Version: 3.4.0

DibbledribbleBored now , no progress for a week , so after playing for a long time I am deleting game after this weekend. No progress makes for a dull game. Have also read many reviews given. As a business I'm surprised you've not been close down with such bad reviews!!!!!!! It's Christmas , stop making the levels so bloody hard!!!!!! Merry Christmas. Can you stop putting the golden ticket people down the bottom of chat list . Other team members asking for lives are being missed. Or is it because they've spent more money with you ! Just check three times now. In the 22 moves given, 6 butterflies don't even appear to be cleared. How one earth am I meant to clear to move on, again get sort it will report . Stuck on a level 1865 that has butterflies and statues. 22 moves , but how do you expect us to clear when twice now I've used rainbow explosions to clear statues and butterflies only to have 5 or 6 moves left to clear remaining butterflies that just don't appear!!! Can't clear them if they don't appear???????????????????????!!!!!on level 1802, is it because I've not spend any money on your game that your holding me up every time there is a team chest. Makes you think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 3.9.0

No wayFun 1 days . after that , if you buy nothing . you stuck and it become boring . buy nothing . it not worth it.Version: 3.1.0

They reduce the number of moves available to make it harder so you spend more moneyThe games got harder and harder due to the fact they reduce the number of moves available. I googled 7 different levels and in 6 of them they had reduced the number of moves, some of them by almost half. For example level 5058 used to have 31 moves , now it has 16… level 2883 used to have 25 moves to make, now it has 17. They will tell you that you can still win the game with reduced moves but really they want you to lose frequently to the point where you give up and buy boosters so you can beat that level. That’s pretty rubbish I think.Version: 5.7.0

Ridiculous!I really like this game, and I don’t want to stop playing it, but it’s so ridiculous! I’ve been stuck on one level for two days, and it’s driving me crazy! I’ve seen other reviews of people who have been stuck on one level for over a week sometimes like come on that’s ridiculous. Some of the levels are so unforgiving, and unfair. How are you supposed to make your goal if the darn game barely gives you any matches? So you’re just stuck there wasting turns until you fail. You don’t get enough coins to really do anything. There’s so many dumb things to do that requires stars, which you also don’t get a lot of. This game honestly just wants to drain all your money. It doesn’t give you any other way to try and progress by being stingy on coins, stars, and power ups. Want to win this level better pay $5 for it just to get stumped on the next one and pay more, and more. I really liked this game, but I can’t, and won’t pay an arm and a leg to play a phone game. Also the fact that each life takes 30 min to fill up! How are you ever going to get anywhere like that! I also don’t understand the stupid safe mechanic? So I have coins that I earned, and can use, but I have to buy them from you!? That’s like if I had to buy my own money! It’s stupid, and unfair! I’m about to delete this game because it honestly makes me want to throw my phone with how dumb all of this is!.Version: 3.2.0

False advertisingLiterally ran an ad mocking the false advertising trend that happens with apps, claiming it was actually like the ads. In the ad itself it showed a pull the pin type when in reality it’s a match three. At no point in game play do you ever see gameplay that is advertised, including in the ad that they directly lie about not advertising falsely. What is so hard about an accurate ad for a game? People do not like being lied to..Version: 6.8.0

Used to be goodI have been playing this game for well over a year now and I used to enjoy it a lot, but the updates have just made it harder for me to play and meaning you have to spend money to go further. The updates I talk about are the changes of the tree as you used to get other items when you reach certain levels, but now you just get free play for an hour or two, and instead of completing 12 levels you have to complete 20 pointless, also on some special events you used to get 30mins free use of the circle boost, but now you just 30 mins of free play pointless again. When you do special events like Halloween and Christmas why don’t you start them at the start of the month instead of halfway through the month, I tell you why so we will play it all the time and spend our own money just so we complete the task. Lastly you make some of the levels so hard that it can takes days to complete and if we want five more moves it costs 900coins why so much could you not put that down to 400 coins instead. Stop making this good game rubbish and harder for people to enjoy it.Version: 3.0.0

Completely trash.Downloaded this cause of an add and it was false advertisement.Version: 4.1.0

Ad isn’t realThe ad completely lies about the game but why would the developers care they still make money.Version: 4.1.0

Don’t do it!This is nothing like the ad! It’s not different levels of saving someone it’s just another stupid jewel candy crush matching game. Biggest waste of time to even download it!.Version: 4.1.0

Lacking supportI hate to even admit that I’ve spent money on a game, but on Gardenscapes, I have. Now I have a problem. One day I go on to see that everything is gone. I’ve been pushed back levels that I’ve already beaten. One being a “super hard level” and one of the reasons I spent money on this game. (Although I have also purchased coins on many other occasions, it took me 2 days of failing this level before I gave in to buying some help). Aside from being pushed back, everything is gone. No more toy chests, no more dog levels, tasks I’ve done, and stars that I had accrued. (I like to save them up and do a lump of tasks at once.) I contacted support through the in-app feature. While waiting on their response, I resumed playing to beat the same levels once again. Once support got back to me, I was advised to delete the app, restart my phone and download the app again. Although I had already tried that, I did it again. This time...THE SAME THING HAPPENS! All of the games features are still missing, but once again I am pushed back to the same level as before and the stars I had gained while waiting for support to get back to me are gone. I tell this to support and I am still waiting on a response. I’d be more than happy to send screenshots showing that all features are missing. Had I not spent money on this game, I would not be complaining, but this is unfair. Either my game needs to be fixed or I need to be refunded..Version: 2.5.0

Needs some updatesThis game is addicting, and it has its perks. It’s more interactive than other matching games and the garden graphics and storyline is super cute. However it is bit racist at times and could use a moral shift… and there are certain levels that simply cost you to pass them. You can either play them 100 times or spend $$ on coins to get past them; I do feel as if they toss them in so you will buy coins. I’m all for supporting a game but I’d rather pay $5 up front than feel worthless because I can’t beat a level without help. ** the mini side games are fun they take you on little adventures where you get to help a friend with a task. In the beginning the “cost” of things is manageable but the inflation reminds me too much of the American economy. Things cost 10x the amount of lightning bolts but we still only get 2-5 a level 😒. So again you can’t find out the end without paying dollars. !* there are annoying glitches! I can’t tell you how many times I try and switch a bomb to the right and the game shifts it left so it doesn’t hit that strategic gnome. Or! When it’s all greedy on it’s suggested match and I want to make a different match that will actually help the progress of the level and it won’t let me, it’s like my fingers don’t exist. 🫥. I’ve also used stars to add to the garden and a glitch in the matrix happens and those task and bits of the story I have to do again, only the stars have already been used..Version: 6.9.0

WHERE ARE THE CUTE MINI GAMES?The adds show all kinds of cute mini games. All I get are STUPID match games. YUCH! If this game doesn’t soon change, it’s going back to the dump. I have deleted this…AGAIN! I keep seeing the ads, but what you get when you add the game, it is NOTHING like the ads. If it was, I would have kept it..Version: 6.8.0

The Ad is a big lieJust stop advertising lies, or don’t advertise it at all. Not sure why faulty information is allowed to circulate. A big scam.Version: 7.0.1

Absolute ScamI am completely disappointed and mad with GardenScapes, the advertisements are absolutely misleading and are completely different from the actual game. I thought I was getting a fun looking game where you free people in a kind of puzzle, when in reality it’s just a stupid ‘candy crush’ like game. I spent about 5 hours playing the dumb game trying to get to the game part seen in the ad, until I realized it doesn’t exist... This is a complete violation of deceptive practices and I feel used, and infringed by the makers of this game. To put it simply, GardenScapes is committing a fraud: false advertising. I feel that a lawsuit could even be risen against this crime that they have committed. Please Gardenscapes, stop advertising/scamming consumers with false, misleading, wrong information..Version: 4.0.0

FRUSTRATING!!!At one time, many moons ago, I gave this game 5 stars. It was such a fun game and I played 3-4 times a day. I’m not sure what has happened in recent updates, but I cannot play this game anymore without being kicked out every time the screen changes. It takes 2-3 minutes to load the game and once I get in, I get a reward and then booted. I might get to play one game and then I get kicked out. Every time any characters have dialogue, I get to read about one sentence and then booted. I used to be able to play with my friends and receive lives from them; but not any more. I can give lives to other players on my team, but I can’t give them to my sister because her requests aren’t showing up. I have purchased golden tickets in the past because they were a lot of fun. If something isn’t done to fix the problems, I will be done with the game. I cannot compete or complete any races or other reward games. I know I am not the online person with these problems. I see A LOT of people going through the same aggravation on the Gardenscapes Facebook page. These issues have been going on for at least 5 months. Can someone at Playerix please tell me how to fix these issues? I have deleted and reinstalled. I have cleared cache. I have removed other games to keep this one. HELP.....!!!.Version: 5.8.6

The worst app everIt is nothing like the add and just an other candy crush knock off I hate this game it really sucks like really do not download.Version: 4.1.0

Misleading adsThe ads don’t describe the game. If you want it to stop everyone has to give them a one star rating every time the ads come up. That will drop them..Version: 4.1.0

Crashes all the timeI’ve been playing this game for several years and I love it. The only game I enjoy so much. But about 3 months ago it started to crash. Initially it happened very really, once in a couple of weeks, but then more and more often and now it happens several times a day, maybe 1 in each 5 games (tries to complete a level). The most annoying thing that is usually happens when you have already won and the final amount of coins is calculated. It crashes and you lose your life, your game try is marked as “lost”, you lose your boosters and other bonuses. Several times I won a super complicated level, used several boosters for that and bought extra moves, I knew I had won it and then the game crashed and I was left with nothing. I now my phone is not the newest model (I would have had one if I had not played this game so much) but it does meat the requirements. I’ve tried to re-install the game but it did not help. I think it happens because the overcomplicated animation. I love the graphics in the game but I often think that there is too much unnecessary animation. I wish there was an option to switch it down to minimum and hopefully the game would stop crashing. At the moment I am so stressed out with this constant crashing that I have to find some other game instead or do something even better and more exciting with all that time I spend playing..Version: 4.2.2

What Is up with the adsI had downloaded the game 2-ish years ago and it was normal. All the adds were normal. Just a simple game when you complete puzzles to rebuild the guys garden, no biggie. Til I started seeing the newer ads. Every single one of them is a lie. I keep seeing my little sister see adds for puzzle games like these and they are nothing like the game, but she wants to download it. This is a pure scam and waste of storage. Even when I first saw ads for this app what i was first going to download it the ads never showed that it was one of those puzzle games. After I realized I tried to play it for a while, but it got really, and I mean really boring. And a lot of people can probably agree with me when I say boring puzzle games or puzzle games that lie to you are not worth playing. Nowadays the ads are far more terrible. Whenever I see one of the ads I cry inside. What part of ‘fun’ includes watching the stupid fake hand abuse these mother and daughter. I don’t know about you, but watching a mother and daughter suffer honestly makes me not want to play it even more. If you are going to advertise your game, please, just show what it actually is. We don’t have the time to watch the game in the ads and download a COMPLETELY different game. It being free does not give you an excuse to lead people on into thinking the game shown in the ads is what they are getting into. Thank you for reading..Version: 7.4.5

Fun but annoyingThis game is definitely addicting and can be fun, but also very frustrating at times. As others have mentioned the levels get progressively harder as you go on. You can end up wasting lots of power ups and coins trying to beat a level and still lose. Also the rewards stay pretty much the same so you’re basically always getting diminishing returns as you play. But by far the most annoying thing for me is the multi-step process needed to restart a level when you lose or decide to quit. Whenever there is any kind of challenge active where you have to collect things or earn rewards, there is always a pop up where Austin asks if you are ABSOLUTELY SURE you want to lose your rewards/collected items from that level, trying to get you to use your coins and continue. Yes Austin, I am 100% sure I would rather give up these 15 apples I matched than waste my coins on 5 more useless moves that will bring me no where close to winning the level. Of course there is no option to disable these popups, probably because they are just a poorly disguised attempt to get people to spend money on coins. This used to be less of a problem because there weren’t always challenges going on so usually there would be no popup. Now the challenges are constant, and I have to mash the end level button multiple times to blow through Austin’s unhelpful advice every single time I lose or quit..Version: 3.2.0

Missed it by oneAs others, I came by this game due to the misleading ads. That’s not the only thing wrong with this game. As for not spending a dime and enjoying this game, you would have to be a zen master not to get frustrated. You can play free, of course, but be prepared to play the same level many many many many times before you get a glimmer of hope. And this is where I think the game is rigged. There were too many, way too many, times where my moves were at 0 but I still had one thing to collect/destroy. Butterflies appearing only after I made my last move, a firecracker appearing just after your last move, etc. That tactic is used to get you to press that continue button and spend 900 coins. What??? You don’t have 900 coins because you just used all your coins on power ups for the very hard level and breeze through that to find that the next regular level is harder than the vey hard level? That’s how they get you. Tempt you to press that button to get more coins. So my take is unless you have a trust fund or have the patience of a zen master, steer clear of this game. I’m at level 1637 and been stuck there for a couple of days now because I had to use 3 sets of power ups to get past a normal level. Yes that’s 9 power ups for a normal level. Go figure. I can’t be a zen master anymore. I’m deleting this game. Same goes for Homescapes. Same problem same company..Version: 4.1.0

Not a happy camper!!!Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this game. I am upto level 2959. But what really annoys me and not makes me want to play it, I have to wait a fair few days each time just for new levels to me added onto the game, so I’m stuck with the stupid treasure chest finding the keys which doesn’t even give stars and it SHOULD. Also, when using stars to renovate the garden, it’s making me use 4/5 stars some things need 2 or 3 as well which means 8+ stars gone in one go!!! And not only that using so many stars and the PERCENTAGE that reaches to the end of the day is REDICULOUS- for example, I use 5 stars, and the percentage bar goes up 3-5 percent and that’s BEYOND A JOKE!!! spending so much money all the time on this game because I love it, yet everything is just stingy now. Go through big chunks of stars at a time only to get a low percentage on the percentage bar, and trying to pass so many levels just to get a big amount of stars, only for that big amount of stars to be gone by doing only very few things in the garden! I think that needs to be fixed. Start rewarding the loyal paying customers with more stars and rewards, because it’s beyond a joke and I’m thinking about deleting the game because of all that!!.Version: 2.7.0

Good game very addictive but rewards are poorThe game in general is a good game and very addictive, but the rewards system for this game is very poor, I’m nearly on level 1600 now and the game can be extremely difficult if not impossible to complete without the perks that you very much need but very rarely receive.. and when you do receive these perks it’s very inadequate to the high levels of the game, the rewards system seems to have been developed for the early levels only and do not correspond with the difficulty as you progress further into the game, I have spent far to much money on this game and there is no appreciation or fair rewards for this, I’m at the point in playing this game now where I’m refusing to spend any more of my money especially with no fair rewards for this and this sadly means I will be giving up this game because it is becoming near on impossible just to complete a single level especially with the 5 lives it gives you which you are rewarded one life every 30 minutes, it seriously needs adapting for the more advanced players to keep us interested in playing without spending ridiculous amounts of money..Version: 4.9.0

Starts off well, doesn’t age wellThe game started off great with lots of things to customise and design the garden but after a while useless little jobs would use up my stars that wouldn’t let me move onto the next task without completing. Many of these tasks require 2 to 3 stars which can be difficult to get if you’re stuck on a level. Another issue I have with this game is the levels are simple at the beginning with some hard and super hard levels thrown in randomly but as you progress the hard and super hard levels are more frequent than normal levels, making it difficult if you don’t have power ups. Many regular levels I have found to be nearly impossible to beat even with all the power ups and just becomes more frustrating than enjoyable and this has turned me off the game. If you’re looking for a game to pass time or a simple match-up game then I would recommend but if you’re looking for a more design aspect in a game I would suggest something else..Version: 5.3.2

Was The Best But Now....I’ve been playing this game for years. I’m on level 3281 and I’ve spent a bit of money on this game too. I did stop playing for a while as things got too tedious. But I am back again. Just wanted to say I’ve never yet played any of those mini games that are shown in the advertising!? Where are they?? There are side quests, like at the moment I think you have to decorate a chalet. Let me just say I have yet to complete ANY of these extra rooms as the tasks just take too many stars or whatever point scoring is used for the game. Now I do actually like my garden. It is looking pretty good. Just wish there were more flowers of different types to put in. How about change up the colours and design of them a bit more 💐🌺🌸🌼🌻🌹🥀🥀🌈🎄🌲..Version: 6.7.0

Harder levels but terrible rewards throughout the game.This game is/was very well addicting and advertised but the fact that the game gets harder when you get further but you don’t get better rewards is ridiculous and cheap. I’m not giving you my hard earned money for some pay to play bull crap. Give me better rewards the deeper I get into the game. Don’t get me wrong I love the difficulty of the levels but my rewards stayed the same no matter how far and long I played a specific level/levels. You add all types of crap to make the levels harder but you don’t give us better rewards? Kinda stupid if you ask me. For future references keep that same energy for rewards if you’re going to make the levels harder. It’s kinda hard to beat a level if you keep getting the “no more moves” sign in your face. Also why don’t my bombs explode at the end of every game I play, even if I didn’t finish the level in the right amount of moves? Y’all really just made up rules as you went along with this game. Doesn’t make any sense at all. It’s petty and ridiculous. Also I should have access to my extra bombs and electric balls or whatever they’re called at all times. I worked hard to get them or earned them by waiting everyday for the wheel spin. That’s foolish, continuing to stop me from completing a level by not allowing me to use my own rewards in the middle of a match. Fix yourselves!!!!.Version: 4.2.2

Transaction heavyThe previews for the game are misleading and imply that you will play more interesting pin puzzle games and see additional story plot points. However, mini game levels are rarely available and are not as interesting as the mini games in the preview. Also, huge problem is that the updates have removed fun elements of the game—-dog training game that offered powerups for each stage of completion, more free power-ups between levels, free lives have been removed from the spin wheel, quests to unlock interesting decorations are rare and have shorter durations than the golden ticket quests. Also, most new decorations are gaudy and uninteresting. There is no way to see old quests to try to get the good decorations. They also removed the in-game cash that let you apply different decorative styles to the treehouse, maze, and other areas. Most people on my peer teams buy the golden ticket everytime—-the game heavily promotes this $5 purchase mechanic over other ways of enjoying the game. And since the dog training, cat courtship, cake layer, and scarf making games for earning free powerups have been removed, the game becomes more of a slog to try to beat levels without any free powerups. Congrats to the developers for removing the most fun elements out of the game in favor of profit..Version: 6.7.0

False advertisingVery disappointing.Version: 4.1.0

Addictive money trap, bewareFirst of all, let me say that I love the game in terms of its functionality and entertainment factor. However, it has been deliberately designed as a money sucking vacuum to extract as much currency from those who are unfortunate enough to really enjoy playing it and who want to progress. There are several tiny nuances, such as deducting from a limited number of lives, asking you to pay coins to speed up tasks, having to pay cash to buy coins earned during gameplay etc and quite a few explicit, blatant, money grabbing tactics similar to those used by loan sharks and narcotics sellers. When you run out of lives, you get offered a small lifeline of 5 extra moves for 800 coins (roughly costing £1). If you exhaust this, the fee for an additional 5 moves is raised to 1200 coins and then 2000. You are inadvertently paying an exponentially increasing surcharge for your desire to finish a level. I’ve never seen how much higher than that it can go as I come to my senses at this point and give up on the level. After spending close to £50 in my first month, including exhausting a £15 pack within 30 minutes, I came to the decision to delete the game. It is fun and addictive, but not worth spending 15 pounds within 30 minutes..Version: 3.5.0

Not BadI enjoy playing the game however the fact that you can only get friends though Facebook is quite annoying. Only one friend is playing it, so I can't request lives. It also costs quite a bit of $ as many of the levels I have had to buy coins to keep playing after spending days trying to complete certain levels..Version: 1.8.0

A game only wants you to payThe game became less and less fair during each update. For examples in level 848 you’re only gets 20 moves to remove35 pink flowers and 80 water drops, the flower port to generate flowers need three matches near the port to generate every four flowers, and the flower port are surrounded by icy pieces which will again need to be matched two times to remove the ice, and all 80 water drops are in these pieces covered by ice. Now tell me how can you play without Paying money to get coins and the boosters, since for each level you win you only get around 50 to 80 coins but for the first five extra step you need to pay 900 and second five extra take 1200. Moreover, the game support team is a mess. Questions never get an answer from human being. Their tips are useless and the only thing the game team will suggest you to do is to see tips..Version: 4.6.0

Deceptive PracticesNothing like the ad. Copies ads from popular games. The jewel game itself gets to a point where you can’t advance without spending money. Basically a poorly designed game where the designers don’t know how to make money so they resort to deceptive advertising..Version: 4.1.0

Good game, except…..The advertising or forced pop up boxes are really getting out of hand now guys and need to be cleaned up. I logged in for the first time in a while (this was still an issue when I stopped) and was given 15 minutes of free lives and a power up, for my own curiosity I decided to time from the point of receiving this power up until I was able to actually able to enter a game and make use of them. Skipping all text and cutscenes as fast as possible and( not reading a single thing ) the time left on my power was 12:17 so that’s nearly a full 3 minutes of adverts almost every login. For those that read the event or story or advertising on login probably will get maybe one game out of the powers. Great game, but please tidy up before the clutter gets even worse or the players decline ( my groups already had everyone leave ) Thanks for such a great game otherwise.Version: 5.6.0

Used to be greatI’ve played this game for a number of years but for the last year it’s just getting harder and harder to complete the levels without throwing significant cash at it. Even the so called “normal” levels are taking days to complete. It’s almost like the game makers have an algorithm that watches to see if you spend anything, then adjusts your completion rate success to keep you spending. I play in a group and all members agree with this. On a couple of occasions I’ve bought coins to give 5 extra moves only for the game to crash as I complete it and I’m back to square one. Shoddy. The introduction of the golden ticket, again, was great at first, but it’s virtually impossible to complete all the levels (I average around 19 - as do my group members), and this time, frankly the purchased prizes are pretty lame and not much better than the free ones. Then there’s the new challenge levels. Literally impossible to beat, and the top hat rewards that you have managed to acquire are sucked into oblivion by them. Immediately following this you are hit with a hard or super hard level and the whole sorry cycle starts again. Developers I appreciate you have to make a living and no doubt you all want to be millionaires, but give a thought to us minions just trying to get some non-demanding relaxation time, and if you ever decide to give discount to the emergency services I for one will be very grateful..Version: 5.6.0

Too many bugs and terrible customer supportI started playing this game last year and really enjoyed it. However as you progress the game does get very difficult and the rewards do not reflect this. Play rix have been very clever in the way they get you to spend money. This being said I would not have minded that if the game worked properly and the game support was actually fit for purpose, sadly this is not the case. I have had a problem with the boosters in the game since dec last year and I am still trying to get support to recognise this. I sent a video which clearly shows the error and support claim they cannot see it. I have now sent two more in game videos and will wait the usual two or so days to get a reply. I have also contacted play rix customer services and have had no response from them. I Am not happy having spent money on this game to be treated like this. So players beware the game is full of bugs I would advise if you play not to waste money buying things that don’t work.Version: 5.0.2

False AdvertisingNot at all like the advertising. Why do you have false advertising..Version: 4.1.0

Fake adsStop making ads that have NOTHING to do with the actual game.Version: 3.5.0

Pretty FunCan be a fun game but some levels are ridiculous to pass and there should be more boosts available..Version: 1.8.0

Stop bombarding with adsThis game doesn’t even deserve a rating just from the simple fact from how many ads have been shoved in my face from other apps. The game is not only just a horrible game gameplay wise (in a sense that it brings nothing useful or new) there is 0 story line and the ads are useless at telling you what the game is actually about. The most recent ad i have seen contained a problem where there was a pink fluid that can almost be described as pink cough medicine that was being funnelled down to an IV drip so the mother could be “saved” however the “pink cough medicine” is being stopped by poles that you have to pull out and one at the bottom that you slide across since there are 2 holes at the bottom of the funnel. The IV was on the left side hole. The “user” didn’t move the pole at the bottom to the other side, “they” moved the poles just below the “pink cough medicine” so that the other side got the “pink cough medicine”. Aka the side that didn’t have the IV… JUST MOVE THE IV DRIP IT IS VERY SIMPLE YOU HAVE ALL THIS MONEY TO SPEND ON PROMOTION FOR YOUR DUMB GAME WHY DONT YOU FUNNEL SOME OF THAT FUNDING INTO MAKING YOUR GAME NEW AND EXCITING. Jesus.Version: 7.3.5

Used to love, has gotten worse with each updateDon’t get me wrong, this app definitely has positives. I’ve been playing for well over a year and have enjoyed it during that time. In saying that, with each update the game seems to have gotten less fair. First example, the competitions are great- with each consecutive level you beat, you get a booster. However, I’ve noticed since the last update, the game will put the booster into a spot that screws you up for that level. Eg- some hard levels start with the fruit in such a way that you can make a booster first go. The game will plonk your prize booster right in the middle so you can’t make the one the level needs you to to win from the start. This makes the boosters not just unhelpful, but loses your lives. I also wish you could properly skip the dialogue and cutscenes. As an older player, the storylines get a bit repetitive and some go for ages. You can skip but it doesn’t skip a lot. I used to spend money on this app but refuse to anymore. You can tell that the game has become rigged, easy levels can take 30 plus goes to complete, and then you’ll all of a sudden get all these amazing matches and finish with 15 moves left. It gets tiresome and has me wanting to delete the app, even after all this time. Hopefully the developers take things on board. Also please don’t advise me to view tips like you have other players. I’m well versed with the rules..Version: 3.2.0

Annoying gameI really like this game. Always playing when I had a spare 5-10minutes. The levels came and went and progression was a steady rate. This is always very satisfying, areas got cleared and things got built. Now however it feels that I can only achieve one level per day. The game only lets me past a level when it wants to. I can use all my boosters and it still won’t give me the pieces to clear a certain block. It’s even worse with the magic hats or dog extras. You get past a level and receive a boost then the following level it’s useless and a waste so back to square one - very frustrating. If you manage to get all bonus’s with 3 extra moves you can’t complete levels but amazingly enough once you’ve lost everything you clear the level with moves to spare. This game has gone from pleasurable to frustrating and I only sign on a couple of times a week play my lives and then switch it off. Where as before I couldn’t put it down ☹️.Version: 3.0.0

Spending too much money🙁I really liked this game, the graphics, the butler, dog, and the idea of rebuilding the gardens. BUT - I have been spending way too much real money on this. I have played the same level for a week now, without boosters,to see if it is achievable, and have come to the conclusion that it really isn't. I would like there to be less stars required to complete a garden task, and more coins to be awarded. It has just become too frustrating now ☹️.Version: 2.3.0

Changed The Game To a Money grab.I first played this game about two years ago, I was flying through the levels, very much enjoying the game, then took a break around level 150. I recently got back into the game, now I’m stuck on level 412, it’s a “super hard” level but, without any boosters or pay to continues its entirely impossible, unless you are super lucky and get a tnt every move you make. But let’s be real. From the previous time I was into this game I managed to save up over 30,000 coins because I could make it through levels without having to use all of my coins to get more boosters or moves. I’m now at 2,000 because it’s almost impossible to get through some of the harder levels without boosters. I decided to look up the level I’m stuck on to see if people are also having a difficult time with the level, and to my surprise, a video from two years ago had 10 more moves at the beginning of the level!! Not to mention, the bonus moves you can get during the level have decreased in the amount of moves you receive, and one is entirely missing. Now the game is spamming me to “buy more boosters!” “buy more lives!” “buy more coins!”“buy the pass to receive boosters!” It’s sad what they slowly turned this game into. The game used to be very good, now it’s completely turned me, and many other people off. Revert the levels to how they used to be, and the game will be enjoyable again..Version: 5.7.0

Misleading ads, not fun gameAs many have mentioned the ads are misleading. This is a candy crush concept game with mini games. I really enjoy candy crush so I don’t mind but the issue I find with these type of games is it’s impossible to pass a game unless you pay for boosters to pass the game. I guess you could play the level like 50 times in hopes of eventually getting the right combo of moves but honestly no one is going to play it that long. The disturbing thing I didn’t expect with this game is one of the mini games in it is one of those "makeup" concepts where the female downgrades herself as a person because a guy left her. We are supposed to help her "look better" to earn the guy back. Like I’m sorry, NO..Version: 6.0.2

New levels neededSo I might be an addict but that’s what they want right? So why have I run out of levels?! I’m on 2400 and am now waiting for the next level to appear. A few things that are just a little out of order/mean/purely for money making: The number of stars you earn versus the number of stars required to complete tasks are totally out of sync. There was a period where you got extra hard levels and earned more stars but these seem to have disappeared. Perhaps having different level options would be good, easy, hard and extra hard for 1, 2 or 3 stars maybe. You earn basically no coins for completing levels but any power ups cost far more than that. Either earn more coins or lower the number of coins needed to buy anything. There is quite a lot of unnecessary decoration! So you have to earn stars to complete a task to put flowers on top of flowers! Just makes it take longer to complete a day or area when it already takes ages because of my earlier point regarding stars!.Version: 2.4.0

Nice Graphics and I love this game but.....I love this game but you get stuck quite early in the game trying to get past difficult levels. I absolutely object to your principals though. You play a level and just as you get to the last move you get the most boosters raining down in the level. Just what you need to finish the level..only you can’t because the boosters are swept away in the sad screen that asks you if you give up or do you want to spend money continuing? It costs a lot more coins then you get to continue than when you win a level and you get only five extra moves. I have spent more money than I wanted and lost most of the benefits in boosters badly placed by you. I want to decide where my boosters go and I would like to be able to use the boosters that fall into the frame on the last move! I’m not spending another penny. If I get any more frustrated by your game it’s a simple process to delete the app. Shame on you for being greedy..Version: 2.6.0

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