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LEGO® Star Wars™ - TFA App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

LEGO® Star Wars™ - TFA app received 123 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using LEGO® Star Wars™ - TFA? Can you share your negative thoughts about lego® star wars™ - tfa?

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LEGO® Star Wars™ - TFA for Negative User Reviews

Not goodThe controls ( regardless of the options) are awkward and the game froze more than once. Using new iPad.Version: 1.4.0

WhatListen it’s me again I’m not buying a season pass so I can just play the rest of the game that’s really stupid why would you do that that’s not gonna make the game fun please make it free because the game is free you can only play three levels you can’t just let us pay money so we can like play games it’s not fair please fix this I really enjoy Star Wars games make me not like it thank you.Version: 1.4.0

Just buy it for console or whatever platform other than mobile.I recently bought the game after my Xbox let it’s last breath out and I never got to finish the game. Well apparently the app doesn’t let you either unless you “pay”. I get it’s free but if you’re gonna make it spend to progress, then you might as well just sell the game up front and not through pay walls. Like the title says on my review, you’re better off getting it on console, pc, or whatever platform that isn’t mobile, especially since it seems to crash on here a lot..Version: 1.4.0

Doesn’t load at Village retreatBought this game, paid for all seasons pass and no matter what it plays the sound to video, but no images then crashes out. Using on IPhone XR so bit miffed and nothing from WB games on matter despite bug report sent on DEC 2020. Wasted my money..Version: 1.4.0

I HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHINGI always have to pay for everything WHY have a curse i have the ps4 ver it is awesome you only have to pay for add-ons..Version: 1.4.0

Barely unplaybleScreen turn black after poe goes to machine visit to a village in the beginning, i can hear audio and conversation but everything all blank i havent playef for sometime and i like the game and the touch controls is better than original. Plz fix this bug.Version: 1.4.0

I absolutely hate that these games have dlc nowI absolutely hate that these games have dlc now. I loved and still love the original lego games where you buy the game and everything is available from the start. In my opinion dlc ruined lego games and I hope the skywalker saga doesn’t have any dlc whatsoever and is the complete thing like lego star-wars the complete saga. I’m not asking for it to be free, but for it to be where you buy the game once and it’s the entire game instead of it being sold in bits and pieces like it is..Version: 1.4.0

Make all missions freeCan u pls make all missions free it’s kinda annoying.Version: 1.4.0

Good but disappointingI don't like that you have to pay for the next part of the game because it is just unfair I like the game but can't play the next bit of the game because you have to pay. I am a HUGE fan of Star Wars but.... one of the only Star Wars games I could find was this game.Version: 1.4.0

App keeps shutting itself downMy son has had nothing but issues with this app. He even used his pocket money to upgrade the content, which the apple store will not refund nor will anyone return my app support emails to help sort the issue. Fun but super annoying when it shuts itself down and he has to start over.Version: 1.4.0

Game destroyedThe game was fine when I was young but it has been a long time since then and I have some issues I only spawn as a classic storm trooper and a custom one I made and I can’t change that and once I tried missions I only get 2 things registered correctly and only captions of cut scenes on a black screen and once they are done it takes one minute for the game to do something what does it do kick me out yes that’s right it kicks me out I can’t have ANYTHING to do in the game so it’s pointless the side missions are fine and I can run around the map but the regular missions are dead not to mention the last time I played when I was young I got the last mini kit but still I want to do something in the game yet I can’t and it’s so annoying so can you tell me anything to fix this?.Version: 1.4.0

Weeeeeeell kinda good hehI think its a good game BUUUUUUT its isn’t like the real game. In my Wii U i have the real game and there is nothing you can buy a lot of levels that you nuy at this game for tablet are free on Wii U or in PS4. Finn,Rey,Han Solo,Chewbacca and other characters don’t have to be buy in the real game so this game isn’t what you think the story mode is really different and i know the creators are the same its TT and Lego but this game is like fake. If you are going to make a game at least doesnkt cost money to download but some levels cost money so please do an update that makes it like the Wii U game. If you do it thanks a lot!!!.Version: 1.4.0

CrashesScreen goes black and crashes every time I try to start the first mission..Version: 1.4.0

Keeps crashingEvery time I finish a section it looks like it should be some video clip but I get a black screen with just the subtitles and then boom, the app crashes and kicks me out. Very disappointed after spending over $10 on an app. Please fix or return my money..Version: 1.4.0

Don’t buyDon’t buy this game I have iPhone 11. Bought the whole game for $11 after enjoying the original lego Star Wars. The game won’t load a single episode, it is a black screen and it will crash straight away. I don’t even get to play. I wish there was a way I could get a refund.Version: 1.4.0

Seriously BuggyBought the 24 level add-on pack but every time I finish the first level the game crashes and takes me back to the beginning. I’ve tried force closing, deleting and re-downloading, restoring purchases, backing up to iCloud - nothing works. Pretty disappointed as I spent money for 24 levels that I’ll never get to play..Version: 1.4.0

0/10 too many glitches do not downloadHi, I got this game expecting for it to be a really good game, but I was dead wrong. I decided to buy the thing for everything to be unlocked, because I played the previous lego Star Wars game and loved it, but this Star Wars was way more different, as it glitches, blacks out, and crashes more times than I could blink. In the first mission, the cutscene wouldn’t even play at all, and would just show a complete blank screen. When the darkness ends, it just crashes the game. There is a chance that it might let you through and do the mission, but when the next cutscene arrives after you have got all the weapon stashes, it crashes, and there is absolutely no way to get past it. There is literally no hope as the last time they updated this game was 4 years ago. Do not download this game..Version: 1.4.0

Out of control and have to payIt's a fun game playing at the beginning the trailer looks like it would be a fun game my only problem is that you have to pay to play which I think is unfair but during my time playing the free version it was quite fun, also another complaint that I have is that Rey usually responds in the wrong way that you want her to and the multiple building options was quite hard to control especially when you build something that button which destroys your build is so close to you so when you walk to your build it gets destroyed. Very inconvenient.Version: 1.4.0

Won’t Update and screen goes black when I play levelsFor some reason it always just won’t update and when I play levels just the screen goes black and there is just a writing at the bottom and the sound.Version: 1.4.0

Nothing knewThis game is pretty good... if you’ve never played a Lego game in your life this is literally the same as every other Lego game unlike its predecessor Star Wars the complete saga that game has its own take on things and would totally recommend it but you know there is nothing really bad about this game just nothing good about it.Version: 1.4.0

Its A great Game but..Well depending on the console type i.e smartphone it is a pretty good game. I noticed that plenty of things were changed from the console version such as instead of Resistance Base as an open world there is Poe roaming around Jakku. But then again I understand that you cant expect a masterpiece on a Smartphone. I have played and beat the story of this game on PS4 and I cant just begin to describe how great my experience was with this. The console version takes everything from The Complete Saga and takes it to a whole new level. Visually and From a Gameplay perspective this is My best Lego Game to Date. I would prefer that instead of buying the Season Pass on This version you should Definitely Get this game on any console (PS4, Xbox One) or a PC to get the Full Experience that this game has to offer. Otherwise This Version is a pretty decent experience..Version: 1.4.0

App not workingBought this game and after about 5 seconds of playing it the screen goes black.. you can hear the characters talking but can’t play anymore.. any way I can be refunded / any way to sort this?.Version: 1.4.0

Could be way betterFun at first but then you have to buy the full game. Could be way better if made it cheaper. I would give this 5 if you did.Version: 1.4.0

Please fix this trash gameI used to have it and it was fine then my iPad smashed and I got a new one today and the game loads and then has a black screen on my iPhone and iPad and then the game shuts down.Version: 1.4.0

No where as good as the complete sagaFirst of all the money should be banned from the game because it is just making kids disappointed, people like ThisOmnivore don’t understand what they are doing. Also the controls are way confusing then TCS and makes kids angry. Finally, I can’t play the first level because it says ‘unable to open’ fix this or no one will play it..Version: 1.4.0

Having a problem.....I started the FIRST LEVEL and the screen is blank, however I can hear the sounds and the subtitles. That’s a huge bug and if the developers don’t fix it then people are going to get into the game and delete it straight away for storage I don’t have high hopes but I rly hope the developers reply. Please fix this. I rly do want to play. Having to edit this as I have gone back in and tried again and now I can’t even move in the lobby. Great..Version: 1.4.0

Bro fix ur game..Bro wb fix ur game I keep trying to play it but the screen is black give me my money back if u won’t fix it.Version: 1.4.0

Game won’t work and black screenWhen I downloaded this game I was excited to play it but then whenever I went on it it turned black then took me off the game and than I offloaded the app to re download the game…. IT DIDN’T DOWNLOAD! I played this game in 2018 a lot but now I want to play it again it just won’t work. I got the complete saga game from 2007 it works so I got this one it just went black and kicked me out. When I try to get in, it goes black and kicks me out now I can’t play it anymore please fix this.Version: 1.4.0

Don’t botherEverything costs too much extra money, the music is half ripped from the film hook, frightened women sound more like they’re being eaten out, controls are sticky and laggy, coins don’t outlive a cutscene and often are unattainable anyway, nothing makes much sense, and then when you think it might be an alright game that you could get used to, it’s already finished..Version: 1.4.0

It’s been 3 years since we’ve had an updateThe game gets 1 star simply because I’m playing a 3 year old game using a phone whose screen is too big for the game. There’s no excuse to not updating an app that forces its users to pay to play. If you’re going to have a paid app y’all are going to want to be updating at least once a year. Honestly the 1 star rating will stay until you have at least 1 update per year (so if you update twice in the next hour I’ll up the stars). It’s a great game, better than the original LSW IMO. Give us an update!.Version: 1.4.0

CrashingPlaying on iPad, keeps crashing......Version: 1.4.0

BrokenThis game doesn’t work where it have to ! Sad !.Version: 1.4.0

GlitchesAt the start I can’t get in the village because it glitches and kicks me out of the game.Version: 1.4.0

Good but not without problemsI liked this game! It did a fairly good job of porting a newer game on weaker hardware but there are problems. For one, this is only one movie. So it felt like a lot of the content was just random not important stuff. Also, it’s easy! Now a game that’s easy isn’t a bad thing and I get this game is for children but come on! LEGO Star Wars the complete saga was more difficult and that game is considered to be better then this game. Also for anyone wondering you do have to pay to get the full experience. Only the demo is free. Anyway I would recommend the complete saga more but if you want to pick this game up you won’t regret it. Edit: I do have a additional more recent problem that’s a game breaking glitch where whenever you go to a level or watch a cutscene the whole screen goes black! The audio still works and you can tap stuff on screen but there is no video! Then it just boots me back to my phone game folder! Please if the developers see this email me or something! Just please tell me how to fix my game..Version: 1.4.0

The game is too shortFor people/kids like me who can’t spend money on iPhone games there’s only 3 and lets be honest simple levels I completed it in 10 minutes.Version: 1.4.0

Blank screens and constantly crashingPlaying the game on a iPad and it seems I should have read the reviews before shelling out £7 .. blank screen at the start and then it constantly crashes It’s not good enough Tried to contact some faceless entity but good luck Wilbowaggins.Version: 1.4.0

Curse of the Black Screen!So my daughter have been having a blast play the first 6 epidodes for Lego Star Wars with ZERO problems. Then we downloaded “The Force Awakens” lego game and can only get Poe to get on the “Portal” to the first level and one that happens... screen goes black. Completely 100% black. Cannot see anything but can hear everything including the screen controls working on our iPad. This may be the first time ever having a glitch like this playing on an Apple device. Apple please get this game in order!.Version: 1.4.0

This Is A Review Of The Content.A few reviews by users on this game have stated that people who are annoyed/confused at this games paywall are ignorant for not looking under the in-app purchases tab. Really? This isn't a regular in-app purchases scenario. This is called conning and misleading players, in this case, by developers taking the main content out of a game, such as the story mode, and selling it back as "in-app purchases". Of course people will be annoyed, and it's definitely not ignorant. In-app purchases are meant to be small add-ons or items that enhance/speed up the game for the player and can overall provide a better experience. They are not meant for taking out the majority of the main game to later sell to players. A demo is where developers let you play to a certain point before you have to pay for the rest of the game. This is called LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, not LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Demo. The app title and presentation is simply just misleading. Yes, you can scroll down and look at the loads of "in-app purchases", but that is forced on to developers so they can't completely con customers. I recommend just buying a cheap priced wii and the original LEGO Star Wars instead of playing this paywalled mobile port. Thanks for reading this, if you did..Version: 1.4.0

No way near as good as the origionalThis game is a disappointment compared to the original. Firstly this games controls are totally confusing. I wish this game was exactly like the original lego Star Wars. This game is a let down to the entire Star Wars community. The game needs to be more like the original. The overall look of the game is not to pleasing and the unnecessary talking annoys me. The game needs to be more simple. I regret ever downloading this game and I hope that The game makers can fix it in the future to be more like the originals..Version: 1.4.0

Disgusting!I can’t make it past level 1!’!!’’74& :’8k,’.Version: 1.4.0

CrashThe game crashes on once you get to the first level even though I have an iPhone se 2nd gen. I bought the full version for $7 and it won’t give me a refund. Do not buy the full version..Version: 1.4.0

Can’t commentI have the game on console which is an awesome game, but this mobile version I can’t say. I have an up to date iPhone 11 and the game will not even open, so it was a waste of time downloading it to be honest. I gave it one star as I know it’s a great game, just doesn’t work on mobile..Version: 1.4.0

I finish first part now whatLook I finished the first three parts or chapters now what I won’t buy anything, money hungry pigs just put in ads or something but don’t fill it with ads every three seconds but please make the other parts free. But enjoyed the last chapter. :/.Version: 1.4.0

The Dark SideSo in the game when you are fighting Kylo Ren and Rey hits his face with a light saber in stead of letting Kylo live you attack him you’re letting all your hate out and he keeps saying “Strike me hit me” What?! He doesn’t even say that in the movie is that really kid friendly teaching kids to kill people because in the movie she doesn’t hit him after hitting his face she just walks around him and stairs at him! I mean come on if she killed him in the Force Awakens there wold be no Star Wars The Last Jedi! Is it really that hard to stay with the story!?!! I say in this game she is basically turning to the Dark Side Heck! She could be the new Darth Vader for all they care! So please get the story right!! Other Than that it’s still kinda of a weird game so if you’re looking for a good Star Wars game look some we’re else. 😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩.Version: 1.4.0

Please fix thé bugIn thé cutseen after thé uhhhh sound the screen goes black and exits thé game please fix it.Version: 1.4.0

GlitchThe game is fine but when ever I play it plays the sound but when I did another level it did the same sound!!.Version: 1.4.0

I liked but now can’tSo listen I like the game and all but I have something to tell you about the one star so a few years ago I fell in love with the game but now can’t and also once I updated the game and took me 2 to weeks to get it work and then all my hard work was gone but that’s not the big picture here now I really want to do things in side of it but whenever I try to get in but when ever I come in I see a black screen but only for like a second then it takes me out of the game and I get pretty angry because of that and now you know my story about this game..Version: 1.4.0

GlitchesThe sound glitches (works sporadically). I purchased the game and it goes back to main menu after I beat the 3rd level. Rip off. Scam. Developers should be ashamed..Version: 1.4.0

Do not download! Game no longer works.Every time I go to the very first level, I can hear the audio but the screen is black. After the chapters finish the story introduction, the app crashes. If Warner Brothers is not going to update these, then they should take them off the store..Version: 1.4.0

My game keeps crashing when I buy the full versionPeople of the game that made this if you see this please and when I say please I mean please fix your gosh darn game I’ll appreciate and I’ll rate it 5/5.Version: 1.4.0

OkIt is good but on the first mission it just shows a black screen I don’t know why that’s why I can’t rate it that high.Version: 1.4.0

Where is the iOS updates for the other Lego apps?Getting no response so I’ll complain on here. When I bought other WB apps I don’t remember reading that you can only play the app up to the time that Apple updates its iOS because we won’t be updating the app then. So, I now find that I can no longer play several WB Lego apps because of the iOS updates. Tired of all the good apps bought with good money that I’ve lost because of an Apple iOS update over the years. It’s time somebody took on the big companies and demanded something be done. Shame on you warner bros. You’ve taken every bodies money and done nothing to update the apps. Disgusting..Version: 1.4.0

Awesome but one small problemI am a huge Star Wars fan. And I just love LEGO games, but I have one small problem with this game. I was always amazed by the thought of a lightsaber and I love having one in a lego game. But I was very disappointed when I saw the lightsabers in this game. Not only the lightsabers but also the blaster lasers. They just look like holograms! I really hope that this can be changed so people on mobile can have the same experience as people with consoles..Version: 1.4.0

Clickbait title at it’s finest!This app wasted my time playing a whole level just to be told that what I just played was a DEMO than the full game! Really! It seems more and more devs these days care more about money than consumers which is fine! Who doesn’t?! But I see millions of apps and other LEGO games who tell you the app is a demo and you can purchase the game later. But it also seems borderline stupid and frankly pointless to deceptively lie to people for no reason! Yes! I know you can scroll down and see In app purchases. But most games I see list bonus DLCS and levels as extras so why would anyone think to expect the full game would be an in app purchase. You miterswell have people pay for the whole game. All you are going to do is drive away potential consumers and get less stars than you would have with this crap! Take a look at LEGO Batman 3 and other games. Hello Neighbor’s devs at least had the decency to listen but it seems these devs would rather waste people’s time!.Version: 1.4.0

Hate itIt won’t give me my packs I bought prequel characters pack Didn’t give them and the battle of endor pack.Version: 1.4.0

StupidWhy on earth do you have to buy the rest of the game🤬.Version: 1.4.0

The Game CrashesSo I download the game again because I wanted to play it but every time I choose a level it plays fine until we get to the cutscenes they don’t appear at all what so ever and when the cutscene is done the games crashes so I would like if you could fix this when every you can. Also they updated the Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga Game for New Generation iPhone so when ever you can please fix the crashes.Version: 1.4.0

Sub parGood idea. Awkward controls, not a lot of explanation to objectives. Free content is complete in 10 minutes. Similar in design to lego Star Wars on consoles but lacks some familiarity. Camera panning is weird too. Worth a try, but wouldn't spend any money on the extra free content. Also crashed a couple of times. Takes up 10% of my phones storage capacity..Version: 1.4.0

Bought full version and everything that came with the add on(s)Help me out for a second, bought everything in game and then was not able to load a saved game. Take the mission load options, I hit the planet choice and all of the missions are not available, only option is to start from the beginning. I swore the data was saved but after closing out the game all the data gets wiped. I can’t believe the game designers would not have a save is there a save and load option and if so how do I access it??.Version: 1.4.0

SucksCan’t play level 1 at all do NOT under any circumstances get this game SUCKS SUCKS.Version: 1.4.0

Needs an update for iPad Air 4It won’t run properly on an iPad Air 4 (the 11”, no home button one). It starts running in compatibility mode but when starting a level it crashes.Version: 1.4.0

Fun game but you have 2 pay too much!🤬I love this game but I think you should make more things in the game free i.e let you have the original movie game but the other stuff you pay for. I think if you added this lots more people would play the game. It is a very good Lego Star Wars game🐱🐱🐱🐱.Version: 1.4.0

BugWhen I start the first level all I can see is the subtitles and then after a few seconds the app just crashes. I do happen to know though that this is a great game because I have played it on another device. Please fix this bug because I really want to play it again. Ps I’m using iOS 14.4.1 if that helps.Version: 1.4.0

Star warsIt’s alright I guess but when ever I play it kicks me from the app but I would recommend it but please fix those glitches.Version: 1.4.0

Great butI can’t make it passed level three and I payed for the full version.Version: 1.4.0

Why?This game is a good example of clickbait, it gives you a demo when it SHOULD give you the full game. Does it say it is a demo in the title? No, and I know that it said that you need to buy the full game if you want to play the full game, and I am fine with it. But I am not fine with when they DON’T Saying that it is not a demo in the title even if it is a demo plus the game does not even save data, so if it updates and you bought every dlc available, guess what? You have to buy EVERY dlc again! And you also have to redo ALL of your progress. The makers of this game are just a bunch of jerks!.Version: 1.4.0

AwfulThis is the worst game ever I hurled once when I saw this game and why is it always one episode of the game.Version: 1.4.0

Great Game, Horrible BugThis game is great, but dying. There’s a bug where the game loads the subtitles for the cutscene, but doesn’t have the cutscene. The screen is black, but has sounds and subtitles. Once the cutscene is over, the game crashes. I redownloaded this after a year, and I can’t play it. I tried resetting my iCloud data and reinstalling the app, but neither works. What’s sad is that they probably will never update this game again, so it won’t get fixed. If anyone knows the problem, please help me..Version: 1.4.0

Fix this pleaseOn the first chapter the screen is black and I can only see the captions then after that it just stays black.Version: 1.4.0

It doesn’t let me playEvery time I play it doesn’t let me.Version: 1.4.0

CrashingI Play the game for 2 minutes then it shows me a video but I can’t see anything because the screen is black and then I get kick out:(..Version: 1.4.0

It’s not working :(I’ve tried to reload the game heaps of times and it’s still not working! I used to play this when I was little and it worked then but now it isn’t. I even deleted it and re-download it over and over again and it still doesn’t work. It doesn’t work at the bit where Lor San Tekka and Poe finish talking. It just kicks me out it WAS an awesome game but it just doesn’t work anymore. But it’s ok.Version: 1.4.0

Crashes every time I try to play itHow do I get a refund? On my iPhone and iPad, the game loads fine and I can navigate the first scene but when I move to and try to play the village level, the first one, game just has a blank screen and I can hear the music and character sounds in the background. Phone and tablet both on latest iOS but both have the same problem.Version: 1.4.0

Doesn’t workEither crashes or I just get a black screen with some sound then it never opens and eventually closes. I paid $9.99 for the pack and can’t use any of it. This is a terrible game. It needs to be upgraded and fixed. Others have complained of the same issues..Version: 1.4.0

CrashesThe game crashes all the time. Very frustrating..Version: 1.4.0

Game keeps closing at end of Level1Really disappointed, game keeps shutting down at the end of level 1 even after making full purchase of the rest of the games content . Pretty poor really.Version: 1.4.0

Cheat Codes?I love the Lego games on iOS and the price is reasonable for the mobile platform, especially now all the DLC promised in the season pass is available. The game delivers the fun and puzzle solving we've come to expect from Traveller's Tales. I don’t like the way the level navigation has been integrated into the iOS game. It’s confusing and frustrating at times. There is also no obvious way to enter cheat codes on the iOS version either. I don’t use this very often but sometimes I hit a part of the game that I want to skip through with a different character. How about it TT? It would be nice to keep the menus and functions consistent throughout the LEGO games..Version: 1.4.0

UnplayableThe map where you navigate each chapter loads fine but when you start the first chapter the screen goes black after the loading screen. Audio is there but no graphics. Have restarted phone, uninstalled and reinstalled app but still not working. DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNTIL WB FIXES THIS ISSUE..Version: 1.4.0

Your all idiotsMy Dad downloaded this game, for me, because we both thought that it was free. A couple of days later I have a look and... I find out that, you only get chapter 1 free, then you have to pay for the rest of the game. So I am so annoyed😠, angry 😡 and upset 😢😢. This was the game I was going to play on holiday and I can’t thanks a lot, not..Version: 1.4.0

Crashes during first levelVideos don’t seem to play, can only be heard, and crashes during the first level, so not currently playable. Occurs on iPad and iPhone. Looks like the same issue posted previously in January..Version: 1.4.0

🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬How do you do that stupid lvl were you are in that castle's dungeon and were there’s a bunch of gears you have to find the bit when you swing to get to the gear on top of a roof of a frickin little house garage or whatever I had to delete the game and now it won’t let me get it back 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿☠️☠️☠️👹👿👹🤕🤒 that’s how angry I frickin am..Version: 1.4.0

I can’t even get my season pass back!Well, at least I have Nintendo switch Lego Star Wars. But still I need it back!.Version: 2.2.0

Help! I can’t download this game!Help! I can’t download this game!.Version: 1.4.0

Does not support Family SharingDeceptive and misleading company! This game does not support Family Sharing! None of the in app purchases are transferable. Also they provide no support. After 2 support requests over a month with no reply I had to contact Apple and they informed me that the app supports family sharing of the free game, wow you can share the free version..Version: 1.4.0

Overall good but very big bugWhen I load the game it all works fine until I try the first level then the screen goes black and you can only hear sound I know it is a good game because I had it on my phone.Version: 1.4.0

Glitch in gameThere is a glitch in this game that leaves you with a black screen when loading episode 1. Having just spent £6.99 to access the full game this is very frustrating for my boy who was really looking forward to play this. I’m awaiting a response as either want a full refund or the developers to fix the issue. It appears many others have faced the same problem. I’m sure the game is great... just can’t play it!.Version: 1.4.0

Just fix the bugYou haven’t fixe the bug lame.Version: 1.4.0

Not as good as Original. :|It was ok but not as good as Original, a little glitchy and took too much space. (1.28GB) not happy. I was hoping it to be continued on the original game. At least it had cutscenes that was the only positive thing really. I hope it improves for the next movie. 😬😐😎.Version: 1.4.0

Level blackout. Fix quickly pleaseWaste of time and money since you can’t even play the levels. We paid for the full version and it keeps blacking out and shutting the app down..Version: 1.4.0

No screenI love the game but when I play a level and there is talking I can hear it but can not see it and when the talking is done it just kicks me out of the game and I have tried everything to stop that and It would not work I have even tried to delete it than install it again but that was not the best idea anyways I have even restarted my I pad like 100 times and it would not work.Version: 1.4.0

Fix game breaking bug on iOS 14Since iOS 14, all cut scenes are replaced by a black screen and my kids can’t play any levels. From what I can tell, this makes the game unusable and has been broken for months. Please fix the issue or take this game off the App Store..Version: 1.4.0

DisappointingWhen I first got this game, I thought that it was OP. Then I found out you have to buy pretty much all the in app purchases to actually be able to play the game properly..Version: 1.4.0

BrokenWhenever I try to start a level it doesn’t even let me play the game I’ve been deleting the game and restarting it.Version: 1.4.0

Blacks outDownloaded this app for my very excited 9yr old and even purchased extras for 7.99! Only for him not to be able to even star as like others I see the screen blacks out and he can’t play out all!, fix this now or give me my money back!!!!.Version: 1.4.0

SucksI can’t even make it to the first level. It just kicks me off the app before I even start the first level and it’s so bad I can’t even rate this game.Version: 1.4.0

GarbageDidn’t even get to play.Version: 1.4.0

GlitchedWhen I do the first cutscene, it only has the Audio, and it shows like a play button at the bottom of the screen, but when I press it, it logs me out of the game.Version: 1.4.0

Should be removed from the App StoreDoes not work if you have iOS 14. Cannot revert to a previous version of IOS. Now have a devastated 4 year old who has been saving for weeks for this and cannot understand why the levels are a black screen. Lego should be ashamed. We expect a refund..Version: 1.4.0

PayWe only pay JUST FOR playing the full.. CRAZY☹️😡 I’m 😠 upset.Version: 2.2.0

Kicking you outIt won’t let me play it just kicks me out.Version: 1.4.0

Buy the levels!!!???This game is fun but yet bad because you can only play the first three levels for free and you have to buy the rest of them!! Please change this I don’t want to spend my money on levels if you’re gonna make people spend money on the levels then just go ahead and make people buy the hole game instead!!! No problem for me cause I already have the game, so there please change it!!!.Version: 1.4.0

NOT THE BESTIt's a bit glitchy and it's so hard because I don't know what to do. Please have more instructions. I don't really understand what to do and it's glitchy. That's the reason I only gave it two stars..Version: 1.4.0

Paying ?! Seriously?!I love the game. It’s addictive and fun to pay, overall- awesome!!!! But paying ? Really? Come on !!!! I can pay my favourite game ( this one) because I have to pay to play levels!!!! Please stop it !!!!.Version: 1.4.0

Broke when we paid!My 9 year old used his pocket money to buy the “All content season pass”, then the game stopped working. Levels begin, then there’s dialog behind a blank screen for a minute, then the app crashes and kicks us out. Please either fix it immediately or give the poor kid his money back! On iPad..Version: 1.4.0

It’s not the best it kicks me out all the time when I’m trying to get in a levelIt’s annoying I hate it when it kicks me out and takes forever to load back and I think it should be re-wrote because that is something I hate about and I think it should remove that of a put it on a 1 star review.Version: 1.4.0

Doesn’t even work nine dollars for thisIt doesn’t even like when I go in the first level in battle of Endor it just shows the cut scene with a black screen and crashes invert me back to the Home Screen can you fix now.Version: 1.4.0

Crashes like an xwing on fireGot this for my son and purchased the game. Does not work. At the ‘village retreat’ on ‘assault on Jakku’ , for novices that’s the first stage, you get sound only for 30 secs with a blank screen then it crashes. Reinstalled 3 times and still does it. Very disappointed son and I’m frustrated at such a glitchy piece of software. 1* rating. IOS up to date and no capacity issues. Cmon WB fix your app..Version: 1.4.0

Changed from the Complete SagaI understand it is a new game for a new generation and new audiences. But if it ain’t broke? The complete saga and previous Lego Star Wars games were the best. The new mechanics and problem solving are simply awful and nowhere near as enjoyable as they once were. Not to mention the graphics are somehow better on the complete saga? Massively disappointed with this game..Version: 1.4.0

Hate it (please read why)Guys I love Star Wars I would die for it. But the game is not bad, that is not why I gave it a one star review. The game is great it has all the details you can fight the dark side too. But I purchased the second part of the game about a year ago because I loved the game so much and I played the game at least twice a week. So I was in touch with the game . So then couple weeks ago I had to update the game so I tapped on it to update but it would not update. So I gave it a week and was able to update it and I updated the game and ALL MY DATA WAS LOST all of it all my coins and the seven dollar package for the second part of the game. Plus it still says I have to buy the second part of the game for your guys own good don’t buy the second part or just don’t get the game overall. It has happed to me I don’t want anyone else have to waste seven dollars on a game that will not save your data..Version: 1.4.0

Jeu payant?Pourquoi ce jeu est gratuit mais il faux l’acheter après?.Version: 1.4.0

Saving progressLoving this game, however I’m having trouble saving my progress, when I come out of the game I have start from the start again, don’t have time for that, any help ??.Version: 1.4.0

So badThe star wars complete saga is way better than this bad game🤮.Version: 1.4.0

?Once I got to the agillity wall, I KNEW IT WAS Bulldust. TERRIBLE!!!!!!.Version: 1.4.0

CrapRubbish, ever since I bought the game it crashes and doesn’t work properly. I’m on the latest IOS and on the latest update. I paid money I expect it to work. It keeps crashing and the first mission doesn’t even load and kicks me out of the app. I expected better. How can you enjoy a game you can’t even play properly..Version: 1.4.0

I can’t play the first levelI saw this game as a good game, that would be nice to play offline on a road trip, but I thought wrong. Whenever I go to select the first level, because it’s the only one I can play, it shows the loading screen like it should... but whenever I go into the first cutscene, the screen goes black and I can’t do anything, the audio works fine, but my screen goes black, and whenever the skip cutscene pops up and I tap it, I get sent to my phone screen, and I have to open the app again. This has happened 10 times now since I got the game, which was the day in writing this review. This glitch is VERY annoying, and I can’t play the game because of it. Could you please fix this glitch/bug. It has also been happening to other people it seems, and their having the exact same problem as me. So could you please fix or update the game soon..Version: 1.4.0

BadYou need to PAY to play full version but at first it is kind of fun..Version: 1.4.0

There’s something wrongIt’s a great game but something is going on with it. Before it was so fun but then just recently I started a level and the cutscene was black I could still hear it but not see it and when it was done the game crashes I tried deleting it and re-download it but all of the data was lost I mean the stuff I bought was saved but everything else wasn’t can you try to fix that 🙂.Version: 1.4.0

Pay to PlayThis Star Wars game is very fun to play, and it follows the storylines of the real movie very closely, but after just 3 scenes, it tells you that you can’t play unless you buy the ‘Full Version’ for £4.99. It would be good, but if you’re not looking to spend money, keep looking.Version: 1.4.0

URGENT MFI CONTROLLER UPDATE NEEDEDSince the IOS 11 update my Nimbus Steelseries MFI controller will not work with this app. Please provide update to fix this issue as my Nimbus software is up to date but the app is now incompatible. Other developers have taken the time to update there apps for IOS 11 so please fix this issue. I am not happy that my $100 controller will no longer work as it was purchased for the sole purpose to play this game as well as Lego Jurassic World & Lego the Lord of the Rings (which by the way needs an update as well). PLEASE PLEASE do an update. PS: MFI controller now works after restarting ipad? Yay but please still maintain update so your customers can continue to enjoy it :) PSS: Still not working properly PLEASE FIX :(:(.Version: 1.4.0

Take into considerationPlease can you make the other levels free. Make like a million a day I personally would enjoy being able to play all the levels for free. I don’t have that much money. :(.Version: 1.4.0

:((((The screen is black..... I HAVE BEEN WAITTING FOR 10 Min AFETR THE MUSIC ENDED THEN BLACK SCREEN.Version: 1.4.0

A lot of fixes for all LEGO gamesI was playing the game having fun thinking it would be longer and more fun turns out it was HORRIBLE LEGO creators stop worrying about money and at least make a LEGO that is free no PAYMENT and just let those playing have fun. I literally did only like two parts of the game in like 45 minutes. How you read this review because next game that is like this one I will give it a lower rating than I did for this one. I am serious. Kids can not even play a full game without having to pay. And some pay like stop worrying about the money and worry about the kids being happy that is money right there making smiles on kids faces. READ THIS.Version: 1.4.0

Crashes leaving you with a black screen with only sound. Waste of £6.99!Just bought this for my 4 year old and it crashes leaving you with a black screen and sound only. Very disappointed and an unhappy 4 year old. Would be an excellent game if it worked..Version: 1.4.0

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