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Science Channel GO App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Science Channel GO app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Science Channel GO? Can you share your negative thoughts about science channel go?

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Science Channel GO for Negative User Reviews

DirecTV provider login issuesI have the SciGo app on my Apple TV and my iPhone 7. I also subscribe to DirecTV and pay $145 for the DirecTV package which includes the Sci channel. I’m logged into my TV provider on the app. When I try to watch an episode onDemand of my shows I get an error message that says that this channel isn’t included in my TV provider package, please contact your provider. I called DirecTV and they said they have no control over your app. Why am I getting this message when I pay for your channel through DirecTV????? Please tell me how to fix this. It is extremely irritating to $145 a month for TV and not be able to watch what I want onDemand on my apple devices..Version: 2.14.0

Tv providerIve had the app for a while but every now and then it signs out of my tv provider and then wont log back in when i hit log in. it will act like its going to log in but doesnt. ive deleted the app at least 6 or 7 times now and its making me mad that i cant watch what i want to because it wont log in. FIX THIS!!!! oh n add the rest of the mythbusters seasons. all of the ones that jamie snd adam were the hosts for. there were like 26 or so seasons. so far u only have like 9 or 10 seasons up. please add all seasons!.Version: 7.6.5

Oh my god the repeating ads7 or 8 ads per break is insane. Worse, the same ads repeat over and over. Our high score is 3 ads for the same California 529 plan back to back. Update: The developer says this shouldn’t happen. Oh please. Every other review here points out the same problem. Now I’m seeing smart water ads repeated three times in a row. Admit it, you don’t have any ad inventory, and rather than solving that problem, you’re beating us over the head with the same ad. If your advertisers knew how much I’ve grown to hate them, they’d pull what few ads you have..Version: 7.6.0

Like most othersI really like being able to watch most of my old shows, even though the app likes to pick and chose which episodes are going to be one there today, I can live with it. What I'm starting not being able to live with is all the same commercials. So many, and they are even play before the interval break, so when the actual interval break comes up...you guessed it, another 2:30 minutes worth of the same repeating commercials! Please fix this problem, because, if the app design people actually read these app reviews like we hope you do....You have a lot of the same complaints..Version: 2.11.0

Continuous play draining my iPad batteryI watch many shows on this app to relax before bed. If I fall asleep with a show playing it will keep playing content not just from the program but will select other programs to keep playing. When this happens my plugged in iPad that was at 100% drops to 50-70%. There is no way I can find to stop this. Nothing in settings or warnings. If I could stop this I would rate this App a 5. I am disappointed I cannot watch programs I enjoy due to this..Version: 7.7.1

Rip off in spaceI agree with the majority of the reviews I’ve read. I thought I would be privy to shows that are interesting and science related, not the same conspiracy BS shown on television. Once again, shows that could be entertaining and educational are either crap or nothing more than a prop for continual commercials and repetition of the content viewed before the barrage of commercials began. Honestly, the general adult public, as well as children, are not that daft. We are dumping cable due to outrageous cost for lack of content not only on Science channel, but other interesting channels as well, with very little content and endless commercials. A ridiculous waste of time and money..Version: 7.5.5

AwfulNothing but problems with this app on Apple TV. I absolutely love this channel! But the app only allows you to watch a few of the shows. Even though I am signed into my provider and pay for the Science Channel through my cable provider, the majority of the shows are locked. I can watch episode 3 of Unearthed but none of the other episodes. It’s been nothing but problems from the start of this app. To make it worse I have been contacting support repeatedly and have heard absolutely nothing back. Nothing. Not even a confirmation email. So frustrating. Don’t bother with the app for Apple TV. It’s a complete waste of time. So is trying to contact them..Version: 2.8.1

I LOVE SCIENCE CHANNELI’m SO confused... you cut off dish from using your web page and app, the app and web page forced us to watch advertisements (Ad revenue) now I can only watch using my dish service app and webpage. This is allowing me to only watch your channel commercial free. I wish I could understand your logic. You are loosing a lifelong science fan as I enjoyed using your app and page to explore what else you have to offer. Sad. Not to complain about free streaming, I just don’t want to see the world lose access to the science channel. Fix this Science Channel, before it’s to late..Version: 7.6.9

FIX YOUR APPUPDATE: Stop making ads play whenever you have to scan an ep. I wanted to continue watching an episode that I started earlier, but the app started it over at the beginning. When I moved the slider to try to find where I was at, I got three ad breaks to about :30 seconds of content. That’s a TERRIBLE user experience. This thing is buggy as hell. Episodes routinely freeze at random points; if they do start playing again (which is 50/50 at best) they do so at a significantly lower video quality. (Meanwhile, the commercials are almost always playing at the highest video quality.) I also found an episode of Mythbusters that is improperly linked - the episode marked Killer Tissue Box from Season 3 actually plays the giant speaker episode from a later season..Version: 2.11.0

Lack of showsI love the fact that i can select shows to watch that i love on the science channel, but I’m not very happy that certain seasons and shows are constantly locked and cannot be viewed with verizon fios. And that there are only a certain number of the shows available. After awhile it seems like certain shows (seasons) end up being locked that were previously unlocked. Why are the shows/entire seasons locked if the app uses your cable provider to view them?.Version: 2.12.0

WHY MUST YOU MAKE THIS SO DIFFICULT?!?!?!?!?It started off ok. I used my tv provider to unlock all episodes. Then, a day later this red key symbol shows up and it says that my tv provider’s settings do not include this content, needs to re-authenticate. So I try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app and unlocking every episode with my tv provider. Now it keeps saying; “We’ve encountered an error playing this video, please try again later.” And it says that for EVERY EPISODE! Please fix so I can get back to watching my favorite shows!.Version: 2.12.0

New version doesn't work for me.I used to watch Science channel a lot and often on an Apple TV. But since the new app was installed, I can no longer watch Science. I like the way all of the channels are now in one app. But sadly they are all locked even though it's connected to my DISH network account. I can still watch Discovery, TCL, ID, etc as those apps haven't been updated. I wish I could get the old SciGo app back..Version: 8.0.6

Used to love itI used to love this, but since the new Discovery plus has come out they put 2-3 minutes of commercials about every 5-10 minutes (and of course always plugging their Discovery + right before the show is back on). I already pay for my cable which pays for the app privileges. I understood before having a few commercials every 20 minor so but this is ridiculous..Version: 7.7.2

Stuck in the 90sWe’re in the 21st century. No one has the patience for ads. You guys are drinking your own koolaid if you think this can last. I love the content, can’t bare a single commercial! Have you heard of subscriptions? Keep your free version with ads, offer a premium one to those want it. You can make more money AND you stop this inevitable churn. Keep me posted when you do, until then good luck growing and retaining people.Version: 7.6.2

This is one of the many reasons why pirating has become such a better option again.Why is there not an option to simply pay for the content? It’s hidden behind the most annoying pay wall of all, a cable television account. Hell, even after paying $100+/month you still have to sit through annoying, irrelevant ads! As many other people have said, we’d pay for the content direct to this company but there’s not an option and until more and more people stop paying for it and either stop watching completely, buy it on another platform or pirate it they will not stop with this antiquated and expensive way of conducting business. Move on the 21st century, please..Version: 7.5.2

No idea how this ad spam app is praisedThis is by far the worst video streaming experience I’ve ever had. I guess the app technically functions well, but it is absolutely packed to the gills with horrifically long and often repeated ads. A 40 minute video has, and I kid you not, 13 and a half minutes of ads; usually the same 5 ads, too, just to rub salt in the wound. Considering this is a paid service, that is an absolutely, unacceptably, asinine amount of ads per video. Don’t waste your time with this garbo..Version: 8.2.0

Commercials, commercials, commercialsTried to watch a show, got less than 1 minute of show then 3.5 minutes of commercials. Back to show, saw about 30 seconds of show intro then 2 minutes of commercial. Had to pause to help wife, when I was done I tried to resume but quickly saw that the commercial had restarted. I waited for it to finish and continue playing but the app crashed. Restarted the app, the last commercial restarted all over then crashed at the end again. And so on. After a while Playing this game I realized that 20 minutes had passed and the show hadn’t even passed its introduction and at this rate a 45 minutes show was going to take 3-4 hours or longer. This is not going to work, don’t waste your time, the app is useless..Version: 2.12.0

Video not controllable with voiceoverWhen I play a show using voiceover, I have almost no control. I can do 2-finger double tap to pause and restart the show, but that’s all. When I lock the phone and then unlocked it, and re-entered the app, magic tap started playing music instead of the program. The only way I could find to get out of the show was to close the app. Results are similar in the NBC app, so this may be a problem with all video apps Also, when I tried to sign in to verify my TV provider, it opened ratings in the App Store for animal planet go..Version: 2.16.0

Science channel or Commercial channel??I was happy when I first found Science Channel Go for my Apple TV, but I started noticing the large number of commercials in the shows that I watched. One 40 min show has 5 commercial breaks with 8 or close to 8 commercials per break. I decided to time out one interval of commercial/program & got 3 minutes 3 seconds of commercials to 4 minutes 57 seconds of programming. If I wanted to waste my time watching commercials I will just turn on TV..Version: 2.8.1

Signs me offI love binging the shows on here, but I’m constantly getting signed off after every third or so episode. I hate that I have to re-unlock everything, especially if it’s for a show that I just watched two other “locked” episodes. Its not like my internet is resetting in the middle of a binge-session, I’m just randomly booted to the free locked version. It even clears my “favorite shows,” “continue watching,” and “watch later” lists, as if the whole app just got hard reset. Aside from that, everything else is fine. Commercials can have weird audio quality and be a bit redundant (one time, 3/5 ads in a break were identical and payed in a row), but it’s not really a huge deal..Version: 7.6.2

It’s Great When It WorksHave a Direct TV subscription, unlocked episodes in the past. I didn’t use it for awhile, now I’m abroad, message pops up saying “unauthorized. The content is available to viewers who receive Science as part of their pay TV subscription.” I checked, yes still subscribed. Tap the More Details button, “Internal server error.” I don’t abuse technology, I just want [expletive] to work..Version: 7.5.2

New App is Less to LoveThis used to be my favorite app on Apple TV and iOS devices. Once the new app came, I noticed a lot of missing seasons of my favorite shows and every attempt to watch an available show results in an error. I am hoping someone can fix these issues I’m having. It was a 5-star app prior to this change. I’d like to get back to that experience again..Version: 8.0.0

Sooo many commercials!!Was thrilled to be able to re-watch some old shows from Sci. But OMG - not only are there 20-30+ ads per show, they play the same ones over and over and over again. And you can't skip them. And if you try to fast forward, it always plays 5 or 6 ads when you stop - only to find that you haven't gone far enough. So you fast forward again, wait for another 5-6 ads, repeat until you forget what show you were watching or what you were looking for in it. If I have to see that dog catch that stupid frisbee in the stadium one more time....Same commercial 4+ times in one show!! Binge watch a series for a few hours and you'll be pulling an Elvis....Version: 2.9.0

COULD be good... IF...Decent app. Nothing out of the ordinary from any other app for television. Except... the $&#%* COMMERCIALS!!!!!!!!!! I had started watching on my tv at home and while out with the wife, I figured I’d catch the rest on my phone while waiting for her. I queued up my show then dragged ahead to about where I was, then BAM, Commercial!! Ok, fine. I understand. After 1:59 of commercials, it goes black then BAM, another commercial!!! After waiting AGAIN, my show came on, Thank God. But wait... it didn’t scrub to where I set it. It scrubbed to just past the first 2 commercial breaks. Ok?!?! Let’s try again. I scrub further ahead, BAM!!! ANOTHER COMMERCIAL!!! This one, luckily, was only a minute. Phew!! Time’s up. Back to my sho... BAM!! Another #%*$& COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!! I wait for the last time. Commercial ends... Screen goes black... My show comes bac... FREAKIN’ BAAAAMMMM!!!!!!! A-NO-THER $&^*%#*^^*$& COMMERCIAL. My mind is blown. Brains everywhere. Phone off. Wife’s back. Going home. Goodnight!!.Version: 2.10.0

Commercials are overboardI understand the need to play commercial during shows, but good heavens guys, I completely avoid even watching most of your shows because the commercials are more than any other TV app by far. Maybe you’d get more ratings then more commercial revenue being able to charge more for less commercials. Just a thought guys, but until then, myself and many others I know will continue either avoiding or streaming in others ways your programs we care to watch..Version: 2.11.0

Are all the ads REALLY necessary?I love that I can watch some of my favorite shows, like Mythbusters without using a TV, but the amount of ads is extremely excessive, and the fact that they are the same repetitive ads over and over makes it way worse, I literally die inside every time the ads I get are over 1 and 1/2 minutes. Love the app, despise the ads. In the same commercial break I’ve seen the comfort cup ad 8 times, screw the dumb cup. At least make the ads quieter than the show, please..Version: 2.10.0

Not Working - Please FixWhen it used to login with my cox account it was great. Now all I get is the spinning circle for a second or two and then nothing. It's been like this for a few weeks, when will this be fixed? I travel frequently for work and this is my main choice to de-stress at the end of the day or on the flight. I need this back asap..Version: 2.16.0

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