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Microsoft Teams App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Microsoft Teams app received 111 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Microsoft Teams? Can you share your negative thoughts about microsoft teams?

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Microsoft Teams for Negative User Reviews

Zoom wins on video meetings!I am really enjoying Teams having just set it up for our company. My one great disappointment is that you can only see 4 people on a group video. It is really difficult to read the mood of the meeting when you can't see everyone. This is where Zoom has a huge advantage in being able to see multiple people on one screen and everyone in the meeting by swiping through the screens. Unless this is addressed soon we will have to use Zoom for our team meetings..Version: 2.0.8

🧑🏾‍🦲Im bald.Version: 2.0.12

Makes my blood boilI’m stressed bc of this app 💁🏼‍♀️✨.Version: 2.2.1

No microphone setting to allow use on iOSVideo and voice calls not available on iOS 12.4.6 iPhone 6s. Attempting to make a call (voice or video) provides a prompt to settings to allow access to microphone. When pressing the settings button, it takes me to Teams settings and there is no microphone setting which can be changed. In fact there are no settings under Teams settings section. Going another way to microphone settings via iOS settings also shows the app has not even requested microphone use. Therefore the app is essentially just a texting platform, which is useless. Tired of being R&D testers for large corps..Version: 2.0.10

IPhone image looks terrible to recipientsMy company decided to use Microsoft Teams exclusively. I’ve used the app in both iPad and iPhone. The iPad app seems to be OK, but one of features that Teams needs to fix is that you can’t “chat” as the video conference is going on. If my colleagues are on a laptop and sending messages, I don’t see it. I am able to see the conversations after I’ve ended the video conference. Also the iPhone X (iOS 13.5.1) video only seems to work in portrait. And what looks OK on my end, looks horribly up close for my recipients (think funhouse convex mirror) with an extended wide side view. When I set the iPhone in landscape, the others see me turned 90º to the side still hideously up close. I literally need to hold the iPhone at arms length and lean back before others can see me at a normal size (but now I have the joy of looking out to the conferencees with a double chin 🙁). Microsoft fix this!.Version: 2.0.15

BuggyBuggy when attaching pictures, when you selected one pic and you to add more in selection when you browse your photo gallery it wont select pictures anymore when you hold the picture and press select it does nothing need to restart and and do the same process but this time you already wasted your time selecting your picture twice,.Version: 3.6.0

Horrible App, do not useAs an educator I am constantly looking for innovative programs and applications that allow me and my students to strive within our current academic setting that has been hindered by the virus. I initially downloaded this app expecting a better way to connect with my students, but I was horribly mistaken. Throughout the school year there was one student who failed to turn in any assignments or tests. He was here on an academic scholarship from North Korea and depended on the scholarship money to survive. I worked with him to resolve this troubling issue, yet the issue persisted and by the end of the semester he had not turned in any assignments and was failing. This meant his scholarship was officially revoked. Without the scholarship he had no other choice to return to his home country of North Korea. When he entered North Korea he was immediately arrested as a “traitor to the nation” for leaving his home country to attend college in the U.S. To this day he is serving life in a brutal prison in North Korea. A couple days ago I found out the he actually turned in all the assignments, Teams just didn’t notify me..Version: 3.7.0

A Necessary EvilThis app and the Teams platform in general is undeniably useful, and has arguably saved businesses and universities in 2020. The ability to screen share, have chats and plan meetings in one app is fantastic. BUT The user experience can be very very poor, the app is incredibly glitchy and slow across all platforms I’ve tried it on. The keyboard is very unresponsive in the iOS app (and I am running an iPhone 12 Pro and latest iPad Pro). Trying to attach photos is also painfully slow, there is such a long delay between tapping and a response, so much so you end up tapping over and over only to accidentally send the last image in your photos inadvertently! Very frustrating experience. The keyboard also does not always show up in chat on the iPad version of the app, the banner at the top which appears when in a meeting on another device shifts the entire UI down, often pushing the chat box off the screen meaning it can’t tapped in to send a message. So, overall. A great platform, which is very useful in a remote world, but the apps perform very poorly. Microsoft - Please iron out these bugs, they are very frustrating..Version: 2.1.0

Desktop Functionality missing on iPadThe biggest frustration with teams is that it does not have full desk top functionality when using an iPad. The other big disappointment is that you can never trust the formatting of a document written in a browser version of word. It always seems to stuff up. I am a big fan of cloud based and team based computing, I just cross my fingers they will improve the functionality on the iPad..Version: 4.2.0

(PLEASE READ🥺)!I use this app for school and ever since I’ve used it it has been draining my iPad battery I used to only put my iPad on the charger every night or maybe once during the day but with using Microsoft teams I have to put my iPad on the charger after every class has finished, which this is not just only ruining my iPad battery life but also making my iPad extremely hot that I can’t even touch it properly, and not to mention since I’ve been using this app my iPad now goes off between 50% to 30% which it should be going off at 5% or 10% so this app ruins my iPad battery to the point where I have to buy I new iPad I’m going to be extremely angry! So now I’m having problems with this app logging me in and out of calls when I’m in them so I’m missing out on important information for school, and not to mention with my battery draining really fast with this app it is also making my iPad really laggy so if you don’t fix this ASAP and this RUINS MY IPAD you will BE BUYING ME A NEW IPAD - thanks.Version: 2.0.10

EwwId rather get my nose slamed by a car door.Version: 3.15.1

SorryI don’t like school the app is fine I just don’t want to do school work.Version: 4.2.0

Lags on mobile appMobile app does not always work smoothly, frequently crashes, even during meetings at times..Version: 3.16.0

App for professionals should do professional thingsIn general, there is not a lot to complain about. Wish it was easier to go back to general chat window during a Teams call. Right now, I have to minimize and right click/long press on the Teams icon from the desktop to get back there without getting lost in menu maze. Most of all: I would like to multitask on my iPad without dropping off camera. I want to stay on camera if I do PnP, and I want to stay on camera if I minimize Teams so that I can do other things. I want to stay on camera if I pin teams to the half or third of the iPad. I want to stay on camera unless I turn the camera off. Offer settings for this behavior if this is not a broad default use case please. Please. Similarly, and perhaps I AM the problem here and have my settings wrong, but it would be great to see the a speaker’s presentation instead of the presenter when Teams is minimized/PNP. Thanks, Microsofters!.Version: 4.9.0

Not impressed.Had to use this for online school for almost the entirety of 2020-2021. Calls are glitchy, you get kicked out often, somehow there’s a handful of features that were simply missing half the time I used the app, such as something as simple as being able to talk in the chat rooms. Me and my classmates have had constant microphone/camera problems throughout our meetings. You get a notification for every single message you get instead of every few which is extremely infuriating when you need the notifications on for your classes. I’ve also had the issue where it simply hasn’t let me log in for up to an hour, and I’ve missed classes because of it. Overall, I really dislike it..Version: 3.13.1

Multiple Accounts - Give Them Back to UsGuys, WHY did you remove the ability to have multiple managed accounts on the app? It was working perfectly with no issues. One Tuesday morning I woke up and had the notification a number of weeks back that multiple accounts weren’t allowed (anymore, it seems). When you’re working for more than one related client, this makes life very difficult. Please explain why you did this, and WHEN will this decision be reversed..Version: 4.15.0

Can't stop incoming callsSince the latest update the toggle to disable calls notifications no longer works. Meaning even when sitting at my desk my phone is constantly buzzing from incoming calls to my calls group.Version: 2.4.1

Not impressedJoined a meeting and as the meeting started we were dropped and could not get back in no matter how many tries we made. Not for me thanks. Yeah Google Meet. Too many people is my guess!.Version: 2.2.1

DangerousThis app is OK if you only communicate between 2 people however if you have a team, it proved to be, shell I put it ‘dangerous’. You need to be extremely careful when messaging: if I was on the call to another member of staff and we pull in another member or two, the staff are thinking ….after a day or so, they are messaging one person that they can see in the ever so tiny bubble, too small to display all the people. This has caused extreme tense relationships between the staff that because of this, staff left. So, not great!!!! On the other note, when on the meeting and if/when someone try to talk over another person (it’s a meeting not a supermarket queue), interrupting, you can only hear one person, or, none. The call goes weird. This is not a connection issue because we are all on different network providers, some on Wi-Fi and some net cable but the outcome is the same. I hope we will go back to Skype or alternative options..Version: 3.18.2

Gros problème à réglerJ’aimais beaucoup cette application mais je commence vraiment à la détester pour la simple raison qu’on ne peut pas bloquer les gens dessus. J’arrête pas de me faire harcelé et je ne peut pas bloquer les gens qui me font sa. Si seulement vous pouvez mettre une mise à jour où on pourrais bloquer les gens....Version: 3.10.1

Potential but just not quite thereMicrosoft teams has the potential to be an amazing platform however the speed, quality and reliability of the calls and screen sharing functions is still pretty dreadful. Such a shame as the system is amazing to use and if it would simply ‘do as it says on the tin’ when it comes to the interactive bits it would be perfect for the NHS to use in this current pandemic crisis but also well in to the future for general work. Calls drop out and freeze often as well as video not working and screen sharing being slow and often just not working. It could be blamed on the internet however when you change to apple facetime using the same wifi and everything works perfectly then you have to question that it isn’t internet and that it is a core fault within the system set up..Version: 2.0.7

CorrectionVous devriez faire des corrections tellement il y a de bogue j ne peux même pas télécharger l'appli c pas fort.Version: 1.0.28

Why is this a Rip of Discord?Ok so, yeah Teams is used for chat and stuff like schools friends etc but the point people need to understand is that and why is Teams a Rip of Discord, everyone knows Discord the App, where you pretty do much the same and it has more Quality, Servers etc. Although I’ve had teams before I wonder why it sorta has the same Ping sound as Discord, yeah yeah it’s good for your Kids and Stuff but it’s just and I mean just like discord, the blue logo, the ping sound as mentioned before & the Layout. Discord is a unique and good App, as teams comes along and well, literally takes Discord’s idea 💡 I will always wonder to this day why they are both much a like and want to know. So if you ever want to get teams go get Discord instead as this is a complete Rip of..Version: 3.11.0

Recently notifications are incorrectNotifications aren’t correctly showing up, I have 25 showing as the badge icon but I open up the app and only have one notification. Please fix.Version: 2.0.22

Minor VS majorI have been using miscroft teams with my teachers. I tap the link and it took me 15 minutes to get in. I can’t see anything or anything. I can see screen shares and that’s a major problem when’s it’s linked to education. It keeps kicking me out, links just don’t work, freezes and sometimes no sound... Everyone’s video stops and it’s anoyying when you really want to see them. I do a joe wicks workout with my class for a week (now we’re back at school) and I can’t see what he’s doing because all it says is the person’s intials. The biggest problem is the slow connectivity and presentation. I really hope yo7 get this fixed becaus e8 might use this again soon. I recommend zoom as well. But again, it would b nice to have an app that doesn’t have a problem and has been cared on, tested and carefully made. Many thanks. :).Version: 2.0.26

NoI ✨personally✨ hate this app and it cause me to 💗break down💗.Version: 3.4.1

It’s decent.At work they have transitioned from an email service to Teams. So I’m using it weather I want to or not. I like teams for collaborative work on documents, we don’t have to each edit our own copies and then try to merge all the copies together somehow, we can all work on the original document together. The chat function is fine except you cannot delete chats, you can only hide and mute them. So every chat group I have ever been in is still there just muted and hidden. There is no way to clear chats or teams. Whatever has been written will stay there forever unless everyone in the chat/team/channel deletes each and every post or comment they made. The same goes for activity. I have thousands of notifications in the activity tab that cannot be deleted. It makes the app feel very cluttered all the time. WhatsApp is way better in my opinion for chatting but of course the company wants better privacy than WhatsApp so now all our communication must go through Teams. Another problem I have encountered is using the calendar in teams, it doesn’t link up with outlook calendars very well, sometimes at all. So when we need to schedule a team call, I have to exit teams, check outlook calendars and then go back to teams. Anyway, there are some good things about teams but it could be so much better if they made some functionality improvements. I don’t have much hope that much will change however, making the user experience better isn’t a cornerstone of Microsoft..Version: 4.10.1

Typical Microsoft GarbageThe app worked fine. Nothing out of the ordinary except for call quality sometimes randomly turning to crap but overall it was an ok app. But with the latest update OMG this app has turned into an absolute heap of trash. Every time Teams notifications appear and/or I have to get into the app, the Teams startup screen loads and then it freezes. But here’s the kicker not only does it just freeze, it crashes my phone so badly that my home button stops working. Everything stops working. It prevents me from getting into any other app. And all that my iPhone shows is this irritating Teams start screen. It has been continuously happening with the latest update. And now every time I load Teams, it trashes my iPhone and the only solution for me to be able to use my phone is to do a hard reset by long pressing the sleep wake and volume down button. This is the kind of garbage that makes me despise Microsoft and keep away from most of their products..Version: 3.8.1

Needs some help!Overall, it’s a pretty great app! I had to download it for school, and for about the first week it worked great. I could chat with friends, turn my work in ( after 1 hour of trying to figure out how to do that ), and even call and FaceTime friends and teachers. But about 2/3 weeks into using this app, the bugs started happening. I can’t call any people anymore without the app just giving out and kicking me back to home screen, or doing the same when I try to turn into assignments. Very disappointed, now I have to email my teachers instead of being able to properly turn it in ( which causes much more stress for them too! My school has 1,200 students! ). I really love the idea of the app, but the glitches have almost taken over the app for me, and makes it stressful to complete school work. Also, I feel as if the app should have a guide when you first download the app too! When I downloaded it, the app was very confusing and I didn’t know where everything was, and it took me almost an hour to find my way into assignments and turning them in. It was like being in a maze! ( not a pleasant experience! ). I honestly hope this app can improve! COVID-19 will probably not end anytime soon, and I will be stuck using this app for at least a year. I don’t hate this app, but I think there are some large improvements that need to be made, so please take this as constructive criticism!.Version: 2.0.7

Dodgy Permissions - UnusableThe moment an app holds you hostage over permission settings, you can be assured the reason for the permission is dodgy. I used to use this app to connect to colleagues when on the move - it’s a mobile app after all, that’s what it’s for. However now I cannot make or receive calls because I refuse access to my Local Network (tested on 3 devices - calls cannot be made without allowing network access. Yet chat and even noice recordings can be sent - so all the components to make a call work; microphone, connectivity… it’s an intentionally built-in restriction) A) it’s a mobile app, it shouldn’t need my local network. B) It’s too limiting to use for any real productivity - why would you need it to connect to your printer? (the only legitimate reason for network access) if you’re on the local network, you’d surely use a pc to connect to print. Combine the 2 and ask: why does a mobile app with limited capability need to be able to discover devices on my network just to make calls? I asked an IT expert. They can’t justify it either..Version: 3.15.0

Needs Work!I get a little frustrated with Teams. 9/10 times I am either using Google Hangout or Zoom, which personally I find both to be much more intuitive and easy to use. But one of my biggest frustrations with Teams is the HAVE to download the app to join a call. As someone that works remotely all over the globe, I am regularly on different devices, different place hosting different meetings. With Zoom and GHang, I’m never caught of guard as whenever a meetings is needed, My ipad will allow me to join via desktop, or my phone via safari. But not with Teams. I have to download the app, only to delete it immediately after because it will be another 6 months until I have to use it again. I would be more open to using it within my rotation if it wasn’t for this. It’s also the same case for clients. If they dont have the app, and I send a teams invite, they get all confused, meetings get delayed and thats just not efficient business..Version: 3.16.0

Sucks so muchIt gives us work.Version: 2.0.23

DeletingI wish there was a delete option where you just press once and the whole conversation is wiped out thank you..Version: 2.0.26

This app sucksLots of bugs would not recommend.Version: 2.0.12

It’s ok for small meetings, HOWEVER......trying to run larger meetings, you can’t (choose to) see more than FOUR participants! Checking chat groups/microsoft forums re this problem, which has been brought up many times over the last year, NOTHING but vague promises have eventuated. Another thing, some participants don’t want to use their cam due to data limitations, and prefer to have a profile picture. Should be easy to do? FORGET IT! 1. Tried to upload a profile picture, only to be told it’s the wrong format, try again. Tried jpeg, bmp, png, gif, small or largish - NOTHING! 2. No guide as to what went wrong or what format, size to use - NOTHING! For a company flogging a ‘communication’ app, your communication skills fall very short of the mark - FAIL! We’ve tried to run modestly sized meetings with 10-30 participants for work. Nobody’s been happy with the experience. So it looks we’ll be dumping it. Time to move on... PS Skype (another Microsoft takeover that went downhill) has the same problems.Version: 2.0.7

Great app but battery hungry!This app is really good for collaborating with my team, in and out of the office. A major complaint is that it consumes a lot of battery, even when I’m not using it. An example: my iPad has teams installed but I leave it at home whilst I’m out at work. I would find that the battery has drained overtime by quite a lot and I’d notice that Teams had consisted of 80% of that battery usage. Microsoft, I urge you to fix this issue as this app is great but this really needs to be better optimised for mobile devices..Version: 1.0.85

Still buggy with iPhone but not badDevelopers need to acknowledge that there are still issues joining a meeting set up and active on a laptop/desktop interface for audio only via iPhone. Many times my colleagues and I connect only to hear silence. We have reported this through multiple channels to no avail... we have also experienced this problem outside our work IT environment, so we suspect it is an app problem and not on our side..Version: 2.2.1

This app doesn't let me sign in.I can't even enter my password on the app but I use it fine on my laptop. Everytime I try to log on, it says sign-on error. I've tried deleted and reinstalling many times.Version: 1.0.59

It’s good but not the bestIt’s really good for meetings and school but there are some technical issues. Some issues are when people keep disconnecting and not seeing the shared screen 📺. And some people who are supposed to be attendees but they have the power to mute every body end the meeting for everyone and share screen and lower people’s hands on Microsoft teams and some people can’t write on the documents so they have to download the app Microsoft word so it’s quite annoying but it’s quite good So I would like there to be fixes on issues on Microsoft teams and not picking other people to be an organiser that’s what I think that’s what I want to say. From USA 🇺🇸 LA South west.Version: 2.2.1

TerribleThis app is terrible, 1/5 stars, crashes multiple times, and sometimes when people are sharing their screen it doesn’t show for multiple people..Version: 2.1.0

Glitchy.I’ve had this problem where i can’t delete messages, i’ll click delete yet they will stay in the chat and just won’t go away. when i say this i mean in private chats i create with other people like classmates. my saved messages won’t work either, i press the purple bookmark to un-save them but all i have to do is refresh the page and they’re back. i think it might be because i deleted those messages, and so now they’re just stuck in this weird loop. i’m confused and i want to be able to use the chat normally again. also, sometimes when my teachers are trying to let the students into the meeting, it will not show us in the lobby. it’s happened twice and it takes time away from our lessons. PLEASE get this fixed. it’s so annoying and also i beg of you to add a feature to be able to permanently clear all chats with other people. like private chats that you create. the ones to talk with other students or mutuals. i understand that you could use other platforms but i have some student mutuals who i know only in school and intend to keep it that way, so please make that an option. there’s lots that needs to be done to fix this app and i’m very dissatisfied..Version: 2.4.0

1 étoileLes profs peuvent espionner les appelle et les conversations.Version: 4.15.1

Why is a phone number required?There is no justifiable reason that an email address shouldn’t suffice. Plus, young kids don’t have phones..Version: 2.2.1

Great but we expect more...hence only 2 star.It’s a great app, but there are little things still not done properly. This last update on my 11 Pro Max makes the app runs where sluggish, have to press on things twice sometimes for it to register. - Bluetooth issues - changed my audio to iPhone half way through meeting from AirPods and it doesn’t allow me to change back to AirPods (in fact just doesn’t display AirPods option in audio again. - before joining the meeting if I have mute on, it’s auto unmutes after I’ve joined the meeting? Annoying bug. - no pinned chat functionality. I don’t understand why it can’t be replicated from desktop app? If you have pinned chat in desktop app, it should reflect on mobile app..Version: 2.1.0

ChatWhere is the damn chat section!?!.Version: 2.3.1

More thingsOk, I honestly hate school. But, I think this could use some updates. First, I think you should fix the quality! Idk if it’s my computer or the teachers computer but the quality on the videos are so blurry! I can’t handle it. Second, I think you should add more signs. Like the little signs you put like the hand, smile, clapping, heart and thumbs up. Add more! Like add a toilet so your teacher knows that means your at the bathroom. Third, add a timer for the messages to get deleted! Like after 3 days the post/message has been there then it gets deleted. This would be good so there’s not a bunch of messages/posts every where. And lastly, what if you could add a focus button. Like tap “Focus” and then the next person you click on the whole screen becomes that person. (Only on your screen though obviously) so we could just see the teachers screen or anybody’s screen you want to see. This could be good cause if you don’t want people to have there camera on you can just focus on who you actually want to look at. This would way more better and I hope you could add these..Version: 2.4.2

AngryThis app doesn’t work for online school. should be off the app store.Version: 2.0.8

Can’t join recurring meetingsPlease allow us to join (cancelled) meetings from mobile. My colleagues join audio meetings on desktop and I can’t join them from the mobile app because the join button is hidden..Version: 2.2.0

Missing so many simple things!This app has real potential however is missing so many simple (yet important) things. For example you can only see 4 people in a video conference. The changes to capacity to enable you to see more than 4 people have been “in the works” for over a year with no updates! The same goes for changing the profile picture in a group chat. A year ago Microsoft said this was “officially in the works” but has still not managed to provide this function! You can’t create a ‘chat’ that is linked directly to a ‘team’ (you can only “post” in the team or, create an entirely separate - not linked - chat and add the same people). All of these functions seem so basic and yet don’t yet exist! Wasted potential really..Version: 2.0.7

Local network access required for meetings?Why does this app now require local network access to join a meeting. You do not need this access, please switch off this requirement. I can still make/receive calls, send/receive chat messages, access my calendar, but cannot join a meeting. There is absolutely no excuse for this poor behaviour, especially from an organisation the size and reputation of Microsoft. You should be encouraging secure business practices, not randomly enforcing local network access which isn’t required. It even asks for this to be switched on when on a mobile network! Clearly a case of some poor programming. I’ve found people have been complaining since early May 2021, so why haven’t you fixed it 4 months on?.Version: 3.13.1

Terrible✨10/10 would NOT recommend✨.Version: 2.0.24

Mobile better than desktop but lacks some integrationPretty good app. BUT Some basic features on mobile app aren’t available on desktop, like ability to reply to a specific message and ability to see when someone was ‘last seen’. Also often can’t share files from other apps via Teams and can’t switch calls between phone and laptop easily unless it’s in a scheduled meeting..Version: 3.4.0

Never works wellI’ve been using Microsoft Teams for over a year since this is the only platform my university uses (and would pay for). 1) it doesn’t sync well with their desktop app, I could never predict where the calls are going. 2) it always crashes on my laptop as soon as I attempt to turn on my camera or mic, doesn’t matter how many times I update or restart. 3) the iPad version is a tad more stable, but I can’t multitask on the same screen AND keep my camera on (which is one of the iPad features). 4) it can be really hard to find the tab/button to join a meeting, even if it’s scheduled. 5) it’s even harder to find a specific recording file unless the host goes through each recording to rename. 6) the document editing interface isn’t intuitive. 7) there is an iPhone version, but it’s difficult to turn on the speaker when I don’t have earbuds with me for a call. On the other hand, Zoom has been incredibly stable with an easy to use interface. Plus Teams stole the breakout room feature from Zoom. I could not in good conscience to recommend this to anybody..Version: 3.6.0

Fix the notification badgesEvery time I get a notification, the badge count shows a large number of notifications which is always inaccurate. Additionally, the badge does not go away if I acknowledge the message, etc. from another device. Please fix this..Version: 2.0.22

Great but...This is a good app and am using it for school. But the notifications are SO ANNOYING!!!! That’s the only thing keeping me from giving it 5* Everytime I get a message from the chat, it gives me a notification in three places even though I can see it in the chat! And it comes with a pop up on the side which prevents me from typing... I’ve tried switching it off, but it doesn’t work... it’s been getting quite annoying since I type the answers quickly and when I click the notification, it takes me to another page showing me the messages and I have to do a lot to get it back to normal. Other than that, it’s great :).Version: 2.4.1

Battery HogConsumes battery fast and makes IOS unstable requiring a reboot. Functionality ok but appears this issue has been outstanding for over a year..Version: 2.0.7

Underwhelming/frustrating user experienceAnother title for this review might be “Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None.” This product is really not best in class for any product category. It’s not the best calendar app (Google’s is much better and easier to share with others), it’s not the best video chat app (Zoom is and will be the industry leader, at least until maybe Microsoft buys them out and buries them as they did with Skype), it’s not the best messaging app (Jabber or even wonky Slack are far better). It does do a fair job of integrating all these functions, but at a price. Teams really bogs down your system. For me, it’s at a point where I just never leave teams up and running. I only open it when someone else insists on having a Teams meeting. And it doesn’t play nice with other manufacturers’ email software such as Google or Yahoo Mail. The whole point of Teams is to force you to use Microsoft’s other products. I also have concerns over privacy issues with Teams and Microsoft products in general. Teams has all sorts of nifty analytics on user behavior it can run for the owners of Teams software (i.e. the companies you work for). Unfortunately, as long as Microsoft continues to have corporate America in its back pocket, I don’t see any end in sight for this product soon..Version: 3.4.1

Need notification on multiple devicesIf you run TEAMS on multiple devices of yours, as soon as the first one get the notification message, other devices won’t show you the notification message assuming you have seen it already on your first device. Well, that’s not desired because I am not always in front of my laptop but I do always carry my phone with myself. Please broadcast notification messages to all devices. Or at least give the option to users to choose this feature or not..Version: 1.0.85

NoI hate school and this makes it harder 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😩😩😩😍😩😩🥵🥵🥵🥵🤪🤪🤪🤪😜😜😜.Version: 3.4.1

App crashes, no customer support.I use it everyday as part of my job. Since Monday, 07FEB2021, it has frozen and crashed everyday. I have to uninstall and reinstall the app, and then it works fine. I’m forced to write this bad review because Microsoft has zero customer support. I went through the phone number, which led me to a website. Went through the bot assistant (which is worthless), and it said, “click here to talk to a real person.” I thought, “Great! Now I can get a trouble ticket in with the company.” I was very disappointed when it sent me to their public online forum, that they even warn you could have scammers posing as agents. This is extremely frustrating and I have given up. Once Microsoft fixes the bugs with their app, I will change my review. This is making me wonder why I pay a yearly subscription to Office 365 though, especially since it used to be that you could just outright buy the Office software suite, and you had better support where you could talk to a live person. Where is all of my money going Microsoft, if it’s not going to take care of your customers?.Version: 2.3.1

Cannot use chat featureI am a public defender in NYC, and the court system has moved to this platform to conduct remote court appearances. Since early November, many members of my organization (as well as many prosecutors) have been unable to access the chat feature when we sign in to the courtrooms. This is incredibly detrimental to our work, because the chat is used for signing up cases and other essential communication. Sometimes I can use a “workaround” by signing out of Teams and joining as a guest, but even this is hit-and-miss and it deprives me of most of the other helpful features of the app. Frankly, I wish the courts had stuck with Skype for Business. I wasn’t having these problems then. I have been told by my organization that the problem is on Microsoft’s end and they are working on it. It has been two and a half months and I have not seen any progress on the issue or heard any updates about when we might expect a solution..Version: 2.3.1

Too many bugs, mostly unusable.I rated this app with a low rating is entirely due to the bugs and problems I had on this app, not because of lack of features or not being user friendly. I have problems attaching files, images or videos. The application will crash every time I try to upload something to any chat, assignment or a teams post. The meeting doesn’t appear on the app quite frequently and causes people to be late for their meetings. The contents shared by another participant is always delayed for quite a long period of time and can even take a long time to load. Accessing files will take a very long and will even occasionally crash the app. Downloading files fail frequently too, giving all the people I know a very hard time. I am forced to rely on the teams application on my laptop since this app has bugs on most major features. I hope all these problems get sorted. For now, I would not recommend this app until it has been revised and fixed in a future update. The only thing you can really do is to message someone or talk to someone. Otherwise, this app is not usable at all currently..Version: 2.4.0

Can’t start video conference from the appI see no way to initiate a video conference with my team from the iOS app. This is a major shortfall and, consequently, gives it a failing grade. Rectify this issue and I’ll revise my review to an improved rating..Version: 1.0.24

Notifications need a revampEvery time somebody starts messaging or a group chat is active my phone vibrates and pings at every message and i get an email. It would be nice if it ignored a group or persons notifications after the first message until you check it..Version: 1.0.29

No notificationsThis app has a lot of potential, but can be very frustrating. My main issue by far is the lack of notifications on my phone. I have both the desktop and mobile apps, but can’t get a single notification on my phone. I’ve turned all notifications off and back on both in the app and in my phone settings. I made sure there are no quiet hours, turned on notifications even when I’m active on desktop, turned on all notification styles in my phone settings, went through each team and chat to turn notifications on, and nothing. I get nothing. If I want to step away from my desk for a few minutes I have to bring my phone with me and constantly check it. I’ve done every troubleshooting tip, even though it’s all the things I already tried. Please fix this, it’s a big problem to not get notifications. Other than that, there’s sometimes a noticeable lag in getting messages or statuses updating. I for some reason don’t get calls on my phone, but I used to so I think that may be connected to the lack of notifications. No ability to put that your out of office as a status without putting an event in the calendar. How is there not an “off” status? The closest you can put is “away,” which is frustrating when you need to chat w someone and don’t know if they’re away for a few minutes or the rest of the day. Overall, it’s a decent app but several improvements are desperately needed..Version: 2.0.10

FeedbackWould like to be able to personalise our team space.Version: 3.7.1

Great start, but there are still significant gapsAfter using for about a month teams is rapidly becoming our universal collaboration platform for conversations, replacing sms, iMessage, WhatsApp etc. Being able to have a common environment across mobile and PC, and new able to easily move up and down between text, audio and video / screen sharing works well. However, there are still some significant gaps. The biggest one is the inability to create Teams appointments including the Conferencing dial in details with external participants from mobile. You can only do it with people on the GAL. I know there are plans to bring this functionality into Mobile Outlook but this is an big issue at the moment. Also the Teams Admin Centre is still incomplete. A good start but it still seems short of a version 1 platform..Version: 1.0.57

Crashing constantlyHi massive issue with crashing. If you select the chat tab in a meeting in the app, it immediately crashes. Tried updating, reinstalling etc. No fix 👎🏻 Can’t find a way to submit an issue so 1 star it is..Version: 2.0.12

Several improvements would be helpfulHaving used multiple conference/online meeting applications, there are several items that have made Teams not the easiest to use. Several clients have had trouble logging in and easily using the application, can always say why I just relay their feedback. I also want to add new participants on the fly to calls/meetings by adding their emails but they’re not accepted if they are not ‘recognized.’ If using regularly for internal teams I’m sure it’ll run better but for external sales and presentations to new prospects it doesn’t run as smooth as I require. Several times when trying to launch conferences calls thru the Teams apps, participants couldn’t hear me. So then I had to dial in outside of the app but that created issues since I had already logged in online. It would also be helpful to be able to have a static conference ID for our business so I can use it regularly rather than having to schedule each call and use unique call/meeting log ins. We use Teams as it’s part of the MS applications and we want to keep everything under one umbrella, but there are improvements that would help to put it on par with other conferencing/online meeting applications..Version: 2.0.2

Ewww school app make me do work 😭😭😭😭😭I hate this app it makes me have to learn about stuff when i could just watch tiktok all day it completely useless and i don’t think we should do school anymore.Version: 2.4.2

Onlineschool badI hate this.Version: 2.1.0

Work and School Problems.Since the start of the national Lockdowns my School and Work have set this up for us to catch up on for what we need, However I’ve been having multiple issues time and time again not just with Some Messages not sending and Unavailable, but notifications sending through my phone, however some Notifications pop up like usual but in some instances they can be fairly important specially for work, I have missed a total of 2 shifts at my work due to no notifications being sent through even though they have appeared on the “recently announced” sections and it’s not just work issues like I mentioned I have school too! But as again my teachers set work once a while and some of the messages don’t appear... Thank you, My Phone Specs are iPhone 7 running IOS 12.4 (if that’s needed).Version: 2.3.1

Teachers can unmute you??Don’t get me wrong, i like teams. it’s really useful for our online classes but sometimes i get unmuted by teachers without me knowing. i find that disrespectful because it’s an invasion of my privacy at home. if teachers want us to participate in class then that’s OUR grade and participation. that’s on us. but having to go so low to unmute us without us acknowledging it is so messed up. everyone has personal things going on at home and i don’t like the idea of teachers being able to hear your personal stuff sometimes because they really do. i could be falling asleep just for one class and i’ll wake up unmuted with my phone or computer on my table and me sleeping on my bed and i’m always home alone too. there’s no way that’s fair. my grade is my grade , my fault. no excuse to listen in on what’s going on at my house. if i’m wrong that teachers can’t unmute you then there’s still something wrong with the mute button. i hope you see this as a wrong and fix this..Version: 2.2.1

If I could give this app a lower rating I wouldDude the amount of times I got kicked out of my online classes was actually ridiculous. Sometimes I couldn’t log in so my parents would get calls saying I wasn’t in class but it was the damn app that wouldn’t let me join. This app pushes my buttons sm I can’t stand it..Version: 2.3.0

Teams doesn’t work for me most of the timeSince august, I’ve been using teams for quite a while cause I have school. But when it doesn’t work, I get mad because I’m gonna be marked tardy for not showing up to a meeting on time. The problem is that the loading bar doesn’t stop, and when I tap to switch to a different chat, or the calendar or the teams, it freezes. And it freezes for a long time. I’ve tried to clear app data, I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, but nothing seems to work. I’ve looked up many ways on how to fix it, but it just doesn’t cooperate. I believe that I’m the only person having this problem since everyone else seems fine. But can I get some more suggestions on how to fix this? Overall, when I did use the app before, it was great. There were some minor problems, but those were fixed shortly after. Please tell me how to fix this, I can’t stand having to go to the website just to use teams..Version: 2.0.25

Laggy and privacy issuesThis app is extremely laggy and hard to use. also, sometimes when i join a meeting, i notice that it turns on my mic and camera without me giving any input and even after i disabled the camera permissions it constantly spams asking for permission to use the camera.Version: 2.1.0

🤩I hate school 🥰😍😍.Version: 3.20.0

Absolute worst “enterprise” chat systemIm forced to use teams due to some of our enterprise clients and it has been the worst experience. I constantly lose access to my account, always “oops something went wrong,” endless cycles of sending codes to email and 2FA with authenticator apps to then just have it blow up and go “oops” again. There seems to be multiple accounts created with my exact email and the app doesnt understand how to handle it. Pulling all my clients into a shared slack channel. Never touching this embarrassment of an “enterprise” system again.Version: 2.2.2

NoThis app is amazingly terrible 💕.Version: 3.15.0

Difficult to use, impossible to change profile pictureI find this App pretty difficult to use compared to competitive products. In particular, it is almost impossible to change ones profile picture… on other apps this is quite easy. The Chat function is also hard to find. Te participants list cannot be spread onto a second screen so takes up screen Realestate . Summary- its pretty clunky - and I prefer other products.Version: 3.14.0

CalendarI started using the Teams app last year when work sent us home. I found it was good to join meetings from my phone using the calandra function rather than my computer. Now I’m back in the office I haven’t used the App as much but when I have returned to the Apo i have found that after a few updates the calendar on the app doesn’t have my meetings and I can’t join on the phone anymore. I’ve still got all the Teams stuff I don’t want but don’t have the only Teams function I did use, so it’s useless for me. One star is generous.Version: 3.4.1

🤢🤢This app is what triggers my breakdowns before class..Version: 2.0.19

Keeps crashing on opening after most recent updateWorked fine until recently. Now crashes seconds after opening when accessing an account..Version: 2.0.18

2.4GB data used during one video callTeams does not optimize data usage on mobile networks. Used up half my data plan on one 45 minute call over 4G. Go into settings to change data usage settings. Do not recommend..Version: 3.13.0

WHAT KIDS LIKE AND DON’T LIKEI like this app but there is 1 problem which is that teachers can mute students and that shouldn’t be aloud because it is limiting our ability’s to talk and it isn’t fair us student should be able to speak to each other and for the record NO ONE IN MY CLASS LIKES IT DO YOU HEAR ME OR IN THIS CASE READ ME NO ONE YES THAT’S RIGHT NOOOOOOOO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But other wise it’s not bad but maybe if you n are taking suggestions i have 2: 1.get rid of the mute thing And 2.maybe add something fun for kids to do like a game.Version: 3.11.1

Okay app but with several issues/improvementsIssue 1) reacting to a post or comment causes the app to freeze. You have to restart the app to get it working again Issue 2) push notifications don't get batched or grouped together when part of a channel or group chat. It results in a very loud experience when you're not active in the app. Whilst this is probably good in some aspects, it would be great if you had more granular controls around notifications being sent for a channel/group chat..Version: 4.2.3

Slow and BloatedWas pretty good a year ago as predominantly a work place messaging app, but appears they’ve forever gone and stuffed extra functionality moving away from this app’s original core function. Navigation appears to have become sluggish as a result. Often staring at blank pages for seconds while navigating from page to page. Performance is not just an issue on the iPad OS app, even the Windows app has become unbearably resource hungry at times..Version: 3.20.0

No possibility to see someone’s status messageMake it convenient.Version: 3.13.1

This is trashThis is so horrible now we can’t even text anyone but the group chat so trash just delegated the app just stop this is trash we don’t even get to see our friends trash.Version: 2.3.1

Revert your last update!After last week’s update I have one question: Why does the UI force me to agree to the full meeting experience to unmute the first time and use landscape mode? By signing into a meeting I already am seeking a full meeting experience. This is not an added feature, it’s a more inefficient way for the user to get back to the experience we had before last week…and now we’ll be hearing people comment for the first 3 minutes of conference calls or when “they can’t find the mute button” for the next week because they can’t figure out how to unmute. If having a reduced feature meeting is necessary, don’t make it the default. Make the setting something I can toggle to if I don’t want the full meeting experience. Until a user figures this update out on their own they are stuck with: - No way to enter full meeting experience without attempting to unmute the first time/cannot make this change via view settings - No landscape mode - Distracting reaction emoji animations being on the screen 100% if the time - Needing to “slide” the controls card, press the unmute button, press/agree to full meeting experience, press the unmute button to fully unmute the first time In general this app has been great and a lifesaver during WFH periods that started in 2020, I would otherwise give it a 5 star review…but this latest update is distracting and inefficient..Version: 4.6.1

BadActually bad.Version: 2.0.12

No sign out option and teams calls are in phone call logsI have my teams work account on my personal iPhone as a backup however I have just deleted the app as the latest update has removed the sign out option under my profile picture and my teams calls are displayed with my iPhone call log and there is no option to disable this. WFH personal and work line is blurred and this app is not helpful when getting teams calls after hours..Version: 3.22.0

NoEdit: support pages please. It randomly does and doesn’t work on the Same assignment and when it doesn’t work it says preparing file and never shows up. I had to use google docs as my middle man multiple times (took me really long to finally get something to work) You really need to fix this. Edit: my teacher uploaded things in order and in my iPad it shows out of order and every time I attempt to play the video (the mp4 she posted in files) it has no audio and and I click on it and it sends me out Edit: I went up a star because you guys are fixing up the app. Im still having problems with notifications. I sometimes don’t get them I guess it’s cuz I have the app open, but that’s seriously causing me problems. Ps I’ll give better rating if you support my browser ____________________________________ This app is not supported online on my browser. First of all you decided you weren’t going to support it. (Because you guys originally did until one day it just didn’t) Second of all now I have to download this app waste my space that im running out on. And yes by the way just in case you I’m overreacting I have used teams for two years now and it has had glitches all the time Are these really the same people with word, PowerPoint, Forza Horizon, Who literally own Minecraft? Doesn’t look like it..Version: 3.17.1

It upsets mePlease delete this app, for the love of gods..Version: 2.0.11

Wouldn’t let me see the meeting on ipadI have 1 week of online school because of the virus. Today is monday i log on to join the maths meeting and my screen is stuck on “connecting”. the little wheel of doom spinning around for ages.....😐 one hour later it is still doing this and i realise it has actually frozen my screen; the time said “11:15” even though was actually 12:15. i try to press the X in the corner because the lesson is over and i realise this is not going to work is it... the only way i can quit the meeting is closing the app (double click the home button and swipe it away). I could not see the board for the whole lesson as it was stuck on connecting. I have 4 more days of online school and if this is how it performs on ipad well i’m not impressed 😪.Version: 2.2.1

HRShould be able to delete chats.Version: 2.0.2

IOS App Needs UpdatingI’ve had major issues with my calendar section of the app never loading. It continually says it is “updating” but never finishes loading. I would also really love to have more features that mirror the desktop app. I can’t initiate using the whiteboard from a video call, but I can participate if someone else starts it. As a teacher, I'd love to use this. It is also really difficult to use video conferencing for teaching because I cant keep the chat open with the video screen at the same time. Please consider adding a pop out where the chat can come up next to the video like the desktop app. I also find it difficult that I can only use one note if it launches the app (which also lack features that are available on the desktop version, like the math function) rather than being able to use OneNote directly from teams. Lastly, I want to be able to manage my teams from my iPad app because currently some of the manage features are only available on the desktop version. Otherwise, the platform itself isn’t bad and some parts of the app, such as assignments, are exactly the same as the desktop version if I have them side by side to compare. I’m not sure why the app has less functionality than the desktop version, but with so many people using tablets nowadays, especially to teach from, please make them the same with all functionality..Version: 2.0.17

MUST READ OR ELSEEver since my brother turned 4 (he is seven now, a trouble maker) he was an idiot and an extremely annoying person. I am embarrassed to be related to him. I have been using teams for work, meetings, etc. Suddenly, I saw a brand new chat and it’s my annoying brother. I tried my very best to delete the chat but it ended up having my best friend with the most annoying brother in the universe. You must allow us to delete and block other people in chats. DO IT OR YOU WILL BE ONE OF MY SIBLINGS!!! By Unknown grade 5 student from Australia, Queensland, Brisbane, Rochdale, Redeemer Lutheran College (school)..Version: 3.14.0

Caused my depression 😍😍😍This😻app❌needs🥰to😊get😡banned😍.Version: 4.4.0

Basic things missingI’ve been inspired to write this 2 star review because there are just some hair-pulling rage inducing features that should be simple and easy that don’t seem to be available - in my case, the ability to delete or rename a folder. It’s things like this that make me think - is it me? Am I just missing some big and obvious button? But the internet is devoid of answers other than “log in on your browser” - and if that is the best solution than why bother with the app in the first place? Below average..Version: 4.6.0

Nice start; needs polishOverall Teams is a decent collaboration tool. When using it without being used to other competitors’ methods of working then Teams is intuitive and nice. When comparing it to Slack, then Teams takes one step forward and two backwards. But not all is hopeless! The service simply needs a handful of features and UI enhancements to improve. In terms of the iOS app, here’s some quick updates: 1. When I get notifications on multiple devices, they should dismiss from all devices once I’ve acknowledged it on any of the devices. Right now when I read something on my phone, the Mac app keeps the badge notifications. The inverse is also true. This is rather annoying. 2. More granular notifications. I don’t want to see a notification for certain channels in a team, even if a channel command is used. The lack of a mute function is unbearable. 3. Dark Mode. It’s 2018 and I don’t want to stare at a bright background in the evenings. Please give the option to enable a dark mode to save our eyesight and battery life (for OLED screens)..Version: 1.0.27

Expectably terribleThis is a ridiculous app. I was unfortunately invited to join a team. Couldn’t join using the app due to constant “We couldn’t switch you to <Team name>. Please try again”. Surely nothing changes when you try again. I also tried using MacOS version - with no luck as well. I went through the usual Microsoft nonsense sign in process (log in as account member or owner - tried both). I only was able to use the web version - at least something worked. I swear each time I have to use this....Version: 1.0.51

Such a baddie app✨🧚🏻‍♀️ without the dieI’m tryna post my work and it glitches n deletes it all im almost failing french now 🧚🏻‍♀️✨ words cant describe this app🥰❤️ numbers can tho✨🥺 0/10🥰.Version: 2.0.12

Microsoft Teams stills feels like a beta compared to SkypeLacks the features of Skype for business and behind competition, needs far better PSTN and PABX facilities especially for medium to large enterprises. No SMS, no shared voicemails boxes, expensive license combinations and call plans, with no international call plan in Oz. Telstra take 45+business days to add an extra user PSTN number. Can’t administratively change users personal greetings via powershell, needs Exchange plan 2 for voice mail despite fact exchange online no longer used (now Azure Voicemail). Needs a call plan to be able to personal voicemail greeting even if you don’t want a PSTN number and just want to have voicemail for internal or Teams to Teams calls. Very delayed call answering, like swipe to answer and wait 3-5 seconds for other party to hear you answer the call and actually begin a conversation..Version: 1.0.65

Read before purchasingSo yeah, we all sort of had to use this during the pandemic. Both for work, and for school. It’s a pretty good app, but if you can use zoom for the meetings that would be better. The meetings can be glitchy. Sometimes teams automatically kicks people out of the call, and also automatically mutes people. When you have a lot of people on the call sometimes you can’t hear anything. Either no sound comes out, or there is a really high pitched sound. The chats are pretty good though. Although I must admit, I do prefer the iMessage format to the Teams format. If your looking to use teams for a long term project with a lot of people I would suggest you look elsewhere, all though it is quite easy to use and set up group chats. The judgement of weather or not your going to use it is up to you, but know that there might be consequences despite Teams’s easy set up. Three star is an appropriate rating I’d say..Version: 3.18.0

CallsSometimes I can’t join call meetings. It doesn’t appear in my channel..Version: 2.1.0

CrashesApp keeps crashing once I turn meeting on. Screen goes ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️ and I miss half my class.Version: 2.1.0

😭🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️This app is so bad they are making my teachers set me so much work and COULD U PLS 😃make it so they can’t see my work because I don’t have motivation. And it’s turned me into a huge introvert and like no friends left like WHYYYY me. 👩🏻‍🎤So if it could be banned it would solve around 98 of my problems. 🙏🏻Like I go back in 2 weeks WHAT AM I MEANT TO SAY I DIDNT DO ANYTHING. So pretty pls delete everything and then bring it back if you want. Umm I think thatd👁👄👁 all but get rid of the whole camera thing like my camera covered with a sticker and I still have trust issues from it 🥰🧚🏻‍♀️ and the microphone 😭 not good idea 💡 the fact that people have made a self driving car and put it into space and teams takes AGES TO LOAD FRRR 👋🏼👋🏼 so that’s all 😇 this app is almost worse than Trisha patays 👩🏻‍🎤 Anyway Stan BTS💜 and hjujin (I can’t spell sorry) is he leaves stray kids I will cry and no more school for me 😭.Version: 2.4.1

Doesn’t synch with desktop!Super handy to have it on my phone, however fairly regularly it stops syncing any messages or chats I read or reply to on my mobile up to my desktop app which means they are out of date and I miss messages. Seems to be whenever there is an update? No notification though so a bit painful when it stops working.Version: 3.6.0

User experience is extremely stupidSo first off there is no way to delete chats, so there is unnecessary and very annoying clutter that can't be removed. There isn't even an option to hide a chat despite it saying to do so online. There are no "three dots" with more options like it says. Second thing getting on my nerves is how the calendar is only accessible on your personal account, which renders it completely useless for the actual team channel where you'd need to make that information easily accessible to everyone. Same with tasks, also only available for your personal account. There is also no way to add your own personal account into your own business channels. So the features locked behind the personal account version, at that point, could have never been accessed by you or your team anyway. I don't even understand how you could design an app this frustrating and think that it's okay to make it available for other people. I will be searching for other options now..Version: 3.9.0

Great app but needs to fix bugsI’ve been using this app for about 2 months now and it has been difficult because there’s loads of glitches such as when you leave a call or get disconnected because of bad WiFi you ha e to restart the app because it doesn’t let you rejoin. Also the most annoying thing is that when your on a call and the teacher is sharing something on their desktop whenever you go onto the chat function of go to the homepage what their sharing goes away and you have to leave and rejoin to see it again. Great app really recommend it but it would be good if they fix these problems..Version: 2.0.11

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