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Better apps out there that works all the time not just part!This app is useless. I had the app for a few months. At first everything was quick and easy. Now where do I begin.....I was successful in ordering the first few times and then things went bad. After ordering a couple times and paying the orders off and some early. Christmas time came I had plan on using the stupid app only to get on and be denied for lack of payment history. Now that’s hilarious seeing that I have a 100% on credit and I definitely never missed or was late with paying them back either. They really don't care about figuring out why. After reading reviews I see they give us all the same dry responses. Lucky for me I have the money to purchase what I wanted in full. Don't depend on this app! There are FAR BETTER APS with less headache! Here are far better ones like Quadpay and Aftedpay. Don't even get caught up in this one because they will definitely let you down..Version: 19.46.14

Nice appI have been using Klarna since 2017 only for ASOS shopping, recently found out I can use it in other shops as well and i have never had any issues. Downloaded the app to keep taps on my payment and can also pay ahead of the schedule dates, which is great by the way. Reading the negative comments is confusing and worrisome too. Is this has something to do with taking a large amount of credit? Cause I recently made a large amount of purchase and I was given a credit of £600 “which I don’t want by the way” I just want to pay back the amount for the item I bought only and nothing more! Which is been sliced within 12months. I hope I don’t have to come back and write negative comments about my experience for this large purchase!.Version: 20.15.74

Great payment system easy to use 1 flawSo I have used Klarna for a few months now and always verify my payments via my mobile, what Klarna fails to mention is you can have multiple email addresses all verified and linked to the same number, meaning you can end up with multiple Klarna accounts. Surely if you verify this using the same number regardless of the linked email it should allow you to merge to one account rather than have multiple log ins? Most people have multiple email addresses so surely adding in an option in the profile for other linked emails would allow people to have all Klarna payments in one place..Version: 20.39.151

Simple and easyJust used it for the first time, easy to use and good that you can break up purchases into smaller payments and I like that the spend limit is low so you don’t have to spend a large amount just to be able to break up the payment..Version: 20.12.37

Amazing companyDear Klarna, I have no words to express my gratitude. You have no idea how my life has been made easy by this application. I have bought stuff that I can only dream of buying because of the huge cost. For a family person like my self who earn only hand to mouth you have been a blessing. I can never forget the looks on my kids when I bought them stuff that I couldn’t afford before all I want to say is Thank you who came up with this idea and keep going strong..Version: 21.19.146

Best. Thing. Ever!I absolutely love Klarna, it’s so safe and makes online shopping so much easier! I often have to order two sizes in one item and this is why Klarna is so great for me! The only reason i am giving them 4* is due to the fact when my link expires to pay my bill, I request a new link but the email comes through empty. This means I cannot log in to pay my bill, luckily Klarna always send out reminders, so it’s never been a massive problem. I would 100% recommend anybody to use Klarna..Version: 19.12.2

Amazing!Klarna allows the ability to make a larger purchase & pay in installments every two weeks over a 6 week period of time, making it easy to pay off the balance quick while getting your merchandise immediately. I absolutely love it. I’m hoping for the option to payoff the balance early, but definitely not complaining. Their customer service is excellent as well; The first time I used Klarna I made a purchase from a company, but quickly cancelled the order. The company cancelled it, said I would be refunded within 3-5 days. I wasn’t confident they had begun my refund process by notifying Klarna, so I called Klarna on the 5th business day and found out the company had not notified Klarna. The rep actually called the company with me on the phone and she processed it. I received the email while I was still on the phone, Klarna was notified as well, and they refunded me by the 3rd business day. That was further confirmation that it was safe to use Klarna so I proceeded to make another purchase. I can’t wait to pay off my current purchases bc I already know what I’ll be getting next lol.Version: 19.20.8

Why are some so negative?I’ve been using Klarna this whole year, and it’s been a smooth as experience, which is exactly what they’re bragging about ;) I haven’t had any negative experiences and their support is outstanding and understanding. It seems a lot of negative reviews are from people who were hit with a late fee from not paying on time. If you don’t pay on time you have a 3 day window to pay before a fee is placed. If you can’t pay on time, you can snooze it for another week (however this seems now unavailable for a while). Great work, Klarna!.Version: 20.50.71

Such an amazing service!Klarna is a game changer. The option to buy now and pay later is great, especially because they don’t change you. The app also sends updates in when balances need to be paid which is super helpful. It is really easy to keep track of what is going in and out of your account. It also means I can buy things that may sell out soon, rather than having to wait into I get paid. I have to recommended this app to all my friends..Version: 20.5.85

Love love love ittt!!!I LOVE Klarna ♥️ so far I’ve made 4 large purchases with the ability to pay in 4 interest free installments! What’s great is that I can debit it from my credit card so I never worry about what day it gets taken out of my account from my paycheck, and then just repay it back when I can, before my credit card company charges me interest. Double win! I’ve purchased anywhere from a tv stand, dining table and clothing to concert tickets and registration for my child’s football season! You can literally use your ghost card on any website! The only option that would top it off is if we have the ability to make an early payment on the next installment. There is an option to pay it off early but sometimes, I have the ability to make an additional installment payment but not want to pay off early. Other than that, Klarna has given me the ability to make purchases that I’d either not be able to afford or have to pay interest on with a credit card purchase!.Version: 19.37.54

Great Product!Really great to be able to use a pay by instalments, at retailers that don’t offer such a thing. Super easy to use The addition of paying instalments early is really great too!.Version: 20.31.136

Terrible App! Very poor or almost no customer serviceI have been buying stuff from TLF using Klarna. I agree that TLF has their own custom setup with Klarna that they only offer an agreement to pay it all in full after 30 days from the purchase date. I made all those payments in full before the due date. Today I try to create a Ghost Card for making purchase from one of the high end brands. Even if they were using my credit score for approval decision which I was told that they don’t, still I should be approved! Unfortunately, I was not approved. Later, I went to the payment methods via profile to make sure that my debit card and bank account information were on file and connected accurately. It showed everything connected perfectly. Just to give it one more try, I deleted all payment information and added it back. Now it won’t show any card or bank information in my profile. However, keeps picking my debit card when trying to create the ghost card. Very poor GUI and terrible screen flows. Definitely going to try the AfterPay and QuadPay..Version: 19.37.54

When it works it’s great maybe a bit buggy since it’s newSo I try to go into the app today after I made a purchase with it yesterday and it asks me to confirm my details. Problem is, when I type in my details, it doesn’t allow me to press confirm, I tap the confirm and nothing happens. This essentially makes it useless for future purchases until it’s fixed.Version: 20.4.64

APP acquisition=Does anyone want to sell the app☞?We need the excellent apps and will buy them at a good price..Please contact meⅤ:Skype|/WhatsApp): +∞8615982002312 Facebook.:estelle668‵.Version: 21.16.153

Useful and gets results, particularly for refundsI rarely write a review but felt I had to in this case. I love the the Klarna app and being able to see and manage my purchases and payments with ease. I think their returns function which allows you to pause payments whilst returns are being processed is a brilliant idea. What has impressed me most though was their help in getting a refund from a particular retailer that I ordered from but for which goods never arrived, yet payment was taken for. I tried all avenues to contact said retailer for months (of which there were few and totally useless as you couldn’t speak to a human being direct. It was all chatbot so their stock answers didn’t help). I eventually realised I could raise an issue through Klarna. I didn’t expect any results as months had passed and it was outside of returns period for the retailer (it was lockdown so I had given the retailer time to get the goods to me before pursuing) yet I got a full refund processed for me via Klarna very quickly. Well done Klarna! Given the option, I always pay through Klarna now as I feel my purchases are more protected, as well as being able to benefit from all the useful features of its app..Version: 20.42.201

KlarnaCan’t recommend the team at Klarna highly enough! It’s rare this days for a product to provide their advertised product, which Klarna simply excels at! Thanks again Team!.Version: 20.47.220

Great way to shopI don’t normally write reviews for apps etc but I’ve been using Klarna for a while now and thought it might be useful for others to write one! I’ve used it for ‘pay in 3’ many times now and have had no problems. The app as great as you can clearly see different retailers you’ve purchased from and what amounts will be taken and when. I’ve also sent items back to online retailers and Klarna has automatically adjusted what I owe. I can only imagine problems arise when people don’t pay what is owed on time perhaps?.Version: 20.9.56

Negative 10 Stars!I have made On time payments for two straight years, never missed one! I had automatic payments at up for the 26th of every month. Well since my balance was down to $122 I decided to pay it off this month. I went in to set up the payment for the 26th and they took it out immediately today which caused me to to overdraw my account and refused to postpone or cancel the payment. Mind you, I contacted them less than 5 minutes after I made the payment. Then I tried chatting and was literally hung up on by 7 different agents. The last one told me he’d pass me onto a specialist which can take up to 48hrs! All this after I contacted customer service by phone and was ASSURED that they would cancel the payment and I could just pay it on the due date, he also assured me that I would receive an email confirmation and it would also reflect in my app, well, neither of those things have happened ! I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN! Keep in mind I have spent over $10,000 with their service! Fleur R..Version: 20.6.75

Smoooooooth !Incredible end to end experience, absolutely loved it ! Already look forward to using Klarna again. Won’t be using any other provider !!.Version: 20.16.47

Fantastic Buy now pay later option!Excellent service for buy now pay later with 4 easy instalments! Highly recommended.Version: 20.8.59

Convenient but dangerousI think klarna is a fab idea and is very convenient however I don’t feel its notifications are clear enough, I have been late on a couple of payments now due to missing the email from them as it’s landed in my spam folder and let’s face it paying for something is always right at the back of your mind when remembering the 101 things you have to do. I feel the app/site would benefit from having a future payment date that you can set up when checking out so that the payment will automatically come out on that chosen date..Version: 19.23.1

Fantastic AppI really enjoy using this app. My only complaint is the sign-in process - I wish Klarna would accept a password instead of emailing a link. I would also suggest making an iPad app as I’m sure most people would enjoy shopping on a larger screen. Otherwise, Klarna is a pretty good platform..Version: 20.15.76

No longer working!I was in love with this app before holiday season hit and was able to stock up on some presents before December! However, when I tried to buy some more gifts around holiday season I was no longer approved for ghost cards. I thought it was perhaps due to the amount of people also trying to order around holiday season so I waited and even now I am no longer approved for ghost cards and I’m so disappointed because I loved this app. I understand it’s all an automated system that either approves you or doesn’t I just don’t know what I did wrong because my card will have more than enough money, I have tried different amounts of money for ghost card approval, and have paid all of my pervious purchases off which is hundreds of dollars by the way. Now I’m back to using Afterpay which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a similar app. Only downfall is it doesn’t have as many options as Klarna does. If this app ever does change its ghost card approval processing I’d be more than happy to come back and spend my money with this app but for now this system isn’t working for me and many other and for that reason I will no longer be using it..Version: 20.8.59

Great fast credit in minutes not daysI am very happy with the app I think it is working fine I just used the limit max and no more than sufficient to be treated as such a breach of trust you saying you have to guess I amount of credit is your limit ...Version: 20.19.112

Heaven SentI super super love using KLARNA. With the pandemic going on, a lot of us.. most of us... are struggling with financial hardships. It’s really difficult sometimes to focus on which we should be prioritizing first especially those who have family to take care of, bills to pay, rent ,mortgage , car payments and more. But we sure need to pamper ourselves too. With the tight budget, we cannot afford to buy things even if we really wanted to because we need to attend to our financial obligations to our family. Thank God there’s KLARNA. We can shop and we don’t have to worry about paying bigger amount upfront. Klarna helps big time with people like me. Because with Klarna, we can buy things and we don’t need to feel guilty about burning money in one time payment. The pandemic is triggering a lot of anxiety, stress, depression etc etc... but with the help of Klarna, we can do a little retail therapy to indulge ourselves or reward ourselves for doing a good job surviving this Global Pandemic. Thank you so much Klarna for all you guys do. Very helpful,very reliable, very efficient and trustworthy..Version: 21.6.161

Normally I don’t write reviews but in this case...I must admit I’m impressed with Klarna, in a good way! I’ve been using it for few months, I’ve never had any issues (I’ve always paid my purchases on time) and the customer service is really good, at least the only one time I had some questions, they’ve been really nice and helpful. I would like to have a filter with the shops where you can pay 30 days later or in 3 equal payments, just to know which one would be the best option for me, but apart from that, I’m more than happy with it. I would really like to know the credit limit but I couldn’t find any way to figure it out yet... No issues with my credit history at all, that’s something I was really scared about. I recommend it 100%, to people like me who gets paid during the month, not at the beginning or at the end like most people, so you can buy something and pay it when you’re ready!.Version: 20.18.128

Klarna changed my life!For years I was trapped in cycles of debt where when significant annual events such as Christmas, birthdays, buying school uniform would mean I had to use credit cards or overdrafts to be able to get through the month and It would take me the rest of the year paying it and the interest back. Last Christmas I used Klarna, which not only meant I could take advantage of things such the Black Friday deals as I had access to funds when they happened, but it meant I could spread the cost of Christmas over 3 months. It was genuinely life changing. For the first time in years, I have been able to end the cycle of debt I was in. Since then, if there’s been an unexpected expense or any of those annual financial stress points, Klarna has helped me to budget. And whilst that is all very worthy and the situation might not apply to others — on top of that, the range of shops seems limitless so I’ve always been able to find the stores I need. This is a genuine thank you to those at Klarna - you changed my life!.Version: 21.23.162

Klarna AppLove how easy it is to view purchases and when paying in 3 instalments you can see where you are up to with each individual item. Also how easy it is to pay early and change the cards to make payments. Just wish the interface on how to find what stores your able to make purchases with Klarna. Some work needs to be done on that side. Apart from that I find it easy to use and able to see at a glance what you’ve purchased and where you are at with instalments. Great for people like myself who likes things simple and easy to use. Not too complicated at all.Version: 21.9.147

Add a limt areaLove this app but wish the creators wound add a area where you can see what your limit is. It says $1000 but each person I know is different and some people can’t even pass $600 overall. If it was added wound be easier for people to know what they can spend instead of trying heaps of orders at different prices.Version: 20.47.220

Great app love the pay 30 days later!The app is great as long as you pay it back! I’ve had no hidden extra charges and the fact that my first 3 purchase added up to £200 on pay 30 days later. The pay 30 days later is great for saving money until payday they even give you to option to snooze the payment for 10 days with no charge. The only problem with them app is that it isn’t well categorised, clearpay have a section filled with various categories unlike the Klarna app takes you to their website and is very vague. The pay in three instalments is great aswel, overall a great app if you can pay on time 😁.Version: 20.28.158

FantasticEasy to use. Setting up was more personable. They have really taken the time to make sure their customers are being well looked after. Would have to say I’d deleted afterpay after using. These guys are great. Easy sign up and a pretty good concept of the app..Version: 20.8.59

Great little appI absolutely love Klarna and love the way you can try now pay later, but what has happened to slice it, it’s hardly available anymore, usually the only option available now is pay in in 3 or pay later. I like the idea of pay in 3 but sometimes if you’ve made a larger order it can be difficult making a part payment straight away that is why the slice it option appealed to me more whereas you could buy straight away and did not have to make a payment till after 30 days. Please Klarna bring back slice it to more stores. Everything else brilliant thanks.Version: 19.49.34

Top shopping experienceI used Klarna for the first time and will definitely not be the last. The whole shopping experience was top class and super smooth. It’s like the perfect use of technology, keeping practicality in the core..Version: 20.25.145

Klarna is awesome.The only issue i’ve had so far with this app is verifying my details, however i had fantastic help from a customer service representative and it’s working fine now. The ghost card feature is the best thing ever!!!.Version: 20.12.37

Excellent service, never have any problemsThis service is brilliant for people with low incomes to actually buy quality clothing that lasts longer and cost absolutely no extra whatsoever. Quite confused as to why the government would want to regulate this industry when it’s actually serving to alleviate unfairness between the upper, working class and poor people, however it stands to reason that the upper class will always want to “look better” than their no so fortunate counterparts in order to feel inferior. Quite expected from out of touch government employees that can literally afford around 10 times more than the average worker..Version: 21.5.154

Why Pay Interest when you can use Klarna.I use Klarna mostly to purchase relatively expensive items. Often I can find these items with good sales discounts offered but not necessarily when payment in full at purchase is not an attractive proposition in terms of my cash flow. This when Klarna really works because, by offering the opportunity to pay in three monthly payments interest free, this often provides the means to benefit from the offer price without any inconvenient strain on available cash. Most of my purchased item to date has been on good quality shoes and footwear for myself and my wife from my go to company. I feel it’s important to not skimp on footwear, and not to slavishly follow every trend in fashion. This helps me to look after my feet by wearing good quality and durable footwear. Klarna has given me the capability to take best advantage of promotions and sales..Version: 21.24.180

LOVE Klarna but app needs a few changes!I absolutely love Klarna and your company! It’s such an easy process buying through you. It’s helped me get the more expensive things without having to save. I think what you offer is amazing! Your app does need some tweaking though! So firstly and most annoyingly. When I’m on a website through your site, when I click on a product I can’t click back to the list. I have to go to the menu again and search what I was looking at the look through the list again to where I’d got to! If I press the back button it takes me back to your home page! I’d then have to look up the company again and go through it all again! It’s very annoying and not enjoyable! Also you need a “where to shop next/browse by store” button on your home page. You have to flick through those icons at the bottom to find your “where to shop next” tab. That’s annoying! When your on your list of companies, if you click on one then decide you don’t want that one. When you press back it takes you to your home page instead of back to the list where you were. So you have to go through the whole process again! Very frustrating! If these little things were fixed, this would probably be my most used/preferred site!! Roxie.Version: 20.29.120

I had a great experience. Easy, smooth & addictive!!!I have read a few other negative reviews. Which Is why I wanted to take a few minutes and write about my experience. ( I have also told two other Co-workers about this app and they have also had the SAME POSITIVE experience) This app was smooth and easy to set up. It was easy to check out and has worked with every website I have used it one. ( 5 or more). All my alerts have been consistent. I have canceled a card before and received my refund with in a reasonable time. So I really can’t say any negative. Just don’t forget to include the taxes. If you forget your card will not have enough funds so that will require you to cancel that card and make another one ( this is Only going to hold up your money because now you have paid the first payment one both cards so will have to wait for the refund on the deleted card ) Thanks Klarna for a very useful app ❤️❤️.Version: 19.32.48

Honest reviewOk so Klarna is a must for me. I’ve seen so many negative comments and I understand why because I had the same issues with the app but Klarna team solved them. Very easy to use and quick respond. I did my 5th purchase through Klarna and no regrets. It took a while for me to review this app because of the negative reviews. Only bothers me that you can’t make an another instalment earlier if you want to pay earlier you have to pay the whole amount but anyway managed to get expensive stuff for my baby true this app. And this worked for me well. Good job Klarna and keep it up..Version: 20.23.183

Great...but not consistentI was happily using Klarna for a long time as a disabled person I do ALL of my clothes shopping online due to my mobility issues so if I end up sending stuff back, waiting for refunds can cause cash flow delays so Klarna was perfect but just lately, despite no late/missed payments it’s not allowing me to use it as an option :( when I’ve queried it customer services have said it’s because of large amounts but I’ve never had a transaction over £60 and most transactions are for £30 so I don’t really understand. It’s a shame because when it works - it’s a brilliant option!x.Version: 19.29.52

Handy 0% payments.It’s handy to spread the cost of a purchase, over 4 payments, without interest payments. I can keep my savings in the bank, get something new, instead of second hand, set up automatic payments, done and dusted..Version: 20.47.220

Easy to use /Just used this to make a purchase it was very easy to use - I like how it shows you the repayments. Quick simple and can use anywhere which is fantastic..Version: 20.17.70

Very convenient as long as you are in control of your spending!I love this app and payment method, allows me to not part with any cash until I have tried clothes on in a lot of cases, or spread payment for larger items in others. Easy to pay off early, track payment schedules and keep an eye on overall spending. I would worry that some people who are not in control of their spending could mount up quite a lot of debt on here and then end up with hefty monthly payments as a result. As long as you are money-wise it’s a great tool to have!.Version: 20.19.112

Happy customer!I’ve only used this app once but I would be comfortable to use it again in the future (and probably will!) The process for me as a customer was easy (which is important) but the nice touch that I appreciated was the friendly emails sent out regarding either an up coming payment or one that has been paid. It was a nice personal touch. The app and payment process was user friendly and I liked that this company gave me an option to purchase something from a business overseas that I wouldn’t ordinarily have paid outright. Happy customer!.Version: 20.31.136

ExcellentI was very surprised on how good this app is having read the reviews, I purchased sunglasses from rayban and used klarna as a payment method and when signing up everything was smooth and pleasant I like how I’m notified before I’m due to pay and also the option to pay of in full, the app was easy to set up and didn’t take long, it’s easy to navigate around and looks good. overall I can say that I’m very pleased with klarna and it’s app and I would recommend it, I have not had any problems and will definitely use klarna again with future purchases if it’s available,.Version: 20.22.124

AMAZINGI’m not one to go out of my way to write reviews, but I just have to express how amazing Klarna is. There is no company so dedicated to their customers and consumers as this one is, I’ve never seen anything like it in all my life. Their customer service is unreal, they are always on top of exchanges, returns, purchases, everything. Their social media is always on point-they are always replying to people, getting back to people with questions fast, being fun and funny, etc. The company itself is amazing, I have more than 15 purchases with them right now and have never had a problem with one. I will swear by this app/website for forever. Also want to recognize that they do Drag Brunches with incredible and popular drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. They are so cute and entertaining, especially during this time. And if I’m correct, I believe they are fundraising events as well, for people who are affected by the virus. Just wanted to put my two cents in to demonstrate just how amazing Klarna is, and how I don’t see why anyone would use any service aside from theirs. So loyal to their customers, even newer customers! Love 💗💗💗.Version: 20.19.112

ExcellentI’ve been using Klarna for sometime now an it’s great not only because I get to either pay later or pay in 3 instalments I can view offers available, view what I have to pay an if there are any updates or changes for my payments I always get a notification and email. I also love the fact that I can not pay at the time of purchase and if I don’t like it I can return it without having to wait for my money to be refunded to me..Version: 20.12.37

Was great while it workedUpdate: I will update my original review stars but won’t delete my review as a reminder that it may also happen to others. As of now I’m able to shop again and create ghost cards, however, I am always apprehensive to update the app. I can’t give the app 1 star because I did have a good experience up until my first purchase was paid in full. This app was very easy to use and I was able to make multiple purchases both with the ghost card and with the stores that used Klarna as a payment method during checkout. I agree with others who say you never really know what to expect as your limit does seem to change on a daily basis. I tried to create a ghost card the same day that my first purchase was completely paid off and boom, denied and asked to try with another card. No thanks. I’m not sure if paying off triggered their automated system or it it was the update to the app but I have not been able to make a purchase since then. Moral of the story is it is great when it works but don’t become reliant on the app because you never know when you will no longer be able to get approved..Version: 20.15.74

BrilliantSuch a good way for people to be able to buy single or multiple items they can’t afford full in one payment and to be able to spread the cost over 3 months or after 3 months without worrying about interest rates! Also perfect if you’re not sure what size to get and want to try on multiple sizes or if you want to get a few different things to try on first without having to pay for every size or every item you want to try on so you can order things, send back what you don’t want and only pay for what you end up keeping! A great alternative and answer to the struggles and worries of online shopping!!.Version: 20.42.201

Pay and no resultsI like the pay later method a lot, it helps me out so much. My payments are always on time, and even if I don’t like what I have tried on, I can always return it. My problem with the app is, that there is no point system or rewards to help you out on paying. I use the pay later app a lot, but there is no fun in paying with no pay later bonus. I at least believe there should be a bonus to build points..Version: 18.49.23

Great but one thing needs workThe refund process if a company needs to cancel an order (I.e. no stock) is not trackable and you spend time following up with customer support. Klarna really need to work on that whole process to make it easier for customers to ensure they haven’t paid for something they didn’t receive..Version: 20.32.115

Super fab app and payment optionI had heard about Klarna but until a few years ago hasn’t used it. Now if I purchase through a website and Klarna payment is an option I always pay by Klarna where I can. It’s so easy to set up, super easy to use and check when payments are taken and you can always pay early and get it out the way too. The monthly payments come in handy when waiting for paydays and I think all websites should use Klarna! I love it..Version: 20.20.165

Klarna - buy now, pay later review.The app is easy and straightforward to use. I love that I can see what I’ve bought and have left to pay. Very easy to understand, and great with notifying me if something is coming up. I have never missed a payment! I love being able to buy things in instalments, because I can’t always afford things all at once. Highly recommend to anyone of any age. I can see how it would be useful to so many people. From uni students to single mummies who want to treat themselves :) x.Version: 20.12.37

Super easy sign up and quick no fuse purchaseSuper easy to use and only took a couple of minutes to sign up.. I just made my first online order with Woolworths without any hiccups. I even went through the checkout using the ghost card payment method and it was simple and fast.. super happy right now...Version: 20.4.64

Problem with order/payment resolved easilyOrdered a desk on wayfair and paid using klarna. All the pieces didn’t arrive, and replacement pieces can’t be sent out until the 27th of Jan (ordered on 26th Dec, delivered on the 30th). Pushed for money off from wayfair but was unsure how that would affect the payment plan.... got an email from klarna 5 minutes after she had actioned the discount and the money has been deducted evenly for my remaining 2 payments. Great way of buying products and spreading the cost and you don’t have to do anything through klarna should something like this happen! 5/5.Version: 20.51.167

If the app works, it’s goodI haven’t been able to use the app for weeks. It used to work fine but now when I try to create a Ghost Card, it’s saying I have overdue payments. Not only do I NOT have any overpayments (not have I ever), I paid things out early. I contacted Klarna and they just said it’s one of those difficult things that might be hard to fix. And that’s it - can’t use the app.Version: 20.17.70

Excellent serviceThank you Klarna, your service makes budgeting so much easier. I have a large family and gift giving is so much easier when I know I have Klarna💐.Version: 21.12.176

IzzyFirst time used, at first I wasn’t sure how it works but after when my ordered was successful completed, i received an email. 2 days later I received my goods. I love it. I’m going to keep using this Klarna app from now on instead of after pay . So quick and it’s convenient. Very happy 😍.Version: 20.10.35

Tech idiotFirst time using the app can be quite frustrating on eBay...as eBay remembers your credit card details and won’t recognise the ghost card...but after a lot of messages an idiot who has no tech knowledge can use it...good to be able to get the best deals online..✌️👌👍.Version: 20.9.57

Brilliant way to shopKlarna is a fantastic way to shop especially if you’re unsure of sizes this enables you to order numerous sizes without paying for them all allowing you to find your correct size then send the rest back so saving you the hassle of waiting on refunds etc! Also if pay day Is a few weeks off but you really need to get that special dress etc this is a brilliant way of being able to do that then pay later when your money hits your bank! Love Klarna brilliant idea with no added interest *****.Version: 19.32.48

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