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Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG app received 99 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about empires & puzzles: match-3 rpg?

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Loving it early onI’m excited to play each day. I’ve read the other reviews and I’m not phased about the progress slowing down. Personally I think it’s too fast at the beginning. I’ve joined an alliance, been part of the team to defeat a Titan and gotten some cools stuff..Version: 17.1.0

AddictingDefinitely your candy crush alternative but with an interesting story to go with it (though the main characters seem to be a little under powered). I want to give this a higher rating but all of the pop ups you get whenever you open the app are ridiculous! It’s like opening a virus ridden website and the fact that the button you press to buy things is right where you’d put your finger to swipe is stupid and begging for cash. The wait times for things are crazy (a week for training and 15 hours for an item?!). The level system for tournaments and even raids can be all over the place (sometimes you’re matched with somebody waaay over powered for you in the tournaments and there is nothing you can do about it). The algorithm system has to be broken. There are way too many times I’ve lost battles because the enemy will be on one side of the screen but nothing will match until it’s too late. Besides all of that it’s fun and forces you to learn strategy. I appreciate all of the characters and how you can level them and their unique skills. Definitely something to fill your time until the really long wait times kick in. Have fun!.Version: 20.1.3

Trading System-Update IdeaI honestly enjoy playing this game and I like all the RNG features which make this game very unique. I rated 4* because I have not seen much significant change, such as the goblin balloon, which was not a feature I enjoyed very much as it is a pay-to-win feature which gives a ridiculously little amount of loot to free-to-play players. So here is my idea for future updates: -A trading system, where players can trade heroes, ascension/ crafting items and resources. (Either global or just in alliances) This would be a very much game improving update because some max 5* players would get rid of 4* heroes and would much rather have a 3* trainer hero instead. Whereas a newish player would have little use for that 3 star trainer hero and would much rather have a 4* not trainer hero. Same thing with emblems and titan parts or 4* items. This would very much help new players who would be confused by all these hundreds of different items and might just quit out of confusion, and with a trading system would find a good use for them. And I don’t know, but maybe this could introduce trade tokens or ad-watches to allow you to trade..Version: 31.0.4

On the whole, it’s good.....Game mechanics are good, and building your base is rewarding. Being part of an alliance is essential, well for me, especially when you get frustrated with some parts of it. Patience is key, as your progression is rapid at first and then becomes very slow. Upgrading your heroes, troops and buildings takes a lot of time and resources. You can make this quicker but, be prepared to spend a LOT of money on the gems. My biggest moan about the game is the system used to summon higher class heroes. This just seems totally broken and I’m at a point where I’ve disabled in-app purchases until they address this. A 10 hero summon costs 2600 gems; which you can get in game for free over a long period, or costs around £26. This says that you will get either 3*, 4* or the highest at 5* heroes. When you get 9 3* & a 4* on 3 separate occasions, this just feels wrong and broken. I appreciate it says a ‘chance’ and the odds become less on higher grade heroes but, it’s so deflating and you feel like you’ve wasted your money. On the whole, it’s a good game and I’ll keep playing but, if I’d known about how much money you could waste, I’d probably have not spent anything at all..Version: 18.0.2

Gem Rewards should be commensurate.Awesome game but I feel the Gem rewards should be increased to a quite reasonable level considering its level of usage. I quite understand that the Gem rewards is what sustains the developers to carry on business but how can you reward someone after completing a milestone with say 2 gems that can’t even skip 10mins of building or crafting an item which required 10gems. For instance, I spend days to complete a mission and earn only 5 gems which cannot even help complete a building or crafting an item with 10 mins wait time. The rewards of Gem should be at least commensurate with the degree it’s been used..Version: 26.0.0

AwesomeAs far as I’m concerned, this is the best game out there. It’s like they took the fun parts of other games, and put them all in one. Gem matching for the battles, town building for infrastructure, hero cards for strategy... PvE for basic fights, PvP for raids, team PvP for wars. Find the right alliance for yourself, whether you want chatty, intense, casual... it’s all out there. They even have auto play if you want to redo lower levels for rewards, so you can do real life and just tap and have it go! You can definitely play for free. I did for awhile, but my personal philosophy is that if I like a game and play it a lot, then I want to pay the game makers for the product. I do pay for this game (get a feel for the deals, and wait for a sale). But, I get a ton of fun from this, and play it a lot, and I love my alliance which has terrific people in it, so I am getting good value. If you spend money on games, then I suggest setting an annual limit, and looking for deals along the way. Like I said, just personal philosophy; you can play for free with no problem, just advancing slower than those who pay something..Version: 19.0.0

LOVE IT😍🥰I have been playing this game for quite a long time and I can’t believe that I haven’t written a review but that time is now! So this game is amazing and that’s saying something because I don’t usually write reviews! I recommend that you get this app because it is the perfect does of action and puzzle. I love a good puzzle. And I looooove action cuz who doesn’t!! Anyway I think you should get this game because. 1. IT IS NOT A SCAM OR VIRUS. 2. It is amazing and strengtheners the mind!! And 3. You can play with real people and NOT computers!! So overall I think if you like a good puzzle then this app is for YOU!! Sorry this is so long but I just had to let out my feelings!😇🤣.Version: 20.1.3

Long term playerI have been playing for nearly four years and it’s a great game. As other reviews mention to really progress you need to spend a lot on money. I’m happy to spend a little so am always middle of the road on this whereas a couple of years ago I was consistently higher. My major frustration with the game for the last year is the lack of development in anything other than heroes. There are new quests but they still follow the same formula and ultimately you want to earn the tokens to summon the abundance of new characters. It would be great to see more improvements or upgrades in the base as this hasn’t been touched in a while. Also it’s about time the regular summons and training camps started churning out later season heroes and heroes of the month..Version: 41.0.1

Expensive game to become good atHave to agree with most of the other reviews, once you get to a certain point it’s impossible to win without spending a lot of real money. The raids are very tactical and an interesting part of the game there is no logic to them one minute you can beat some one who is much stronger then the next raid some one weaker thrashes you, so you play someone the same strength thrashed, try a higher person than you thrashed, try a lower person thrashed then you suddenly beat a higher person again, it’s totally random and difficult to master or climb the rankings. Gems are very expensive and if you wait for free ones & build up enough to spin for a new character you get a weak one or if it’s a half decent one it ends up being the same colour as a good one you already, you generally get a good character when you have spent real money. The new war battles the rewards have been changed and are now better with the chests. Good for a few weeks then you have to pay and pay a lot to compete, but if you do spend money the game can be quite rewarding..Version: 17.1.0

This game is awsomeOmg I have just downloaded this an it is amazing.Version: 24.0.0

AddictingRuins my life for years, good game.Version: 37.0.0

ExcitingSo far so good.Version: 1.9.6

LucasAmazing strategy game.Version: 40.1.1

Just funEasy to pick up and just plan fun.Version: 1.6.3

Worth playing!I a m playing this game without spending anything oningame purchases getting there takes UNITING CHURCH IN AUSTRALIA longer but it is still possible. I am 60 years old and abut slow due to PARKINSONS DISEASE however I am still able to work play the game..Version: 28.0.0

Good gameThe game is very good but if patience isn’t your go, then this game might not be for you. You do progress fairly quickly at the start but upon reaching a certain level things slow down and become more of a grind. Joining a active team will help during these stages and help you progress further. I enjoy this challenging game..Version: 21.0.0

Enjoyable without spending, but think where you spend if you doAs any game nowadays, the experience will be vastly improve with a little help from in-game purchases Like any other game, there are dos and don’ts when it comes to spending - in this one, DO NOT be tempted to purchase high/special event summon tokens. The success rate for the prizes you spend on are SO LOW, you will literally throw you money down the drain with no satisfaction experience return whatsoever. Overall very enjoyable game, even without spending on in-game purchases. Highly addictive!.Version: 32.1.2

A pleasure to playPlayed a lot of mobile games over the years and the majority require a lot of real money to advance as well as being online for long periods of time else you get out Found this a much more pleasurable game where its up to the individual to pay to win rather then being bombarded with ads to purchase items. Gratz to developers great game to play at my leasure.Version: 22.1.1

A game for the rich or the patientNice game design, gets you hooked early for the first 5 or 6 levels, before things get harder and more time consuming. I’m enjoying it, but not expecting to finish this in a week, looks like it will take months to progress through all the levels. You can, of course, speed this process up by large injections of cash. EDIT: Many months later, I’m still hooked, but haven’t spent a cent. I’ll never get all the heroes, and may never finish all the building upgrades as they keep releasing more levels, but the good news is you don’t really need to. Still a fun game to kill some time..Version: 28.0.0

Slow and money hungryAm still relatively new but progress has slowed considerably , waiting a day for castle to update (really) oh forgot the fast fix just spend gems. I am willing to spend if the gains are worthwhile, to test this I have purchased the monthly VIP pack , let’s see how you treat your VIPs.? You only get one chance to keep me as a PAYING customer , don’t waste it..Version: 20.1.2

Update problemI’ve been enjoying the game for some time now but new update means I can’t get in game. Keeps saying “update” but fully updated? Pls fix this. Second time your update has kept me from logging in. Getting frustrated. It’s showing I need to update but fully updated, won’t let me get in game..Version: 1.12.7

Good game, great support from Small GiantAt first I found the game to be a real challenge to play for free. I hit levels that really felt like paywalls. That said I persisted and have managed to press on through without buying gems. Also it’s important to realise that the app developer needs to make money - these things don’t pay for themselves. The game overall is enjoyable and a good way to pass a bit of time. Also a huge thank you to the app developers (Small Giant Games). My young son accidentally deleted his app and hadn’t linked it to his Game Center so lost his account. I contacted them and they were superb, great advice, support and guidance which restored the account (one mightily relieved and very happy boy as a result. The person I spoke to at Small Giant (An) was a real superstar, going above and beyond what I’ve ever experienced from any other developer - thanks An. To say thank you for their above and beyond service I made my first gems purchase (don’t get anything I needed but that wasn’t the point lol)..Version: 22.0.0

Very Happy FTP PlayerI read a lot of comments about the game being rigged or requiring a lot of money to “win”, which are very misleading and unfair. As a “free-to-play” (FTP) player, I’ve had a blast for over two years. It’s not about winning. This game is a lot of fun if you’re willing to slowly grow your army, slowly build your base, and fight the battles you’re strong enough to fight. Join an alliance and commit to playing 30 minutes per day. Make friends from around the world. Accept that the odds of pulling amazing heroes or materials are very low, and meant to be, to keep the game balanced and fun for everyone. Play for fun and you will have a lot of fun. Play to win and you will be cranky and broke..Version: 36.0.0

Addictive & FunI kept seeing ads for this game and at first I was annoyed and closed it because I wanted to go back to playing the Blackjack game which showed me this ad. Then it kept popping up and I finally interacted with it and fell into its trap. It’s a well designed game with beautiful graphics and elements of RPG and strategy that I enjoy with humor thrown in. The menu is easy and fun to interact with. It’s a game that requires patience and does not require you to spend real money to advance, although it does help but absolutely not required. I like the challenge of spending as little resource as possible to grow your empire. It’s a fun challenge to figure out what to upgrade and the order that needs to happen. I normally hate seeing ads but this game has cleverly weaved it into its gameplay that makes me look forward to seeing the ads. The only thing I hate about the game is the raids but overall it’s fun and addictive. And there’s a good chance I’ll splurge in the future and spend real money to support this company and developers for creating such an amazing game. It’s been a while since a game has caught and held my attention and makes me want to play it. Well done!.Version: 20.1.1

Fast beginningIt’s a fun game that combines strategy with puzzles. I’m you start moving up quickly but it soon becomes a grind fest to get anywhere. Just like in life, if you want to advance and win quickly you need to have money to burn. In this it’s for gems to summon more powerful units and to get bonuses like extra builders to build your base..Version: 22.0.0

Needs just a LITTLE workThis game is so close to being perfect. The positives are endless. Sweet graphics, easy to learn, addictive, variety of heroes etc etc. However if you wanted to perfectly level up a team without spending money you could be there a lifetime, literally. The materials to ascend are near impossible to acquire. Troops take an eon to level up after a while and you simply do not get enough in game to level up. They need to implement a troop farm/house where you can make troops, much like heroes. There is also no feature to view a raid battle if someone raids you so you cannot gauge how well your team performs. They need to either implement a replay feature or a feature where you can battle your clan members/your own team for free to test defence teams for raids and wars. I dont understand why there is no test feature in this game. Other than that i love this game. I think i would be on it all the time if I could battle clan members or my own team as practice..Version: 16.1.0

Solid gameIf you want insta win, forget it. No patience, forget it. Rewards long term players by not being pay to win. Can’t think of anything you can’t earn in game. That’s why so many players for so long. Good community..Version: 25.1.1

NiceGood game to play to kill time.Version: 15.2.1

Therapy for anger management issuesI love this game!!! I am forced to write this review after reading other reviews & comments about how this game is a waste of money. I’ve been playing for just over a year now and have NEVER needed to use real money for anything in the game. I’m in a team/Alliance of 15 atm and battling a 7 star Titan….it’s tough but he’s almost dead. If you spend a little bit of time and effort you won’t need to use money! This game is brilliant, there’s so much to do so many challenges - wars, raids, quests, Titans etc. You’ll never get bored. It does get harder as you progress through the game but that’s the best thing about it, if it was easy it’d be boring. If you’re ever stuck or not sure about something ask your team mates and there’s also so much help & advice available on line. If you like a challenge then this is definitely the game for you.Version: 40.1.0

Fun gameNice game to spend time playing whether it being short or long.Version: 22.1.1

Good so farGood so far..Version: 1.12.7

Work hard for progressFun game with minimal back-story - but hey, the game mechanics are solid. As with all FTP games, if you’re not one of those PTW (Pay To Win) people with deep pockets, then as expected it’s a bit of a grind to get the high end heroes as well as the required materials to ascend them. It’s ridiculous how other reviewers rate the game down because you have to put in a bit of effort to reach the end-game. If you don’t have the patience to work on your deck, then pay for it. That’s not a flaw of the game. It’s working exactly as designed. Kudos for not requiring players to log on at certain times in order to get free energy or anything like that. Relaxed gameplay, but won’t appeal to lazy players who expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter (I.e. not for those who don’t have a modicum of patience)..Version: 1.12.3

Best game everAlthough you have to wait to get hero summons there’s lots of fun stuff to do like collect iron and food also train hero’s there’s lots of things to do while your waiting for your hero summons. Although you won’t always get the hero you want it always gives you useful hero’s and troops.Version: 30.0.0

Addictive gameGreat game play and leaves you wanting more. Good competition as well as challenging levels.Version: 24.1.0

AdjustmentsI’ve never put money towards a game ever in my life. Empires & Puzzles is the only game I’ve enjoyed playing. I admire the different deals you guys do with obtaining more gems. However, there are minor things that can be modified to make my rating jump to 5 stars. I just feel like you should be able to upgrade multiple buildings at once. Waiting 2 days for one building to finish is ridiculous. Either upgrading multiple buildings at once or changing the time frame would be suitable. Then, there’s the troops that can’t be upgraded. What’s the point in having all the same troops if I can’t add them to one another. I have 1 star troops just sitting there for no reason. I’m given literally the same troops every random draw. The algorithm for that should be fixed to where it’s not so rare to get 4 or 5 star troops/ heros. And if there is a button to level up your troops then that should be more apparent. Instead of searching high and low to figure out if it’s possible to do so. Also, how are you supposed to use the emblems without any since of direction? I’m over here stuck with 41 of the same emblem because I don’t know when I can use it nor how I can. Other than that, I really do enjoy the game but it would be better if my suggestions were carefully thought out..Version: 20.0.0

Great gameThe reviews on here that state you have to “pay to win” and “never guaranteed you do win when you spend x amount” are Bogus claims. Playing this game is a marathon, not a dAsh to the finish. It’s team building; material farming adventure that takes months to get every character and item your so desperately wanting. The Months it takes to lever characters, upgrade buildings, play through the story and quests takes time and patience. You can spend money to get the things your so desperately wanting now with odd/chances against you OR you can just play the game and wait for the quest and tournaments to give you the items your wanting(takes time) What your goals in the gameplay can also differ. So any reviews telling you about bad character/teams or not getting them. Those people know they spend money with odd slim and change with every season. and spending money is no guarantee to any item due to the lottery/change type of buying. They tell you the % of chance to get certain items/ If your looking for a game you can dig into, put in the time needed to make it the team and build it have patience because they give you gem to spend, they give you many items to build you characters. Give this game the your time it deserves before giving it a review. **Happy Adventures Slawguhy.Version: 26.0.0

Great gameEnjoy playing this game alot.Version: 1.8

SaranneI have been playing this game for a few years now, I am 50 years old and started playing for a nephew. Haven’t stopped playing it and the game gets better every update. Thank you for such an excellent game..Version: 27.0.0

Fun And Expansive Match 3 (with some issues)I’ve played this game for over 3 years, during which time I’ve invested a modest amount of money and a significant amount of time in my little digital kingdom and beloved heroes. This review is from a place of significant experience and fondness, but also objective honesty. The world of mobile games is dominated by match 3 puzzles for a reason. They are quick and intuitive, they are shiny and addictive. This game is no different but incorporates an expansive campaign and hero mechanics system that puts it into the realm of some of the best mobile RPGs. The developers regularly feed the app new content, and the global player base is generally very healthy (my own alliance is made up of polite supportive strangers). These elements all make for a finely tuned game that is easy to pick up and stays fun and competitive at even the highest levels of play. As with any mobile game, there are issues in Empires: annoying pop up ads, mind-numbing resource farming, an abysmally slow building upgrade system, overtly sexist female characters/avatars, and the pay to win factor here is significant, but Empires can be fun as a 100% free game as well. I have friends with a few less heroes on their rosters, but healthier bank accounts. Overall the game is great, assuming your patience and resilience is as well..Version: 33.0.0

Hit to miss ratioNow, don’t get me wrong; I really do like this game. I enjoy the story behind it, the game is including while using strategy, and also has an option where the game plays for you. The heroes are clearly thought through, and each design is unique to the type of hero and the way they play their role in the game. The play is smooth, with little to no lag. However, not every diamond is cut perfectly. During the game, whenever a move is played on an enemy, the hits have a chance of missing the target. No big deal, that’s to be expected in a game like this. However, my last plays of recent levels (and this may just be me not quite being far enough into the game yet to get past this) have shown that the moves I play tend to miss the enemies on almost every hit without fail. The enemies, on the other hand, whether NPC or player, have a much higher chance of actually hitting their chosen targets. Again, this may just be a problem with my game or something that is just unlucky for me. This is my only real problem with this game, though. Gameplay is relaxing and fun, and the occasional Titan that pops up is fun to engage with your teammates. A very well thought through RPG, and certainly one to be respected for the work and creativity put into it..Version: 20.1.2

Leszek MoonGreat game!!! Huge minuses is getting ancession material it takes a lot of time to get it! And also feeding heroes takes so much food. Last level 5* hero takes 5000 health it’s around 35 heroses in one level. That’s two huge minus of this game the other way it’s fine. In my opinion ancession material should be available to buy anytime in game store. Game is very disappointing because difficulty of maxed out your heroes that’s make players very frustrated. That’s the reason why people leave this game. Generally game is very interesting but small gigant should fix this two things. Feeding one her to max 80 level is taking a month it’s crazy who have nerve for that. Before you start play think about it. Hope so company will fix that problem and for the future process to feeding heroes will be much faster. And also players who spend money on this game should be treated better getting better lot and rewards. And also pull should be better for people who did second pull. Each pull should be better not worst. Thanks and have fun playing game.Version: 21.0.0

Great Puzzle and Adventure GameI like this game on multiple levels, from the puzzle, collection and inter alliance competition. I’ve not had it long and took a little while to understand all the different way it worked. I’ve found some great online help. You can spend a lot of money playing this game but I also like the fact it gives you free gems and summons, maybe I won’t be a top player but it doesn’t stop me being obsessed..Version: 18.0.2

AddictingThe gameplay is so addicting and the game is very in depth.Version: 15.2.0

Pretty goodHad the game for a few days, hard to put it down in all honesty..Version: 1.14

So addictive gameLove the game. Spent too much money myself. Lol.Version: 25.1.2


PatienceA fun game which isn’t so much a PTW, if you’ve got the patience. I jump in for around 25 mins a day and that’s about enough time to drain the energy meters and upgrade heroes, then I forget about it until the next day. Alliance features are a really cool mechanic which has kept me around and people are overall really friendly in this app. Well done, I like this game..Version: 34.0.0

The best “match 3”This is without doubt the best “match 3” game on the market in my opinion. Lovely graphics and interface, easy to navigate and beautiful gameplay. There is always something to aim for, whether it’s upgrading your buildings, strengthening your roster or increasing the power of your hero’s and troops. Do not listen to the nay sayers as you can progress nicely without spending a lot or any money at all. However, if you enjoy the game just spend a few pennies- (gems start from as little as 99p) it’ll help your game and it’ll help support SmallGiant who have created a brilliant game!.Version: 26.0.0

Could be a bit more interestingDon’t get me wrong this is a great game I just think that maybe some more interesting ideas could make people’s minds EXPLODE! But still good game.Version: 19.1.0

Good gameA great game so much fun 🤩 I love it so much and I think it should be a 5 stars game I have no idea why people don’t like it but I wish that it was easier to get gems 💎 but...that what makes it worth playing so get the game I have had it since I can remember that is long I had this game so much fun.Version: 37.0.0

I love it but one thingThis game is great I love it I don’t play games that similar to candy crush anymore but this game takes it to a whole nother level I love the action the hero’s r cool background music 10/10 but there’s one problem farming I don’t like to so much it takes long I farmed 6x in this game and I’m now broke on crafting materials so here’s what I’m thinking u should add a gardening system were u farm and grow ur crafting materials all of them respond if u don’t know what I mean I would rate this game over all a 9.8/10 thank u so much for entertaining me small giant stay safe and happy new year.Version: 34.0.0

How to start a nee gameHi. I really like the game but I made a couple of serious mistakes in the beginning and so I want to start a new game. Can you help me, please?.Version: 1.13.2

Highly addictiveCan't stop playing this game.Version: 1.1.2

Y’allNo more rate spam oki 5/5 stars now leave me alone 💁🏻‍♀️💩.Version: 1.13.1

There is no “endgame”Well there is, but when you reach it you still have things you can do. If it gets boring it means your alliance isn’t a committed one (leave and find a new one!) and you haven’t figured out how to make weaker (epic) heroes work as well as the super strong (legendary) ones. Which is possible. Definitely a game for the long term. I downloaded just because an Interactive app looked cool and I’ve been playing for almost a year it seems! tip: the game & team building is far more fun if you DO NOT drop cash. Atleast early on! You’ll be missing out on the early-type of fun of the game if you care about climbing the ranks and storing rare items too quickly. Don’t get fustrated with losses, just have fun! Level up atleast 2 heroes of every color that are 3 star heroes before moving on to 4 star heroes. Repeat the process with 4 star heroes before moving on to ANY 5 star heroes. 5 star heroes are of little to no value for younglings because the amount of resources and items you need to invest in leveling them up exceeds their value. You could have 4, 3 star heroes or 2, 4 star heroes done before your at the 5 star hero’s last level! As you level up, resources come quicker..Version: 20.1.0

NewbDon’t usually do these sort of games but I like this one.Version: 22.1.1

Great gameGreat characters.Version: 35.1.0

Being Kicked @ Crucial TimesI’m regularly for “kicked” 2-4 times a week. About 75% of these occur during Raids & Wars. This hurts my team, and cost me time, money and resources. It started to occur after the 2020 Halloween Update. Reloading the game has had no affect. I Love this beautiful game, but this is very discouraging considering all the time and money I’ve sunk into it. Help!.Version: 37.0.0

Empire and puzzle write-up info about gameThis game is definitely a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat it’s got plenty of features to keep you excited and you are able to build your city and all me up to defeat other enemies to get through the levels and even as between extras are not expensive or affordable for all people you really find this game very enjoyable and very pleasing and it’s a game where you don’t have to be on it all the time you can put it down and pick it up and start off from where you left off previously so I have awarded this game five stars because of the battles excitements the different features and the different levels and the different characters you can build up great for choice not displeasing he will be very happy and satisfied playing this game it’s not complicated it’s quite simple and straightforward also has follow along guide at the beginning to explain how to use the game and I think people would be very happy playing this game thank you take care.Version: 30.0.2

The Best A Mobile Game Can GetThis game has the perfect balance of RPG, base-building, online interaction, and puzzles. It has great features and more than one or two things to do in the entirety of the game. We need more of these rather than poorly programmed cheap games that took a day to make. Empires & Puzzles has great alliance features and account safety so you don’t have to worry about trolls and hackers. I like how you can choose to watch ads instead of the game popping up and forcing you to watch ads all the time. This game is good enough I would’ve figured it would cost money, but it’s completely free! The only complaint I have is that there are offers in the game that can cause pay-to-win people that you can’t defend yourself in a raid or win an alliance war. I love the base-building feature and the raid mechanics. The graphics are great and this game deserves more credit than it’s given. Overall great game and I would recommend it to anyone who loves RPG, team-building, and puzzle games that have an adventurous feel wrapped around it like a blanket..Version: 36.0.3

Game playerNot sure what the last reviewer wanted from a game , but I find it enjoyable and addictive, yes upgrades take a long time , yes you need to spend gems if your that way inclined, I haven’t bought any gems just accumulated through rewards , yes the way the tiles fall can be frustrating but I still come back and try to work out which hero’s suit different conditions. All in all a good time killer that takes time to build up a team to compete against higher grades..Version: 28.1.0

WhooooWell done *****.Version: 1.6.3

My honest review after 2 years' playing itIt may be more than 2 years tbf, I have never played a game everyday for over two years (which pretty much says it all). I allow myself £15 a month on it which personally brings me £15 worth of pleasure. Look at the other reviews. This game is frustrating, illogical, annoying and above-all is a marathon; not a sprint. But I have stayed with it and made some new guild friends worldwide. I don't know how much longer I'll be on it and I don't know what I am hoping to achieve but it is sorta fun in between the angst....Version: 31.0.4

Better then candy crushHaven’t got too far yet but patience is the game. Wait and build up food and money for the big splurge every night. Loving it. So much better then candy crush.Version: 16.1.0

YikesFree to play is true. As long as you have patience. Unfortunately I was NOT born with that virtue. I have spent a tiny fortune in the 3 months I’ve been playing. When you receive a new hero (anything above 3 stars) it’s really fun to put them in a dummy team and go back to early levels just to see what they can do! However, a lot of the teams take the game too seriously. If you randomly join one of the BIG 200 teams... you best pray they don’t notice... if you are just starting out. Somehow, you become a liability during WAR time and you will be dropped from the death squad. It really it’s the a big deal... however being dropped will count against you come reward time. All of your effort from your first team gets wiped clean when another one of the teams graciously accepts you into the fold. Don’t take it personally and just have fun with it. I do. So much so.. that I’ve considered wiping it from my phone. The call of the summon is waaaaay to powerful to resist sometimes. Truly love this game though.Version: 32.1.1

Hard start but good end!Early game is really hard to get about but the more i play the easier it gets well this is mostly a pay to win game but im doing grinding daily and see ive not spent anything and got myself two 5 stars hero! All hero are pure luck so no hard feelings! I think this game is unique its not like other games i played it dont stress you out like gardenscape! I totally recommend this game to others!!.Version: 17.1.0

Brilliant, but with a few tweaks neededThe game is excellent, not perfect but very close. I love the puzzle aspect and the base builder has a nice RPG feel added to the game. My only criticism is as follows. During puzzle gameplay, you need to match up 3 or more colours to make an attack. No problem there. After each wave, a new wave comes along to attack, again no problem. However, at the end of your previous wave of enemies, any matches that are made continue to attack a dead space before the next enemies come up. I’d like to see the matches held until the new enemies come on before they continue to attack as I’ve had it where I’ve killed the last enemy with 1 match and it’s wasted another 11 matches leaving me with nothing for the next wave. If that could be sorted it would be a 5 star game for me. It’s the only thing that bugs me on this game, everything else is brilliant. Keep up the good work! Just fix my issue 😏.Version: 20.1.3

Fun gameGame is fun and very enjoyable. Various features enable you to have a different experience everyday however 2 big gripes that I just can’t ignore. Being forced to create a forum account to upload a suggestion is annoying. I quick pop up box in game would be sufficient. Secondly field aid. During war, the enemy team will have a slight advantage due to them being played as a bot. The field aid advantage is by the far the biggest load of bs I’ve ever seen. If you’re ever faced with field aid and 1 healer you’ll never win. The field aid is too quick so by the time you’ve done damage they’ve healed it all back up again. Please consider toning this down or just removing it..Version: 22.0.0

Empire and puzzles 🧩Empire and puzzles are amazing and free and fun to play and you get rewards everyday and you get to fight the tighten every day some times more then once’s and for a fact I’m only 7 and I have been playing for a month and I already out I play constantly every day iv told all my friends about it and my dad plays it as well you get to play in raids and fight titans it’s like candy crush I think this is the best game you will ever play and you will never play a game better than this one you can get 5 ore less star characters and also you can level them up and extend your character at any time you like and when your level 4 ore hire you can join a team of course I’m on my dads team and we always kill the Titan every day things take time to craft and make tho you can craft Heath potions 🧪 and lots of other positions as well and you can train people to get more people for your team when theirs a green arrow it means you can level up that thing and always be levelling up to help get a stronger team and lots more about this game bye..Version: 41.0.2

A non bias puzzle gameThis game is great, there’s a lot to it as you can see by the other positive reviews but I think the best thing about this game is that it’s not rigged. I’ve played loads of ‘match 3’ games in the past and some of them rig the puzzle pieces to force to buy add extra turns and buffs and it’s obvious that the puzzle pieces it’s giving you are rigged in order to force you to spend money. This game isn’t like that at all. It gives puzzle pieces at random for you to progress through the levels. Upgrade your heroes to play the higher levels and progress. It’s a really really good, addictive game!.Version: 16.0.1

Great gameThis is an amazing game I love playing 100% suggest But it dose not let me use the free video.Version: 36.0.0

Brilliant gameLove this game! Learn as you go and strengthen as you can. Watch all the ads - just got a seasonal summons from the ads and gave me a 4* Hero. Seek out the tips and hints to maximise your resources and join an alliance with the same approach to gaming as you. Something for everyone. Loving it!.Version: 20.1.3

I have this game and I love it.I have this game. I can tell you that no, it’s not a money sucking machine. No, it’s not that addicting (some furball thinks it is, THIS IS TO YOU STUPID FURBALL!!) me and my parents have this game and it was fun, we still play it time and time again, but I think of other games but this, this is something to pass the time, NOT SLOWLY MAKE YOU INSANE. It has great graphics and the story is awesome. I can tell you all that it’s not to hard. It’s matching colors and defeating monsters, that’s it. The only thing mom paid for is gems, and that was only once for me. Yes, there are tons of ad-like features when you log in, but all you have to do is bush X and then your free to play, no adds or anything! This game is great and anyone that thinks this game is stupid, or that it’s a money sucking machine are way to un-mature to be playing such a sophisticated game. It’s probably way to complicated for their tiny little rainwing brains (or tiny little jelly bean brains, you guys choose) Thank you for reading, Creators are Geniuses, and this game is great. Love, A~ the one who isn’t a rainwing, but a magestic Seawing..Version: 36.0.2

Mini meTypical match three style.Version: 22.1.1

JAwesome game enjoying the game.Version: 22.0.0

So goodI love it so much fuuuunnn.Version: 22.0.0

Great GameHaving so much fun playing this game has a bit of everything in it..Version: 18.0.2

Giving upI have spend hundreds of dollars but just can’t get any were, I’ve been on level 26 for 6 month now. I’ve used all my diamonds and every accessories I’ve earned but it’s just too difficult to kill those suckers. The developer must adjust the strength or our opponents so at least we can get some reward of spending all these money buy diamonds..Version: 22.0.0

Best game everSo addicting.Version: 34.0.0

Nice gameNeed more cool characters.Version: 15.2.1

Pay or dont pay, your choiceThe game is very, very addictive! It kind of becomes part of your life. Its fun, challenging and frustrating - thats how a game should be. There are times when you question the methods in the programming and debate about putting money into the game. You can play without paying any money. It will just take longer. You can play and pay to the tune of a couple of cups of coffee per month. Which is what i do. You can spend $000s on this game. Just like gambling. But that is always your choice. The game can still be played with no or pretty minimal financial inputs. And beating the Gravemaker in a raid is awesome..Version: 20.1.0

Tough if you don’t spendLike many free games, this looks great as you get started but you quickly realise you need to be part of a good team (thankfully I am!) and willing to occasionally buy some stuff! It helps if you know what all the various characters actually do! I’m still working on ‘buffs’ and ‘dispells’!.Version: 23.0.0

Not just another candy crushNot just another candy crush game. Building, upgrading, crafting, summoning, and levelling up heroes..Version: 1.13.5

A few problems1.) first of all and probably the biggest is not being able to destroy or delete your buildings for the fortress 1 misclick and that spot is taken forever 2.) I’m pretty sure y’all do this in purpose, but the thing is, is that the multiplayer system is pretty bad. I’ll be a level 7(which I am at the moment i think) and when other to fight other people I’ll only find people who have troops who are all super high level with the troops being at least 3 star(note most of my troops are 2 star and the highest level I have on one is 13 not even ascended, so yeah I don’t know what y’all are doing, but fix it, and the next thing isn’t really a problem a fact, this game is a bit to much pay to win(by a bit I mean a lot) it you had enough money you could have a max level fortress with max level hero’s and troops within a hour or day, but what’s good is that this isn’t a game that sets a limiter of how far you can go without money(I don’t spend money) but this is a four star on a gameplay standpoint.Version: 1.13.2

Trade hero’sFor the next update on empires and puzzle can we be able to trade hero’s and things with other people in our alliances. So when you tap on the person when they are online there can be a button where it says trade player and then on the screen it will pop up with (person)would like to trade with you accept or decline. If this really happens it would really be appreciated thank you if you do.Version: 34.0.0

BEST GAME EVERI previously wrote a bad review on this game, but I had to update it. This game is amazing. I truly must say this is the best, and most rewarding game I’ve ever played. All I can recommend is patience. Yes there are quirks to this game, sometimes the raids aren’t fair, sometimes the summoning isn’t fair, but trust me when I say it will all even out. They’ve really upped there customer service also. If your writing in to ask a question and not asking for your gems or money back, you will be taken care of. Again I must stress that on this game you win some and you lose some. I’ve spent alotta money on this game. And that is 100% by choice. This is NOT a pay to play game. It’s just gonna take longer to get the hero’s you want and level up etc. Give this game a chance and I promise it will reward you, and give you unbelievable satisfaction. GET THIS GAME NOW!!! There isn’t a better one in this genre, period. Thank you to the amazing staff, and for being a game that actually listens to its players. THANK YOU GIANT GAMES!!!!.Version: 15.2.0

GodGreat game!.Version: 18.0.2

An epic match 3 RPG comboFrom the begining empires and puzzles will grab your attention. Truely competitive this game does not get going until you have unlocked quests and join an alliance. You will ascend your heroes then customise them with Talents giving you the edge over fellow players. There is always something to do weather it is progressing the single player storyline or co-ordinating attacks against Titans with your clan or planing which hero you should upgrade first. This game will keep you entertained be it ftp or p2w. Nothing better than beeting paid 5* players with your free to play 3* I rate this game 10/10 and the way mobile games should be played. Always new exciting events. Give this game a go. Install now!.Version: 24.0.1

Awesome funA nice twist on a classic gameplay - it's candy crush meets dungeons and dragons! Easy to access, but with a lot of depth. Highly recommended..Version: 1.3.1

Great game but...I love this game. Been playing it for over a year now every day. Very enjoyable and lots to do the more you move up the levels. The only thing i would suggest is not to spend a dime on this game. You’re better off just waiting and saving up your diamonds to buy better characters. Don’t waste your money because they’re just going to give you the same duplicate characters that you get from saving up your diamonds. Would be nice if there was a bigger chance to get decent cards when you’re investing real money. I’ve invested a bit into the game and so far have not received so much as even one decent card from my investments. I literally just keep getting duplicates of the cards that I already have that are three stars and four stars. You’re better off saving your money and just taking your time to find decent characters cards. My daughter plays this as well and she is in her first month and has already received a five star character from spending her diamonds that she saved up. You may think that investing your money will earn you better cards faster but it just spends your money faster. Over a year of playtime and I still don’t have a five star card. Just isn’t fair!.Version: 32.1.0

Infuriating, rewarding, frustratingly funBeen playing this game for about a year now. Partly because I’ve made some great friends in my alliance I’ve been a daily player. The game itself is a clever combination of elements built around a core match 3 setup. The defining gameplay feature centers on the placement of your matches on the board dictate what enemy you hit, it opens up a depth of strategy and fun not found in other rpg/match 3 mashups. As others have noted it is a looong term game. As far as requiring money to advance, It certainly helps, but there are many high level players in our alliance that have spent $0-$20 over a year span. Most frustrating element is drop rates on items needed to ascend your 5* heroes. Honestly if you play a lot you will be able to pick up the items you need to ascend 4* heroes regularly, but those dang top end materials are few and far between. It took me 10 months to get enough materials to max my first 5* hero. This game is a grind, the greed of developers can be a bit offensive, but the irony of spending money on gems to get better heroes is the better heroes are worthless until you play the game enough to get the items needed to make them stronger so it is really counterproductive to your game to do so. Better off being patient, finding a good alliance and letting your team grow organically..Version: 24.1.0

Fruitless complaintsI just wanted to add my 2 certs here. There are so many people that are writing reviews and complaining about HAVING to spend money in order to advance your 4 and 5* heroes in this game. Maybe if you want to ascend them rapidly but if you want to actually get into the game then spending cash is not really needed. I've been playing this game for around 2 years now and i am a member in a fantastic alliance who plays together for FUN. Granted I do have a hero that I got in Feb of 2018 as my monthly free luck of the draw and haven't been able to fully ascend and for the longest time I wasn't having any luck with lvl 20 training and then BOOM I started getting 5* heroes from training alone. Multiple heroes. And I've been able to ascend them pretty rapidly. Would I like to see some ascension items easier to obtain for everyone, absolutely! Would I like to see it not cost as much for certain things like upgrading buildings or research? Sure. But I get it and I still enjoy the game and I will continue to play the game. As for the "pop-ups" that appear....those are just letting you know what's being offered in the game. Close them out and start playing. It's that simple. The BIGGEST THING ME AND MY ALLIANCE ARE HOPING FOR AND WOULD LOVE TO SEE IS INTER ALLIANCE TRADING!!that would be fantastic. Other than that keep up the excellent work. Empires and puzzles is a great mobile game..Version: 22.1.0

TL;DR: Get this game!I love this game. Are there issues? Of course! But the game is engaging and overall fun to play. You can raid other players for trophies and resources (food and iron, the in-game currencies). You can join alliances and battle titans every day, and with a recent add-on you can now battle other alliances in epic PvP Alliance Wars. The biggest complaint I have seen is that the loot isn’t always great. No, it’s not. But if you got everything you needed to be able to ascend every single hero from titan loot, you would be bored with the game and complain that it’s too easy. The point of the game is to grow slowly at a marathon pace, not finish it in two months at a sprint. Sure, you can buy gems and get those epic heroes quickly, but you still have to play the game to get the materials needed to level those legendary heroes. There’s always going to be someone who has better heroes, stronger teams, and more hams than you. That just gives you something to strive for in the game. In all, it’s a great long-term game with a great community. If you want instant gratification in a game, play Mario Kart..Version: 1.11.5

Decent gameWhen you first start you move up quickly but like all games the stronger you get the harder it gets. If you want to keep progressing quickly you have to pay for it but from what everyone keeps telling me this is one of the few games where if you don’t want to spend money you don’t have you. You will get where you want to be but it just requires patience (or A LOT of patience some times). Pay attention to the odds they give you when you spend gems to buy hero’s/troops THEY ARE REAL ODDS so don’t delude yourself in thinking otherwise. As a heads up they have the option for a second builder, if you truely want to help yourself you really need that, it’s cheap for what it gives you in the game..Version: 18.0.2

Gave this 1* to get devs attentionI’ll change my review in a bit as I love this game but been in hospital and my interest got cut off so am using mobile data on my mobile. Which is obviously limited. But I just need to ask is how big the latest update is so I can carry on playing & not lose my place in the alliance I’ve been in for a year. If you can tell me how big it is I’ll know if I can update now or if I have to wait a week til I get my internet turned back on. Thanks in advance guys I still need to buy the PoV premium and my monthly vip subscription but can’t do that until I update. I hope you see this review and are able to tell me how much data it uses. As I believe my phone won’t let me download anything over approx 200mb without WiFi so if it’s much more than that, then Im scuppered and will prob have to give up on the game that is the only one I spend quite a lot of real cash on. The only game I really love. Again if you can let me know how big the update is, then massive thanks. Cheers guys..Version: 32.1.1

MehFun game, like the battles (even though it's mostly lucky combinations) lot of people complaining about PTW style play but if you're patient and have other things to do with your life then the iron and food resources fill up fast and you can always play the easier levels again to get more loot. Overall a fun game with great graphics and game play.Version: 19.1.0

Fun game just a problem!Ok.. so yeah I’m not really willing to spend my money on this game. I think the prices Are kind of high- but.. this is a really good game also it’s really fun! But I would also kind of like to just get a free daily reward.. Because I would have to pay for it every single day to get the offer for the Christmas daily offers.. I like that at least some of them are free. But not a lot are free.. I just don’t want to spend that much money on the game.. at Christmas time. Because your going to be using your money to buy presents and other things! So I am not really willing to spend my money💰 at this time. I would just enjoy if they would make the daily rewards all free!🙂 Otherwise I think this game is really fun I like playing all the levels and I like that you can get people by playing that level it really helps me get more characters when I play the levels. Because of the money I have to spend on this game to get the items that it offers me I rated it four stars. but I love this game so much! And I also recommend downloading it. Yeah so I just really think it is a awesome game for anyone to play!! Thanks for reading my review!!😊.Version: 34.0.0

Good game but...I’ve been playing for well over a year. I don’t spend much on the game other than the vip pass which is like $4.99 a month. I get daily gems and 2 daily summons. The daily summons is laughable due to 99.9% of the time I get 2 one star heroes. 3 times in the year I got a three star that I have already. It took almost a year for me to draw my first five star hero. I have 3 now. I drew 2 and one came from my level 20 training camp. I have a pretty strong team now and am excited to keep growing stronger. I am busy and work crazy hours and I usually play daily but, I do have a life and I don’t always have time to log in and do much of anything. That does make it an issue with alliances. I decided to start my own and play by myself because I don’t care for the hardcore players giving me ultimatums. I enjoy playing at my own pace and learning as I go. I have had many enjoyable hours building my teams and my home base. I like that the game is growing. I hope for some new levels soon! I recommend the game if you have patience..Version: 22.1.0

Listen to everyone that is saying it’s a money grabber!This game started out being fun, unfortunately I didn’t read the reviews warning not to spend money. I have spent too much money trying to get top tier heroes. I got a few at first, then I noticed I had mysteriously lost about four of them. I got a quick warning that if I didn’t sign in, someone could steal your heroes but I thought they were talking about signing into Game Center. The warning would flash by really quick so I don’t know what I need to sign into. I joined the alliance so that i could play the wars, i think however if you win you should get more lives than just three. The timing is terrible because sometimes you play against alliances that have the opposite time zone so by the time you’re awake and free to play, you end up playing the players that are the top players and you don’t have equal power, you get creamed! Or worse, you never had a chance to play. I won’t be spending anymore money but because I spent an embarrassingly large amount of money already, I will continue to play..Version: 19.1.0

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