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Human Anatomy Atlas 2023 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Human Anatomy Atlas 2023 app received 39 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Human Anatomy Atlas 2023? Can you share your negative thoughts about human anatomy atlas 2023?

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Human Anatomy Atlas 2023 for Negative User Reviews

Not sure why all the 5 star reviews.I didn’t think this app stacked up very well to the Complete Anatomy competitor. Used both. CA seems to be a superior product. I bought this one though because one review said “it’s all there” and “it’s not a shell app with other expensive in-app purchases”. Also the user interface is a bit more annoying than CA. In my opinion at least. And yet when I opened the app that I paid $27 for, the very first thing I see is... drumroll, locked out features I have to pay even more for. Really!? That’s the EXACT reason I bought the app is because it was all included and CA is a subscription mode for the advanced stuff. This add has a differential diagnosis feature where you click an anatomical part and it lists all the diseases that could be associated with it. That is pretty cool I will admit. Anyways. I asked for a refund. They said ask apple. Makes sense. Apple said I’m not eligible for a refund. I emailed them back and waiting to hear back. I guess if I don’t get my money back, I’ll make the best of it and use it for the ddx list. Not the worst thing in the world..Version: 2019.2.49

To basic for health professionalsVery basic for the price you pay. Do not show the anatomy as it really is. It is made for children and patients. The pathology module very poor. I’m very disappointed. Not useful for clinicians.Version: 2018.3.05

Does not start up anymoreThe app freezes on the loading screen forever..Version: 2020.0.64

App constantly crashesI want to love this app. I have used it on my Mac as well and it was great for my anatomy classes at uni, however, I can’t use the app for more than 30 seconds at most without it crashing. I have tried reinstalling it and my iPad and app are up to date, at this point I don’t really think it was worth the money as I can’t seem to get any use out of it. Here’s to hoping that it gets an update to fix it..Version: 2021.0.14

More detailBe good if this app could give a brief description of what the function of the organ, nervous system , et el does Just brief.Version: 2023.2.01

IPad miniNe fonctionne plus avec la dernière mise à jour, voilà 4 jours! J’espère que l’on va corriger. Merci..Version: 2019.2.48

Areas of improvementThis is an amazing app for A&P. The issue I am having is that in the drawing section, the pen does not write as smoothly and the little highlighting circle when I bring my stylus up to my iPad to draw is very distracting. Another thing is I am having issues searching for things after I exit my drawing to look for another muscle. I have to exit the app and let it restart again to start a new search which is inconvenient..Version: 2021.0.14

No AR reallyThey is no ARkit as you might think in regards to what Apple talked about with the new IOS11. Don’t get caught by this..Version: 2018.2.27

FaultyStarted off great, but now it just doesn’t load. Had to delete and reinstall it 3 times now..Version: 2020.0.64

Can’t get AR to workCan’t get AR to work. Where is the option ?.Version: 2018.2.23

No arWhere’s the ar option ?.Version: 2018.2.27

Can't select text.Biggest gripe with this app is that I can't select text to check the dictionary or Wikipedia. The custom UI also feels cramped (on iPhone) and no doubt contributes to the battery drain..Version: 2018.1.06

Doesn’t workRadiology side view on sections does not work on iPad Air. The whole app crashes. I would like a refund.Version: 2019.2.49

I can’t open it after upgradingIt’s a great app, but I can’t open it after recent upgrading. Can someone fix it?.Version: 2019.2.48

Update shenanigans2 updates in 2 days? With more or less the same update? How about some consideration for people who don't have unlimited data/wifi? Please get your act together!.Version: 2018.2.27

Extremely slow response on the A12X chipUI design is quite unfriendly to be honest. Compared with other anatomy app that I used, the button in this app is much worse due to the poor animation and slow response. Would strongly recommend choose a substitute for this app before the developer improve its code to make this app smoother. This is not the quality for a $45 app..Version: 2021.0.14

Déception pour la facilité de notesSérieusement, système compliqué pour les prises de notes et la plupart des fonctions..Version: 2021.2.24

Missing female anatomyIt would be nice if we could teach female anatomy, isn’t it?.Version: 2021.2.24

In app purchases kills appMost of the advertised feature needs further in app purchases after already spending £20 and the features start from £10, but augmented reality is very cool..Version: 2019.0.32

In app downloadsTried downloading In app purchases but program wouldn’t allow it stated cannot connect to iTunes Store developer can you please respond.Version: 2020.1.72

Don’t Buy!- Very poor navigation - lacks smooth transition from anterior to posterior surfaces - lacks a significant number of structures including major blood vessels - owned for 1 week before permanently freezing during an update.Version: 2020.0.64

In app purchase with low quality videosDoesn’t worth at all to pay 28:0$ for such a basic short videos: just a few 5-6 short videos that are less than a minute with basic introduction of each organ which is useful just for kids, however not enough for them. The rest of the videos are in-app purchases ones with 22-0$ not sure for each one or for each series. There are tones of free learning video with higher quality available in the internet, doesn’t worth at all to waist your money for learning nothing and being changed for each video,.Version: 2021.2.24

Not optimised for IPad Pro 11”Pretty disappointed that I have to use this premium app with black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. I expected that paying this much for an app would at least have been optimised for the most up to date iPad Pros..Version: 2019.1.38

Doesnt workUnable to find how to make it work in AR.. sad day.Version: 2018.2.27

Great app with dirty and disgusting sale tricksI have to admit that this is a good software that helps people understand basic anatomy knowledge. But people can purchase twice because of the different version of the software. Also, there are too many in-app purchases consider the user already purchase the software with an expensive price!.Version: 2017.2.00

The gift that keeps takingSo disappointed that after paying so much for this app you only get a small access to it functions and the many many extras are really expensive. Very poor quality, functionality and usability. Also no option to refund after you buy and find out that it is not all it says on the tin, very very disappointed.Version: 2021.2.22

Great app just needs a few fixesLove the app, but a few minor issues: 1. Can’t put subject in supine position, at least not that I’ve been able to figure out. So the viewing position is a little limited. 2. The Big one for me and why it is a 3* rating; the stand-alone app is not cross platform. Meaning if you have an IPad and a galaxy tab, and you want the app on both devices, you pay for the app twice, once for each device. The only work-around is with a subscription service which I personally refuse to buy into. Other than that, the app is very detailed and incredibly thorough. And yes, I did buy it for both operating systems bc it is worth having..Version: 2023.1.01

This app’s strength is not its detailYou’re marketing this as something you can use “as a reference, instead of an anatomy textbook”. When it does not include things such as the supraorbital nerve or infratrochlear nerve. If someone who was using this had to know where the supraorbital nerve was in order to do a nerve block they would be out of luck. You also say in the video that this is used by “thousands of universities and hospitals around the world” so the above scenario should not be implausible; especially since you are marketing it as a source of information to use instead of an anatomy textbook. This review was made on 8/8/18..Version: 2019.0.32

Awesome interface, but missing a ton of contentThe app is designed beautifully and is easy to navigate, but is missing a ton of content. I’m currently a medical student studying anatomy, and am finding that tons of structures talked about in lecture are missing. For example, the acromium and corocoid process are basic anatomical anatomical features of the shoulder, but they’re not specified. This is only one of literally dozens of examples! If you can get it on sale for $1 it’s worth it, but I regret paying $24. I’d recommend looking at other options before committing to this one..Version: 2019.0.32

Limited content available even with full purchaseI purchased a complete bundle because I wanted access to all the basic educational resources. The bundle included 3 apps (Anatomy 2021, Muscles and Kinesiology, physiology and pathology). Yet very basic educational content is locked. For example, for joint movements there’s content for 1/7 joints but for the rest you have to buy other packages. I can’t even imagine what little content would have been unlocked if I had only purchased the atlas. This is an unacceptable money-grab!.Version: 2021.1.64

Good but not really ARA very good anatomy explorer. However floating the 3D model on a virtual table is barely “AR” and is actually an inferior way to use this app. Way easier to use the conventional touch interface. My wish: This could be so much better — for instance hold out your hand and see the inner structure as you move your hand. Or point the camera at your friend and see internal anatomy. AR has so much potential but this app gets a C for effort regarding AR..Version: 2018.2.27

Complete anatomy is way betterDoesn’t provide details.Version: 2021.1.64

Bug Last updateWouldn’t open since last was working fine before (on my mini Ipad)..Version: 2019.2.48

Fairly good, but a bit overpricedThree complaints: 1) There are no cross sections of spinal cords, thus no good way to study spinal cord tracts. 2) cranial nerves are not isolated well for better studying 3) There is no way to save a highlighted structure in order to remember its importance while selecting other areas. The saved views will show multiple selected structures, but when selecting one to review its name, all others disappear..Version: 2018.3.05

MisleadingThe app screenshot shows dental anatomy in the App Store without mentioning that Dental Anatomy is add on product. Dev can at least separate in app purchase content from main menu of the app. It is totally misleading and the only reason I purchased the application was for Dental Anatomy..Version: 2019.0.32

?!?I purchased this about 10 months ago And has kicked me out saying I need to pay again ?!? Not sure if it’s me or the app but I’m not paying again and didn’t know there was a time limit to how long you own the app for ?!?.Version: 2019.2.49

Not user-friendlySuper-detailed illustrations and loads of anatomical information await you...if you can figure out how to get at it. There’s no explanation about what keys do what, and I’ll be damned if I can tap on the exact structure I want to see—assuming the image hasn’t decided to rotate when I wanted it to do something else. It took me two days to figure out how to access the images of the heart I wanted, and I still can’t find anything of the atria. If I could get my $$ back, I would. An expensive disappointment..Version: 2021.2.24

CrashesWhile initializing the app keeps crashing and I can’t even view the contents of the app. All other apps running in the background are closed and I reset my iPad. Still won’t run..Version: 2020.0.64

Billed for a free download?I acquired this through a free offer and now I'm being billed for the outrageous sum of $1.39 through my Apple account. Is this being done by Trump because I live in Canada?? X.Version: 2018.1.06

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