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Bloons TD 6 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Bloons TD 6 app received 38 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bloons TD 6? Can you share your negative thoughts about bloons td 6?

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Bloons TD 6 for Negative User Reviews

FrustratedI’m getting really frustrated with the game crashing in co-op mode. It’s a great game, but it takes too long/too big a jump progressing from the lower levels. EDIT: (long time later)... it would be a great game if it wasn’t so battery draining & would stop crashing in co-op mode and in games round 100+..Version: 26.0

Contested Territory and What Needs to be Fixed!Introduction Contested Territory is great! A game that combines the PvE of BTD 6 with the PvP competitiveness of BTD Battles is fantastic! But with every great new game comes its flaws. Here are a few things that I think Contested Territory needs to make it the great game that it could be. Degradation For starters, degradation plays an important role in Contested Territory for the tiles that are beaten with such a low score that it is impossible to beat them in any other way. This is especially true for tiles with the Least Tiers capture condition. For example, ISAB the YouTuber beat a Least Tiers challenge that went up to round 87 with only 6 tiers. That is impossible to beat! With that in mind, the speed and amount of degradation need to be HEAVILY reduced (degrade every 6 hrs by 50% of what the team scored on the tile instead of every 2 hrs). Neutrality With degradation comes neutrality. Tiles should never go neutral, as a lack of neutrality will force the attacking team to take the tiles ASAP, in order to prevent the defending team from getting any more points. Relic tiles especially should not go neutral, as this change would allow a team to keep their relics until they are stolen, instead of losing them before they can be used (I know this from experience). The lack of neutrality also encourages teams to get a good score on the tiles they get. This is because with the proposed change, the only way a tile can be captured is if another team steals that tile which the defending team worked hard to get a good score on, instead of the attacking team just capturing it after it is heavily degraded or even neutral. Matchmaking/Ranking System Another issue with Contested Territory is that there is no matchmaking/ranking system. If you are an amazing super competitive player who has played Bloons since it came out, you are going to want to be paired with other people who have also played for a while and are equally skilled and competitive. For this reason, there should be a matchmaking system that pairs you with actively playing teams around your same skill and competitiveness. This would be achieved by implementing a trophy system. For example, if you win a game, you would gain some amount of trophies that would move you up on a leaderboard. If you lose, you would lose 1/6 of the trophies you would have won and consequently go down on said leaderboard. So if you win and get 60 trophies, and the next time lose, you would only lose 10 trophies. This is because the chance of winning is 1/6, so the loss of trophies for losing is 1/6 the amount you win. Tiered Leaderboards With this new ranking and matchmaking system would come a tiered leaderboard. There would be 8 tiers, each with a slight decrease to degradation, and tiers 2, 4, and 6 would include a board decrease along with the stated degradation reduction. The board would be shortened by removing the outer layer of the hexagon each board tier. Any relics that were in a removed board layer would either replace a tile in the play area or just be taken out. For example, the most competitive teams would only have a board with 61 tiles instead of the usual 169 we have right now (including the starting tiles), and the degradation would go from 50% all the way down to 15% (keep in mind that this would SLOWLY decrease as you progress on the ranking system, with 15% being only for the MOST competitive players)! This new ranking system would also increase the difficulty of the Contested Territory board (based off of which tier your at) which in turn makes even simple tiles with neither relics nor banners gradually get harder as you progress through this system, making them still fun to play. The banner and relic tiles would get quite difficult as you progress as well. This would allow for non-competitive players to play decently simple tiles, and the more skilled and competitive players to compete on harder challenges for even better rewards! Banner and Regular Tiles Banner tiles are also quite a big issue in Contested Territories. Because of the insanely high CT score they give, being 4 times higher than regular tiles and 2 times higher than relic tiles, people for the most part only target these tiles when playing. Because of this, banner tiles’ CT income needs to be reduced. Instead of giving 40 CT points per tile, they should only give 30, making them a more balanced tile. Regular tiles should also be changed to give an income of 15 CT points instead of just 10 per tile, because that way they give exactly 1/2 the amount of CT points that banner tiles give. This way, having regular tiles give 15 CT points, relic tiles give 20, and banner tiles give 30, banner tiles still hold high value in terms of CT points, but aren’t nearly as overpowering as they are now. Least Tiers Finally, Contested Territories should fix the Least Tiers capture condition. As I mentioned above, a Least Tiers which went to round 87 was beaten by ISAB with 6 tiers. That is clearly the best score you could possibly get on a challenge like that! So how could we fix this? One solution could be to change the way Least Tiers challenges are made (I don’t know how), and make it to where there is never a clear unbeatable solution to a tile, as there is to quite a few tiles as of now. Another solution would be to get rid of it altogether and replace it with a whole new capture condition! Really this is not nearly as bad of a problem as the degradation and neutrality, which everyone agrees needs to be fixed, but this would still be a nice addition. Conclusion Overall, this is a great game mode, but without a fix to degradation and neutrality, I’m worried people like myself will begin to quit playing..Version: 32.1

Extremely annoying update fascismSo if you just want to play a quick game, but there is an update, you can just forget about. The game won’t launch until you download the update no matter how large it is or how slow your connection is. In my case, I have a fast connection but their server is slow. So it’s going to take 15mins to download the current update. That’s annoying because I just wanted to have a quick play while I kill 10mins. So because this game refuses to allow me to do that, I have spent the time writing this informative review. This happens A LOT, by the way. It got to the point where I would go and disable my iPads wifi before launching the game. If it starts the download, but you exit the game and turn off your internet, it’s too late. It will refuse to launch until you re connect the internet and complete the download..Version: 34.1

CrashingThe app crashes too much, yes it has a good save function but if you crash during a ballon run a really long one and crashes before it finishes. Takes you all the way back before the wave. And then you have to hope it doesn’t crash within the next run through again. FIX IT GUYS!.Version: 12.1

A small change ruins the game in a big wayI used to love Bloons TD 6 however I regret to inform you that one simple change has made the game more geared towards micro transactions then ever before. When you reached round 100, they would give you a free insta monkey of tier 3 or higher, however now the insta monkey they give you can be any rank, meaning most of the time it will be awful. This may not sound like a big deal, but the reward system was a good incentive to play the game, but now that the rewards you are given are garbage, you don’t feel any satisfaction for doing well. This is terrible for a game that is essentially a high score game, where you have to try to get to the highest round possible, when they removed the incentive to reach high rounds. This also makes the game more geared towards micro transactions because, guess what, the rewards that they used to give you for free are being sold for money. They have always sold these, however it’s obvious that they changed it because there was no reason to buy insta monkeys, but guess what guys, no one cares enough about insta monkeys to buy them, but we cared just enough to play for them, but you removed that too. So what can I say, I feel nothing when I play this game now, cause it makes no difference if I make it to round 20 or round 200.Version: 21.1

Slowed downWas a great game until recently when it started having lags between balloon waves even on high speed. I’m finding this so annoying that I might stop playing if it’s not fixed..Version: 25.1

I agree lots needs fixingAs being a long BTD player and supporter this game just does not live up to the trilogy even the free to play BTD is better then this if you compare them both just not worth there’s a lack of creativity it’s just the same thing again and again make something unique from the other BTD’s. I bought this game straight away and when I started playing I wondered if I had accidentally loaded up btd5 but I was mistaken I reopened the game like 10 times just to make sure nothing was different. I hope things change in the future..Version: 1.5

Good gameI just hate that you can only get vengeful true sun god on a real game why can’t you get it on sand box 🙁and why did you have to remove the dartling gunner it was my favourite tower in the game also if you do add it back i have ideas for the third path it would have the upgrade smart placement for the first one and it would track where the bloons are the next would be spinning darts and it would make three darts spin around until it hit a bloon the next would be speed spin and it does the same thing but knocks back as well then for the tier 4 upgrade it have an ability to summon a tornado of darts and it sprays them around and for the tier 5 upgrades laser route would have 3 lasers,missile route would shoot one massive missile , and for the spinning one the ability would by tripled so you summon 3 tornadoes instead of one. Plz add if you like the idea.Version: 14.2

Not an upgrade on TD5I was on holiday and like to play games on my iPad when it gets a bit hot, saw this and thought ‘Amazing!!’ Have just about exhausted Bloons TD5 and thought this would be perfect. I was disappointed. It feels clunky, it stutters when playing, the drag and drop seems intermittent and the menus aren’t as smooth and user friendly as TD5. They have tried to make it 3D and look a little newer, but this has come at an expense of awesome graphics. TD5 has smooth clear lines around the characters, these seem to have been poorly rendered meaning visually it is not as stunning as it should be. It looks and feels like a BETA release and I wish they had stuck with 2d monkeys. I don’t know if anyone else agrees but the graphics appear to have been made more child friendly and dumbed down, perhaps I am not the chosen audience but I have played Bloons since I was at uni and it was a miniclip game from a computer rather than a stand alone. The new monkeys seem fun and the 3 strands of tower upgrades makes you think a little harder but the prices of some of them are insane. I don’t seem to be able to use the monkey agents as easily as before. As the title said, overall disappointed. Not sure it’s worth the fiver. *** Edited *** Still playing but I wish you could see the range of each monkey when you click on it especially if you are improving the distance covered.Version: 2.1

Unlock tower functionsGiven the amount of time and lack of transparency surrounding the ways in which towers gain experience to unlock potential upgrades, it is incredibly frustrating having to grind to play the game rather than focusing on strategy. Upgrades are fundamentally necessary for towers to be usable, yet even basic upgrades must be unlocked which poses considerable difficulty in the late game due to the way experience works. One of the draws of btd5 was how far you could get on an easy map on a first playthrough, something sadly absent from this game. Moreover, the fact that you can pay to unlock the potential upgrades makes this seem like a manufactured frustration not designed to enchanted the game experience. Such ‘pay or grind’ mechanics are especially egregious in a non free to play title. Likewise, the upgradable knowledge outside of the game detracts from the skill of the player and disadvantages players who haven’t grinded. This poses yet another obstacle in the way of truly enjoying the gameplay which is what made the previous btd games great..Version: 7.0

5 is better, microtransactions are annoyingI have been playing bloons TD since the first flash game on the PC all those years ago. The gameplay has not changed substantially. Sure, there are now a handful more towers, and three (rather than 2) paths for upgrades, hero towers. and a skill tree that provides passive buffs. But you still do essentially the same thing. The difference is twofold: firstly, you pay for the game up front and also have the option to buy one-off use items like free towers or in-game currency. Secondly, the harder maps and modes are significantly harder, so you have a reason to use your consumables. This ruins the challenge of the harder levels: you can’t beat them without relying on these consumables (which cost time or money), but you cheapen the victory by using too many. You can try to solve the problem yourself but there’s a nagging feeling that the developers expect you to use a bunch of free towers, or powers. Disappointing, especially given that the base game is fairly pricy for an iPhone game. The sad thing is I would gladly pay double just to have a properly balanced game without microtransactions..Version: 6.0

Quit at level 95I have been playing this game and never before have I seen a glitch among any game this horrible. I was kicking balloons to the curb domination on the whole level untill a minor lag started kicking in. I thought okay well I should start a new match anyway so I can make more money so then I died at 107 because it wouldn’t let me place a super monkey. Not that bad but it kept lagging and massively too. It wouldn’t allow me to shut down my phone which got me worried as when I tried to go to the home screen it wouldn’t let me swipe. It barely let me move for 2 minutes untill I waited for the screen to fall asleep then quickly closed and deleted the game. When I closed it the lag continued for around 20 seconds then finally stopped. They need to fix this lag immediately. For now ima take a break from td6 for a little bit. Get the game it’s worth the money but they need to fix this glitch. Another sign of this may be if the music stops and multiple of the same title song plays. They just need to take away spikes and focus on frame work. It also warmed my heart when engineers were added back into the game. These guys are amazing for beginners and people who want to focus on money saving games. Just wanted to put that out there..Version: 21.1

This game does not like my WiFiMy WiFi works perfectly with all my games except BTD 6. But before version 7.0, it worked perfectly with my WiFi! Now, if I want my daily reward or daily challenges I have to use data. So, this game is slowly eating up my data which is costing me money. How can a game, that I got for free, be costing me money? And another thing, I haven’t had this problem with any other BTD games. THEY ALL WORKED FINE! You and I don’t know how you’ve screwed this up, BTD 6 game developers, but I want to see this fixed. Find whatever bug that disagrees with my and probably loads of other people’s WiFi and fix it. By the way, I know this review has mainly been me criticising your game but actually I really like. Keep up the good work and keep bringing these great updates but please try and fix this bug..Version: 7.1

Nearly thereLove it so far, keen to see more! Two pieces of feedback: - having the hero bar at the bottom on the iPad with drag and drop placement makes it easy to accidentally trigger app switcher view in iOS 11. - clicking into the upgrades view is a little confusing for me, never sure if it’s going to trigger for the tower I’ve highlighted in the selection bar or the tower I’ve selected on the map. My suggestion is: to get into an upgrade view for an individual tower, long press in selection bar, and then make the upgrades button take you a view which looks like the Towers view from the main menu..Version: 1.3

MehHonestly I’m a bit disappointed. I realise it’s early release but come on.... compared to Bloons Td 5 it’s lacklustre and low quality. Using my iPhone 6 many of the images are low quality and simply bad. The game does not run smoothly most of the time and has focused too much on the actual elements such as the new upgrade system with new lines to follow. After playing for at least 50 minutes, I found myself bored. Sorry to say as I enjoy most of your games. Once again i know this is early. Update- I have been playing more and I enjoy the daily challenge but would appreciate if there were multiple challenge pages like maps. As well as more challenges I would love more maps. I would like a new way to use monkey cash like in td5 with the monkey buildings but I know that can’t be mimicked in td6. Once again, I am still waiting for multiplayer..Version: 1.8

In app updates are terribly executedInstead of using the standard iOS app updates they made their own in app updates that fetches new assets and whatever else when you start the app. The problem is, it is terribly done. I have yet to even be able to play this game because the in app update requires fifteen minutes of uninterrupted time. If you switch to another app and let it run in the background you lose all progress in the update and have to start back at zero percent again. What’s worse is it looks like they don’t package the most recent assets and everything with each ios app version update so instead of just having to download changes since the last app version you have to download everything. Most other apps that have integrated this kind of thing have done so correctly and don’t have these issues. This seems like an avoidable issue and is the direct result of laziness. So be warned if you buy this app after the initial download you will need to make time to keep the app open uninterrupted for at least 15 minutes while it “updates” and make sure you don’t let your device sleep or change apps or you will need to start over. If you get a phone-call that interrupts it at 99% you can expect for the update to have to start back at 0% after..Version: 7.1

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Great game doesn’t feel well optimisedI love Bloons Tower Defense 6 however due to the 3D part about it, it runs like absolute garbage on my phone and I’m on an iPhone 6 which is not a bad phone. On BTD5 I get to round 80+ and it starts to slightly lag but I don’t even get to round 20 on BTD 6 and it starts lagging and stuttering. Could there please be an option to turn idle animations off and/or turn the 3D mode off as it’s making playing this game almost unbearable to play. If that could be an option I would give this 5 stars straight up..Version: 2.1

BUGS BUGS BUGSI bought this game around 3 months ago maybe longer and to begin with it was great! But not all I have been getting is issues! I can’t access online matches as they never open or load, I can’t see my friends list or who’s online. And now the new 10 day event is out for team territory and guess what? I can’t access that either. I can’t even load a match of join s team as it says “feature unavailable please try again” I have been trying since yesterday with no luck. I have updated, re installed EVERYTHING nothing works. Had high hopes for this one as it was so popular and the fact it cost money I thought it must be great. But no all I can do I play matches on my own over and over again. Please sort this and I will change to 5 star.Version: 32.0

Great game, with some bugsThe animation and gameplay is fun, from seeing a Druid shoot a thunderbolt to the many different combinations for towers. Sadly some bugs do arise and I cannot play anymore due to the program being bricked, on startup, it doesn’t load past the first step.Version: 6.1

Far too repetitive, boring and mediocreIt’s the same game every game, towers are too similar, challenges are designed to turn devs into cash cows, and boring gameplay. *Many of the events are locked to certain champions, which require a lot of cash to unlock. So you can’t participate efficiently without buying them or grinding for the cash. *The towers have a lot of imbalances, too many of them are similar with minor differences, some are just garbage. *The levels are imbalanced, some levels are much more difficult than later levels, and they are all the same so the game is just prepping for certain levels I.e camp at level 23 etc. *The game explains the balloons once in a pop message, then never again. The game should have an encyclopaedia for its balloons like it has for its monkeys. *The game crashes a fair bit, mainly in free play mode. *The knowledge tree is poorly laid out, you have to use a lot in useless points to get to anything decent. *Fast forward only has one speed, and it’s painfully slow. *You spend too much time watching rather than playing..Version: 26.2

Why can’t we have a friends list why can’t we add random’sPlease add an update where you can actually have a friends list I can’t play half the game modes on multiplayer because no one else plays this game like Half coin for exampleIt says I require a friend but there’s no friends list so it doesn’t make much sense it can’t be a public ? And also the game has a bug where if you go on for player if people leave constantly it just completely crashes your game I have an iPhone 11 Pro it should not be crashing it’s definitely your end please fix the bug a waste of my time going through 60 levels and then it crashes.Version: 19.0

Great gameI never write reviews but, I decided to write one for this game because just recently they updated the game with something I did not like. So in the game you level up and get talent points which you can spend on special perks for monkeys. Now you can play without this but, on the harder levels it helps a lot with them. Now they decided to make some of the talent points cost in game money. I could not believe it! Why do I have to pay for something that I earned in game? I understand you can just keep using money to win but why did they decide to add a money system to the talent points now? I paid for the game why keep adding things in game that I have to pay for? I have saved up money for skins not talent points. I don’t mind cosmetics/skins for the monkeys because they look nice and I know that’s another way for them to earn some money but, what I don’t like is when you make it where we have to pay for something we shouldn’t have to pay for. I know they probably won’t change it but I hope they readjust it or give out more quest to get more money because the people that don’t want to spend extra money are screwed over. Thanks for reading and I hope they do consider a change of some sort..Version: 15.2

Bad account transferI had an account not sure what lvl but I had spent irl money then got tired and deleted it over time today I redownload it just to find out my account was lost. Help.Version: 19.2

GOOD app but…There are some bugs and not many updates often. In the contested territory there are some glitches like other people getting a tile in 0.1 seconds (hackers). But I love watching YouTubers play BTD6 but you can’t download mods on mobile and it’s hard to even download mods on computer so make it and in game feature or a level 100 thing or something. Like there is a lot of lag in high rounds for mobile devices and sometimes just regularly. I personally think the “Dartling Gunner” should have been added into the game faster. But Contested Territory’s is a very fun concept added into the game and I think NK should add more. But it’s still a very fun game (I’ve played it for over 200 hours).Version: 32.4

Terrible gameJust didn’t live up to the hype. Sorry it’s just not a fun game.Version: 35.2

LagGreat game, but need to fix connection issues when playing online . Would be a 5 star otherwise.Version: 31.2

AnnoyingI’ve been playing this game for like a week and have really enjoyed it so far. I have come across a problem that doesn’t even let me go into the app to play. It’s really weird like I got a knowledge point and it glitches when it says I have. It’s really annoying. Please help me and fix this bug so I can get back to enjoying this game..Version: 12.1

CrashesMy iphone five keeps crashing and i want to really badly play it more can you make it better for people on phones like mine so it dosent crash as much.Version: 10.1

So many problemsThis game gets so many unnecessary updates, all off the towers you play with get SOOO heavy nerfed that they become absolutely on usable. strategies that work even just 2 months previously will no longer work. The game Crashes in co-op the majority 51+% of the time with the most recent updates, everytime a new update comes out sometimes as short as 2 days since the last update we always hope that bugs and game crashes get fixed but they NEVER do! Infact often new updates are so poorly tested the new mandatory update to play co-op makes the game crash more frequently than ever, the players that dont crash in the same moment almost always remove that player from the game making it impossible to reconnect. Seriously make a game that fundamentally works and update the game only when actually necessary to improve the game, this live service game is a total gamble to weather this game will be better or worse with the next update. Always hope that this next update will fix even just a few small things and everyone is let down almost every single time. In the last year there has only been ONE SINGLE good update with the release of Geraldo, a whole year of garbage updates that break the game otherwise..Version: 36.3

Not as good as I was expectingCo-up is gone which is annoying because it kept me interested in BTD5 Its was fun meeting new players and trying different strategies together and each game was fun and different. But now it’s just boring and repetitive, however it’s still fun to play just add co-op!!.Version: 5.1

Average gameThis game is alright. Worth the $5, but nothing innovative or getting me excited for updates. Balancing seems poor as well, many useless towers and upgrades. Pros: I like that they added line of sight around objects to make it more difficult (but you shouldn’t be allowed to buy them away). The new towers and upgrades are interesting. Same Bloons gameplay you expect, solid TD game. Cons: The 5th tier upgrades are too expensive and you will rarely reach them (or at most 1) in your games unless you go into free play. The banana farms are useless as they take too long to become profitable. There needs to be a faster game speed option, the single increased speed is still way too slow (would be okay with turning off 3D for a faster speed, I care more about gameplay than visuals). Many of the upgrades seem useless, or far weaker than others. Game is too easy overall. Usually end up with the same strategy used on every map, there is no incentive to utilize other towers (except the water level). Leveling up takes too long, so getting the powers is very slow, and many of the powers are crappy or for non-optimal upgrades, would prefer more generic powers for tower type (tower is cheaper, attacks X% faster, etc.) instead of being tied to an upgrade path. Need a way to reset powers at will. Should be more challenges than just one a day, should have a large set (like BTD5)..Version: 1.8

A clunky downgrade?As loads of people have said here, I also love the Bloons franchise, have been playing it since it was a browser game, and exhausted the content of BTD5. While this was supposed to be an upgrade it didn’t feel like one? The 3D graphics don’t look as good as the 2D ones from BTD5 and the character portraits in the upgrades screen look really really subpar, pixelated and blurry. It’s a big disappointment to see this is what’s happened to BTD. Also probably because of the 3D graphics, this game freezes and crashes very regularly which is just infuriating as I spent £5 on this game which was supposed to be better and it just feels unfinished. The heroes are alright and added towers are okay too. Not overly exciting just sort of alright. I miss the old towers though! I haven’t seen the bloonchipper or engineer yet and those were two of the most unique towers in the game. While the new towers added just seem like a copycat glue gunner and a spin-off wizard. The interfaces are clunky and ugly and the whole game feels like a downgrade. Maybe BTD5 was too good to improve upon and this might be a great game for someone who hasn’t played BTD5. But it’s definitely not worth £5 for a clearly unfinished product with not enough content..Version: 9.1

Very strong start, weak late-game.The game is incredible at the beginning. New hero towers, the steady stream of unlocks is great and you’re constantly rewarded for playing. When I first started playing, this game was all I could think about. I would be at work waiting for just a moment I could spend on this game to level up and get the next unlock. Now, I haven’t touched the game in over a week. The late game is non-existent. Monkey Bucks are spent on almost nothing in the game, other than next-to-useless power ups (except for Monkey Farmers), and the “tech” tree is strewn about randomly with seemingly no thought or order to the upgrades they provide. There’s no way to specialize or to really find a good combo that works for you because there is only one or two weak upgrades for most of the towers, meaning if you unlock all the research trees your towers will all be just slightly better. Beyond that, the daily challenges offer crap for rewards since monkey bucks are useless and the “Extra” monkeys they give you to spend for free are a silly idea anyways. Nobody wants free monkeys. Not only does it feel like cheating but it’s a very cheap way to make the levels easier by just placing free, already-upgraded monkeys. Let us specialize like in BTD5, and give us more sensible upgrades. Incredible execution on the start, poor execution on the late game..Version: 1.8

Fun but….This game is not as good as TD5 for one reason: it seems like it was balanced for double money, and that totally ruins the game. TD5 double money was a great way to play casually and fun to do after unlocking the maps normally, or if you were stuck on a difficult one. TD6 seems absolutely impossible on higher difficulties without it and I don’t understand the decision. The no chimps mode especially is just not at all fun and even some of the harder maps you just can’t do without it. And no, I’m not a pro bloons player, but I’ve been here since the beginning and this is the first game I have really struggled on since the first. When you balance a game for all of the heroes, insta towers, and double money and then take it away this game is unplayable. If you removed all of the artificial difficulty in this game too such as starting on later rounds with less starting money this game would be fun but as it is now I just keep finding myself going back to the older games instead. If the devs read this please comment because I would love to know the reasoning behind all of the difficulty spikes that do nothing to improve the overall experience..Version: 31.2

Bit boredThis started with a lot of promise. The three tier upgrades are great and the developers could do more with this to create even more options, as are the heros. However, BTD5 has more options and mini games (e.g boss Bloons, scenarios with usually impossible towers - the wizard lord) and some towers are still missing from this game. The odd new map is welcome but it’s a bit too much more of the same (the same old stream of bloons). Hero skins don’t seem to do anything other than cost money and make hero look different. All towers unlocked yet earning millions of XP pointlessly. The only thing I look at now is the player created daily challenges for some variety... IMO desperately needs a lot of new content.Version: 11.2

Strong start, needs work though**update** keeps crashing now, most times I can’t get past the title screen. Restarting my phone, reinstalling the game, etc, didn’t help. Will change rating when it’s functional. Tier 5 upgrades, banana farms, and the barely there IV drip of knowledge points that do, for the most part, very little, are my biggest issues so far. Also, I don’t use monkey money on anything, to be honest, so it might as well not even be there for me. The knowledge center offers a few minor buffs that prove mildly helpful, but nothing worth grinding for at the end of the day. Consistency in the cost of tower upgrades (coin cost, not exp) is odd, some are surprisingly cheap for how powerful they can be, others I had to stop and read twice to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Minor complaint, but a dollar each for knowledge points that don’t help nearly as much as td5 is a bit steep as well; I’m all for supporting my favorite developers with IAP if I like the game, but at least make the IAP worthwhile. Only a handful of towers get any useful bonus from knowledge tokens, and a few (exp for example) will become obsolete very quickly; choosing which towers I applied bonuses to was also much more individual strategy friendly, and less IAP pushing, instead of being forced to follow a tree for relatively worthless upgrades to get the one or two I want..Version: 1.8

TD fun but a downgrade from TD 5This game is beautiful and runs smoother than ever. It has most of the bloontastic fun you expect, and features a lot of variety… but left me missing TD 5. Tower powers are now in three branches which adds a small amount of variety not worth the loss of basic function of the towers in most cases. Map design is on par with previous versions, but towers now have a larger footprint which particularly frustrates the play style of covering the land in farms to build top end towers… you still can, but you will have to go deep into free play for the heck of it in most cases. Worse, progression with monkey points is inappropriately slow with higher levels having huge xp requirements so you’ll buy them… but for the tiniest advantages, and how numerous hey are, they are clearly tuned to leech money out of people with spending problems not for players looking to advance with a challenge. I purchased a number of options on TD 5, but no purchases on TD 6 make any sense to me — I would pay $20 for a half cost mode to have fun, bot not $80+ for minuscule monkey point advantages. The map challenge modes are a bit different but become very repetitive with that huge xp requirement I mentioned. Still worth playing just sadly misses out on its full potential. I uninstalled the game before reaching max level, but this is by NO means a Plants vs Zombies 2 kind of micro transaction debacle…. Just has some shades of that..Version: 28.2

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Is Bloons TD 6 not working?

Bloons TD 6 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Bloons TD 6.

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