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Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game app received 126 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about bowmasters - multiplayer game?

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False AdvertisingBruh where is the toxic mode, Crowd mode, Draw your weapon, Baseball mode, Cart mode and all that other stuff in the ad HUH?.Version: 2.14.7

Lovely singleplayer, but bad multiplayer.I've really enjoyed playing offline when I have no Internet, although it is fun it is way too easy to get everything for free (not that I'm complaining) but the 1 thing that might bother others is that the game frequently crashes online, then you can't play the game, in my opinion it's better to play this game without Internet, because sometimes the ads start popping up midway through a match, so it's better off staying offline to progress even quicker, and you guys as devs don't want us playing offline (for ad revenue). So I suggest strongly fix the amount of ads played with online, as well as to fix online mode, and this is coming from 2018 haha..Version: 2.11.1

Subscription trap!My 8 year old subscribed for a free trial. At the end of the period there are options to renew but all at very expensive rates. So we are not going to do this. But there’s no obvious way to unsubscribe or cancel. Why do make it so hard to cancel? Looks like you are trying to tap revenue by bouncing customers in to a trap purchase. This may not be you intention but it’s how it comes over. I’d avoid this app because of this very poor pavement interface experience. Is it good/viable business practise to treat customers like marks? Even if this is not your intention it’s how it comes across. Make it easy to unsubscribe because customers may well return when they get their head around the price points. All the best services do this. The worse ones do what you’re doing now..Version: 2.14.7

Too many advertisementsSome ads don’t even offer a reward like others do and you can encounter them at any random time. Doing minor things such as checking your achievements or even the store can prompt an ad. Good game but not good enough to sit through the ads and especially not good enough to pay for them to go..Version: 2.12

This is advertisement software, not a gameThe concept, although not original, makes for a pretty fun bit of gameplay for a few hours or so. However, I recommend you avoid this game and games like these like the plague due to the business practices of the companies who develop them. If you assume in that a typical AI match in the game lasts about a minute, you will find that you will spend more time watching ads than actually playing this game. There is a guaranteed 30 sec ad after every match. There is another ad if you want to get the full reward for your match. There are banner ads during gameplay. There are even guaranteed 30s ads when you open and close the options menu. In addition to this, which is unacceptable in and of itself, the game constantly tries to shove in app purchases in your face. Some characters, who only slightly change gameplay, cost up to $10. I'm sorry that the developers had to put their name on a good game that was marred by the money grubbing pricks who own whatever company that produced this bloated mess. If you spend a single cent on this game, you're contributing to this kind of unacceptable behavior from developers..Version: 2.8

👹Quiet, Addictive and Gory! 👹(But didn’t save my progress)As much as I've loved this game over the years, it surely could do with some improvements . First of all, glitches occur often when you launch a weapon directly to the ground. Once I was on PVP Online, and I did this to be funny, it exploded when the weapon I was using was an axe. Like what?? Next, the fatalities are weak. Mainly the same ones are used for multiple characters when separate ones should be used instead. Last of all, more characters are needed. I suggest Spider-Man from the Homecoming movie or Mad Max from the Fury Road movie. Maybe even The Nutty Professor and Doctor Fate from the DC World. I enjoyed this game, but my progress didn’t save even though I was connected to game centre and I spent money on the game. Please fix this issue for future users..Version: 2.11.1

LagEvery time I finish a match my screen goes black and I have to go back and play it again and again I don’t have a problem with it haha is the way to do it again and I have to go to play it again and again it’s not a bad thing I don’t think it it’s a game that you’re not doing anything you don’t know how you do that and it’s just like you don’t want it and it’s just loading the app it doesn’t get you back on the game and it’s not just telling ya it’s not good enough for me a bit but it it’s fun and I can’t get enough to do anything I want it is fun to do and it’s just loading up the loading loading and loading screen and again I don’t want to put it down I don’t want to put it down I don’t want to play the way you play again again I just got eyeing the other one and it then again and again it it’s just like the other app that is it just a little bit annoying..Version: 2.14.6

Beware the microtransactionsThis game could’ve been so much better. It has great gameplay mechanics and quirky, fun characters. However, the sheet amount of things they will try to get you to buy is unbelievable and the prices are extortionate for a mobile game. As soon as you boot up the game, you are greeted with multiple offers and ways to spend your real-life money. Most characters can only be acquired with the season pass and after every game you are confronted by a message telling you to disable ads or increase your chances of winning an item - with your hard-earned cash. It’s fun for five minutes every now and then but I guarantee you will get tired of the constant pop ups and micro transactions it tries to force upon you..Version: 2.14.2

There’s a big problem SO PLEASE READAttention! I love Bowmasters but there’s a problem. I can not play anymore resulting to the app shutting down every time I log in. Which is why I give it three stars. I’m not a hater of this wonderful amazingly outstanding game but I’d like to play it again without me logging out of the app right away😐. So please make a bug fix update and I hate to say it... But if that doesn’t happen due to the problem on my iPad with the ya,e I’ll be forced to delete it and make a 1 star review. Adds are not bad but I wish we can get Every character but the special ones you have to get tickets which you get every time you win a tournament and 55 tickets gets you a roll on let’s make it a gum ball machine but no gum balls. The amount of tickets you get for the tournament is how much headshots and that other stuff you got. The max to get is the amount to get a roll on the machine, but you would have to get like 2 headshots every battle. Please us this idea. Thanks you to anyone who read this and I wish you a good day😁..Version: 2.13.3

Here’s the problems listed, in which there are probably more than this.1.TOO MANY ADS, I tested it out to see, I opened the game pressed play, boom ad couldn’t even play yet, pause the game then unpause-ad even by accident I pause the game then I sigh, hanging my head :/ because I know what’s gonna happen when I unpause the game. 😔 2.Op characters, ya see there are some characters that can kill you with 2 hits, without even touching you, this one character, Dark Mage, his little skull thing pops near ur character, your health goes down to almost dead in which getting hit in the foot with robins arrow would kill u. Then again you do get that character in your daily gifts, but why would I want to play the same character? 🤨 3.False advertisement, we’ve probably all seen the ads they put out there talking about these different modes, and I’m sure you’ve even read em all in the reviews, I used to play Bowmasters when it came out so I knew what modes they had, but I do feel bad for those who see those ads get it, thinkin they’re in for what they want, and then come to a disappointment.😞and a even more disappointment noticing all of these problems!^.Version: 2.15.2

Ads and coins need to be fixedI 100% agree with the comment below this one, I never get good things from chests, I never get any gems, and you really do need to make a conversion of coins to gems like the guy said below like 1000 coins = 5 gems or 100 coins = 1 gem, something like that. I keep on getting this game to check if you’ve made it better but that’s the case, you guys put up way to many ads, why should I watch an ad for a chest that I earned? It makes no sense. The games idea I great no doubt but seriously guys, your game is getting worse and worse with every update, like war robots, I loved it, it was about skill and not money, but now you cant even get a good robot or weapon without paying around $200, it’s insane, that’s what you’re doing right now, the diamond membership is like $7.99 a month right? Who would waste money an a noble game? Just stop putting ads for everything and put Ads on bonus item like, “watch 10 ads to get this character” or, you can put bonus chests in the lobby and people can watch like 3 ads to get a free chest but first make the chests good, when people read this they’re gonna be like “ this dude is just a hater” or something, I love this game I really do but you better fix this game before it goes downhill and nobody plays it..Version: 2.14.2

Great gameplay marred by overbearing adsGameplay is great and reminiscent of flash games of a similar nature in the early 2000's. I appreciate the need to monetise with ads, but the frequency at which ads display without me opting into them for reward shows a lack of respect for your player base. I would be ok with occasional ads outside of opting to watch one were they not paired with banners during gameplay too. Afford users some greater choice and show you care about their patronage. I'd feel more comfortable paying to remove ads then! Thanks for the great game nonetheless..Version: 2.10.1

Fun game.This game is good, it passes time however I often find my self quitting because of the relentless ads they shove in your face. It’s not like it’s a small banner ad at the bottom either. It’s conveniently placed right next to where you aim making it difficult to land perfect shots, or shots at all for that matter. The ending animations or “fatalities” really makes this game for me. Change the location of the ads, stop them from being so aggressive and it’s 4 stars. Until then uninstalled..Version: 2.14.4

SELL OUT!It amazes me how the game easily shows how the company are full on money-grabbers, the amount of ads that are most of the time by the company shelzy (might’ve not spelled that right sorry) and/or playgendary. I’m almost positive that all levels have the party masters sign or the shelzy logo, the “hip and cool” fortnite dances at every end of the level are unnecessary, I don’t think that 8 year olds get that excited of fortnite related things. Now, there is a good reason that I didn’t give this one star, the reason why is that in certain circumstances the game could be fun, my best friend and I would compete with each other by seeing who gets the most skins. The sometimes the different game modes can be nice too, yet I don’t fully suggest this game unless your brain needs bright colors and very inappropriate moments and cash grabbing stuff in order to properly function then go ahead, to the people that don’t need such, I think this game will waste your data. (I apologize dearly for not including paragraphs and typing incomplete and unnecessarily long sentences).Version: 2.14.4

Not so good 🦹‍♂️<———YOUI do not like the fact that when I play apple shoot mode it even when I hit the fruit the person is STILL HARMED and I am hating the clickbait advertisement please add the new modes like acid mode or crowd mode and please add new non premium characters like a predator it wears super strong armour and has a weird camo like head except its pink and two colours only and it throws predator bombs like catman so please use the catman character as a base model if it eases the process also add something like hella or Odin if you have Thor and Loki why not have these guys please make the chest roulettes have more valuable items like 5 gems or 2500 coins and please add more chance of getting a premium character and more upgrades like tanithmeli to legolas because I know that character is actually based on thranduil and upgrading my suggestion called the predator upgraded to the elder predator P.S your game is still awesome!.Version: 2.15.0

Crashes a lot and too many ads.I love this game like I really really do! But ever since a few updates ago.. it had gotten more unplayable. Reason number one is that first of all there are way too many ads! Ik you need to get paid somehow but please don’t have too many ads! It may be profitable but the more ads you have, the less people would play the game. Reason 2, the game crashes a lot! Like idk if it’s either my phone or the game, but sometimes when I go up against a character, the game just takes me to the home screen. It does this a lot and it just happened right now, that’s also why I am writing this review. Now the main thing that really really gets me is the fact that you have to pay 8 dollars per week to have premium! Now that really isn’t worth it, that will be a way to get really broke! Maybe consider lowering the price for premium to like 20 cents per week, like come on! No one will pay 8 dollars per week for 14 characters, to remove ads (which you can just turn your WiFi or your data off to remove ads 4 free), and 1,000 coins and 100 gems every day. Now y’all could’ve add way more stuff for premium members; especially since you have to pay 8 dollars a week! And who knows, y’all might even raise the price. But if y’all do, just note that less people will buy it which isn’t good when it comes to profit. But anyways beside those. The game is fun, but it could be better if you have fixed all of these problems in this review. But anyways good game!.Version: 2.14.7

New update ruined the gameIt was a great game, I had all the characters and and complete ed all of the tournaments and the new update made made me loose all the characters i had that were VIP and I can’t get those characters back unless i get the diamond pass good game but fix it.Version: 2.11.1

Fair but...It’s a free game so I expect ads and a bunch of micro transactions but... it’s unplayable every round an ad, every time you finish you watch an ad if you want the chest, want a second chance an ad want to “finish him” an ad, it is filled to the maximum with ads to the point it gets annoying. See it’s unfair because a match can last you at most 1 minute even less, thus your playing for let’s say 30 seconds a game an the rest of the time you are watching ads 1 minute ads it becomes rather a slow repetitive the progression system is nonexistent you have to watch ads for the chest to even get a chance at coins. It’s a very creative fun game at the core with interesting characters but does it have to be flooded with ads, an ad every two every three games will be understandable and in my opinion a more flexible thing to work around. It’s no bad game at all I just believe the fun is limited by the amount of ads each round includes so if your looking for a minute of fun or entertainment this is it but it soon becomes a chore to play..Version: 2.14.2

Clickbait advertising😡😡Recently I was playing other games when I get ads for Bowmasters (and tank stars) in which it shows of all the “special features” that the game supposedly has. For instance, one ad showed “new game modes” like portal, where you can place portals based of the game portal, and shoot thru them. Slime mode where you had to throw the opponent in slime. There were ads that showed mixing and matching character parts to make a “custom character”, and you could choose your weapon to make an “ultimate” character. I got excited by these features because I hadn’t played the game in a while. However, it was all clickbait. Not a single feature in any of the ads actually existed, and I find it pretty shameful that the existance of ur game relays on tricking innocent kids into downloading it, then locking half the features behind a paywall. Not cool.😡.Version: 2.14.5

It’s Fun but needs workYou know I’m kind of mad at this game and that’s because every single time you want to get out of something there’s an add! Every time if you go settings and hit the back button when your done an add! Adds are everywhere so if you don’t like them don’t play this game. Next is how much money you have to spend on this Diamond Membership the price for it is insane I mean literally the people who created the price for it is crazy. 7.99 a WEEK not month WEEK. Are you kidding me first you bombard with adds and then you come out with and “Oh let’s make super expensive for the super rich to buy we’ll make a killing in profit!” No you won’t it’s really stupid how much it costs to buy it I would get it if you changed to monthly but I mean maybe reduce it to like 0.99 a week because it’s a game. I know I don’t have to get it but you keep certain things blocked if you don’t. I would rate this game one star but I’m not because it’s super fun and a laugh to play. One more thing the chests that you collect at the end of something make it to where you can actually get characters and not coins all the time. Hope you read this and take it into consideration..Version: 2.11

Not niceThe avatar Barbara her weapon Mr. fluffy when it hits the ground it explodes and that to me is like very disturbing because cats are cute and maybe a suggestion for a new update is that once she throws the cat and it hits the ground it walks away instead of exploding or she can have mr. fluffy on her shoulder and Barbara throws a ball of yarn and if she hits the opponent, the opponent catches the ball of yarn and mr. fluffy attacks the opponent.Version: 2.14.4

Stop false advertisingWhat, in the add it had liquid mode, draw mode and ricochet mode. I was really excited to try ricochet mode.Version: 2.14.7

Weird GlitchesThe games really good, I appreciate the game, but there are some glitches like every time I finish a match, It randomly kicks me out of the game. And that doesn’t give me time to go to the shop. But I am a big fan of the game still.Version: 2.15.0

Too many adsYes, I know that you have to pay to have the ads removed. But there is way too many ads. I understand they get paid for advertising games, but ads pop up every two minutes. I personally don’t think that we should have to pay for ads. And that goes for ANY game/app. These companies get enough money as it is. They are being plain old greedy at this point. For example once I exit a game I can’t click on anything because a ad pops up. At that the ads aren’t even interesting or make me want to download the game. They aren’t helping promote these apps. Other than that the game itself is very fun and easy to play. That is one of my biggest complaints. My second complaint is the cost of certain characters. Some players are children/teens or even adults. You don’t always want to have to play for a character then the character not have enough worth. Or certain parents aren’t willing to pay for these characters. Those are my only complaints at this moment. Which can simply be fixed. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I WOULD LIKE TO RATE IT A 2.5 FOR MY COMPLAINTS BUT IT WOULD LET ME! —Zeniah.M.Version: 2.15.2

LiarsThey are so lazy that they didn’t add toxic mode and portal mode same with draw mode. Give you a better review when u stop false advertising. (Click bait).Version: 2.14.4

It’s Alright but.....Okay first off this game is amazing! It really does deserve five stars but I gave it three because I thought something was kinda not right. Now I had started the game about a year ago and I had almost all the characters which means I was pretty far. Well one day I had to delete the game because I had just got a new iPhone so I kinda forgot about the game for 3 months. Well just four days ago I got the game again because I saw an ad on it. When I downloaded the game I was ready to see the new stuff that was added and so I could try all the characters I had but when I checked my cloud saves, my data was gone! But this isn’t the reason I am upset, I am upset on the fact that most of the characters I had now require me to pay for them! I had got the schoolmates when they were free but now since my saves were deleted I have to pay $5.00 to get them back!?! That shouldn’t be a thing! I am just writing this review to warn everyone that you shouldn’t delete this game otherwise have fun paying to get all the characters..Version: 2.13.4

Unending adsRecently reinstalled this as I used to play it but deleted the game to save space. The ads are now ridiculous. If you finish a level and then do something while your phone is on your table the app with continuously play through ads, keeping your phone from locking and draining your battery. After every round when you go to character selection for the next one it automatically jumps to a Premium character at the end of the list, so you need to scroll through it (while it bugs out) to get back to the free ones. Also when you finish a level the “next” is so greyed out it’s often near invisible, so without paying a lot of attention you then have to sit through an inescapable ad. The Zombie mode seemed good, but you are physically unable to fire arrows quick enough to win, when you draw back and let go, if you immediately try and draw back it won’t allow it so you have to try again, seems you can’t have more than one arrow in the air at a time. Kind of defeats the object of “wave” fighting..Version: 2.15.0

BruhThey advised so many modes that are not in the game and on too of that most of them are rip offs from other games, i was going to play this game for all the cool modes, but turns out its just a big scam, no new modes, no draw no crowd no toxic mode and no slap mode, terrible game..Version: 2.15.3

It’s good but it’s kinda glitchy....This game is very cool and it is funny and has a huge roster of playable characters but there is a slight problem, and that’s the amount of lag and glitch this game has. It’s really fun but even though it’s amazing, whenever I enter a match it’s very laggy and whenever a match ends it kicks me off the app and then I have to go back on to it and wait a long minute for the game to fully load. This game has a tone of potential and could get millions more Peale playing it but the lag just sort of puts me of this good game. I feel like I’m not the only one with this problem as well because whenever I go to a friends or cousins house and they have the game, there usually kicked of the app as well. Can you please update this issue with this bug please?.Version: 2.14.4

AdsShould simply be the name of the game. It’s downright ridiculous how many ads there are in this game and how high the prices are on everything. It’s not a “pay to play” but it seems there’s very little you can do without paying for anything or you’re stuck with painfully slow progression. Every single corner is an ad, a “hey do you want to pay for this thing?” question, or even pulling up your double tap to pay screen without you even trying to pay for anything and leaves you wondering what it’s even trying to get you to pay for. The last one may be a bug, I’m not sure, but it happened twice in the couple days I had the game installed. Oh, and the amount of access it wants to your data, and wants you to give it that access to give to third party companies to use for their own benefit is also just stupid. Oh, and anytime you get anything decent say in a chest, my game would “crash” and I would have to close to get the game going again and would not receive said item. The whole thing is a joke. Actual game, actually kind of fun. All of the baggage you get with the app, along with the ads make it almost impossible to play. This is an absolute example of what not to do as a mobile developer..Version: 2.14.5

Craptastic ad factoryJust atrocious! For an otherwise moderately entertaining game (if for no other reason than the variety of characters), being forced to endure a 30 second ad after EVERY single match you play is just too much..... You're even obliged to endure a 30 second ad EACH time you navigate into/out of the settings and menu items, which is, in and of itself, unacceptable.....SERIOUSLY.....the settings menu?!?!?..... It is glaringly obvious they attempt to frustrate even the most patient of individuals into forking over their money out of pure unadulterated annoyance....Sure, most other apps take a generally similar approach, but at least they make even the slightest attempt to come across as if they are simply enticing you to pay for the convenience of ad removal and are not bullying you into forking over your money so you can end the continual and relentless assault of non-stop ads..... There is, of course a happy medium to everything, unfortunately no one seems to have apprised the people who manage this app of that particular fact. They make IRS tax collectors look mellow and apathetic..Version: 2.10.1

Take out diamond membership and a couple of other thingsListen to me please. Diamond membership is pretty horrible. To be honest, I’d much rather play a game thats very grindy (old Bowmasters) than a game where everything is P2W (That stands for pay to win). I feel like you shouldn’t have to pay a sum of money to get something that should’ve been free with the game in the first place. That also applies to a bunch of your other games too. For example, Kick the Buddy, Gun Flip, etc. A mobile game with an absurd amount of ads is one thing, I can deal with that. But absurd amounts of ads AND P2W?? That don’t make much sense to me. And I know I’m not alone on this. There are a handful of people who hate Diamond Membership. Also, while you’re at it, you can improve some other things: 1. If you’re gonna give true forms to some people, you might as well give true forms to everyone. 2. I get why you put a price on Jeremy, but why T-666? He’s not really overpowered. 3. Make all the characters free and more user friendly. The target demographic are kids and teens, and its not very likely that they’ll have any kind of money in their phones. 4. Stop bombarding people with ads. I swear, 50% is ads and no actual gameplay..Version: 2.15.2

Kind of recommend but not reallyThis used to be a good game but now it just kinda gets old. Ok I’m kidding this company really only cares about themselves they keep offering you diamond membership and let me just say one thing to the devs. NO ONE, and I repeat NO ONE wants your diamond membership. This membership is so over priced I could get a game on the App Store that’s actually good. I got kick the buddy the other day and let me tell you, most of the ads on kick the buddy are about bowmasters *this game* OH.....MY.......GOD I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that stupid ad that shows one of the characters doing the floss. This company thinks they can draw in people and take their money by using as that look cool but are really just Playgendary saying “Look , we can scam by making our ads basically just Fortnite ads. This company thinks they are epic games and think that they are the coolest most popular company science they use fortnite like content in their ads. Again, this company clearly doesn’t care about its customers and only about profits. Dont be fooled by this scummy and lying company..Version: 2.14.2

WorstFirst of, the remove ads things is a scam, so that's fraud second, the zombie game mode is also a scam, I spent 10,000 coins on it and never got past wave two, it's impossible considering that there is 15 waves Last, the daily challenges are a scam, when ever they come, if theirs play matches of apple shooting, they remove apple shooting Wort game ever, considering I can think of at least 5 more things of the top of my head Do Not Bye It.Version: 2.14.2

CANT PLAYEVERYTIME I TRY TO PLAY IT JUST CRASHES!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 It looks like it could be a good game if it didn’t crash tho.Version: 2.15.3

It’s fun but.......The game devs did a good job on making people hate the game from ads I have to turn my wifi off to even play the game peacefully. This game is kinda a scam, always showing ads, Pay wall and you have to pay for most of the characters, This game would be better if there wasn’t ads every second.Version: 2.14.4

Stop the clickbate ads!!!!The ads for this game is ridiculous and stupid.Version: 2.14.5

RudeIt sucks that’s all.Version: 2.14.2

4.6 stars is because of the old styleAbout a year ago this game changed to a subscription app with a cost of 7.50 a week or 20$ a month and that to me is just a bit ridiculous, and now it’s so hard to play because of the billions of ads unless you subscribe for a outrageous price, you get bombarded with ads at every turn after a game, to do a finisher, to get gems to get a chest m, to get the daily free chest for every single thing in this game there is an ad for if you don’t subscribe ..... 7.99 for a week or 20$ a month, for a game you might play once a month.. it’s not that addicting. Yea it’s fun for every now and again fun, but no way worth 20$ a month. Someone lost their mind. This game used to be a blast until they made it a subscription game. Used to be you earned coins by playing tourneys and buying new characters, you can still do that,, cost a lot more .. 20,000 coins for random ones even more for others.. unless you subscribe and even then you don’t unlock them all. You just pay 20$ a month not to be bombarded with ads.. sorry but I’m deleting the game just isn’t worth it anymore... developer got to greedy..Version: 2.14.7

Ads are annoying as AHHHHHOkay game is not too shabby and the concept is pretty cool. The ads however are a different story. It enrages me and nearly puts me off playing this stupid game!! Greedy developers with a half decent game ruined by promotion, ads and obviously they are in it for the money. I have no problem this being a pay to win game (as it is) but this is appalling. Honestly does not deserve 4.5 stars AT ALL. Also, there just needs to be more features. More upgrades, power ups and accessories maybe, some that DOES'NT COST REAL CASH like every other thing in the game. There's something about the game that bugs me when I play it. OH. Maybe the gross mindsets of the developers. SMH. I am serious..Version: 2.11.1

It’s glitchedI really like this game other than the fact that you can only play 3 levels without it stopping u play. Whenever I press the play button after the level 3 it says that I need to unlock a new character and I’m like ok I guess I’ve already got 2 characters and now I’ll have 2 that I don’t need but it pacifically wants u to use one particular one I have to use it because I can’t afford the other characters so I try to unlock it and it says that I can unlock it in the z games so eventually I figure it out unlock the z game character they wanted me to get but now it still says whenever I try to play the game it still says I need to unlock it but I have unlocked it I’ve watched the adds unlocked the character but it still says no please fix this hopefully it’s only a z game thing because I actually like this other than this stupid unplayable game mode. Also it says in the add that there are modes but it’s only a mode there’s no lots of people mode or anything. (Also the z game is the zombie games it ends in 3 days after I post this so make sure it was more than 3 days ago that this was posted before u download).Version: 2.15.3

Possible fraud money hungrySo I paid the $6 to get rid of the ads, only to find that to open chests at the end of EVERY 2 minute game, I need to select to watch an ad, thus not allowing me to play the game fully without selecting an option to watch an ad. I believe they call that false advertising. And even after paying money, they still forced me to watch their own ad's to buy characters. If you can go 2 minutes without being sold something you're obviously not playing this game. They're also very sneakily not allowing you to select the "next" option for a few moments, while another option to watch an add appears immediately after every game. Very subtle but very sneaky. I will be reporting this. I just want my money back..Version: 2.10.1

Accesses your contacts without permissionSeveral people in my contact list we sent marketing texts without my permission. No option to stop this from happening except to delete the game. This should not be allowed..Version: 2.14.7

False advertising on "ad free"I'm happy to spend a few bucks to keep advertisements away from the games my kid plays. This game offers an in app purchase to remove the ads... and come compared to other games, it is a little on the pricy side... but whatever, I chose to pay it. HOWEVER the problem is that it only removed some ads-- mostly banner ads and the interstitial between each game(which requires 2 clicks to clear). The game still encourages you to watch videos as the only way to unlock things. Even worse, I still encountered the occasional interstitial between games. If it were only expensive I'd quietly grumble and move on with my life, but given that it doesn't do what I paid for, I'm asking for my money back..Version: 2.10.1

Okay game but....So this game is a lot of fun to play but being the free to play game it is, it constantly shows adverts between games and ad banners on the bottom of the screen when in a match or mini game, this can interrupt your shot and also lags the game a lot audio wise and a little video wise. The game would be very enjoyable if chests earned from battling did not require to watch a video to open. The character system is okay with some characters being able to unlock with coins which can be earned however most characters require the player to pay real money to unlock or another way is to become a diamond member which also costs money at $13 a week. To remove advertisements it costs $4.99 but even then adverts sometimes pop up on occasion. This game has a very fun idea to it and I would’ve been happy to pay money for the game with no in game purchases and adverts as I enjoy some aspects such as its multiple game modes like bird shooting and multiplayer battles. The game features very cool finishers that can be done by killing the other player or computer opponent. Overall I feel this game is pretty cool however due to its repetitive adverts and other things stated my overall rating is 2/5.Version: 2.11.1

Apple Gamemode?Hi, so when I downloaded this game first everything was fine and i loved it. But now, as I’ve unlocked more of the game modes, every time I try to go on it, the game glitches out and I’m on my home screen. I have no idea what the apple gamemode is like as I have never seen it or played it before. Also, the online pvp glitches all the time. Another thing: the free chest. When it goes on that lucky spin it always goes to the last one and then stops on the second to last one. This is really frustrating because almost all the time the first prize is really good. I’ve had this game for about a week and have only received 1 gem ever. Overall it’s a good game and really fun. Thank you..Version: 2.13.4

HorribleWorst game ever. Very excited to play because friends play but it kicks me out when I go in. I recommend to not play. Playgendary doesn't deserve this much fame. It is trash. Don't even touch download. Worst game ever. Who ever says it is good shouldn't be alive. Also has to much ads. It is 💩..Version: 2.14.4

Ok?!?The free version is fairly fun,it crashes sometimes. But the thing that makes me give it a low rating is that I like the game and would like to buy the full version but it’s BS. They expect people to pay 9.99$ A FREAKING WEEK!!!!! 40$ a month. How insane is that ?!? The game owners must be smoking some crack or meth because they are out to lunch if they they think anyone is Going to pay that. Paying even 1$ a week for a game is crazy. Games are suppose to be a 1 TIME PURCHASE !!!!! Change this nonsense..Version: 2.14.2

Great game, but crashes too much.BowMasters is a really fun game, I absolutely love it. I first downloaded it about a year ago, and have enjoyed it immensely. It has had a few instances of lag, which I could deal with, but lately when I’ve picked it up the game crashes whenever I try to play it. It makes it literally impossible to play, because the point in time when it crashes is when I press “Play” after choosing a character. And it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. I currently have an iPad Air, with the newest version of iOS. So, this is an amazing game, but something has to be done about the crashes..Version: 2.14.5

I’m disappointedThis game used to be so much better when it wasn’t based around a subscription that no one in their right mind would purchase, except the people that they are really targeting, young children. They don’t yet understand the concept of money and enter mommy’s credit card into it spending 8 dollars a week on a “free” game which is up in your face about micro transactions about starter packs, characters and “premium”. While I do slightly enjoy the game and it’s art style I find it too simple to actually be a fun reasonable game. If the game gives you an advertisement for it’s “premium” feature it gives you the option to buy it for no repeating expense, however this is way overpriced as it is 30$. However a counter argument to this point stands as it is much cheaper in the long run since it was just offering a year of the service for 100$. But I say any of the options offered are overpriced and terrible. It’s marketing tactics for this are also blatantly obvious that it is targeted towards younger children and people who have a poor impulse control since the advertisements for it pop up at the end of each match and putting stars and flashy colors on it to make it look enticing..Version: 2.14.6

False advertisingI like the game, I really do. But, on the adds the game showed a portal game mode and a toxic game mode but there is not either of them on the menu.Version: 2.14.4

MehGood concept but I was constantly getting pop up ads and offers that were way too expensive, game itself is lacklustre, computer is too easy and everyone on the online pvp will two shot you so if you are going second you’ve lost, some skins have special powers and no downsides which make them overall just better, mini games are boring. No variety, nothing special about the landscapes, dull backgrounds. Not worth your time..Version: 2.13.4

Angry ):<Whatever you do don’t listen to the ads none of the content that they show in the ads is actually in game.Version: 2.14.7

GarbageNo drawing features.Version: 2.14.5

Good but not great.Bow masters is a alright game but like every other game it has its downs, like you do have to watch a lot of adds (if you don’t like adds then you will absolutely HATE!! this game) it is very hard to do stuff like get other characters or get something that you really want on this game, one of the reasons why is because you will have to pay so much money to get the very good version. But there are some good things about the game, like if you win you can maybe get to open a chest (but you will still need to watch an add BOO!! BOO!!) and if you work really hard you might get the character that you really wanted. (like I did YAY!!).Version: 2.14.7

Big liars 🤥I wonder why they haven’t been kicked out of apple store!! They said pay to remove ads and after paying they didn’t remove them 😡 They said pay to double the prize you usually get and then after I pay I only got an option to double the prize if I watch their ads !!! 😡 Stop this game Apple ! Or tell them to be CLEAR with their users Just because we don’t have time to call you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t review these apps.Version: 2.12

GREaT gAMe! ...if u like adsHey kids! Wanna get scammed? Wanna get purchases that literally do nothing, are expensive, and stupid as $&@"? If u don't want that, u can consider trying the free version, where u can get spammed by ads, fOr fReE! Every twenty seconds, u can enjoy a thirty second ad! wHaT fUN iS ThAt? Five stars review! (-69 star review).Version: 2.14.4

False advertisementBefore I got the game, it said there was a toxic mod and a portal mod but there is not😠😠 and then there’s the strarter pack that cost 7.99 for 3 people and 7500 money and I have 2 off those people and it still cost 7.99. Like wth, who makes people pay 7.99 if they already how half of it..Version: 2.14.4

Ads after everything.Concept of the game is simple and fun. I'm not asking for completely wiping off all ads because I understand they want to push for more people to buy their add free option. However I am not a person that will pay to remove ads to play a repetitive and simple game. Again, the game itself is fun but lacks varying ranges to make finding angles easy. At 100% power the angles needed on targets only vary from 9-25 degrees. But I uninstalled this game because after any screen change, there is a 30 second ad. What's even worse is in online pvp, many people will leave the match as soon as they realize they have no chance to win. Now normally if you win and a opponent stays, you still have ads however I think if they removed ads after a player leaves early would help to not frustrate non-premium payers. Maybe its just a cash grab like every other game but the amount of ads outweighs the amount of time actually in games. I'm here to play games, not watch ads to generate money for someone..Version: 2.13.2

GlitchingAlthough the game is rather fun, and the amount of characters is vast, there are a lot of problems with this game. After playing ten games against the computer I had unlocked the ability to play online, which is all I really wanted to do anyways. The amount of time it takes to find an opponent is horrendous, and when you eventually find an opponent, either they or yourself disconnect from the game, or the game freezes and forces you out of play altogether, forcing the other opponent to win. Also, I get all games have ads on them, but 2 ads every game? And an ad for every chest you’d like to unlock? (Other than the available free chests) I think is ridiculous. This game has real potential and is let down with stupid reasons. Would be 5 stars if it weren’t so annoying between playing..Version: 2.11.1

It’s all rightI mean it’s not a horrible game it’s amazing but, there’s WAY too many ads so get this game unless u wanna waste ur time and money on ads and the hills are way too easy and the zombie thingy takes fo EVER to come this could easily be a 5star game but just cut a few adds it doesn't have to be add-less but just cut back a little and don’t tell us how many z-days there are BECAUSE I DONT WANNA WAIT if u know what I mean? So overall ima rat it a 3 because it’s not the best but it’s not the worst maybe it’s I’m not really into killing idk but it’s very entertaining so thank you for satisfying me when I’m bored..Version: 2.15.3

Not really impressedI got the game and it looked attractive and had a good mechanism and just generally looked like a enjoyable game for anyone but I’m constantly experiencing problems with the game like: consistently getting crashes bugs lags I earn money and then somehow the next day it’s gone and it’s really consistent and not as enjoyable as it could be and it’s a let down because the characters are great and the several modes are awesome too it’s just the constant crashes and bugs that just made me want to delete the game and these bugs aren’t just for me I know tons of people who are getting the same boring crashes and bugs so just reduce the amount of ads, bugs, crashes... and then the game would actually be decent. 🤨.Version: 2.14.5

Bad gameI left a review for a cheat it kicked me out Also ads every 5 seconds.Version: 2.15.2

Character ideaI love this game so much thank you for making it but I have to agree with other people that charging $10+ dollars for characters is ridiculous. I had the idea of creating a character based off of the 10th or 11th doctor, call him Time Master. Make his description GERONIMOOOOO/Allonsy!!!!!!! Respectively. His weapon is a "noisy screwdriver" (sonic screwdriver) which when you tap it it could send a shock wave of sonic energy at enemies and his idle animation should be him stepping out of a phone booth or regenerating. His upgraded form could be turning into the 11th or 12th doctor depending on wether u chose the 10th or 11th doctor earlier the "Noisy screwdriver" should change when upgraded to be appropriate to whichever doctor it is. His fatality animation would make the opponent vibrate really fast and explode. If upgraded his brutality could be him riding in the tardis and running over the enemy in the tardis..Version: 2.13

False advertisingIt says that there is new modes, there isn’t and tons of ads.Version: 2.15.1

Crashes after every gameGame itself is ok, my game crashes after every game so I don’t get a chance at rewards from wins. Just after I watch the many mandatory ads the game crashes so exit the game and back in, same thing after the next match.Version: 2.14.5

THIS APP IS DISAPPOINTINGWay to many adds, overpowered characters, WHAT CAN I SAY. Bowmasters is the absolute perfect game to give you the anger to throw your device across the room. Bowmasters is one of the BADEST games I have ever played which is sad as the concept is BRILLIANT but there’s like this one character who literally HAS A MOLTOLVOV COCKTAIL and it doesn’t even MATTER if there shot is close to you because you’ll just get DESTROYED whether it’s on target or not! Plus, I went up against this character when I was on my FOURTH ROUND OF THE GAME. I remember when this game was first released and it was so much better! But the newer version of it, is really not that good. Plus there is FALSE ADVERTISING. They said there was a portal mode in one of there most popular ads and there wasn’t! It would have been really cool if there was but NOPE. THEY THOUGHT FALSE ADVERTISING WAS A GO-GO..Version: 2.15.3

Would be a great game if it wasn’t for the expensive purchasesI love the concept of this game. It’s a classic Artillery Duel style game with great characters, awesome animation and unapologetic blood and gore. However, the price of the add ons, ‘diamond membership’, and constant barrage of advertisements makes this game frustratingly unplayable. For example you even have to put up with video advertisements after you finish each match. I feel this app is crawling at any opportunity to make money. Premium characters, Turn Off Ads payment and the Diamond membership just seem like too much. I feel a simple membership or a paid app plus a chance to win/earn premium characters would fix these issues for me..Version: 2.12

Fun at firstSo, I discovered this game out of nowhere and when I downloaded it, it was hooked. Large variety of cool characters, loved the ideas of fatalities and brutalities and reward system seemed to be fair enough. But after a week of playing, the game started to either delay, freeze or just crash completely during gameplay. Also, if you didn’t give into the VIP membership which I thought was kind of a rip off, I came to realize that anytime you played someone online who is probably a VIP or has a VIP character, you always went 2nd like 90% of the time which was a big disadvantage depending on the experience of the other player. And another thing is not all characters are upgradable which is a bummer because the upgraded characters have awesome brutalities but that gets old when there are only like 12 characters that are upgradable out of 70. So, this app definitely needs updating and refreshed since it hasn’t been in over 4 months. Still like to play this game but it’s gets old real fast and there is nothing new or different to change it up..Version: 2.14.2

Most expensive game on App Store??Every part of this game is either trying to trick you or get you to pay for their full version. Which wouldn’t be a problem apart from it’s OVER £25 per month! Literally daylight robbery! You pay that for subscription TV which takes millions of £’s to produce. This is literally a repetitive throwing game with some skins! Constantly tries to get you to pick players that’s cost money or coins which you’ve guessed it you won’t have enough of unless your willing to stump up FAR to much of your hard earned for. Keeps moving away from the free skins! Screen will jump you to the subscription page randomly of which it’s not made very clear where the ‘back’ button is (Shock!). It is incredibly easy to almost select the paid option. Make sure your paying attention when playing this game and don’t accidentally end up paying the extortionate prices. I understand companies have to make profit but Jesus Christ you lot are a joke. P.s if you are trying to get people to pay so much money then please calm your batty when it comes to the amount of ads there are. They don’t make me want to pay they make me want to delete your app..Version: 2.14.4

PAY TO WIN DO NOT GETThis game is great, BUT there are way too many adds. All of the good characters that give a huge advantage you need their dimond membership which is like $100 a year or $20 a mouth. Its fun but the adds and their stupid dimond membership took my old reveiw of 5 stars. I used to have the Loki and Octopus skin. I delete to save room and my phone said it saved my progress but it didnt so I see how to get my old skins back and I need their dimond member ship. DO NOT GET. If the developers are seeing this, make changes how about $5 a month or $50 a year. I know you don't get as much money per person but MUCH more people will get the member ship so if you want money make CHANGES TO YOUR GAME THAT USED TO BE FUN! I've read past reviews and have seen that you actually had the audacity to raise the prices after the endless complaints about how bad your prices are. I actually crunched numbers and saw that you guys are going down hill financially. You guys are actually losing business with your prices. I know you wont want to and it wont make sence when your greedy but dropping the prices brings more buissness and more money to you guys and with that better reviews so lower the prices or your game you worked hard on will suffer..Version: 2.13.4

Cool art style, fun for 5 minutes, ads ruin it.This game is fun for a little while, but really doesn’t have much depth to it. Matches last like, 2 minutes tops, and after you’re done it really doesn’t feel too satisfying. On top of that, the pushiness of the ads completely ruins the game for me. Want to play a game? Sure, but first just know you can buy ad-free, diamond membership, and all sorts of character packs! Just finished a game? Watch this cool ad! In the middle of playing our game...? Why would you do that? Play this other game we’ve made! (Yes, I’ve had a popup for their other game in the middle of playing a match. Extremely distracting.) And lastly, after every match, you’re forced to watch an ad. After this ad, you usually get a free loot box type thing. To open it? Watch another ad. Don’t want to open it? Wait 5 seconds for a barely-visable continue button to appear. It’s so blatantly obvious that they’re trying to get under your skin so you buy their ad-free version, and if you don’t? They still get money from ads so who cares. Overall, kinda regret downloading now. Boring game, absolute grind to unlock any gamemodes other than vs AI. I don’t recommend at all..Version: 2.12

Meh...This game used to be fantastic fun, and I couldn’t put the phone down, but the devs just seem DELUDED at this point. First of all, the false advertisement. I feel bad for all the 6 year olds out there who expect to play a ‘portal’ mode just to find out it was a lie and it doesn’t exist. The game hasn’t had any new content in ages, like have some variety guys! This may be due to them not supporting it anymore, but I’m really not sure. Lastly, and the biggest point perhaps, this game is one of the biggest MONEYPLUGS available on the App Store. I used to have the lumberjack, before the game removed my data and now I have to BUY the lumberjack. It feels like they are adding more characters to the premium every day!!! They are also adding characters that are only available by buying, which would be okay if there weren’t so many!! Also, i don’t know if this is a personal issue, but I get abused with ads just so they can convince me to spend more money on getting rid of ads. Overall, a game that has been completely and utterly ruined!!!.Version: 2.14.7

Pretty coolI understand the concept of the game. It is good because it teaches you about angles(sorta). Though, this is a good game, it is one of those games children will hide from their parents. It has a lot of morbid content. I am sure no parent would allow their child to play this game if they knew the object/goal was to kill other players. I know that is why this game is for ages 12 and older, but nobody is going to listen to that policy. I know about this game because my older sister downloaded it. Yes, I am a child. I am 11 years old. According to the policy, I could play the game in a year. Yet again, nobody actually reads the policy or pays any attention to the “12+” imprinted on the page for the app in the App Store. Back to the point, I would like if the creator or producer of the game would make it less morbid. That is why my sister deleted. Her friends did too. When my parents saw what game she was playing they demanded her to delete it. I don’t think people should encourage children and teens (and possibly young adults) to watch and try to kill an animated character. For, that could encourage bad behaviors. That is all I have to say. Otherwise, the game is okay..Version: 2.14.2

Not worth the price. Should be free or one time pay with add onNot worth the price. Fun game, I’ll admit. But to pay once a week after the free trial...not thanks !.Version: 2.14.4

CHARICTERS🤯U have to spend money on all the people cause it’s one in one in a million in chest rulet.Version: 2.14.4

BruhYou have to pay for this game make it free.Version: 2.14.7

TrashIt lied about the mode in the game do not download ever it crashes every ten seconds and to many ads.Version: 2.15.2

SadI love how they added fortnite people to try to make people get the game. Heres a side note. If u need to add popular games to your trash game you should stop making games. Ok.Version: 2.14.2

Robbing jokersSo don’t get me wrong this is a great game but it’s operated by a greedy shady business model. The first time I got taken advantage of was the remove adds payment option tha made it seem like it was going to remove the 30 second adds but instead a tiny banner add was removed and was still interrupted by nuisance adds that employ every trick in the book to make you accidentally click on them. Now this diamond membership haha so outrageous. £7 a WEEK!!!!! Now even £7 a month would be stupid as this is a little mobile game and massive mmorpg’s don’t even charge this and that’s a month!! They want this a week for a shallow mobile game which is basically just an angry birds type game. I just imagine my kid accidentally or untucked to click on the feature. Unacceptable.Version: 2.11.1

Good game but crashes nonstopThis game crashes after almost every battle so I don't get a lot of chances at chests. iPhone 6 Plus. It crashes enough to make me want to delete the game. Hopefully there will be a patch soon. Also, it's weak how you have to watch ads just for navigating the menus. Other than that it's got potential. One saving grace on the crash issue is that your coins are allocated in real time so you don't lose those but it crashes before you can open a chest so very little chances at the roulette for new characters..Version: 2.8

Not what it used to be......Okay let’s look back to the old Bowmasters for a little bit This game was a game I played with my friends. We enjoyed using different characters. But then you added premium membership..... I feel the premium membership messed up the game and showed how selfish you are for money. I don’t like that so many characters are premium. I would rather earn coins to get them. Also you should add a online team mode. This would be very fun and enjoyable. Each of your teammates take turns firing at enemies! This would add more excitement to this game. I love the game but I feel like you just abandoned it. No recent updates. You need more characters THAT ARENT PREMIUM. I really want this game to be good again and I feel if you improve you can make that happen. If you continue to leave this game alone and not update it the games gonna die. Other than that this games good I don’t play it often because I have every other premium character but I still like the game and have it. Please listen and try to fix these minor improvements. This games fun but it’s dying SO PLEASE. Thank you :).Version: 2.14.7

Short games, Long AdsYou choose one of many characters into a 1 v 1 item throwing death-battle. The goal is to impale your opponent until their health drops. It usually takes 3 successful on target shots to finish your opponent. You aim by measuring the angle and the power behind the throw. Once their health is fully lowered you have the opportunity to “FINISH THEM” by hitting them once more. It then moves to a gruesome but fun “FATALITY” like ending. Each character has a different item that they throw to impale the opponent. You obtain more characters by buying them with coins you earn from wins. After 10 wins you unlock PvP mode. The best part of the game is the whimsical violent art style that is familiar and likable. Other than the art, the game is short and the Ads are long. It was painfully long obtaining PvP. The Ads are very long and frequent. Did I say the Ads are long? To remove them you can pay a RIDICULOUSLY expensive subscription. The game will charge after a free 3 day trial, that more than likely a kid would forget about. The money hungry reminders if you don’t immediately agree to the free trial is very annoying on top of the already extremely annoying long Ads. The game offers characters for favors, such as Instagram likes. I’m unsure if it offers one for rating it or not, but I don’t understand its high rating. Please avoid this game and spend your time and possible accidental spending else where..Version: 2.15.2

Was fun once upon a time..This game used to be fun before all the recent updates. I played this game a few months ago and it was fun while it lasted but deleted for space. I recently re-downloaded, and I feel as if these recent updates have ruined the game. This is what I was thinking the whole time I was playing. There are way more ads than before. I use to be able to open my chest without having to watch a video every single time I win a game. Not anymore, I have to watch an ad after every game if I want to get my hard earned reward. There’s even an option to watch an ad to get another chance to “finish” your opponent. Certain characters such as the lumberjack guy and the octopus guy that you were able to buy with coins, more specifically 7000 are no longer available to buy because of this new Diamond Membership thing, which is a totally rip off. No one in the right mind is going to pay $7.99 a month for this game. I doubt anyone will read this comment. I know for sure playgendary won’t because they don’t care and are just money-hungry..Version: 2.13.3

Cool butThis game is cool but duck hit is offensive to my pal he is a duck.Version: 2.14.4

Great Game, Horrendous UpdateFirst things first, I love this game. The graphics and concept is cool, the fatality are creative and the characters are great references, I mean Gabe Freeman? Love it. But the most recent update is a mess. Now I'm saying this as someone who only misses out on Maestro, having unlocked all the others, but the diamond subscription is GARBAGE. About as pricey as PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold, for 16 CHARACTERS IN A MOBILE GAME. Please make that subscription much cheaper, until you do, I'm spending my money elsewhere. Still a great game, and the costumes + brutalities are a good idea, thank god they aren't locked away behind the subscription either....Version: 2.11

It’s good but you have issuesThe game is just as I remember it from 4 years ago. I’m really annoyed though, I had every skin back then and I didn’t have to pay for anything but after I redownloaded it recently, I found out there’s premium!? The skins that I worked hard to get I can never get again for example the lumber jack. I enjoyed using him but now I need premium for it? Why? In addition to that the app keeps breaking and bringing me to my home screen again, after a few mere minutes. Can you please fix this? I would also like to get back what was lost if that’s also possible..Version: 2.14.7

It was ok until...Now there are multiple people complaining about this game but I think it’s fine. It includes to much ads though and it makes me upset to play it. Also the free gems feature include some scams that lead to a account glitch and it’s really bad. This was a very fun cool interesting game until they ruined it with a need for money. This game would get much more money if they didn’t mention there “ premium membership “ or there “ free gems .” They also have fake news in there ads including a liquid game mode a draw game mode. This made me wanna play it because the modes seemed fun but they were not in the game. If you’re so into money Bowmasters creators than how about you mention stuff in your game and if not add the stuff people want instead of putting no effort into making a good game as you just want “advertisement money.” This game is going downhill and if you “ read all reviews “ do want fans need to enjoy your game. There are you tubers that make videos on your game yet they need to constantly work on skipping the ads for there vids so they do not get copyrighted. In conclusion your game used to be amazing but your need for money brought it down..... Sorry Bowmasters.Version: 2.14.6

Good game but...When I first got this game it was really good with cool characters and there weren’t many bugs. Later on I found out about quite a few, for example when the game glitches out and goes to the home screen. Also this game is based so much on fortnite because there is a new zombies mode - relating to season 6 and the cube destroying the floating island and there is a character called ninja boy who has blue hair and throws a clinger grenade as his weapon. Also, when you win a game, at the end where you gat all your rewards, the character usually dances. Now it’s doing the floss or hype and those are both well known fortnite dances. Just stop.Version: 2.14

Not liking the update.Started playing recently, was a daily gift away from unlocking hunger girl, who now is stuck behind ‘diamond subscription’ after the most recent update? Nope, not happy. I understand people paying for a game they like to remove ads, but paying for a subscription that costs about the same as much larger mmorpg games or even online services for a game consoles - spanning multiple games and with much larger capabilities; but for a SINGLE game, just for 16 characters which most people would already have? That’s just beyond greedy, silly and nonsensical, right? Even then, they offer alternatives to real money spending, and free months - not 3 days alongside payment post trial, at which point what’s the bet you make those 16 characters ‘unavailable’? Love the game, it’s a nice throwback to the stick figure bowman game I played since my childhood, but this is just ridiculous..Version: 2.11

Cash grab gameThis game is a cash grab and they blatantly rip off other forms of popular culture without any repercussions. This company should be sued. Not only that, but this game is filled to the brim with ads. This company probably makes millions off of ads, but these money hungry pigs couldn’t stop at that and made a subscription service, that is way too much for a crappy mobile game. I could buy Netflix for less and have 100x a better time. Lastly, the game just reuses the exact same gameplay over and over again and the more you play the more bored you get. The five star ratings are probably botted, seeing how many emojis there are. If I could give this game 0 stars I would. One star..Version: 2.15.0

Good game, but also clickbaitI’d like to say that it’s a great game!!! But there are some faults. And those faults are kinda biggies. 1. There’s way too many ads. There’s an add after every game, and then to open a chest you have to watch an ad, and if you want a second chance you have to watch an ad - and I get that you need ads to profit but that’s a bit too many 2. Your adverts are click bait. There’s no draw mode or toxic mode or portal mode and that’s really upsetting. It’s why I came to this game as it seemed like something I’d never seen before but without those advertised features it’s similar to other games that, going back to my first criticism, have less ads. So if you want, keep the ads but put into the game what you advertise..Version: 2.14.7

False advertisingI played Bowmasters when I was younger and the game recently came out and it was very fun and addictive, but after awhile it started showing a thousand ads per minute, so I deleted it since my game experience was deteriorated. However, recently I saw a new batch of ads featuring an update of the game in which there was all new fun- looking puzzle game modes like toxic levels, portal levels, crowd fighting, and other things that really interested me since I’m a huge puzzle fan. BUT, I re-downloaded the game and saw that all the ads are fake and are just a grab for game and ratings. I wanted to write this so that the devs would take a hint and stop following the fake updates trend and focus your efforts to actually make those modes. Even if you don’t have the time or money to do this then at least stop showing the ads containing the fake content and stop wasting your time and money on something that’s just going to disappoint the people who believe in it. Also, I’m writing so that no one else falls into this trap and doesn’t download this fake money grabbing app. If the devs make the updates real at some point, then I’ll write a better review..Version: 2.14.7

Good game but.....I like the game, hence why I purchased to have the full content without Ads. The gameplay is fun and unlockables/achievements are good incentives but it’s too buggy and glitchy to give full stars. Firstly (depending on where the weapon lands) the character will freeze after being hit and completely crash so you need to restart the app. Secondly the health makes no sense, on times a chainsaw to the head deducts 2millimetres of health, apparently. Whilst the computer wipes most your health with a leg shot. Thirdly opening a chess/daily reward seems to crash the game, for also anther restart, and on times when I click the option, nothing even happens. Please try and sort these bugs out..Version: 2.10.1

Ads crash gameIt is a fun enough game that I don’t mind playing it to kill some time however, there are FAR too many ads and the multiplayer is completely useless as the ads crash my game as soon as they finish loading.Version: 2.14.6

Cool but some issuesSo I would like to start off with your advertisement you say you have all these modes but you don’t. Such as draw mode, portal gun mode, and toxic mode which none of are in the game. What I’m trying to say here is don’t advertise for stuff you don’t actually have. Now moving on to your adds. See there are way to many ads I know it’s a free game and all but there ads after every game and then ads to get a chest and ads to finish him. And I’m pretty sure there are adds before a game. I do see a solution instead of having ads after every game maybe after every 2 games I know you want to push your no ads thing but you can’t just swarm people with ads it will make people not wanna play and if you listen to this you could get you game up to 5 star. Now for member ships see these things cost way to much money and it makes people who got it want to get rid of it. The prices for the member ship is 7.50 a week and that’s kind of ridiculous. Now for your characters. See most of the characters used to be free now half of them cost three dollars and you can see where this is going it’s mostly a play to win type of deal and when your upgrading your characters it’s way to many’s gems and the football player is like 5000 gems to upgrade and it’s not even that worth it. But in conclusion I hope you read this because it could improve your game..Version: 2.14.4

ADS!!Yeah it is a really fun and addictive game but u gotta fix the ads. I know the company wanna make money and all but there is an add after nearly EVERY COMPETITION!it is so frustrating. I wouldn’t mind just paying for the goddamm app if it was just add-freee! Also who wants to watch 100 ads to get a character!.Version: 2.9

MembershipThink everybody can agree the membership ruined the game..Version: 2.15.2

Great game but,I don like playing mobile games normaly but when i find this game i realy liked it and paid non ad version. i would realy like to give this game 5 stars but there are some issues and problems with the game. I like playing this kind of games online with other people and this game is giving this but first problem is trying to find some one to play and this some time takes ages to find and i some time restart the game to find someone to play. sechond problem is game is very short and one of you die in seconds and when game finishes it puts you out from online to main menu and you have to reconnect to game and find someone. This is realy not necessary why not stay connected to online game and when its finishes it should give you an option that if you still wantto play same player or find someone else to contuniue. And it would be great if there would be an online score..Version: 2.10.1

No no no noThis is terrible. It spams you with ads ( not like it makes the company any money as the graphics and frame rate is unbearable ) and all the enemies have aimbot so you’ll get annoyed and buy the stupid payed characters. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Version: 2.14.4

It’s OkayI honestly enjoy this game. I play it from time to time when I’m bored. I don’t have many complaints about it and I don’t have much praise for it either. I don’t like that there are not too many characters that you can select from without paying. I understand that they want to make their money, but I still want more characters to choose from. Another complaint is that there are too many adds in it. I can only play a few rounds before an add shows up. My last complaint is that there is too much graphics of blood and guts. I really don’t mind it, but I’m kind of worried about little kids playing this game and thinking that it is okay to do this violence. Before you start wondering, no I’m not an overly protective parent. I’m just a teen that has some concerns, that’s all. Maybe you should higher the age of being able to download. Nothing too crazy but maybe just a little bit higher. But, let’s move on to the things that I like. I like the different rounds that you can do. I also like the characters and their designs. Thanks for your time, whoever is reading this..Version: 2.14

Almost unplayableThe game was fine a couple years back, now there add just for trying to close a pop up to buy packs in the game, after every match and sometimes after ads the game just freezes forcing you to open the game and watch yet another ad just to play. If they actually cared about their player base they’d have tried to make the game at least playable for and not have ads everywhere..Version: 2.15.2

I didn’t enjoy this gameFirst off, I want to say it’s a really cool concept, but the way they handle it kills it for me, and many others. They swarm you with ad after ad after ad, hell there’s a Party Masters guy that pops up in the middle of a game for no reason. Most of the characters are found in chests/VIP..a subscription that’s $8 a month...that’s half an Xbox Gamepass Ultimate subscription, but only for 14 characters..seriously? Or you could try your luck with chests, which purposefully go one square behind where it’s about to land, they don’t even try to hide it, animation and all. Good luck using coins after you’ve bought all the characters, now you need to watch ads for chests, or get free chests every few hours, that’s a good feature but overshadowed by everything else. The zombies mode is physically impossible without VIP characters, such as ones with explosives due to the high health of zombies. And do I have to bring up the ads FOR this game?! They’re false advertising what’s in their game, a portal, draw, and toxic mode? Nope! There’s normal, online, bird hunting, tournament, and two other things I forgot but you get the point, none of those cool modes are there. And they try to stay hip with the kids with dances that have little relevance anymore, like Hype and Best Mates. TL;DR, cool concept, ruined by money hungry schemes.Version: 2.14.7

Too many adsThis game is one of my favourite apps, but due to the overwhelming abundance of ads, I just had to put the game down. There is an ad every two seconds and it ruins the entire game. If this game had no ads, or just ads for profit (e.g. watch this ad to open chests or earn gems) than it would be ok, but due to the over use of ads, one of my favourite games is ruined..Version: 2.14.2

The “Free Gems” is a scamOk so the gems that you get from watching a 30 second video gives 1 gem that’s not a scam, but the “simple game of hangman” for 50 something gems is not a “simple game of hangman” it’s a quiz that when you get one question wrong you spin a wheel and every single time it lands on 3 minute quiz and all the others are probably the same so I wouldn’t waste your time on that, now let me get on to the actual game Itself so the game is amazing and the characters are cool too that would be 5 star except that it’s a scam for all your time on the “free gems” apart from that I would recommend this game to all 3 star from me..Version: 2.15.1

Great concept, poor execution.Bowmasters is a fun game, don’t get me wrong. It is a relatively original idea and I think it could have been more successful if it hadn’t driven people like me away. Let’s start with the problem that’s hardest to ignore. The crashing. Every time I start a match, the game crashes. Whether it’s against computer or multiplayer, the main aspect of the game is inaccessible to me, and looking at the rest of these reviews, a lot of other people too. Also, I’m talking directly to the company on this one. I know you think your game is hot stuff, but a game is never worth $8.00 a week. Yes, you heard that right, folks. They charge $8.00 a week for a couple overpowered characters and some daily gems and coins. They call this incentive. The characters in premium are ridiculously overpowered, to the point where some of them can nearly one shot my character in one go. To everyone here that is upset about the ads, turn off WiFi. Misleading ads as well, and I don’t know what it is with this company and misleading ads, but I have seen several for this game that don’t actually advertise real content. BTW changing the name of diamond membership to premium doesn’t make me any more apt to buying your silly paid plan. Nice try..Version: 2.14.7

AddsWay to many adds even after paying for no adds.Version: 2.8

FunFun but I’m only doing this to open a chest. That is the only reason that I’ve wrote a review take what you want from it but I enjoy this game ( but dang this may as well just be called ad the game.Version: 2.14.2

Good game if you like endless adsAds before playing, after playing, if you want to double your money, when you open the game, if you want to open a chest, etc. I paid for the ad free version and still have to endure ads when I launch the game or if I want to open a chest. This game should have been called AdMasters..Version: 2.14.2

False advertisingThey lied about having new game modes. There is no portal, draw, or liquid mode. Apple should not allow this app on here if they continue to blatantly lie.Version: 2.15.2

Too many adsI understand they get paid from ads, but there's always ads. Before and after games, and paying for them to go away is fairly expensive considering I've seen games sell ad free for a dollar, or if you pay any purchase in game they just turn ads off. If you're not bothered by ads, it is a cute game. Very enjoyable I find and well made. If not for the amount of ads it would get a full 5 from me.Version: 2.8

Great but..Smooth, addictive gameplay with fun cartooney deaths but way too many adverts. Even just navigating around the menu will prompt an advert. Plus feel like the no-advert/paid option of this game is rammed down your throat. Agree with many comments on here that matching with online players often takes ages! Plus agree that it should offer you options to replay person or play someone else or go back to main menu. Plus when choosing a character, there needs to be some way of assessing the strengths each character has, has the character been upgraded? Will it die more easily than a different character? Etc.Version: 2.12

Ads, unfulfilled rewards and crashesThe game is fun but when you bog that down with a billion ads in between everything you do, the fun starts to fade. You have to keep bogging through the ads to acquire gold and gems. Gold can get you some characters but if you want to upgrade them, you need gems. So tons and tons of ads! You probably watch more ads than you spend time playing the game. There are other ways you can get rewarded with gems by watching a video or taking a 3 question quiz but so far I’ve had about a 30% success rate getting the reward offered. The 3 question quiz turns into a 12 question quiz but no reward as promised. Also, you will miss out on rewards when the game decides when you have won a match, then when you go back in you didn’t get your reward for winning. So this game is more about what the game maker gets than what you get. They get money for you watching the billions of ads and money from you taking quizzes or answering a questionnaire without giving you anything in return as promised. Don’t waste your time unless you want to make the 1% more filthy rich than they already are..Version: 2.14.7

Fun but tediousThis is a simple, fun game to play if you want to do something in your downtime. However, there are some serious issues that does make the game much less enjoyable to play. Firstly, matchmaking is anywhere from good to downright awful. Sometimes I match in seconds, others I wait more than a few minutes. This isn't great as I would rather be playing online than with A.I. And then there is the ads. I understand ads keep this game functioning as free to play, so I have no issue with them. It's purely the quantity that makes it not fun. When you are bombarded with an ad for either entering or finishing a game, it makes a quick game seem longer with all the waiting. Not only that, if you want to open chests, they sometimes require you to watch a video. Simply put, the ad system needs an overhaul to keep the game enjoyable..Version: 2.9

Too many adsThe game is fun and addictive, however there are far too many ads. PLEASE remove most of them as fast as possible..Version: 2.13.1

BEWARE OF FALSE ADVERTISINGI used to like this game and I’ve been playing for it about 2 years or so, but I have a couple issues. First of all, it’s extremely easy to unlock all the different avatars which might sound like a plus, but i don’t like the fact that it’s so easy to get all of them. Second, I don’t know if I just have a terrible phone or it’s the game but the Arnold the destroyer crashes the app if u get a chance to perform his finishing move, as well as a few others. Thirdly, there are so many adds to the point where you can’t even see play and sometimes when your in the middle of the zombie mode bring a random add will pop up. Also, I downloaded the game because I saw all those really cool modes like acid, portal, and draw mode. I thought that looked like fun. So I installed and played for a couple days thinking you had to unlock it, but it was all false advertising. It’s not like it was only for a couple weeks. Sometimes I’ll be playing another game and I’ll see co-op, baseball mode, and the other previously mentioned modes. Lastly, it’s the premium/vip or whatever. It’s ridiculous how like half of the avatars in the game are in that and they’re all the cool ones. It’s especially annoying when your at a point where u have like 100,000 coins and nothing to spend it on and you can’t get vip..Version: 2.14.7

LiesI’m the add it said so many new modes but in the game their are only 3 modes.Version: 2.14.4

Terrible game !!!Crashes sometimes and doesn’t let me play multiplayer mode.Version: 2.14.7

BowmasterWanted to get rid of the Ad banners and buttons, so I paid for the full game. The Ad banners go away, but then you have to watch 30 second ads in between games instead. Brutal..Version: 2.8

Good gameBut bad devs(greedy).Version: 2.14.4

Fricking hell.Ads every 2 seconds and the aiming is garbage. Cant believe i had to wait 5 minuites for this. Im dissapointed..Version: 2.15.2

Great game, but used to be betterSo I would like to start off with your advertisement you say you have all these modes but you don't. Such as draw mode, portal gun mode, and toxic mode which none of are in the game. What I'm trying to say here is don't advertise for stuff you don't actually have. Now moving on to your adds. See there are way to many ads I know it's a free game and all but there ads after every game and then ads to get a chest and ads to finish him. And I'm pretty sure there are adds before a game. I do see a solution instead of having ads after every game maybe after every 2 games I know you want to push your no ads thing but you can't just swarm people with ads it will make people not wanna play and if you listen to this you could get you game up to 5 star. Now for member ships see these things cost way to much money and it makes people who got it want to get rid of it. The prices for the member ship is 7.50 a week and that's kind of ridiculous. Now for your characters. See most of the characters used to be free now half of them cost three dollars and you can see where this is going it's mostly a play to win type of deal and when your upgrading your characters it's way to many's gems and the football player is like 5000 gems to upgrade and it's not even that worth it. But in conclusion I hope you read this because it could improve your game..Version: 2.15.3

I’m confusedIt comes to my attention that in some of the adverts of this game show the soposit NEW MODES that are available to play. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and every time an advert comes up saying that there’s new modes such as the portal mode, I always rush on the app to see it, only to find out that nothing has changed. Due to the recent update of this game I thought that this must be it, but after several months of saying to us that you’ve released new content it never actually appears. The only thing I require is answers. I know you probably show those types of modes are installed for the game so people can download it and play, but I’m really intreaged to see if they’re real or not. The portal mode really caught my attention and I’ve been waiting to this day to see it. I wouldn’t be unhappy or angry if you reply it’s fake. All I wish for is to know the truth. Is it real or fake? I hope you see this note and to hopefully shed some light on this question I’ve been wandering for a few months now. As always great game and great content. Many thanks..Version: 2.14.5

Good but...I really enjoy this game and find it very addictive. However, I don’t think the creators checked the game before releasing it. For example, at the end when you are about to finish finish someone, it always says “Finish him”, even if the character is female. Although this is a minor issue, I still find it frustrating. Also, the game is constantly glitching and I believe there are too many adverts and you have to watch one for practically everything. What really annoys me is that the game is constantly crashing, especially after adverts. I spent a long time on a contest to win 20 gems, but the game crashed and I never got my reward! I was extremely disappointed as I just wasted my time for nothing. I hope these things are fixed among the other things that need to be fixed so that I can rate this game 5 stars as it really is a wonderful game..Version: 2.14.2

Ads?This game is highly addictive and fun but the one problem in most of your games for example : Party Masters HAVE SO MANY ADS. I know that this gives you money but really this will just make the amount of players decrease, after all why advertise another game made by a different company? They might download that game and play that more often making your game more unpopular which makes no sense! Secondly, we watch an ad after our game against AI and then you have a chest telling you to watch an ad to unlock it. But really we already watched one? So overall I would be pleased if you could change this to ALL OF YOUR GAMES to have no ads!.Version: 2.13.1

LiarsLied about having multiple game modes such as draw mode, crowd mode and more that are on the ad..Version: 2.15.2

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