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Instawork: Work Local Shifts App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Instawork: Work Local Shifts app received 31 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Instawork: Work Local Shifts? Can you share your negative thoughts about instawork: work local shifts?

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Instawork: Work Local Shifts for Negative User Reviews

Treat professionals like trash!I loved Instawork from the start. During Covid they got me thru some real tough times. However, this is quite possibly the worst app when it comes to professional support and money. They have “paid backup” instapay shifts that you show up too and if everyone originally scheduled shows up, you get to leave. So you’re on the clock for 5 minutes, if that. Although it’s an instant pay gig you have to write them over and over and over and legit threaten them legally to get your paid backup pay. It took them over a week to pay me not once not twice and not three times. They don’t work with some companies to ensure we get tips like everyone else in this service industry. All the other apps do! Last but not least my final straw with this joke of a company. Referral bonuses- even if you write in the same day as your referred friend, so you both get the bonus, they won’t acknowledge you for it because your friend didn’t go directly thru your link. The Same day, as a matter of fact, literally an hour or two after my friend finished filling her app out. That’s just rude disrespectful customer service. They want us to be professional when working yet they don’t lead by example. There is also NO phone support to solve issues quickly. Expect up to 72 hours before a response typically.Version: 2.151.0

The instawork office doesn’t know what their doingThe app itself is great but as far as the support team is non existent it’s takes 3-5 days for them to get back to you and sometimes they dint even get back to you plus if you work over the hours yiu were scheduled for which happens all the time the app will clock you out and then they tell you yiu can adjust the hours but you can’t. If you work a 12-14 hour shift your screwed for getting paid in the same week. I worked a 14.5 hour shift got paid for 6 hours of it and then trying to get in touch with someone to get paid for the the other hours is ridiculous no one responds back. My manager adjusted the hours on her end the next day and 6 days later it’s still not fixed on the app where I can get paid for it… the support team needs to get their stuff together.. we work diligently just to not get paid on time. We have bills due that we can’t put off because instawork won’t pay us when we are supposed to be paid… it’s nothing but a headache. Who wants to work a 14 hour shift then have to spend days trying to get ahold of someone to have our hours fixed…yay your def gonna get paid it’s just how long it will take to get paid people have bills that are due we can’t say “ instawork owes me I’m waiting on them to get paid “.Version: 2.157.1

Trash serviceThe app purpose is really good but is full of bugs and I’m trying to reach out to the team for days and they don’t even reply my messages or when they do I feel like talking to a bot. Frustrated..Version: 2.185.0

Decent platform with software issues and unsupportive of workersThe most frustrating thing about this app is the lack of opportunity and income security. Theres often no shifts available and if you want to get even just 16 hours a week you have to book shifts weeks in advance. There is not a way to find coverage through the platform, you have to message individuals on there. You have can not cancel with the intent of working if no one else takes it and you are penalized for canceling shifts well in advance and those shifts are often booked by others within a day. These penalties result in further difficulty securing hours. There are also connectivity issues that can prevent you from clocking in and out of shifts. I have to re-confirm every shift because 90 minutes before I get a text message that says I am not tracking to the location and will be pulled off the shift in 30 minutes when I have a 40 minute commute. I've also seen someone be pulled off a shift for not confirming while working a shift and we were left understaffed because if it, even though he still arrived because he didn't know it was canceled, they were unable to get him put back on the shift after attempting to get in contact with Instawork Support and he had to go home. There isn't alternative option out there, not that I've seen. I've tried a few apps and this one is better but it has a lot of flaws..Version: 2.166.2

Needs lots more improvementThe app keeps glitching, canceling gigs or when im clocking out. “Support” never gets back to out about any issues. I’ve worked the same exact times & places and the other 3 people got paid the same and I’ve gotten the least amount. Just a day ago My payment said it would be processed on wednesday of this week, now it’s saying it wont process till wednesday of next week. It says you can only cancel 10 gigs within 1 month and all cancellations have to be at least 24 hours before the gig but i canceled my FIRST gig 2 DAYS before and the SECOND gig canceled was 3 DAYS before and they’ve blocked me from working at those 2 locations. The app said i had 4 cancellations so I tried to contact “Support” and the asked for proof but the only way to see i’ve only canceled 2 gogs and when is through their end.. If im telling you the app is glitching and saying the wrong information then how can i show Proof of what actually happened? This would have only been my second week working through this app and its been a terrible experience thus far..Version: 2.146.0

This app doesn’t work.I completed 3 weeks waiting for a shift or “gig” as you call it, but this just made me waste my time. Also waited for 3 weeks for an approval of a role, and even after I filled all the required info. The approval was rejected. What a waste of time. I don’t recommend it..Version: 2.188.1

Terrible support teamI went on my first job and the app was having issues and wouldn’t let me clock in so I let the team now one of the Instaworkers on the app let me know how to somewhat fix the problem but nothing worked so I worked my gig and adjust the hrs showing I was there even with the gps tracking location the app have shows I was there the next day my actions was disabled and all my other gigs canceled I reached out to the Instawork support team and jayanth the one who says he looked into my situation I sent him all the conversations between me and the Instaworker and the event manager I even sent him the gps location showing I was at the gig and working even with all the evidence showing I was at the gig working and it was not a no show jayanth just say he looked into it and it was a no show Instawork can you get someone who will actually look into my situation and fix it and not someone who just not going to look into the situation and say it’s a no show when clearly I proved in multiple ways I did not do a no show and the app wouldn’t let me clock in when I arrived on site to start the gig..Version: 2.154.1

Great app, but poor punishmentsI love this app and it has helped me a ton and I recommend it to EVERYONE. However their punishments are way too harsh If you cancel a shift 23 hours in advance instead of 24 you are automatically disqualified from any metal and it's the dumbest thing ever. I was eligible for gold which would have given me the privilege not only for early access to jobs, but also instant pay that gives me money in my account right when I clock out. However, I cancelled my gig to work 23 hours in advance because I knew for a fact the shift would be covered immediately. They always get booked within 10 minutes of being posted because people love those opportunities, so I knew they wouldn't be mad if I cancelled. Instead I just checked and I don't qualify for not only gold, but not even bronze. That's also one of the worst things about the ranking, if I have worked the whole month flawlessly the new ranking doesn't even kick in until the first of the next month, so I think the punishments are quite excessive and they ruin the experience knowing I have to go the next month not only without instant pay which I was looking forward to, and early access for more jobs. I'd understand if the punishment was 4 hours in advance, but 24 is REDICULOUS knowing the job will find a replacement almost immediately and no one is inconvenienced other than the employees.Version: 2.184.0

Not designed for UKWon’t allow you to register because it requires mobile number to be in American format. Thus impossible to log in. Seemed like a promising app but will now be deleted as it’s useless!.Version: 2.68.0

Still haven’t gotten helpI’m new to Instawork. It seemed like I could make a little extra money on the side. All the gigs that are showing up for me are w-2. Great! Less taxes for me to pay in April! I have to upload paperwork? Sure! I don’t mind! Only it’s not letting me. I can’t upload any documents on my profile where it says w-2. I can only start on the actual gig prerequisites. Ok…I can only put the phone number for who will verify my info. It accepts that then nothing. I get a turning wheel as if it’s loading. It doesn’t matter how long I leave it for, it still won’t go to a different page. I can’t even go back at this point. It’s like the whole app is frozen. I’ve forced restarted the app and tried again. Same result. I’ve restarted my phone again, just in case. I got a message on that page saying “error loading page. The requested url was not found on this server”. Hmmm….I put in my request for help with pictures. It’s been 2 days and my request wasn’t even seen let alone answered. I can’t get any gigs until the w-2 is setup. Can’t get the w-2 setup until someone from support helps me. I’ll give it a week. If after that, I can’t get that fixed, I’m uninstalling. Right now, the app is just dead space on my phone..Version: 2.140.0

A lot of bugs need to be fixed on this appOk first of all. I’m reading complaints from people and they are still putting 5 stars. I wish people would rate accordingly so they can fix the things that are wrong with the app. Second of all there are waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too many people on the platform and not enough jobs. When a gig comes up it’s gone with in seconds and to make it worse the app has difficulty showing the available gig when it pops up. I’m not sure why that is. When I click on earnings or any other tab the information pops up right away. But when I try to see open gigs it can take anywhere from 1-5 minutes to open and by then the gig has been taken. The way they rank people and give certain people priority is really unfair. Also note you are an independent contractor which means they can work you your entire shift without giving you a break or meal break. A lot of the companies take advantage of that they also lie in the add and say free parking and meals provided a lot of that is untrue setting you up for failure. They also have it so other Instawork peers can rate you which I also think is unfair because people can lie to get you off the platform so they can have more work. Almost everything about this app is messed up. They really need to fix it. Hopefully another company comes out with a better version of this app..Version: 2.5.93

❗️❗️❗️❗️ NO DALLAS MARKET ❗️❗️❗️❗️I wish I had checked out the most recent reviews about this app before I signed up. They haven’t even tapped into the Dallas Texas Market. I have no idea why they haven’t don’t that yet. Honestly, it’s not a smart business move. Dallas is a huge market. Even if they plan on it. They are not transparent upfront about the cities they do have markets in. Thus increasing their chances of obtaining personal information from you upfront without giving you all the facts to make an informed decision. It’s really inconvenient to find out after the fact and then request to have my account deleted. I don’t want to wait around for you guys to get it together and have my information sitting there without useful purpose to me as the consumer. Kinda shady if you ask me. Don’t apologize either to the people you’re doing this to, tell us how you’re going to fix it and by exactly when. I would suggest adding a feature where you ask for location permissions to determine if there is even a market for people who are trying to sign up and then, provide an option to send an email to sign up once a market is available in their area. This is a no brainer. Oh wait - you wouldn’t have all their other personal information and registered accounts otherwise right? Riiiight..Version: 2.41.1

Straight up thievesMy boyfriend has problems with Insta work from the very beginning. First it was with the uniforms and verification. The app glitched and didn’t show him on of the categories he needed to start a shift. It took two weeks and many workers for someone to finally be of use and help. Once he got his first shift, he did exactly as the app told him and began to work. The shift was fine, but he had to fight to get the tips he was rightfully owed. When he received his first payment from that shift, Instawork took the money he was owed saying that the company reported he didn’t show. My boyfriend had a mountain of evidence that he did work, from pictures of the event, the shift leads name, names of other people from insta work at the event, captain codes (what you need to literally start the event), but was tossed from worker to worker, having to re explain his case repeatedly. Some of the people just left the chat without even responding! Finally, someone submitted a claim but the company denied it saying he didn’t work. How! When he has so much evidence of him being there?? Customer support is the absolute worst. Corporate doesn’t care at all and they are so unprofessional. They just blatantly stole his money. My boyfriend even reached out to the company and they are ignoring his calls!! Instawork had been a complete waste of time and a let down..Version: 2.159.0

Would be awesomeSo the gigs that I work the employers will try to cheapskate you in anyway possible. They won’t give you lunch on 12 hour shifts and only one 30 min break, but once you clock out they always double my break time even tho I didn’t take that long. Which is well known because Insta work tracks your location but that doesn’t stop them from saying my break was one hour or two hours which means I don’t get the full pay. The app is great for people that are looking for workers and not the other way around. I’ve shown up to multiple gig and most of them won’t even let me clock in until I’m late because they feel as if I am rushing them. It’s quite interesting because my boyfriend works the same jobs as me but always gets treated better and even gets tips. The only difference is that I’m black and he has fair skin. So if you are not comfortable dealing with inequality every time you try to work then this isn’t the app for you..Version: 2.143.0

This app leaves futures employees with little respectFirst of all I must say overall I love this app. Most of he jobs I've had have been met through this app. But the etiquette of the employers needs to turned up a notch. Someone also needs to hold employers accountable for filling out the job listing as much as possible. An example would be where I see a job for an AM SOUS CHEF and when you do the interview it's the complete opposite, wether intentional or not it's frustrating; also what's the point of having a section for employers to put required times if they won't even fill that out. There seem to be a stipulation that by leaving out the important details ( starting/ending times, shifts per week, and commute). They will attract more prospects. And there have been times where I go to an interview and wait around for 1 hour + dressed resume in hand only to be told they will have to reschedule because their busy. I take time out of my day to be prompt and ready and they'll just bat you away for whatever reason. Absolutely disrespectful. There needs to be mutual respect on both sides and there clearly isn't..Version: 2.10.0

Problematic Software.This app will get you some great gigs, don’t get me wrong. But they clearly could use some temp workers of their own to deal with all of the technical problems they have. First of all, if anything goes unexpected with your shift don’t expect to be paid for your work. I wasn’t able to clock out for my first shift and still haven’t been paid even though I’ve filed a complaint-this is over a month ago now. Every person I’ve met from Instawork who’s worked at least a few gigs have had this issue. Pretty problematic when you’re expecting hundreds of dollars but those just never appear. Today though, was the trigger for this review. I booked a shift last night and drove over an hour to get here. Over twenty minutes before my shift, while I was 3 minutes away from the l’ovation, they texted me saying I wouldn’t make it so they removed me. So now I’ve invested my time and money but I get removed with no prior notice and no compensation. Of course their app has no means to to address problems such as these (they have preset catatonies of problems that you can choose from, oh and there’s no phone number to call. So yeah def download if you feel like planning on work and pay just to have it, virtually randomly, erased. I know other workers who’ve had shifts they booked disappear with not even a message at the time of occurrence. Clearly they either need to get some better software, or more human help to address the problems that are created with what they have..Version: 2.149.1

HorribleThis app is horrible I am not going to lie. I barely get any shifts the only time I get shifts now is when someone lets me cover for them. Anytime I work a shift nowadays after that day the shift never pops up again as if they blocked me or something. I have nothing but good ratings so I don’t really understand why. Today I had a gig and they sent me home because they were over staffed according to the shift lead. He told me I would get payed for 4 hours since I came to the location and was sent home on such short notice and that is not what happened. They canceled my shift without pay and when I disputed and told the operator what the shift lead told me they rejected my claim and said I was a no show!!! Like what the heck!!! It’s like the operator wasn’t reading anything I was saying because none of their replies had anything to do with anything I said to them. Support is TERRIBLE!! They don’t help at all. I’ve contacted them for help on numerous occasions and they just disregarded everything and erased my conversations... Instawork is just all hype, it’s not really as good as they make it seem. Insta work needs to fix this bug ASAP because it’s horrible.Version: 2.173.1

WORST SUPPORT SYSTEM EVERI think if Instawork wants to continue growing they need to hurry up and set up an office in the US. The support system is terrible. They don’t even have a phone number… You have to create a chat and send a message if you have a problem or need help. It says they reply in a day but it takes them days and days to reply to one question even if you had multiple issues. They’re the same with the businesses too. The support is useless. Since they take days to respond if you had a pay issue or work issue it won’t get fixed in time for maybe your check or your next gig. They need to set up a customer support number because the whole chat thing is ridiculous especially since they don’t respond and are very useless. I looked up the headquarters and I’m pretty sure it’s just a bunch of randoms in India who barely even know how to solve your problems with the app. It’s very annoying and frustrating I sent them two emails. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve sent a chat looking for help cause I’m missing a payment and STILL no reply. If you want a real gig app download people ready. They actually have an office you can call with Americans you can talk to, that know what’s going on and can offer real help for your problems. This app is a joke..Version: 2.136.0

InstaworkSo, let me start by saying that this app has a lot of great upsides. It provides you with work where you can not only make your own schedule but also have the opportunity to work so many different places while also making decent to really good pay. At the same time, Instawork has a lot of issues and bugs that really need work. The app changes “paid back up” to a regular worker the day of constantly with certain shifts. Almost every gig I work I get a notification that my locations settings were disabled, when they were clearly working. The most frustrating part is waiting for an hour or more to get clocked in and then the business says they don’t need you. Typically you would get paid 4 hours if the business cancelled less than 24 hours before the shift. In my experience and for many others I know, Instawork has fought us on giving us the 4 hour pay regardless if we commuted all the way there and got sent home. This is a great app with lots more potential, but these issues that are causing very unfair situations need to be worked on..Version: 2.183.0

Great platformI’m so thankful for this platform and how it has given me the flexibility to stay self sufficient during hard times. I initially enjoyed this app until I realized that the shift leaders are sometimes not trust worthy and it’s really easy for them to set you up placing their good friends to come befriend you for information or just to see where your integrity lies…I’ve been strategically placed in areas where there were nothing but imposters and informants calling themselves analyzing me. I was disrespected so bad on one of the shifts and when I attempted to tell management that I was leaving they beat me to it claiming that I wasn’t feeling well!! To discredit my complaint, It’s very cut throat. You have to minimize yourself in front of people with low emotional intelligence in order to be liked or favored not to mention sending me home for being dressed properly while others are wearing thin see through clothing and nothing is told to them. The “captains” are catty and sometimes raggedy with their approach but not all are like this so it’s cool, I was speaking to a captain today and he blatantly turned his head and ignored me as if I’m so unimportant… Chile the mess is real but I won’t let that get in the way of meeting new people and making some money..Version: 2.190.0

HopefulThis is my second time downloading the app, the first time I messed around and didn’t show up to a bunch of shifts, I also had an issue getting paid. I got extremely perturbed. I deleted the app…Well here we are again, I’m hoping we can find a middle ground and start successfully working together. We’ll see It’s now been a total of weeks and weeks, not one shift, I can’t get not even one shift, everytime there’s a notification I click and without even looking at any details I try and secure the position…it’s always full. Wow these guys must be fast I mean I have 100gbps speed in my Wi-Fi and a flagship phone but they must be rocking some underground crazy fast equipment. I am also able to get a jump on most notifications seeing how I’m not working, because this is every platform I’m on right now, which is quite a few. So any response about patience or technical jargon or algorithms are irrelevant. At the end of the day I have not worked for months and as far as I’m concerned these platforms are out of business or just not working..Version: 2.190.0

What kind of company is this?I originally signed up in 2018 when they were called ‘Instagig’. I went through the entire process, got hired on and at the time the only job they had abatible in Dallas, TX were cleaning up the scooters people could rent in downtown back then. I moved to Phoenix, kept the app, but could not ever receive work. When I DID land a gig, the lady at the warehouse was racist and didn’t like the instagig workers. There was no help at all from instagig. This forced me to abandon the app. A few days ago I received an email from ‘Instawork’ which prompted me to explore the app all over again. Well, unfortunately the number I signed up with I no longer have, nor do I remember it. I emailed support only to continually be met with “can you provide us with the number used to sin up?” What part of, I do not have that number nor remember it do they not understand? Idk but beyond the fact that they provided me with the wrong support email, from their website, and that they can’t locate my account via email, it’s forced this review. This is such a terrible company..Version: 2.165.1

Instawork ROBS your wageDon’t trust these guys, we were total 35 members who worked on September 9th,2022 to September 11th, 2022 for Rolling Loud gig and were still not paid our TIPS money till date(November 8,2022). The money is not less for each person, it’s about $1000 - $1500 each person should be getting. How many times we contact the support team through chat because they don’t have any phone number to contact, the person who ever replies to our enquiry says the are still processing and will take couple of weeks. It’s the same answer from past two months, one of the support person already declared that we got your TIPS information from the client and your money should be paid by next week, but it was never paid. There after when ever we reach out to support and ask about the money they just keep saying we are working on it, you should get paid in few days but that few days never come, more over they just say the same answer every time and just close the chat so that we cannot ask them anymore. The same things happens everytime you reach out ti support, they tell you same answer and close the chat thinking that we will get fed up asking for the wage we need to get paid and we will leave it one day. INSTAWORK IS A WAGE INVADER, THEY ROB YOUR MONEY. BE-AWARE!!.Version: 2.189.3

DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!Take a close look at all of those golden 5 star reviews! Pay close attention and you will find the pattern. This app is useless and the developers have no idea what they are doing. There is a good chance I am going to hire an attorney because being in California they violate at least 2 labor codes. Once you sign up you don’t see all of the available shifts they promise. I have not been able to get one shift and I am a highly experienced professional and fulfilled all of their requirements including obtaining references! These people are not supposed to demand background investigations until after a job offer. They also are not supposed to collect W2 information. They are so confused about operating as a recruiting agency or an independent contractor. Every day I get 20 to 30 notifications about an available job, I immediately click the notification and the job is already taken. They have obviously over saturated their base and do not have nearly enough work for all the people they “hired”. For the longest time When I did see shifts, they were over 150 miles from my home! They actually thought I would drive that distance for $15 bucks an hour! This app is not what it seems or what it promises. They are a complete mess and they have no clue. Expect to hear from an employment attorney very soon!.Version: 2.165.1

Good concept bad execution2 months after applying for a number of positions and completing every profile feature above the required amount and am still waiting on review for 4 of the 6 positions. When emailing to inquire I was told to just be patient. It’s a great concept but executed and ran poorly..Version: 2.188.1

SupportAll in all the app is great I’ve used it for quite a few quick gigs, how ever my most recent gig has been the most problematic one I’ve ever done. I couldn’t clock in because of issues with the clock in location being over a mile away from the working location but I continue on and work because the contact says she will fix it. Once my shift is over I notice I’ve been removed from my jobs and the one I had just spent hours working was gone. I reach out to support as the information from the notifications says to contact support within 24 hrs. It’s has now been 44 and counting hrs since I reached out to support without a hint of acknowledgment that I was in need of assistance. It’s quite disappointing having experienced that since I tell everyone I know about this app. I hope that you all get back with me soon. Update: Support finally contacted me and pretty much time me that a gig I booked over a month I was not longer able to work because someone booked it. It’s absurd and imo I feel like I should still get paid because y’all are the problem not me..Version: 2.150.1

Good concept, horrible executionI signed up because I thought that this app would allow for me to make some extra money quickly like it advertises—it doesn’t. There is a certain number of jobs that you have to work in order to get instant pay and receive your money quickly and there also is not a large number of jobs available. To make a decent amount of money, you need to work a ton of jobs, which are already hard to get because you either have to apply for the different types and wait to see if you are approved or other workers get the slots before you can apply for them. Some even require that you submit recommends from previous employers. Accepting a job is a headache because the process is so long. By the time you get through the process of accepting a shift, the shift is already gone because you have to click through a list of questions and answer them, the process takes entirely too long. Trying to work on this app is a headache because work is almost always unavailable and the work that is available is not really worth the hours or gas..Version: 2.189.2

1000% Fraud!!I thought I would give this app a shot and ya know what I have screen shots of everything I’m stating here. My profile is still pending to be approved and it’s been weeks. I emailed customer service 6 times and they never try to look into the issue. They just state the obvious but no help at all. My friend who downloaded the app to same thing happened to her her profile been pending for weeks with no approval. My brother said his got approved but there’s no gigs they will say you have to change your job preferences. You can’t reach customer service and if you do they are no help at all. There’s no phone number to call them, save your self the push of this download because if you want to find work don’t download this app you won’t have any work. Period. All these 4 star reviews I have no clue how they got there must of paid a few ppl to write them because there’s no way this app is fraudulent. Stop allowing ppl to download this app with the hopes of finding work because it’s not true at all! I’d give this app -10 stars if I could..Version: 2.70.1

Quick FeedbackI really like the Instawork app a lot. There’s often always a few gigs available throughout the week, but the app lacks variety in companies to work for e.g. Patina, Wolfgang Puck, Kitchen of Exploring Foods... The “profile setup” process was not as seamless as it suggests. I experienced many hiccups along the way like certification upload errors, quiz retaking, & reference requirements/verification to name a few. It took me roughly 2 weeks to be approved to book gigs. After approval, I received multiple emails stating my profile wasn’t complete. The Instawork staff that help with questions within the app do respond very fast, huge plus on that! I know that Instawork’s sole purpose is to provide people with an instant means to find work. However, the amount of notifications I receive in an hour, day, a week is sometimes overwhelming(especially if it’s for the same company.) Also, I wish the app DEFINED(in another color, or bolder text) the dates that set them apart from the gigs listed beneath..Version: 2.36.1

A great concept!When I first downloaded the app I was excited throughout the process, and I kept thinking what a great idea to help people work! Well as I was on my way to my first shift I got a notification that i was paid 50$… nothing other then that till I was about to pull into the job and poof nothing the scheduled job was gone. Ok I thought cause they did pay me 50$ to drive out there so that was super cool of them. Then I found out my account was suspended due to my background check… I’ve made mistakes in my life nothing that isn’t forgivable! Nothing violent, no child charges nothing that would make me a threat to the community. They still won’t tell me anything except to wait and hope for another background check…. Ummmm well it’s gonna stay the same! If I didn’t have some sort of issue I probably wouldn’t be going through a online temp service. Anyways it seems to be a really good platform for people to work, i just ask Instawork to understand people have made mistakes in there past and give them a chance to do right…..Version: 2.170.0

I usually don’t write reviews..For me to come out my comfort zone to write this show how bad of an app this is…first off it’s take half a year to start receiving shifts in my area due to high volumes of new members, even though I had a resume, all the quizzes filled out, 2 recommendations, and had all my other personal information filled out. After finally being approved, I was asked to perform my first gig at a concert. The work wasn’t too bad for the pay I would’ve done it again, but for some apparent recently they blocked me from the gig and couldn’t tell me why! I followed all the instructions giving to me and they still ended messing up my time sheet. And to make all matters worse. It took a month to receive a days worth a pay because they messed up on their end about my banking info, so instead of working with me to fix it (after waiting for them to notice their mistake from 2 weeks ago) they are mailing me a check that will take 2 more weeks to get to me. Stay far from this app, I personally would recommend Craigslist over this junk.Version: 2.180.0

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