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TV Cast Pro for Fire TV App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

TV Cast Pro for Fire TV app received 94 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TV Cast Pro for Fire TV? Can you share your negative thoughts about tv cast pro for fire tv?

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TV Cast Pro for Fire TV for Negative User Reviews

It does what it says.If it’s a public video link you can basically redirect your firetv to it. However it’s not like a true mirror cast that can mimic your phone screen like iPhone -> Apple TV.Version: 1.14

Can not really stream off your phone don’t get itIt was a lie it doesn’t work how you’d think I want my money back.Version: 3.1

Screen cast doesnt workDoesnt work.Version: 3.3

Just AwfulDoesn’t work. Full of glitches with the fire stick. It says video and tv cast but you have to buy an add to screen mirror. Which doesn’t cast doubt and the quality makes it look like it’s been filmed on a potato. Terrible..Version: 2.1

Not working / Can’t connect to Fire StickGreetings! App stopped working about two months ago, can’t connect to Fire Stick. Answer by developer via email is useless. Worked great for some time but, now is worthless. Stay away until fixed.!!!!!!!!.Version: 2.0

Not sure what this app actually does.I bought this to stream video from my iPhone 12. It will stream the video feed I can already get from my firestick but nothing else from my iPhone. I wish I could get my money back..Version: 3.2

Video and TV Cast + Fire TV AppNot working out to well..Version: 1.15

Froze within 2minutes and didn’t workVery disappointed as I paid for this app and it froze within 2 minutes on my tv screen so had to still watch on my phone. Do not waste your money.Version: 3.1

FrustratingWon’t work. Wasted an hour now trying to get it to work. Would like my money back..Version: 2.1

Doesn’t workIv just been charged for this pointless app Doesn’t do anything.Version: 3.3

Auto connects to wrong deviceI want my money back! This did not work and would not connect to my fire stick. It keeps connecting to all the other devices in the house but not the one I wanted. I even turned off the auto connect and still did it. Talk about aggravating everyone in my house..Version: 2.1

Waste of my moneyI can kiss these few bucks goodbye. Purchasing an app and trying to get a refund isn’t worth the effort and they know it. Maybe so should sell an app and just depend on others like myself not to pursue the refund . Unless you know someone personally who is satisfied, I would suggest not purchasing it..Version: 3.1

No every goodNot even casting to my fine stick.Version: 1.13

Neil smithPlz what ever you do don’t pay for this like I did it’s crap.Version: 3.3

App doesn’t connect to Fire TVThis app never connects to my Fire TV. The free app used to connect sometimes after starting both the Fire TV and my iPhone. I purchased the pro app thinking it would connect better than the free app but it has never worked. I would give this 0 stars if possible because it is just a ripoff to get your money. The company has no support behind their app. To try to chat with them, you have to go to facebook messenger. I wouldn’t buy the app or deal with this company again..Version: 2.1

SCAMThis app is a scam, my phone bought it by mistake and wont let me refund. This does not work at all..Version: 3.3

UselessDon’t work with fire stick.... Waste of Money even the ultimate package.Version: 3.1

Despite buying the bundle saying it would allow we to cast to tv this is not true £9.99 wastedEvery time you go into the cast part they try to get you to buy more ad-ons to do what the app said it was going to do. I bought one extra bit still doesn’t work, should have just bought the fire stick which solved the problem! Don’t waste your money on this pointless app!.Version: 2.1

It doesn’t stream correctlyI am so mad I spent money on this. Trying to watch a collegiate game and it is two periods behind what is steaming on the phone it is connected to. I try to re start and re set and it goes back to 1/2 time. The game only has about 10 minutes left. Worst buy to date!.Version: 3.2

Hardly ever worksAfter working the first couple of times the app has hardly ever worked since - even after following the various pointers offered up by the developers in other reviews complaining of the same issue. A huge disappointment really - especially for a paid app!.Version: 3.2

It’s great, BUT...!It’s great when it’s working. But it drops the cast A LOT. Still, it’s free and you can watch most of your fave news channels, live. You just have to be patient and be ready to relaunch and reconnect 3-4 times per hour..Version: 1.14

ReadI thought it didn’t work but it does. Look at everything first.Version: 3.0

Sucks!! Don’t buy this waste of money AppThis app is brutal u can’t screen share unless it’s From this app!!! Brutal don’t waste your money!.Version: 3.1

Difficult to use and screen mirroring is extra!Dissapointed.Version: 2.1

Don’t use waste of moneyPaid £6 for everything to connect and not work regardless of all suggested fixes. No support either.Version: 3.3

Didn’t workUpgraded to pro, still doesn’t work.Version: 3.2

Never did get it to workBought it, installed it, never worked. Sure would like to get my money back!.Version: 3.1

Difficult to use and doesn’t workI downloaded and now it doesn’t work.Version: 2.1

TerribleDoesn’t mirror screen and leads you to anoth app to do so. Total waste of money and a lot of money at that. Highly do not recommend this app and would appreciate my money back for which was falsely advertised..Version: 3.2

Bad experienceDisappointing experience , after buying it I found out that I can’t do screen mirroring and I’d have to buy the screen mirroring app. Separately, NOT only that but also when u want to play video through personal media it say that I don’t have videos or music , it works for Pictures only It’s a waste of money !!.Version: 2.1

Very slowVery slow at responding.Version: 3.3

Didn’t workReally buggy, really complicated, even had a comment in faq asking me to contact help before writing 1 star review, did but haven’t heard back, leaving 1 star. A £6.99 app should be slick as, end of. Feel ripped off and don’t know how to get money back.Version: 2.1

Not much copA few 30 second snippets seems to be all I can get. Waste of time (and money).Version: 1.14

Not what you thinkDo not buy if you want a way to stream videos from apps on your iPad. It does not work that way. Very disappointed. The title of the app is misleading. Make sure you read the full description before purchasing..Version: 3.1

Absolutely awful appOnly allows you to cast what you can find on the inbuilt browser. Bought to cast my Oculus to tv but this is useless.Version: 3.1

Can’t connect most of the timesNot sure why sometime it works, but most of the times the app doesn’t seem to be able to connect to the Fire stick. This way is quite useless, it’s a shame having had to pay for it.Version: 2.1

Doesn’t workAwful app, doesn’t work at all. I want my money back!.Version: 3.0

If I could give 0 stars I wouldAwful rob my money and didn’t work.Version: 3.3

Waste of time claiming money backThe app is just awful.Version: 3.1

Used to workIt used to work fine with my fire tv, but not anymore. My fire stick and iphone are on the same wifi, but the app says “No Fire TV Discovered”. Please fix the issue and update the app. Thanks..Version: 1.15

Does not workPlease do not download it does not work at all..Version: 3.2

Pro TV Cast for Fire TVI already had the free app, but chose to purchase this because it said no ads. Not true. Just as bad as the free one with ads stopping getting connected. And sometimes it won’t connect saying content not supported. Total waste..Version: 1.14

Doesn’t work, waste of money.Simply doesn’t work, doesn’t have the features you’d expect, no mirroring etc. Try something else..Version: 2.1

AvoidTerrible, does not work!!.Version: 2.1

Works when it wants toI paid for the Pro and I still have to restart my devices constantly because it won’t connect a lot of time wasted..Version: 3.1

Totally misleading and not worth it.Not worth it..Version: 3.1

Rien de fonctionneImpossible de voir quoi que ce soit... gaspillage d’argent. Ne pas acheter.Version: 3.1

DisappointedIt’s a coin toss if it will event work. Sometimes I’ll go a few days and it’s fine. Currently it’s been like 4 days. I keep being told to try the same things over and over. If multiple people are telling you there is something wrong, then there is something wrong with the app.Version: 3.1

RubbishDo not waste your time with this app, £6.99 for the pro version, and it does not work at all! What a monumental waste of time and money 🤬.Version: 3.2

Not good totally uselessDon't waste your money. No sound..Version: 3.3

ScamBought this so i could mirror videos from my iphone 8 into fire tv stick, when i finally got it connected i would cast a video from my “personal media” and every picture and video had the same link which was like a 5 second demo video Every time.Version: 2.1

Does not work. Crap interface.Do not waste your money. Simply does not work..Version: 3.2

Doesn’t workJust paid $10 for this app and it doesn’t even work. Waste of money. It doesn’t connect to your fire tv at all..Version: 3.0

Works intermitentlyWhen it works it’s great, followed all the steps listed in help many times and somedays it works and somedays it does not work..Version: 2.0

Not what I thoughtFor $8 I thought the ap would be able to cast from a streaming service without much difficulty. It turns out I was wrong. I need to buy a DIFFERENT ap for that. Partly my bad for not doing more research, but I consider this bait-and-switch to be a total dick move..Version: 2.1

Don’t bother.Wanted to cast Apple TV Didn’t work..Version: 3.2

Doesn’t work. Terrible purchaseDoesn’t allow streaming of apps. Waste of money.Version: 3.1

It’s gonna end in tears.... don’t3 years in and still have never been able to get any of these apps to work. One odd-on charge after the next and I’m finally deleting the entire batch and the extortion icons that have become my folder of shame..Version: 2.0

CrapCrap.Version: 1.13

Picture is StretchedWhen I first started using this app it was a game changer. At some point though, when I started streaming movies, the picture started to be stretched vertically so that it does not fit in the screen. I’ve tried so many different ways to fix this and I can’t figure out why it is different. Some kind of setting update? Please help, I want to love this app!.Version: 1.16

Not working at allI just purchased this and it doesnt work with my iphone to fire fv connection. It says "Content format is not connected in this device". I am really disappointed. I feel like I am being scammed. Can you please give me a refund. I believe it would rather work with my chromecast instead..Version: 2.1

Doesn’t mirror screenSeems to allow sharing of media from iPad but doesn’t mirror iPad screen to firestick. Didn’t get a chance to try before payment. Disappointed..Version: 3.1

App does not work!Paid $ 11.00 for the app and it doesn’t work. Nice..Version: 3.1

Beware!! Waste of money and waste of 1 starThis app doesn’t do anything I couldn’t already do but they don’t tell you that. Then after you pay for the app you’ve got to pay another $2.99 for screen mirroring. This was a rip-off..Version: 3.0

No sound.I got this to share videos through fire stick. Messed with it several days now and I’m still not sure why there’s no sound. I’d like a refund. I’m moving on..Version: 3.1

Very uselessVery useless this app said it would cast from in iPhone to an fire tv so I thought okay it will do what I need it to. However as soon as I got it and tried to do what I was going to do low and behold it doesn’t do what I want it to do. If you want to mirror you have to buy a whole other app. Why would I have blight this app if I knew I needed the other app. This really feels like a bait and switch to me.Version: 2.1

Absolutely Useless, Will NOT Work With AppsI downloaded this so I could mirror Discovery Plus from my iPod or iPhone to my Samsung Smart TV. I followed all directions and absolutely nothing happened. It doesn’t seem to work with Discovery Plus or other video apps unless they’re your personal photos. No thank you. I’ll just upgrade my satellite service begrudgingly to Sky Q from the HDR we had no problem with. But I wanted Discovery Plus, which isn’t free, then I have to download an app to cast or mirror the content which doesn’t actually mirror app based content but cost you another fee for usage that doesn’t work. Thankful these things are still on “trial” times so I shouldn’t be charged a penny Waste..Version: 3.1

Doesn’t workDoesn’t work at all and some of the features send you on an endless loop with broken links. I ended up buying the whole bundle packaged with other apps hoping that was the solution, but now I can’t even figure out how to get a refund. Throw 15$ down a kitchen sink waste disposal thing instead of buying these apps, you’ll get a lot more of your money’s worth..Version: 3.2

CrapAbsolute crap Do not buy Does not work.Version: 3.0

Tv castNot working on my fire stick, it’s a shame.Version: 3.2

Not enough explanationWe downloaded this and paid for this app but we do not understand how to use it. The movie we wanted to watch keeps freezing and we aren’t sure if we missed steps. Were we supposed to download the movie or just play the movie? Either way, it’s not happening. A tutorial would be nice. Also, I used my phone for the app and .....can I take my phone and leave the room?.Version: 2.1

Sky GoI have paid and downloaded the app. Unfortunately, when trying to use it on my fire stick, it does not open . It keeps saying scan the wrong code which I have already done..Version: 3.3

Don’t get on iPhoneThe description of this app is misleading as it will only cast videos from a web browser and not from Apple TV or iTunes as it makes out. It encourages you to buy yet more add-ons to enable this, which I don’t trust at all, given that I upgraded on the promise it would work. Waste of time and money..Version: 3.3

Doesn’t do what I wantAll I want is my tv to show whatever my iPad is displaying. Why is that so difficult?.Version: 3.2

WorthlessIf I could this app negative stars, I would. It wouldn’t recognize my FireTV cube which is connected to LAN and has WiFi turned on even after going through the trouble shooting guide. I’m not going to slow my connection by using WiFi only. Also, don’t try their “Latest App” either. I made the mistake of buying that one too and it doesn’t work either. Boooooo!.Version: 2.1

This does not workThis app doesn’t play the video that’s on my phone and is randomly selecting another video from the same website.Version: 3.3

Do not waste your money omgBiggest waste of £6 I’ve ever spent - literally does not connect despite multiple attempts over different days. waste of timeee.Version: 3.3

How do I get a refund?This app is ridiculous it does nothing doesn’t work with what I have and mine is brand new I have no idea how to get a refund. The fact that you have to have an app for a brand new smart TV to do with this app doesn’t do is ridiculous..Version: 3.1

Total Trash on Fire StickIf I could give this app a zero I would. It's complete trash with Fire Stick. They sold me an app that 100% only works with video on your phone, you CAN NOT play videos from online or display photos. This is the worst app I have ever bought, and I buy a lot. How embarrassing, DO NOT WASTE your money, it will not work. SCAM ARTIST, failed developers ripping people off. GO BACK TO SCHOOL children, make a decent app..Version: 1.9

Waste of timeThe app for Samsung works like a dream. The fire stick version doesn’t seem to reach the same heights. Shame really. Further info: The app tells me that no fire tv discovered. Follow instruction of restarting every device in the house and still no fire tv discovered. Fairly annoyed as I had paid for the pro version.Version: 2.1

ShameWorst app ever. Never connect to anything, worked only once after 30 mins and at least 10 times trying to connect. A shame for a paid app..Version: 3.3

Worst piece of garbage everThis app needs to connect to our FireTV stick before it can cast the program. We bought it specifically to cast the Philadelphia Orchestra’s performances. It rarely can find our FireTV to cast to it. We have a fast, up to date Verizon FioS wifi router. Everything else works great except for this crappy software. Don’t buy it! Run away..Version: 3.0

Doesn’t workThis doesn’t connect to my fire tv and wish to be refunded the £6.99.Version: 3.1

Scam...You think you’re able to cast your screen, but no, you have to pay another $1.99 for a different app to do that. And then if you read the reviews on that app, it becomes clear that audio is not supported. So you end up paying $9 for two apps, none of which stream audio when sharing your screen..Version: 2.1

Worked for literally 7 secondsI wanted to watch a lecture on my tv and got it running for literally 7 seconds and then it said the video was unsupported (but it had been playing fine??) and disconnected. Now it won’t connect whatsoever. I’ve tried resetting everything, going to a different WiFi, and nothing. Don’t waste your money on this app. Should have gotten a chrome cast..Version: 2.1

Absolute waste of money.Wish I could give zero stars and get the 20 mins of my life back. This was recommended as a workaround to cast Apple TV to my tv through the fire stick. This app is total garbage. Even for regular casting, there are better *free* options. Don’t waste your time..Version: 2.1

Will not castGot a new fire stick and it will not connect to cast.Version: 2.2

QuirkyConfusing to use. Not able to connect to FireStick as advertised. Was able to connect through Chromecast device using alternate version of app. Value of the app questionable..Version: 2.0

NoCrapDoesn’t work..Version: 3.2

Doesn’t connectWorked brilliantly the first time I used it, now won’t connect to my Firestick, despite multiple reboots. Seems this is a problem for a lot of people - not impressed.Version: 2.1

WasteUsed to work but no longer. Can never connect. Follow all instructions to no avail. Waste of money..Version: 3.1

Not at allThis do not do what I did read about it. Can not use..Version: 3.2

Good when it eventually worksYou need a lot of patience as it takes on average about 10 attempts to get each video to play on the TV..Version: 1.5

Does not workDownloaded Apple TV with my iPhone. Paid for this app. Finally got the movie onto this app. Along with my fire tv. Everything is connected but it won’t transfer movie onto my tv because it says there is no cast or video link. Waste of money..Version: 2.1

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Is TV Cast Pro for Fire TV not working?

TV Cast Pro for Fire TV works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact TV Cast Pro for Fire TV.

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