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Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV app received 37 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about video & tv cast + lg smart tv?

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LG tv castThis is superb and just ticks all the boxes.Version: 2.1

Great YouTube replacement that works well with BitchuteWorks well with casting Bitchute to my LG tv. Great YouTube replacement!.Version: 1.9

Pretty darn goodNot really had any problems with the app or functions. Connecting to tv is very easy and no instructions needed really as it is quite straight forward. Just a few issues with websites that have too many redirects where the app couldn’t find the embedded video straight away but that is the websites being advert focused to much and not the apps fault. Would be nice if you could have screen mirror function built into app too so can display other media on the phone as well. Hint hint devs lol. Well worth the price as is though.Version: 1.12

Good appCrashes sometimes, freezes occasionally but works most often . Maybe it needs an update.Version: 3.1

Love itThe best app. I use it because my tv is bigger to view than my iPad, and my eyesight is not the best. Makes viewing so much more comfortable. Thankyou!.Version: 1.9

Very good appTrès facile d’accès pas de bug Fonctionne avec la plupart des steaming..Version: 1.6

Exactly what I neededNow I don’t need to take my Apple TV from another room to our living room because now I can just sync my iPhone directly to my LG TV..Version: 1.9

Not bad. Does the trickIf you have an iPhone and Smart LG TV this is the way to go. $10 isn't bad. Wish I could do private browsing and cast that, but otherwise it's fine..Version: 1.10

YVery good.Version: 1.5

Good appSimple to use and ultimate bundle is good value, would be better if you just had one app for all devices....then 5 starts.Version: 1.10

DecentGood app - does what it should and the LG TV one is easy to use and rarely doesn't cast, unlike the Fire TV one which rarely connects. I recommend it!.Version: 1.2

Working just fineIt worked as it should. I've used on ipad and iphone 6s, no problems so far..Version: 1.2

BrilliantThese apps work fantastic.Version: 1.12

It works!Great!.Version: 1.10

Top AppExcellent casting👌👌👌.Version: 1.6

Synced Bookmarks Across Multiple DevicesOne of my most frequently used apps. Love it! But I would really like to see Synced Bookmarks Across Multiple Devices..Version: 2.0

Very simpleVery simple to use ! Ike it.Version: 1.11

You there your way uuyyyy. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙Heywood is the day I gotta I want you in a bad way.Version: 2.1

Tv castIt works fine, sometimes it crush but it’s ok.Version: 3.1

Abordable et simple à utiliser, parfaitFacile à utiliser, je peux regarder tout types de stream sur n’importe lequel site, aucune pub envahissante à travers les vidéos, les ads pop-ups sont bloqués, ça fonctionne quand notre appareil mobile est en veille et on peut autant contrôler le visionnement de la vidéo sur notre mobile qu’avec notre télécommande. Le seul défaut, ça vide vite la batterie, il faut brancher le mobile pour ne pas perdre abruptement la connexion. Je recommande fortement!!.Version: 1.11

EzKasting guyzWorks perfect, easy tu use - am glad i I bought it ! thanks. micKey !.Version: 3.1

Premier essaiTout semble bien fonctionne.Version: 1.9

The BEES KNEES!!!!The is the best app that I’ve ever used for streaming and air playing content..Version: 1.10

Superb ApplicationVery happy with my purchase. This app superbly does what it is expected to do. I am experiencing flawless casting to my Tv with the help of this application..Version: 2.2

Does the jobBut the tv app could be a bit more professional..Version: 1.10

Watching boxing great appGreat app.Version: 1.8

TV Cast LGWorks really well!!.Version: 1.6

AwesomenessBe good if it worked with apps and owned video from iTunes but apart from its awesome.Version: 1.3

Amazing appI’d been using the apple hdmi adapter to mirror my ipad to my tv screen, but they’re £40 and only seem to last a year or so before they start to malfunction. So glad to be able to cast wirelessly to my tv and also have the option to move forward and backward in the streaming video, which isn’t an option in the free version (for LG tv anyway) really impressed with this, LOVE IT XXX.Version: 3.2

Wow!Best streaming app ever and I’ve tried them all! Would give 6 or more stars if I could!.Version: 1.6

Works Perfectly For Twitch!I have no clue why there is no native Twitch app for the LG OLED TV, but this works perfectly to stream it! I previewed the app using the free one to make sure it works, before purchasing the pro version. Money well spent!.Version: 1.10

Works like a charm!Works like a charm with my iPhone 7 and my 2020 LGUHD TV. Get this happy won’t regret it… It’s great!.Version: 2.1

ExcellentWorked great for me!.Version: 2.1

Awesome appWorks great!.Version: 1.1

Decent so farHad a bit of problems at the start although after plugging in my Ethernet cable all was gd..Version: 1.8

Good but no subtitlesSubtitles don’t show up, but other than that, pretty good.Version: 1.10

Cast with antiquesI wish Apple TV worked so smoothly with older devices as this app. Fantastic..Version: 1.11

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