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Paper by Dropbox App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Paper by Dropbox app received 93 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Paper by Dropbox? Can you share your negative thoughts about paper by dropbox?

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Paper by Dropbox for Negative User Reviews

Full of BugsCan't even write one page. So many bugs and just to name one, after typing few lines, text disappears. I want to make this my go to app for notes but it's so buggy. Please fix it..Version: 1.19.2

Bug infestationSo buggy. So so sooo buggy. Doesn’t update. Freezes when I try to edit doc. So buggy..Version: 138.2

Has a lot of potentialI would love this app if there was a ‘View All’ button under the search option. It appears as if there should be or is, but the menu doesn’t move and only allows you to see ‘Recently Viewed’, ‘Created by me’, ‘Shared with me’, and ‘Archived’. It appears that the app needs an update to be able to see the entire menu, or have a ‘View All’ option that is available online. If all files could be viewed, this would be a really nice and useful application..Version: 218.2

Garbage appI can’t get the app to open on my iPad Pro running iOS 13.3. It crashes immediately. Reinstalled but no luck. Waste of time..Version: 172.2

Paper document locking users inIt is ridiculous that I am unable to remove myself from a document. This seems like a scam honestly and makes absolutely no sense. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Seems it has been a problem since 2018. Dropbox dropping the ball on this one. I should be able to control my account and the documents that I would like to be a part of..Version: 220.2

Just doesn't workJust get a white screen with no buttons after authentication- downloaded twice but same thing happened both times!.Version: 1.1.2

GarbageStar a document for offline access? Guess what? When you open it while offline, the doc won’t open, you’ll just get a loading spinner. 🤬 Scroll to a spot on the page and then tap Edit. The whole page scrolls to the top so you lose your position. 😫 This app has been shoddy since day one. Dropbox has been making garbage apps on all platforms for a while now, and Paper sticks with that pattern. 😒.Version: 164.2

Needs a few more featuresSuch as the ability to sort documents by name instead of most recently edited, documents don’t update in real time, it could use a makeup style annotation feature for Apple Pencil, clearer hierarchy of organised files would be great.Version: 120.2

Am I missing something???Dropbox Paper looks really nice and has a lot of potential.... but I have to ask.... am I missing something?? How on earth do you move into or create a doc in a folder?? Why would they release it if such a simple function is not working??.Version: 1.5.15

Poorly ConceivedJuly 28, 2017 I'm a huge Dropbox fan, and it's been about 6 months since I last tried and uninstalled Paper, so I thought I'd give it another shot. Ugh. There are so many fundamental issues, I don't even know where to begin. Unfortunately, my previous review still stands. Add to that: - I can't delete documents without archiving them first. I'm guessing this is considered to be the equivalent to a Recycle Bin, but it's counterintuitive. An archive is a place to put away those past things we want to keep. - I can create a new document, enter nothing, and exit it. Paper creates an empty document -- which, of course, I can't delete. Paper later deletes it, but what's the purpose of the transaction handling if there's nothing to handle, only to later update the app's document listing to show it removed server-side. A simple "This document is empty, would you like to..." message in the app would save server cycles and user bandwidth-- not to mention having empty documents listed in Paper, which are later permanently deleted without confirmation, without my permission, and without going to the Archive. - I seem to have lost the ability to create folders. I have access to previously created folders, but that's it. Is this just me, or is it hidden so well that I can't find it? - I can no longer move documents to folders. - There are too many other usability issues that make Paper too much of a hinderance to use. Dropbox's collaborative hyper focus for Paper comes at the expense of usability for the individual. The collaborative aspects are definitely needed. I get it that they're creating a collaborative tool, and it seems like that target should be the primary focus, but every single user is an individual while reading or writing. The collaborative aspects should be seamless and transparent, while the interface should enable users to do what they are there to do. January 31, 2017 I've been a Dropbox user for a very long time. The core concept behind Dropbox is being able to access my files anywhere. I like the basic idea of this app, but I need to be able to edit basic text documents IN my Dropbox account's existing folders. This app cannot do that, and this breaks the basic concept behind Dropbox. Others are already providing collaborative editing, with Dropbox integration. Others are already providing collaborative editing with a much greater feature set, with Dropbox integration. Others are already providing basic text editing, with Dropbox integration. This app takes advantage of Dropbox's syncing functionality, established user base, and user connections/relationships. It does not even bother with trying to let users work with their existing documents. I was excited to use this app. It links to my account automatically. I fully expected it to allow access to my existing documents. What were you thinking? Poorly conceived. Uninstalling..Version: 1.11.4

Work in progressI'm a dropbox user and keen to use this to make notes and collaborate with others. At the moment the iOS app seems to be lagging behind the web interface which is a bit of an issue considering most work is done on the move or via the phone or iPad. Also, I am not finding it very intuitive to use and difficult to organise as I want. I would like a lot more control of creating folders, deleting folders and ordering files and folders. However, this is work in progress and maybe these things will come. If I stay with it, it will be because of the trust I have with Dropbox as a company and the belief that this will continue to develop..Version: 1.14.4

Too slowIt's been ok for a while since launch, but recently the app started to be terribly slow, I cannot even load a document and press button 'edit' to be able to add some notes. I guess I'm coming back to Google Docs again, Dropbox should pay attention more..Version: 1.4.8

Option to save an offline copy missing.I have to use Paper as a client is full committed. Otherwise it would have been deleted from my iPad weeks ago. Without the option to save copies of a document locally (see Word, Google Docs et al), this app is next to useless if you travel. An “open in” option would be be useful also..Version: 112.2

HorribleI like the app idea, but one thing makes it completely unusable, and it makes me shocked for the positive reviews. I am unable to navigate to other parts of the note easily. What the heck? If I want to change the title, I really have to fiddle around with it a lot. Mind you, I am a hardcore notes user, recently turned to one note, so I understand exactly how to navigate a notes application. Tapping on the point you want to move the cursor does NOT work, which is absurd. You have to often hit the “edit” button first to do anything. This isn’t a freaking PDF. If I’m opening up a notes program, I’m gonna edit it. Don’t make me hit the edit application, and furthermore, why is it so buggy and difficult to simply move the cursor around to different parts of the page? Amazing how a reputable company like Dropbox could miss such an embarrassing oversight. I like their service cloud service, but dropbox paper needs a lot of work..Version: 196.2

Nice startGreat for a v1. However, search needs to be improved. Right now it only searches doc titles, not content. Fix that and you might have an Evernote replacement..Version: 1.0.0

Errrr totally blankNothing there. ??.Version: 1.0.0

Useless because inconsistent...For a mobile note app to work, it needs to be able to both cache locally and allow collaboration or at least input from multiple sources. This app doesn’t always sync correctly or takes for ever to open up even if there is likely a local copy. Today I can’t seem to edit any of my notes making it completely useless to the point where I am copying the info to another application to edit them. Dropbox is dropping the ball on this..Version: 184.2

Does not load ?It was work well , but it just stopped?.Version: 172.3

Inconsistent toolbar + can't add imagesI think this used to work, but I now need to restart the app to get the toolbar to show up, as it only show up the first time. And then it pops up the iPad search mode when I validate an image to add. Maybe I'm just missing something, doesn't seem obvious if so..Version: 212.2

Wake up guysI love Dropbox, it’s a great product, I can’t understand how they created such an app with bad UX. Wake up!!.Version: 170.2

So many outages it is not worth itApp looks great, great design thank you. Have had outages of many minutes. It is not worth it as when the service is out you can’t edit the doc and just have to wait. Have had 2 outages in a 1 hour session, one outage seems to be 5-10 mins and still waiting. Previously have also had multiple outages in a session. Can’t use another app as the highlights aren’t carrying over. Won’t use again..Version: 152.2

Currently being very unstable on iPadI’ve enjoyed using Paper for collaborative work, but today it keeps showing a message saying it needs to restart. And now it’s frozen and unusable. Fortunately, I copied and pasted my work into another app. I hope this issue gets resolved quickly..Version: 1.24.5

I love your product!There is a SMALL GLTICH and I thought the best way to express my concerns was where you would look most (the 1 star reviews): TLDR: When you leave the app open; and put your phone “too sleep” (forgot the word); it causes the screen to “freeze” (for lack of better term); when you unlock your phone again...... you have to completely close out the app and start from scratch to get back to where you were So yea.... it was meant to be a TLDR. But that explained it well. I will probably also try you in different forums. I love your app, I’ve used you for file storage since the beginning. Dropbox paper is helping me organize my life. So thank you. That glitch is not a fatal one. But one to note. Good luck through the #COVID19 stock drop. I hope the community will recover and you guys will be fine. -Penablack Edit: Hey, I have an older phone. iPhone 8(?) but I am still on the latest OS. It might be because my phone’s hardware isn’t fast enough to handle the changes and causes the app to shut down. That might be important information..Version: 180.2

PotentialReally wanted to like this app after moving all my files onto Dropbox. After using for a week, mainly for taking notes and capturing images at meetings, I have moved back to Google Keep. A few limitations and basic functionality missing from the iPad version made it feel like I was fighting against the app to do some basic things. Key issues for me: - Unable to move a note to a folder (could only do this by switching to the web version). I want to organise on the go via the app. - Unable to see images taken with the app from outside the app (no option to download image, or see in the gallery or within Dropbox. Could only do this by switching to the web version). I understand the principle is to share using features of Paper, but on occasion need to send images via other app. Will keep my eye out for updates going forward as really want to move to this in time, but limitations are preventing me from doing so at present..Version: 1.7.7

Service great, App getting thereI love Paper on the web, but as others have mentioned the apps are a little behind. You can't highlight on the apps, nor can you add due dates to things. It would be so great to see this functionality added..Version: 1.12.5

Please add Paste ability to todo listThis would be brilliant, but has a few bugs. Currently if you start a todo item, then try and paste text from another todo list, the todo checkbox disappears and the pasted item becomes mere text. Please could you fix this?.Version: 1.31.3

CrashesStill crashes when deleting notes. Also, without a Windows or MacOS app it’s useless..Version: 1.20.4

Amazing BUTPlease add better organizations to notes! Current “folders” setup is inadequate and terrible. Allow notes to be organized just like in Dropbox files you lets us organize our files..Version: 144.2

Cool but..No easy way to delete a file and reminders can't be set. Hopefully future updates have swipe to delete and reminders (:.Version: 1.5.15

Could do with a lot of improvementsCurrently there is no way for the user to Select All with one command, place a cursor before a word without the need to select that word, and also no way of changing font size, typeface, or document background colour (hint: implement dark and sepia mode).Version: 1.3.4

Frustratingly non-functional on iOSApp won't open, can't move cursor around in text, changing to landscape view locks down document... the list goes on. So much potential, none of it finding realized. New complete stopper-level issues all the time, and I've had the app since beta. It's incomplete but decent on a computer. Update 9/20: I return periodically to Paper (for over two years now), hoping that Dropbox will invest any effort into turning its elegant concept into a functioning phone app. No luck yet 🤷🏽.Version: 204.2

Needs ability to scan documentsThis is my go-to app for notes taking. Very simple and powerful though. Still does not have the ability to scan documents, it can only take pictures. Apple pencil support will be nice to have..Version: 160.2

CrashesThe app crashes when I split screen. Also, the text box does not pop up if I want to do bullet form or make a to-do list..Version: 1.0.0

Almost therePretty good, but... - Auto-capitalisation of new sentences doesn't work when writing bulleted lists. - No table support. - Tapping on text to edit would be much better than an explicit edit button..Version: 1.17.3

Great product - buggy appAmazing product on desktop, terribly buggy on app :(.Version: 154.2

MediocreDropbox Paper had great potential, but has barely evolved since day one and it’s functionality has been overtaken by numerous other developers’ note app’s. It is extremely slow to sync notes containing images and is unable to accommodate notes using Apple Pencil..Version: 1.26.4

Aesthetically good but...The app keeps crashing, especially after I’ve edited a Paper doc on my laptop and then switch to view it on my iPhone. Also, it would be good if the automatic navigation bar showed up on the app..Version: 176.2

Non functional on iPads?The app appeared to be on non functional on my iPad - not showing any document list - or any document I tried to open in the app..Version: 202.2

App will not loadAs a paying customer, this downtime is unacceptable. I contacted Dropbox Support. They provided this statement, “ We're aware of this bug and [are] working to fix it. When we have a fix in place, we will contact you to let you know and release an update via the App Store, so make sure to stay up to date with the latest Dropbox releases.” They promised to email me as soon as the update is available. I have automatic updates turned on but this way at least I won’t have to keep checking..Version: 172.2

App crashJust install and it crashes 🤷‍♀️.Version: 172.2

UnusableCompletely unusable. So full of bugs. You can do better. Much better..Version: 196.2

No longer works since upgrade yesterdayApp has upgraded overnight and Paper now no longer works. Have deleted and reinstalled but no good. You really need to test the upgrades properly before rolling out....Version: 172.2

DB Paper To-Do List IssuesMy iPhone DB Paper app will not show to dos by date. The app sticks in what appears to be a permanent update - spinning wheel - mode. I have tried reinstalling the app to no avail, I have registered 3 complaints, with no positive response from DB. The rest of the functionality seems fine, but I need the to do list function.Version: 190.2

Folders do not workNo way to create new folders or even add a document inside an existing folder.Version: 1.12.5

LazyThis app doesn’t even support drag and drop of text. It’s a notes app. Drag and drop works in standard text fields; and they somehow broke it. Also zero Apple Pencil support. In a notes app. Honestly a total waste of your time, don’t bother..Version: 1.29.10

Love it: no “organize by name”Before I get another developer response, this is not the “Play store” and NO I cannot organize my files by name on the iOS app. I can use “recently viewed”, “created by me”, “shared with me”, and “archived”..Version: 226.2

Not even Beta!First tutorial task in “Get started with Dropbox paper” “ “Selecting images activates the image toolbar, which enables you to align images left, center, right or to expand them full width.” No it doesn’t! Neither on Ipad or Iphone. App abandoned..Version: 1.17.3

Not working on iOS 13.13 yetLet's see when compatability is fixed....Version: 172.2

Good product, awful iOS appI’m using the app with a work and personal account. Switching between them is a huge pain and almost never works. It crashes, needs multiple restarts and generally wastes a ton of time. Switching accounts is a common use case that most work apps do easily, so it’s pretty bad this app cannot..Version: 204.2

Want to like it but I can’t find a use for itI am at Dropbox Pro subscriber so this felt like a perfect fit for replacing Evernote. However, having used it for a while it seems to do not very much, not particularly well. It doesn’t integrate with Dropbox files, so no value add there It doesn’t have the same power and versatility as Evernote, so no value add there Does less than Apple Notes (ie can’t use pencil with it), so no use there. In fact, every time I have gone to it thinking “oh, it might be good for that” it just isn’t. I wonder who they are user testing it on?.Version: 108.2

Timeline functionality is brokenI am unable to use the timeline to create schedules. Scrolling the timeline will jump forward years. If I’m not doing something right, how about a video tutorial on how to use it. I first tried Paper during its initial days. It was terrible. I just downloaded this app to see if it’s gotten any better and I was very impressed at first. I feel like this may be exactly what my team is looking for. Then...I tried to use the timeline. It would scroll forward a bunch of years , doesn’t let me edit the name of the task on the timeline, I can’t make new tasks. I had to watch a video on timeline just to see how it’s actually supposed to work because I didn’t think I was doing it right. I see other people are having issues with it too. Please fix this..Version: 152.2

Not impressed with quality of the appOn first install tried to create a note on iPhone8 with IOS 11.1.1 type a title and the screen rolled upward making it impossible to see what I was typing. For each new word I brought the screen into view, and with each typed word the screen dissapears upward. Just deleted it, not very usefull if it can’t handle a simple typing task. PS I have uninstalled it and réinstalles, with no change..Version: 1.19.2

Huge app that doesnt workCant create new note says to check connection while original dropbox app works properly useless until fixed....Version: 1.17.3

Fantastic app on web but buggy on phone.I have an iPhone 5 and I have recently transferred all my notes from Evernote into Dropbox paper. I love the web version, it works seamlessly and rarely has any bugs even though it is still in beta. The iPhone app, however, seems to be very janky and glitchy when I try to write notes. Whenever I load up notes it takes 5 seconds to load and then the scrolling is laggy. Also every time I save it, it gives me options to either discard or cancel. I would also like if you could create a new note from the widget pane on iPhone and I could use it to quickly capture new notes that would be a perfect feature. I hope the app improves because even with bugs it is better than Evernote for writing notes. The simplicity and ease of use is perfect. I started using the web version on the very early days of the beta and I have come to rely on your software. Thank you so much Dropbox team for making an awesome product and I can't wait for improvements to come..Version: 1.0.21

Great potential but lacks some key featuresI really love the potential of Dropbox paper. But the iOS apps are disappointing in that they are lacking some really key features. You can't add or organise folders or projects from the apps. This is almost essential to me. We also can't assign newly created docs to folders from the app which almost defeats the purpose of using the app at all. Especially when using shared folders.Version: 1.5.15

Unusable due to inability to sign inTried to use this to access work instance to paper, but I never get redirected back to the actual app after signing in with the web view. Work using a google accounts with Okta for SSO. After putting in google feeds, I get directed to okta and sign in, that successfully sends me back to Dropbox paper signed in, but only signed in inside the web view..Version: 196.2

Computer friendly not phoneAs long as I am on the computer everything works fine. But on the phone I struggle.Version: 196.2

A lots of bugs for both iPhone & iPad appsBugs and lack of basic functions compared to website version on a computer.Version: 118.2

AwfulI was forced to download this because comments are broken on mobile. When I try opening the doc in the app (the mobile website is SO pushy about that) I’m met with a white loading screen that lasts forever. Finally it pushed me out to the Dropbox files app — NOT what I wanted — when I returned to the paper app, the file I wanted to look at (the only reason I downloaded this app) wasn’t there. It forced me through some onboarding junk then left me stranded. If you’re going to force people to use your app at least try to make it pleasant..Version: 122.2

Preparing your docsStuck on preparing your docs. Too much wait time to actually get started using the app. Fail.Version: 1.11.4

A year long betaLike it a lot but has about 30% of the features the online version has. Also missing some very normal features like not being able to delete an image but you can add them in. Unfortunately their update pattern makes it seem like they’ll ditch this product soon..Version: 104.2

I love Dropbox Paper. The app, on the other hand, is kinda trash.I usually use this on desktop, but anytime I try to use it on my ipad or phone, I run into a host of issues. Can’t login. Nothing loads. Weird blank screens. Bugs everywhere. I’ve downloaded and downloaded several times and it just drives me nuts..Version: 174.2

Move from Onenote to PaperOneNote is good in is own right, but I’ve noticed syncing has lost some of my notes. Not ideal , even with the richness it offers. So ,onto Paper. The iPad app, so, so, better to stick with the web version. - Edit a document, keyboard take over ½ the height in landscape mode. Good thing you can hide the left side bar in document edit mode. - if the document is long, placing you cursor where you need it, start typing and the cursor is up and out of view, and you have a phantom cursor mid screen moving over existing text. You loose sight of what you’re typing. - try and highlight as word let alone a sentence to be moved?Forget it. The screen keeps moving down when you touch and hold. This only happens if the document is created with the iPad app, but documents created with a computer and browser, I can highlight a word using the iPad app??? - keyboard control to hide formatting and word suggestion does allow to hide. - - select BIU and it appear above and behind the keyboard edge. Only partially visible. - embedding attachments types is limited to on a computer, I’ve yet to get a supported PDF file to embed - folders listing: be nice to just see the top level with access to sub folders, instead of seeing all folders in one long column list..Version: 1.19.2

I can not open the appI could not open the app when I need to read an important way to access to the document with my cellphone....Version: 172.2

Instant Crash Upon load: fixed, would like ToC & word countDecent app, but the latest update now causes it to instantly crash upon loading. Deleting and reinstall does not fix. The issue is fixed now and app works as before, thanks. iPhone 5se on ios 13. However I would still like to see the implementation of a table of contents and word count on this app, like Google Docs..Version: 172.3

Can’t search for shared docs, no change of ownershipFrustrating that search doesn’t include shared docs and no place they are collected! And still no ability to change doc ownership. Online web app is very touchy about being offline even when internet is connected.Version: 174.2

Can’t get it to set upI downloaded to my iPad Pro and I can’t get past the set up now option. It just flashes back to the start again..Version: 160.2

Abandoned project?1. All the images that appear in my files are ok in the desktop App (iMac latest OS) but NOT visible in the iOS App (latest OS) 2. There is no toggle switch to expand or close sections in the iOS app 3. Looks like there is no way to add cells to an existing spread sheet section in the iOS app So much potential in this App BUT has this project been abandoned by the Dropbox Dev team?.Version: 226.2

Sometimes, juuuust sometimes, nothing is better then somethingYou really don’t need me to tell you what’s wrong with this app, and I’m sure, sure that you have a “backlog” but, one day, maybe you can just finish that one feature I.e. a calendar that works, before shipping with a boat load of really problematic bugs? Just a thought.Version: 118.2

A new sticker set?It’s a good app. Not much in the way of customization or formatting like aligning text in a table which seems like it could be added pretty simply. But has, always had, a lot of potential. With iOS 13 coming out a few days ago, all the major apps are releasing decent sized updates for their apps. But Dropbox Paper’s update? Just a new sticker set. That’s all. Being a productivity app, an update that is only a sticker set, seems like they pushed an update just to push one out. I don’t think any user of D. Paper was concerned with whether we would have a new sticker set soon. I like Dropbox Paper, I just would like to see some more attention given to it. So much potential in it. Just constantly odd developer choices..Version: 160.2

Not greatFor a writing app, it’s pretty bad. Pasting more than a few lines of text from an external source, e.g. copied from a PDF, often fails silently, whereas the built-in Notes app handles it flawlessly. Selecting text, too, can prove troublesome. Likewise, creating a new note is hit or miss. Sometimes the app just sits there with the spinner endlessly rotating. I often find myself having to kill it and restart it just to open a simple text file. Lastly, the user interface is poor. The formatting tools — bold, italic, underline , are hidden away in a fly out despite ample room on the toolbar. Give me some always-visible buttons, please. The app fails to do what it is meant to do. The only benefit is being able to store files remotely..Version: 214.2

Bug reportYour app makes Swype freeze somehow forcing a restart.Version: 1.22.3

Like it but...dark theme neededI really like and i know that you will add more features.... but really i dont understund why we dont have a dark theme..Version: 1.5.15

Woah! The desktop version just bypassed the security on my Mac!!Unfortunately I’ve deleted this app without trying it because there is a beta Mac version and when I went to download it via my browser, Dropbox itself took over the download and ran and installed the Paper app without asking, without any security prompts or requiring an admin password!!! !!!! For most people they may be ok with things being installed on their computers without their control, but I work with some incredibly sensitive data and this cannot be allowed to happen. How long until hackers manage to spoof the certificate and use Dropbox to push malware on to people’s computers? Auto run/install should never be allowed I’m am actually uninstalling the Dropbox app from my Mac at this very moment..Version: 192.2

Please add dark mode.It’s very good already.Version: 186.2

Needs refinement.The app is slow to load and not very intuitive. Needs more work for efficient collaborative functionality..Version: 158.2

Create to-do button doesn’t workI downloaded this app on my iphone xr and I couldn't use it as the create to-do docs button didn't do anything. I was expecting a high quality product from dropbox!.Version: 170.2

Totally unuseableGoogle single sign-on is stupidly broken with this app. Keep getting redirected on to the login page even after confirming to sign in from google. Eventually I did get to sign in, but only onto the internal browser which means if I want to edit any docs, I will need to go through this process again ad infinitum..Version: 144.2

SlowPerhaps it's good for collaborative editing but as a private note taking app the unbearably long loading time for synchronisation is just not worth it. Sometimes in a mall, where the reception isn't great, I just wanna have a glance at my shopping list and I have to stand there like a tool for nearly half a minute..Version: 186.2

Great App, performs badly thoughAwesome app by concept, use it every day but iOS app is not performant at all. Super slow, takes too long to load & starred/downloaded documents won’t even open with bad internet connection..Version: 212.2

Used to be good...very buggy nowI use Paper all the time, but recently the bugs have become too much! Everything loads so slowly, the toolbar above the keyboard keeps disappearing, and text editing feels difficult. There’s a bunch of other little bugs that make it feel like a chore to use. I hope they fix these issues soon, I’d hate to have to find an alternative.Version: 160.2

No longer works in iPhone SEI have used this for years to share documents with my husband but for about the last month, it has stopped working properly. It no longer loads my old documents or renders new ones. It works on my husband’s iPhone 11, so I can only assume having a slightly older phone is the issue. All my other high use apps work fine so I’m hardly going to be forced to upgrade just for this but instead I’ll have to go find a replacement for it..Version: 176.2

Fix selection on iOS for long documentsAbsolutely maddening when you have a moderately long document: to edit at the bottom of the doc you can’t just scroll down and tap, you have to slowly tap every few paragraphs or it’ll jump to the top, and once you’re there, it might jump all over the place..Version: 226.2

Features missingPretty basic functions like adding our editing a table are not available..Version: 220.2

On iPad Pro 12.9 3rd gen, IOS 13.3.1 the app crashesTo the desktop/homepage immediately.Version: 172.2

Like the ideaI feel like this app is an excellent idea for the workforce. It’s not as user-friendly as I would hope but it’s pretty straight forward. I struggle with drag and drop. I would like to see a feature of unchecked items getting pushed forward automatically to the next scheduled work day. Also reminders that unchecked job tasks are not completed. Ect.......Version: 144.2

Unable to sign in with GoogleWhen I try to sign in via my google account , I’m able to get to the page where it says “Click continue below to sign in”, but there is no such button / link ! So I get stuck in the web browser and can’t actually use the app. Please fix this and I will re-review !.Version: 170.2

Good when it worksCan someone please share the .ipa file of version 172.2 I would much appreciate it.Version: 178.2

UnusableKeeps crashing on latest iOS version. Has potential..Version: 6.2.4

One Problem 👓My Microsoft Word app has gone crazy, so I tried this app. I'm quite pleased with it. The way it connects to Dropbox and has everything you need for a basic document. Adding photos is particularly simple. But as a near-sighted person, I really, really need the option to increase font size over all. Ofc I could do that by using heading 2 or bold, but then I lose the ability to use those features as intended. Great app, hurts my eyes!!!.Version: 190.2

Useless without supportMy issue started June 2018, when I couldn’t see comments in iOS versions of Paper. As of writing, and many, many messages to Dropbox support, the issue remains unsolved. This is a useless app without the support needed to make it run properly..Version: 112.2

Organization is dizzyingThis would be an Evernote killer if you could choose how to sort your docs and if there were a static folder tree on the left. It’s so simple, I just want my docs to stay where I put them. I don't get why every time I open a doc it has to jump to the top of the list. There are no sort options so I’m stuck with recent files moving around on me. Therefore, I am not a Dropbox paper user. Too bad..Version: 206.2

Odd U/I, looks like web page. Doesn’t work with keyboard on iPadTrying to get the timeline working wasted a lot of time. Perhaps this works on other clients, but I had hoped to use this for managing a project with my iPad. Editing information in a project template is odd and when trying to edit timeline information using the external keyboard, it is impossible. No response to keyboard input at all. Waste of time at this point..Version: 146.2

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Paper by Dropbox works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Paper by Dropbox.

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