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So much nicer than Google docsMarkdown, scribbles , inline images - this is a brilliant way to bring ideas to life..Version: 222.2

Excellent way to collaborateWe recommend this app to all our customers at TechTidy..Version: 1.19.2

Changed my thoughts on paper and now a fanPaper is distinctly unique and I first didn’t understand what it was. However, now I see that this program is not trying to replace google docs. It is different altogether. I have linked my office 365 account and my dropbox and now paper is the missing link to link all my files for meeting notes. I can now be paperless. Word makes things pretty ensures I spell things correctly and is by far better than google docs will ever be. My emails on my iPad are always saved to Dropbox by pretending to print them pinch out and save to Dropbox. Then if I have an appointment for instance with my specialist I have one file in paper that has my PDF of my blood tests, a you tube video on the new drug they are going to put me on, a word doc of all my current medications and a timeline for how the new drug is affecting me. I am not into collaboration with others live but it is good to tag my family if I wanted to. You can assign tasks and with a date but this is why I gave it 4 stars as there is no time and it failed in sending me any notification on the same day. Plus you can’t add a time. I can attach link to my calendar though. For what I want (making paperless files on iPad, pc and iPhone, office 365) it is great..Version: 120.2

GreatCould do with an app for windows.Version: 1.10.2

Fantastic productGreat product, as good as (or maybe even better than?) Google Doc. Definitely did not download this because my other half told me to.Version: 170.2

Awsome writing appI absolutely love this as a writing app! The interface is incredibly easy to use and the way it appears on the screen is nice for blocking out other distractions. It’s also 100% effective at capturing offline work and seamlessly integrating to the cloud once you’re back online. I rarely use for collaborative work. But this is indispensable to me at this point. I wish they’d develop features similar to scrivener for outlining as well!.Version: 154.2

172.3 working wellI really enjoy the paper Dropbox app. Previous version was not working and it has been fixed.Version: 172.3

Great App!It takes document productivity to the next level. Must have for team brainstorming and notes..Version: 1.7.6

Undo has been broken for many yearsI want to give this star 5 apps, but it’s plagued with really frustrating little bugs that eat into your workflow. Basic functionality, like copying text and pasting it in a different doc don’t work. Scrolling and positioning the cursor is completely broken on iOS13.Version: 164.2

Love it!As a Dropbox employee I've used Paper for a long time and just love it. Also, the app notifications are a subtle way of improving team cohesion..Version: 1.5.15

Love But...Absolutely love using paper, but wish it had the same functionality on mobile as it does on desktop..Version: 176.2

Nice first release, minor improvements neededReally nice to see this app finally up on the AppStore. I had a play around with the web version and and loved the design and simplicity. I think the app is still missing the ability to categories files into folders and also really importantly, I use these types of apps a lot while commenting on the tube. There's often no signal so please allow offline doc creation and then sync when I get a signal again (similar to Evernote) I can imagine a lot of people would be using the app in this context. Many thanks for the hard work.Version: 1.0.0

ManagerIf you enjoy making lists then paper is unique with template making ability and organizing your tasks in one place..Version: 150.2

Interesting conceptI find Paper and interesting collaboration tool, which allows you to do project management as well as collaborate on the go using mobile the app. When working online, it seams not as responsive as other online tools. But all in all, Paper brings an interesting concept in collaboration..Version: 158.2

Evernote or Paper...I am looking for an alternative to Evernote and Dropbox Paper is coming really close. The team collaboration functionality and clean look is far greater than Evernote. There will always be the need for more features but I think this is a great start. If you are considering the switch, Paper is a good alternative and I would recommend giving it a try. Start with a to-do, team meeting note and a blog post with pictures. You will see how easy it is when using it with these and the formatting copies quite nicely into other apps and platforms. What I like: Team notes - the ability to be able to edit a note at the same time, comment on sections and to see who has made entries to the note. Clean interface - it's uncluttered and with the clean typeface I feel everything takes a back seat and I just write. Favorites - flagging a favorite and having it dedicated to a tab on the bottom of your screen. Very easy and quick to pull up notes I use all the time. What I want to see: Folders - to be able to organize notes and view them in folders on iOS Offline note composition - to be able to create a note when you don't have a network. Swipe to - archive, delete, favorite etc Evernote import - import notes/folders directly from Evernote. Looking forward to seeing more! Thanks Dropbox!.Version: 1.0.0

GoodApp is useful and fully featured. Doesn’t have Apple Pencil support. But great for our team to share notes about potential clients, update dynamically, and have information shared among multiple users in real time..Version: 172.3

Love it 👌Have been waiting for this for a while and it is finally here. As the title suggests... LOVE IT!!!.Version: 1.0.0

ALL IN ONE. THE HOLY GRAILIt's an approach which I like. To container tasks projects and reminders. Dropbox gives me the server. Will need development.Version: 1.7.5

Beautiful and simplePaper has replaced notes, sheets, and even work messaging for me. The app is seamless, and allows for collaboration at the level of Google docs, paired with the simplicity and expressiveness of messaging apps. An app I use everyday..Version: 170.2

Great writing appI find this a great way to write and share simple text documents. The editing interface is gorgeous, and brilliant for composing drafts of blog posts. I prefer it to google docs just because it's simple, and doesn't try to clone Word. New features and updates are added all the time, so hopefully this is something Dropbox will continue to evolve and support, and not drop like some other of its products..Version: 1.4.8

AmazingAs someone who builds software for a living it's hard to truly impress me and I am blown away by paper. I've never been willing to switch to an online tool because they all kind of sucked in one way or another. Paper however has reimagined what a collaborative writing tool should be and completely nailed it. The interface is so light weight and clean. Everything is where you expect it. The commenting tool is beautiful and it has great new tools like task lists that are crazy simple but also perfectly effective. Seriously the most impressive service I've used since Dropbox was introduced, which at the time was a revolutionary step forward. Please share with the product team how impressed I am. Bravo and I can't wait to see where this product goes!.Version: 1.8.5

Better than I expectedLooks like Dropbox did lots of work for this app since the last a few months. This app works as fine as on the computer..Version: 1.30.4

Dark Mode is missing featurePlease add dark mode to the iOS version Dropbox Paper. This being the only place it’s missing makes it less desirable to write notes in Paper while mobile..Version: 218.2

Most adaptable appPaper can pretty much become whatever you need. It is the perfect doc for setting up a project or making something look good. So much better than google docs..Version: 192.2

This is my favourite writing app!I've been looking for a replacement for Microsoft Word for a very long time. I thought it would be Google apps, but I find that the writing application is truly awful. It's up me a little while to get used to dropbox paper, but once you start using it, it's so slick, that you will not go back to a standalone writing app again. The collaboration feature with other users is absolutely fantastic. For example, I recently used it to answer tax return questions with my accountant. Instead of going back and forth over email, all of the questions and answers between us were all in one place and we got it completed within a few days. I highly recommend this app..Version: 1.12.5

Brilliantly SimplePaper changed the way we work - for the so much better! It’s so easy to put together, cross reference, collaborate and make anything look great and well organized. It works great for my team and I..Version: 176.2

BrilliantPerfect free solution for note taking, task management and internal documentation..Version: 6.2.4

Love Paper, it’s a major part of my teams workflowFantastic service, the app is also quite functional.Version: 208.2.6

Back in working order! Love it!Thanks for the quick response in getting a new build of the app out. No more issues opening Paper - all is well in the land of intuitive note taking :) thanks!.Version: 172.3

Amazing, so easy to useThis is close to perfect, tags for documents would be so helpful.Version: 1.0.21

PaperworkIt would help me out lot so I need my setting for information so I have all of them.Version: 196.2

Feels a bit unfinished, but overall good.I find the web version to be a lot better and easier to use. The iOS app can sometimes feel like it is a beta product, but I’m sure with updates it will improve! So far Paper has replaced my Notes app and Google Docs..Version: 1.22.3

UsefulReally enjoying using this in connection with my Dropbox. Only wish you could use it to set timed reminders!.Version: 1.14.4

Great addition to DropboxWell done app. I moved away from Evernote and OneNote to Paper. There are a few things on my wishlist for this app but in general it works great. Wishlist: more view settings (abc, static (not re-sorting), custom view/lists) and smart folders would be great!.Version: 148.2

A good blank canvasA great app for collaboration, with a blank canvas and great looking results..Version: 1.0.0

Such an amazing piece of softwareThe initial Paper was rough around the edges but now everything runs so smoothly! The ability to use markdown and embed all sorts of multimedia is fantastic. The best parts for me are: - Note taking using Markdown (no fuss formatting standard) - Outline/bookmark field organized by header type (large=level 1, medium=level 2, etc) - LaTex engine! That's right! Write awesome/highly sophisticated and pretty equations using the LaTex standard! Amazing for math/scientific note taking needs. - Embed media (videos from a link or photos copied to the clipboard) support. The best is the ability to caption all my pictures that I paste!!! It's like the closest thing to having a Word-like note taking tool and all easily stored in the cloud!.Version: 1.10.2

A skeptic turned convert.I downloaded paper the day it launched, then deleted it, then downloaded it and then deleted it and then downloaded it again. I have long been looking for something to fill the task niche in my workflow and I love that in this app I can mix notes and tasks, that there is a task view where I can see all my tasks in all my notes. I love how sharing works. I am going to be using this going forward. The only thing I really despise is how every time you open a note, it shifts position in the list, even if I didn’t edit. I wish that tapping on the note would engage edit mode, rather than having to find the edit button. And lastly: I would like to have a few theme options to pick from. That said, despite long running misgivings, this app now has a prominent spot on my home screen..Version: 1.29.11

Works greatDeleting files could be easier but besides that clean interface, easy to use and easy learning curve.Version: 1.5.15

A great collaborative tool but ...Dropbox Paper is a great collaboration tool. I am currently using it to write an academic paper with co-authors in the UK, Finland and Kenya. The only reason I have not scored it 5* is that I find the mobile app significantly less usable compared with using my laptop. I have not tried using a tablet for comparison but I will..Version: 168.2

Soooo much potentialThe Dropbox Paper desktop app on Mac OS X is awesome. The iPhone and iPad apps have a way to go in order to match the features available on desktop, such as dark mode. If the developers look after Paper, they could have a killer app on their hands..Version: 186.2

DB PaperA great addition to an excellent storage system. A really easy way to collaborate with clients without numerous emails. Try it.Version: 1.2.4

Great companion app to DropboxOn its own, this app is quite useful for collaboration. Where it really gets useful is when collaborating on a document held within Dropbox. As already said, we can expect further features added as it continues to evolve.Version: 1.4.8

The best app everFor any work related notes. Loved having.Version: 212.2

Almost perfectLove this app. But why does it scroll all the way up when I try to edit something? Also no way to caption an image..Version: 220.2

Almost perfect for basic project managementJust getting into light project management and this app works out great for it. Slightly buggy on iOS (even right now as I’m typing this the words are whitin white invisible), for example, I can’t edit timeline items dates in . Otherwise it does everything is Hope it would do, keeping everything project related self-contained except for text messages.Version: 176.2

It’s like paper, but way better.Clean and simple. Even our team members who hate apps love Paper. A great way to share checklists and notes with our on-the-go teams..Version: 148.2

Highly recommend itI really like the drop down text formatting..Version: 176.2

Dropbox Paper is great!I’m a cinematographer and Paper really allows me to build collaborative project sheets. I can add camera lists, lighting lists, storyboards, outlines and mood boards very quickly. After I share the doc with my department heads and producers, they can comment and edit. It’s fast, intuitive, it looks good....and it makes me look good..Version: 156.2

A revolution!Love to use Dropbox Paper! Easy to Coordinate projects, assign task, create visual timeline, Collaborate internally and externally. I have reduce a lot the amount of mail exchange and I have definitely better interactions and conversation with others!.Version: 140.2

Le concept une page n’est pas adéquat pour les projets d’envergureL’application est super malgré quelques bug avec les commentaires et des fermetures imprévu avec les Androïdes de mes collègues. Je crois que la grosse amélioration a faire est de permettre facilement des sous pages pour alléger la page lorsque celle-ci est utilisée pour un projet d’envergure. De pouvoir attribuer des tâches a plus d’une personne serait super. Aussi une page de regroupement et gestion des échéanciers serait super un peu comme la page des gestions de tâches.Version: 170.2

Latest version crashesThe latest version of Paper has been updated and works well across all Apple devices in iOS and Mac OS A perfect app for collaborative study!.Version: 172.3

Great service but App has a way to goNeeds iPad version and more of the web features. Please add tag support and web clipping to the service..Version: 1.4.8

Great app butLove using paper but it really needs spell check or grammarly integration.....Version: 158.2

Team CommunicationPaper is a wonderful way to communicate with your team!.Version: 200.2

Update by documentLove it just wish I could get it to update for only certain people for each document. Trying to cut down on emails.Version: 164.2

Update fixed crashThanks for updating.Version: 172.3

Awesome appAmazing UI, privacy focused platform unlike Google Docs. Would love to see similar products from Dropbox. Such as the equivalent of numbers and notes (to replace iOS notes). Hopefully the Dropbox password manager will be improved so I can move away from 1Password and have everything in the one ecosystem. A UI / UX refresh is required..Version: 220.2

Undo/BackNeed an undo button. Because the app isn't real smooth, it's very easy to remove content..Version: 1.20.4

Re-install and now it’s fine!The app has come a long way. Much snappier opening notes. And same can be said for creating. I use it for everything - Check lists - Drafts - Collaboration is great too!.Version: 1.16.4

Taking over Evernote!Very useful app, hope it continues to improve.Version: 168.2

Wonderful app for notetakingExactly what I wanted for note taking. Great integration with latex and markdown. I only discovered this app recently and really enjoyed using it so far. I have not explored the collaboration features yet..Version: 154.2

Google Docs with Medium’s interface and Dropbox’s backendI wanted to like Paper since I love Medium for writing and publishing, and its strength lies in collecting notes and “snippets” from the web à la Evernote, making for easy review. Upon creating one document to work on, via my iPad, it had made it impossible to work on by glitching out while trying to connect to its servers, and a second strike upon losing the document altogether. It no longer appears among my Paper document files. So that is, unfortunately, enough for me to ditch this experiment and return to G Suite and iA Writer..Version: 1.2.4

Great appMay soon replace Evernote as note tacking app.Version: 1.0.21

Making life easierAs a general manager of a hotel..paper dropbox has made me a star Thank you.Version: 194.2

I love it!It's so simple and sync super fast. I start using it for work and I'm loving it..Version: 1.5.15

Works wellComments UX is a bit clunky, back and forth..Version: 128.2

YAY OFFLINE MODE🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🎉🎉🎉.Version: 1.7.6

Brilliant just what the doctor ordered!I've been looking for an app that ticks all the boxes that this app ticks for months with no avail. They've really thought about what their users need with this app and they have really delivered. I'll be running my business with this app from now on..Version: 1.5.15

Wish there was the ability to pin notes :-(Decent substitute for Google Docs. I would love to be able to ditch Google Keep as well and completely switch over to Paper but I miss the ability to pin notes. Would also love if there was the ability to collapse list items as needed..Version: 168.2

Terrific app with a lot of functionality.However, while the web version has dark mode, the iOS does not. I would love to see that addition..Version: 188.2

Excellent collaboration toolSuperb extension to Dropbox..Version: 1.2.4

Good startDear DB, This release just come in time for some of the tasks I have been undertaking. This is a great platform to collaborate work and display dashboards etc. Additionally, this can be linked to the existing DB account which is great. The iPad app has limited functionality however - the + on the left margin never shows up making it difficult to insert table etc. But, I handle such tasks on desktop and pick them up from my iPad when I travel. Thank you, DB - I am sure this app will improve as you have more users..Version: 1.5.15

An essential collaboration tool for distributed teams.Dropbox Paper is Ann incredibly valuable tool for fast-moving, distributes teams.Version: 174.2

How to raise downloads by 10 timaes?Service,{ daily installs can reach 3000+➨☣.Need and Ping me at whatsapp & Skype&Telegram&Wechat👻:👽+8615282351612 Or Facebook:️ aso880 \+.Every one can get a test promtoin fot 3 days now\!유,.Version: 226.2

LOVE this app !!I love this app. It is perfect for the daily running of my business and my personal life too. I love that I can communicate with other people within the app. It has helped me plan a wedding, run a business, pack for my holiday, organise my home for my baby coming, getting creative with friends and a lot more ! I’ve had so many productivity and list apps over the years. This one is simple and easy to use and they have thought about everything needed to make it seamless with my creative, overactive messy brain. Only slight thing I struggle with is organising the folders and sharing paper between friends which I keep losing somehow. Minor issue and I’m sure it’s resolvable..Version: 168.2

Great for collaborationWe use it daily, inside and outside the team!.Version: 1.2.4

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