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Credit One Bank Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Credit One Bank Mobile app received 34 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Credit One Bank Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about credit one bank mobile?

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Credit One Bank Mobile for Negative User Reviews

The Worst Customer Service known to manI was offered to upgrade my card design NOT a replacement for a small charge which I opted for WITHOUT knowing I wouldn’t be able to use my current card that I have in my possession for 7-10 business days (until I receive the card with the upgraded design). I spoke to 5 different reps and 2 managers with no help other than “these are our procedures”…Makes a whole lot of sense to update your records prior to a card even being activated or even received by a consumer. On top of wasting over an hour of my time talking to idiots who are reading from a script and can’t actually help me solve an issue. So I have a perfectly good card in hand that I can’t use for another week since they’ve updated the information on their end after JUST shipping the “upgraded design” out yesterday. Waste of time & patience. If I knew this was going to happen I never would’ve opted for the new card design. They think by telling you the same thing over and over and over that you’ll give up even though it literally doesn’t make sense why card information was updated without the new card being activated.Version: 3.7.1

Obviously, the developer who did this update didn’t even have half a brain cell.My last review was last month around the same time. There was an update today, and they still have yet to fix the VoiceOver features so that visually impaired people can pay their bills without assistance. I was told last time that they would not charge me to do my payment over the phone that one time, but they would have to charge me after that. Is this credit ones new scam to get money from people? I asked myself this before I finally found somebody who would give me the one time courtesy of processing my payment because the morons who came up with this app can’t seem to figure out how to turn on voice over to make sure that it works, though it’s built into their device, comes to them for free, and there’s no reason for it not to work, or for them to release any updates that don’t work with voiceover! This app is not accessible, and should be polled! Credit one should also put all accounts having to do with visually impaired people in deferral until these problems are fixed, which means no interest can be accrued. Maybe, if they start losing money, they’ll actually find somebody who has a clue to start developing their app. Until then, the developer who is running on empty as far as brain cells are concerned, should be fired..Version: 3.5

It’s an amazing card at first! Please read!I was very skeptical signing up for this credit card at first. I read online that they were a terrible company to deal with. But as long as you stayed up on your due date, the $10 express payment isn’t an issue. However, I’ve had a MC for over a year, and the VISA for a year and 6 months. I encountered a problem where they kept returning my CC payments and I would eventually become over on my balance (got laid off for several months so I hit a hard time on my balances). After contacting my bank, there was no attempts to withdrawal my payments. I called and they made a real good attempt to fix the problem. Waived my fees, interest, and annual payment for the month it was messed up. The next following statement they re instated all my charges!! I called and asked why that happened, and the lady told me there’s nothing they can do even though the person I talked to last corrected the problem. I argued and fussed but they just wanted the money they waived back! So in the long run they screwed me over and didn’t do anything to fix it. Beware, they’re sneaky! I no longer have either of the two accounts I held with them. Not worth the problem..Version: 2.8

Never updatesThis rarely updates to real time to show what I’ve spent. For the longest time it showed I had a bill for July due (July 26th) however I paid this mid July. I’d go to pay and it say minimum payment was 0. Ok, we can see I have made the payment and it hasn’t updated. At some point it showed my last purchase went through. However, apparently this wasn’t reflected on my balance summary because I log in today and am “past due” and over the limit. A. How can I be past due when the new date of payment is August 26th (FYI this is a future date???) and I’m past due when before I still had money left and my last purchases had went through. I keep up with the amount I owe, I didn’t know it’d be such a hassle to ask the company to do the same. Pretty sure some random “fees” go through to push me over my limit every time. I wish I would have looked into more credit cards instead of being young and dumb and accepting this stupid offer because the fees are ridiculous and rarely ever is the account kept up to date with how much has actually been spent and how much is still actually left on my card. Worst credit card ever. So ready to pay it off and get OUTTA credit one’s scheme path..Version: 2.4

ONE PAYMENT PER MONTH!?!? WTH!?!?That couldn’t be smell more fishy if it was on a tuna boat in an Alaskan Harbor! When in your long and hectic life have you ever heard of a bank or a credit card company that WOULD NOT take money from desperate people trying to reestablish credit more than ONE time per month ONLY? Considering the current financial market we are in where peoples money comes sporadically and often at various times to where they have no control over when and how much they can pay their creditors, it would only make good common sense to allow people to pay what they can when they can because most people WANT to pay their bills and establish (or keep) their credit standing at a decent level, but how are you supposed to do that if the game is rigged? The people that set these rules obviously never had to choose between keeping that money that you were saving to pay the credit card bill, or buying food or medication with it. If you could just as easily pay the bill and be done with it, wouldn’t you? But if you’ve already paid a small portion previously, you can’t do that. So that money ends up getting used for necessities and your credit goes in the tank. Pretty common sense if you ask me..Version: 3.2

Payment Issues on mobile appI have 2 cards on my account and I regularly login to check my balances and when my payments are due. I logged in this past week on the due date (27th of each month) that my bill was due to make a payment the same day, clicked on the correct card, made more than the minimum payment, double checked & paid it. I assumed it was going to apply correctly. Then when i checked my account the next day i seen that i was past due, a late payment fee of $25 was added to my account and was confused. I looked at my other card on the account which is due on the 14th of every month & it was applied to that card instead. I called customer service which in multiple instances they can’t ever understand what your talking about, barely speak English, and say they can’t do anything about it (how about a manager, a report or maybe even a dispute). This is very frustrating as I'm am always on time with my bills this pisses me off. That’s not it the same thing happened to my husbands account when making a payment to the correct card and then ended up showing as past due, a late payment was added & the payment was applied to the other card. Something has to be done either with the app or the company itself because i never have a problem when making payments from my online bank..Version: 2.3.0

Shady serviceI accidently opened the account thinking it was my capital one just wanting to send me a new one 🙄 the reviews that are positive are no way real.. I’ve never heard anyone compliment credit one especially majority of users. I ended up keeping it cause figured people were exaggerating but they lower your score and make everything harder than it is, I don’t know if children are in charge or if people who weren’t born with morals and common sense did. 1)Everything pends for so long and when you just wanna pay it off you can’t you have to guess when it will pop up in the account.2)my score was high af till I got this card.. and I use it less and pay it more than my other ones. They keep you low to keep yur rates high and so you can’t change companies. 3)they copied capital ones logo on purpose, more than half of their users have done this.4)even the app is set up super weird and could be a lot easier to see the LAST transactions but you have to scroll to the bottom and sit and count what or sit and click every one to see the dates, it should just be included in the amount and be at the top-newes goes to the top. 🙄 5)they have to randomly confirm a bank account you always use when you wanna make a payment sooo basically you can’t pay on time. I could go on but don’t get the app and don’t get the card..Version: 2.15

Little improvementNow when you log out of the app the finger print reader doesn’t auto launch itself so that when you touch the home button to close the app, you don’t accidentally log back in to the app. However the way this bank operates suggest to me that they have a vested interest in keeping you credit score down. For example if you pay off the full balance on your account hoping to see a zero balance on your credit file, you are wrong. The monthly fee for using the card which you can not pay in advance at the time you are paying off your balance is charge on the first day of the billing cycle which is the very same day that they update your credit report. So practically, it doesn’t matter how well you pay your balance in full on time, your credit file will always show a balance from Credit One. That small balance does have an impact on your credit especially when you are dealing with creditors who are looking at your credit file very critically either because of pass history or the reason for which you are applying for credit. Credit One is not the best card for rebuilding credit. If one is going to use this card because its the only thing available to them, one will have to very careful and watchful as to how the card affects their credit. The goal should be to get out as soon as possible..Version: 2.34

Problems Showing “True Balances” and “Credit Allowable”I’m sure that the excuse for purchases, payment’s, and available credit updates being slow will be the Covid19 Virus, however it is still a problem. I do like the option (which is easy) of making a payment from my home. It’s time for all businesses to go back to work. Wear a mask, work from home, it’s time to get back at it America. A lot of business’s (especially Federal) will boast how well they are doing business with customers, but I have (physically) checked business’s by going to the open business (in some cases) only to find limited staff working. This means longer wait times to get proper customer service. This excuse is actually used by Credit One while waiting (on hold) when calling by phone. The excuse is readily used, but it’s still an excuse that some larger-business’s are using to save money (having one person manning 20 phones). It remains how one looks at it (negative/positive). With me (our family) we feel it’s negative. Wear your mask, follow the rules, be courteous, but... It’s time to get back to Business! Bring your people back to work..Version: 2.30.1

Stay awayyyyyyyy , very unprofessionalI actually got this card because I seen a letter in the mail , I didn’t know if it was legit or not so I tried it , and ended up getting the card . My first time using the card was yesterday , that was when it was fully activated also.. I made a simple purchase at a gas station and the card worked . Mind you this is all in a mist of 3 hours . I tried to then use the card at another store and it declined . I got the text to see if it was me , I responded with yes and it told me I could now try the purchase..Still declined . I then get a text that says I can’t use the card and to call the number , I call the number LITERALLY VERIFYING ALL MY INFO BEFORE THEY CAN EVEN TALK TO ME, they then say my account is on hold and that they need verification of my driver license and utility bill I’m order for them to say anything to me . Also there’s no way to kno these things unless you call , it doesn’t show on your account , the app updates super late , it’s just very unprofessional, also to remind you guys , THIS ALL HAPPENED IN A TIME FRAME OF 3 hours . It’s crazy to me cause idk what I did wrong or how it even happened and they won’t tell you anything ..Version: 22.05.0

Bad bad and again bad app/bankAt the first of the month I like to go online and pay my bills that coincide with my paycheck, so now I’ve just decided I’ll go online and I’ll pay all my bills so that I don’t forget and then I don’t have to do it again. So my due date for Credit One is 5/21 clearly states that when make a payment in big bold numbers, due date 5/21, so I submit my payment thinking it will for 5/21 and oh guess what it actually gets submitted for today, 5/5. I have never had a Problem with submitting my payments early and being able to have it actually submit on the due date. Store card, bank card, any kind of credit card you can change the the date that you want it submitted it doesn’t always submit today. I’m just livid and how this app works. So I called them, wanting them to cancel that payment so that I can re-enter it on 5/21 or thereabouts so that I don’t get a late charge. Sorry we can’t cancel your payment it’s already submitted. So I go into a tirade because I am so upset and I just want to cancel this account. There is nothing they can do. I will cancel this account as soon as I pay off the balance. So bye-bye Credit One.Version: 2.15

False AdvertisingMy review isn’t about the app, but more the experience with this company. Just 3 weeks ago, Credit One allowed payment for a future date—even had a calendar where you can select the date. On April 21st, I scheduled a payment for May 2nd. The payment attempted to run the payment the same night (April 21st)! I got the declined notification from my debit card so assuming I must’ve entered the date wrong, I tried scheduling the payment AGAIN on April 25th, carefully selecting “May 2nd” from the calendar. Everything was set and yet AGAIN, it tried running the payment the same day! On May 1st, I log in AGAIN to make a same day payment but it would only allow the rapid payment for $9.95–REALLY?! I called to complain and the only thing the rep would tell me was that “future payment options are not available” despite me telling him that the website IN FACT DOES ALLOW IT. He ended up taking a payment over the phone and waived the $9.95 “Rapid fee”. Additionally, I was told I would NOT be charged a “Return Payment Fee”. Five days later (May 6th) I have 2 charges of $25 for returned payments?!? I’ve called to dispute this with a rep but only after 20 min of telling her the same thing about future payment option. She claims it’ll be reversed so we’ll see if they deliver on their promise..Version: 2.16

Bad right now.So this app has an easy to understand interface, it looks clean, and it’s up and running most of the time. The problem is with the policy itself. Why do we have to wait for so long for a single payment to process. I always see the “A payment has been posted to your credit card account” notification, but then the money is never taken from my account until days or sometimes weeks later! It’s confusing and honestly quite irritating. Also the customer support is non existent. If I want a faster payment I have to pay a 8 dollar “service fee” just to talk to a real person. I have no wait to contact anyone whatsoever. The only way I’ve seen is through mail, not email, but through snail mail. Really? Plus I have to pay for postage too! Just for a complaint or to right a wrong in my credit account. I’ve never seen another finance institution only communicate with its clients through snail mail. It’s 2021, come on now guys. You guys need to make it simple to communicate with your clients, and for the love of god do something about the payment wait times..Version: 3.1

AnnoyingBeen with credit one for some years now (3-4) I think. But this is in regards to their app and the transactions you perform. The app, I always have to come back to it later. Every time I try to log in, app is under maintenance, not working, or I get error codes. I basically have to “try again later” when trying to see my transactions and available balance. In all my time with credit one, I’ve always hated their app. I don’t normally write reviews, don’t feel like it’s worth the trouble, but at this point! When you use your card it takes 5-7 days for the transaction to show on your statement. This also includes the update of available credit. Payments take 5-7 business days to process. I did an express payment since I had to get a rental. It took 2 days for the balance to update. When I called and asked why make people pay and say you will update balance immediately if that is not the case, I was told the rental company had my money. And until they refunded me they would update my balance. I hadn’t swiped my card at the car rental place. But according to customer service I had to wait on them. Terrible app service. Terrible customer service. Just all around 2 stars for the company as a whole. I gave 1 for the app. 3-4 years and still waiting for them to get up to date with a decent app..Version: 3.3

Worst people to deal withI wish there was an option for zero stars or even better negative. This joke of a company had an issue with my bank and after talking to my bank and them I had to repeatedly make payments in the same month because some would get returned. Then two months later one of my cards just disappeared from the app. They said the policy is is two payments get returned for any reason, their fault or otherwise they close the account. Didn’t say word one about doing that, didn’t set me up for statements so I would have to just call them every month to pay guessing what the amount was. I got a much better card through my bank transferred the balances and will never try with them again. Keep in mind this happened after I had been a member for a few years. I have had issues with them from day one, the app is not user friendly, you have to sign in to their pc site just to do basic functions, and there are very little perks at all. I recommend even the worst credit applicants struggling to rebuild credit steer very clear for their own safety. There is a reason they have a poor rating on the BBB..Version: 2.17

App and company are ridiculousMy first payment was due on June 7th. I registered my bank account info and made first payment on may 29th. First two attempts the app said there was an error. Third attempt it said “thank you for your payment”. I think everything is handled. June 12th rolls around and I get an email claiming my payment is past due and I’m now being charged a $28 late fee. I checked my bank account and sure enough, payment never posted. I called customer service and they see that I registered my bank info but see no payment transaction. I explained that it took 3 tries to get confirmation and he said it happens sometimes. This isn’t acceptable. I shouldn’t have to struggle to complete a payment only to find out weeks later it didn’t go through. And they don’t have an automatic scheduled payment option, either. All my bills and credit cards are set to auto pay so I don’t have to worry about due dates. I should have known better than to get a CC through some “off brand” company. I will be paying this card balance off and closing the account immediately..Version: 3.1

Credit card/ customer serviceI can honestly tell anyone that goes to this bank to DO NOT! I have had this credit card for less than a year, I used it for school emergency. I paid $75 the annual fee! Crazy! This month I got told my payment was “late” when I clearly made it March 21st 2019 as the voice said on the phone. Then they said they had to refund it to my bank because the routing was different when it was the same routing and account number. I never got the payment of the “refund” money back in my bank. Secondly, they charged me over 100 of interest and daily it was increasing. I can honestly say they are the worse company you can rely on a credit card. They’re late fee for something that I clearly never gave a late payment was 27 and the interest was crazy. I had to pay the whole amount owe to avoid any problems. Their customer service is the worse. The man was literally yelling at me for arguing about my statement rising over the roof without using my credit card. So DO NOT get this card it will eat you alive. If you want a better bank go to chase, discover, or capital one they are the best..Version: 2.14

The apt is limitedUnlike my American Express card. This credit one apt is limited and is not on the same level as other credit card apt’s. First of all it will not show notifications on my lock screen and it is a option in my settings! Second of all if I wanted to contact customer service through my apt I can’t do that.. but my Discover apt can! So what’s the problem with creditone? Third of all their need to be a complete history of your payments on one did and it needs to indicate when something is being taken out or the credit card is being used! It want even make a sound! Yes i set up notifications in the notification section! It still don’t work?! The transaction details should notify you whenever theirs a transaction or transfer immediately! But it don’t? Why don’t y’all check check out the Discover card apt and All it’s features? Get some pointers.. drop the pride! Get up to speed on this thing! After all it your customers that’s frustrated! I’m one!! Do you care?? When a purchase is made their isn’t a notification to inform you that your card has been used.. and the interest rates are too high! It need to be easier to see all of your purchases.. if you want to improve your apt the study the Discover card apt! Its pretty much perfect...Version: 2.11.1

Unbelievably bad serviceI made my payment on time 5/28 but my card was declined numerous times but never able to connect or speak to anyone. Even though you say you have hours you literally just hang up on people. Get my statement, shows payment was made on time, but no available credit, clearly a mistake on your part but again communication with anyone is not possible. No phone, can’t get logged in on the computer...your bots are totally a one way deal. You can’t even communicate with the bots so I was forced to set up an app on my phone and lo and behold, all of a sudden it turns out that I do have over 500 available credit. Golly, gee whillakers...I wonder if anyone will apologize for the embarrassment I’ve endured. I’ve been trying to straighten this out since 3/28 with multiple denials. I’m 66 years old and I don’t do business on phone apps, I certainly don’t pay my bills on them. It is clear to me after trying to navigate your system for weeks that’s the only way you want to do business. I’m not sure that’s acceptable. I went ahead and paid my balance off. It’s kind of irrelevant, a card that you’re a good customer but you can’t use when things are really tough...well, what’s the point. But the issue is not being able to address it and get it fixed. That’s a problem..Version: 2.28

Made too many payments?I was unable to process a payment on the app or website - I figured maybe it was an issue related to shortened manpower due to the world pandemic. No, the customer service agent said I made too many payments in a billing cycle and I would have to wait til the next cycle before they could let me pay it again. I filled up my gas tank, and paid it off as soon as the charge cleared...I bought a couple other things and followed the same process- I paid it off. I swiped the card a 4th time this month, and the “make a payment” box was greyed out. When they told me I would have to wait to make a payment, I lost it. What kind of business model suggests that - if a customer wants to make a payment, don’t accept it... wait for the money...? I know you want interest to accrue, but seriously?! I’ve never had a credit card company tell me they won’t accept a payment. I’m going to pay this off and be done with it. I’ve never been so frustrated with a credit card before. I wanted another revolving line on my credit file, but this is ridiculous. I’m not going to deal with a debt company who refuses to accept payments..Version: 2.29.1

Can I just make a payment?Okay I’m going to try to explain the problems I have with Credit One. Maybe I’m just an idiot but I’ll try to explain it the best I can. So I have an annual or monthly fee whether I use the credit card or not. That’s fine. I get it. When the fee debits from my available credit, I pay it immediately. I have it set up where I receive an email alert as soon as the fee is posted to my account. The payment is usually debited from checking account pretty quickly so all is good right. No, no, Credit One still reports that I have a balance to the credit bureaus even though my balance was paid in full immediately. This really pisses me off. Now, Credit One is making me verify my checking account every time I go to make a payment. It takes 3-5 business days before my account is verified before I can make a payment. They will not allow me to use an alternate payment method until my checking account is verified. Keep in mind, I’ve already verified my checking account and I use said account to make multiple payments. What a freaking joke. This company is a set up from the start and they will burn you every chance they get. I highly recommend you do not use this company. They are a scam. Thank you for your time..Version: 2.40

Small deposit verificationI use the credit one app on my phone to take care of payments, looking at statements etc... recently credit one send out a bank verification confirmation that wanted me to input the small deposits that were deposited into my personal bank account, which is another security point, that’s fine, here’s the issue. I have 2 cards with C-one, so there were 4 deposits made to my account. When I “guessed” on the deposits made and entered the amount it said the amounts were incorrect and I had to try back in 24 hours- because I had 4 deposits to choose from I was never able to enter the correct amount, a payment was due and again I was unable to make my payment because of the small deposit verification was never completed. Nonetheless I had to call in and make my payment, I was on hold for 10 minutes before a rep being able to finally post a payment- I was still charged a late fee and a $5 over the phone payment fee, the rep said he would not refund the $25 late fee because I didn’t make the payment in time, well I couldn’t make the payment in time because the app was not allowing me too because of the added security issue of verifying the small deposits. I think that that added security is absolutely unnecessary especially if you have multiple cards- change the system in the app please!.Version: 2.9

Lied toMy name is KevinLast month I’ve been a cardinal member for three months and they told me that I needed a bank on file and they told me that my debit card would work on file and I would not need to pay the four fee. I told them that it was recorded and that they needed to listen to the recording that I was lied to but they didn’t care that I was lied to Bj’s kept throwing it in my face but that wasn’t the rules I didn’t care that I was lied to by an employee they just kept saying I needed a check on file. That’s not a problem to get a check on file just let me know how I need to get a check on file the problem is is I was lied to by one of your employees. And what are you going to do about it I want you to listen to it and I want to know what you’re gonna do to the employee for lying to me and I want …to know what you’re gonna do about it and what you’re gonna do for me for that employee lying to me a customer. The manager did not care one bit that I was lied to she did not care one bit capital one does not care about the people they service at all I have read all of these complaints about capital one and they Do not care about the people they service I think capital One needs to go bankrupt personally because they are not servicing their people good at all I think everyone that owns a capital one Credit card should rip it up because I don’t recommend you own one thank you Kevin😎✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏃🏿🏃🏿✝️😎😎🇺🇸🇺🇸.Version: 22.05.0

Decent for starter card, app is basicI got this card 5 years ago to rebuild my credit after a charge off when no one else would give me credit, and for that I am forever grateful. I understand the risk involved on their side, so fees and high interest rates are necessary. But the interest rate did drop 10% over the last few years as my credit worthiness improved bringing it in line with my capital one card. I just wish that as your score improved they would change other factors such as removing the annual fee and the fee to make a payment. These are why I don’t really use the card much. And if it wouldn’t negatively impact my score I would’ve cancelled it. The app is pretty basic. It gets the job done. I love my free credit score. But I don’t like the way it lists the transactions. It should show like a bank account does: transaction -/+$xx, then resulting balance $xx. But it’s nice and easy to make a payment. That’s they whole reason I got the app. I got tired of paying $10 for every payment. I really don’t like that there is no auto pay option. This is the only bill I have not set up on auto pay and as a result have been late a few times because I don’t get any notifications and all my other bills are paid automatically. I don’t think about it until it’s too late sometimes. I seriously don’t like that because it negatively impacts my score..Version: 2.29.1

What a joke! BEWARE This app literally does nothing!I’m very grateful this company took a chance on me and helped me on the path to rebuild my credit.. However with that being said the App never works. Literally every time I try to login there’s a different problem first they were doing site maintenance, now its “unable to process right now try again later” then it sends you to their automated chat which is a circle of hell you can never get an actual live person to chat with, it’s just another useless circle of automated unhelpful crap! Another MAJOR ISSUE is the way they list transactions and post payments they do it in such a way as to really make it extremely behind/slow to post confusing and hard to maintain the account properly.. It’s not current it’s very outdated and takes forever to reflect payments. I just wonder if they do this so that they can charge more interest ... Im really starting to wish I never got this card! Seems like they are doing everything they can to try and prevent us from making payments!!! Just BEWARE **app developer response was kind and professional therefor I updated my review by one star. Will update again if/when issues are resolved..Version: 2.33

I do not recommendThis card is deceiving. If you call the number on the back of the card it immediately sends you to a survey and unless you hang up you can’t refuse to complete. I had to look a different number up online and when I finally was able to speak to someone, unfortunately , we had a lot of trouble understanding each other. When I told the lady I wished to cancel this card because I decided I did not want it she told me there would be reoccurring charges if I did. I asked her to explain to me how it would be possible for them to charge me monthly for a card I only possessed for three days and never activated. She said because I am canceling the card and all she could do is void the $75 annual fee I owed them. If this makes no sense to you reading this then you understand how I feel. I still don’t understand what happened and to be on the safe side I kept myself logged into their app and I check it every single day making sure nothing is being charged to my supposed to be closed account. I’m so worried this card is going to ruin my credit. I wish I had never applied. The $75 balance for the annual fee final came off so I am hoping I get out of this without any problems..Version: 2.32

Please fix bugsThe app WAS working fine when I originally got my two credit cards last year. Some time after that they completely redid the app. I now get kicked off and have to log back in CONSTANTLY. Literally every time I log in. I had a payment due on Friday and became so tired of it kicking me out (5 times. 5 times the app kicked me off “due to inactivity” while trying to make this payment) went online, website told me it was down. Of course my frustration led to me saying “eff it” and today I got an email reminding me I now have two past due payments. It only kicked me off 4 times this time before I was able to complete my payment, but considering how hard I have been working on my credit score this past two years I am so not ok with this. I have canceled my cards because of the app and website issues. I DO pay my bills on time. I WANT to be able to pay my bills on time. I should be ABLE to do that in 2021 without having to call customer service or send in a check. Everything else with the card was great. And would reconsider credit one down the road when they fix these bugs..Version: 3.2

Bad!!Let me say this yes i was happy someone gave me a second chance after my bankruptcy. But this company is soo wrong for what they do to people! I was one day late, my due date was yesterday tuesday, i got paid today which is wednesday they literally charged me a late fee of 39$ for one day! Thats ridiculous!! Very uncalled for i havent decided yet if im going to keep this card because of that and not only because of that i had covid in january and my job did not pay me for the 2 weeks i was out so i fell behind on payments they do nothing to help me all they did was give me a headache calling me atleast 8-10 times a day and on weekends even after i spoke with a customer service agent!! Not only this but i recently paid the minimum due when i fell behind it was 69$ i bought my account current a few days after doing so i get a phone call from customer service saying i owed 69$ and i told her why is she calling me i already paid that and my next payment isnt til march 1st then the women on the phone changed what she was saying and said oh im calling to get the payment of 21$ thats due on march 1st mind you i recieved this phone call 5 days prior to it being due, i then asked the women doesnt she see in her comments or note box for my account that it was paid and she didnt say anything ! So to me that tells me there is no communication being done on accounts and with employees!! Smh if you can stay away id stay away from this company!!.Version: 3.22.2

Worst credit card by AMXI’ve had this card for 10 months now and I still have issues with this card. The customer service is awful, lacking empathy if you need help, and uncaring responses to not be concerned with your needs. Charging fees if you have a problem that would be free by a reputable company. Charging a 15 dollar fee if you lost your card and have to right a letter to dispute a transaction, and then it takes 60 days to get a response from them, and if you wait 90 days the charge is final and can’t be challenged if you didn’t approve it. Having a issue is life, and this card is only for the bank. Be careful if you decide to get this card. Declining all the time and have 90 percent of my credit balance available to use, merchants take amx and have to call and see why? They redirected you to the app and chat with a robot only to talk about 9 topics and nothing related to getting help. Make 3 payments a month and you have to provide additional information on the bank sources and taking 3-7 days to post a payment. Get your 1 percent as a incentive and it automatically gets deposited in your account the next paid month but they keep the tally of it for 12 months. Very misleading and confusing. Definitely skip or bypass this credit card. It will happen to you. good luck and hopefully you won’t apply for this card. I’m paying it off and closing it out. Negative five stars.Version: 22.05.0

Refuse to close account and still charging feesI had this card for a couple of years and no longer used it. During this time I never had a late payment and frequently paid the balance in full each month. They charge a fee monthly whether you use the card or not so I decided to cancel it. I called on March 25 to cancel it. I was told it was canceled and there was no balance. I received a statement with the monthly fee on it due this month even though I had canceled it with a zero balance and immediately called them when I saw it. My account was never closed and when I called to see why they just continued to repetitively try to get me to keep the card saying they would wave the monthly fee for 6 months but then they would start again after that. I repeatedly told them I no longer want this account. He finally canceled the account and assured me they would take care of the fee. The account is finally closed but still showing I owe the fee that never should have been charged to begin with. I will never use this bank again..Version: 3.22.4

Worst Credit Card Company Worst Bank to work withHonestly, this bank is nothing but a scam. This is not a real credit card, the people that answer the phone are people in another country over a 20hr plane ride away stealing all your information when ever you call in. This company WILL shut your card off if you use it responsibly and don’t let is acquire interest. If you are not acquiring fee’s your card will be shut off for most of the month for a fake reason they come up with. In the worst situations after going shopping or traveling, during the holiday, this trashy company decided to shut off my card after making a $300 payment and paying off the balance. For this, they claim they need to make sure they got the payment, but the money came out of my account 4 weeks ago. If you’re looking for your first card, or something to build credit. Go to your local bank and open a secured card. This card is not worth the fee’s plus you can so seldomly use it with the trash service they provide. Run and do not fall for credit karma’s guaranteed approval. This credit company is trash.Version: 22.12.0

Nothing "express" about express pay!Express pay rarely works on the app, and I have to go to the website to make my payment. There have been so many times that I have literally had to message repeatedly to the agent that's supposed to be helping me, saying hello?... a few minutes go by.. hello?? When they finally come back and ask for the last four digits of my Social Security number, then I have to wait again! I don't know if your agents are trying to multitask and biting off more than they can chew? But I'm really sick of paying you $4.95 to make an express payment when I am sitting and waiting on responses from customer service to be able to make said payment! Sometimes people actually are in a hurry, and I find it very bad business practice to make people pay for something that is literally inconveniencing them. Your customer service really needs an overhaul. And so does your app! I love the card, and I love the ease of use and you've never giving me a hard time about my credit limit. But your quality of customer service leaves much to be desired, as does your app..Version: 3.22.4

Stay away from this cc company if you have optionsThis company will make sure your credit stays where you need them they have cause every problem I’ve ever had on my credit report due to there negligence and tactics... every time your credit rating is rising to where other cc companies are sending you offers this company always has some issue that brings you right back down to high 600 credit score. Anyone else experiencing these same issues with them? 3 times I’ve had losses on my credit score I have 4 cards and this one has always been the issue. Credit one canceled autopay (without notification) and caused me the one and only late charge in my credit report even though they waved it on there end because it was my first late ever. There account is reported as closed on my credit report and that they say has to be fixed between me and the credit bureau. I’ve reported it to credit bureau and they say there isn’t anything further they can do. Now I get a check from them that says it extends my credit line $250 I deposit this check and all of a sudden there is a $250 cash charge on my card plus the $20 they charged for the check. This company doesn’t seem to care that they are destroying your credit there goal is to keep your credit screwed up enough so that you need there card long term and you don’t move on to better companies with better apr and services..Version: 2.15

DO NOT OPEN ACCOUNT WITH THESE PEOPLEApp itself is great and easy to use. If we’re to review the app alone, 4ish stars. HOWEVER DO NOT OPEN ACCOUNT WITH THESE PEOPLE. I understand many tempted to open account with them because you’re new to credit cards or want repair credit are willing to try these guys. Let me say there are plenty other banks out there that will do this and not deceive you. You start by paying an Annual fee. After the first year after you pay another Annual fee, now the month immediately after you pay the 3rd year fee, but they do installments each month. If you don’t use this card at all and assume you’re in good condition paying the full year and then nothing after, don’t assume this. They hit you up and don’t even send you any notifications mail or email about this. It’s planned out to be sneaky and they know most their account holders will not use this card after the 2nd year, so they start to charge you the 3rd year fee after the 25th month. Avoid this card. They have terrible customer service, their lines of credit are terrible, and they advertise cash back on stuff, but there is like nothing out there that qualifies as cash back. Again Stay Away and if you don’t believe me, read other negative reviews and you will find others saying this same thing..Version: 2.33

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