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DAZN: Live Sports Streaming app received 69 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about dazn: live sports streaming?

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It worksI’m from Sydney Australia and this app works..Version: 2.4.33

EhhhApp is too laggy. I purchased a subscription to watch a boxing match yesterday, & the app started acting up so much that i wasn’t able to watch the match. Afterwards, i decided to give it another try, so i logged back in and it wanted me to repurchase another subscription, even though it had already charged me the first time! Could be a great app if it didn’t have so many bugs..Version: 2.3.15

👍🏼So far so good.Version: 2.4.33

Boxing ukI am a uk sky user and well enjoy boxing and find it hard to get all the boxing and feel that sky are taking my money but provided the goods a new customer to this service . John uk.Version: 2.4.33

Happy enoughGreat app for boxing good picture just couldn’t link to my tv still 5 stars tho beats paying £20 for box office.Version: 2.4.33

Streaming qualityCan’t complain for the price but every 4 min the quality would drop sooo bad and then straight up to HD, I hope they can fix this.Version: 2.4.33

Great Price, Good Content, App Needs WorkSo, the title says it all. The price is GREAT. Watch 1 good fight and you have gotten what PPV would charge you, but you still have the rest of the year to watch more! Aside from the fight, I haven’t seen much else worth watching. I am still poking around though. Now to the App. Rewinding, restarting, fast forward, even pausing for more that a few minutes... it ALL needs work. Now, maybe other platforms are better. Roku is a bit of a mess. Things seem OK on my apple products, but I want to watch things on my TV and that is Roku. So, the App functionality took an easy 4 star review down to a 3. As content and functionality improve... I can see this getting a 4 or even a 5 star review down the road. All in all - worth it. I was going to cancel after the first month. Now, I am not so sure. Give me another 29 days... today I am on the fence..Version: 2.4.12

Best app for boxingI like DAZN a lot! I have become a bigger boxing fan because of DAZN. I like being able to replay every fights over and over. You never miss a fight because you can watch them anywhere you go on your TV, phone, tablet, computer etc.. or watch it later when you get a chance. They also have a bunch of great fights from the past available. The Netflix of boxing, it’s awesome!.Version: 2.4.10

RelentlessThe future of combat sports live-streaming. Myself, like any Uk boxing fan, welcomes the entrance of DAZN with open arms. The best schedule in boxing and a business model that will greatly benefit the sport. A sport where our best content has been hidden behind expensive pay walls. Viva la DAZN.Version: 2.4.33

FrustratingTried to watch the fights later tonight then live and none of them are read to play ... all I’m getting is catch up is it ready . If I’m forced to watch the fights tomorrow then why am I paying when I an get them free tomorrow . Please fix this issue Also , when I watch the fights late please don’t put a picture of the fights finish or who won on the main link for the fights Defeats the purpose of me clicking on it after seeing who won.Version: 2.3.12

Great value1.99 a month is cheaper than a ppv fight can’t argue with the price. My only problem was how long videos take to play on the tv app even with my tv plugged into the WiFi box and the live event had some buffering. A playback speed option would be nice for fight replays on there, sometimes it all happens so fast and it’s cool to watch it in half or quarter speed.Version: 2.5.1

Great value for moneyBrilliant value for money £1.99 - a library of classic fights and insight documentaries. Looking forward to GGG tonight and Canelo vs Smith tomorrow. Absolutely a bargain considering how much one PPV fight is alone in the UK. Brilliant value for money if it remains £1.99 - well done DAZN..Version: 2.4.33

Cheap DAZN75c/week can’t go wrong.Version: 2.4.30

PoorNot loading.Version: 2.4.35

Constant streaming issuesLive MLB and NFL Network streaming delays constantly..Version: 2.5.0

Canelo vs SaundersExcellent quality picture and great camera angles throughout the fight. Brilliant stream and no buffering. Well worth the monthly subscription fee.Version: 2.5.1

Boxing on DAZN is taking over the world !!Can’t wait for next years schedule. It’s the place to be if you love boxing, so easy to sign up, and can watch it anywhere. I love it.Version: 2.4.30

Thank you DAZNGreat service that I’m sure will only get better.Version: 2.5.1

Dellboy68Unbelievable boxing app if you like boxing like me the best out there 1.50 a month bargain five stars from me 👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 2.4.33

Quality quality qualitySpirts app wise easy sign in & for delivery the best app I’ve used. Would definitely recommend.Version: 2.4.33

Keep good fights coming inAt the moment DAZN is a bargain at £1.99 a month with some great fights. If it stays that way I’ll be a long time subscriber..Version: 2.4.33

Not bad but lots of bufferingSigned up today for the free month & spent the afternoon watching the bellew usyk fight with all the undercard bouts. I do love the idea of 4-6 undercard fights and these all streamed on home WiFi with no issues... the main event was another story, lots of buffering made a great fight a little less enjoyable. Announcers were obviously not in Manchester... why not just use the SkySports guys already there ? All in all it’s got tremendous potential and the soccer available was a nice plus but the constant main event buffering was a turnoff..Version: 2.3.5

Seriously?Ok, so I would consider myself a mild fighting fan. I like to watch mma fights and boxing but I wouldn’t consider myself a huge follower. I do like to watch some of these big fights though. So I downloaded this app thinking you might be able to just pay to watch certain fights or pay for a plan that might let you watch certain fights but no. You either pay 20$ a month or 100$ a year. Outrageous. And you might say well if you’re not a huge fan just watch what’s on tv and shut up. Well that’s the thing some of these I fights I really want to watch aren’t available on regular tv. But really? 100$? No way I’m gonna pay that much to watch maybe the 7 or 8 big fights (that aren’t available anywhere else) a year that I’m gonna watch. Unfortunately with some of these fights I can’t watch them anywhere else. It truly is a shame. I genuinely hope someone starts another company that can compete. Money grabbers..Version: 2.4.11

Good appIt’s a good app watching soccer only one thing that it’s too expensive $19 a month plus tax will be $22.39 like I mean!.Version: 2.4.38

Quality Pre-Fight build up and Boxing CardsThe pre fight build up information is perfect , really allows even the most casual fan to understand the relevance of a fight. Commentary would be the only thing that lets DAZN down , it’s incredibly bias and made for a very awkward watch in the Garcia vs Campbell fight , especially when there describing a completely different fight to what’s happening..Version: 2.4.34

QualityQuality and value for money so far.Version: 2.5.1

Donny777My love love for boxing has gone to a new levels.Version: 2.4.33

Impressed!!After HBO dropped boxing, I was scrabbling to find where I should watch. Live broadcasts seemed to be scattered. I started to figure out that Premier Boxing, Showtime, and Fox Sports (? I think that’s correct) were putting on the shows but there was too much continuity to it. I knew DAZN was kinda there so I held off. I finally ordered the Canelo vs Kovalev fight and wow! I am so impressed with the broadcast and programming. All the commentators were excellent, boxers who spoke about the keys to victory were great, and all interviewers were great. I’m keeping my subscription and will probably buy the year long subscription. Great job, DAZN! Picking up where HBO dropped the ball..Version: 2.4.11

BoxingGets you in the action and doesn’t take advantage of you like ppv sky sports £1.99 a month for the top fights live great coverage great value great service thanks best boxing channel by a country mile I understand it will go up but for the right reasons and it still be cheaper than any other boxing channel your the new sky sports but better great work great channel great times ahead thanks.Version: 2.5.0

Ridiculous amount of ads between fightsI’ve been watching Bellator for years, and suddenly it’s on DAZN and DAZN has at least 20-25minutes of ads between fights, and ridiculous ads even between rounds. 5 fights took 3.5 hours last night, and only one fight went to decision! I’m extremely disappointed and probably cancelling my subscription. I’ve never seen so much advertising for a paid site..Version: 2.3.4

Can’t watch in non DAZN countries - pointless.I just canceled my subscription because I couldn’t watch in Mexico and the Dominican Republic while on vacation. I wanted to watch the GGG fight in the DR this weekend but DAZN is not available there. What’s the point in having DAZN if it’s not available everywhere. Until it’s widely available or in at least accessed by VPN, do not subscribe. The content isn’t worth the limited access. At least make the big fights PPV so I can at least watch in another country. Dumb..Version: 2.4.2

More content please ishWhen are we going too get access to MLW as a boxing fan I’m really happy with the app I’m jus being greedy and want more thanks keep it up.Version: 2.4.37

QueryIs there any reason as to why the Joshua card is not showing on tomorrow’s schedule ? Dont really wanna pay monthly if i cant watch main events tbh ..Version: 2.4.32

Great valueBeing a boxing fan I’ve only just discovered this app it’s a cheap price but it’s all the boxing News that you get on it very pleased.Version: 2.4.33

Brilliant must have for boxing fans.Can’t believe how much this app nails it. £1.99 a month is basically for free. Easy to use and great content. 10/10 if I could I would give it 11. It’s a KO when I comes to action.Version: 2.4.37

Great job !!If you like to watch boxing, no other apps are needed. Here is the best of everything, a huge archive and live broadcasts, all in very good quality and in an easy-to-use application. Great job, thank you DAZN.Version: 2.4.37

Need more fightsSpecially Women’s fight need to be more and more .Thank you DAZN for showing PPV match at $2.99..Version: 2.4.33

Dazn is a scamI just payed 20 dollars for 1 fight and I can’t even watch it. This app is a complete scam. I signed up to watch the KSI v. Logan Paul 2 fight and it took my money it’s said something went wrong. This is unbelievable when you pay for new app with a 4.7 star review you don’t expect this and now I find out it takes months to get your money back. This has to be joke this app needs to be taken down I hope theirs millions of people pirating this event and Logan Paul and KSI lose millions of dollars now technically it’s not their fault but still. I was a huge Logan Paul fan until now this is a huge joke. I really do hope that dazn gets taken down forever. I mean seriously now I can’t even watch the fight. If I don’t get a response from dazn, my money back, and a free month I will take this to a new level. Dazn I hope you lose all the money you have taken from people and so much more. This is a total scam..Version: 2.4.11

5 out of 5This app is amazing. Thanks for changing the game forever in Canada. No more paying sportnet 20 dollars just to watch one game on sportnet world and just being ripped off. Quality is amazing and I love the preview shows..Version: 2.4.6

ScamThis app is horrible! They took my money and won’t let me sign in, reset password never received link to reset password! Tried calling and emailing company, all they said is to wait for an email in 24 hours, been days and still no response! Then the website said customer service is unavailable. Don’t download this crap app, I rather spend the money per fight being hassle free!.Version: 2.3.16

Event reminders constantly self deleteEvery time I open the event all of the reminders I have set for events have been removed and need to be reset. Happy with the overall app and content providing but this needs fixing ASAP..Version: 2.4.35

Great ConnectionAt first I was worried about streaming over the internet (buffering) but to my surprise we started streaming at 3pm the 1st fight all the way until the last fight and there was no Buffering!! At all. It was just like using cable or satellite. I’m so glad there is a new way of watching these fights. The Pay per view has been out of control for many years and this monthly membership is an awesome alternative to watch Boxing and other sports. Great Job DAZN! And all who made this for the working class..Version: 2.3.7

DAZNTEBEST.Version: 2.4.33

Good app, not enough big fightsIn general the app is great. The only issue is that the big fights are almost never on this platform. Maybe I should have done some more research, but I certainly was under the impression that I would be able to see more of the big fights that I wanted to see using this. I’m sure down the line this will be plenty worth the money when they sign more big names..Version: 2.4.7

Much better than I had expected!I was hesitant to subscribe to another streaming service but DAZN is worth it. If you are a fight fan, you will enjoy seeing the entire card which is not available with paying for the main event. Quality of streaming and camera work is outstanding. Except for not having contracts with every fighter you will not be disappointed.Version: 2.4.11

Joseph parkerHow do o stream live on the app ?.Version: 2.4.35

Garcia fightBrillliant picture quality but such a biased commentary! No prizes for guessing who the caller wanted to win. He got his wish in the end but Garcia got tagged a lot in the first six rounds and will have problems when a stiffer puncher than Campbell hits him on that pretty chin. Chappiejourno.Version: 2.4.33

Impressive!Really easy to sign up. Streamed seamlessly to my TV via Apple TV. Brilliant that I can stream the content on demand, and don’t have to stay up to the early hours to watch live. Absolute bargain at £1.99 p/m. Highly recommended!.Version: 2.4.33

Start from beginningYou guys have my money either way so this doesn’t matter much, but as someone who works late and comes back mid-card it would really be nice to be able to start from the beginning. Even just the option after the event has started. I end up having to join live and then rewind a bunch which is fine but there are always streaming issues. I end up having to close out and start over. Whenever I watch live the stream is fine. Anyways I still think it’s money well spent but maybe look into improving the experience of joining late and trying to watch the whole card..Version: 2.4.14

Overall goodBut Quality of streaming can be improved.Version: 2.4.35

DAZN is on top of things...I’ve been a DAZN subscriber from Day 1. Am a huge boxing fan, watch essentially everything that is on. In comparison to other broadcasts, DAZN is fantastic in that they will show every fight on the card. Their specials leading up to fights, etc have come a long way as well. The only item I could pick on is their broadcast team for boxing telecast. They have the heavyweight here in Brian Kenny, who has always been spectacular. However, I do feel DAZN needs to surround him w/ comparable talent. But aside from this, DAZN is top notch & you can easily tell they have dumped a ton of resources into their app, as well as their content. I would recommend this to anybody..Version: 2.4.13

Loving the European Football CoverageLots of live matches across many leagues. Occasional streaming issues but not as serious as some reviewers had indicated. Very happy with this app which I would get only for European football but many other sports are covered as well. Helping me get through COVID lockdowns!.Version: 2.4.38

DeplorableClearly, having paid money for a live stream that has more “loading freezes” than a Lifetime Movie’s commercials was a consumer mistake. As a viewer this completely changes the perception of the actual fight. The idea of a sports medium should be to bring an accurate depiction of a sporting event. At the least, the live streaming loading process of Dazn gives us viewers a false perception of actual events. This got a one star rating due to the fact I couldn’t chose zero stars and leave a comment..Version: 2.3.7

Would be better if it would not buffer so much in the middle of the fights.I like the app a lot just gets frustrating when your watching the fights and the app is buffering a lot and then some times says there’s an error. I know it’s not my internet because it happens all the time on my phone and other devices as well. Will like this to be fixed if this is happening to anyone else please and thanks a lot ..Version: 2.3.11

New to DAZNHad great difficulty getting onto DAZN now have it on main computer and I phone I think/hope can’t get Ito on tv though probably my own computer inefficiency ,did not stay up to watch saw reruns of GGG and Canelo fights very good.Version: 2.4.33

Best app on my phone.As a boxing fan with PPV fights, it’s always tough to justify paying for every single one. This APP is the answer to every boxing fan! Next step is to take over every PPV fighter and put it all on DAZN. Keen to see this happen..Version: 2.4.37

DAZNHow do you get DAZN to work on smart tv I’ve downloaded the app but says not available in this country I also have express vpn.Version: 2.5.1

Not enough contentLove that they are getting fighters to sign up to fight on this platform. I just wish there were more fights on it. With the huge number of fights happening around the world that never get aired, it would be awesome if DAZN would start showing us some of the talent that only the hardcore fans usually see. Or if nothing else, throw us some of the tomato can fights that can be picked up for pennies. USA Network used to do that and made heroes out of a few of them like Jimmy Thunder. DAZN needs more if they are going to keep getting my money..Version: 2.3.8

Best App Ever!!!Best app ever. Me and my family have always been super boxing fans and we knew that with every great fight came a great price to pay (PPV). This app is amazing, the price is completely reasonable and i can go confidently knowing that i will be able to watch the next super fight with just the opening of the app. Definitely recommend. P.S - You will feel like you are cheating the system or paying an illegal website to be able to watch these great fights so cheap!!.Version: 2.4.13

GREAT APP, HUGE POTENTIALPersonally I had no issues at all with the streaming service. I watched a fight and had no buffering issues. Its also really simple and easy to understand. For those who had any little problems with the app, it was probably due to the huge amounts of people signing up last minute so please give the app another chance and don’t feel disappointed with it. It’s a new streaming service that is supposed to stream the biggest boxing events in the future for good prices so lets keep supporting them and appreciate them..Version: 2.3.15

Canelo v Saunders Sign UpSigned up to DAZN for the big fight , great price very affordable and excellent stream not once did I get any buffering and picture quality was first class..Version: 2.5.1

How the hell?What a great channel for boxing fans. You can tell it’s created by people who know what fight fans want. I’m surprised I’m paying so little (£1.99 a month). Sure that can’t be for long?! Great work..Version: 2.4.33

Tubby ThomsonI was looking for the Liam Williams fight on Saturday so I downloaded the app which was very quick and easy and I was streaming the fight live minutes later. It’s very reasonably priced and great value for money 😃.Version: 2.4.38

It’s not working properlyIt’s not working properly.Version: 2.5.1

Why it’s not a 5 star appThe app is legit, the only reason I’m not giving it a 5 is because if you search any fighter, it comes up with not results. I’ve made that recommendation to them when they reached out, but the update didn’t change anything. The streaming is great no issues, the short videos are awesome as well. But again, if you search a certain fight between to fighters you’ll come up with no results. You literally have to look for the fight in the app which is time consuming..Version: 2.4.4

Down underGlad we have access! Fantastic.Version: 2.4.36

Great appMy mate wouldn’t transfer me a quid now I won’t let zan dazn. Class app highly recommend.Version: 2.4.33

Great butJust need a search bar.Version: 2.4.35

£1.99 per month!!Seriously, is there a better bargain for boxing fans?.Version: 2.4.33

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