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DAZN: Stream Live Sports App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

DAZN: Stream Live Sports app received 116 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using DAZN: Stream Live Sports? Can you share your negative thoughts about dazn: stream live sports?

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DAZN: Stream Live Sports for Negative User Reviews

Good content, menu needs to be more user friendly.I love boxing. I love the idea of streaming all this content. This particular incident turned me away from it: On the PS4, your app automatically plays live events when you launch the app. I had planned to watch this particular event and was looking forward to it and of course since you all have it programmed to automatically play, it just so happens the fight was over and I saw the results as the app launched. I didn’t have the option of choosing whether to play that event or not. Maybe take lessons from the ESPN app. For example if I am logging in the night of a fight, it has the event and has the “live” caption on that event, however it doesn’t automatically play that event. You all need to stop that automatic play period, or at least program the option to turn that ish off. Other streaming services have auto play, however have options to turn it on or off. Pretty disappointed in this as I’ve been looking forward to this fight to launch the app and have it automatically play to see the post fight interview. I didn’t have time to get on and watch the fight on time, which is why the idea of streaming is there to watch it whenever as long as I am paying for the service. Well, I ended my subscription because of this..Version: 2.4.33

Not the bestFreezes , stops etc.Version: 2.4.33

Frustrating experienceUsing DAZN is a frustrating experience. It will redirect you to the wrong geolocation and prevent you from seeing the content you pay for due to region-locking. Enjoying the NFL one moment? Suddenly Football only seems to show Soccer matches. The App crashes occasionally, but is much better than the website interface. Pray for better competition to drive DAZN to be a better product..Version: 2.5.9

Terrible sign upI tried to sign in multiple times from different emails but every time I put @ in my password it bugs and leaves @ as my only thing in my password. When trying to change it, and putting my email to renew password it wouldn’t send an email. When trying to change it on the DAZN website it said @ wasn’t a password even do keychain said it was my password..Version: 2.4.33

No NHL?No NHL….too bad..Version: 2.5.10

Has potential but needs workGreat value and content but what’s the point when it constantly gets pixelated and cuts whenever there’s live events on.Version: 2.4.33

FRUSTRATED CANADIANI’ve had this app for over a week and have only been able to watch about 15 minutes because of technical errors, poor streaming and the myriad of other obstacles mentioned in other reviews. Netflix, Prime and others work flawlessly. This one is in need of a serious upgrade. I end up watching what I can on utube. Never a problem.. I long for the day when I could watch the NFL in Canada on just the NFL app. I liked that when a game was archived I could watch the full game minus advertisements..even slow motion. Wake up NFL! There is a huge Canadian market you are under serving with your choice of carrier..Version: 2.5.6

Buffering every 2 minsWe have been having this issue on every sport game that replays on the same day.. we are. Rey disappointed! We have DAZN for when we can’t watch live! We have asked for help and not getting help!.Version: 2.4.30

Too bad these guys have the rights to the PL & ULC in CanadaApp stops working in the middle of games. Live games are only 720p what a joke. Today I received a message saying I’m using the service outside the country when I’ve only used it at home. I cannot reach support or the chat through their website or any other source..Version: 2.5.10

Synchronicity issues with Apple???I specifically subscribed to this service so I could watch the last Canelo fight. I purchased through the Apple store. They charged my credit card but I never was able to access the content. Every time I signed in, it recognize me as having an account but wanted me to pay again. I contacted their customer service through a chat. I was told that they have Synchronicity problems with Apple and it would take hours or days until I could access the content. Flat out told me that I would be unable to watch the fight. This is unheard of. When you buy an app you expect to access content immediately. If they have synchronicity issues with Apple they should disclose this to potential customers. They should also disclose that if you buy through Apple you won’t be able to access content immediately. I don’t know if this is all true or just an excuse. Basically, DAZN’s agent put all the blame on Apple. DAZN sold and charged me for a service they never provided. Unlike them, Apple was professional and reimbursed me..Version: 2.4.11

Good live events but needs a better search featureThe access to live boxing is good but the archives are a pain to search through. You should just be able to type in a fighters name to find an event they competed in but often times you have to find the competition page and then the event and then an individual fight. Combat sports are not like nfl, nba or nhl where you can look up the league, team and player easily. Alot of times its hard to remember what the exact competition a fighter competed in was and it would be much easier to search specific fighters..Version: 2.4.6

DisappointingJust the tv feed with commercials. Poor interface. Partial games. Expected way more..Version: 2.4.28

Crooks!!!After cancelling with the 30 day trial rhey are still charging my credit card!! I even chatted with s rep and assured me they were not going to charge me. Liars!!!.Version: 2.4.11

Lack of football coverage in UKI originally purchased DAZN Spain and was impressed by the Premier League coverage when in the country. However, I have been very disappointed by the lack of Premier League coverage in the UK since I purchased DAZN UK. Literally have not been able to watch one PL game, so monthly subscription has been a waste of money..Version: 2.6.5

Took my money before I accepted the terms and agreements.I was trying to log into my account I had once before after my 7 day free trial or month can’t remember. Anyway a screen pops up saying tho accept and payment will be made, or start over, or restore subscription. I backed out of this screen by pushing start over and didn’t want to continue as I didn’t want to pay $10 a month. And about 1 hour later I get a email saying they’ve taken the payment out. My wife then checks the account and sure enough they did. So if this is how they run their business I will not be a customer and will be calling to complain. It’s not the fact of the money only $10. But the fact they charged me after I did not agree to their terms and agreements..Version: 2.3.8

RipoffLogged and entered card details to watch Joshua Pulev. What do you know its not on. A chatbot available to “help” total ripoff. Oh yeah just found out Ive been charged for the past 6 months without having full access!!! Wrote a complaint noone has come back to me yet. My apple subscription was ended 21 Dec since then I found they regularly take payment each month. Trying to open DAZN eg to pay( haha) it shows Im a new user and when I try to pay it comes with an error. DAZN, please get back to me ? Please act professionally like an up and coming supposed serious network and not like a 3rd world anonymous cheating developers!!!.Version: 2.6.6

RubbishBrought the app to watch a live fight and it doesn’t even come up it’s just a waste of money and time don’t fall for it.Version: 2.5.7

DeadZoneI seriously don’t know what happened to the app. I have been loyal to DAZN since almost day 1, when it was made available in the USA. Up until now it worked almost perfectly with only the occasional minor hiccup. But for the last few events it has been dreadful. The live stream freezes constantly, buffers, is out of sync, among other annoying glitches. This last Bellator event it didn’t let me see anything! All I got was a dark screen with the little rotating circle indicating it was buffering. Another annoying issue that has popped up is the casting to my TV (Air-Play, mirroring or direct cable connection Lightning to HDMI). I’m casting the live stream, suddenly my TV goes blank and inexplicably the live stream starts the feed from the very beginning of the show!!! Somehow I manage to get the stream to catch up to the current fight only to see my TV go blank again and go back yet again to the beginning of the show. So it no longer works on my tablet, iPhone or casting on my TV, worthless. Bottom line: unless DAZN developers get their act together and fix this quickly, I will not be renewing my yearly subscription which renews in October..Version: 2.4.23

Worst streaming app everWhat a absolute joke, worst platform there is since the Gallows. Charged me twice just because the felt like it, Times must be hard for Eddie Hearn….. NOT. Proper tights smelly individual. And too top it off the the platform which is made to stream the fight isn’t actually streaming the fight because they want u to pay more money again to watch it on box office. 1 star rating for this absolute monstrosity would give it 0 stars but it wont let me p.s hope Joshua gets folded in half and Eddie Hearn goes bankrupt.Version: 2.5.7

Needs a lot of work on Apple TVWhatever I want to watch rarely ever starts the first time and I just get the spinning wheel, After resetting the app three or four times it will play ok, I do not get this problem on my iPhone, iPad or xbox at all I have tried deleting and installing the app again and reset my router but the issue persists….Poor.Version: 2.5.11

Great service, poor appI have DAZN across a number of platforms, the content is good and streaming is fine. My problem is the lack of information in the app - where are the fight cards? Where can you see past results? Where can you see ring walk timings? This information should be in the app - it does nothing for fighters on the whole card, too much focus on the big stars..Version: 2.6.3

App keeps shutting down and the fights don’t loadApp keeps shutting down and the fights don’t load.Version: 2.5.9

Cancelled due to Buffering issuesTried it out but the constant buffering stop start stop on the Women’s Champions League drove me crazy. Might check back to n a few months to see if it is any better.Version: 2.5.8

BufferingTerrible quality streaming, constantly buffering and freezing. Takes you back to start of fights..Version: 2.5.7

Good idea, dubious executionFirstly, the quality of coverage is fine for the price point. However, the app itself is diminishing my enjoyment. It’s littered with bugs, casting is hit-and-miss and the usability is, at best, poorly considered. For example, when casting the ‘Now Playing’ window is really small and skipping between fights took me back to the days of using a VCR to fast forward and rewind. Except with more buffering. I don’t get the feeling that DAZN have considered the audience who won’t watch live too. For fights in the Americas and Asia Pacific region, they’re naturally not going to be friendly to European time zones. Meaning, there’ll be a bunch of people who will want to watch the next day. While subscriptions are at this price point I’ll persist, but any significant increases and I’ll be cancelling until the UX of the app is on par with other established streaming services..Version: 2.4.37

Hook, Line, SinkerThe introductory price was great, poor content, very limited big fights, no way it’s worth the new price for such a massive base of users, the original price should cover costs, support your OGs the way they supported you!.Version: 2.6.4

Appalling Buffering and Picture Quality but unfortunately no choiceLots of buffering and dropping out, It’s torture but I love my soccer so no other choice. Picture quality is appalling. Soccer hierarchy need to stop chasing money and provide a quality service..Version: 2.4.28

TerribleIn Australia they hardly show anything, most boxing is restricted and not available in AU/ NZ. Utterly pointless.Version: 2.6.3

Ok on Apple, not so much elsewhereI like the content provided and have found the app on Apple devices to work relatively well. However, I find that outside of the Apple environment DAZN many times does not work, or has less than desirable performance. On a Vizio tv the app will run smoothly for about 10 seconds and then only refreshes the video about every two seconds which makes it feel like watching a slide show. Audio works fine, but video does not. On a Roku I have not been able to get DAZN working. On the Apple device itself the video works well; however when trying to stream to a tv the video quality is pretty degraded..Version: 2.5.2

Horrible customer serviceI was very dissatisfied with this app as well as astonished on how terrible the customer service is. Not to mention if you have an issue at all rather it’s being doubled billed, canceling service and just have a issue streaming the only way to contact them is either by text or live chat. There is no phone numbers to call and when you do finally set up time to perform the live chat you get the response that they will get back with you in a few days which takes weeks. It has been almost a month now and I am still trying to get an issue resolved. That’s the horrible part of the customer service end, no for the app itself. The streaming capability is lagging to the point that it freezes up constantly. They claim it streams all boxing matches which is false. I would NOT RECOMMEND this app to my worst enemy..Version: 2.4.0

False advertising for Canadians accountsI got the year subscription for my brother who loves basketball. I just found out Canadians do not get access to NBA which is what DAZN advertised as one of the sport I’d get access to. They won’t give me a refund and now want me to prove this. Worst sports gaming app for Canadians. Waste of close to 200$!!! Don’t sign up!!!.Version: 2.6.0

Bad customer serviceHorrible experience. Had trouble with payment options from the gate, no way to reach DAZN since the purposely conceal the support number so I sent and email. Automated response said 24 to 48 hours, well 120 hours later and still no response. Tried there chat option, takes you in circles with a bot that is not useful. Finally was able to get someone on chat that was not very helpful either. Scripted answers and responses to questions I didn’t even ask. I had to restructure my question a different way several times just to squeeze answer out of them. In the end, I would have issued them zero stars but iTunes doesn’t allow it. So here we are. I’ll cancel the subscription and use someone else. Had me for a year and lost me in 5 days. Doesn't sound like a service I want to be a part of..Version: 2.4.33

Buffer. But not the one you’d expect.Joined DAZN recently and been disappointed with the live boxing streams. Picture not as sharp as it should be, sometimes pixelated, and has buffered at points. We stream Netflix 4K regularly with no issues. With the recent fights we had to keep rewinding to allow the stream to catchup. At point the sound of future rounds played at the same time of the round we were watching. So we actually just had to turn the sound off..Version: 2.4.33

DisappointedFirst fight I’ve had DAZN and very disappointed so far..Version: 2.4.32

JokeBarely worth the $3 a month to stream. If you miss a promotion there’s a 50% chance it’s gone forever.Version: 2.6.2

Decent appWhy did you remove the schedule section???.Version: 2.4.33

Bad loadingJust bought my subscription and the video plays live then skips back 30-45mins can’t fast forward have to close and restart.Version: 2.4.32

Can’t watch live games.We have paid for DAZN but can’t watch anything live. All our phones are connected to WiFi & we have the option of WiFi or Ethernet cable. Neither allow live sports. The game comes on for 20-30 seconds & then goes off. 2 weeks it worked fine and then nada. Impossible to contact anyone too..Version: 2.4.29

Poor video qualityThe video quality is fantastic when watching on a phone or tablet, but nobody wants to watch sports on a small screen. The bigger the better! But on my 60” TV (which is considered entry level now) with a hardwire connection to the internet which has up and down load speed over 300mbps produces a picture that is worse than the old analog TVs of past. My Netflix streams perfectly but DAZN is so poor that I actually get headaches from being dizzy. It skips. It scrambles. It struggles to focus. Many times the lower half is dark on the screen where I have to manipulate the app to have it clear up. And to put icing on the cake, the audio sometimes is ahead of the video! Today I stopped watching a game because I was frustrated hearing about the game before I see it happen. I would never recommend or have anyone over at my house to watch DAZN to save myself the embarrassment. After my paid up year subscription is over, I will not renew until DAZN can get their technology together. They need to learn from Amazon Prime or Netfix on how to produce better quality streaming..Version: 2.5.9

Issues with Audio Sync on Apple TVGenerally the apps have been solid but not hugely intuitive however in recent times I have experienced issues with the audio constantly going out of sync when watching streams on Apple TV. The audio runs 3 to 4 seconds behind video and and I have to keep restarting the stream to resync the audio.Version: 2.5.11

Streaming qualityCan’t complain for the price but every 4 min the quality would drop sooo bad and then straight up to HD, I hope they can fix this.Version: 2.4.33

Won’t play on TVNo live events (champ league, Europa league or Premier league) will play when I connect a HDMI cable to the TV. Customer service is aware this is a issue but seemed apathetic, they offered no timeline to fix it. They have the rights to all soccer in Canada, and honestly premier league deserves better..Version: 2.4.28

RubbishWhat a load of rubbish. I paid for an account. I watch it on my iPad no problem. Now just because I’m in a different country, the app says you can only watch it in the country you created your account. What a load of bollox. I have canceled subscription , won’t ever buy again. Waste of time waste of money.I’m going back to sky. Trash..Version: 2.5.1

Good content - terrible appLive feed stops and audio cuts out..Version: 2.4.33

Good Value but Lacks Prime FightsI bought a month to month subscription ($40/mo) before the Anthony VS Ruiz fight and really enjoyed the features of the app. Unfortunately I’m not the biggest Bellator fan, nor do I have time to watch YouTubers boxing. I kept my subscription in hopes of me being able to see big fights in the future as it would pay for itself in the long run. But I quickly learned that DAZN doesn’t have the rights to stream the big matches. So unless you’re ok with streaming 1 maybe 2 big boxing matches per year, with YouTubers sprinkled in between, the membership isn’t worth more than $12/mo..Version: 2.4.15

This app needs to be betterThere are some massive issues with this app. First let me start by saying that this app is the only legal way to watch European soccer in Canada, so I’m stuck using it. That being said, there are major issues with playback, it takes insanely long to load if I’m scrubbing through there video even 150 mbps fibre internet. Secondly, it freezes and crashes quite often and third, why are there adds? I pay 150 a year so I can use this app I should not see any adds. Netflix doesn’t show adds, why does DAZN do so. If you’re going to show adds, I want it to be free like YouTube is. Mind you, YouTube actually runs well unlike this app..Version: 2.4.21

Playback IssuesWhen I heard that DAZN was coming to Australia I was pumped. The price is incredibly low for what you're paying for which is amazing. The problem is that the app has terrible playback issues and neither does it have a 'continue watching' or 'recently watched' function. This makes it very hard to continue watching recent documentaries I have seen..Version: 2.5.8

Good but freezes a lot so you end up missing plays. NFL network is unwatchableI like the app and all of the NFL football it has however it freezes every few minutes which kind of sucks. It always seems to freeze mid play. As I’ve been writing this review it has frozen 4 times. This review started as a 3 but as it kept freezing I took more stars off. I thought there would be more college football games than there are. Still if there is no other way for you to watch football you have to do what you have to do..Version: 2.5.9

Great concept but buffering issuesWatched canelo/fielding. I got the service since HBO is done. As the main event got closer buffering got worse probably cause people signing in at the last minute. I don't have buffering issues with Netflix/YouTube/Hulu/etc. I was very annoyed by the weird camera getting zoomed in at the ring if the first bell for the main event. I dealt with the buffering but that needs to be worked on if expecting people to keep the service. If it was a more competitive fight I would be even more upset having to wait for the stream to catch up..Version: 2.3.7

WOW!!!!!!App crashes,Freezing and overall stability problems it Seems like the two companies Apple & DAZN failed to come together to make sure the apps performance was up to par to handle the massive amount of users tuning in to watch one of the biggest Boxing match in history which I was unable to watch most of and parts that I was able to watch seemed to be in the resolution of two giant pixels stuttering around a screen and after reset and internet testing rinse and repeat to the point where I wanted to Box someone my darn self because of rage I’ve been looking forward to the KSI vs Logan Paul fight for over a year and I missed that enjoyable experience other than about maybe 30 seconds of round 6 which I had to watch via FaceTime on iPad from a good friend of mine who’s DAZN app was almost 4K quality compared to the Nintendo 64 graphics I was trying to desperately watch with boiling anger PLEASE FIX AND PREPARE FOR FUTURE EVENTS OF THAT MAGNITUDE TO HANDLE DEMAND OR GIVE ALTERNATIVE!!! Thank You.Version: 2.4.11

Appalling disgusting app and customer service.!!!So I asked for a refund as I was genuinely mis-led. I got told I would be getting refund. A few hours later I get an email saying they have cancelled my account and would not be taking any further payments. I mean how good of them 🙄 now they have blocked my email address and blocked me from live chat. All because I asked for a refund which I am perfectly entitled to as I cancelled my account on the same day I created my account with dazn. Please stay away from this app, there is so much better streaming services out there. I will not be letting this go, I will take legal action if required.!!.Version: 2.5.11

No bandwidth and buffersContinually buffering and stopping, they have issues to sort out..Version: 2.4.32

Sundays just went from great to garbageThis is the worst for Canadians, the picture is not good and it keeps buffering. It sucks how it's not compatible with basically anything. Wouldn't pay money for this..Version: 2.0.7

CrapI have an account and have used it but tonight I want to watch a top flight night and all I can get is a message telling me I can’t get it in my country and can only get it in the country I registered my account. I was born in the UK and have lived here all my 68 years. I bet they will try and take my updated subscription!! Rip off and I will be telling my friend Tyson Fury.Version: 2.5.7

Upgrade Customer ServiceI was trying to watch the fight but I have no cable. I herd of this app and thought I’d give it a shot. I subscribed and paid the $20 with Apple Pay assuming I had just got an awesome deal being that PPV runs about $80. I go back to the app to check it out and I don’t even have access to the subscription.! There is no way to get a hold of customer service except for emailing them. Of course, they don’t reply to the emails. Felt like a scam to me.. I ended up having to just subscribe to ESPN and pay for the PPV in order to watch this fight. Apple Pay has great customer service and promised me a refund and I hope they do something about this app. Thanks for reading and beware!.Version: 2.4.11

Resetting back to older contentThe app intermittently reset to a feed that’s about 30 mins old.Version: 2.4.32

Good Content Horrible Service and Tech IssuesThe range of content available is good but the streaming service is appalling. Frequent buffering, wrong game , absolutely horrible if trying to scrub the timeline to advance or replay sections, unable to start at the beginning of a game in progress so must attempt to scrub back on the timeline which either does not work or causes a stall. Despite a couple of updates the streaming is still poor. I have cancelled, the frustrations are not worth the cost particularly now that they have ads..Version: 2.5.1

Payed and received no service !!!!!!I payed the 20$ subscription the day of the canelo fight . To this day I have not received my subscription . It’s unbelievable I pay for an app I can’t use . Worst part is they charged me and missed the canelo fight. I talked to 4 customer service agents and none were able to help out. I sent and waited a week for them to respond to my emails but nothing has been sent by them . I submitted a refund request but they have not done anything to fix my issue . This is the last time I use this service , it’s pathetic I feel like they are ignoring me and this is the only way they will look at my problem . I have canceled my auto renew and hope none of this happens to any new subscribers..Version: 2.4.11

DAZN on TVNot great on my TV lately. It has been freezing. I had to stop watching the boxing match this past weekend! I have no issues with Netflix or Prime….don’t believe WIFI is an issue..Version: 2.5.10

Shocking appBought for AJ/Pulev fight. Constantly stops the video, screen goes in to lock mode, you have to keep pressing play then it’s puts you back to round 1. Quality is shocking , choppy video and buffering and this is on a solid internet connection and 4G service. Avoid , waste of money - thankfully only $2.99 as would be fuming.Version: 2.4.32

Unstable During Anthony Joshua fightMostly good picture when it’s not freezing or sending me back 20 minutes in the coverage just as Anthony Joshua about to throw a big punch 😤.Version: 2.4.32

GarbageThe worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. It really does take an extreme level of worthlessness to earn that title. Ignored customers during the ‘no sports’ period of COVID. No refunds, subscription extensions, NOTHING. They 100% were just happy stealing everyone’s $ while offering nothing to watch. They’ll never get another dime from me. I’ll get my soccer fix elsewhere..Version: 2.4.21

Ruining the experienceThis is probably one of the only reviews I’ve ever written but I feel it’s necessary. If it wasn’t for the fact that they had exclusive rights to soccer, I wouldn’t use this and they wouldn’t have customers. Their app lags, signs you out, frequently pauses and now it’s saying I can’t watch it because of my location. Lol I haven’t moved. On top of that there’s ads thrown in even though you’re paying. Their app/platform frequently freezes. It’s no surprise there’s a lot of people all complaining about their experience..Version: 2.5.10

Lots of potential. Not where it should be...yetThe possibilities of an app like this are endless. You’ll get all Canelo Alvarez’s fights for the foreseeable future which makes it worth the price of admission and you’ll enjoy a lot of archival footage of his and other folks great fights, but there should be weekly smaller fights available on the weekends. A lot of boxing’s problems has to do with access to the smaller fights so that fans are educated so that’s where this app can thrive. The production of their shows is lacking as well. That show with the two guys is straight awful. Hopefully they figure that part out. The best is what I hope it becomes. The worst is what it seems to be now..Version: 2.3.8

I will not renew with DAZN😱🤬😡🥵🤯To many commercials So many commercials.Version: 2.6.0

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEYThis is got to be the worst absolute most garbage streaming service ever. I’ve paid to watch NFL and I watch more commercials about DAZN during my game after purchasing the goddamn product. I’ll watch 10 minutes of commercials to two minutes of game. Absolute garbage save your hard-earned money.Version: 2.4.28

The beautiful game never looked so terrible.Pixelated jittery and blurry sums it up. Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible. Oh, and the way the content is organized and presented? Yup, terrible. This feels like an app developed in ‘09 that never got updated. The only thing going for DAZN is that they’ve got a monopoly on the content. Want to watch soccer in Canada? You got no other option..Version: 2.4.27

AbysmalThe owners of this company spent huge sums of money paying boxers and for screening rights to sports before they had ensured a stable and reliable platform on which to show any of it to the customer. Classic tempting people in with low introductory offers in exchange for no credible service and then the kick in the teeth of making unsubscribing difficult, despite saying it’s easy, or taking months/years of subscriptions ahead of time and refusing refunds..Version: 2.4.33

Horrible AppAbsolutely shocking app. Hoping that a proper TV station gets the rights in Canada again next year and not these cowboys. Major issue is that for the past two weeks you are suddenly not able to airplay to Apple TV for any live football - everything else works fine so it seems sketchy to me, almost like a licensing issue. A bunch of other niggles with the app but this is uppermost for me and lots of others. You pay the company that has the monopoly for EPL football in Canada and are forced to watch on an iPad or iPhone. They say it is a known issue but do nothing about it..Version: 2.4.28

Very pricey for such little contentWhen the app first come out in the UK and was just £3 a month I was happy to keep it as there was at least one boxing event on every month. However since increasing the price to £7.99 there hasn’t been anymore content added and there isn’t any other sports shown on the app that are of interest. In the January just gone there was zero boxing shows on Dazn, which is quite frustrating considering you’re paying £7.99 a month and not getting anything from it for that month. So for me they need to add more sports to the app or otherwise I’ll be cancelling and especially with the Dazn ppv coming in soon. Who remembers Dazn initially saying ‘PPV is dead’?.Version: 2.6.1

Please do something about the error messagesI can’t access Subscription settings, been trying for days, the same error message comes up with the information that you are working on the fix, contacting support is painful as well, with other error messages coming up. Great content and value for money, but getting continuously the same error message when accessing subscription options is a terrible user experience..Version: 2.5.7

Crashing crashingFor more than 2 weeks now this app just keeps crashing g and disconnecting from my casting… so tired of it..Version: 2.5.10

Top 5 worst Apps everThe NFL selling the Canadian rights to a company that constantly buffers and lags is a joke. This app is awful and the worst part there are no other options. The NFL will lose a lot of support north of the border because of this mess..Version: 2.0.7

No volume controlVery disappointed to see there is no volume control when casting to Chromecast. It is so quite even with the TV volume up and no option to increase the volume through the app unlike other apps. At £8pm I would really expect the app to be better!!.Version: 2.5.10

I would give it zero stars but one is the minimumI’ve been with DAZN for three years now. The service is getting worse by the week Highlights and even replays are not available for 12 to 24 hours in some cases across all platforms Once my subscription is up, I’m done, better apps out there for less or even free to follow UEFA CL and EPL.Version: 2.6.0

Netflix 4K near flawless - DAZN 720p flawed.Apparent frame drops and what appears to be compression related artifact-ing. The price and portability is great though, still good value but much room for improvement. Fingers crossed!.Version: 2.3.7

No option to stop auto video playReally like DAZN but the app is just spoiling it . constant bugs but it desperately needs the function to stop auto video play , it’s so so annoying when you just want to browse around and and the video just starts, apologies if there is that option but I can’t find it , please make it available or I’ll not be using the app.Version: 2.5.10

Isn’t really worth itIf you like poor quality and even poor customer service this is the product for you. Tv app doesn’t recognize my paid account. Airplay quality is terrible..Version: 2.5.9

Horrible do not recommend total disappointment!I got this app to watch a fight they charged me THREE times saying to retry for payment till I realized it charged me every time I clicked retry. On top of that STILL DID NOT WORK! I did this a Saturday (keep in mind I was not even able to access the account) then on Monday I was able to get it cancelled & was told I would get a refund ,still haven’t received anything & also now I cannot access the account or get a hold of them without signing in with an account. Not to mention they don’t even have a number to contact the live chat & with email you need to be signed in. Wouldn’t even give it a one star! I hope they get a hold of me with this review!.Version: 2.5.1

Great content, awful appThe content on DAZN is great but as many others have noted there are constant buffering and connectivity issues when attempting to stream. Very few minutes the connection drops and you have to restart the stream, or the picture quality becomes unwatchable, or the app needs to buffer. It makes the app basically useless..Version: 2.5.9

DoasappointedJust signed up to DAZN for the Canelo/ Saunders fight, I’ve got excellent wifi and have never had a buffering issue until tonight. Three times during the fight including the end, it went off for the third time in round 8 and by the time it sorted itself Canelo was being announced as the winner.... cancelling subscription and won’t be watching on this platform again..Version: 2.5.1

TERRIBLEI’ve been a customer of DAZN for quite some time and while it’s crappy streaming it is cheap so I stayed. However I am trying to watch Gabriel rosado vs Jaime munguia tonight so I decided to buy a monthly subscription. I used my bank card through Apple Pay and it took my money but won’t let me view literally anything I can’t even get past the screen where it makes you pay. Now when I hit pay again it says my subscription won’t start until next month because I already have one? But when I talk to DAZN live chat they say my account hasn’t been active for over a year and told me to take it up with Apple which I did and they confirmed the payment was made. I’m honestly confused but DAZN customer service made literally no effort to let me gain access to my account so I got robbed by a millionaire company for $20 but I am taking it on the chin and i simply will not use DAZN again.Version: 2.5.9

PS4 App Is A JokeDAZN has great content but considering that I use it mostly on PS4, it’s complete crap. For the first few years it was ok - a second rate video player, but at least it worked consistently. In the last many months or year though the PS4 app is a joke. It regularly fails to load at the point in a stream that you want and often when it does you can’t change the time line because it jumps back to the first spot you stopped at, and in live streams it usually won’t go back to live until you select a new stream and then go back to the one you want. And why is that when I go to Start in my PS4 that the DAZN app is listed twice?! I’ve got Netflix and Prime and YouTube and AppleTV and sportsnet, NHL and TUBI but none of them are listed twice so it tells me that it’s a DAZN issue and not a PS4 issue. What up with that? All I can say is that I hope by the time I get my hands on a PS5 that you’ve got something better than this joke app! And now, it regularly craps out and forces me to log back in - to the point of fury and frustration - that’s why I’m writing this review now! For a property that’s owned by a multi-billionaire you would think you could invest a few more dollars and make it a decent app - one that works the way it’s supposed to! For those of that have to watch on PS4, my sympathies!!.Version: 2.5.10

Still charging meI cancelled my subscription/suspended my subscription weeks before it was due to charge me. I even looked at my subscription management and it said that it was suspended. Two times last week, you guys tried to charge me again. Not having enough money in my account for that, my bank has now charged me $96 worth and not sufficient funds fees. What a disgrace I will never be using this again.Version: 2.5.9

Beware! All is not as it seems…We registered and paid for this in order to watch a football match not on terrestrial tv. What a disappointment as, after paying, we were told football was not available! Been trying ever since to cancel the subscription - all to no avail. Looks like we’re to go on paying for a non-existent service!.Version: 2.5.8

Changes?After loving this app, suddenly I can no longer plug my iPad into my big screen tv to watch the game! Sucks!.Version: 2.4.28

Love the price but hate the buffering etcLove the price but hate the buffering and stopping Please fix. Such good content but can’t stream to chromecast without it stopping. Please fix this..Version: 2.5.7

YeoryiosVery poor software, streaming is terrible. Subscription setup is disgusting, impossible to use without constant lockouts. I have a US and an AU account and can never access services without constantly resetting logins and restoring purchases. Very very frustrating, get your act together guys, sort out your tech..Version: 2.5.11

Garbage, don't get itBought back perfected good leagues like the premier league and champions league and took away halftime and post match analysis. Constantly has glitches on the app. I don't know why you would buy back all these Leagues and make them worse..Version: 2.4.28

Plz do not subscribe if you value your moneyI tried to watch the Canelo fight on Saturday, downloaded the app and subscribe. Never got an email on how to sign in, even tho I was charge for the subscription. Finally I figured out that I needed to restore my purchased using the app and my iTunes account. The issue is it kept giving me an error message. After some research I found out that if you subscribe you won’t be able to have access the app right away and it may take a few days to access the app. DAZN was more than happy to take my money but did not give me access to see the fight. I tried everything to figure out how to fix this with the online customer service but they are useless, they don’t care and take forever to answer your questions. At the end of our conversation they just said contact apple. plz do not waste your time and money. You will end up frustrated and hopeless..Version: 2.4.33

Great appGood app but can’t stream famous fights when you live in nz, literally my only reason for the subscription.Version: 2.5.7

Has stopped streaming to tvThis app used to work but in the last week it refuses to stream to the tv through an HDMI cable, from either iPhone or iPad. And DAZN service is non-existent - there seems to be no support..Version: 2.5.9

Needs updating fastAlways freezes and goes back to the start of whatever I’m watching. Great content if you’re actually able to watch it! If the internet drops out for a second, instead of continuing on from there like every other streaming service it goes back to the start or crashes altogether. This happens on my iPhone SE and Apple TV. Just kinda defeats the purpose! If these issues get sorted it’ll be a 5 star review!.Version: 2.4.37

Can’t watch live gamesWhenever a game is live, the app always prevents me from watching because it always says “game will be available at x time” even when the game has started. So it stops the game from being played and asks to wait for the game to start, Even.though.it’s.already.started.Version: 2.5.11

Keep asking you to sign inWhy does DAZN in the last year keep asking you to sign in. It’s laborious,and we only use a couple of Devices. Can’t go back and forth between games as easily as before Dropped the Italian league this year And the Spanish La Liga last year You get NFL all over.Version: 2.5.9

App is garbage for having to pay monthlyFor having to pay $20 a month or $100 a year this app is absolutely garbage. On days where there is major fights there’s way too much content which convoluted’s experience then when you finally do find your fight there’s minimal information. All I wanna know is when the under cards are and who they are is that asking too much for $100 a year why is it I’m sitting here watching a fight and have no idea what’s going on. How can you design this app that has so much functionality but forget to put the most important information. I don’t care about post fight analysis I don’t care about television shows and clips I don’t care how much of a network you’re trying to make this into all I care about is the fight that I’m paying for and the under cards and you guys are failing on that front.Version: 2.4.37

All of a sudden...All of a sudden the app won’t sync up with my Apple TV. I watched the early Premier League game and now I can’t stream any game..Version: 2.4.27

Useless streamingContent is good! Steaming absolutely terrible buffering 20 minutes at a time from their servers. For the money we pay I cannot recommend this crap company, unfortunately there is no alternative, if there is they will fix the app/servers as they then have competition! Until that time buyer beware!!!! Should not be called live streaming..but buffering! Absolutely Rubbish company and app! Not recommended!!.Version: 2.4.28

Not even worth the $10 I was payingI was thrilled with the idea of paying $10 a month for PPV fights but I was really disappointed with the boxing matches they make. They promised the best matches and the best one we got was Andy Ruiz vs AJ and that’s because they were trying to make the easy matches for the big names like they always do but Andy surprised everyone. They keep making stupid matches with Canelo to make us think that we are watching the best but really?!? Real boxing fans know that for the best boxing fights both fighters have to be on their prime. I would pay HBO PPV again if they had it instead of wasting my money with fights that make no sense. I canceled my subscription and not going back..Version: 2.4.21

CommercialsYou would think that paying a Premium for the DAZN app would enable premium features and uninterrupted viewing. Now we are forced to watch ads for 3 min highlights. We are Also forced to sign in and out all the time when changing devices which is a huge pain. If there was another way to get EPL and Champions league I would change. Compared to other streaming apps DAZN is second rate.Version: 2.5.11

Poor customer serviceOnly way to get in contact with them is live chat. They charged me twice last month and they charged me again for this month even though I had it cancelled with Apple customer service. Apparently it was an Apple issue that they had. At least they can speak to you and understand the issue and refund you back ....unfortunately with DAZN is thru live chat and no phone number to get in contact with them. They tell you they will contact with you thru email in 24 hours. Please get it fixed. How do you expect to keep your subscribers if y’all can’t seem to help us with issues that the app does to any subscribers. Unbelievable..Version: 2.4.12

Scammmmmmmmmmmm x the 99$ the chargerThis is totally a scam if boxing doesn’t go back to showing on my cable I don’t think I will watch fights anymore I signed up for the monthly fee and I was charged for the year I fee so bad I got others to sign up for this scam!!!!!!! The fight even dropped so many times and I was charged $99 and when reached out to customer service because I watched a few hours one day I didn’t qualify for a refund. Rude! Didn’t even try to help the issue the worst part is they waited to charge days later! What’s the point of choosing monthly which I was planning to Keep if they are going to charge you what they want to!!!!! So annoyed I’m out those $99 it was literally money thrown away. I’m so angry this turned out to be such a huge scam! I was actually excited about this..Version: 2.3.16

JunkFor the amount you pay you would think they would take that income and fix the constant glitching delayed, freezing especially during the Super Bowl will not be paying for this subscription again waist of my money and also my time trying to watch the game.Version: 2.6.0

Live streaming? NOTThe app works periodically but then fails. We’ve tried everything we can do, we followed all the troubleshooting suggestions. Thé digital assistant Zed is a waste of time Now we will have to cancel our subscription. Very disappointing.Version: 2.4.28

Decent Match Ups Are ScarceDAZN has plenty of excellent fighters under contract through Golden BOy or based on agreements with other promoters, but they decent fights in terms of competitativeness are few and far between. Fans will enjoy seeing some fighters fight no matter how weak the competition is, but for serious baoxing fans there are few must see fights on the network. And the best fighgters, even the ones a bit past their prime like Triple G fight less than once every nine months. of the primary North American Boxing distribution platforms, Topp Rank through ESPN probably has the most fights per year and not all require subscriptions to ESPN+ and Top Rank also has stinker undercards, but they still typically are better than DAZN’s, where you have to hope for two co-main events..Version: 2.4.37

Fewer leagues every yearYou keep removing soccer leagues every season but the price remains the same ? Will have to cancel soon, as it’s not worth the price tag just to watch champions league.Version: 2.5.6

Worst streaming qualityDAZN has incredible content but the streaming quality is terrible. Constantly buffering, no HD quality and streams failing to load time after time. Charge me $10 a month and upgrade your quality!.Version: 2.4.34

Not available in CanadaDid something change overnight?.Version: 2.5.10

TerribleOnce again this app fails to impress. Time and time again get asked to sign back in while watching. Truly garbage service. Would give zero stars if allowed. They obviously don’t give a damn about paying customers..Version: 2.5.10

Terrible customer service and billing issuesWhile the app for streaming is okay, and I say okay because it’s not compatible to view easily on all TVs even when using a laptop to stream. It’s ok to get a last minute fight at a low price but the terrible thing about this service is customer service sucked! Last time I ordered the app it said that it didn’t recognize my user ID on another console I tried using to stream the fight and asked me to reorder the service, to which I did and they proceeded to charge my account twice! I attempted to reach customer service and the only way I found was via Live Chat, no telephone to speak with a rep. So after 3 failed connection attempts via live chat, I finally got my point across to a rep, who asked me to email them additional info to get my funds returned and nothing more was done. I followed up 3 more times via live chat and was assured a refund would be coming for the double charges and nothing ever was returned. I finally gave up but will never use again and tell all who ask not to use! Terrible! Wouldn’t recommend messing with this service..Version: 2.4.3

App is flakyIf you watch a game that is not live, then the app will at some point in the game jump to the end. This happens everytime. Then there's the extremely poor video controls; onwe would think DAZN could look at an excellent streaming app like NHL to redesign their app, but they have only contempt for their customers. Hard to believe this is a European company; I always thought Europe had very high standards, but then perhaps DAZN is the outlier..Version: 2.5.9

Continuos charges/unhelpful live chatI had gotten a monthly subscription with dazn just to use for a month. So after I had made the purchase I cancelled the subscription and gotten a confirmation email as well. Few months later I found that they have still been charging the monthly subscription to my account. I tried getting in contact with them through their live chat and I only got automated messages that did not make sense with what I was asking. I had to contact my bank to get things sorted and I was only able to get a couple months of payment back from the bank. I hope they were satisfied with the extra $20 they got from me because I’m not using this app again. If you do get a subscription from them and decide to cancel, BE PREPARED TO CHECK YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND CONTACT YOUR BANK.Version: 2.4.15

DAZN reviewExcessive interruptions of service. Commentator Peter Drury on premier league is terrible with his flowery language..Version: 2.4.33

DisappointingSad that this is the only option for NFL in Canada. It constantly buffers, even with the tv using a wired connection. The app will boot you out of the game at times and lose your spot. One week, the game I chose did not play from the beginning as the feed showed the overtime of another game. How is this possible for a paid subscription where you are supposed to be able to watch any game? Would be nice to have an option to start a game from the beginning. This app is not worth any sort of paid subscription without major improvements..Version: 2.5.9

Good app but freezes a lotThe boxing content is great and as far as the price is concerned, I do believe it’s value for money given the type of events on the platform. But the app freezes a lot throughout the fights that are shown, to the point where I’m about 15 minutes behind by the time the fight finishes. No issues with my internet in regards to other streaming apps and I never experience buffering except with DAZN. Happened with the Katie Taylor fight last week and again this week with Canelo v Bivol..Version: 2.6.5

Quality of streaming poorKept cutting out and resolution poor. Annoying as hell!!!!.Version: 2.5.7

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