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Cat Sounds Dog Translator Negative Reviews

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Cat Sounds Dog Translator App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Cat Sounds Dog Translator app received 38 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Cat Sounds Dog Translator? Can you share your negative thoughts about cat sounds dog translator?

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Cat Sounds Dog Translator for Negative User Reviews

Fuxin spit0 stars. All ads.Version: 1.1

Cat soundsNo sound.Version: 1.1

Holy Ads Batman!!!!!They must have got their friends to submit most of these reviews. This app has Ad pop-ups like every 5 seconds. My daughter was almost crying because she spend more time dealing with Ads then she was actually getting to play sounds. You can't just click an "X" to close. You have to watch at least 5 seconds of each ad. Definitely not going to pay the $ when they'll make it more of an inconvenience to play just to get you to pay to remove them. Deleting this app..Version: 1.1

OkIt was okay but a lot of ads but overall pretty good.Version: 2.1

No goodNext.Version: 1.1

I like but...I like this app because there are cat and dog noises not just cat noises and its funny to watch my cat react t the noises on this app I don’t like this app because no the cat noises there is like a toilet noise and some noises that are not supposed to be there also there is too many adds.Version: 1.1

Doesn’t workNone of the sounds work?! When I tap on them they just come up with all my contacts to share it?.Version: 2.1

The Ad Game With Some Cat NoisesI downloaded this only because my toddler loves cats and dogs so I figured it would be a cute app for us to enjoy. But there are literally ads anywhere from every 5 to 10 seconds and if it’s not an ad, it’s a notification prompting you to rate the app. I have nothing against ads and play games that use them regularly but this is ridiculous. I uninstalled the app within a minute or so, completely fed up with ads popping up every few seconds or so. Find other ways for people to be interested in buying the upgrade other than bombarding them with ad after ad..Version: 1.1

Cat soundsI can’t figure out what mood thay were in cuz the pictures.Version: 1.1

NoooooI can’t get any noises in this app! I don’t like this I’m sorry and btw I DO LIKE the art tho.Version: 1.1

TomAudio ads appearing every 10 seconds ruined the noises.Version: 1.1

ReviewToo many ads unless you pay for removal.Version: 1.1

Would give it a zero if possibleI am happy to pay for ad-free versions of apps, but this one is so poorly coded that the ads just take over when you open the app. Like ransom ware without the ability to hijack your IS (but this may be an alpha version of one that will). I immediately deleted it..Version: 1.1

To many adsThe app is actually pretty good but is not a great experience. Pop up ads every two or three sounds. I try to hide my phone under the sheets and hit the cats sounds to confuse my cats. With ads popping up I have to pull my phone out to respond to the ads. I understand with the free version then need a revenue source but this is to frequent.Version: 1.1

RubbishWay too many adverts, waste of time pointless advert generator!.Version: 1.1

Too many adsToo many ads,.Version: 1.1

Third try: Ads galore and No sound= Worthless!Stupid app is full of ads (after every click of an animal) and absolutely NO sound for each animal (Yes, I checked my sound.). WORTHLESS! Too bad we can't give 0 stars. By the way, it took me three times to post this review because you have to create a unique nickname or you have to start from the very beginning again. Crossed fingers that I get this review posted this time! 😡.Version: 1.1

Ok appIt’s a good app, other than the ads that pop up every time you press on a cat noise..Version: 1.1

Free version has ridiculous amount of AddsBasically un useable , will try the paid version.Version: 2.1

Just badPop ups were relentlessness. Why even offer a free version, just be honest and say hey... come buy this App..Version: 2.1

AnnoyingNever seen more ads on any other app plus nothing works on it at all only the ads! Not even 1 star.Version: 1.1

Free funMost amusing !.Version: 1.1

Too manyThere are sooooo many ads not fun.Version: 1.1

??? MixedThe cat sounds are great but you can't do a thing with the app because of the pop-ups constantly popping up. May after like 5 minutes have an ad pop up, y'all are just going to make people not want to download and share where they got the sounds and cute pictures from. You fix the pop-up issues and y'all will have a solid 5 stars from me..Version: 1.1

SO MANY ADDS!!!!!!!!It’s driving me crazy a since you can’t put one ⭐️ I had to put ⭐️⭐️stars I’m so 😡.Version: 1.1

NoTo many adds don’t like it at all.Version: 1.1

Not workingNot working, no sound, 100% adverts, avoid!.Version: 1.1

This app for advertisingThe sounds wasn’t work and so many advertise.Version: 1.1

FakeAll of it is fake this is just recorded of random dogs and cats.Version: 2.1

EhMy cat and dog just walk away when I try to do this but for the rest of you good job me I deleted the app.Version: 1.1

TerribleTerrible if you don’t want an add after every three meows or barks!.Version: 1.1

Ad every 3 secondsSo many pop-up ads and pop-ups asking you to upgrade to (purchase) pro version that it's piratically unusable in the free version. You might be able to two or three sounds before having to view our listen to a mandatory ad for a full 5 seconds before being able to click another sound. Not worth the frustration of dealing with a 5 second ad every 5 seconds..Version: 1.1

AnnoyedEvery cat noise comes with an advertisement. Used it for five seconds before it asked me if I wanted to write a review. I said no. Five more seconds of meows and it asked me again if I'd like to write a review. I said no. After the third five second interval, it asked me to write a review. Well fine, here's your review! It's not that great! They act like we should pay them money for cat meows. My names not Angela, and I didn't marry a state senator so you ain't getting a dime out of me!.Version: 1.1

Too much addsLike why are there so much Adds.Version: 1.1

Works, but adds are REALLY annoying!It’s a fun app, and freaks my cat out, so I gave it 3 stars for that, but it’s annoying with WAYYYYYY too many adds -.- you can barely switch between the cat noises without an add piping up literally every 5 seconds. The stupid adds even play over the cat noises. It’s really annoying..Version: 1.1

Come on 😾sryslyThere are waaaayyyyyy to many good reviews one this stupid app. First of all once I do a second sound I go straight to an add with the noise screaming at me wile the add is playing 😫(which is super annoying). I mean their are sooooo many GOOD apps that actually work😡😡😡 and obviously it didn't work 🙄. Who ever made this game put no time or effort into making this game. One of my cat translator apps actually work with my cat Spaz but this one she completely ignored me so I tried it out on my other cat Crispy Bacon 🥓😾 and the same thing happens I use a cat translator (that actually works) and of course it worked and then I use the useless one and of corse it didn't work so I give up and delete this (what most people call fun)game.😾😾😾worst cat translated ever😾😾😾😾😾😾!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.1

Ads every 10 secondsDon't bother.Version: 1.1

A few ads are one thingTotally uninstalling this. Every one or two times you play a sound an ad pops up and you're forced to watch it for a period of time before you can exit. Once in awhile is one thing but every other time you play a noise? Would be cute app for getting pets to look at your camera but as it is now, you'd spend a year trying to get all your pics taken with waiting to exit all the ads. We're all used to ads being the price we pay for a "free" app but this is ridiculous..Version: 1.1

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