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Cat Sounds Dog Translator App User Positive Comments 2023

Cat Sounds Dog Translator app received 130 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about cat sounds dog translator?

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Cat Sounds Dog Translator for Positive User Reviews

βœ“ My cats terrified of it!The sounds are okay but BOTH my cats are absolutely PETRIFIED of them!! But for some reason they're not scared of cucumbers.(well, I guess that's normal...)I'm only rating five stars so I can unlock more things.Version: 1.1

βœ“ So Funny. πŸ˜€Love this App. I have 2 Beautiful girls inside and i made the mistake of trying the different sounds when my daughter was putting her cat outside. Lol. Their reactions were so funny. Download it have some fun. 😊.Version: 1.0

βœ“ Amazing appThis is amazing and fun. You can tell what it means when your cat meows.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Cat sondesThis is awesomeπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I love it but my dog sometimes gets scared.Version: 1.1

βœ“ It made me laugh so hard!πŸ˜‚Super funny I tried it on my cat he came right towards me he did not see a cat but he heard a sound of a cat it is funny great and just hee hee hee.Version: 1.1

βœ“ CoolSounds great.Version: 1.1

βœ“ I love itI love this app it’s so fun for my dog.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Cat soundsSo far so good 😊 even though I’ve only just downloaded the app I have used a clicker on my dog when I first got her with great success and she has started doing things that she shouldn’t do again so instead of getting one from the shops l thought I’d try this app and it works great with her still this is the absolute best method to teach your dog anything and everything my task is to get my doggy back up to scratch as she has slipped I’ll let you know how it goes but I’m gonna say that this is actually the best application for this sort of thing and it’s absolutely free I’m happy with it anyway it’s brilliant Thank you 😊.Version: 2.1

βœ“ Good AppI love this app. They are very, very good App of cat sounds that I ever seen..Version: 1.1

βœ“ AMAZING GAME GET ITThis game is very simple but very good to play with.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Thanks for this appI was very happy to see my cats all over me with this app.Version: 1.1

βœ“ GoodMeh I like it.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Wolf animal loverThis is a great app and the best thing is that it is all free!!! 😝.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Great Fun and UsefulWe have decided to try and train our Bengals and found this app. Loving the meows. Clicker sounds good so will get to work on the training- going to be fun with this app..Version: 2.1

βœ“ FunDrives our cat crazy.Version: 1.1

βœ“ CuteI love it but too much ads.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Amazing!This is an amazing game I'm really enjoying it!πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜.Version: 1.1

βœ“ MehIts honestly a waste of time unless thats what u want.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Super soundsKids love this game.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Cool app!I love this app. You get a handful of sounds then have to rate it to get more sounds. The ads are a bit to often for my liking but so far I have been able to just click the "X" to make them go away..Version: 1.1

βœ“ AwesomeI hope they make more games like this one right here.Version: 1.1

βœ“ So cuteSo cute I love the cats 🐱 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘.Version: 1.1

βœ“ So cuteI managed to make my cat confused by playing the sounds from a different room, but then he figured out what was making them and didn't care anymore. Good app, it made me laugh XD.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Never ever ever get rid of this game if you get it it is so awesome and if you regret it you will regret it. So have fun listening to find an inspiring noises Awesome app you have to try it. From, Kylie.Version: 1.1

βœ“ GreatAll my life I have searched for the perfect app to have a Cat Sounds indeed I have truly found what I seek the most this here is the ultimate cat sound machine.Version: 1.1

βœ“ CuteVery cute.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Purrr-Fect!!!This app is very funny and cool.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Great appLove watching my cat getting puzzled by sounds.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Great App!This app is hilarious! My cats really think there’s another cat in the house! The only negative is that a TON of ads pop up! So much that it gets annoying, but do enjoy the cat sounds!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Good appI like this app cause it makes my cats happy. I'm glad you made this app cause I don't have to work to hard for my cats. It's helpful for my cats because they are very young. Again I'm happy that u made this app.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Cat/ Kitten SounddROFL!!! My Dogs (2 Pembroke Corgi, 1 Great Dane) All Looking/ Searching for Everywhere {under the furniture, in corners, etc...}!!! The "Momma Corgi; 'Roxie' " is whining (kinda like a Worry- like Whining/ no so much Barking); But All 3 are DEDICATED to "Find these Babies!!"; I mean, Looking for my phone & don't know it! Hahaha!!! I Love This!!! Fun Times!!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ I love it.I love this app, the look of horror on my cats face when i play these unholy screeching meows and run after them. Now they know who is the big cat in this household. No more picky eaters, no more peeing on my pillows and definitely no more unwanted sounds from them. Works perfectly on all 30 cats of mine and the ones in the neighbourhood. Will definitely recommend to loners like me, i mean, cat people like me..Version: 1.1

βœ“ It okI would like it to show what the sound means to the animal.Version: 1.1

βœ“ WowWow.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Nice appGood to communicate with cat.Version: 1.1

βœ“ FunI like it because it is free.Version: 1.1

βœ“ So funnyI love to freak out my cat with the sounds he thinks there is another cat in the house and starts walking around and meowing we cracked up when he does this😺😹.Version: 1.1

βœ“ My ReviewFantastic.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Ha I pranked my brotherI was playing with the app. My brother came downstairs and he thought the cats and dogs were fighting over a toy. I said "hey it was me playing with my app" he started laughing and laughing. I started laughing too. Now I know to not do that again even if I'm having fun..Version: 1.1

βœ“ Cat sounds greatLike the app..Version: 1.1

βœ“ GoodVery good made my dog bark a lot but only thing there is a lot of adverts but I love dogs and cats my dogs type is a German Shepard.Version: 1.1

βœ“ AdvertsRemove the adverts. So annoying when playing with my cat and the adverts come on. It would be better with NO ADVERTS. PLEEEEEEEEASE..Version: 1.1

βœ“ Great!Love it!!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ WowWow! its great.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Love itGood it scared my cat.Version: 1.1

βœ“ I & cat like itGood app.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Poping up🐢🐱Most of the ones (that I've heard so far) are pretty realistic, it's amazing the only thing, is it keeps constantly asking to write a review so I did so it will stop asking🐱🐢.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Cat soundsOur dog searches everywhere for the cat.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Awesome! Fun!Awesome!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Great App😁I think you should by this app. It's cool and it has lots of dog and cat sounds for you to choose from. Some of the cat sounds are really weird,but cool! It's a great app and it has cute pictures too!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Good funI like using this app as I have pets and is great fun.Version: 2.1

βœ“ PebblesGreat app.Version: 1.1

βœ“ FingertipsThese are great!! My animals thought I was hiding them behind my back, or sitting on them. There ears were up looking all over for them. Our pit bull kept putting his ears perked up and crying for them. He even walked away from his dinner and stayed away from it pouting, waiting for the kitties and the puppies to show up. It took him awhile before he went to eat..Version: 1.1

βœ“ GoodVery helpful got my cat playful.Version: 1.0

βœ“ Oh my GodOh my god this app is so awesome it made my dog come to me and put me in everything I had to do was put it on the dog that was panting and put it close to my face to lay down on the ground she came and kissed me and everything this dog it makes my dog love me I love her to this app is awesome I suggest everyone in the world gets it if they have pets or pet lovers should have this app I don't make their dogs love them.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Too many addsI like this game it’s very fun but please add more cat sounds and every time I play a cat sound and ad pops up while the sound is playing. Please fix this :(.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Looking forward to sharingMy pups will go wild! More update when I can use it..Version: 1.1

βœ“ AmazingLove it, so much fun..Version: 1.1

βœ“ Good!Fun!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ To much adds but great soundsThis app is a wonderful app for cat and dog noises!!! But the thing is there are a lot of adds every 5 seconds there is another add. I will say I love the sounds (especially the dog sounds) I just get a little annoyed about the adds..Version: 1.1

βœ“ Fun!Good sounds.Version: 1.1

βœ“ It’s cute but not realisticThe sounds are not that realistic. I tried to make my cat go crazy but he just stood there. But the pictures are really cute.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Great gamesSo real.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Hilarious! Love itHilarious! Love it.Version: 1.1

βœ“ My reviewIt’s cute πŸ˜„ I just the amount of ads was lower. It’s way to much ads/the amount it has is to much/unbearable.Version: 1.1

βœ“ So funnyLove playing cat sounds for my cat. She goes crazy looking for the other cat. Eventually she ends up trying to murder my phone haha!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Not badNot bad.Version: 1.1

βœ“ AwesomeGreat soothing cat sounds. :).Version: 1.1

βœ“ It worksMy cat loves it.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Cat soundsI like this game and I’d definitely tell my friends about this game I like it but I don’t love it yet.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Superb, the best of the best!!This one is in a class of its own, seriously, hysterically funny with great sound samples don't bother with the rest. To the mean miserable few who mean about the ads and cost of removing them..... Well. Hello NOTHING in life is free. The creation of this app cost the developing team money to put it before you, get you can still have it for nothing. If you like it, do the honorable, decent, kind human, and for less than the cost of a bottle of water, buy the ad free version. Is it really SUCH a pain for you? Try being kind, you'll be surprised at how far it might take you. Very happy and still laughing in Bermuda πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜¬πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Really goodAMAZING.Version: 1.1

βœ“ HahshsbBhshshsb.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Unlock more sounds by giving 5 starsUnlock more sounds by giving 5 stars.Version: 1.1

βœ“ CoolTgf.Version: 1.1

βœ“ NoiceThis so cool you can trick your friends and maybe confuse your dog or if you have an actual cat you can make them think that another cat is around but... it would cooler if there was dog sounds cause I saw the dog on the app and I thought that there was dog sounds to so maybe fix that but other than that its awesome.Version: 1.1

βœ“ GoodI like it.Version: 1.1

βœ“ 😊My cats find it interesting lol.Version: 1.1

βœ“ PugsThere is pugs.Version: 1.1

βœ“ I love the app!!Personally, the app is great to use. It is fun to see my cats reaction. Some people are taking it seriously and saying bad stuff about the app even though the app isn’t real, it was made for fun. The app works with my cat. She always comes when she hears the sounds. I’m not so sure if dogs will react the same way. There are too many adds, but they can be easily fixed by switching in airplane mode. I recommend this app for cat lovers. 😸🐱🐱.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Meow!This is a lot of fun. The cats are running around looking for the New cat, since occasionally new babies are introduced to the bunch. ( have 18 inside cats ). Some of my guys are tripping over each other and some are smart and staring at the iPad, waiting for the next sound. Try this game, you will be laughing within minutes!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Works on my cats!They completely hunt for the cat making these sounds.Version: 1.1

βœ“ GoodGot my dog playing.Version: 1.0

βœ“ ReallyThis game I sent working every time I say one thing two times it had a different tone.Version: 2.1

βœ“ I love it it is so cute 😻😍Jove it it's is so cute 😍😻😘and I lllllllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvveeeee to ..Version: 1.1

βœ“ Nice appVery fun.Version: 1.1

βœ“ DoggysThe dog sounds are off the top.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Cool catsVery cute!😻love them!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Free thingsGood app.Version: 1.1

βœ“ If I could talk 2 the AnimalsIf your a cat person like I am this app full of cat calls will amuse you and your feline friends.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Awesome sounds!!!I,be always wondered about all of the cat sound's and now I know from this app!! Thank you so much!!!!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Better than I expected!But full of publicity 😭.Version: 1.1

βœ“ GreatestI like it my cat comes to me finally.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Cat SoundsGreat app to play with the cats! Good app to draw them out if you cannot find one!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Good ideaDoes what it says on the tin.Version: 1.1

βœ“ CoolIt's awesome.Version: 1.1

βœ“ We'll SeeI haven't had the chance to use this app yet because a pop-up keeps coming up on my screen encouraging me to give it a five star rating in order to use all the sounds. If I am able, I will update once we've had the opportunity to use this. The most frustrating part about trying to review this is that if the nickname you choose is taken, you lose your entire review and have to start new. You would think they'd be able to develop something a little more advanced than that..Version: 1.1

βœ“ Liked by CatMy cat definitely likes the sounds and gets her attention every time..Version: 1.1

βœ“ My dog loved it!Lol.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Super funI love using this app while playing with my kitty.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Cat loverLove it & my friends cats love it βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈπŸ’―πŸ˜Έ, But in saying I've been sent this rating app 10 times, the advertisement is full on, And the cat got bored waiting too play.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Don’t knowI have not tried it out yet, update my review, as soon as I figure out how to use it.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Cool cat sounds!My cats really seem to like the sounds. It's fun to make the different cat calls & confuse them. Also trying to unlock all sounds by giving a 5 star review..Version: 1.1

βœ“ My cats love itOr do they lolll I think I love seeing my cats searching for another cat lol.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Funny soundsReviewing with 5 stars so I can unlock all sounds. I hate apps that do this..Version: 1.1

βœ“ Really goodI think this is really good and free for my dog cat and it is free so I love it 🐢🐱and I figured out who been open my door.Version: 2.1

βœ“ Cat soundsGreat cat sound app I recommend.Version: 1.1

βœ“ 2 stars not 5Cat likes the app, but forced to rate or else prompts to rate won't go away. Way too many adds, also..Version: 1.1

βœ“ Cat soundsI fooled my mom and dad thinking there were cats in the house and I can't wait to try it on my lil brother I don't have a phone yet so I'm using it I don't want you to think a 37 year old women plays with it I love your game I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star rating u love the game I'm going to fool everyone I know πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰ I love it.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Free sound so i can get my cat out from under the couch yayMy cat is under the couch and i need him out so thanks for this app.Version: 1.1

βœ“ 2 sounds n I had to give 5 starsTo unlock the whole app so I don't know if it's good or not yet just started the app.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Fun AppIt's really fun and easy to use.Version: 1.1

βœ“ NiceI like it and would definitely recommend this to a friend!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Cool!Cool!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Ms 🐿 tiredEnjoyed this app so much not just the fun of it but it helped me with chasing away some of squirrels that moved in my back yard πŸ˜€who will think ???? Thank you !.Version: 1.1

βœ“ ThanksI love watching my dogs run around searching for the dog they heard!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Need to leave reviewNeed to leave 5 star review to unlock all content.Version: 1.1

βœ“ GreatAwesome.Version: 1.1

βœ“ NiceNice.Version: 1.1

βœ“ YASLove this game!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Hilarious and spot on!These stickers are so well-drawn, with a style that captures attitudes and mannerisms of cats and dogs... without 1) looking all the same, or 2) stumbling into β€œuncanny valley” by venturing too close to a literal depiction. The dog sounds are adorable, and some of the cat sounds are cute... though there are a few kitties who could benefit from a voice coach who lives with more melodious felines:) All said, i keep sending these as little pick-me-ups to frends. The love them!!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ ExcellentSounds so meow! Lorbal.Version: 2.1

βœ“ FunnyHave a great time playing this to the animals.Version: 1.1

βœ“ StudendisWhy can't I hear anything? Do you have to give a five star rating before you hear any sounds? I'm confused..Version: 1.1

βœ“ My dog loves itIt is a beast game.Version: 1.1

βœ“ Great app! My dogs love It!Great app!.Version: 1.1

βœ“ What was that!Really fun to use, makes my animals go crazy, looking for what made the sound..Version: 1.1

βœ“ AWESOME!!!This is great!!! I'm TOTALLY going to trick my parents with these!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ŽπŸ™ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜ˆ.Version: 1.1

βœ“ GoodWould recommend to a friend.Version: 1.1

βœ“ GreatLove this.Version: 1.1

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