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Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver app received 197 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver? Can you share your negative thoughts about uber - driver: drive & deliver?

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Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver for Negative User Reviews

Unable to Live Chat support and Delivery request while on live deliveryThere is no option for me to get help (or it’s very hard to find) via Live Chat or Calling. I also dislike how the app will not show the overview of the delivery (pick up/drop off location) if it’s an delivery add-on that show up while you’re on a order run or the delivery request that show up near the drop off of current order. All delivery request should show up the overview of the delivery (pick up/drop off location) so you can make a decision. I also think you should be able to turn off the delivery request that come up near the drop off point, it’s really annoying to click cancel multiple times..Version: 4.371.10001

Complicated SettingsGiving 2 stars, as there are some features which gives me headache every time I finish the trip, such as: 1. After finishing the trip, app ask to take picture for drop off, but 90% of and even most of the time we receive drop-offs for building, so can't leave food outside. 2. Customer sends messages and it pops again aand again, another headache. 3. Restaurant prepare food late, and we drivers are geeting late feedback and getting negative review. 4. If there are multiple pickups and drop off, there should be a customised dropoff and pick up opitions, as sometimes I receive pick up during any current dropoff, and restaurants are on the same way but you can't pick that food up, and we have to come all the way back to pick the food from the same restaurant we passed away from. 5. This is the biggest problem!!! Restaurant are not prepared their food, but the call the driver 15-20 minutes before the food prepare time and we reach the restaurant and we think it might take 4-5 minutes, but no, they gonna waste our time and we loose money. There are the things which gives me a daily headache while doing Uber Eats..Version: 4.303.10002

Worst Uber map & Uber attitudeI drive Uber for 4 days. My riders reported safety concerns just because of Uber map. Don’t ever use Uber map. Use google map or Waze. I faced of so many issues with Uber maps while driving. They should judge drivers by listening on both sides. We have to use phone on dashboard to accept requests. Ryders made safety reports about it. They should have common sense to understand..Version: 3.175.10012

Poor featureUber introduced new feature, after driver rejects 3 requests the app sings the user out and the driver has to sign back into the app. This action also resets preferable user settings within the app to the factory settings. In the past the app was only switching the driver offline which makes sense and is justified - you could have forgotten to turn of the app. How Uber can justify this change?! Example- I am in a surge zone in a city centre, the app often sends the requests from outside the surge zone with above 10 minutes drive to the customer, the time in the rush hour doubles. Only an idiot would accept this request. How Uber can justify this change? It is against the freedom of hours and choice of requests promoted by Uber to the public. It is also dangerous, is it safe to type on your phone while driving? Often you have no chance to pullover either. Poor dictatorial function by Uber against its own values!.Version: 4.208.10002

Not getting tripsI have issue with not getting trips .i wait in most busy places more then 1hour to 2hours . But not getting trip .other drivers keep coming and going . I change location .even i change cities as well .i bought new iphone x with contract just using uber on it . But still have issue .i complaint many many times . Mention my last delivery time which was more the 1hour to more than this . Uber not have equal delivery divided system . Many times i wait in parking and 1 driver come collect delivery and go . Even in front of me he done 3 deliveries and i not get any single . When i write in help i receive one computerised mail with same instructions.” Change location . Login logout. Restart device. Off internet and on and keep moving .” . Deliveries should divide to all drivers equally one by one . Very disappointed. Today from 9:30 am to 2:21pm only 2 deliveries i done .and still waiting . Means 5hours 2 deliveries. This is not fair..Version: 4.113.10001

I Love UberEats but Definitely Needs Improvements..I wish I could give Uber full stars because I’ve been earning extra money as a mother of 3 boys through Uber Eats since March; I gotta say I absolutely love making extra money on my own time but with that being said, I also hate waiting my time. Uber definitely needs to improvement how Uber Drivers get to accept and view orders. In my opinion Uber Drivers should be able to see or view a list of ALL orders in their area (depending on what town you are in) OR AT THE LEAST when you accept a single order to a restaurant; you should be able to view or see all of the available orders you can accept as doubles! Instacart has a layout where you can view all the instacart orders in your area WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE because you know you won’t be wasting your time.. As a Uber Eats Driver it’s very annoying to be “roaming” town to town - restaurant to restaurant trying to find a order that is worth my time. there are other improvements I would love to mention such as reviews, OPINION PERSONAL INFORMATION BEING LEAKED, navigation, time efficiency, rude customers, glitches etc but I’m really HOPING Uber can just research a little bit more on other delivery services apps in competition and do some BIG improvements. I have stayed loyal with Uber for a reason and I’m hoping that reason doesn’t get buried. -Uber Driver with Hope!.Version: 4.307.10001

LOOK FOR A DIFFERENT SIDE HUSTLEUber's customer support is by far the worst support I have ever dealt with in the history of my dealings with any company. The support representatives have trouble speaking english, I have difficulties understanding them due to the language barrier and the volume of the background noise. Furthermore, the wait time is horrendous, and I have had to call multiple times for the same issue with no resolution. The support staff changed my location, my account to "eats only" then had to undo those actions, I had to re-upload documents, and have spent over 2 hours trying to deal with support and speaking to someone I can understand and is competent. I am actively looking for other avenues to make side income and should one arise I will swiftly move platforms. Let it be known, I will make this experience known to all potential users and strongly recommend against working as an independent contractor for uber based singularly on the sad representation of their "service support". It is clear this platform does not value their "staff" and are utilizing their lack of strong competition to mistreat those who provide their services. I would also like to state that I am in no way racist and have no trouble outsourcing resources to make items more affordable. I merely have issues trying to understand the representatives due to accents and background noise and receiving adequate, timely, and comprehensive support..Version: 4.380.10000

BluetoothConstant disruption to car bluetooth, on different devices and vehicles, making bluetooth read uber requests as a call but after the jobs accepted, it makes the bluetooth still stay in ‘on a call’ mode..Version: 4.280.10001

Worst customer serviceI have never been experienced the worst customer service ever from uber. But today they have proved that even the biggest company like uber can be unprofessional. My vevo check has not been uploaded by uber on the uber driver application. Given the facts that my vevo check is valid according to national crime check. So by no means I shouldn’t have any problem with me vevo check . But as i have sent them heaps of messages from over a month that why my vevo check hasn’t been uploaded on the app. They said that they have escalated my issue to the specialised team and would fix the problem in 24 to 48 hours . And they have sent me so many messages by saying the same messages over and over that they will fix the issues in 24 to 48 hours . Today its been over a month and they still haven’t fix my problem. I wouldn’t recommend any one to use uber driver app for the deliveries. I recommend use the Menulog instead where you can have your police check and vevo check for free. And with in three days you are on your road doing some deliveries and make good money. I would’ve given this app a 0 star if it’s possible . So please if you want to waste your time then go head download this app. Good luck!.Version: 4.306.10001

Horrible appThe maps on the app is misleading and would try push you to drive one way streets in Auckland city. Glitches with order pings and false travel distance when given order. Surges has been eliminated for NZ based drivers meaning we get paid less (-50% down on earnings per week). Sort your stuff out Uber !!.Version: 4.374.10003

Modern day slaveryUber takes advantage of drivers by providing wages that are ridiculous and pocket a third of the few dollars you make. The only way to make Uber make sense money-wise is counting on tips and speeding through the streets to save time to fit yet another delivery. Tips are like throwing dices, you can get nothing, a mere $2 dollars or more. You can’t really count on that to make a buck. Uber has algorithms in place that limit your earnings to the max. On average, a half-hour delivery will get you maybe $8... Cut off the car maintenance and gaz costs and you have less than the minimum wage. To put the cherry on top, you are rated by customers on each delivery and let’s be honest, it doesn’t take much for a customer to get grumpy waiting for food and touch the thumbs down review on the app. So combine all the factors above together: the result is a mess. Uber is modern-day slavery..Version: 4.275.10001

Internal server errorI have been driving for Uber as delivery partner since 2019 in NZ. The app doesn’t collect any Momentum points for me and shows internal server error since it rolled out. Every time I contact help desk, they ask me to restart, reinstall, reset, etc. Have done it over 8 times including resetting my phone but still brings up an error. Don’t even know if they care to fix the concern and I lose out on my hard earned points. Every single person whom I spoke to has been earning points except me. Thought of sharing this concern, hopefully someone cares to solve my app issue..Version: 4.270.10001

Minimum wage a dreamGet a job if you can do this as a last resort, society really will punch you in the gut when they are riding cheap and ask you for bottled water, which the pay 3 times the price in normal taxi but wouldn’t dare do the same. You earn $150 on average a day , less fuel, GST, car insurance, car maintenance no break pay , no public holiday rates as everyone in society gets and really what you are left in pocket is around $13-15 dollars an hour. All the strategy Uber tells you only works with 25% of Uber driver that do this 12 hours a day. On peak period everyone is out then you get hails to go to a pick up 12km out to deliver a customer on a journey for 7km which is only paid. You don’t get paid for the km you use fuel to get to the customer. So in action you actually in the losing side cause Uber take 30% of that and gives you nothing for the 12km you drove to get there which is running their service to begin with..Version: 4.202.10003

Company, app,customer supportI can’t get online over 20 days now just for no any reason! My app is block and when I call to Uber support they said we don’t find anything wrong on your account and your account is active already and you are in order to get received trips but I can’t still get online !!! I have got family and I have to support them, I have got financing for car and house and many other bills to pay ! I loose over £300 a day and everyday from last 20 days a go and nobody from Uber support team or any other person from Uber help support doesn’t care about my problem! No one didn’t call me or send a message to me about this issue! I had explained to them every day from last 20 days a go about this bloody issue but My account still is on paused just for no any reason and they don’t tell me or explain to me what’s reason! Why my account is blocked or paused??! Why I can’t get online????!! Why nobody from Uber support dosnt care and They make fun of me ??? Why They bother me everyday??! there is no any law??? I swear to God I will complain and sue uber company as soon as possible.Version: 4.323.10003

Useless Customer ServiceI have only been driving for a month and 141 rides but have been in contact with Uber customer service 4 times and they have never resolved an issue any of those times. 1 - Received a 1 Star rating and wanted an idea on what I did wrong and then explain I did have a passenger with special needs (his words) have issues getting out of my vehicle and left his phone in my car. Mom called and apologized and we took care of it but just wanted Uber to know. 2 & 3 - I have had 2 riders call me and want me to cancel the ride because they can’t figure out on their end how to cancel on the Uber app so I cancel and get dinged. 4 - Acceptance rate - For some reason I keep missing rides with the Uber app and not Lyft. I’m at 97% on Lyft only missing 3. On Uber I can’t get above 84%. I think it is because when I am helping with luggage or opening the doors for riders the rides are coming up. On Lyft they automatically put them in the que and I asked if I can make it so Uber does the same thing because I can’t get to 85% to become GOLD. On all these issues they just keep saying no one can call me back but they will pass on the information. You would think they would want input from a new driver learning for the first time but that’s not the case with Uber. Just go out and have fun giving rides and enjoy your riders and try not to worrying about the stats because they don’t track them fairly...that is my opinion of coarse. Have a great day...Version: 4.217.10002

RessyThe app performances is very bad, by looking the other comments it looks like Uber spend hefty amounts on developers n programers. However the app crashes all the time, sometimes the app has issues giving you delivery jobs, sometimes after completing the trips the money is not been visible in your account. If you go to the help section and drop the support a message it takes two days to reply or you can’t even expect from them U don’t know how come I am experiencing so much difficulty in the app I never get frequent orders on top I was been advised to go to a busy area if that’s the case my friends of mine who is just next to me how come they are getting frequent ones. The Uber search algorithm is very very bad I terms of taking n distribution of orders among the drivers the one who are making money they are and rest they spend hours n just do 2-3 orders So the developers needs to understand how to make it driver friendly with efficiency and good tech support and not just a help guide which is not even making sense.Version: 4.280.10001

Faulty AppApp sometimes shows a ride to accept but as soon as you try to accept the ride request just disappears and sometimes the app won’t even make a ride request sound even when the volume is high and phone isn’t on silent. It makes you miss a ride request and it’s very annoying. Uber has updated their app so many times but this issue still persists..Version: 4.286.10001

Uber is on its way outIf you have not noticed Uber is trying everything they can to stay relevant, everything except the things that really matter. The first being listening to their customers both drivers and riders. Notice they change their logo, their app, their surge pricing, but they won’t change customer service... the reason this matters? Here is a real world example. The app automatically initializes the next part of the trip without me pushing a button. The reason this matters is because I had a ride with a stop and when I clicked at the stop, I let the passenger out. I then had to move the car to park and when I did it assumed we were done at the stop. As a result I missed out on roughly $6. When I called to explain this the lady that answered did not seem to have English as a first language. After that call she actually adjusted the ride so that I made less money. I called a second time and the gentlemen seem to struggle to understand my English as well. He too did not fix my issue. Do yourself a favor and avoid Uber. Edit Now the developers want me to take the time to submit another report about the issue. As I said uber does not get it. When drivers are out there and an issue with pay or trip arises we need it fix ASAP so we can get back to work. Missing out on money when the margins are already thin is crushing. So no I will not message you again, and like you are seeing everyday I am another driver who has moved on from Uber and not looked back..Version: 4.103.10003

Terrible company to work for!Uber as a company are one of the worst company’s to work for how they run the company to staffing it to help drivers out with any problems doesn’t exist. Everything is robots and automated bull sh*% the company doesn’t help drivers out in any conflicting issues regarding confrontations or accidents on the road involving a customer innocent or not. Uber always take the word of the rider with no evidence and sack drivers with no real explanation and fact there’s no appeals process in the UK you are out a job and literally nothing you can do. They take 25% of every single job you do they short you on money for jobs. Fake estimations for pricing 80% time always lower than expected fare estimations. Constantly hire new drivers when there are plenty already.... to sum up not worth the time effort there not helpful in the slightest you’re not a “partner” you’re not in control as they like you to believe you’re a pawn that is easily replaceable taking a lot of sh*% from self entitled customers because they’ll report or 1 star you for absolutely nothing other than there own high expectations of a chauffeur style taxi all for less than minimum wage..Version: 4.285.10000

Always somethingI’ve been trying to get my Uber debit card issue result for going on three weeks at this point because of the language barrier majority of the people I get in contact with cannot comprehend the issue all they do is copy paste a generic response when they see the word “bank” and “debit card issue” it’s absolutely ridiculous they’re not even comprehending the actual issue and just do nothing on top of this the app it’s self is not like it is for everyone else on my end. I do not have an option to pause while I am online nor can I see the map of gas stations and bathrooms available to meet in my area it’s really annoying and frustrating that I have to go off-line every time I need to pause for a second and that I don’t have access to this awesome feature every download the app five times at this point and it still doesn’t provide me with these features if someone could actually fix this for me and get back to me with it in the month that would be OK since it seems like every other issue takes weeks upon weeks for you guys to fix even though it’s super simple y’all really need to move your customer service call center from a non-English-speaking country it is doing nothing but make you guys look awful as none of you are testing if these people can actually speak and comprehend English just because they put it on the résumé doesn’t make it so.Version: 4.333.10001

DEV really adjust a rating system.DEV team, I know you guys work hard to build up the App, but we (Uber drivers) losing a lot of money and wasting time because some of issues that App brings to us. 1/ Driver chooses destination where driver wants to go but 90% App automatically accepts a trips against the direction or far away from the destination. For ex: Driver wants to go East, APP accepts trip go to West (10 km away from the destination). These issues happened all the time. Why? 2/ Please add one more function (3 level of Zoom Out/In of the map). At the monent, it is extremely hard to know where to turn at the round about or small lane/street because Uber map always zoom out for whole map, everytime driver tries to zoom in to see where to turn, system automatically zoom out for 1,2 seconds. Please fix it. 3/ Due to zoom out map like that, driver has to choose another Navigation (Google map / Waze) to know where to turn, so driver used to miss another trip from Uber App because the notifications of Uber Driver App on IOS is completely useless. Never ever works like the other app. Never vibrates or make any sounds for the next trip if you are not on the Uber App (using Google Map or Waze Map) at that moment. Please fix it..Version: 4.240.10001

Needs to improve mapsIt’s really hard to find house numbers at night. Can you use google map interface which displays house numbers when zoomed in and terrain when zoom out? Ola uses it and it really helps..Version: 4.308.10000

ATTENTION UBERApp is not paying according to the time and distance. Its just paying according to fare paid by the customer ..Version: 4.366.10005

UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY/APPDon’t Download or use. THIS COMPANY IS one of the companies which is lower the minimum standard to deal with the customers and drivers. Account restricted on 12 June 2020 while driver ID document vaild till July 2024, Four years from now. This is showed clearly that UBER’s policy is Fake/Fraud or there is corruption in their system/employees to restrict accounts under (DISCRIMINATION) without real and clear reasons where thy weren’t able find real answers to respond in this during the communications through requests. UBER failure is duly noted and recorded. Deliveroo/Stuart/Just Eat better than UBER 100% . No issues in their systems/Apps like UBER. No failure or automated responses from their customers support like UBER With their rubbish automated responses from their customer support. In addition, they are under breach of the laws especially Data Protection Act where they are not complaining with the subject of access requests in the reasonable time as described by the laws. There are breaches of data from UBER and there are reports against UBER to the police and Action Fraud too as their companies are subject to the Fraud. There are law suits against their discrimination and breaches of the laws. In United Kingdom, London, TFL is planning to withdraw their licenses as they are aware about many breaches from that unprofessional company. Don’t Download or use. If there is zero star, I will give it to UBER as they are deserve zero..Version: 4.254.10001

NotificationsFor the last 6 months there is an issue where there is no sound on presentations of jobs even on the Uber page they recognise that there may be an issue when you plug the phone into a car USB trust me I have tried to plug the phone in I have left the phone unplugged I have turned up the volume the Bluetooth is not on I have deleted the Uber app and re-started the Uber app I have even gone to the extent of resetting my phone and reinstalling all of the apps again I have done this three times and done a hard reset of my phone before I have done this I have deleted the Uber app in case the backup of my phone is carrying any bugs or issues across to the backup yesterday I deleted the Uber app I deleted and reset my phone I reinstalled all of the phone again then I re-installed the Uber app and today I have noticed when you have the app on automatic except with the phone plugged in or not plugged in to a car USB there is no sound when you have the app on manual except where you have to touch the phone to accept the job with the phone plugged in or not plugged in the the sound works please assist with feedback from the engineering team.Version: 4.273.10002

Drivers are the Minorities (please read before you sign up)Been driving with the app for 6 mouth’s and what I notice with the app is that the customer support isn’t the best when it comes to drivers and dealing with their issues. I experience rating glitches, being on hold for 1 hour just to get transferred around to the same department. The communication system with the emails is the worst line of communication between drivers and Uber. You explain a issue and they tell you the specialist will reach out to you (which can take 6 hours) so if you have issue dealing with your app good luck, Uber could careless who handles the situation. It’s a hassle dealing with a company that only looks to make there riders happy and not both sides. As a major company everyday is a problem using the Uber driver app, if it isn’t a glitch it’s problem with a rider lying and possible getting your account ban. Customer service tells you the same thing it’s like they don't do the actual investigation all they do is listen to rider and that’s enough evidence they need. I been waiting for 3 days to get a problem fixed so I can use my account again ( keep in mind Uber is my only job I have since the pandemic makes it hard to find work) I Pleated with the Uber customer service agents and they don’t care to fully handle the situation. Uber started off good but ended bad I'm trying my best to get my uber back but uber showing they can care less to help me..Version: 4.324.10000

Auto background checks are awful…I decided to get this app and sign up for uber just to find out after the strenuous process of finding my papers and documents was for nought. If their automatic background checker messes up or finds a “discrepancy” kiss your uber driving dreams goodbye and say hello to painful weeklong processes of trying to get in touch which their support team (which can take more than an hour if you even get the help you need). I got in touch with a support agent after 40 minutes of waiting and she said there was an issue with their auto background check and that she would have the internal team fix the issue and that I would get an email saying I'm ready to drive in a day or two. To my surprise instead of an email saying Im ready to go I got an email saying there was a discrepancy on their auto background check, checkr, website and that I would have to manually put in my info to the website. I did it after the strenuous process I’d been through to get here and to my surprise it said i would need to contact someone in checkr support to get my “discrepancies” sorted out. With no info on how to actually do such a thing on their website and the pain and suffering I had gone through up to this point I decided to throw in the towel. In conclusion this is the worst experience I’ve ever had applying to any job, so if you’re as lucky as I am with background check “discrepancies” I recommend moving on and considering a different company to work for..Version: 4.330.10002

Driver BewareI have been a driver for Uber for 4.5 years and am unable to drive because their name change protocol is more strict than Social Security Administration and BMV.. A simple marriage and a new license name change has rendered my account ineligible because Uber has rejected a Maine state license all because they want documentation that literally doesn’t exist and is impossible to provide. Uber doesn’t understand, or the “support agents” , don’t seem to understand that an old license with my former name is not a verified source of name change in my state or country. It’s almost laughable, if it wasn’t an actual source of income. Drivers need to realize they take a big risk depending on these gig apps to generate an income when they can lose access for relatively easy name changes throughout your natural life. After repeatedly calling and submitting everything from a marriage certificate, a social security administration letter, a new social security card and a new state issued license, I gave up trying to make anyone on their support team comprehend they had no idea what they were talking about because the company simply doesn’t accept state issued licenses as a valid source of identification. The background search would tell them exactly who I am but that can’t even get that far because they’re so confused by an old/expired state license with an old name. It’s enough to make your head spin. Don’t drive for this company, they’re a waste of time and energy..Version: 4.379.10002

WORST DRIVER SUPPORT EVERDon’t bother asking for help cause all you’ll get is a generic copy paste response after hours of waiting. They don’t read the question, just the topic title and then just a simple copy paste from their policy book. And if you reply back to explain further they WILL NOT answer. ☝️☝️Hahaha the above is a 3year old complaint which is still happening to this day 2022. This is the new scam Uber is running Misleading quests and promotions to win you back which they do not honor after weeks of completing the required quest. Oh and they improved their generic response a bit but the outcome is still the same (not resolved as with all other driver’s issues ) all issues drivers and delivery partners are saying are very true and extremely hazardous when faced whilst driving on the road trying to make an honest earning. I would not and will not recommend this horrible experience to anyone. This time not waiting for a generic response lol but you readers might get a laugh out of it ; ).Version: 4.374.10003

DO NOT SELL YOU A55Disgusting corporation who prey on young and foreigners desperate for work. If anyone took the time to investigate them properly they would be slammed with fines. Expect to forget your basic human rights with these people. Driver support is almost nonexistent, they should pay you a salary just for the time it takes to reach them, you don’t get paid for things like arriving to a pick up and the restaurant is closed… or going around central London 15 times because of road works… these extra miles and time aren’t added, among other things. They cheat you with the miles too, cross check trips(you have to screenshot during trip because they are dirty and don’t let you see the route you took) with maps and google maps and you’ll see. I hope this evil corp crashes hard. The support team are trained how to be sneaky and thieves, do not underestimate this dirty company, it’s painted to look good but if this zombie consumers know the truth this company owners and policy makers would be jailed. You aren’t gna take them to court for £10-£20/per week in missing wages are you? Because it’s difficult/time consuming/ expensive until you win and get paid/they pay your legal fees. So they cheat each driver say by £5 average a day… multiply that out= millions stolen. You can’t complain because the support team are trained thieves like the company..Version: 4.320.10000

Seriously though.I’ve driven with Uber for sometime. I had to take a bit of a break because of some personal health issues and I’m back! I was so excited to get back on the road meeting new people seeing new places. I no longer have the vehicle that I had when I drove Uber last year, with that being said it was extremely easy to add my new vehicle upload the required documentation and get the vehicle approved! So you're probably wondering so why the one star rating… well that is because I’m trying to go online and drive and it’s not allowing me to go online. It’s telling me that I need to select an approved vehicle. It’s still showing a vehicle or no longer own on there and that is what it is defaulting to despite the fact that I keep pressing the button when it tells me I need to select an approved vehicle I select that vehicle and it still defaulting to the old vehicle that I no longer own. It’s also not allowing me to delete that vehicle either? I have reached out to customer service now three hours ago and I have not heard anything back from them and there’s no contact number for Uber either only an emergency response hotline that I’m not going to call because while I drove an hour to my usual stomping grounds and I feel like this is an emergency… it’s not the kind of emergency they are referring to. This is insane. I’ve wasted my day, my gas, for nothing. Customer service needs to step it up. 😕.Version: 4.312.10002

App freezes constantly and must be restarted.Constantly the app freezes and I must restart. After a recent update the navigation is touting unnecessarily long trips even when the destination is to a location that’s on the same street it sends you to make 3 extra turns that just make you circle around for no reason. Lastly constantly while I’m either texting my customers or even support a new trip will pop up as I’m on the middle of writing and because of it being set up so when a new offer appears if you tap anywhere on the screen you’ll accept a trip without intending to, without being able to see what the trip was offering as pay or destination and then you have to cancel and that is also held against you if you cancel too many trips. Besides then having to go back into whatever part of the app you were using and rewrite the message entirely. I suspect that might even be intentional so that you accept a trip nobody wants to take. The way that is set up when you receive a new offer and it making you accept it because you were I. The middle of writing something is incredibly frustrating and it should be changed so that there’s an on screen button that has to be pressed or slided to accept a new trip instead of just touching your phone screen anywhere because it’s also occurs that I have my phone in my pocket while I’m walking to leave the order and it makes me accept a trip..Version: 4.301.10002

Offline for 2weeks by mistakeI have now been offline for 2weeks by mistake from Uber due to a technicality on contact tracing which my account has been placed on on hold have had no financial assistance or verbal contact from Uber and to add to this I have contacted contact tracing about my case which they have no record of having any contacts with COVID infected riders so Uber makes it impossible to contact them by phone only by email which they say to contact my local health dept but they by law can’t contact Uber because they have no information about my case so I have not earn any money for 2weeks now… this has impacted my well being on paying bills and now is impacting my children by not being able to put food on the table or pay car loan repayments etc now I am at a crossroads look for another job because Uber isn’t helping whatsoever which has been regular thing since day 1 I am forced to now look for other work because Uber isn’t coming to help there drivers after 2 1/2 years of full time working for them could be the worst employer I have ever encountered the communication is non existent as far as support and I hope any one who thinks of signing up rethinks working for them will solve anything at all as far as earnings thanks for no help Uber WORST EXPERIENCE EVER👎🤬.Version: 4.327.10006

Zero stars for uber eatsI’ve been doing uber eats for 2 years in Sydney this is completely my personal opinion it might be different for yous 1. Uber eats has a massive market and hype in the customer this is why there are more orders but 2. One of the worst platform for a driver the pay is around 5- 6 Aud depending on the circumstances it doesn’t matter if it is too far 3. Cheating, fraud by notifying riders there is quest but this is the biggest scam uber makes 3. (A) there is no real quest he doesn’t want you to delivery for other platforms, you have to be hooked to uber eats Uber reduces the money you actually have to get and includes in the quest 3. (B) 60 deliveries for 140 $ this is one of its kind, but when start doing it your base pay and service charges will automatically reduced I don’t know why. The normal pay rate is 2$ per kilometre and service charge but you will miss something for every delivery. My suggestion is better switch to higher pay rate delivery platforms because the fuel prices are skyrocketing every day.Version: 4.350.10000

Uber has failedWhat can I say about Uber. Although I have a great record/rating as a driver, Uber has failed me multiple times with there glitches and errors. I didn't think I would ever have to write a review until now. I am very upset! The whole purpose of drive Uber is to make quick cash. I drove Uber for several hours last night and my funds were not available to me. The reps on the phone couldnt give me any type of time frame or estimate when this mistake may be fixed. I stopped doing Uber for the night since I couldn't cash out. This morning, I expected to cash out, but now my funds won't be available to me until the 17th of September!! I needed that money to pay on something now which is why I drove last night!! On top that big problem, Ubers drop off locations for passengers are still not accurate. I took one women to a location and she didn't even stay in that area. This has happened multiple times. I try very hard to give my passengers the best experience possible(and it shows on my account) and Uber can't even give me that. If the money issue happens again, I may switch to lyft. As a company, you can not promote your business telling people you will make quick money or earn money fast if your app doesn't work correctly. Thats considered FALSE information. I understand that apps/programs have issues sometimes, but one thing you must try to avoid is mess with someones money (and I mean hold/freeze it)..Version: 4.101.10001

Poor serviceI tried to order so many times but it's never been accepted so some reason and I have tried to contact Uber and the number is not correct also I have tried to contact them via email nothing has responded. This is really bad service Uber eat/ driver.Version: 4.329.10004

Is walking deliveries workingI deliver for uber and so does my husband. We currently have to do bike mode but we walk it due to walking mode not working and it’s so hard to walk 4–6 Miles especially when we have our kids with us too. We first did Uber when we became homes less last year on June 2021 and it saved us. Now it’s like 2022 uber changed and it’s stop giving walking deliveries. Me and my husband together made $400 a day doing Uber walking and customers loved us. They saw we was a hard working family and now we barely work Uber anymore cause we can’t afford a car cause everything is too much rent, gas, car insurance. I’m currently pregnant where any second I could give birth and now he’s working his best doing bike mode walking and it’s hasn’t been easy. He does about 4 deliveries back to back and he comes home so exhausted. Uber needs to go back the way he was before and bring back walking cause a lot of people like us use to make money this way or better say earn our living this way. A lot of us liked it the way it was before. I was so much better. It’s not easy trying to find a job now these days so Uber was the best support systems now it’s failing on its loyal employees that deliver for them. We have called and spoken to couple of representatives but nothigg by has improved. Go Back to what you guys were..Version: 4.364.10002

Ongoing bugsApp will not delete rider comment, even though it says comment was deleted when you return to the main feedback page the comment is still there. Randomly starts a phone call when accepting a ride, and starting a ride, this lasts for about 3 seconds and then hangs up. Volume of audio drops to about half when the app is running, then will randomly go back to normal once a ride is accepted, so if you turn the volume up after it drops you then have the sound blasting. This has been a bug for the 4 years I have been using the app and has never been fixed..Version: 4.262.10000

Absolutely not worth at allI registered with Uber and started delivering for about a week for about 5 hours a day 6 days all I made is $360 I spent $150 gas so I ended up with $210 in my packets absolutely not with my time let alone where and tear on your car let alone the gas at over $2 it’s much better to do any job then this involving your self your car and gas plus accidents..Version: 4.361.10002

Horrible Driver SupportI’ve been trying for 2 days to Upload my MOT certificate I have called but all I get is that I have to wait for the specialised team to approve my MOT but no luck so keep waiting I have family to feed how long I should wait I would give a quarter of a star if I could do it. Not to mention the other things that they would deserve a quarter of a star not just for the Driver Support there’s also the app it self is a joke Uber Navigation is crap the time to pick up it’s shorter a lot shorter than real time like half of that Riders are allowed to have weird names on their account weird pick up points that is impossible to stop the car we are being put offline when ever Uber feels like doing and the list is long. We don’t matter that’s what I’m trying to say so when you want to join think twice before you do it..Version: 4.329.10004

Ridiculously hard to find chat supportThe option for chat support only seems to come up for certain issues such as signing up and having documents approved. Once I was approved and can now work, there are no options to do this no matter how hard I tried to look. They say their help answers are found in the FAQ’s and on their website because they clearly think any help sought after has been answered which obviously isn’t the case as every situation is different. I even tried to call their 24/7 support number but they didn’t even have the phone service available to uber eats deliverers. A lot of the app developer’s responses to bad reviews here state to go to their website and get in touch but it just leads to a bunch of links that lead to more links. It’s just so confusing and difficult..Version: 4.319.10001

Earnings againThey replies to my review and that was the same automatic response given to all the other people. Your support is the worst may it be call or chat they do not read or listen wt the person is say they just keep on speaking the robotic response again and again. Uber does not even pay according to minimum wage/hr still i never complaint and being a rider that on a two wheeler is tough for all of us and still there is nothing motivating in terms of earnings for them. Instead you don’t even give deliveries now from a month now i have no earned even that much that i can pay for my basic needs above that you guys just don’t care this is my only source of earnings and what i getting? You just keep on hiring like anything cz of which the old employees suffer and i see when I’m sitting from 3 hr for getting one delivery atleast bicycle riders are getting deliveries in heaps I don’t think that’s equality. Stop giving atomatic response if you really care abt the reputation and employees..Version: 4.206.10002

Amends neededWith the new iso 14 the sound is extremely low I’ve reinstalled the app but no fix all my other apps and video sound is normal on full but Uber driver app is too low although my settings are all high and not not silent When a call is made or received the navigation sound is muted automatically only way to fix is to relaunch the app so that needs fixing. Also need a option to update or notify Uber of road works or floods or road blocks etc The bhx airport rank needs revision I was on rank 6-10 cars for over an hour whilst I saw over 15 other Uber x cars come collect a passenger and leave. This is total unfair for drivers ranking up and wasting there time whilst Uber picks and chooses drivers for individual jobs. I’ve been next to a passenger many times who has asked me to wait whilst they book a trip so they can get a car quickly but every time the job has gone to a random driver who’s minutes away. Also the drivers should have a profile picture of the rider as for the same reasons the have the driver pic in the rider app. Previous review: We need to ask for a fair 15 - 20% rate for all drivers as we're all working on the same platform doing the same role and a £2+ per mile to commission on jobs further than 6 mins away & a option request a call when passengers want to be called at pick up, & a night a day rate and also a rate for motorway travel There should be a individual number display when in que at the airport..Version: 4.269.10002

Modern Day SlaveryA horrible company to work with. Drive with them if you wanna be disrespected everyday and be treated like less than a human being. * Uber pays very little. Sometimes around $2 for a delivery/ride. Most drivers makes lees than minimum wage. * They market it to customers like the driver is their servant. So people treat drivers very badly. * For around $2 pay driver has to pick up food, drive, find parking which most of the time is not doable in big cities and get a ticket, go up into apartments (sometimes without elevators). * Uber encourages customers to be extremely entitled and abusive to hard working drivers and makes people believe that for a $2 payment the driver has to bring food to their door no matter the conditions. * They show deceptive pay while including future tips that are not guaranteed. * Uber doesn’t support the driver and has no concern for the safety and wellbeing of their valued workforce. * Uber has found a way to exploit working people and pay then less than minimum wage in first world countries. * Uber pays drivers less than half of what they charge the riders. They take out like three different types of ambiguous fees because they can. After doing basically all the work and putting up all the expenses and taking all the risks drivers are left with less than 45% of what the customers paid. * Overall Uber is basically a scheme to steal from poor hard working people and treating them very badly like they’re not even humans..Version: 4.374.10003

Poor customer supportNill support. Their customer service staff have no idea what so ever to guide. They even confuse more. I went out and waited two hours for trips. Tried several times to chat with customer support but all in vain. Not even the call support is of any use..Version: 4.352.10002

Customer serviceUber drive customer service is the worst service I have ever experienced . I have raised a complaint and now it’s more than 2 months and still they are investigating. I am gonna use Lyft , I am never gonna use Uber drive or any Uber related services anymore.Version: 4.356.10000

Aweful geo fencing with destination settingI drive into the city from Melbourne’s South East suburb and put my destination on Collins S but on many occasions was sent to the Melbourne airport. It’s ridiculous when you can pin point a passenger within metres but when it comes to the driver, that pin point accuracy goes out the window. I’ve emailed and spoke with you support team on a few occasions and they advise that they are trying to help me make more money. If I wanted to go way further than the city, what’s the point of having a destination filter/setting? A few minutes either way , I understand but when it takes nearly half an hour to get back to where I want to go it not acceptable. And if I cancel the ride, you; Uber will punish me for cancelling a ride. And the other one is “I”lol pass you comment onto our development team” this would have been sorted way before but Uber blatantly disregard this for the driver. Lift you game Uber!!!! And fix it now!!!!.Version: 4.241.10001

I dint get paid for the rideI dint get paid for my ride. My ride money was adjusted from 25 dollars to zero. This is not the way you treat drivers. I am sorry to say I was disappointed when this happen to me.Version: 4.113.10001

Uber Agents Potentially Making Criminal Offenses Multiple Times1) When you accept an order, no customer address and trip earnings have been shown, the lack of details suffices to formulate an legitimate contract wherein when there is a problem, things will get seriously complicating. (According to parole evidence rule, no new details, in which case the customer address, can be added if the contract has not manifested them in written terms when it was signed/accepted.) 2) Customer service agents in Hong Kong such as Katherine, for many times, refused to act according to its company rule, if not resorting to the police. They procrastinated several months to give out the subsidy of HK$18.7, when the carriers waited outside restaurants for more than 10 minutes, only to reply properly after resorting legal actions. Besides the apps has cheated on carriers in cases when there are two orders from two restaurants, one of which is rejected due to oversized items, carriers earnings will be capped half of the remaining order they will have finished. And again, Uber representatives will only fix the bug when you resort to the police. Their agents are full of lies, making fraudulent statements, if not some copy and paste cliches..Version: 4.298.10001

App is getting lockedI update app after this update when using app even when its in trip, the app is getting locked if you dont touch for few seconds before phone backgrounds gets dim and then phone is locked , it is because the of update its not happen with me but with most of those who using this app? And this app doesnt show traffic and doesnt show correct timing!.Version: 4.352.10001

Uber= Racism, Discrimination and Xenophobia!Uber is a racist and xenophobic rideshare service! I drove for them for more than two years, more than a thousand five stars rating. Even during the middle of covid I was driving for them , bringing food to the top of mountain, where sometimes I lost gps connection, bad phone services, a place where many Uber drivers don’t wanna go because of that. One day out of nothing Uber suspended my account, the reason? they can’t tell anything precise. The last thing they told me was your account was “suspended for safety reasons” what safety ? They can never tell anytime I have a chance to ask them. Plus I have videos records of all my trips, I suggested them to send them the picture of any trip they are referring to so they can make an informed decision, something they totally ignored. I assumed the only safety problem is that I am a black man driving in a predominantly white area, so my skin color is a safety problem. If no why no accepting the video records of my trips ? On their app they asked me to contact the customer service, at the same time they disabled the way I can call them and keep ignoring my messages. I have my documented proofs with me. They did similar treatments to other people who happen to be blacks and/or coming from different countries. A terrible racist group of people. People knew already that you are sexist, now I put in light your racist and xenophobic side..Version: 4.309.10001

“Be your own boss” don’t trust this wordsI have been working with Uber since December 2019, I have done more than 1500 uber Eats deliveries. They have terminated my account based on a false allegation. Someone have reported me as I am using substitute for my delivery. Just I received a e mail to submit details about the substitute. As I don’t use substitute I can’t provide details of a substitute. In that e -mail there is no option to say I am not using substitute. I contacted them through app and I explained them still my app is blocked from doing deliveries. When they want more drivers they messaged me to my mobile to introduce more drivers. I introduced many of my friends to uber Eats. When lockdown eased they phoned me to work. When they have more drivers they just blocked me from doing deliveries without asking my side of the situation. I have done hair transplant it might be the reason I look different and we have to wear face mask when we are working. It’s not fair without making sure just blocking my account..Version: 4.269.10002

Uber Select for Premier VehiclesI drive a Mercedes Benz that consumes high octane gas as well as provides less average compared to other vehicles YET Uber won’t let me drive SELECT until I complete 100 rides as an Uber X driver. This is super disappointing and above all the customer support on phone is completely ridiculous - very poor outsourcing job done by Uber. May switch to LYFT.Version: 3.175.10012

4.98 driver here, the app is broken since last update!Hi, hopefully someone from Uber (whom has any kind of authority) reads this. Not only are pick up locations wrong - I had to start calling every passenger during pick up, to confirm there location - but they also added a terrible function where if you decline 2-3 requests in a row it will log you out of the whole app, not just put you unavailable, so you have to put in your screen name and password and get it going again and turn on rides. Obviously during that log out multiple bad things could have happened like you lost your surge, you missed a turn, your focusing on and being required to do touch the app and try to type in names and passwords while driving - a safety hazard as well as chance of a ticket . Guys, there are reasons we don’t take every request that comes in, there are rating reasons first off. You have your multiple reasons too, like not showing destinations of the rides until they are picked up etc. please revert this log out function. I’m 4.98, have a new 2019 car, a completely clean driving record for over 20 years, and never have a problem. If I dont want to accept a ride from a bad apple or one that is behind me while I’m on the freeway with no exits in sight, or ones that are 16 mins away or even more, while I’m stuck in downtown after a mlb game, then I should be able to do that without punishment. Please revert to the app pre-most recent update..Version: 4.212.10002

Uber cheatsI signed up to work with uber, I filled out all the documents and sent them. After of this I had to do that background check, filled out all the pages and then needed to schedule a time at the greenlight hub, but there were no times to schedule, I met someone who works at the uber company. Who said he could schedule a date for me, he charged me 150 pounds, I paid and he really had booked, I went to the greenlight hub and a rude Indian woman answered me at the front desk. After two days, I got my account working, but I only worked three days and they blocked my account permanently, I tried to send texts, but they only respond to me with copied and pasted messages anyway. If you are looking to work with this kind of service, look first for the best companies that care about their employees and that treat with respect, and if you have no choice, work for uber, but be aware that you will be working alone and may have your account locked out. any time..Version: 4.213.10002

Just a complete mess!!I ran into a ton of issues that need to be resolved. I attempted to rent a EV that I reserved online. I had my reservation locked in and confirmed. However, the reservation meant absolutely nothing. As I got there at 11:00 a.m., and didn’t leave until 6:00 p.m. This Hertz location is so dysfunctional, unorganized, and slow paced. It’s mind numbing. They signed me up for a Kia Nero EV, at the last minute. However, they didn’t even follow through on that, and instead gave me a beat up, gas guzzling Chevy Malibu. Not only that, but the tank was only half full when I got it. Not to mention they charged me the same price for the Malibu as they did for the EV… for some reason…. I went to put gas into my car that following week, and when I went to drive off, my brakes suddenly failed. I could no longer drive the car safely. So I called Roadside Assistance to have them tow me. They said that they would tow the vehicle to “the nearest Hertz location”, which I didn’t realize at the time was NOT the location that I rented from. So they tow it to a different Hertz, and the lady says that she could substitute my vehicle, but that she couldn’t close my rental out, because they didn’t deal with Uber. She said that I would need to go to the other Location, that does Uber. But when I got to that location, they told me that they couldn’t close out the rental, since they didn’t the original vehicle..Version: 4.371.10001

Sound issue with CarPlayAfter update, I’m unable to use CarPlay with my iOS (iPhone XR). Sometimes there is no voice even for the trip notifications, I missed so many trips. I have to keep looking at phone while driving. Even can’t play music from stereo if Uber app is in “On”.Version: 4.236.10000

Trip preference not showingTip preference option is not showing up in app. Tried calling Uber support but no luck to get it fixed. Needs to be fixed asap. There are times when we feel like doing only uber eats delivery, but as trip preference option is not showing up. It makes up either decline the trip requests and get low on ur acceptance rate or have to do both delivery and uberX. Please fix up this issue asap. Will review star rating after fix up ☺️ thanks.Version: 4.108.10001

So long to be able to workIt’s too long before I can start making deliveries. It’s been a year since I started the procedures. The last email I received from Uber support was on March 21, 2021 and it said I could go online in my UberDriver app in 10 to 15 business days and tonight I’m told I have to fill out a criminal background check… I already did this a year ago I even sent the screen capture of the email which proves that they had already received the verification by the company ISB but they are all mixed and still people diffemts every day who continue in the file, So I’m constantly getting better every day….. Why???.Version: 4.329.10004

Cheating company and thief companyUnfair company that cheats driver.Version: 4.356.10000

ReviewI am discontent with how bad the Uber Navigation app is. This is influencing in my rating. This is because despite I take my job seriously and try to deliver the best service possible, it is impossible to control your rating if your navigation tools aren’t updated. Also, it is impossible to know the areas better straight away as Uber covers ample distances and areas to work in. It is impossible to learn all these areas to avoid navigation issues. You guys make a very good revenue out of Uber service, the least we expect is a good Navigation system and an accurate pick up system. Pick up locations sometimes fail, specially when the location is not a residence but a business. Overall I am happy and proud to work for Uber, although I do not find fair being rated for aspects that are not 100% under my control. This is Inaccuracy of Navigation systems(I.e one way streets, alley ways beincounted as roads when they are not,...) and inaccuracy of pick up locations. All these inccur on client and rider frustration. If there is other Navigation app that it can be used, why don’t we get instructions on how to?.Version: 4.216.10001

Horrible customers serviceI was attempting to sign up to be a driver. The app would not let me switch my city, I had to wait 15 minutes for chat support to do it for me. The chat guy had difficulty directly answering my questions and I had to ask the same thing multiple different ways to get proper answers. They switched my city, and I re-submitted all my forms. However, I kept getting emails and notifications saying that my documents were not approved and I needed to re-submit them. I did not have a positive experience with chat, so instead I called them this time. I was on hold, without speaking to anyone, for 25+ minutes before I was disconnected. I contacted Uber Support via Twitter DM and they responded saying they were “sorry” and to explain my situation so they could help me. Guess what? Been over an hour and no answer back still! They haven’t even seen the message. Gave up and waited another 10-15 minutes in the chat queue and got… the same exact guy from before. How that’s possible I don’t even know, but I think Uber support may need to consider hiring themselves more help. He says that my documents are fine and he doesn’t know why I’m still getting the notices. Hugely frustrating and disappointing, even if get all my documents approved I doubt that I will work for Uber. Seems like it will only be trouble if it’s this bad from the start. Wish that wasn’t the case though, it seemed like a great opportunity..Version: 4.341.10002

Lack of technical supportMy story is similar to one above. I have new vehicle and for 8 days I have not been able to drive for Uber Eats. The phone support tell me there is nothing wrong with my documents however they don’t know what is wrong, they put me through to tech support. Tech support then see I’m an Eats driver and terminate the call. I’ve messaged numerous times through the Help section of the app and am not getting a response. I do not know if they are even getting my messages. I’m trailing though all their notes and google to find more help as I’ve lost a weeks money during a busy school holiday. I am appalled by the lack of help and the trite comments from the helpline that can’t help! What company these days doesn’t have a complaints department? Maybe I need to contact trading standards?! I’m a new driver and finally thought I had found a company that can fit in with my other work....but alas no!.Version: 4.103.10003

Uber Driver App never WorkedI downloaded Uber driver app last week after been confirmed that my account is now active. It’s been 1 week and my account is still not working. I have been calling Uber everyday at least twice and they have been taking my complaint to technical staff who is sending me same message on repeat to send a screen shot of the issue. Till date the issue is still there and the so called Uber technical support team has not been able to resolve the issue. I think Uber is equating money on their technical team as the messages I have received can be sent by customer service because all they say is to close the app and reinstall it. I am very disappointed from the level of service they provide their drivers who are the one actually making money for the company. Good luck to everyone who decides to deal with them..Version: 4.297.10002

My One and a Half Year ExperienceAs many of you know the new app has additional "steps" or "clicks" to see information that was previously accessed or viewed at a glance. At the same time removing valuable features that were an institution of the older app. For the sake of a user friendly interface and safe experience I much preferred the how you could easily scroll from the main screen a tiny bit to see both your daily earnings and the time you have been driving for. This has now been hidden away through clunky navigation. Another featured that has been butchered is the ability to see both your cancellation and acceptance rate. Nowhere to be seen. How are we supposed to track how we are doing? Last but not least another issue I've always had (even on the previous app since DAY 1) is the reduction of audio when a request comes through. Music is always playing in my car and it is a huge safety issue when I have to force quit the uber driver app and restart it just to fix the audio level after it gets affected by a request notification. I do this about x5 times a day. Sometimes more since the latest rendition of the app. Honestly, I think a large percentage of your driver's would prefer the old app reinstated. When you hinder the user experience at the cost of frustrating your driver's and putting their safety at risk, due to a poorly designed update you really have to listen to your employees on this one. Can't wait to see that copy paste response ;).Version: 4.103.10003

Navigations for bicyclistsIt was a time when there were two options in Uber app settings whether to use uber navigations or google maps while delivering or picking the order, but now there is no more option left for bicyclists . If you are on a push bike account and in order to navigate, anyhow you have to go on google maps through uber app and If you don’t want to open google maps and prefer to stay on Uber App then you might have difficulty to understand the map as Now Uber maps doesn’t give you proper directions as it still gives to a Car or motorcycle account holders. Uber maps doesn’t give you proper way like from where to go , which street to choose or from which point take a turn. It just shows your position and your pickup and drop off points in maps . you should give options to select which maps a delivery partner wants to use. Not everyone is familiar with google maps.Version: 4.271.10003

MehStop letting people not put a full address, tired of turning up to streets with nothing but a postcode to find out I’m still 2 minutes away Yet you only pay to the postcode, thus wasting my time and earnings Also for people in apartments to come meet you at the entrance. Trying to find some of the places is hard enough let alone customer just buzzing you in and expecting you to climb 10 floors Wouldn’t be bad if they tipped! But they never do Other than that the navigation system is terrible. Takes you to wrong street and wr no buildings all the time. Again costing you time and money. Spend more time trying to get to the right place than you do actually delivering Really needs sorted. Oh and what the other guy up top said is true I’ve sat waiting outside a macdonalds for over and hour to watching other riders pull up and walk in for orders. A bit more public visibility of the actual process would be great as in a hour earning £0 is down right awful and even more gut renching when you clearly seen the same guy do 2 pickups in a hour above you even though you was there the hole time Also, stop putting high promotion prices on in areas to entice us then give us no business! And also why do you give me a macdonalds in a 1.1 area to deliver into a 1.4 area when the 1.4 restraunt is closer! Feels like your scamming me.Version: 3.175.10012

Not fair prices.The prices are getting worse nd worse. The petrol is almost 3 dollars here in New Zealand but the prices went down apparently rather than going up. Also they keep bringing new drivers which makes it even worse for the drivers that already signed in. This Uber eats delivery has absolutely no future at all. Yesterday I worked for more than 6 hours nd earned less than $70 dollars nd the biggest reason for that is the there are lots of drivers nd they keep bringing more!!.Version: 4.341.10002

FLAWED RATING SYSTEM!!Please change your rating system , if customers don’t rate it should be an automatic good rating …. Because really the only time customers rate is when they have a complaint please fix this.Version: 4.355.10000

LivreurC’est devenu la pire des applications pour livraison, gagner un revenu estimé est vraiment abominable. Le client peut retirer son pourboire après la livraison.Version: 4.366.10005

Stupid Consecutive Trip bannerEvery time I reject a consecutive trip because it’s too far away to pickup, it pops a banner right at the bottom which covers the screen to perform any action. It appears there about 3 times and has to be wiped upwards to remove. Sometimes during the process you end up accepting another trip that you don’t want to accept as well because it is another trip 15-25 minutes away. As a result you have cancel it and the cancellation rate goes up. This banner should appear on top of screen instead to avoid this and stop annoying the drivers. Not to mention the recent changes in algorithms means drivers are getting a lot of trips too far away especially when the area they are in is already extremely busy. No destination visible to drivers and jobs thrown at them while they already have rider onboard leads to cancellation because once the driver has finished the current job and when he looks at the waybill it is not worth travelling the distance for that job and has no choice but to cancel it. Riders are frustrated due to cancellation which is Uber’s fault as the App doesn’t show the details before accepting the trip. This can be fixed by Uber and drivers should not be blamed for it. It will also improve customer experience and substantially reduce cancellation rate..Version: 4.353.10002

Les clients enleve le tipsAujourd'hui 2 commande sur 3, les clients enleves le tips, dans 3 heures j'ai fait 8,73$, come on, annulee cette option, ils donnent le tips apres ils le renlevent.Version: 4.374.10003

False advertisingAdvertises flexibility but there’s no flexibility beyond when you turn your engine on and off and that is dictated by times of mass transit. Every other aspect of driving for this company is directed by the company. Selective preferential job allocation means earnings are variable and insecure, preference growth of passengers means potential loss of access to the product and loss of income. Time off due to illness or for any other reason is penalised. Uber only has an app. The cars are provided by drivers who are not compensated in any way for the use of them or their depreciation. Drivers do not get paid enough to make a living. Flexible payment is really access to a loan shark that demands high interest in the costs of petrol and maintenance on any amount earned. Driver and passenger ratings are not given equal status by Uber. The company is a financial cowboy, living on loans while accruing $billions losses. Uber is a scavenger..Version: 4.208.10002

Uber pay driver too lowUber took 30% from driver fare, so drivers’ income mostly are depended by tips from customers. But lots of customers don’t pay tips even we deliver for 10km. So hourly pay for Uber eat driver is even lower than provincial minimum pay, the lowest hourly pay I got is only 7$ and highest is 15$ for doing Uber eat. If Uber eat app can change the tips system and took less percentage from drivers, it will be more fair. And Ubereat already took 30% from restaurants merchant side by every order, then took another 30% from Ubereat drivers, that’s way too greedy!!!.Version: 4.260.10000

The up and down appThe app is great when it wants to be, other times not so much. I have been driving for Uber for a little over a year. And in that time I can say there is good but there’s a lot of bad. The app has a lot of issues, you shouldn’t have to uninstall and reinstall an app for it to work is one. I have experienced a few solid weeks of making good money then all of a sudden the app is having issues that no one from Uber knows how to resolve. I really feel that this is by design. Uber doesn’t want their drivers to actually make a good living. Because if an individual is making good money let’s say for 3months straight Uber fears you have the opportunity to find something better, with less pressure to cover your bills. For the past few weeks I’ve been starting my day off early to get the morning surge pricing and would be done by 3pm. After the first week of doing this the surge pricing went away. The next thing to go was the app working properly. The map is usually a light grey when it’s not too busy and red in areas that are surging. All of a sudden my entire map is white except little pockets that are surging. Now I barely get any rides. I think this is to keep you working for them. Luckily I also drive for Lyft so when they start pulling the usual I just turn on my Lyft app. I recommend also becoming a Lyft driver also, so that when this happens to you, because it will. You’ll at least have a back up to still earn money..Version: 4.358.10000

Wasting time to work with UberWorking with Uber most of time is just wasting our time. We spend our time out of home to make a little money, but normally it even doesn’t cover your gas and mileage of our car. I don’t recommend Uber to everyone. Go and find other ways to make money and don’t waste your time with Uber..Version: 4.112.10002

Worst document reviewing teamI really wanted to work with uber but the experience i had after submitting documents is worst. I sent my documents probably 4 times and waited 25 days, contacted customer support 20 times, lost all my offers because of this incompetence and every-time they say we escalated this to upper department but nothing happened even after days. So please whoever is reading this from uber, do something to make this worst system a little better.Version: 4.368.10001

Low requestLast 2 days i drive for 4:09 hours and i got only 2 rides which pays me around 9 dollars only i can’t understand that it happened with me because i am a new driver or it happens with everyone..Version: 4.280.10001

Going onlineMy profile got activated in January and since the i am trying to go online for delivery which is not happening i have tried several times to contact support for this and every time they say that we are aware about the problem and we are trying to fix it thank you for your patience. How am I supposed to be patient for 5 months. This ridiculous if u cannot fix my problem then please return me the fees you have charged for the bag and police verification, and i am off to go. I have already started telling people to not to sign up for uber delivery because you have a very bad support system for people working for you. You are scamming us.Version: 4.306.10001

Worst company paying you less then minimum wage a hourWork more then 12 hours to make £100 + add fuel an insurance not worth it all you get paid about £5.50 a hour after all your costs. You have do crazy hours to make a decent wage. High sir charges are in areas were there is no regular deliveries an you have to sit and wait in your car for hours to make over £500 you have to work over 60 hours then take out fuel and insurance and left with a normal wage what you can earn at Tesco with less working hours and if you Dnt keep a eye on your app they will scam your money with out you knowing I done delivery for my mate he tipped me but I never received it wen I contacted Uber they said I did not get a tip how can argue wen I contacted my mate he showed me on his app a tip clearly showing his tipped me. No better way then getting robbed work for Uber and earn them millions and get nothing out of it apart from getting robbed.Version: 4.229.10002

Uber driver in ArgentinaI really enjoy driving and using the app and find that it is easy to use. I love how you receive a client minutes before finishing one, it allows fluidity and constant work. I also love how I can place my home destination to receive trips in that dirección when I need to. I have 4 criticisms to the app. 1. The maps in Argentina need an urgent update. Some roads have changed direction especially in the Buenos Aires province, the government has built tunnels which the app does no recognise and it also directs you to make left turns from avenues which do no permit you to. I also think the the maps should indicate where the dangerous areas of the city and province are so that the driver can decide whether or not to risk themselves and take the trip or not. 2. On occasion the “complete the trip” button disappears and I need to exit the app and reopen it to do a manual reset. 3. I use an internet radio app to listen to music or news during the trips, depending on what the client likes, however the radio app disconnects every time I receive and accept a trip. Overall a great app, I would give it 5 with these fixes..Version: 4.225.10001

Worst supportNavigation gives you WORST and unsafe directions. Support is worst then navigation. App full of glitches. Unhappy . Better flip the burgers in McDonalds then driving with Uber.Version: 3.175.10012

Worst Application you can imagineGood company but veryyy bad application!!My ratings is 93% and on my profile it says “High Ratings” but it keeps telling me that I’m late or giving me warnings!!! I’ve already told uber plenty of times about this issue and they haven’t done anything about it..Version: 4.112.10002

UberIts not worth to drive uber, uber eats , uber just don’t care about drivers. GPS is getting worst, you can’t relay on uber gps.Version: 4.225.10001

No customer supportThey won’t give you any particular number to call. And finally if you finds out. They will end your call without answering. And if incase you are next level person you’ll find out how to reach em by texting but then they will answer you completely irrelevant to your questions. You will talk bout north and then will give info about south. You’ll talk bout changing city then will talk ignore it or will say you’ll get confirmation in 24 hours and then they never gonna reply. And it’s been 3 months for me to asking em for my airport rides. and I’ma golf driver. NO PRIORITY SERVICE. Go for DIDI or OLA or any other place..Version: 4.291.10003

Horrible rating systemUber should enforce a customer rating system just as strict as the driver one. Why should an ubereats deliverer be penalized for something out of their control? It’s ridiculous. Do better Uber. Customers should not have this authority over the deliverers for something out of the deliverers control if the same conditions aren't placed for them..Version: 4.280.10001

Getting worseNot worth driving anymore Trips gets longer fare gets smaller also people doesn't tip much anymore I have 100% satisfaction rate and over 7k delivery but things getting ugly day by day probably I will stop delivering If uber Did not raise their base fair price......Version: 4.357.10001

Suspiciously not getting enough tripsI’ve been doing only Uber Eats since Mar/19 and the majority, not to say all, the trips are done during the weekends. However, I’ve noticed that since the beginning I haven’t got enough trips after 8pm (sometimes even after 7:40pm), even though I was (and I’m) always available during that period. Lately, I have been having problems receiving trips, meaning, not receiving them at all. I’ve checked with other mates driving in the same area and they’re all getting 6-12 trips from 6pm-9pm at least. I’ve reinstalled the app, restarted the iPhone multiple times. But nothing seem to be working fine. One of my friends has just signed up to Uber Eats and he’s getting way more trips that I am. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with me personally, which I think it’s quite impossible, or with the algorithm used by Uber. I’m only giving 3 stars because I enjoy the usability of the app. At least, when I do get trips it is really easy to navigate through the app as it has a good UX..Version: 4.224.10002

Unprofessional agentsTo whom it may concern I am so disappointed with ( UBER’S )customer service your agents can’t provide enough information and don’t understand my point my car insurance has issue between ( Hybrid ) and ( hatch back ) it’s two days they can’t solve my issue because of their unprofessional customer service I couldn’t go work for secant night and it’s weekend and it’s busy nights are on and after how long We moved to level 1 and just want to back to work unfortunately I can’t go just because of ( UBER’S)unprofessional agents I keep losing money cause I have to pay my bill , insurance, mortgage, and have two kids which are the most my expensive expenses if it keep continue going on I might give up with (UBER). I’m not happy at all as you know this pandemic (COVID 19)everybody lost something now when we are just want to get on track even (UBER)is trying to put us down too by not solving our problem which cause us not be able going work and losing money. At the end of the day (UBER )instead of charging us less fee or even (ZERO)fee like (OLACAB)unfortunately not even solving our problem at least we can go back to work and provide food for our family I wish their would be someone to hear our voice and take action against it . Thank you Regards Mohammad Hadi.Version: 4.271.10003

5 KM $3Worst app I requested all my driver friend to rate ⭐️ star,.Version: 4.365.10001

Accomplishes the minimumAfter driving for UberEats for several months I can say the driver app does the minimum of what it needs to do to connect you with deliveries. However, the constant glitching of many key features can be incredibly frustrating. The map’s GPS software is sluggish and often thinks roads exist where they don’t, or subdivides straight, continuous roadways in ways that create confusing delays in providing directions. At the time of this review, the tip notification system is totally haywire and sends at least two notifications per tip, often more and at random times. The weekly and daily earnings pages frequently fail to load, especially the expanded trip summary pages. If one trip summary can be accessed, it sometimes seems to keep all the subsequent ones from loading properly. The messaging feature used to constantly cut out in the middle of typing, which made it difficult to keep in touch with customers and insanely annoying experiences retyping the same thing 5+ times (this seems like it may have been fixed by the most recent update, but time will tell). The help section of the app is unavailable while on an active delivery, which makes it the most difficult to contact support precisely when it might be most urgent to do so. Overall, the app accomplishes the necessary basic functions, but the user experience is frequently unpleasant..Version: 4.267.10001

Uber eats driverI recently started working and i love what i was doing with uber i would make all my delivery on time in order to keep the customer happy....i had some issue with some order and I reported uber with the situation...is a rough time do to covid 19 and most of the restaurants would tell to cancel the order because they had run out of item...i did my best to contact the customer and sometimes I didn’t get a response from them....i called uber support and most of the time i wouldn't get a response... even dough i make sure i delivers all my delivery uber decided to deactivate my account because they said i had incomplete delivery....there customer out here that would complain even dough they get their food deliver.... some customer use trick and say they didn't get their food in order to get their money back and just eat for free....is not our fault there some cruel people out here that would do harm to you just for fun...i feel bad and disappointed because i lose my way to provide money for my family...i Am pretty sure i was doing the best too keep my job and my earnings but uber decided too deactivate my account permanently ......i didn't agree with this decision because I followed all the guidelines and i was blame at no fault.... i did more than 100 delivery in 4 days and my rating was 92% but all this didn’t matter to uber specialized team.....all i hope is this issue to be best review and i would love too work for uber once again......Version: 4.248.10001

Battery drainFor some reason whenever i use this app my phone heats up and it kills the battery..Version: 4.365.10001

UpdateReceiving updates 2 to 3 time a month but the driver's issue is still there when 1 L diesel was £1,20 The minimum delivery was £3 know 1L diesel is £1,92 and the minimum delivery is still £3 Uber navigation app give you a long way to deliver the order and pay you the shout way when you deliver the order it asks you to take a picture first you press the button for the camera then skip then after you deliver it, it could be better, for example, The message should appear on the screen with a customer or outside the door, if the driver chooses outside the door then camera should open choose a message with the customer the next option should be delivered There is a question for the Uber development if the Uber give you the wrong direction and the driver follow him and get a ticket Uber will help to pay because some rolls have a Camera on a tram line but Uber give you the direction to drive through?.Version: 4.356.10000

Don’t change states if you’ve been driving a while.I drove in Utah for over 2 years. Requested to change cities when I moved to Atlanta. They made me submit ANOTHER background check when I had just completed one earlier in the year. And to my surprise the background checked flagged a speeding ticket and listed it as bail forfeiture and unpaid. How is this possible when the speeding ticket occurred in July of 2020 and I passed a background check on the same account in February of this year? Then when I try to bypass the system and creat a new account to drive on. They flag both my accounts for fraud. After deactivating my diamond account, they only opened up my new account to basic trips and deliveries. Meanwhile I’ve done over 200 trips already on this account and not earning any points whatsoever towards the higher tiers of pro status. My pro status doesn’t exist after four weeks of driving. And now all of a sudden they stopped offering promotions in my area. These guys are morons and just give you someone who speaks broken English to talk to through their support line. They never resolve your issue and you waste your time and lose money. When I asked Lyft to change my city. They said, “ok. What’s your new address?” An hour later they had me approved to drive. That’s almost laughable on Uber’s part. Meanwhile Über continues to charge riders upwards of $25 for a 15 minute ride and only pay me $10. Think I’m just about ready to tell them to shove it..Version: 4.319.10001

Recommended Uber driver app improvementsI give it a 3 because after Ubering for a week, sometimes it takes me on toll routes without notifying me ahead of time. Since I don’t have a sunpass in the state of Florida. Then I have to go online and look for the bill for my toll. I wish it had a feature where I can avoid tolls like the app Waze offers. Also one the iPhone gps. Another reason is it’s not current with road construction within the city you are driving. This would be an amazing feature to avoid long drive times with and without the customer in the vehicle so we can avoid traffic build up. Also I’ve noticed when it tries to cut through some turns within plazas or a neighborhood, sometimes I approach an intersection that’s only one way and then I have to think quick and come up on when to bust a U turn so that the gps can reroute quickly. As an Uber driver I am required to have a profile photo. When an alert comes through on the gps I wish I can see my Uber riders photo so that in a large crowd, I know who to look for and kind of know what he or she looks like. It would be helpful if the rider is ordering a ride, that they confirm how many seats would be taken. I’m aware that it gives you the option to use waze but I like to stay within the app since everything I need when I’m “on the clock” is there all in one screen..Version: 4.113.10001

Don’t expect transparencyUber will give you the money you earn most of the time, but the app is so glitchy that they have “temporary outages” where your earnings will not appear for up to three days and after that it is up to you to reach out to them and force them to look into it. I had to reach out 5 times before someone actually attempted to assist me and then they only gave me a fraction of what I was owed, claiming I had already received it. This was untrue and I could see that they were basing this off the wrong information in my pay statement. That didn’t matter to them though so I spent an additional hour trying to get help to receive 5/20 dollars owed. So with the time seeking help and the trip I did that’s 5 dollars for 2 hours. The online help tab is useless and they will cut you off before you are able to discuss the whole problem with them. If you receive an incorrect address and they ask if you want to deliver it to the new one for additional fare do not do it. Just keep the food and take the fare you will receive from arriving at the original location. This app is a good way to make money fast as I have had to rely on it for income for some time now while in between jobs but I would not call it reliable. Make sure to count the money you should receive as you go and don’t rely on the app to properly keep track..Version: 4.292.10000

Horrific driver supportRight, in all fairness at the beginning payment was good and choosing my own working hours was massively helpful, however after around 2 months I stopped getting deliveries as a cyclist and when I did the payment was far lower than before, I decided to try and switch to a driver instead but the process became unbelievably difficult as for some reason Uber don’t have a support line for Uber eats drivers but they do for their taxi service drivers? After no help from the Uber app I attempted to switch back to delivering as a cyclist as I rely on Uber as my only source of income. After attempting this my app glitched out and is now asking for business insurance for my bicycle, which isn’t a normal requirement, after contacting Uber many times through its messaging support service, they are still yet to respond to my last 6 messages practically begging for their help and after 3 days they are still yet to reply never mind solve the issue. Uber your driver support and communication is horrific, you need to set up a helpline so we can actually talk to someone rather than making us read through your help section on an app or sending us automated messages! I hope you see this review and attempt to either fix these issues or get in contact with me because I’m struggling for money now due to not being able to work..Version: 4.203.10001

DriverI’ve been driving for Uber since April and I am noticing so many problems with the app I can’t even get a hold of customer service to get help with the app I have been stuck not being able to work for the last three days because they’ve yet to figure out the app issues as to why I can’t login after they said that my account is still active and I should be able to deliver. I’ve called support now 10 times in yet to get my issue resolved and I’m still out of work thanks to this app having this many issues. I have deleted and re-download this app and I still can’t even get on after calling support they said I should be able to get on but the app is so bad I can’t even use it. I’ve literally been forced to apply to other delivery jobs because of the app not functioning like a proper app. I have tried to contact Uber headquarters yet my problem is yet get resolved and I’m still missing payment from one of my customers and they yet to resolve the issue as well. I haven’t been able to drive since 16 August and we are now on August 19 and Uber support has not figured out how to get me back on the road. I really do enjoy driving however this app is making it entirely difficult for me to complete my job efficiently without problems. Please fix the issue..Version: 4.316.10002

Below min wage pay,If you like working for below minimum wage pay, with no holidays or sick pay, then this job is great for you, and it’s gotten worse since they allowed taxis on the platform, App needs a lot of work, stop sending us trips far away. Tell us where the rider is going like other apps do,.Version: 4.357.10001

Unreliable company and unreliable appLike the company the app also sucks..Version: 4.361.10002

Poor AppThe maps is terrible and not updated, the directions given by the navigator are also vague compared to google maps. There is also no system to hold the restaurants accountable for taking their time to make meals which is appalling. Additionally, you can get your account suspended from ordering food as a customer. When a store doesn’t deliver the correct contents you press I did not receive contents too many times they suspend your account. This is not acceptable considering the customer has paid for the deliver service. When you intend to reactivate your account they send you automated responses insinuating that you have conducted fraudulent activity and that you must read and understand the terms of use to reactivate. How about you fix the refunding use in app? Or provide a customer support line. I understand that some people may abuse the system and conduct fraudulent activities but you cannot assume that every person that makes multiple refund requests is committing fraud. On 8 seperate occasions across my account and my partners Subway Helensvale did not pack the cookies we ordered and we requested immediate delivery/refund. I understand that it is not the drivers fault, it is the restaurants but maybe they should be held more accountable in these circumstances..Version: 4.243.10000

ReviewsAmazing how 1 bad rider leaves 1 bad review with no apparent reason can so heavily effect my rating..Version: 4.112.10002

Disappointed and frustratedEverything was going well. In July, I changed my mobile phone and installed driver app on that. I signed in and tried to go online. The app asked for selfie and so did I took selfie. The next thing is my account was deactivated permanently. I tried so hard to contact support team but no luck. Trying to contact again and again for about a week with hope they resolve it. I was so tired that I stopped trying more. Now, week before this day I tried to sign in again. The support team suggest to sign up with different email. So, I did it and upload all documents. After doing everything when I pressed go online app said to contact support team. Two days back I receive an email that your account can’t be activated. Today, I decided I should write a review here to help other people to be aware to dark side of uber. I has been so frustrating experience driving with uber..Version: 4.276.10002

Worse update to app and fare structure everAfter the new fare structure on 15 Jul, everything has just become worse. No specific fee for pick up, drop off and distance. In my observation, the fee is just based on delivery time now. Uber said that the new fare structure is for the advantage of the drivers, but it’s not. I can also see a lot of people complaining after this update..Version: 4.260.10000

Broken app and fareI’ve experienced an auto termination of trips several times and it jumps out to my phone’s main page. When I pull over my car and tried to click it back on the trip disappeared and then later on I received “incomplete order notification”. Besides that , the fare doesn’t really make sense. I don’t know how Uber calculate fare anymore. 2KM trip regularly paid around $6-$7 without supplement but when I have a 5.5KM-6KM trip it pays me $7?? Also the safety feature on text. It is way too sensitive , I could barely finish my sentence even when I’m standing still. Try to let customer know where exactly the food is or ask for detail it quits everytime and I have to re-type. Also the “can’t contact customer” feature is also pretty much useless. I tried to call customer but it always says the number is disconnected. The map too , I’ve 3 experiences with wrong location and the accuracy makes me have to argue and put in complain to get the correct fare I deserve..Version: 4.267.10001

Tip bating on deliveriesCustomers are doing tip bating by adding extra money in estimated trip amount and then reduced it after receiving the order, and uber is doing nothing about it 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 don’t allow customers to reduce the tip amount. Totally unfair to drivers..Version: 4.361.10002

Second best delivery opportunities in my opinion. Could easily be first with workI like delivering with the Uber app but see a weakness in driver support. So far receive good offers and rarely any absolutely unacceptable ones. I have to retract my statement about the app being “decently functional”. It’s an a empty shell with little investment or intelligent effort. Most counterproductive app of the 3 major companies. The shopping part has improved and now uses barcodes and seems to be trying to organize with improvements needed. There’s no scheduling which is actually a plus but no indication of tmarket conditions or number of drivers in your area. Just turn it on and hope for orders. Which too often have large gaps between them. Very unsettling when you have bills to pay. There has been some improvement in my area. Thank you. How about making eats it’s own entity and focusing a little? Also cut the app interaction during the dropoff please. If you want a pic don’t have the app back out of it after 2 seconds and make realistic autofills or just stop. Quite annoying. The automated system when trying to contact an agent is dreadful! Then you’ll get an agent in probably India and struggle to understand. Then probably have to get transferred a couple times to get the right agent if you want that much of your time wasted..Version: 4.391.10001

Don’t trust Australian Uber it’s a big FRAUDUber is a ridiculously business. Uber take %25 of drivers earning with super bad service specially phone service. Drivers spend their time, car, gas, insurance and many other things for driving with Uber but Uber take %25 with poor service!!! THE MOST recent issue is: Uber gives discount to some riders and Uber take this discount from drivers earning😡 unbelievable I found other important reason for do not drive as a driver with Uber: Uber is Fraudster!!! Most of trips calculating are wrong (90%) I have many screenshots from the wrong fares; I shared them on my Facebook. If the fare is (for example) $40, Uber pay you $25. I reported many times about this issue but they sent me some copy paste without reading my complaint. I won’t drive with Uber Upon finding other job. Don’t trust Uber. Calculate for every single trip after drop off your rider if you are driving as an Uber driver..Version: 4.238.10002

Uber doesn’t care bikersDon’t expect me to waste my half battery for only 3 dollars. You need to increase your base payment.Version: 4.368.10001

Poor CommunicationI had a friend who registered with Uber eat and he is a driver. He convinced me to join Uber it’s and I registered, uploaded all the required documents, all the documents were accepted and I was waiting for my account to be activated only to see a message on the app asking me to contact support for my account to be activated. To my surprise, there is no realistic way to contact support. I tried calling some numbers I found online and they acknowledged that they are support but not support for driver and I was directed to the help section on the app. After hours of reading different FAQs, I eventually found a form to fill and sent a message and it 48 hours now and there has been no response from support. I have read comments on this app and see that a lot of people are clamouring for a live support center. . . Please create one so we can have someone to talk to about our concerns. . ..Version: 4.262.10000

Just okThe app is just ok the potential to earn money is there if you’re clever about it but there are lots of opportunities for improvements on the app. Locations of properties on the map are often completely wrong so you waste a lot of time walking around streets with peoples food trying to find an address, therefor wasting time and inevitably the potential money to be made. When they offer a job they should display the destination of the customer before you accept as it may be to a location a courier is not happy to deliver to. You don’t find out where you’re being asked to deliver to until you click start delivery, by which point it’s a bit late to refuse the job and mess the customer about. There should be an option for selecting to stop receiving drop requests from specific restaurants. Some are in locations that are so difficult it’s not worth picking up from so you should be able to select to no longer receive trips from this restaurant. There should also be an option to not receive requests from customers in apartments/flats. I understand this may limit the customer base but one driver declining the job will be replaced by 5 who are happy to deliver to blocks of flats. Just makes the job harder for the physically impaired drivers or perhaps older drivers..Version: 4.267.10001

Uber Eats to Uber XThe whole experience working with Uber is good but the support team can’t really solve your problems. I recently upgraded my account after almost 1.5 years from ubereats to Uber X and so far they have blocked my Uber eats account as well without any prior notification that it’s going to be blocked. I don’t think this was necessary as it’s the same app which is used for both services and blocking my Uber eats account made no sense at all. Being a rider partner it can be very devastating financially when you can’t work and earn the weekly wage to pay your weekly expenditures. That’s the way working with Uber because the base fare is below average and as an add on Uber always deducts a fee for every delivery which you never really understand what for especially when you’re not providing any good support. They have a whole bunch of terms and conditions, documentations and verification processes but in a country like Australia that’s not a problem and can be done within days. Despite repeated calls to the support team, as that’s the only way to reach for help, none has yet helped to solve the problem and it’s been over a week now. Don’t know what the new head of Uber Australia is doing here apart from the latest weekly podcasts. This isn’t really expected and has been disappointing. Please fix the communication gap between the driver partner and the support team..Version: 3.175.10012

Not even making Minimum Wage.I will have to agree to a previous review as I am in the same situation. The whole system needs a reworking and a lot more support for delivery “partners” is needed. Like many others , I can sit outside various restaurants ( mainly the popular McDonald’s ) For over an hour and watch other workers come and go for pickups whilst I get nothing. There even when I check on customers version of the Ubereats app and the restaurant isn’t even online due to issues their end. So that’s more wasted time. I have reported my issue on useless 24/7 phone and in the app support. none of which , my major issue have been addressed and never problaby will regardless if the developer replies to this review or not. My advice, is to try this so called job for yourself and realise it’s not worth the time or petrol until they sort these major issues out. Thanks Uber for providing me with an unstable income. Shoddy customers support and false hope from the beginning with boosted zones that have seemed to have lowered after the first few days. In app supports didn’t ever fixed my highlighted due issues. Your sincerely a Hard workier trying to support his family..Version: 4.206.10002

IssuesOverall I like this job , it helps me at the moment, but , there are some real safety issues and driver rating system what is absolutely unacceptable: 1. Whenever the restaurant is sending packages with missing items the driver gets a bad review but the driver is not allowed to open any of the packages to check, at the end we are drivers not the restaurant!!! 2. Every time you drive to deliver a package you are watching the map , you receive a lots of incoming requests what blocks your screen for a long time if you don’t close it , but if you do then is affecting your cancellation ratings. And I have to mention also that by law is forbidden to manage your phone during driving, you’ll get a nice fine for it , so is completely unfair !!! 3. Alcohol and tobacco delivery should be rewarded more ! 4. Some times you need to wait in busy restaurants for more then 30-40 minutes without getting payed for that time but if you cancel is affecting your cancellation rating, not fair again !!! Overall is a good job if you like driving but small payments not considering the petrol prices ! Perfect for electric car owners !! Thank you !.Version: 4.365.10001

Uber takes insatiable and malicious unfair riders concerns over drivers concerns every timeI’m a 31-year-old international intelligent I speak four languages Hindi Bengali English Italian fluently read and write I have an associates degree in pre-law I have a Honda fit 2008 in good condition I was working in the city of Gainesville and I noticed that despite doing two 7out of seven courses, trying my best was not good enough and a lot of riders are unappreciative entitled and rude and Uber takes their side. Everytime. I dropped off customers who were drunk not wearing masks and rude helped with luggage and gave them 5 starts yet I’m the bad one. I followed all of ubers requirements but I’m the one booted off An hour after I completed another 50 dollar 7 out of 7 course. The customer is always right despite having no real reason to make a low rating! I did nothing to deserve some of the ratings I got! Nothing! Also besides I picked up a person in the same town I live in who hates me! I didn’t know it her her or I wouldn’t haven accepted but it’s too late now! Point is Uber dosent investigate into each rating and it’s unfair. I was unfairly treated by Uber. AND for sure I will let others know about ubers unfair policies to their drivers it’s just not right to give people that much power. I think Uber should change into employee status rather than an independent contractor because it takes the Mikey out of many genuine hard working people and that’s not right..Version: 4.321.10001

The most unhelpful support systemThis support system doesn’t make sense they put you on the phone to people that have no control over the accounts and they have to schedule a call to the people that do they tell you it takes 24 hours to activate you’re account mine took from Wednesday - Monday I had hired a car that I couldn’t use not only that now my account is active the system is saying my insurance certificate has expired even though Uber can see on their end it’s been accepted and I can see on my end it has the app won’t allow me to go online now they are telling me to wait for another scheduled call that could possibly be tomorrow that’s nearly a week with a hired car I can’t use they really haven’t thought this model through and obviously have a lot of applications they should have a cap of the amount of people they accept because clearly they can’t handle the load.Version: 4.216.10001

Ability to switch from bike to car and vice versa is missingApp works ok, but sometimes a bit buggy. A good addition would be the ability to switch from bike to car and the other way around without having to call the rather hopeless support team. Driver partners sometimes prefer to ride their bike, but sometimes they just want to drive!.Version: 4.108.10001

HorrendousThis app is horrendous and the tech is rubbish. Ubers tech is littered with glitches, in fact most things don’t work as they should. Most of the pick ups and drops are in the wrong place. The navigation is town keeps sending me down bus / tram only lanes, the wrong way down one way streets and down streets that don’t even exist. Rider support is non existent if things go wrong. I had a customer I had talked on the phone to and I knew it was the customer but he didn’t know his pin. I was on a multi drop. I went into ‘can’t confirm pin’ in the app and marked the order as delivered. It also marked my second drop as delivered! I didn’t have the address and don’t know what to do so I took another job, half way through that the guy phoned me so I had to deliver it on my own time with no pay for the miles which where a few. The app won’t let me add a bank account, I’ve tried everything and the only way to add a bank account seems to be through the app. I’ve done their whole check list of stuff to do if you have problems and like I said the support seems to be completely non existent. So I may never get paid..Version: 4.374.10003

Worst customer service in NZ Uber eatsUber has worst treatment for an Uber eats delivery. I have to give customer service review via app, because the reviews that we give via chat is not effective. I’m trying to activate my account with all requirements met and it’s unsuccessful. Tired of this.Version: 4.280.10001

New acceptance rate and cancel rate made me rate uber 1 starIn my area I usually get ordes of 3.5 dollars and they ask me to go 8 to 11 km In this way its not going to be profitable by accepting such trips.Version: 4.365.10001

I formally request communication with managementHow do I speak with management. I have been dealing with support via phone and messages ( review my support messages ). I have some very important issues in which I only receive disingenuous copy and paste responses from support. The shameful communication with support is beyond maddening. Please have management contact me. Roy 4165006821..Version: 4.257.10002

Not getting ordersSince the latest update I am not getting a order in three hours in the same place I used to get three an hour. I talked to other people working they said they had the same problem since the last update..Version: 4.352.10002

Location/GPSAll my driving preferences gone!!!!!! No one from customer support seems to help. Sending me templates again and again... Timer won’t start even after reaching at pick up point and don’t get paid for wait time after waiting for rider at pickup location!!! FAKE SURGE!!!!!!!! need to know the surge on the map. Application needs serious changes!!.Version: 4.273.10002

An app that needs glitches fixing!The opportunity of making money part time or full time is brilliant with what sounds like an app that has the tools you need! You receive notification, accept it, the app takes you to the pick up restaurant or takeaway and then once you pick up then it shows you the way to the drop off point! Sounds perfect? Yeah, with a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, the app freezes, just closes, goes offline or you can’t hear the notification! And if you leave feedback you hear nothing at all. I’ve been delivering with Uber delivery for 3 weeks now. I’ve done 41 deliveries in 21 days, not taken a day off, being online for an average of 9 hours a days. There are so many glitches in the app it’s frustrating! Unless Uber fixes these bugs a lot of drivers are going to miss out and income is bad. But if there was at least 25 drop offs a day it would be worth it. Having an average 2 or 3 deliveries doesn’t even pay for the petrol let alone the high insurance! NOTE TO APP DEVELOPERS :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Stop asking people to email or go to online help to report these problems. You already know what bugs are in the app. Fix the bloody notification. Fix the bloody app freezing Fix the bloody app from going offline Fix the bloody app from closing And then users would appreciate what the app offers and was supposed to do from the start!.Version: 4.251.10003

No way to contact rider supportI’ve been riding with Uber for a little while and was excited to get paid! However, they can’t be arsed to verify my bank details and sent me a blank payment invoice and no money. There is LITERALLY NO WAY to contact them unless you’re on a job and in that case you can only speak about that specific delivery and nothing about all of the other issues you might be facing. They say you can contact via the help section but they have removed the buttons that allow you to send help message requests. You literally cannot get in contact with them. Also, the navigation is utter rubbish and will often send you the complete wrong way or dump you 100m from their house in a busy residential area with no clue how to find the customer. I’ve had calls from customers asking me where I am because their app told me I’m outside when I’d literally just got to the restaurant. A buggy, hard to use app with no way to contact customer support and no guarantee that you’ll actually get paid. Furious.Version: 4.331.10001

Working fine most of the time but has some issues!I faced an issue with the app where I picked up one customer and got a request of another one while dropping the first customer. Usually the second call goes into the queue but with me while having the 1st customer dropped it started guiding me to pick up the 2nd customer. And when i tried to select the 1st call back from drop down, the option was disabled for me..Version: 4.277.10001

No order on new updateThe new update has a problem. Not getting any order. My buddy with older version is getting the orders. 4.3666.10005 has problem..Version: 4.366.10005

Rented a brand new Tesla Model 3 long rangeI just rented a brand new Tesla Model 3 long range so I could do Uber Comfort instead of UberX. Before even charging up the battery it cost me $507 with an $11 per day insurance plan for a week!! That’s a Tesla payment! Uber and rental companies are exploiting Uber Drivers to pay for their Tesla Fleets and manipulating them into thinking they can drive Uber Comfort. You CANNOT select Uber Comfort on your app. I called Uber two times and they said for the inconvenience they would give me the Lux option and that Uber Comfort is included in the UberX tab. The last 2 days of driving the rental, only the Uber Green tab popped up - no Comfort or Lux option. I ended up driving UberX the whole week because that was the only option they gave me, and I rarely got a tip because all my passengers thought I was well off for driving a Tesla even when I told them I rented it. I made around $150 profit after paying the EV cost for a week of renting the Tesla. I would’ve walked away completely before signing up for the week but I wanted to compare the Tesla to my Prius on cost savings. The only way I benefited was saving cost on fuel. I barely got any opportunities as well unless they were for $1.50 - $3 and one time for $8.50 which was the only reason I was able to break above even. Do not rent the Tesla unless you plan on buying one or really want to check it out. I make more money and tips driving my Prius..Version: 4.341.10002

Uber Driver App Broken and PayBeing an Uber eats delivery partner has been a great experience in terms of work but the Uber driver app is very much broken. It make things hard to deliver a great experience to the customer. A few examples; when I send a message to customer I can get about 4 words in until the message box disappears (even when parked) you need to stay almost stone still to send a sentence. (I get this is a safety feature to avoid typing while driving) but maybe adjust movement until the message box disappears? Along side those issues. When a customer sends you a message, The message will pop up vigorously 6-8 times and the way to stop it is to click on it. Makes things hard when you delivery food and are required to take a photo and in my experience blocking the map and have made me make a wrong turn. I’ve also experienced massive delay on viewing earnings after a trip and seeing past trips. Pay is very much hit and miss. Personally it has affected me massively as I’m only available to do delivery’s at night. And relied on longer trips to pay for my waiting for a job time, fuel, and general running costs. I’m giving a 3 star as everything else is great. Just the app and pay needs to be adjusted..Version: 4.266.10002

Backstabbed drivers in ontarioI have doing uber from almost an year being full time.Almost from last one month,uber reduced driver fares by 10% as per my observation without even providing them any hunch about this.In this period of inflation,where gas prices are so high insted of increasing the fare they reduced.And %10 is substantial.THIS IS CLEARLY BACKSTABBING ITS BREAD EARNERS WHO ARE DRIVING FOR UBER.I hope compaNy will get deserved fate if it kept treating drivers same.I HOPE I GET OTHR JOB CAUSE UBER HAS BECOME PATHETIC..Version: 4.333.10001

DisappointingWorst ever system in term of wages .No matter what they will offer you base $3 nowadays ,surges and promotion are useless..Version: 4.356.10000

A ripoff company using innocent people and their vehicles to become billionairesUber is getting ridiculous by the minute. They’re ripping drivers off without drivers realizing it. I wish this company can get sued or better yet shut down. I have been investigating this company for a while now and have come to a conclusion that ALL DRIVERS needs to go on strike until this company gets it together. A few months ago I started collecting information my asking my passengers “how much were they charged for the ride” and most ride’s were over $30 bucks and I only received $11 bucks. Traveling in the in rain, burning gas during high prices for gas, endangering our lives by putting complete strangers into our vehicles, paying out of pocket expenses for maintenance in our vehicles. All of this hard work only to get paid 1/4 of what the passenger is charged. This is a ripoff. Now that Uber has come with this (Upfront charge) is even worse, they no longer calculate by mileage, they just throw an amount at you and you have no choice but to accept it because they will affect your acceptance rate. I hope this company gets sued for using drivers just for them to become billionaires. I liked the company when they first started. They only charged a platform fee of 1.75 per ride and the drivers carry’s the big bucks home. But now they got very greedy and take 3/4 of the rates while we’re left with all out of pocket expenses. Stop wasting your time driving for this company they’re ripoff..Version: 4.373.10000

Compensation for Luxury VehiclesI am driving a jaguar XJL as a full time driver. Yes, I actually enjoy driving all day :) I provide a water bottle, gum, and an executive car experience. My problem here is that my gas is more than the money I am making, not even including all other costs. I want to provide the best service to our Uber clients, but I need you guys to help do your part and compensate me accordingly. factor in my gas and pay me a little bit more please. I’m just trying to help both of us here :) sorry if this email reads as offensive. Thank you Manny Sahota.Version: 3.175.10012

Uber cheats on driversI heard many times from drivers that they do not have trust on Uber and recently I was told from a few drivers that uber cheats on them. I wanted to share this info with you guys. 1) A driver said uber gives more jobs to new drivers and he said to me he has also proof screen shot of mobile that his income does not match with number of hours he works if you compare with same days and hours with new drivers. 2) uber cheats on estimation pick up time. This is very interesting to hear. When ever uber sends a job to driver for example 6 minutes away from rider, when you see the route through google map of waze it becomes 12-15 minutes some how in actual time. So driver has to drive more to catch the rider. Basically if uber shows the right time for picking up the rider, driver may reject the job and will not accept. This is cheeky way to deal with rider and driver. Even if driver notices the wrong picking up time and if driver cancels the job it will effect cancellation rate and in one month time driver may get suspended by uber for many cancellations rate. I hope you gets the trick. 3) uber doesn't have operator to answer the emails. Basically they have robot and computer itself picks key words from people and drivers emails and match them and sends the email. A driver showed me his emails exchange with uber and proved to me the fact. 4) there are many issues with uber and uber cheats on drivers at any possible way........Version: 4.350.10000

Uber driver fare payI am giving 1 star because nowadays uber they don’t care about delivery drivers cause they have lot of delivery drivers in Sydney Australia if 4/5 drivers are upset they don’t care about that and the main things is -I think uber knows clearly that delivery drivers are using their own car/motorbike , own petrol, and wasting their time and uber pay is vey low and I wan to say uber support to look after this payment system cause uber driver are doing their job to earn some money not to lose money and uber taking lot of money from uber drivers you can make a profit from uber eats app and from restaurants also and you need delivery drivers money too this is really unfair I will request uber to be fare with delivery drivers and look after the pay things, delivery drivers and uber need to walk together instead of leaving back to delivery drivers At last make a fare pay to delivery drivers without taking their money......Version: 4.299.10000

This app needs workI have only been working with Uber for about 4 weeks and have been VERY eager to earn money !! I have done OVER 137 trips and it says I have declined 30 trips !!!!! There is NO WAY I have missed that many and I have NEVER declined 1 trip !! But the WORST one is where the app messed up while finding trips, and a customer called me from a previously accepted trip that ‘dropped off’ and went back to looking for trips. He seemed desperate to get to the airport so I agreed to take him. I verified with Uber that I would be covered insurance wise even though the app was OBVIOUSLY having issues. I tried 6-7 times over 10 days afterwords to reach out to CS to get this trip ‘fixed’ so I could be paid. The kicker was when I received an email notice that I would NOT be paid due to NOT contacting them within 10 days and to “in the future be sure to notify Uber within 10 days of any issues”. To say I was upset would be putting it lightly !!! In calling CS I informed the rep that it was not their personal fault but I was VERY upset and took it out on them. And she was able to ‘fix’ it right then !!! WHY DID IT TAKE 10 days & 6-7 reps before I could get it resolved !?!?!? I am gonna get my CDL license so I can make REAL money driving for delivering goods instead of people so I can provide a living instead of just side hustle money with Uber . This is such a shame since I love to meet people and drive my car !!!.Version: 4.213.10002

Things do need to changeListen the freedom to work anywhere, anytime is the thing I love. I can still, picking my times use Uber to fill in gaps between using other platforms. I don’t mutiapp I do it properly so can just manage. But Uber are now expecting you to accept a job 3/4 miles away and you have to guess where it’s going, which you can’t, so you can’t even make an informed decision on how much it’s worth to you. I’ve just stopped accepting anything jobs like that now as I experimented and yes I drove 4 miles to spend 20 mins waiting for a pizza, delivered the 0.6 miles away, got paid £2.62 and then got a thumbs down as the customer obviously thought he waited to long! Again we could write a list sooo long now it’s actually quite amusing, unless you rely on the income like some. I’m seeing from the other side now as well. I used to use UBerEats for ordering but I’m sick of waiting for the multiapping drivers (who I can’t really blame to be said as they can’t be making much) take sooo long to then deliver my cold food, so I use another platform to order now. I’m guessing Uber are still in the game but they are starting to look very poor all round so will at some point have to react. I’ve got my guess why their dragging their feet and I hope I’m correct but we will see. It would help if customers understood what we got paid they may tip then, but i doubt it..Version: 4.312.10002

Can you improve the app???As a driver app user,this app has a lot of problems.1:Navigation often gives the wrong route.2:If driver receive a delivery with two trips,the customers don’t know it,they don’t understand the driver have picked up their order but don’t delivery it right now,misunderstands between customers and drivers.3:The most irritating problem is the evaluation system,the customer may give an negative comment with no reason!So the driver can’t know about what did they do wrong! What is the role of the evaluation system? I think the goal should be to improve the quality of service,but if a negative comment without an specific reason,how the driver know about the problem of their service?And how do they improve the service quality?.Version: 4.309.10001

No Customer Service or Care for the Chronically IllI have been working with UberEats for over two years. I have a chronic health issue that makes working a “normal” job as impossible since I ebb & flow between being okay enough to work & extremely bedridden with a chronic disease. UberEats gave me the independence & sense of personhood I needed after my chronic disease took so much away from me - financial stability, my dream job, friends, family, the sense of safety. Until today. I was informed last week my background check was being redone. I agreed & then was informed first thing morning that I was able to work again. Awesome! I am feel good & have less then $30 in my account. I need to work. But when I go into the app, it says my background check is being processed. I am getting text messages to get out there to work. Even a notification in the app, but I can’t go online. I sent the online messages system over a dozen text messages over five hours with ZERO response. Uber is literally taking away the little I have left & won’t respond. You are keeping a chronically ill person from their prescriptions & making a living. With not even a response. If this is how you do business; I am better off on the street, which is going to happened to me. Thank you, Uber. I have defended you & worked with you for years before the pandemic & this is the gratitude I get shown. I hope you can sleep at night putting people who have very little out on the street..Version: 4.294.10004

Good till one secondAlthough during the covid-19 outbreak there were hardly any new jobs coming since everything is reopening it all got better then since the last update on the uber driver app it doesn’t navigate you properly to the destination I contacted them to report this and they blocked my account saying they apparently asked me for live photos of myself which I NEVER GOT ASKED or has anything to do with their software update? they block your account and then when you try to ask why and what they just say it’s a final decision and they can’t do anything about it👀I mean like your new software update gives me issues and I’ve seen the similar issue on other drivers app and then I decide to contact help for support then you just block my account 👏🏻 you can’t rely on this job or their help and when I asked for HR info they don’t give that as well..THANKS for your support service uber..really helped!👏🏻.Version: 4.260.10000

New Fare StructureNot happy with the new fare structure, I have heard that the new fare is to benefit the drivers but being a driver I'm don't see I'm getting any benefits. Also, I don't need any money for the wait time and the pickup distance. Reducing the 50% of pickup fare and approx 70% of drop off fare. Lots of time we need to drive back to the shops as advised by uber, those distance we travel added on top the money loss we are facing. On a whole , we want Uber to role back to the old face structure where $3 for pick up, $2 for delivery and $1.60/km . Which we are finding better than the new fare structure..Version: 4.259.10001

HorribleI really hate to write a negative review like this. In fact, this my first cynical review of any kind in my life. Unfortunately my poor experience with this app has given me no choice but warn others of the potential issues ahead of them. I have a decent paying job. I have been trying out these type of delivery apps for the past few weeks in an attempt to make a little extra cash. All have worked out well expect this app. I registered my information as instructed, but when I go to deliver I am told by the app I am unable to go online and to contact support. So I contacted support. A total of seven times over the course of eight hours, through phone, the app, and their website. Not a single person can give me any answer or support as to why my app is not working properly. No disrespect or malice to any individual I have spoken to, all were very professional and concerned of my situation. Unfortunately, the system this company and app has in place seems to be completely broken. I’m being told by multiple employees that all my information is correct and that my case has been upgraded to a “Priority” but here I am sitting at home, willing and able to go out and work for this company but unable to, with no explanation whatsoever. Like I said before I really hate doing something like this. But this is literally my last ditch effort to get any type of answer from anyone related to this company regarding my situation..Version: 4.325.10001

Terrible companyUber always cheats with delivery driver. 1. Now a days no boost in busy area but sometimes they give boost but very less and less time. 2. Asking for quest promotion but when quest time they are not giving enough order. In 4 hours they giving 8/9 orders! 3. For 2nd or 3rd quest they are not giving last order to complete quest, even if you have 10/15 minutes. As a result you miss another £5. 3. When no quest they sending order one after another. 4. When no boost available then you can’t even take rest. Guess why because they sending you 4/5 orders in an hour. 5. Their price is £2.62 or an order without boost. But you have to work hard to finish that order. Collection+ press buzzer and go upstairs. Doesn’t matter how big is the order, still £2.62. 6. If you take double order you will get £4+ in most of the order. Can you imagine two orders for £4+ but less than £5. 8. So many drivers they have still recruiting more. Even they gave access cab driver for working to Uber eat. 9. Also if you do 5 delivery with deliveroo, you will get tips 100% but for Uber 27 deliveries no tips which is doubtful. 7. I can write more but fed up with this company and writing about them. 8. Deliveroo or Stuarts are outstanding company comparatively Uber. I recommend sign up with Deliveroo and Stuart..Version: 4.280.10001

Uber support not replying or solving the issuesHi, your support team is not addressing the issues raised by the drivers. They just change the status of the message thread to ‘waiting for your reply’ by saying they can’t see the trip details from their side to address your issues so can’t really help. Is this the way Uber support works ? I am a platinum member and this is the support I get from the team when issues are raised. Not appreciated..Version: 4.273.10002

Worst customer serviceI do uber eats and I want to move to uberX. So I uploaded every document they requested. They told it activates in3-4 days. And I was waiting for more than 1 week. There was no response from them till I contact them and when I contact them they say they need to done this and that and they tell I advice your complaint to our team and it takes 2-3 days. And after 3 days no response. Then if I contact them again then they tell the same thing for again and again but they don’t activate account. Worst customer service . I have applied for DiDi and ola they activated with in 2-3 days even they don’t have any of my documents. This uber have has all my documents since 2 years because I was doing uber eats but they are not activating account . I don’t even want to give even 1 star. I want to give 0 but there is no option. Worst uber customer service and they don’t even have telephone contact service. They are available only via email and they reply very late for email. Worst service 😡.Version: 4.255.10001

Not Driver friendly and worker friendly, Stop using uber and avoid uber all peopleIn Australia, there is no law from federal government to control uber. I strongly recommend all users after my years of experience and other users and drivers feedback that stop and avoid using uber uber eats and uber taxis. Uber has closed my account permenently forever with reason that another mobile device login and someone else login my account. I went to court, federal government and they said I am correct and I didnot do anything wrong and Uber has done unfair to me aussie citizens, but asbfeo, federal government and court cannot do anything against Uber. There is no commonwealth law which can take actions against Uber's wrongdoing and unfair outcomes to passengers, ubereats customers and uber drivers...I strongly recommend everyone that just for safety and our commonweath law, avoid and stop using uber and there are alternative options available. use black and white or yellow cab where customer is safe under video cameras, photos taken automatically every few seconds, and it is under our commonwealth laws in all ways, but Uber is not under commonwealth law and safety in many ways. do not risk, Uber Company in upcoming years after five years and ten years, will definitely lose business, complete faith from people and society of Australia due to bullying and unfair behaviour..Version: 4.363.10002

Ubereats is just a name not a companyWorked for them no more than 5 months, and about 4 weeks after been banned from the restaurant in cooperation with uber because I have asked one of the team leaders at the restaurant how long would it take as I wanted to know if it would worth waiting an hour for a sandwich. Uber did not contacted me and blocked me to get orders straight from that restaurant. Couple months after been banned completely from Uber because a customer did not received his/her order. She did not because did not provide enough information and did not picked up her phone or replied to my message when I have arrived the location. To make my life easier Uber support never worked and the button which I should click to start counting the 7 minutes waiting did not worked, had such a good waiting time of over 10 minutes outside cold and rainy. Next day Uber block my account and almost week after Keep saying that would give me a call, they have decided to only text me saying: "Uber: We have reviewed your account for improper use of the Uber application. We have come to the decision to terminate our partnership, effective immediately" AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID Honestly I will not recommended anyone to no give it a go, however, if you are looking for stress and things to think about (issue), get in what they call partnership with Uber and provide your feedback later. Good luck for you all.Version: 4.109.10003

There are good days and bad.I have no idea why you allow ratings that do nothing to help your drivers improve. I have never done anything to deserve less than 5 stars, other than when there are app glitches, and when I get rated below I have no what I need to improve. This is the most frustrating thing for me personally. Hardly any riders tips me and I am polite, careful, and help them with their bags or assistance getting in out of the car when needed. We are providing a service that takes most of our fare and tipping should be automatic. The only other thing that could explain no tips is if the company is taking them. But how can that be proven? I am grateful I have a job to work until I can find something better, but I constantly worry about what will happen if I ever have a real problem with a customer or anything else really. I have been driving for almost two years now and wish the fear of actually being able to trust the company I work for would go away. You have so many drivers though so the opinions of a few don’t seem to be worth your time. It really is not becoming worth the wear and tear on my personal vehicle with prices going down and the passengers having no idea what we have to pay just to drive for you all with commercial insurance costs, fuel, tires and everything else that goes into taking care of our vehicles to provide safe traveling for YOUR customers..Version: 4.221.10001

Drivers manipulating the Uber Queue at the airport and Uber does nothing about itThere are plenty of drivers manipulating the Uber Queue at IAH and Uber doesn’t do anything about it. I bought a $90k vehicle to be able to accept Uber Black SUV trips and all I can do is 1 to 2 trips from the airport in a 14 hour period. There are plenty of drivers manipulating the queue by somehow getting diamond status, some get it right of the back when they open an account which we believe is someone inside of Uber doing this, and requesting fake trips to the airport, canceling them when they’re on airport property and getting priority queue when they enter the waiting lot. This is causing the rest of us drivers, that are doing everything legally, to have to wait 5 to 10 hours for one request while we watch these other drivers go in and out of the queue constantly all day long. Myself along with plenty of other drivers have brought this to Ubers attention but nothing has been done. We’ve even given Uber reps the information of a lot of these drivers and instead we have received fraud alerts on our accounts. So I guess we all have 2 options. We either keep quiet and accept what’s going on so we don’t get punished or jump on the bandwagon and figure out exactly how the others are manipulating their accounts and cheat also. Great job UBER. The way I see it Uber doesn’t care what the others are doing because they’re making Uber money regardless..Version: 4.240.10001

Giving a platform for work is one starI’m giving 1 star for this app, it has lot of issues. Navigation suggestions are not the best. Flexy pay was easy in older version but new upgrade has no options. Viewing weekly income and daily income were easy on older version. Jobs information are not clear enough , street info and suburb info might help the drivers to decide the job acceptance . Giving jobs to the driver who are wrong directions are common error of this app. Missing the tolls used or giving tolls that are not used is another issue. Dropping pick up point and drop off point errors , drop off is not big issue but pick up point error makes work difficult and time wasting. Rates on traffic jam or waiting for someone is ridiculously low. New upgrade looks like more data and battery consuming not sure yet but its continuous sign of finding jobs and you are online sign irritates me . I know I’m online blinking all the time irritates me. And many more . There’s only one good thing , waiting que info separately in Sydney domestic and international terminal helps to decide . Some of the streets are closed for many years in Sydney but app suggests to go through that ..Version: 4.101.10001

Driving in Queensland may not be worth it + bad support team and app bugsBe prepaid if signing up in qld this process can and will take up to a month with the required government restrictions for booked hire ! And will cost you close to $1000 dollars you are not told about until you start working your way through the department of transports booked hire process! And Uber does not supplement this cost ! Here’s a list of what to do first Medical $110 Driver authorisation $ 185 up to 2 months wait time - ( federal police check ) Certificate of inspection $100 Extra ctp for ride share $80 on top of regular ctp Booked hire licence $ 245 per year Insurance $175 -$ 600 per year Total cost minimum $895 to $1300 Total time for all application to process 4 - 6 weeks Uber has bug issues I have just become a driver and found after all the cost and 6 weeks of waiting that I can not receive ride request due to bug in app that does not give me option to choose Uberx 3 days spent on phone with Uber support who can not fix problems but only have a level 2 call you back with in 24 hours x 3 Dyas now ? That’s 72 hours so far with no income made How are you meant to pay bills and live ? Not good enough Uber ! These are people’s lively hoods at stake Where does all that commission money go if you can’t afford to support your partners better !.Version: 4.112.10002

Navigation need to upgradeNavigation is rubbish. Even it shows your current location wrong and so many times it get confuse whether right to go or left. So many time even destination is too close and it shows long way. We need to use google map so many times..Version: 4.263.10000

Bad paymentsUber payed not bad (fair) at the beginning now the payment for food delivery it’s really bad. They take from customer £3.99 per order and pay drivers £2.80 . I suppose it’s each individual option to work or not for that payment. Uber as well keep the app turned off when customers want to order and drivers waiting in the car park for orders and they never come because the app it’s off. Many many other bad things. I used to work on Uber Eats but now it’s pointless. If people would think a bit not many would work because after you take off expenses for insurance for petrol for the car expenses as well there no money left for yourself, and if you think you are self employed and pay taxes as well there no money left. People should think in long run and don’t work only if Uber will put the boost minimum 1.3. Anyway everyone choice that’s only my opinion. Cheers.Version: 4.291.10003

Updated app doesn’t work.Me and several people I know have the same issue. And I notice another person on here posted the same problem. You go into the app and it’s an endless cycle. It says get the app, so you click on that. Then it takes you to the App Store and click open on the app that’s already open. Then check status. Then get the app. The app is already downloaded?????? So frustrating..Version: 4.106.10002

Worst company everI usually don’t leave any reviews on anything but this one I have to put it out here. I worked “in partnership “ as the want to call it with Uber UK for almost 3 years now. About 14 days ago my account was blocked following an investigation of some sort. Apart the fact that I knew nothing for days when I actually got an answer at my question of “Why?” I was told that a costumer or rider as they like to call it had complained that I was involved in an accident while having her in the car. That was true but the accident was not my fault and in any case nothing happened and no one got any injuries. I should mention that the costumer was late for a dentist appointment even when she jumped in the car. Anyway Uber followed the complaint and decided to close the “partnership “ because the costumer said I was not paying attention at that moment. My statement was in vain. No one listens. The point is I provided a good service for 3 years , I am a pretty high rated driver with lots of good reviews but it didn’t matter to them. Search for other jobs. For Uber we are just another number and a way for them to take over the market. We are more than disposable. “Thank you “ Uber.Version: 4.221.10001

No supportDon’t work for Uber..Version: 4.362.10000

ReviewUber charges high percent of commission, which is not worth it to drive, but once I find another job I ll quite driving. Some uber drivers have luxury car like Audi and BMW ,uber should give them fuel bonus bcz of heavy engine..Version: 3.175.10012

Trip price is very lowUber is worst than other driving apps. They pay less than other pay and charge 25% service charges. And did not provide long distance rides and send u so far to pick riders and did not any money distance cover to pick up customers.Version: 4.357.10001

Problem while sign upHi I am trying to sign up on Uber driver app but stuck where is ask for location. After entering my city name and press continue, it stay at same page, I tried phone switch off, app delete and reinstall, tried on different devices didn’t work. I tried contact Uber helpline(from my normal Uber account) what they suggested me to contact them through Uber driver account but that I can’t sign up. So frustrating, anyone can please help or Uber technical team if you are reading this comment. Thanks.Version: 4.301.10002

Terrible terrible experience with customer supportUber customer is very unprofessional team when it’s comes resolving driver issues my Account was accidentally deactivated by kids taken someone photo on my Uber app during the COVID-19 time dealing with Uber support is a nightmare 🤬🤬 they didn’t reply anything for 3 weeks and didn’t even investigate and telling me fraudulent activity happened read community guidelines ok I’m sure I explain everything in messages exactly what happened but they only replied automated message really disappointed ☹️ never thought dealing with accidental mistake would a nightmare. Still can’t read messages and resolve issues if you resolve issues what is purpose for customer support team. Let me tell this is 1st time ever in 4 year I have to with customer support and it’s a big big headache. It’s was accidental mistake on the selfie photo by my kids. I have all the details of the person kids took photo including number email address and by the person still they can’t do anything to help fix it up what can we expect from them,.Version: 4.269.10002

Needs workI’ve been doing Uber eats trips for a couple of months now and my biggest problems with this app are as follows. 1.) The GPS leaves a lot to be desired. Not only are locations completely inaccurate but when the app asks you if the correct location is accurate it doesn’t update. It constantly tries to have me perform dangerous maneuvers to get to a specific place when it should know that making a u-turn when it could have told me to make a right or a left a block before to be able to make a safe turn. And the repeated voice prompts are completely annoying. I don’t need to be told 4 or 5 times back to back to head to my pick up or the like. 2.) While I appreciate the system trying to give me the opportunity to stay busy, it is completely unreasonable to be bombarded with trip requests when I’m trying to see where I need to pull over or make a turn as I’m approaching my destination. It is also annoying to be sent requests as I’m trying to take a photo or put in a delivery pin and inadvertently accepting a request I have no idea about and then having my trip requests paused because I cancel the request I had no intention of accepting. Sending these requests after the current delivery is completed would be the best in my opinion. I’m sure there are other points that could be made but these are ones that are really bothersome for me..Version: 4.313.10002

AppApp has many issues, after so many updates, still doesn’t work effectively. App freezes when you cancel a job, ,also when you want to skip a photo It freezes again I have to restart app, When reminds you of how many hrs are left Once again it freezes, cmon Uber you big superpower your letting me down please fix, my Uber Facebook group having same issues , if this latest update doesn’t fix it I won’t be surprised !.Version: 4.305.10002

Good money making ability - terrible support team.I’ve been delivering with Uber since October 2021 and I would like to say that you can make fairly decent money if you prioritize delivering throughout your day. However there are three large issues with the app the main one of these being if you’re only delivering on the Uber eats and you will not receive your surges I’ve probably lost out on more than 1000+ dollars simply by not receiving my search funding. Other than that if you were to do you deliver for another app such as lift for shipt and you are online with Uber but not currently doing a delivery, Uber will track the driving time that you do for the other company towards your overall 12 hour driving limit. this has recently caused me to have to go off-line early and miss out on money that I really needed it to pay bills. My final issue is that when you call customer support even if you have diamond priority support you will get redirected to an overseas customer service agent who will provide you with canned responses to your very specific individual needs, and most of the time when you call support, your problem will not be resolved and it just ends up being a waste of time. So all in all if you just need money Uber is a great way to do it but if you’re not careful you will not get us paid as much as you should be..Version: 4.362.10000

What have you done?!So I updated the app thinking that a few of the bugs have been sorted and I can now go back to using the app without having customer messages repeatedly read out to me until I click on it & the volume showing max but so quiet until I close then open it again and when I type a message to the customer it disappears & deletes it before I get to finish typing, just to name a few. Oh, the most annoying & disappointing one is showing that I have received a tip repeatedly for the one tip getting me excited think I’ve received many but it’s just one repeated. But, no, now I cannot even hear the guided directions even though it shows the volume as up full, the message a customer sends while I drive I can’t hear being read out now either which is dangerous while I’m driving as it also disappears quickly now. Arg so many things. Also, to try & find in the help section where to tell you guys this is not easy to find at all..Version: 4.269.10002

Very experienced delivery driverBeen delivering since November, rates and quest bonuses were excellent at first. As you go on and deliver constantly the rates drop massively to around $5 a order, and each week as you get your quests they ALWAYS get harder and harder to achieve weekly until its pretty much impossible to achieve. I contacted customer support and they said the quests are random, lol yeah right, they’re impossible to achieve for 2-3 weeks in a row, then when I take a decent break from driving guess what? The quests are VERY easy to ahieve and the $ per trip goes up!, this I have realised happens over and over again. Thus I have quit as I’m getting WAY below minimum wage once you factor in petrol, lunch breaks, much more constant service requirements and tyres. Yeah no thanks. Oh and the support is abysmal, at least it made me realise what I want to do for my future :).Version: 4.371.10001

Inconsistent experience working for UberI feel like the app is overlooking me for some reason - I constantly get delivery offers that are 15 to 25 miles one way and near no other restaurants, so this translates into 30 to 50 mile deliveries that will take me over an hour to complete for $5 to $10 in pay… If I don’t accept the offers then the app doesn’t send me delivery opportunities for extended periods of time (even though it is busy in my area with delivery perks of $1 to $2). The app is super glitchy and Uber support just keeps repeatedly sending me troubleshooting steps that don’t work - tips don’t show up in my inbox so I can send a thank you to customers, my cash outs are missing info and only say “your cash out of _ was successful”, busy areas on the map don’t fully load so I have to refresh the app constantly. I have days where I make less than $10 an hour before expenses, even though the app has $1 to $2 delivery perks. Seems like the longer I work for Uber the worse the pay gets and the worse the app works. I have a 99% customer rating, so not sure why the app doesn’t keep me busy during peak times. I worked 6 hours yesterday and made less than $70 before expenses, it cost me $25 in gas for the day, so that means I made approx $40 for 6 hours worth of work..Version: 4.327.10006

Less trip paysThere is lack of pay to the drivers . Although if the pay is good per trips but why uber is charging this much tax which is 27% from the pay. If you guys will calculate then you will letknow that drivers are earning near about the minimum wages by giving all the overall taxes. Whereas the driver have to look for the maintenance for the car , has to pay his fuels cost and many other. It is my opinion as a member of uber drivers that please decrease from 27% or increase the trip wages. Thanks.Version: 4.203.10001

Uber Eats driverFirstly, i am working with uber from more than one year on full time but now it is such a worst time i am facing because you are doing partiality with car drivers . In starting we earned $250 per day easily then we drop down to $150 per day and now it is the worst time that make us impossible to earn even $100 in a day. You can check my account from last month ,how much i am earning in a day . First you prefer push biker then motorbikes and in last comes the turn of car drivers . When we call you usually you always told there are not much deliveries in the area but it is totally fake . I cross check from 3-4 bike riders in last week and they told me they are earning minimum $250 in a day and even push bikers are earning more than us and you can check our account. I am really disappointed and i cannot expect this type of partiality from uber..Version: 4.250.10002

EarningsEarning is way too less, i am doing uber eats for last 2 months but they give very less amount to driver. For example sometimes i was getting paid 3$ for 10km order. Out of which i am only earning .75-1$ because of gas cost. Skip is way better, i am earning good over there..Version: 4.362.10000

Not feeling safe while driveUber provide to customer full details of the driver, driver true name, driver badge number, driver picture , car detail. Even it is not compulsory. Uber should provide driver detail only if really need in such a situation. But what Uber provide to driver as rider detail? Nothing... most of the time fake name, no pictures of rider. How can Uber say it’s both way safe and secure for driver and rider. And there is lots of crazy costumers who have really mental issues they should expect from driver safe journey to there destination and both sides fear behaviour. But because riders having lot of crap going on in there life’s they expect from driver to provide world class service for few Penney’s. And they give us bad feedback, even that not enough because rider have our badge number they complain to tfl for no reason and driver end up losing there badge because the rider is sick in his head. I know lot of driver who had same things. So drivers always stay in fear of there ratings or complaints and they take all abuse from rider and don’t say anything. This is modern slavery.Version: 4.219.10002

25% too high chargeUber take 25% of the fare before you take your cost out which is a lot higher once you take your cost out petrol,insurance,Council fees wear and tear and if some thing major goes wrong with your car you will be in loss not to mention depreciation of your vehicle after the miles rack up uber takes probably around 40% of profits uber is the fastest growing business at the expense of drivers who damage their health driving so many hours I have back ache and hip pain from pressing the clutch so much the first year I worked for uber I made £5 per hour after cost and hasn’t got much better after 3 years also you can’t work when you want because you have to work busy times every weekend the first year uber took 80% of my profit because my cost was higher the councils keep going on about uber not being safe but uber is really safe but they don’t mention about taking 80 % of drivers well done Council once again us drivers have no rights and no voice modern day slavery prevails once again well done government for not letting the cooperations taking over (not).Version: 4.252.10000

IssuesI have been an Uber driver with Uber eats for almost a year now. I love the work and like not having a boss but sometimes things come up that make me whine about my work. When I have been waiting 45 minutes in front of a store and watch other drivers park up and pick up an order from the restaurant is the biggest issue I have. When I signed up I was told “the closest driver will receive the order from said restaurant” if the app could work more like this I would give it 5 stars but it does not..Version: 4.106.10002

Worst app.Garbage uber driver app. Started paying less when gas prices are high. Uber and it’s founder so cheap. Stealing tips from drivers and ripping off customers. This will company will shut down soon if they keep drivers paying less. 👎🏻.Version: 4.357.10001

Poor customer serviceApp is decent, only issue is maps are not updated. BUT The worse customer service I have experienced. No call options, they don’t understand the issue on chat and email. Queries are always misinterpreted. Even when asked for the communication to be escalated to a manager and someone to call back, no one does..Version: 4.363.10002

Best app for ride shares or private taxi.I love it as a customer and as a driver. But in regards to the attention for its drivers they don’t seem to care at all. Driving at night as everybody knows it’s risky and people don’t care and don’t mind for whatever is not their property, specially when they’re drunk or drinking. A cleaning fee is way more expensive than 200$ in Florida and one day somebody made a mess on my car and they only send me 30$ which didn’t even cover cleaning the carpets, even the less the chairs and doors which were leather at that time when I was driving a Volkswagen Passat. They don’t give enough promotions or incentives for old drivers, only for new drivers or if you invite someone. Corporate should take into consideration we as drivers are the ones making your money. We have to buy tires, brakes, engine fluids, pay for services, tolls and gasoline, and you still take more percentage than we make and without giving enough promotions. Offering 100$ for making 60 rides in 3 days is almost impossible for most people, so what about those who can’t? This is absurd and should change. I understand the company wants to grow by getting more new drivers, but giving highest paid promotions for them to join, and having your 5 star drivers who have been with you for more time to get lower paid promotions just messed the whole point of keeping the company growing....Version: 4.355.10000

Communication wise lowest of the lowGreat company to work for has sorted a lot of issues private hire drivers faced working for local companies your self employed you choose which rides you want to do cashless no runners and overall good clientele BUT if your account goes into a review or documents then consider yourself fuvked they take forever to reply and message the CEO he doesn’t give a fvuk either, treat you with utter disrespect and DRIVERS be warned if you do the good deed of returning a phone after a rude has been cleared and you have any sort of altercation with the person and he gives feedback The UBER police gets involved although they have nothing to do with the matter as I’m currently in that situation a rider should only be allowed to rate you or give feedback when he opens the door gets in your car his stay in the car and when he opens the door to exit your car till he shuts it but no apparently if you return a phone out of goodness an hour and half later and he’s demanding to get in your car banging on your window viciously and your fearing for the safety of yourself and your car Uber suggests you Stay there and take the wrath of the person because he’s still a rider absolute pathetic company for taking his feedback should’ve asked him to call the police not block the driver to investigate when it’s nothing to do with them! They need s serious competition BOLT is soon arriving in MANCHESTER so happy days!!.Version: 4.345.10000

I Like it but it could be better.There should be a setting to where we can put how many miles we would like to travel and what area(s) we would like to deliver in. Y’all should make it to where the orders don’t reach the delivery drivers until the order is prepared and ready to be picked up. Because the wait time at these restaurants is ridiculous. Especially when you have to pick up another order or have already picked up an order . Also when the weather is bad that’s when people order food the most so it would be better to pay us more on rainy days. I also feel that the amount time they have to change the tips should be 20 or 30 minutes. I think 1 hour is too long especially when you’re done for the day. And Uber customer service should keep tabs on the promotions so that when we have a problem like not getting paid from the promised promotion, they should know the times and dates or should be able to see past days times and dates of past promotions so they won’t have to ask us to send in screenshots of the promotions we didn’t get paid for because what if we didn’t screenshot it. I can’t think of anything else at the moment but other than that , I like the app. Orders come in very quickly. But we could be paid more for fares when the customer doesn’t tip . Who wants to drive 5 plus miles for $2.75? Gas has went up.Version: 4.359.10001

Absolutely horrendous and ineffective driver rating system.I have been working for Uber Eats since September and over the past two weeks I’ve been receiving utterly false reports against myself and I’ve spoken to Uber about it and if there’s anything I can do, however, as expected they don’t seem to be bothered by it one bit. I have been putting in as much effort as possible into this job and I’ve always been on point with both the merchants and the customers. Customers end up making false reports against you just to get a refund because they’re too petty to actually pay for their food. This has been bugging me for the past few days because nearly every day I get a false report and my ratings keep going down for no legitimate reason at all. Uber doesn’t seem to care about their drivers and doesn’t value their opinion. Instead of trying to find a solution to the issue, they’d rather send you an automated reply and get it over with..Version: 4.273.10002

Really bad serviceSince last two months I want to activate my account. Every time I contact support. They advice that it will be activated in 48 hours but after 48 hours they will give the same reply. I don’t think they have hired human for support probably they have hired monkeys who don’t have brain..Version: 4.280.10001

Fix the sound issuesThe app has a sound volume issue that causes the volume to change dramatically randomly while using the app. Also the Help section is highly useless. I can no longer request a fare review or any kind of help from the app, not even online portal via a browser! Having to call support every time is not ideal..Version: 4.348.10003

Uber Puerto Rico doesn’t care!For the past few months I’ve been using this app knowing full well it isn’t really up to par with neighboring countries yet I decided to give it a shot because the lack of opportunities in Puerto Rico is a real thing but wow...I never imagined this app would be worse than the most awful jobs I’ve had in the past. Aside from them taking a 35% to 45% cut, Uber demands you have a car that is no less than ten years old with personal insurance and certified by government agencies just to be able to work. As drivers we carry most of the costs (car payment, insurance, cellphone, gas, maintenance, clean up, etc) while Uber takes a third to almost a half of the profits. Uber doesn’t provide personal assistance. It’s all through emails and phone calls with people who don’t even know where Puerto Rico is. Not to mention the myriad of situations you encounter once you start working and how they prioritize profits over your livelihood. It’s disgusting! And this industry clearly needs to be regulated. They keep accepting more and more drivers and with each and every new driver you earn less and less by the hour. But they don’t care because that doesn’t affect them. As long as they’re making money out of your back, they’ll risk your life on multiple occasions without even batting an eye. Which they already have. Currently looking for a new job since this one is obviously a scam..Version: 4.236.10000

Notification sound goes off automaticallySince you have update the latest version , the sound of the notifications goes off automatically.. I first noticed no noise from a ping. After the trip, I noticed no clicking noise when going on or off line. Closed the app, rebooted the phone, back to normal. 10 minutes later, same thing - no clicks going on or offline. Ok, completely deleted the app, reinstalled, good for about 10 minutes before no noise at all. Checked every setting on the phone, silent mode not on, volume turned all the way up. Have turned off Bluetooth and wifi. Still same . Spoke to other driver . They are facing same problem . Some guys called customer service they advised them to delate the app and download it again . But still same . Can you please help us with this . Most of the driver don’t bother to tell you and don’t know how to inform you. Hope we will get a solution from you ASAP . Thanx in advance..Version: 4.241.10001

DON’T DO IT!I started off delivering for Uber Eats via bicycle. I was then given the option to rent a car so I could drive Uber X. Instead of having me complete a new background check BEFORE I was approved to rent the car, Uber allowed me to rent for a week and then proceeded to take me completely offline for 3-5 business days until it was passed. I called, emailed, and texted Uber support numerous of times where I was told to either create a new account for Uber Eats while my background check was being completed OR there was nothing there could do; couldn’t even be transferred to another agent. This went on every single day for an entire week. After my background check was approved, my rental agreement was up the following day. I had one day to make an entire week to pay for the rental. Uber not only stole from me but also blocked my account because of fraudulent activity after I was told by multiple support agents to make a new account to be able to continue to deliver. I was twenty deliveries away from myself and my roommate getting the referral reward. I have saved every screenshot of every conversation I’ve had with Uber support for when I review on my social media accounts. This company is very unethical, VERY unprofessional, doesn’t care for their drivers, and completely wasted a week of my money and time because of their negligence. I would definitely try Lyft, DoorDash, or even your local Domino’s before I EVER recommend Uber Eats or Uber X to anyone in my lifetime..Version: 4.362.10000

A normal reviewHey buddies, if you guys want to work for uber now just listen to me. First, the app is always buggy. Second, now they pay less. 3$ for an order for average 20 minutes trip is ridiculous. They tricked you guys about customer’s tip. They depended on that and stole a lot of money. Third, you guys will pay 20% for taxes as self-employment. That’s a lot of money. ___Not worth it anymore___.Version: 4.367.10001

MisleadingI have been working with Uber more than year now and I am always been very loyal and hardworking,I am feeling very proud and I love to keep on working with Uber ,there’s couple of issues that Uber technical department should focus on - 1 ) as a Dimond partner I should get free destination after long trip in slow moving traffic, ones I start trip then ones I finishing trip doesn’t allow me to choose extra destination option when is busy or surge in central London because I don’t like to work out of London and I am travelling from 32 miles to make money in London and Uber app doesn’t let me stay in central London and work ,that’s very upsetting and I am ok sometimes I do receiving long trip out of London but I do expect to start getting trips back to central London, despite that Uber app ( when someone assigning the jobs ) might be purposely doing that for not to let me go to central London and make extra money when surge in place.2) I don’t like to cancel any jobs because that no good for the customer and for the company I like to give my 100% to Uber for good customer service.3 ) can you please look in to all drivers account and be fair no to misleading .4) when I am receiving trips out of London I don’t have a choice to cancel the jobs because it’s take long time to coming back to London sometime there’s not any ride and free destination option doesn’t pop up on screen or someone doing purposely or Uber technical department should look in to it ..Version: 4.299.10000

Change ‘online’ time back to ‘driving’ time pleasssseeeeThis app was wonderful for the past two years I have been doing UberEats until recently when they updated the app, it has become useless and not worth it anymore. I am a full-time student studying and working UberEats to help fund my uni expenses. I used to do Uber in the early mornings before my class or after uni in the afternoon. Somedays when I rest throughout the day, I open Uber during the night and get few orders. Recently after the new update, they have changed the 12hr ‘driving’ time limit to 12hrs ‘online’ time limit. In the past few weeks after the update I am only getting 1-3 order during these 12hrs online time, they the app goes offline for 8hrs. By the morning time when it goes back online i am already at uni. Instead of counting the ‘driving’ time used to make these 1-3 orders like before and keeping me online to receive new orders it counts the time the app was ‘online ‘ regardless if i was resting or if I was at home. This is soo inconvenient and useless. Now I can’t make money on it as before and therefore I am forced to quit Uber and find another job..Version: 4.109.10003

Navigation problem and paymentIf there is less than 1 star I will rate it The navigation is too noisy it shows too many times wrong way, closed way or no road at all. And when send the support the delay 15 - 20 minutes they send back $1.5 no more that. The support send annoying message and say: you have an option to choose another application. Another thing when you have 2 orders you can’t know the rate of each order as you are the work for nothing. Just because you have an order to that area just take another one with extra $1. Replay for developer response You asked me to try force close. I every time do that. is not work and I change my device to make the Uber app work but there is no hope to be that. For more information you put a link in your respond it shows that you try to solve the problem but the link is not work and it shows this message: “We’ve moved a lot of stuff over the years, and it must’ve been lost in the mix....” So please don’t make your self as an interest to my review and send an old link. However you asked me to reach the support team to resolve, do you think I didn’t make it?! :/ I already tried to reach the support team too many times, and every time I send a request they block my account. And I can’t get any orders requests for a 2 days or until they respond to my request with no solve the problem. :’( So please don’t ask me to contact the support team because my account now received orders requests. :’).Version: 4.252.10000

Want to work for Uber? Guess again.There are very few companies that just simply don’t care about the people that work for them, but Uber really shine in that aspect. Want a job with them? Okay make sure your willing to spend money to start working for them! Literally! You will have to run about all over the place gathering documents, then get those documents printed and verified by the post office - which costs far more than it should. Once you have done that (as instructed from Uber) you will have to submit your background check - which is impossible to find - your background check WILL be cancelled and you will have to do it again - meaning extra money. This is because the post office automatically print in black and white, which is not accepted. At no point does Uber ever state it has to be in colour. If you ever have issues with Uber, their website and app is specifically designed so it is super difficult to get into contact with them. If you are luckily enough to get to contact them directly, you will absolutely get a very vague and unhelpful reply. Every time. I can go on about the many, many issues with this company and how they conduct themselves. Quite frankly I cannot be bothered. Do yourself a favour, save yourself the frustration and money. Don’t do it..Version: 4.102.10002

Better updates with the app, not the driving itselfDriving with Uber has changed over the years and sometimes not for the best. We still have riders that use fake names, we do not know if the rider is a Sex Offender or have criminal records. We carry passengers in our car, that can even be mentally unstable, might carry guns and that put us in jeopardy. Plus, still continue to have trips requests where we need to drive more miles to pickup than the miles we get paid for that ride. We are still forced to use the Tollway roads, we get charged a price and you pay us back even less. We have riders that smell like Weed/marihuana and we can’t choose a proper option when we rate them to let you know that rider is a problem for us drivers. It leaves our car stinky and other riders might think we are high as skyscrapers giving us a lower rating due yo lack of support of your behalf. So… we are the ones affected in all your decisions, but we have a very little to say. Our voice isn’t heard enough or when it is, is after months having the same issue. Because of all of those issues, I might close my account with Uber after 4.5 years. I have given enough time to improve your app, rules, and prices and so far the only you have done is cover your own bank account while for us drivers there is always less money, more miles, more hours and, more expenses. That’s enough! Thank you.Version: 4.353.10002

Maps issueOlder version of uber maps had a massive problem. Every time when a driver going to pick up or drop off the customer, uber maps takes driver to the back lane not on the main street. Every time I have to figure out my self wether its a lane or street. Then the customer complains about why i am waiting in the back lane or back street, and thats where the driver rating starts to drop. I have been driving for 8 years now, and i am very good at driving, it feels so Humiliating when customer tells you that you shouldn’t be working because you don’t know how or from where to pick up Customer. Second problem is maps are not up to date, they take driver to not right street, no through roads, thru padestrian walking way and some times in one way street as well( which is highly dangerous) Because most of the time driver is depending on maps. I don’t know where uber has bought the maps from, but they very old and not up to date. There should be more tutorial videos for riders how to use uber aap, like how to add stops in one trip, how to update drop off add while on the trip, how to Share fare and how to do a pin drop Location pick up. 70% of the times customer don’t know how to any of that. Please update maps uber it would solve half problems from rider and customer..Version: 4.112.10002

Not happyI had another bad experience now. This 8 hour break system wasted my day. I am on the Uber app going to check the 8 hours break time. Instead of hit the side menu my hand slipped and hit go. I called Uber support team they said I have to wait next 8 hours to go back online as they can’t help. She also mentioned thus is common mistakes nowadays driver doing. I question if it’s common mistake why they not fixing as I am loose my day income because of this Go sign front of the screen. I am really disappointed with the service I am having with Uber now. They said they have more support Center and green light hub but no one can help anyone anyway. I also agree with the other people complaining about map I noticed map taking through very tiny street where driver may cause damage on his car. Road sign not update. One occasion I got fine for no right turn. It was very sunny day I pick up customer and as soon I start driving out from his building the road is changed to one way only. But I couldn’t see the sign as I had things down to protect the sun shine I just followed the map directions. Not happy at all..Version: 4.200.10003

Uber Daily DestinationThe app is having a lot of destination errors lately after an update. If we set destination at 11:00pm and get a trip around 11:30pm, and driver finishes it in next day, suppose 12:05am. Why does app consume the next day destination allowance? Uber you need to fix this issue as it’s so frustrating and annoying to get back towards home when app eats your destinations even though driver didn’t use it!! Also, uber changed destinations logic which is not ideal. For instance, 1. If driver setup the destination and get a very small trip ( suppose 5 min trip). For some reason, driver have to go offline for few minutes. The destination is gone to waste. 2. If driver started the trip using destination mode, and rider cancels the trip after little distance. Here we go again, destination gone. 3. If rider changes the address which is completely in opposite direction of driver’s destination, destination gone!!! Uber, please fix this issue..Version: 4.361.10002

My account deactivateMy account has been deactivated more than 4 times in two weeks without any reason and I spoke with customer service and he doesn't know the reason this is nonsense.Version: 4.356.10000

Waste of TimeDon’t bother or waste your time with downloading. You’ll finish registration and be waiting one month for a background check email that never comes and when you call In to-get this resolved you would be told to wait 3 business days. EVERYTIME!!!!b.Version: 4.358.10000

For current drivers and new be careful with UberDon’t get yourself in debt to finance a car for working for Uber then find out that it is not worth it as it is all lies. Why I am saying be careful: 1. Uber is recruiting driver everyday you will end up working made hours to make any money not even enough to pay for your car finances 2. Uber claims that you are the boss of your self this the biggest lie, uber can fire you at any time without warning , in the last month I know two drivers Uber terminate there contracts (first driver the rider claimed that the driver was rude and the trip wasn’t as expected Uber canceled the driver contract without even making sure if the rider claim is real or made up so uber can give the rider free ride. The second driver the rider damaged his car back door as she was very angry instead of Uber take action against the rider NO they decided to cancel his contract as Uber believed the rider story over his ,even he has a camera fitted in his car to prove his story ) And many of these story’s. So for any one want to work for Uber don’t believe what Uber is selling you make sure to know what Uber hides from you before getting yourself in a deep whole and Uber will never be there for you..Version: 4.200.10003

Not worth it your paying to work -$-$-$=0I made $40 in 3 hours 5-6 deliveries ( traffic can add significant delays to your delivery times which your are not paid for )ridiculous !! Gas prices have gone up Uber is charging the customers surcharges but not passing it onto the drivers they’re still paying the drivers the same rates that they were paying before gas prices went up this App is GARBAGE .The repairs on your car are insane because you’re stopping in going pressing your brakes nonstop your oil changes are every month or every couple weeks you literally make no money off of this app because you end up spending it all on your car Maintenance . Before Uber was preferred over Instacart now they’re on the same level as Instacart their distances are not matching the rates correctly don’t waste your time . A 9 to 5 job might seem like it’s not paying much but you should consider that it is not costing you anything to go to work. Uber is making a lot of money especially during inflation they are just greedy.PAY YOUR DRIVERS. Soon Uber will be just like Instacart you’ll find less and less drivers wanting to do it plus customers are not tipping because Uber is charging the customers a lot of money and the customers are probably assuming that the drivers are getting these fees but we’re not. Thanks Uber your like Amazon on wheels modern day slavery.Version: 4.357.10001

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