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Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting App User Positive Comments 2023

Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting app received 83 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about emoticons keyboard pro - adult emoji for texting?

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Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting for Positive User Reviews

Best appEasy to use and works every time.Version: 1.1

MerciParfait.Version: 1.1

Fabulous fun!I have really enjoyed this app. Everything has worked when sending in text message. Haven’t tried other venue yet..Version: 1.1

GrizhogoEveryone I send to wants them. Thanks.Version: 1.1

Great valueExcellent collection of emoticons..Version: 1.1

Love itWorks great - posts right onto iMessage - no problems!.Version: 1.1

Great FunMy wife and I are so filled with love for each other. We flirt in text all day long. This app is really fun and easy to use. What fun we have with this app as we grow closer and closer, even after twenty-six years together! 😉.Version: 1.1

Great!Love it. Lots of selections..Version: 1.1

Not badNot a bad app could be a little better.Version: 1.1

Good appEasy to use & funny app.Version: 1.1

Great app!!Love it.Version: 1.1

I love it! Paying for the “no adds” was great! Awesome!!I recommended this app for my friends as well!.Version: 1.1

App reviewExcellent, will definitely recommend to all my friends..Version: 1.1

AwesomeEveryone loves getting these sent to them..Version: 1.1

Good but expensiveGood emojis but a bit expensive for what it is..Version: 1.1

As they said it wasJust upgraded to the pro version, and now have no ads and tons of new emojis. Easy to use, like copy/paste or direct input to other apps. Nice product. I just downgraded my rating to 4 stars because I keep getting the request for a rating on the app. It will continue to go down if I keep getting the rating request. It's a major nuisance. Please fix this and my rating will go back up..Version: 1.1

Like itNot much more for 2.99 than free version.Version: 1.1

Very goodIt's just fun all the way.Version: 1.1

Nice graphicsSTOP ASKING ME TO RATE THIS EVERY TIME I OPEN IT!!!!! My biggest complaint is that this author seems to have several different programs similarly named. And they all have the same icons. I'm pretty sure this author is raking it in from people like me The by two programs thinking they are two separate programs but then find out it's just the same program renamed something slightly different. I'm going to request full refund for everything purchased at the App Store and never purchased from this particular author again. Plus the blog is in Chinese. So you can't even contact them for support..Version: 1.1

Some amusing different emojisAs previous reviewers have said. Doesn't seem to be any extra emojis when paying for the app. Like you're lead to believe. Just removes the ads..Version: 1.1

CoolAwesome.Version: 1.1

Biggest and best selection ever!Seems like there is an emotion or a remark or face for any situation you can think of. Personally, I like the sarcastic and adult-natured, humorous ones the best. Those are hard to fine. I did upgrade to the paid one in order to avoid the annoying advertisements..Version: 1.1

Emojis.I love the app even without pro. I use em all the time..Version: 1.1

Great!These add a lot to the emoji generation. Fully expressive, funny and original..Version: 1.1

Extra Emojis ?Where are the extra emojis ?.Version: 1.1

Good appCouldn’t do with adding more now and again. But good..Version: 1.1

SuperaterEndless choice of cheeky chaps n chappesses to choose from. Top app!.Version: 1.1

Love/HateI love the variety of emoticons and animation. I HATE that I paid for the extras and...NOTHING..Version: 1.1

Great fun...Love this app, just wish it had its own keyboard. Fun though!.Version: 1.1

DisappointedI paid a extra £3.99 to have the annoying adverts removed🤷🏼‍♀️ next day more adverts Extremely disappointed!!!!.Version: 1.1

Mike K.Have many great emojis. Would like to see more animated ones. Would even be willing to pay for some really cool ones. Also, would be nice to add the ability to just change keyboards while typing rather than to go out of your messaging to send..Version: 1.1

Great AppGreat app, better if had its own keyboard 😊.Version: 1.1

Stewart reedyWell worth the money really like them would recommend.Version: 1.1

Good emojisOk but would be better if you could add to keyboard or like gifs. Time you have chosen your emoji your chat mate would have disappeared.Version: 1.1

Persistent. I want to review later!I get pop ups asking me to rate the PAID app. I hit "later" and move on. The next time it doesn't give me the "later" option. I want it to STOP annoying me after I rate it or I'll be back to downgrade my rating..Version: 1.1

Love the AnimationThe moving emojis are great they say so much in one motion, people enjoy them. I use the app when I want to send someone something different or special after a message every once and a while. 5 Stars 🤩.Version: 1.1

Good StuffFriends love seeing these🦋.Version: 1.1

Nice faces, but it’s room for better ;)There are nice emoticons to choose from; but I’d love to see more options for female faces; there are many stereotypical associations- female emoticons for cheer leaders, but not for volleyball, or basketball players; male emoticons mostly for funny faces, or jobs, while the female emoticons show up for flirty looks..Version: 1.1

HiyaGuys are gonna be mad at me and said that they were gonna be able to come outside and get cigs. I'm not doing anything with the residents of the house and then we will be able to come outside and get cigs yesterday but sometimes it's hard for me and my mom said you were gonna have the boys until we can do that?.Version: 1.1

Emoticons KeyboardLove it, but needs to be categorized a little better by topic. Fix the “rate this app” which keeps coming up even though I have already reviewed and got the paid version..Version: 1.1

Great funLots of fun lol.Version: 1.1

ExcellentExcellent and easy to use, brilliant additional emojis 😊👍🏻.Version: 1.1

Decent appDidn't have as many extra bits as I thought when purchasing full app. Did get rid of adverts though.Version: 1.1

Laugh out loud!Excellent range of animations. My missus loved it..Version: 1.1

Great AppThis is cute and lots of fun, with seemingly thousands of emojis, you can use as stickers or animation. I recommend it, and it’s worth the price. Good work guys. I made an err, the paid version has no advertisements.Version: 1.1

PhyllisMy friends love it it needs more naughty emoji‘s.Version: 1.1

BelgianbunsOk for the money direct use from WhatsApp would be better.Version: 1.1

Awesome AppI like the variety of icons!.Version: 1.1

AvisSuper le fun!.Version: 1.1

Emoticon problemsLove this app but it freezes the second 1 emoticon is sent through any other app. Update it on your end not ours please.Version: 1.1

Love itIt serves my purpose. Seeing someone in the service and we communicate via text. The animated texts are delightful. I am not looking for anything really filthy. Just something to spice things up a bit. These do the trick. The rest I can take care of..Version: 1.1

Emojiologist....As much as we pay for our phones and service, I want to use all these different captions and emojis as much as I want, I love that it's easy to load, clear, and large prints to actually see, and all the funny xrated and standard things to send... my only issue is emoji w animation , they hav to keep year current, if the emoji is holding up a sign.... they add new things but never change year on things that hav year to date on them ....Version: 1.1

Disappointed so far...Sux that it doesn't work in iMessage directly... have to exit conversation to use app Advertising gives impression you can use it from inside iMessage Make it accessible from within iMessage please.Version: 1.1

Just right!Just what I wanted. Not too racy or vulgar (... OK, maybe a few). Gives a nice way to "spice up" a message, send a giggle, or make a point. It's fun. Thanks. (I recommend buying the ad-free versions. Cheap and well worth it. This is a very fun App. Some others get a little too "adult".).Version: 1.1

Bit of funGood for a laugh!!.Version: 1.1

ImojiAbsolutely amazing love them.Version: 1.1

AwesomeAwesome App there's heaps. Needs more Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghg.Version: 1.1

Adult fun without being nastyWorks super easy, some of the reviews are unbelievable it's like can't be any simpler, I use iMessage you just touch and emoji and it instantly gives you the choice of many different ways of using it, and has never glitched on me once, never glitches and it's not vulgar, Needs allot more graphic adult content.Version: 1.1

Could be improved further, but not badExpected a bit more when paying, but quite like what there is. Would like to see directly accessed from within WhatsApp.Version: 1.1

LOVE this app!This is by far one of my favorite apps of all time. It’s so easy to use, and I use it all the time! Everyone always comments on it and asks me where I “come up” with all these cute sayings and responses to texts. I’m partial to the animated ones, but there are more to choose from in the other ones, so I use both. Hopefully they’ll keep adding to this app! So glad I purchased the full version!!!.Version: 1.1

ShameBought this but can’t see any different emojis - just no ads - feel cheated! Some fun emojis though.Version: 1.1

Great programs!!!'I too agree about the asking to write a review. It never stops. Almost like the writer of such is afraid that he want cover every ones grips. He or she can't please all the folks all of the time. Some folks some of the time maybe. As far as I'm concerned I think it does a great job. The only thing I would like to see fixed is to make it easier to integrate the upgraded app into I-text. Like the first emoji program. Easy peasy, I believe. Just my thoughts. I love the little fellers. Tell lots of stories without getting into too much trouble. Keep up the good programming. My hats off to you..Version: 1.1

App doesn’t workI totally agree with the previous review. I can’t get this app to work properly even though I ‘ve paid $2.99 at least three times..Version: 1.1

Four stars, not fiveNot enough content..Version: 1.1

FunI’m finding this app to be a lot of fun and I’m sure my friends and family will agree. Sometimes you can’t find words to express how your feeling but there’s always a emoji that can relay it for you. Yes these little guys are fun!.Version: 1.1

Fun appI really like this app, it gives you many options from emojis to words to use. I am using the free version now with the app but plan to get the ad-free app soon without the ads. I Gabe four stars instead of five just because you have to go to the app, select the emoji you want then copy and paste. Other than that, I think it’s a great app!!!!.Version: 1.1

Fun!!???!.Version: 1.1

Cool😎kids love it.Version: 1.1

Best Large MeMe's out thereThe large memes are the bomb and you can ad your own text to each message!! Works fast and flawless so far on IPhone. Kill the ads when you purchase app. Good buy!.Version: 1.1

KeyboardFor any reason this app can not add to the new keyboard. I like so much the app but is difficult to use it because i can’t access in my keyboard and I must copy and paste to my mms. and I have back and forth from the application and copy and paste to send a messages. The rate app’s message is also to much frequent. Maybe you can update the app..Version: 1.1

Room for improvementI like the fact it has adult content (sometimes only a sweary comment will suffice). Bit disappointed that not directly accessible within Facebook, messenger etc via the keyboard. Instead you have to come out, find the one you want (no search function), copy, go back into the app you were using, and paste it in..Version: 1.1

Why not copy on this version?Your other comparable program had "copy" included as a choice and this version does not! Why? Update it and I will give you five stars! Thanks for allowing us to copy and paste! Now you get the five stars I promise you! Thank you, Steve A Rosá Now I'm constantly getting your pop-up message in your program asking me to rate your APP!!! I'll be taking off a star Plus I will keep adding paragraphs upon paragraphs while pluging your system with the frivolous reviews of mine until you fix this in your PRO edition!!!.Version: 1.1

So far so goodI paid to get rid of the adds and to have more emojis. The adds are gone but dont see any more emojis than were already there. As for now I will give it 5 stars. My stars will go down if I keep getting blown up to review..Version: 1.1

Good appGood app but only able to send one at a time.Version: 1.1

Excellent appThis is brilliant app will definitely recommend it..Version: 1.1

This appKeeps freezing when you go to use in message!.Version: 1.1

Not badFun to play with..Version: 1.1

Great app. Pushy for reviewsThe paid app gets rid of the ads but they bug the crap out of you for a review. Other then that the app is great. It would be better if you did have to open it all the time to use it on other apps. Great app though👍.Version: 1.1

Sock MonkeyGood app, some cheeky ones there too for a bit of fun. ;).Version: 1.1

Very niceIt does its job.Version: 1.1

Very cool and worth it!This is a very cool app! In my opinion it is very well worth the little the developers are asking for the complete access! If you are lucky in love in a good relationship this app is very " fun " to play with back and forth! Thanks fellas, great job ok this app!.Version: 1.1

Give me a little more timeI like the app and have fun with my wife sending back & forth. She really likes the emojis and chuckles while using them. I'm waiting to see if it keeps asking me to rate the app. I hope NOT! I'll be back with the verdict soon..Version: 1.1

Fab appLove this app, use it all the time..Version: 1.1

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