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FAX from iPhone - Send Fax App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

FAX from iPhone - Send Fax App app received 93 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using FAX from iPhone - Send Fax App? Can you share your negative thoughts about fax from iphone - send fax app?

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FAX from iPhone - Send Fax App for Negative User Reviews

Non responsive customer serviceJust got taken for another $9.99. Had to reset my phone and even had the app backed up and I lost all my credits. Everything came back except the credits. Hmmm... is this by design? Happened before when I had to get a new phone. Developer responded asking for an email. 5 emails and zero response. Buyers beware. Now without notice they have changed their service fee from Per page to weekly. This is a terrible company. Wish I could rate a zero..Version: 2.2

Scammed!Bought this because it is supposed to integrate with scanner and paid for the app only to find that in addition I have to buy credits too. App should be free and should be clear you need to purchase credits to use!.Version: 2.0.1

C'est des voleursNe pas acheter !!.Version: 1.4

Bought Credits, could not use, CS does not reply!I downloaded this APP yesterday to send a Fax. I paid for a subscription, received my Apple receipt. Went to APP to send Fax and found I have 0 credits-those credits are needed to send a Fax. Sent email to FaxCustService, via their link, and received reply w/instructions on how to cancel my subscription. No assistance with my issue whatsoever. I replied to that email asking for assistance regarding my specific request and nothing. Now I’m out the subscription fee and need to start this all over again with a different APP. This APP is NOT recommended!.Version: 2.5

Effing Useless$5.99 for the app, then a subscription choice of weekly or yearly. Effing waste of money, tried to send fax to my bank, doesn’t work. Would like a refund please? 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 3.5

No option to cancel monthly credit!It say you can cancel your monthly subscription, but there is no option there!.Version: 2.2

First time use of iPhone faxI found it to be very slow additionally I kept getting message fails noted as there being no fax at the receiving end. I am deleting the App today 28May 2019.Version: 2.5

Absolute rip offThis might as well be a scam because I paid to get this app and it asks you to still buy credits.Version: 1.4

Cannot fax without buying creditsI needs to send a single fax and was prompted to this app from iScanner- paid the $3.99 for the app then when I tried to send the fax I was prompted to buy credits. There was no option to pay for a single fax but only subscription options by week, month, or year. Definitely not worth it if you’re just sending the occasional fax- I wish I didn’t bother to pay for the app- I wouldn’t have if I had known..Version: 2.5

Just use a regular faxRidiculous, I had to pay for the app then I had to pay again for credits to send one fax!! I would have never purchased in the first place! Update: There was NO free trial, I am well aware of how subscriptions work. There was no indication you had to pay for credits after paying the $7.99 to download. Another edit: "In order to send faxes, you need to buy credits using an in-app purchase. This information is also displayed on the app description page, so users can see it before downloading the app. because they continue to respond, they just added that you have to buy credits, it was not mentioned when I downloaded, or weeks after. It’s an overpriced quick cash grab. Make the app free if you have to buy credits. Period..Version: 2.5

Need to buy credit to send the faxIt will ask for the credit to send the fax on the top of the app price.Version: 2.5

Not happy. Ripoff!What kind of company would receive numerous complaints for the same thing and DO NOTHING about it? I can’t delete this app fast enough. Do not buy it!!.Version: 2.0.1

CostI was extremely disappointed, I have the iScanner app and needed to send a fax, it redirected me to this app. That I needed to buy 1st, which I did. Once ready to send, I found out I needed to buy credits to be a ole to do so! Making this a very pricey app if you only have occasional fax to send..Version: 2.5

Caution: failed testTested it a few times on my own fax number and this App failed. Kept getting messages that I don't have a fax machine. I know I do..Version: 1.4

Credits required to faxThe app costs money but u still have to buy credits in order to actually send the fax.Version: 2.2

DodgyNearly impossible to cancel..Version: 2.5

False Information in Apple StoreI purchased the app for $3.99 under the assumption that I would get a week of faxing as that is the price for a week subscription. Nope!! You have to pay another $3.99 to actually use the fax feature. The App Store says you can manage your auto-renewal and cancel your subscription from the “Account Settings” menu option, NOPE! No option there to manage my subscription! Done with this app already!.Version: 2.5

App is not workingDo not buy that app they steal money. After spending 20$ the app do not connect to the network..Version: 2.1

You have to buy this app to pay to use itThere are fax apps that are free to download. Don’t waste your money here- you will have to buy this app to download it, THEN subscribe to get credits to send faxes. The subscriptions are reoccurring, and you have to go into your Apple account to stop them; there’s no option in-app. I just downloaded one of the many free fax apps, and while I still had to buy the fax credits, it was a one-time purchase, and it was entirely more user-friendly..Version: 2.4

Pay app + CreditYou have to pay for the app then pay for overpriced credits. Insane. Many more affordable options out there..Version: 2.1

LangueEn français please!.Version: 1.4

This was a good app when I first downloaded itAt first this app was great. You could just buy credits for $10 or so and get a good number of faxes which was perfect because I rarely ever have to fax something. Since then things have changed and the weekly/monthly/annual payment options just are not worth the price for as little as I need to use the fax, especially when a fax machine is available at most of the places I go in my industry. I know things are expensive, but this seems just a little too much unless you’re faxing multiple times a day every day..Version: 2.5

Servers go down from time to timeDude, server is being down for two days now and can’t send faxes. Smh. Unacceptable considering I have to fax every day for work. Fix it!!! Also I’ve seen other comments where pictures taken and scanned come out blurry. I thought I was the only one but apparently not.. Really annoying as I have to close the app down and reopen other wise camera will keep taking pictures out of focus every time..Version: 2.1

FaxTrop cher pour envoyer un fax.Version: 2.2

Trop cherC'est un trop cher pour ce que c'est..Version: 2.0.1

Other pricing.Too bad all these apps charging annually didn’t give an option to charge a fax individually. I don’t want to spend $70 a year to maybe send like 5-10 faxes!.Version: 2.7

Waste of moneyApp pointless unless you don't like money. Need to spend a fortune in app to use . Waste of time money and basically a complete and total ripoff..Version: 2.0.1

Good App Bad PricingLike the app, easy to use. Paying to download and it not come with a couple credits to send a couple of initial faxes made me feel a little ripped off. I don’t mind paying for the credits but the app should be free to download and then require credits OR be paid to download and come with a few initial credits so you can try it..Version: 2.5

CrapPaid for the app to find out u have to pay again for credits to fax. What's the point in paying for the app in the first place. Total rip off.Version: 2.1

LameDon’t sell an app that won’t work without an expensive monthly subscription unless you make it f$&king obvious up front. Not impressed - can you tell?.Version: 2.2

Works to send fax but a hassleThe app works as it states but requires a subscription to send anything and is a pain to stop the automatic payment withdrawals.Version: 2.5

Rip offYou have to pay for the app and then buy credits on top of that. I want my money back..Version: 2.2

Bait and Switch! :-(I needed to quickly download an app to fax an important document. My iScanner app connected me to this app. I purchased it for $3.99 but couldn’t send a fax without committing to a subscription for extra money. Apparently, my subscription will be automatically renewed unless I turn that setting off in my user setting of the app. The user setting of the app does not have such a setting to turn off. And I still need to send my fax. VERY UNHAPPY WITH THEIR TACTICS!!!.Version: 2.4

Doesn’t workYou have to buy it to find out it won’t send fax to the country you need to send a fax to. You also have to buy credits. Complete waste of money. Will delete but don’t expect to get a refund. Forced to rate it with one star but doesn’t deserve that.Version: 2.1

Used to be good enoughNot sure what happened but the reliability isn’t great anymore. I’m getting an error message about needing to be connected to the internet constantly, which is annoying since I have been connected. Also, not having a phone number to call for troubleshooting is bad business. I’d recommend something else If you’re serious about your business..Version: 3.5

It will cost you to send a faxIt is not a free app. You will have to make purchase before you can send a fax. $13+ package price. Don't bother download if you are looking for a freebie..Version: 2.0.1

Cannot use without subscription even you bought it!I spent $22.9 purchased a 3 kit bundle thought this one plus phone call recorder should be useful after tried few pages of their iScanner. But when I use it I found I have to buy credits or subscribe at $13 more per month! This was not state in their introduction so now I can use only iScanner after I bought 3 tools at $22.9. Extremely expensive!.Version: 2.1

Hidden coyPaid 2.99 for this app only to find that it costs more to send faxes and you have to buy credits to send..Version: 1.4

InsatisfactionAvoir su qu’il fallait payer des frais mensuels en plus d’avoir payé pour l’application je ne l’aurais pas pris.Version: 2.1

Can’t forward to save after sendingThe instructions indicate you can save by transferring the file via iTunes. I was unable and sent a message through their contact center and received an email stating the app doesn’t have this option. Take screenshots of documents in the app with date and number visible. Since Ordered and Used this for work I’m disappointed as I would have chosen something different. I need my files easily saved..Version: 2.7

Terrible do not useI paid $10for their scanning app, after the price wasn’t even visible. I thought it was free and then I got a notification I was charged. The app literally didn’t work and I could export it anywhere. It redirected me to their e fax app where I paid more money, and wouldn’t even let me send the documents out. It tried to get me to buy all these credits and when I clicked okay it literally wouldn’t even let me buy them! I wasted an entire hour manually scanning an entire book for NOTHING! I am so frustrated and very sad that I wasted all that money. Terrible app..Version: 2.5

ConThought this would be ideal but after buying the app you are charged for sending ITS A CON DO NOT USE.Version: 1.4

Fax credit purchase NOW a subscriptionWhen I purchased this app you simply purchased a block of credits in order to send a fax. I only occasionally send faxes so the thought of having to occasionally purchase some credits was acceptable. The app developers have to be able to make some money from their efforts. I just tried to send a fax and now you must enroll in a minimum of a one week subscription plan (that automatically renews unless cancelled 24 hours prior to expiration) in order to send a fax. If this new plan had been added as an option I would be ok with that but to now force this new money making scheme onto previous customers is unacceptable. I will find another app where I can pay as I go. Just want to make sure everyone knows what you are getting yourself into with this new required subscription service..Version: 2.5

Stupid app!I paid for a certain amount of credits awhile ago so I can send faxes as needed. I go to send a fax today and it won’t let me even though I have plenty of credits available. They’ve changed the way you pay for things on the app and now you have to have a weekly subscription to send faxes. Now my credits I’ve already purchased are worthless and I have to pay weekly to continue using the app..Version: 2.5

Customer service is horribleI have used this app for a couple years. Every time I attempted to send a fax to someone to a dedicated fax machine, they were unable to receive the fax. I would end up sending a picture to their email. Finally having enough I attempted to cancel my subscription which was a 3 month at a time subscription. Not only did they not cancel the subscription, they started pulling a weekly subscription from my account!!! Believing they were reputable and having been going through numerous medical procedures, I didn’t follow up to ensure it was being cancelled. I checked today as I was reconciling the few months of statements and THEY completely IGNORED my cancellation request and CONTINUED to charge me!!!! On top of all this, there is no customer service number to even call and get things squared away!!!.Version: 2.7

Rip offDont buy ! Charges each time 50c per page. Via credits.Version: 1.4

FaxJ’étais vraiment satisfait de cette application mais depuis que j’ai toute perdu mais point pour faxer sans préavis je ne continuer pas à utiliser.Version: 2.5

Rip offNeed a subscription to send any faxes. Too expensive. Didn’t see that before download. Waste of cash.Version: 2.4

IFax !Great idea looking forward to using it.Version: 1.1

Takes your money but does not let you send faxesThis is a scam of an app. I bought the 3 months subscription to send unlimited faxes but the app shows 0 credits. When I try to send a fax it keeps asking me to buy more credits. I have tried several times to restore purchase but it keeps giving me the same message. In my iTunes subscriptions, I see it as an active subscription, but the app itself does not recognize it. I feel ripped off!.Version: 2.4

Will request refund1. Did not work 2. Cost £2.99 fine, OH + 20 credits to fax something, make money on the fax or the app, don't charge for both 3. Very simple app - does not warrant the charges.Version: 1.2

These guys are a rip off!!!Looks like a great idea until you find out it can cost around $1.20 to send a local fax - seriously!.....Version: 2.0.1

MécontentementJ’ai perdu toutes mes points et la méthode pour acheter a changer :( je ne l’utilisais plus . Je l’adorais pourtant !.Version: 2.5

MisleadingAfter purchasing this app you will need to pay to send faxes.Version: 2.4

Too expensive!!!!fraudFraud!!!! Buy this and then buy this to send it !.Version: 2.2

Post per use appWhen i purchased this, I assumed I could use it right away for what I paid. I did not realise that in had to buy credits from the app developer to send faxes, over and above what I pay to use my phone. Will just continue to email scans or photos of docs. Right now I can send docs to HP print via emails.Version: 2.1

C’est pas bon du toutTu achète et tu dois payer chaque utilisation petit conseil n’achetez pas ça 👎.Version: 2.0.1

Don’t change phonesThe app itself work for me I was in a situation where I was out of town and needed to send faxes and pretty much made a bad situation better. My problem with them is last year I change my phone from my iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 and lost my credits and had to fight to get them back then last week I change from iPhone 7 to iPhone X and fighting again to get my credit back. They have nothing in place for you to reset your iTunes and get your credits when you switch to your new phone. Getting them via email is a serious joke so the fight goes to iTunes..Version: 2.4

Rip off don't purchaseRip off don't purchase.Version: 2.0.1

$$$First you buy the app. Then you have to pay to send a fax. Boo.Version: 2.0

Paid $3.99 for app then had to pay another $3.99Just annoyed that you have to pay for the app AND pay for a subscription to send the faxes. Even if they would have had a simple pay per fax it would be better than having to pay for a subscription. I am not impressed with this setup. Very annoying. If you are going to only offer subscription fax services you shouldn’t be charging for the app itself🙄.Version: 2.5

Mixed FeelingsAs others have noted, this is one of the few Apps requiring ongoing payment for credits to send faxes - not clear at all when App info provided. That said, the convenience of a fax on my phone is fab. Very easy to use..Version: 1.4

Works great when it works...Lets say I have had issues with the app being down for a week at a time or some other issue that would result in me having to go to local library and spend 3.25 to fax. BP Mobile is not the quickest to get back to you I send them in app support request for credits disappearing and 5 days later no credits or email. If they can get their crap together it would be an amazing app but the business ethics and practices are far to be desired and so far I since I have had this app I have spent an extra 13$ out of pocket to send a fax elsewhere..Version: 2.0.1

Waist of moneyWhat a scam, bought the fax app, and still have to pay for sending a fax... deleted already... waist of money....Version: 2.5

Unintuitive and No cover sheet capabilities available.A way to create a proper cover sheet should have been the first thing I saw when I opened this app. Instead I saw a scan icon which took me to another pitch for another purchase. In order to send the fax you have the option of buying into a monthly service. No thanks. There are other fax apps out there where you can buy credits or points to send the fax and they don’t place monthly fees and time restrictions upon usage. I actually shelled out money for this app initially and will be getting a refund. How on earth this app got so many positive reviews is completely beyond my comprehension as there are others which are free, more user friendly and don’t require a monthly fee..Version: 2.1

Keeps erasing purchased creditsThis is now the second time this year I have opened this app only to see my purchased credits gone. I made the mistake of buying them again a second time the last time. Now I’m on to your game & will be filing complaints with Apple. Do not trust this App with your $$$ Oh & I did contact your service department and there response was basically “too bad for you”. AGAIN DO NOT TRUST THIS APP. If you do the right thing I’ll happily update..Version: 2.2

Unethical app.Either charge to download the app and allow its use for free, or make the app free and charge PER fax. I don't send faxes often, so a subscription is not necessary. I paid to download only to find out I have to subscribe to use it once. Unethical business practice. I am obviously cancelling the subscription and writing a formal complaint to apple asking for a refund of the download price. Unless you are constantly faxing documents a subscription is perhaps a good idea. The developers should make the app free and/or at least have the option to charge per fax, per use and offer subscriptions with discounts for those who need it more often. Terrible way to expand business clientele. Horrible..Version: 2.2

Scam AppNeeds in app purchase to work after paying. Rip off.Version: 2.5

Subscription based pricingI would not recommend this app if you only send the occasional fax. There is no single-send fee option, only subscription based charging. This makes you sign up for at least a week subscription, which auto-renews. I am currently searching how to unsubscribe but it is not easy to find. Also the app is pretty useless if you don’t have a subscription so don’t bother with the initial charge for the app if you don’t plan to subscribe..Version: 2.2

Waste of $5.99 and does not work even after buying credit.Please do not buy this app. It is a rip off and does not work at all. You pay for the app for $5.99 and then you must buy credit and when you do that it does not send the fax. The Apple store should take action against the developer and get them to refund all the people who bought the app. Apple do something. De-register the developer and avoid people getting ripped off..Version: 2.1

Surprise b soins d’un abonnementJ’ai eu la méchante surprise après avoir acheté l’application que ça fonctionnait pas je devais par la suite prendre un abonnement onéreux pour pouvoir faxer :(.Version: 2.2

Waste of moneyWas excited at the prospect of finally being able to fax from my phone only to discover I needed to pay more money. Not disclosed in product description. Feeling ripped off..Version: 1.4

Too ExpensiveDidn't realise I would have to buy credits after I paid $5.99 for the app. At least one free fax would be great to see if it is worth it first. That said I no longer own a fax & had to send a document so was worth the exercise. I just had to use 10 credits to send one fax which I'm guessing cost me $1.50 for a fax hmmm could have posted for a dollar!.Version: 1.4

Waste of moneyRubbish app And took $6 to do nothing, doesn’t sync with other apps, doesn’t upload fax covers - THEN you have to keep buying super expensive “credits” to send anything. Super misleading and a rip off - not happy.Version: 2.0.1

Missing featuresI should be able to type an intro or a note on the main fax page, and not require me to hand write on a sheet, take a picture and add a charge for that page. The fax cover page should have a section for my brief notes. Also - should include a few free pages to test the app having just paid $4 The only way to test is spending another $10 Feel dirty Feels like a scam Purchased the bundle but the finger print option came up twice - so it double charged. I don't like the tactics, so I will move to something else and ask Apple to credit my account. Stay away - They need to learn that a good product and good service will sell itself. I feel scammed - Changed your ways - Come clean and be transparent. Reach out when you do. I'll try your product again..Version: 2.0.1

ATOTAL RIP OFFCosts too much. Doesn't have a receiving facility. Why didn't the app tell us that we'd have to buy expensive credits to fax documents. A real thievery and wouldn't recommend to anyone. It takes like 27 years to send a fax. I knew I had to pay to send but this wasn't published. Really sneaky way to entice and get an income for the app maker. App maker. You are a thief. Go get your Freaken head read..Version: 1.4

Read the fine printHidden costs..Version: 2.0

Rip offRip off.Version: 1.4

MrHave deleted App. You have to buy to send faxes? Do not buy. It is a CON!.Version: 1.4

Cost to send faxes is outrageous!!!So I didn’t read the fine print where it says you have to buy credits to send a fax. My bad for not fully educating myself in the product I am purchasing. The app itself crashed three times while trying to upload and save a 16 page document. Once I managed to actually save the document I found out it was going to cost me about $6.50 to send 16 pages locally. No thanks, I’ll do it the old fashioned way..Version: 2.0.1

Ripoff - a massive hidden charge!Unless you’re sending faxes regularly then this is a complete ripoff. When you purchase the app for $3.99, it says nothing about the fact that in order to actually send a fax, the entire point of this app, you must then additionally purchase a credit package, the cheapest being $9.99! They would much better serve the customer to just charge up front for the what it costs to send a fax OR have an option for the occasional fax client to say, allow the $3.99 to cover up to 5 pages and after that purchase for $.10/ per page for maybe the next 10 - 15 before paying a whopping $9.99 fee on top of the $3.99. An absolute crime I was charged $14 to just fax 2 pages!!!!.Version: 2.2

SubscriptionI don't even remember the subscription process but never would have allowed something to continue for weeks. Have practically stolen $50-$70 dollars from me because I assumed it was for one time use. Don’t use this app..Version: 2.5

Not satisfiedI bought this app and still am paying charges for $6 for 1 week unlimited fax.Version: 2.2

Rip offMake you buy the app, then you have to buy additional credits to send faxes. The app without the credits is completely worthless. You should not have to pay for the original download. I feel taken advantage of..Version: 2.1

A $21 expense to send 1 FAX!So I had to send an emergency fax and I, like most people these days do not have a fax machine so I decided to pay the $3.99 for the app and the $9.99 for the 250 credits. Seemed like a reasonable choice instead of driving to Staples and pay the $7 to use theirs, plus I’d then always have a fax to use in my pocket. Welp, after I paid the $3.99 and the $9.99, the server this app uses to send fax was down and I didn’t get to send my emergency fax. In the end I had to go to Staples and pay the $7.00. Ended up costing me $21 bucks for a deng fax by the time I was done with everything. >: /.Version: 2.1

Don't buy this app till you read this review.I bought this app for more than $5, when I tried to use it, it asked me for credit, which means that before I can use this app I need to buy credit from them this's not fair at all. If I knew that I needed to spend more, I wouldn't buy it..Version: 1.4

Overpriced and IneffectiveIn addition to paying the $3.99 for the app, you have to pay a subscription to send faxes. This might be worth it, but the connectivity features with iScanner are not reliable. It took me several tries before iFax would recognize and import a pdf I created with iScanner. These products are sold as a bundle, so I figured they would work together seamlessly, but they do not. I also opted to have the app send me a confirmation that my fax was sent, but didn’t receive any confirmation. In an incredibly convoluted process, I ended up finding a screen where the document was marked as sent, but no confirmation it was received. I will now have to spend more time following up to make sure my fax was sent. I basically spent an hour and $8 to “maybe” send a fax..Version: 2.5

No it’s $$$$ more then askYou paid for download and just when you want to sending your fax.....he ask for pay again by month !!!!! grrrrrrrr Do not try !.Version: 2.5

Hidden chargesI like the app. It is useful. The one thing I do not like about it is that there are hidden charges when you use it and I find it deceitful by the vendor not to disclose. This is an important piece of information for the buyer to make a decision before buying it. I would have given it 4 stars but in my opinion, all factors should be included at the time of sale and not surface after the purchase..Version: 2.0.1

Lost creditsI previously had a bunch of credits with this app. I haven’t used it in a while but when I logged back in it is now asking me for a subscription and I have zero credits. Disappointing.Version: 2.7

Misleading- have to purchase more to send faxes.Have to pay to subscribe to send fax. Very disappointed.Version: 2.5

Good app, but hidden charges.Nowhere are you informed before purchasing the app for $3.99 that you must purchase credits to send with their lowest being $9.99. Each page cost $0.10 (USA-to-USA) which means the $9.99 package (250 credits) will only be 25 pages. It's incredibly cheaper to stop somewhere like FedEx to fax something... this app is attempting to cover the niche of someone who has to fax something IMMEDIATELY (think airport prices because they know you don't have an option otherwise.) That being said, the app worked. Scanned my pages without an issue, created a PDF and sent the fax..Version: 2.0.1

$20 to send 2 pages.Outrageous.Tried many ‘free’ apps just to find out you need to buy credits. Paid for this app just to find out you need credits. $20 to send 2 pages..Version: 2.1

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