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Prepware Remote Pilot app received 35 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about prepware remote pilot?

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5$ you’ll never regret spendingI prepared this exam in less than a week. Stay away from any course that want to rip you off of $200-$300. I basically watched Tony Northrup’s video on YouTube couple of times, read the FAA study guide book once and just used this app Monday through Friday during my subway commutes and lunch breaks. Passed the test today Score: 88% Total price paid: $155 Time spent: 5 days Couldn’t be happier. I barely leave reviews but this app definitely deserves it..Version: 1.49

Not like the other PrepwareUsed the App and passed my test with about 24 hours notice. Figure out how to read sectional charts and those weather reports and you’ll be golden. PS there are diagrams for how to read the charts in the beginning of your appendix books..Version: 1.53

Don’t second this App!Just passed my certification! Scored an 85. I used this app, watched some YouTube videos and read through parts of the FAA’s study guide. A lot of the questions I saw on this app were on my test. I couldn’t recommend this app more! Some friends of mine spent hundreds of dollars on online courses and I spent $5 and scored higher on the exam..Version: 1.52

Just get it. (98.3% on test)At $5 it’s a pricy app by the usual expectation of most apps being free. You’re paying $150 or more for your test, just spend the little extra to pass it. I passed with a 98.3% thanks in part to this app!.Version: 1.52

Thanks guysThis was my primary method of studying with very few supplemental resources. I took the part 107 and password with a 95%!!!! Couldn’t be more pleased! Thanks guys!.Version: 1.52

Great UAS test appI have used several of this company's apps for my aviation written tests and always managed to pass them the first time (including ATP). I was very happy when I found this app for the UAS test. I like the system they use for studying, (I learn by repetition) and can't beat the price!.Version: 1.44

Great Study AppGreat mobile app to practice questions on the go. I got a 93 on my 107 after studying for about 10 hours (used other materials too)..Version: 1.56

Worth itFor the price and the fact I passed this test on my first try using this app I would recommend this to anyone any day and put it up against those $300 online or in classroom schools any day!.Version: 1.50

The perfect Part 107 appThis is essentially ALL I used to prep, learn, and study. The actual exam was virtually identical to the tests on the app. This app is worth every penny. Thank you!.Version: 1.50

Passed FAA exam by the first try!Great app! I love that. I would pay much more for it. Passed my FAA exam by the first try. English is not even my best language I speak an I’m a woman 😉 I studied for all together around 12 hours and watched 2 videos on YT. Many thanks!.Version: 1.49

Great App for 107 testI just studied with this app and the suggested study materials from FAA. Took the test today and passed with an 83%. Questions are identical to the test. I highly recommend this app..Version: 1.53

Works GoodI just used this to prepare and scored well on the test. I recommend..Version: 1.49

Excellent practice tests!Definitely purchase a paperback or digital copy of ASA’s study book too but this app is an EXCELLENT way to complete practice test while on-the-go. I performed these practice tests daily multiple times until I was scoring 100%. Being able to see the aeronautical charts within this app is a really nice touch. ASA is my go-to resource for Part 107 study materials..Version: 1.48

I passedMost of the stuff in this app is in the test. I would say once your getting 96's your ready for the real deal..Version: 1.45.2

Only $5Only paid $5 for this app. I studied (because you actually need to study for this test) for two weeks, in between breaks, walks, eating, etc. I passed with an 87. I know the next statement is irrelevant but I’m just throwing it for extra info: after you pass the test, and go home, you need to apply for license but it’s free..Version: 1.52

Thanks to this app!Passed my drone test today with 88% score! I just watched Tony’s video and studied on this app. During the test today, I had around 20 questions from the app, which is great! I wish this app could save the marked questions..Version: 1.48

Passed with a 90%!!Today, thank you to this app, I passed my Part 107 exam with a 90%! To anyone looking for a great study tool, this is it! I was skeptical at first but now, I can recommend 100% using this app as a study guide! Other resources I used along with this app was Prepware’s remote pilot 2019 soft cover study guide I purchased on amazon. The questions are the same BUT it has all the FAA Part 107 study guides literature in it with explanations. The only other resources I used in conjunction with Prepware was the test bank from and the practice test available on the FAA website. I studied for 1 month off and on. All the questions available from these study guides were almost verbatim to the actual test questions. Good luck!.Version: 1.49

HelpThis is a great app but my problem is the words to the question and answers have turned the color of the grey background what to I do to correct it..Version: 1.52

Excellent Source!I just took the test and passed with high score This app was a big help although there were 3 problems that I have never seen. No need to spend $150-300 or expensive mobile app costing $30 $40. This app is more than enough. I mean what is the point of getting 90s or even high 80s? With Tony’s video and this app, you should be able to pass. All these drone pilot schools sell their programs by instilling fear. The sectional, for example, was quite simple although there quite a few If you understand the weather questions in this app, you will be fine. Take time and read the problems and you will do fine. Thanks to this app!!!.Version: 1.52

100% worth itI just passed my test and this is a great reference to what a lot of the test questions are like. There are explanations for each question which is extremely helpful. Over 300 different questions so you can get a lot of practice..Version: 1.45.2

Best App Purchase!I was able to pass my Part 107 on the first try with this app! The 300+ questions were pretty reflective of the material covered on the exam and in some cases, verbatim to the real test! This app and the Tony Northrup YouTube video got me prepared in 7 days. Best $5 spent. Do not spends hundreds on other prep courses..Version: 1.49

Best Prep AppI purchased this 2 days ago after studying the FAA test prep documents and passed with a 95%. Why is this app good? It is cheap and it has a lot of the related test information within it. It is easy to use and provides explanations from the regulations..Version: 1.52

Money well spentI used this app to pass my 107 certification. I would say that the exam was a lot easier than the tests provided here. This app and Tony Northrup's free video were the two main sources I used to study and it worked out great. There is one question however that appeared on the exam that was the same as the one that appears here (the Blue Angels question). I believe the answer for that question is wrong in this app (I used the same answer on the exam and it is the only question I got wrong). Goes to prove you need to actually read the study guide as well, not just skim thru it..Version: 1.44

Must have if you plan to pass the examVery useful and will definitely help you pass your exam..Version: 1.42

This is the best app to help you prepare for the part 107 testI used the ASA Prepware Study guide and The app in 2017 to take the initial test and passed with a 90 and used the app and study guide for my recurrent in 2019 and passed with a 98. Get this app and the study guide and you will pass!.Version: 1.53

I passed Part 107 with this appVery grateful with this app. With under 24 hours I was able to crunch as many question for their study guide and helped me a lot with the actually test. Thank you.Version: 1.55

PerfectExtremely helpful and very easy to use. The real test was a breeze after using this app. Explanations are concise and helpful. Definitely worth the price..Version: 1.44

Get the program!I took the FAA Part 107 yesterday and scored a 95%. While I am a private pilot, I haven’t flown for 15 years, and forgot a lot. I used this app for 90% of my studying, taking a practice test whenever I had some free time. Knowing your charts is a must. The FAA seems to like questions about flying over towers in layered airspace. And unless you have 20/20 vision, bring reading glasses! For my test, I was provided a workbook of all the charts & graphs - which were smaller than a sectional chart. I had been spoiled with the digital charts provided on this app, being able to zoom in at will. No such opportunity with the workbook. If I had left my reading glasses in the car, my score would be much different. Although the charts in this app are all out of the same workbook, there are others, and most questions were new. Practice airspace until its second nature for you. Then you will look forward to the test. Good luck!.Version: 1.47

Very useful appYesterday I passed the exam. I used Tony Northrup’s YouTube video as a starting point, a read through of the free PDF study guide from the FAA and finally this app to see what knowledge I was missing plus daily practice tests. I studied for about a week and a half with this app. Contrary to other reviews, the majority of the questions on the real exam aren’t identical to questions found in this app. I had two or three at most that were identical. The rest were variations on questions from this app. Be sure to understand why the answers to questions in this app are correct instead of memorizing answers. If you do, you’ll pass no problem. That said, this app is well worth the $5 and will help you pass the exam..Version: 1.50

Awesome as a complementary to a fully structured course!WARNING: THIS APP SHOULD BE USEDAS A COMPLEMENTARY TOOL to a real fully structured and up to date course on the part 107! I love this app because it gives me a quick access to practicing a few times a week as needed, but do not rely on it for learning all the details and knowledge you need for the test! See it as an extra help to what you are studying, not the all be all go to app to learn!!.Version: 1.55

Great app—helped me pass!Just passed my part 107 using only this app and free videos on YouTube (drone coach). This app works even better on an iPad if you’ve got one! Finished my test in an hour and got an 87% ✅.Version: 1.53

Passed! 85%I took the UGR test after studying the 2019 Remote Pilot Test Prep book and this app and Prepware is the best in aviation education. We professionally train our customers on this education package. I highly recommend the app as “on the go” studying and testing. Well done Prepware!.Version: 1.49

This program helped me pass with an 85%I used this program to get into the pattern of testing used by federal tests. Some of the questions were very similar or even like the actual questions. I also used downloads from the FAA site for help with the answers. Can't beat the price..Version: 1.42

Just pay the $5 you won't be disappointed!Never felt compelled to write an app review before, but for this I had to. I just took the exam (August 2017) and I'd say 40/60 of the questions on my test were sample questions here. If you memorize the bank you're already most of the way home. Ideally you understand the concepts behind the question then memorization is not required, however, some of these questions are vague/poorly written and technically have more than one correct answer so knowing the keyed answer becomes very beneficial. I like that the answers have explanations. Sometimes they are needed. My tips for the exam: know your charts/airspaces. These become gimme questions. Then you can afford to miss the vague ones. Remote PIC is not the answer to every 3rd question as some of the online practice tests would have you believe! (I had 3) FYI, my test had several questions regarding the (now repealed) drone registration rules for recreational pilots so be prepared to answer those still. Seriously just get this app..Version: 1.45.2

Best study toolI have used asa perp apps before for the FAA Airframe, Powerplant, and General written knowledge exam as my main studying tool they were the best studying tool in my opinion. The Remote Pilot app was also great and was my main source of study. I do wish they would have had better questions that more resembled the exam a little bit better. Might just be time for a update to the app..Version: 1.47

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